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Rich divorce attorney Alton Creek demands CBI’s help when he receives death threats. Apparently, he’d heard of the Serious Crimes unit from one of his friends, Summer (Samaire Armstrong) a working girl who was recently recruited by Agent Cho (Kang) as a confidential informant (Pink Tops). The case becomes a homicide when Creek’s speedboat explodes, killing him at Gold Harbor Yacht Club in San Francisco where Senior Agent Lisbon (Tunney) and Consultant Patrick Jane (Baker) were meeting him. While the Serious Crimes unit tries to solve the case, FBI Agent Susan Darcy (Catherine Dent) requires Jane’s help on another matter: the death of investigative crime reporter James Panzer (Blinking Red Light).

Concise Verdict

Clarity thy name is Ashley Gable. Enough said. 9.5/10

Detailed (AKA humongous) review (spoilers galore)

There was a very lively discussion via comments on the Blinking Red Light Review on what Jane’s purpose was in going on Karen Cross’s show with Panzer. That is, if he hoped to get Panzer to confess on screen or if he had known he’d set him up to get killed by Red John. More discussion was on whether Jane felt compelled to use RJ or if he had been glad to do so to bring RJ back into the open so can start overtly hunting him again. The latter possibility had left me equally broken hearted and frustrated as I felt it nullified Jane’s character development and clashed with the clues we were given that he had wanted to move on from his revenge. Thankfully, Always Bet on Red addresses these musings in a way that reassured me where Jane’s intentions are concerned, if not his actions.

As a bonus, we also got much needed screen time for Agent Cho much via his new CI in the B plot.

B-plot: Cho and Summer

Kang and Armstrong were great together and depicted their characters burgeoning friendship and attraction in a very natural manner. Summer’s interest in Cho is just as prevalent as ever. She sells him information not just for money, but in exchange for dinner as well. Cho manages to talk her down from a nice restaurant to a pizza; no mushrooms. It’s very cute seeing the unflappable Cho being persuaded by the tiny bleached blonde. He obviously likes her and she seems to be helping him ease up on his hard-edged demeanor even around others. We’ve gotten more facial expressions from Cho in this episode than possibly all last season combined. And while Kang’s deadpan is an iconic and beloved aspect of his character, it’s nice to see his character let loose a bit.

On another note, we’ve also gotten more continuity that Cho’s back is still hurting him via his continuous pill-popping and Summer’s concern. More and more I’m starting to think that the writers will definitely be going somewhere with this storyline. Perhaps an addiction to painkillers?

VIS #1: FBI Agent Susan Darcy questions Jane/ Jane and Lisbon talk about Red John

Darcy shows up in Lisbon’s office to tell Jane that she had taken over the Panzer case since the San Francisco PD had gotten nowhere with it.

-Panzer’s case being previously handled by the SF PD was a clever move by the writers. It justifies the lack of follow up on the case (until now) in a very realistic and believable manner.

When Darcy asks to speak to Jane about the case Lisbon starts declining, citing work, but Jane asks Darcy to sit down in Lisbon’s office and goes to make tea.

– Jane treating Lisbon’s office as his, and Lisbon letting him isn’t just a sign of how comfortable these two are around each other now. It was his way of telling Lisbon that he wants her to be there during his questioning. By having his boss listen in, Jane is tacitly showing Darcy that he has nothing to hide and neither does Lisbon.

Jane asks Darcy what it matters who killed Panzer, since he was the SJK. Susan tells him that there is no proof. When Lisbon backs up Jane’s suspicions Darcy points out that even if it that were true Panzer’s killer still needs to be apprehended. At Jane’s why Darcy states: “Because killing someone without government permission is wrong.” Lisbon interjects to ask Darcy what she wanted to ask.

-I suspect Lisbon’s intervention here was to keep Jane’s blatant disregard of the law from placing him under suspicion; and/or from putting herself in an awkward position from any questions which might arise regarding how she’s able to work with such a loose canon (i.e. Bosco’s concerns that Jane hurts Lisbon’s career…among other things). Thankfully, Darcy’s train of thought doesn’t seem to have gone there. But it’s nonetheless dangerous:

“Are you sure the man you killed was Red John?”

Awkward! Lisbon buries her face into her mug while Jane states “Yes I’m sure.” Darcy’s body language doesn’t exactly suggest that she believes Jane but she goes along and says then they are dealing with a copycat. She asks Jane if he can think of anyone who would want to do this.  Jane forgoes the obvious conclusion that the killer was an RJ fan and puts the motive as being Panzer himself; that the killer is “Someone who would want to avenge Panzer’s crimes, I’d imagine.”

I found Jane’s statement very interesting. Why would he make such a far-fetched conclusion and leave the more believable and perhaps even real one that Panzer was done in by one of RJ’s own? It’s not like RJ hadn’t had people kill for him before.

Susan Darcy seems to be just as confused. First she shrewdly points out:  “Well who else thought that he was the SJ killer, aside from you?” Jane tells her whoever did is the killer. Darcy then states:  “But surely the motive is to avenge the insult to Red John, right. I mean look at the cutting patterns. Clearly our suspect is someone who studied Red John obsessively.” Jane chalks it up to being a killer who liked RJ’s style enough to want to copy him.

-Okay…so Jane’s (fake) theory is that Panzer’s killer is someone who wanted revenge on Panzer for all the girls he killed, who also liked RJ enough to copy his style, but not enough to want to avenge the insult to him? As Lisbon would say, that’s a stretch even for Jane.

Darcy doesn’t seem entirely convinced either. She gives Jane her card and tells him to call if he thinks of anything else.

As to Lisbon, she seemed displeased with Jane’s lies. Once Susan leaves, she confronts him. And for once, it’s on screen!

Note: There was blessedly little to analyze here. Their discussion is very straightforward and I’m taking it as fact, word for word..

Lisbon: “Don’t you think it’s time to tell the truth about Red John?”

Jane: “The truth is I killed Red John. You can ask anyone. It was on the news Lisbon.”

-I love this: apparent “reality” versus hidden truth.

Lisbon: “But you think he’s alive.”

Jane: “I told you that. You Lisbon, nobody else. And it’s better that way.”

-What a loaded line. It implies trust, expectations, and intimacy. Should Lisbon tell anyone of Jane’s suspicions, I have no doubt he’d treat it as an abject betrayal. But Jane is probably assured on that point; he’d told Lisbon he’d kill Red John then flat out lied to Hightower that he was over his revenge (Red Moon) in front of Lisbon, knowing that she wouldn’t oust him.

Lisbon: “Then why make him re-emerge? You manipulated Panzer into insulting Red John so that Red John would kill him.”

-Thank you Ms. Gable for making Lisbon ask the very question that has been haunting me since Blinking Red Light. Lisbon’s question conveys her concern that Jane isn’t over his revenge; that she considered the possibility that Jane intentionally brought out RJ to openly hunt him again.

Jane: I didn’t know how else to stop Panzer. He would have just kept on killing.

So Jane’s motives were altruistic? He didn’t want to restart the game with Red John?! Really?!! REALLY?!!

What a relief!!!

I believe that Jane was being honest here. That he genuinely thought that this was the only way Panzer would have been stopped.  I don’t agree with him though. Panzer could have been watched, tailed, traced until he was caught in the act of trying to commit another murder. That’s not unheard of. I think it’s what Lisbon calls solid police work.

Now it’s not clear (at this moment) whether Lisbon believed Jane’s statement or not (we are given a hint in a later scene though). She doesn’t give an opinion probably as there are more pressing matters to discuss..

Lisbon: “Now you’ve got the FBI asking awkward sorts of questions. You’ve kept this from the team, it’s not good.”

Jane: “Well, it’s lucky they don’t know. Cause if they did then they’d have to lie to the FBI wouldn’t they. In this way they can tell what they think is the truth.”

Lisbon: Do you know how messed up that sounds? What is wrong with the simple truth, telling people that he’s alive?

Jane: “I told a jury that I shot him dead. Where does that leave me?”

-I’m not sure if this concern is valid. Jane was acquitted of killing Carter, not Red John. But seeing as Jane’s defense was that he killed Carter in self defense; that Carter was RJ…. I guess if it turns out that RJ is still alive then zealous ADA Ardiles could accuse Jane of perjury, of lying that Carter was RJ to free himself. If any lawyers are reading this please feel free to comment.

There was just one question I wished Lisbon could have asked Jane:

Why not let think Darcy think Panzer’s killer was an RJ fan/copycat? It’s more feasible and closer to the truth.  Why did Jane insist on the fact that Panzer was killed by someone who knew he was the killer, despite the probability that no such person existed? At this point in the episode Jane had no way of knowing that Tom Maier, the father of Panzer’s first victim would kill himself and thus provide a convenient scapegoat for Jane (that Jane would blame him for Panzer’s death).

In searching for the answer I recalled what commenter Zee said on the Red Shirt review in relation to Jane’s views on being remembered after death.

Maybe, Jane considered being remembered after death as “childish vanity” was probably because if the real Red John’s died, people will still remember him.

I suppose the same principle could apply here. Jane doesn’t like the idea that RJ has followers, people willing to work for him probably even after his death. So he adamantly brushes away the possibility that Panzer was killed out of revenge despite it being convenient to him

Note: Convenient, because should RJ kill again Jane can chalk it up to being the work of a copycat and keep people from thinking that he killed the wrong man.

There are other possibilities as well…I listed all the ones I could think of in the following poll. Please choose the one you think most likely…

If the last possibility is true, then Jane’s attempts didn’t work because RJ later does become interested in the case. He sends Jane a video showing someone stalking Darcy…

VIS#2 Jane warns Darcy in her Hotel Room.

Jane shows Darcy the video and tells her that Panzer’s killer has taken an interest in her. He adds that she’s in danger and should drop the case. Susan tells Jane the video just makes her more determined to find the killer. She thanks him for trying to save her and politely kicks him out of her hotel room.

-Seeing Darcy shut the door in Jane’s face, it occurred to me that Jane may not realize how suspicious he might seem. First he tells Darcy that finding Panzers killer isn’t important as Panzer himself was a killer. Then he tries to set Susan on a wild goose chase looking for who else might have known Panzer was guilty; other than Jane that is. Then he shows her a video of someone stalking her and asks her to drop the case, warning her that it’s dangerous. If I was Darcy, Jane would be my number one suspect at this point. Like she said, either Panzer’s killer is Red John, or someone who studied Red John obsessively (i.e. Jane). Since Jane testified that he killed Red John, it wouldn’t be strange for Darcy to think that he’d once again gone vigilante on another serial killer. By the end of the episode Darcy’s suspicions towards Jane (if she had any) were probably laid to rest. But more on that later…

VIS #3: Lisbon/Jane discuss RJ’s threat to Darcy-attic scene

Remember how I stated that it wasn’t clear if Lisbon believed Jane when he said he only manipulated RJ to stop Panzer, thus implying that he hadn’t wanted to restart the game with RJ? We get a hint here that maybe Lisbon didn’t believe him…

When Lisbon asks Jane if he’s crazy for not telling Darcy that RJ is stalking her, Jane defends himself saying that she would have just pursued him more earnestly if she knew. Lisbon then demands:

“Is this about helping Darcy or keeping Red John to yourself?

Lisbon’s statement shows she doesn’t believe Jane’s motives are entirely selfless.

Jane is outraged at the implication: “This is not about me of course I’m worried about her!”

-Jane, I love you to bits, but you can’t really blame Lisbon her suspicions. I suspect this is her “not %100 percent” trust of Jane at work here.

Lisbon and Jane agree that Red John’s text “She is cute. This is going to be fun” was a message meant for Jane. She adds “Red John is trying to form a closer relationship” with Jane. Jane is quick to deny “There’s no relationship” to which Lisbon points out: “What if RJ took murdering Panzer as some kind of invitation? You manipulated a serial killer there’s gonna be consequences”.  Jane is defensive: “I didn’t have a choice. I had to stop Panzer.”

-I’m glad Lisbon has thought enough about the situation to point out to Jane (albeit indirectly) that he’d gone from hunting Red John to working with him. As to Jane’s repeated statement that he didn’t have a choice…again, I’m sure in his mind, at the time, Jane thought he didn’t. But then, Jane isn’t good at thinking though the consequences of his actions, this isn’t anything new. That’s where Lisbon’s “moderating influence” is needed. Unfortunately Jane’s split second decision when he set up Panzer during the interview left no room for discussion, for thought. But the situation now is different. Lisbon is discussing the matter with him but Jane won’t listen to her.

Note: I can’t help but wonder if seeing how doggedly Susan Darcy is chasing Panzer’s killer, Jane might now think that, with his help, Susan might have been able to catch Panzer before he killed again…that him taking the law into his own hands might not have been necessary.

Jane tells Lisbon that he’ll try to get Darcy off the Panzer case before RJ hurts her. As it turns out, he is given a very convenient opportunity to do so when Tom Maier (father of Panzer’s first victim) kills himself. Jane fabricates evidence and a suicide note to set up Tom as having killed Panzer as revenge for his daughter. Case closed.

VIS #4: Tom Maier’s funeral

Terry, Tom’s wife tells the funeral attendees that the FBI found a suicide note written by her husband.

-I loved Jane and Lisbon’s body language here as Terry spoke.  Lisbon’s has a resigned slightly sour look on her face, arms crossed while Jane holds his hands clasped in front of him in an almost repentant gesture. Meanwhile, their eyes continuously drift towards each other’s general vicinity, without ever landing; always pulling away just in time. That is, until Terry breaks down, unable to continue reading Tom (fake) note confessing that he killed his daughter’s killer. She asks Jane to finish reading it for her:

Jane: “Killing the man who murdered our daughter is the best thing I will ever do.”

Here, Lisbon finally looks at Jane. Similarly, his eyes rest on where she is standing when he says the following words: “I hope you will forgive me”.

This show needs a disclaimer. Baker, Tunney, Heller and company are bound to break something if they keep tugging on my heartstrings like this… ;_;

Jane and Lisbon catch up with Darcy at the funeral. She tells them that the case was a slam dunk. They found the evidence Jane fabricated; Tom Maier’s fingerprints on the murder weapon, Panzer’s blood on one of Maier’s shirts hidden with the murder weapon in a bag. But Darcy wonders why he was stalking her “Why the video?”  Jane answers “Hunting monsters changes you.” When Susan asks if this applies to him as well, Jane concurs.

-Susan’s question to Jane, if hunting monsters changed him, may or may not convey that she suspects (or suspected) Jane of killing Panzer (that is, again, if she ever did). Until now, there is nothing to suggest she ever did. But it might be something the writers are working towards..

As they leave, Lisbon tells Jane that he has changed Jane and the subtext implies that it hasn’t been for the better.

-This statement really vindicated me. I’ve been saying all along that I miss season one’s Jane and a lot of people have told me that he’s better now that he used to be. I agree on some levels, but not all. Yes, Jane is now closer to Lisbon, he’s more open. But he’s more ruthless than he ever was and not as compassionate. Although we’ve gotten glimpses of season one Jane this year, but it seems like one step forward, two steps back. The guy just can’t catch a break and is being bombarded with angst and drama, most, sadly, of his own creation.

Jane doesn’t respond to Lisbon’s contention that he’s changed. Instead, he tells her: “Darcy is off the case Lisbon, she’s safe.”

-Seriously, does Jane honestly think it is that simple? I’m going to draw from the episode’s title to explain Jane’s reasoning here. I think Jane is betting on the message RJ sent him via Timothy Carter (Strawberries and Cream):  that RJ truly had wanted to retire; that he was sick of killing and wanted to move on. But then RJ got Jane’s inadvertent message that he wants to “play” again when Jane manipulated Panzer into angering Red John. Jane tried to diffuse RJ’s excitement (as depicted by him killing Panzer, plus the movie and message he sent to Jane) by using Maier as a scapegoat for Panzer’s murder. Perhaps Red John will take Jane’s fabrication as a message that Jane got cold feet, that he doesn’t want RJ to re-emerge. Jane’s fear and the pains he took to keep the truth of RJ’s existence secret might stroke RJ’s ego enough to make him let things be. After all, as far as RJ knows, only he and Jane know RJ is still alive. After Red John avenged the slight Panzer made on his character, he might give up on Darcy and take the opportunity Jane presented him to keep RJ dead to the world; to move on with his new life.

At least, I think that’s what Jane hopes will happen.

Lisbon however, has another concern:

“What about you? How is Red John going to feel when he finds out you spoiled his fun with Agent Darcy?”

-I doubt Jane is concerned RJ will ever kill him. He had the opportunity before but didn’t. He’s too obsessed with him to kill him. My concern is how both Jane and Lisbon are taking it for granted that RJ will just let Darcy be now… and that Lisbon is taking Jane’s statement that Darcy is safe for granted as well and is more concerned with what RJ might do to Jane. It’s great that she cares about him, but never to the point where she just takes his statements as facts. He’s been wrong before and Lisbon needs to remember that if she’s to keep them both from getting into trouble due to his schemes.

Best Lines

“At least he was dead, you know, when the shark ate him.”-Lisbon. Tunney’s reading of this line, plus Cho and Grace’s reaction to her statement was so funny.

“You’re stranded on an island with Attila the Hun, Joseph Stalin and a lawyer. You got two bullets What do you do?” –Rigsby, attempting to tell Cho a lawyer joke.

“No.”-Cho’s response to Rigsby’s above attempt. Kang rocks.

“Panzer. The gift that keeps on giving.”-Lisbon’s, referring to the newest thorn in her and Jane’s sides.

“No in house dating Larry, rules.” Colette-often, guest characters make significant statements which reflect the main characters as well. This might be one of them.

“Jane. Is there something you want to tell me?”-Lisbon, when Jane has Terry Maier show up at CBI.

“Deniability Lisbon, deniability. Your best friend.” –Jane, in response to the above. For once, I agree. If Jane isn’t going to take Lisbon’s advice, then she’s better off not knowing anything about his schemes.

“I got a lot to do so have a nice day.”-Jane, to Lisbon. Aw!

“I’m not a hooker, bitch!” –Summer to Colette. Armstrong’s reading of this line was funny.

Honorable Mentions

Ashley Gable delivered a strong script in which every word was obviously carefully measured. I doubt it was easy giving so much information in a single episode.

Catherine Dent performance as Susan Darcy. It was hard guessing what the FBI Agent was thinking and I’m still not sure I know.

Simon Baker and Robin Tunney

Tim Kang and Samaire Armstrong: I liked their chemistry in this episode.

Icings on the Cake

-Thank you Simon Baker for running away, for running far far away when the bomb exploded at the beginning of the episode. It’s nice to see that some things never change. Jane’s life preservation instinct (oh the irony) is one of my favorite aspects of his character. UPDATE:  @Chiziruchibi seems to agree as to its importance 🙂

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain January, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

More Icings on the cake

-I liked how Grace was the one who saw the video and message RJ sent to Jane. First, her presence in the office is a reminder that she’s got her own angst to deal with and is burying it in her work. Second, I wonder if perhaps she will be able to figure out that the video was sent by RJ. It’s an exciting idea. Jane could contend that Maier, fearful of being exposed by Darcy tried to scare her off the case, then decided to just kill himself. But it is still a loose end and I’m interested in how it will be explained.

Pet Peeves

We never got an explanation on how Collette the lawyer knew how to make a bomb. It’s not exactly something she’d learn at her job is it?

There was something weird with the background behind Jane when he was talking to Darcy in her motel room. Almost as if it the skyline wasn’t real. I have no idea what that was..


I find myself strangely at peace with this episode, despite my entire being protesting over both Jane and Lisbon’s actions. I think it’s because Jane’s motives have finally been explained. He’s not prolonging the game, he doesn’t want to overtly seek Red John. His intentions had been pure however misguided. It’s nice to be clarified as to the former. Continuity on the latter (i.e. Jane’s idiocy) is a nice bonus.

Jane’s statement that he had to use RJ to stop Panzer also suggests that Jane’s previous placing of a flower in the ocean , plus all the other clues we got that he wanted to move on could have been genuine. Jane had wanted to move on. The question is does he still want to? I guess the letter Jane wrote as Tom Maier and the meaningful glances to Lisbon were meant to show that no, he isn’t yet over his revenge, perhaps in spite of himself.

But where does that leave Lisbon?

Now this may or may not have anything to do with the Jane/Lisbon relationship, but I found the Colette the perp’s words, her screaming about how long she waited for the victim, that he had promised to marry her equally stirring and depressing:

“I’ve waited for him for years. I put my career on hold to be with him. I wanted a family and now it is too late. He took away my life!”

The above spiel reminded me of Jane’s speech to Dublin’s secretary (Red Sky at Night): “unrequited love is a terrible thing, you need to find someone who will love you back. You deserve it” and again made me wonder if this is why Jane was pushing Lisbon to go out with Mashburn (Red Hot). Perhaps he worried that Lisbon would waste away her years waiting for him? Not that I think she is, mind you, but Jane probably cares enough about her for it to be a concern for him.

The possibility also made me think that despite how many viewers may be rooting for a Jane/Lisbon romance it may not be the best thing for the characters. We have Jane’s indirect contention that killing the man who killed his family will be the best thing he ever does; and the subtext that that is the only thing that will ever make him happy. But more and more I’m starting to wonder about what makes Lisbon happy. Jane’s friendship seems to have become ever more important to her and that’s nice to see. I’ve always stated that her detachment stood in the way of real intimacy with Jane and her other co-workers (Bloodstream, Every Rose Has its Thorn). Thankfully this issue has been addressed and her character has been wonderfully developed.

But now I’m starting to wonder if it might have been better for her to remain detached.

Lisbon went along with Jane despite not knowing what he was up to. I got the distinct sense that she only truly realized what he’d done (fabricated evidence) at Tom’s funeral; hence her unhappy expression. But then, listening to Jane/Tom’s statement that killing his daughter’s killer brought him peace can only make her more lenient, more understanding, and I honestly can’t blame her.

Basically, Lisbon is in a lose-lose situation. She’s got a co-worker who is also a friend who blames himself for his family’s death. It seems that he can’t live without revenge (at least that’s what he believes) and I fear Lisbon has gotten too close to Jane to be able to stop him. His recent brush with death can only make her more vulnerable to his affections (Fugue in Red). She’s just had another grieving father commit suicide (Tom Maier). I suspect this is something Lisbon subconsciously worries about. Her own father killed himself years after her mother died (presumably out of grief) and she knows Jane once spent time in a mental institution (presumably because he was suicidal)

Can she really stand up to Jane when he needs her to? I truly hope so but I fear she thinks her hands are tied. We see her disapprove of Jane’s actions , and I realize that she wouldn’t want to undercut his innocence. She would also definitely not want to betray Jane’s confidence. But I don’t understand what is keeping Lisbon from disclosing to Darcy that she suspects RJ is still alive. It’s a logical enough conclusion that any reasonable person might come to. After all, it was the first thing Darcy suspected. And Lisbon is her own person, why can’t she agree with Darcy regardless of what she knows? Especially since no one (besides Minelli) ever took her opinions more seriously than they did Jane’s (sad but true).

Disagreeing with Jane may or may not hurt him, but Lisbon’s silence here is bound to come back and haunt her should anything happen to Darcy. Jane attempted to protect Lisbon (i.e. keeping her in her office during Darcy’s questioning to show her innocence. Conversely, trying to get her to leave when he used her office to question Terry Maier; not wanting Lisbon involved in his scheme to fabricate evidence, telling her that deniability was her best friend) but when the truth comes out, her complicity in the cover up will undoubtedly emerge.

I just want to end the review with the priest’s final words before the body was buried, which I found very telling considering all the laws Jane broke, and his and Lisbon’s shared secrets and collusion…

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me so love, and where there is darkness, light. Amen.”

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57 responses to “Mentalist Always Bet on Red Review

  • windsparrow

    Maier’s suicide was simply too convenient. I worry that Red John had him killed, made it look like suicide. If that is what happened, then Jane and RJ’s “working relationship” is becoming ever more entangled. There is a certain irony in that, as it appears to happen at the same time as his real working relationship with Lisbon is becoming more and more intimate, honest, and synchronized.

    There must be something specific about the plot of this episode (most likely Jane and RJ working in tandem) that will be essential to the rest of the season. Otherwise it would have made so much more sense for Jane to tell Darcy that they have reason to believe that Red John has or at least had a circle of followers ready to do his bidding (as witness her own colleague at the FBI, O’Laughlin, etc.) and that some of them may still be out there, ready to carry on RJ’s legacy. Then no convoluted explanation about a family member of one of Panser’s victims who coincidentally also studied Red John’s methods would be necessary. And then if it does become obvious to Darcy and/or other investigators that Tim Carter was not RJ, well, Jane’s mistake can be excused on the premise that “Red John is many”.

    As for Lisbon waiting for Jane, and putting her life on hold on the off-chance he might one day feel free from his revenge quest so that he can be with her – I don’t really feel that is what she is doing. Jane may worry that she is, but I don’t think she’s the kind of person to do that (at least not consciously). Or, if she is, then it is more because she is using whatever feelings she has for him as an excuse – she has some deeper internal reason for not being ready or willing to wholeheartedly pursue a real relationship elsewhere (likely to do with fears of replicating her dysfunctional family of origin) that she is not willing to overtly admit and work through.

  • lyn42

    Once again my comments are written with no reference to any other opinions, in fact I’m not going to read the above until later because I have to go and watch the Guardian. So here are my views :-

    My reaction to this episode after 2 viewings is a little worrying. I find that I’m very tense and I’m not sure why, you would have thought that the tension would have worn off after the first , I mean I knew what was coming………….. but I’m still wound like a coil typing this………..watching a man hunting a monster changes you! Is it because it’s now more than ever apparent that Jane has painted himself into a corner that he can’t get out of and RJ has him just where he wants him, he has Jane to himself………. he knows that Jane simply can’t reveal that RJ lives and will do anything to keep it that way ?Or is it that Jane has sunk so far morally that I am thinking there is little worse he could do …….what else is there when you have lied to a jury to get off a murder charge and framed a dead man for murder?

    Once again I found it difficult to embrace the case of the week ( I don’t care about that though) but there were some nice touches which came through in the investigation. First with Cho and Summer’s interaction. Cho is still popping the pills and is obviously aware that he has a problem judging by the way he reacted when Summer asked about his back, with a very short ‘fine’. And I thought it was cute that Cho seemed a teensy bit jealous after she snared the sleaze at the club, asking her what she had whispered to him. Nice to have Summer back as long as it’s kept in proportion.
    I also liked vanPelt’s cynical mood……… she really does have a downer on men and who can blame her, ‘Don’t be naive, men lie and kill’. looks like the build up to next weeks epi. with her hanging around the office after dark too. It’s nice that they have bothered to take the time to build this story.

    So, to Jane and his problems……….
    First of all he looks none the worse for the events of last week infact better than he’s looked in ages………. perhaps a new clarity about his mission has relaxed him. I could only spot a couple of possible references to the amnesia, first when he hesitated over when he had last met Darcy ( or maybe he wanted to avoid talking about Panzer) and again when Lisbon asked him if he remembered Tom Maier ( as if Jane forgets anything). It was interesting that Lisbon appeared to want to protect him from Darcy’s questioning when she arrived ( and again later ) whereas Jane seems happy to talk to her, of course his immediate offer to make tea could indicate his anxiety,and he covered well until he became flustered when he couldn’t deflect her attention away from RJ and the fact that she had realised that the real motive for Panzers death was not revenge for the murders he had committed but something related to Red John.

    I liked the following scene where Jane & Lisbon have a conversation which confirms exactly what the RJ situation is as far as Jane, Lisbon and the team are concerned. Jane and Lisbon are alone in being the only people who know Jane’s situation, what he did, his motives and that he feels he has no way out. ‘ I told a jury that I shot him dead. Where does that leave me?’ …….he cannot and will not tell the truth ! Lisbon keeps on trying to persuade Jane come clean, but realizes she is knocking on a closed door…………. I wonder if she will ever think it’s better to tell the truth for him or if she fears the consequences of that would be even worse. Perhaps she feels that she has protected him ( or colluded with him ) to the point where she herself would be in big trouble. Perhaps she fears what Patrick will do if she betrays him, is he so desperate that he will do something even more dangerous. Either way she just backs down again, hoping she can keep things under control by being at his side.

    The video and text………. once again we have it confirmed that someone had access to the CBI server, as Jane says and vanPelt confirms ‘that’s not supposed to be possible’. So we know there is still someone on the inside.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jane move so fast as when he saw that it was RJ goading him in that text! He will leap into action when he believes someone is in real danger ( and it was RJ ).

    Next comes another great scene with Jane and Lisbon in his perch ( nice to be back home Patrick? ) Of course Lisbon is right to think that Jane wants to keep RJ to himself……. he over reacted far too much when she challenged him on this. This was a great scene. We rarely see Jane raise his voice to Lisbon , she had him rattled and he soon looked both guilty and confused about his own motives in not telling the truth about his reasons for keeping RJ his own and seemed distressed at the suggestion that he was not rushing to save Darcy, perhaps he doesn’t even realize this is how Lisbon sees him. Both he and I are ambivalent about this I think…………. I’m sure a part of him is trying to protect those around him, but which is more important to him in the ultimate showdown RJ or an innocent friend? I don’t think even Jane is sure. I have never seen Lisbon look more desperate than when she told him ‘ you manipulated a serial killer etc…….’, except last week of course, when she thought he might die, but we can’t count that.

    When Lisbon gives Jane the news about Maier’s suicide ( how convenient)I couldn’t help thinking that our Patrick had once come close to taking his own life and I think maybe he thought this about this too, he did look very shaken but it didn’t take long for him to seize the opportunity to get rid of the Panzer case and thus RJ’s reason for stalking Darcy. But was he worried that this would be at the expense of further antagonizing RJ as Lisbon points out later? Did he even think about it?
    Jane’s plan was well worked out although I would have thought the someone would have looked for a suicide note even if Maier’s wife hadn’t, but at least they did explain it. What Jane did was terrible but at least after he had used Maier’s body as a means to his end he showed us some indication of his guilty feelings as he lingered before leaving the morgue. I have read a comment that Jane feels that when you’re dead you’re dead , so I think he felt that at least indirectly Tom Maier was helping from behind the grave. And I’m not sure that using the wife’s grief as a vehicule for expressing his own feelings was morally acceptable either, but it seemed to comfort her and as long as she never knows the truth then maybe we can forgive it.

    All the while he was planning and executing this little plot ,worrying over his own problems and letting Lisbon et al think he is not on the case, of course Patrick has it all worked out……….. BRAVO Patrick!
    $127.68 equals one dozen red roses! Case closed!
    THAT’s the joy of The Mentalist!

    In spite of my misgivings about the morallity of using Maier’s wife it was brilliant to have Jane write the letter and to have him read out the last part himself.
    Firstly it made Maier’s wife feel a little better about her husband’s sad suicide, turning him from a victim to a hero and giving her something to hold on to.
    Secondly that letter was in some way Jane speaking to Angela ,to himself, to Lisbon and to the audience and wasn’t it beautifully read by Simon.
    I loved the exchanged looks between Jane, Darcy and Lisbon at the end and am left feeling that Darcy isn’t convinced. I think she knows something’s not quite right but isn’t quite sure how to approach it and I’m sure Jane knows this too. She’s just biding her time! I know Lisbon knows that he fitted up Maier for Panzer’s murder, whether he told her or not ……….. no of course he didn’t, but he can’t think she didn’t wonder what he was doing with the evidence in San Francisco ……’ I know, DENIABILITY!’…….. I wonder if she thinks Darcy suspects anything?
    So definitely some more to come from Susan Darcy!

    A great episode with some wonderfully acted exchanges between Jane and Lisbon , it would seem that their relationship is pretty much the same. Jane even more determined that he has to do what he has to do by what ever means and Lisbon carefully staying by his side trying to persuade him but really knowing all she can do for now is to pick up the pieces and keep an eye on him.

    The most important line of this episode……. ‘ Killing the man who killed our daughter is the best thing I will ever do’. ………….and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Lisbon. She can be under no illusions now but she and I must wonder what does that leave him after he has done ‘ the best thing I will ever do’ ?

    Really did enjoy it though, well written Ashley Gable !

  • reviewbrain

    I’m going to agree that having Jane make up a bereaved family member who studied and then killed Panzer was a plot device. After all, it’s how he later got himself off the hook. Following that train of thought, I’m also going to surmise that Maeir’s suicide was another such plot device.

    As to Lisbon, I don’t think she’s holding out for Jane. She seems content to be married to her job and I suspect always will be as, like you pointed out, she’s got her own issues which keep her from getting involved with anyone. But it does seem like something that someone as arrogant (and caring) as Jane might worry about.

  • All-I-need

    Ah, I`ve missed those reviews just as much as the show itself!

    I agree that this episode was brilliant, but I must say that I love it – everything about it, and I am absolutely happy with the way things went.

    I love the balance Jane and Lisbon established in this episode, the perfect balance between “deniability” and “need to know” and “complete trust aka full disclosure”.

    You mentioned in your review that Lisbon`s silence might be questioned later, that people might wonder why she didn`t tell Darcy she suspected Red John was still alive. You forgot that no one actually knows that Jane told Lisbon. No one even knows HE thinks so, let alone shared this truth with her. Therefore, no one would wonder why she didn`t suspect anything – when it comes to Red John, Jane is the leading expert, sad as it is.

    Also, Lisbon did help Jane, trusting him to make sure Darcy is safe. I bet it cost her a lot to take Jane to San Francisco so he could meet her former partner (all the things he could have weasled out of that guy!). Actually, I`d have loved that scene to be longer.

    I think Agent Darcy was, and still is, VERY suspicious of Jane. Even in their first conversation, all her questions could be answered in a way that would make Jane stick out like an apple in a bunch of bananas. Someone who knows Red John`s methods of cutting: Jane. Someone who knew Panzer was the killer: Jane. Someone who had an interest in getting Panzer off the street: Jane.

    There was just something in her voice, on her face, when she talked to him, that makes me think Darcy is still very suspicious of him. Isn´t it interesting that they haven`t had a solid lead in all the time since the murder, and then she goes to ask Jane about it and all of a sudden everything just seems to fall into place? At least that`s what Darcy probably thought.

    I do agree with you, though, that Jane was very honest in his talk with Lisbon. He really does fear for Darcy and this was never about luring RJ back into the open. (and by the way: Told you so! 😉 I was always sure Jane didn`t see any other way to get Panzer to stop. Surveilance isn´t infallible, Jane couldn`t risk him getting away and killing again)

    There are two things I found interesting:
    1. Darcy`s hotel room. When I saw the video, I first thought this was outside JANE`S hotel. In fact, it pretty much looked like it. Maybe I`m mistaken, but I thought how strange it was that Darcy would move into the same hotel he`s occupying. On the other hand, I don`t know a thing about that kind of hotel in the US, so it could just be that they really are that similar.

    2. (and I am very surprised you didn´t mention this): The car speeding away at the funeral. To me, it looked a lot like this:
    Lisbon: “How do you think Red John is going to feel now that you spoiled his fun with Darcy?”
    Car speeds away, motor roaring. Jane watches it disappear.
    The look on his face screams at me: “Red John already knowns and he doesn`t like it one bit.”

    Obviously, it could be a coincidence, but honestly, how many coincidences have there EVER been when it comes to this show? Exactly. None.

    It also reminded me a lot of that random biker in the CBI parking lot while Jane helped Hightower escape. We still don´t know what or who that was, but it does seem suspicious to me.

    I really appreciated the irony that Jane, of all people, was asked to read the letter and then the first thing he had to read was THAT sentence. Karma is a bitch 😉 Considering that he not only SAID that sentence, but also thought it and wrote it down, says a lot. As does asking for forgiveness – aimed at Lisbon. Well done.

    Oh, and I disagree on your interpretation of Lisbon`s “It did change you” comment. You wrote it sounded a lot like she meant “not for the better” but I disagree. Considering that last episode he completely lost his memory and we saw how he could have been, she probably actually meant that it did change him for the better, but was hesitant about actually voicing it, because she might as well say “The death of your family made you a better man” and that`s really not something you`d say to someone like Jane, even if he`s your friend, and especially not while walking away from a funeral and after a case like this.

    Apart from that, Cho and Summer were great – I really like those two. Summer is exactly the kind of trouble Cho needs (though he might think otherwise).

    One funny quote you forgot to mention:
    “So much for professional courtesy…” ~ Jane, after the lawyer got eaten by a shark. BWAHAHA!

    Thank you SO MUCH for this review, it was enlighting, as always, and I really did miss reading them =) Oh, and happy new year and all that, too.

  • windsparrow

    There is also the aspect of Lisbon’s relationship with Jane that meets a certain amount of her social and emotional needs. If she were not as close to Jane as she is, she might be more motivated to put herself out there to meet people. And that is a legitimate concern that Jane would see very clearly. There may come a day when Lisbon examines her life and realizes being married to her job and having such a fulfilling work-spouse relationship with Jane made her blind to the broader range of her need for intimacy. She does not seem the type to blame anyone other than herself – but I can also see Jane as caring enough about her that he is more concerned about her future self-reproach than he is about any resentment she might have toward him.

  • jeter02

    Your first poll question missed the obvious answer as one of the options: The plot was written for Jane to set up Maier to look like Panzer’s killer. Therefore, he gave a reason to Darcy to set up that framework. The problem was that it was a pretty crappy reason before Maier died, but a pretty good one after Maier died. The writing could have been better on this one – the episode should have been written for Jane to give his theory after Maier had died, then the motivation for the lame explanation would have been established and it wouldn’t have been so lame.

  • reviewbrain

    I left that answer out intentiontionally because, as I stated, there was no way Jane could have known Maier would kill himself and therefore could not have set him up beforehand. What I did miss was the fact that Jane’s answer was a plot device on part of the writers. I attribut that to Darcy and Jane’s cleverly written rhetoric. Even if it was just a plot device, that fact was well hidden by making it look like Jane had a reason to not want suspicion fall on one of RJ’s men, how much he defended his own theory. The writing made it look like there was another possible reason, even if that reason was only Jane panicking and therefore not wanting anything remotely RJ related to be connected to the case.

    As to the timing of the questioning, if Darcy had questioned Jane after Maier killed himself, and he thenhe told her his (fake)theory that Maier killed Panzer, I think that would have made Jane look very even more suspicious than he already does. I would have then had to rant about Darcy not figuring him out 🙂 Its not perfect, but I honestly think this was the best possible version of this episode and I applaud Gable on it.

  • reviewbrain

    Sounds very reasonable 🙂
    It does make me wonder though if Lisbon ever dated in the early years when Jane was working with them. We’ve only seen 3 1/2 of their seven years together. They weren’t always this close, we’ve got a major difference between their relationship now and in the pilot, for example. It could be that younger Lisbon was too closed off to form any relationships. Now (perhaps thanks to Jane) she’s opened up more but as you stated is too content with her work relationships to realize she could have more..

  • reviewbrain

    And I’ve missed your comments 🙂

    Thanks for pointing out the shark joke, I’ll admit that went completely over my head.
    As to Lisbon’s “it has changed you” here, they were discussing “chasing monsters” i.e. Red John not the death of Jane’s family. Revenge here is what Lisbon is talking about so it and it’s not the first time she has tried to tell Jane that it was a bad thing.
    Also, her tone wasn’t that of trying to comfort Jane, especially if you contrast it with her tone in Pretty Red Balloon where there is no doubt that she was trying to make him feel better.
    Add to that all the laws Jane had just broken and I don’t think Lisbon was in any mood to comfort him. but I do think her “It has changed you” was a gentle berating of what obsessing over Red John had made him.
    Thanks for pointing out the car, I meant to mention that but completely forgot. During his whole conversation with Lisbon in fact, on there way to the car Jane kept looking around as if wondering if he was being watched.

  • Julie

    I stated this on the other place where I discuss the Mentalist. I am very surprised how accepting people are of Lisbon’s behaviour in this episode. It wasn’t that long ago that there was agitated concern when she went along with Jane and in this episode she went so far over the line that she now helps make up the kool-aid. She may think she is there being a steadying influence but she wasn’t in this episode. Lisbon may have gotten angry with him and told him what he should do, but he did none of it and I’m sure he was already working on a way to help Darcy.

    We know that Jane’s morals are all very messed up and although we may not agree with what he does we do understand where he is coming from, but Lisbon how has she changed so. I have started watching season 1 and it is interesting to see how their relationship has changed. They certainly work more as a partnership now whereas in the beginning it was more of a team feel. There is the ‘lost evidence’ clip where she calls him a ‘tragedy waiting to happen and that she doesn’t want to be around when it all blows up’ But now she not just around but getting into the middle of it. I do hope that something happens that makes Lisbon draw back a little bit, I don’t think that where their relationship is at this moment is good for her or Jane.

    For all that I did love this plot development, the new facet of the Jane/red john relationship is a twist I didn’t imagine. I hope to see more of Jane having to dance before it all comes to ahead. Love the idea of Jane perhaps becoming a suspect, it will be nice to get that explored and then dealt with. As I have said I am currently watching season 1 and as we watched that joyful Jane with that pain bubbling underneath did any of us suspect what lay ahead for us.

    Great work on the review and wonderful comments as always.

  • reviewbrain

    Love your comment Julie. I totally agree with everything you said regarding Lisbon. You mentioned on twitter that you expected more outrage from me and I guess the reason I’m not is due to the fact that I am absolutely certain that something will happen to give Lisbon the wake up call she needs. I’ve repeatedly said that she needs to hold strong onto her work ethic to keep Jane and herself out of trouble, but now, as aware of Jane’s pain as she is and as attached as they’ve become, I think she has lost perspective. Minelli once took the Red John case away from the team because he said she and Jane have gotten too close (after Jane saved her life, she was cutting him slack). Hightower once told Lisbon “You’re job is not to trust him, your job is to trust your own instincts, not his” (this was after Jane was almost killed in the season two finale and his run in with Red John). This season, Jane narrowly escaped a prison sentence, and had several brushes with death. I credit these events with being the reason for Lisbon’s increasing tolerance where Jane is concerned; she is afraid of losing him. Also, unfortunately, she has no strong boss to remind her of what her job is.

    Lisbon and Jane are not dating, but they may as well be considering how their closeness is screwing up with Lisbon’s judgment.

    But to be fair, she is completely innocent in Jane’s fabrication of evidence. When Jane told Lisbon he’d try to get Darcy off the case, she had no way of knowing it would be through a method other than persuasion. When she agreed to meet him in San Fransisco, he’d said it was for lunch. She didn’t know it would be to use her connections to see the Panzer file. And when she helped him see it, she had no idea what he wanted to do. This is supported by her questioning Jane: “Did you find anything?” which suggests she thought he was searching for evidence, evidence, perhaps, which would prove Panzer’s guilt in an attempt to persuade Darcy to let go of the case.

    I am %100 certain that Lisbon only realized what Jane had done at the funeral, hence her refusal to meet his gaze, the tenseness, the “it *has* changed you” and Jane’s defensive “Darcy is off the case, Lisbon, she’s safe now”. It was almost like he was telling her, as long as everything is safe, you have nothing to complain about.

    EPIPHANY! (warning: not for the sane)

    I just thought of something..

    Lisbon’s reply, “And what about you?” disturbed me very much because I thought it showed she bought Jane’s contention that Darcy is safe and implied that Lisbon cared too much about Jane to realize the still existing danger to Darcy. But Lisbon knows better than to worry that RJ would go after Jane. She said as much in episode Ball of Fire; that Red John already had Jane once and let him go, meaning that if he wanted to kill him he could have. Yes, Red John coming after Jane is always a possibility but the bigger one here is that he would come after Darcy.

    What if Lisbon knows this? What if she knows this, but seeing as she wasn’t able to convince Jane before out of worry for Darcy, thought she might be able to if she comes from the perspective that she is concerned for him?


    Seriously though, other than telling Darcy of her own “suspicions” that RJ is still alive, there is very little Lisbon can do without ousting Jane’s mistake in killing the wrong man (and possibly landing him in jail again). And Jane only ever listens to Lisbon after being humbled with his own stupidity and lack of good judgement (i.e. Redacted).

    It sucks to be her.

    But here’s the bright side: after the inevitable ugly wake-up call (and there will be one I’m sure; Lisbon saying that there will be consequences is foreshadowing) Lisbon will have to trust herself more than Jane. She just has to. And Jane will listen to her then. Because he would have seen how badly things turn out when he doesn’t.

    At least that’s what I’m rooting for.

  • Julie

    I had an epiphany of my own. What i would like to see after all this giving in by Lisbon is Jane having to save Lisbon as he always says he will. And I don’t mean from danger. When all these lies and subterfuge and breaking of the law comes to light that Jane turns all that dancing into saving Lisbon from her actions.

    I know that lisbon couldn’t say anything about red john without ousting Jane, but she should have, Red John is not going away and she knows it and it would have been the best thing to do right then. But aren’t we glad she didn’t.

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    Pretty much all said and done…a few of my thoughts:

    1) What if Agent Darcy allowed Jane and Lisbon to pull the wool over her eyes? I’m with All-I-Need, for an FBI Agent, it seemed incredible and ambiguous that she bought all that “evidence” in a sudden manner spate of time. (Either she’s gullible or FBI is in it with Red John, with O’laughlin business and all…who knows.)

    2) Jane Luring Red John out:
    Jane’s sense of justice has been established clearly throughout the series. He punishes criminals that the law could not. Jane, can also multitask very well. (many episodes can justify that, this episode for instant.)

    He wants to stop Panzer. And Red John “retiring” is bugging him.

    Maybe he WANTS to test and lure Red John out because if he’s really “retired”, why would he still kill again on mere insults to his ego? Probably, killing Carter for murdering his wife and daughter, is like killing the messenger. He’s not done yet till he finds out Red John’s head honcho who ordered for their murders.

    Partly, I think he does the luring intentionally to want Red John for himself. Plus his voiced cracked and went a liitle high pitched in the attic scene when Lisbon riled him up.

    All in all, a fantabulous 45 mins spent on your reviews. Also, YAY! You read and referenced my Red Shirt comment! ;D

  • reviewbrain

    “if he’s really “retired”, why would he still kill again on mere insults to his ego?”

    Because Red John realized that that’s what Jane wanted. He was probably ecstatic that after Jane hunting him for so long, he was now asking for his help. I don’t doubt that RJ knew what Jane was doing; that he allowed himself to be manipulated because he wanted to work with Jane.

    As to Jane luring Red John out, Jane being annoyed that RJ retired might have been bugging Jane, its a very interesting concept. But I also think he was enjoying the peace RJ’s disappearance brought him (his demeanor in all the early episodes of this season).

    Also, if he really wanted to lure him out, why would he spend so much effort covering up that RJ was still alive? That’s counterproductive which is why I believe him when he said he did it to get rid of Panzer.

    I’ll agree that on some level Jane might be concerned that he is also motivated by wanting RJ for himself; but only subconsciously, not intentionally.

    Why yes, I did read your comment 🙂 and I always try to reference ones that give me ideas 🙂

  • windsparrow

    “1. Darcy`s hotel room. When I saw the video, I first thought this was outside JANE`S hotel. In fact, it pretty much looked like it. Maybe I`m mistaken, but I thought how strange it was that Darcy would move into the same hotel he`s occupying. On the other hand, I don`t know a thing about that kind of hotel in the US, so it could just be that they really are that similar.”

    That type of exterior is very common for two-story motels – “motorists’ hotels” – here in the U.S. Often the main difference between different motels is the color of paint on the walls. They tend to be less expensive than proper hotels. While the exteriors of both places may play up the anonymity of where each of them had their rooms, the only reason the motel in “Blood Moon” was any different is that it took place in a much smaller town, with less traffic and less need for so many motel rooms.

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    Hello everyone, great to be back to comment a new episode after the long hiatus! 🙂

    I will repeat till the end that to me Ashley Gable writes the best Jane and Lisbon (and the best Lisbon), and this episode just proves it to me again.
    I was really looking forward to a conversation between the two, and we had even more than one.

    The interrogation’s scene with Darcy was so so good. The body language as you also suggested in the review was very important. How Lisbon is sitting on the couch, rigid as a statue, obviously nervous of what’s going on. It’s “funny” how they both drink tea at the same time… Tea is in this case “a lie in a cup”…

    Then Lisbon’s “what is wrong with the simple truth?”, must be my favourite line of the episode. While I’m happy that Jane has someone with whom he can talk, I’m worried for Lisbon. Where is SHE going? Deep down with Jane for the moment. I don’t like it, but at the same time I try to put myself in her position. Here’s a friend that means the life to her, we all know that Lisbon would do anything to protect the people she cares for, and she sees this friend going down a path of lies and danger. If she talks and tells what she knows, that would be the end for Jane… imagine Bertram’s reaction, the whole CBI etc.
    In fact, the look on her face right after Jane tells her that he said to the jury that he killed RJ tells it all. Either she “betrays” Jane, or she stays by his side, and keeps the lies for herself. It’s really hard to stay by Jane’s side, because you see he’s just going deeper and deeper into the wrong path, but at the same time you see the Jane that writes that letter, and says “I hope you will forgive me”, you think about all the pain there’s inside him, and how can you not stay by his side. That’s why for the whole episode I wanted to punch and hug Jane at the same time… #sigh
    Also, I think that what happened in Fugue in Red connected them even more. Lisbon witnessed Jane at his most fragile self, and that had to have consequences.
    I did like though what she said to him after the video… I think that 80% of Jane’s concern was for RJ rather than for Darcy. Of course he’s concerned that another woman might be under RJ’s “interest”, but (sadly) I think that his main concern is still for RJ.

    I don’t think Lisbon will reveal what she knows on her own decision. I think something will happen though with Darcy. I am sure she wasn’t convinced at all by the whole murder/suicide. The look on her face at the end of the funeral wasn’t the look of someone who is convinced, at all.

    And I so agree that RJ was there, at the funeral. I think he was there the whole time, he watched and listened to everything, and I don’t think Darcy’s safe at all.

    Regarding Lisbon, I think that probably her life how it is right now is “good enough” for her. Although I think that being Jane’s friend/mom/sister/guardian angel/babysitter etc. doesen’t mean that she can’t have a life outside the CBI family.
    The thing is that for now, this life is enough for her. With Mashburn she had the chance to go on with it. Mash asked her not “if” but “when” they could see eachother again. He wanted to see her again, but “the bastards keep killing people”, so for her that was it. #sighagain
    I personally think Lisbon should “need” (it’s not that Lisbon MUST have a man, otherwise she’s not complete as a woman) someone like Mashburn. A man who doesen’t carry the same heavy emotional baggage on his shoulders, a man who could make her laugh a little more, and give her some “empty glamour”, which is not saying that Mashburn is empty. I think the character had (and still has) a big potential…

    And, I love Summer! She’s really cool, and funny. I think she’s perfect for Cho! 😀

    Great job with the review and the drawing as always!
    I must say that the very first scene made me laugh so much xD Stay brave, Patrick Jane! lol

  • violet

    Wow! That was an amazing review! I need to spend some more time to read it and the various and interesting comments again in more detail! Still, three remarks come to mind:

    1. Not only Jane risks to be put back into jail, he also may very well lose something else: his job at the CBI, meaning the only access he has on RJ’s case. Bertram was able to justify publicly his hiring back of a murderer because said murderer was acquitted. How would he now justify it if Jane seems to be a delusional killer on the loose, waiting the first occasion to shoot someone and who has already proclaimed in front of a jury that he had every intention of killing since day one at the CBI? That would be quite a pill to swallow…

    2. The devil is in the details: indeed, it’s very plausible that RJ was watching them at the very end of the ep. Now another creepy little thing: Jane tried to deflect the conversation with Lisbon with “Nice woman. She has great legs”, an pretty unusual remark from him. RJ’s message to him was “She’s cute. That will be fun”. So ok, RJ wants to become more personal and apparently they have the same tastes on women (ewww! ), but was that only a coincidence? How close is RJ? To put it simply, is there still a mole in the CBI and could Lisbon’s office be bugged? I wonder…

    3. I totally agree with you: Jane isn’t off the hook at all with his nemesis. While before he has been playing with Jane in different ways: implicitly asking him “will you catch me?” in a macabre parody of playing cat and mouse, then, after Jane’s abilities to catch ahead had gained him some respect, the question turning to “who is ahead of the other” in a game of mind chess. Now, his interest has been picked even more: he set a game of ‘truth or dare’, placing Jane in the position of either choosing to come clean and tell what he knows, or daring him to find a way to save his victim. Either way, Jane loses something and, what’s more important, in this game, for the first time, Jane has no way out. Before he could have simply walked away and move on by leaving the CBI; after all what happened to Kristina and Bosco’s team could have been chalked away as not being directly related to Jane, since she tried to talk to RJ and Bosco had discovered something new. And even if their deaths were meant to respectively taunt Jane and give him back the case, it’s still plausible that RJ would have let him be if he gave up the chase. He can no longer do it now. If he doesn’t play along, all RJ has to do is to reveal that he’s still alive and Jane will be in big trouble.

  • ortforshort

    How about this for a slant on things? Red John wanted, literally, to kill two birds with one stone by having Jane kill Carter and then get sent to jail for murder. What if Red John really did want to retire at that point and that was a neat way of wrapping it up? Only now, Jane beats the murder rap and then lets Red John know that he knows that Red John is still alive by obviously setting up Panzer for Red John to kill him. This sequence of events “un-retires” Red John. Now, Jane is responsible for re-setting an even worse ogre on the world than the one he just had Red John dispatch for him.

  • reviewbrain

    I love it! Especially since it plays into my pet theory that the reason RJ had Todd killing cops, is that they were all cops who knew who RJ was, who were his allies, so he had Todd kill them off to leave no witnesses, no loose ends when he retires. Craig O’laughlin would have been his last before RJ killed him off too…

  • reviewbrain

    Violet, you reminded me of something I keep wanting to mention but forget: am I the only one who remembers that when we first met Craig he referred to his boss as a “she” who told him to watch the CBI, the excuse being that she thinks Stiles has people in law enforcement. What if “she” is Darcy? Not Craig’s boss, but RJ’s “man” who gave Craig orders from Red John.
    Note: I don’t actually think Darcy is of RJ’s group, especially since it contradicts my other theory (see reply to ortforshort below) that RJ had gotten rid of most of his league to leave no witnesses when he retires, but I just though I’d throw this idea out there and see what people think.

  • violet

    Interesting theory! But how do you explain the last murders Johnson committed? There was his girlfriend’s, because he was tired of her and, at the same time, as bait for two cops he killed as well (if I remember well). Did those cops also know RJ and his plans? Or was it just a way to lure Jane to come near Todd (the case “wanting” him)? What was the plan exactly then? That Jane took him under his wing and found himself in another cellar with RJ waiting for him, like it was with Hardy? Or did RJ guess Jane’s next move and it was then a complicated mean to get rid of Todd? Talk about an overkill then!
    In fact, I rather like this theory, but I feel that, would it be true, it would leave us with a bunch of pet peeves and loose ends to deal with… Such as the most obvious for me: if the plan of killing off every witness was working so well, how come neither O’Laughlin, nor Carter realized they were, well, set up? I can imagine them being so fanatic they willingly marched to a possible death for a “greater cause”, but there is a stretch between facing a possible “noble” sacrifice and accepting to be just killed off like that.
    Not to mention that RJ being almost a god to his followers, nothing would have prevented him to just retire and give them his benediction for carrying out his legacy… Who would have dared to protest against his decision? Even after his retirement, who would have been enough of a fool to make a statement against him, knowing his methods, his net of still active minions and after what happened to Rebecca and Todd? It was safe enough to get a new face, a new name, and build a new life elsewhere.
    Like I said, I find this theory really interesting for, after all, you’re right and it’s like RJ not to leave witnesses after him, but that leaves quite a number of unanswered questions and that’s still a little unsatisfying…

  • violet

    He said “she” indeed! 😉
    Still I don’t imagine Darcy as an operative for Big Bad RJ. Don’t have real solid arguments here, just that it… don’t seem to fit. She isn’t slightly awkward like Johnson or overly sugared like Rebecca. Her reaction in her room when watching the video seemed genuine. In fact, I confess her relationship with Jane, distant/suspicious, but still kinda interested (the “did it change you” question) made me (very fleetingly) wonder if they weren’t setting a new love interest for Jane, in a Kristina kind of way. Don’t really think so, though: they will more probably go for the obvious way, with her suspecting him more and more. 🙂
    Like you, I don’t think either she was Craig’s boss, that would be awkward: Bertram or even Wainwright would have protested if a close colleague of the man shot by Grace was linked to the team one way or another. Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest between FBI and CBI?
    Still, now that I think about it, it’s possible that O’Laughlin’s death made Darcy doubtful of Lisbon’s team: the unclear killing of a FBI agent coupled with Panzer’s case cast a certain light upon them and that gives even more weight to your guess that she distrusts Jane and his words.

    (Hope that mess makes some sense…)

  • Kami

    First, I love your reviews ;D I used to read reviews at an more “apropriated” site. But they reviews lacked the whole “fan thing” that you have. It was very cold-reading.

    I think that is common sense that this season the whole relationship between Jane and Lisbon is goingo to take a major hit.
    She is letting him do all sort of things and not even behind her back anymore. This is doomed.

    My opinion is that Jane will surpass some huge boundaries and put everyone at risk, CBI, Lisbon, Team… And from there Lisbon will have two course of actions, in my mind: She will let him take the hit, go to jail, all that stuff, lose the job. Or she will take the blame.

    The first idea is bound to not happen. If it happens it will sound House all over again (Any more House fans before the whole thing “I-smashed-a-car-to-a-wall”?). They will put the character in a big trouble time and then just figured out something to let him come back to the CBI and proceed with the serie. I think they already, almost, crossed this line with Jane in the beginning of this season.

    The second sound all Lisbon. The martyr thing, the protective thing too. And not to mention the guilty. She will see the whole situation as her fault and just take the hit. I imagine she “quitting” the team at the end.

    This option seems more likely too because their relationship status at the moment. She being his concerned friend would not let her just put him on the fire.

    Another two things that are at the wrong reviews, but nevermind:
    – Anyone noticed the huge similarity between Lisbon and Tãmara? (Yeah, Jisbon fan ;D)
    – I think since the episode Every Rose Has its Thorn Lisbon is trying to be someone who Jane can trust blindly. And its just messing with her judgment.

    (Sorry for any grammatical errors. Not my native language x_X)

  • reviewbrain

    If you’ll recall, Todd killed his fiancée because she was asking too many questions and he feared she would catch him.

    As to the cops at the scene; yes, they were either more RJ lackeys, which isn’t far-fetched at all considering the number of players RJ had in law enforcement; Hardy, Rebecca, Craig.

    As to Carter and O’Laughlin, we’ve scene a woman thrown herself from the top of a building, killing herself simply to stop CBI from catching her and exposing any secrets she may have regarding RJ (assassin in S&C) I don’t think it’s far fetched to think that Craig or Carter being loyal allies were willing to do less. It seems a given that any RJ member threatened with exposure either kill himself or be killed (as Todd was).

    So yeah, either like you suggested Craig and Carter were set up to be killed by RJ, or they knew they eventually would be killed off and were loyal enough not to care. I don’t think either is hard o believe at all. But that’s just me.

  • reviewbrain

    I agree that Darcy has plenty of reason to doubt Lisbon’s team, but we haven’t seen anything to suggest that. In fact, we’ve been pretty kept well in the dark on what she might think and I think it’s a clever move to keep us in suspense. I can totally see a replay of the Kristina situation. Oh the irony.Jane beat himself up so much over Kristina, which was absolutely not his fault. But both he and Lisbon would totally be to blame here if something happened to Darcy. Too bad neither can see that..

  • ortforshort

    Of all the clever stuff about the Mentalist, I think the smartest plot line the writers have given the show is – As good a Mentalist as Jane is, they’ve got a villain who runs circles around him. Jane can get people to do stuff for him, but Red John gets people to willingly sacrifice their lives for him. We’re very impressed with Jane’s abilities, but one of the things that makes the show go is that as impressive as Jane is, he’s always running as fast as he can just to try to keep up with Red John.

  • windsparrow

    ortforshort, you have managed to say in a few short sentences something that has been swirling around unformulated in my brain for some time – Jane is not a match for Red John in terms of resources, education, deviousness, and long range planning skills for sure – and quite possibly not in terms of raw native intelligence as well.

    This is not Holmes vs. Moriarty, who were closely matched in terms of natural abilities (if Moriarty had the strict advantage in intelligence, Holmes had his brother’s brain to pick, and that would level the playing field a bit), and closely matched in terms of resources (Moriarty’s criminal organization against Holmes’ Baker St. Irregulars, Watson, as well as brother Mycroft’s brain and extensive governmental resources). What brought Holmes the victory in the end was the virtue of his physical training which also stands as a symbol of Holmes’ other virtues (seeking justice rather than revenge). Jane has neither the resources nor yet the virtue to triumph here. Nor is this meant to be a reassuring morality play. Whether this is a classical tragedy or the story of an underdog triumphing against reason and odds (a favorite of the American psyche) we may not be able to tell until the whole thing is over.

  • reviewbrain

    I though I wrote this in an earlier reply to a comment but it seems liked my phone gobbled it up:
    Until Jane realizes that his obsession with Red John has him acting the same way as Red John followers ( i.e. willing to sacrifice his life, work, friendships for him) and until he lets go of this obsession, I fear he doesn’t stand a chance of catching him. At least, that’s how I hope the show will play out. And while I’m on a wishful thinking spree, let me say that I hope Jane will come to acquire the virtue that will aid him in catching RJ. That the only way he can catch him, is by ( figuratively) letting him go..

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome 🙂
    I would only want Lisbon to take the blame if it makes Jane realize that he can’t keep crossing the law.
    As to House, I’ve been an on/off fan ever since he fired the original team. Seasons 5/6/7 were downright painful to watch st times. But I have to say I’m glad I stuck with it post the whole car/smash thing. At least he went to jail for it and seems to have benefited from the experience…

    But I still have PTSD from House and I live in constant fear that Jane will turn into him.
    Huh. Could he already be worse? House never killed anyone as far as I can recall…

  • cjdavey

    Hey, @CJDavey from twitter here, but it wont let me sign in :/

    Great review as always!

    Just a few points:

    1. I really don’t know what to think…Jane’s decision to hand Panzer to the wolves in ‘Blinking Red Light’ did seem so ‘split second’, yet I still can’t decide where my opinion lies on his intentions. HOWEVER, it was clear from the moment Jane saw that bloody smiley that he was in fact content with the game being back on. His wry smile as he approached it all but confirmed this fact, in my opinion anyway. I love it. I love the fact that Jane’s character seems to be getting darker and darker (something Simon has touched upon in recent interviews), the best thing is that RJ seems to be orchastrating it. Red John is succeeding in making Jane essentially more like himself, heading towards becoming a monster. I DO hope Jane realises in time and finds redemption, but I love the ride were being taken on to get there.

    In fact, with the way this seasons arc is going…I wouldn’t be surprised if the season ended with Jane doing something really terrible. Commit a murder, cover up the evidence and then paint the RJ face himself to pin it on him? I hope not for his sake, but it would certainly be interesting to see. Anyway, i’m simply spouting anything that comes to my head now…sorry!

    2. In reference to the issue of missing ‘Season 1’ Jane, and it really links into what I said above. I love Jane, that includes all aspects of him. I think his increasingly dark nature has been done in a way that it seems natural and realistic with everything that’s going on, and whilst I love Jane being light and free, his darker side is equally captivating. As I mentioned above, I do want Jane to find redemption and be happy one day…but the turmoil he go’s through to get there is half the fun! Besides, he still finds the time to act like a big kid (any one notice his face when Lisbon asked him if he’d found a squash ball in ‘My Bloody Valentine’? He was so happy!).

    3. The reason for that is probably because the backdrop to Darcy’s motel room wasn’t real. They often use CGI or large pictures for the backgrounds on this show. Another example is the San Fran/Golden Gate Bridge backdrop to Jane and Panzer’s initial meeting in ‘Blinking Red Light’ and the often used backdrop on the roof of CBI.

    4. After Heller initially promising a ‘simpler’ arc this season, this seems to be heading towards becoming one of the more complex Red John arcs we’ve seen on The Mentalist, certainly thematically anyway. I literally cannot guess what Red John will do next but I know one thing…I can’t wait to find out!

    Ashley Gable, as always, delivered.

    Sorry for any inevitable typo’s/spelling mistakes I didn’t notice.

    Can’t wait for your review of ‘My Bloody Valentine’.

  • Julie

    Loving all the comments as usual. I try not to think too much about what is going to happen as I am invariably wrong, But I do think that it looks like Jane is going to be dancing with three different interlocking problems for the rest of the season.

    1. The discovery that Red John is still alive.

    2. Being under suspicion initially for the murder of Panzer and possible being Red John himself

    3. Whatever Red John throws into the mix to mess with him because if the past tells us anything Red John will know exactly what is going on.

    I don’t think that the discovery that Red John is still alive will cause Jane to lose his job because if you read his closing remarks he doesn’t actually say that he killed Red John, and that everything he said in his remarks was the truth because he did believe he was killing Red John when he committed the act…and as we all know he closes cases.

    I also don’t believe that he was happy that Red John went into retirement, perhaps happy about him not killing anyone else, but Jane certainly would still want to find him and exact his revenge of some sort. I don’t think I know of a case during the season where Red John as killed simply for the pleasure of it, it as either been connected to manipulate Jane in some way or to prevent a person talking.

  • reviewbrain

    I too thought the smile meant he was happy to bring RJ out but his words and fearful demeanor in this episode (he said he only did it to get Panzer) suggests the smile was due to the fact that he was happy RJ took his cue to kill Panzer. As to Jane becoming worse he’s already killed, he’s already framed someone to cover his own crime, seriously how much worse can things get without reaching the point where it would simply be impossible for us to suspend belief that he keeps getting away this stuff? That Lisbon continues to let him? We already had to suspend some during his trial and a lot of viewers felt they had to as well to the fact that Lisbon wasn’t angry with him over killing Carter despite all my explanations and reasonings. I’m just worried that in making Jane hit rock-bottom, the writers will destroy Lisbon as a character as well. Heck, ive even had non-Lisbon fans tell me thwy were dissapoonted in her not doing anything in this episode. Again, at rhis point, i can still explain and suss out her silence as trying to be supportive as a friend in light of recent events, and most especially when it’s obvious that the writers have a major “crap hits the fan” moment coming up for us. To be honest, I’m looking forward to that moment a lot. But I also fear that even then Lisbon will remain useless. Then I’ll have to rant a lot 😉

  • kamimimi

    That’s a great point.
    I think the show is going to the dark side and bringing a brand new point of view for Jane after that.
    I read a fanfic that talked about it, that the only way Jane could beat Red John is ‘letting him go’, and I couldn’t agree more.
    That reminds me the fact that Red John tried to make Jane move on, with the whole ‘I’m retiring thing’. The most viewers took it like he was trying to make Jane approach people in order for Red John kill them and make Jane suffer again.
    Starting from the fact that Red John knows that Jane is no match for him, wasn’t, ->maybe<- he trying to make Jane a more capable enemy? D:
    That sounds like Red John. And all the great villains. They dont kill the nice guy in order to make him struggle more and more.

  • ortforshort

    Lisbon’s attitude has definitely changed towards Jane and his antics. One can only speculate as to why. Things that would have driven her up the wall in the past are completely let go now. It would be nice if real life were like that and your wife would stop nagging you and just accept you as you are. In reality, Lisbon being a woman, she would be getting on him even worse than ever.

  • windsparrow

    Hey now, we don’t ALL nag. Some of us prefer to suffer in silence for a while then explode – shrieking, throwing things (preferably breakable and HIS), inflicting blunt force trauma on his car, etc. Lisbon has been shown throwing things at Jane… then again, she hasn’t done that in a while, either. So maybe that tea he makes for her is catnip tea, very relaxing.

    But since they are not married-married, only work-married, that’s a slightly different dynamic. I’ve been The Bitch (who wants things to be done right, and pitches a fit when it isn’t) on the job. After a while, you just get tired of having to be bitchy when it has no discernible effect anyway. So you start letting things go. It does tend to be a sign of professional burnout, though.

    Lisbon did not seem all that put out by the prospects of losing her job at the start of the season – it was Jane and the rest of the team who had strong opinions on the topic. Maybe she is burning out.

  • windsparrow

    Julie, that a good summary of the challenges before Jane. And it does seem odd, now that I think about it – when *was* the last time RJ killed simply for the pleasure of it?

  • violet

    @ Windsparrow: Lisbon burning out? Maybe… But then she’s more burnt out by the whole Jane/Red John mess than really by her job. She’s more than smart enough to anticipate that some great difficulties are ahead of them. So yeah, she may be feeling a bit tired of always get in trouble because. In the example that you brought up still, after she was more or less fired, there was also the fact that she was selfless enough to accept to take the blow instead of Jane: it could have been worse, and, in a way, she may have been feeling a bit guilty for letting Jane alone, since she had told Hightower she didn’t believe RJ would show up.
    Anyway, as you pointed out, Lisbon isn’t really Jane’s wife, meaning that in spite of spending years working with him on a daily basis, she only got to really know his inner self recently, so I guess that could also explain the change. She became more lenient because now, she can estimate when he’s lying and she came to trust more his intentions, if not his acts. And sadly, that’s always a bit dangerous because Jane is too self-confident not to go too far. Just see what happened to his real wife…

    And catnip tea? So funny! 🙂
    Speaking of tea, anyone else noticed that he brought Darcy and Lisbon Lampsang Souchong before the big talk? I haven’t checked, but I think it was what he drank at the mall after shooting Carter. It might be a way of linking two decisive moments and hinting that RJ is still lurking in the shadows… (or it might also show that I’m completely detail obsessed. Sad but true. 🙂 )

  • windsparrow

    Violet, remember God is in the details. Don’t let anybody give you grief about paying attention 😉 And yeah, good call on the lapsang soochong.

    I’m just waiting for Van Pelt or somebody to give Jane some custom blend herbal tea that just happens to have catnip in it – mint would be a good choice to cover the flavor, scent, and appearance – and have it put him right to sleep. Or at least make him really mellow for a couple of hours. Catnip has the same phytochemical that Valerian Root does, only in lower concentrations. Valerian Root is the natural plant source from which Valium was first developed. Catnip tea has been in use in folk medicine for centuries, if not millenia – for coughs, colicky babies, indigestion, muscle tension, anxiety, and insomnia. (I know this stuff because when I moved to Minnesota, I moved into a house that was built before the Ingalls family started building Little Houses all over the upper Midwest. There are all kinds of medicinal herbs that were originally planted who knows when and are now growing wild. Chamomile, catnip, motherwort. Seriously, I have chamomile growing wild in my driveway – it’s too funny.)

    “Lisbon isn’t really Jane’s wife, meaning that in spite of spending years working with him on a daily basis, she only got to really know his inner self recently, so I guess that could also explain the change. She became more lenient because now, she can estimate when he’s lying and she came to trust more his intentions, if not his acts. ”

    Yeah, I like your explanation better.

  • violet

    Thanks, Windsparrow! You’re welcome to my next DA (Detail Addict) reunion! 😉
    Sorry, but your idea with the catnip tea is not happening. Chamomile has also a calming affect and if I’m not mistaken, dear Jane has already drunk some in the show (was it in ‘Red Scare’? With that old librarian? Not sure). The fact is that he was not sleepy at all afterwards! No, I guess it would only take a heavy hammer in good old cartoon-style to make him sleep… 🙂
    (errr…. Warning: don’t try to infuse the wild chamomile in your driveway without checking first, I don’t know if it’s the same plant… just realized… 😉 )

  • windsparrow

    We don’t harvest anything growing on or near the driveway for internal use. But I have to say it sure smells gorgeous when we take the weed-eater to the driveway. The quality of cars we tend to have means most of them leak something or other. And there is a paved parking lot for the local newspaper and some other shops that verges on that side of our property – when it rains or when snow melts, a lot of the run-off from the parking lot ends up in our driveway. There is quite a bit of catnip there – I won’t let the cats eat that, but I do dry it and put it in toys for them. Only stuff that grows in the garden area, further away from the driveway and parking lot is infused or eaten.

    It is Roman, or Common, Chamomile – I grew it from seeds when I lived in Arizona. Chamomile does have a calming effect, but in my experience is not in the same league as Catnip or Valerian root for making me sleepy. Jane gave some to Hightower in the middle of the day when she would be driving him around during “Red Gold”. And really? Unless I actually lie down within an hour of taking either of those others, they don’t make me feel more than kinda tired. With prescription insomnia medications, I will fall asleep at my desk if I don’t get to bed soon enough. With Chamomile, I do not get at all tired or sleepy. The reading I have done on these herbal remedies indicates that while some people may find Chamomile effective for insomnia, it is not the strongest soporific. Of course, with Jane, hasn’t there been some suggestion that even prescription medications don’t get the job done for him? So it is all too likely that you are right about how effective any herbal remedy would be for him.

  • violet

    Impressive knowledge! Poor little me can’t almost tell apart clover from plain grass! 🙂
    Yeah, that would be ineffective. That’s why the hammer is needed: Van Pelt could always lure him with a warm cup of your catnip minted tea, then, *smash!* Lisbon would ensure that he sleeps nicely with a well placed blow on the head. Then they’d hide the bod… errr, relaxed Jane in the attic. Nighty night, Jane, what wouldn’t a team do for their dearest consultant! 😉

  • windsparrow

    The more I think about slipping Jane some catnip tea, the more I think it might be a really bad idea. You know the part of the title sequence where it defines a mentalist as a master manipulator of thoughts and actions? The thing is, we have a cat who, under that definition, is a mentalist. The Man and I joke about Jane being part-Siamese whenever we see it.

    What if catnip would act as a stimulant to his pleasure centers rather than as a relaxant? He already chased enough tail in “Fugue” – we don’t want to make him chase his own.


  • violet

    🙂 lol ! Problem is, there are quite a few people out there who would pay good money to watch something like a pleasure-seeking Jane, whatever he chases… Keep your catnip well hidden, Windsparrow!!!!

  • windsparrow

    LOL – now I have a mental image of Jane tricking my cat Harvey out of his stash of ‘nip.

  • T

    Thanks for the great review. Unfortunately I only got to watch the episode once since the audio didn’t take to the tape when I tried to watch it a second time. A few comments. I thought Darcy set the whole thing up with the video of herself to get Jane to confess Red John was still alive and she’s already onto Jane. Since when is an FBI agent staying alone in a hotel without her ‘team’? And didn’t she hand her card to Jane so she would know where she was? Jane didn’t tell her it was one of RJ’s followers for two reasons, “Red John is mine” and for her own safety. Clearly he ‘likes’ her and his comment about her legs made me smile, he seems to still have a touch of the fugue. Jane of course fears what would happen if it was found out he didn’t kill Red John – public shame, the loss of his job and quite possibly another run-in with the law. Bertram certainly wanted to make an example of him. Besides it would mean Red John won. What I did find fun was Jane breaking into the Maier’s house as Darcy comes out of the SFPD calling him (no doubt following Jane’s footsteps) and CBI Ron following them in the CBI headquarters, then Jane’s looking around at the end of the funeral, obviously feeling he’s being followed (by the FBI, by Red John and who knows who else). That last line by the Priest screams Lisbon to me. Great cartoon – if Jane learned anything after Bloodshot, it was to run from explosions and a whole lot faster…

  • Trent

    Has anyone considered that Patrick killed Panzer? That is why Red John was goading him? Red John was going to go away, but Patrick used the RJ signature to kill Panzer which either offended or amused RJ and made him want to play with Jane again.

    Patrick seemed to have the murder weapon that was used on Panzer, or perhaps a weapon just like it… but I have a theory that Alex, the man who raised Jane in the Carnival, is Red John and taught Patrick everything he knows including how to kill… Alex is the only person who is as smart and as capable as Jane… That is why Jane can’t catch him…

    Just my thoughts… anyone agree?

  • windsparrow

    “Patrick seemed to have the murder weapon that was used on Panzer, or perhaps a weapon just like it… ”

    Isn’t that what he was buying at the hardware store, or chef’s supply store – whichever, that place where there were a bunch of sharp cutting thingies hanging on the walls – at least I thought he was buying a knife, and then he went to the morgue and put the dead dad’s fingerprints on it?

    If he had to buy a weapon to plant a weapon with fingerprints on it, it is not in the least suggestive of Jane being in possession of a Red John-like knife.

  • Trent

    I hear you, about the weapon, and the info about it could have been used from Panzer’s autopsy, but I just felt that when Patrick read the note he had written at the funeral, he said “I am sorry for what I’ve done, but it brought me peace.”

    It seemed to me like it was almost a confession by Patrick. I think that Patrick is fully capable of murder in a Dexter sort of way…

    I feel that Patrick goaded Panzer into talking about Red John so that he himself could eliminate Panzer. I don’t think his intention was to get Red John’s attention… but RJ was extremely amused by the fact that Patrick would murder someone and therefore wanted to mess with Patrick…

    Patrick even tells Lisbon, “I had to do something, Panzer would have just gone on killing people.”

    The episode with Panzer almost had a Dexter feel to it…

    I’ve researched carnival traditions and many carnival folks will tell stories to their children and folks in the towns they visit as they travel that there is a sinister character lurking around… I have also postulated in the past, that Red John was a name that Alex used and that Patrick grew up with.

    I have also wondered if it was Patrick that was actually committing the Red John murders to begin with in order to build his popularity as a psychic and then Alex became upset with him, for degrading the name of Red John on television (Alex’s name)… and decided to punish Patrick by killing his wife and daughter in order to teach him a lesson about the true nature of flexible morality… does that make any sense..?

  • windsparrow

    “I feel that Patrick goaded Panzer into talking about Red John so that he himself could eliminate Panzer. I don’t think his intention was to get Red John’s attention…”

    Why in blue bloody blazes would Jane need to goad Panser into maligning RJ so that he himself could do away with him? We have every reason to believe Jane appeared on that tv show with Panser primarily to trip Panser up so he would say something incriminating. When Panser was too clever to fall into that trap, there is a moment when Jane is looking at the blinking red light of the camera. It is easy to interpret that as Jane calculating the possibility of RJ watching the show, and realizing Panser might be too clever to incriminate himself, but would have no reason to hold back from crowing about his superiority to the other killer.

    ‘Patrick even tells Lisbon, “I had to do something, Panzer would have just gone on killing people.”’

    There is nothing in this statement that is less true if Jane did goad Panser into riling RJ so that RJ would do the wet work, than it is true if Jane did the deed himself. So it really doesn’t back up your theory.

    “I’ve researched carnival traditions and many carnival folks will tell stories to their children and folks in the towns they visit as they travel that there is a sinister character lurking around… I have also postulated in the past, that Red John was a name that Alex used and that Patrick grew up with.”

    In this scenario is Red John the name of his persona as the sinister character that he tells tales about then goes about making his sinister stories come true? Or is “Red John” Alex’s stage name, as in “Red John Presents: The Boy Wonder”? Maybe I need to rewatch “Throwing Fire” because I don’t remember the sign outside their tent saying anything like it.

    “Alex became upset with him, for degrading the name of Red John on television (Alex’s name)… and decided to punish Patrick by killing his wife and daughter in order to teach him a lesson about the true nature of flexible morality… does that make any sense..?”

    No, I can’t say that it does make sense to me. If Patrick’s father killed Angela and Charlotte, why should he bother joining the CBI to hunt RJ? Why is he not simply searching for his father? If he knows the old man’s social security number, he could get the Salvation Army to track him down for free, then dispatch his Oedipal issues with as much knife-work as he pleases. Even if he doesn’t have that much information, he will still get more effective help searching for his long lost daddy.

  • Trent

    I don’t think Alex is Jane’s father. At the end of the episode where the team goes to the casino, Patrick tells Lisbon that his memory palace is a carnival and she says something about his parent’s being carnies. Patrick replies that it’s more complicated than that. I think that Alex is his uncle or a legal guardian who raised Patrick. I could be wrong. It just seems to me that there is a lot more to this whole thing between Red John and Patrick than a simple insult on television. It could very well be anyone though…

  • windsparrow

    “I don’t think Alex is Jane’s father.”

    The possibility that Alex is an older male relative other than father who was his guardian and raised him does not negate the strategy; it only adds a few syllables to the explanation. “Oh, woe is me, I’ve lost track of my father, and now with my wife and child gone I need to reconnect with my daddy (so I can play slice-and-dice with him, but I’m not saying that part out loud)” is not substantially different than “Oh, woe is me, I’ve lost track of my uncle who was my guardian and raised me, and now with my wife and child gone I need to reconnect with him because he was like a father to me (so I can play slice-and-dice with him, but I’m not saying that part out loud)”.

    “It just seems to me that there is a lot more to this whole thing between Red John and Patrick than a simple insult on television.”
    This I cannot deny. It does strain credibility that RJ had time to hunt up enough information about Jane’s family and home to find them, murder them, do his art work, update his correspondence, and get away without being seen between the time Jane said his ridiculous piece on that talk show and when he got home that evening. I am not the only one who thinks it all too likely that RJ had been scoping Jane out well beforehand, setting him up to be drawn into the game as a worthy adversary. Or maybe just a chew toy.

  • violet

    Actually, it’s very plausible that RJ had a record on Jane beforehand. If he acted the same way than he acts now, he probably knew everything useful about each people involved in his case, team, agent in charge, consultant… Styles keeps an eye on the actual team, collecting details (Grace’s landlord), RJ certainly did the same from the beginning: inside information doesn’t just provide for a mean to mess with Jane, it’s also a way to be kept in the loop.
    Now, that doesn’t mean he planned on playing with Jane at the time. I really believe that the murder was a spur of the moment and that he wanted to crush him: the game came later, when Jane unexpectedly recovered and came back on the investigation.

  • Chris

    no one speaks about the last seconds of that episode- i guess RJ was in the white car passing the funeral/Jane(getting into the car) There was a man in a hoodie. Check it and tell me what you think.

  • windsparrow

    It has been alluded to in at least a couple comments here, and I remember discussion elsewhere, that agrees with you. Red John almost certainly was watching Jane, Darcy, et al. at that funeral. But it gives so little meat to worry off the bone as far as taking a stab at Red John’s identity. Pun intended.

  • Lou Ann

    Admittedly, I am responding more than a year after all these comments. Actually, i’ve been reading the reviews in order chronologically, only having found this site a few months ago. So i am just getting to Jan of 2012! But as for Red John being at Tom Meier’s funeral, as the white car passes, the music makes the same high pitched squeal as we hear when Dr. Joe – NH is IM’ing, and many times when RJ’s smiley face is discovered. That is what told me that he was definitely there. Did that seem like an official vehicle?

  • C Hill

    looked like a ford galaxie to me, lou ann.

    this is the car i was looking for while Lisbon and Haffner had lunch in Red Barn 🙂

    also, and i don’t recall if it was mentioned here, but it’s as if RJ was as interested in keeping the Darcy off of this as anyone — or, knowing what we know now, perhaps it was other elements of the FBI that wanted Darcy away…

  • Jaymie

    No one to mention Cho’s Olive Garden line?! I was in tears!

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