Mentalist Reviews

Season Five

18. Behind the Red Curtain

17. Red, White, and Blue

16. There Will Be Blood

15. Red Lacquer Nail Polish

14. Red in Tooth and Claw

13. The Red Barn

12. Little Red Corvette

11. Days of Wine and Roses

Cultural References in The Mentalist part 2: TV shows

Cultural References in the Mentalist: a work in progress by Violet

10. Panama Red

9. Black Cherry

8. Red Sails in the Sunset

7. If It Bleeds, It Leeds

6. Cherry Picked

5. Red Dawn

4. Blood Feud

3. Not One Red Cent

2. Devil’s Cherry

1. The Crimson Ticket

Season Four

24. The Crimson Hat

23. Red Rover, Red Rover

22. So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper

21. Ruby Slippers (by guest reviewer Violet)

20. Something’s Rotten in Redmund (by guest reviewer Violet)

19. Pink Champagne on Ice ( by guest reviewer Violet)

18. Ruddy Cheeks

17. Cheap Burgundy

16. His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

15. War of the Roses

14. At First Blush

13. Red is the New Black

12. My Bloody Valentine

11. Always Bet on Red

10. Fugue in Red

9. The Red Shirt

8. Pink Tops

7. Blinking Red Light

6. Where in the World is Carmine O’Brian

5. Blood and Sand

4. Ring Around the Rosie

3. Pretty Red Balloon

2. Little Red Book ( by guest reviewer Connor Davey)

1. Scarlet Ribbons

Mentalist “No love triangles here” post

Mentalist Season Four Preview(mild spoilers)

Season Three

Newer posts are placed towards the top, older at the bottom. Episode numbers are also included for clarity as I don’t always write reviews in order.

23. Strawberries and Cream (continued)

23. Strawberries and Cream

22. Rhapsody in Red (by guest reviewer, Violet)

21. Like a Red-Headed Stepchild (by guest reviewer, Violet)

20. Redacted Review

19. Every Rose Has its Thorn Review

18. The Red Mile Review

17. Bloodstream Review

17. (Updated) Bloodstream Preview (spoilers)

16. Red Queen Review

16. Pre-Red Queen Ramblings

15. Red Gold Review

16. Red Queen Preview

14. Blood For Blood Review

13. Red Alert Review

3.  The Blood on His Hands Review

12. Bloodhounds Review

13. Red Alert Preview

11. Bloodsport Review

10. Jolly Red Elf Review

9.   Red Moon Review

7. Red Hot Review

7. Red Hot Preview

1. Red Sky at Night Review

Mentalist Series Overview (2010)


12 responses to “Mentalist Reviews

  • 又有一书推荐/馒头0415观后(冷静) « Spinner's End

    […] 哇咧,姐特么的为一集电视剧分析成这样……不过还有比姐更疯狂的人,给所有馒头粉推荐这个网址RivewBrain。非Jisbon的shippers也不用害怕,该博主不赞成太快展开这两人之间的罗曼史(不过伊也认为要是馒头叔要move on的话,理应别无他选)。伊的一些理论非常有趣,别有洞天(比如伊坚持在jisbon关系中,Lisbon是更疏离的那个,而馒头叔是更急切的那个,两人的关系之所以徘徊不前,主要是Lisbon的原因)。还有一些细节和人物上的解读,相信应该会让不少此剧的fan产生“天涯有知己”的亲近感。 Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  • Serena

    hi……I have to say that your reviews are done vary well. i was wandering way there is no review of the last ep.
    I who’d like to know your point of view on the ” Love you” thing.
    I have some doubt about it. Normally Love you is for family and friends. but then he didn’t denied ( what did I say? i was hyped up…….hi really did’t lie that well there.He who’d not have denied it if he meant it as friendship,
    I am all for Jisbon and when I so Patrick reaching for Teresa’s hand my heart skipped a beet. It was vary sweet, and vary human of him. As far as being out of character, he is being developing all threw the series, right from the vary first you can tell that he has feeling for her. In the last ep he miss’t her so much that he can’t resist. She is definitely in love with him, way suffer so long and bad for him, and is not only that the way the all seen is, no body can deny the fact that that is love. I’m vary sure of the actors ability to show friendship or love, and make us believe it. Robin and Simon can act, so the ambiguity lies in the sine .
    there is allot of mix signals thru the 4th season. But that it all change when he tell’s her he miid her after working with Durcy. i have to read your review of that ep steel but I think we agree on that matter, that he has come to terms with his feeling, but not her .
    Sorry I just love to find somebody to have this kind of discussions with

  • turschwellenangst

    Hey, are you going to do a review of the first episode of season 5 anytime soon? 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    I just did, it’s called Little Red Bead 😉

  • palindrome191

    I’m currently in a Mentalist Season 4 marathon and I appreciate your in-depth reviews of the show. My offline reader is filled with your blogs for season 3 and 4 episodes and Mentalist fanfic. I just want to express my thanks and keep up the good work.

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you so much for sharing your kind words. Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • doryann19

    I love the show, love your review and love the art! Tks!

  • OldMan

    When Renfrew and the prostitute are killed we see a Smiley. But, it is seen (by us) in the mirror. It is a mirror image. It looks right, in the mirror image shot, but it is, actually, therefore, backwards in “reality”, on the wall. Red John would not paint his trademark, signature symbol, backwards. He is an artist, perfectionist. I think it unthinkable that he would get his symbol wrong. It would be like The Batman using his bat-sign upside-down. It just won’t happen.
    Red John did not do those killings. Someone else did. This may have bearing on what was written in blood on the wall. Probably does.

  • Lou Ann

    Dear Review Brain: I have been reading your reviews and the responses chronologically. Now I’m up to Little Red Corvette. I enjoyed your review. How do I find the responses from the other readers, like Violet and Windsparrow, etc? I have no experience with such web sites and blogs, being in reality pretty computer/web illiterate. Thank you for your help.

  • Manda

    I just finished a Mentalist marathon, and i was searching for a song name in an episode (The one in the scene where Summer and Cho says goodbye. So sad 😦 But epic music. So if someone who sees this can be botherd to tell me what the song name is, i’d really appriciate it, cause i can’t find it) and i found your blog! I just wanted to say, that i really really love it. And i saw i’m not the only one saying that ^^ Keep up the awesome work!

  • Manda

    Oh, and i’m reading all your reviews. From the start. Greetings from Finland. 🙂

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