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Two years after he kills serial killer Red John, ex CBI consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is living a new isolated and calm existence. But, it is interrupted when he gets a surprising offer from the FBI Agent Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar)  to come back to the U.S. and work with them.

Concise Verdict

My Blue Heaven was like a breath of fresh air. Like Jane, I greatly enjoy natural beauty and we got to see plenty of it here. Not only was it a refreshingly light and humorous episode, but it was also a beautifully directed, acted, edited and (most importantly) written episode. 9/10

Detailed AKA Humungous Review

My Blue Heaven takes place two years after the events of episode Red John in which Patrick Jane finally takes revenge for his family’s death. For the first time since the show started, an episode does not contain any reference to the show’s (now deceased) main antagonist (i.e. the color red or any variations of it).

Teresa Lisbon’s Fate

The episode opens up to show viewers Teresa Lisbon giving a presentation on what being a policeman means to a classroom full of elementary students. Despite the children calling her “Chief” the simple fact that she is in a uniform represents her demoted status: she is no longer an agent.

-While this may be true I would still have loved to find out how Lisbon not only managed escaping being imprisoned for aiding and abetting a wanted man, but managed to go back to working in law enforcement. My guess is, the fact that Jane was never caught (and therefore never charged) might have helped.

After Lisbon returns to her office, she is informed that an Agent Abbott wants to see her.  The FBI agent greets her, tells her she has a nice place then proceeds to ask her if she had heard from Jane. She says she hadn’t and that she doesn’t really want to. Abbott then expresses surprise since they were “so close”. Lisbon says it was a long time ago.

-A few details here. Just before Abbott enters Lisbon seems to gaze at a bouquet of flowers in the corner of her office (I think they were orchids?) with a slight smile. I immediately thought that they might have been a delivery from a certain missing consultant.

The second detail is the shell she has decorating her desk. Like Abbott (who asked if he may see it) I immediately concluded that it was from Jane.

We also find out that while Lisbon hasn’t heard from Cho “in ages” she is still in touch with Grace and Wayne. In fact she has dinner with them the very next day.

The scene after said dinner takes place is interesting. Wayne tells Lisbon about how his and Grace’s company is doing well. And when Graces excuses herself to talk to the babysitter he explains “new mother, you know how it is” to Lisbon, letting viewers know that he and Grace have a baby now. I also like how Wayne isn’t as worried, reminding viewers that this is his second baby so he has more experience (and therefore less to worry about than Grace.

Then there’s Lisbon reassuring Wayne and Rigsby that she’s enjoying her new life, despite missing the CBI “at first”. It’s quiet now, which she likes. I personally got the feeling that she was putting on a show for the couple. But after they leave, and you see Lisbon happily reading Jane’s letter (one of many which she keeps in a box) you get the feeling that, as sad as the moment may seem, she genuinely is content just knowing Jane is okay.

Patrick Jane’s Blue Heaven

Turns out Abbot was right in his tacit assumption that the shell came from Jane. The next scene takes us to a beach with Jane (sans suit and avec beard!) is taking a walk. He enters his apartment and we hear via voice over the contents of a letter he’s writing to Lisbon.

While the initial contents (Jane describing dolphins in the ocean) is quite general conversation, the rest of the letter, which viewers are shown a glimpse of later is much more intimate. Jane apologizes for leaving Lisbon on the beach “that evening”- I assume the day he lured the RJ suspects to his house in episode Fire and Brimstone. And he also mentions that Lisbon not being here is the only thing that makes this new chapter in his life “strange and sad”. He ends it saying that he misses Lisbon and signs it “You know who”.


Also in the same montage, we get to see in Jane’s apartment that he’s trying to learn Spanish (he has an English-Spanish dictionary) and another book called “Daily Zen”. The fact that Jane tells Lisbon that he has his “daily routines” hints that he’s gotten used to his new found existence.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain December, 2013. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain December, 2013. Not to be used without permission.

From what we can tell, an early morning swim/walk on the beach, followed by writing a letter to Lisbon while drinking tea before breakfast in a beach restaurant is one of them.

Jane then takes a walk to the post office where he asks about the price of stamps. We found out that they are “cheaper than yesterday but still more expensive than last week”.

-This tells us that Jane sends Lisbon letters on a regular basis.

Jane then asks he woman at the counter if anyone asked for him. They reply no and after Jane leaves the women comment that he’s a “sad man” which they base on the fact that he’s always asking if someone is looking for him. Also, that he’s a very nice man but that his Spanish is terrible.

-Jane’s daily question here is no doubt to find out if the FBI have discovered his whereabouts.

Jane’s New Friend

While eating breakfast, Jane spots a woman reading an English book. He quickly strikes up a conversation and despite saying he’ll leave her to her book manages to get himself invited to sit at her table.

-This scene was both sad and sweet. Probably only those who have had the experience of living abroad where there first language isn’t spoken can emphasize with Jane’s delight here at being able to finally speak English and have someone understand him.

The woman introduces herself as Kim (Emily Swallow) and we find out she is on vacation pondering on whether to accept a new job offer.

-I was all over this line. The instant Kim mention a job I just knew she was here to check out Jane. As the end of the episode later proves, my inkling was right. But I must say, Kim played her role so perfectly she had me doubting myself for a while. In hindsight, however, you see all the small hints she left and how she (and Abbott) played Jane like a fish.

-She was so cool, reading in English in front of him, having him approach her first.

-After she has him hooked she asks if he knows a good place for dinner, fishing for a date.

-She makes him perfect tea (the woman has done her research!)

-She gives him her number just in case he ever comes back to the US.

-She meets him one last time at the beach restaurant to give him her book to read leaving Jane to ponder his fate alongside the lonely old man who has been living there alone for longer than Jane has been.

Evil Genius Abbott

You can’t help but admire FBI Agent Abbott, since he was the one who undoubtedly had Kim approach Jane to prep him for Abbott’s offer. She’s a brunette (who looks strikingly like Lisbon from behind!). He must have chosen her to remind Jane of the woman he left behind. Abbott He does so more obviously when flat out tells Jane he was able to trace him through the letters he sent Lisbon via his carnie friends. “Smart, but not smart enough”.

Then there was Abbott agreeing so readily to Jane’s “terms” scribbled on a napkin in his haste to seal the deal on returning back to the United States to work for the FBI. I love Abbott’s smile and reply of “we can work with that” to Jane. And I didn’t believe it for a second. Poor Jane was so desperate that he bought the man’s act. No doubt he was feeling mightily proud (and superior) after he used Abbott to catch (and punish) a drug dealer who had both killed a dog Jane like and assaulted Jane. But you can tell from Jane’s giddy expression that he couldn’t wait to get back to the US (and Lisbon) and that might have been what affected him from reading Abbott accurately. That, or Jane might just be rusty.

One thing I found interesting: Abbott contends that he doesn’t need to agree to Jane’s terms and gave Jane his own as soon as they were in FBI headquarters. But one thing Abbott did do was oblige Jane and have Lisbon be ready to greet him as soon as they arrived. He didn’t need to do that, but the fact that he did makes me think: a) Abbott is not as adverse to having Lisbon work with Jane as he pretends he is. Or, b) Abbott knows that as soon as Jane finds out he’s been tricked into coming back to US soil (where he can get arrested) his stubborn streak will have him refuse to sign the contract with the FBI. So Abbott is probably counting on Lisbon to talk some sense into Jane and agree to Abbott’s offer.

The Reunion

Jane arrives at FBI Austin HQ to find Cho waiting for him. He says he’s not surprised Cho did well to get into the FBI but expresses some dismay at Cho’s less than warm welcome. Cho says he is happy to see Jane, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to fit into the FBI. After Jane enters the room where he is meeting Lisbon and Abbott, we get to see Cho smile.

-Now I took this to mean one of two things (or both, maybe): Cho, as he stated, is happy to see Jane he’s just never been big on showing emotions. Also, Cho knows Jane is about to be cornered and was amused.

Once Jane sees Lisbon, it seems like he can barely keep his eyes off of her. The phrase “a sight for sore eyes comes to mind”. He gives her a big hug telling her he’s missed her (a sentiment she reciprocates). And once she sits down asking him what’s going on he tells her gleefully “You’ll see. It’s going to be great.”

Jane’s delighted expression both at being reunited with Lisbon and at the prospect of surprising her with their going back to work together was equally sweet and amusing. It just makes Abbott’s subsequent busting of his bubble funnier.

Also amusing, Lisbon’s contention “I have a job, I can’t just leave it because you suddenly decided to come back!” And Jane shushing her in front of Abbott, telling her “we’ll talk later” . It was nice to see them argue again like an old married couple.

Icings on the Cake

The scene where Kim is preparing Jane tea in his apartment was heavily reminiscent of The Crimson Hat (where Lorelie was preparing Jane tea after their evening together). You can just see Jane thinking he was having a déjà vu. It was so funny seeing him try to recall if they slept together, finally mentioning that he was drunk last night, and his relief when she reminds him that he was beat up.

Jane took off his wedding ring! I don’t attach any special significance to the fact that Jane took it off to go out with Kim, rather I think he was just trying to get used to not having it on. And going on a date for the first time after he avenged his wife seems like as a good time as any. Also, just to keep shippers from blowing a gasket: Jane’s had several surrogates for Lisbon before in plenty of first time moments: Erica (first kiss), Lorelie (first you-know-what), and now Kim (first date sans ring).

Cho is as hard to read as ever. I’d love to find out just how much (if at all) he helped the FBI find Jane; how else would Kim have known exactly how picky Jane likes his tea?

Loved seeing Matt Gossen as part of the cast. Here’s to having CBI Karl and Ron back at some point too J.

Honorable Mentions

Simon Baker was astounding in this episode, pulling double duty as director and actor. The opening scenes were especially well done, capturing Jane’s new home from multiple vantage point (including above). His depiction of Jane as well was riveting: the sad loner, the playful detective (loved the kick he gave the perp) and the boyish lover.

Music! Blake Neely’s score is as perfect as ever. The playful new exotic intro theme was a nice and appropriate surprise for Mentalist 2.0.

The editing was perfect. Loved all the transitions between the scenes.

Really enjoyed the performances by both Rockmond Dunbar and Emily Swallow.

Best Line

“Kim!” Jane, when he sees his fellow vacationer at FBI.

“Who’s Kim?!” Lisbon, to Jane. No comment 😉

“That is a napkin.” Abbott’s dressing down of Jane’s “terms”.

Best Scenes

The winner The reunion, for obvious reasons. Also, it was nice to see someone (Abbott) play Jane for a change. Also, Tunney and Baker’s facial expressions in that scene so expressive. These two have always had awesome chemistry on screen and their acting was just superb. As was

First runner up: Jane’s first scene: such a beautifully shot scene.  Also, it has to be said: very few things are as romantic as letters. And having one read in Simon Baker’s soft throaty voice is something I’m sure turned millions of fans into mush.

Second funner up: Jane setting up the drug dealer to be caught by Abbott. You can just tell that he had fun especially showing off to Abbott.

Pet Peeves

Wayne and Grace’s fate was quite realistic and easy to comprehend:  they are no longer in law enforcement but own a private business which utilizes their expertise. However, we find out from Abbott that Lisbon’s been working as a chief for around a year and a half. I would have loved to find out how she was able to get that job and escape jail time so quickly. The same goes for Cho’s status at the FBI. Perhaps Abbott cut Cho a deal; he gets hired as long as he gives them information to help them find Jane (how else did they find Jane’s carnie friends). But still, the lack of explanation is annoying.

The set for Jane’s paradise home was a bit too “clean” if that makes sense. It didn’t really look like a lived in village despite all the Spanish speaking children.

This is me being crazy, but what the heck did Wayne mean by telling Lisbon “you know how it is” about Grace being a new mother? It made me want to physically raid Lisbon’s apartment just to see if she has a new baby of her own hidden somewhere XD. I blame the lyrics of the song “My Blue Heaven”

Foreshadowing, anyone?

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56 responses to “Mentalist My Blue Heaven Review

  • KM

    Nice review. Thank you.

    FWIW, Matt Gossen provided some of the musical score. The song ‘Dear Lisbon’ that was played during the letter reading was his.


  • Rose UK

    Oh my.

    I think I might just love writer Tom “unpronounceable name” S. (not to mention director Simon “clearly a shipper” Baker), especially after last week.

    In short, these were my overwhelming emotions/reactions/preoccupations during the episode:

    1. Relief
    2. Those letters are effin’ heartbreaking.
    3. Must. Find. This. Music.
    4. Simon Baker’s voice.
    5. Simon Baker’s hair.
    6. Simon Baker’s unbuttoned shirt(s).
    7. Launch “Bring back Franklin” campaign.
    8. Choooooo!
    9. **Jane and Lisbon’s reunion GORGEOUSNESS**
    10. Ditch everything else for immediate re-watch.

    Ahem. Now for other, somewhat less fan-girly points:

    1. The hotel was called “Casa Al Paraíso” (Paradise)
    2. Another of Jane’s books was “Words by Heart”, which apparently is about a young girl learning to let go of vengeance and how to forgive.
    3. Kim’s last name was Fisher! *Fisher*!!!
    4. I thought it was funny how they were playing a little bit with the masculine/feminine role reversal with Lisbon in her masculine uniform and Jane in his feminine sarong/shirt without epaulettes. 😉
    5. Rigsby and VP were acting a little bit like “smug marrieds” (as Bridget Jones would say), but I’ll still miss them. 😦 Especially the Cho/Rigs banter. Ah well.
    6. Jane said: “I’m done with that life; I’ve moved on” – but pretty much everything about his life screamed that he hadn’t: his shoes, his wedding ring, his profound need to maintain a connection with Lisbon, his choice of food and drink, his tailored clothes, his attic 2.0, his coin tricks…
    7. I was so pleased to see some of Jane’s more positive personality traits now that the obsession is dead and buried – we saw glimpses of his kindness, courtesy and generosity (which lately got so swamped by RJ)… Plus his tendency to defend the vulnerable, which we saw in his empathy for Alfredo and his murdered dog, and the retribution that he engineering.

    However, I’m still a bit wary of how this whole FBI thing will play out – guess we’ll wait and see.

    Does anyone know what his terms were, by the way? I could see “Lisbon” at the top (interesting that it came above the one requesting all charges be dropped), but it was hard to decipher the rest…

    Thank you for the review, RB! I’m glad you liked it so much better than last week. 🙂

  • mosquitoinuk

    Hi Reviewbrain, thank you very much for your review!

    How nice does it feel to write about something that many of us clearly enjoyed. I was tired, exhausted and exasperated by the RJ storyline. I didn’t realised how much until I watched this episode.

    From a technical point of view, I totally agree: I find SB’s episodes to be very cinematographic, very carefully crafted, very beautiful and very ‘human’, I hope I’m explaining myself. I think it gives him the opportunity to show Jane’s true colours. The editing was absolutely superb and we had lots of tidbits and small gestures from Robin Tunney, Simon Baker and the rest that that were purposely left in the final version and that actually mean a lot, when watching the whole episode (in my humble opinion). From a production point of view, the level of detail was incredible. Would you not believe that I lived in Venezuela for a few years (this is where our Mentalist was supposed to be living, see that the phone number on the side of the bus has the +58 country code) and the car number plates, the bank notes…all of it, are really from Venezuela…the level of detail…it was great. Just great. The little gestures, the real letter that PJ wrote to Lisbon. I mean, I could go on and on. Well done. A labour of love. It does show.

    The writing: I’m not complaining for once (!) 🙂 . It was witty, well paced, and very interesting in my opinion. There were some annoying plot holes but it was difficult to fit in everything in order to turn around a show that frankly, lost lots of its lustre in seasons 5 and 6, all in 45 min! what a tour de force from SB and Co. I was so incredibly annoyed with the RJ episode…and here we are, a triumph in my opinion. I fell in love with this show all over again. I did not realise how much angst and sadness there was and how dark it all felt until last week. Please let them be wise from now on and develop the show in a direction in which we can both, enjoy Jane’s character but also show some character growth. A have a bit of a pet peeve that I’ll discuss later related to this.

    The whole episode felt incredibly romantic and I was astonished at how clear it was in many respects. We have had so much ambiguity for so long that this felt almost like when after having a really heavy meal, you just have a wonderful drink to clean your palate and you suddenly taste things differently. I could not believe my eyes with how clearly they decided to show us that a) Jane and Lisbon were missing each other terribly b) that without the other they are just the shadows of their former selves c) how happy they are to be with one another again. They share a deep and strange connection those two. I had a hard time believing it, but, as you very well said, Jane was just looking at her with this look of…adoration (!) unbelievable (for me at least). Lisbon’s heartfelt “I missed you too”…seriously people! cuteness overload! 🙂

    Too funny when it all started falling apart and the proverbial s… hit the fan. Lisbon indignant, Abbott backtracking on his promise, Fischer making an entrance…and Jane, oh Jane, the rascal, winking at Lisbon, saying that everything was under control. I had to laugh. Lisbon’s face was priceless. At the beginning she said to Rigsby that “quiet was good” and we didn’t believe it, not one bit…she’s amused by Jane’s shenanigans up to a point, but that woman must have a masochistic streak! anyway, I think that she definitely won’t be bored anymore, now that Jane is back. You can accuse him of many thing, boring is not one of them.

    Peet peeves:

    OK, for all my Jane love, I still want him to *grow up*, take responsibility and move on. There are good indications: ring, apology to Lisbon, etc. Not nearly enough in my book. I’m fed up with the atonement aspect of it, I want to see him grow. Period. GROW JANE. And kiss Lisbon. Thanks.

    Kim Fischer and the ‘date’: sorry, I need to mention this. I was actually irritated by the fact that they showed Jane having fun and whatnot with KF and they just juxtaposed those cuts with a longing Lisbon reading his letters. We could interpret that 2 ways in my opinion: (1) he’s pretending to have fun but Lisbon’s on his mind (??? bit farfetched) or (2) he is trying to get away from that feeling on longing that he has by looking for a substitute. In this case, it showed 2 different ways to deal with those feelings: Lisbon was on her own, him looking for company. I don’t know what to make of that but I didn’t like it.

    Anyway, sorry, I wrote a novel! it feels liberating this new Mentalist 2.0!

  • mosquitoinuk

    My other comments are in wordpress jail…(a.k.a ‘moderation…’)…

  • KM







  • Carla Oliveira

    OMG! The Review to my favorite episode ever! I can’t wait to read it! and By you, RB! How I miss your reviews! I’ll read it right away!

  • Laurie

    Matt’s song was truly beautiful, and I transcribed it for piano, couldn’t help myself. If anyone would like to see the written copy, I took a photo of it that is readable and playable, and would send it to anyone interested. I’ve sent it to Matt already, and will check with him also to make sure he doesn’t mind my sharing it with others. It’s called Letter to Lisbon.

  • suzjazz

    The reason that we shippers ARE blowing a gasket is BECAUSE all of Jane’s first-time moments after Angela have been with women other than Lisbon. Even Hightower and the Venezuelan lady get a peck on the cheek. It’s long overdue for Lisbon to at least get a kiss. But I think the writers are trying to create tension and drama by dragging out the progress of Jisbon as long as they possibly can. There’s no reason now for Jane not to make the first move with Lisbon. She won’t do it, because she’s understandably unsure of the depth of his feelings for her.

    Some people think it will ruin the show if J and L get romantic too soon. Well, half the 6th season is already over and it hasn’t happened yet. Of course, it will be great if there’s a season 7, but there are no guarantees. I think it would be great to see them solving crimes as lovers. It would open up a whole new way of relating to each other and keep the drama of the show at the same time.

  • chill

    noted the Venezuela country code as well.

    agree that Baker does a great job at directing and that the editing was first rate.

    i have several other notes.

    – good note on the orchids/white flowers, RB. no reason for Lisbon to stare at those other than they were from Jane.
    – the most heart breaking part of the episode was Lisbon walking alone down that school’s hallway while she’s saying “and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to make sure worse things don’t happen”.
    – love that Lisbon doesn’t say a word for the first 30 seconds with Abbott.
    – Lisbon is still a “good, honest person” 🙂
    – the music change over the title was very nice.
    – when Jane wakes up after the beating, the shots of fis(c)her from behind made me think Jane’s first thought is that she was Lisbon.
    – what did Frankie whisper to Jane?
    – Cho’s smirk? not for Jane “getting played” — for Jane and Lisbon’s reunion. He knows.

    it was a testament to the actors and writers that that last scene just came together so quickly. and, to be frank, while Jane was played while he was in heaven, he put it together all so very quickly with the re-introduction of Fis(c)her. at that point he knew that the FBI wanted him on cases really, really badly and he could play a longer game with them. that last wink to Lisbon was no bravado indeed.

    I’m also of a mind that Lisbon hasn’t received Jane’s last letter yet. I think it’ll make an appearance later.

    A great, great episode. I’m kind of shocked that you only gave it a 9, RB.

  • zomgphunk

    I completely understand the ‘Mentalist 2.0’ denomination: this episode felt like a pilot for a new show. 🙂
    In particular, it did a good job of ‘introducing’ the characters and their relationships.

    I am not sure that the intro theme music is meant to stay. It sounded more like it was just for this episode, as it was partly set in South America. (In this respect it reminded me of the Psych intro song, sometimes adapted to suit the theme of the episode.)

    As for the deal Jane was offered, it felt too much like White Collar… which is not necessarily a bad thing!
    I was also reminded of the beginning of this (6th) season of Castle with the FBI storyline, even though it was short-lived there.

    By the way, is this the very first episode with no (human) death? Lovely. 🙂

  • Rose UK

    @ KM: Thanks! Twinings – heh. Couch – heh.

    @ Laurie & Carla: Also thanks. 🙂 It’s so lovely I feel like crying.

    @ CHill: Yes, Lisbon only had to lie once – when Abbot asked her if she’d heard from Jane in general. When he specifically asked, “No phone call, no email?”, she was able to tell the perfect truth. 😉 I also think that the enigmatic Cho’s wry smile was a combination of “I’m glad that crazy rascal is back”, “He’s going to mess with the FBI – fun!” and, yes, a little bit of “I ship J/L”.

    @ Suz: Don’t mind that Lisbon isn’t the first, long as she’s the last. 😉

    @ Mosquito: Great post, very eloquently expressed. 🙂 SB has got an amazing eye, it’s true. I agree that the pacing was deliberately slow and calm to give us all a rest (characters included) from the past few weeks. The gentle score, muted tones… Very soothing. I thought it really reflected the level of introspection that the characters have evidently been experiencing – there is nothing that gets your feelings out like a letter, for example. It’s almost like a diary – you write and write to an unseen recipient and you find yourself saying things that perhaps you would never say face-to-face; hidden emotions also tend to come out as well. Especially in this case where it was entirely one-sided (as Lisbon could never respond). I got the impression that Jane was “talking” to her much as he would have done to Angela after her death; that sense of absence and missing someone. Perhaps she even replaced Angela as his primary missing interlocutor… In a similar way, Lisbon’s current quiet life has probably given her time to reflect as well. I thought she was very serene when she saw Jane again, very calm. (“At peace with herself.”)

    I forgot to say that I also really liked the “blue” of the title (though I didn’t realise it was a song). I associated the colour with water and sky – that sense of washing away, cleansing, vast empty space to be filled… Like a clean slate to be worked on. Something like that. (Maybe that would be “white”, I don’t know. 😉 )

    In terms of themes, I found myself thinking about Violet’s “ocean” idea… Violet wrote before that it represented serenity as well as transition (movement) or a new life, which was well reflected here. Just interesting to note that Jane is on an island – surrounded by water – and therefore physically trapped. Kind of like his current situation, in which he’s sort of stuck in neutral: he can’t/doesn’t want to “go back”, but his life on the lam and his feelings for Lisbon back home aren’t really allowing him to move forward either. (Even though he kind of makes an attempt with Kim, after she draws his attention to his ring.)

  • zee

    I didn’t realise I had been having tea with ReviewBrain’s “Cynic” in the dungeon since the start of the new season. Sure, a few story clunks in My Blue Heaven, but I’m glad things turn out the way it did 🙂

    Thanks ReviewBrain.

    Also, to Violet, I think I may have come across slightly ‘pissy’ in my comment on the previous review, drawing parallels between your allusions and the show that seems to be diverging. In no way have I meant your insights to be inferior. (Oh how the RJ episodes affect us 😦 …)

  • mosquitoinuk

    @Rose – you wrote “I got the impression that Jane was “talking” to her much as he would have done to Angela after her death; that sense of absence and missing someone. Perhaps she even replaced Angela as his primary missing interlocutor… In a similar way, Lisbon’s current quiet life has probably given her time to reflect as well. I thought she was very serene when she saw Jane again, very calm. (“At peace with herself.”)”

    How true this is, I’m just realising this now. Which is why I love the discussions on this blog. I learn and see things differently. How so romantic and intimate. It never occurred to me that Jane was ‘talking’ to Lisbon, but that’s what we do when we write a heartfelt letter, isn’t it? how lovely…I love that she is the preferred choice now for him just to…talk. As you so very beautifully expressed Rose, it was all soo soothing…that is, until Jane decided to come back to being himself! 🙂

  • mosquitoinuk

    @Rose: I’m always so impressed by how perceptive you are. You wrote “he can’t/doesn’t want to “go back”, but his life on the lam and his feelings for Lisbon back home aren’t really allowing him to move forward either.”.

    That is so true. We’ve been here for a long time: Jane is stuck in neutral. He said so himself: healing is not his strongest suit. I don’t know, am I a desperate romantic for believing that this man is one that doesn’t love easily but when he does he does deeply and unconditionally? with that, it makes sense to me that he came back because of her. He saw his future life in Roger for sure, but he had a reason to go back. This is for me, the strongest indication *ever* that he will pursue a relationship with Lisbon. At least, he’ll tell her face to face. I am a shipper (not so) deep down but to be honest, I haven’t shipped them from the start. It has happened gradually and slowly and I just started to see that they were not themselves but when they were together. How odd. Because they disagreed deeply and diverged entirely on matters that were literally of life and death. They have quarrelled, challenged, lied, angered each other (Jane being the worst offender here by 10 miles) and still…they have always had this incredible level of understanding, emotion and support for each other.

    Lisbon has let him be himself by giving him a chance and trying to coerce him in being the “best himself” he could be. That changed him. He didn’t change as much as I would have liked to but he found a way forward in a situation in which so many others just found hate, isolation and death. See Kirkland for example. That’s why I think it was a huge mistake for the producers to want Jane to kill RJ the way he did. However, I can understand that they dug the RJ so deep and the stakes were so high for the character that killing RJ was the only way for Jane to survive…and to get a new Mentalist 2.0. Enough of this RJ thing. It is depressing!

    Anyhow, I’m writing novels today! not my cup of tea. Much more a numbers and figures kind of gal, but there you go.

  • Carla Oliveira

    Jane’s terms:
    take the opportunity to pass out by Jane’s great photo! This man is hotter than ever, girls!
    Try all #my blue haven tags!

  • Carla Oliveira

    I loooooooooove My Blue Heaven! I’m in Blue Heaven! I’m in honeymoon with The Mentalist! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! My heart was shattered without mercy in 6.08 and now is totally healed! Everything was perfect! No pet peeves! No complains!
    They’re so in love with each other! Jane was completely happy to get back! Because of Lisbon only! We can see it when he kisses that lady when he ran after take his copies of his terms! And the reunion! He was too happy! He couldn’t breathe! He undone his shirt button before meeting her!
    I’m silly! I couldn’t stop screaming and laughing like an idiot during my favorite scenes! Letter to Lisbon, the music of Matt Gossen is my mind forever!
    Sorry, guys, I’m pathetic now. I’ll try put myself together… later. Now I’m too happy to do so!

  • rita

    Great review thank you Reviewbrain.

    I loved this episode, it answered many calls from my heart, the serenity, the peace and the fun. I love that Jane needed to provide himself with a framework for his life in ‘paradise’ by having little routines, and that he knew that Lisbon would understand his need…..and it showed eloquently that paradise can soon become a beautiful prison.

    It made me smile that he felt confident enough in his safety (no extradition treaty) to surprise Abbott……I think Abbott will be a worthy opponent (albeit that they are on the same side)….but I still think it was a mean trick he pulled, and he WILL be sorry in the long run…we have all see Jane behaving badly.

    It was good to see Jane not burdened down by the Red John saga…..I felt that he having fun daancing, was almost the idea that if you ‘force’ yourself to enjoy an experience and take part fully, then some of it rubs off on you….he IS trying to move on past his grief, and of course he is unpracticed in…..well…. LIFE, I suppose.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing how the writers, and of course Simon Baker make Jane grow as a person… the moment, in my humble opinion, for him and Lisbon to get together, she would so often have to play the role of parent, it wouldn’t work, he needs to interact with others (Fisher et al) to grow up a little so that they can meet as grown ups and have a real relationship….I have my little shipper fingers crossed!

  • estaticaa

    Thank you so much for another wonderful review. This was definitely one of my favourite episodes! Like others have said, this episode really looks like a pilot for a new show and it made me look forward to the next episode.

    There are also a few things that I felt were important in this episode and that I didn’t see mentioned here:

    – Kim Fischer is first seen reading “The Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey. In the story, the main character Alan Grant is a Scotland Yard inspector, who prides himself for being able to gauge someone’s character just by looking at their faces, is confined to a hospital bed feeling bored and lonely. Then, Marta Hallard, a good friend (but strictly platonic) visits him and gets him interested in solving a historical mystery involving King Richard III.

    I think the writers here were hinting that Fischer’s role would be Marta’s in the book. She’s the person who ends up moving the story forward by influencing Jane to get back into the world of investigation.

    – In the scene where Jane meets Fischer, a song is playing “Para que regreses”, which translates in English to “So that you return”. A quick google search will tell you the lyrics are about someone who wishes the loved one to return home. They singer also hopes that person never finds love or be treated as well as before, so that they miss them and return home.

    I think is pretty much self-explanatory and a wink from the writers telling us that he needs to come back to Lisbon. Sorry, I’m a shipper and I can’t deny it!

    Another thing that really struck a chord with me was the death of Hugo. Call me a lunatic, but I’m pretty much ok with death and rape and all things horrible on a tv show (particularly procedurals), but I really start crying like a baby if an innocent animal is killed by a bad guy. I really do. I think the death of Hugo symbolizes that, even in paradise, bad things can taint the innocent and pure. I think it was also the extra push that Jane needed to get off that island and face reality.

    I’m really looking forward to the next episode!

  • Cece

    This was a very good episode. Unfortunately, it confirmed for me that The Mentalist and I are done. However good the episode was doesn’t change that the first half of the season irrevocably ruined the characters of Jane and Lisbon for me:(

    A few comments

    – Abbott is a fantastic character. He has brought more to this show in three episodes than Rigsby and Van Pelt have in the entire series. If Heller does right by this character (Yeah right) he will continue to be someone who can go toe to toe with Jane, which Jane desperately needs.

    – I’ve been so heartened by the responses here regarding Kim Fischer. On several other forums I have seen so much straight up cattiness and bitchiness regarding her character that I find it embarrassing for the fandom. I’m not saying everyone must love her, but they should at least give her a fair shake. She didn’t stick a gun to Jane’s head and make him go out with her. She and Abbott conned a murderer, just as Jane has done many a time.

    – Thank you to Reviewbrain and Violet for your wonderful reviews and for providing this fantastic blog for us fans to discuss the show. To all the other commenters, I’ve had to so much fun discussing the show with you guys. Thank you all so much!

  • mosquitoinuk

    @KM and RB, just two comments:

    I was initially confused as to what was happening with Jane and relatively annoyed at his date with Fisher. Plus, whilst he was dancing away, Lisbon was reading his letters. But, rewatching that part today, I just noticed that during the ‘date’, dancing scenes and anything related to Fisher at that moment, the music playing in the background was ‘letter to Lisbon’, which as we know, is the song that accompanied his writing of that letter to Lisbon in which he expresses all his longing and sadness and tells her (and us) that he misses her. This tells me, rather loud and clear, that Lisbon was in his mind through it all. Fisher was a recipient for all his feelings towards Lisbon. Her job as a cataliser worked for the story, the FBI and for Jane. I love what SB did with this episode. It’s like peeling an onion, but unlike many other times where we were just clutching at straws, here the breadcrums that allows us to understand and create a multilayered picture of the story are much easier to find.

    Finally, the initial scene with Lisbon where she explains to the children that ‘sometimes you must do things that you didn’t want to do in order to prevent worst things to happen’ is also very clear. Lisbon was telling Jane the truth in Fire and Brimstone about her feelings for RJ. Still don’t agree but they tried to explain her actions. Funny that she’s explaining to children; we are them and she’s using very simple language to make things clear and simple to all of us. After she left that room, walking along that long corridor alone, it just broke my heart a little. I could feel her solitude.

  • Lugenia

    This episode was one of the best for me as well. Rather than compelling me to turn away from the series, it motivated me to keep watching. One memorable scene for me was Jane’s arrival in Texas. As he is riding in the car the camera angle is slightly skewed, which suggests that Jane’s world is still off kilter. He has to find his way back “upright.”
    I also like that this episode clarified that rather than leaving the team to clean up a mess, in many ways Jane’s departure–or at least the team’s relationship with him–allowed each of them to reconstruct pretty remarkable lives: Rigsby and Grace would not be a couple if Jane had not prodded them along from the start, and his intervention gained Grace the advantage of attending the White Hat program that allows the couple to now run their own business “far from the madding crowd” so to speak so that they can raise a family; Cho ends up with a promotion, of all things, to the FBI, which so suits his character; and Lisbon, even though she is in uniform, is a chief. Did anyone notice the beautifully appointed home she has? So unlike that “transitional space” of unpacked boxes and leftover wall art that was her apartment in Sacramento. The house reminded me a little of the Jane house in the stylish furnishings that seem so unlike Lisbon’s “all work and no play” exterior.

    I think that the team was able to move on professionally to better lives because, at the end of the day and after all the dust had settled, they had actually put away a lot of very bad people who were an affront to law an order. They were the “A Team,” and Jane was a key part of that team that took down the BS (I just got that reference).

  • KM


    Thank you. I posted a few reviews back that I thought that Lisbon had come to her conclusion about RJ in her own Bonhoeffer-like revelation. She had essentially made peace with the sin of RJ’s murder as a lesser evil and the consequences of her choice to aid Jane in his quest. I suppose we are to assume that her interactions with Volker, the rising body count of RJ murders and related murders by associates, the crumbling CBI, Blake Associations reach, and the message read from RJ by Lorelei making certain that the “game” would not end until either Jane died or RJ died played into that decision. From that starting point I agree that the murder of RJ was a lesser evil than the murder of Jane. I’m guessing that she wanted RJ’s death to happen in a defense attack within the law, but when faced with the inability to achieve that then she aided Jane, as did the team, by the only means and tools she had left. Just my musings.


  • mosquitoinuk

    @KM indeed you did. You were the one who could foresee Lisbon’s motivation for what it was. 🙂

  • chill

    I also wanted to make clear my appreciation of RB’s and Violet’s reviews this season and especially the last two. Very difficult to do yet very well done!

  • canddee2012

    Another great review. Thank you Reviewbrain

    I have a question….you noted that Lisbon, since having to wear a uniform, had taken a step back from her previous position with CBI. Does that mean that Cho,who is freshly out of training and does not wear a uniform with FBI, would out rank her? I tried to look up police ranking and read that “Chief” usually relates to Chief of Police. Chief seems to be at the
    Top of the heap. I also read that she was a Sheriff in a small town in Washington State. What I could not find was an organization similar to CBI to see where her position of leader
    of special crimes unit puts her in ranking with her new position. A lot of people who don’t wear uniforms aren’t necessarily at the top I.E. Homicide detectives , etc. I’m curious as to your take on it.

    Do you want to bet that she will be a consultant alongside Patrick. Makes me scratch my head that she won’t be his boss though.

    Ps…..I can’t even make up my mind if she is at the County level or State Level.

    Thanks again. I always look forward to reading the reviews.

  • Rose UK

    @ Mosquito: Oh, thank you very much. 🙂 I always think the same about your comments too! This is such a great community – everyone really helps to enhance my understanding of each episode. 🙂 I agree with pretty much everything you said – my reactions tend to run along similar lines as yours. This week, I too found myself with a better understanding of the choice to kill RJ: death of the man, death of Jane’s old life. And thus the chance to be reborn. (Not saying I agree with the murder; I’m still depressed about that). But I found myself wondering: Would Jane have been able to take these baby steps towards LIFE (as Rita put it) if RJ were still alive and therefore present in his mind? Would he have had to endure an enforced separation from Lisbon? If not, he might never have discovered how he really felt about her…. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.)

    “Am I a desperate romantic for believing that this man is one that doesn’t love easily but when he does he does deeply and unconditionally?” ~ No, you’re not. 😉 I believe this too. He may have felt fleeting attraction towards various women (normal), but his one, lasting, deepest relationship has been with his good friend Teresa. To this end, I think all the comments about Kim being nothing more than a catalyst have been right on the nose. I think he felt a flash of attraction for her when she turned up to the date in a pretty frock, but why wouldn’t he? It’s normal. Plus she’d made him question his attachment to the ring – he even went so far as to say, “I’m not married anymore” – which he has never said to any interested woman, ever (e.g. Sonia). Admitting it is the first step!! 😉

    @ Rita: I agree with you that Jane needs a few ‘test runs’ before he can do it right with Lisbon. He won’t want to mess it up!

    @ Lugenia: I really liked that shot in the car, too. But to me it was another example of a “mirror image” that we’ve had over the seasons. He’s in a new state, on his way to yet another new life, but it’s the same blue sky – new and old reflected together. I also like your points about how the other characters have actually ultimately benefited by their association with Jane. They had to go through the fire to do so, but at least it worked out for them in the end (Lisbon might regret it professionally, but not personally). Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, as they say. 😉

    @ Cece: That’s a shame, I’ll miss your forthright comments! I agree with you re: Fischer; I tend to feel sorry for the characters that are set up in opposition to Jane because they’re sure to come under fire at some point!! 😉 Also, I’ve just realised that “Abbot” is another religious term – head of a monastery.

  • KM

    @Rose and mosquitoinuk,

    I appreciate the disappointment in Jane’s murdering RJ and Lisbon’s part in aiding Jane. When the series started in ’08 that is what I wanted. But, for me, it went out the window in S.5 Ep.22 ‘Red John’s Rules’, when the audience was informed that either Jane would be murdered or RJ would be. Heller made it very clear, in my opinion. The mystery was how and who else would die in collateral damage before the final showdown. The letter read by Lorelei made it clear that there was no other way. Red John was no longer amused by Jane and he was hunting him. Jane and Lisbon both knew it while sitting in the attic. Both Jane and Lisbon knew that they had no other option but to get to RJ first and we saw exactly that unfold in the first half of the season. So, did I really foresee Lisbon’s heart or did I realize that having her come to the conclusion that RJ’s murder was a lesser sin and a greater mercy was Heller’s way of keeping her true to the person of faith that she is, someone who understands that having no other option but to do things she knows are a sin inorder to prevent worse sins? Jane being murdered by RJ and RJ’s continued reign were worse sins. And, I agree with her character’s conclusion. Heller had me pinned against the wall as well. Jane’s murder and RJ’s continued reign vs. RJ’s murder bringing the end of his terror, a level of justice for all of his victims, and a blow to the Blake Association. Others may not agree with my conclusion, but in those stark terms RJ’s murder was the more ethical and moral choice. Life’s reality is that we all sometimes have to do things we do not want, even go against our morals and principles, to prevent worse things from happening.


  • Teri

    Just a quick thought. What was the third thing Alfredo had to find out for Jane (and that he whispered to him when they said goodbye). I don’t think Abbot out-witted our boy at all.

  • Rose UK

    @ Teri & C Hill: I couldn’t possibly guess, but it will be interesting to find out… 🙂 Posters on another forum remarked that Abbot seemed quite buttoned-up (literally and figuratively), and he kept using hand sanitizer… He sort of matches the very austere, clinical FBI building (a strong contrast to the cosy bullpen), and in turn provides a foil for Jane’s rather disorderly (method-in-madness) approach to things and tendency towards dishevelment. 😉 Anyway, I wonder if they will develop this character trait/quirk in any meaningful way…?

    @ KM & Mosquito: I wanted Lisbon to retain her moral code, but I wonder if I was seeing it too much in black and white. Lisbon loves with her whole heart, I think. If she’s in, she’s all in. She is loyal and faithful to her friends and family, and in the end she does what she thinks is best for them, even if their choices wouldn’t necessarily have been hers. “If you love someone, let them go”… (Wow, this review I am all about the cliches and sayings!) In short, she *is* still moral and honest. Thank goodness.

  • windsparrow

    Excellent episode and excellent review, Reviewbrain!

    I have speculated in the past (via fanfic) that in the absence of Jane, a Lisbon in love with him would take steps to have a good life, finding satisfaction in her work but not being married to it, creating a home for herself and taking satisfaction in that as well. It is interesting to see a version of that played out on-screen.

    About Jane’s date with Kim, that didn’t bother the J/L shipper in me. For his own growth he has to let go of his past in a way that is not all about just getting ready to be with Lisbon. And these first stumbling steps are part of the process.

  • chill

    Rose (and others?) yes I forgot to mention the hand sanitizer. It’s been at least two of the three Abbott appearances he’s used hand sanitizer. I think he’s going to be a germophobe and Jane is going to torment him with this knowledge or use it in some way to his advantage.

    As far as rank goes, now that Cho is FBI, technically he is in a hierarchy that could be above Lisbon if the FBI needed to move in and solve/help solve a local crime. However, he’s still just going to be an agent and probably a junior one. If you look at the old CBI hierarchy, where Lisbon was the senior agent in charge, Cho was the senior agent, and Grace more of a junior agent — in Cho’s new setup Abbott would be the senior agent in charge, Fischer the senior agent, and Cho the junior agent (at least the way I read it now).

    Lisbon, as an agency chief, would be the highest ranking officer in that agency, more like the overall position Minelli or Bertram. She’d also likely be the most attractive chief in the entire state 🙂

  • zomgphunk

    @Teri: Good point.
    Do you think Jane might have guessed what Kim was up to (perhaps Kim and Abbot met up without our knowing but Frankie witnessed it while shadowing her at Jane’s request?)? After all, if reviewbrain, I and probably a lot of you sensed she was not being entirely honest then how likely is it that Jane missed it? 😛
    Him asking Frankie to find out an interesting tidbit such as the hand-washing quirk in order to ‘prank’ Abbot at some point sounds like a fun alternative, though.

    @Rose UK: Nice catch regarding the meaning of ‘abbot(t)’; a superior providing paternal care… 🙂

  • Lou Ann

    Enjoyed the episode and reviews. Thank you.

    Just some of my observations and thoughts:

    Loved the switch to guitar for the opening music. Appropriate to the setting, and probably unique to just this episode.

    I chuckled at Cho’s noticing Jane’s lack of socks. Reminded me of the many times Jane had to “rearrange his sock drawer” as a way to elude his duties.

    He’s not totally free of the red…the red blood stain on his shirt from the hoodlum’s attack on him stayed throughout the next several scenes.

    Simon Baker in a sarong, swoon. Sarongs and kilts, there’s something intriguing about them.

    “Trust me.” How many times has he said that. and didn’t you just feel the prankster is back?

    Surrendering to Abbot, he puts his hands on his head…a sure reminder of the last scene in season 3. “Come and get me; I’m ready for you.”

    Grand theft auto? would that be presumably of Lisbon’s car? But Abbot allowed him to go. I thought that was a bit off. Seemed like a blunder on the part of the writers.

    First of his terms: Must work directly with Theresa Lisbon. Work *with*, not *under* as in boss/subordinate. The hierarchy has changed. Any fraternization between them is no longer inappropriate for a work environment. Provides quite the intriguing opening.

    I just love everyone’s perspectives. Thank you.

  • windsparrow

    @Lou Ann, “I chuckled at Cho’s noticing Jane’s lack of socks. Reminded me of the many times Jane had to “rearrange his sock drawer” as a way to elude his duties.”

    If I had written that scene, Jane would have said, “I’m wearing pants, what more do you want?”

  • Sid

    “Despite the children calling her “Chief” the simple fact that she is in a uniform represents her demoted status: she is no longer an agent.”

    She’s the Chief of Police in the town, though. While with the CBI, she was the head of the unit, but not chief of anything. So while the job with the CBI was higher profile, if you’re looking at it by title, she went from being an agent to a chief.

  • zee

    One would think Lisbon’s character would encompass ‘black and white’ moral code. Over time, the more I’m reading wonderful postings of Lisbon’s personality being explained, there’s more reason to believe that Lisbon has never swayed.

    On hindsight, in the episode where she still wanted to protect violent criminal suspects Kirkland was hunting was pretty much a clear set-up for future acceptance of Jane after murdering Red John. I guess it’s no surprise Lisbon wouldn’t be unsettled by that because it’s already her moral code.

    Finally, Mosquitinuk’s line ” Someone at peace with herself” to fit in the Lisbon’s demeanor, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling…

  • Sid

    It’s curious how Cho got into the FBI so quickly. Consider that when he and Rigsby got punished, they were doing menial jobs like security. Other characters gave off the impression (maybe Bosco? LaRoche?) that working with Jane hurt their credibility, etc. I would guess that Abbott gave him the position in exchange for information on Jane/Lisbon, and part of the deal maybe was that Cho would be there when Jane arrived.

    Some minor problems I had with the episode:

    1)How did Kim know exactly where to find Jane? Right down to where he ate. If she did, why was Abbott going around showing Jane’s picture and asking where he was? That was all an act? Seems like a waste. Also, why did Kim ask Jane to call her if he ever came to the US? What did that accomplish?

    2)Along the same lines, I don’t understand why Jane told the Vietnamese that the drug dealer was an informant. He set it up for Abbott to bust them, so telling the Vietnamese guys didn’t accomplish anything. Abbott was coming anyway. Unless he wanted the dealer and the Vietnamese to argue so Abbott would hear? But that would require precise timing.

  • Lou Ann

    Windsparrow: Hee hee. Ah, yes, socks. (Holding myself back from saying anything more about them for this episode).

  • chill

    Lou Ann — on the grand theft auto charge, Jane first stole that sedan (Ford?) from the park parking lot while initially eluding the FBI.

  • Lou Ann

    Chill: Hmmm. I thought he had the keys and that he was using that car instead of his Citroen so as to not be easily followed. I had assumed it was a rental.

  • chill

    I went back and looked — it seems unclear.

    In any event, charges can be trumped up, but perhaps you have a point.

  • Rose UK

    @ Sid: Not sure myself, but I’d hazard a guess that: 1) Abbott might have done that to ‘separate’ himself from Kim so that they wouldn’t be connected in any way. He would be the more obvious Fed so that she could go more undetected (maybe). Also, Kim represented the idea of “possibility” to Jane – what life *could* be if he came back to the States. The possibility of beginning a relationship/connecting with someone again, moving on, not being lonely (companionship)… The phone number could have been an extra push in that direction, or it could simply have been that she lost herself for a moment and did it for real. And 2) I think a lot of Jane’s schemes rely on fortuitous timing! He sets up his pieces in advance, then sits back and lets the forces of (human) nature do the rest. A bit like dominoes, only multi-directional. 😉 I also think it’s why the theme of magic/carnival trickery is so closely linked to Jane’s character – he’s like a wizard or a conductor orchestrating all these perfect outcomes. I think he cold-read the Vietnamese drug dealers well enough to know that they’d get shouty, which is what he needed for Abbott to kick the door in.

  • Manda

    Loved the review! And episode!
    I by the way noticed that on Jane’s term number 4, he mispelled the word “Breakfast”. :3

  • Lou Ann

    Chill: I agree it is confusing. Sid brings up some other interesting inconsistencies. Were the writers working under a time constraint to get this done, I wonder?

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Well, I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to express how much I loved the review! Great work! 😀 I also liked the episode, because of the hopeful vibe these new possibilities are giving to the show. I miss the familiarity of the old team and the CBI, but I’d keep an open mind: after all, it is bound to be an adaptation period with the new mood and new environment the characters find themselves in…

    @ Estaticaa: good catch on ‘The Daughter of Time’! I couldn’t read the title, so thanks a lot, especially since it’s one of my favorite books, lol! 🙂 You’re right, there are certainly some similarities with the setting of the novel: Jane wants nothing to do with investigating anymore -hence his reluctance towards murder mysteries-, yet Kim finds a way to pick his interest and lure him in, even symbolically giving him the book before she leaves… 🙂 Also, the “daughter of time” in the title is actually “truth”: the truth of historical events is bound to come out when no one has anything to gain by hiding it anymore, so after time has passed and people are able to look at them logically and without passion, they may discover what really happened – that’s why hospitalized Grant is able to solve an historical murder using mostly books and logic. Same with Jane, to some extent: now that the events involving RJ are in the past and dust has settled down, the truth of his feelings and hopes is finally emerging for his long forgotten lies. He no longer needs to lie through his teeth to get access to the RJ case, so we can now see that what he keeps pursuing is what he really wants. It was more ambiguous before, especially regarding Lisbon: back then his insistence to get closer and keep her on the case may have been explained away because he needed her help with his quest; now, we can see his primary motive was really affection after all. It’s easier to gauge his real self when he’s dropped the consultant persona and the shadows and manipulations involved.

    @ I’m pretty sad that you decided to stop watching, Cece. You’ll be very much missed… Thank you for your always very insightful and well-thought comments. I had meant to discuss your comment for the review for ‘Red John’ especially the part about Lisbon, but then I hadn’t had time and now I regret it. Yet, I understand how you must feel, because I’ve a bit of trouble adjusting to the new direction the show is taking, even though I like it…
    And I agree about Abbott: until now he’s the first boss after Minelli who isn’t fawning over Jane’s skills. Too bad he doesn’t like Lisbon either but I guess that may change once he gets to know her better… (And in case sometime in the future you get even a little bit curious about the new episodes, don’t hesitate to come back and drop a line… 🙂 )

  • Rose UK

    @ Zomgphunk: “Do you think Jane might have guessed what Kim was up to?” ~ Personally, I don’t think he did. I think he was off his game and so lonely that he didn’t question her presence. He seemed vulnerable and bashful (particularly on the date), and there was no signal or “tell” that he had guessed anything (e.g. no glint in his eye, no sense of wariness, no guile. He was also really honest). These are the same sorts of reasons I still maintain that he didn’t realise what Lorelei was, either (e.g. the smile when he saw her cooking eggs. There was no one to see him do that; therefore no reason to act or fake his facial expressions.) Just my view! I’m prepared to be proven wrong. 🙂

  • Rose UK

    @ Violet & Estatica: I’m going to order the book; it sounds very interesting! Did Richard III really kill his nephews in the Tower, or was he simply the victim of a powerful rumour/error that unfortunately became ‘truth’? For this reason, I suppose – at a stretch – you could also say that the book’s appearance in this episode is a way of communicating to us that history is very subjective: it’s impossible to take “facts” at face value and in isolation, as the FBI has done with Jane. Richard III was presented in a certain way; so too perhaps was Jane. The FBI’s previous attitude has been (and is): Jane is a murderer (fact), a thief (fact) and a fugitive (fact). Nothing more. They don’t look at mitigating circumstances, other factors, or emotional truths; that would presumably be for the courts. But time washes away their hardline beliefs, other truths or realisations are coming out (i.e. Jane’s usefulness), and now they are willing to overlook these facts for their own ends. I suppose it’s all about perception and whether you are willing to question your deep-seated (historical/preconceived) views of a person. Something like that! I’ve sort of lost my own sense of what I’m trying to say now. :/

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Good point, Rose. Still, I wonder how sure the FBI may be about getting Jane in jail. I mean, ok he’s murdered McAllister and there are witnesses who saw him chasing the man, but there were also a bunch of witnesses in the mall when he killed Carter and his gun wasn’t found, whereas there are tangible proof that Thomas was indeed a serial killer. Plus, there’s the whole Blake association thing, which might weight down heavily on a trial… I wonder if the FBI big wigs aren’t aware that there is still a slight but nonetheless very real possibility that silver-tongued Jane might walk out of a trial free of all charges or at least with a light sentence due to those “mitigating circumstances”… and the FBI wouldn’t get anything out of it. Jane escaping before being arrested only meant that he wasn’t willing to take the risk, not that he couldn’t come up with something may it become necessary.

    Also, Rose, I’m very happy and flattered that you took an interest in the book. 😀 (Huh, now that I think about it, just in case, please bear in mind that I’m -not so- secretly a fan of classic murder mysteries: you might not find a lot of suspense or action in there, mostly just a great and thought provoking storyline, lol… Just saying… XD) If you enjoy the story, I’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts! 🙂

    Great awesome hilarious and/or heartbreaking and just marvellous drawings, Chizuruchibi! i love them all! All four! Great art! They are just amazing! 😀

  • chill

    just want to note that Chizuru-chibi has outdone her normal awesomeness here. bravo!

  • Sid

    Thanks Rose, for the explanations. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

    Manda, that was not the only spelling/grammatical error on the note. 🙂

  • Rose UK

    @ Violet: Don’t worry, I like classic murder mysteries too (although I’m not as widely read as you!) Especially in this case, given that the remains of Richard III were discovered not so long ago buried under a car park in the Midlands (!) 😉

    @ Chizuruchibi: Love-love-love the tea cup one in particular!!

  • zomgphunk

    @Rose UK, regarding my question: Solid argument, thank you. 🙂
    Hehe, I remember the whole discovery of Richard III’s remains under that Leicester car park… fun times.

    @Chizuruchibi: That ‘Oppa Patrick Style’ (sung by ‘Mens’, perhaps? :)) is absolutely cracking!

  • III Frogs

    I had to dash in and look at Chibi artwork and so glad I did. It’s wonderful! Thanks!

  • Rose UK

    Hello everyone! Two quick things: Have the comments on the review “Green Thumb” been disabled for a reason? I wanted to write something, but it won’t let me…

    And secondly, I wish everyone on here a merry and peaceful festive season and a happy New Year! (Complete with lots of lovely new Mentalist episodes of course… 😉 )

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Do not worry, Rose: it’s a technical mishap. We’re going to fix it as soon as possible. Can’t wait to read your thoughts and everyone’s comment! 🙂
    And my best wishes to you too and to everyone! Have the merriest fstive season! 😀

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