Mentalist Jane/Lisbon Moments

These are examples of instances where Jane was trying to be emotionally available for Lisbon; the list first became necessary for the “Every Rose has its Thorn” review, but I’ve found it useful for other posts as well.

– He listened in on her conversation to grieving husband and parent (Red Tide) to learn about her past.

– In Red Badge, when she was being accused of killing Mcteer, Jane immediately insinuated himself in the situation and tried to help her. Lisbon, on the other hand repeatedly refused his offer and only came to him as a last resort when she was desperate. Then, when his attempt failed, Jane tried to comfort her but she asked him to leave.
-In Red Line Jane tries to get Lisbon to talk about her dilemma over having to report Rigsby and Van Pelts relationship to Human Resources (Season 2 ‘Redline’). He calls her out on her inner conflict, stating that she is jealous and resentful adding: “There’s no shame in it. I feel that way too sometimes, why does everyone else get a normal life.” Lisbon denies his words (and by association the insinuation that she and Jane have anything in common) saying that her life is fine.
– In ‘Code Red’ Jane tries to get Lisbon to cheer up, saying it’s better to be happy than sad. Again, she denies his words and he points out that she’s been very sad since Bosco’s death. As is her MO, she thwarts his attempt to make her address her emotions. Jane later takes matters to the extreme: during a ruse in a case he makes her think that she’s dying so that she’ll start to appreciate life (obviously basing this on his own experience at getting over depression). Needless to say the attempt backfires and Lisbon punches him in anger. When Lisbon later states that punching Jane made her feel better, Jane answers “glad to be of service”.
– In Aingavite Baa, when Hightower (the new boss at the time) is being hard with Lisbon, Jane tells her: “Why bother hiding your frustration with Hightower? Sooner or later you’re just gonna explode with suppressed rage’. His attempt to get her to talk to him fails and replies: “With any luck you’ll be next to me.” To which he jokes back “Well that’s what I’m worried about.”

Nevertheless, Jane later annoys Hightower for Lisbon’s sake, telling her that when she’s unhappy, he’s less happy.

And these are just the instances that rushed to my mind when I saw her once more reacting sarcastically to an instance where Jane is once more trying to have a meaningful conversation with her.

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5 responses to “Mentalist Jane/Lisbon Moments

  • hotshot bald cop

    You my good friend are a genius

  • Ifrah

    I absolutely agree with you, I think they just try to keep their feelings mutual, but the viewers know that it’s more than that.

  • Areej

    I reallllly love jisbon and the new season 6 is killing me. One episode when jane said ” To get revenge you cant let people see whats in your heart” and i thought oh jane, everyone knows whats in your heart. He really does care for her but the stunt in 6×06 he did act like a manupulative bastard.

    I want your ideas on a red john theory.In season 1 “Red Johns friends” the guy wrote “He is marr….”. I just noticed that Gale Bertram has a wedding ring( he is married maybe). Even though he has resources and information, why would he want to bug the CBI office??

  • Sherlolly lover

    i dont know how many of you have seen season 6 but jane’s phone callsto lisbon were adooooooooooooooorable.You forgot one where jane goes “What i want is a little smile” oh and when he asks lisbon if they are slleping together was epic

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