(Updated) Mentalist Bloodstream Preview (spoilers)

I am so, so, so looking forward to next episode. It is written by Ms. Erika Green whom I enjoy as she usually gives us light, fun episodes. In episode Bloodstream,Lisbon’s job seems to be in peril which is always interesting and fun (for viewers, not for her of course).

But I think it will be  more serious this time considering the circumstances. The IMDB Mentalist page tells me that J.J.
Laroche (Pruitt Taylor Vince) will become the new CBI head and that his first order of business will be to put Cho (Tim Kang) in charge of the Serious Crimes unit.

Seriously, how genius is that? I’m looking forward to lots of character interaction and hopefully a lot of Lisbon love from her team. We know Cho respects her a lot. He was also witness to Lisbon’s recent awesomeness in episode ‘Red Alert‘ so I’m really looking forward to his reaction at the knowledge that he’s going to become her superior.

I would say I’m also look forward to Jane (Baker) helping nurse her wounds (as he tried last time Lisbon’s career was in trouble in
season 2) only he’s been thwarting me at every turn this season. He
cares, he doesn’t. He’s looking out for her, he’s not. “I can’t tell her, that’ll put her at risk”, “I’m better off alone”.

See my dilemma?

Perhaps this is indicative of Jane’s dilemma as well. I certainly doubt
it’s the writers as they certainly seem to know what they’re doing (most of the time *cough* Blood for Blood *cough*.) Perhaps Jane himself is undecided as to whether caring about Lisbon, trusting her, and allowing her to care for him are not the same thing. He does seem to compartmentalize his emotions and everything else in his life. I’m guessing that it’s his own way of dealing with what he feels he has to do versus how he feels. He says he trusts Lisbon, but won’t share information with her. We know he cares about her, but he has no problem manipulating her. And apparently, respecting her means he’s entitled to dish out more crap on her than usual.

Jane, you are a twisted mess. And we love you. Now if the writers can somehow just show us what you think instead of
letting us hear what you say, since with you, the two are rarely one and the same (if ever).

Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise viewers in this next one. I’ve been asking for a gesture that shows he cares about Lisbon and isn’t just prepping her to use in his master plan. Maybe we’ll finally get some.

On a more serious note: the fact that J.J. Laroche is the new head kinda seems like it’s meant to make him seem suspicious again. After all, either his only crime is being good at his job hence the promotion; or he’s R.J.’s operative whose plan was to get Hightower’s job all along the better to observe Jane for Red John. Are the writers teases or what?

The episode will air March 10th.

NEW: You can find a promo of it here.

Poor Lisbon. I can’t even imagine her without her office. Now I watched promo and it gave me an idea. What if Cho becoming the new boss was a move orchestrated by Jane and Laroche? It might sound crazy but watch Jane’s face in the promo. If nothing else, he doesn’t seem surprised by Laroche’s decision. It would also fit in with what we learned in the previous episode that the two men
talk to each other. But why demote Lisbon? I’m not even going there. We’ll find out soon enough. I hope.

Unfortunately, it looks we won’t be getting a glimpse of empathetic Jane; Instead it looks like Jane the Jerk has completely taken over for the rest of the season: “You’re not my boss anymore.”

Ouch. Really, Jane? Talk about hitting where it hurts. I’m running out of excuses for you.

I guess it could be his twisted way of making sure Lisbon’s fine; if she can endure his teasing then she’s not too broken up over being demoted. But If there is one thing you shouldn’t joke about with Lisbon, it’s her job. It’s her life. Jane should know that. Sigh.

If anyone can provide more information regarding the upcoming episodes (a link to an interview or article) that would be really helpful.

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24 responses to “(Updated) Mentalist Bloodstream Preview (spoilers)

  • All-I-need

    Glad to see I`m not the only one freaking out here.
    If I had been drinking anything while reading the episode synopsis, I would`ve spit it all over my laptop, that`s for sure. I did almost fall off of my chair, if that counts for anything.

    Since I just stated my theory in my last comment on your “Red Queen” review, I am absolutely FREAKED OUT about LaRoche being in charge now. If he IS RJ`s operative, then RJ is basically in charge of CBI now. Talk about the devil´s advocate…

    This is going to be one hell of an episode and I can only hope that we`ll get enough team or Jisbon moments to make up for all the suspense we`re being tortured with.

    Oh, by the way: “I am better off alone” and “I can`t tell her, that`ll put her at risk” is one and the same thing. He tells her and he won`t be alone with his knowledge. He doesn`t tell her and she won`t be at risk AND he`ll be alone, though probably not better off.

    I also thought about your comment of Jane not being able to share because he just isn`t used to it, but then I watched Jolly Red Elf today and he had no problem whatsoever telling Minelli right away that Todd Johnsson was RJ`s operative. Maybe he only did that because he wanted LaRoche`s suspect list, but I think he could`ve gotten that withouth telling Minelli his reasons.

    I am so looking forward to Cho`s reaction to being promoted and subsequently being Lisbon`s boss. My guess is he`ll just do what she suggests and make it look like he`s the one in charge. At least we`ll get a lot of Cho-moments out of this. He is great and I can`t wait to see more. Maybe we`ll finally learn more about the whole Elise-situation. I hope they`re still together.

  • reviewbrain

    In my opinion, Jane told minelli to get the list from him. He wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise because even after he tells minelli his suspicions, the latter was still reluctant to hand it over. It could also be a case that talking to strangers (like the AA group) is much easier than talking to people who know him and actually are about him; their less likely to judge and less likely to be hurt by anything he says. The difference between the “can’t tell her, it’ll put her t risk” and the “I’m better off alone” comments is the sentiment behind them. The first suggests the reason he won’t tell Lisbon is out of worry for her safety. Commenter Violet brought up a very good point in the Jolly Red Elf review that Jane probably used that particular phrasing with Minelli to appeal to his protective fatherly side with regards to Lisbon, making it more likely for Virgil to give him the list he wanted. Here, on the other hand, the “I’m better off alone.” has nothing to do with Lisbon and hints towards a more
    selfish reason. Plus, he doesn’t need anything from Hightower so it
    might be that this answer is more truthful.
    On the other hand, it could just be that he doesn’t want to admit to Hightower how much he cares about Lisbon. Minelli, on the other hand, may already know that.

    Hence the confusion, hence the more clarity please.

  • violet

    I wonder if Lisbon will be retrograded because she went against Bertram in defending Hightower or (again) for usually protecting Jane, as Laroche already made a comment in Jolly Red Elf about her being protective of her men, and particularly him. I find it more believable that it concerns the recent Hightower case.
    It will probably give us an interesting insight in Lisbon’s and Cho’s personality as well as Jane’s. And I don’t know if Jane will react as he did with Hightower, because 1) the situation is completely different, his own job is not unconditionally protected like it was with the previous boss, and 2) he can’t afford to draw too much attention on his interest for her. Being close to her and buying her a couch is one thing but, with a traitor wandering around, it could be dangerous to continuously save her job, when it has nothing to do with his crazy schemes… Poor Lisbon!

    In any case, the team dynamic has already changed if Cho is about to become the new head of the Serious Crime Unit! It was the principal spoiler about next season and it’s already happening, without anybody being killed (yet)! 😉

  • violet

    oh! I forgot to thank you for quoting me! 🙂 And I don’t know about the difference about “I am better off alone” and “I can`t tell her, that`ll put her at risk”… True, there seems to be a different feeling behind both formulations, but still… You’re right, Minelli is probably more conscious of Jane’s feelings so it’s easier for him to confess that he wants to protect her (and what’s great with Jane’s twisted logic is that doesn’t lessen the possibility of him using it for manipulating Minelli who also cares about Lisbon). I wonder if it isn’t more difficult for Jane to tell Hightower that he wants to let Lisbon in the dark because of Hightower’s previous advice. She already told him he needed someone (romantically that time) and the consequences were dramatic. “I am better off alone” may be a way of cutting her off about Lisbon and, at the same time, to subtly remind her and himself about fiasco with Kristina. I would have been better and safer if he stayed alone then and, thus, it is better if he doesn’t involve Lisbon any more than she is… Therefore, the kiss on the cheek (echoing the one he gave her) could have been at the same time a way of thanking him and comforting him.

  • T

    Blood Stream is not the last episode of the season. They are currently casting episode 20, and there should be 23 episodes this season.

  • reviewbrain

    You’re most welcome. Now I think you’re right about the kiss comforting Jane and thanking him, but I just didn’t get a vibe that Jane’s statement was being a reference to Hightower’s Kristina advice; although I do understand how that could be true.

  • C

    An interesting thought occurred to me whilst i looked at the promo…o.o at one part lisbon asks “why was i taken off in the first place” or something to that extent, but i think i know why.
    Hightower is not inside the parametre and therefore they will suspect someone helping her escape and thus lisbon is now a possible suspect in such a thought.

    Yeah i do think jane is pulling away because he knows he cares too much for lisbon and he accepts this to an extent so this way he can protect her from RJ, or at least thinks he can. Furthermore he wants to be in control of the situation as he was deeply bothered earlier this season when lisbon said she was in control of the situation. Remember, jane has recognised issues with control.

    T_T i think lately…jane’s been a bit mean to lisbon, i mean he caused her to sprain her foot yet wasn’t in the least concerned, in the past he would’ve been all concerned for lesser things…>_>i never even liked kristina frye -.- i always suspected her as having been in on it with RJ and then being tossed away like Bosco’s secretary.

  • reviewbrain

    Oh that’s a definately possibility that hadn’t occured to me. Although Lisbon was with laroche the whole time after hightower dissappeared so he shouldn’t suspect her. I agree with you that Jane has been more careless towards Lisbon and that’s definitely a reaction to their revenge conversation in red moon and her contention that she’s in control. They are both control freaks and Jane this season seems to be asserting his every chance he has, hence the acting out more than usual, hence the “oh beleive me, she tried,” he replies gleefully when Jodie (blood for blood) tells Lisbon to control him, etc. Thank you for your input, very interesting points.

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you for clearing that up. It’s a big relief to worried fans.

  • reviewbrain

    Actually I don’t think Jane will be too worried over his job, in fact I doubt this will change anything for him. Lisbon on the other hand… That woman can’t catch a break.

  • All-I-need

    First of all: Man, I`m glad to hear there`ll be about 23 episodes. That really is a big relief.

    Second: I know this is completely off topic but you did ask in the poll who might be the RJ operative and I just found new evidence pointing straight at Craig O`Laughlin (is that how is name is written?).
    My dad recorded Red Carpet Treatment which was first aired over here on Sunday and when I watched it yesterday (while nursing a nice fever of 38°C) I found it pretty suspicious that CRAIG of all people knew that trick with the candle that suddenly seemed to light itself on the TV-show. Now, Craig seems to have spend a lot of time with the military or different police forces, so how come he knows this little trick Jane used? It`s not like they teach that one in school, right? Maybe it`s just the fever speaking but I found that suspicious. Just wanted to get that out =)
    I`m so looking forward to this new episode!

  • reviewbrain

    Interesting 🙂 speaking of crazy ideas: I just can’t reconcile how decent (to Lisbon) laroche was in the previous episode with how jerky he’s looking in this next one. I’m actually hoping the whole Lisbon demotion thing is a birthday prank or something. It would explain how unconcerned Jane seems in the promo. Talk about wishful thinking…

    Hope you feel better soon. The countdown has officially started; hope the episode will help your recovery 🙂

  • violet

    Yes, you’re right, it may be a clue… but he could also know that trick just by chance (there are lot of people who know one or two magic tricks, without being particularly fond of the subject). However, I completely agree with you about O’Laughlin being a very convincing suspect: remember the way he was introduced to Grace. It was during a RJ case (Kristina Frye’s reappearance) and he found an effective way to gain her attention, getting in a car accident, then telling her he was one of her father’s players and complimenting him… The straightforward and a little naïve girl she is just had to notice him (attractive man, even more with the relief of being safe after the collision), he was kind of reassuring, since he was one of her father’s boys (implicit guarantee of being a good guy) and he seemed to remember and respect him (making a good impression and flattering). That was very suspicious. It seems like every appearance of Craig hints even more that he shouldn’t be trusted: every single suspicious element is almost insignificant and can be overlooked (that trick with the candle for example, the link with Visualize, their first meeting, even his reaction to Laroche’s plan could be irrelevant) but the accumulation of them makes him appear as untrustworthy.

    (I hope you don’t mind that I comment on your comment 🙂 )

  • All-I-need

    Feel free to comment on my comments at any time =) That`s the use of this blog if I`m not mistaken.

    And you`re right, all those little things that are meant to make him look like a good guy only make him more suspicious.

    @Reviewbrain: Birthday prank! That`s a great idea! I`m dreaming with you ;-). And I am feeling a lot better today, after having slept for 16 (!) freakin hours. The fever seems to be gone, can`t say the same about the cough, sadly. I`ll be just fine in a few days. Only angry because it happened in the holidays – duh. Just my luck.

  • All-I-need

    I just checked that link, too, and I noticed something interesting:
    JJ LaRoche is not listed in the Cast. Possible meaning?

  • L

    I read a theory somewhere, maybe it was here, don’t remember, about Larouche having killed the real Larouche and was just living in his house, and that’s why Jane wanted to see his house to confirm this, and when he gave him the scotch he sort of confirmed his analyses of his personality, that he was the type that liked scotch, and that his house didn’t fit his personality, thereby confirming his suspicions, or something like that. Anyway i thought that theory sort of made sense. Just rambling, can’t wait for the new episode, yey:-)

  • All-I-need

    That was mine =) Glad you liked it. And yes, it was here on the blog. Nice to see I`m not the only one who`s brain has enough knots in it to see the sense in such a theory 😉

  • All-I-need

    Just need to say it:
    2 HOUR FINALE?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Are those guys CRAZY?! I can hardly survive 43 MINUTES and they`re giving us TWO FREAKING HOURS?! Cardiologist, anyone?

    And to think that RJ would let a wedding happen. Suuuuuuuuuure. And he will even walk down the aisle, too, dressed in pink, and throw nice little flowers at the audience…and if he doesn`t show up, I`m sure Rigsby will happily take over his part of killing the groom. Hehe.

  • reviewbrain

    Ok, first of all thanks for totally ruining that for me. There’s a reason I’ve been avoiding that oh-so tempting link kindly provided by L. It’s to lessen all the suspense! *sigh* cardiologist indeed. I think we’re going to end up suing Mr. Heller and his delightful team of authors before the end of the season. Do you know any good lawyers 😉 (That’s a joke, by the way. In case anyone from CBS is reading, the only thing I’d like to send the writers/creator is flowers; and maybe my resume.)

  • All-I-need

    Sorry. I thought you might need a little warning because you are dangerously close to having a heart attack from all the suspense and you need to a) finish your story and b) continue writing this blog, so I can`t just let you die. Sorry. 😉

    Oh, and I don`t know any lawyers. Not even good ones. I am on that special side of the law where you never need a lawyer except for important documents because I am (trying to be) a good person.

    And IF anyone from CBS ever reads this: This is me, asking for directions to Simon Baker`s house because I need to *cough* him. Oh, and I am willing to send out flowers, too.
    But I really want to dance with him. Really really really. Please?

  • Sid

    He was not one of her father’s players

    He played for an opposing team

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