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CBI consultant Patric Jane (Simon Baker) asks powerful cult leader Brett Stiles (Malcolm McDowell) to help him get serial killer Red John’s associate, Lorelie Martins (Emanuelle Chriqui) out of the FBI prison where she’s being held. After she escapes, Jane picks her up in an attempt to get her to reveal Red John’s identity. Meanwhile Bob Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan) from homeland security informs CBI Special Agent Teresa Lisbon (Tunney) about Lorelie’s escape. He also tells her that if Jane helped Lorelie escaped then he’s in great danger. Jane races against time, trying to gain Lorelie’s trust and glean information from her before Kirkland and Lisbon find them.

Concise Verdict

Red Sails in the Sunset is a mandatory episode; a bridge between where the show is at now and where it intends to go. Its importance could cannot be overestimated or exaggerated. There were a million directions writer Daniel Cerone could have taken and I’m extremely thankful that the one chosen is character and story appropriate. The solemn tone (and events) throughout the episode makes it kind of a downer, but it is nonetheless thrilling and completely satisfying 9/10

Detailed AKA Humungous Review (spoilers galore)

Jane breaking into the prison was too ridiculous to attempt so I’m glad that wasn’t what ended up happening. Brett Stiles has been established as a powerful enough man to make it happen. But before he does, his and Jane’s conversation was quite interesting.

VIS #1: Jane asks for Brett Stiles’s Help

Jane meets Visualize cult leader Brett Stiles (Malcolm McDowell) at a movie theatre and asks him what he thinks of his request. They then have the following conversation:

Brett: “I don’t think much of it, Patrick, really I don’t.”

Jane: “Meaning you can’t accomplish it?”

Brett: “Any task can be accomplished as long as it’s broken down into manageable pieces.”

Jane: “So you’ll do it.”

-Jane is utterly fascinating. When it comes to things he wants done he only sees matters in black and white. It’s like it never occurred to him that just because a person can do something, doesn’t mean that they will. The fact that Brett owes him (which Brett acknowledges) is probably why he’s so confident here. But then there’s the fact that it’s never occurred to him one might refuse a request of his because they actually care about him…

Brett tells Jane “Let this be my favor to you: let it go. The whole idea. It’s just not worth it.” When Jane expresses surprise that Stile’s is backing away from a challenge, Brett explains that he’s gotten used to Jane’s presence.

-On the other hand, Jane is clever enough to have known Brett was looking out for him. Probably he’s just doesn’t want to deal for the inconvenience of emotions.

Brett tells Jane that if he gets caught he’ll end up in a federal prison. Jane tells Stiles that he just needs to make sure he’s not caught. Stiles bids Jane farewell, telling him it’s been a pleasure, and bids him luck.

-This clues viewers into how hopeless Brett thinks the situation is, and the unlikelihood that Jane will get away with whatever he has planned.  I’m glad that Jane’s got one more person giving him good advice, even if he, unfortunately, refuses to take it.

VIS #2: Kirkland tells Lisbon of Lorelie’s Escape

Lisbon is trying to get in touch with Jane when she spots Kirkland waiting for her in her office. Before going inside Lisbon *gasp* fluffs *Gasp* her hair *GASP*  before joining him!!!

This makes me happy on oh so many levels.

-Save for the “hot mail-room guy” (Red Badge) and Mashburn (Red Hot) Lisbon has never shown any interest in a man before.

-Lisbon has a new friend! That coffee date must have gone great.

-It gives her breathing space from always worrying about Jane.

-He might genuinely be helping her out with Vokler, which is only a good thing considering how depressed she was over him (If it Bleeds it Leeds)

-I can’t wait to see Jane’s reaction when he finds out.

-I find the possibility of Jane pining over Lisbon, when most fans argued that she’s the one in love with him, absolutely yummy.

Kirkland tells her about Lorelie’s escape then confronts Lisbon over the fact that Jane had been interviewing prison transportation officers. Lisbon admits it but defends Jane saying it doesn’t mean he helped her. She then asks why Lorelie’s escape is a Homeland issue. Kirkland tells her it is complicated before adding that if Jane is with Lorelie then he is in danger.

-I find it interesting that Lisbon never bothered asking Kirkland to explain how Lorelie (and Vokler, as far as we know) are important to his job. I think it’s because she assumes the information is classified and therefore does not want to pressure Bob into revealing it.

Later, thanks to Jane’s setting up of his “crime scene”, Kirkland concludes that Lorelie is the one who kidnapped Jane, not the other way around.

VIS # 3: Jane Gains Lorelie’s Trust

Jane goes to pick up Lorelie, knowing that she’d go along with the escape thinking that RJ was the one who was coming for her.

-Jane rescuing her instead was meant as a way to earn her trust.

He gets a car with a busted radio, and later a motel room with a broken television.

-This is so that Lorelie doesn’t figure out he’d set the situation up as if she’d kidnapped him, but also serves a double purpose of isolating her from the outside world. No distractions ensure they get to spend “quality time” together so he can get to know her.

Jane tells Lorelie to ask him wherever she wants to go. She asks for the ocean. Jane complies and later  makes a fire.

-Because what else could be more romantic? But more than that, fires are very captivating. Plus they’re warm which might be while Lorelie, in the middle of the night, decided to join Jane and sleep outside. But the fact that she snuggled up close makes me think she also felt lonely.

When Lorelie tells Jane to stop at a convenience store because she needs to change her look, he tells her that he likes her take charge attitude, that she must have taken care of someone and that she probably has a vain and controlling mother whom she managed to escape. Lorelie tells Jane to drop the act if he really wants to know her.

-I loved Lorelie calling Jane out on his act. It’s nice to see someone doing it. Though he gets plenty of that by the time the episode is over…

VIS # 4: Kirkland and Lisbon question Dana, Lorelie’s mother

Lisbon and Kirkland visit Dana, Lorelie’s mother at her house. Dana says that she knows nothing about her daughter, that they don’t have anything to do with each other. When Lisbon asks if her mother has any insight on how her daughter became the way she was, she tells her: “Lorelie only ever cared about Lorelie. What are you going to do with a kid like that?” At Lisbon’s bemused “You don’t feel at all responsible for her?”, her mother smirks cattily and says “Now there’s a question from a woman without children.”

-SNAP! That had to have hurt Lisbon. Especially if my suspicion that she’d always wanted kids has any grain of truth.

Lisbon rises above the jab, literally, as she gets up to look around the house. While Dana states that she’s satisfied her motherhood duties, citing her wealth and that Lorelie could have been anything, Lisbon figures out, based on the photos in the room, that Lorelie has daddy issues. Her (step?) father is much older than her mother and is away a lot on work.

-I wonder if Lorelie was sexually abused by him, like Rebecca was by a close relative as Jane surmised (His Right Red Hand).

When Dana tells Lisbon that she doesn’t like her tone, Lisbon replies: “Your daughter is the mistress of a psychopathic killer yet you have no information to give us about how or why she got that way. Frankly I don’t’ care if you like my tone.”

-Badass Lisbon rocks. It’s nice to see her play bad cop for a change, since that’s usually Jane’s area of expertise. But as we are shown here, it’s not because Lisbon lack for anything. But someone has to smooth ruffled feathers. In this case, it is Kirkland who thanks Dana for her time when she kicks them out.

Afterwards, Dana visits Lisbon in the office where she admits that Lorelie had a younger sister, Miranda,  whom Dana sold for cash when she was a baby. She states that it was after the girls’ father had left her, and that Lorelie held her up.

-This matches Jane’s conclusion that Lorelie was used to talking care of someone, and that she had a vain controlling mother.

Dana then tells Lisbon that Lorelie never forgave her, and that: “That day I lost two daughters. Not one.”

Lisbon’s response is a a deadpan: “Want me to get you a tissue?”

-Awesome. Considering how much Dana screwed up Lorelie, Lisbon seems to have no sympathy for the mother. Rather, based on what we now know, Lorelie and Lisbon have a lot more in common than their both being tiny brunettes.

VIS #5: Jane and Lorelie Bond over Blows

-Lorelie later tells Jane that they’re going to a cabin she and her late sister used to go to. When Jane expresses sorrow for her loss she says: “Don’t be. Her death was a gift. Sort of.” When Jane asks her to explain, Lorelie tells him: “Losing my sister brought me into my full reality. I faced my deepest fear. I have complete awareness. Nothing can hurt me.”

Jane leaves his and Lorelie’s hotel room immediately to call Lisbon and confirm what he already suspects: Red John killed Lorelie’s sister to leave her bereft, in pain and vulnerable to his manipulation. He has Lisbon fax over a photo of her sister’s crime scene where she carved the name of her assailant on the floor: Roy.

-As in Roy Tagliaferro, RJ’s alias.

Meanwhile Lorelie hears on the radio that Jane’s car was left broken into and that the police think he was kidnapped by Lorelie Martins. She proceeds to beat Jane into a pulp as soon as he comes back into their hotel room over his manipulation and lies. She tells Jane that he had her going, that for a moment she almost trusted him. When Jane tells her she should she says “Stop, just stop playing the role.” Jane then tells her that RJ, her friend, was the one who killed her sister and shows her the crime scene photo, adding that RJ made her a victim so that he could rescue her, that he preyed on her pain. Lorelie denies this and at Jane’s insistence tells him: “Just stop. God you’re just like him. Relentless manipulation.” When Jane says he’s nothing like John, Lorelie points out: “How would you know? I know.”

-I must say her words really made me feel vindicated. I’ve always said that Jane and RJ were two sides of the same coin (among many other similarities too numerous to mention here). It was nice to have it in canon. Even better, maybe now that Jane knows it too he can actively start working on lessening those similarities.

Lorelie then adds “I only wonder why the two of you didn’t become life-long friends the moment you shook hands.”

-OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

PEOPLE!! The suspect list has been narrowed down to people Jane shook hands with!!!

VIS #6: Lorelie and Jane at the Cabin

Lorelie tells Jane to go on inside. He enters the empty cabin and you can practically hear her sister’s ghost in the building. Lorelie tells Jane they used to come here to escape from the world. She then tells Jane that RJ didn’t kill her sister, that he’ll never convince her of that. Jane tells her “I’d kill for a cup of tea right now.” Lorelie offers to make him one.

-For a woman who knows she was being manipulated, Lorelie is awfully nice. I think it’s because she’s probably been spying on Jane for RJ so long that she knows needing tea= feeling distressed. Also, she probably understands Jane’s motivations and is therefore able to forgive him.

Jane tells Lorelie that they can’t stay here, that if the house is registered in Miranda’s, Lorelie’s sistere’s name then it’s only a matter of time before the police arrive. Lorelie expects Jane to run with her but he tells her that he’ll delay them: “Like you said, I’m never going to convince you that Red John killed your sister. You need to go and find out the truth for yourself. And when you do, when you find out the truth, you know where to find me. Just call me.”

-I think Lorelie felt, perhaps for the first time, that Jane was being genuine with her. Her subsequent concern for him felt genuine as well when she offers to beat him up so his kidnapping story is more believable.

Jane declines Lorelie’s offer. She kisses Jane before he tells her that she has to go.

-That kiss at the end seemed genuine gratitude on Lorelies part. Jane on the other hand seemed a bit too eager  end it. His hand was on her shoulder, almost pushing her away. It certainly wasn’t pulling her closer. I chalk it up either to his being in a hurry or him feeling uncomfortable and not wanting Lorelie to mistakenly think that he has any romantic feelings towards her. Like he told Lisbon, she’s just a means to the end that is RJ. But I think the time they spent together made him sympathize with her. By pushing her away I think Jane was actually showing her a kindness. She’s no longer just an object to be used. She’s a person.

Jane gets in his car and crashes it. When Lisbon and company show up he tells them that Lorelie ran on foot. He also demands to know “Who’s that guy?” referring to Kirkland before being shushed by Lisbon.

-Love, love LOVE, Jane’s indignant tone in reference to Kirkland. Also adored his extra moaning. I have no doubt whatsoever that he was in pain. But I also don’t doubt he was being extra vocal about it and enjoying Lisbon’s attention. Big baby 🙂

VIS #7: Lisbon confronts Jane in the attic

While I loved how Lisbon was concerned about Jane, I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to figure out what Jane did; that the best we’d get was a a replay of the scene in Red Queen where she tells Jane that whenever he’s involved she has cause for doubt. Been there, done that. Then I got worried that Lisbon simply wouldn’t speak of what she knows Jane did (i.e. Always Bet on Red ). Instead, writer Daniel Cerone thankfully shows us that Lisbon’s character has indeed grown. Let’s take it from the top.

Lisbon visits Jane in his attic and sits down with a serious, almost accusatory look on her face.

-This reminds me of when Lisbon told her shrink that cops sit quietly in front of perps, that it makes them nervous and gets them talking. It certainly works on Jane here. He starts talking and the two have the following conversation:

Jane:  “You’ll never know.” 

Lisbon: “I’ll never know what?”

-Lisbon’s question didn’t sound like it was intended as a diversion. Rather, the tone felt almost confrontational to me. Like she’s daring Jane to read her thoughts. Which Jane does….

Jane: “Whether I engineered the escape and abduction.”

Her demeanor is more assured than I’ve ever seen her when dealing with Jane:

Lisbon: “Trust me. I know.”

Jane’s confidence, on the other hand seemed more feigned than genuine:

Jane: “You don’t know. You’ll just guess.”

-Why yes Jane, but then you’d know something about that wouldn’t you. More than that, Jane’s reaction here is continuity to his ambivalent feelings when it comes to how well Lisbon knows him. We’ve seen him teach her his skills, but he’s quick to express disbelief when she uses them on him (Red Sky at Night, The Crimson Ticket). But Jane’s got more than just Lisbon’s knowledge into his ruses to worry about now:

Jane: “And you didn’t tell your new best friend Kirkland either.”

-I posit that by stating that Lisbon didn’t tell Kirkland, Jane was actually indirectly asking her if she had. He just didn’t want to admit that he wasn’t sure. More than that, the “new best friend” title Jane gave Kirkland seemed to stem from pure (I think it’s safe to say romantic, rather than platonic) jealousy. I’m sorry, but it was too pointed a statement to be anything else. Moving along…

Lisbon: I don’t have any evidence, if I did I’d put you in cuffs myself.

Jane: No you wouldn’t.

Lisbon: Try me.

At her words, Jane chuckles.

Lisbon: “What’s so funny.”

Jane:  Nothing. Sorry.

-Jane’s laugh here could be interpreted as mocking: he doesn’t believe Lisbon’s would go through with her words. Or it could have been ironic: after all these years they’re still facing the same dilemma first expressed in season one’s episode Red Flame. I choose to believe that it was actually uncomfortable laughter.


Jane: “All of it is worth it.”

-Because Jane tells Lisbon what Lorelie told him.

At Lisbon’s expression of disbelief/disgust, Jane gestures for her to come close:

Jane: “She told me Red John and I were very much alike. That it’s a wonder we weren’t best friends from the moment we shook hands.”

Jane sharing his little secret with Lisbon is perfectly in character. He takes risks that are only worth it when they bring results. Then he shows off to Lisbon how smart he is.

But while that’s true for normal cases Jane’s rarely ever been open when it concerns RJ. So why did he clue Lisbon in this time? Besides his being generally better at sharing this season I mean (probably to make up for his 6 month long deception).

I think Jane knew Lisbon would be more forgiving if he clued her in. She’d be less doubtful of his intentions if he shared his knowledge.

Then there’s Kirkland. I wonder if his presence didn’t help spur Jane into coming clean. It certainly irked him. If he felt threatened by Kirkland, then that might have caused him to be more open.

Best Scenes

The winner: The ending: Lisbon confronts Jane in the attic.

First Runner up: Lisbon and Kirkland question Dana.

Second Runner up: Dana Confesses to Lisbon that she sold her daughter.

What were your favorite scenes?

Best lines

“Any task can be done as long as it is broken down in manageable pieces.”- Brett Stiles to Jane.

“No one ever accused you of good judgement.”- Lorelie, to Jane.

“I’d like to understand. In case you haven’t noticed, healing is not my strong suit.”-Jane, to Loreli. They say the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it exists…

Icings on the Cake

Cho and Rigsby staring into LIsbon’s office, then looking away as soon as she walks into the bullpen. I can just imagine them gossiping about the man in her office.

Honorable Mentions

Blake Neely once again provided glorious music to accompany a fantastic episode.

The car crash was extremely well done. Kudo’s to director Simon Baker and whoever else was in charge.

The writing was remarkably well paced. We have scenes switching back and forth from Jane and Lorelie to Lisbon and Kirkland, each revealing a little more of the puzzle that is Lorelie’s involvement with RJ. There’s also the fact that for the first time we saw the consultant and CBI agent, each without his significant other, with another woman (and man) without the scenes feeling completely off. In fact, they almost felt appropriate at times. Truly well played Mr. Cerone.

Both Baker and Tunney were phenomenal.

Gigi Rice who plays Dana Martins was absolutely perfect. She was equally convincing both when Dana was being defensive and cold, as well as when she was being repentant.

Pet Peeves

You’d think Jane and Lisbon would have contacted Lorelie’s mother before to get insight into Lorelie’s past. But as far as we know this is the first time They’d met her.

Will we ever know how Lorelie ended up in the FBI prison and what the official position on that is?

The FBI could argue that a genuine mix-up is the cause of Lorelie’s dissapearence. They could deny the fact that she’s in their prison. Except Lorelie was called by her real name. within the prison. It’s just too aggravating to sift through all the possibilites; though Violet came up with a worthy believable scenario in the last episode’s review. But I’d like something in canon.

The scene with the kid at the convenience store was creepy. I think it was meant to be amusing.


Why didn’t RJ rescue Lorelie? Did he know Jane would? Did he want him to? Or was he that assured that she was completely out of Jane’s reach?

Then there’s Jane himself. We’ve gotten lots of continuity with regards to his less than healthy obsession, but it’s been a while since we saw that crazy look in his eye that he was sporting when he told Lisbon that Red John is someone he knows. Seriously, he looked downright scary with that creepy grin on his face. As Baker directed the episode, I’m sure this was intentional. That, along with all the other hints we’ve gotten this season makes me wonder if Jane’s sanity is a left over theme from last year’s season. It was never quite addressed, so that could very well be possible.

Finally, In episode Red Dawn’s comments, I’d stated:

I’ve learned my lesson with writer Tom S.’s first mentalizing of us audience when he had Jane help Steiner kill himself (the Red Line) to pave the way for when Jane shoots Carter. I don’t think I’m being paranoid when I think that this episode is likewise meant, to borrow Arco’s, butter us up when it comes to Jane so we’ll forgive something terrible that he’ll do this season. Likewise, we were shown Lisbon’s motivations so that we are able to sympathize with her and forgive her when she most likely lets Jane get away with whatever he’ll do. Readers, consider yourselves warned. I’ll be holding my guard way, way up. Conversely, it might also be that they’re showing us how close Jane and Lisbon are, the better to break our hearts if a rift finally comes between them. I prefer the latter scenario as it hasn’t been done before. But I’ll need to have tissue boxes at the ready if that happens…

I think this episode walked the careful line between the two scenarios. Yes, Jane did something atrocious again. But Lisbon neither forgave him nor did a huge blow out occur. I’m glad of it, for now, as there’s still plenty of time for drama between the two later in the show, especially considering the fact that Jane immediately pegged Kirkland as a new welcome presence in Lisbon’s life, which, by definition I suspect means Kirkland will be an unwelcome presence in Jane’s life. I can’t for the life of me find nor remember which of the readers mentioned Jane being a “caveman in a suit” (please let me know who you are and for which review you said it and I’ll certainly cite you!), but I had wanted to end the review with that quote stating that we’ll see how true (probably very) that statement is the next time Jane runs into Kirkland around Lisbon. I can’t wait.

For now, let the bidding on who is RJ is begin:

Last weeks art was a collaboration of ideas between the wonderful Mary (mistress of affiliate site Robin’s Green Shades) and Chizuruchibi. This week, the wonderful mistress of The Red Blog (another affiliate and your best source for all things Mentalist related) chimed in and helped my wonderful artist come up with the following:

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain November, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

If I were Jane I’d invest in creating this game. Maybe he wouldn’t get bet up as much that way XD.

Don’t forget to tune in this week. Check out the next episode’s promo.

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98 responses to “Mentalist Red Sails in the Sunset Review

  • JustMe

    I think it could be Mashburn. Again some serious ICK factor…. Imagine Jane and Lisbon dealing with the fact that she slept with Mashburn and the hands that gave her pleasure also were once covered in his family’s blood. Let alone that Jane pushed Lisbon towards him.

    They are quite alike and they did enjoy each other’s company. I believe that Lisbon inadvertently came between a friendship of the two when she slept with him. Jane wouldn’t want Mashburn near her so he wouldn’t cultivate a friendship to have Lisbon taken from him by a rival that could definitely be a viable contender for her.

    Mashburn would have the resources to have so many in his pocket on so many levels, he has the intelligence and charm to pull people toward him also the ruthlessness as someone doesn’t get that rich by themselves without stepping on a few toes. Remember the German Model? She HATED Lisbon and was pyschotic to the point of wanting to kill her. All over Walter. He can inspire that sort of devotion in someone to the point that they are willing to kill for him.

    Now because Walter is powerful, that could be wny Stiles doesn’t want to name him. Very well could be that Stiles’ dirty deeds and the proof for them are known to Mashburn and there could well be the need by Stiles’ to assist as even though he is conniving and evil, what RJ does disgusts him enough to want to help without bringing himself down in the process.

    Just my thoughts on the RJ.

    Now I loved your review and thank you for seeing what I did that Jane has no romantic interest in Lorelei. It was nice though for him to see her as a victim though. That he could see the damaged soul that fell prey to someone evil. I don’t approve of his methods but I think that letting her go will give them a great leap forward on the case later in the season and I think she will end up dead. RJ can’t afford to let her live if he feels that she has switched allegiance. I don’t think she will tell them before she dies who he is but may give enough info for them have a solid lead.

    Oh Jane is a definite caveman with Lisbon. He definitely senses something between her and Kirkland and it is irksome. She is his in his mind and heart although he doesn’t feel he can take that step with her. Mainly I think he’s worried she will end up dead but he does expect her to wait. I wonder if Jane’s jealousy is ramped up a notch because he would like to start something but feels his hands are tied and he feels impotent to stop LIsbon and Kirkland for to do so could very well get her killed as a way for RJ to hurt him futher.

    I liked Kirkland in this episode and he treated Lisbon like Jane should and she basked in that. Can’t say I blame her but I also think she is starting to be aware of her feelings for Jane. Maybe she knows that she is waiting on someone that will never be available so she better work on getting into a healthy relationship, even if its not the passionate consuming love she wants. She may be feeling her own mortality after giving Jane a quarter of her life already. How much longer would she have to wait?

    I think it set the rest of the season up nicely and I can’t wait to see where it all goes!

  • SF

    Awesome review! Here’s some of my crazy thoughts.
    Jane’s being gone those 6 months has changed Lisbon.
    I could only detect a few miliseconds where she didn’t know for sure that Jane was behind the whole thing, (when she tells Cho that they are not sure Jane is involved and at the closeup on her face at his car after Kirkand says Lorelie has him). Other then that she is a sea of calm. The way she’s just idly filling out paperwork at her desk “knowing” Jane’s situation truly blew my mind. In the past we seen her running around like a crazed girlfriend when he’s been in danger. Man oh man she has changed! I keep having to remind myself that this is all taking place a little beyond 19 days since he was gone all that time. The wounds are still fresh my friends.
    I’m thinking maybe that the Vegas ruse may have been the final straw for Lisbon but we are only seeing it now. He truly hurt her by leaving for those six months(and leaving her out of it) and on top of it (in her mind) he was carrying on with a beautiful woman while he was at it. She’s feeling like Lorelie felt in the hotel room and is fed up with the relentless manipulation. She is ready to cuff him herself and I think Jane knows it.
    As Bruno hinted we are getting to the crux of the story and I think we are almost there.
    Is Jane willing to lose Lisbon to get Red John? Years ago, yeah no brainer, but now after all these years and how we know how he feels about her, now, I’m not so sure.
    The contrast between the 2 tiny brunettes was striking. I don’t think I can recall Robin Tunney looking so stunning. Her stylish long leather coat,her dark green shirt matching her eyes,her hair, everything about her seemed perfect. Its as if Baker asked for her to be made exceptionally gorgeous. Lorelie on the other hand slowly degraded the further away she got from prison. By the end she stood looking like a hillbilly in front of that cabin.Her scraggly blond hair, the dumpy house dress and black shoes. there can’t be any real debate on which one he’d rather have. I think each one’s emotional stability was reflected in their presentation. We now know how strong Lisbon is and we also now know how damged Lorelie is.
    Jane knows what he wants, he wants Red John dead. But when he pushes Lorelie away from the kiss and by not going with her to maybe get Red John, maybe subconciously its something or someone else he really wants.
    The kid in the store scene(Baker’s son Claude)was to me maybe the key to Jane realizing what he was actually doing currently with his life.Here he is in a truck stop in a “suit” buying a disguise. A straw hat and sunglasses. He looked silly and was fooling no one, he actually stood out he looked so ridiculous. The kid saw right through him. Jane being “mentalized” by the kid put him in that moment. Here he was aiding an escaped convict, risking his life and his relationships, his job, everything he had, for what? I could just hear Charlotte saying “Red John,Red John, Red John, I’m so over Red John.” Even after the kid turns away Jane looks back and gives several nods in the kid’s direction. It’s almost as if Jane has the same thought.
    “This is ridiculous, what the heck am I doing?”
    I’m very anxious as to what lies ahead. I agree our fav duo may be headed for a fallout. I can’t wait! It might be the only thing that could make Jane change. It might be the only way that they could possibly ever start over and come to be together in a way I could believe.

  • windsparrow

    Once again, fantastic review, and such perfect artwork! Excellent work, my lovelies.

    I have written on more than one occasion about Jane’s “inner caveman” and his subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) possessive body language around Lisbon, but I have never used the exact phrase “caveman in a suit”. At least I do not think so.

    I loved the final scene, and I loved your analysis of it, reviewbrain. Good stuff.

    One thought, I am certain that Jane not only dismantled the wiring for the car’s radio, but also did some fiddling with the safety systems. The car, while not new, is new enough that it has that “can’t put it in drive unless your foot is on the brake” feature. The Man (who has more first-hand experience with both vehicle maintenance and life on the carnival circuit than I do) did not seem to think it is too far-fetched that Jane could have done it himself.

  • JustMe

    I really like your take! I truly liked how you drew parallels in Lisbon and Lorelei’s appearances and how Jane may be starting to realize what a futile life he is leading and sensing the change he has to make to his ways. I hope they do have a confrontation and air everything sooner or later even if it is out of character for them to be that way. No matter how even tempered someone is, everyone has a breaking point and I think they need to get there to get past the status quo holding pattern they are currently in.

  • ScintillatingSarah

    Jane at end was very creepy. Laroche esque

    Kid in candy store I didn’t understand. Maybe the kid suspected him and Jane stared him down

    I wanted to see more of how stiles managed it

  • ScintillatingSarah

    also why doesn’t red John do something about Lorelei

    Why hasn’t he killed her. Or at least helped her escape

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    Great review! Never fails to answer coherently on my burning questions towards the episodes.

    Initially I was convince that Jane had already broke Lorelai out of prison way earlier in episode Red Glass Bead/Crimson Ticket. So, I was glad I’m wrong but not yet right. Also, neither did the writer make the prison break a grand escape nor the whole point of the show.

    I am enjoying the Red John conspiracies a lot as it pulls us deeper into it. A person Jane shook hands with might not necessarily mean he knows him. Probably like a handshake he got with Kirkland. He recognised him enough from his voice, but Jane doesn’t know “know” him.

    That being said, I surely hope Kirkland isn’t Red John. I’m assuming Red John not to be in such a highly placed government position as Kirkland is. Like Lisbon, I’m quite taken by his character. But it is suspicious though, that he’s been keeping tabs on Jane for so many years and aware of his shenanigans, that I believe he has deliberately allowed Jane to carry out his kidnapping ruse. As a matter of fact, even before Van Pelt reported him smashed car, Kirkland had already suggested to Lisbon that Jane might be in trouble, not Lorelie.

    Also, that phone call he ended with “she coming inside the office now…” makes one wonder of who the caller at the end of the line is.

    I must agree though, that Kirkland worked beautifully with Lisbon. I wouldn’t mind one bit if they working together more often in future episodes and be romantically involved as well! 😀

    On a separate note, as SF pointed out (and couple of other sources elsewhere) the boy in convenience store was actually Simon’s son. But I felt utterly freaked out by him! He reminded me of the ghost boy they sighted AND caught on camera on the filming of the movie “Three Guys and a Baby”…I’m not sure if it’s intentional.

    Thank You Reviewbrain! Also to Chizuru-Chibi, someone should do a promo App for ‘Whack-A-Jane’, where you could choose different beaters to beat him senseless. 😉

  • Lothiriel84

    My random theory is that Red John might be Tolman Bunting, aka the guy that plays chess with Jane in 2×21…

  • ratsacreAnnie

    You hear that? That is the sound of millions of DVD players around the world grinding their way through every single episode of The Mentalist as millions of demented fans log every single male Parrick Jane shakes hands with. Let the festivities commence.

  • Tringo

    I think I’m addicted to this blog, great reviews and insights! (all of you) So many new ways to think and nuances I otherwise miss (especially things spoken in the eng language) And sensible normal reviews not this ‘Jisbon’ -crap (sorry – ok a little is ok but not to much! 🙂 that otherwise seems to be most referred to.
    I started watching Mentalist this summer actually (bad summer here where I live) and it is always different watching a show when you can see a new episode in your own pace – with the previous story fresh in mind. Now I have to wait for the next ep as everyone else. I loved this ep because I like it when you are kept on an ‘edge’ (not sure that’s the right saying is in eng?) and one of the few ep I wasn’t sure would end ‘well’. Almost got a bit nervous there 🙂 So curdos to the writer, director and composer (I thought the music was really good in this one).
    I think my favorite scene was in the car when Lorelie asked him to quit the act and he actually did, somthing with his open bodylanguage- and relaxing/giving up. And the fact that he got silent – as he was lost for words not beeing able to play his role. Unsure how to be himself.
    Okey the last scene also stick in my mind, the neck….thing and the crazy almost ‘the joker’/’Hannibal Lecter’ -look 🙂
    I’ll definitely be back here !

  • C Hill

    “For a woman who knows she was being manipulated, Lorelie is awfully nice. I think it’s because she’s probably been spying on Jane for RJ so long that she knows needing tea= feeling distressed. Also, she probably understands Jane’s motivations and is therefore able to forgive him.”

    oh, that wasn’t tea she was offering…certainly a different kind of comfort though.

    and on the “devolving looks” comments — take it from a guy, lorelei was in no way becoming less attractive during the epi. that thin yellow dress? you are naughty shopper, mr. jane!

    quick hitters:

    1) yeah, i thought that hair flip might get some attention…lol.
    2) what a rich episode — full of content, great writing, directing, and acting
    3) the marquee? i wonder just how important that is?
    4) the beach scene with the park ranger. didn’t it look like he was made up to look like karl malden? i haven’t been able to work this one out.
    5) the cabin, perhaps like the marquee, what is left for the viewer there?
    6) car wreck? set up well, but what about the stick?
    7) i think kirkland bought in a little too easily on the kidnapping ruse. on purpose?
    8) agree tunney was made up extra nice this epi
    9) last scene was very, very well done. and jane’s laugh? perhaps he has thought of lisbon putting him in handcuffs more than once?

    really well done overall though. hard to see how you couldn’t give this a 10.

  • All-I-need

    Oh, I so so SO loved this episode! Not everything that happened, but the way it all went down … And here are the usual comments:

    >>”Before going inside Lisbon *gasp* fluffs *Gasp* her hair *GASP* before joining him!!!”<>-I can’t wait to see Jane’s reaction when he finds out.
    -I find the possibility of Jane pining over Lisbon, when most fans argued that she’s the one in love with him, absolutely yummy.”<>Later, thanks to Jane’s setting up of his “crime scene”, Kirkland concludes that Lorelie is the one who kidnapped Jane, not the other way around.”<>He gets a car with a busted radio, and later a motel room with a broken television.
    -This is so that Lorelie doesn’t figure out he’d set the situation up as if she’d kidnapped him, but also serves a double purpose of isolating her from the outside world. No distractions ensure they get to spend “quality time” together so he can get to know her.”<>“Now there’s a question from a woman without children.”
    “-SNAP! That had to have hurt Lisbon. Especially if my suspicion that she’d always wanted kids has any grain of truth.”<>”Lorelie then adds “I only wonder why the two of you didn’t become life-long friends the moment you shook hands.”
    -OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!”<>Lorelie expects Jane to run with her but he tells her that he’ll delay them: “Like you said, I’m never going to convince you that Red John killed your sister. You need to go and find out the truth for yourself. And when you do, when you find out the truth, you know where to find me. Just call me.”<>More than that, the “new best friend” title Jane gave Kirkland seemed to stem from pure (I think it’s safe to say romantic, rather than platonic) jealousy.<<
    – Agreed!

    Also, might I just point out that Jane looked SERIOUSLY disturbed (and very disturbing!) when he told Lisbon he and Red John shook hands? With the neck brace and the bruising and that crazy look in his eyes, he looked positively deranged.

    Also, there were two hilariously Jane-like scenes:
    #1: Jane STROKES the hood of his car before smashing the window. I could feel his pain …
    #2: Jane in the convenience store, making that boy stop staring at him. I had no idea Simon Baker could cross his eyes like that!
    But yes, it was also a creepy scene … it went on too long, for some reason.

    And I just remembered something else: Everything Lorelei said to Jane while beating him up might as well have been Lisbon talking. I bet Lisbon frequently stiffles the urge to beat him to a pulp herself, scream "LIAR" and accuse him of manipulating her all the time. Can't say I blame her for that.

    I agree with JustMe that Mashburn would make a great Red John. He and Jane are about the same age (though I thought RJ was older) and it would be seriously ICK indeed. Jane slept with RJ's girl and Mashburn with Lisbon, aka Jane's girl. That's … well, I don't even want to think about it. But if it's true, I hope Lisbon will be the one to put a bullet between his eyes.

    Otherwise, both Minelli and Bertram are still in the race. I doubt Ron and Karl because as far as I know Jane never shook hands with them. I'm not sure he ever even talked to them at all.

    Anyways, at least we can now stop being paranoid about every new person introduced being Red John. Of course that doesn't stop us from being paranoid they might be Red John's minion, but at least it's something.

    Great review, as always, and the art is wonderful!

  • All-I-need

    grrr, sorry about the bad formatting, I copied it in from a word document where I wrote it so I wouldn’t have to scroll up and down all the time …

  • Arco

    C HIll–

    The movie playing while Brett Stiles & Jane talk is “North by Northwest,” in which the characters played by Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint spend time on the lam including at Mount Rushmore (a park). There is even a park ranger vehicle shown in one scene. And when Jane & Lorelei are on the run, Kirkland remarks that they are headed “north.”

  • C Hill

    i get the NxNW part, arco. i found the park ranger as “karl malden”(perhaps) more interesting.

    there was a whole mess of hitchcock in this epi (more than a hack like i can cover) like the angled shot of jane when he came back to the hotel room before being assaulted by lorelei.

    just something about that ranger….

  • Arco

    Someone speculated that the ranger might be Red John or a Red John connection–meaning that Lorelei deliberately arranged the rendezvous at the beach.

  • Fiona Henderson (@ginger_ninja24)

    Didn’t Robin Tunney look even more gorgeous than usual in this episode?! Re her fluffing her hair before she went in to see Kirkland, I think she’s using the old “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” trick. In staying close to Kirkland I think Lisbon hopes he’ll open up to her more about Volker. The scene where Kirkland waved through the glass at Lisbon, she smiled broadly at him, then turned back to the team and sounded a tad irritated when she explained who Kirkland was convinced me of this.

    Do we have any idea how long this episode was after the events of 5.07? Can’t have been that long otherwise Jane would have probably seen Kirkland around the office. Totally agree with your analysis of Jane’s “your new best friend Kirkland” line btw! All we need is for Mancini to show up again and we might just see more of irked Jane! 😀

    All-I-Need, I agree that Jane looked demented in that final shot where he was grinning like a mad-man! Dark Jane is here!

    I’m still not convinced that Brett Stiles/Visualize isn’t involved in the RJ plot somehow. When Lorelei was telling Jane how her sister’s death was a gift, she sounded very much like she’d been brainwashed. Kirkland is too obvious to be Red John though but I’m sure that the members of the poker game Lisbon attended in 5.03 weren’t there by accident.

    Season 5 is really ramping things up a notch!

  • Arco

    Thanks for the review, Reviewbrain. Jane = “Big baby,” hee. I also enjoyed the artwork. Where do I get in line for Whack-a-Jane?

    Reviewbrain, Lisbon also apparently dated a guy in narcotics, I think it was. That’s when Jane said that she was too particular–the guy chewed his fingernails or something like that, & she didn’t like it.

    I’m not so excited about the clue to Red John’s identity. I already thought that Jane & RJ had probably met at some point previously. And what if the handshake took place offscreen?

    Lorelei seems to be backing off absolute devotion to RJ–saying that he’s manipulative like Jane. Is it because he didn’t rescue her from prison?

    I think that Lisbon should have followed up on Kirkland’s remark, “It’s complicated.” I expected a snarky response such as “If you use small words & talk slowly, maybe I can catch on.” Because he didn’t say “It’s classified.” The charges against Lorelei seemed relatively minor for someone in a Federal prison so the suspicion would be that Friendly Bob is actually more interested in Lorelei’s associates.

    Maybe I should call Bob Kirkland Snoopy Bob or Curious Bob because he has obviously been delving into Jane’s life over the past few years (now we, the audience, know that but Lisbon doesn’t). How did Kirkland find out that Lisbon knows Jane better than anyone else (also a callback to “Devil’s Cherry” in which Jane says that Lisbon is the only person who really knows him)? I doubt that Lisbon or her crew shared that little tidbit with Friendly Bob. My guess is Minelli, who was presumably the informant for all things Jane while he was Lisbon’s supervisor, but who’s the informant now because you know there has to be one? I did enjoy Lisbon’s response to Bob’s questioning her about Jane’s whereabouts–something to the effect that wherever she thought Jane could be is the last place that he would be.

    I don’t know that we’ve ever seen so much of Lisbon’s office before. Friendly Bob goes from someone Lisbon doesn’t know to her workhusband–even cohabiting her office–in light speed. It’s probably a relief to Lisbon to have a partner who doesn’t act like a drunk uncle during an investigation. In addition, Friendly Bob can provide backup. He carries a gun & would be able to defend himself (not get beaten up by Lorelei, for example). Now, remind me, why does Lisbon need Jane?

    I am complaining about these recurring characters being brought in for snippets (such as Mancini) or permeating an episode (both cases for Friendly Bob) & then disappearing from the series for what appears to be several episodes. This interrupts the continuity of the episodes. I am interested in the arc of the story (thus my moniker, Arco). It looks as if Friendly Bob is not going to be in at least the next two episodes. And how about Mancini –& Volker?

    Once Jane called from the motel, he knew that Lisbon would be able to track Lorelei & him. Of course, he didn’t know that Lisbon’s “new best friend” could summon pursuit helicopters faster than I can get a drive-through hamburger. He can also direct U.S. marshalls. Bob must be mega levels above Lisbon in the food chain.

    Jane doesn’t look away at at the sight of naked Lorelei in the water at the beach, but he yawns. While I was watching, I was going, “Dude, do you have a pulse”?

    I like Connor Davey’s description of Jane’s aerie as his “attic of demons.”

  • GraceSteph

    I always thought it would be a perfect drama if Alex Jane is RJ. Anyway who could’ve know a son better other than his father. Also I ever heard Bruno saying when RJ identity is revealed it won’t be someone that Jane could kill (or at least he could easily kill). He might be pissed about the fact Jane ran away with Angela to leave the carny world and that Angela took his son away from him.
    The ‘shook hands’ term could mean anything, may just be a figure of speech?
    But anyway this is just my theory.
    In this eps if anyone noticed Dana and her husband’s photo looked like they were on a costume which were very carny world alike. Not sure if this is a hint planted by Bruno? But then if this theory is true RJ may have known Dana & her 2 daughters from the carny world, hence the plot to take Lorelei to be his disciple.
    And if this theory is true it means both Jane & Lisbon shares something in common:problematic father who damn near kill his daughter & her brothers, and one psychopath father who took away his son’s family. This may as well bond Jane and Lisbon more than ever. Hence I said it could make a perfect drama if Alex is RJ.

  • GraceSteph

    Actually if its true that Bob is RJ’s guy and while he’s the one who showed Lisbon about Miranda’s crime picture, I might think he did it on purpose, knowing Lisbon would pass the msg to Jane and Jane to Lorelei and eventually Lorelei try to find out the truth and approach RJ, then it’s time for RJ to silence her. A method of RJ on bring Lorelei back to him.
    But well I might be reading too much into the show.

  • reviewbrain

    This ->

    ” Man oh man she has changed! I keep having to remind myself that this is all taking place a little beyond 19 days since he was gone all that time. The wounds are still fresh my friends.
    I’m thinking maybe that the Vegas ruse may have been the final straw for Lisbon but we are only seeing it now. He truly hurt her by leaving for those six months(and leaving her out of it) and on top of it (in her mind) he was carrying on with a beautiful woman while he was at it. She’s feeling like Lorelie felt in the hotel room and is fed up with the relentless manipulation. She is ready to cuff him herself and I think Jane knows it.”

    Awesome interpretation.

    I also loved your contrast between the two women with regards to their styling. It’s definitely intentional and does work as a reflection of their emotional state (Lisbon cool as a cucumber, Lorelie being the worse for wear). I just don’t agree that we can use that to conclude which of the two Jane would prefer. Yes, Jane probably loves his women stylish, but that’s not exactly an apt description of Lisbon on a normal day (though still better than her season one godawful wardrobe). And despite Lorelie missing her false eyelashes, make-up and cleavage enhancing work outfit, she’s still gorgeous (see C. Hill’s comment below).

  • reviewbrain

    C. Hill wrote:
    “Oh, that wasn’t tea she was offering…certainly a different kind of comfort though.”

    XD! I didn’t think of it that way. My point still stands though, she forgave him quite quickly 😉

    “that thin yellow dress? you are naughty shopper, mr. jane!”

    And thanks for reminding me! There’s a scene after Lorelie puts on the dress, Jane glances, at her, then looks away almost immediately. I don’t think he’d realized how sheer it was, it had been the first item on the rack.

    “Jane’s laugh? perhaps he has thought of lisbon putting him in handcuffs more than once?”

    XD No comment.

    Why no 10. As fantastic as the episode was, it didn’t really feel like a Mentalist episode, if that makes any sense…

  • Phillips

    Seriously it seems a shame that the only reason that Baker deserves you congratulations is the car scene (ehem).
    The pace of this episode was devilish, amazing photography (Lorelei scene watching the sea with a sailboat in the background was wonderful and poetic), the homage to Hitchcock in cinema scene was great, and it was present throughout the episode by the kind of suspense that is capable of creating. And direction of actors was extraordinary. If we think that Baker is producer, director and actor of the episode I think he deserved more than a greeting by a car crash.

    I’m a fan of Baker and quite objective about what I watch.

    I was disappointed with this Blog.

    As for the suspects, MASBURN (along Kirkland) is the prime suspect in all the forums I read. How can not appear here? (ehem, ehem).

  • violet

    Great review for a rich and complex episode! Many of your remarks are very thought provoking. And the art is just perfect (I almost expected Lisbon wanting to have a turn at Whack-a-Jane, that game is hilarious!)

    I loved the part about Lorelei and Lisbon having “a lot more in common than their both being tiny brunettes.” I didn’t see it that way, but indeed. And Jane feels compelled to compliment both on their “take charge attitude”, must be a quality he really fancies in women: they act like adults, which leaves him more opportunities to act like a child… XD
    I found Lorelei’s ambivalent attitude pretty interesting too. She is disappointed to find him in the car when she expected RJ, yet she makes various little attempts at seduction: skinny dipping in front of him, changing her clothes without closing the bathroom. She even comes to trust him at some point. I really wonder if she wasn’t attracted to him all along in spite of using him. That or she is a bit too promiscuous with her former lover… 😉

    Same goes with Jane: he’s quite ambiguous albeit in a different way. He tries to disguise himself… while keeping his vest of all things! Very discreet indeed!!! It’s almost as if he wants to be caught in a subconscious level. I really don’t know if I’m reading too much into it, but as I’ve stated for ‘If It Bleeds, It Leeds”, he seems to have second thoughts even though he still acts with determination. Intriguing…
    And the scene with the staring kid had a deeper meaning for me. First, if Jane is really beginning to have second thoughts about his choices, his feeling unsettled by a kid could symbolize guilt, as if he realized he was losing the last remnants of his innocence. I totally agree with SF on that point: the person whose advice to get over RJ he took the most at heart was his own child and seeing another kid watching him that way may have made him realize some things he didn’t want to face… At the same time and more importantly plot-wise, that kid is a potential witness: he saw how Jane hurriedly grabbed a disguise for himself first. He can testify that Jane wasn’t threatened in any way at that moment. Same with the two other children in front of the motel: they watched intensely how Jane ran to catch up with Lorelei who was already leaving with the car. Those three witnesses might become a threat for Jane: they saw how willingly he stayed with Lorelei, they can prove that he wasn’t kidnapped. And they’re just kids, no way anyone would accuse them of being RJ’s followers or of lying.

    It’s also pretty intriguing that Brett mentioned liking the classic. We know Jane loves almost everything classic, from his choice of clothes to music and literature (Shakespeare). And to make the point even more apparent, a few seconds later, Jane “comforted” his vintage car before breaking its window. Both men have the same tastes and get along: this matches Lorelei’s assumptions about Jane’s affinities with RJ. It seems that the writers are keeping their habit to make everyone look suspect… On the other hand Kirkland cannot be RJ himself or else there would be a *huge* pet peeve, since Lorelei can’t know that Jane and Friendly Bob have met during her stay at the federal prison.

    Last, is that me, or the structure of this ep reminded of ‘The Crimson Hat’? There is almost a perfect chiasm: back then Lorelei began using seduction with him, then they ended up in the motel room for a crucial scene that ended in betrayal, then they were in the desert and Lorelei tried to cut off his fingers. Here? They meet again in the desert and she displays hostility. The crucial confrontation takes place in a motel room too and this time Jane is the one doing the betrayal. They go their separate ways at the end after Lorelei starts trusting him a little bit and kisses him goodbye. So we have: seduction (kiss)/ betrayal (motel)/hostility (desert) vs hostility (desert)/ betrayal (motel)/ seduction (kiss)… the inversion is almost complete and shows that Jane has indeed turned her: he has planted the seeds of doubt in her mind.

    Again, you did a great work Reviewbrain! 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Why wasn’t Mashburn mentioned? I didn’t think he was a suspect. Why do other forums mention it? Probably because they think he is. Different people have different opinions.

    I’m a Simon Baker fan too. And we all know he’s a phenomenally talented individual, that really goes without saying. But for some reason, this episode simply didn’t resonate with me as others he directed. I think the lack of humor had a lot to do with that. Mentalist has always been my happy place and I think this is the first episode in the entire series that didn’t have a single amusing line (that I can recall). Its not Baker’s fault, but I assign grades to the entire episode, not its individual components. As to the acting, if you must know, I actually winced twice in this episode when two different actors had less than stellar moments. I didn’t mention that because I don’t like be hurtful. But no, the acting wasn’t %100 perfect, in my humble opinion.

    I apologize if I have disappointed you. But that’s what the comments are for so that people can fill in the gaps that I miss or that in my rush to finish I forget to mention (i.e. Hitchcock references).I’m not perfect. I do this for fun between raising a family and three full time jobs. Any insight you have to offer is appreciated. I can do without the negativity though, if you please (ahem, ahem).

    welcome to the blog.

  • rita

    Great review,and fun art work.

    I thought that this was a really well done episode, it had a good pace, and answered some questions and raised a few more.

    Jane played Lorelei really well, showed her HE broke her our when Red John hadn’t….why? couldn’t he be bothered? didn’t he care enough?

    You could see Lorelei in the car beside the beach trying to work it out. The small smile that Patrick gave when she came up and snuggled up was a smug one…..she was starting to relax and trust him. After all she could have killed him or just driven off and left him. He played her well, showing his trust in leaving her at the store with the car keys, leaving her in the motel room alone. He was a bit surprised by the assault on his return….and I think also a little surprised at Red John’s involvement in the killing of Lorelei’s sister.

    I think that through this investigation Lisbon has seen that Lorelei is as much of a victim as any of Red John’s murder victims…..she was tricked into being one of his people. It made me smile that she sort of became Jane when her and Kirkland were interviewing Dana….Kirkland had to sort of hustle her out. And the delivery of the line…’Would like me to get you a tissue/’ was just perfect…..polite, but no missing her meaning.

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I still don’t like Kirkland….I hope that Lisbon doesn’t get too close, he is after something and I don’t think it is just the pleasure of her company.

    I think that Simon Baker’s directing skills are getting better and better, and wonderful writing too, an excellent episode.

  • violet

    It’s a matter of opinion, really. Personnaly, I wasn’t thrilled with Baker’s work as a director in this ep, nor with the “devilish” pace. When compared with an ep like ‘Blinking Red Light’, I find something was sorely missing: I can’t pinpoint anything wrong, but it wasn’t an outstanding episode. I was quite disappointed and didn’t really like it.
    Now about the homage to Hitchcock, I can see the similarities (the couple of fugitives, the park ranger, the fact that if I’m not mistaken the scene that Brett was watching took place when the hero was turning tables and getting closer to catch the big bad guy, etc…). I can see them, but for a show with such a track record of referencing classic in a subtle and meaningful way, it could have been done better IMHO. For me, what characterizes the most Hitchcock movies is the psychological aspect: a simple, honest, normal person put in a criminal situation that he/she doesn’t understand and that threatens to become overwhelming. Here, Jane is not innocent at all: except all the chase part, there is little to none real similarity. They’d better have chosen ‘A Shadow of a Doubt’ and represent Jane starting to suspect everyone around him, as it is bound to happen. So like I said, it’s a matter of opinion…

    I really hope I won’t sound offensive, Phillips, but I’m always amazed that people complain they didn’t find their own take on the story in a review: it’s almost impossible to condense every possible thing to say in one single review, simply because they’re (usually) done by one single person who has a personal take on it too. That’s what the comments are for: to complete and discuss. And you’ll find some valuable things in this blog as well as there are other different valuable things in other blogs: different people do different things.

  • violet

    Oooops. Too late… ;p

  • violet

    Speaking of Jane stroking his car, it’s silly but his gesture made me think of Lisbon: Jane was apologizing to his car before “hurting” it, just like he was warning Lisbon in last week episode: in both cases, he knows he’s about to hurt something/someone that he cares about (without any sexist comparison of course), and follows though because he thinks it’s necessary. Guess that means he feels bad for hurting Lisbon too…

  • reviewbrain

    You make a very good argument on how Mashburn could be RJ. I hope not though, as I really like his character.

    Love the word “basked” in relation to Lisbon’s reaction to Kirkland’s attention. I can’t help but wonder if that’s why she isn’t questioning his presence more. It would be great if he really likes her. It would be terrible if she’s being played…if Kirkland turns out to be a bad guy. I hope not for many reasons…

  • P

    I don’t understand why so many people believe Mashburn is RJ. When Lorelei said Jane was just like RJ, she was referring to the constant manipulation. Mashburn may or may not be manipulative, but the writers have certainly not demonstrated that it is one of his primary character traits in the two episodes he has been in. In fact, he seems much more straightforward than manipulative. He would rather pay for what he wants or just ask for a favor than subtly and elaborately manipulate people to do as he likes. The qualities that we KNOW Jane and Mashburn share (charm, intelligence, being funny) are NOT what Lorelei seemed focused on as she beat the sh** out of Jane. I have previously seen people comment that Mashburn is RJ because he wore a red shirt. So what? Red is a popular color and where was it stated that RJ always wears red? Did I miss an episode somewhere along the way?

    I also don’t understand the “RJ is Jane’s father” or the “Jane has a secret half brother” theory I have seen on other boards. The father was in one episode, and he seemed to just be a conman, and a less talented one than Jane. If he had the talent / ability to do what RJ has done, I doubt he would have spent all those years scratching out a precarious living on the carny circuit. He had no network of powerful friends, at least that we were shown. I think he’s just a bad father who used his more talented son to make money, not a serial killer.

    Kirkland doesn’t seem to fit either. Yes, they shook hands,but Jane just met Kirkland at the end of the previous episode, which I assume was just days before. And while it is possible RJ could find a way to communicate with Lorelei in prison if it was important, I doubt he was giving her daily updates on his activities. There would be no point in getting that kind of information to her. Also, she clearly implied Jane met RJ a while ago…at least long enough where the two of them would have had time to become friends if so inclined.

    Finally, I would be a little careful about taking the handshake line literally. She could have just meant since they first met, not necessarily that they actually shook hands. It could go either way. Would RJ really have told her they shook hands? I have met a few celebrities and well known businessmen. If I happen to tell a friend about it, I just say I met them. I don’t comment on whether or not we shook hands. But even if she did meet it literally, I doubt very much that even Jane and his vast memory palace would remember every person he has shaken hands with. He himself told Lisbon that he immediately discards unimportant information so that the memory palace has room to hold what he deems important. Would a comprehensive list of whose hand he has shaken have been deemed important before now? I doubt it.

    I admit, I was one of the people that believed that Jane had Lorelei hidden away after the Crimson Ticket. I was wrong about that, and I could be wrong here as well. But this is how I am looking at things right now.

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks Windsparrow!
    And you’re right, Jane had dismantled the radio. He fixed it later after Lorelir discovered his manipulation; no reason to keep it off then.
    If I understood your explanation of the car mechanisms, then Jane played around with it to make his accident possible? That he’d thought that far ahead,?

  • P

    Violet, I completely agree about Jane wearing the vest- his most identifiable clothing – while on the run. I immediately thought that as I watched it then forgot all about it.

    The scene with the staring kid was odd to me. The theories on Jane’s thoughts are interesting, but the scene just didn’t work for me. It seemed very awkward and forced to me.

    Zee, I don’t know if Jane’s smile as Lorelei snuggled up to him was smug or not. But the smile as he watched her naked in the water was certainly not. That was the smile of a man clearly enjoying the view. I think Jane is attracted to her, and trying to resist that attraction. I’m not saying he loves her, but I do think he is drawn to her. And giving us her back story to make her more sympathetic could, in part, be the writers trying to help us not hold that against Jane.

    By the way,I still don’t consider Lorelei a “victim”. It now looks like RJ manipulated her by killing her sister. But bad things happen to lots of people. That doesn’t make it OK /understandable to become an accomplice to a serial killer. She chose how to react to that tragedy, and I have ZERO pity for her. (worse things happened to Lisbon AND Jane). If we later find out Red John was from a broken home and abused as a child, should we feel bad for him as well? Personal accountability matters people!

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks P for that well thought analysis. I agree with everything you said.

    I also want to point out that hand shaking is something Jane does with many people he meets. It could have taken place off screen which only widens the suspect pool. So who is your pick? I personally have no idea on who he may be..just know who I don’t think he is.

  • reviewbrain

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one creeped out by the convenience store scene. It’s a shame, really. If it had been done differently it could have offered some relief for this somber toned episode.

    And yes, accountability does matter, thanks for reminding us P. I’m glad Jane’s got new RJ info, but whether it’s Jane, or Lisbon or Lorelie, we really need to see more people take responsibility for their actions on this show.

  • P

    Reviewbrain, I’m not sure who Red John is. I agree, It is so much easier to eliminate people!! If I had to guess I would go with CBI Ron. I am assuming (and perhaps I shouldn’t) that Heller was being honest when he said it was somebody we have already seen. But I do not feel at all confidant about that (I’m not putting any money on it!) It is just that he hasn’t given me any reason to eliminate him, and he would be in a position to see much of what goes on and understand the Jane / Lisbon relationship by observing them every day. Plus, I think it would be really awesome if an actor who was little more than an extra throughout the life of the series would turn out to be such a pivotal character in the end!!

    My belief is that Heller probably only recently decided who RJ actually is. Most of the “clues” we have seen through the years could be made to fit anybody, or explained away. For example, Rosalind’s description was very vague IF she was telling the truth. If she is protecting RJ, it could be a lie meant to mislead. They could have it be anybody that appeared in even one episode. But if it is a character that most of us won’t remember without looking up, I would feel very disappointed. Ron, at least, has been there all along, even if in the background.

  • Arco

    Or if you don’t like a blog, start your own.

  • Ann

    Well I have a little weird teory about Jane/Lorelie kiss, In my opinion after all he have done for her and after many times that he said to her that she can trust him, she was trying him. I think she knows that most of the affection from Jane was because of trying to get closer to RJ, so by not kissing her back he showed that he stoped playing her. That she can trust him, and he wont play her or seduce her to get to RJ.

    I also love that Jane can’t suprise Lisbon by anything, she knows what he is up to and when he is lying, he’s trying to cover it up, but she sees everything.

    And at the end I agree with you that Lisbon probably wanted kids, I remember the episode with Rigsby telling her about his son in her office when he had this stain on the suit. Maybe I see to mutch in it but I think that she looked a little sad that she is missing it.

  • Cece

    Yeah, I agree with you about Lorelei. Was anybody expecting her to not have a horror show of a past? I figured it was obvious. This episode just gave specifics. It just reminded me to a degree how much more a beautiful woman can be forgiven. In His Right Red Hand Jane said that Rebecca had been molested throughout her childhood. I don’t think that really changed anyone’s view of her, though, still a henchwoman for a serial killer.

  • Cece

    I’ve been a proponent, albeit reluctantly since I lurve his character, of Mashburn as Red John for a while. However this episode made me take a step back from that theory. While they didn’t become hetero male life mates, Jane and Mashburn did hit it off. While it wasn’t said directly, I think Lorelei implied that Jane was either indifferent to or disliked Red John upon meeting him. That said, I still think Mashburn fits in a lot of ways. Plus I think Red John would totally get off on Jane unknowingly sharing his girl/favorite toy/whatever with him, especially since Red John seems to have a sort of weird crush on Jane anyways.

  • Cece

    Great review. I agree with you, though. This episode was missing… something. Not sure what. Maybe after a few episodes or after the season finale it will make more sense as part of a larger arc once more of the story is known.

    Most commenters have already been far more eloquent about most of my thoughts on this episode, but a couple things-

    You mentioned it under best lines, but it’s so good I’m repeating it- “No one ever accused you of good judgement.” Ah ha ha ha ha. XOXO Lorelei!

    ~~You’d think Jane and Lisbon would have contacted Lorelie’s mother before to get insight into Lorelie’s past. But as far as we know this is the
    first time They’d met her.~~

    Yup. That was my first thought watching the interview scene. Way to make Jane, the CBI and the Feds all look incompetent.

    Also a casting gripe about Lorelei’s mom. Gigi Rice (fun fact- apparently she’s also Mrs. Ted McGinley, they’re doing very well by The Mentalist this year) was great in the role, but as a woman it pissed me off that they cast an actress a mere 12 years older than Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lorelei’s mom.

  • Cece

    Dangit, I forgot to mention my favorite, favorite, favorite part of the episode- Jane almost immediately sharing with Lisbon his new tidbit of information about Red John! Yay! He didn’t share The Tyger poem or Todd Johnson’s Red John connection until he had no choice, but this time he readily shared his new info with Lisbon. This makes me so happy even if he did look pretty scary while he did it.

  • reviewbrain

    The only reason I don’t suspect Kirkland is because he seems too obvious a suspect. On the other hand, Craig was obvious too…

    I’ll keep your thoughts in mind as the plot progresses. Maybe we can find more hints before the ultimate (cause you know there will be one) reveal.

  • Victor

    I really hope the writers/producers have picked Red John out by now, my suspicions lie on Bertram and Kirkland, to me it seems almost certain that they are both involved with RJ somehow (Bertram quotes William Blake, sometimes something about the way Michael Gaston portrays him really jumps at me and makes me feel suspicious of him). I think its almost certain that Kirkland and Alexa Schultz are affiliates of RJ from what we saw in the final scene in ‘Red Dawn’

    Now if neither of those 2 are RJ (It seems more likely for Bertram to be RJ as he was there closer to the beginning of the show instead of someone Jane just met recently), then I really have no clue as to who would be, in fact now that I think about it its possible CBI Ron or Karl could be, they seem to fit in with Rosalind Harker’s description. I hope in the end all the info we’ve been given about RJ makes sense, from ‘he is mar’ to … uhh… whatever else we’ve been given.

    Anyway the above was mostly just a rant about my ideas on the identity of RJ and his buddies. This is my first time commenting on your blog, though I’ve followed it ever since you wrote ‘Fugue in Red’. Your reviews are written very well and always bring up themes that I would never have noticed. I felt that this episode was slightly off as well, maybe its just because this episode is really quite unique in a way, there’s no real case apart from Jane being ‘abducted’. To me the story was far simpler than other episodes, this episode really just showed a bunch of events happening after each other splitting between Jane+Lorelei and Lisbon+Kirkland… yea just really not used to it.

  • JustMe

    YEah but that is why I like Mashburn for it. If his character has us so pulled in with what, an actual hour of screen time (and that is being generous) what would his character be able to do with any length of time?

    That is why I find it so absolutely plausible for two scenarios that maybe Kirkland is working for RJ or maybe Kirkland is truly worried about homeland safety due to the power of Mashburn and Volkers and possible government contracts. Maybe Kirkland has a not so awful motive for being there but seeing where the CBI is with RJ as he has found parallels and connections?

    If he is truly a good guy, he won’t last long. RJ doesn’t like anyone’s attention off of him and if Jane has a rival for Lisbon, Jane wouldn’t be focused of RJ so the rival has to go.

    Not saying that is what will happen but it could be a possibility. As with anything in this show, it is all possible except for Jane or LIsbon to be RJ. But Bruno could probably work that too but I don’t think the audience would ever forgive him, so highly implausible if he wants to be able to create another show one day because he would have lost his audience.

  • All-I-need

    Oh, someone else who shares my theory! So happy to read that! I agree that Alex would make the perfect RJ … it could hardly get any worse, right?

  • Agnes

    Love the reviews and the comments.

    May I just remind that Rosalind described Roy as just under 6 ft with short straight hair. Does that help?

  • thebeatboy

    Hi there!! 😀 I read the review for Red sails in the sunset. You did a great job, and I really enjoyed reading it.

    You pointed out some very good points. I hadn’t even thought about why Jane got a car with a broken radio or a motel room without a tv.

    Jane let Lorelei go which I was happy to see. He told her she had to figure it out for herself whether she should trust him. What happens if Lorelei runs into Red John? If he is SO smart isn’t there a chance that RJ will sense her suspicion and the just have her killed? She did say that RJ could have even Jane easily killed at about any moment.

    I like the scene when Jane called Lisbon for help. He still needs Lisbon even after he tried to brush her off.

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for your kind words Tringo, and for detailing the scene where Jane finally stopped pretending in front of Lorelie. That was great analysis on his body language.

    Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • windsparrow

    SF wrote, ” A straw hat and sunglasses. He looked silly and was fooling no one, he actually stood out he looked so ridiculous. The kid saw right through him. Jane being “mentalized” by the kid put him in that moment. Here he was aiding an escaped convict, risking his life and his relationships, his job, everything he had, for what? I could just hear Charlotte saying “Red John,Red John, Red John, I’m so over Red John.” Even after the kid turns away Jane looks back and gives several nods in the kid’s direction. It’s almost as if Jane has the same thought.”

    That is an interesting idea for the symbolism behind that interaction. What went through my mind the first time I watched it, was that Jane was purposefully attracting attention to himself, behaving as if very uncomfortable on purpose, just as he had done with the park ranger, so that the witness could not only recognize a photo of him but also say how nervous he looked. That would bear out his ploy as a kidnapping victim, because generally speaking if Jane is in control of a situation (or thinks he is) nervous is the one thing he ain’t. An interview with the kid could fool most any investigator, and even have Lisbon in doubt as to Jane’s level of involvement. And what is really great is that we can both be right, as this is certainly a show with layers.

  • reviewbrain

    I did not know that! I’m going to have to watch the episode again to look for a family resemblance. Thanks SF and Zee!

  • windsparrow

    “If I understood your explanation of the car mechanisms, then Jane played around with it to make his accident possible? That he’d thought that far ahead?”

    Yes, he would have had to do that ahead of time (or found a car that had already been altered). I mean, I suppose it might be an easy thing to do, but then again, 75% of the work of most auto repairs seems to be accessing the bits and bobs that need to be fixed. If you could hear the Man’s crazy mechanic cousin talk about this, you would think that automotive engineers are either incompetent or malicious. Or have never in their lives had to reach a hand into an engine compartment to fix anything. Seriously, you shouldn’t need an engine hoist to change a spark plug.

    It’s hard to know if the writer gave any specific thought on the topic or if he is just leaving it up to our imaginations.

  • windsparrow

    And there is Hamlet’s famous quote, “I am mad but north north-west. When the wind is in the south I know a hawk from a handsaw.” (*Why the Elizabethans called herons handsaws, I don’t know.).

    Jane’s sanity is at least as questionable as the Prince of Denmark’s. But Hamlet claims to at least sometimes be able to tell who is the hunter and who is the hunted, and we all hope that Jane can do so as well.

  • windsparrow

    I would like the idea of Alex Jane as RJ better if we had seen more of him before now. He has just been in the one episode. And then again, that objection goes for some of the other prime suspects, including the one Lotheriel84 mentioned, Tolman Bunting, the chess player.

    “In this eps if anyone noticed Dana and her husband’s photo looked like they were on a costume which were very carny world alike. Not sure if this is a hint planted by Bruno?”

    The costumes looked to me more like the ones available for novelty portraits – one of the Man’s nieces has one. I have no idea what possible symbolism an otherwise ordinary photo could have.

  • Victor

    Just another hint that Bertram knows more about Jane than Jane thinks: in the first episode of season 3 we are introduced to Bertram and he says Jane is their very own ‘wonder boy’ which is exactly what people called him while he was in show biz

  • reviewbrain

    Just so you know, I quoted your entire comment on twitter. I laughed so hard when i read it!

  • reviewbrain

    And just so you know Arco, I quoted your “Dude, do you have a pulse” on twitter XD So funny!

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you for your kind words. Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    *_* That’s true. Guess it really could be Kirkland…sigh. I like him..

  • reviewbrain

    Oh, I don’t mind the casting since Gigi’s character is a “vain and selfish woman” so it fitting that she’d look too young to have a daughter Lorelei’s age. Her character is rich enough to have Botox and face lifts :p Not that I’m saying that Gigi ever did, or needs any, just that it would explain why they’d cast someone that young…it fits character wise…

  • paperdasher

    Long time listener…first time caller. I don’t know if any one else mentioned the movie theater marquee and the movies featured but here’s a list and brief descriptions from IMDB. I noticed it when I was watching the episode and realized that if Baker was using North by Northwest (which wasn’t a Warner Brothers picture) as a clue then maybe the other films were clues as well. On with the list:

    North by Northwest: An advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent and is pursued by a group of foreign spies.

    Double Indemnity: An insurance rep lets himself be talked into a murder/insurance fraud scheme that arouses an insurance investigator’s suspicions.

    Mission to Moscow: Ambassador Joseph Davies is sent by FDR to Russia to learn about the Soviet system and returns to America as an advocate of Stalinism.

    Casablanca: Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.

    If you haven’t seen North by Northwest then you are definitely missing out. And as always, one hell of a Mentalist review! Keep up the great work!

  • windsparrow

    “Seriously it seems a shame that the only reason that Baker deserves you congratulations is the car scene (ehem).”

    Seriously it seems a shame that the only praise you think reviewbrain has heaped upon Simon Baker was for that one scene. While it is true that the reviewer has been more effusive about him in reviews of other episodes, it is hardly true that there was no other acknowledgement of his work in this one. It makes a person wonder whether we are reading the same post.

  • T

    This was a 10 out of 10 for me, and I would guess the comments about it missing something mostly refers to there being not enough Lisbon in the episode for a lot of folks who follow this blog. It was a fun homage to Hitchcock, very well shot and paced. The scene with Claude was a play on a very famous Hitchcock ploy, as he would put himself in an absurd disguise into his own movie, for instance as a woman in the courtyard in Rear Window, which the end scene of Red Sails is so reminiscent of. Since Baker is already in the episode, Claude is him in the episode, kind of a tongue in cheek double blind and Baker is in the absurd costume. The fact that Simon himself ran the car into the tree – now that is dedication to your craft. The beach shots were particularly lovely, a sleepy Jane coming awake and Lorelei returning to the sea as in myth. I kind of like Bob, looks like a chipmunk, but you know he isn’t. The only thing missing was Pruitt Taylor Vince gliding in and out of frame, in a bowler hat 🙂 And as I have always suspected, Styles is rather fond of Jane. The marquee with North by Northwest tells it all. After all Scorsese cast Baker as Cary Grant in his longform commercial homage to Hitchcock himself. I have resisted the temptation to pull out the DVDs and watch for the handshake, so far.


    Red John is part of CBI team, for shore. My guess? Red John is Wayne Rigsby. He was involved with Van Pelt and she always got involved with the wrong guy; we don’t know nothing about his mother (could be a conexion with Jane’s past); in 1,2,3 season he was a clumsy guy, on purpose; there’s a lot of mistery about him. Now, he looks so self confident…I don’t know, but since the begining, he was my bet. Well, the second option could be Kristina Frye. And, as a last one, Cale Sylvan, from the episode Blood Money (S02E19); his profile fits with Red John behaviour; in this case, Cho and Rigsby are acomplices; of course, Rigsby in this case would be the real Red John and Cale Sylvan his scapegoat. So, Cho lied about his death and he is actually alive, doing the dirty work.

  • Brazilian_fangirl

    Hello there 🙂 Another amazing work reviewbrain! I absolutely love your blog and religiously check for a new post from you after an episode. You do a outstanding work!
    That been sad, I would like to raise the possibility of D.A Oscar Ardiles being Red John. ‘Cause the minute Lorelei sad it was a mystery they don’t being best-friends from the moment they meet his name came up in my head.
    – He’s vain, arrogant, egocentric, but also charming, handsome, smart and so other many qualities that Jane also have (“both sides of the same coin”). And despite that, he and Jane have never been close for some reason. For example, Jane and Mashburn (who shares a lot of similarities in personality) hit off from the start. And as far as we know, are (somewhat) fond of each other. Same happens with Bret Stiles. In Ardiles case, they never exchanged more than professional cordiality.
    – He has tried to cause trouble for/within the team, aka, Jane’s new family. More specifically, he has tried to manipulate Lisbon, hoping to damage her relationship with the consultant.
    – He’s a D.A so he would get the chance to meet people linked to the Justice system (Red john minions).
    – He was on LaRoche list of suspects for Todd Johnson murder.
    Am I completely crazy? Or this makes any sense?

  • reviewbrain

    “I would guess the comments about it missing something mostly refers to there being not enough Lisbon in the episode for a lot of folks who follow this blog.”

    Were we watching the same episode? She’s never looked lovelier nor been smarter.

    You know, Lisbon fans get a lot of flak for being overprotective of her, but I didn’t get nearly as much grief when I gave “Where on Earth is Carmine O Brian” (a purely Lisbon episode) an 8.5.

    The scene with Baker’s son? Went completely over my head. Probably because I didn’t know he was Baker’s son. And while I’m sure those who recognized him who were also fans of Hitchcock appreciated the scene and all it’s allusions, I simply didn’t feel it. I watch Mentalist episodes about two or three times before I review them. And I usually enjoy the repeated viewings even more than the first. This episode? Not so much. Too much Hitchcock, not enough Mentalist. If I wanted Hitchcock, I’d watch Hitchcock. I miss the funny moments that are always there to balance the dark. Even Red Moon and Blinking Red Light had funny moments.

    MESSAGE TO ALL: please do commenters (and myself) the courtesy of taking our opinions seriously, and not chalking it up to die-hard fandom. There are no trolls here.

    And please, no more opinions on this episode’s grade, whether you agree or disagree. Comment on the facts and theories. Not peoples’ opinions, which the grade I assigned this episode is.

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you T for your detailed and informative comment. I finally understand the point behind the grocery store scene. And yes, Lorelie did look like a nymph in the water. The scene you painted of La Roche also made me laugh.

  • Raven

    “On the other hand Kirkland cannot be RJ himself or else there would be a *huge* pet peeve, since Lorelei can’t know that Jane and Friendly Bob have met during her stay at the federal prison. ”

    Thank you for pointing this out. My thoughts exactly.

  • Raven

    Thanks for the wonderfull review and the amazing art. It’s always a pleasure to come here every week.

    I have to say I never watched a Hitchcock movie in my life and I don’t want to be FORCED to watch a movie before (Hitchcock or something else) to understand a certain scene in The Mentalist universe.
    That’s why I was a little dissapointed with the grocery store scene with that boy. I found it creepy, too long and unimportant.That just my opinion.

    Sorry for my ranting but that’s what bothered me the most.

    This scene aside I liked this episode, not the best one but still very good.

  • T

    Ardiles is featured in a future episode fangirl and I always wondered why he didn’t have a fling with Lisbon. If we are to take Rosalind Harker’s description of RJ as true, Ardiles is too short, likewise Mashburn is to tall. I was thinking Dean Harken, red head, change one letter of his last name, it’s Harker, was she sleeping with her brother? Icky. Ellis Mars, I could see him easily as well, but watch it end up being someone who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that appears as a fluffy sweet wolf to us,

  • reviewbrain

    I would have loved to have Lisbon and Ardiles get together. Alas, it is not to be. I’m pretty sure I saw him wearing a wedding ring at one point.

    Please remind me, who was Dean Harken?

  • T

    The cdcc agent from Red Alert. Mars is the god of war, the red planet etc. This can drive you crazy as Lorelei has just driven Jane into madness as well as the fans with her ‘singing’ about the handshake. The only show I watch on network television, so many literary and cinematic references.

  • Lyn

    And almost the only dialogue audible in the clip from North by Northwest is of Cary Grant’s character apologising to his lady …………Jane apologising to Lisbon!

  • Lyn

    I was immediately sure that the very pointed way we were shown the photo of Dana and her husband, and the way she confirmed so clearly that the man was NOT the girls’ father was deliberate. Someone has commented that it was to show us that Lorelei has/had father issues, and that’s very true and would play into RJ making himself her father figure, if not or as well as her lover. However I wonder if we are not meant to also ask the question ‘who is her father’, if Lorelelei’s father was RJ it would certainly explain why he has not killed her off in double quick time like every other captured RJfangirl! Just a thought, probably mad! But hey the whole thing’s crazy.

  • Lyn

    I don’t wish to get into a slanging match about who liked or disliked Simon Baker’s work on Red Sails. But I will say in support of Phillips, that the fact that the damn thing ended almost before it began is testament to a gripping pace and beguillingly stylish visuals, obviously derivitive or not, it was a great watch and, at least for me, time flew.
    Yes there are holes and I found the sister’s adoptive parents dreadful, but there will always be imperfections in network TV made on a tight schedule and limited budget.

    Bravo Simon Baker ……… a great job as, actor, director and producer and Daniel Cerone, Blake Neely, Jimmy Gadd, et al!

  • Lyn

    He doesn’t discard his vest !

    For vest read ‘security blanket’!

    and yes he did almost everything he could to get noticed!

  • T

    All roads seem to lead to Vineland CA, He is Mar ‘He’ is Mars also pronounced in Spanish as ‘Hellis’ ‘he is’ Mexican prostitute may have written on wall in tub, the person killed in Red Queen at museum a Vineland connection, etc. It’s an insidious madness of connect the dots 🙂 And I’m sure to be wrong as well…

  • windsparrow

    If RJ is Loralei’s father, it would certainly explain why she has not been eliminated. Another explanation is that RJ wants the chase to get a little closer, so whatever information Loralei might spill is stuff he wants put into play.

    Do we know for sure that Loralei has had sex with Red
    john? Because all I remember about it is Lisbon calling her his mistress. Is it possible that Loralei could occupy that social role of mistress sufficiently to earn the name from Lisbon, without having gotten physically intimate with him (especially if he is her father, ick).

  • Rena Moretti

    Am I the only one who noticed the super-massive plot hole?

    The episode before, Lorelei is out and Jane is tracking down who helped free her and now she’s in jail again?

    It’s entirely ridiculous!!!

    Are we supposed to guess that she was moved by the FBI illegally?

    It’s ridiculous.

    And also what happened to the photography?

    The last episode looked like it was shot with a bad camcorder!

    It looks like nobody cares ab out the show among the people making it.

  • Rena Moretti

    Actually i thought the directing was the only thing commending that episode.

    When you start with a massive plot hole, it’s hard to take the episode seriously.

    Simon Baker made the episode feel creepy and dangerous, something that has disappeared from the show a long time ago.

    I am just about to join the 10 million people who don’t bother to watch the show any longer.

    I think it jumped the shark.

  • windsparrow

    Rena Moretti wrote, “The episode before, Lorelei is out and Jane is tracking down who helped free her and now she’s in jail again?”

    At what point did you think Loralei was ever free? When Jane and Lisbon went to retrieve her from FBI custody after getting the judge to agree to give her to the CBI to find that she was no longer at the jail, she was not FREE. There was no hunt for an escaped prisoner. Jane was interviewing those transport guards on his own rather than as part of a team effort to find out where she was in custody so that he could pursue getting her back from FBI custody.

    “Are we supposed to guess that she was moved by the FBI illegally?”

    That has been the implication from the very beginning. Well, Loralei’s mysterious disappearance has been attributed to either Jane himself, or to the FBI playing jiggery pokery to avoid giving up this prisoner (either at the initiative of Red John’s mole for RJ’s purposes, or by by some zealous faction who find Jane et al. unsatisfactory custodians for the serial killer’s miinion).

    You will note when Lisbon and Jane discussed his having asked Cho about breaking INTO a maximum security prison, she specifically said that wiith time and patience they could get Loralei back into CBI custody legally. It is the time factor that Jane objected to. If there were a legal way to get her back instantly, he would have contented himself to do so. But he wanted access to Loralei faster than that.

    Reviews here as well as the discussion which followed the reviews often point out the details I miss when I watch the show. So don’t feel bad that you missed something. The discussion here is fantastically inteligent and detailed. It seems a shame for someone to deny themselves the pleasure of fully participating in that discussion by reading and understanding it because of a preference to merely complain.

  • reviewbrain

    If by “photography” you meant how dark and grainy the episode seemed, I think this was an intentional affect. One however, that I agree doesn’t do the show any favors. Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • Rose UK


    I’m a new reader to your blog – I don’t know the show inside out, so I’m really enjoying the discussions. 🙂 I’d be interested to hear your opinion about a couple of things that struck me:

    1) That Lorelei seemed slightly disgusted when she called Jane up on his “relentless manipulation” and consequent similarity to RJ – thereby implying an awareness of what RJ does/has done to her. Which I find curious as the other ‘minions’ didn’t seem to realise or care they’d been manipulated… I suppose this self-knowledge will help her come around to Jane’s side?

    1a) Further to this, from what we see of her in this episode at least, Lorelei actually doesn’t seem the kind of person to take any crap from people – she stands up to Jane, tells him to give “the act” a rest, makes him admit that he’s playing “a role”… (I kind of wished it was Lisbon who had managed to get to his core like that, because it felt like an important moment – or do you think that his apparent truthfulness was simply more manipulation designed to coax Lorelei?* However, sometimes Lisbon seems to tread on eggshells around him – although there are signs she’s decided not to be so passive any more i.e. the “try me” at the end.) Anyway, I wonder why Lorelei can do this with Jane, but be so under RJ’s spell when they’re so “alike”…

    2) Jane’s comment that “it’s all worth it”. At that point, I was thinking, “What, even all the lying to/smokescreening poor Lisbon?! Don’t you care even a little about that?” To be fair, we know he cares about her – perhaps the thought hasn’t even crossed his mind that he might be hurting her because she doesn’t often show it (notable exception: when he meets her in the church last season). We know he’s kind of selfish… If he really, truly stopped to think about it, would he stop?

    *I guess another interesting question here would be how much the ‘role’ of mentalist has become the man, or vice versa. Is it really just a role, or are the two things forever intertwined?

    Hm, that turned out longer than I intended. Blathering over. 😉

  • huisclothes

    i am chiming in much later than the sell by date for this episode but this is the first time i’ve seen this very intelligent blog.
    the tribute to hitchcock scene with claude baker, simon’s son, did, i think, go on too long — but not too long if you’re his doting father. i think that’s why simon couldn’t bring himself to cut away sooner. i cut simon slack on that one. he went on to put in three or four scenes of the soccer-playing kids outside the motel, the smaller being harry baker, i guess to prevent squabbles at the dinner table.
    i came to love lorelei in this episode. her sarcasm. her perceptiveness. the way she had jane on the ropes through most of the episode. never was there a goofier, more hapless grin than the one on patrick’s face in the early scenes in the car.
    i also loved patrick’s kindness and emotional intelligence in handling her. when she told him to back off, that’s what he did. not an easy thing for a desperate man. smart. even when she beat the crap out of him, he just took it. any hundred and sixty pound man could subdue a hundred and ten pound woman — but being subdued would have been more trauma for this damaged woman. when they arrived at the cabin and she restarted the discussion about red john murdering her sister and he changed the subject to tea, she was fascinated. now he had her on the ropes. when he let her go telling her to find out the truth for herself, she was completely thrown. by doing that, he maximized his chance of having her come back. it’s called joining the opposition. the strongest possible move in the situation. kind of thrilling. no wonder she kissed him.

  • windsparrow

    Great to meet you, huisclothes! There really is not a sell by date on these reviews, but I cannot deny that most of the discussion on any one episode happens within a week of when the review is first posted. You have some interesting insights, especially with how Jane handled Loralei. reviewbrain’s blog is the place where I have found the most intelligent discussion of The Mentalist. So many blogs, it is much better to not read the comments; that is not true here. With new episodes, I look forward to the reviews and discussion here as much as I do the episodes themselves.

  • windsparrow

    It is good to see new people around here.

    “*I guess another interesting question here would be how much the ‘role’ of mentalist has become the man, or vice versa. Is it really just a role, or are the two things forever intertwined?”

    That is a very good question. Jane’s observational skills are not the sort of thing a person can really turn off. It’s like being an avid reader, scouring the box of cereal at the breakfast table because it is too early for anything else, yet one simply cannot stop reading. It’s a heck of a thing to have to make oneself stop reading for medical reason, eye strain and whatnot. So there is Jane, constantly reading everything and everyone in his environment. The question is, what can he do with what he reads? To mentalize or not to mentalize, that is the question.

  • Manda

    As huisclothes said, this blog is very intelligent. I’ve said it before, and i say it again; I love this blog. But i hate that i discovered it first now. (Haha, an i feel so dumb after reading all theese comments :3 This blog indeed have brilliant discussions in the comments)

  • estatica

    I was just watching this episode again today and noticed the music in the background when Jane stopped to buy sunglasses, a dress and dye for Lorelei. So I went to search on the internet and found the lyrics. In my opinion, I think it’s a message to the viewers so we can understand how Jane feels when he’s away from Lisbon:

    On an island all alone
    A thousand miles away from home
    That’s where I’d be without you

    Surrounded by an endless sea
    Not a soul to care for me
    That’s where I’d be without you

    Just you and only you
    Can make me feel the way you do
    You’re the rock I build upon
    You give me hope and keep me strong

    There’s a place where the sun won’t shine
    Where broken hearts don’t mend with time
    That’s where I’d be without you

    Just you and only you
    Can make me feel the way you do
    You’re the rock I build upon
    You give me hope and keep me strong

    There’s a place where the sun won’t shine
    Where broken hearts don’t mend with time
    That’s where I’d be without you

    That’s where I’d be without you

  • Raven

    How beautiful! You can feel the loneliness. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to watch that episode again just because of the lyric.

  • Rena Moretti

    Windsparrow: The entire beginning of Season 5 had Jane searching for Lorelei who had escaped custody (sorry by the way I had missed your response).

    There was never anything in the scripts that indicated otherwise.

    He kept looking for her outside, then found her in jail with zero transition or explanation (like that episode had been planned for the beginning of the season and the network intervened to change it like it probably did with the pathetic “Red John is dead – no he’s not”.

    I haven’t watched the show since as I won’t put up with that type of unprofessional writing and producing. Clearly the people behind The Mentalist don’t care any longer (like the people behind House gave up after season five).

    If you look at The mentalist as a three season show, it is almost a masterpiece that ends with a satisfying and logical ending.

    Sadly the powers-that-be intervened and made it a mess.

    That’s why it went for 22 million viewers at its apex to barely 8 million this season.

    Bad writing makes people use the clicker.

  • windsparrow

    Rena Moretti writes, “Windsparrow: The entire beginning of Season 5 had Jane searching for Lorelei who had escaped custody (sorry by the way I had missed your response).”

    I disagree that Jane was shown hunting for an escaped Lorelei. The fact that in “If it Bleeds, It Leads” Jane asked Cho about the security of high security prisons, followed by Lisbon confronting him about plotting to break Lorelei out of prison is evidence that Jane was not leading a (wo)manhunt for an escaped prisoner all on his lonesome. He was not hunting for an escaped prisoner at all. “If It Bleeds, It Leads,” was the episode that immediately preceded “Red Sails In the Sunset,” at least in the U.S.

    In “Cherry Picked”, the episode which immediately preceded “If It Bleeds”, Jane is shown questioning guards who were in charge of prisoner transport at the time Lorelei was removed from the local lock-up by the FBI. He is questioning the guards by himself because he is trying to find out what the FBI did with Lorelei, not because he is leading the hunt for an escaped prisoner. If Lorelei had indeed been free at this point, the FBI would have been leading the hunt for the escaped prisoner while using local resources of the CBI and local police and sherriff’s offices – much like Homeland Security in the guise of Bob Kirkland did lead a search for Lorelei when she escaped in “Red Sails”.

  • estatica

    In reply to Rena and adding to what windsparrow said, I think the number of viewers dropped drastically not because of the writing but because CBS decided it was a good idea to move the show to a death slot on Sundays and kept preempting it on a short notice, making it almost impossible to watch. I’ve read many complaints because people had to set the recording time for one hour before and after because they never knew when the show was going to be on and despite their efforts, they still missed some part of the show. To add to all that, they also stopped advertising it.

    And I have to say, and I really don’t want to sound disrespectful, your post and remarks about Lorelei and the show’s continuity gives me the impression that we watched 2 different shows, or that you simply skipped a bunch of episodes and forgot about them later.

  • Rena Moretti

    Windsparrow, thanks for the response, but I did watch the entire early season and Jane was clearly looking for Lorelei OUTSIDE jail after she escaped.

    What you are doing is what old X-Files fans used to do, which is to paste over the many plot holes.

    If that amuses you, all the power to you. It just doesn’t amuse me to watch a story with plot holes. Good writing is clear. It doesn’t rely on throwaway sentences that contradict what is already established.

    But thank you for being so kind.

    Estatica, thank you again for the response. I do disagree with you analysis. sundays have been the #2 night on TV for years. Being on Sunday is not a “death slot” (if one were to listen to TV show fans every slot except Tuesday at 8 on CBS is a “death slot”.

    The mentalist’s quality had started to ebb a lot in season 4 which is why its ratings dropped. CBS moved it because it is desperately trying not to have its Thursday die like ABC’s and NBC’s.

    Sadly The mentalist’s quality dropped some more and now the ratings are just bad.

    To me, it will remain a great show if you only look at seasons 1-3.

    In the Good old days of the golden Age of TV in the 70s and 80s, it would have lasted three years and not been renewed again and again for fear of not being able to find something that rates the same.

    Thank you too for the very kind response.

  • windsparrow

    Rena Moretti wrote, “What you are doing is what old X-Files fans used to do, which is to paste over the many plot holes.”

    The word you are looking for there is fanwanking. I usually know when I am doing it. So thank you ever so much for taking the time and energy to share your wisdom on the quality of writing of this show. It must be a dreadful drain on you, to spend so much time on such a sinking ship. Go on, save yourself! Don’t worry about me, just tell my mother I love her!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Dear Windsparrow, would you care for a lifejacket? I’m already grabbing a armful of lifebuoys just in case… Sinking ship or not, we’re going to catch that bloody whale or die trying! 😀

  • reviewbrain

    Group hug everyone! New season 🙂

  • windsparrow

    Thar he blows! Land ho! Move that thing, and that other thing! Vear left! I beat you both apart, I’ll beat you both together! Good heavens, are you still trying to win? You’ve got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It’s going to get you into trouble someday….

    Oh wait, somehow talking like a crewman on a whaler lead to quoting Princess Bride. Well, really, what doesn’t lead to quoting Princess Bride?

    New season, hurrah! Hugs, cheers and lifejackets all around!

    Whiskey for my men, and beer for my horses!

    Wait, where’d that come from?

  • Rena Moretti

    The fact that the synopsis, like the episode, ignored all the preceding episodes really doesn’t “prove” anything, sadly.

    I WAS paying attention and am not really willing to try and paper over bad writing and producing.

    Like I said, to me The Mentalist will remain a great three-season show that ended on a high and was destroyed, like many other shows, by a network wanting to get more seasons than could be done well.

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