Vegas Reviews


Cowboys and mobsters. What more can a person want? Vegas is a show set in the sixties and is based on Sherriff Ralph Lamb’s real life experiences fighting the organized crime that settled into the city. The show was created by Greg Walker (X-Files, Without a Trace) and Nick Pilleggi (Goodfellas, Casino). It stars Dennis Quaid (The Right Stuff), Micheal Chiklis (The Shield) Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) and many more talented actors and actresses.

I started watching this show because it’s consulting producer, Ashley Gable, was one of my favorite writers on The Mentalist. And I’m glad of it or I would never taken the chance to become vested in what is now this year’s top new show. But it’s great original premise, writing, acting and the equally fun and emotional relationships between the characters makes it irresistible. The fact that the show manages to balance so many characters, as well as a weekly case and continuous plots via the mob’s politics keeps the show interesting.

I’ll review the episodes as regularly as possible, provided the show keeps entertaining me and doesn’t take away from my “The Mentalist” time. For now, it’s nice to know I have a new series to sink my teeth into after my first loves run ends.

Season One

8. Exposure

7. Bad Seeds

6. The Real Thing





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