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When a young journalist drives off a cliff in a state park, the CBI is asked to help. Consultant Patrick Jane (Baker) quickly discovers the accident was in fact murder. Agent Lisbon’s (Tunney) investigation leads her to a suspect millionaire Tommy Vokler (Henry Ian Cusik). Meanwhile, Jane is busy trying to figure out ways to break Lorelie Martin’s out of federal prison to lead him to Red John.

 Concise Verdict

Brilliant, witty, well-written, shocking, funny, thrilling… I don’t have enough words to qualify this episode. ‘If It Bleeds, It Leads’ took over from where ‘Cherry Picked’ ended on many aspects and set things up for even more complex developments. It left us on the verge of a decisive turning point, while managing some really entertaining parts. Great job! 9.5/10

Detailed AKA Humungous Review (spoilers galore)

Jane is too Busy to Help on the Case

Jane’s arrival at the crime scene answers many questions from last episode: the FBI has taken Lorelei, not RJ or a minion. “Agent Nemo” was a real agent who has put Lorelei out of Jane’s reach. The address given by the deputy is a high security prison where Lorelei has been incarcerated. Lisbon (and probably the whole team) knows all of this and is worried about him. Therefore, we have confirmation that Jane kept Lisbon in the loop after the fact. Unfortunately, Jane’s good intentions seem to only go so far as and we are immediately aware of his new plan, to help Lorelei escape. As a matter of fact, it looks like he’s willing to rush the case far more than he was in ‘Cherry Picked’; he even swears when he discovers that the so-called accident is a murder and flies the scene saying “my work is done here”.

Jane is getting himself in a more dangerous situation every time with Lorelei. A detail places emphasis on that potential risk: we see a board behind him when he’s going to the accident scene warning about the Loma Vista Point. It’s a warning: the characters are literally and metaphorically walking on the edge of the abyss.

Jane Plots to help Lorelie Escape

About his off the book investigation itself, he seems to be lacking decision a bit too. Except some brooding and file studying in his attic, Jane only makes two feeble and quite ridiculous attempts at entering the prison. He approaches the front guard explaining that he has a vague appointment, and when that doesn’t work he makes sure that the fence is really electrified.  The man seems to be running out of creative ideas, really. I found it very intriguing that he doesn’t try to play on his knowledge of human behavior like he did every other time he tried to break out of jail (phobia in ‘Black Gold and Red Blood’, skills in reading people by playing poker in ‘Scarlet Ribbons”, hypnotizing then tricking the guard in ‘Redacted’). He has obviously no real plan yet and is just starting a field reconnaissance but, even so, he totally lacks discretion. The guard saw his face and his car plate and he wasn’t even hiding when he was near that fence.

He’s pretty ambivalent about the case too: he’s rushing it, but he dives into it with glee sometimes, like when he was gossiping with the blond reporter or giving an interview, even though he hated it with Karen Cross. When compared with his behaviour when he deigned to take part in the case with Lisbon, he seemed strangely subdued in his personal investigation.

That reminds of the question asked many times to Jane this season: why does he even bother working with the team? The answer that he has nothing else to do doesn’t stand here. So, is it just because Lisbon asked him to with insistence like he pretended? Or simply because he likes it too?

Jane progressively seems more uncertain than he wants to let on. He implicitly pretends to distance himself, but he asks Cho about high security prisons and doesn’t lie when Lisbon asks him about it. Unlike last season, he’s preparing her and tries to spare her feelings to some extent. But it might also be a way to call her for help as I wonder if he doesn’t harbour some mixed feelings about his plans. There are also undertones of sadness when he’s near Lisbon, like when he answered “it did” when she told him she hoped the slap in the face he just received did hurt him.

Reviewbrain: I thought the same thing exactly. His “It did” seemed to be referring to more than just the slap.  Like Lisbon being glad he was hit hurt him too. But not because she was glad he got hurt, but because he knows the vindictiveness is a result of his own actions, and it makes him sad. Then there was the fact that he hid his file (containing info on Lorelie’s prison) in front of Lisbon. Maybe Jane trusts Lisbon so much that the thought never occurred to him she’d go back and check it. Or it could be he didn’t care that she knew where it was because he wanted to give her the opportunity to help him if she wants. Or at least discover what he’s planning and hence prepare herself for whatever it is he might do. Wishful thinking?

Lisbon Tries to Stop Jane’s Plotting

However, Lisbon is not exempt of some ambiguity either. She continuously shows worry and a growing impatience: she’s hovering over him, makes him take some fresh air and leave the confines of his obsession.

True to her resolution to drag her consultant out of his new fixation, Lisbon attempts to force him into work. Jane eventually gives in. He’s slightly patronizing and tells her he’ll help her a bit, then she’ll be on her own, to what she answers “I’m not in sixth grade, that doesn’t work on me”. He retorts: “I can’t promise I’ll be always here to help you, Teresa. There will come a time when you may have to do all this on your own. I want you to be prepared.” Her answer? “I’m prepared to punch you in the face on my own.”

The scene is rather amusing: Jane is trying to sneak out if his duties and he’s bantering with her, teasing her as if she were a kid he was helping acquire autonomy. Ironic, really, given that the man has just finished hiding the precious secret file he’s been studying under his mattress, in a very juvenile fashion. Nevertheless, in spite of the deliberately light tone and music, those lines were an eye opener on many points. First, the irritation Lisbon displayed in ‘Cherry Picked’ seems now clearly directed at Jane: she’s frustrated with him and worried that he may be about to do something foolish again. Like she says, she’s not kidding with him. The scene is a faint echo of the one in front of the elevator where she offered her help and he silently asked her to let him go by letting the doors close.

On the other hand, it seems that calling Lisbon by her birth name has become a habit. Or that he’s telling her something serious. In fact, that scene allows us to guess the second part of Jane’s plan about Lorelei. It looks like Jane realizes he’s about to leave Lisbon again, that the progress he’s making in his investigation about Lorelei will cause a new separation with his friend. It’s kind of logical: either he will get caught in trying to break her out of jail and things will end badly for him, or he will succeed. Then, he will have to take her with him to convince her to betray RJ, meaning that he’ll kill his nemesis, or he’ll die. Either way, he’s bound to lose Lisbon. That may explain the veiled sad resignation oozing off him. Actually, Jane has started doing in this episode what he did last season: he’s telling her to stop relying on him. He’s grooming her into taking his role in the team before leaving them. He keeps repeating her things like “you’re very capable”, trying to boost her confidence as well as warning her. This may very well be the calm before the storm.

Some other scenes complete those impressions. As a matter of fact, it’s quite interesting that almost every scene between them takes place either in the attic or over the phone. Thus, in both situations, they’re separated, physically (on the phone) or by Lorelei’s ghost (the attic symbolizing his obsession with RJ). Furthermore, during all those conversations, both seem to be playing an odd game of push and pull. As the episode progresses, we may wonder if a hint of ambivalence isn’t appearing on both sides.

Lisbon Confronts Jane

Lisbon finally pokes at the elephant in the room- “I need you to accept the fact that you cannot break Lorelei out of prison”. Her stubbornness makes me wonder if her frustration might have less to do with Jane’s actions than with his refusal to let her help him and her subsequent inability to save him. Still, in spite of being aware of what he’s planning, she doesn’t seem as emotional and supportive as she was last season: she just assesses that he need to stop, and get back to work, she acts more like a boss than the very understanding friend she usually is. So either the prospect of him breaking Lorelei out is so ridiculous that she doesn’t take him seriously, or she may begin to effectively distance herself from his personal vendetta.

Reviewbrain: I was glad to see the difference, in all honesty. We’ve already seen that Lisbon being there as a friend to Jane doesn’t really help deter him from his ill conceived plans. So it was nice to see her try a different approach: she’s holding him to his obligation as a consultant. She can hardly be blamed for asking him to do his job. And keeping him busy doing that job might slow down whatever else he’s plotting. But let’s let readers decide.



Since the very opening of the episode, we can understand that the murderer (or the mastermind) is someone special this time, since we get to see the murder itself. It gives a very special status to the case. Indeed, one of the major points announced for this season was that Lisbon was getting a new arc, involving her own nemesis. But there is much more to it, as we can see in the analogies between the major characters appearing in the actual case and the protagonists’ situation.

First, as it was to expect, Volker reminds of RJ in various aspects:

1) He’s personally interested in Lisbon, telling her “call me anytime. And I mean it.” (Like RJ is with Jane. Remember that “kind of love” thing?)

2) He’s a cold mass murderer, who ordered the massacre of a whole village in the Amazon because it was an obstacle for his big juicy project. Interesting detail: Lisbon glanced at Jane when they were told of the crime, either to see if he deduced it was true or not, or to judge his reaction to the possibility of yet another horrifying killer… as she pointed out later, Volker is responsible of the murder of “women, children, babies”, just like RJ has killed women and Jane’s little girl. And the rapt attention he showed when Amanda was strangled proves that he’s a possible psychopath.

3) He’s vindictive: after Lisbon tried to interrogate him, he told her “I don’t want you to worry that you’ve offended me in any way.” RJ killed Jane’s family because he offended him on TV.

4) He uses other people to do his dirty work. He manipulates them.

5) Jane thinks he’s “formidable”, “smart and careful.”

On the other hand, there are similarities between Lisbon and Jane too:  

1) She has her own Lorelei: Volker’s secretary Amanda. Lisbon notices that she’s weaker than him and tries to break her by creating trust and a personal connection, like Jane tried to do with RJ’s girl.

2) Later, she’s a woman on a mission: she wants to get Volker for whatever crime or fraud he may have committed, may it even be tax fraud or unpaid parking tickets. She ends up promising to the man himself that he won’t get away with Amanda’s murder.

More surprisingly, there are also a few interesting things that connect the victim and Jane:

 – She was part of a team. Her producer told that “she was a valuable person here. She was a part of this team. We cared about her. So don’t mistake our commitment to the news for a lack of feeling”. Same commentary from the news anchor she worked with: “She was a great asset to the team”.

– Cassie also had an ambiguous relation with her partner: Hunt characterized them as “The best of friends” before admitting they “had a moment.” Jane and Lisbon’s relation is more on the side of close friendship, but there are shades of ambiguity too.

– She was a skilled investigator too. Some similarities with Jane’s work are discreetly   enhanced with lines such as “any good journalist gets sued, it’s part of the job”. Jane probably also consider that poking at people’s secrets and receiving complains is part of his. Moreover, Cassie had an inside source (like Jane and Lorelei). And Jane takes her place when they’re on the air, since he answers to Hunt.

-Finally, Cassie’s biggest investigation caused her death. That’s exactly what Lisbon fears for Jane. It’s a rather clever way to link the case with the recurring problem at hand for Jane, while hinting that we are following Lisbon’s point of view in the interpretation of the murder and its developments. Indeed, the episode focuses on her, as shown by that curious headshot we get from her when she’s at Amanda’s door. This shot enhances the pivotal moment when things are getting personal for her, when she starts making promises.

At the same time, that vision of Lisbon’s head surrounded by a large yellowish or golden circle is like the face of a saint encircled in an aureole. Our cop Saint Teresa indeed wants to protect and fight all things evil. And that is what makes her essentially different from Jane: she seeks justice, not revenge; she wants to get the bad guy arrested, not to kill him.

Nevertheless, this new arc caused by Amanda’s death is deep-rooted in Lisbon’s path. In the review for ‘Red Dawn’, Reviewbrain wrote:

Saint Teresa, indeed. I’d say she’s in desperate need of a shrink except this world truly needs people like her. Why a shrink? Because just as Jane can’t move on from his family’s death, Lisbon is still being tortured from not being able to save her dad. Just like Jane wants to right the wrong of his family’s death by killing Red John, Lisbon wants to right the wrong of her dad’s suicide by saving Jane. It’s a sad, sad cycle, one that I doubt either of them will be able to break out of easily.”

It seems that by failing again to save a witness who trusted her, poor Lisbon has just added another step in her personal cycle.

Mysterious Mister Kirkland

Like the episode begun with a warning that the characters may be on the edge on the abyss, it also ended with a promising epilogue. Lisbon met the mysterious man who had supervised Alexa Shultz’s phone conversation with Minelli at the very end of ‘Red  Dawn’. The unknown adversary has now a function and a name: Bob Kirkland from Homeland Security. His last name is intriguing because it contains an allusion to religion (“kirk”), and Red John’s usual method is to inspire an almost religious faith in his followers. The guy tries to pressure Lisbon to back off Volker’s case because the billionaire has contributed to a lot of campaigns, the implication that he has many powerful friends. Lisbon stays as indifferent as she has been with Brenda’s similar request last episode. Kirkland displays the same logic that characterizes Bertram, as well as an interesting perspective, since we know that RJ works with a network, connections and influences, probably in the highest spheres…

Its leads us to two questions: given Kirkland’s interference with a CBI case, we may wonder if he didn’t use the same method to convince Alexa to make that call to Virgil. Is Alexa even aware that her part in watching Jane may have been questionable? Second point, what is Volker’s background? He’s well-connected and influential, both qualities precious for RJ. And he’s protected by someone who has an interest in Jane and who has certainly been watching him for years. Does it imply that Lisbon’s new enemy is connected to Jane’s old nemesis?

Icing on the cake: It looks like the writer took special care of balancing the dark shades of the episode with some very pleasing and funny details. Like Jane hiding his file under his mattress, the fact that Lisbon made him take some fresh air and sunshine where a car just crashed. And my favorite: Jane’s cunning plan to enter the high security prison… “Ahem, I have an appointment.” And later testing the electric fencing. That scene really cracked me up!

Honorable Mentions: a collective praise to witty writer Eoghan Mohony, director John Showalter and his very intriguing shots and especially Blake Neely for his meaningful music. And to wonderful Robin Tunney because, well, she’s just great.

Best Lines

“I can’t promise I’ll be always here to help you Teresa. There will come a time when you may have to do all these on your own. I want you to be prepared.” Jane to Lisbon.

“I’m prepared to punch you in the face all on my own.” Lisbon, to the above.

“I don’t want to speak badly of the dead.” The “lady from the weather” after gossiping with glee all of her heart content.

“They don’t really care. They’re dead”. Jane to the above.

“You mean she was planning to meet with a secret lover? Sly minx. Woah.” So much for not being here to judge, Jane!

“I hope that hurt”. Lisbon to Jane after he’s been slapped by the woman he just insulted. Oh, just punch him yourself, woman, you know you want to!

“Well errr… I’m not really available at the moment, but if you leave a message after the tone…” Jane, subtly trying to hang up on Lisbon, after he’s been talking with her for some seconds already.

“Cho told me you asked him how to break in a high security prison.” Lisbon to the above. Going right for the jugular.

“Purely theoretical. And by the way he was no help whatsoever.” Devious and whinny Jane to the above.

“We’ll be right back after this short commercial break”. Jane, after the news anchor has fled the set. His expression is priceless.

“You guys are great. Tough, good looking, sincere. Let’s put you on the air. All this Public Relation, blah blah blah…” Jane and Lisbon being asked for an interview. Or scouted, I don’t really know…

“Hey, look at you! So tough! But you go smooth” Jane to Lisbon, about her determination to get Volker. Seriously, Jane, you had to choose “tough” over “good-looking” and “sincere” to pay her a compliment?

“Give him some lipstick and some blush” Lisbon on the TV set when Jane is about to be interviewed.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain November, 2012. Not to be used without permission.


Pet Peeves

How come some guards didn’t come to make Jane leave when he was trying to sneak into the prison? As if he weren’t visible, suspicious and questionable enough…

Lisbon should have asked for more official information about that massacred village. It would have been more credible.


There seems to be an awful lot of unspoken things between Jane and Lisbon. It’s revealing that he accuses her of repeating his question when he asked her why she was in the attic with him. Like he did when Lisbon asked him about his confession, both are still answering the others’ doubts and worries with a question of their own. Nevertheless, the dynamic between them may soon need to accommodate a new element in Lisbon’s life; her quest to capture Volker. Then there is her new interaction with Kirkland and Mancini. All in all, the show is getting evermore intriguing.

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55 responses to “Mentalist If it Bleeds, it Leads Review

  • windsparrow

    Excellent review, Darling Duo! You have managed to get much deeper into the meat of this episode than I have. I am feeling very much at sea with this season – I have zero idea how things are going to play out. I have some hopes for various aspects of a happy ending but I can’t see how to get there from here. In that respect, Heller, et al. may be approaching Joss Whedon and the collective genious of Mutant Enemy for creating an intense and compelling story arc. If that is so, then my previous bragging that The Mentalist can’t break me the way Firefly/Serenity did may go right out the window.

    I have decided that while we truly do not know who Kirkland really is, I prefer to suspect that he is in actuallity a good guy on the grounds that he is kinda creepy. Some of the creepiest characters on the show have been good guys. La Roche is king of creepy good guys. And Jane was far creepier to me than Panser in Blinking Red Light. Mind you, I am not willing to bet folding money on this, but I like the possibility.

  • All-I-need

    I agree that the episode was great and had lots of interesting hidden (and not so hidden) meanings in it. Very good job on the writing, as always. Someone please explain to my why the Mentalist is not nominated for People’s Choice awards?!

    Anyways, before I forget to mention it:
    Favorite quote:
    Jane: “Gives me goosebumps …. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” when talking to Lisbon in the observation room. Did that sound like flirting or am I imagining things again?! I think Lisbon’s determination to find a killer (something she has in common with Jane) actually has him all hot and bothered… and that in itself is so very twisted, so it’s right up his alley!
    Yes, this is the shipper-fangirl talking…

    Oh, that guy was Kirkland?! Funny, I didn’t actually recognize him at first, thanks for pointing it out. Where the hell was my mind?!
    Ah, right, I was wondering about this scene:
    Jane: “Do I know you?”
    Kirkland: “No, but I know you.” *leaves*
    And Jane turns around and keeps walking, shrugging it off like it was not a very creepy encounter with a guy he does not know?!
    What the hell is wrong with him? Has Lorelei muddled his brain so much he forgot that there are other Red John minions around, too?
    And I agree that it certainly looks like Volker and Red John are somehow connected – which makes it all the more interesting (and ironic) that Lisbon is now determined to hunt him down. I can just see her accidentally stumbling over Red John and shooting him out of sheer necessity in her quest to get to Volker (which of course would never happen, but a girl can dream, right?).

    Now, if I was Lisbon, the idea of Jane planning to break into a maximum security prison would have me VERY worried. By now she should know that he can do basically anything he sets his mind to. He managed to break out of prison once and win enough money to buy his way out the other time. Of course he’d find a way IN, as well. Getting into a prison is not that hard, after all. If necessary, all he has to do is commit a hideous crime and look how fast he’ll be locked up… and then he can break out again and someone will be VERY embarrased about a guy walking in and out of prison like he considers security measures as some sort of inconvenience that only happens to other people.

    I am looking forward to the next episode – and the review for that episode – and of course this week’s artwork.

    And am I the only one feeling a slight thrill everytime Jane calles Lisbon “Teresa”? I’m still waiting for her to return the favor, just to see what it will do to him …

  • rita

    Great review….as ever, it has made me want to go and watch again, just to catch all the things that I have obviously missed!!

    Jane is VERY distracted isn’t he? Rushing the case and wanting to be back up in his attic brooding.

    I thinkn at one point he realised that he had let Lisbon down, when she said something like ‘ he hadn’t been there for msot of the case anyway’
    At least I HOPE he realised!!

    I read it that he hid the file in his bed in front of Lisbon, because he wasn’t hiding it from HER….he knew she wouldn’t pry, but it was safe from other eyes. (It wasn’t…it’s the first place I would look!!)

    Fav bits…..the eye lash batting when he was on camera….it made me laug out loud.

    The blusher and lipstick line.

    And actually asking Cho how to break in to a top security prison…Cho’s face was priceless!!

    I have a bad feeling about Kirkland….just too creepy,

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how this all plays out…an intriguing series so far.

  • rita

    Just re read my comment….sorry for all the typos…..fingers not fast enough for brain!!

  • windsparrow

    “And I agree that it certainly looks like Volker and Red John are somehow connected – which makes it all the more interesting (and ironic) that Lisbon is now determined to hunt him down. I can just see her accidentally stumbling over Red John and shooting him out of sheer necessity in her quest to get to Volker (which of course would never happen, but a girl can dream, right?).”

    It certainly makes me wonder even more just how connected Red John is. Apparent, if shadowy connections to Brett Stiles and Visualize, as well as various well-placed, well-trained minions in every conceivable profession which might possibly be useful to him (or perhaps merely a very carefully chosen handful of minions who can be strategically placed on such short notice it might as well be a whim). Not to mention a possible connection to Volker. Then again, Volker as an unrelated parallel to Red John can be illuminating as well. We will be able to see how differently Lisbon reacts to a similar obsession to Jane’s; and there may well be a time when she comes around to Bosco’s way of thinking, lining right up next to Jane to take the law into her own hands.

    “Getting into a prison is not that hard, after all. If necessary, all he has to do is commit a hideous crime and look how fast he’ll be locked up…”

    Getting into any old prison isn’t too difficult, but for Jane’s purposes, that plan takes a bit too long. For one thing, in order to become an inmate at the same prison Loralei is being held at, he would need gender reassignment surgery. Or a sure way of being able to corrupt any and all guards who will be performing body cavity searches. Then he has to commit the crime, get arrested, arraigned, hearings, convince the judge that county lockup will not be sufficient to hold Patrice Jane until trial (OK, she could conceivably plead guilty, but generally for serious crimes, judges will enter a not-guilty plea to force either a proper trial or at least a negotiation with the prosecutor for a change of plea) and so she must be held at a federal maximum security facility.

    Probably the easiest way to get into a maximum security facility would be to impersonate someone who is supposed to be there… a member of the clergy, a teacher for adult literacy/GED programs, a medical professional, etc. I am laughing my butt off contemplating Jane pretending to be a chaplain.

    And no, you are not the only one who loves to hear Jane call Lisbon Teresa. In my case, I love it even more now that I know the way he pronounces it really is specially for her.

  • JustMe

    Great Review! Again you saw more humanity in Jane that I did as I thought he deserved more than a slap. He’s frustrating and Lisbon deserves better but I get the distinct impression that she doesnt want better….

    Just my inner shipper speaking…

    OK, now on to Kirkland. I got the feeling that he was tellig Lisbon that Volker would be taken care of. Now he didn’t say by official channels at all. What if he was alluding to RJ? Maybe Volker threw a wrench in the works that RJ doesn’t want there? What if RJ has his own reasons as he wants to keep Lisbon focussed on him and Jane and this is not what he was wanting. And maybe RJ is seriously p*ssed that Volker has her attention, albeit because she wants him brought to justice.

    I have been tossing around the theory for a while that RJ is attracted to Lisbon. Her goodness and devotion and her obvious physical attractiveness but it would be the goodness and devotion that would probably really pique RJ’s interest. Now what if RJ’s new plan is not to turn Jane but to turn Lisbon? Yes I know she is supposed to be goodness and light but if she can go obsessive on Volker then that would imply that there is darkness in her too.

    What would hurt Jane more than just killing Lisbon? Turning her and I think that on some level RJ would be jealous of her devotion to someone that he once referred to as a ‘worm’.

    Maybe RJ will see Volker being brought to Justice as a “gift” for Lisbon to manipulate her into seeing that his way has some merit and start to seduce her to the abilities he has to make things “right”, so to speak.

    Just some ideas that have been floating around in my head.

  • windsparrow

    Great. Now I want Neil Patrick Harris to play RJ. There could be singing. Heller would have to bring Whedon in to write the musical episode, though.

  • JustMe

    Actually the scene in the attic when she walked away was great. For a man that is always in control the dejected slap to his leg as she left him and him gazing outside spoke volumes to how he feels about disappointing her.

    He then proceeds to throw himself into the case and figures it out from what he knows and includes her in the plan.

    In the attic though, I think he finally showed he hates hurting her and disappointing her as what other reason would there be to show his reaction to her leaving.

    He is not as unaffected as he lets on.

  • JustMe

    LOL… HUH?

    So confused about the musical thing….LOL

  • All-I-need

    Jane as a chaplain … THANK YOU SO MUCH for that mental image! *is laughing her butt off, too* Oh god. Brilliant!

    Also, Jane having a change of gender would not make much of a difference… he can even keep his name! People think he is a woman often enough (“Jane was here?” – “Jane? No, it was a guy! Patrick.”)

  • windsparrow

    Mostly it is a reference to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog”, created by Joss Whedon, starring Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, a comic-book style super-villain in the making, who wants to rule the world because the status quo is all wrong. Whedon also wrote the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. NPH still has a headshot of him as Dr. Horrible as his twitter user pic @ActuallyNPH

  • JustMe

    you made me google and it sounds hilarious. Neil and Nathan can both do campy so well!

    I may have to download!

  • Arco

    I laughed so hard I cried at the thought of Jane as a female because that’s really one of the themes of the show–Jane is the delicate flower & Lisbon is the tough, gun-totin’, butt kicker. Mentally, I kind of think of Jane as Princess Jane, needing to be rescued, all too often, by a female knight in shining armor (Lisbon, of course).

  • P

    First of all, on Lorelei being in prison. What happened to the hearing and the judge’s court order that gave the CBI custody of Lorelei????? I know this is TV, but I need at least a little realism. If the FBI (not a Red John mole, but the legitimate FBI) had secretly transferred Lorelei (and I have a hard time believing that they would even do that), now that the CBI knows where she is why don’t they go wave their court order and get her back??? This is so ridiculous. The fact that they haven’t explained this means that the writers can’t think up a legitimate explanation, because there just isn’t one! I’m sorry, but I believe even California is subject to the US legal system.

    My thoughts on Jane. He is an ass. I found the way he spoke to Lisbon in the attic to be very condescending. After all she has done over the years to bail him out after his Red John plans blow up, you would think he would show at least a little appreciation. But he is selfish to the core. I really don’t like him this season. The nice smile and charm don’t make up for the secrets and lies and the way he treats those closest to him.

    My thoughts on Lisbon, She needs to start putting her own welfare and her responsibilities to her job and her team ahead of Jane. He clearly is not looking out for their best interests, so she needs to. She knows he is plotting to break a prisoner out of prison, she should give him an ultimatum: stop and give 100% effort to their case, or resign. And if he can’t choose, she should go to Bertram and have him removed from the team or suspended, or at least document the problem so it doesn’t get her and her team fired later. Honestly, Wainwright died and Darcy had a breakdown and the entire team almost had their careers ruined because they supported Jane and his crazy plan last time. You would think she would be much firmer than she is with him (yes, she is talking tougher, but I sincerely doubt she’ll follow though when push comes to shove. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.) She is my favorite character, and I agree with JustMe that she deserves better, but I fear she will be Jane’s doormat again this season. When is Mancini going to appear again? Maybe he will treat her better.

    When Volker says to Lisbon, “you have no idea what’s going on, do you?”, it seems to indicate some larger conspiracy. Whether it is Red John related (I hope not…honestly, Red John can’t control EVERYTHING in the world), or something else entirely, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. That story line, at least, I do care about.

    Kirkland- I like him. Don’t know why exactly. It’s not clear yet if he is good or bad. Clearly the limo scene with Alexa hints he is linked to Red John, but that could be misdirection. And I have no idea if he is protecting Volker, or genuinely warning Lisbon out of concern for her. I agree with Windsparrow – creepy is not necessarily evil on this show. At least he promises some interesting plot developments going forward.

    The show is starting to focus on Red John to some extent in almost every episode, and I find myself getting less and less interested. This would have been great in season 3 or even OK last year, but now is too late for me. Maybe I’m in the minority, but Red John/Lorelei are beginning to ruin the show for me. 😦

  • Dreamy

    I just want to say that I agree with you that Lorelei is ruining the show…but it’s only because the shipper in me has hated her even before she appeared in the season 4 finale XD

    “My thoughts on Jane. He is an ass. I found the way he spoke to Lisbon in the attic to be very condescending. After all she has done over the years to bail him out after his Red John plans blow up, you would think he would show at least a little appreciation. But he is selfish to the core. I really don’t like him this season. The nice smile and charm don’t make up for the secrets and lies and the way he treats those closest to him. ” I also agree with about this. I’m really starting to feel frustrated about Jane as well as some parts of the show even though other parts get interesting (like the introduction of new mysterious characters like Volker)

    I see that lots of fans are looking forward to the next episodes but sincerely, I’m scared, as usual. I’m scared something might happen again between jane and the b*tch. I do know that he’ll have to play her and pretend to be attracted to her to get RJ but I still feel like I won’t like what will happen :/ But this has already been discussed before so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    However, I do appreciate most of the episodes given that despite the “darkness”, we still have the funny parts and I’d say that for the moment, the balance between darkness and fun has been preserved. And it’s always pleasant and reassuring to read these reviews 🙂 Sorry if my comment sounds weird and a bit hard to understand. I’m a bit tired (it’s friday) and I’m totally French.

  • P

    Dreamy, I’m not looking forward to the next episode either. I think Jane is attracted to Lorelei…I don’t think he is pretending. He may also be attracted to Lisbon – you can be attracted to multiple people at the same time. It bothers me mainly because Lorelei is an associate of his wife’s killer. That’s just kind of disgusting. For a man who says he wants to kill Red John “for his family”,I don;t understand how he can sleep with one of RJ’s accomplices. Can’t imagine his wife would like that.

    While I wouldn’t classify myself as a die hard shipper, over time I came to think Jane and Lisbon would be good together. I thought it made a lot of sense. But now I’m starting to believe she deserves much better than Jane. He will never appreciate her the way he should. She is always going to be second best, just a consolation prize since he can’t be with his wife. A decade later and he still wears his wedding ring? And when he does show interest in a woman, it’s always a conwoman or murderer? Would he ever really be content with Lisbon since she isn’t a “bad girl” like Erica, Lorelei or Kristina? I hope they bring Mashburn back, or that Mancini turns out to be a good guy. Or give her somebody new that will treat her well.

  • windsparrow

    “I’m sorry, but I believe even California is subject to the US legal system.”

    Apparently these days law enforcement agencies in this country see court orders more as guidelines, to be overridden at the whims of the highest bidder. I would have a much harder time swallowing this part of the story arc if I had not recently signed a petition asking a bank to allow a woman to move back into her house, that she owns completely (no mortgage). The bank had her wrongfully evicted, and managed to get the local sheriff’s office to remove her by force, in spite of the court order against it that she had posted on her door.

  • T

    Bruno threw all kinds of misdirection in this one, two guys with speech impediments (which Jane identified as part of his original profile of RJ in the pilot), both weird and creepy, and listen for the tones that identify RJ when Kirkland bumps into Jane, but note where the camera goes – to the picture on the wall…now cue the music for the shark in Jaws. As for Lorelei being in a federal prison – state agencies like the CBI have no authority there. Can’t wait for Red Sails and what Jane finds out…will we ever find out about Jane’s maternal side…I am suspicious…

  • windsparrow

    “She is always going to be second best, just a consolation prize since he can’t be with his wife. A decade later and he still wears his wedding ring? And when he does show interest in a woman, it’s always a conwoman or murderer? Would he ever really be content with Lisbon since she isn’t a “bad girl” like Erica, Lorelei or Kristina?”

    A decade later, and Jane is very much not ready to move on, to have a real, lasting relationship. Between the grief, the guilt and the obsession with revenge, not to mention the associated fear that any woman he got close to will be Red John’s next chew toy, it is easy for me to imagine that he has not sufficiently processed his grief in a way that means he can move on. Yet there have been signs that he is starting to be getting ready to move on. When the Red John case is resolved, and Jane decides to get on with the rest of his life, whomever he chooses to move on with may well benefit from the extra time he has taken to grieve. His journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death will be much more complete than if he had glommed onto some attractive woman years ago. In my experience, rushing things is what makes subsequent relationships full of issues about second best and consolation prizes.

    While Jane has certainly shown interest in some “bad girls”, it looks to me like superficial attraction. Even if Kristina had held onto her sanity, she was never going to be Jane’s long haul girl. From what we know of Angela Jane, she was not the bad girl type. He IS also attracted to Lisbon. And no matter what the showrunners, cast, and crew say, gestures like picking her up and whisking her off to dinner in Napa in Mashburn’s fancy sports car, sharing an ice cream sundae, and caressing down her arm to hold her hand are not brotherly gestures. If one of my brothers answered the phone, “Hello, Windi,” in the same tone of voice that Jane uses when Lisbon calls him, I would hang up and never call again. And then I would put another time zone between me and the rest of my family. Or maybe a continent.

    Yes, Jane is being a callous jerk to Lisbon. But there is the possibility that he is feeling all the more pressure to close in on RJ, and his whole focus is on that, feeling it is excusable on the grounds that once that is all over, not only will Lisbon be safe from RJ, but also he will be able to truly move on, and give her all the tender loving care she deserves.

  • windsparrow

    I highly recommend it!

  • JustMe

    For the sake of argument, could they put Lorelai in a supermax to await trial for fear she would escape?

    Just thought that could be a plausible scenario also.

  • P

    WIndsparrow, I hope you’re right about Jane getting ready to move on. But in the meantime, I am getting really fed up with how he is acting. Lisbon really must be a saint – I want to punch him even though I know he is just a fictional character – I have no idea how she resists.

    I understand what you’re saying about the court order. But I feel they just dropped the ball on that whole story. There is no talk of lawyers, or court dates, or anything else to indicate that they are even trying legal means of getting her back. It’s just not realistic to me.

  • Sol

    Windisparrow: “He IS also attracted to Lisbon. And no matter what the showrunners, cast, and crew say, gestures like picking her up and whisking her off to dinner in Napa in Mashburn’s fancy sports car, sharing an ice cream sundae, and caressing down her arm to hold her hand are not brotherly gestures. If one of my brothers answered the phone, “Hello, Windi,” in the same tone of voice that Jane uses when Lisbon calls him, I would hang up and never call again. And then I would put another time zone between me and the rest of my family. Or maybe a continent.”

    I totally agree with you. I don’t have any brothers but I’m sure I’d react the same way you would. With this episode I even got the feeling of a different dynamic going on between them, as All-I-Need pointed out (“Did that sound like flirting or am I imagining things again?!”) , I’m not sure exactly what it was but definitely there was something new, or maybe I’m just imagining too. 😉

    P: “A decade later and he still wears his wedding ring?”

    I see he still wearing his ring as a symbol, but I’m starting to think that it’s not of the love he could still have for his wife but more of a reminder to himself that he has a commitment (no just with his wife but his daughter too) of not moving on (in any aspect of his life) before finishing his revenge. I think one thing is that he feels guilty and responsible for what happened and another completely different that he could still be in love with Angela. I think he’s starting to seriously consider moving on, just he still doesn’t think he deserves it, at least not just yet.

    By the way, great review as always. I’m also looking forward to the artwork. My favorite lines have to be: “I hope that hurt” and “Give him some lipstick and some blush”.

    By hey

  • windsparrow

    I am not absolutely certain about procedures for that sort of thing, but it sounds reasonable to me, IF the feds were the ones who were supposed to house her. One thing telling against it is that there is apparently only one Federal supermax security facility for women, and it is not on the West Coast. Not to mention that if we go back to that judge saying the CBI not the FBI had custody of Loralei, then by rights she should be in a state correctional facility, of whatever they call their highest security level. It is possible that in reality that would amount to isolation in a medium security facility.

    And of course, the more I think about it, the more I realize that any actual crimes that Loralei committed occurred in Nevada, therefore she shouldn’t even be in California to begin with. So trying to be realistic with prisoner containment and transfers is probably a losing game anyway.

  • windsparrow

    P, I hope I am right, too. I’m putting the best possible interpretation I can think of on Jane’s actions and motives because if he really turns out to be a creepy sociopath, then the show will lose me.

  • violet

    Very interesting discussion!

    Well, if I’m not mistaken, the court order was delivered in the first place only because Jane managed to plant false evidence on Mancini: if he hadn’t used the red glass bead to prove that the FBI agent was working for RJ and that Lorelei was willing to open up to him, he probably would have been brushed off by the judge. The fact that he actually slept with their prisoner was weighting pretty heavily against the CBI…

    Now, after chasing Jane around, Mancini and company must have come back and defended their case. And given Jane’s personal record of planting false evidence and toying with judges, I guess it’s plausible that the previous court order was removed. After all, the FBI was openly taking her out of the CBI at the end of ‘The Crimson Ticket’, so I guess it was all legal enough… It would even be credible enough to suppose the judge was pissed off and agreed Jane was dangerous and Lorelei should be hidden from him and his schemes, hence the secret relocation in a high security prison. But yes, P is right, it should have been explained better.

  • C Hill

    lorelei trolls? that part of the story bothers me not a whit.

    some great thoughts here. a couple (few?) missed?

    1) robin tunney as teresa lisbon is,well,gorgeous. yet lisbon is not played as such. at the end of the day, she doesn’t consider herself special. i think the reaction to the producer calling her and jane “tough, good looking…” is telling. i think this plays into her relationship with jane, too.

    2) jane’s “grooming” — definitely apparent again. jane is grooming lisbon for jane not being there for her. even though we’ve had jane gone for 6 months to start season 5, i wonder if there’s a holmesian “Reichenbach Falls” in store soon? and the scene in the hangar with the assistant — most telling regarding grooming.

    3) on red john? i’ve been kicking this around a lot — this ep yielded new ideas. what if RJ has a patron? that is, someone like volker needs someone to do his dirty work. why would volker, as portrayed in this ep, care if his hired muscle was also a serial killer? but we’d need more on the criminal mastermind angle– which is why this is just a working theory.

    4) anyone else’s head still hurting from the last minute and having bertram beaten into your head? 🙂 i still see bertram as misdirection.

    5) i enjoy la roche being portrayed here as “creepy but good”. la roche == the rock and i think at the end he will provide salvation to lisbon or jane or both. what a marvelous character, though, no matter what.

    6) the slap. i really saw this as primarily comedic. lisbon indicates she sees where jane is going before the slap and her reaction is more, to me, a knowing, intimate moment between the two than anything else.

    7) rigsbee drinking tea and acting like jane again. more grooming?

    i’m glad violet liked the ep. i agree — thought it was very good. a very strong season 5 so far i hope leading to more. this just seems like very tight writing/show running to me — very enjoyable.

  • violet

    I agree, they should have addressed the matter. But then they would have lost the shadowy vagueness surrounding Lorelei’s disappearance. If everything was openly legal and clean-cut in the first place, Jane would have been aware that the FBI had her relocated. Plus, viewers would have known RJ wasn’t involved. I guess the writers prefered mystery over clarity…
    And there is no indication either that the CBI isn’t trying to get her back legally. Only it would certainly be too long a wait for Jane, he’d prefer to take the matter on her own hands.
    Also, it may be a long shot, but even if Lisbon had be willing to try something against the FBI, I don’t think Bertram would have agreed. The man may even have known all along about Lorelei and chosen to stay in good terms with Alexa…
    It could have been handled better, but it’s not totally unrealistic (yet…).

  • JustMe

    I’m sincerely hoping that Vegas was Jane’s “Reichenbach Falls”….

    I don’t think Jane is a sociopath, just a man with a messed up childhood and who has always played a part. I don’t think he realizes half the time that what he is doing is wrong per se as he feels he can justify it all for the greater good.

    As much as Iwould love to beat the ever livin snot out of Jane, I think on one level he knows he’s not ready to try anything with anyone but especially not Lisbon, his best friend. I also feel that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. He doesnt feel like he deserves her yet.

    He may feel he needs to take care of RJ to earn the right to be happy and be good enough. His thinking is a mile deep but an inch wide, so intent is his focus on getting that closure he doesn’t see the damage done until there is no way he could not see it.

    I think Windsparrow nailed it when she says he wants it over not just for vengeance anymore but so he can live again and start being the man that Lisbon needs.

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose his chance in the meantime because someone else swooped in.

  • JustMe

    Let’s just chuck it down with freedom of artistic license and suspension of disbelief for the greater good of the story.

    If we want accuracy then it is accurate to say that Jane would have been shown the door and asked not come back after the pilot episode when the mom shot the dad for killing their daughter… When Jane sorta blurted it out without an official presence….

    Just my take so I’m leaning towards “But it makes it a great story!” artistic license and suspending my own disbelief.

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain and Violet,

    Bravo! You’ve detailed many explanations why this episode unfold as such that I would never have thought of. I enjoyed the read very much. 🙂

    Above all, I love how this episode has an overall tone of ‘Helplessness Blues’. (I never really understood this analogy from Fleet Foxes second album title, but now I do, thanks to this episode, but I digress…)

    Lisbon and Jane is feeling helpless with their own dead-end problems that it’s clouding their judgement on the case of the week.

    Jane is obviously stuck on the next step to free Lorelai, and this gets him annoyed that he has to solve the murder case. Lisbon, on the other hand, is feeling the drain on holding back Jane’s ‘crazy-look-in-his-eye’ plans when it comes to Red John. Also with the goading of Volker, pushes Lisbon feeling more helpless.

    Jane might be preparing Lisbon in case something happens to him, but it would be interesting if Jane is unknowingly preparing an arsenal for her personal vendetta against Volker.
    Speaking of which, I wonder if Kirkland actually wants Lisbon to pursue the matter harder instead, like reverse psychology. You’re just attracting a lot more suspicion if you tell a person to drop it like it’s hot no less with crumbly reasoning.

    May I mention that whilst Kirkland has a creepy factor, I believe he’s a good guy and at the shallower end of the pool, he’s looking more handsome and suave as Fed. Agent.

    Thank You, Violet and Reviewbrain.

    p/s: the camera blurs onto Bertram’s portrait before end scene, does not bode well for me conspiracy wise.

  • windsparrow

    Absolutely adorable artwork, Chizuru-Chibi!

  • Arco

    Thanks for the review. I appreciate the thoughtful analysis of Violet & reviewbrain.

    One quote that I didn’t see anybody list, from Jane to the weather girl–
    “Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked.”

    Regarding Jane’s “goosebumps” remark, this goes beyond flirting–you can just picture him having a fantasy in which Lisbon clubs him over the head & drags him off to her cave …

    Loved the artwork–yes, lipstick & blush suit Jane.

    The CBI should fire Jane, & Lisbon needs to give up on him as a lost cause–after she pistol whips him. If he’s not better after 10 years, enough is enough. Of course, that would pretty much end the show …

    I’m happy to see Henry Ian Cusick (Tommy Volker) & Kevin Corrigan (Friendly Bob Kirkland) as recurring characters, at least I assume that’s not the last we see of Tommy.

    Volker sits right next to Lisbon on the steps in front of the assistant’s apartment & pats her on the knee when he leaves. I’m surprised he didn’t pull back a nub. I guess Lisbon was so shaken up she wasn’t registering Volker’s invasion of her personal space.

    I thought that it was a bit odd that Friendly Bob was roaming the CBI building unescorted. When Jane first started working for the CBI (“Red Dawn”), Bob was giving orders to Alex Shultz who is now the regional FBI director (I think) so Friendly Bob is probably a very high-ranking Homeland Security official, & you would think that the entire CBI building would go on red alert when he arrived. You would expect him to be accompanied by an entourage of CBI personnel, including her boss (whoever that is), to her office–but guess that would have ruined Friendly Bob’s little intimate chat with Lisbon. Of course, being Lisbon’s superior hasn’t worked out that well for several of them so maybe they are staying away from her.

  • Shane

    You forgot to mension how mr. kirkland said he knew Jane. All of RJ s other followers are much more up-tight. I think this one is actually Red John, they set the mood and made the stage in such a way to allow this thought. input?

  • novellastories

    Great review, and artwork! I suspect Lisbon and Cho gave it a serious thought… 😉

    I truly enjoyed this episode, as I did with the previous ones, this season is really amazing!

    But this one was even better because we didn’t have the usual setting we have in all episodes… we saw the killer since the beginning, and we didn’t get an end to this investigation. I’m really looking forward to this Lisbon investigation about Tommy Volker. Heller said that Lisbon will be a sort of Tommy Lee Jones in “The Fugitive”, it will be her VS the guy she wants to catch. It will be interesting, and I’m glad we’re going to see a side of Lisbon we haven’t seen before. The anger and rage you could see in her at the end of the episode are pretty unfamiliar with her character.
    But she made a promise… she promised Amanda that she would have kept her safe, and she failed. We all know very well her desire to protect people. It’s getting personal now. As a Robin’s fan, this is amazing as it gives Robin great material to work on with Lisbon.

    I have to say I totally loved Henry Ian Cusick as Volker. I loved him in Lost. He was one of my favorite characters, and I think they made a perfect casting choice. He was creepy and charming at the same time.
    I loved their interaction , especially in the scene with Amanda. What I loved even more it was the looks’ exchange between Lisbon and Amanda. It was like they were having a unspoken conversation, while it was clear that Volker was getting nervous and irritated. Lisbon made a pretty good job.
    She did show that she can handle situations like this pretty well, without the need of Jane.

    Jane, who happened to be on another planet in this episode, the “Lorelei Planet”… I found his interactions with Lisbon pretty interesting. I think he didn’t bother to hide the file from Lisbon because simply there was nothing on that file Lisbon didn’t already know. She’s the only one who visits him up there, so no reason to hide it from her. But I agree, I found the way he did hide it pretty childlish.
    They both know he is up to something, I got a feeling it was like they wanted to talk more, but we know how it is with Jane when it comes to Red John. Red John is his priority, and always will be. He needs to get Lorelei out of prison and he’s going to do what it takes.
    The fact that Jane encouraged Lisbon to work without him, and Lisbon actually being very often alone while doing the investigation was surely foreshadowing that the two won’t see each other for some time, and that this investigation is something that will involve Lisbon more than she was aware of in the beginning.

    I’m not so sure Volker is connected with RJ. I don’t think he is, but probably this experience will help Lisbon understand Jane’s obsession better. Or maybe not, who knows. It will depend on how this hunt will end. I’m curious to discover a new side of Lisbon… Will she involve the team or will she keep this investingation for herself? I hope for the second, or at least I hope Jane won’t be too much involved. I’d like to see how Cho would react for example. I’m sure he would help Lisbon.

    Now, the Bob guy. I like him. I don’t know why, probably is the actor… he was so good. His attitude… I don’t know. I don’t think he is Red John, too simple, too troll.
    He isn’t probably even connected with RJ. The fact that he knows Jane since the very beginning doesen’t mean that he has to be a mole or a bad guy. We know nothing about him, so I’ll wait and see how they are going to develop his character.

  • windsparrow

    Kirkland’s position could give him lots of fingers in lots of pies so that he would have access to all sorts of resources, and be a heck of a boss serial killer/cult leader. I think we are meant to think Kirkland is a bad guy. Which is why I am leaning heavily on the side of thinking he might, just might, possibly, be a good guy. I want him to be a good guy because it would be interesting for the narrative. Then again, the narrative is likely to be interesting no matter what.

    The thing that tells against Kirkland being RJ in my book, is that with all the secrecy and layers of minions, I find it less easy to believe that he would act so directly. Then again, maybe that is what RJ is doing, hiding in plain sight.

    Buffy fans will remember the beginning of season seven, when Robin Wood was introduced. A lot of us thought he must be evil, and no one could really be sure until his true identity was revealed. All the mystery around Kirkland reminds me of that.

  • violet

    Indeed. Problem is at this point anyone may be RJ. Every time an old suspect appears on screen or a new character pops up, there are hints they could be good ol’Johnny. At this point, Bertram makes as pretty good a suspect as Kirkland: he’s been watching Jane for a pretty long time too and his threats to fire him may be a huge red herring. Or Brett Stiles or even Minelli, as Reviewbrain pointed out (even though he’s become less likely after ‘Red Dawn’). I don’t know why but I would be a bit disappointed if they used a brand new character to pose as Jane’s long-time nemesis: it would be far more interesting and twisted to use someone Jane already knows and never really suspected IMHO.

    The thing is I really wonder if Kirkland didn’t put himself forward in such an obvious manner because he has a plan. Either gain Teresa and Jane’s trust (with a ulterior motive of course) or attract their attention and suspicions to protect somebody else (either the mole or RJ).

  • violet

    All-I-Need wrote “Jane: “Gives me goosebumps …. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr””
    Can’t believe I’ve missed that, lol! I couldn’t catch his mumbling (errr… husky voice) well! Thanks so much for pointing that out, it makes such a funny line! XD
    What I find particularly hilarious is that while Jane’s two attempts at suggestive comments, bordering on innuendo, set the mood for intimate moments (they’re alone and he takes a low and throaty voice), Lisbon totally ignores him. That simply cracks me up! The man is becoming bolder and she simply disregards him!
    Now, this new facet of Jane made me think: first, it’s been hinted that he may like Lisbon’s authoritarian attitude since ‘Fugue in Red’. After all, he dared his boldest move so far just after she threatened to call the cops to take him out. He seems to really like to be challenged (hence his attraction to brilliant bad girls too, I guess).
    And, second point, he seems to have taken Charlotte’s role: then his imaginary daughter was teasing him and he ignored her, now he’s doing the inappropriate comments and Lisbon’s brushing him off. Guess those long-time discarded thoughts of his are coming to the surface… That and the writers are probably buttering us up to compensate for his still frustrating lack of complete trust towards her.

    Also, could it be that Lisbon’s lack of reaction is related to the confession he denied afterwards in ‘The Crimson Hat’? It would be understandable if she thinks he is just teasing her and blurting things she believes he doesn’t really think like he did that time…

    @Windsparrow: I don’t know what’s funnier, Jane posing as a woman or as a chaplain! Hilarious!!!!

  • violet

    P wrote: “My thoughts on Lisbon, She needs to start putting her own welfare and her responsibilities to her job and her team ahead of Jane. He clearly is not looking out for their best interests, so she needs to. She knows he is plotting to break a prisoner out of prison, she should give him an ultimatum: stop and give 100% effort to their case, or resign. And if he can’t choose, she should go to Bertram and have him removed from the team or suspended, or at least document the problem so it doesn’t get her and her team fired later. Honestly, Wainwright died and Darcy had a breakdown and the entire team almost had their careers ruined because they supported Jane and his crazy plan last time. You would think she would be much firmer than she is with him (yes, she is talking tougher, but I sincerely doubt she’ll follow though when push comes to shove. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.)”

    I get your point and agree to an extent, but the thing is things have gotten more complicated than that. It’s a paradox but Jane *is* “looking out for their best interests” in his own twisted way. Sure he’s putting their careers and often their immediate security at risk, but don’t forget that he really believes that he’s putting them all in danger just by getting close to them. He felt that way after Kristina’s disappearance and this feeling must be even stronger since Grace almost married a minion and Lorelei asked for Lisbon’s head. So, yes, he’s chasing his nemesis relentlessly and endangering his team in doing so, nevertheless, in a way, he’s also trying to save them all by getting to RJ before RJ gets to them. It’s become a question of time somehow (or I least I think so).
    Besides, it isn’t in Lisbon’s nature to be that harsh. For better or for worst, she still will try to help her owns. It’s true that she should get more balance in her relation with Jane, but becoming so controlling is bound to end up badly. Jane tends to do foolish things to prove that he’s the one in control.

  • violet

    Congrats to Chizuru Chibi for the artwork! Jane almost looks like the most adorable doll, so funny! 🙂

  • violet

    @ Rita: Laughted at the eye battling at the camera too, the man just loves to be under the spotlight, the whole moment before the commercial break was irresistible. I could almost hear him saying “I’ve always wanted to say that”, like that time he gleefully shouted “the butler did it”! (And thanks for the comment! 😉 )

    @ JustMe: really, really love that analysis! Thanks for sharing!

  • windsparrow

    “Jane tends to do foolish things to prove that he’s the one in control.”

    Well there’s an idea that inspires fanfic.

  • violet

    LOL! (again!)

  • violet

    Thanks Zee, for the link as well as your very kind comment! 🙂

    Jane preparing unknowingly an arsenal for Lisbon to chase Volker? Interesting idea! No doubt the woman has showed shades of this while her consultant was in Vegas. I’d really like to see her in action.

    Also Kirkland using reverse psychology on her… I really wonder indeed what his goal is. He used Volker to initiate a contact with her (and Jane), but there is certainly more to it… Intriguing theory anyway!

  • violet

    Thanks for pointing out that line, Arco! I got sloppy… 😉
    About “Friendly Bob”, maybe the guy just wanted indeed to have an intimate chat with Lisbon: his request could have been passed through Bertram otherwise, I guess. As I said above, I really think he wanted to establish a personal contact with both Lisbon and Jane. If he didn’t want to make an impression, he wouldn’t have greeted Jane in the first place. An official escort would have been a bother in that case…

    (“you can just picture him having a fantasy in which Lisbon clubs him over the head & drags him off to her cave …” just LOL!)

  • violet

    Great comment, Novellastories! 🙂
    I’m looking forward to Lisbon’s personal crusade too. Her character deserves a bit of the spotlight, no doubt about it. Sincerely, I’m hoping that you’re right and Volker isn’t connected to RJ. It sometimes feels like our big bad serial killer is behind so many of the important stuff related to the team, it can get a bit overwhelming. It would be a breather if Lisbon got to get her own RJ-free nemesis.

    Also, I’m amazed at how popular Bob already is! Either a good guy or an emissary from RJ, the man had better play a big part in the next plots!

  • Cece

    Top notch review, Violet and Reviewbrain! Great drawing, Chibi!

    This episode was just so ominous on so many different fronts- what Jane might do to get to Lorelei and Red John, Lisbon now being in Volker’s crosshairs and Red John’s, whatever Kirkland may be up to*, and relations between Jane and Lisbon seem to be on very thin ice. This leaves me half terrified and half super excited for tonight’s episode.

    *I think as a few others have mentioned it might be really fun if Kirkland turned out to be a good guy who has nothing to do with Red John. That would be a great fake out.

    -So strange to hear Desmond talking with an American accent and being a baddie. I miss my Penny lovin’, Scottish accented ex-monk, brother.

    -“Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked.” followed by that slap was glorious. I don’t care how trashy and catty the weather girl was that was an awful (but still hilarious) thing to say. That slap was the most deserved act of violence against Jane for quite a while. It was glorious.

  • Cece

    Ack! Forgot to mention what a condescending dickhead Jane was to Lisbon. Made me so mad. At no point has Lisbon ever implied that she is incapable of doing her job without Jane. He has said or implied it on multiple occasions (dickhead) but she has not. Expecting Jane to pull his weight on the team for which he is a paid employee is not admitting to being lost without him. I put their low closure rate during Jane’s Vegas escapade down to Lisbon being depressed over Jane’s absence, which then permeated the team’s morale, rather than her skill as an investigator. By the end of the episode, I felt Jane not only deserved a slug to the face from Lisbon but a swift kick in the nuts as well.

  • C Hill

    more trolling. nice.

  • reviewbrain

    I think its more venting than it is trolling 😉
    That said, I have to say I wasn’t annoyed one bit by Jane’s behavior. I don’t think he was being condescending at all. I think he was trying to tell Lisbon something serious and hiding it within a joke because it made it easier for him to say: I’m going to do something that might take me away from you and you have to be prepared. Considering Jane’s last plan had him leave CBI for six months without a word, he was actually being kind here. And I think Lisbon got the message. She’d never defended her abilities before; she doesnt need to. She knows Jane respects her. I saw the bite behind her “I’m prepared to slap you” was anger at whatever Jane has planned. That’s my take anyway.

  • C Hill

    venting vs trolling? it’s your site, i’ll yield to you 🙂

    and wow. looking forward to the next review…

  • Cece

    Thank you for defending my honor:)

    I hadn’t really thought of it that way. If it was meant as a joke, I don’t think Lisbon found it especially amusing. I don’t know, given what he was planning and knowing the strong possibility that he would be away for a long time, if not forever, maybe he was trying to keep her at a distance for the sake of both of their feelings. Ugh, it’s just so difficult watching this given how they were like two peas in a pod for most of season 4.

    You reminded me of one thing he definitely deserves credit for this episode- his honesty, both with himself and her. As sweet as it seems to hear him say things like, “You know I’m always going to save you, Lisbon” and “I want you to know that you can trust me. No matter what happens I will be there for you. I will. I need you to know that.”, it was somewhat disingenuous on his part. Oh, he may have meant it in the moment or wanted it to be true, but, and I think Lisbon has always realized this too since she brushed off both comments, if his campaign of vengeance is successful, then the odds are very high that he will be dead or in prison not able to keep those promises or will have had to do something along the way that would break them. “I can’t promise I’ll be always here to help you Teresa.” may not bring the warm and fuzzies of the other quotes, but at least, given what he hopes
    to accomplish, it is truthful.

    In any case, Jane managed to redeem himself a fair amount
    in my eyes in Red Sails by sharing with Lisbon his new information almost immediately. Just thought I’d end this extraordinarily wordy response on high note:)

  • Fiina

    I just want to let you know that your blog is still avidly read and highly appreciated, after almost four years. It’s a treasury, really! It provides alternative views and interpretations which are fun to contemplate. It also makes me pay attention to the smallest and cutest details hidden in the episode that I would have otherwise missed.

    I loved the idea of comparing Volker with Red John. Lisbon’s mission on catching Volker may actually help her understand Jane’s motives with RJ better: how it feels when you’ve got someone under your skin and you just have to get them. When quitting is no longer an option.

    My favorite line is from Jane, answering Lisbon’s call (Lisbon has just visited Amanda’s house): “Hello Lisbon. How do you do?” It’s not what he says but how he says those words. His exceptionally soft voice full of warmth and affection with the flirtatious little smile on his face makes his feelings for Lisbon loud and clear. Nothing brotherly there for sure! I would like to get that soundclip and set it as alarm sound in my phone. Imagine waking up to that voice in the morning…

  • rebecca613

    Wow. That was a nice piece to add about that episode. Just watched that one the other day so thank you for the added insight. I also second your comments about this blog. It’s fascinating and adds so much more depth to my watching experience.

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