The Mentalist Red Letter Day Review


CBI Agent Cho (Kang) comes fetch consultant Patrick Jane (Baker) from his attic as they were called for a new case: Hollis Percy, the owner of the town named after a Wild West town for tourists has been murdered. Before following his stoic coworker, Jane sets a little trap for possible intruders. Meanwhile, Lisbon (Tunney) meets Bob Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan) for coffee and a friendly chat.

Concise Verdict

The episode was a good surprise: not only did it deal with the events of ‘Behind the Red Curtain’ -or rather with their consequences-, but it also laced the dramatic moments with funnier ones and gave some well-used screen time to everyone on the team. Writer Michael Weiss managed to produce an intriguing combination between an old-school TM episode and a new step leading to the impatiently awaited season finale: a tragic love story as the murder case, a hint of mischievousness and a good deal of serious matters, those are the ingredients used for this well-written addition to a startling season. 10/10.

Detailed AKA Humongous Review (spoilers galore)

Kirkland/Jane: the attic mystery battle

VIS #1: Jane in the attic

Jane is scribbling away in his little notebook when Cho comes to get him. From the get go, the consultant appears hyper aware of his surroundings: he recognizes Cho before hearing his voice and is defiant enough not to let him enter his inner sanctum. The attic seems off-limits for everyone except Lisbon and he is getting a step further in transforming it in a safe place: until recently we didn’t see him bother trying to lock the door; then he put a padlock. Now, he adds a way to verify if his privacy has been violated and he does so when no one is watching: he sticks a toothpick between the door and its frame to be able to tell if someone enters …

This opening featuring someone calling Jane in his attic to go to a crime scene is by no way unusual, but the setting puts further emphasis on the fact that the episode has a deeper meaning. More details add to this sentiment. Jane later refuses to shake the medical examiner’s hand because there is blood on her glove. It recalls the raison d’être for Jane’s secrecy: he knows he has shaken RJ’s hand, a hand covered with his family’s blood… And when the consultant states that the victim knew his killer and argued with them, the woman asks him details and Jane elaborates the usual reasons for arguing:  “money, power, love, jealousy…” and she adds “revenge”, the very motivation for Jane’s quest.

VIS #2: Lisbon and Kirkland at the rooftop café

Meanwhile, ffollowing what had been suggested since their very first meeting and in spite (or rather because) of Lorelei’s demise, Lisbon and Kirkland meet up for coffee. The scene shows them settled at a table. Lisbon makes some small talk about her youth, giving some details about herself. It’s particularly intriguing since Lisbon is known not to share willingly any part of her past and the team (read: Jane) had to lure systematically any titbit of information from her. Whereas, Lisbon soon comes to realise that her companion is not as open about himself since when she asks him specifics, he eludes a direct response and avoids telling her where he comes from or what kind of family raised him; he mentions a father and a mother, but doesn’t even mention what kind of job they did: no names, no location, no social status… He concludes by “I like to say I grew up in America” to cover up for his lack of information about his origin.

It’s even weirder since their meeting is pretty date-like: they aren’t here to talk business like they were with Haffner in ‘The Red Barn’. Their meeting up is informal and they’re supposed to share something about them given that they are in a first name basis and they compliment the other (« this is nice, you’re really easy to talk to, Teresa »). Kirkland’s reluctance doesn’t make much sense if he is really here to get to know Lisbon as a woman: instead, it takes a worrying significance if we assume he is following a plan like he was when he killed Lennon in the previous episode. Indeed, Kirkland gives the impression to feign normalcy: he listens, talks, compliments, still everything seems off, as if he was hiding his true colors under a “normal” appearance. It reminds of the nurse’s comment about him wearing a mask in ‘Behind the Red Curtain’. And his real goal is revealed when they part ways: he interrogates her about Jane’s opinion about RJ and asks her to keep him on the loop. Meaning that he wants to confirm how much Jane knows and certainly also if her consultant suspects what really happened in the hospital room. It seems that every guy asking her out this season is more interested in Jane than in her: first Haffner scouting her for a company owned by Visualize, then Bob testing the waters through her…

Anyway, Lisbon is no fool and she realized right away that something is amiss. She doesn’t hesitate to ask him things about himself when he doesn’t tell anything spontaneously, then she cuts things short under the pretence of having a case when her men have already returned from the crime scene.  Another hint is that she is cold when he comes back to the bullpen and even comments on it; even if the guys confirm that it is indeed cold, her dismissive “so I’m not crazy” might indicate that her encountering with Bob had a chilling effect…

Later, she makes a report of the meeting to Jane and states that « everything about Bob Kirkland is odd ». Her bluntness and her refusal to defend Kirkland’s investigation and authority like she did in ‘Behind the Red Curtain’ show that she is aware that something is wrong. Jane must have talked to her about Lennon and Bob’s presence at the hospital: anyway, the Homeland Security agent is no more her “new best friend”, instead it’s Jane who has assumed again his role as a confident. In insight, the coffee break the two of them shared reminds a bit of the dinner Darcy and Jane never had but planned to eat in ‘Cheap Burgundy’: both times, the characters had a hidden agenda and tried to lure the other in a false sense of security before getting information out of them; and both times, they failed.

VIS #3: The Attic is Broken Into

Bob’s true goal is further enlightened when two men pass the CBI building security and secretly break into the attic. The first thing that comes to mind is that they must have been observing him or at least have inside information of some sort since they know where to search, given that they didn’t bother searching Jane’s almost unused desk in the bullpen for instance. They also seem to also know what they would find. They carefully take photos of every note, list and picture on Jane’s suspects board before leaving the place like they found it… well, almost, since Jane’s simple trick worked and they didn’t see the little white stick falling down on the floor.

Later, back at the Homeland Security headquarter, they give the loot to their boss, none other that the mysterious Kirkland who decides to “take it from here”, to his employees’ surprise. So in other words, he uses the resources provided by his position, but doesn’t want to let his men learn more than needed about what he’s looking for. Jane’s research board was too huge and complex to understand without a bit of time to analyse it -the synthetically briefer list is on his notebook-, so there is little that they can gather from it without spending some time to understand the connections Jane made. Kirkland’s reluctance points towards a personal motivation, as indicated by his rapt interest when he looks at the pictures taken in the attic. After his odd question to Lennon about recognizing him, that furthers the impression that he must be personally involved with Jane’s quest.

This manoeuvre enlightens even more the ambiguity of the character: he uses a somewhat official investigation for a personal initiative, like he probably did before when Jane first arrived at the CBI in ‘Red Dawn’. He’s definitely sneaky: listening in on Lisbon’s conversation with Bertram in ‘There Will Be Blood’, killing Jason Lennon in the previous episode before he had a chance to speak to Jane, trying to discreetly obtain insight on Jane’s ideas through Lisbon and know stealing information from him. Bob’s interest is focused on Jane and his investigation and, every time, he’s taking a more active part in wanting to know what he discovered.

VIS #4: Kirkland studies Jane’s notes

To add even more mystery to the man, he’s seen studying his prize late at night. He’s alone in a rather big room containing things like a printer, a desk and a couch: he’s either at home or in a pretty comfy office, but either way the place seems quite private. He’s reconstituting the puzzle of Jane’s clues board and his deep concentration, the loneliness and the dark atmosphere gives a rather spooky vibe.

Besides, the man is drinking a Bloody Mary: this is the cocktail Jane drank at the anniversary of his family’s death in ‘Red Rover, Red Rover’ and the red color reminds of the RJ arc. Both details allude to the fact that Kirkland makes a very plausible accomplice for RJ (or even RJ himself, although it’s quite unlikely since they only met after Lorelei was sent to jail) and that he may be trying to decipher how close Jane is getting… On the other hand, the moment is still ambiguous since his fascination with the investigation and the fact that it was Jane’s drink might indicate that he’s hunting down the serial killer too. His dedication, his solitude and the haven provided by a large office-looking room with a huge widow reminds of Jane’s own obsessive musings in the attic at night. Still, a question remains: if Kirkland is a better guy than he seems and if he is chasing after RJ too, how come the serial killer didn’t try to get into the attic himself, given that he must know that there is a possibility that Lorelei had revealed something about him?

VIS #5: the ending

After closing the case, Jane comes back to his attic and finds the stick on the floor. His reaction: a smile and a contented look around when he enters the place… His smile is the only indication that he must have been planning the outcome all along; he had the same (albeit even more gleeful) reaction after his night with Lorelei and back then it also revealed that he in the middle of a scheme. He was tricking Kirkland in showing his true intentions, thus set the trap and waited for a reaction. He was waiting for him to tip his hand; that’s why he didn’t come back to the attic during the whole investigation, he lounged on the couch in the bullpen or stayed at the tourist town: he knew that he was offering a golden opportunity for Kirkland to sneak in. The gloomy look he flowed the man with at the end of last episode showed that he was suspecting him of having a hand in Lennon’s death, and we can guess that he deduced that his antagonist would be willing to evaluate the situation by trying to know what he thinks.  Is it therefore too far-stretched to assume that Jane also kept with him the true conclusions he came to about RJ? After all, he didn’t leave his notepad behind and didn’t seem bothered that someone had a look at his place and had probably taken some pictures given the complex presentation of his work… He may as well have planted false information on the board or, at the very least, he knows that the information it provided is useless and/or incomplete.

The moment is echoed by the very last scene where we see that Kirkland has finished reconstituting Jane’s board on the floor of his office. He looks at it, satisfied; it is night time and the light coming from outside projects shadows of the paper sheets: his big and dark figure is looming over them in a threatening way and the blinds on the window imitate some bars and add to the hostile atmosphere.

That ending emphasis the importance of the event. It’s a pivotal episode, a true ‘Red Letter Day’: a moment which is noted as having a very particular significance. The title may also allude at Jane’s trick to get the murderer to confess with his envelopes (a envelope contains a letter), but above all it underlines that it is the day when Kirkland reveals himself to Jane as being more than simply interested in the official part of the RJ investigation.

Rigsby and Van Pelt: orchids and drama…

The second arc of the episode features the drama-loving and eternally indecisive couple formed by Rigsby and Van Pelt. Indeed, the evolution of their relationship is synthesised in four moments which amusingly reflect the steps they took in the past.

1) Rigsby holds a torch for Grace: he has offered her an orchid that stands proudly on her desk when Lisbon comes back from her coffee-break with Bob. The choice of gift shows that Wayne knows Grace well, since there was a white orchid on her desk in ‘My Bloody Valentine’ (she put Craig’s necklace on it after making peace with his death) and we can see in a later scene that she has another potted flower behind the orchid. He knows what she likes and tries to be rather unobtrusive with his gift, since it can be constructed as a welcome back gift while still having subtly romantic undertones. And, like they did in season 1 and 2, everyone knows who has given the flower, seeing that Lisbon and later Jane immediately assume it’s from him: everyone is aware that he’s still interested.

2) Rigsby needs to take a decision: in the break room, Cho finds Rigsby mooning over a box full of donuts. The man can’t make his mind over which one he should eat. His blunt friend tells him he needs to “make a choice”. He’s talking about the food, of course, but also about Van Pelt. Cho is telling him that he has to stop being a coward and face the situation, like he already stated in ‘Red In Tooth And Claw’. That reminds of the times when he and Jane advised the younger agent when he was longing for his redhead coworker in the beginning of the show.

3) Meanwhile, Grace is also reminded of her past when she interrogated the victim’s wife. The woman was explaining the problems he had with faithfulness and that he was “terrified of change”, before asking Grace if she is married. The agent answers that she is not and adds ironically that married life “sounds like fun”, secretly commenting on her own disastrous engagement with Craig O’Laughlin. It seems that Wayne is not the only one who has been thinking about the past and who is about to make an important step forward on their personal life…

4) Rigsby confronts Grace in front of the elevator when the case is closed. He starts dancing around the matter stating that the week was good and that he’s been “moving with the wind”, before suddenly telling that they need to talk. Van Pelt is understandably surprised so he gets more precise: “about you and me”. She starts saying that there is something she needs to tell him… and, as if on cue, Duncan, Van Pelt’s new boyfriend, barges in. We’re back on the old drama that seems to define their relation: one has regrets/the other has already moved on with someone else. It looks like Van Pelt is decided to write a new page of her life: a few weeks in another city, a new professional experience, a new man on her life; still things might not be as straightforward as they seem, since she already knew what he meant when her former lover asked for a discussion about them and she felt like she ought to tell him about Duncan, meaning that she isn’t oblivious of his feelings. And later, when he awkwardly excused himself, she cast a look at his crestfallen retreating figure instead of focusing of the newcomer. Argh! those two definitely have some overly complicated love lives…

Icings on the Cake

It’s rather rare that we get in a serious episode some glimpses of Jane’s usual mischievous and playful personality. Jane’s funny cowardice, his glee when the cowboys were fighting in the saloon and the scenes with the not very gifted magician added a nice lightness to the plot. In fact, his relative politeness when asking the magician for “a couple of minutes of [his] stage time” in exchange of his help with the tricks was indicative of a progress: even if Jane was awfully offending and patronizing, he didn’t just con him out of stage like he would have usually done (like with the kid in ‘Something Rotten In Redmund’). Is Jane (very) slowly starting to acquire a bit of respect for others? And calling him a “magician and mental mystic” was the cherry on top…

Pet Peeve

Is that really believable that Kirkland’s men didn’t see the stick between the door and the frame? It’s a pretty basic trick and I guess men careful enough to put everything in place afterwards should have noticed it right away…


The whole episode is filled with reminders of the recurrent themes woven through the entire season. Many elements are concentrated in here and it conveys the impression that things are speeding up for the season finale in subtler ways than meets the eye…

1) As if in an answer to our discussion on whether flowers on this show have significance, the orchid theme makes yet another appearance and is even commented upon by Jane with the rather ironic in insight “well-chosen, Rigsby”. It’s a not so discreet follow up of the other orchids this season, from the ones in ‘Devil’s Cherry’ to the meeting with Lorelei in Orchid Lane: this time, it doesn’t appear directly in associated with the RJ plot, but it seen right after Lisbon’s meeting with the mysterious and murderous Kirkland who is linked to that story-line. Beside, Lisbon connected it playfully to something more sinister when she commented that she knew Rigsby offered the flower because she’s « a homicide detective »… Also, I don’t know if it’s a mere coincidence, but the orchid is related to Wayne’s hope for a love which is meant to encounter obstacles, like it was for Jane in ‘Devil’s Cherry’ when he was talking to “Charlotte”.

2) The fish: as it has been stated in the wonderful comments for ‘Behind the Red Curtain’, the marine theme has been quite present in season 4. There is a big fish as a decorative trophy near the surveillance camera the waitress pointed out at the saloon. That element reminds the viewers that Lorelei, the deadly tempting siren who liked to skin-dip in the sea, may be dead, but the consequences of her revelation have not disappeared with her: Jane is hot on RJ’s trail… And the sea theme might have also a deeper double meaning in this episode: Kirkland has been “fishing” for information and Jane has “baited” him with the attic… Who is the fish and who is the fisherman?

3) The family theme is declined in different aspects:

– the already well-illustrated theme that “family” –blood-related or chosen- is something that can turn into a danger or a threat: the recent episode have showed many killers being part of the victim’s “family” (‘Red Lacquer Nail Polish’), or team-members (‘Red, White and Blue’, ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’, …). Here, the father hurt his wife by being unfaithful and his son by not revealing he had a sister; the woman the son fell in love with. As a consequence the son killed the father. This tragedy tangled more inextricably the family relations as both Ian’s chosen family (his lover) and natural one were the same since he was unknowingly in an incestuous relationship. Beside, Ian confides to Jane after confessing that killing his father felt good for one second because “the old bastard finally understood. When he was dying, he finally understood what he’d done to all of us”… a guilt-laden father whose lies and past mistakes caused great grief to his child, no way that would remind us of Jane, of course…

– Still, this aspect of a family’s negative influence is somehow tempered by the recurrence of people bonding with estranged family members. First, Lorelei found her sister, after the girl was sold by their mother; in the previous episode, a mother and the daughter she left met again, here it’s a brother meeting and falling for his unknown sister. In those three cases, the characters feel a very deep love for the long lost family member and have a meaningful relation with them, but things go south and everything ends in disaster… Does this suggest that, after meeting again his daughter in his belladonna induced hallucinations and bonding with her, Jane’s inability to let go is bound to have terrible consequences?

– The incest is an interesting part of the storyline. Many interpretations are possible for the bigger picture it draws: first, the love between siblings might be a teasing for shippers, a wink and a way to acknowledge how the closeness between Jane and Lisbon has evolved. It was labelled as a form of complicity between brother and sister by the writers during the first seasons, while now both characters have shown that what they feel is deeper and more complicated. Second possible meaning, if Ian killed to protect a forbidden relationship, that might be compared to Jane’s unstated but logical new motivation for finding RJ: his closeness to Lisbon has started to become a danger for her. Lorelei asked for her head and many suspicious characters are beginning to approach her for dark reasons (Haffner, Kirkland). Thus, killing RJ is a way to ensure her safety and to protect their bond, which he is seemingly not allowed to discuss in the meantime (forbidden relationship). Last but certainly not least, the lovely Windsparrow had a very intriguing idea: she remarked that this is the second case that involved incest as a plot device, the first one being Renfrew’s liaison in season 1 ‘Red John’s Friends’. It’s interesting that in both episodes RJ’s presence is looming over them: Renfrew was about to spill the beans about the serial killer but he was killed before, whereas in this episode, Jane seems to gain control of the situation by (probably) playing Kirkland and keeping his notebook to himself… It’s almost as if the incest emphasised the contrast between the moment when Jane realized for the first time what force he was up against and the episode where he might be slowly gaining the upper hand.

 4) Spectacles have been pretty present recently, first with the show-conference Jane provided the student with in ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’, and more importantly with the musical in ‘Behind the Red Curtain’. Both in the latter and in this episode, the show is a metaphor for a bigger secret hidden behind inoffensive appearances: in the previous episode the killer chose to play a parting real-life in order to hide that the musical had no investor, while here the tourist town faces serious difficulties and the owner hided the secret daughter he had with a former lover. Both secretive men pulled strings around them and that enlightens how the characters are surrounded by false appearances (Kirkland’s secret true goal; RJ hiding behind the mask of a acquaintance), but those appearances are about to crumble down, like both shows were, due to Jane’s progress towards the truth…

5) There is no allusion to poker in this plot, but there are cards in the context of a magic trick and it might be meaningful that Jane takes possession of them. It is a reminder of the poker play with Bertram again in ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’, before he was revealed as an ally of Bob… and it suggests the power play between Kirkland and Jane with the usual artifices used in poker, like hiding one’s hand and bluffing.

Reviewbrain: Violet didn’t  have time to add any best scenes or best lines, and I had an hour or two free so I added some of mine. As always, thank you for hard work! Readers, please also feel free to share in the comments your favorites moments in the episodes and best quotes ^_^

Best Scenes

The end

Having Jane return to his attic, seeing that his bait had been taken, then having the scene cleverly transition into Kirkland in his apartment was fantastic. Blake Neely’s powerful tunes helped express the urgency and suspense of the fact that Jane might *gasp*  be making some real progress in the Red John case. Read Violet’s analysis of VIS #5 above for more reasons.

Jane Catches the Killer

A similar sense of urgency prevailed when Jane hooked Ian in his trap and forced him to confess to killing his father. Jane threatens the secret to be revealed to his “assistant” Lily was very effective. Jane’s sympathetic demeanor even as he is threatening Ian to reveal his motive to the unsuspecting girl was quite revealing. It hinted to viewers that unlike the selfish motives we’ve been getting from unrepentant psychos we’ve been getting most of this season, this crime was more tragic than it twas senseless. Jane leaving an empty envelope in her hand was might seem like a cruel act but the deception was actually a kindness.The later scene revealing the sordid and terrible situation of the brother and sister was a great reveal.

Kirkland Examine’s Jane’s Evidence

This choice shouldn’t come as a surprise; Violet already explained how wonderfully riveting it was to see Kirkland in his natural habitat as he went over Jane’s evidence. I’m also sure I wasn’t the only one who went into hysterics when I saw him drinking a Bloody Mary. Who the heck is this guy ?!

Honorable Mentions

Writing : This was truly a classically engaging, perfectly written and balanced episode. Thank you Michael Weiss.

Music : Blake Neely’s music is as perfect as ever. Whimsical, then powerful where necessary.

Production by all (quite a few of the writing staff, I’m happy to see) and the direction by Guy Ferland was flawless. As was the editing.

Hair/Make Up: The men are as strapping as ever but the women have never looked more naturally beautiful.

Acting: There were quite a few talented guest actors and actresses: The Percy family members, Lily, Francisco, Kevin (the Wild West show actors), the Sherriff: they all fit their roles perfectly. Are regulars were also in top form.

Best Quotes

We’re gonna hold here. They’ve got this covered. ” Jane, to the coroner after shots were fired. Continuity on coward Jane = love.

“Very thoughtful, Wayne “. –Lisbon, to Rigsby on Grace’s gift.

“How’d you know it was me ?” Rigsby in answer to the above.

“I’m a homicide detective. ” Lisbon’s reply.

*I loved this entire exchange. Any hint of the sibling-like relationship between Lisbon and Rigsby makes me ridiculously happy. Here, her tone when she called him out on giving Grace the gift, his guilty expression like a caught child, and her knowing reply…sigh. I had hearts in my eyes the entire time.

“Bro! That thing is real!” Kevin, the magician to Jane. LOL !! This kid was an awesome actor. Loved his tone and expression here, dropping his western act after Jane took his gold nugget.

“You’re still in love with her but instead of telling her you bought her a plant.”- Cho to Wayne.

“But that’s pretty zen though, right?” Wayne, in response to the above.

“Not yet. Sounds like fun.” Grace’s deadpan to victim’s wife after she asked if she was married. Lol. Snarky Grace is cool.

“Candy-ass pickpocket trying to bust my chops. Nobody handles me.” Kevin grumbling out loud after he quits. Really loved this guy’s reading of all his line. Hilarious.

“That you two were in love ? That was easy.” -Jane, to Ian, on how he knew about his secret relationship with Lily Soto. It could be wishful thinking but might the writers be reassuring (teasing ?) us to trust the (obvious ?) hints that Jane and Lisbon are in love?

“Sometimes it’s best just to be relaxed about this stuff. ” Lisbon to Rigsby about not knowing what Jane’s performance is about.

Image by Chixuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain 2013. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chixuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain 2013. Not to be used without permission.


Now, Suzjazz suggested a poll to see what percentage of fans want J/L to live happily ever after as a couple. I’m feeling indulgent (i.e. have some time one my hands) so here it is :)

Note:  Tunney fans head over to affiliate website Robin’s Green Shades to see what the fantastic actress did. Congratulations to webmistress Novella and everyone else. You deserve it!

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189 responses to “The Mentalist Red Letter Day Review

  • Auli

    Always a pleasure to read your reviews! So here’s my thoughts about the episode, sorry for all the thoughts being a bit here and there.

    I didn’t care about the case really although I liked every scene with Jane/the magician and found Lily quite sweet. I still liked the epiosde because of everything else that was going on.

    First of all, let’s go to my favourite creepy and so mysterious person, Bob Kirkland. Bravo, Heller for bringing this guy along! And Kevin Corrigan, I salute you! You’re amazing. I agree with you completely, who the heck is this guy?! My theory is still that he is a vigilante, sort of Jane vol. 2 but because of lack of good influence (read a person like Lisbon), hunting a monster has turned him such.

    The whole Lisbon/Kirkland coffee scene was beautifully played by Tunney and Corrigan. When these two worked together, I really thought that they had some sort of chemistry and that they could probably hit it on but this date was just amazingly awkward. While watching I relived all my bad dating experiences. One thing that I especially liked with the scene was Lisbon’s facial expressions because to me the small awkward silence was her thinking “is it too early to call it quits”. A thought that came to my head immediately about Bob’s “growing up in America” was that is he also a carny folk?

    I was quite surprised that Jane and Lisbon talked about Kirkland exactly the reasons that you explained. Why, oh why, do we almost never see these conversations on-screen? This possible conversation, Jane’s smile and delight about the attic and Lisbon’s trustful attitude towards Jane’s shenanigans of catching the killer by telling Rigsby “sometimes is best just to be relaxed about this stuff” made me think that is there a possible ruse going on.

    Final thoughts: Cho ad Rigsby’s bromance is just awesome. Van Pelt/Rigsby, dating others drama, AGAIN?! I just hope that Van Pelt has learnt something about her past and made a thorough background check for the guy.

  • All-I-need

    First of all, thank you for this wonderful review, as always!

    Now, about the episode:

    I certainly freaked when I saw Kirkland drink that Bloody Mary. What the HELL was he doing?! And considering how long the camera focused on that drink, it sure as hell wasn’t a coincidence. There are no coincidences on this show. NONE. I bet there’s even some hidden meaning to the way Jane’s hair is styled at any given moment – including in the middle of a hurricane (which admittedly hasn’t happened yet). It’s probably a distraction to keep crazily obsessed fangirls from noticing all the other stuff that’s going on. *coughs* It works *coughs*

    Anyways, that drink was certainly creepy, as was everything else concerning Kirkland.
    The “coffee” with Lisbon can be summed up like this: Most awkward conversation EVER.
    It was like watching someone with NO social skills whatsover try and weasle information out of someone much smarter by making the whole meeting look like the worst and most awkward first date in the history of mankind. I was only waiting for him to try and stir his coffee with shaking hands only to drop his spoon out of nervousness, to clumsily apologize to Lisbon and then proceed to poor coffee over her pants in the most awkard move imaginable.

    However, my joy at listening to Lisbon call Kirkland “odd” after a whole car ride alone with Jane where they obviously talked about her “date” was beyond words. Obviously. I think Jane was rather relieved to hear that Lisbon doesn’t trust Kirkland, either.

    The orchid was very interesting, indeed. Considering that it seems to foreshadow something bad happening, I can’t get over the fact that it was basically framing Lisbon’s face as she stood next to Grace – until Grace moved the orchid away from her. So maybe that means Lisbon will be in serious danger of some kind only to be then saved by VanPelt (or another member of her team)? We can even take it one step farther: Rigsby was the one who got Grace the orchid, so maybe an action on his part will inadvertently lead to Lisbon being in danger? How is that for paranoia? I hope Bruno Heller is happy now.

    I’m already looking forward to the next episode(s) and your reviews. You are doing a brilliant job, truly!

  • Ifrah

    This review is exactly my thoughts on the episode, to the point. When Jane returns to his attic at the end, my theory is that he had planned for Kirkland to enter, hence the smile, and had set false information for him, thus giving him the lead to finding RJ, as no one is closer to finding RJ than Jane.
    Regarding the complicated love lives of Rigsby and Van Pelt, I think they may not be together until the very end, or maybe never, but their feelings for each other will still remain intact. Although I have pitied Rigsby for the past few episodes, for being so broken-hearted, I sense that Van Pelt still has not let go of their past either, as she stated Wayne’s name and not Duncan’s in their introduction.
    Thank you for this lovely review, as well as the Jane and Lisbon poll. I am a major Jisbon shipper, but I think we’ll see more of their relationship in the future, hopefully with a happy ending to that, but Red John may have other plans. I don’t think I had any favourite lines in particular, as it was a well-written episode, like any other, but something might come to mind later on.
    I look forward to reading other responses, but that is all I have to say for now, . This episode may have several future references to finding Red John, so do keep that in mind.

  • III Frogs

    Just a quick little notation to your deliciously full-length review, and thank you for that!

    I believe that Lisbon’s comment on the chilliness of the bullpen was a device to set up a reason for the air conditioner repairmen (aka Kirkland’s boys) to be in the building and going up to the attic, since the air conditioning units are undoubtedly on the roof. I assume an agent of Kirkland messed with the air conditioning in the first place so that repairmen would have to be called.

    Anyway, that’s what I thought at the time.

  • Rose UK

    This is such a great review; well worth the wait! (I’ve basically been stalking this blog since last week). You’ve beautifully woven in all the elements/themes/allusions/imagery that we’ve been discussing (I was going to mention that big old fish, but you beat me to it, haha!) and the fact that most of them occur in one episode just proves to me how clever this show is.

    Just a couple of points: there has been talk elsewhere that Bob might somehow be related to Jane or even Angela. I must say I’m not really keen on the long-lost relative idea, but it does seem to fit in some ways. First, the episode was about siblings who didn’t know they were siblings – and we were given clues in their body language (the ear-touching). So this might account for the preference for the Bloody Mary… Plus Bob’s comments about his background.

    The other thing was the Wild West theme – was it me, or did they try to make Jane a bit more Wild West in his mannerisms!? The chewing of the toothpick at the start and a scene where he pushes open the saloon door and it looks (briefly, and probably only to me!) as if he’s about to start firing pistols with the way he’s holding his arms!

  • III Frogs

    Did anyone else enjoy the shadow that Kirkland cast on his assembly of Jane’s board as he studied it? I thought it was stupendous! The light was shining through bars on the window behind him, and the shadows of the bars plus his full body shadow were cast onto the life-sized photographic recreation of Jane’s attic board of the Red John case. It was soooooo Hitchcock! Absolute artistic bliss for me!

  • Rose UK

    Sorry – I also have a totally unrelated question: Van Pelt’s training course was called “White Hat” – do you think this is in any way related to the title “The Crimson Hat” ?

  • III Frogs

    And, btw, the shadow bars make one think of a criminal. Since it was Kirkland’s shadow that was cast with the bars are we meant to think Kirkland is part of a criminal enterprise?

  • Rose UK

    Yes! More mirroring of these two characters… The bars also made me think of Bob’s comment to Lennon about prison and how it was much worse than death (paraphrasing wildly here).

  • Ifrah

    Yes, I thought that was brilliant. It’s a kind of compare/contrast for the two characters, proving that they both might be seeking revenge from Red John,

  • Ifrah

    I think that’s certainly a possibliltiy at this point, a genius observation. As well as the fact that Van Pelt’s hair is red, just like the red motif of the series. This could be a possible clue, or the writers just playing around with us, either one is equally possible.

  • Rose UK

    🙂 Yes, indeed. It’s what generates all this lively discussion! I’m not really sure where I was going with the idea; it’s just that there seems to be a lot of overlaps with names and phrases recently…

  • III Frogs

    I think there must be something to White Hat, an extremely odd name for a computer training class. I think your idea that it may be related to Crimson Hat (which I’ve always thought odd and couldn’t figure out either) is worth thinking about. But I have no idea what it could mean.

  • milaf

    awesome review as always!! when i saw kirkland drinking bloody mary, the first thing i did was scream coz i immediately remembered that scene with jane drinking the same thing.. I really don’t know who the hell is this guy.. I don’t know anymore, i think i’ll just wait and see what heller prepared to us.But i still think that the fact that kirkland killed lennon its really strange…If the man could give him something about rj like jane thought he could, jane would never kill the man but keep him alive… why kirkland killed him??And one thing that was curious: when lisbon asked kirk where did he grow up, he said “we moved around for dad’s work, than mom’s work” I assume that they moved a lot… i wonder.. maybe they were carnies?? Or not…Since he was so vague about his parents’ jobs….My point is that kirkland seems to share some similarities with jane: the bloody mary, their both are seeking information about rj -thought we don’t know why kirk is doing that,for revenge, to know what jane knows about rj so he can tell red john about jane’s progress on his investigation?-, and now we know that kirkland moved aroud a lot, like we know jane probably did as a carnie….
    One thing about lorelei and what she said about jane shaking hands with rj..we all assumed that to her to know that,she had to be there.. But i watched all the scenes with jane and lorelei together-i looked for all the scenes..yep, i have no life- and in any of them i saw jane shaking hands with a man and with lorelei there to see it.. If she was there, this scene wasn’t showed to us… What if she wasn’t there but red john told her that?? But again, she said she wondered why they didn’t become long-life friends when they met…Maybe jane and red john met a long time ago. Still if that is the case, i doubt she was there to see it too…UHG! i give up!

    Just one more thing: ” Who is the fish and who is the fisherman?”
    this reminded me of the 4×24 when jane is in the church with lisbon and he says that it was all a plan, that rj wants to help him to have a new life and and lisbon aks him what he would do now and he said he would let red john lead :” that Is the beauty of it. HE THINKS I’M THE FISH AND HE IS THE FISHerMAN”

    don’t know what this is all about. i just hoep this mystery involving kirkland will be solved. I DON’T KNOW WHAT to think about everything anymore…

  • Carla Oliveira

    Thanks, both of you, Reviewbrain and Violet. I was very anxious.

    I feel confused. If kirkland is searching RJ, why the hell this guy killed someone who could say him his ID? I knows who is RJ, I think, so, what is he looking for? I think RJ is kind of “good ” man, father, husband, neighbor…,like Timoty Carter. I have been having difficulty to believe that TC wasn’t RJ, yet. He was perfect. And in this case he isn’t too like Jane. In my mind RJ is a ” very good” guy, who anyone wolud want him to be afriend, father, etc. Meanwhile, Jane is a “pain in the ass” , seductive, of course but, people sometimes wants him to punch his nose.

    PS: Sorry about asking that, but, are both of you girls?

  • OldMan

    One scene that stands out in my mind: when the “air conditioner” repair men/homeland security (infiltration) agents are being passed through security, one of them (the African-American) keeps looking into the security camera and giving an odd smile. It is a look of acknowledgement, like he is looking directly at his superior: Kirkland. Does HS watch what goes on in CBI? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Kirkland intrigues me. He has a personal motive in finding RJ. This is implied, later, when he takes “personal” possession of the information these agents have obtained. The subordinate agents seem to think something is “up”. They give him, and each other, odd looks. But, we do not question our boss(es).

    No doubt Patrick “fudged” the information they gathered. I am an old chess player, I know a “plan-within-a-plan” strategy when I see one.

    I suggested in an earlier post that RJ can activate people’s cellphone microphones and listen in on conversations, even if the cellphone is “turned off”. RJ listens in, maybe FBI and HS too.

    Everyone seems to be spying on CBI. Possibly because of the RJ connection. And Patrick: the one man capable of finding RJ.

    Kirkland appears to be using his HS position to get something he wants: RJ. But why does he want him? Not to reveal his identity, Lennon could have done that, and we know what happened to him.

    I can’t wait to see what LaRoche has in his box!

  • Auli

    I agree with all of you. The scene was absolutely brilliant.

  • Auli

    You maybe got something there because


    the final will bring some guy from Jane’s past. And we do not really know anything about Jane’s family, just the few bits about his wife and child and his father.

  • Rose UK

    Well, it wasn’t really me because I read it on another forum! 😉 But I thought it was interesting nonetheless. I’m glad you didn’t write much about the finale; I’m trying hard to stick my fingers in my ears and sing “la la la la can’t hear you” whenever someone mentions it. Haha!

  • Auli

    I’m the same but saw this one unfortunately. Luckily it is not that revealing. 🙂

  • rita

    Thank you Violet and Reviewbrain for yet another great review.

    I enjoyed this episode mainly for the good mix of fun, sadness and of course intrigue……Really looking forward to where they let Kirkland take us.

    I have to admit, when I saw Lisbon and Kirkland having coffee I was a bit worried, but then when she was talking to Jane, it was obvious that they had been having deep discussions about the man and his weirdness…..I wish we could have been there, but it is evidence that discussions DO take place, if about this then the inference is that they talk about other important issues.

    I smiled when Cho went up to speak to Jane and he wouldn’t allow him to enter the attic…NO one is allowed in except Lisbon….infact apart from the time when they all converged there when Hightower had ‘taken Jane hostage’ in Red Queen…..I don’t think I can remember anyone else from the team going up to the attic.

    I loved Jane’s smile at then end….he is obviously playing the long con…..and my head hurts from trying to second guess him…but I am beginning to think that he has the measure of Kirkland, even if he doesn’t know the mans origins any more than we do……for all we know he may have put Lisbon up to trying to find out a bit more….but once again Kirkland managed to speak without saying anything. (This would explain why she opened up to Kirkland when she shies away from that sort of thing with anyone else)

    I was glad that Jane hadn’t written anything on the paper in the envelope that he gave to Lilly (?) the girl had enough to deal with…her fiance being a murderer, without finding out exactly what their relationship had been in that way…that was an act of kindness.

    Loved the way he played the REALLY bad magician just to get the gig….all in all a fun episode that to me moved the story on a little further.

    I thought the camera work and composition of the shots was superb…as you have already pointed out the scene with Kirkland in his hotel room/office…excellent, set the mood perfectly…it was almost like a comfortable version of Jane’s attic.

    Again, thank you for a great review.

  • Ifrah

    Thank you! I completely agree wit you, I was fuming over the fact that Lisbon was having coffee with Kirkland, but relieved the she later said to Jane that everything about Kirkland was odd. That orchid theory of your’s is pure genius, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything related to it occured. I fear that Lisbon may be more in danger that ever, and Jane may not be aware of that.

  • Carla Oliveira

    You were simply genial! Great thoughts! I liked you, Auli.

  • III Frogs

    One thing I noticed, with great happiness and relief, is that things seem to be much more settled between Jane and Lisbon. Jane seemed much more operating as a team member, even calling Cho for back up before he started a ruckus, something Cho told him he appreciated! And, Jane discussed the case with Lisbon a couple times, sharing his ideas, and with the team also, in the bullpen. And as already mentioned, it’s clear they discussed Kirkland and Lisbon told Jane about their Kaffe Klutch. (DEFINITELY the most awkward get-together EVER.) I hope it’s not just my wishful thinking that the two are finding their way to each other in a real partnership, even if it’s just work so far.

  • Ana (@ana5534)

    I recently found your blog, and it has been a great discovery. Thank you for your in-depth analyses on one of the best shows out there. Sorry for the random way I wrote my thoughts.
    I agree with your review of the episode, it was a good episode, and the case was very heart-breaking- the son had finally found something that he loved, that was his, only for it to be taken away. I think that may parallel Jane- he had his wife and daughter, a family of his own choosing and they were taken away. I also thought that maybe it hinted at the possibility of his new family being in danger of being taken away (I hope not) or at least the threat of it.
    I am a little weary about the whole Rigsby-VanPelt relationship. They have been there, done that, and I think its time to move on. I liked Sarah, I was disappointed when the relationship ended. Something that I enjoyed in this episode is that Rigsby began to imitate much more obviously his idol, Jane. I don’t think anyone can doubt that he looks up to Jane, and seeing him pull a Jane made me feel good for him. He is taking Lisbon’s approach to cases and Jane’s and creating a good balance…if only that was the case in his personal life.
    WIth Grace, I instantly thought Duncan was an RJ accomplice. I just automatically felt protective of the character. I hope I’m wrong.
    The only disappointment with this episode was that there wasn’t enough Cho. I need to hear Cho zingers.
    I liked the episode and I cannot wait for the next.

  • anomalycommenter

    Well, I had written a response comment before for this review, but as nearly all of it was stated here much better than me by Violet and Reviewbrain, so I have to find some new things. But I was going to end it this way: ‘White or black (hat); that’s the question Grace!’ (White hat hacker vs. Black hat hacker)

    Although it might be a worn out plot, yet still Duncan might have been some black cat among those white trainee pigeons!

    It’s also intriguing if there were any connection to ‘The Crimson Hat’ episode as you suggest! 🙂

  • Ifrah

    I agree with you, they have a wonderful partnership. Jane has changed and progressed so much from when he first joined the team as well. He’s more relaxed and focused now, with his games still every now and then. Hopefully they end up together, my Jisbon hopes will not die.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I think Lisbon being in danger is the thing in mind of Jane that make him more obsessed to catch RJ, since Lorelei ask him to bring Lisbon’s head.

  • Ifrah

    That’s true, but I don’t think he realizes what danger he puts her in when he threatens her career, although that has been less of an issue this season.

  • P

    White Hat is a real term. My understanding (I am not a techie!) is that is a “good” computer hacker. In other words, someone whose purpose is to make security better, or who hacks for ethical purposes. It sounds that is exactly what Grace’s training was.

  • Rose UK

    Also similar to the ‘compare/contrast’ thing between Lorelei and Lisbon that other posters picked up on. All these doubles! 🙂

  • Auli

    Thank you Carla for your nice words. 🙂

  • Ifrah

    The Mentalist has so many doubles, just to get us thinking, and to make the plot more complex.

  • III Frogs

    Wow, thanks for that information, @P! Had no idea, and now it makes sense. Wonder how it relates, if at all, to Crimson Hat. Except Red John seems to have no problem hacking into the CBI systems to send videos and notes, etc. Maybe Grace will use her White Hat skills to hack and false flag Red John as part of the plan that ultimately brings him down!

  • P

    I wasn’t actually surprised that Lisbon told Jane about what she and Kirkland talked about. From the beginning, she has just about always told him everything case related. He is the one with a history of withholding information. What I am watching to see is if Jane tells her his interesting pieces of information going forward…because if a partnership only flows one way, it isn’t really a partnership. I’ll judge him based on what he does next time he gets a Red John lead.

  • III Frogs

    Remember when Lisbon did the Volker case? I can’t remember what it was now, but something important came out about Volker that Lisbon discovered and it was never clear whether she told Jane about it. So I was a little surprised, more glad, to know that she told Jane about her conversation with Kirkland.

  • III Frogs

    I’m sorry. I think I’m confusing that Lisbon found out Hafner was Visualize and we never knew for sure whether she told Jane that. This makes me think she probably did tell Jane that Hafner is Visualize.

  • P

    I agree, Kirkland does want Red John. I am still convinced he is not Red John or one of his minions. He is hunting Red John. I thought the situation was most likely either that Kirkland was a double agent, or that he was some type of vigilante. Originally, I was strongly leaning towards the double agent theory. But this episode seemed to give the impression his motive is more personal. I keep going back and forth on this.

  • Rose UK

    My thoughts exactly. 🙂 In a previous post, I also wondered whether Grace would be sent into Visualise with these new skills (perhaps for the list of names they couldn’t access in The Red Barn). I like her character and it irks me that people kind of dismiss her for “just sitting behind a desk”. In my opinion, she has a talent for research and digging (hence the fossil, as someone mentioned) and I think she brings a lot to the team. Sometimes more than Rigsby! (I was glad to see him using his arson skills in this ep, by the way – maybe there will be a link between that and the recurrent fire imagery, although I realise that’s rather a stretch!).

  • P

    You’re right, we never did find out. But, like you, I assume she did. It just seems like the Lisbony thing to do 🙂

  • Auli

    It’s true that Lisbon has always talked about case related things to Jane. But I understood the coffee as a date and not something work related and we all know that Lisbon rarely shares anything personal with Jane. That’s why I was surprised. By the way, I don’t know is it anything special but I find it quite interesting that Kirkland and Lisbon use their first names with each other.

  • P

    I hope they do work it into the story. There is a lot of valuable information that they could have Van Pelt hack. And I agree…she brings a lot to the team and is an interesting character. They need to do more with her. Give her a story line other than Rigsby or some other guy.

  • Rose UK

    When Lisbon finally calls Jane “Patrick”, it’s going to mean something! As far as I can recall, she’s only done it once (and that was in Red Dawn, so it doesn’t count :P).

  • P

    I suspect it was one of those ambiguous things in her mind. I’ve had a couple of those…situations where I wasn’t completely sure if I was being asked in a friendly/colleague capacity or a date capacity. Considering what we have seen of Kirkland and Lisbon’s interactions so far, I am sure that even if she viewed it as a date, she would keep her guard up more than usual and be on the lookout for anything strange. Even if she didn’t tell Jane about any of the more personal conversation, I am not surprised she told him Kirkland was probing about Jane/RJ.

  • Auli

    Rose UK: You are reading my thoughts! That is no. 2 on my wish-list for season 6.

  • anomalycommenter

    That was exactly my feeling about that orchid appearing to be on Lisbon’s head, it was definitely intentional, but I couldn’t get to its meaning. It just reminded me at the time of the Diadem (or coronet, or whatever they call it) Jane put on her head in ‘A Price Above Rubies’. Also I must say that your interpretation is very elegant!

  • Rose UK

    Haha! Would be nice, wouldn’t it? No. 1 on mine is for Jane’s hair to go back to its old style. # shallow.

    Veering back to season 4’s Fugue in Red, I thought it was funny/interesting how Jane addressed the team members when he was “Paddy”. I wondered if it gave us a little subconscious insight into how he views them:

    1) Teresa. (Obviously nice and familiar).
    2) Mr Cho. (Deserving of respect, maybe? Perhaps even a little frightened of him?!)
    3) Bigsby (Goofy, if slightly demeaning – though I’m sure Jane loves him really!)
    4) “That luscious redhead” !! (No comment! 😉 ).

  • anomalycommenter

    Wow, what a delicate point I haven’t noticed till now! 🙂

  • III Frogs

    The Mentalist makes me skittish enough, thinking I can take for fact something they’ve shown. Never mind assuming something they haven’t actually shown. Paranoia!

  • Carla Oliveira

    I think he knows RJ’s ID.

  • Valentine0214

    Rose, hoping for the hair,too. I loved, loved, loved it the old way. I know Simon is doing a lot of ad campaigns so we will probably have to wait.

  • Valentine0214

    My thoughts about Kirkland: first, I think Lisbon and Jane talk a lot offscreen. Perhaps she went on the “date” to find out what she could about Kirkland. Not that it helped much, except to further convince them both that Kirkland is odd. As for Kirkland, I still don’t think he’s Red John. Suppose he is related to one of the other five women who disappeared from the women’s shelter with Lorelei’s sister? That would give him a connection with both Red John and Lennon, and may even account for him asking Lennon, “Do you know who I am?” He is hunting Red John, that much is obvious. But why?

  • suzjazz

    The date was awkward because it wasn’t really a date: it was an info-mining session on the part of Kirkland, and pathetically transparent at that. Lisbon tells Jane that she thinks Kirkland is “odd.” Understatement of the year!

    I’m surprised that Kirkland actually believed that Jane had left real info about RJ in his room, unhidden and unguarded. Kirkland just doesn’t seem that bright to me. Or maybe he drinks too much: the bloody mary was obviously a reference to Jane’s drink, but also: Who looks through important information, trying to piece it together, while drinking?

    I noticed the stuffed fish and the orchid significance and commented on it in the last episode’s comments–it didn’t really belong there. There is totally a “who is the fisherman and who is the fish?” meme here.

    Re Lisbon being in danger: She’s no fool, and her guard is up, but she lacks one valuable piece of information: the killing of Lennon by Kirkland. Jane doesn’t even know this (though he probably suspects.) I just hope that Lisbon gets to be the kickass hottie again that she used to be in previous seasons. Heller, give her something to do!

  • suzjazz

    @ All-I-Need: I laughed out loud at “I hope Bruno Heller is happy now.” Good one! 🙂 I agree with all excellent points made here.

  • suzjazz

    Rose and Valentine, I agree about the hair–I prefer it longer and more dishevelled, as it was in Season 1.

  • windsparrow

    “There is totally a “who is the fisherman and who is the fish?” meme here.”

    That, of course, echoes the “who is the zebra, who is the lion” thought I (and I’m sure many others) had when Lorelei and Jane were watching that nature documentary in his room in Vegas, that echoed the one he watched alone in his room in the pilot ep.

  • suzjazz

    I don’t really care what they call each other, but I do think it’s odd that Jane has called her “Teresa” several times, always at a very important plot juncture, whereas Lisbon never uses his first name. It’s also odd that she and Kirkland are on a first name basis. What’s up with that?
    I don’t know if any of you watch “Bones,” but in that series, Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth call each other “Bones” and “Booth” even after they are married. OK, “Bones” is more of a nickname, but “Booth,” and not “Seeley”?

    I just want to see J and L together as a couple–not necessary for them to be married or to call each other by their first names.

  • suzjazz

    Also: (sorry if someone has already pointed this out) traditionally in Westerns, the guy in the white hat is the good guy.

  • windsparrow

    “One thing about lorelei and what she said about jane shaking hands with rj..we all assumed that to her to know that,she had to be there.. But i watched all the scenes with jane and lorelei together-i looked for all the scenes..yep, i have no life- and in any of them i saw jane shaking hands with a man and with lorelei there to see it.. If she was there, this scene wasn’t showed to us… What if she wasn’t there but red john told her that?”

    I have always assumed that Lorelei knowing Jane had shaken hands with Red John was because RJ had mentioned it to her. This is right up there with her having “heard so much about” Lisbon – that was from RJ, no way was Lisbon pillow talk from Jane.

  • suzjazz

    I agree! Grace is a great character and she needs a more substantial role. I hate to say it, but the writing on this show falls into the usual sexist trap of soft-pedaling the strong female roles and killing off interesting female characters (like Lorelei.) Are you writers at TM listening?

  • suzjazz

    WOW! Awesome Milaf! I can’t believe I didn’t remember that line from the church scene (it is one of my very favorite scenes and I have watched it again and again–it must mean that I am getting dementia.) Of course! That ties in all the fish/fishing references.
    I also have wondered exactly when Lorelei saw Jane shake hands with RJ, because she says it as though she were there observing it. I can only conclude that it was an incident that we were not intended to see, and therefore, if RJ turns out to be someone we’ve seen in a previous episode, we have not seen Jane shaking hands with him.

  • windsparrow

    Wonderful review, Violet and Reviewbrain!

    Yes, I have to say, after seeing two episodes in which a brother is unknowingly in love with his sister is used as a plot device (and both important to the RJ arc), maybe the writers DO think Jane and Lisbon have a sibling-like relationship. It still makes me wonder about the writers families, though.

    What if RJ turns out to be some by-blow of Alex Jane’s? Of course, RJ could be out of Jane’s mother by a different father. There is no telling since all we know of her is that she was not around when Jane was growing up.

  • suzjazz

    Kirkland may have his own reasons for wanting to kill RJ, just as Lorelei did. What I don’t get is that if this is true, why doesn’t he confide in Lisbon and Jane and join them in the search? Is it because all the revenge-driven characters (not just Jane) want RJ for themselves alone, as though it would not be a foolish act to take on the killing of RJ alone and without backup?

  • Lisa

    I got the feeling Jane asked Lisbon to met with Bob.

  • julie


    I found the comments about the family interesting because after watching this episode I also wondered about Kirkland being related to Jane. His talk about his past certainly fits in with a Carnival lifestyle and Kirkland said that first he was moving around because of his father and then because of his Mother. we never hear anything about Jane’s mother!

    It’s hard to believe that there is another Red John victim that Jane doesn’t know about ( the other being lorelei’s sister) so I don’t think that Kirkland is on his own hunt. I think his interest is in Jane and Red John only because of Jane’s interest.

  • suzjazz

    I just hope that Lisbon doesn’t turn out to be Jane’s sister. 🙂
    ANYTHING can happen on this show. It makes me nervous.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Thanks, Auli! The pleasure is mine! 
    I admit I’m still not won over about Kirkland being a “vigilante”, albeit I really, really love your “hunting a monster has turned him such” analysis, it’s pretty convincing! I mean, it’s a very plausible possibility and many arguments have been to prove this theory (the best being the fact that it was him who brought the photo proving that “Roy” murdered Miranda), but I’m still not sure…

    We know Bob’s been watching Jane for years, still he only decided to approach him after Lorelei was taken. RJ must have been pretty irritated with Jane by then: he took a precious minion, a woman he had planned to convert probably before killing her sister and he rejected his offer of friendship… yet, the only vengeance RJ chose was to abduct Wainwright to pose as himself. Shouldn’t he have been acting upon his anger? I mean, he killed Lorelei only after she came to kill him herself: he may have staged her death as a message for Jane with the carnie material and her body under the smiley, but the truth is that she was a threat for his security. And the men approaching Lisbon didn’t do much until now either: Mancini (possible mole) introduced her to the poker game, that’s all; Haffner (Visualize), only offered her a new job; Kirkland was testing the waters with her… seriously, it could have been worse if any of them had really planned to use the bond Jane shares with Lisbon to his disadvantage. No, the only real novelty brought by the new season was Kirkland and, so far, we don’t know much about his intentions. If he was really chasing RJ himself, he would have made contact with Jane a lot sooner, for instance when RJ rescued him at the end of the season 2: he could have guessed the serial killer would taunt Jane with something (“Tyger, tyger”), the was a clue he could have tried to use to find him, instead of stalking the consultant via his bosses and the FBI… (Of course, that’s assuming they planned the character beforehand and that he wasn’t just created for the purpose of season 5… that would be a huge pet peeve for me…)

    I’m not saying that Bob is RJ, but I’m not completely satisfied with any possibility we came up with so far: 1) if he’s meant to be RJ, his official character came to late into the story and Lorelei couldn’t know he had shaken hands with Jane; 2) if he works for RJ, he’s not doing a very good job at hiding his true colors since everyone finds him suspicious… even Craig was better at hiding his purposes; 3) if he’s chasing RJ, it would feel like his character has been latched into the story-line without real ties with the previous events… we don’t know his motive or his connection with the case.

    On a lighter note, I really like your remark about Lisbon’s facial expressions during the date… And I thought too Bob’s statement about growing up in America reminded a bit of Jane’s adventurous youth… Again it could play both ways: it reminds of Jane’s carnie background (even though Jane was never very forthcoming about it), and also of RJ’s mysterious days as a kid at the farm. If RJ was here by himself at a young age, that may mean he has been moving around quite a bit himself before ending up near that fateful barn… His background may match the two men’s ones, which enlightens even more his ambiguous status… even more since Bob’s mention of some very vague parents might also be a way to feign normalcy in a “look Teresa, I’m a good guy, I had a fairly normal childhood, it’s just that we moved around much…” way: we can guess that both Jane and RJ came from pretty dysfunctional families. At least it’s a guess for RJ: he was alone as a “kid” and seems pretty keen on cutting ties with blood-related family members if we are to believe Miranda’s fate…

  • Rose UK

    I was just thinking about Violet’s exploration of spectacle/shows in her review, and I wondered if this could also be linked to Red John “the showman” (as he’s been referred to). I mean, Lorelei’s carnival death seen was very dramatic and stagey. If we go back to the pilot – and I think pilots often end up being a reference point for series enders – Jane says that RJ considers himself an “artist” with a “sense of theatre”. Indeed, the entire carnival world is one big show…

    With all our discussion about deception, faking, masks, identity (as well as the whole essence of “mentalism” and TM as a show itself – trickery, sleight of hand, misdirection, manipulation), we see that these are all parts of the carnival world so I can’t help feeling that it’s important somehow. If only as a representation or allegory for… well, something (I don’t know!)

    Not quite sure where I’m going with this thought either, but as Violet said above, we are seeing more and more emphasis on certain features or elements as if they are trying to signpost something before the end of the season. (I also say this having added to the mix Auli’s mini-spoiler about the finale, which I really don’t want to go into further! ;P ).

  • OldMan

    @Valentine0214: “Suppose he is related to one of the other five women who disappeared from the women’s shelter…”

    It is very likely that Kirkland went to the shelter, but was flashing an FBI badge (kidnapping falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI). He is investigating the disappearance of a woman that may be a kidnapping victim. He and Lennon interact. But nothing comes out of that investigation. Later, though, he is curious about whether Lennon “recognizes him”. He kills Lennon to avenge a loved one, and to cover up his impersonation of an FBI agent.

    Kirkland first appears, to us viewers at least, in Season 05 Episode 07: “If It Bleeds, It Leads” where we also meet Volker (the guy building that spaceship…). Lisbon is curious as to why HS is interested in Volker. He says “it’s complicated.” Well, let’s see, here is a guy (Volker) who can build spaceships and may be a suspect in a few murders and mass murders (a village in South America). I can understand HS being interested, here’s a whole new direction they have to watch now: up, way up. (In “our reality” Sir Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic is building such a spaceship, but I doubt anyone suspects him of any past, present, or future mass murders…).

    In the episode “Red Dawn”, the 100th episode, when FBI Director Alexa Shultz asks Virgil Minelli for a favor, that is, to keep the FBI informed about the Red John case on behalf of “her boss”, and then later says to Kirkland “Done”, I do not see that as meaning that Kirkland is that “boss” she refers to. This scene is showing how interdepartmental cooperation works (FBI, HS, CBI in this case): favors. Shultz (FBI) is doing Kirkland (HS) a favor.

    A final note: I think Kirkland knew Patrick in the insane asylum, but Patrick did not know him. That would explain the brief exchange they had in the hallway: “Mr. Jane…”, “Do I know you?”, “No. But I know you.”. Kirkland may have had a hand in Patrick’s rehabilitation, may have manipulated Patrick: reinforced the desire to seek out Red John, or planted that seed in the first place.

    Obviously Kirkland intrigues me. I put him up there with Patrick, Red John, and Stiles as being a major player in this 7-year long murder mystery that we know as The Mentalist.

  • anomalycommenter

    Another wonderful review by Violet and reviewbrain! Well, I decided to prepare a long comment beforehand; it was not a wise decision as you covered all I wanted to say and as Rose UK said above also most of the themes talked about in the previous episode’s comments in your review and more. So I was back to square one for finding something to share! 🙂

    Two questions are constantly in my mind and surly many other fans’ when watching a new episode, one is what could be the real reason for choosing that episode’s name? As they sometimes have tricky names, in this episode for example I was wondering as to the relevance of the name to the case of the week, but it was your explanation that cleared everything for me. The second question is what may be the relation between the case of the week and the story about the main characters and/or RJ that we see unfolding in that episode, as I suspect that the majority of the cases of the week have also something to say about the main characters! And this matter too was by you and others here very well, thank you all very much!

    Well, as many have stated above it is now more probable for Kirkland to have a personal and even family related connection with the RJ case. Should that be the case, there are some things worth considering here, I have said this before but let’s ask it again: When Lisbon and Kirkland went to interview Lorelei’s mother there was a picture of her and her quite old husband. First thing that caught my eye was the dress she was wearing in that picture. Do you think that it could be some type of show performer/magician assistant costume? Having watched the current episode I also think that what her husband is wearing is very similar to cowboys outfits, so is it possible that either or both of them have been show performers before he left his family? We know that he is of much higher age than his wife and he left for Munich, Germany. Is it possible that he had another family there when he was younger? It gets even more interesting when we consider what Kirkland, as many have mentioned above, said in his so called dating attempt with Lisbon: “We moved around, for dad’s work and then for mom’s work. I like to say, I grew up in America!” Well, could it be the case that he only grew up in America and was not born there, hence the secrecy and the way he said it? Could he be Lorelei and Miranda’s half brother and have his father left his first family (i.e. Kirkland’s family) and as such his mother was forced to work? I mean, his apparent suppressed rage when he met Miranda’s foster parents as noted by estatica in the last episode’s comments and the way he sighed just like Miranda’s mother when her father was mentioned by Lisbon should mean something.

    Some other questions are raised here about Kirkland; does he try to hide his investigation only from the DHS and general CBI staff or Bertram too? How much is the extent of Bertram’s involvement? That camera in the bar and OldMan and P’s talk about the feeling that someone is watching make me wonder as to the identity of this Big Brother? How about we name him ‘Mycroft’? 😉

    Another interesting thing I just noticed is what Lisbon told Jane in an attempt to persuade him to give up his personal search for RJ in ‘Red Dawn’: “Nothing good will come from chasing this man. It’s the kind of obsession that destroys people!” So tell me please what caused her to say so and who else do we know that is so obsessively after RJ? Could it be the case that Lisbon knew about Kirkland, directly or indirectly, before his alleged change of identity?

    After that sinister smile of Jane’s, I asked myself does he or would he really tell Lisbon everything about his investigation? How wide exactly is his deception circle? Is Lisbon included in that deception circle, and if so, why? ‘Cause his silence when Lisbon asked her about his top suspects in ‘Red Dawn’ made me feel uneasy at the time! And even though he seems to be genuinely working on his notebook, maybe in contrast to his work on his board, I don’t know whether I should give a damn about his suspects list or not! I just do not like his reasons for excluding people from his list!

  • P

    I don’t think Kirkland moving around a lot as a child implies he was a carnie. I think if he was a carnie, Jane would immediately recognize him, even if they only met once. After all, the man did put together a list of all 2,000ish people he’s shaken hands with. Although there are many possibilities, when I hear that someone moved around a lot, the first thing I think of is an army brat. Having parents involved in some type of service could easily pave the way for Kirkland’s career in HS.

    And I think the bloody mary either means nothing, or signifies that Jane and Kirkland have something in common…pursuing Red John.

  • C Hill

    “The orchid was very interesting, indeed. Considering that it seems to foreshadow something bad happening, I can’t get over the fact that it was basically framing Lisbon’s face as she stood next to Grace – until Grace moved the orchid away from her. So maybe that means Lisbon will be in serious danger of some kind only to be then saved by VanPelt (or another member of her team)? We can even take it one step farther: Rigsby was the one who got Grace the orchid, so maybe an action on his part will inadvertently lead to Lisbon being in danger? How is that for paranoia? I hope Bruno Heller is happy now.”

    interesting indeed. the orchid itself, then that shot with lisbon, definitely jumped out at me.

    first, the orchid was pink, which fits perfectly in line with rigsby certainly, but is there more? various sources point to a pink orchid as meaning “love and pure affection” — rigsby and van pelt yes, but perhaps jane and lisbon as part of the foreshadowing?

  • Ifrah

    Regarding your inquiry about the title of each episode, my theory is that every episode’s title may have a link to Red John in some way. It may lead to his identity, maybe not individually, but as a whole.

  • Lou Ann

    Wonderful, well reasoned and insightful review. Thank you.

    I commented on Behind the Red Curtain: “Something else that I just can’t figure out is the implication behind the fact that Kirkland is from Department of Homeland Security, not FBI.” I was gratified to hear PJ express similar thoughts in this episode. It reinforces my inkling that HS is significant. And “OldMan’s” comments above are opening up possible answers to my questions.

    I also made an instant connection between Kirkland’s upbringing and Jane’s carnival life. And had the suspicion that they might be related. We don’t see Patrick’s mother in “Throwing Fire,” but his father is wearing a wedding ring. Could it be that Patrick is not the only one who keeps wearing a wedding ring even after the marriage is broken (by death, or whatever). Perhaps Patrick’s mother deserted the family and raised other children.

    As for the “white hat” term, I thought of Kirkland “hacking” Patrick’s attic.

    I noticed Grace’s slip of the tongue in using Wayne’s name instead of Duncan’s. She even pauses and gazes after Rigsby before getting on the elevator. Maybe she is second guessing her relationship with Duncan?

    Finally, the final scene with the shadows of the blinds behind Kirkland: The image reminded me of the opening titles of the show (at least in USA, don’t know if it’s different in other countries). Those bars of light remind me of the opening of the bedroom door in the pilot and in Red Fugue. In the pilot, cracking open of the bedroom door brings Patrick face to face with RJ’s logo and his handiwork. In Red Fugue, it’s the way he is brought back to his mission after losing his memory. The whole series is the gradual cracking open of a mystery, bringing the truth to light. Maybe the bars of light behind Kirkland signify that the light will soon shine fully on the deep dark secrets behind the lives of the characters.

    Whether I am on the right path, or have struck off onto a road going nowhere, I am sure loving the ride that is this show.

  • Rose UK

    I had a comment about carnival stuff, but it’s stuck in moderation!!

  • Rose UK

    That’s a lovely idea about the light and dark, Lou Ann. 🙂

  • P

    He probably doesn’t trust Jane…and he knows Jane would never confide in him. He has no interest in providing information without getting any in return. Can’t blame him.

  • P

    That would be a wild plot twist! Maybe she’ll turnout to be Angela or Lorelei’s long lost half-sister sister instead. That would certainly put an interesting spin on things. 😉

  • anomalycommenter

    Very intriguing! Quite possible. Some say that Heller loves word plays, especially anagrams. Thanks for reading my hard to read and mistake riddled comment! 🙂

  • Ifrah

    Thank you! Heller does play games with us, I wouldn’t be surprised if this were too, but anything is possible. Your comment wasn’t hard to read, but you’re welcome. 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    Very keen to read it! I quite feel your moderation related stress, and get your other point! I still feel embarrassed! 🙂

  • Rose UK

    Embarrassed?? Sorry, I’m a bit confused – not sure what you’re referring to… I hope I haven’t inadvertantly made you feel that way! 🙂

  • C Hill

    as my orchid comments apparently await moderation :), let me opine on another topic.

    the wall. Jane’s wall.

    now all of this may be continuity. i hope not.

    from what i can tell, when Cho shows up in the beginning, Jane pauses in thought after telling Cho he’ll meet him downstairs.

    it looks to me that the “board” changes from that time, and previous times, when HS breaks in. and, they put it back the way it was before Jane adjusted it, it seems to me.

    and, as i think others have noted, if not reviewbrain or violet, we have been given shots of jane and the board indicating that someone may have been trying to observe the board from afar.

    so, the question is, did Jane adjust the board, changing the game a bit on what Bob sees, as OldMan suggests? i think that he did.

    also, i think there is evidence that Jane and Lisbon have a long game going on. while things got rocky with Lorelei, Lisbon’s earnest excitement at Patrick’s Progress (ha, I made a funny 🙂 ) at the end of Red Barn makes it hard for me to imagine that anything will get between them in attempting to finish RJ. I believe Lisbon, as they say in poker, is “all in” with Jane — certainly in regards to RJ at the very least.

    sorry if i stepped on anyone’s observations or misattributed anything — it is not my intention.

  • anomalycommenter

    Sorry that I confused you. it’s really nothing. It’s related to my lack of good English understanding.

  • suzjazz

    As a huge Holmes fan all my reading life: love your allusion to Mycroft, anomaly! 🙂
    You raise some fascinating questions. There is so much going on here that my brain is spinning. Even the wildest theories all seem quite plausible on TM.

  • suzjazz

    On another topic: how do we get Bruno Heller to see the results of that poll? 🙂

  • Ifrah

    That explains my theory of Jane planning the attic break-in, as the boards did change, thank you for that.

  • Ifrah

    I’m not sure, but we should send it to him! 🙂 Send it to Jimmy Gadd on Twitter or something.

  • III Frogs

    I suggest tweeting this to @mentalistwriter #BrunoHeller

  • Rose UK

    Oh no, don’t worry! 🙂 I was just a bit confuddled in case I might have said/written something that embarrassed or offended you. (I live in fear of accidentally doing stuff like that). Also I think your English is excellent!

  • anomalycommenter

    Thanks! Not at all! Was about some silly mistake I made some time ago. Your comments are always a delight to read! 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    Thanks! And most of what I said is just pure speculation. Couldn’t think of anything concrete to discuss. But I guess that’s normal for TM talk. You too have very nice comments above! 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “That Is the beauty of it. HE THINKS I’M THE FISH AND HE IS THE FISHerMAN”…

    Milaf, you made a great point! I think you just defined the raison d’être of the whole marine theme, including
    – Lorelei the water creature;
    – Lennon the other fisherman, like RJ, who killed his victims with a fishing line;
    – the other water-related elements in ‘Red Lacquer Nail Polish’ for instance: the Songbird boat, the marine paintings… those announced the confrontation between Lorelei and Lennon;
    – the bait Jane used in here with the board in the attic.
    All those points are consequences of Jane refusing to take the bait of RJ’s friendship…

    Therefore, if I’m not mistaken, so far this season, we have three categories of recurring symbols in the grand scheme of things.

    1) Those representing “the battle between RJ and Jane”:

    – the marine theme which ties symbolically the Lorelei arc to the bigger picture of their struggle to survive/ kill the other

    – the poker game as a metaphor for the strategy (bluff/lies, reading the other, anticipating their hand,… ) that every player is using: Jane, Lisbon, Bertram, Kirkland and RJ, because…

    2) … “everybody is a suspect”: there are moles and/or RJ himself is among them. This aspect includes:

    – the negative family theme which is an image for possible accomplices. The influence RJ has on his “family” is a threat as the team is bound to suspect other law enforcement fellows (RJ has corrupted the law enforcement family).

    – the shows; both a reference to RJ’s identity hidden behind a façade and to Kirkland wearing a mask to dissimulate his true intentions. Those shows owners were at the end of their rope, just like the façades of both RJ and Bob are slowly collapsing…

    3) The orchid may be a reminder of the temptation of another life for Jane and his inability to let go. In Devil’s Cherry, it was linked to the butterfly (a symbol for his hope for a new life); in Orchid Lane, Jane met Lorelei who he hoped would give him something about RJ *and* was confronted by Lisbon about his feelings… Now, the plant is related to love, but in a hopeless way.

    (I’m sorry if that doesn’t make much sense: I’m already half-asleep… feel free to correct my little sketch! 😉 )

  • anomalycommenter

    Wow! That’s a very important piece of information, if was done intentionally. Means his board was not purely set up for the purpose of deception, but altered later to mislead Kirkland. So in it’s original form it must contain some valuable info. We had some close up shots in previous episodes. I for one spotted a clipping before on it claiming that the RJ victims are related. This clipping can also be seen in season 4 when Jane was burning RJ case files, so it may be relevant. But Kirkland seemed to be more interested in those codes marked on the California map (Are they area codes, zip codes, or what?) Do they designate where RJ crimes took place or something else?

    Also it really is very probable for Lisbon to be “all in” the Jane/RJ game! Very good comment! 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Wow, Chizuruchibi made my day! This jersey-wearing Lisbon in her happy place is just too cute for words… The picture of innocence, even with one of her beloved guns! That’s so Lisbon! 😀

  • Lou Ann

    thank you.

  • C Hill

    ’tis a great Chizuruchibi effort!

  • kate

    I also thought I noticed Jane glancing upwards (at that camera) when he returned to the attic after finding out someone had been in there. Kind of knowingly, maybe smugly with a trace of a smile. I’d have to watch again to be sure of that last bit but that was my impression at the time. What that means I have no idea except that it makes me wonder if Jane has a long game in play that we aren’t privy to yet. It suggests he knows more than he is letting on, playing his cards close to the vest, to borrow the poker theme. I wonder if anyone else (Lisbon) knows! There have been a couple of other things that have made me think this though I am in the middle of Red Velvet Cupcakes and they aren’t coming to mind riht at the moment 🙂

    Another fab review.

  • OldMan

    The number 99 on the sweater: the number worn by hockey player Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One”. The greatest hockey player ever. But, unlike the stereotypical rough-tough hockey player, he was “a gentleman”, rarely ever got penalties or fought. He was just a grand-master at what he did: play the game, and play to win. Lisbon may like his looks too.

  • Rose UK

    I love this. Very much admire your ability to sum up the key season 5 themes and ideas here. I suppose in previous seasons, we’ve had the ‘predator (large cat) versus prey’ symbolism (which Windsparrow mentioned) and the blinking red light thing but I’m at a loss to summarise what other recurrent ideas and metaphors there were that paved the way for each finale. That would be an interesting project!

  • Rose UK

    Because of your comments (OldMan, P, and others), I’ve been keeping an eye out for camera work and the ‘surveillance’ idea… and guess what? The season 2 ep Bleeding Hearts happened to be on TV here yesterday and I couldn’t help thinking about what you’ve all been saying! There are some interesting links and overlaps (probably nothing more than coincidences!), such as: Jane says he doesn’t like to feel “spied on”. Film/filming turns out to be a key element of the plot and helps to catch the killer. We view the characters through the film lens and also there are some interesting shots, such as the aerial view you mention, one from outside Lisbon’s office through the slats of her window (as though we/someone are/is peeking through), etc.

    I realise I may be over-thinking this (especially as it was way back in season 2 and I’m not convinced they had everything planned out from the start), but in light of your comments I thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless. 😉

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain and Violet,

    You guys have Awesome *conspiracy* Possum commenters hanging out in this blog. Look at them. Just, look at them. Really.

    I liked the “drink” accompanying the scenes. Awkward Coffee, cowboy Sarsaparilla and creepy Bloody Mary.

    Which brings me to kreepy Kirkland.

    He definitely knows RJ. (Why would he kill Lennon then, if he is hunting RJ?) Probably a dishonoured follower from years back, was damaged like Frye was by RJ, which landed him in asylum. (Meets Jane and his obsession, which triggered him back to his senses).

    I had a crazy theory while I was typing. What if Kirkland is trying to be Jane’s copycat, be inside Jane’s head and learn the things he knows about RJ, so that he can protect Jane when things comes down to the wire?

    Meanwhile, I had a 2nd crazy theory while I was typing. What if trying to act like him, learning his likes and dislikes, so he can kill Jane and impersonate him (with plastic surgery of course!), thus ending the RJ obsession… Roll your eyes if you must, at these theories.

    The shadow bars at the ending was like Kirkland imprisoned by obsession for Jane, just like Jane is imprisoned by RJ obsessions.

    Always inspiring us fans with your reviews 🙂

  • estatica

    Like I said in the other comment (I posted in the wrong place, is it possible to delete that?), I loved the review and art, as always! I’m really lucky to be able to read these amazing insights. They make the whole experience of watching the TV show even better.

    As it turns out, I do have something to add that hasn’t been mentioned here, I think.

    When Lisbon comes to see Jane at the attic, he is reading “A tale of two cities” by Charles Dickens. For those who didn’t read it, we can draw many similarities from what’s happening in the show and what happens in the books.

    1- For starters, in the story, one of the characters, Doctor Manette is a man whose past demands for revenge, which ends up destroying him and his family, to the point where he becomes demented, obsessed with making shoes. Only the love he has for his daughter helps him to battle his insanity, so he’s able to forgive his son’s enemy and find happiness in those moments.

    2 – Another character, Darnay cannot escape his family’s history. He is just and has a strong sense of duty, to make things right when they once were wrong. He marries Doctor Manette’s daughter, Lucie. At some point, he is framed and sentenced to death.

    3 – Carton is Darnay’s double, his alter-ego. He’s wasted his life being drunk and not caring for anything. His only redeeming quality is loving Lucie, Doctor Manette’s daughter and by association, he has a deep affection for her family as well. In fact, he ends up trading places with Darnay (which looks like him) and sacrifices himself to save the friends and woman he loves from an unhappy life, redeeming himself.

    It was a lame attempt to summarize Dickens work, but basically he imprinted in the characters the duality between good and evil, and how something good can come out of evil, if we find ways to forgive each other.

    I’m tempted to think Jane and Kirkland share many similarities with Darnay and Carton. Is this a way of the writers letting us know that Kirkland may end sacrificing himself to that Jane has a chance to rebuild a new life? Or that Jane will end up sacrificing himself for Lisbon and the team?

    You know what, I’m afraid to start ranting about this and not be able to stop, so *zips lips*.

    Forgive any mistakes, I was in a hurry.

  • Rose UK

    Another very interesting literary-inspired comment!! (Although I don’t remember Lisbon going to the attic).

    It also builds a little on the father-daughter relationships occasionally touched upon in TM (Jane/Charlotte, Lisbon/drunk father), as well as the redemptive power of love.

    And on the idea of recognition/identity:
    1) The scene when the damaged Dr. Manette is “recalled to life” by recognising his estranged now grown-up daughter. Perhaps there’s a parallel with Jane’s hallucination of Charlotte here, in that her presence recalls him to the idea of ‘a future’ or indeed a different present.
    2) The mirror-images of Carton and Darnay, as you say. (Another duality/theme of opposites/two sides of the same coin – which previously I thought was Jane and RJ.)

    And the idea of imprisonment, or being trapped by yourself, your past, your circumstances, your superiors or authorities, and by things beyond your control, etc. And ultimately breaking free, of course. Bringing down the old order to usher in a new one. (Not quite sure how that relates to TM, but again – all interesting!!)

  • Rose UK

    Hm, 3 comments stuck in moderation…! Could I be doing something wrong here, do you think?

  • Lou Ann

    Estatica: Your observations are so intriguing. I tried and tried to see what book Jane was reading but could not detect the title. Now I have even more to think about.

    And this is not the first reference to Dickens we have on the show. In the episode Red Lacquer Nail Polish, a character is thought to have died from spontaneous combustion, an allusion to Dickens’ novel, Bleak House. A character named Krook dies by that means.

    Following his death, it is found that he has been hiding crucial information in a court case involving a contested will, for which the litigants are cousins. And so we again have the notion of long-hidden information, a final and crucial piece of a puzzle, the “eureka,” as so often said in the show.

    And more reference to the theme of family strife: the novel’s main character, Esther, is an illegitimate child, thought by her mother to be dead. Although the Bleak House allusion occurs in this previous episode, the running theme of family secrets that bring destruction to others’ lives continues. A family secret works as the “fatal flaw” in so many places throughout this show.

    I can’t help but wonder what other family secrets will eventually be revealed in the lives of Patrick, Theresa, or Grace. Perhaps secrets they are not privy to themselves.

    This show is a dream come true for English majors, or anyone who loves the classics of British Lit. And coincidentally, I just started Bleak House as I work my way through the free Complete Works of Charles Dickens that I downloaded to my Kindle months ago.

  • Lou Ann

    Doctor Manette and his shoes. Missed that the first time i read your comment. Who hasn’t wondered about PJ’s shoes.

  • estatica

    Oh my.. I’m losing my mind. Only realised my comment was related with Red Velvet Cupcakes, not Red Letter day. I think my brain just fried. I’m so sorry!

  • estatica

    I’m sorry, Lou Anne. I’m an idiot. I confused the episodes. He’s reading that book in Red Velvet Cupcakes. Please someone shoot me.

  • Rose UK

    Aha! So the litigants in Bleak House are reflected in the litigants of the episode (which also features a very bleak house, as I think someone might have said). Love it.

    And yes, it certainly is a dream come true for lovers of literature!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Don’t worry Estatica, mistakes happen and it’s not really a big spoiler. Very interesting point, by the way!

  • Rose UK

    Hehe! Personally, I haven’t seen RVC yet, but I will soon. Your comment wasn’t really a spoiler, though; the book could have appeared in any episode really. 😉

  • Lou Ann

    Oh, you’re right. Different episode. I just saw the RVC last night and then saw your comment this morning. I was as confused as you. Actually, it doesn’t make much difference, does it? The points you made about Tale of Two Cities apply throughout the series.

  • Rose UK

    *death *scene*.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I can understand Estatica. It’s anxiety. This episode has warmed my heart. I can’t wait for its review, Violet. I simply loved it. The first after Devil’s Cherry.

  • C Hill

    i think i have 2 in limbo, rose. one i can see in the thread, but says “awaiting moderation” (this is the pink orchid post) and a second that got lost i can’t see (one with four screenshots of jane’s board) argh! 🙂

    violet and reviewbrain, i think you’d better hurry on this next review! please 😉

  • C Hill

    i also just wanted to echo that BK drinking that bloody mary was a totally shocking and creepy moment. what an elegant touch.

  • valentina84

    me too me too me toooooo i can’t wait the review for this episodeeeee….last scene….oh my *-*

  • Lou Ann

    Yeah, you could have slipped and let out the Really Big Spoiler about RVC, right? Anyone who’s seen the episode knows what I’m saying…..

  • anomalycommenter

    I just found a post on another site revealing some very important information about Van Pelt! Just read it:

    I checked it myself and it’s absolutely correct. But what not noted there is that what is quoted from suspect of the case no. 788728-009 are just the exact words Jane told Van Pelt in his talk with her about Rigsby in 1×16, ‘Blooodshot’, even Van Pelt’s facial expression is similar to what was described! 😉

    Now this may have different interpretations, the simplest one is that Jane have read Van Pelt’s file.

    Another interpretation is that the first suspect was Jane himself or someone with the same state of mind bordering to being his mirrored entity, which at the time being should mean either Red John or Kirkland! Thanks to Rose UK for her comments for the previous episode we learned that not only Van Pelt is from Iowa, but Jane too have been to Iowa in his flashbacks in the episode 2×10,’Throwing Fire’!

    Another important thing in the link above (i.e. in Van Pelt’s file) is that she occasionally worked with SFPD and FBI! So in addition to her probable encounter with Jane, RJ, or Kirkland (probably before his alleged change of identity) in the past, it strengthens the idea that she may be a plant in the CBI! But not necessarily in a bad sense, ‘cause as I stated before in a comment under ‘Red Barn’ review I got the feeling that she was showing a very strange interest in Lisbon’s personal affairs in 1×03,’Red Tide’! Lisbon, too, was with SFPD and we all know about FBI and CBI’s sate of inter-agency cooperation! OK, it maybe just because she considers Lisbon as a role model, but what about the rest of the evidence here? Is it just some not so small red herring or rather something smells fishy here?

  • suzjazz

    These literary references (esp. Tale of Two Cities) have chilling implications. I have not read it since high school, but isn’t there a character named Charlotte Corday? I read somewhere that the names Jane and Charlotte refer to the Bronte sisters but maybe there is a dual reference to Charlotte. I was straining to see what book Jane was reading but could not see it, so thank goodness some people have sharp eyes!

    A tale of a man obsessed with revenge and dual identity. I hope this doesn’t mean that Jane is Red John! (I keep telling myself that this is impossible, but…) Also: Someone on another TM blog mentioned David Lynch (he was talking about lighting and whether the series would end like the final scene in “Blue Velvet.”) This reminded me of another David Lynch creation: “Twin Peaks,” in which Agent Dale Cooper looks in the mirror and sees Bob (sorry if this is a spoiler, but the show was on in 1990 or something) The difference is that Lynch deals with the supernatural and Heller is scornful of it, preferring to show the dark side of the real.

  • suzjazz

    Thank you for the plot summary!

    God, I hope Jane doesn’t end up sacrificing himself to RJ, especially for that creep Kirkland (a murderer who thus far has not shown us any redeeming qualities.) I have thought about Jane giving his life to get revenge/rid the world of RJ since the beginning of the series. At first, it seemed that once his vengeful task was accomplished, he thought he had nothing left to live for, so he didn’t care if he died in the attempt. This was before he met Lisbon, though (and the team, though as a shipper I believe Jane loves Lisbon romantically and has forced their relationship to remain platonic for various reasons) Presumably, he now has something to live for, so if he died in a showdown with RJ it would be tragic. But tragic is where this series seems to be headed–I wish it were not–I am a lover of tragedy (“Hamlet” is my favorite play) but I cherish J and L as family and would be broken-hearted if either of them died.

  • suzjazz

    Does anyone have screen shots of Jane’s board that are legible?

  • Ifrah

    Yes! RVC was amazing, but has so many spoilers. I won’t say more for those who haven’t watched it already. It’s the best I’ve seen next to Devil’s Cherry.

  • Rose

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT! You people are killing me. 😉

  • Carla Oliveira

    Me? I left a spoiler? Sorry. I didn’t want to do that.

  • Lou Ann

    Carla: Sorry, i meant that comment for Estatica.

  • Carla Oliveira

    Ok . Thank you.

  • C Hill

    “Does anyone have screen shots of Jane’s board that are legible?”

    If someone has some 1080p screenshots maybe they will be legible. Some of the shots I have you can see bits and pieces but not the whole thing.

  • estatica

    This is what happens when I turn on my computer without any coffee in my system. I was thinking of Kirkland in Red Letter Day and my brain must have short-circuited when I remembered the book in RVC. Again, my apologies, I’m an idiot.

  • OldMan

    ” I don’t know whether I should give a damn about his suspects list or not! I just do not like his reasons for excluding people from his list!”

    One thing I noticed about Patrick’ s list is that he seems to pay little regard to Rosalind’s description. So many characters on his list violate that description. It was of “Roy”, after all, who I think was Timothy Carter.

    If we put aside her description, then a whole range of possibilities are possible. Other clues are still valuable, like Lorelei’s handshake clue, and her pointing out that Patrick and Red John are not friends, but are close enough, socially, to have shaken hands. People like Mashburn, Winters, etc., do not fit the Rosalind description, but Patrick is liberated from that clue.

    Whenever I think about a potential suspect and am tempted to eliminate the character because of personality traits, I remind myself of Tommy Olds (“Flame Red” Season 01 Episode 09), a “mentally challenged” man that fooled everyone – even Patrick. Patrick congratulates Tommy on that.

    Red John is someone standing right in front of Patrick. Someone who can quote Blake, is in a position of power where he can monitor the hunt for RJ, and manipulate it. Someone like Bertram.

  • C Hill

    Wayne Gretzky does favor Simon Baker just a little bit in the looks department. Surely a coincidence.

  • Carla Oliveira

    What? I couldn’t get it. What did you mean?

  • C Hill

    Just other than Lisbon having an appreciation for excellence in hockey she might favor a man that looks like Gretzky or Jane.

  • Carla Oliveira

    Ah! I see.

  • suzjazz

    I just realized that when Bones and Booth got together, the series remained just as good as before. 🙂 And it’s not dead yet.

  • suzjazz

    Cool! I would love to see them. Heller probably wants people to look at blown-up photos of the board! 🙂

  • zee

    Yessss. That’s the trap ain’t it… Before long, us fans will have some kind of a board with photos of plot evidence. Well done Bruno! ;D

  • Carla Oliveira

    You’re right. And is so good seeing them happy after all.

  • III Frogs

    Yes. And Castle is having its most watched season ever. Kate and Beckett got together in last year’s season finale and they’ve done a terrific job integrating the relationship very easily into the story line. It didn’t turn into a soap. I think after long periods of angst, it can help to normalize a relationship, especially in the lead characters.

  • suzjazz

    If Lucie corresponds to Lisbon, then we’re in trouble. That is, if Jane is Carton, who switches places with Darnay to be hanged (or guillotined? can’t remember.) On the other hand, they both love Lucie, so Jane could also be the Darnay character and Kirkland is Carton, who will sacrifice himself for Jane? This sounds improbable, and the show is never that obvious in creating parallels. The other interesting thing about TOTC (now I want to reread it!!)

    “Only the love he [Manette, obsessed by revenge] has for his daughter helps him to battle his insanity, so he’s able to forgive his son’s enemy and find happiness in those moments.”

    I am not sure who his son’s enemy is, but he manages to forgive him. The concept of forgiveness doe not seem to exist in TM. I sometimes wonder if Jane will give up his “revenge” scenario, which is truly gruesome, and settle not for forgiveness, but fair and just punishment of RJ. Lisbon and his daughter Charlotte as she appears in his drug state both want him to give up his revenge. (The drug-induced Charlotte is a part of Jane’s own unconscious mind, so somewhere, deep down, he wants to end the revenge part.)

    “basically he [Dickens] imprinted in the characters the duality between good and evil, and how something good can come out of evil, if we find ways to forgive each other.”

    This is a very Victorian idea–Dickens was very much a creature of Victorian morality, differing from others in that he was outraged at the terrible plight of the poor in London and portrayed them in heartbreaking, stark, clarity. This is something most well-to-do Victorians preferred to ignore. Also, Dickens’ novels were published in serial form in magazines, with fans waiting feverishly for the next installment! Just like TM today!:)

  • anomalycommenter

    After some research now I think that this is EITHER a major “Pet Peeve” in the ‘Red Dawn’ episode, because as is stated on Wikipedia’s article about Van Pelt ( the first quote is just Jane’s comments about her in 1×16,‘Bloodshot’, and the second case is just the case of the week we saw in 1×02,’Red Hair and Silver Tape’, but this really does not make sense at all! Very srange! OR our mischievous show creator is just playing with us! Can anybody really come up with a sane explanation for this inconsistency without resorting to Déjà vu? Or Jane being in a mental institute dreaming about all of this?! If this is not just a mistake, I really don’t know what to think! In addition to that, wasn’t Van Pelt just out of SacPD Police academy as of that application file and a trainee as described by Lisbon, so when did she exactly find time to work with Det. Chillings, SFPD and the FBI before joining the CBI?

  • anomalycommenter

    My comment above is a follow up to one of my comments sill in moderation limbo, but strangely registered here as an independent comment. If you want to know what I’m talking about you can refer to a very interesting post in

    about Van Pelt’s application file in CBI under which I have some comments there.

  • P

    It’s just BS the writers threw in her file because they think they’re cute…or because they’re too lazy to create a realistic looking file. You can’t take anything in there seriously. In the pilot, we supposedly saw Van Pelt’s first day on the job. Yet, Red Dawn supposedly happens 4 years earlier and they are screening new team members and looking at Van Pelt’s application by the end. The show plays fast and loose with the details all the time. I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about this. It isn’t a real clue. The details on the show are almost certainly not as planned as many people would like to believe…at least that is my belief.

  • anomalycommenter

    Thanks! You’re absolutely right P. This is just not fair in a mystery show in which many expect for real clues to be hidden in fine details.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I’m afraid you’re right. by the piloto, she can’t have started job in CBI so soon., but about 3 or 4 years after Jane. So there’s an inconsistence. In the piloto notice that Jane and Lisbon already have been knowing each other for a long time, reforcing that. In Red Dawn they were “stepping in eggs” with each other, like we say here in Brazil.

  • Rose UK

    Interesting points, Suz, especially about the idea of forgiveness. True we haven’t seen much evidence of it generally (except in Lisbon’s eternally forgiving streak), but it does tie in with the themes of revenge and justice, as you say, as well as the idea of rebirth, cleansing and redemption.

    Like you, I am not sure we are supposed to draw exact parallels (although it is fun!) – having now seen RVC, I’m inclined to think that the book reference was mostly a cheeky nod to the episode’s major plot feature (although some of its overarching themes are still very relevant as a whole).

    It’s been a while since I read Two Cities, but I remember Lucie as a very sweet-natured, loving, young, kind, loyal and naive girl who is rather passive (I suppose the culture of the time), yet powerful as her love and strong faith redeem both Dr. Manette and Carton. Lisbon certainly shares some of those qualities, but then so does Grace (or she did, at least). I struggle to see Lisbon as that kind of ‘perfect golden girl’ (for want of a better term), but I acknowledge that this is more down to my own limitations!! Lisbon has strong convictions and she’s not bitter, despite her woeful early life. She’s the central force, the gravity, moral and otherwise: the team all revolve around her too. No wonder she’s so many people’s favourite character! In that way, she’s weirdly similar to RJ, who is the ‘sun’ around which many planets revolve – but Jane doesn’t actually draw people in in that way, does he? He’s just zig-zagging around solo in space, all crazy. 😉

  • Carla Oliveira

    ” She’s the central force, the gravity, moral and otherwise: the team all revolve around her too. No wonder she’s so many people’s favourite character!” Perfect! That’s the same way I see Lisbon. She keeps Jane in axis. Maybe she doesn’t realize by now, but her words have some kind of power about Jane ( I felt this watching some episodes). Because of this there is hope to forgiveness, I think.

  • anomalycommenter

    I have nothing to add, just saying that I’m in awe of the literary analysis and beautiful writing of all the comments here, especially in this particular thread! Lisbon is definitely my favorite character. And yes, not just as a character! 🙂

  • Rose UK

    As a point of interest, then, we seem to have different books appearing at different/significant junctures throughout the seasons (I mean the ones that the camera focuses on – or which are directly referenced by characters – rather than other ‘background’ books):

    Season 1 – Moby Dick (Flame Red) – Theme: revenge & obsession, and the darkness to which this can lead… I think Violet or ReviewBrain might have emphasised that this is a season in which the ideas of revenge versus justice are discussed by the characters.

    Season 2/3 – The Tyger (or other works by Blake) – Theme: duality of good v evil, the blacksmith and the forging of a killer… I suppose you could say that we start to explore RJ more in depth in these seasons, and perhaps we see Jane becoming more like him.

    Season 4 – Modern Man in Search of a Soul by Carl Jung (Crimson Hat) – Theme: ok, here I fall down because I’ve never read anything like this before! Apparently, it deals with dream analysis and man’s need for God. This must be important somehow at this critical episode, but I’m at a loss!

    Season 5 – at least two works by Dickens (as discussed above), although Two Cities is the more prominent. Perhaps here we can see a move away from the earlier revenge-driven works towards stories about love or new life (supported by the butterfly/orchid metaphors).

    I’d be really interested if anyone has other book-based insights! (Especially the Jung reference, as it’s totally new to me).


  • suzjazz

    “She’s the central force, the gravity, moral and otherwise: the team all revolve around her too. No wonder she’s so many people’s favourite character!”

    Well said, Rose! She is certainly my favorite character. For some reason, she resonates with me. WIthout question, of all the characters she has the strongest principles and morals. And she is forgiving of Jane no matter how much he hurts her.What Carla said is true also: Jane takes her words seriously; she has an effect on his conscience whether he realizes it or not. He teases her, he bickers with her, he has even spoken harshly to her, but he admires her honesty, her principles, her expertise in her job, her fearlessness and willingness to put herself in harm’s way. He isn’t just in love with her because she’s beautiful and has a “damaged intensity.” Her strength of character is all the more impressive because she has been so damaged. Secretly, Jane wishes he could be more like Lisbon.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “Secretly, Jane wishes he could be more like Lisbon.”

    Isn’t it rather the opposite? He’s been trying to change her for a very long time to become more like him: when you have well-hidden self-esteem issues like Jane does, getting someone you admire to share traits with you is also a way to accept yourself… That’s why he’s been looking for a woman “who is better than” him (Angela, Teresa)… Getting the saint to accept the sinner might be a kind of redemption too; even with the self-esteem issues, he’s too self-absorbed to want to change that much, in my humble opinion.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I think he wants she to accept him with his faults, which he thinks are maybe unforgivable because of his low self-esteem.

  • P

    No, I don’t think Jane wants Lisbon to be more like him…at least not in any meaningful way. Sure, he is teaching her some of his mentalist tricks, but that is a skill, not a character trait.

    I agree with what Carla wrote below: he wants her to accept him with his faults. I also agree with what Suzjazz wrote above: on some level, Jane does want to be more like Lisbon. He admires her strength and her moral convictions. He admires and envies her belief in justice and her faith (even though he sometimes skoffs.) She is his moral compass. If it wasn’t for her, he would be much worse than he is and much closer to being as bad as Red John. He knows that. He both needs her (exactly like she is) and hates that he needs her. I think it is what is behind the push her away /pull her closer dynamic that he seems to exhibit with her.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Honestly, I think it’s more complicated than that: if he wanted to be more like her, he could. Period. He would try to take her as a model, professionally (respecting rules), as well as personally (respecting others). Instead what is he doing since the very start of the show? Trying to get her to bend rules to fit his views on morality (‘Blood For Blood’ for instance), trying to convince her to undermine her bosses’ authority (his speech about if she would do anything Bertram would ask from her in ‘Strawberry and Cream’), to get her to loosen up her morals (he’s comments on her Catholic education), her work ethics (tricking criminals and witnesses, playing shadow puppets or singing on crime scenes) and he’s subtly mocking on her faith in the church in the ‘Crimson Hat’ (even though he’s far more respectful with her than he was with Grace)… *All* those characteristics, those “characters traits”, he’s trying to pass them to her… So, yes, sorry, but I stand my ground on that point… 😉

    Now, I don’t mean that he’s trying to corrupt her in some way by getting her to resemble him more: for me, it’s a gift. He’s trying to widen her views because he likes her. And I’m not saying that he would be right either.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    And frankly, I don’t really see how trying to get her to act more like him would contradict Carla’s theory… If he’s trying to get closer by making her resemble him, how would she not accept him with his flaws? On the contrary, she would be even more accepting, I think…

  • bloomingviolet2013

    The more I think about it, the more I believe there is a bit of both theories: she’s his moral compass indeed and he admires her; still he tries to loosen her up because he’s trying to “fix” what he thinks is too rigid in her, a bit in the same way as she’s been trying to fix him for years. There’s a huge part of ideal in the women he has gotten close to (Angel-a, a carnie royalty and Saint Teresa, the angry princess): they’re better than him in more ways than one. But in my humble opinion, getting those women to care about him is already a way to redeem himself in his own eyes: he’s still the cleverest in the room and that something he’s terrible aware of so he would never voluntarily change that much. That’s probably why he didn’t change his life style when his wife asked him to (or so was what Bosco told him).

    Sorry if I sounded aggressive, P, it was not intentional: I realised upon reading my words that I sounded a bit harsh… 😛

  • Carla Oliveira

    “He’s trying to widen her views because he likes her. ” That’s the point, Violet. He want her to get out of her little world job to job. There are more in the life and has been trying showing to her. He wants her to be “sunny” like him in my humble opnion. I’m not a writer, so give some discount. (kkk)

  • Carla Oliveira

    That’s right.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I don’t think he has her like his moral compass. Again, I think he guess him is always right. She is “the sun” because he wants to be close to her, even it has that do concessions despite of what he wants to (like he did when she gave a ultimatum and he chose her, in a manner of speaking. Because of this I also believe that it will make him take it easy at the last minute with RJ, like she wants to. Sorry, I’m not expert in people. That’s only what I feel.

  • P

    No worries, I didn’t find it harsh. You just disagree.

    See, I do think he is trying to corrupt her a bit…but I think the reason he is doing it isn’t because he really wants her to be like him. I think it is because he needs her to relax her beliefs so that she will let him use whatever methods he chooses to deal with Red john. And we have to admit he has done that. So he wants to push her just enough that she will accept him and his actions… not actually change her own. It is a fine distinction. Perhaps we are coming to the same point, just from different directions, or maybe not. Not sure, but this is how I see it.

    I don’t think Jane can easily change. We know from Devil’s Cherry that he wants to stop hunting Red John. But he can’t do it. We also know that in Red Dawn Lisbon told him this will destroy him and he should let it go and move on. He told her he knows that, but he can’t let it go. Change is not easy for any of us, and Jane is no different. I think he looks at Lisbon as an ideal he knows he’ll never match. He admires her and wants to be more like her (not in every way), but knows he realistically can’t. That’s why the most he can try to do is corrupt her enough that she will accept him. That’s what that line in the dating video meant to me (there he was talking about his wife, but the same principal applies to Lisbon). He wants somebody better than him, but who accepts him with all his flaws. That’s why I don’t think he really wants Lisbon to change in any SIGNIFICANT way. Yes, I agree he might be encouraging some minor changes around the edges, but mostly to make her more accepting of his flaws.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I think he is trying to change her a bit not because he wants “her to relax her beliefs so that she will let him use whatever methods he chooses to deal with Red john”. I think he could let her and the CBI and get away with Lorelei (after all she knew RJ and he belived she will tell him who RJ is when she found out he killed her sister). He wants catch RJ but also preserve his relationship with her.

  • P

    He can’t get to Red John without the CBI. He tried that…that was what his 6 months in Vegas was about. He got frustrated and thought he would do better on his own. He left Lisbon behind without a word and only contacted her when he needed their help. He did run off with Lorelei. When they parted, it was because that was the only way she could get away. If they stayed together, he knew they would have been caught. He lied and told them she was on foot, to give her time to get away in the truck. Besides, he knew she wouldn’t just accept his word. She had to find the truth herself. He needs the CBI and its resources. That is more clear than ever since Lorelei was killed. If she couldn’t kill Red John knowing all she does about his habits, Jane knows he doesn’t have a shot on his own.

  • canddee2012

    Discussion here is so fascinating. I have a tidbit to add. Patrick’s mother is never mentioned. He could have serious abandonment issues regarding her depature from his life. People with those issues seem to have low esteem issues as well and are constantly testing their mates. They are fearful that they will again be abandoned. They love fiercly, admire the mate, may feel that the mate is the better person and then with their behavior, test the mate to see if they will be abandoned once again. I think Patrick sees Lisbon in a complex mother/mate relationship (not aware of the mother/unconditional love part). They certainly have the push/pull going on. Sometimes she is soooooo annoyed with him and hurt by his actions and other times so terrified when bad things happen to him. I’m sure, at that time, she wants to fix things for him just like we do when we see him hurt or having a tearful moment remembering the tragic events in his life. I’m rambling here but will finish by saying I don’t think those characteristics will be fixed when/if Patrick kills RJ. Lisbon would have to accept the fact that she is loved fiercly by a man who will keep testing her. Guess they both would need
    Help from a psychologist. My post seems to be cut out at the top. I hope it is still there when posted. It regarded his mother and abandonment.

  • P

    @Canddee2012 – I agree. I think your point that Jane’s issues won’t all just disappear when Red John is dead is an important one. That’s one reason I think it is a shame that Bruno Heller has said that the show is over when they catch Red John. I think it would be very interesting to see how Jane adapts, what issues go away, what new issues appear, etc. What would a relationship with him look like? Sadly, I don’t think they plan to ever show us…assuming what Heller has said in interviews is still the plan.

  • III Frogs

    This is an incredibly powerful thread! I’m almost overwhelmed with the beauty of it. I love to think about what Jane and Lisbon want from each other and the powerful dynamics of their relationship. Thanks to whoever started it, and all the wonderful contributors. It’s hard to tell who started what, with all the various indentations and expansions. I won’t catalogue what’s already been stated so eloquently. Each reader can savor the comments for themselves. I just wanted to say thanks. This blog is AWESOME.

  • Carla Oliveira

    I respect your opinion but I don’t agree. He needs to know who RJ is. CBI doesn’t could do this. He got your list because of a madness he did on his own: break Lorelei out. So she could let escape he already has knew RJ. If he intent kill, not arrest RJ…
    It was exactly because of CBI helps him that things screwed up: FBI friend of RJ found out the fake death of his friends. If he had made what Lorelei asked him. If he went away with her he could know him. It’s true he could ask CBI help after knowing RJ, but it could ruin his relationship with your friends and take him out of CBI for real. But is only what I think. Maybe you’re right.

  • C Hill

    shame i can’t reply on the “Jane/Lisbon” change part of this — no reply button.

    i would say that Jane has changed, but the underlying desire to get RJ continues to short circuit any sustained show of growth.

    I would also say the attempts to change Lisbon have gone beyond just trying to make her more pliable for dealing with Jane’s revenge.

    More to discuss, but better to wait for the RVC review.

  • suzjazz

    I can’t find bloomingviolet’s post responding indirectly to my comment that deep down, Jane would like to be more like Lisbon. So I will reply here. You and I don’t disagree. I need to clarify what I meant: Jane does indeed get Lisbon to break the rules and be more like him in that way–and he tries to loosen her up in other ways (which is a good thing–she can be very rigid and humorless, while he teases her and tries to get her to take herself less seriously.

    What I am saying is that Jane would like to be a better human being in the sense that he wouldn’t always feel compelled to tell lies and con people. He wishes he could be honest. I don’t have any real script evidence for this–I just have that feeling. Because after RJ is dead, Jane’s problems will not go away (as someone said.) It’s almost as if lying and conning are second nature to Jane–his father raised him to be a con man, and those habits are hard to break. He knows that Lisbon is a terrible liar–he tells her so–and he says something like “You are a good person, so you aren’t a good liar.” There was something a little rueful in the way he says it. If you always have to lie and con to get what you want, it’s exhausting. You can never relax, and you always have to watch your back. Jane may seem superbly smooth and calm when he does this–he has a practiced relaxed facade–but underneath is a person who feels like a fraud (watch the episode with him as a teenager reluctantly conning the woman and her daughter) and is constantly nervous–and not just because of RJ. It’s very difficult for Jane to be straightforward with anyone, still more so for him to talk about his past life–when he tells Lisbon about his hospitalization and is obviously terribly ashamed of it, it is a huge step for him.

    That said, Jane is usually trying to get Lisbon to be more like him, and spends a lot of time successfully persuading her to do things that are against her principles. What I am talking about is the Jane underneath the con man, the Jane that Lisbon and no one else sees (except in occasional moments of generosity and good deeds) She knows the honesty, goodness, and vulnerability is there, buried under the showman who has to be the smartest guy in the room.

  • suzjazz

    @bloomingviolet: ” if he wanted to be more like her, he could. Period.” This is one of the few points we disagree on. He can’t will himself to be more like her because he is compelled to lie, and he is a good and practiced liar. She is first and foremost a person who strives to be as honest as she can and is very uncomfortable with Jane’s schemes because they involve dishonesty (even when he convinces her it’s the right thing to do and she will feel better for it.) It’s one of the interesting things about the show that dishonesty does not always result in evil, crime, or misfortune; sometimes it is necessary to find the killer. Also, Lisbon is a “good” character (meaning has morals and principles and tries to live up to them) but she can be convinced to abandon her principles sometimes–she is sworn to uphold the law, but Jane convinces her that the law is not always just. Moral ambiguity, I guess. It makes us question our ideas of right and wrong, good and evil. (It’s late at night and I fear I may not be making sense–I keep trying to grasp a brilliant thought and it slips away before I can articulate it!) 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “What I am saying is that Jane would like to be a better human being in the sense that he wouldn’t always feel compelled to tell lies and con people. He wishes he could be honest.”

    On that we agree, indeed. He’s proven many times that he doesn’t really like who he is: his remorse and sadness when remembering his former clients, his hesitation when his father ordered him to con that dying teenager… The whole revenge thing is a way to redeem himself: that’s probably why he doesn’t like to be thanked by the victims’ families for what he did for them, he doesn’t feel like he deserves to be thanked. And you were right: it’s certainly Lisbon’s generosity and willingness to help the stranger he was by reconciling him with himself (valorising his skills with a consultant job) that endeared her to him that much. He was at his lowest when they met and, without even knowing him, she tried to help him. Suzjazz, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I disagreed with everything you said in your original post: it’s just that the way you presented their differences and Jane’s feelings seemed a bit like a world in black and white, Lisbon being the good person, Jane admiring her, loving her and wanting to be as wonderful as she is. There is some of that, of course, but I felt compelled to add some shades of grey, because things are more complicated than that, imho. 😉

    “if he wanted to be more like her, he could. Period.” This is one of the few points we disagree on. He can’t will himself to be more like her because he is compelled to lie, and he is a good and practiced liar.”

    But it’s not only about lying: I’m not even sure Jane would be comfortable telling the whole truth every time. He’s too secretive for that. And he’s the poster boy for moral ambiguity indeed: since he doesn’t consider lying by omission or not retaining information as outright lying, it would be even more difficult for him. What I meant was more in relation to the concept of respect: Lisbon is a very respectful character, she respects the law, authority, people and social rules (politically correct expressions, like “sheep dip”, her awkward explanation to Hightower’s kids about disability in ‘Red Gold’). *That* Jane could be imitating without endangering his conman logic: he could stop provoking people, endangering his friends and causing trouble. But the problem is that he likes too much being troublesome and mischievous… And I’m not sure he really wants to change that.

    Anyway it’s always difficult to tell with complicated characters such as Jane: things are rarely stated about him and we must often resort to interpretation. Honestly, I have the impression every commenter in that threat has the mostly same opinion on the question, each with only a slight different nuance about the extent of the changes each character is willing to get through or about their motivation, which makes it rather hard to grasp every time… Or maybe I tend to oversimplify things a bit…

    (Also, you can call me Violet, “bloomingviolet” always feels a bit weird… ;))

  • oldman123

    “The Mentalist Red Letter Day Review
    By bloomingviolet2013”

    One reason we call you “bloomingviolet”…I like that name: nice images. But, in posts, you shall be “Violet”, at least to me.

    It could be worse. We could be calling you “bloomingviolet2013”. Ha!

  • OldMan

    Can’t wait for the next review (Well, I guess I do have to wait.)

  • bloomingviolet2013


    Yeah, that’s right! Thanks for the “nice images” comment, lol! The thing is my real username is “Violet”, but it was already used when I created a WordPress account… the pretty lame “bloomingviolet2013″ is a sad attempt at keeping a bit of the flower in it as well as a kind of inside joke (it was a reference to a comment from Ortforshort a while ago) … ok, I admit I choose it out of despair, after struggling to come up with something, lol… 😉

  • valentina

    i can’t wait for new review too……

  • anomalycommenter

    I, too, suspect that Roy and RJ may be different persons, but one thing does not make sense to me and that is when Rosalind came to identify the body of Timothy Carter in 4×02, ’Little Red Book’, she again insisted that Roy and RJ may be different persons, Jane expressed his disagreement, and when she touched Carter’s face she told Jane: “I never met this man, I have no idea who he is!”, but she sounded like she is lying and hiding something, we could also see anxiety on Jane’s face as a result. Yet we see that after the San Joaquin killer matter, in 4×13, ’Red is the New Black’, Roy paid an unexpected visit to Rosalind to “clear it all up” the thing that Rosalind said was a “big misunderstanding”. So either Roy was not Timothy Carter or Rosalind is outright lying. And even if Roy was not Timothy Carter, we still cannot be sure that our misunderstanding about the RJ/Roy matter is resolved! I mean, we still have to figure out why she sounded to be lying. The simple answer to the whole problem has always been that RJ is Roy, and the shock of finding that out, or hypnosis, made Rosalind the way she looked at the end of ’Red is the New Black’. But even if this is correct, my question still remains valid as to what was she hiding in the first place? What was Roy going to clear up with killing that morgue attendant? That he is RJ, and RJ is alive? I’m not so sure! Rosalind clearly knew something that we are ignorant about.

    Another thing about Roy/RJ came to my mind at the time when you mentioned that mirrored smiley on the bathroom wall in which Renfrew was killed, in ‘Red Barn’ comments, and I replied to you but it was stuck in moderation queue as was your current comment for quite some time. There I said that most probably the person who killed Renfrew was left handed or was stating his/her distinction from RJ who is most probably right handed in that way, because if you try it yourself you can see that one cannot draw the circular part of the original smiley the way Brett Partridge did in the Pilot episode with one’s left hand in one stroke! And this makes me more confident that Roy and Red John may not be the same person! So, better if we keep an open mind about RJ’s identity! 😉

  • OldMan

    Good point about drawing a Smiley with the left hand. I did try (on the wall? lol. No…just in the air…)

    Someone other than RJ did the Renfrew and prostitute killings. Whether RJ and Roy are the same person? I still dwell a lot on the whole Rosalind situation. Who is Roy? Why would he have a business card for a bogus company, and then, mistakenly (RJ does not make “mistakes…”) leave it in her sofa?

    Red John has important ties to that geographical area. It is Dunbar’s father, in a court of law, that first tells the world about “Red John”, that he was just an accomplice. The court scoffs at him. Who is this “Red John” you speak of? You are just trying to get out of a murder rap somehow.

    Why is Rosalind still alive? Because she plays Bach for the Beast? You are right about her lying, but what is her lie? If Red John is a long-term member of that community, albeit occasional, and had the local sheriff among his “friends”, who can we trust in that area? On the other hand, maybe we should pay more attention to that locale because of those long-term ties. Rosalind, at the very least, is still an important link to RJ, to RJ’s ties in that area. Patrick should talk with her again.

  • Rose UK

    Can´t believe I´ve gone on holiday (Lisbon!!! I promise the choice had zero to do with Mentalist!) and am obsessed enough to grab 10 minutes to check this blog. 😀 Lots of interesting comments to read through properly when I get home (definitely something to look forward to – merci!).

  • C Hill

    I impatiently asked for a hurry up on Monday or Tuesday, OldMan 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    Very good questions! We should wait and see if they will return to that place in a future episode or not. Yes, it’s strange that we have not heard of Rosalind for a long time, and as to why Jane does not try to get more info from her, maybe putting that lie aside, in Jane’s mind it’s not clear as to how much more info she has about the matter. Also I suspect that she may be in a mental state not unlike Kristina Frye’s!

  • anomalycommenter

    Have a good time in estatica’s homeland! 🙂

  • suzjazz

    We need MORE, MORE, MORE…we can’t get enough Reviewbrain!!! ❤

  • suzjazz

    oops… wordpress doesn’t like hearts I guess 😦

  • Carla Oliveira

    I’m seeing the desperate of my co-readers of this blog and I came join of the chorus. Please, hurry up, Reviewbrain! Red Velvet Cupcakes Review soon!

  • Carla Oliveira

    You have to no wait anymore. Check it out!

  • windsparrow

    It is silly to think that a show must be over when a primary will-they/won’t-they couple get together. There are plenty of examples of established couples who are interesting and have chemistry on tv, so somebody must have the ability to write interesting couples who are together. If a writer is not able to do both, write the potential couple and the established couple, then it is up to the writer to make his or her specialty known so that show runners don’t hire them for the wrong parts of the series. The so-called Moonlighting curse is hogwash; any other series that cannot manage the transition is merely suffering from lazy writing.

  • windsparrow

    Ok, testing how posting works with the browser I just downloaded. Safari does NOT like WordPress posts with more than 100 comments in thread, that’s why I have not been able to participate as much as I wished here. So let’s see how Chrome does.

  • windsparrow

    So far, so good. It hasn’t crashed yet.

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