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Once upon a time, a bedraggled Patrick Jane came to CBI to inquire after the Red John case, interested to find where the police are in capturing his wife and daughter’s murderer. Special Agent Teresa Lisbon is reluctant to share information with him, but the choice is taken out of her hands when unforeseeable events and her boss Virgil Minelli compel Jane to ride along with her on her new case. It sounds like the start of a beautiful love story. Do they live happily ever after? Who knows, but this episode is how it all began…

Concise Verdict

Finally, finally we have the truth of how Jane came to work for the CBI in canon. It’s about time and was well worth the wait. The appropriately titled episode Red Dawn reveals so much about the characters, and confirms much, much more. Allusions to past episodes, putting many events in context and verifying what had previously been only educated guesses at best had me in tears with gratitude, among other things. I blame Heller. He created these characters that we’ve come to love so much, that we sympathize with, and can’t help but…sigh. Just read the review. The episode was perfect 10/10.

Detailed AKA Humongous Review (spoilers galore)

VIS # 1 Patrick Jane meets Teresa Lisbon

Jane steps off the elevator into the CBI floor, and wanders aimlessly before Rigsby (Yeoman) asks if he can help him. The next scene has Rigsby telling Lisbon that Patrick Jane, whose wife and daughter were killed a year ago by Red John wants to talk to her. Lisbon is surprised, and mentions that the Sacramento PD had lost track of him six months ago.

-Viewers may recall that in episode Red Brick and Ivy, Jane confided to Lisbon that he had been a mental institution. The fact that Jane’s been off the radar for six months in this episode immediately had me assuming that he’d just left the hospital and Sophie Miller’s care. Because he loves us, writer Tom S. has FBI Head Alexa Shulz confirm this in a later scene which will be discussed in further detail later. Clarification, how I love thee.

Before Lisbon can talk to Jane, her team gets a call out to a crime scene. She sends Rigsby to Cho and says she’ll catch up, leaving her third detective Steve Hannigan  (Gar Basaraba) behind.

-Based on what we later find out about Hannigan, his temper, I think Lisbon at the time intentionally asked him to stay so that she can keep an eye on him; much like she keeps Jane with her most of the time. CONTINUITY, PEOPLE!

Lisbon introduces herself to Jane. He shakes her hands and tells her a Detective Elliot told him she was now in charge of the Red John investigation. Lisbon confirms that they took over the case from SAC PD in May but dodges Jane’s question on what’s happening with the case, asking him to come back later as a new case has come in. When Jane asks if he can wait Lisbon cites policy doesn’t allow visitors to wait in the office. Relentless, Jane asks if he can come back in three hours. Lisbon says its fine and asks Steve Hannigan to help Mr. Jane find his out of the office.  While waiting for the elevator Jane asks Hannigan if he works on the RJ case and how many suspects there are. The man tells him it’s none of his business. Jane tells him that RJ killed his wife and daughter. The brusque officer tells Jane that he’s sorry for his loss but that they don’t discuss cases with relatives. Jane says he understands and lets the matter go. At Jane’s silence, officer Hannigan gives him some unwelcome advice: “No offense, but I’ve seen a hundred guys like you. You wanna find the son of a bitch and kill him, right? Yeah, well, what happens, it’ll drive you crazy. My advice you move away, far away, far away somewhere. Forget it, start another family. I know that’s tough, but it’s the best way.”

– Jane’s expression says it all. He looks at the guy as if he can’t believe the words coming from the man’s mouth, or the fact that his simple query warranted them. It’s not that the advice is bad, it’s just the way that it was said, as if Jane’s family was easily replaceable. It felt cruel; even if that hadn’t been Hannigan’s intention. Jane must have really been depressed to let the guy get away with such unfeeling statements. Or did he?

Jane tells Hannigan: “What went wrong with you?” When the latter asks Jane what he means he responds “Well clearly you’re older and more experienced than Agent Lisbon. You must have done something pretty bad for them to promote a women twenty years your junior over you.” Jane continues to say, it’s a temperament issue, as well as character, adding “That’s why they gave you to Lisbon because she was new and no one else would work with you.”

-Jane’s cold reading of Hannigan seemed to me like, more than an intentional attempt to rile the man up, it stemmed from honest curiousness to know how Hannigan became such a callous person. To borrow JustMe’s words, that it came from his “his inherent naivete”.

Hannigan punches Jane, much to Lisbon’s dismay. She reams him then proceeds to take Jane inside to get ice for his nose.

Seeing Lisbon hover and mother Jane was more than enough to set the stage for what viewers know would be coming, Jane coming to work at the CBI, him acting like a spoiled brat and her tendency to defend him J

VIS # 2 Minnelli Saddles Lisbon with Jane

LIsbon’s boss Virgil Minelli (Gregory Iztin is back!!) is concerned that Jane might sue the CBI and the bad press that would cause. Apparently, Hannigan has priors for violence.  Lisbon tells her boss Minelli that Jane said it was his fault he got punched and that he has no intention of suing the CBI. Lisbon adds “We got to find a way to make this right without being  too harsh on Hannigan. He’s a good guy he’s just a little too old school.”

-Lisbon’s take on Hannigan, her patience with a man who seems more than a little insufferable, shows exactly why she is able to put up with Jane. She only sees the good in people. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more. ..

Minelli tells Lisbon, that they have to find a way to make Jane happy, so that he doesn’t change his mind about not wanting to sue. With that spirit, Minelli and Lisbon sit down to share what they have on the Red John case: Lisbon and her team have done over a hundred interviews, they’re also reanalyzing all the physical evidence gathered by SAC PD, sharing that responsibility with the FBI, as well as pursuing many different leads.

-Lisbon’s statement that they’ve enlisted the help of the FBI goes a long way in explain her defense of the organization in episode The Crimson Ticket and why she’d rather not believe that RJ has a mole there: the CBI cooperates with the FBI.

Jane asks who the leads are, and how many suspects the team has. Lisbon says that they can’t share that information, adding that the process is slow and complicated. Minelli interjects to tell Jane that after Lisbon comes back from her new case, she be “very happy” to show Jane the case files and explain the case to him. Jane here looks at Lisbon who quickly forces a “sure, why not” smile on her face. Jane asks if the scene is out of the country. At his question Virgil understands that Jane would rather ride along instead. He says it’s even better as Lisbon can answer Jane’s questions along the way.

-I really like the set-up here. I think what I like most about it is the fact that the circumstances all happened to work for Jane. Hannigan didn’t have to rile Jane up; Jane didn’t seem to have an ulterior motive when he cold-read Jane. One can hardly blame him for going along with the CBI; he finally found an in to finding out about his wife and daughter’s case, he didn’t want to wait to talk to Lisbon about it so he rode along with her. It all seemed like a pure case of happenstance, fate, rather than a clever manipulation on Jane’s part.

VIS # 3 Lisbon and Company arrive at the Crime Scene

Cho instantly asks Lisbon, what Jane is doing here. She says it’s a long story and Jane asks him to pretend he’s not here. Cho says okay, and proceeds to ignore him.

-Cho rocks. That is all.

Jane walks towards the body, his breathing becoming increasingly shallow. He asks Hannigan, “what do we do now.” The man tells him that after the CSI people have done their jobs, “We get close.”

-I said Hannigan is insufferable, and while it may have been unfair to refer to him in that way earlier, it definitely isn’t here. The brutish detective gestures to Jane to come to the body, obviously enjoying his discomfort and seeks to increase it, telling him “This guy’s pretty clean, pretty fresh. Sometimes we get to them there are so many maggots it looks like a stew pot is boiling…” etc, etc, more gory details.

Jane excuses himself, just about ready to puke but tells Lisbon to “find the lady”. Hannigan surmises that Jane really is a psychic, to which Patrick states “There’s no such thing as psychics” then goes on to explain that the victim’s car, clothes and scent indicate he was a player that had been on a date.

-Again, Jane’s insight here didn’t seem like it was part of a grander scheme to show the CBI how useful he can be, rather it felt very much like an offhand remark someone who’s used to make observations about people couldn’t help but make.

VIS # 4   Jane, Lisbon, and the Judge

Lisbon doesn’t want Jane to accompany her when she questions the victim’s family and asks him to wait outside. Jane agrees, adding that he wouldn’t want to intrude. But Jane becomes privy to the interview with the judge when he meets Lisbon outside, and asks her if she minds talking there so as not to upset his wife.

– I really appreciated how nicely this scene was set up. Lisbon’s request of Jane is very in character for what she would have been like nine years ago; based on the Lisbon we met in the pilot whom, even after she and Jane had been working together about four years (in the pilot), was still very resistant to his methods and worked almost completely by the book. Jane’s behavior here is also in character for Jane. He’d just met Lisbon, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to push his luck with her, especially knowing that she hadn’t wanted him to accompany her in the first place. Early season Jane was also more respectful of Lisbon’s wishes. Then there’s the judge, an older man (with a presumably just as old wife). It makes sense that he wouldn’t want to upset his spouse as people’s health and emotions tend to get more sensitive with age. Truly very nice set up for the scene. I love when the writers are careful with the characters so that we don’t have to suspend belief simply for the plot’s sake.

Judge Dillinger tells Lisbon that he put a lot of crazy men away, and any one of them could have killed his son. Lisbon asks why they wouldn’t go after the judge himself, to which he replies, “You want to hurt a man. You don’t kill him. You kill his family.”

-Ouch. If Lisbon was a twitter user she would have had an #thatawkwardmoment to tweet, considering Jane was sitting right next to her.

It only gets more awkward when Jane, after saying the victim was an alcoholic explains his guess to the judge: that he made the assumption based on Judge Dillinger’s disappointment in his son. The judge then replies, “With regard to my son, it’s myself I’m disappointed in. He’s my failure. Do you have a child, Mr. Jane?” Jane answers no, to which the judge tells him “Well, then you wouldn’t understand.”

-I think it’s safe to say that Jane understands all too well, he just didn’t feel like sharing. This was a very sad scene.

VIS #5 Jane Cold-Reads Lisbon

When Cho tells Lisbon that the victim had in fact been on a date and that they were bringing the woman in for questioning, she informs Jane he was right, adding, “good call”. Jane explains it was a cold reading, and when Lisbon asks what that is, Jane tells her : “You for instance. You cared for a dysfunctional parent, father, probably, that’s why you put up with Hannigan.” Lisbon denies that she does, but Jane continues: “His unhappiness reminds you of your father’s unhappiness.”

PEOPLE REJOICE! Five years into the series, we finally have the reason Lisbon puts up with Jane in canon(more discussion in the conclusion): he reminds her of her father. But wait, there’s more!

Lisbon tells Jane that they’re done for the day and asks if she can drop him off somewhere. Jane reminds her that she was supposed to show him the RJ case files. Lisbon tells him “I truly sympathize” but that “Nothing good will come from chasing this man. It’s the kind of obsession that destroys people.”  She gently adds, “Go someplace else. Try to get on with your life.”

-Given what we know of Lisbon, that her dad turned alcoholic after her mom died and eventually took his own life, then she’s probably speaking from her own experience. This is supported by how in episode Red Badge, she advised a grieving widower and father to get some help, citing her own father “He killed himself. Damn near killed me and my brothers too.” So perhaps the obsession Lisbon is citing here to Jane is not with Red John, but the inability to overcome grief, seeing as how her father’s grief destroyed him, and almost the rest of her family as well. Like the above point, this will be also be discussed in more detail in the conclusion.

Lisbon’s heartfelt advice seems to only hurt Jane further, as he tells her that it’s exactly what Hannigan said. Lisbon then tells him to come to the office in the morning but to clean himself up first, adding “You’re a mess.”

-I think Lisbon here felt bad that she couldn’t do more to help Jane than offer him the same advice Hannigan did, hence her telling Jane to stop by at the office the next day. But as becomes apparent later, she didn’t just do it to fulfill her promise of having Jane look at the RJ files…

 VIS #6:  Jane returns to CBI/Solves the Case

Jane shows up at CBI the next day, in what looks like a fresh suit. Both Cho and Rigsby are surprised to see him and with his explanation that Lisbon said he could come by to see the Red John files. Lisbon is surprised as well as she tells Cho “I didn’t think he’d show up.” She asks Jane to her office (cubicle really). Jane figures she was hoping he wouldn’t come over, to which Lisbon states she doesn’t think him looking at the files is a good idea. Jane points out that Minelli said he could, before adding that while she’s right, he should start a new life, he can’t. Lisbon tells him to wait in her office till the files are brought up from storage as there are a lot of them. When Jane says he doesn’t mind waiting in the bullpen she tells him he’s a distraction, adding: “No offense, but you have a bit of a homeless vibe about you.” Jane points out that he cleaned up, like she told him too, to which Lisbon states that it’s a process.

-This was such a cute scene. I loved Jane’s tone here, almost like a kid wanting kudos from his mom on his improved hygiene. But Lisbon’s reply seems like she’s unimpressed; her statement “It’s a process,” seems like she’s telling Jane he has to keep up the good work before she gives him an attaboy. The whole scene was just very subtly sweet, especially Jane’s smile after Lisbon leaves.

Later Lisbon has Jane accompany her as she’s questioning a possible suspect.

-Lisbon telling Jane to come with her here, when only the day before she wanted to get rid of him supports that she’s had a change of attitude regarding Jane. I think, the moment she told Jane to come to CBI, but to clean up first, Lisbon made a decision to do whatever she can to help deter Jane from his self-destructive obsession. How?

The RJ files start arriving. Jane is about to dive straight into the first box when Lisbon interrupts his zeal to asks for his help before he starts looking at the files. She tells him that she’s gathered all the suspects in the room, that one of them is lying and possibly even the actual killer. She asks Jane to go in and see if he can spot the liar. At Jane’s surprise, Lisbon tells him that he seems to have a gift. Distressed, Jane tells her “I told you, I’m not a psychic, I’m a charlatan. You hear me? I’m a fraud.”

-Aw, Jane ;_;

Lisbon is quick to reassure Jane: “I believe you, but whatever it is, it’s a gift. I figure, why not use it?” adding, “I’m kind of at a standstill here.”

-How awesome is this?! Lisbon manipulated Jane into helping her out on the case!

Jane rises to the occasion and solves the case.

VIS # 7: Jane Gets Hired at the CBI

The next day, (or what I assume to be the next day) Jane shows up at CBI wearing a badge.

-Jane is almost walking with a swagger here, as opposed to his vulnerable self at the beginning of the episode. He looks extremely pleased with himself and more comfortable in his own skin. Solving a case obviously has him feeling much better about himself, as I’m sure is what Lisbon had in mind when she asked for his help.

Rigsby is astonished that Minelli hired him, but Lisbon explains “He exposed a corrupt cop, dethroned a judge. Those are all major points for us. As far as Minnelli is concerned, he’s a hero. Rigsby asks if Hannigan knows about this. Lisbon replies that he does and is transferring to another unit because he doesn’t want to work with Jane. Cho wonders if Lisbon knows who’ll replace Hannigan, she replies that she doesn’t but that there’s a new class of trainees and they might get one of them, pointing at some files. Cho and Rigsby start going through them. Rigsby holds up Van Pelts file: “I like this one” to which Cho tells him: “She’s cute, and out of your league.”

-I’m not sure how long it takes to train to be a CBI agent, but I’m guessing the three years between this episode and the pilot would have been too long. But I don’t really care. It was an awesome moment and a change to get Grace into the episode. Also, it might serve as foreshadowing. We know Rigsby and Sarah have broken up, we’ve seen Van Pelt write Rigsby name in a mentalist game with Jane in which he tells her it wouldn’t have been hard to guess that name. She also brought him coffee in an earlier episode this season. Are these hints that Rigspelt will once more grace the CBI walls? (see what I did there? *dodges tomatoes*).

Lisbon heads over to Jane and they have the following conversation:

Lisbon: “One last time. Are you sure you want to do this?”

Jane: “Yes.”

Lisbon: “Okay, I tried.”

Jane: “You did.”

-Lisbon’s is talking about handing Jane the files. What I loved about this scene is the way he looks at her. He gazes at her a bit in gratitude, obviously touched by Lisbon’s efforts to keep him away from his obsession. Lisbon looks away, perhaps embarrassed by Jane’s gaze, but her obvious discomfort does not stop Jane from thanking her, and giving her a hug.

Lisbon takes Jane into a storage room where all the RJ files were kept for him.

VIS # 8: FBI Director Alexa Shultz and Virgil Minelli

Meanwhile, Virgil Minelli gets a call from FBI Director Alexa Shulz. She reminds him that they met at a conference and asks if it’s true that he hired Patrick Jane as a consultant. Minelli remarks, “I didn’t know you followed our hiring that closely.” Shulz tells Minelli that Jane is connected with a case they’re interested in, the killer Red John. She proceeds to ask Minelli for a favor, to keep her updated on the case so that she’ll be able to tell her “boss” something when he asks her what’s going on with it. Minelli asks why he’d do that. Alexa replies that it’s good to have a friend in the FBI. Virgil then agrees, saying that he’s a great believer in inter-agency cooperation. Alexa then tells wishes him luck, after giving him a head’s up that Jane had been in an insane asylum. She hangs up, looks at the man sitting across from her in a limo and tells him “done”. The man then replies “thank you”.

-Did I say that Writer Tom S. loves us? Forget that, he hates us! My conspiracy radar broke at this scene. What can it mean?!! Of course, it showed us why RJ’s been ahead of Jane every stop of the way. He has a friend in the FBI, and the FBI been in on the case through the cooperation of its directors, which was established in this phone call between Alexa and Virgil.

But are we supposed to think the guy with Alexa is RJ? It seems too obvious. Also, doesn’t he seems a bit too young to be RJ? Maybe another of his lackeys?

Two other (conspiracy) theories presented themselves to me:

In episode Red John’s Friends (Season two), the words “Red John is man” were written in blood at the crime scene of Jared Renfrew (Todd Stashwick), one of RJ’s friends who was killed by RJ to make sure he wouldn’t talk. There was a theory amongst fans that Renfrew wrote the words in his own blood, and had actually wanted to write “Red John is many” but died before he could complete the word. This theory is supported by the fact that Red John’s network has so many people in it: Jared Renfrew, Sheriff Hardy (Michael Mosley) and his father Orvil Tanner (S1, Red John’s Footsteps), CBI secretary Rebecca  (Shauna Bloom) who killed Sam Bosco in episode His Red Right Hand, Todd Johnson, Craig O Laughlin, Gupta, Timothy Carter (whom Jane shot) Carter’s wife, and finally Lorelie.

I’m now wondering if it’s not true that Red John is many. What if Timothy Carter had in fact killed Jane’s family and that’s how he knew what they smelled like? Jane only concluded that RJ was still alive because the gun Carter had at the crime scene was taken away. What if he’s wrong, he’d gotten his RJ, but the gun was taken away by another RJ. This might also explain why Rosalind Harker didn’t identify Timothy Carter as RJ; the one who visited her was a different man RJ.

I’m not saying I believe this theory, it’s just one of the many that occurred to me that didn’t seem too crazy to share…

The other theory, that I absolutely refuse to believe and never wanted to mention but my sick, sick mind (aka cynic) refused to leave me alone till I did is that beloved Virgil Minelli might be RJ. That him letting Jane tag along with Lisbon in this episode is because he knew she’d be vulnerable to his sadness and want Jane to get hired at CBI, which would in turn allow him to keep a close eye on Jane.

I’ve now succeeded in giving myself new nightmare material. Please help assuage my crazy concerns. Or don’t, if they make sense to you…

 Honorable Mentions

Tunney and Baker were phenomenal. After working together for five years it must have been hard acting out their characters at the beginning, hardly knowing each other. But they pulled it off beautifully. I loved how they both reverted to their season one personalities; Lisbon reacting mostly with expressions rather than with words, especially to her boss’s demands (i.e. episode Ladies in Red). Jane on the hand is meeker and more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen him (though Red Brick and Ivy comes pretty close).

Director Chris Long. I love how we were able to see Jane and Lisbon from through the window blinds from the room where all the suspects were being held. That was a very interesting shot.

Writer Tom Szentgyorgyi. If you’ve read the review till here and can’t figure out why, then I can’t help you.

Gregory Itzin was fantastic as he ever was.

Wardrobe/hair and makeup. The team looks close enough to what they did in Season 1, except for Rigsby’s goatee which is totally in character for his younger self.

Best Lines

“Policy.” –Jane repeating Lisbon’s reason why he can’t stay. Hence begins Jane’s lifelong annoyance with policy and procedure.

“Teresa Lisbon. That’s a nice name.”  Yes it is, if only Jane can pronounce the same every time XD Kidding aside, it was a great end line to the teaser.

“He’s supposed to behave like a professional law enforcer at all times.” Lisbon, on Hannigan. -Love the continuity on what Lisbon expects of her agents.

“Cop with a history attacks a murder victims grieving spouse. Excellent.” I heart Minelli. And Gregory Itzin. I really missed his sarcasm.

“You’re simply casting aspersions?” Poor judge. Be thankful he didn’t do more.

“No offense, but you have a bit of a homeless vibe about you.” Lisbon, to Jane.

“I cleaned up, like you told me too.” -Jane, to Lisbon in reply to the above. Love Jane’s tone here.

-This is Patrick Jane. He’s a consultant with the CBI. Before we start the interviews, he’s gonna…well, we’ll see what he’s gonna do. Lisbon, not knowing quite what to expect.

“There’s no such thing as psychics, or mediums, or at least I’ve never met one.” -Jane’s statement here is downright open minded compared with his later statements.

“You’re a cop, so you think the rules don’t apply to you.” –Jane, to the perp. I wish I could grab present Jane, show him of what past Jane said and say: “How are you any different!” Maybe that’s the point.

“Well, I’ll be damned. That’s your man Agent Lisbon. That’s your man.” Love Jane’s tone, and smile here. You can tell that he got a small rush from solving the case.

Icings on the Cake

-Tunney’s facial expressions when Minelli told her to take Jane along.

-The picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger, past governor of California hanging in the CBI hallway really made me smile.

-Rigsby telling Jane to take the desk at the very end of the room.

-CBI Karl in interrogation was awesome!

-Cho and Rigsby were great in this episode. They didn’t have many lines, but they did a fantastic job with the material they had. Cho, boring holes into Jane’s face until he was told he could forget he’s there; something he’s only too happy to do. Rigsby was also very amusing. From his confusion at Jane’s presence, to closing his eyes along with the suspects when Jane did his thing, trying to suss out the perp.

-Jane’s trick at the end was awesome. I’m going to take a guess and say that he cold read the perp’s dreams and switched the hanged man’s card with the one he felt was the killer. But I don’t care that it wasn’t explained. I enjoy the mystery.

-Love Lisbon’s “office”, which is more of a cubicle at this point.

-Lisbon coming into work to find Jane sleeping on the leather couch in the bullpen. Voila! Jane’s homeless vibe instantly disappears as he makes his bed on his beloved couch.

Pet Peeve

The timeline:Jane was hired at CBI a year after his family was killed. His family has been dead, so he’s been working at CBI for nine years. This fits into when Jane told Lisbon (two seasons ago) that he’s known her for seven years. Hence, when the pilot took place, five years ago, Jane had been working at CBI for about four years.

I love when all the facts line up. And I’m sure most people were able to figure this out in a second but for my math deficient brain I spent enough time figuring out that I thought I’d share my efforts here.

The peeve? Why was the note at the beginning of the eposde: Several years ago, and not simply “Nine years ago? “

Worse. In episode Redline, Wayne tells Grace he’s coming into his fifth year at CBI, a reason he’d stated as why he didn’t want to be transferred. If Wanye, at season two had been working at CBI for Five years, this means, Wayne, at season five, has worked for CBI for eight years. Meaning, shouldn’t have been at CBI in this episode.  Aw, crap. I’m just going to assume that Wayne told Grace he’s just finished his fifth year CBI, and that he was hired a very short time before Jane was. This might explain why Wayne wasn’t so sure who Jane was. If, as Lisbon stated, her team had interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and the case has been a top priority as Minelli said, then he should have been absolutely sure who Jane was, as opposed to his uncertainty when he asked Lisbon about him. Heh, that actually makes sense 🙂


Some more points with regards to what have quickly become recurrent themes for this season…

Why Jane works at CBI

In episode Redline WalterMashburn told Jane, sizing him up, “You lost your wife and kid to a serial killer, your fault you think, and now you’re on this hopeless quest for redemption, battling evil and injustice, right?” to which Jane had replied “Close enough.”

I recently stated that I thought that might have been why Jane originally came to CBI but got distracted by revenge. This episode’s shows us that it was actually the other way around. Jane came to CBI, hoping to get information to seek his revenge but Lisbon hired him hoping to distract him from it. This would explain Jane’s “Close enough,” to Mashburn. But it still doesn’t explain why he’s working for the CBI. The fact is, Jane didn’t need to work at the CBI to see the files. Minelli had already agreed to let him see them. Now we have it in canon that Jane works at CBI because it keeps him busy, but it seems that Lorelie wasn’t off the mark either when she stated her theory on why Jane works there: to be close to Teresa Lisbon.

Obviously, Jane wasn’t in love with Lisbon when he started at CBI. However, he is there because she offered him a job. I think Lisbon had already decided she would try and get Jane hired at CBI the moment she told him to come to her workplace, after he cleaned up. He’d already made a good call when he told them to find the victim’s girlfriend, so she might have wanted to see if his help can solve the case. I believe she did this hoping to give him a job, and hence, a purpose to live besides seeking revenge for his wife and family. And I think that Jane, after Lisbon asked him to work for CBI, recognized her intent, that she had asked him to consult on the case to pave the way for him to get hired, was touched, and had felt good enough after solving the last case that he decided to indulge Lisbon’s request.

Part of the reason I like this theory (and loved this episode) is that Jane couldn’t have known before-hand that Lisbon had a weak spot for damaged men and therefore couldn’t have used that to get himself hired. I really miss not having to doubt everything Jane does. Another thing I loved about this episode was how far it went to explain Lisbon. I’ve always said that Jane seems more attached to her than vice-versa, and while his behavior might at times be interpreted as coming from a romantic place, I was always insistent that she never displayed more than familial concern. It’s nice to be able to back this up with some evidence. Lisbon wasn’t in love with Jane any more than she was in love with Hannigan. She put up with both men because they are sad and remind her of her father. Jane, on the other hand…the glance that he gives Lisbon at the end of the pilot now has a whole new possibility for me. He may have started to move on from his wife, as early as god only knows. But as far as Lisbon’s always been concerned, he’s still mourning his wife (Robin Tunney said as much in several interviews: Lisbon doesn’t see him as boyfriend material ).

But now?

Violet commented…

“Steven tells Lisbon “I gotta tell you, I could not work for a beautiful woman like you. It’s way too distracting. You dating anyone honey?” And that officially makes it the third time in almost so many episodes this question is asked after the “I’m not your girlfriend” Lisbon shouted at Jane. There was also Charlotte’s inquiry. Foreshadowing, someone?

I don’t know but now that Lisbon knows Jane’s slept with Lorelie, maybe he won’t seem as off-limits as he once was? There’s also the small fact that, I don’t know, JANE TOLD LISBON HE LOVES HER! But since they’re both pretending that didn’t happening I wouldn’t hold my breath. Onto the next theme…


I wrote in the review for episode Blood Feud:

We’ve seen Lisbon having Jane and her teammates’ backs because she considers them family. And we had Rigsby lying to provide an alibi for his abusive dad in episode Blood Sport. Then there’s Jane. I found his use of the word “escape” very interesting. His family has been dead about a decade and he still hasn’t been able to sever the bond he had with them. This conversation gives more support that the theme of family bonds, and what they cost, will be a major theme.


The victim in this episode couldn’t escape from his family any more than Rigsby could his dad. But there’s the family that we choose as opposed to the one we’re born with. The CBI is a family by choice. They look out for each other because they want to, not because they have to. La Roche tells Lisbon that her biggest flaw is protecting her team. I say, so far, the choices she’s had to make were arguably easy: Mother Teresa will always protect her children from outside influences. But until this point, she’d never had to protect them from each other; from Jane. Lisbon’s replies to LaRoche, denying Jane’s manipulation make it seem to me that she might not have known Jane was going to call Rigsby. One could argue it wouldn’t matter to her if he did, so ingrained is her instinct to defend him. But what about now, after LaRoche raised the possible emotional harm Jane’s interference might have on Rigsby?

All-I-Need commented:

Maybe you are misreading the whole foreshadowing and this season is not so much about the CBI family being torn apart but rather about it growing closer together? Looking at the facts we’ve got: single Rigsby(…..spoiler…spoiler) Jane who already admitted he loves Lisbon, and Lisbon who is slowly coming to realize how much Jane actually means to her, and Cho and Rigsby considering to invite Jane on a guys night out and Jane fostering his friendship with Grace last episode with their little game …

Maybe the season is about them sticking even closer together, withstanding all outside influences and forces (aka. FBI, Red John, criminals, etc.) because they are more like a family than many actual families ever manage to be (as evidenced by the fact that none of the team members actually seems to come from a steady family environment).

I certainly hope so. But this episode only reinforced my theory when Lisbon told Jane that his obsession is the kind that destroys people. Might this be foreshadowing that Jane’s obsession will threaten to destroy the CBI family?


On the Devil’s Cherry post, P commented:

This episode made me sad because although Jane knows he has to let his family and his Red John obsession go, he isn’t ready to do it yet (thus, drinking the tea at the end). In addition, I now finally believe that he has romantic feelings towards Lisbon (I know lots of people already believed this, but I always thought things were ambiguous enough to indicate either romantic feelings or just close friendship). I think he is aware of it subconsciously, but is in denial. Both times Charlotte made Lisbon comments (when she asked if she had a boyfriend and when she said “she’s cute, have you guys ever?) he immediately responded by telling her to “be quiet”. I think he doesn’t want to face his feelings yet, probably because he can’t let go yet of his family and RJ.

I’d just like to add that the same way Jane is obsessed with the death of his family and Red John, it seems that Lisbon has an obsession of her own…

In the season one finale, Jane berates Lisbon for saving his life, and allowing Red John to escape. He states that his death would have been worth getting Red John. Lisbon tells him that “people” care about him , that he’s being selfish and childish and that she wants  him to stop. To which Jane replies: “Some people you just can’t save”.

This episode puts that line beautifully in context, and is further evidence that Jane knows exactly why Lisbon hired him. His thank you at the end of this episode wasn’t just because she brought him the Red John files, but because he realizes she hired him as a way to try to save him from his obsession by helping help him start his life again.

Saint Teresa, indeed. I’d say she’s in desperate need of a shrink except this world truly needs people like her. Why a shrink? Because just as Jane can’t move on from his family’s death, Lisbon is still being tortured from not being able to save her dad. Just like Jane wants to right the wrong of his family’s death by killing Red John, Lisbon wants to right the wrong of her dad’s suicide by saving Jane. It’s a sad, sad cycle, one that I doubt either of them will be able to break out of easily.

Crap. Now I’m crying again.

Lisbon’s obsession to keep Jane safe is as much of a threat to her as Jane’s obsession with RJ. We’ve had several people point out that it’s her biggest flaw. But now that we know her motivations, I doubt Lisbon will ever stop helping Jane. Between him being a cocky jerk, and a suicidal broken man, she’d choose jerk every day; as she should. But if she’s not going to change, then Jane will just have to start taking her martyr complex into consideration, look out for her more. I don’t doubt one bit that he loves her. Not one bit. And I know he appreciates all that she’s ever done for him tries to return the favor in his own twisted way (trying to get her to relax, annoying people who annoy her, etc.). There’s also the fact that some people are givers and some people are takers in this world. And these people can co-exist perfectly together because their personalities complement each other. But every once in a while, events happen which challenge the status quo. And I’m starting to realize that, whatever Jane says, when push comes to shove Jane he will always make the right choice (i.e. like when he shot Hardy). But I still wouldn’t mind seeing him take Lisbon or the others into consideration when he makes less obvious (i.e. harder) choices. Nor would I mind him having to face the fact that caring for someone doesn’t necessarily mean making choices for them, because, seriously, it’s about time someone pointed that out to him.

There’s one more theme that occurred to me as I was watching this episode.

Unconditional Love

This theme doesn’t really occur in this episode, but it nonetheless occurred to me as I was writing it.

P, in a comment to the Devil’s Cherry Review, said:

It was great when he (Jane) admitted that Lisbon really knew him. He answered immediately that someone did know the real him, but seemed to hesitate before saying who. Like perhaps he knew it but didn’t want to think through the implications. Or maybe I’m reading way too much into a pause. It reminded me of the episode when he made the dating video. One of the things he said he wanted was someone who knew the worst parts of him and still accepted him. At the time, he was talking about his wife, but it applies to Lisbon now as well.

In episode Not One Red Cent, the perp was a power dater who killed her fiancée because he was going to leave her after all she did for him. This is such a huge contrast to Lisbon whom we now know is at least partly to thank for Jane living a semi-normal, semi-sane existence. We’ve also seen him in a straightjacket in Devil’s Cherry, and we’ve had a hallucinated Lisbon say, about Jane, “He’s having another episode.” I found it interesting that Jane still has residual fears regarding Lisbon what her reaction might be if he were to have a nervous breakdown (Scarlett Ribbons). This is especially so considering Lisbon’s “Let me help you” when Jane had his (fake?) breakdown last season.

Food For Thought

I’d like to point out the dreams Jane attributed to the suspects in this episode, since I felt they all might apply to Jane, one way or another:

-You dream of being trapped, caged like an animal, and you dream of a terrible violent escape. You picked the devil. (i.e. Revenge)

-You dreamt that your daughter was falling into a very dark place, and you couldn’t stop her. You called out that you loved her but she couldn’t hear you. And that’s why you chose the lovers. (i.e. Charlotte)

-You dreamt of death, and you chose death. (Suicide? Or another reference to revenge.)

-You can’t shake the idea that you’ll never find true love. And you picked the fool. (Jane probably thought he’ll never find love again, after his wife’s death).

-You have a lot of scary dreams, but you can’t remember them. However, you’re a cop. (takes one to know one jane. Just sayin.  So you think the rules don’t apply to you. And you chose the magician.

– You constantly dream of all the people you hurt coming back to seek revenge. And guess what. They dream the same thing. You chose, the hanged man. (R.J. hurt Jane, as revenge for his cold reading. Similarly, Jane wants to kill R.J. for revenge).

No Best Scenes this time, cause this thing is already fourteen pages long. But readers please let me know which were yours. Enjoy the art! Don’t forget to rate please 🙂

Image by chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain, November 2012. Not to be used without permission.


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43 responses to “Mentalist Red Dawn Review

  • julie

    A great review Reviewbrain but I’m afraid I have to disagree about some parts. One of the joys of this episode for me was that because we had known Jane for 5yrs we were privy to what he was doing whereas the CBI people were clueless. I saw his cold read on Hannigan as manipulation, one,from the way he looked at him before he started and two, that he took all the blame on himself, I do realize that he was in a guilt ridden frame of mind, but he still is but never takes full responsibility for everything. And then when he said to Lisbon about how that is what Hannigan said it was to remind her of what Hannigan had said and how she was suppose to be nice to him.
    I do think that Lisbon tried hard to stop him from seeing the files which is why she told him to go home, why she invited him along the next day and why she invited him in to cold read the witnesses. Lisbon had never seen him work and so I’m sure expected him to just look at them and tell her what he saw.

    I loved the scene when Jane was behind the partition and bobbed up and down trying to here what was going on. That has to be at least the third episode where jane bobs ( when he is changing the tire and in the opening of season 3). It showed that Jane’s interest had been piqued and that he mind had found another outlet, for just that moment, than just Red John.

    I loved the scene of the reveal. The way Jane was so unsure of himself, which is why I think he went to the ‘tarot’ trick, it was something he was familiar. I liked that the trick was pretty obvious. He placed the cards down in a way that he knew what they each would pick up, his being the hangman and he swapped cards during the process of talking to the murderer. He did get a big high out of accomplishing the task. I agree this helped towards him being more confident the next day as he enters as an employee. He would have also discovered that perhaps he had the ability to find Red John himself and not just watch others do it. Lisbon may not have been able to stop him reading the files but I think his head was in a better place when he finally started.

    I agree that we learnt a lot about Lisbon’s motivation in this episode, which I think is good because it has been called into question a few times over the series. It was good to see how Jane started and have comfirmed that working for the CBI really did save him.

    I am glad to see you brought up the dreams because I thought to myself how each on of the tarot cards were representative of Jane. I loved how they put that in there, it shows very careful writing.

    I loved that they did this episode and that they went straight into it – no awkward set up. I agree the acting was excellent especially between Robin and Simon, it must have been more challenging for them to act that they didn’t know each other as part of what makes there scenes so brilliant is how comfortable they are with each other. It must have been a great day at the office that week.

    I was happy to forgive them the Van pelt mistake and I’m sure they were probably aware of it but wanted to have her in there. They probably had forgotten about the Rigsby timeline – I certainly had done.

    My favourite line was definitely the ‘it’s a process’ perfectly acted. No funny lines at all from Jane. They certainly had no idea what they were taking on!

    So happy they did this episode, so happy they indulged us so shamelessly, with answers to he vest and couch – for those who have watched his show, The Guardian’ having the coach propped up there made me think of that bath you always saw in the background of his ‘office’. Wonder if that was Simon’s idea? How did they know that certain fans love to see Jane bopped on the nose – continuity there.

    About the rj reveal part, keeping an open mind on that one, but it does mean that we, for once, know more than Jane does.

  • Sol

    As always, I’ve really loved your review as much as I loved this episode, cause even this is just my second comment on your blog, I read almost religiously.
    I’ve read this season Lisbon is going to start to realize about her true feelings towards Jane so I think that matches perfectly with your theory about her looking him with new eyes after his affair with Lorelei. I also loved your analysis about Lisbon, I didn’t saw it that way until I red it here. You’re so right that Hannigan was an early Jane, and how she sees them both as her father. I think too that she has this big obsession about helping him and saving him no matter what. I just wonder if there’ll be a limit for her to be tolerant with him.
    Regarding the scene in the limo, at first I was almost sure he was RJ, but for now I’ll keep my mind open and see him just as one of the suspects of the list they going to narrow down this season.
    By the way, just a clarification. The episode you referred to when Lisbon tries to help the grieving widower and father is not Red Badge (2×03) but Red Tide (1×03). 😉

  • C Hill

    quick hitters…

    1) elevator punch scene — perfectly consistent with jane lashing out by pushing buttons, though i don’t think with ulterior motive this time.
    2) the ending scene does leave some room for varying interpretation. we don’t know the RJ timeline, so what if there were no killings while jane was off the grid? unlikely, i think, but it would put darcy’s accusations in some context.
    3) while i thought the plot a little forced, i agree the little touches were nice. such as, i think, jane using his three card monte card switching trick he showed in season 3(?) with the “tarot” cards

    and for your wild reach, for a while a book you’d see on close ups to jane on the couch was a communist manifesto. john in russian? ivan. fbi agent mancini played by…ivan sergei. surely mr heller is not that devious…

  • ratsacreAnnie

    Just a quick comment here, before a more considered one later. Simon Baker was quoted in an interview about this episode, that he was playing Jane as ‘two days out of the nut house’.

    Having a lot of first hand experiences of ‘nut houses’ and their patients, I really feel that the Jane we were seeing was very much someone still in a state of extreme depression and still doped to the eyeballs on medication. He is very slow to respond (especially when you compare him to present day Jane) and he also has that lack of impulse control that heavily medicated people can have. (I know, I kow, Jane has always had no impulse control, but ti one I feel really is due yo his altered memtal state)

    I have seen people come out with some shockers that they wouldn’t normally voice, at least outloud when on high doses of antidepressents.

    A time he seemed almost drunk. So hesitant and so very, very lost.

    Again, superlative acting!

    Call me dumb, but I really think that Jane was not fully aware and firing on all fours for most of this episode. I don’t think he truly came back to himself until he was put in the ‘Mr Showbiz’ role right at the end. That he knew how to do.

    So no, I don’t think he deliberately goaded the appalling Hannigan. More just a genuine curiosity and a lack of ‘wow, I better shut up now. Did I really just say that out loud, or am I just thinking it?’ Same with the judge.

    I also maintain no deception or manipulation on his behalf when he is telling Lisbon that he deserved to be hit. That is simply his current mind set at the moment. He hasn’t go any sort of healthy ego at the moment, as he is still overwhelmed by guilt

  • leyla23

    I really enjoyed this episode and I have to say I love all of your reviews! They’re always really well thought out, as well as thought provoking and I look forward to them every week.

    I’m a big fan of Lisbon’s character and, like you, after watching this episode I think I like her even more. I always thought her relationship with Jane was more maternal than it was romantic, and I was really happy to see my theory proved right in this episode! She basically saved him by giving him a purpose in life working as a consultant in the CBI, a reason to keep living, and think the hug he gave her at the end was his way of saying “thank you”. I don’t think, however, that Lisbon is “obsessed” about helping Jane because he reminds him of her father. I think she’s very dedicated, that’s for sure, but I also think she has her limits. Jane was really pushing them in 5×01, and I think that what he needs to learn this season is that he can’t keep pushing them forever. I think it would be really interesting to see him having to face the consequences of his actions (such as Lisbon getting hurt because of him, or their friendship almost breaking apart because of something he would do). I really liked this Jane in “Red Dawn”, so unsure of himself, and so respectful of boundaries with Lisbon… I’d love for “present Jane” to be reminded of that man a little.

    “I don’t know but now that Lisbon knows Jane’s slept with Lorelie, maybe he won’t seem as off-limits as he once was?”

    I don’t know about this… I see loads of people comment recently on several communities about Jane loving Lisbon (and vice-versa), but personally I just don’t see it. Maybe I’m hard to convince, but I still see their relationship as what I would call an “ambiguous friendship”. Clearly Jane loves Lisbon (and 5×02 showed us he’s “aware” of her), but I see it as something more platonic and friendship orientated rather than him being “in love” with her. I really don’t think he harbors any sexual feelings for her, and I don’t see their relationship ever becoming physical (at least not beyond hugging). As for Lisbon, she’s more of a mother to Jane than anything else at the moment. I really don’t see her looking at Jane “that” way. To me, his behavior in regards to her is a little bit too immature, and he really needs to grow up for viewers to hope to see an evolution in the Jane/Lisbon dynamic.

    About Red John: personally, I’ve been thinking for a while that the man who killed Jane’s family was no other than Carter, the man Jane shot in the mall at the end of season 3. I’m a strong believer in the theory that Red John is “many”, or in other words an association of some really important people over a common cause, a bit like a mafia. And, just like a mafia, this association could have a main boss at its head or simply not. In any case, I think that the higher ranked members of this association manipulate lower ranked members into murdering the people they want to get rid of, and these lower ranked members are so brainwashed (or hopeless) that they’re ready to kill themselves to protect their organization.

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome to the blog 🙂 To draw on what you said, Jane saying that he deserved to get punched also fits his broken demeanor and the perspective that he feels responsible for his family’s death. Truly wonderful comment. I wouldn’t have been able to articulate why I don’t think Jane was being manipulative any better even if I had tried 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for the head’s up, I’ll change it asap 😉

  • JustMe

    LOL… I got a mention…

    Anyway, it is really hard to pinpoint Jane’s personality. It is complex. It can be at turns generous, selfish,loving, cruel, caring, sinister, innocent and jaded.

    I thought that Sophie had a bigger part in helping him, but she just made him functional. Lisbon and the CBI saved him.

    As for the future, I can only hope that Jane realizes that they are stronger together and maybe he is scared that coming clean with Lisbon isn’t that she will get further hurt by RJ but that he has concerns that it isn’t reciprocated to the degree that he feels for her.

    LIsbon is not easy to read and she takes care of everyone so he may not have a clear cut sign that his feelings are reciprocated. I also wonder if that is why Jane behaves so badly at times. He keeps her that much closer to himself when he misbehaves so he doesn’t have to share her. Her focus is on him only.

    I think that Jane wasn’t actually trying to manipulate at all but he still has that streak in him that he can’t keep his mouth shut. OF course I would have liked to punch Hannigan too after what he said to him but Jane doesn’t get physical, he just gets even by pointing out the bones of contention.

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for sharing Julie 🙂
    I for one am more inclined to go with ratsacreAnnie and/or C Hill’s interpretations that Jane was running on auto, based on his disheveled appearance and general homeless demeanor. I suppose it might be true that Jane concocted another elaborate plan, faked his appearance, and went to CBI with the purpose of annoying someone into giving him information. I just don’t think so. What I remember of his demeanor as he left Sophi Miller, in episode Red Brick and Ivy, how meek and grateful he was for, I assume, simply having his sanity back, makes me think it unlikely that he hasn’t healed enough to pull off such a scheme, especially considering what happened the last time he annoyed someone. And while we viewers have been privy to Jane’s manipulations while the team hasn’t (for the most part) it is only through what the writers allow us to see. At other times, the writers cleverly (maddeningly at times) allow us to come to our own conclusions so that fans can believe whatever they want. This is probably once such occasion 🙂

  • julie

    I wasn’t saying he was that elaborate. I believe we saw Jane as he really was and that he didn’t go there intending on manipulating anyone. But when he was told that the police do not share that information with the relative of victims he had to find a way to get them to share with him and that is what he came up with on the spot.

  • reviewbrain

    I wouldn’t put anything past Mr. Heller. Can you imagine what it would be like if Mancini were Red John and, like some fans suspect, became a romantic interest for Lisbon? I can just hear RJ taunting Jane: you sleep with my girl, I sleep with yours :p
    Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog 🙂

  • All-I-need

    I actually don’t have all that much to say except for a few quick observations:

    Jane’s behavior in this episode was very interesting. The only way to describe how he walked is “gingerly”, like he was expecting someone to pull the floor from under his feet at any given moment. Not to mention the way he kept one arm wrapped around himself as if he was afraid he would fall apart if he didn’t. It made me want to hug him and not let go for a decade.

    Did anyone else let out a very (fan)girlish squeal when Jane actually leanded against the leather couch propped against the wall in that dingy room?! I was in full fangirl mode and it’s a good thing no one could hear me scream: “OMG, THE COUCH! There’s his couch!!!”. And that almost adoring look Lisbon gave him when she found him asleep on the couch the next morning, along with the way she shushed Cho so Jane could get some more sleep. Awwwwwwwwwww!

    Pet Peeve: THE TIMELINE
    The moment I saw Grace’s file, I wanted to hit the writers over the head. Yes, they obviously wanted to put her into the episode in some way and have Cho tell Rigsby she’s not in his league (Cho rocks!). But did they have to screw the timeline so badly?!
    It’s VanPelt’s first week in the Pilot Episode, how come they have her file FOUR YEARS before she actually joins the CBI? That really stretches it a lot.

    Apart from that pet peeve, I absolutely adored this episode. I loved it. Of course they also could have put VanPelt in by staging a scene in the “now” where the team is having a lazy day without a case and Grace asks how Jane came to the CBI in the first place.

    I laughed out loud when Minelli decided they needed to make Jane “happy”, and I believe I actually spoke to my laptop by then and said: “Oh Virgil, you are going to regret this SO MANY TIMES over the next few years….”

    Another great scene: Jane eavesdropping on the team discussing the case and pretending he is just “stretching his legs” – followed by him bouncing up and down behind the cubicle wall. I was laughing so hard at that and the look on his face was priceless!

    Now, I almost had a heart attack when I saw that guy in the limousine, but on the Red Blog he is listed as Robert Kirkland, being played by Kevin Corrigan. And yes, he is definitely too young to be Red John, so I’m guessing we’ve got another deciple – possibly even some sort of personal assistant or “right hand” of Red John’s, seeing as Agent Schultz treats him rather respectfully and it is quite obvious he ranks higher than she does (though I couldn’t say if he ranks higher in the FBI or among Red John’s minions. Possibly the latter, he seems awfully young to rank high in the FBI).

    Looking forward to the artwork and than you very much for yet another great review, Reviewbrain! You are doing a truly wonderful job!

  • Agnes

    I find your reviews and analyses plus all the comments very helpful. Thank you.

    So, just to say I don’t think you need worry about Minelli being Red John because Jane would have realised there was something wrong and he did not. Jane did not catch on to O’Laughlin because he only met him once as far as we are aware but he knew Minelli very well.

    About the writing in blood in Red John’s Friends, I thought at the time that it could have been ‘mar’ rather than ‘man’. On Simonize someone suggested Lorelei might be Red John’s daughter. If so, just perhaps, Jared could have been trying to write ‘martins’??

    Didn’t think Jane was actually manipulating anyone but he was pretty persistant in the beginning and somehow used the circumstances to get what he wanted.

    Nice touch, Jane coming out of the lift at the start, all untidy and then near the end coming out in his suit and with the ID badge showing the progression.

  • Arco

    Thanks for the review, reviewbrain. I particularly liked the analysis of how it’s Lisbon who manipulates Jane & your observation that the dreams of the suspects are also Jane’s dreams.

    I think that Jane deliberately provoked Hannigan. Nothing was going to deter him from seeing the files. I even interpreted Jane telling Lisbon that Teresa Lisbon was a nice name (despite, as you point out, reviewbrain, heh, that he is unable to consistently pronounce “Teresa”) as his way of trying to butter her up (along with the hug at the end), evidently not realizing, despite his mentalist abilities, that Lisbon isn’t very butterable (well, I don’t think that’s a word, but you know what I mean).

    Jane was “testing” & assessing the team as well as being his typical snoopy self. He had previous experience with law enforcement–with the police who worked his family’s case. Then he said in the interview that brought about his family’s death, that he had been assisting the police in the Red John investigation. Possibly he had not had good experiences with his previous law enforcement encounters although he could expect that the CBI would be a step up from the local LEOs. I would not have put it past Jane to have sabotaged the team to get the case transferred to another team if he hadn’t deemed Lisbon’s team as worthy.

    Jane actually pursues a parallel course with Hannigan & Lisbon. He reads Hannigan, noting that, in comparison with his younger boss, that the issues are temperament & character (presumably pluses for Lisbon & minuses for Hannigan). Jane notes that Lisbon tells him virtually the same thing that Hannigan did, to get on with his life, & he reads her, but she doesn’t react as Hannigan did, which must reinforce his interpretation of the temperament issue. Hannigan seemed callous in his interaction with Jane. Jane evidently detected the compassion beneath Lisbon’s flinty exterior & took advantage of that.

    Jane spends a good part of the episode watching the team work its case. (I did wonder that during his trip to the “country” with Lisbon, that there was nothing to indicate that they actually discussed the Jane case at all–maybe they were busy playing “I spy” instead?) He saw enough to realize that Lisbon will keep digging on a case & that Lisbon’s male colleagues respect her–Hannigan & Rigsby probably taking their cue from Cho. (It would be interesting to explore how Lisbon & Cho met. Why can’t he get his own team, & then maybe he & Lisbon could get together? But I digress.)

    I thought that there was considerable continuity with Minelli. He dumps his problem, Hannigan punching Jane, on Lisbon as he later dumps his Jane problems on Lisbon. The interesting part to me is that in doing that, Minelli demonstrates confidence that any problem he throws at Lisbon, she can handle, which she does, justifying why she’s managed to reach her position at her relatively young age. I wonder why Minelli doesn’t tell her about Jane’s time in the asylum or that he’s keeping the FBI informed about the Red John investigation? I don’t think that Minelli is Red John (& I hope that Mancini isn’t either–wouldn’t that be too much like Van Pelt & O’Laughlin, been there, done that?).

    I got a kick out of seeing Jane, like a lost puppy, trailing behind Lisbon, & her ordering him around, such as telling him to clean up before he comes back the next day. Throughout the series, I have thought that she treated Jane like a fourth brother, although now that you point it out, with some aspects of her relationship with her father also likely affecting her relationship with Jane. Of course, she had no way of knowing that lost puppy Jane would shortly turn into someone who would require her to keep a constant supply of aspirin in her medicine cabinet to ward off the headaches that he causes.

    There was also some continuity with Lisbon’s response to Cho’s query about why Jane’s at the crime scene–“long story.” It seems that “long story” is often the answer to various situations pertaining to Jane.

    By throwing the flashback & drugged episodes in this season, it makes me more sympathetic to Jane, so I conclude that they are meant to leaven the portrayal of Jane in the other episodes. Present-day, nondrugged Jane, in my opinion, seems to be more Jane the Jerk.

  • rita

    Great Review of a great episode.

    I enjoyed hearing your take on all the events that happened, and you have given my some food for thought on some, so that I will have to go and watch again.

    I agree with Julie that Jane WAS manipulating Harrigan at the lift, but feel that it was only after he said about moving on and touched him on the shoulder….he doesn’t like to be touched remember….so I feel hat it was almost a knee jerk reaction.

    I always felt after Jane had killed Carter that he had killed ‘his’ RJ….the guy, to me, was recalling a memory of the scent of Jane’s wife & child. So I go with the ‘many’ RJ theory.

    I thought that Simon Baker acted his socks off in this episode, going from the timid insecure Jane who almost apologised for casting his own shadow, to the Jane who began to realise that he DID have some worth, asnd could be useful. Robin Tunney made me want to hug her for her portrayal of the so by the book Lisbon, who went out of her way to give Jane something useful to do.

    I know that Bruno Heller has said that this wone was for the fans of the show, and I feel very valued, we were not short changed by this one…. I know that there were a fewbits that could have been done better ( the Van Pelt boo boo for one) but on the whole, we were given some answers to questions that have been lingering….and some more questions!!

    I am really looking forward to the art work for this one.

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    Someday, your blog reviews on this show, will be used as academic material for television literature in-depth analysis textbooks.

    Season 5 has been stellar or what?! Despite glitches on timelines, awkward goatee and frizzy hair extension (Cho-hee!) the whole episode was top-notch. I believe too that Jane arrived at CBI humbled and bereaved, but that didn’t stop his anger bubbling under the surface over what Hannigan said. At first I thought he was going to manipulate Hannigan, but Jane has always been known to petty revenge.
    For instance, in pilot episode, Van Pelt was chided over conflicting beliefs in psychics. Also, several crime scene police officer who had a bristled him (one was a wife cheater staying in cheap motel. Also, a cat lover officer living with his mom). It is his style of “offence” I suppose, that brings out a mean Jane. Even a cold reading of Darcy made her call him “deep down, you’re a cruel man”. No doubt he wasn’t manipulating Hannigan.

    Pet Peeves
    I didn’t think it was legal for a civilian to tag along to a murder crime scene, in exchange of a small scuffle and a potential bad press. Also, Minelli promising victim’s relative to the RJ files sounds illegal. Oh well, I suppose if I don’t suspend disbelief, or the if writer’s don’t, there wouldn’t be an unfolding story of how it all started…

    When the show ended with an entangling conspiracy, I couldn’t believe Minelli could play a part in it. Would you enable a “two days out of a nut house” fake psychic work in Serious Crime Unit? Minelli might see Jane as a hero then, but this smells fishy, not to mention got me curious…

    A shout out to, “Agent Charlie” (Hispanic guy suspect) and “Sam Weiss” (guy in limo) both of whom played the roles respectively on Fringe. Nice to see that!

    One funny line that stuck out to me:
    “Do you know how much trouble I could get into?” -Lisbon’s tirade after Jane offends judge Dellinger.

    “No. How much?”

    “A lot!”

    Thank you Reviewbrain 😀

  • reviewbrain

    “By throwing the flashback & drugged episodes in this season, it makes me more sympathetic to Jane, so I conclude that they are meant to leaven the portrayal of Jane in the other episodes. Present-day, nondrugged Jane, in my opinion, seems to be more Jane the Jerk.”

    I agree and thank you for reminding me! I’ve learned my lesson with writer Tom S.’s first mentalizing of us audience when he had Jane help Steiner kill himself (the Red Line) to pave the way for when Jane shoots Carter. I don’t think I’m being paranoid when I think that this episode is likewise meant, to borrow your words, butter us up when it comes to Jane so we’ll forgive something terrible that he’ll do this season. Likewise, we were shown Lisbon’s motivations so that we are able to sympathize with her and forgive her when she most likely lets Jane get away with whatever he’ll do.

    Readers, consider yourselves warned. I’ll be holding my guard way, way up.

    Conversely, it might also be that they’re showing us how close Jane and Lisbon are, the better to break our hearts if a rift finally comes between them. I prefer the latter scenario as it hasn’t been done before. But I’ll need to have tissue boxes at the ready if that happens…

  • Cece

    Last week I said I was very much looking forward to your Red Dawn review and you did not disappoint. Excellent. Two things that jumped out at me:

    At nearly the end, when Jane walks into the CBI in his new official capacity as a consultant, all semi-confident and wearing his nifty ID badge, all I could think was “He’s got his vest on!” I may have done a mental fist pump. I loved seeing him end the episode with his battle gear on. I also find it amusing to think that maybe after Lisbon was less than impressed with his two-piece suit clean-up effort that he figured she’d have to be satisfied with a three-piece suit.

    The other thing that struck me, and this is probably just me over thinking something of absolutely no importance, was during Alexa Schultz’s phone call to Minelli. She not so casually mentions that Jane just got out of an *insane asylum*. Insane asylum? Really? It was so odd. Why not just go whole hog and have her do a good ol’ Mua Ha Ha Ha Hah evil laugh? Someone in her position would either say mental hospital or go full slang/pejorative with nut house or looney bin. But again, it’s probably of no importance and I’m just being nitpicky.

  • Cece

    >>I always felt after Jane had killed Carter that he had killed ‘his’ RJ….the guy, to me, was recalling a memory of the scent of Jane’s wife & child.<<

    Yay! I'm not the only one! Ever since I saw Scarlet Ribbons it has been my hope that when Jane has his showdown with the Head
    Red John in Charge, THE Red John informs Jane that while he gave the order, Timothy Carter was in fact the man who slaughtered Jane's family.

  • hardly_loquacious

    Bonus points for starting the review with “Once upon a time.” Just because.

    Although, I think that Jane definitely manipulated Minelli and Hannigan into getting to ride along with Lisbon. It could have worked without the manipulation, but I think Jane definitely nudged things along. I really liked how that scene went though. Their first drive together. Daw.

    Although, not as good as first awkward!hug.

    AND HEE. I didn’t think about it as Lisbon manipulating Jane into helping her with her case. That is awesome and adorable. I mean, it was those things before I realized, but now it is doubly so.

    I found the shoe-horning VP in a bit silly though. Kinda cute, and I get why they did it, but the timeline really makes no sense. I’m happy to let it go/ignore it, but it just felt a bit unnecessary to me. I actually found the “several years ago” hilarious. Kind of like a self-referential not to the fact that show has timeline issues. It made me giggle.

    In general, I was impressed by how much this felt like a S1 episode to me. It was really well done. Now I want to see their second case. I kinda want the show to pick up from here instead of where it is, because that would be awesome. I miss S1 in a lot of ways, though not all.

    Also, I want Minelli back. I don’t think he’s RJ, although I suppose he could be. It might explain why Lisbon hasn’t really been targeted until more recently. I don’t think he is though.

    I love how this ep set up the J/L relationship though. It really is charming. Confirms a lot of what I suspected. I love how their dynamic kind of starts up immediately. They’re pretty comfortable with each other right away. They get all up in each other’s personal space. I love that here’s a really subtle connection that they probably both feel.

    I think Lisbon upon meeting Jane did have a soft-spot for him. I think it was more than just she felt sorry for him because of his family (although she does), and it’s not just because of his misery like Hannigan. Because she interacts more comfortably with Jane than with Hannigan. Part of this is probably related to RT/SB’s comfort level with each other. But I maintain that she probably likes Jane for his own sake right from the start. Not in a romantic way, but something in him appeals to her. I think she secretly likes his little tricks and his abilities. Her expressions in S1 would seem to support that (I’m thinking the casino ep and the ep where he “reads her mind”). It genuinely felt like one of those things, you know where you meet someone, and for some reason you just think, “We should be friends.” And also, obviously she wants to distract him from his revenge and she thinks he can be useful to her professionally.

    And Jane, I think in spite of himself, realized that he needed someone like Lisbon. Maybe unconsciously. He probably told himself that he needed her to get access to the RJ files, but I think deep down I think he knew he needed her to stop him from falling apart. Jane very much has a type, going by descriptions of his wife. And he likes Lisbon, also probably unconsciously. You can kind of see it in the first few years of the show too. He tells everyone (Lisbon included) that he’s working at the CBI to get access to the RJ files and for something to do, but then whenever she saves him or sticks by him when he’s in trouble (I’m think RJ’s Friends), you kind of get an indication that he knows that he also likes/appreciates/values her friendship. I think that in the recent season’s he’s simply become more aware of the other half of that equation. Part of the reason he works at the CBI is that he likes solving cases with her. He likes figuring out the mysteries, and he likes having her support.

    I just really liked the tone of this episode. I don’t really have a favourite scene because I loved the whole thing. The dynamic between the team was the perfect mix of light and more serious. It was unbelievably charming. I loved Lisbon repeatedly ordering Jane around. It was hilarious. Although, I was a bit sad that they skipped over their first drive. Wonder how that conversation went. Seriously, I want to see their second case.

  • P

    This episode was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I agree with Reviewbrain about the continuity shown with Lisbon’s treatment of Hannigan, and love the insight into why she puts up with Jane’s behavior and the parallels with her father.This episode reinforced Lisbon being my favorite character! And I agree that it shows a credible explanation for how Jane came to consult for them, and why Lisbon has been so important to him apparently from day one. These parts were fantastic.

    On the other hand, the Van Pelt timeline issue really bothered me. I can’t seem to get past it. I feel like the writers are being a little disrespectful to regular viewers to play so fast and loose with the timeline. They must realize by now that some people enjoy analyzing every aspect of the show. Throwing Van Pelt in where (or when) she didn’t belong was a big negative for me.

    I agree with Zee that it is a bit unbelievable that Minelli would send Jane along on an investigation out of a fear of being sued. This just doesn’t seem like something any law enforcement agency would do. I had to keep trying to suspend my disbelief throughout the episode, with limited success.

    When I watched it, I briefly wondered if Jane deliberately provoked Hannigan. It could go either way, but my guess is Jane was “innocent” in this case. It seemed to evolve naturally as opposed to a Jane set up. I think Jane was just lashing out after Hannigan’s words hurt him.

    As to the limo scene, I don’t really care all that much since I am tired of everything Red John related, but I suspect the man in just another accomplice. My view is that to really make an impact, Red John has to be somebody we already have seen To bring a new character in during season 5 wouldn’t have the same emotional impact, especially if we suspect him from his first scene.. Plus, things are often not as they appear on this show (Bradley Whitford), so I agree with Reviewbrain that limo man seems too obvious to be Red John. And I don’t think he is Minelli either. If Minelli was RJ, there would be no need for Alexa to ask him to keep her informed. I also doubt Minelli would have retired. No mole would ever have better information than Minelli would get being so close, both professionally and personally, to Lisbon. The “he is many” scenario with Whitford being the RJ that killed Jane’s family makes some sense, but I feel it would be a bit of a cop out and something the writers would do if they can’t come up with anything better.

    Great review! I gain so much insight from reading your reviews and everybody else’s comments,

  • P

    It had not occurred to me, but I think you two are right…this more sympathetic Jane is meant to butter us up. I’m sure he’ll do something atrocious soon enough, perhaps in 5×08.

  • Sol

    Speaking of continuity, I’ve noticed two other bits that could be considered in this department. First, Jane asks Lisbon to call him Patrick, using the exact same words (except for the “Teresa” part) that he used in Devil’s Cherry during the ambulance scene. The second one is the hug which was shot using the same camera angle that the one in The Crimson Hat and had almost the same surprised reaction from Lisbon, just the circumstances and the context were completely different (btw, both episodes were directed by Chris Long).

    My favorite line by the way was: “You want to hurt a man? Don’t kill him. Kill his family.”
    And found funny the one said by the victim’s date: “He got mad, I got a cab.” ;P

  • JustMe

    LOL …. LOVE THE ART….*snort*

    Bless you Chiruzuchibi!!!

  • reviewbrain

    To Zee and P, on how unrealistic Jane accompany Lisbon on the case may be: es, keeping Jane happy is not the best reason to have a ride along but it’s been done before. If you remember in season two, Lisbon had to suffer a camera crew watching her team solve a case because their public relations officer Rebecca thought it would be good publicity. And if pop culture is to be believed, then “ride alongs” with officers in the US are not a big deal. There’s actually a name for it, for one thing. And I can know there are many shows who used the plot of having a civilian accompany cops on cases. Friends and Breaking Bad, are some that I remember off the top of my head.

  • reviewbrain

    “Someday, your blog reviews on this show, will be used as academic material for television literature in-depth analysis textbooks.”

    And someday I’ll be able to think of a proper answer to express how happy your kind words have made me. For now, I hope a simple thank can suffice cause I’m literally at a loss for words. Thank you.

    With regards to the ride along and how (un)realistic it is, please see me reply to P below 😉

  • All-I-need

    The artwork just killed me… *dies from laughing so hard*


    Thank you, Chizuru_chibi! I absolutely love it, this made my day!

  • mon

    Hello Reviewbrain, thanks for a great write-up as per usual. I haven’t actually seen Red Dawn (but have a pretty good idea what it was like). However, I just wanted to comment on your interesting analysis of the Jane/Lisbon relationship. The theory that Lisbon has an instinct to want to protect and save Jane, due to her father’s tragic history, makes perfect sense. For now, I believe that Jane has begun to realise that he is in love with Lisbon, even if he’s not quite ready to deal with those emotions (and him shushing Charlotte on the matter in ep 2 proves this).
    As for Lisbon, I feel that her maternal instincts are still at the fore here. Also when you look at Lisbon’s realtionships within the series so far, I spot a pattern wherein she is attracted to men who may allow her some escapism from the constant mothering and worrying that she does over everybody else (including Jane). Mashburn was total escapism for her, even if she only allowed herself one night. Her one-time fiancée, Greg, however, despite being a nice guy, was a bit too safe, and Jane pointed as much out to her. Basically Greg was a bit boring and Lisbon needed some excitement in her life.
    *spoiler* from reading about upcoming eps, we know that she comes into contact with another playboy billionaire (a storyline which will expand into a Lisbon arc).It’ll be interesting to see how that will progress.
    Finally, the ironic thing is that if Jane had never suffered such tragedy, and if he had met Lisbon under different circumstances, he may have provided just the sort of escapist relationship to which she is attracted. So post Red John-who knows whats in store.. Gosh I hope I’m making sense here!
    Btw love love the drawing-Jane and the couch-priceless!

  • windsparrow

    Chizuru-chibi, the Man says, “Couched in no uncertain terms” that is a perfectly adorable artwork. I agree.

    The review is brilliant, rising to the occasion as the episode was brilliant as well, reviewbrain!

  • rita

    Love the Art, it is just so…..Jane!!

    I didn’t see where it was going, made me laugh out loud.

  • Domenic Pugliano (@FLICKSTER77)

    Hi there !!! =DDD I always love to read your reviews of The Mentalist. They are so informative. I must say that you did an AMAZING job on this INCREDIBLE episode!!! I love your theories. They weren’t kidding when they said it would be like an origins type of episode.

    Indeed, Who was that man in the limousine with Alexa?

    I agree that the acting was superb. The way that Jane didn’t seem as confident as he usually seems in the present. It was funny how Agent Lisbon kept trying to push Jane away at the beginning and then eventually
    she asked him for his input, just sayin.

  • zee

    Awww, don’t worry about it 🙂 You’re very much welcome.

  • zee

    Yeah, I was thinking the police in US (not to mention Hollywoood!) might have been way more liberal with the crime scene rules. I could suspend disbelief for that, being that it is after all a TV show 😀
    Now I’m curious to find that Friends episode….


    It’s so clear that Jane saw in Lisbon a possibility of love. She accepted him and he felt safe. But he knows, better than anyone…he can’t starts anything before put an end in Red John. ❤ It was a great review for an amazing episode. Let's wait and see. But I'm still thinking that Rigsby or Frye are Red John's head. =P

  • Elli

    Jane is wearing his 3 piece suits because Lisbon asked him to: “Clean up” 🙂

  • windsparrow

    “(I know, I kow, Jane has always had no impulse control, but ti one I feel really is due yo his altered memtal state)”

    I like to think that all too often when it appears Jane is acting impulsively, he is actually behaving in a purposeful fashion. So it can be hard to tell when he really is having impulse control issues. Of course you are right, in this episode, he is not the Jane we are used to seeing, in full command of his faculties.

  • windsparrow

    “The other theory, that I absolutely refuse to believe and never wanted to mention but my sick, sick mind (aka cynic) refused to leave me alone till I did is that beloved Virgil Minelli might be RJ. That him letting Jane tag along with Lisbon in this episode is because he knew she’d be vulnerable to his sadness and want Jane to get hired at CBI, which would in turn allow him to keep a close eye on Jane.”

    Oh, dear. Your inner Cynic agreeing with my crack-brained theories? Scary thing. Did I ever mention that I sometimes wonder if Minellii is Red John, and the real reason for targeting Jane’s family was not so much the insult as because he has a soft spot for Lisbon. You see, he wants her to settle down. Red John likes playing matchmaker. And he thinks Jane could be good for Lisbon. But first he has to clean up his act a bit, and well, there was that tiny little matter of being married already….

  • windsparrow

    Oh, and ““Teresa Lisbon. That’s a nice name.” Yes it is, if only Jane can pronounce the same every time”

    To me it is not so much inconsistency, as an indication that over the years something has changed. He pronounces it with a little unusual flair later on, even in his fugue state. At the time of their first meeting, he was indeed a man whose romantic side, whose libido has been burned away by grief and trauma. But over time, he has slowly begun to heal. And his awareness of Lisbon as a woman changes. The idea appeals to me as a shipper. While there was a good chemistry between Jane and Lisbon in this episode, it is not at all the same chemistry that we see later. The vibe in Red Dawn is not at all romantic. I love the idea that this is a slow burning heat, and this fits nicely.

  • T

    I thought this was an entertaining episode, but it went against show canon too much to accommodate the Lisbon fans. This Lisbon is certainly not the Lisbon of the pilot and Jane had worked with the police before, he was hardly a total newbie. The Lisbon of 1.02 who ripped Cho for turning his back on Jane while Patrick hypnotized a girl is hardly the same Lisbon who wants to go easy on Harrigan for punching Jane in the face. I don’t think Jane manipulated himself into getting punched, he was angry with what Harrigan said and followed usual Jane behavior of pointing out his flaws to him. I like how he pointed out to Lisbon she was saying the same thing to him that caused him to get punched. Baker was great and his behavior was very similar to his head getting messed with in season 3 opener. Loved the cartoon, it made me laugh out loud.

  • reviewbrain

    You’re right. This isn’t Lisbon of the pilot. This is Lisbon about 3-4 years earlier when she’d just met Jane and had most likely just gotten promoted. And while Jane isn’t a newbie his previous work had gotten his family killed so I attribute that to his demeanor (my interpretation of it anyway) in this episode.

    And I just have to point out that Lisbon yelled at Hannigan almost as much as she did Cho in episode two. But there’s a difference between verbal reprimands/threats and official ones which go in an employees personal file, which we’ve never seen Lisbon issue to anyone on her team…Have we?

    Agree with everything else you said. Glad you loved the cartoon. I laughed out loud too 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Oh, and I just remembered. Lisbon had wanted to protect the team from getting complaints in their files in 1.02 after Rigsby shoved the Sherrif in the operation. Sigh. That was an awesome episode…

  • C Hill

    i did like the touch that lisbon went from essentially a cubicle to having her own office. it appears that the alliance with jane provided more dividends than just “closing cases”.

    and let me add my kudos to the art work. the “couch” was truly awesome but i do find almost every one to be excellent.

  • violet

    Great review, particularly interesting! And the art is just… too cute for words! 🙂

    It’s a pretty interesting idea that you explained us here: that Lisbon is also prisoner of her own obsession to save broken men like her father and that they are both trapped in this “sad, sad cycle, one that I doubt either of them will be able to break out of easily”. We can only hope for a more positive outcome where they’d manage to save each other instead of using their friendship to fed their respective obsession; hopefully she would finally success in saving someone she loves (given that she couldn’t protect her father like she would have wanted, nor Tommy who chose to do a dangerous job), while he’d get over this revenge to start living again. In a way, they’re both battling against death, Lisbon fighting for preserving her loved ones, Jane hesitating between to drag Red John with him in the nothingness or to give himself the right to live again.

    “Lisbon wasn’t in love with Jane any more than she was in love with Hannigan. She put up with both men because they are sad and remind her of her father. Jane, on the other hand…the glance that he gives Lisbon at the end of the pilot now has a whole new possibility for me. He may have started to move on from his wife, as early as god only knows. But as far as Lisbon’s always been concerned, he’s still mourning his wife (Robin Tunney said as much in several interviews: Lisbon doesn’t see him as boyfriend material )”.
    Well, don’t forget that he had certainly just left Dr Sophie Miller: he felt gratitude and an ambiguous respect for her. It’s possible that he considered Lisbon was the same kind of woman, willing to help him and to care for him, and that a little bit of his consideration at first was transferred from what he felt for Sophie, at least before he got to know Lisbon better. In that perspective, Sophie would have been his rebound from his wife (in affection and trust, not really love), before he met Lisbon who would assume a more steady role as the new referent woman in his life.

    About Halligan, I don’t think Jane was strong enough to elaborate such an intricate scheme at the time. In fact, I don’t know how to put it, but the guy had vibes of a malevolent version of a “ghost of past Christmases” or any other semi-mystical guide you could think of. I’ll try to make myself clearer: he was the one who (reluctantly) initiated Jane to his new world, since Jane got a place in the team because of him, and since he was the first who told him what to do at a crime scene. Albeit he did it because Jane got on his nerve, the fact remains that at the very beginning, he was the one who told him what to do, he was his guide and pointed to him the errors of his ways (that he’d better move on) and what he would end up doing in the next years (to sniffle and look at corpses to get to the truth). If found it particularly interesting, even more given that he’s the only character who doesn’t belong to our usual team. If Hannigan hadn’t taken a fleeting interest in Jane, Lisbon probably wouldn’t have taken him under her wing. (I don’t know if I make a lot of sense here, it’s hard to explain a simple impression).

    On a side note, I really liked that Jane told Lisbon to “find the lady”. Jane knows his classics in popular detective stories (remember “the butler did it”): he just basically told her an almost translation of the famous “cherchez la femme”… He connected hints collected on the corpse with a relatively safe guess. Smart guy! He didn’t want to pass for a pitiful weakling after almost throwing up.

    I also loved some details in this episode: the look Lisbon had on her face when she was looking at Jane sleeping on the couch, as if she had jut adopted a lost puppy or a stray cat. How Alexa Shultz’s call to Minelli explained why his attitude with Jane was different from the admiration the next bosses showed to Jane (the man knew who he was employing, that’s why he trusted Lisbon, not the perhaps insane consultant). Jane’s constant denial of his loss in front of strangers that he showed until recently: he told the Judge that he had no child, like he would be telling any other person who came his way in the following seasons.

    About Van Pelt, I assumed they took somebody else in the meantime: Lisbon got a look at her file, that doesn’t mean the redhead was the first one she gave the job to. Given how Jane acts usually, I guess it’s plausible that they may have had to let go of one or two other less resistant team members in the meantime…

    Again, congratulations on a job well done, Reviewbrain!

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