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Hello People! As I’ve been hit by the flu and new obligations in addition to pre-existing ones, I asked my good friend and fellow Mentalist fan @CJDavey to write this week’s review. He did an excellent job and on such short notice! I can say I agree exactly with 99.5% with everything he wrote. The other 5% I’ll express in the comments 😉 Thanks Connor!



Following his acquittal of all charges in last week’s season 4 premiere, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is reinstated as a consultant for the CBI once again. CBI Director Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston) informs Jane that whilst Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is suspended and the rest of the team reassigned, he must work with a new team of agents lead by Agent Ray Haffner (guest star Reed Diamond.) Annoyed at Bertram’s punishment of Lisbon, Jane sets out to divide his new team and bring together his old one, all whilst getting Lisbon her job back and solving the case of a murdered gym instructor.

Concise Verdict

After a brilliant season premiere (given an 8.5 on this very blog) I am happy to say that Little Red Book improves on such quality, and does so in a way that is able to move the story and characters forward whilst remaining one of the most entertaining shows currently on the air. It involves some refreshingly fun Jane moments (nice to see him retain this side, after everything that has happened), several cases of excellent character development, very welcome continuity in the shape of returning characters and one thing we ALL like to see – team love. Last week’s premiere and this episode even more so, work together as a good wrap up to the fallout from the events of 3.23/24 Strawberries and Cream Parts I and II and in part ables the story to move forward from here without leaving the finale to feel like a waste. As for the emotional fallout, that’s not over by a long shot – but would we have it any other way? Massive thanks to @mentalistwriter for a truly brilliant episode. A perfect score of 10/10

Detailed AKA Humongous Analysis (spoilers galore)

Very Important Scene (VIS) #1 – Opening – Jane and Bertram

–          Jane seems calm, but a bit on edge. This is supported by his body language, as he taps his finger repeatedly on his lips. After Bertram presents Jane with his Identification, bringing Jane back into the fold, Jane queries:

“What about Lisbon?”

Jane’s whole demeanour here suggests he is uninterested in his own reinstatement, something backed up by his persistence in asking Bertram just why he is punishing Lisbon. He goes on to state that Bertram is “dumping” her, that re-hiring him and firing Lisbon is “perverse” and even going as far as taking the blame for the Red John operation himself claiming “My operation. It was my operation.” Jane’s tone as he says this is clearly one of annoyance, though he knows his place still and doesn’t become too irate at the risk of ticking Bertram off more than he already is. Instead, as Bertram tells Jane to go out into the field with Haffner and his new team ASAP, he says calmly “no, I don’t think so.” Whilst he does then leave and join Haffner’s team, with the way things turn out in the end it is fair to say that Jane is true to his word. It is clear he has a plan.

The main aspect of this scene I would like to point out is just how much Jane clearly wanted Lisbon back, and how visibly unhappy he is that she is being made an example of. Whilst Jane is my favourite character on the show I have felt that he should’ve backed Lisbon up more in the past, especially when it comes to her being reprimanded for his actions. An example of this would be in 2.19 Blood Money after Lisbon was suspended for failing to keep Jane under control. Whilst Jane was by no means happy with this and though he did hatch a plan to get her back (similar to this episode’s plan in fact, in that it involved him helping her solve a case to take to the powers that be) his entire attitude here, particularly in this scene, was different. It was more determined and in turn more caring. The fact that Jane openly admits to the divisions head honcho that it was his fault further amplifies this point. This was refreshing to see, and was only the first of many moments in the episode where the team’s solidarity as a family unit shone through. This was something I openly called for leading up to the start of this season, so it’s fair to say this made me very happy. Anyway, Jane doesn’t push the boat out with Bertram as he knows he stands a much better chance at getting Lisbon’s job back through a carefully thought out plan.

Very Important Scene (VIS) #2 – Jane visits Lisbon at her apartment

Jane visits Lisbon, which results in us getting to see inside her apartment for the first time since 2.03 Red Badge.  I know I was excited by this too. Jane immediately shows his concern for Lisbon, asking how her arm is. Lisbon replies, stating that it is better due to physical therapy. Now, I am no body language expert but Lisbon’s here is coming across as adorably awkward, possibly due to having Jane in her apartment (she wasn’t exactly in the state of mind to care about this in Red Badge.) As for why she’d feel this way? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve already seen another reviewer point out exactly the same thing so I know I’m not alone in this line of thought. Just look at her face when she sighs, before biting her lip and looking to the side. I think the best and most likely reason for this is that Lisbon, being the ‘lone wolf’ that she is, simply isn’t used to having people visit her outside work – especially a colleague. But of course, Jane is more than a colleague – he’s a close friend, something which becomes more apparent as the conversation progresses. Jane asks about Haffner, leading to a surprised “you’re back at work?” from Lisbon. Her surprised response along with Jane’s subsequently stilted answer suggests that whilst Lisbon claims to be unperturbed by her suspension, she does in fact care and Jane realises this. Lisbon goes on to state a few titbits on Haffner, including his use of “creative surveillance techniques”, something which becomes important in Jane’s plan and solving the case. One thing that does seem sincere on Lisbon’s part is when she claims that losing her job is “worth it” because they got Red John. Seriously, this is the biggest indication yet of just how much Lisbon has come to care for Jane. Can you imagine Lisbon saying this at all in the first two seasons? The fact that she seems willing to sacrifice her job in order to have caught and killed Red John as Jane had always wanted, in spite of always condemning this herself, shows for me anyway just how close these two have become. As for those Lisbon fans out there wondering why Lisbon isn’t angry at Jane for shooting Timothy Carter, the complete opposite in fact – she’s happy for him, I tell you this: The main bulk of the Jane/Lisbon journey in season 3 was made up of Jane’s attempts to bring Lisbon around to the idea of him killing Red John and to, in a way, make her more like him. This was brought up numerous times in @brainyreviewer’s reviews last season, and it does not surprise me at all that Lisbon has adopted this approach so far this season. Do I think that Lisbon would’ve let Jane go ahead with it had she been there at the mall? Not at all. But with it all said and done, Lisbon seems to be happy for Jane – she just wants her friend to move on and find some peace. This proves Jane’s actions in S3 to have been at least partially effective. The best example of this was in 3.14 Blood for Blood, in which Jane convinced Lisbon to let a girl off the hook, a girl who had been abused by her Father and who in turn shot him dead. Jane was essentially attempting to get Lisbon to ignore her cop instincts and to do what may be considered ‘right’ in the long run, rather than what her duty as a cop entails. Was Jane’s shooting of Timothy Carter right whether he was Red John or not? As a rather left wing person, I say not, but the important thing about this show is that – so far anyway – it has not preached to the audience on whether Jane’s actions were right or wrong, it has simply been faithful to the characters and what their actions or reactions would likely be to the given situations.

Another question I’m seeing a lot of fans ask is why Jane doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of guilt for killing the wrong man. I don’t know what to think about this really. I hate to politicise again, but I’ve always considered Jane’s views towards criminals more right wing in nature. This could be a result of what happened with Red John or he may have always been this way, but it was particularly apparent on 3.04 Red Carpet Treatment in which Jane expresses his displeasure at being woken up in order to investigate the dead body of a convicted rapist and murderer.  Whilst there’s no proof as to whether Timothy Carter was a murderer or not, Jane knows he worked for a killer and certainly did some very ‘evil’ things. I’m not suggesting for a moment that Jane would’ve still gone through with the shooting had he known Carter wasn’t Red John, he wouldn’t have. What I am saying is that the point mentioned above, along with the fact that Jane believed Carter to be Red John at the time (Jane doing what he felt was right in the moment) allow Jane’s conscience to be clear. Well, on this matter anyway.

Now, where was I? Jane goes on to say that they “didn’t get Red John”, before Lisbon hits back with the opposite opinion. As Jane goes off on his explanation as to why Red John is still alive, Lisbon interrupts with a hint of worry in both her face and voice “Jane…” Robin Tunney did an excellent job as always here. It may have only lasted a split second, but that subtle look on her face expresses perfectly Lisbon’s worry for Jane’s state of mind.  Now, I hate to blow my own trumpet (ok, I don’t hate it) but Jane goes on to confirm my theory from the premiere as to when he realised Timothy Carter wasn’t Red John, in that it must’ve been Red John who got the gun taken from the crime scene and the phone swapped. I said in the comments for last week’s reviews that when the two detectives tell Jane that this is the case, he then realises that he shot the wrong man.

Lisbon then poses a very interesting possibility. What if Timothy Carter was Red John, and he went to the mall knowing that Jane may take extreme action and planned the gun and phone extraction beforehand as a result of this – messing with Jane’s head in the aftermath, making him believe that Red John is still out there when in fact he is long gone. Thinking about it, it’s a real possibility and one that would be very effective. Red John would’ve condemned Jane to a life of torment chasing, as Lisbon says, a man he’s already killed. This reminded me of something series creator Bruno Heller said in an interview soon after the Season 3 finale, something which in fact makes a lot of sense if you actually consider Lisbon’s theory to have any element of truth to it. Heller says “Thing is, Red John is a master of the mind game. If Red John wanted to die, maybe this is how he wanted to die.” Whilst I still choose to believe that Red John is still out there, this theory cannot be completely ignored. Yes, even with what happens in the last scene.

Very Important Scene (VIS) #3 – Grace in therapy

This was a short, but very effective and important scene. After summarizing the situation with O’Laughlin, Van Pelt begins to wonder if talking about will help at all. Her therapist tries to explain why it needs to be talked about. Van Pelt responds by letting out an embittered laugh, before darkly jesting “could’ve been worse…I could have married him.” This response and Graces generally dismissive attitude towards her therapy sessions in this episode are a good continuation of what we saw the character heading towards in last week’s premiere, and I hope is indicative of what’s to come as a whole for the season. Seeing her being this angry isn’t nice, but it’s endearing in a way and it’s very exciting to see a less naive Grace coming out this season and I know I’m not alone in this opinion. Once again, Amanda Righetti played this perfectly so praise must go to her for bringing out what could be considered a ‘darker’ Grace for season 4.

Very Important Scene (VIS) #4 – The ‘secret meeting’

The team (minus Lisbon) meet secretly to discuss the situation. Jane tells them that they have one chance to get Lisbon her job back. The plan is to crack the Kuzmenko case before Haffner does, using their success as leverage with Bertram to get him to re hire her. As Jane hatches the plan to set up Haffner with his ‘book of lovers’, Rigsby shows reluctance to go along with the plan:

“I don’t like it. It’s insubordination we’re already on the edge here.”

Grace: “It’s for the boss.”

Rigsby: “This goes wrong and we’re out, they’re not gonna give us another chance.”

I’ve seen many people criticising Rigsby for his hesitation to help Lisbon, one reviewer even called him a “weasel.” Whilst I certainly wouldn’t  go that far (who doesn’t love Rigsby?) it does worry me slightly that whilst Van Pelt and Cho are so up for helping, Rigsby doesn’t seem to share the same ‘do what it takes’ attitude when it comes to helping out someone who is not just a colleague, but a friend. The worst thing is this isn’t the first time Rigsby has adopted this approach. In 2.03 Red Badge when Lisbon is being accused of murdering a convicted paedophile, the rest of the team seems to support her pleas of ‘not guilty’ whilst Rigsby doesn’t seem so sure. I believe he said something along the lines of “if Lisbon had the guts to kill him, she has the guts to serve her time.” Or something to that effect. It’s surprising to see this issue raising its ugly head again, especially when I consider Lisbon and Rigsby’s relationship to be one of the healthiest on the show (who else remembers their scene together in 3.21 Like a Redheaded Stepchild?) On this occasion it could just be a coincidence that they chose Rigsby to show hesitation, feeling they needed at least one reluctant party considering the high risk factor involved in the plan. Either way, I do hope they revisit this in some capacity. Maybe next time Lisbon needs help he’ll be the first to step up to the plate rather than the tentative last.

Overall though, this was another example of the team showing their strength and yes, their love for each other. Jane’s planning and Cho/Van Pelt’s pretty immediate ‘yes’ to said plan was moving.  More than ever our team is coming across as a family. This is of course something you’d expect after 4 seasons, but it’s great to see it working so well regardless.

Very Important Scene (VIS) #5 – Lisbon visits Sally Carter

There’s so much to say about this scene, that I’ll try my best to keep it down to a short couple of paragraphs to avoid this review becoming even more long winded than it already is. LaRoche is a truly complex and interesting character. He quite happily helps Lisbon in her request to visit Sally Carter (wife of the late Timothy Carter) in prison. He says:

“I don’t mind Teresa, Bertram has treated you poorly.”

LaRoche being so nice here didn’t exactly surprise me, but it was nice to see. I (and Reviewbrain) have said on numerous occasions that we believe LaRoche to be a genuinely nice man at Heart, and it became increasingly obvious that he actually likes Lisbon. I for one never considered him ‘evil’ or ‘mean.’ Sure, he was creepy at times but consider the context. For all of his appearances last season he was often interrogating people, people he suspected of murdering Todd Johnson. In this situation, of course he was going to use his darker side, likely in an attempt to unnerve and intimidate each suspect. The same goes for 3.17 Bloodstream onwards as Hightower’s duties are signed over to him. As the temporary boss of the unit, any alleged intimidation on his part was likely an attempt to assert his authority rather than coming from some sort of malicious intent. This is apparent in said episode when he puts Cho in charge before reinstating Lisbon at the episodes end. It was to show that he will not tolerate any disrespect on the part of his agents, and to be honest he was completely justified in doing this. None of this ever made LaRoche a bad man. I mean c’mon, he owns a fluffy white dog. Regardless of all this however, I was not expecting what happened next. As he says his goodbyes, he hugs Lisbon – and quite lovingly, might I add. What is it with Lisbon and getting hugs from her bosses? That’s Minelli, Hightower and LaRoche now who have all ended up squeezing her tiny frame. She needn’t worry about new boss Luther Wainwright joining in 4.04 Ring around the Rosie as I’m sure he’ll be under her spell in no time. Anyway, don’t get me wrong LaRoche certainly does have a dark side (what the hell is in that Tupperware box?!) but this last scene of his all but confirms my suspicion that he is a big cuddly teddy bear deep down in that complicated, layered Heart of his. Goodbye J.J., we hardly knew ye.

As they enter Sally Carters cell, they discover her face down in the bunk with blood gushing from her wrist and onto the floor where Lisbon discovers a note. As Jane arrives, she tells him she came to ask if her husband was Red John before reading a note that confirms her suspicions. Jane then takes the note and reads it intently. Jane’s focus as he reads said note suggests that he himself is starting to become unsure as to whether Timothy Carter was or was not Red John. This is backed up by the final scene…

Very Important Scene (VIS) #6 – Jane and Rosalind visit the morgue

After Jane’s plan succeeds, Haffner is reprimanded by Bertram and Lisbon reinstated to her post, Jane goes to the morgue with Rosalind Harker. To recap, she is the blind former lover of Red John who we met in 1.23 Red Johns Footsteps. When we saw her last, she was adamant that her man Roy Tagliaferro was a good man and couldn’t have been Red John. This time, Jane assures her that Roy and Red John were in fact the same man. As she feels Timothy Carters cold, dead face she seems to get quite emotional before saying:

“I never met this man. I have no idea who he is.”

The fact that Jane went out of his way to contact Rosalind and get her to ID Carters body shows, for me anyway, that a seed of doubt had been planted in his mind both by Lisbon and by the note that Sally Carter had left, if indeed it was her that left it. That possibility raises another question; does Red John want Jane to think he’s dead so that he can then strike again unsuspectingly on those he loves? I’ll get into that another time, but I’m sure we’ll see soon. Either way, it doesn’t seem to have worked. As Rosalind confirms that this man is not Roy Tagliaferro (an alias), Jane’s face tells the whole story – whilst he was sure before that his family’s killer is still out there, now he is certain. It was brilliant acting by Simon in this case, as his facial expression at this revelation oozed fear and realisation, two things I’m sure Jane was ridden with in those last few seconds. As the door closes on Carters body – and Jane – Blake Neely’s chilling music kicks in, the screen goes black and we too are hit with the harsh reality: Red John is still out there and he will be back one way or another.

This episode has so many excellent character moments that I missed out a few others, and there were also many other highlights I couldn’t quite fit into the VIS’s. As a result, here is a short list of other moments from the episode that I particularly liked:

–          Jane climbing over the body before claiming “this man is dead, I’m all but certain of it.”

–          The whole sequence of events in which Jane messed with Haffners team, particularly the Tork/Niskin plot.

–          The fact that Jane liked Lisbon’s tea, at first approving with an “mmm” and then even asking if he could take it away with him. She clearly knows the man well.

–          The whole plan with Cho being an informant on Jane’s actions with Haffner was very well played. Of course I knew that it was part of Jane’s plan, but Tim Kang played it brilliantly – enough to plant the tiniest seed of doubt in my mind. Even if it was only for a second.

–          Jane using some of the gym equipment. Hilarious. “Ooooh feelin that, yeahhh.”

–          Jane reading up on his baseball facts before reading one to Haffner.

–          Jane hypnotizing Agent Masterson.

–          The team in Lisbon’s apartment and Grace saying “we want to work for you.” Genuinely touching and another indication of their solidarity as a team.

–          Jane asking Lisbon for “the glowy spray stuff.”

–          Jane stating that he is “about 68.2% sure” the plan will work.

–          Jane telling Bertram that he “will continue to have a problem” if he doesn’t re hire Lisbon.

–          The penultimate scene in Lisbon’s office with her and Jane. It had a feeling of everything being back to normal and ‘all is right with the world’ to it.


Best Scene: Jane and Rosalind visit the morgue

For the reasons I have already mentioned above, really. Some may see it as re heated servings of the ending from the premiere, but to me this served as the ultimate confirmation that Red John is still out there and it was played out very well. It was genuinely chilling and included some brilliant acting from both Simon Baker and Alicia Witt.

Thoughts on Red John (Particularly the ‘He is many’ theory…)

The way I see it, the ‘he is many’ theory is becoming more and more likely. Now, I must stress exactly what I mean when I say ‘many’ because many fans seem to get this confused. I do not simply mean that the Red John network has many people in it, because we already know this to be true. The question is: Does ‘Red John’ have one head mastermind behind it, one man who leads his people and who killed Jane’s family personally or has there in fact always been more than one Red John? If  the ‘many’ theory turns out to be true I see it coming out this way; Red John is an organisation/cult/church whatever you want to call it, that has gained countless followers over the years but started with a small group of founding members. These founding members could include people such as Orville Tanner, Brett Stiles, Timothy Carter and possibly even Kristina Frye among others. The fact is Red John HAS to have either been started by one man, the one they call Red John or by a small group of people who killed in the name of Red John. It can’t simply be “Red John is a large number of people all over the state and it always has been” because Jane and the audience need a villain to go after, not to mention the fact that such a group has to be started by either an individual or a small collection of people. It’s impossible to see it any other way. Too many fans respond to the ‘many’ theory with the claim of “yeah, he has people everywhere.” Of course he does, but that is not what the ‘He is many’ possibility refers to at all. Not for me anyway. This is all just conjecture of course, but I had to get it off my chest and I’m sure whichever way the writers lead us that it’ll be a thrilling, rewarding journey and ultimate conclusion.

Icing on the Cake

As a certain someone often points out, continuity is a very important thing and this episode was rife with it. The show could’ve easily just gone back to normal after the premiere and put the team back together. Instead, we have the much more likely and believable scenario of the team being reassigned and Lisbon suspended. Kudos to the writers for not taking the easy way out with that one. There is also some good continuity in the form of returning characters. We knew LaRoche was only temporary, so they could’ve just let him disappear from the show – but instead we get one final (for now) appearance that is not only significant, but adds another layer to an already complex character. I think we must thank Pruitt Taylor Vince for his brilliant performance; he’s welcome back any time. Last, but certainly not least we have the return of Rosalind Harker. She is the only one (that Jane knows of) to have been intimate with the man we know as Red John, so it makes perfect sense that Jane would contact her for help in identifying Carter’s body. Props to the writers once again for bringing this sense of continuity in the show. The recent news that Karen Cross (Missi Pyle), Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin) and Brett Stiles (Malcolm McDowell) will all be returning this season shows that this trend will long continue into the shows future.

Pet Peeves:

–          My only real pet peeve with this episode is the aforementioned issue with Rigsby and his reluctance to help Lisbon. Don’t forget he also very nearly cost Cho his job last season in 3.12 Bloodsport by bringing him into his Daddy issues and forcing him to lie for him, something Cho had quite proudly never done to a fellow cop before. Looking back on other similar cases, maybe this is in fact completely in character and therefore shouldn’t count as a ‘pet peeve’ but something about it just didn’t sit right with me. For the record, I DO like Rigsby a lot. What do you think? Am I being too harsh on Rigsby? Please let me know what you think by voting in the poll below and sounding off in the comments!

–          LaRoche has left. Booo! Hopefully he returns in the future.


My expectations for Season 4 have so far been met, and in this episode exceeded. The development of Jane/Lisbon in the premiere was very good under the circumstances, and that rich vein of character development carried on into this episode – particularly with the team as a whole, and how they need each other more than ever. When an episode manages to have excellent character interaction whist balancing it with other entertaining highlights and a pretty solid case, then you know you’ve done something right. A big thank you to all involved and particularly writer Tom Szentgyorgyi for a truly fantastic episode.

This was my first review, and is much less in depth than what you are likely accustomed to reading on this wonderful blog. I apologise for this, but I did my best! J I only included a single favourite scene and fused some of my favourite lines into the ‘other moments I liked’ section in order to shorten it down, not that it worked.  Also, I realise I tend to go off on a tangent a lot – this is due to my passion for the show, I hope this shines through.  I’d like to thank @brainyreviewer for giving me the opportunity to write this review. I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

Here are two promos for the upcoming episode 4.03 ‘Pretty Red Balloon’ airing October 6th. I can’t wait! 😀




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25 responses to “Mentalist Little Red Book Review

  • reviewbrain

    I just want to thank Connor again for his comprehensive (fast!) review. This was a fantastic episode with so many awesome details I couldn’t have possibly pointed them all out on my own.
    Regarding the topics he addressed I have the following comments:

    VIS 3: Grace in therapy:

    I’ve heard a lot of fans talk about how pleased they are with Grace’s newfound cynicism. While I appreciate how having her fiancée turn out to be RJ’s accomplice would change her, I hope that change lies mostly in realizing the importance of her friends, not in embittering her. We’ve already seen clues of this; how quickly she jumped in to save Lisbon, etc. But I don’t like Grace being called naive for falling in love. After all, if you can’t trust a fellow law enforcer, who can you trust? Even Jane didn’t know O’Laughlin was bad. I hope she is able to get over this slump, learn from it, then go back to being her refreshingly optimistic self. Lord knows the show needs at least one.

    VIS: 4: The Secret Meeting/Rigsby’s Reluctance to Help Lisbon:

    Connor rightfully pointed out that this is the second time Rigsby didn’t stand up for Lisbon. I’d like to offer a possible explanation:
    In ‘Red Badge’, Rigsby’s reluctance stems from his fearing the idea that Lisbon could be a cold-blooded killer; a fear shared by Lisbon herself in that episode. Being both victims of violence; it is not surprising that the two share this view. As Rigsby’s father was a criminal, it also makes sense from him to not want to support criminal acts as he has a hidden fear for slipping into committing them (i.e. as brought to light by LaRoche’s interview of Rigsby in ‘Bloodhounds’).
    As to his reluctance here: Rigsby may not show it as much as Van Pelt, but he has healthy ambition as well. In ‘Redline’ he told Grace he didn’t want to leave the CBI because he’s coming into his 5th year; entailing he was waiting for a promotion. Being regulated to security detail has to hurt. Unlike Cho who was given his old job back, Rigsby’s situation was more precarious. I don’t condone his actions, but I don’t blame him at all. He’s just trying to survive.
    Also (and I know I’m stepping into hot water here). I don’t find anyone blaming Cho for agreeing to join Haffner’s unit despite the condition being to spy on Jane. Please note this was before Jane approached Cho with his plan to reinstate Lisbon. Also, Cho barely glanced at Jane when he saw him in the unit hinting at resentment over the situation Jane put them (and Lisbon) in. This recalls how livid Cho was with Jane in episode ‘Blood Money’ when Lisbon got suspended. Only when Jane started making moves to get her reinstated did Cho ease up on him.
    Huh. I thought I was making a point on how Cho was not a team player either but I think I instead proved that Cho favors Lisbon over Jane. Strange considering how little instances we have of Cho expressing regard towards Lisbon (ironically, as opposed to Rigsby). Although his hidden frustration towards her in Bloodstream went a long way to show that he does care for her.

    I think I just found more reasons to love this episode.

    VIS # 6: Lisbon visits Sally Carter’s cell

    First of all, hooray for Lisbon taking initiative to solve the Red John mystery. This is the first time we’ve EVER seen her do this and I think it goes without saying that her desire to ease Jane’s mind took priority here over the solving of the actual murder.
    To be honest I don’t know how I feel about that. While it makes her seem unprofessional it fits her MO; perhaps the fear of what Jane might do once he catches Red John is what made Lisbon shy from Red John’s cases all these years (at least to our knowledge). Jane even pointed out that Lisbon was glad when the Red John case was reassigned to Bosco (‘Redemption’). But now that Lisbon thinks RJ’s dead, she’s jumping right in to prove it.
    As to Jane, did anyone else notice his hard tone when he demands to know what Lisbon is doing in Sally Carter’s cell? It was like he felt betrayed Lisbon was investigating anything remotely related to RJ behind his back.
    Wow. After everything they’ve been through Jane still treats the Red John case as his. I wonder if this sentiment will prove important in the new season or in future RJ cases…

    My Personal Icings on the Cake:

    -Lisbon’s apartment is much neater than how it used to be. Love the indication that as she’s had a lot of time on her hands she finally emptied out the boxes that were littering her living room.

    -How gorgeous was Robin Tunney in that green shirt? Kudo’s to wardrobe for putting her in something that brings out her eyes.

    – At first I was very skeptical at Jane’s plan. How was the team solving the case going to prove to Bertram that Jane needed Lisbon back? Then when Jane gathered the team in Lisbon’s home it all made sense. Jane was just using the team to get Lisbon to cooperate with him once he sets the stage to solve the case. Lisbon realized this immediately hence her asking the team to leave the room. She wanted to spare the team the realization that they were just props in Jane’s plan to get her job back; Jane was using her protectiveness towards her team to get her to cooperate with him.
    That’s kinda sick and twisted, as shown by Lisbon’s threat to kill Jane with her bare hands. But what’s really great about this scene is how clearly Lisbon saw through Jane’s plan, and her desire to protect her team from it.

    -The name of the gym owner is Ms. Shapen. Hee! Love the writer’s sense of humor.


    Ahem. Despite my love of subtext, it’s not always obvious to me whether my interpretations on the writer’s hints are correct or not, but this episode Tom S. threw a couple I’m absolutely sure were intentional:

    1. Does anyone else see the parallels made between the victim and Jane? No? Okay, let me remind you of his description as per one of his lovers during Cho’s interrogation of her:

    Lover: “He’s funny, charming, with a faintly wicked quality. Amoral you know what I mean?”
    Cho: “Unaware of moral precepts. As opposed to being purposely bad.”

    Remind you of anyone? After agonizing over Jane’s code (or lack thereof) of ethics, we finally get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Jane isn’t bad on purpose; he just doesn’t know how to be good.
    And yet, he’s learning: In Jane’s final scene with Bertram, Jane states: “You know who has always been a healthy moderating influence on me?”

    Lisbon! I worry a lot about Jane’s lack of empathy and guilt over people he’s killed and his admission that Lisbon’s a good influence on him really eases my mind. I just wonder if Lisbon realizes this. I hope she eventually does. She deserves to know that she affects Jane as much as he affects her.

    2. When Jane takes Rosalind to check Carter’s body, she states: “No one claimed the body? That’s so sad. You’d think they might have done something with it.”
    Jane’s look at this statement, along with his Elizabeth Taylor quote at the beginning of the episode “The years teach us patience. The shorter our time the greater our capacity for waiting” makes me think he’s pondering his mortality and the legacy he wants to leave behind.

    Thinking Jane = Love.

    3. End scene when Lisbon tells Jane she enjoyed her time off (away from him), Jane tells her that she’s a bad liar. He may claim to not believe her, but then why does he look so annoyed at her statement; like he’s not actually not sure if he’s reading her correctly or not?

    Insecure Jane= LOVE!

    My own Pet Peeve: Jane’s telling Lisbon she can thank him. But it’s not really a pet peeve because Jane wanting Lisbon to thank him again betrays his insecurity. Aw Jane!!

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Firstly, I’d like to say it was a pleasure writing this review and I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to do so.

    – Perhaps my thoughts on Grace came accross wrong? I do want her to get over it and realise how important the team are to her and i do not want her to become simply embittered and mad at the world – but it’s a nice change for the first few episodes and seems pretty realistic given the circumstances. As for Grace being naive, I wasn’t specifically refering to her choice of lovers but what is considered to be her pretty naive nature as a whole. Other fans have pointed this out on a few occasions. I think
    Jane even called her “gullible” on more than one occasion.

    – As for the Rigsby situation, I agree he was just doing it to save his job and he was in the worst position out of the team, but I still would’ve liked to see more willingness on his part. When asked if he was in on the Red John plan in 3.23/24 he was in on it with no real hesitation, in spite of what they were doing breaking nearly every rule in the book and going behind the back of the big boss. Fair enough his ‘current situation’ wasn’t as perilous, but the risk factor included in the plan was 10 times worse than the plan to get Lisbons job back. To be fair to him though, once he was in he was just that – he even went to pick the lock on Kuzmenko’s house with a smile on his face, not that he got far.

    Here’s the thing, I believe Cho and Jane DID begin the plan before he was asked by Haffner to watch Jane. In Janes first visit to Lisbons house she tells him that Haffner uses ‘creative surveillance techniques’ and then when Jane sees Cho being called into Haffner’s office they share a VERY knowing look, or at least that is how I am interpreting it. Jane then states at the end that ‘I knew he’d be having us followed’ gesturing towards Cho. I sincerely believe that Jane and Cho had discussed this BEFORE he was called into Haffner’s office initially.

    The gym owner is called Ms Chapain.

    I did notice the parallel between the victim and Jane, particularly in that scene you mentioned. Glad you brought that up as well!

  • reviewbrain

    Chapain- shapen tomato- tomahto

    Regardless of spelling, – shapen (as in shape’in) is what I heard when the name was first mentioned. I could be wrong that despite the spelling it was deliberate but I like thinking it was a fun pun 😉

    Jane’s issue with Grace has always been her beliefs and her refusal to be bullied by him for standing up for them. She’s the only one who ever argues with him and he attacks her for that on more than one occasion. In the pilot, he tries to embarrass her at the restaurant scene by suggesting she sleep with Rigsby; she doesn’t take the bait. Then, in Seeing Red, he and Rigsby make fun of her for being nervous over a seance. She passionately points out that Jane’s lack of belief could be stopping his family from communicating with him, effectively silencing him.

    I love this aspect of her personality. Just because someone doesn’t agree with Jane doesn’t mean they’re wrong. And this reminds me of more continuity; Grace feeling more comfortable with a minister than with the shrink. If talking is all she needs, shouldn’t it be with someone she trusts/ likes?

    Jane did point out that Grace was gullible but she responded (and I agree) that the comment wasn’t fair (it was also when a man approached her romantically).

    I personally think Jane’s comment gullible comment was due to residual annoyance with her refusal to be affected by his low opinion of her faith.

    He could have just been mean; as he said was making him (bloodshot).

    The only aspect of Grace I hope changes is her occasional coldness and selfishness (which, in S3 has already happened).

    She’s perfect in all other ways.

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    Hello there!
    Nice review, enjoyed the reading!

    I have to say that the thing that I loved the most in this episode was seeing how much this team has become closer to eachtoher. It’s so good to see their bond evolve from S1 till now, and how they express their feelings and actually show them. Not to mention that having Grace so verbal about how Lisbon means to them melt my heart. I am a huge supporter of the TM Ladies, and I really hope that we can see more friendhsip’s bond between them, especially now that VP really needs a friend.
    I’m also happy for Lisbon. She really loves her kids, and she deserves love back.

    I think that Lisbon must be the most hugged boss of all tv series 😉 But it’s good to see that her loyal and sincere nature gets recognized by her superiors.
    Just a note: Bertram does blame Lisbon’s for the two officers death, and O’ Laughlin’s death, really?? o.O *??*

    About J&L. I found two somewhat sarcastic notes in Lisbon. First when she said “good for you” to J (regarding him killing who she thinks was RJ). While we know Lisbon will be there for J (and her team) no matter what, that doesen’t mean that she doesen’t have to let him understand that she’s not entirily fine with that.
    Second note was at the end, when J says to her that good and honest people are terrible liars (almost same thing Bosco told her, honest eyes, that give her away all the time), and her “which makes you what?”. While I still think it was more for the banter, I couldn’t help but notice Jane’s expression after she said that… second hint of Lisbon’s not being happy with Jane’s attitude?
    And Jane’s attitude there reminded me of S2 episode “Blood Money” where Jane tells Lisbon that he’s always going to save her, whether she likes it or not. To which Lisbon replies that she doesen’t need to be saved. Which is very true. Lisbon’s no damsel in distress, quite the opposite actually. It was nice to see this scene cause it reminded me so much of the one I mentioned in S2, love continuity!
    Also, I think that J&L will have to have serious talk after, again. Cause I don’t think everything came back to where it was. Jane still killed a man, something she wanted to avoid, and maybe killed the wrong man, even if she still thinks Jane killed the real RJ.
    And that also depends on what Jane will decide to do now. Still talking to Lisbon about his plans? So far she is the only one who knows Jane’s idea that Carter isn’t RJ. Will he continue to talk to her after his meeting with Rosalind? Or will he begin to hide things to her again?..

    And well, LaRoche. I have to say that I had my doubts about him in the beginning, but of course, when I started to like him, he goes away. Same thing that happened with Bosco and Hightower 😦 (between, what if there’s nothing in that tupperware?)
    I hope the new boss will stay long enough I can enjoy him a lil bit 😉

    I also had issues with Rigs. I still love the guy, but as you already pointed out, he had no problems asking Cho to lie for him, but when it gets to save the boss he has problems? And Lisbon has always been very supportive, she didn’t report his relationship with Grace (and took a note from HT for that), and was very maternal with him when he talked to her about his father. I can understand his fears, but hey, he agreed to go along with a Jane’s plan to catch RJ after all….
    But well, I still love Rigs. 🙂

    Always a pleasure to discuss the episodes with you all 😀

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Hey there! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 I will post my response to all your points tomorrow as I am heading off to bed now. However, I will address one point right now – when Lisbon says ‘good for you’ to Jane, it is not sarcastic. There is not a single hint of sarcasm in her voice at all, it is completely sincere and I’m sure @brainyreviewer will back me up on this. Thanks again, look forward to having a discussion soon 🙂

  • Fiona Henderson (@ginger_ninja24)

    Excellent review!

    The main feeling I got from the episode was the sense that the team really were a team. And as we’re into the fourth season now, i’m glad this is the case. It was implied in ‘Bloodstream’ in that scene where Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt ask Lisbon to join them for a drink after she was reinstated, so this episode built on that idea of a deeper bond than just co-workers. And nice continuity from last week on the Lisbon/VanPelt friendship developments because Grace was the one to say “we want to work for you.” Go team 😀

    The final scene between Jane and Lisbon was a bit, as you put it, ” all is right with the world” wasn’t it? In fact that scene reminded me of the final scene in ‘Redacted.’ In both instances one was looking for thanks/acknowledgement from the other and all they got was some mild teasing. (Admittedly Jane did come back and say thank you in ‘Redacted’ but that ruins my argument!). I adore the scenes between Jane and Lisbon where there is a bit of flirting/teasing/banter or however you interpet it. Some other examples are the ending of ‘Ball of Fire and ‘Red Gold.’

    I didn’t pick up on the parallel between Jane and the victim, i’ll need to rewatch the episode!

  • wn

    I have no comments to make, except a sincere thank you for doing such a great job. It’s a pleasure to read a positive critique, because I’ve recently read too many negative comments about the show, which are kind of discouraging, and I don’t think do it justice. I do think the writers know exactly what they are doing with the characters, and I like the fact that they make you think by not being obvious.

  • All-I-need

    That was a great review, really! Job well done, I`d say. You definitely put in all the important points and THANK YOU so much for putting in Jane`s line. I didn`t catch what he was mumbling after “This man is dead” as he walked back to his car and I`m really grateful you put it in here. “This man is dead – I`m all but certain of it!” No really?! How brilliant WAS that?!

    Meeeh! I also realized that resemblance between Jane and the victim. I actually thought: “How funny, I know someone JUST like that…!”

    When Rosalind was first mentioned my very first thought was: “Oh dear, Reviewbrain must be doing summersaults right now! Continuity, anyone?” which only proves just how much time I`ve spent reading this blog. Continuity is becoming more and more important to me, too.

    Didn`t know Missi Pyle was coming back, by the way. I actually had to google her image to remember who Karen Cross was. Well, I didn`t expect THAT, to be sure. What are they going to do with her? Make Jane and Lisbon sit through another TV-show with her? Get her killed? (now that`s a long suspect list right there…).

    Ahem, I realize that this comment is pretty jumbled up and my thoughts are changing track every two seconds. I hope you don`t mind that.

    I love this episode. In fact, I re-watched it yesterday simply because it was so amazingly hilarious. I always knew Jane would mess with that new team in quite a horrible way but I`d have never expected a fist-fight, hypnosis AND false evidence. Well done, Jane!

    The whole team-action was great. I`m inclined to agree with reviewbrain on why Rigsby was hesitant to help Lisbon. In the end, he caved in, which is what counts (and don`t think I didn`t notice he did that after Grace very clearly stated that she was in).

    Cho … Cho was brilliant. As always. However, I don`t think he refused to look at Jane because he was angry at him. Jane and Lisbon both gave the team a chance to back out in the finale episode and they refused, even though they knew they were putting their jobs in jeopardy.
    In my opinion, Cho didn`t look at Jane for more than a second because he didn`t want to draw suspicion to himself and the fact that he and Jane are, in fact, friends. And they definitely are. Cho has always been more willing to follow along with Jane`s shemes, so he probably already guessed that Jane had a plan. The fact that he so quickly agreed to said plan only proves that. Also, I highly doubt that Cho would`ve ever given Haffner any kind of warning about what Jane was up to, no matter what he said to Haffner. In fact, he probalby would`ve claimed that he either didn`t know anything (because the one person who really knows Jane happens to be Lisbon), or maybe even lead him on a false track – which is what he actually did.

    Also, his one-liners were simply hilarious.
    “Think he`s smarter than you are?” – “Yes.”
    “Think he`s smarter than me?” – “Yes.” And he didn`t even bat an eye at his boss when he basically told him he thought he was stupid! *laughs*

    The whole Jane/Lisbon interaction was great. One thing I particularly liked (apart from the fact that she knows how to prepare his tea) was his “Keep working that bum wing”. WING! Like he views her as some kind of angel – a saving grace, maybe. Of course it could`ve been only a saying, but since when does Jane pass up the opportunity to use a double-meaning? Exactly.

    Oh, and I think Cho has spent too much time around either Jane or Rigsby (possibly Rigsby) because there`s only one expression for the way he looked at Lisbon in her apartment: Puppy-dog eyes!

    And Rigsby had exactly the same look on his face. Not to mention Grace, who clearly thought that working for law enforcement was not worth the effort without Lisbon there (who had only recently told her she was a friend).

    Speaking about Grace: Woah. That whole therapy session was great – so glad they put that in there! Also, I liked the way Grace casually mentioned her godfather could just sign the papers for her and she wouldn`t need to go to therapy anymore because it obviously didn`t help her anyways. I can understand that opinion – talking to someone who has no direct connection to the whole thing really doesn´t seem very helpful to me. Maybe she should talk to Jane about it – if there`s anyone out there who knows what it´s like to lose someone you loved, it`s him, though circumstances couldn`t be more different. Talking to a therapist about it all would simply help her to order her thoughts and she can do that by writing about it, talking to herself or talking to basically anyone. Still, I thought the scene was great and I hope Grace will get her happy and optimistic nature back, soon.

    Now, one last point and then I`ll shut up, promise:
    Sally Carter, of course. Loved the fact that Lisbon went to visit her (and with LaRoche, no less! Alright, alright, I`m finally convinced that he`s a good guy. And he DEFINITELY wants to be friends with Jane and Lisbon, if that hug was any indication…)
    Is there anyone out there who truly believes that Sally actually killed herself? Because I highly doubt that. Red John can have people set on fire inside a police station, he can have them poisoned in a police station and he can have them shot in a police station. What on earth should stop him from having their throats and wrists cut open inside a prison? All he (they?) needed was an inside man in the prison and he (they?) definitely has (have?) plenty of those.
    Since Timothy Carter apparently was NOT Red John, that can only mean that the letter was a fake. So why would Sally write a FAKE letter and then proceed to kill herself? Did someone tell her to claim her husband was RJ? And if so, why did she go along with it? This seems especially suspicious because she refused to talk at all ever since her arrest. Why spill the beans, now? She could`ve killed herself without writing that letter. She could`ve written something else. About her little girl, for example, who wasn`t mentioned at all.

    Also, was I the only one who thought that Jane didn`t believe Lisbon when she read the letter to him? After she told him that they got RJ and he was messing with Jane`s mind, the next thing she does is read him a letter stating RJ is dead. He was clearly suspicious of that and had to read it for himself to make sure the letter really said what Lisbon claimed it said (which is sad, because he should know he can trust her to tell the truth in such an important matter).

    Once again: great review, well done!

    And NOW I`m shutting up 😉

  • violet

    Your review was very fast, deep and interesting, @CJDavey ! It was really nice to read! 🙂

    You wrote: “ I have felt that he should’ve backed Lisbon up more in the past, especially when it comes to her being reprimanded for his actions. An example of this would be in 2.19 Blood Money after Lisbon was suspended for failing to keep Jane under control. Whilst Jane was by no means happy with this and though he did hatch a plan to get her back (similar to this episode’s plan in fact, in that it involved him helping her solve a case to take to the powers that be) his entire attitude here, particularly in this scene, was different. It was more determined and in turn more caring. The fact that Jane openly admits to the divisions head honcho that it was his fault further amplifies this point.”

    Yes, you’re right ! But his difference in attitude may also be caused (at least partially) by the divergence between Hightower and Bertram: here, Jane being Jane, he cannot be unaware that Bertram just tried to get rid of him during the trial. He only hired him again because it was good for the image of CBI (he closes cases) and it’s not explicit, but Jane probably has a great popularity among the public since his trial. With Hightower, the purpose of making all consequences fall upon Lisbon was different: it was a mean to control Jane, she tried to use on him his own techniques of pressure and manipulation. And Jane liked Hightower. On the contrary, he doesn’t seem to appreciate very much Bertram’s priorities, based on positive publicity instead of human value. Jane often mocks Lisbon about it, even asking if she would jump off a cliff if ordered (if I remember correctly) in the season finale. Bertram clearly uses Lisbon as a scapegoat here: he couldn’t get Jane as the responsible for that bad publicity (he tried, remember the “forget about Jane” he told Lisbon in the hospital), so he choose Lisbon to restore CBI image and his career. That’s even more perverse indeed because, as I said, Jane knows that she usually plays by the rules. The whole scene reminds of that moment -was it in Red Alert?- when she contacted a reporter to force Bertram to give her authority back: she got results so there were no consequences, but Bertram’s final words now sound like a thinly veiled friendly warning.

    Lisbon losing her job seems to be a pattern! She was suspended by Hightower and her job was given to Cho by Laroche. Here, her suspension is rather similar to the latter: she was in both cases bothered, but tried actively not to show it but to put a strong façade. Lisbon, as a « good and honest person », takes her responsibilities, just like she did when she was reprimanded for offending Laroche. She’s the team leader, so the events of the finale may have been Jane’s plan all along, it was also and foremost her operation. There’s a subtle parallel between her and Jane since he too claimed to be ready to face the consequences of his action when in jail.

    You added that “one thing that does seem sincere on Lisbon’s part is when she claims that losing her job is “worth it” because they got Red John. Seriously, this is the biggest indication yet of just how much Lisbon has come to care for Jane. Can you imagine Lisbon saying this at all in the first two seasons?” Again, you’re right, that’s proof that she cares deeply about him. And maybe that she realizes even more now how dangerously evil RJ is/was: she saw that girl in Carter’s basement (she still wants to believe he was Red John). O’Laughlin left Grace heartbroken and her injured, he almost killed Hightower too. Carter also had the cruelty to come and taunt Jane in the mall (she must have read the report from the cops who first interrogated Jane). If you add all this to RJ’s previous killings and Bosco’s death, that makes a pretty good reason to feel relieved that he’s gone. Things are nevertheless still a little ambiguous here, I think: is it her indeed growing affection for Jane that’s convinced her that he was right, or simply the escalating violence against Jane and the team that achieved that? To put it simply, does that show that she cares enough for him to identify to him so completely? How far has Jane already succeeded in making her “more like him”?

    About Rigsby, I agree with your suggestion, they probably needed a reluctant follower in the team to keep it realistic. Moreover, he was the one (except Lisbon), who was made an example of, since Grace and Cho were practically reintegrated while he was set aside. Thus him being more afraid than them of even worst consequences is not very surprising…

    Now is that me, or Jane not-so-subtly waiting for Lisbon to thank him in her office may refer to him thanking her after she punched Culpepper (and was once again suspended because of him 🙂 ), and, as a consequence, also to him refusing to thank her after he got out of jail after the mess with Bosco? Their roles seem indeed to be pointedly reversed: 1) she helps him, he refuses to thank her/ 2) she helps him, he thanks her/ 3) he helps her and she thanks him… very reluctantly! It would be interesting to compare that with the previous episode (some elements were already accurately pointed out by Reviewbrain) : there’s a whole similarity/inversion pattern going on with both characters that could be worth studying in detail… 😉

    (sorry, I definitely should stop to comment late at night, it makes me rather incoherent… Thanks for sharing!)

  • Julie

    Great Job on the review. I know I couldn’t have done it. I was taken aback when Lisbon said ‘Well done’ about killing Red John. But then thinking about it I think it could be because she is still recovering from an attempt on her life by Red John, if not directly. And Jane was put in the position at the mall where his only other option was to let the man he thought was Red John walk away. I know that Jane was just thinking about getting the man who killed his family and a cop would have handled the situation differently, but in reality it was probably the safest way to stop the guy without putting Jane or the public at risk. What did surprise me at the comment is that Bruno has hinted that there were issues about what Jane did that were going to be dealt with between Jane and Lisbon, which is why the comment surprised me.

    I loved the final scene, Jane is very affected when he sees Carter’s body. How does it feel to look at the body of someone you have killed? I felt that Jane lived through the killing all over again looking at him. After watching Simon Baker’s acting over these past three years and I compare it to others on tv, he just bowls me over every time. His acting just comes from within and he can play so many emotions across his face within moments.

    My favourite part, and I know it will be my Son’s when he sees it,because we haven’t been blessed with it for sooo long. Opening scene in Bertram’s office when Jane says ‘No I don’t think so’ and then after Bertram’s reply we get that little smile before Jane turns it into a big one, which says ‘Oh I’m going to cause trouble’

    I will miss LaRoache absolutely loved him!

    One side note my take on the restaurant scene from the Pilot was that Jane was actually getting back at Rigsby for defending Van Pelt. It was Rigsby that was the more affected but then he could have been getting back at them both. I have always thought that though Jane doesn’t agree with Van Pelt he does respect her sincerity. In Seeing Red I don’t remember him joining in in making fun of her. He was amused at the her and Risby’s misunderstandings and he did say that he thought she was wrong, I guess he did smirk at Rigsby’s clumsy attempts at making fun but I never took it as joining in.

  • reviewbrain

    Hello again 🙂 Such insightful comments as usual!

    I love your explanation regarding Lisbon’s “good for you” comment.

    Something’s about that comment dint sit right with me either. No matter how accepting Lisbon has come of Jane and despite my stating all last season that he’s trying to change her, I thought the comment was a bit strong/ unrealistic if interpreted as being her glad he took his revenge. I agree with Connor that now that it’s over she wants Jane to move on; possible reason for the comment. But Mary’s theory that she was being sarcastic is quite interesting too. As to whether Lisbon sounds sarcastic or not; I find her harder to read than Jane so I decline commenting on this.

    But I think I have to agree with you here. Lisbon’s “good for you” (IMHO) stems from her feeling that between letting RJ walk and killing him; the latter was the safest option. I truly believe that Lisbon (if unable to arrest RJ) would have shot him; hence her “good for you”.

    But (and this is heller’s statement that you mentioned comes into play) Lisbon said that thinking it was *Red John* whom Jane killed. Now that Jane has a witness saying it wasn’t RJ, she might feel differently. Getting suspended for getting a no name criminal may not seem like a fair trade off. I’m truly interested to see if her stance remains the same.

    As to Jane’s demeanor at the morgue being due to seeing the man he killed; this completely went over my head and I’m so glad you pointed it out. After Jane being given excuses all episode (via comparison with victim) for his amorality; I completely missed that he might actually,legitimately, be feeling fear, or guilt or any kind of negative emotion towards being in the same room with a person he killed. I am reminded of his horrified expression when he shot Orville tanner.

    As to the restaurant scene; I agree Jane wanted to get back at Rigsby for siding with Grace, but his argument had been mainly with Grace and he brought up sleeping with Rigsby in an attempt to distract her from the point she was trying to making both of them uncomfortable.

    I also agree that Jane respects Grace because she stands up for herself; despite how annoying he might find that 😉

    The scene in seeing Red is one of my all time favorites. Jane being amused by Grave and Wayne’s misunderstanding, then being pulled into the argument only to be hit (though not vindictively so) where it hurts was so powerful. I love Grace here: she didn’t mean to hurt Jane; she just had a point to make, didn’t realize it was painful, and apologized afterwards. Gorgeous scene.

    Thanks again for your awesome comments. You make such good enlightening points 🙂

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    “Something’s about that comment dint sit right with me either. No matter how accepting Lisbon has come of Jane and despite my stating all last season that he’s trying to change her, I thought the comment was a bit strong/ unrealistic if interpreted as being her glad he took his revenge. I agree with Connor that now that it’s over she wants Jane to move on; possible reason for the comment. But Mary’s theory that she was being sarcastic is quite interesting too. As to whether Lisbon sounds sarcastic or not; I find her harder to read than Jane so I decline commenting on this.”

    I try to explain myself better, (I wish English was my native language lol). When I said sarcastic I meant that that “good for you” coming from Lisbon sounds a bit out of character. Like she wanted to say, ‘ok, you killed him, now please let it go, go on’… maybe frustrated is more appropriate.
    I think that while Jane doesen’t want to let it go, and firmly believes that Carter isn’t RJ, on the other hand Lisbon wants to believe that finally all this RJ hunt has finally found its end, mainly cause I’m sure she would like to see Jane go on, find some peace.
    Now, Jane is 100% sure that Carter isn’t RJ, Rosalind seemed to have confirmed that. Was she telling the truth?…
    If Jane will continue to share what he knows with Lisbon, and she will start to believe that RJ isn’t dead, that means that she almost got killed and fired for “nothing”. And that’s when I think they will have to make that serious talk.
    I’m curious to see if Jane will continue to share what he knows with her or not, and with the rest of the team at some point too…

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Thank you all so much for the kind words on the review, I look forward to doing more in the future on my own blog and even on here again If BR was to need me 😉 Please follow me on Twitter with the handle @CJDavey and I’ll post details on my blog as soon as I have it up and running.

    I’m very busy today with work. I’ve just got home from uni and have some work to do for the rest of the evening, so I will try to answer al your comments tomorrow morning! 🙂

    Thanks again.

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Hey, thanks for your kind comments regarding my review 🙂

    I agree with most of what you’ve said, especially your comments on the Jane/Cho relationship. I do hope we get more of them together this season.

    Your idea of Grace seeking help from Jane with the loss of her loved one is a VERY intriguing one. I can’t see them going down that route but damn, how amazing would that be? The two that have, as we’ve mentioned, clashed on occasions due to their different beliefs, bonding through a similar tragedy (and essentially by the hands of the same beast, Red John.)

    You are 100% correct in that Sally Carters death is incredibly suspicious. Putting the whole issue of Red Johns identity aside, it is clear that RJ wants Jane/everyone to at least THINK he is dead – this is apparent due to both the debacle at the mall and now the suicide note actually stating that he is dead – but why? Does Red John actually want to retire as Carter said? Or was his plan to build Jane up again before bringing him back down?

    I do not agree however on Jane ‘not believing’ Lisbon when she read the letter. The man gets angsty w/e something involves Red John, and I’m sure he was just checking to make sure he knew every detail. Also, she did stop reading it to him after the first sentence, so there was a lot more to read…
    I think it was BR who said that Jane’s ‘what are you doing here?’ seemed as though he felt betrayed and that he’d preferr to work on RJ alone. I don’t agree with this either. Jane’s tone here said to me that he knew very well what she was doing there, he knew she didn’t believe him about RJ and was trying to prove it (it’s pretty obvious to him after their earlier conversation on the matter.)This is why he may have been a tad upset, not only does Jane not like being proven wrong, but he certainly wouldn’t want someone going behind his back to do it – not when it involves Red John, a man who killed his family and who he is ADAMANT still lives among us…

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Hey, thanks Violet.

    I don’t know what to say really, ALL of your comments are incredibly well thought out, highly possible and I can’t say I completely disagree with any of them. I can certainly see why you’ve guest reviewed twice on here…I look forward to hopefully seeing another review of yours one day 😉

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Thanks, Julie, for the kind words and great comments!

    I’m glad you raised Jane’s facial expressions in that final scene, I noticed it myself but completely forgot to incude it in my review. Whilst I said myself in this review why Jane may not feel guilty in his killing of Carter, seeing that body clearly affected him in some way – a very strong way at that. Was it guilt? Possibly. I really don’t know what was going on in his head, but it’s good to know something was stirred up. Simon was brilliant here, as always. I’ve called for his Emmy so many times I’m getting tired of it.

    I totally agree on the smile as well! He did another big one just after Haffner asks Masterson to ‘keep an eye on’ Jane after he says he’s going to Kuzmenko’s house and says ‘Okey dokey.’ Even as a straight man in a happy relationship of 3 years, I can say – it’s enchanting.

    BR – that is one of my absolute favourite scenes also (Seeing Red.) I love how Jane knows she wasn’t being purposely hurtful and doesn’t get mad at her or hit back. He takes her point on board, sits there and contemplates the possibility, in spite of it being against everything he believes in.

    Funny we mention Grace actually, I recently said that their dynamic is one of the most sorely underused on the show. In spite of their differing views, they also have a very good friendship and I love the rare moments the show, erm…shows that. I’m thinking episodes like 3.05 ‘The Red Ponies.’ It’s nice knowing that they still clearly care for eachother in spite of what we mentioned, something which was evident again in the premiere at Grace’s smile to Jane’s ‘not guilty’ verdict.

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Thanks for explaining what you meant! 🙂

    After giving it some though, I am decided on my view of the whole ‘What does Lisbon really think of Jane shooting Carter?’ debate. I believe that she’s letting it slide now because it’s done – simple as that. It’s happened, she can’t change it and she wants her friend to move forward. He’s been tried in a court of law and got off the charge. So, what about these ‘serious issues’ Jane/Lisbon are supposed to be getting through this season, I hear you say? Well, I believe that once Lisbon is convinced one way or another that Red John is still out there, THEN she will have a conversation with Jane in an attempt to steer him away from revenge, using this whole mess as an example of just why it wont work, along with the usual line that it doesn’t actually change or help anything. I’m almost certain this will be the case, though as always I am prepared to be wrong…we’ll see! 😀

    Thanks for your input XD

  • reviewbrain

    Mary-I totally agree with this!
    Connor- I agree with you too. I think Lisbon’s current perspective regarding Jane is similar to that of a mother’s unconditional love: she does not agree with Jane but her love doesn’t depend on that. But that does not mean she can’t get royally ticked off at him 😉 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m dying to see how the knowledge that RJ is still out there may/may not change her views now. Most likely it’ll be as you said, I look forward to finding out 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Just to be clear, my exact words were: “As to Jane, did anyone else notice his hard tone when he demands to know what Lisbon is doing in Sally Carter’s cell? It was like he felt betrayed Lisbon was investigating anything remotely related to RJ behind his back.”

    I think after S&C it’s safe to say that Jane has no problem Lisbon investigating RJ’s case with him. But it’s an entirely different matter for her to do so without his knowledge. Jane has repeatedly stated that Red John is his and this continuity is what I found interesting, hence my next statement:
    “Wow. After everything they’ve been through Jane still treats the Red John case as his. I wonder if this sentiment will prove important in the new season or in future RJ cases…”

    But I’m glad for the misunderstanding because it got you to bring up other possibilities for Jane’s anger; the fact that Lisbon is trying to prove him wrong (recalls his intense desire for her trust and his insecurity)

    Also, I forgot to mention before that I love your alternate explanation for the look which passed between Cho and Jane when Haffner first called Cho into his office. I’m not sure I agree that the fact Haffner likes surveillance would have tipped Jane off that Haffner would hire Cho (he’s not *that* good) but it does fit with a lot of the off screen action which occurs on this show.

    Alternatively, am I the only one who suspected Haffner of being and RJ accomplice immediately when Lisbon said he used to work for the feds and was good with surveillance? What better qualifications would RJ need for a spy?

  • reviewbrain

    I keep forgetting to write about O’Laughlin despite you bringing him up. You’re absolutely right, it was weird that Bertram called him an “FBI Agent” rather than “criminal. My guess is the feds are blaming the CBI for the incident and are trying to make it seem like he’s the victim. As if bullets from his gun in the officers and Lisbon aren’t enough proof that he was a criminal. But this raises the question: now that Lisbon has been reinstated, does this mean that the inquiry being made in the fiasco won’t happen? I hope not; I really want to know what the official opinion on the matter will be and how the feds will respond.

  • violet

    What evidence do they really have of him being a criminal? We can guess that O’Laughlin didn’t let any evidence of being RJ’s accomplice behind him. After all, he was ready to marry Grace and to live together with her, to share an apartment or a house with another officer of the law: it means that all trace of his double life must be well hidden. So what to we have to prove it now that he can’t confess? That gun with a silencer that you mention, which he used to shoot the two cops in the car and Lisbon. That’s all. The last call made by Lisbon wasn’t directed to the phone found on Carter, there is no real way to make an irrefutable connection between the two men. It was very unlikely that the gun was registered, therefore a lawyer can very well insinuate that it has been placed in his hand after he’s been shot by Grace. And yeah, the FBI must try to make him appear like a victim: they worked with him, how would they believe that he was a cold-blooded killer, out of the blue? He’s been accused of killing Todd Johnson, he wasn’t even collaborating in the investigation… and now, all of a sudden, attempting murder on the former head of the CBI Hightower? Being a mole sying another agency he worked closely with (he was certainly their contact at the FBI given how often he helped them on cases), for a famous serial killer? That had to be a little hard to swallow for his coworkers! That’s probably why the team has been suspended and O’Laughlin is still referred as a FBI agent: they leave everybody the benefice of the doubt until the investigation has reached a conclusion and things are cleared out. Now the fact that Jane has convinced everybody that Carter was RJ might help, but the connection with Craig is still funded on witnesses who shot him, and what is more among them is a fugitive and cops who agreed to hide her… What a mess!

  • Fiona Henderson (@ginger_ninja24)

    The ‘Jane and Lisbon serious issues’ quote came from the live tweet session that the writers held didn’t it?

    Connor, I think you’re heading along the right lines. After all Jane and Lisbon’s entire relationship is based on trust which was so wonderfully built up in season 3. And the main thorn in both of their sides is the revenge issue. I think Lisbon might do just what you said; after all when she asked Jane in ‘Scarlet Ribbons’ if he felt different now he’d “killed” Red John, he replied no.

    And what happens when Red John kills again, which is bound to happen at some point? Maybe that will be the catalyst for some tension between Jane and Lisbon over what Jane will do next?

    The next episode is crucial in my opinion. If Jane choses not to tell Lisbon that he now knows for certain that Timothy Carter was not Red John, then that will become a serious issue! I’m praying he does though, and maybe even tells the rest of the team too. There’s been a real team vibe to these last two episodes (and the season 3 finale) so it’s time Jane realised that they are more than just colleagues to him 🙂

    I’d hate for the show to have Jane isolate himself again and not start to realise that these people really do care about him. So many possibilities for this season, I am so excited!

  • Julie

    Lisbon does know about Rosalind Harper so it would be difficult for Jane to keep it from her. So I think he will tell her. I believe that the episode that Simon has just finished directing is a red john episode.

  • violet

    🙂 Well, that made me smile, thanks a lot! I hope you won’t mind if I show you my gratitude by adding a few random thoughts about that similarity/opposition pattern that doesn’t stop bothering me… I hope it won’t be too boring…

    1/ the more visible similarities between both characters:

    – Lisbon and Jane insist in taking their responsibilities : Jane in jail, then Lisbon at home… neither tries to fight the situation at first, they accept the turn of events. The parallel is made even stronger by the fact that Lisbon has been in this position twice before and has been each time quite accepting.

    – Jane repays a favour: he comforts her and makes up a plan like she does in jail when he’s waiting his trial. Moreover, he visits her at home, just like she used to confront him in the attic: that the same way of penetrating in the other’s private space.

    – Jane tries to convince Bertram to reintegrate Lisbon because she has a good influence on him: in a similar scene where he previously told Hightower not to mess with Lisbon’s career because it made him unhappy to see her unhappy, that it was a normal reaction given that they worked closely together. The admission with Bertram held more meaning and depth, but there is undeniably a progress between those two moments. And it is usually Lisbon who’s accused of being too close or corrupted by him, it’s his (bad) influence that is often enlightened.

    I’ll simply mention Reviewbrain’s conclusion about them: “ Jane’s resignation here is a bit off character, but so was Lisbon’s earlier indignation at being suspended. Together, these two instances of character change don’t seem coincidental; but rather examples which show that Jane and Lisbon’s personalities are developing; becoming more like each other.” Indeed, each of these points developing similarity between them shows their influence on each other and, therefore, how close they’re getting.

    The same goes with elements of continuity: the blueberry muffin asked by Jane refers to the one he asked for in “Black Gold and Red Blood” and that he used to break out. Like All-I-need pointed out, it might here conceal a secret message “as a reminder for Lisbon that Jane got out of jail last time and is therefore sure he will do so again”. And, like Reviewbrain wrote, while the first time he needed to cajole her into coming with said pastry, here there’s no question on whether Lisbon will visit Jane again; it’s a given to both of them”. Now, there is no denying that Jane willingly staying in jail (like after Bosco’s revenge) + muffin must definitely ring a bell for Lisbon. BUT she didn’t give him his muffin… she doesn’t take any risk of helping him into escaping; she wants to do it legally. Thus, she brings the information she gathered, not the muffin. Therefore, in two lines from Jane, we have continuity with a previous episode, subtext (hidden meaning and implicit answering), a hint of the growing familiarity between them (she will come again), all this wrapped up in their usual attitude (he jokes childishly, she ignores him).

    2/ The opposition/ contrast/ inversion pattern:

    – Jane inverses their usual roles when he asks her to thank him (shed did more or less the same thing to him at least twice until now).

    – Both episodes are based on the same idea –saving the other- but there is an obvious contrast in method: she helps him by communicating to elaborate a plan, whereas he manipulates her into accepting his scheme… Same goal, divergent approaches!

    – Their reactions at the end of “Scarlet Ribbons” are also opposed: she’s relieved that RJ is dead and Jane is free, but he’s not reassured. So their perception of their return to normalcy is very different: she envisions it as positive, while for him it’s a rather bad ending because the game with his nemesis is still on…

    – Lisbon accepts the coffee offered by Mrs Carter: she usually never drinks any beverage at suspects/witnesses’ homes; Jane does. Her behaviour reveals her distress and makes us feel that she misses him since she copies his habits to reassure herself. In the same manner, during the second visit to the widow, Jane asks for his usual cup of tea and, more importantly, he express regret to the woman whom husband he killed. That’s almost out of character for him, it’s Lisbon who would normally apologize and use diplomacy. Their almost exact inversion here shows better than anything how the situation they’re in is exceptional, it conveys a subtle, discreet impression of almost unreality.

    These dissimilarities between their actions, behaviours and reactions, alternating with proofs of their growing familiarity with each other, are meant to build up some tension in their relation (they still banter/ she doesn’t take well him manipulating her team into helping her) as well as in the story, keeping in mind the question of trust between them, because we still don’t know how much Jane is willing to let Lisbon into his plans with RJ now.

    3/ Two impending issues between them have been addressed: first the revenge issue has somewhat been resolved, because Jane did what he said he’ll be doing, she failed to prevent him to, and accepted it. That leaves the second big issue: the question of trust.
    It has been directly addressed in the first episode, when Jane bluntly asks Lisbon if she trusts him: she implicitly admits she does, although not completely. That’s a far cry from the previous occurrence, at the end of S2, when she answered that she obviously didn’t… We can only guess she learnt to trust his intentions, if not his acts, even when he’s just put her career in jeopardy. And it provides a nice continuity with the finale.
    Meanwhile, Jane also proves his trust as he’s somewhat hurt when he implies that she has doubts about him, questioning his sanity and half-believing he could have killed someone to get money for the bail. He tells her about RJ so far, he even doesn’t denies he’s searching for answers at the end of “Little Red Book”, he doesn’t lie about it, he just avoids the subject. Sharing is caring…
    Both are at last more open with the others since the end of S3: there have been so far three plans including the whole team. Lisbon accepts that they are all reunited in
    her living-room. And she called Cho and Grace by their given names and she gives the latter advice as her friend. In the beginning of the previous season she used almost the same line to try to convince Jane to leave his attic after the debacle with Kristina.

    Well, sorry I know that was boring, but I needed to get it out of my mind! Thanks for reading my ramblings… Feel free to complete, I’m sure I missed a lot of them! 🙂

  • Manda

    Loved the review, it was as good as reviewbrain’s! 🙂 And i read your comment reviewbrain, i agree.

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