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Note: Not a traditional review so there are spoilers for the episode everywhere. Unfortunately, unedited. Read at your own risk!

Unorganized thoughts start here….

This was the best episode of the season. I can’t remember the last episode I saw that had so many quotable lines.  If I could’ve have written the review I wanted it would have contained the longest “Best lines” section ever.

A good deal of those lines were part of some of the most meaningful conversations we’ve been privileged to see, ever between Lisbon and Jane.

And what made those scenes so intense, besides the fantastic writing was the acting. Baker and Tunney were fantastic. From his “What did I do” to Tunney’s understated yet scathing “Yes Jane has all our sympathies”, everything out of their mouths was perfectly delivered.

But best of all was the honesty in those lines. Jane flat out tells Lisbon “I love that you’re predictable.”

Of course he does. To control freak Jane, predictable means safe. but the two years they spent apart, and Marcus Pike,  has him feeling like a fish out of the water. He isn’t sure where he stands with Lisbon anymore.

Hence his bringing her coffee at beginning o the episode.  It’s such a classic (i.e. early season) Jane thing to do. He’s like a partner trying to rekindle the flame after a its gone out of a marriage. Or a guy trying to endear himself after a lover’s quarrel.

Ironically Jane’s love of control should make it easier for him to understand how Lisbon, a control freak herself feels insecure about their relationship due to his unpredictability.Alas, show off Jane can’t help but try to surprise (i.e. impress) people. Especially those he cares about. The showman in him is such a deeply ingrained facet of his character I doubt it will ever go away completely.

But is that the only reason he didn’t let Lisbon in on the fake grand jury? Jane’s insistence that the plan was a “sting” and not a con implies he’s trying to change into a more serious law abiding person. As does his stating he was following Abbot’s order not to tell Lisbon about the plan. It’s continuity to his conversation with Cho earlier in the season when the latter seemed surprised at his more mellow personality.

The honesty theme comes again with Lisbon and Marcus. He knows Jane is what is taking up Lisbon’s thoughts and holding up her decision to move with him to DC. It was implied when he states that she doesn’t need to go into her history with him if she doesn’t want to, and it is strongly alluded to when, after he explains the story of a film they were going to watch,  Casablanca to her (a woman choosing between two men) he quickly adds that there is also a baseball game on and on her request switches to that channel.

But the final bit of honesty was Jane coming to see Lisbon in her home. At the beginning of the episode he had seriously told her that he wants her to stay, then undermined that honesty by saying his reason was that DC is boring. But he more than makes up for it at the end of the episode.

Jane shows up at Lisbon’s doorstep with Italian food a grin on his face which disappears when Marcus Pike opens the door. When Lisbon appears he hands her the bag of take out and makes to leave. But she calls him back, saying he had another reason for coming. Jane then tells her that he was thinking about her leaving but that he wants her to be happy. That that’s the most important thing. What’s heartbreaking about this speech is that Jane is being completely honest. He obviously wants Lisbon to stay with him. But more importantly he wants her to be happy. For a somewhat selfish man like Jane, its the ultimate sacrifice.

Thankfully, Lisbon has learned enough from Jane to realize all this. Hence her brushing back tears after he leaves.

Ill bet most viewers brushed theirs back as well.

What I especially liked was the role reversal. Jane is practically wearing his heart on his sleeve while Lisbon is being as reserved as she ever was. From the very beginning when Jane asks her if she decided, she asks, “decided what?” pretending she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Then when Jane flat out asks her “what does a girl want to hear?” obviously referring to her, she replies “I have no idea”.

Perhaps it’s unfair to attribute that particular answer as her being dishonest. Lisbon genuinely seems at a loss on which man to pick. The dependable safe bet who seems to worship the ground she walks on (who wouldn’t?). Or the consultant with a mountain of baggage who enjoys driving her up the wall?

But I think Jane’s expression at the end of the episode will make the choice easier for her. Even modest Lisbon can’t deny the love in his eyes then. If the difficulty in the decision was that she wasn’t aware of the extent of Jane’s affection, then that is definitely no longer an issue. He can say he wants her to be happy, and mean it, even if it means being with Marcus, away from him. But like she told Abbott, she spent enough time with Jane to learn from him. She can read clearly that he wants her to be happy in Texas.

The only question is can she be?

I’ll be honest. There were times this season when I wondered if it wouldn’t be better for the show to get axed. I loved the reboot (new actors/characters are wonderful). But some of the cases were getting stale and it hadn’t felt like the show I fell in love with in a while; their was just something lacking, sorry to be blunt, in the writing. Then this episode happened and changed all of that. I had to watch the opening scene twice to read who wrote it: it felt like one of the best Heller scripted episodes ever. If the writers are going to churn out episodes like these then I’m going to enjoy season seven immensely. And I’m not just talking about the J/L angst. The fake grand jury was cool. The fact that the sex trafficking ring turned out to be a cover for live organ donors was also a nice surprise. In fact, the only thing I disliked about the episode was the character Daniella, and I think that’s mostly because I didn’t enjoy the actress who played her: she came off more bratty than sympathetic, unfortunately.

Finally, I apologize for the tardiness of the review. It almost didn’t get written since the new episode had already aired before I got a chance to even start. But then I remembered fans outside of the US still haven’t seen it (and they make up a good number of my readers) so here it is for better or worse for whoever is interested.

Also, I loved this episode too much to not dedicate even a meager review for it. Writing, acting, music (the end ;_;) , direction, editing (court scene, especially)- everything was absolutely perfect. Here’s to more episodes like this.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain May, 2014. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain May, 2014. Not to be used without permission.




1- If this episode had a theme song it would be Passenger’s “Let her Go”:

2- My roller coaster week led me to the following articles which I thought I’d share for humanity’s sake.

3- Anyone know if the title of the episode has significance besides the name of the restaurant and perhaps the table Jane and Lisbon sat at and reconciled their differences?

That’s it for now. I’m off to watch the new episode now. See you in the next review!

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21 responses to “Mentalist Il Tavolo Bianco Ramblings

  • Rose

    Hi RB! Like you, I loved this episode – really showed what the TM team is capable of. I hope it carries on. 🙂

    When I first heard the title, I immediately thought of “a clean slate”, but I think Italians would say ‘tabula rasa’ for that, so… I don’t really know. There were a few ‘white’ items featured in the episode (I think Violet might have mentioned this somewhere), including part of the word “Casablanca” – in which Ilsa has to make a decision (past vs future). So maybe the general ‘white’ idea was supposed to indicate making a fresh start, cutting old ties, etc.

    There is so much to say about this episode – so many symbols and so much subtext – that it’s difficult to know where to start! I can’t wait to hear the other commenters’ views as well. 🙂

  • Rose

    Oh, just a quick note about the heart motif: When attention was first drawn to the heart drawn on the victim’s hand, I thought it kind of gave away the organ trafficking idea. I thought that to make it more mysterious, they could have used a bean shape (for a kidney), or something, which wouldn’t have been so obvious until the end. But then when I stopped to think about it, I wondered whether it was actually part of a heart theme running through the episode – for example, there was a bow and arrow clue (which last week I thought could be associated with Cupid), not to mention Abbot playing Cupid/matchmaker with the whole dinner thing, and Jane’s heart being just a bit broken! “The heart wants what it wants” as Cho famously said. Oh well. Might be reading too much into these things (maybe they wanted to make the organ trafficking as clear as possible), but I thought it was an interesting idea nonetheless. 🙂

  • Lugenia

    Hi RB-

    I loved the episode too. However, along w/ the Jane/Lisbon interactions, I was totally pulled into the Fischer interview w/the victim’s mother. The actress who played the mother was excellent. I felt as if I were watching a news interview or documentary footage rather than a scene in a TV drama. The dialogue about raising a son alone rang so true, and the delivery was spot on. The mother’s pain telegraphed through the TV screen. Both the victim in this episode and in BEG seemed real to me, although in the former case the man never appeared on screen and in the latter the girl died in the first minutes of the ep.

    I watched an interview on Warner Brothers TV called ‘The Writer’s Room” in which Rebecca Cutter-Perry commented that her specific contribution to stories is to answer the questions, “Where is the heart?” The heart was all over the place in this ep, both literally and metaphorically.

    On that note, the two contrasting scenes in which Jane approaches a woman are noteworthy. The dinner w/ Lisbon that is both awkward, tender and familiar and the devastating house visit vs. the “theft” of the gangster’s girlfriend which is all bravura performance and fakery.

    This goes back to previous comments about Jane’s shyness. He had no trouble seducing a very beautiful woman ten year or more his junior who was in a room w/ her gangster boyfriend because, you know, he didn’t really want her. But his relationship w/Lisbon is a different matter altogether.

  • Lugenia

    A postscript: I also wonder why Fischer was a witness to the club scene. Jane’s timid approach to Lisbon recalls his bashfulness w/ Fisher on the island.

  • Alex

    Like you guys I thought this episode was great, especially after the sluggishness of some episodes in this season. I love there’s finally something happening in their relationship, but at the same time there’s one thing that’s preventing me from enjoying the moment 100%.

    I’ve read all the reviews and seen all the gifs and but I just can’t get over the fact that so recently Jane left Lisbon for two years and seemed to be doing just fine. I know that fans always like to portray Jane as this reliable partner, and that quotes like “No matter what happens I will be there for you” and “I’m always going to save you Lisbon” come up all the time, but he also said, at some point (episode?) something like “I won’t always be here to protect you”. And for two years he was in South America, ready to move on romantically with someone else (remember him taking of his ring off before the date with Kim?). He sends Lisbon a nice letter but there’s nothing to indicate that he would have come back or would have invite her to join him, if it wasn’t for the FBI. Where does this leave this whole image of the strong, symbiotic, partnership?

    I think that the plane conversation in 6.20 was one of the most important between them, but then it was brushed off with a “I’ve decided to stay” in the cell. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but in the plane he didn’t say “I would have come back” (which would imply that for him the separation had an end in sight), he just said “But I came back!” (yes you did, because you were forced to!).

    I guess it all boils down to whether he knew he was in love or not when he left. Maybe the possibility that this time she’s the one leaving triggered something in him, but I already thought his feelings at the sunset goodbye and in the letter were pretty clear.

    The fact that this separation wasn’t properly dealt with leads me to think that the writers are just hurrying Jisbon for ratings or closure sake. Any thoughts? Help, I need a positive perspective ahead of Sunday to properly enjoy the finale!! 🙂

  • Alex

    PS: the plane and cell conversation I mention are from 6.10.

  • Rose

    Yes, that’s an interesting point, Lugenia – I wonder whether we will ever see any comment about what happened between Jane and Fischer. It feels a bit pushed under the carpet at the moment (by writers and/or characters), but it was quite an important step for Jane. Sometimes I think he resents Fischer partly because a) she was able to fool him (unforgivable!) and b) she saw him at his most vulnerable/exposed (or ‘real’). And for someone who struggles with surrendering his real self, that must have been quite a sting.

    The conversation with the bereaved mother was very affecting. She says something like, “It was only when he was taken away that I realised how interwoven he was into the fabric of my life” and I couldn’t help thinking of Jane/Lisbon. There was another subtextual comment at the club about the mobster’s “fierce need for control” and the fact that all they needed to do to get him to act was “take something that belongs to him”. The difference being that Jane does not view Lisbon as a “possession” (in the way the mobster viewed his trophy g/f), but rather ‘belonging’ in the sense of intimacy and togetherness and having a proper place with someone. Oh dear. Sniffle.

  • Lou Ann

    Rose, your quoting the bereaved mother may be connected to the title: il tavolo bianco. Using I see it means “the white table.” The White Table is a ceremonial table set up at military banquets, etc, at which an empty place is set, to memorialize fallen soldiers now missing from the lives of their comrades and loved ones.

    We actually have used this table at Memorial Day services at our church (I live in the USA), to commemorate the sacrifices of our soldiers who died in defense of our freedoms, especially our freedom to worship as we wish.

    The white table also reminds me of the table Jane sat at in Red Rover, was it? He was drinking bloody mary’s on the anniversary of his family’s murder. There were places set for himself and for the missing Angela and Charlotte.

    Jane now begins to realize how he will feel if Lisbon leaves another empty place at his white table.

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome to the blog Alex!
    Very good point. The only theory I have with regards to Fischer is that after being away from Lisbon for two year, with no hope of ever coming back to the US, Jane might have decided to try and move on with someone else. I don’t think he ever seriously contemplated a relationship with Kim, he knew she was only there on vacation. But he was obviously in dire need for human contact with someone who spoke the same language as him. I don’t blame him for that as its a very humane instinct. As to his telling Lisbon he won’t always be there, I think it’s due to the very real possibility that he wouldn’t have survived his encounter with RJ and/or his knowing he would either be jailed if caught, and if not would have to flee the country; all possibilities which would keep him away from Lisbon.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Lugenia: And his timidness with Lorelie when she showed up at his hotel room 😉 As to Kim, please see my reply to Alex.

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks Rose! White table here could definitely be referring to the new clean slate Lisbon wants to start. I’ll be going with that interpretation 🙂

  • Rose

    @ Alex. Sorry, didn’t see your post before mine went up! My theory is that although on the island he knew he loved Lisbon, he has been scared of taking their relationship to the next level. I think he has been – and would continue to be – happy to preserve the status quo had Pike not entered the picture. He’s a creature of habit, and also a little bit selfish, and I think that as long as she was “with” him (not in a romantic sense) on a day-to-day basis, he would have just kept going like that. That way, they would be “together” without him running the risk of ruining a very special and precious friendship/relationship.

    @ Lou Ann: Oh, interesting! What a great point!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Thanks for the review, Reviewbrain! It’s always a joy to read you! I love the part about honestly. Really spot on! And Chizuruchibi’s art is awfully cute! XD

    @ Alex: I tend to agree with Reviewbrain and Rose about Jane’s behavior on the island. If he hadn’t missed Lisbon so much, he would have moved on more fully (or on the contrary, he’d have lived more completely in the memories of his wife), instead of clinging to those letters he was writing her, where he recounted every detail of his daily life, told her she would enjoy seeing the dolphins and that her absence was what made his new life so sad and awkward. If he had really wanted to move on romantically, he would have without waiting two whole years in his lonely retreat. And I think Abbott and Fischer were counting on it, otherwise Abbott wouldn’t have sent Fischer to him to make him feel even more alone afterwards: the seashell was proof enough that Jane was still deeply attached to his former partner.
    Plus, as Rose pointed out, Jane is a creature of habit who probably wouldn’t have minded too much staying in a comfortable status quo with Lisbon. Some details might have hinted that Jane was willing to get closer to her recently (the sting in ‘Violets’ showed rather obviously that he wanted her close by and in a sexy outfit), but even so his attempts would have been very slow and roundabout… I think Abbott’s words about conmen meeting their downfall when they start believing their lies are pretty interesting: indeed, Jane has been setting up a façade for years for RJ’s benefit. He was careful to keep her at arms lengths, not to let his feelings show. Therefore, Lisbon’s own timid efforts to clear things up had been brushed off (like her first talk about Lorelei in the car or her question about what he meant when he had told he loved her). His goal was to protect Lisbon by making RJ think he didn’t really care that much about her (which failed). But I wonder if Abbott wasn’t implying that he had started to believe this charade himself: that they were mostly only friends and that his smokescreen as an unapproachable widower reflected the truth of his inner self. Jane is lying to himself by pushing down his jealousy and his hurt at Lisbon’s actions. He was not “forced” to come back, after all, neither from Venezuela nor when he escaped Kim’s watch: he *chose* to do so in order to have his demands fulfilled; the first of them being to have Lisbon in his life again. And the saddest thing is that he’s letting it all go to waste now by letting her go –even more since she wants for him to give her reasons to stay.

  • Alex

    @RB, Rose, BloomingViolet: I’m feeling much more excited already, should have come to this site earlier 🙂 Strangely, I never though of Jane’s return as NOT forced, which is weird, because he never does anything he doesn’t want to do! And I like that view on Abbott’s hint about the con.

    Would he had found another excuse to return, sooner or later even without the FBI,? After 2 years he finally decided to write her that letter (it was only that one letter, right?), and in a very Jane-ish way he rambles about currents, dolphins and tailors only to say what he really wanted to say in the last paragraph. He knew there was a chance that he would be caught.

  • Alex

    PS (once again…): I had almost forgotten about the seashell! It’s proof that he thought of her often. I can just see it arriving without a letter, and Lisbon trying to find out all she could about it, looking for clues. That’s why she knew its name.

  • mosquitoinuk

    Fashionably late, as usual….

    @Alex: welcome! just a precision: Jane wrote *lots* of letters to Lisbon, the only one we could read was the one he was writing during MBH but Lisbon is shown at her place in Washington with a neatly arranged box of letters whilst sipping wine. Cut to Jane having a blast with Fischer (…ahem).

    I also believe that he knew already he loved her when he came back but as Rose, RB and Violet have pointed out (and I think, KM a few posts ago), Jane was quite content with the status quo. He thought he could have Lisbon in his life the way it suited him best at that point, that is, having the closeness and the warmth without the demands and commitment of being a real couple. Alas for Jane, Lisbon wasn’t that happy with that arrangement (THANK GOD FOR THAT) at all and to be quite frank, she must have had lots of doubts herself. Jane has been accused of many things but being honest and straightforward aren’t two of them. For all his wonderful qualities he’s got these major flaws that aren’t easy to deal with in a romantic relationship. Because one of the first things we ask from our life partner is trust. To be able to trust and be trusted. Oh well…they’ve got their work cut out. Should we open this old can of worms? (I can hear the rest of you shouting: no, don’t!).

    Now, my endless frustration with the reboot is that the writers and producers have worked so incredibly hard in trying to keep the fans guessing…Jane & Lisbon’s relationship has appeared to us, viewers, very confusing. Not that it was ever simple, but until a few episodes ago it was incredibly confusing to watch. For me, they knew they were in love with each other a long time ago, they couldn’t act on those feelings for obvious reasons, but, once Jane came back, then it would have been much more truthful to the characters and the audience to write the difficulties they have advancing that relationship in a more honest way. It would have been complicated, but honest. I cannot help but feel that we’ve been led down the garden path and they have introduced an enormous amount of fuzziness and smoke and mirrors to hide the truth of their feelings to the audience. It felt so incredibly contrived. A waste of time (and an infuriating one at that). They could have progressed things slowly but surely and tied some *very* loose ends along the way. But of course, this isn’t what happened.

    Nevermind, here we are with a S7 and the opportunity to provide closure and finish off in beauty this maddening and entertainment show of ours.

    I love Lou Ann’s catch about ‘il tavolo bianco’. It could mean ‘clean slate’ but I can also see how the writers would have brought back some allusions to Jane’s past, his loneliness and the empty space that the fallen leave in our lives.

  • Marjorie Joyce

    Just discovered this blog–thank you, all, for your thoughtful entries re Jane and Lisbon; I’ve enjoyed reading them all!! 🙂 What say you all about this pic of the Season 6 finale just posted on The Mentalist web site?

    Warning! Major spoilers!!

  • reviewbrain

    @mosquitoinuk You’ve highlighter all the reasons I’m annoyed with S6 and frankly, the writers as well. They didn’t know they woul be given a S7. And the only thing this love triangle made me see is how much better off Lusbon might be with someone else. The only consolation (and it might be an important one) is that Pike was brought in to show Lisbon she can only be happy with Jane, even when there is a “better” suitor with none of Jane’s many many flaws. Perhaps, in the end, all she wants is someone to make her smile and surprise her despite how annoyed she might feel at the time. Or, she has Stockholm syndrome XD
    But I refuse to believe that Lisbon isn’t in controls of her own choices. Something I think, in his silence, Jane is going out of his way to give her. But after years o pushing Lisbon into doing things she’d rather not, I don’t think she understands what he is doing. Not fully anyway. She’s probably just confused.
    Hmm. But what would the alternative be? Him confessing his emotions? What choice would she have *except* to accept him. Lisbon would be swayed by his vulnerability even if she didn’t love him. At least that’s the thought process I imagine Jane going through as an explanation to his actions…
    Sorry for the typos.

  • Rose

    @ Mosquito & RB. I get what you mean. The writers just had to rush it, basically. They wanted to portray a chasm between J & L as a natural fall-out from the whole RJ debacle/time for personal development, but then they were forced to close it again as quickly as possible because they didn’t know if they were getting the S7. Hence the expedient love triangle device. Which of course is problematic in itself because poor ‘no pressure’ Pike then has to be written as pushy/needy in order to get the whole catalyst thing moving. If the story had been left to develop naturally, J & L would still be progressing at a snail’s pace. But hopefully – with full clarity over remaining number of episodes – they will be able to plan S7 beautifully!!

    @ Violet. Thank you for explaining the Abbot/Jane conversation – I didn’t really understand what Abbot was hinting at there! Interesting, then, that earlier Jane should say “I do love a good story” i.e. the fiction of his denial, maybe. The idea of cons/stings/manipulation… it’s difficult! I mean, isn’t everything manipulation in one form or another? Pike is attempting to be the perfect boyfriend (he’s quite mechanical in his cliches, saying all the “right things”, albeit at slightly the wrong times), but in doing so he’s just coming across as a bit too keen/ possibly manipulative. Jane, on the other hand, has been attempting to do nothing and stay out of the way, but even that could be considered a form of manipulation if it’s done with a goal in mind. Not saying that I believe this to be the case – I think Jane has been genuinely trying not to affect Lisbon’s decisions. He can’t help it if everything he does/doesn’t do causes ripples in her mind! I’m sure, however, that he turned up with the cannoli intending to push things forward a little or at least scout out the territory (see the smile of anticipation when he knocks at the door).

    @ Alex. I like to think he would have found a way to return without the FBI. That or get a visit from Lisbon somehow. 🙂

    Oh, and, little note: the prosecutor in the Red John trial thing is neatly wearing red. 😉

  • Lugenia

    Re: Jane and Fischer– I think Jane also resents Fischer because she (unwittingly) confirmed his deepest insecurties that he is not a “good” man. He thought she actually liked him on the island, and she seemed a good woman who was easy to talk to. So he felt the sting of her betrayal on two fronts-she was setting a trap for him legally as well as romantically. Ironically, I think Fischer actually did like Jane. When she tries to explain her “involved” actions to him in WL, Jane looks nonplussed. He doesn’t get that their interactions were mainly spontaneous. An anonymous “good” woman could be powerfully attracted to him for reasons aside from his appearance.
    Which also begs the question of Fischer’s judgement and where her head was at the time. I mean, had it not been for the convenient “beat down” Jane received from the drug guy, who knows what would have happened that night? How could she ever have hoped to supervise him in the future?

  • Ezza Belle

    Love reading in depth reviews of the episodes. Ive watched each season at least three times in the last few months – basically ive become addicted to the mentalist. In actual fact ive never seen Pike as the ‘perfect’ person that lisbon could be happy with; sure he’s charming, he’s cute in a chipmunk sort of way but he’s forceful and constantly pushing lisbon for more than she’s ready for – although i do believe that Lisbon wants to have a future with somebody – from her conversation with Jane in 6-10 she realises how much she’s given up for Jane. But in actual fact Pike isnt that much unlike Jane, [he’s not a widow] but he is a divorced dad with a kid [i think he has a son?] so technically he’s got some baggage to him. Ive always seen him as cunning, pushy and while he cares for her as a person i always thought that Lisbon was just arm candy to him – just someone that he could use for his own personal interest. While a future with Pike symbolises everything that Teresa wants – husband, new job, maybe kids – there’s no love or real effection; just flattering interactions where Pike is treating her to dinners, breakfasts, company, attention which is gratifying obviously but you can tell a future with pike will be a future which is devoid of any real love which Lisbon deserves just as much as what Pike is offering.

    I love, love, love the meaningful looks they give each other at the dinner, the scorching looks they give each other when Jane asks her what a girl wants to hear could have set fire to the atlantic ocean; and the part where Lisbon is yelling at jane for not telling her about the sting. The part where she says ‘I thought you were….’ and then stops sent shivers down my spine and the knowing/meaningful look Jane gave her….ohhh!’ Those people saying they cant see Jane/lisbon as a couple are blind or they have their eyes closed when theyre watching the mentalist.

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