Mentalist Black-Winged Red Bird Review


While Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) recovers from her altercation with serial killer Red John, CBI second in command Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) investigates the death of Titus Stone (David H. Lawrence XVII)  a scientist whose car exploded while he was driving it.  Meanwhile,  consultant Patrick Jane investigates a possible lead into Red John with some shocking results.

Concise Verdict

A surprising interesting case, continuity, references to past episodes, some deep layers, new advances in the RJ case, great acting, what more can a fan want? To quote the victim, doomo arigato gozaimasu! 9.5/10.

Detailed AKA Humugous Review (spoilers galore)

Bertram arrives at the scene

Sacramento police tell CBI director Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston) that they got a call an hour ago from Lisbon requesting backup. Once they responded they found the body of forensics expert Brett Partridge and Lisbon down. A frantic Jane is already at the scene yelling for someone to give him a bottle of water which he immediately uses to wipe off RJ’s trademark smiley, which this time was drawn on Lisbon’s face.

-What I loved about this scene is how Bertram looked into the ambulance to see what Jane was doing. It explains how he later knew that Lisbon had been ambushed by RJ. I mean, it’s easy enough to assume that he’d hear about it from the first responding officers, but it was nice to be shown how he found out.

Also nice was the contrast of how hurriedly Jane procured the water, contrasted with how gently he used said it to clean the blood off Lisbon’s face. The reverence of his removal of the smiley recalls the reverence RJ used to draw it and might help explain the killers gentleness: perhaps, out of respect for his nemesis, RJ he was treating Lisbon the same way he knew Jane would.

Lisbon’s Dream/ Nightmare

In what viewers later find out is a dream, we see a jaunty Lisbon enter the office only to be surprised with Gale Bertram painting an RJ smiley with the blood of her dead team members. Other RJ suspects, FBI Agent Reed Smith and ex-CBI agent turned Visualize employee Ray Haffner (Reed Diamond) are also there covered in their victim’s blood.

-Perhaps this sequence shows the three people Lisbon suspects the most- why else weren’t the other suspects (like McCallister and Kirkland) on the list? Another purpose of the scene is to explain why Lisbon later tells Jane she decided to remove the wire taps off the suspects…out of fear for her beloved subordinates.

Lisbon/Jane in the Hospital

When Lisbon wakes up from her dream, horrified, Jane is right beside her assuring her she is safe and completely unharmed. At her disbelief that RJ didn’t do anything to her Jane confides that the killer left his bloody mark on her face.

-I love how well Lisbon takes Jane’s revelation . Rather than freaking out at the killers gesture cool calm Teresa is more interested in what RJ meant by it. Another thing I love is how honest Jane is with her, here, despite (based on Bakers expressive face) how difficult and painful the topic is to him. In keeping with his promise to Lisbon in Red John’s Rules of sharing more, Jane is being completely open rather than misguidedly attempting to protect Lisbon by concealing the truth. Or is he?

Jane takes a stab at guessing what RJ’s intentions  were: “He was being playful, ran out of time. Maybe something spooked him and he couldn’t go with his usual routine”.

-Jane’s explanation is perfectly plausible. But it is sort of undermined by his later telling Lisbon “at least he threw you back” when she states that RJ was able to hook her like a fish due to the wire taps; meaning, at least RJ let her go after catching her. I’ll discuss this more in the conclusion…

Lisbon then tells Jane that Partridge say “Tiger Tiger” before he died, from the poem, like what RJ told Jane and asks him what that means. Jane’s reply is “I don’t know.”

-Wow. Jane’s admitted not knowing things in the past two episodes more times than in the last six seasons (especially when it comes to RJ). Loving this honesty streak.

A doctor interrupts the two and asks for “Carmen Lee”; she leaves when Lisbon tells her she’s in the wrong room.

-Jane seemed suspicious of the doctor by how long he stared at the door after she left, and so was I. But if his later leaving the hospital (and Lisbon) is anything to go by, then he must have decided that she didn’t pose any danger.

Lisbon then explores the possibility that RJ actually is psychic because he’s been ahead of them the whole time. And because when he killed Eileen Turner it was like he was erasing a happy memory from Jane’s mind.

-I love how seriously Jane listens to Lisbon’s concern here as opposed to feigning bravado and giving her false reassurances; which was many times his knee-jerk reaction. It’s just more proof of how seriously he’s taking his promise of being more honest and open with her. A good thing because Lisbon’s query leads Jane to search for an answer to her “good question”  by calling Sophie Miller, whom regulars will recall was Jane’s psychiatrist after his family got killed (as revealed in Red Brick and Ivy, one of the best episodes EVER ). It’s not hard to imagine his thought process: RJ must have learned about his childhood from her, either by reading Jane’s records or by seeing her in person.

One last point about this scene: Lisbon when saying she’ll tell Grace to remove the wire taps, mentions that they’re completely illegal aside from everything else.

-Lisbon willingly breaking the law without being prompted by Jane shows that when it comes to RJ, she’s not as concerned about being by the book as she used to. Also, seeing Jane with his hands tied made her feel desperate. It’s an interesting role reversal as usually Jane’s the one acting rashly and she’s the one reigning him in.

Jane goes back to Work

At CBI, Grace asks Jane how the boss is, and he answers: “awake and cranky”

I love this response because the way Jane said “cranky” just painted a whole picture for me of Lisbon literally kicking him out of her hospital room.  That could explain why he’d willingly leave her side after such a close call. And the word “awake” gave me another image of the team having already had visited Lisbon in the hospital, but that she had been asleep at the time (before she woke up from the aforementioned dream sequence) and after being assured that she was okay, they went back home.

For skeptics, this assumption isn’t just a result of my over-active imagination. First evidence to support the theory is the timeline:  The scene of Lisbon being carried off by the paramedics happened right after the victim of the week left the restaurant (we’re later told was around 11:00 p.m). And when Lisbon wakes up Jane tells her it’s “morning sometime”. So there is plenty of time for the team to have come over to the hospital, made sure Lisbon was okay, and be shooed away by Jane when it didn’t seem like she was going to wake up any time soon.

More evidence? The flowers on the bedside table in Lisbon’s hospital room. I doubt Jane would have left her side, risking her waking up without him being there to comfort her, just to buy flowers. On the other hand, the gesture has Van Pelt’s name all over it. She probably got them en route to the hospital. Props are used for a reason, people, and here it’s to show that Lisbon’s had some visitors.

This off-screen visit also explains Cho’s assumption that Lisbon’s going to be released that same day; he knows she’s fine because he saw her.

Finally, we already know that the team loves Lisbon to bits (episode Little Red Book is just one example, there are many others). I’d have to be told that they hadn’t visited her in the hospital before I can believe it as opposed to the other way around.

Gale’s Relief (?)

Gale comes in and gives the team their new case. After they leave to work he asks Jane what he’s doing to which the consultant responds “I’m busy”. Bertram answers “No doubt” before commenting that Lisbon was extraordinarily lucky to have Red John spare her.

-Gale’s Bertram comment and tone here reminded me of his surprise at another one of Lisbon’s close calls: when she had a bomb strapped to her (Strawberries and Cream). In that episode’s review I stated:

Lisbon and LaRoche go to explain the resolution of the bomb case to Bertram, he tells Lisbon: “Well you seem no worse for wear. And I didn’t think it would work out that way to be candid.” Referring to Lisbon being strapped to a bomb vest.

-I am all over this line. First of all, there is no way Bertram could have known about Lisbon’s situation until after it was all over and I assume she then called LaRoche who probably would have called Bertram. But at that point it would have been clear that she was safe. So why did he say “I didn’t think” as if he knew about the situation as it was happening? I guess it could be a blooper. Or it could be that he really did know what was going on; i.e. is another RJ spy.

-Perhaps Bertram’s surprise is that RJ continues to let Lisbon live despite knowing how much she means to his archenemy Jane. Even during her bomb threat, Lisbon wasn’t intended to be killed. She was simply being used to acquire a CD which contained information RJ wanted. Bertram’s continued surprise at Lisbon’s safety hints that he doesn’t know anything about RJ’s plans (if he has any) for her (and/or Jane). This could mean that he’s not close to RJ, but is still involved with him, or that he’s completely innocent of any association with him.

Bertram then asks Jane what she was doing at the house; that when the call came in about the house there was no mention of RJ and or Partridge and wonders at Lisbon going there. Jane tells him she was probably following a hunch. Bertram doesn’t buy Jane’s explanation, iterates his willingness to let Jane’s secrecy slide but reminds him that he has to be there when they catch RJ.

-Again, Bertram’s stance here can either be taken as proof of his being both guilty or innocent. He may want to be kept in the loop to warn RJ (guilty) or he wants to be there to cash in on the good publicity the catch will  bring him (innocent).

Cho and Rigsby discuss the RJ suspects

This was a fantastic scene because the two friends say out loud everything the audience must be thinking:

Rigsby: “I think it’s Bertram, we know Red John’s got major juice, he has to given what he’s pulled off. Bertram has more juice than anyone on Jane’s list.”

Cho: “No, Brett Stiles runs a world-wide cult with thousands of followers and billions of dollars of assets.”

Rigsby: “Okay, other than stiles. But Bertram’s on the inside. He can keep an eye on the investigation, hide his tracks. Okay, tell me I’m wrong, go ahead, bring it on.”

Cho: “I don’t think you’re wrong.”

Rigsby: Really?

Cho: “It could definitely about Bertram. There’s something creepy about that guy.

Rigsby: “There is something creepy about him.”

Awesome. And to add humor, we have Rigsby mimic a noise of a crowd going wild, cheering because the Cho-man agrees with him. Yeoman is adorkable in this scene while Kang’s subsequent deadpan is just hilarious. On a more serious note, how excited Rigsby is that Cho agrees with him shows how much he respects his colleagues opinion. Nice continuity.

Grace and Wayne : Hotter than Ever?

Grace calls Wayne with an update on the case but before she gets into the details the two share how much they enjoyed each other the night before.

-This isn’t exactly appropriate given the circumstances, but after being reassured that Lisbon is okay, I can imagine these two physically reaffirming their love for each other in the face of the very real danger their knowledge of the RJ suspects has placed them in. More than that, the scene serves as foreshadowing to what (if the spoilers I inadvertently ran into are to be believed) might happen in future episodes.  Rigsby getting flustered when some officers walk by and his switching to professional mode also reminds viewers of the “no-dating between co-workers” policy at CBI. I wonder how the two plan on getting around it if they intend on getting more serious about each other.

Ray Haffner visits Lisbon

Ex-CBI agent Ray Haffner visits Lisbon in the hospital. He gets in her personal space by sitting on her bed and whispers conspiratorially “So what happened” trying to cajole her into talking. Lisbon laughs and tells him “Nothing. I scraped my knee.”

-Don’t you just love her?

Ray tells her “I hear you were this close with Red John. That’s some scary stuff, you okay?”

-Okay, what I assume should come across as genuine concern is just setting off my creep-o-meter on fire. I want to physically push him back and yell “Back off, she’s not interested”.

Lisbon is quite composed when she tells Haffner she’s fine, adding “turns out Red John is not so tough he barely laid a hand on me.”

-Oh, crap. I know she’s just trying to get rid of him but don’t jinx yourself Lisbon!

Haffner tells her “good for you” and when she tries to end the visit he asks if he’s making her nervous. Lisbon denies this before asking him why he is here. He responds by asking about how close she and Jane are to catching RJ. Lisbon refuses to answer and asks why he cares. When he says he doesn’t, but that his clients do, Lisbon demands to know why “Visualize” (Brett Stiles’ cult and Haffner’s client) cares. Haffner acts disappointed that he’s not able to get what he wants from Lisbon, saying that he knew she’d act this way but that he came anyway because “I like you Teresa. I really do. And one of these days you and me, we’ll have a time.”

-Again, back off Ray. She’s not interested!

Now, if we are to believe that Haffner’s interest in Lisbon is genuine as opposed to his just wanting to glean information from her, then his attachment opens up some pretty sick possibilities. After all, RJ uses people, gets them to do his bidding by giving them what they want . And some times, what they want are other people (he gave Maya to Sherriff Hardy in Red John’s footsteps).

RJ Kills Sophie Miller

Just in case viewers have forgotten who Sophie Miller is, we are treated to a flashback of Season one episode Red Brick and Ivy where Jane and her were reunited for the first time. And when Lisbon calls Jane as he’s about to go visit her, he asks: “Lisbon, you’re wondering who Sophie Miller is?” to which she responds “She was your psychiatrist after your wife died.”

-Of course Lisbon remembers who Sophie Miller is. I doubt she’d forget Jane confiding in her that he had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after the loss of his family. It’s one of the earliest expressions of his trust.  And I seriously doubt Lisbon would forget seeing Jane kiss Sophie “on the cheek”, a goodbye after they helped exonerate Sophie from a crime she was being accused of. It was a very sweet moment that Lisbon teased him about…

Lisbon figures out Jane thinks RJ found out about Eileen Turner from Sophie. She tells him to call her after he finishes talking with her. Jane explores the woman’s empty house and finds a harmless looking note saying “dinner is in the oven” with a smile under it. Once he checks to see what’s for dinner, he finds poor Sophie’s severed head placed in her own oven.

-This was a big shock and a major bummer. I was really looking forward to meeting Sophie again. I loved the character (and the actress) and found her relationship with Jane very intriguing as it contained some really bittersweet undertones; perhaps she fell in love with her patient or vice versa during their sessions? It would have been so cool to see them together now that any romantic feelings Jane might have are apparently directed towards Lisbon (some may even argue that had always been the case). Alas, we’ll never know. Nor will Lisbon though a later scene shows that she might have had her suspicions…

Meeting Between Sheriff McCallister, Reed Smith, and Bertram

Lisbon calls Jane away from Sophie’s crime scene (one wonders why she didn’t join him, maybe she eventually did?) when she reveals that the monitors Grace had on his RJ suspects, which she had been about to remove, showed three of them convening. Jane doesn’t waste this opportunity and interrupts Gale Bertram’s “joint investigation” meeting with Sherriff McAllister (Xander Berkley) and Reed Smith (Drew Powell) to give him an “update” on the Red John case: his ex-psychiatrist was killed by RJ; his second victim in two days: proof that Jane is closing in on him. Also, RJ made a mistake which Jane found. Agent Smith asks what the mistake was, and Jane says he’d tell him but he always felt that Bertram’s office was bugged. After he leaves, McAllister asks “What the hell was that about” Reed also demands “Exactly how much does Jane know?” Bertram answers “Well that is the question” to what Smith bites “Yes, and it’s your job to know the answer.” Bertram quietly states “I’m doing my best”.

-What’s a mere agent, FBI or not, doing talking to Director Gale Bertram like that? Sorry to disappoint readers, but all I have are questions not answers. But if the scene explains one thing it is Bertram’s “I’m a lot of things to a lot of people” remark to Jane and Lisbon in the previous episode. I feel sorry for the guy. We’ve seen him answer to Homeland security’s Kirkland asking what Lisbon (and Jane?) know, is now being talked down to by Reede (perhaps acting in FBI Head Alexa Shultz stead, but still…), and on top of all that, he’s got Jane’s antics to deal with. If he’s innocent (and I hope he is, I like the guy) then he truly is a man with many headaches indeed; as many as the roles he’s being forced to play.

Jane and Lisbon Reconvene

Lisbon and Jane sit on a bench. She gives him tea, and asks him if he saw any reaction from the three aforementioned suspects that hinted towards any of them being RJ. Jane says no. Lisbon then tells him that she’s sorry about Sophie, that she knows that woman helped him. When a dazed off Jane doesn’t answer, Lisbon (gasp) asks Jane (GASP!) if wants to be alone.

-Lisbon’s awkwardness and willingness to let Jane be, to me, is evidence that she’s not sure what Sophie was to him and how deeply he is grieving for her. I find that terribly endearing.

She needn’t have worried. When she says she’s going back to her office Jane immediately stays her and shares what’s on his mind: “Red John killed Sophie because she could identify him. Now he could have stolen my records without ever seeing her. He must have wanted to meet her to talk to her.”

-So glad Jane brought this up, or it would have been a major peeve of mine.

Lisbon doesn’t drop the ball either asking “why?” to which Jane responds he might have been curious about someone who was close to him. He then adds that RJ had been planning this for weeks, for months. And that he didn’t kill Sophie before now because her death would have tipped Jane off on how RJ knew about Eilleen Turner. Instead, RJ waited until after he issued his ultimatum of “I’m going to kill more and often” to Jane so that he’d just chalk up her death to a random victim in RJ’s newest killing spree. Between the two of them, Jane and Lisbon figure out that RJ must have gone to see Sophie pretending to be a new patient. Lisbon then sends Rigsby over to investigate her files, under the cover of investigating her death.

-I wonder at Lisbon asking Rigsby to do this. My guess is that Cho is busy running the case of the week (he was talking with a witness) and that time is of the essence. Not that there is anything wrong with sending Rigsby. He’s perfectly capable and is more than worthy of Lisbon’s trust.

Sophie’s Description of RJ

Unfortunately, RJ  seems to have stolen the file Sophie had on him; Rigsby doesn’t find anything. But before viewers can groan at yet another false lead, we learn that Sophie dictated her notes and Jane already has the recording with him.

Jane and Lisbon listen to the tape together. Sophie describes “J Roth” (RJ’s newest alias) as being:

-A middle aged man in good health with a fear of heights.

-He has no living family but many friends whom he relies on for company and support.

-He is well spoken with a good posture and is self-possessed.

-An excellent whistler.

-Has pleasant self presentation, but with hints of a damaged and narcissistic personality.

-He tells Sophie that he deals well with conflict and adversity easily, but she suspects he is lying.

-She also senses darkness and deception in him but suspects that he truly does suffer some type of phobia.

So we’ve gotten some hints. All I can say is that based on the above description, I doubt Reed Smith is the man in question; he doesn’t exactly fit the “self-possessed” criteria. Also Haffner and McCallister were both shown to be whistlers in this episode. What do you all think?

Best Scenes

The winner: Jane and Lisbon at the hospital

This was just such a beautifully quiet intimate scene. Baker and Tunney are both experts of understated acting; they convey great poignancy with very little effort. As well, Blake Neely’s beautifully soft unobtrusive score was, as always, quite perfect.

First runner up: Jane solves the case of the week

First, the revelation that Titus actually killed himself was unexpected, though it was set up quite well. Second, the team work between Jane and Lisbon to entrap Kris was contrasted nicely by how her “partner” abandoned her when he found out that she encouraged their employee’s death to cover up a flaw in their company’s designs. Wonderful writing, wonderful acting by all.

 What was your favorite scene?

Best Lines

“I gotta get out of here”. Lisbon, after Haffner leaves, running off before more unwanted visitors ambush her in the hospital.

“How is that progress?” Bertram in response to Jane revealing RJ’s latest homicide. Love Gaston’s wry reading of this line. So funny.

 Icings on the Cake

-Rigsby identifying the source of the bomb recalls that he’s an arson expert while Cho figuring out that a drone is the cause reminds viewers that he was in the military. Nice continuity.

-Was that a miniature figure of Kenshin (AKA Samurai X) on the victim’s desk? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? If so this show just reached a new level of cool.

Honorable Mentions


This was a beautifully written episode. Besides everything else I already mentioned, I also liked the message/clue subtly conveyed by the case of the week regarding the RJ plot. But to explain it I have to first talk about the players involved:

Kris Makkena, the victim’s crush and boss. When we first met her she seemed genuinely distraught at Titus’s death. The fact that she later turned out to be the cause, and how completely careless she is of that fact was a complete shock. Of course, credit also goes to the beautiful and talented Paula Marshall who skillfully depicted both the character’s fake and true personalities.

Similarly, the head of the company Elliot’s initial outrage and insistence that Titus was a victim of terrorism seemed to hint that he was a cold person more interested in protecting himself and the company than in the dead scientist. But he turned out to be the more humane of the two as he was completely horrified by the part Kris played in Elliot’s death and wanted nothing to do with her as soon as he found out.

So what’s the message? Things are not always what they seem.

Could it be that, rather than the fact that Bertram, and the men around him are all RJ followers/suspects/minions, they are all in fact working together in a covert operation attempting to capture him? Might they, like Darcy, even actually suspect Jane of working with him?

For the record, my favorite theory comes from the “RJ is mar” or “RJ is man” theory; that is the message left in blood by RJ’s friend/victim Jared Renfrew (Red John’s Friends) who presumably died before he finished writing his dying message. Guessing what he meant to write we have two options depending on if the last letter was an “r” or an incomplete “n”:

1-      RJ is married: this fits in with Violet’s theory that RJ is two people. It is also supported by episodes written by Bruno Heller in which the perp was actually a homicidal couple (Red Hair and Silver Tape, Scarlett Ribbons).

2-      RJ is many: this supports what we’re being shown: Bertram, Kirkland, Mcallister, and Smith all knowing each other, having private meetings and wondering if Jane (or Lisbon) know anything.

Pet Peeves

-I loved episode Red Brick and Ivy. The obvious warmth between Sophie and Jane in that episode was really touching to see and I’m sorry that she had to die this way. I’m also sorry that we didn’t get more of a reaction from Jane besides his telling Bertram that she was “a good woman”. On the other hand, Sophie’s office yielded a new clue for Jane so it’s easy to see how his pragmatism would lead him to focus on getting the killer rather than mourn the loss of an old doctor/friend (crush?)

-Despite my explaining away the limited expressions of team love/concern towards Lisbon using all the clues of it having happened off-camera, I still would have appreciated seeing something on the screen. Grace hugging Lisbon after she got out of the hospital (like she did after her bomb scare in S& C) would have been great continuity and a beautiful character moment. I was disappointed we didn’t get that here and there really isn’t any excuse for it. For god’s sake, Lisbon ran into RJ! Unless….could it be that the team doesn’t know that? I mean I assume that they do but it wasn’t mentioned by any of them. Yes Cho and Rigsby discussed Jane’s list of suspects but that was revealed last episode. What they didn’t discuss was why RJ left Lisbon alive. Isn’t that strange? Was it something else that happened off-camera or does the team simply not know? And if they don’t, did both Lisbon and Jane decide to keep this from them for their own safety?

I guess it could be possible. When Bertram talked about Lisbon’s scrape with Jane none of the other team members were in the room. And Haffner probably heard it from Bertram or his RJ knowledgeable associates (i.e. Visualize). Now for the life of me I can’t remember if an RJ smiley was drawn anywhere else in the house where Partridge was killed. If the only obvious clue that RJ killed Partridge was the smiley drawn on Lisbon’s face, which Jane immediately wiped off, then maybe the fact that RJ was the perp might actually have been kept confidential.  But then that would mean that the first responding officers were asked to keep quiet about it…

Okay, I’ve managed to confuse myself. Thoughts anyone?

I really hope future episodes clear this up…


Jane told Lisbon “at least he threw you back” when she said that RJ was able to hook her like a fish.

To me this line says that, rather than RJ not having had time to finish killing Lisbon, his letting her go was an intentional choice. I think, on some level, Jane acknowledges the fact that RJ never intended to harm Lisbon; his attack was just a threat and a further display of his powers to put Jane in his place.

Now in the previous review Violet stated:

His motive for targeting Lisbon from the very start is pretty clear: she was trying to think rationally and to help her partner, thus she was bringing him small amount of comfort. She was his true “desert rose”, the blooming flower in the desert of despair, his ray of hope.

I agree and I want to add that despite Jane’s resilience, I don’t doubt losing Lisbon would be what finally sends him over the edge. I think RJ knows this and wants to keep Lisbon as his final trump card which he’ll only use as a last resort. It’s probably why he never targeted Lisbon until now. After all, a broken Jane is one that won’t be able to “play” with RJ. And since he already knows Jane would never go over to his side (The Crimson Hat) he at least wants to keep the game going as long as he can.

Whether Jane knows this consciously or subconsciously, I doubt he’ll share it with Lisbon. Doing so means admitting how attached he is to her, and further admitting how in control RJ is. And Lisbon sensing Jane’s lack of control is what spurred her into taking her own action and is what ended up endangering her in the first place. This danger is probably another reason which had Jane leave her side and take action to explore how RJ was able to act like a psychic, killing one of his fondest memories (Red John’s Rules). That, and the knowledge that, if RJ wanted to harm her, he would have already. The only question now is exactly how long is RJ willing to wait?


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83 responses to “Mentalist Black-Winged Red Bird Review

  • Judy

    Haffner was shown at the end of the episode lifting weights with a wicked vicious facial expression . He almost looked like the form from under the mask when he threatened Jane tied to a chair in a previous episode where RJ killed the actors acting out a torture scene.

    He looks like the most likely RJ – I was creeped out for days by that expression.

  • Valentine0214

    Thank you, Reviewbrain for your excellent review. I do have a few comments, however. First, I wish I could be as convinced as you that Lisbon’s team showed some serious concern off-camera. Like you, I remember the sweet scene at Lisbon’s apartment in Little Red Book where the team showed their loyalty. But I am really not feeling Grace. When Lisbon had the bomb strapped to her, sure Grace gave her what I saw as a perfunctory hug and immediately started talking some drivel about picking up the bridesmaid dress. That seemed very self-oriented to me. Yes, it led to a favorite moment (Jane and the “angry little princess” remark) but still Grace appeared to be more concerned about her upcoming nuptials than her boss. Then, when O’Laughlin shot Lisbon, I have never really bought the “oh, she was in shock, yada, yada, yada”. I’m sure she was but she should have shown some concern for Lisbon. Fast forward to the present. If they went to the hospital when Lisbon was unconscious and were sent away by Jane, it would have been nice to let HER see some of their concern. Grace and Rigsby are adults, not hormone crazy teenagers. I didn’t take the poll because it didn’t have an option I felt comfortable with.

    I also wondered if Sacramento PD might have taken crime scene photos that showed Red John’s mark on Lisbon’s face. Surely they would have had to, and we only see her when she is being loaded into the ambulance. Jane’s loving tenderness was so beautiful. Who could say after this that he doesn’t love her? And it’s not brotherly.

  • C Hill

    Ah, many comments to make. But first, and the least plot-driven, is this:

    “Was that a miniature figure of Kenshin (AKA Samurai X) on the victim’s desk? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? If so this show just reached a new level of cool.”

    While this is a nice touch, casting the voice of Dr. “Rusty” Venture (from The Venture Brothers) as the competing/collaborating drone scientist was pretty cool, too.

    I’ve really enjoyed much of the casting on TM. From Jessica Blank in this episode,unknown to me before, who I thought did a wonderful job as the “30 minute girl”, to past favorites of mine like Molly Hagan in RVC, Mariette Hartley in Red Laquer, and Mary Lynn Rajskub in Days of Wine and Roses, I’m often pleasantly surprised with the casting of TM.

  • rita

    Another great review, good to see you back RB.

    You raised some great points and put into words some of my undescribed feelings about this episode, which I LOVED!

    The opening scenes where Jane was running around almost in a panic wanting water to clean Lisbon’s face were just beautiful, as was the gentlness he showed when doing said cleaning (Not unlike RJ’s ‘gentleness’ when doing the painting) fact at the hospital when he was breaking the news to Lisbon (Perfect acting) HE seemed more grossed out by the act than she did….he was watching her face the whole time that she was listening to him, and she sort of just shrugged and said ‘yes,OK, so… what did it mean?’….Lisbon STILL doesn’t seem to realise just how important she is to Jane.

    The dream sequence was filmed perfectly….just the right amount of crazy things happening, and everyone just accepting them as normal. The first time I watched, when I obviously didn’t realise it WAS a dream, the opening scene seemed off, and it was only on a second watching I realised why….The colour of Lisbon’s jacket….she NEVER wears bright colours (Obviously in her head she does…) and her badge was on the other side (she always seems to put it on the right side of her belt)…as if she was watching herself

    I think we have been thrown a LOT of red herrings, and the group in Bertram’s room is one of them in my humble opinion…those people are as guilty as hell …of something, but I don’t think it is of being RJ…they are running some kind of scam, and I am sure that it involves Visualise, they are quite high up in law enforcement, and would be very useful to Brett Stiles. I found it interesting also, how Jane, who went to great lengths (Red Brick and Ivy….one of my favourites, also) to hide his breakdown, now goes into Bertram’s office and announces it to all and sundry as if it was common knowlege. He really WILL pull out all the stops (including losing his privacy which I think we all know he holds dearly) to finish this.

    Sorry this has been so loing and rambling, but I loved this episode so much and feel that there was so much shown in a sort of oblique manner BEDSIDES all of what was obvious.

    Again, thank you for such a great and in depth review.

  • Carla Oliveira

    OMG! I will read this now!

  • phoenixx

    Thank you reviewbran for this awesome review! You and Violet rock!!!

    Have to agree about the whole Lisbon/Team dynamic. It was weird that it seemed like they didn’t care and to be honest only now that you pointed out what Jane’s remark about “awake and cranky” could mean and also what Cho said it occured to me they might have been there BUT I think that wasn’t a good choiche, most people don’t think about a short line like that too much and the majority of viewers got the impression they didn’t care – which is sad.

    Now the question if they actually nknew it was RJ who snatched her,,,I don’t believe they didnt, not just because the must’ve heard from SacPD but Lisbon getting marked by RJ probably bust around the whole CBI plus they surely know that Partridge died. They know he was on the list and Lisbon had to be brought to Hospital in the same night Partridge died. And also I think by only looking at Jane they’d have known what happened to Lisbon.

    And yes that was another thing that bugged me the whole episode though I loved it in a whole. I mean Red John himself marks Lisbon and no one seems to be bothered by it after she got out of the Hospital. I get that it’s quite obvious RJ won’t try it again for now but it was RJ. The way they all acted it seemed to me like she just got knocked out by some perp.
    I don’t expect Jane to camp outside or inside her appartment but I also think it’s weird that this doesn’t trigger some sort of overprotective streak in him. Well I hope it will be brought up again in future episodes otherwise I’d find it odd.

    Another thing is I wonder if the smiley is all RJ did to Lisbon. He didn’t even scratch her a bit, so the question if there’s way more to it is justified. Is Haffner RJ and doesn’t hurt her because he actually holds some weird affection for her or is he an RJ minion and he didn’t hurt her because she is Haffner’s prize…personally I like both theories, since Haffner though is and was always my No.1 suspect I’d rather believe in the first one.

    About Jane and guessing/knowing why RJ didn’t do anything else to Lisbon, I actually posted a longer text on tumblr, so for everyone who’s interested, here it is:

  • C Hill

    Just a few other things to start:

    – I liked the pause Bertram had while walking when the SAC PD guy told him that Partridge was the vic. It kind of countered his response to “do you know him?” with “uh, slightly”.

    – what’s with the blue? Lisbon’s jacket in her dream and Grace’s outfit during the show seemed to be pretty close to the same shade of blue.

    – timing. so Lisbon is found an hour after her call, which is probably 45 minutes or so after she shuts off Jane’s last call to her from CBI, which narrows the window for RJ’s call to Jane. If we trust the monitor in Lisbon’s hospital room, she wakes with at 2:45AM. While I like trying to pin down a time line, I also want to caution those critical of “the team” not showing up at the hospital — she was only in there about 12 hours and was not critically injured. (there are also two bouquets of flowers in the room — bonus points for the observant viewer! 🙂 )

    – the “Carmen Lee” trigger. what a nice plot device (found by someone, at least to me, on tumblr). reinforced as the doctor who interrupted Jane and Lisbon is in the background of the shot when Jane first calls Sophie.

    – “no rest for the wicked” – enjoyed the various reactions from the team to Bertram 🙂

    – loved the various references to bugged rooms.

    – really liked the scene with Rigsby interviewing Carol Matthews.

    – Lisbon and Haffner in the hospital. Loved how Lisbon ended up with arms crossed across her chest claiming he’s not making her nervous. And “we’ll have a time”? Extra creepy.

    – Haffner exits whistling “Jimmy Crack Corn”. While a favorite whistling tune, how many throwaways are there in TM? Jimmy Crack Corn is about a slave who is freed of his burden of keeping blue-tail flies away from his master because, somewhat ironically, the master’s horse was bitten by a fly and he was thrown and killed. So how does this fit, if at all, with Haffner and RJ?

    -Sophie’s picture on the fridge with her daughter held up by a yellow butterfly magnet. More butterfly imagery?

    – Jane “confronting” 3 suspects in Bertram’s office. An interesting scene and the implications of Smith questioning Bertram afterwards.

    – Liked the continuity of Jane first putting the recorder back in Sophie’s desk, then you see him pocket it right afterwards.

    Excellent episode. A good 2nd story to play behind the RJ plot line.

  • Rose UK

    Really enjoyed your review, RB! Sincere thanks to you and Violet for running this blog: ’tis one of my happy places. 😉

    I’m with you when you say it’s a shame we didn’t get to see any interaction with Sophie. It would have been really interesting to see how the dynamics had changed. Even so, it was still great to have an early previous character back again, albeit in voice-over only.

    Other thoughts:

    – I really liked the team involvement here. Lisbon has learned her lesson and *immediately* relays information to Jane; they send Rigsby in to find the files – and Jane actually genuinely thanks him! Amazing. And possibly most gratifying of all: Jane and Lisbon are in total partnership here. He is not being secretive with information or pulling away – she’s been let in completely. Hurrah!

    – Funny that in the dream sequence, the only person not covered in blood (and we see no injuries whatsoever) is Jane himself.

    – “Carmen”, in Latin, can mean “song” or “poem.” There are lots of meanings for “Lee” including “shelter”.

    – I like how Jane uses his cup of tea (again) as a defensive/masking mechanism, whilst talking to Bertram. I’m sure it’s to stop Bertram potentially reading his reactions.

    – Plenty of focus on the surveillance idea again here. Also, isn’t it also Volker who’s involved in aerodynamics?

    – I wish that Mancini had been one of the suspects (rather than Smith): he would’ve been a more plausible fit in terms of a) the poker stuff and b) liking Lisbon.

    – Now for the obligatory “Brit spot”: aside from OY’s amusing accent slip on the phone to VP, there was a character called “Winston”, and a road called “Churchill”. 😉

    – And finally: J & L scenes. Beeeyoootiful. 😀

    PS: Nice catches, @ C Hill!

  • zee

    Well, hello Reviewbrain!

    Even it this review is scribbled in a piece of napkin, I’d still read it.

    Anyhoo, sensing your soft spot for Manga, I do think this episode (including RJ arc) alludes a little to this artistic genre. (That unspoken fondness between Jane and Lisbon, all they lack was the Manga-esque eyes!)

    I didn’t find myself brushing off the case like last week’s episode. The ‘Red Bird’ drone story line emphasizes the guilt from innocent deaths that Stone is responsible for, which compelled him to a ‘Seppuku’ ritual a.k.a honourable suicide. Similarly, Jane has been partly responsible for an increasing number of deaths, latest being Sophie, but Jane handles it with a different outcome. One thing I’ve wondered about Red John, what does he actually want to satiate? To push Jane far enough to see him kill himself too?

    Lastly, there’s a redhead man feeding the pigeons next to Jane and Lisbon bench. That scene lingered for some time with double takes and zoom in’s of bird feed, I’m not sure it’s coincidence anymore… Who told anyone about Lisbon’s memory now! (gaaah!)

  • rita

    Did any one notice, in the dream sequence, when they showed rigsby, the two shots of his face, one after the other, in the first one, he is looking forward, and in the next one right at the viewer (Lisbon) as if he was accusing her of getting him killed???/ Of course it may just be my whimsical mind!!

    I wanted to post again to try to persuade wordpress that I am an honerable person and that they could send me notifications of comments without any trouble!!!

  • Carla Oliveira

    Oh! Perfect! Simply perfect like always. And sooner than I expected. Thank you. I missed your reviews, Reviewbrain.
    I only disagree with only one point: the winner scene. Mine was the wiping face off.
    What I saw: A desperate man asking for a bottle of water in order to wipe the beloved woman’s face off with an expression of pure love and pain in his face. Maybe the best scene ever of my life!
    Okay, call me cheesy, pathetically romantic. Maybe I am, but, we all know the Rigsby and Van Pelt are admittedly a couple, they are in a relationship, and I never saw anything so intense between then. We didn’t need to listen to words, only see Jane’s face. Jane and Lisbon in the hospital: I agree with your remarks. Lovely scene, but the second best one in my opinion. If we had some doubt about Jane’s feelings or if he would be off losing Lisbon, we have none any longer.
    Ray Haffner visits Lisbon: It was funny. Yes, I love her; “I scraped my knee.” Hahahaha! And I had a similar discomfort with him sitting in her bed. I screamed before the screen: ” Jane, where are you, man?” And awhile I ‘m keeping Kirkland my #1 suspect, I thing Haffner, my #2, has achieved very many points like the real RJ (I do think RJ is only one). And more points to think RJ as some kind of feelings for her (or someone who RJ wants please has said feelings).
    I do think the team doesn’t know about Lisbon’s encounter with RJ and that Partridge was killed by him for now. It was kept secret, because didn’t have any smiley, maybe they also don’t know about Partridge’s death. It combines with something I have ever read in Facebook that now makes sense. These events will be revealed in a soon specific episode, I think.
    So is this. Thank you, again, Reviewbrain.

  • Auli

    Awesome review, thank you for that! This was a wicked episode, loved it!

    About the the “carmen lee”. I think I saw a theory on tumblr that perhaps the name “carmen” evoked a memory about Dr. Carmen, the psychiatrist in s2e1, 2 and 3 and hence made Jane think about Sophie Miller.

    My favourite scenes where the both hospital scenes. Jane/Lisbon scene was just so beautiful, the music was brilliant and the small shipper inside me was just jumping for joy. Lisbon/Haffner scene had totally different atmosphere; Haffner came totally on Lisbon’s personal space and Lisbon seemed to be on the edge of running away. Haffner was actually quite scary with the whole “I like you Teresa, We’ll have time.” Someone is quite sure of himself! Put this scene together with the description offered by Miller, Haffner is still my top suspect for being RJ.

    Other things:
    – The bromance between Rigsby and Cho is just wonderful to watch! Great way to lighten up the episode.
    – Jane calling Lisbon cranky, I just love it.
    – We have to give credits for Robin Tunney playing a character who is a terrible actress. I like her nervous “putting up a front” smile that she is doing in front of the RJ suspects.

  • Carla Oliveira

    #Valentine, I agree with you: they haven’t shown concern. But it was because they don’t know about RJ’ acts even in Partridge’s death; and SacPD doesn’t know as well. Everybody will do later. I have a hint but I’m afraid of the spoilerphobics’ fury.

  • Carla Oliveira

    Good call about the doctor, CHill. I found that weird: a mere name change in that moment. I found that doctor suspicious. I think she was sniffing around and checking if Jane had left yet to inform Haffner or so. And she maybe listen to Jane calling Dr. Miller and warn RJ, I don’t know, only thinking.

  • Dreamy

    Brilliant review as always 🙂 I loved that episode (so far, season 6 has been the best ever, in my eyes). I’m just a bit surprised there hasn’t been more theories on the “Carmen Lee” (I know there were some in the comments and on Twitter). Maybe it’s totally misleading, maybe it’s not related to RJ at all. But I couldn’t help noticing that Carmen looks like “carmine” which is…red. And definitely, I already heard that “Lee” means shelter (it’s also the name of my favorite singer xD whatever…) but it seems like “Lee” is a very common name, just like “John”. I couldn’t help thinking of Reede Smith (as it was said before in a previous review ; Reede = Red and Smith = reminder of John Smith). But maybe I’m (or we are) just overanalyzing names and maybe the latter were totally random.

    Concerning the rest of the episode: to be honest, although I was a bit shocked by the head in the oven scene, well I’m glad we never saw Jane and Sophie reunited….Just like everyone,.I had noticed the way Jane behaved around her and I didn’t like it….So yeah, both shocked and relieved here (sorry). Just my feeling.

    Otherwise, I totally loved the hospital scene and the way Jane touched Lisbon’s hair. It was really a sweet gesture and I must say I had been waiting for this for a loooong time :p

  • III Frogs

    Thanks for your heartfelt review, @reviewbrain. Lots of information and ideas to ponder. My comments about team functioning were made in The Desert Rose review and I apologize for that because I ended up talking extensively about the hospital and scenes that actually took place in Black-winged Redbird. I’m very sorry for doing that. All I can say is I didn’t do it on purpose to spoil anyone. In my mind they were part of the whole troubling issue I was trying to discuss and I included everything to illustrate my feeling and ideas without considering spoilers. Again, I apologize.

    I understand your desire to believe the team is functioning appropriately, even if I disagree, and perhaps they are. I’m totally unable to follow your interpretation of events about the hospital and their non-reaction to what has happened to Lisbon without trying to believe what was never shown or even hinted at in dialogue. Same for lack of security detail, Bertram’s reaction. I find it absolutely impossible to believe that the team does not know Lisbon has been marked by RJ. It’s their case. They get the crime scene photos and evidence as @Valentine0214 discusses above. So we just have to agree to disagree I guess and move on. BTW, I really wish we could have had more Sophie Miller, too.

    @Rose UK It was pointed out to me on Tumblr that in Red Badge, the name of Lisbon’s evil psychiatrist was Dr. Carmen. So, I’m thinking that when the nurse came in to ask for Carmen Lee, it triggered that memory for Jane and he called Sophie Miller right after. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Thanks for getting this review to us @reviewbrain. You covered a lot of ground and I’m still digesting it all. Always look forward to the reviews and comments here!

  • III Frogs

    My full comment is in moderation apparently (I wish wordpress would go back to putting a notice onscreen like it used to — as it is, it just disappears).

    But I wanted to dash in and say that someone on Tumblr mentioned that in Red Badge, Lisbon’s psychiatrist’s name was Dr. Carmen. So when he saw the woman in the white doctor-looking coat come in and ask for Carmen Lee, Jane likely made the association to his own psychiatrist and what she would know about Jane’s memories, he called Sophie. Seemed reasonable to me.

  • Ifrah

    Yet another flawless review, and I agree with all of your insights. Bertram does not seem like RJ to me, I feel like Kirkland as well, is a red herring; after all, he and Jane shook hands after Lorelei told him about shaking RJ’s hand. Considering that after Red John murdered Lorelei, we saw the actual crime scene, I am still suspicious about Partridge’s actual death. There are so many uncertainties to this show, that I shall leave it to that.

  • Taissa

    Great review as always. Oh I love this blog so much. Anyway, I was going to comment about the episode but the review and comenters already said stuff I was going to say, so I’ll just enjoy reading them! 😀

  • Ifrah

    This just occurred to me, but Haffner’s initials, maybe by coincidence, are R.H., like red herring. O.o

  • alutran

    @ C Hill – It’s great that you could identify the tune! The first thing that sprung to mind when I heard the story was Partridge, who was swamped in flies the first time he’s seen in Desert Rose. It could coincide with Partridge being of service to Red John (maybe a minion, maybe an unwitting one), “keeping away the flies.” And Red John killed him because he could have somehow gotten him captured now that the list was narrowed down. It would be better if Partridge’s death becomes – in the future – the last clue Jane needs to figure out RJ’s identity.

    My take on Carmen Lee is that she was sent by RJ to remind Jane about Sophie Miller. The name stuck to me, too, in the way that Jane is always paying attention to “Red” names (i.e. Roth). It wouldn’t be the first time that RJ lures Jane into a crime scene (5×22). RJ’s sense of theater this time made it so that our psychic’s natural prying tendencies made him find a head in the oven. Who else but Jane would look in the oven? He knows Jane really well.

    It’s a stretch, but – (1) RJ knows that PJ is too smart to think he’s actually a psychic, so the idea that the disk was mostly for spook and theatrics is not crazy, (2) RJ might not have wanted to tip him off in the past, but now he’s REALLY messing with his mind – how much did Sophie know about Jane?, and (3) RJ thought he was safe because he took out his files.

    I like the season so far, but I thought that by “changing the format” they were really going to change the show’s format. But so far they’ve interspersed Red John’s story into the crime of the day framework, only more often than usual. I think it was a not so great decision. It makes Jane and Lisbon look like they need more people to die in order to get more clues, and it dulls the emotion you can put into the RJ storyline because everyone has to continue “normally” with the other case (see flowers as a proxy for the team’s concern). And when Jane barged into the conversation with Bertram, the characters looked like they were playing a game of Mafia (see here) –

    I trust Heller more than this, so I hope that Jane’s crime-solving strategy is a little bit more sophisticated than a Mafia game when he’s nabbing the Big Bad. There’s plenty of time for complications.

    Anyways, it makes more sense in this episode why Lisbon was so adamant about the wiretaps the first episode – they were going to make her follow Jane’s lead on his inaction. It didn’t strike me the first day, but it definitely struck me when Jane – alone – found Sophie’s head.

  • Rose UK

    @ Alutran: The flies! I noticed those as well last week: at first I dismissed them, then I thought it must have been foreshadowing Partridge’s death (flies/crabs around dead bodies, etc.) but I would never have linked it to the tune this week. Nice work. 😉 OH! There were also pictures of flies/bugs on Stone’s office walls.

    @ Rita: You’ve identified what was bugging me about the dream sequence too (and C Hill) – you’re right, it was the bright blue. Something was off to me, and it was that. Thank you!!!

    @ Everyone: Oh dear, I hope to goodness that the team DOES care and that showing their feelings was just considered incidental to the plot!

  • Valentine0214

    Carla, I think everyone knows it was Red John who killed Partridge and marked Lisbon. How do you keep something like that secret? That crime scene was overflowing with people and it was Sac PD who briefed Bertram when he arrived. Plus, Ray Haffner knew. Now he may be Red John, but even if he is he would have to pretend to get the information through neutral sources. I’m sorry. The team’s reactions still rankle with me.

  • Carla Oliveira

    We’ll see soon, I’m sure.

  • Cece

    Yay, reviewbrain, you’re back! Very nice review. I especially liked the bit at the end about Lisbon being RJ’s trump card and things being game over with Jane if RJ ever kills her. And you’re right, it would’ve been nice to see a new scene with Sophie before she lost her head. I understand why the writers did it that way, but it seems like a waste to bring the actress back just for a voice over and not a scene or two. Plus, the weirdness of her and Jane’s relationship was so good the first time around it would have been interesting to see what things were like between them after another 5 years.

    About the team visiting (or not)- @Valentine0214 did a great job enumerating the reasons why Grace and Rigsby don’t really deserve the benefit of the doubt. There are timeline issues, as well. If Lisbon wasn’t found until around 11:00, It’s hard to imagine that Rigsby and Van Pelt managed hear about what happened, get to the hospital, get in to see Lisbon, and get home before 1:00am, if not 2:00, then have some red hot lovin’ and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work in the morning. If they did all that, they would be hella tired the next day.

    Then there are the flowers. I don’t think anyone on the team brought Lisbon flowers that night because a) why would any of them want to take a second longer than necessary to get to the hospital, if did in fact visit, and b) I would love to know of a florist that is open at 11pm or later. It seems more likely to me that the flowers were ordered and delivered the next morning. That, to me, says Cho. It may seem random, but he’s always come off to me as the type who sends his mom flowers on her birthday and Mother’s day like clockwork and whose brain would just automatically say Female That I Care About In Hospital = Send Flowers. Plus, it’s thoughtful without being obtrusive, which is Kimball Cho down to the ground. That’s just my guess, but for all we know, Bertram’s secretary could’ve sent them because she’s supposed to send them to all hospitalized CBI agents. Of course, we are all probably putting way more thought into this than the writers did:)

    Pet peeves of the episode-

    -Jane didn’t apologize to Lisbon sincerely and in person for their fight when she woke up. Lisbon apologized to him. Would it have killed him to give her the apology she very much deserved in person? I would’ve preferred to see him give her a true, thoughtful apology than have him stroke her hair.

    -They’ve *still* got Lisbon wondering whether or not Red John is psychic. Teresa. Lisbon. No. This in is not acceptable. She is not Grace Van Pelt. Before Leelee Barlow, there was never even a whisper of a hint that Lisbon believed in psychics. Between this and her dumb ideas for the RJ suspects in Desert Rose I’m feeling like the writers have dropped her IQ by 20 points this seasons in order to fit their storylines, which is not okay.

  • C Hill

    hey there entwife. i tried to put this in my post:
    “But I wanted to dash in and say that someone on Tumblr mentioned that in Red Badge, Lisbon’s psychiatrist’s name was Dr. Carmen. So when he saw the woman in the white doctor-looking coat come in and ask for Carmen Lee, Jane likely made the association to his own psychiatrist and what she would know about Jane’s memories, he called Sophie. Seemed reasonable to me.”

    I think it was argintinegirl or someone like that on tumblr who pointed this out. very nice find and very clever writing. very clever. now, whether it was coincidence or a RJ plant remains to be seen!

    more tomorrow but a lot of really nice commentary here from RB’s review on. very enjoyable. thanks to everyone.

  • III Frogs

    Yes @C Hill, hi! I thought at first it was RJ sending in a spy to see what was going on in the hospital room and that wouldn’t surprise me at all. When I saw argentinegirl’s explanation, I thought it was great, too, and that people shouldn’t miss it. Be great fun to see if we ever find out which it is!

    I agree @Cece. We don’t need Lisbon running around afraid of psychic RJ. He’s bad enough as it is, haha! I thought Jane took it really well when she said that. As @reviewbrain said, he was very kind to her about it and it was nice to see he could lay his need for sarcasm and superiority aside to give Lisbon what she needed in the moment– to be heard, no matter how silly. I loved Jane’s subdued, “Hmm,” as an answer. Baker is such a wonderful, subtle actor and he really shone in those moments in the ambulance and at the hospital.

  • Curious

    Did anyone else notice that the face of the doctor/nurse (who asked “Carmen Lee?”) looks nearly identical to the face of the woman on the bench who was feeding the pigeons next to Lisbon and Jane? The only difference is the woman in the hospital had a lighter shade of red hair whereas the woman in the park had bolder and darker red for a hair color (wigs?). Also the camera pausing as the woman was feeding the pigeons might be indicative of a clue. When Lisbon was in the house at the end of season 6 episode 1, just before she found Brett Partridge, she looked at something like a sink with a brown bag on top of it. There were pigeons at the scene. Perhaps the bag contained bird seed. Perhaps the woman feeding the pigeons bird seed is a connecting clue to Partridge’s murder.

  • anomalycommenter

    Domo arigato, Reviewbrain! Much of the main points you mentioned in your enlightening review haven’t even crossed my mind! 🙂

    Pardon my superficial behavior, but I was bursting to shout this all this time: LISBON IS ALIVE ! Eeew,Huh! (Well, not much of a news by now! 🙂 ) As some discerning commenter on youtube put it perfectly: “Bruno Heller needs to stop toying with my emotions”! Well, at least I gently ask him to do so! As to your query about our favorite scene, that brief happy part of her dream in which a “jaunty Lisbon” enters the office was both weird, and at the same time the relief I was looking for in this episode, alas not a lasting one!

    Some little points I noticed: Titus Stone’s driving made a policeman mistakenly take him as a drunken driver and his appearance and mood indeed was not that much different, followed by his suicide in his car. Somewhat fitting to the drunk-driving-leading-to-tragedy pattern throughout the series.

    If I’m not wrong we have at last a reference to Sartre’s “Hell is other people”: Titus’s research assistant tells Jane and Cho that “What was inside his head was way more real to him than what was outside of it. Like … other people.”

    There is something curious about CBI Ron in the episode ‘Red Brick and Ivy’ that I have already mentioned under a previous review, but could be worth repeating: If we carefully look at the audience attending the Neuroscience Symposium at about a minute into the episode, we can see Ron among them! Note that this appearance of his is much different to those in other episodes, in that there is absolutely no reason conceivable for his presence there, before any crime being committed and any CBI involvement. And add to this his zero input into the case in spite of being a murder witness. So it’s either a rather big Red Herring, or should we actually be suspicious of the presented timeline of RJ’s involvement with Sophie Miller? Borrowing RB’s words of “Things are not always what they seem”, I am wondering about exactly how many moves ahead can PJ and RJ predict each other’s hands in the game that they are playing? I mean Sophie Miller’s description of “Roth”, could rather too easily be used to disqualify Bret Stiles and as RB noted Reed Smith! It mustn’t be so easy imho. In addition there was no real reason for RJ to meet Sophie Miller in person, if he just wanted PJ’s files. Note Kirkland’s knowledge of Jane’s years in the mental institute, and Ron’s ability to know Sophie Miller’s habits like using the typing service, and so we can suspect that *RJ* probably met her not to rob Jane’s files, but instead to implant an idea in Jane’s head, somewhat like the idea behind the movie “Inception”! RJ may have a really close associate!

    Great insights everybody! Thank you all! Hey, is that another frat ring this season, this time worn by the person (a man?) feeding pigeons?! 🙂

  • Rose UK

    @ Frogs: From the previous review: “I’m not so sure Lisbon should trust Rigsby either. He manipulated VP with the affair nonsense, knowing he could play her to tell all. […] Instead of helping Grace keep that secret, he manipulated her into breaking faith with Lisbon […]. ~ It’s interesting that you ascribe Rigsby’s actions to deliberate, conscious manipulation: I must admit that I saw it much more in the way that RB suggests (genuine insecurity). I do agree, though, that chatting about their sex life after the RJ trauma was at the very least insensitive, although I’m sure (I hope!) they wouldn’t have being doing so if something worse had happened.

    @ Cece: Point taken! Perhaps VP shouldn’t have made a promise she couldn’t keep, but maybe she honestly thought she could! I don’t know… 😉 After all, it’s her ‘weird’ behaviour that initially gives her away to Rigsby, who then presumably acts like a dog with a bone. Not saying she couldn’t have tried a lot harder to keep the secret, but, if we’re honest, doesn’t Lisbon do the same in some ways? In the sense that her natural honesty/inability to lie well to people has betrayed her on a number of occasions.

    Just thoughts! 😉

  • Rose UK

    Oh, also, Cece: “Female That I Care About In Hospital = Send Flowers.” ~ hahaha!

  • Cece

    Can I just say how very impressed I am with all the folks here who made the Mrs. Carmen Lee –> Dr. Eric Carmen from Red Badge connection? Y’all are razor sharp. I’ve probably seen Red Badge 20 times and I never would’ve remembered that.

  • reviewbrain

    SacPD just arrived for backup, the forensic experts were the ones who would have taken photos of Lisbon’s face and based on the uniforms of the people present at the scene they hadn’t arrived yet. And when SacPD told Bertram what happened, they just mentioned a victim and Lisbon down. What they didn’t mention was that she was attacked by RJ. As far fetched as I myself find the thought that no one but Bertram (he saw Jane wipe off the smiley) and for some reason Haffner know about RJ, it might actually be what the writers want us to think. Time will tell :/

  • reviewbrain

    I did but forgot to mention it. Thank you do much for bringing that up! Don’t know if it has more to do with Partridge or Lisbon’s own happy memory. But it felt quite eerie…

  • reviewbrain

    Aww, please don’t worry about!

  • Kon

    Hello everybody, I loved the review, RB! 🙂
    I just want to add a question that really bugs me a bit…In the scene were Lisbon’s dream transferes into the hospital enviroment, we can hear Haffner saying: “Teresa…sorry about this.”, but his voice seems like it’s coming from afar…is it just me, or did anybody else get the feeling that it is actually Jane, sitting at Lisbons’ bedside, apologizing to an unconcious Lisbon? I’m not quite sure how to explain, but to me, it feels like she hears unconciously Jane’s real life apology (because after all, he was the one who exposed her to the danger in the first place, by telling her about the seven suspects…), and builds it into her dream.
    Just a feeling, and I’m sorry, my english isn’t the best 😛
    Loved the episode so so much, especially the whole scene at the hospital, where Jane seemed to touch Lisbon ever-so-slightly and gentle, to calm her down.

  • Curious

    Notice the vertical scar on the inside of the lower arm (just above wrist) of the woman who was feeding the pigeons.

  • Valentine0214

    One thing is sure. Watching The Mentalist has made a bunch of conspiracy theorists of us all. We see deception, misdirection, and hidden clues everywhere. I love it!

  • windsparrow

    Excellent review, reviewbrain!

    @C Hill “…casting the voice of Dr. “Rusty” Venture (from The Venture Brothers) as the competing/collaborating drone scientist was pretty cool, too.”

    Good catch! I knew that voice was familiar! Heavens, I hope that isn’t a sign of weirder things to come!

    @Ce Ce “… I would love to know of a florist that is open at 11pm or later…”

    Many if not most grocery stores in the U.S. have a floral department. Likewise at least some grocery stores now stay open 24 hrs. a day. While the florist won’t be on duty at 11:00pm, a lot of the basic bouquets would be on display and available to purchase. Mind you, I don’t necessarily disagree with your assessment of the time frame. I had the impression that Jane’s “sometime in the morning” meant after the sun had risen. I’m just not sure what the time frame is. But at the same time, I do believe that the team visited Lisbon while she was still sleeping.

    I see their actions of going about their business without being solicitous of Lisbon (or freaked out) not as uncaring but as cops deciding that if RJ has decided to kill Lisbon, them freaking out about it won’t keep her safe. The only thing they can do to protect her is to do their jobs and catch RJ before he kills too many more people.

  • anomalycommenter

    @rita: Great eye! What you noticed about that dream scene is just the kind of detail that I love to know. 🙂 and yes Rigsby’s eyes were telling something! Does anybody still receive new posts as emails from this WordEverMoreBuggyPress?

    @C Hill: Really great comments! Great insight about American culture and folklore! And in light of all those recent and not so recent mentions of covert surveillance, phone bugging, bugged rooms, maybe the “Carmen Lee” factor,… , and referring to one of your previous comments under the last review, it’s not bad to have an episode named: “14-19-1, Red Flagged” (Please don’t get me wrong. We have much, much worse analogs in our country!)

    @Rose UK: Indeed, Mancini’s sudden disappearance after having such an intriguing role was weird, I get the feeling that his disappearance was more due to the factors outside of the show’s story, or for some reason Heller changed the direction he was going to pursue. I even suspect that maybe part of his role as you may have implied was handed down to Smith or even Haffner!

    @Zee & RB: Yes, it was you! 🙂 And as RB perfectly put it, I really don’t know if it was related to birds in general, and as so to Partridge and Blake or RJ’s phobia (as the Wikipedia article on Partridge states: “according to Greek legend, the first partridge appeared when Daedalus threw his nephew, Perdix, off the sacred hill of Minerva in a fit of jealous rage. Supposedly mindful of his fall, the bird does not build its nest in the trees, nor take lofty flights and avoids high places.” Of course it could be a Red Herring and if so probably only about the type of the phobia), or to Lisbon and that indeed RJ is aiming to destroy or in some other way make use of her Happy Memories, too! And is the frat ring the pigeon feeding man is wearing and the one in the previous episode a hint to a fraternity circle or society? Oh, and I guess there’s no problem, just leave the depiction of those manga eyes to our dear skillful Cibi! Whom I forgot to thank for her great artwork for the last review. 🙂

  • Rose UK

    @ Windsparrow: “The only thing they can do to protect her is to do their jobs and catch RJ before he kills too many more people.” ~ Agree! Got a post in moderation saying something similar. 😉

  • Kate Webb

    Wow, @reviewbrain, as always you and the community here are such an enjoyable read. At this point most everything has been covered so I will refrain from adding more. Maybe I will leap in next time (which at this point is tonight’s episode) unless real life gets in the way :). Suffice to say, I love your reviews and all of the replies and comments. Intriguing and fun stuff.

  • thebeatboy

    Hi !!! = D = D Excellent review of a great episode!!!It was great to read. thanks for taking the time to write it and post it.
    One of my favorite scenes was definitely Lisbon and Jane in the hospital room. I do agree that if RJ would eliminate Lisbon it would drive Jane over the edge. Lisbon is very much a part of the show.


  • reviewbrain

    Aww, please don’t worry about! And thanks for the kind words. Lucky to have this awesome community.

  • reviewbrain

    You’re so kind!
    One of the reasons I didn’t choose that scene as best is my brain kept screaming :”Evidence! Evidence! Wait for CSI’s to document it, Jane!”

  • Carla Oliveira

    Oh! Thank you RB!
    I was thinking, with everybody annoyed with the team’s indifference about Lisbon’s “meeting” with RJ, I really don’t think everyone knew even that Partridge was killed by RJ. I think Bertram was there to make sure that would stay far from Press’ eyes. It would be a full dish with Press knowing about the forensic guy death and female team leader of the RJ’s case being marked in her face in the same night. And Jane and Lisbon was too disturbed with the events and later busy with the other events (Dr. Miller’s death, three suspects) and the guys with the case, to talk about what happened. It’s strange but the guys acted like they didn’t know about it. I’m nearly sure they will find out that Partridge was killed by RJ in specific episode soon.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Sorry for the belated comment. 🙂 Just a few minor remarks:

    1) I just loved your review. I missed reading your analysis and this one was particularly enjoyable! Thanks! 😀

    2) It’s just a detail, but I found very telling that Gale advancing on Jane in the bullpen reminded of Lisbon’s nightmare. Jane was facing the door like his body was in her dream and he was holding the teacups that had fallen to the ground. Pretty disturbing.
    There is also an interesting inversion: Gale arrived at the house at the beginning, whereas usually it’s Jane and Lisbon who are coming at crime scenes to investigate. Here they were already present and one of their main suspects was asking questions, as a way to underline how shaken their routine has been.

    Also Rose wrote: “Funny that in the dream sequence, the only person not covered in blood (and we see no injuries whatsoever) is Jane himself.” I wonder if it wasn’t done on purpose, because honestly seeing him covered in his own blood like the others were would actually be even more painful, given her reaction when he almost drowned. It’s like with each of her coworkers’ corpses, her horror is increasing (the camera focuses longer on each of them), until culminating with Jane. For him, the violence was subtler: his teacup enlightened how normalcy had been disrupted and the blood on Reeds’ hands might have hinted at a form of guilt from Lisbon -like in Lady Macbeth’s case- for not saving them. Both the Lady and bloody hands are a major theme in TM (‘The Blood on His Hands’, the handshake Jane shared with RJ, even a grief-laden Lisbon rinsing her bloodied shirt after Bosco’s team had been murdered and probably feeling horrible for having not anticipated it).
    It’s very interesting too that she dreamt of Haffner coming from behind her to apologize and slice her throat, like someone crept behind her in that dark house and attacked her.

    3) “After all, RJ uses people, gets them to do his bidding by giving them what they want . And some times, what they want are other people (he gave Maya to Sherriff Hardy in Red John’s footsteps).”

    Hadn’t though of that but, that makes perfect sense and it would explain how familiar Haffner acted with Lisbon, sitting on her bed and all, when Jane himself only sat respectfully on the chair. Again, pretty disturbing idea, *ewww*…
    By the way, I don’t think the parallel is done on purpose, but it’s funny how things have changed between the lead characters if one compares this open hospital scene full of affection and the one at the beginning of ‘Fugue in Red’, when Lisbon was trying very hard to maintain a professional distance with her consultant, whose life she just saved rather frantically (as frantically as he has been wiping her face).

    4) Sophie’s house seemed rather different from the one her ex-husband had in ‘Red Brick and Ivy’. I didn’t check, but from what I recall that one seemed more modern then; Sophie’s new home is rather cozy and a bit traditional. Of course, it accentuates the shock at finding a severed head into such a conventional house, but I wonder how much it may or not indicate that Sophie had settle down a bit after her last encounter with Jane. Back then, she still has a complicated relationship with her very domineering ex, thus maybe she had come a long way toward inner peace, like Jane himself has progressed since his very tormented self back in the beginning of the show. Or more probably I am reading way too much into it. We’ll probably never know, lol! 😛

    5) Like Carla said, it’s possible that the team hasn’t been told about the complete circumstances of Lisbon’s stay at the hospita. Still, I’d rather think the team knows, but does not realize the full implication of the smiley drawn on Lisbon’s face. Even if it wasn’t mentioned, it’s entirely possible that they may have focused more on the actual RJ crime – Partridge’s death (whom they didn’t really like)- than on the fact that RJ tricked Lisbon. They could have chalked the latter up as being more a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and as Jane put it of RJ not having time to really hurt her, than Lisbon being purposely targeted and Brett only being an added bonus; at least that is how I interpret Lisbon’s words mentioning that the wires are illegal. Because the real problem was not that they were illegally spying on people, but that it offered a mean to RJ to set more traps and get to them. The fact that Lisbon was lured there proves that the wires were dangerous, yet nobody mentions it. That may explain why they were simply satisfied that she was alright instead of being eaten up by fear that she could be attacked again –or they also could for that matter…

    That may also explain how willing Grace and Wayne were to talk about their sex life: they may not be fully aware of the danger. Not to mention it hints pretty strongly at their relationship becoming much more meaningful if they are emotionally close enough to seek comfort in one another and revel in it.

    6) “Could it be that, rather than the fact that Bertram, and the men around him are all RJ followers/suspects/minions, they are all in fact working together in a covert operation attempting to capture him? Might they, like Darcy, even actually suspect Jane of working with him?”

    I really like that idea. I though the same thing when the scene played. They could even work for Visualize and that could explain Smith’s authority on Bertram if he was ranking higher in the sect than the CBI boss… and I could really see power-hungry Gale trying to get more influence by fraying with such an important organization…

    7) Phoenixx wrote: “I don’t expect Jane to camp outside or inside her appartment but I also think it’s weird that this doesn’t trigger some sort of overprotective streak in him. Well I hope it will be brought up again in future episodes otherwise I’d find it odd.”

    Jane had been telling Lisbon that he was waiting for RJ’s next move to give him an inkling of what to do. That next move was threatening Lisbon: it served as a trigger all right. Only his overprotectiveness doesn’t show in hovering over her (honestly, that would do nothing, since RJ could harm her anyway), instead it makes him shake the spell he was under and try to do something useful. Likewise after Sophie’s demise, he had the same kind of bouncing back reaction, by trying to find a clue in her murder.

    8) As C Hill mentioned, the color blue is rather insistent, between Lisbon’s jacket and Grace’s clothes and the very visible teacup… I might be worth mentioning that, even if the team usually wear that color along with black and grey in their conventionally professional outfits, blue is usually associated with Jane -blue car, blue tea-cup, dark blue or grey suits (never green or black for example). I guess it’s an attempt to make his cold colors contrast with the red associated with his nemesis. Therefore the bright blue outfit of Lisbon in her dream sequence might indicate that she was hoping to get rid of RJ before entering the nightmarish bullpen… or it might hint at the fact that what she felt at seeing her surrogate family like that is what Jane felt years ago (the message and the smiley first, painted by Bertram on her wall, then the bodies).

    9) Last, not least, the birds: as it has been stated for the previous episode, there are three episodes in a row where pigeons are mentioned and all three were associated with Lisbon. In this one, there is another bird which contrasts strongly with them: the “black winged redbird” is both a bird of prey metaphorically speaking (it kills people) and a songbird (as a real redbird). Both aspect remind of RJ, who 1) targeted Lisbon, like a hawk may try to harm a dove (and like Rose mentioned, Lisbon mentioned watching their suspects “like a hawk”, just like that bird was alluded to in ‘Devil’s Cherry’ too for instance) and 2) whose lover Lorelei had been “singing like a bird” by telling Jane about the handshake. Not to mention that Sophie told that RJ is “an excellent whistler”, making the scene with Lisbon and Jane listening to her voice in the attic a great reply to the one when they were watching the DVD…

    Plus, interestingly it’s Jane who asks about the Redbird’s real color, meaning that the show is back on focusing on his theories about the serial killer (his explanation about Lisbon not being killed, his deductions about Dr Miller, then the discovery of yet another clue). And it’s amusing that Jane got his intuition that RJ killed Sophie because she could identify him when both he and Lisbon watched the pigeons being fed… they were drinking coffee (or tea?) then, so it might accentuate the association with the birds too.

    (Sorry for any grammatical errors and incoherencies, it’s pretty late… 😉 )

  • Judy

    Kirkland shook Jane’s hand well before Lorelei’s murder.

  • Ifrah

    I didn’t mean Lorelei’s murder, I meant when she told him that he shook hands with RJ, in the motel.

  • phoenixx

    About the suspects, I don’t wanna sound mean here but I think the fact Sophie described Roth as “in good health” was more of a reason to scratch Reede Smith off the list than the other thing. I just don’t think any kind of doctor would call him that. xD He is slightly overweight so I think she would’ve mentioned that.
    And Stiles definitely is out of the “middle -aged” spectrum.

    About the Team not caring, well I don’t wanna see them freaking out but a hug or anything like that from VP for example would’ve been nice. It really looked like she got tackled by some random guy and now she’s back and not that she was in the hands of RJ.

    @Carla: They have to know Partridge’s dead he’s one of them (CBI). If a CBI agent or whatever dies I’m pretty convinced word gets around there. And everything else would be simple maths. It can’t be coincidence that Partridge dies in the same night Lisbon gets knocked out.

  • Carla Oliveira

    We should watch 6.04 to be sure. We’ll see. Watch it CLOSELY.

  • windsparrow

    @phoenixx “About the suspects, I don’t wanna sound mean here but I think the fact Sophie described Roth as “in good health” was more of a reason to scratch Reede Smith off the list than the other thing. I just don’t think any kind of doctor would call him that. xD He is slightly overweight so I think she would’ve mentioned that.”

    As much as the Weight Loss Industry would like everyone to pretend that being even a little overweight. Will. Kill. You. And. Everyone. Around. You. It is not actually a disease. Well, ok, it is a disease. It is the kind of disease that causes people to have a longer life expectancy than those who qualify as “normal weight”. This article explains it in more detail: The reason I can believe that a better than average psychiatrist might have a better than average clue about the actual science behind fatness is personal experience. It is my experience that it takes zero time to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe appetite suppressants but twenty years plus a stay in the hospital with a diagnosis of an eating disorder to find a doctor who is willing to test thyroid function by testing, you know, thyroid function. I contend that for the vast majority of the medical establishment, their panic about fat is not about health. On the other hand, a good psychiatrist might know better and be actually concerned about actual health. Unless you wish to contend that the primary cause of obesity is amphetamine deficiency, you have no convincing counter.

  • Judy

    You have repeated the same comment at last a dozen times and it is clogging my email.

  • Cece

    @windsparrow Everything you said about being overweight not automatically equaling unhealthiness x100. Besides, in Reede Smith’s case, he has to meet the FBI’s medical and fitness criteria for its agents, so it seems safe to assume he’s in good enough health.

  • Judy Matheson

    Report abuse. This poster has put up the same comment more than a dozen times. My email is clogged with her comment.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Lou Ann

    RB: what a great review and thank you to all those who’ve added so much in follow-up comments.

    I’ve never been a strong Jisbon fan, leaning toward the “friendship” side mostly.

    But Jane’s stroking of her hair as she awoke in hospital gave me a jolt. There is something just so intimate and sensual about a man touching a woman’s hair. Think of the many cultures in which a woman’s hair is covered or hidden, kept even from view of men, reserved only for the woman’s husband. A woman’s showing her hair isn’t so taboo in western culture, but even a few years ago, nuns gave up their hair upon taking vows. All women were expected to cover our hair in church for modesty. It was obviously a scripted piece of stage business, foreshadowing the direction their relationship is going.

    Fish and fishing: loving the continuity. In Desert Rose, Bertram warns Jane and Lisbon that they must insure that he’s “on the boat when they catch that fish (RJ)” and in this episode Lisbon is the fish that gets “reeled in” and “thrown back.” The Moby Dick allusions live on.

    Birds have been present in both episodes of this season, and having just seen ep 3, I can say… LITTLE SPOILER…we should be paying attention.

  • Rose UK

    Buona sera, everyone! Having ventured tentatively onto another forum (I feel a little adulterous), I just wanted to mention something that a poster pointed out (not yet mentioned here): the fact that one of Sophie’s new clients on her list was a Mitchell Washburn. The nod to Walter Mashburn (including M/W reversal) was deemed worthy of note. 😉

  • reviewbrain

    Mine too. I’ll take care of it.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I’m sorry if your e-mail is clogging, Judy but I posted once. I didn’t repeat anything.

  • reviewbrain

    Hi Carla,

    I think someone was using your user name. I’ve blocked that person (or tried to anyway) but this shouldn’t affect you because they ha a different email; which is what I specified. Sorry for the trouble everyone.

  • Rose UK

    @ Violet: Regarding (6), I wonder if this could in any way explain Minnelli’s initial invitation to Jane in Red Dawn. Assuming RB’s theory is correct (I also like this idea), he could have been an early member of the RJ ‘whaling crew’. His reasoning for inviting a civilian onto Lisbon’s case/into the CBI always seemed bizarre/flimsy to me (even within the TM universe), but I just glossed over it as a necessary plot device. But it would be nice if there were to be a ‘real’ reason for it!!

  • suzjazz

    Phoenixx wrote: “I don’t expect Jane to camp outside or inside her appartment but I also think it’s weird that this doesn’t trigger some sort of overprotective streak in him. Well I hope it will be brought up again in future episodes otherwise I’d find it odd.”

    I had the same reaction–in fact, I have written 2 fanfics with Jane having an overprotective streak as the result of Lisbon’s encounter with Red John. It’s completely consistent with his character. (And without giving away any spoilers, you’ll see some evidence of this in 6:03.) The issue of whether or not the team knew about Lisbon and RJ has been fully explored, and I think it’s impossible to know for sure. However, I agree with whoever said that Grace has been self-centered in the past, and I still don’t get why she disobeyed a direct order from her boss. I think that the team may very well be separating from Lisbon and Jane, because now they know that J and L have discovered information on their own without keeping the team in the loop. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jane and Lisbon working the Red John case alone once Rigspelt leaves the CBI.

    Hmmm…the two bouquets…interesting, I only saw one (I’m beginning to think that I am not nearly observant enough for this show!) It was quite lovely with multicolored flowers (the meaning of these has also been explored here, but I feel compelled to point out that none of the flowers symbolize love.) Still, I think it must have been Jane who called a florist and had them delivered. If not Jane, then it was Haffner, and I hope to God it wasn’t him, because he’s my top suspect for Red John. The second bouquet? I hate to say it but I think both Jane AND Haffner sent flowers. I can’t imagine anyone on the team doing it, not even Cho. He’s not romantic towards his boss and flowers can be interpreted as such.

    I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy about the team, I could frankly not care less about the Rigspelt wedding, which I find all the more irksome given the soft-pedalling the writers are giving the very subtle awakening of possible romance between J and L. Sorry to be so negative. I will say that overall I am loving the new season–the tension is ratcheted up higher than ever, the drama is being superbly played out. I am just a disgruntled shipper, so just ignore my kvetching. 🙂

  • phoenixx

    Don’t know if it’s ben mentioned already but did anyone else immediately think about Lorelei when Jane said “he hired a hooker who’s looking exactly like you”? We had this discussion often about the physical resemblance between her and Lisbon and we also often find the case of the week and what’s been said having a relation to what is and/or has happened on the show. Nothing to get excited about, lol, but I thought it was an interesting line.

    @Rose: Wondered about that too, even if Minelli wanted to take a chance on him because of his brilliant mind, no one can tell me that the closed case rate was worth all the shananigans he caused. It’s not like they were totally incapable of solving crimes, Jane just made an improvement. So it’s indeed a good question if there’s more behind the CBI chiefs calling him “the golden boy” instead of at one point kicking him to the curb. Of course this raises the question if they were happy that Wainright let him go, he then would’ve had insight too -except if he was a pawn placed by them, maybe after the Hightower chaos they wanted to make sure there was someone they could reign in more. He was pretty young inspite of his intelligence which has been stated in the show quite often as well.

    @windsparrow/Cece: I wasn’t saying that overweightness equals unhealthiness and I also wasn’t talking about obesity (where did I say that?) but she’s a psychatrist not an actual doctor so she goes on physical appearance, she didn’t make a sports test with him and he surely wouldn’t tell her he’s an FBI agent or anything like that and telling her he passed those sort of tests. If it would have been him I’m sure she would have said “though ‘overweight (or whatever) he’s in good health” for example which btw would also give insight to his character -in which she’s interested in.

    Sorry if someone felt (unnecessarily) attacked here, geez. Oh yeah and I also didn’t make any statement about “thin” people, this article you mention is primarily about “thin or fat”.

    “It is the kind of disease that causes people to have a longer life expectancy than those who qualify as “normal weight”.”
    Uhm…nope. That -accroding to the article- applies to people over 60.

    But I honestly don’t want a discussion about that. As long as everyone’s happy everyone’s free to look/do whatever they want to.

    I still stick to my point about Smith though, also because RJ’s appearance in S2 did make him look like he’s “normal weight” as you say.

  • windsparrow

    @phoenixx “…she’s a psychatrist not an actual doctor…”

    Psychiatrists ARE actual, really-for-truly, medical doctors. They go to medical school and everything. They then specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health. The bulk of what they do involves the management of psychotropic medications. In this day and age, while there are still a few who do psychoanalysis (training in Freudian “talk therapy” on top of the medical specialty), most psychiatrists will refer patients to psychologists (often Ph.D.s or Psy.D.s and therefore doctors but not medical, or to use your quaint term “actual” doctors, and at the very least, M.A.s) for that particular part of their treatment. An intake interview with a psychiatrist – you know, the medical one – will last for at least an hour and will include patient history (both physical and mental, as it were, and including all medications taken in the recent past), as well as a lengthy conversation about current symptoms. There are a wide range of other bodily systems whose functioning affects mental health. Psychiatrists can and will order tests for those physical health concerns (or make referals to other medical specialists). They will also request medical records frrom their patients’ other doctors. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by a “sports test” – probably you mean something like a cardio-stress test, but it is not a term with which I am familiar – but yes, as a medical doctor, Sophie would be qualified to state some one is in good health after taking a patient history, some visual observation, and looking over whatever medical records were provided. Her description of this patient did not include many physical details. For instance, it did not include the color of his eyes. And her diagnosis of him had nothing to do with the presence or absence of overweight. So why, precisely, would she feel compelled to include a mention of it?

    But you do have a point. The slender arm seen holding a tea cup in Rosalyn Harker’s parlor does not match Smith nearly as well as it matched Partidge or Styles. Even Kirkland has a bigger frame.

  • phoenixx

    @windsparrow: “And her diagnosis of him had nothing to do with the presence or absence of overweight. So why, precisely, would she feel compelled to include a mention of it? ”
    Then she didn’t need to mention “age” as well, eyecolor is pretty needless as opposed to “age and health” to evaluate someone.

    And yes I meant things like a cardio-stress test etc., but Sophie’s description was about his first appointment with her, not sure if they get all the patient information before they even talked to the Person in question, she observed him while he was sitting in the waiting room for instance.
    She probably dictated this after his appointment was over, so the question would be if she already had access to such files.

    I’m not saying I’m rigth with what my conclusion of Sophie’s description is and maybe you are correct with what you say and she got it from his data but I just don’t think so. 😉 They’re feeding us clues and I doubt they expect all their viewers to know exactly how and with what information a Psychiatrist works, therefore they could have just leave the first line out completely and only concentrate on his “behavior”. Again just my opinion.

  • estatica

    Since we’re on this subject, perhaps I can tell you as a psychologist (not psychiatrist!), that I also make a general description of my patients. Not hair / eye color or tall / short, but rather how they present themselves, how they dress, etc. I rarely mention the weight, except when it is evident that it is somehow connected to the problem. Normally, I simply ask if they have any medical condition that is worth mentioning. When they’re in the waiting room, I have them fill out a short form with data such as age, spouse, address, etc. So even if she was describing a guy like Reed Smith, I can’t see why she would mention that he is slightly overweight. I know I certainly wouldn’t because it just doesn’t seem relevant. He seems healthy to me and not really obese.

    On another note, it was the first time I heard of a psychiatrist who doesn’t type and have everything transcribed. I guess it was convenient to the plot, but I honestly have trouble believing some would actually do this in real life. Patient data is CLASSIFIED, so the thought of having someone else accessing privileged information simply because I can’t bother to type it on my computer is appalling to me. But that’s me. I don’t know how things work in the US.

  • windsparrow

    @esctatica “On another note, it was the first time I heard of a psychiatrist who doesn’t type and have everything transcribed. I guess it was convenient to the plot, but I honestly have trouble believing some would actually do this in real life. Patient data is CLASSIFIED, so the thought of having someone else accessing privileged information simply because I can’t bother to type it on my computer is appalling to me. But that’s me. I don’t know how things work in the US.”

    There is a whole profession here dedicated to doing just that, referred to as “Medical Transcriptionist”. A Medical Transcriptionist is expected to abide by patient confidentiality rules. It is only just in the last couple of years or so that they have computers in each exam room in my local small town clinic, so that the nurses, medical assistants, and doctors can enter their notes while they are sitting there with the patients. So not all hospitals and clinics have them yet. And I’m sure that many of the doctors who were not trained to use them during medical school are uncomfortable with them.

  • estaticaa

    Oh, wow, thank you windsparrow, I had no idea! Over here in Portugal, we don’t have these as standard practice. Not yet, anyway. This is of no interest, but I personally feel that confidential information like this should not be shared with transcriptionists. Obviously, sometimes there is a need to share information with other professionals, if the patients give their consent and if it somehow benefits them, but doing it for transcription purposes only is a really bad idea, in my opinion. In Sophie Miller’s case, she obviously didn’t ask for Red John’s consent to do this and worse, she shared all the information without his knowledge. So, she had it coming 😛 (Oops, did I just defend Red John’s rights to confidentiality? Why, I think I did hehe)

    Anyway, we’re glad Sophie Miller went behind his back and kept a private recording. I’m inclined to think that the vital clue she left isn’t really about how he looks like, or how a good whistler he is, but rather the fact that he has a phobia. If it’s acrophobia, or ornithophobia, or something else remains to be seen.

    On a completely different note, I also enjoyed the names used in this episode:

    – Shakespeare’s Titus did end up killing two other characters and baking their heads in the oven; He is also named Stone, like LaRoche, who is also and honorable man with a great sense of justice.

    – Mrs. Carmen Lee – Lisbon’s psychologist was Dr. Carmen, which is probably why Jane remembered Sophie Miller BUT I have to say, when I watched it the first time, all I could think of was Carmen also means red. Mrs. Carmen sounded to me like the writers were hinting a possible attachment between Red John and Lisbon. Also, in the play “Carmen”, the main character evoked such passion that the man who loved her ended up killing her when she rejected him.

    I also felt that Kris Makkena embodied the perverse side in some relationships. She drove the man who loved her to commit suicide by telling him he should do whatever he could to find peace. Well, Jane has been trying to find peace and the only way he thinks he knows how is by killing the man who killed his family, which may ultimately destroy him and turn him into a monster. And Lisbon is helping him. How will she cope with the knowledge that she helped the man she loves find peace by taking a self destructive path?

    Oh wow, this comment is all over the place and not really coherent. So sorry for the long rant.

  • windsparrow

    @estatica “In Sophie Miller’s case, she obviously didn’t ask for Red John’s consent to do this and worse, she shared all the information without his knowledge.”

    In the U.S. it is standard procedure to have all patients sign a form giving permission to release information for record keeping and insurance purposes (along with a few other common occurrences, including how much information can be given on an answering machine message). Generally speaking it is part of the papers one fills out even before seeing the doctor.

    It is a peculiarity of the U.S. medical care system, I’m sure. The medical insurance companies require certain information from the doctors to prove that care was given, in order for them to pay the bills. The insurance companies will also place limits on how much time doctors spend with patients for certain diagnoses. Where once upon a time, a small doctor’s office might have a nurse or two and a receptionist, now they need a half dozen office workers to handle billing and insurance and filing and all sorts of things. The office staff are trained to abide by patient confidentiality rules both for ethical reasons and because there are both state and federal laws protecting it. We, of course, are so used to it that we rarely think of it as a potential problem.

  • suzjazz

    Why is my comment STILL awaiting moderation? There’s nothing questionable in it. If this keeps happening I’m leaving and not coming back.

  • reviewbrain

    If I remember correctly Jane says Sophie Miller used a program to transcribe her notes; so this probably isn’t an issue.

  • anomalycommenter

    I know exactly how you feel, Suzjazz. I don’t know, but there is a possibility that the system has not registered your comment in the first place. WordPress if behaving more and more buggy recently, for example I gather that some people including me were unable to receive new posts as emails, despite marking the corresponding check boxes. So if I may, let me suggest that if you have an exact copy of it and re-post it, the system, hopefully as it behaved before, should tell you if it is already registered or not and would not double post it. Looking forward to your great posts. 🙂

  • Judy

    OMG can we let this go! Over and over again over transcription.

  • reviewbrain

    Technically, you discussed an episode that hasn’t been reviewed yet. But that’s not why it was awaiting moderation. I don’t know why it’s been held. I’ve chosen an option that only new commenters have to await moderation (to make sure spammers dont have access) but for some reason old commenters are sometimes caught as well. That’s why some of your comments get through while others don’t. It’s as frustrating to me as it is to you because I have to manually sift through all the rubbish comments to find the real ones. Like I said, I appreciate all the patience users can give me. But I can do do without the ultimatums please. We’re all friends here 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    @ Reviewbrain: It really is an honor having the chance of reading yours and Violet’s amazing reviews and all the fantastic comments here, and I fully acknowledge the crucial role of spam filtering in maintaining the unmatched high standard that you have achieved in your blog. 🙂 Your comment above made me think some more and I guess that below is the root cause of all this frustration:

    When I first joined this fantastic community of yours, it was evident for me that I am getting a higher percentage of my posts caught in the moderation filter relative to the other commenters. As per your suggestion I opened up an account, the same result. Then I thought that it must be due to the fact that I’m using an anti-censorship product to reach your blog, which by nature, channel many users through very few IP addresses, and will look just like spammers would, so I decided to contact WordPress support about it, but I could not find any email addresses for support. Apparently they rely on the blogging community to help each other. I made a post for anyone to answer, and after sometime some technical blogger asked some questions, but nothing happened after that. And now that I looked at the simplistic options that they provide bloggers for comment moderation, and the gradual appearance of the problem for commenters, I guess that the problem is that they have updated and are in the process of training an adaptive filtering system ( ), probably based on artificial intelligence, neural networks, or other types of probabilistic classifiers that the say is based on many, many contributing factors, which though could be highly effective, do not produce simple predictable results, and did so without reflecting the corresponding options in the blog management interface. The options on that interface are somewhat deceptive in that it does not refer to this type of filtering at all (Valentine0214 was right, I see conspiracy everywhere! 🙂 ) And they have not provided an option to disable this kind of filtering without disabling filtering altogether and have effectively left bloggers with no decent options. For such probabilistic filters to be usable they have to have acceptable (in the few percentages range) false negatives AND false positives, unless they don’t care about one side of the equation and had optimized it as such, and their system is evidently showing some very out of rang false positives. So if I may, I want to ask anybody who cares about this to drop them a line, asking them to add an option to use simple straightforward clear predictable filtering instead, or at least consider the other side of the equation too in the (hidden to bloggers) filtering parameters. Certainly many of you know better than me about these systems, so sorry if I have bothered you with my nonsense, and Thanks everybody! 🙂

  • Rose UK

    Comments getting lost in moderation is just one of those things… C’est la vie! 🙂

    @ Suz: I can’t imagine Lisbon being particularly happy with a supremely overprotective Jane! Surely she’s too independent (?). 😉 Maybe she’d find a little bit of clear concern/care nice, but nothing too over the top. (My opinion!)

    I think the team is accustomed to Jane keeping secrets – I’m sure they’d expect nothing less. Lisbon I’m not so sure about, but haven’t J & L kept information from the team in the past? Or gone off on their own in the past? (That’s a genuine question, as I can’t think of any examples.)

    Grace can be self-centered, yes, but Jane has been too! But we forgive him his flaws because we love him warts ‘n’ all and we are sympathetic because of his past trauma and complex nature. 😉 All the characters have their bad points, but some are more easily forgiven than others because they are liked better (understandable; it’s human nature). Also in the interests of fairness, I just want to point out that although Grace doesn’t check on Lisbon after she is shot by O’Loughlin, neither does Hightower. Hightower goes straight to her kids (completely understandably) and in fact actually kind of steps right over Lisbon as she is writhing on the floor. I guess my point is that *in the moment* everyone is focused on the people they love most, which, sadly, in Grace’s case, is O’Loughlin. I’m not saying that VP’s conduct was acceptable or exemplary (e.g. the smooching outside the house; even I was all “omg, woman” at that point), but I do like to be fair! 😉

    (I’m sorry; I seem to have inadvertently turned into “Rose UK: Defender of Grace” recently – not sure how that happened as she’s even not my favourite character, lol!)

  • windsparrow

    @reviewbrain, for future reference, when one of our (regulars) comments gets caught in moderation, how long should we wait before asking about, or to repost? It doesn’t happen all that often to me, and since I realized it was happening to others as well I have not been particularly worried about it. You do a wonderful job as moderator, and get to things as quickly as you can. But you are a very busy person, with many demands on your time. IIRC you are not always getting notifications on them all, so sometimes you have to discover them on your own. Is 24 hours a good, or do you sometimes need us to be a little more patient?

    I think it is one of those situations where, when it is one’s own comment that is in limbo, even a few hours feels like forever. (That shows how vital and interesting the conversation is here.) But from the moderator’s perspective I’m sure that time goes by like a swiftly rushing river, full of Winter snow melt and Spring rain.

  • III Frogs

    Hi Suzjazz. Just tossing something in about how the flowers by her bedside could have got there. Not sure if I’ve said this here, but Jane is wearing completely different clothing in the hospital than in the ambulance. This leads me to believe that at some point in between, he has gone home or to the attic and changed clothes. With all-night grocery stores having florist areas, it’s quite possible that when he went to change his clothes he could have picked up flowers on the way there or back. Not saying it happened that way. Just saying it seems to be the most parsimonious explanation, extrapolating from what we are actually shown on screen. Just a thought.

  • anomalycommenter

    @Rose UK: Yes, I also felt Hightower not checking on Lisbon odder relative to VP’s reaction at the time, ’cause she know that her children were safe, and just saw something they shouldn’t have. But then again who am I to say how a mother should feel! And I guess another instance of Jane and Lisbon hiding something from the team was also about Hightower’s innocence for some time till they confided in them in ‘Strawberries and Cream’.

  • Rose UK

    Thanks, Anomaly! Good memory. 😉

  • Cece

    @Rose UK, sorry, I don’t want it to feel like I’m ganging up on you in regard to Grace, but my need to explain why her actions bug me so much is just overwhelming:)

    “Grace can be self-centered, yes, but Jane has been too! But we forgive him his flaws because we love him warts ‘n’ all and we are sympathetic because of his past trauma and complex nature. 😉 All the characters have their bad points, but some are more easily forgiven than others because they are liked better (understandable; it’s human nature).”

    Everyone does have flaws and Jane is often extraordinarily self-centered, waaaay more so than Grace could ever be. The difference, to me, is in their jobs. Jane is merely a consultant, while Grace is a sworn law enforcement officer. The standards for her professional behavior and the liability of the CBI regarding it are much, much higher. For a cop to flagrantly disobey an order given by her commanding officer is a really big deal. Also, it goes back to what Hightower told Lisbon in season 2, Jane’s abilities are so exceptional that he gets a pass on all kinds of crap and gets away with it, whereas Lisbon, and in this case, Grace are replaceable.

    You mentioned Strawberries & Cream, and a lot of my frustration with Grace goes back to that. To me, it shows she’s the same lovey dovey twit who took O’Laughlin to the safehouse and ignored Rigsby’s call in the midst of a mission to catch Red John. For all the talk of how she’s matured, her actions in Desert Rose show that she hasn’t, at least not in a professional capacity.

    Funnily enough, Grace’s going to O’Laughlin instead of Lisbon has never bothered me. In that situation, securing the threat, O’Laughlin, so he couldn’t do any more harm was a priority. You’d be amazed at what some people can do, thanks to adrenaline, after they’ve been shot- just look at what Lisbon managed. What did bother me, was that all she did was fawn over him, without bothering to secure his weapon.

    I don’t mean to nag you, Rose, I promise. I think the writers on the show take your view of things. I’ve never been a big Grace fan and I think Rigsby/Van Pelt brings out the worst in both characters, so it kind of makes me nuts when the show seems to expect me to overlook all this stuff because Grace is just so darling and Rigsby+VanPelt=TwooWuv.

  • Rose UK

    @ CeCe: Don’t worry, I get it. 🙂 I’ve seen that some people really dislike her, but I just… don’t. 😉 But not because of any dopey “twoo-wuv” stuff the writers may have chosen to display. Because, to paraphrase Lisbon, I hate that crap. 😉

  • Cece

    @Rose UK Totally understand. There are other aspects of the show that really seem to get underneath other people’s skin that I’ve always been indifferent to, so I hear you:)

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