Mentlist Season 4 Preview (mild spoilers)…also…

This post is brought to you by @CJDaveywho asked for a Season 4 Preview 🙂

First off all, if you haven’t seen it yet here’s the Season 4 promo.

Seen it?







So the team’s suspended. Nice realistic touch. I wonder if that means the paperwork Lisbon filed in the Season three finale was just for show as part of the ruse to get RJ’s man.

Lisbon tells Jane he shot an unarmed man. Obviously someone took the gun RJ had with him after Jane was taken into custody (or else he would have seen it taken).

Bertram would be my initial guess. Until shortly before Jane killed Red John he had been there at the mall. If he had remained there he could have easily pocketed the gun.

Yes,  I had said he was most likely innocent in the finale review, but that was before we knew that RJ’s gun disappeared. While he may not have been guilty of killing Todd Johnson, that doesn’t mean he’s innocent of being an RJ ally.

Or it could have been anyone else since we now know that “Red John is many”.

By the way how genius was that? Heller et al were able to kill off the show’s main antagonist while ultimately keeping him in the game. It’ll probably take the rest of the series to hunt down all his disciples.

About Lisbon. Love the tiny snippet of conversation we got between the two.  I’m hoping we get to see a Red Badge role reversal here.

Not thrilled about Jane’s hard tone saying he deserved his justice. I’m not going into whether what he did is wrong or right, but I do hope we get more reflection than that from him. Obviously I don’t expect him to beat himself up about killing his family’s killer. I just want to know if he’ll feel less guilty now or if his vengeance was just treating a symptom, not the disease. Will he truly be able to sleep better or was his revenge like putting a band-aid on an decaying wound..?

Jane needs to come to peace with himself, with his addiction, and I don’t mean Red John. I mean his vanity and compulsion to show off, to always appear smarter than anyone else which I suspect  stems from his insecuritiy.

Perhaps the team’s support will finally help him resolve that. It should since they’re all getting suspended because of him but I doubt they’ll blame him. Nor should they. They all knew what they were getting into. Also, Lisbon has stood up for him time and time again, and I suspect will do so here as well. He’s got no reason to feel isolated or to prove himself to anyone anymore.

If there is one thing I hope we get from this season, it is Jane’s realization of that.

Need I say September 22nd can’t come quickly enough for me?

I’m hoping to squeeze one more post out before then but until I do there was an issue that came to my attention that I think begets some discussion…no matter how painful or embarrassing it might be. I apologize in advance.

Please watch this.

Did you? Okay.

Now I’ll admit I myself had no idea what was so wrong with the nickname. The connotation had gone completely over my head (BTW thanks @cjdavey for providing the link and for painlessly explaining it to me *_*). I’m positive that many viewers who don’t even speak English and watch dubbed version’s of the show are completely innocent of the reference as well, as was whoever came up with the name.

*virtual pats on the back and hugs to all those in shock, especially owner of that facebook page*

Regardless, now that we know how the Mentalist team feels about it, out of respect to them, I’m asking fans to try and refrain from using the term to represent the Jane/Lisbon dynamic.  If it must have a name, please try and come up with something new  in the comments section.

@LiviaFree over on twitter suggested “Jeresa” and “Lane”. I suggested “Lisane”. Have it in the comments.

Finally here’s  something which helps settle the Jane/Lisbon will they won’t they question and might soothe fans…

Did you watch it? There you have it, from the man himself. They’ll get together…in the end. So fans get their happy ending without the rest of us panicking that romance will ruin the show. Everyone’s happy 🙂


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16 responses to “Mentlist Season 4 Preview (mild spoilers)…also…

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    I’ve seen both Heller and Baker say on a few occasions ‘we could get them together at the end’, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get together eventually. As I’ve said before, I love Jane and Lisbon, so I wouldn’t mind that at all – as long as it is written well, which is no problem when you’ve got Bruno Heller at the head of such a talented writing team. As for the name, it’s not a huge issue obviously, the whole things become a bit of a joke by now. If the name continues to stick then I wont be TOO bothered, though I myself will stick to ‘Jane/Lisbon’ until some one comes up with an adequte alternative.

    As for the issue with Bertram, I’m stumped. I suspected him all season, but he then seemed genuinely bemused at Jane’s accusations in the season finale, at which point I confidently crossed him off my suspect list. But the more I look at it, the more I realise that to rule him out so easily would be a mistake. His quoting of a Blake poem back in 3×16 ‘Red Queen’ could’ve been a Red Herring for Season 3’s mole hunt, but then again on the other hand could Heller and co. be pulling a double bluff on us? Are we now supposede to think Bertram innocent, only to have him revealed as a Red John disciple in the future? Though to be honest, the Red John storyline has turned me into a conspiracy freak, and I tend to treat almost everyone as a suspect bar the main team. Kudos to the writers though, for keeping me guessing 4 seasons in as to just who is on RJ’s side, and how the hell does he hold such power over them. I can’t wait to find out more in the coming season.

    If you’ve been avoiding interviews leading up to Season 4 in fear of spoilers then don’t read this next bit….

    In an interview Heller gave a month or so ago, he stated that as a result of the help Jane will get from the team (in getting him off the murder charge/out of prison) he will question whether they are ‘just temporary friends or is there a deeper bond?’ which suggests to me that your wish, my wish and many other fans wish may indeed come true – Jane will realise how important the team is to him, and perhaps even acknowledge it to a larger extent than he ever has done before. As Lisbon says, they’re his family, all he’s got. This isn’t me bashing Jane in any way at all, I love his character, he is in fact my favourite on the show (the best of a very special bunch, I’d say) and I hate it when Robin Tunney/Lisbon/Lisburn and even ‘Jisbon’ (shudder) fans bash him for various ridiculous reasons. Anyway, that hope looks as though it will come to fruition and I cannot wait to see it.

    Whilst Jane will obviously not be regretting killing ‘Red John’ any time soon, I too expect him to acknowledge the fact that in killing him, nothing has in fact changed. His wife and daughter are still dead, and he still most likely feels this crushing guilt at deeming himself responsible for that. There is a possibility that Jane may go through a ‘honeymoon’ phase at the start of Season 4, as a result of finally getting his man and getting his long seeked revenge. On the other hand, maybe Jane will never be able to fully put his mind at rest, not knowing that someone is still out there pulling the strings, as seen by the guns dissapearence. Either way I, like you, expect him to eventually see that his actions were in fact only a temporary fix to his issues.

    As for the gun going missing, who knows? It could be Bertram like you said and as I said above, I’m no longer ruling him out of the RJ equation. My first guess was that it’s some one on the force who works for RJ, with them being first on the scene. Maybe they acted alone, or maybe they were instructed by a higher power – a police chief who works for RJ also? The D.A.? Damn, it could be a forensics personnel (I hear screams of ‘BRETT PARTRIDGE’) for all we know, Red John seems THAT powerful, his reach is never ending.

    Sorry, I ended up ranting a bit, and I realise my post has no real structure. I just needed to get those initial thoughts out there. Thanks for another brilliant post (and the mentions) and I cannot wait for Season 4 to begin!

    Also, sorry for any inevitable typo’s in this post.

  • All-I-need

    To be completely honest, I had to read the comment section of that video to understand what all the fuss was about. At least I`ve got the excuse of being German. So, my first reaction was: OH MY GOD! and then I laughed out loud because I just couldn`t help the thought that most fans of the pairing probably think the double-meaning fits perfectly. *coughs*

    However, this explains why everyone was suddenly blushing on stage. Haha, those poor guys. I really do feel sorry for them.

    All three suggestions sound like pretty good options. “Lane” might be misunderstood, though, because it is not obvious that it is made up at first glance. Jeresa and Lisane both seem okay (though terribly unfamiliar). And why are there no suggestions using his first name? Paresa, for example. Or Patbon (which, admittedly, sounds like some kind of candy).

    Okay, on to the promo:

    Did I or did I not say Bertram seemed suspicious? There you have it =) And he was certainly in a position to steal the gun.

    Also, did anyone else notice that Jane is still wearing his wedding band in prison? Is that even allowed? He doesn`t seem troubled at all, though. In fact, he looked rather bored in court and his time in jail is spent wiping the floor with his fellow inmates during a poker game.

    I`m so looking forward to the new season and I completely agree with you: killing Red John while simultaneously keeping him alife was definitely a brilliant move and it will most likely take the rest of the show to hunt down all his allies.

    Personally, I hope we`ll learn more about the main character`s lives. Maybe meet Lisbon`s brothers (or at least one of them), learn more about Jane`s family and his past (where is his father now, what about his mother and what on earth did he do in Detroit?) as well as the rest of the team`s stories.

    This is definitely going to be an interesting journey from now on, maybe even more so than before the RJ-thing was (partially) resolved.

  • reviewbrain

    First of all welcome to blog! It’s great to have a new voice of reason o help us decipher this mystery of a show 🙂 And thank you for great comment. Good to know I’m not the only one being run ragged by all the intrigue.
    About Brett Partiridge, l hear those screams too 😉 he’s such an obvious pick isn’t he?
    Abou Jane, I avoid spoilers an interviews like the plague in an attempt to keep reviews objective but I couldn’t not continue your comment. I’m glad I dis as it’s very reassuring. I’m so glad you agree and I truly hope Heller goes that direction. Jane deserves peace and yes even redemption and I honestly believe the team and the friendships he’s formed there especially is the only place he’s going to get it.

    Thanks foe the rant 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Hello again, it’s been a while 🙂
    Yes you did 🙂 I’d suspected him all season only to be tricked at the end. Who knows, for all we know he could still be innocent 😉 it’s great to hear from you again!

  • MarSip

    We are always morally questioning Jane, but he saves the life of Lisbon twice but seems that he has always something to be thankful to Lisbon, Why?
    You never question the moral motivations of Lisbon? Her reason to keep Jane in the team is that he solves many cases, that is, he benefits her career.
    Her motivation is to defend the Law and Order, Law and Order but, by themselves, are not a virtue or value. They are not equivalent to justice and morality.
    Law and Order is what is used to subjugate others. Sometimes with just laws and sometimes unfair.
    An officer can kill a stranger without knowing whether it was a good or a bad person, but a man without plate can not kill the person who killed his family
    Sorry for my bad English. Thank you for all these wonderful reviews.

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome to the blog and thank you so much for your contribution.
    You are of course right. Law and order do not always equal justice and morality and the law does not always work. But the thing is if everyone just went by their own code of ethics (as Jane does continuously) we’d have chaos. The reason why I always question Jane’s morals (other than the fact that he is the main character) is that despite being a fictional character he has a lot of influence over the millions of viewers who watch him everyday. Not all are as smart or as able to pull themselves out of trouble as he is. And whether we like it or not fiction does influence real life; studies have shown that people mimic why they see in television even subconsciously.
    But more than that, I care about Jane ( the character). I want him to be happy and there are certain things he has to accept as fact if he has any chance of that happening. Facts like we live in a society with established laws that were set to protect people’s rights. Yes, there are instances where those laws don’t work but then people strive (and do) to change them. Lisbon for the most part understands this and even when she breaks the law she accepts punishment (as in episode Redacted) because she knows that’s how things work. Jane is an exception to the rule. Imagine what life would be like if everyone thought they had the right to kill someone they thought murdered someone they loved. Notwithstanding whether revenge is right or wrong, it usually stems out of anger, passion. These emotions are no friends to logic and rational thought. Meaning, people might (and have) kill innocent people in a fit of rage.
    I also want Jane to know that he *does* have friends who care about him and that he doesn’t have to worry about proving his worth all the time (which is a huge part of why he always gets in trouble). The team loves him, he’s theirs as they are his. So he should stop acting as if his brains are the only thing which entitles him a place in the team.

    As to Lisbon’s morals, I strongly disagree that the reason she’s keeping Jane around is that he benefits her career. Bosco in season 2 has stated that her career has taken a hit because of Jane. That doesn’t hint that she’s riding any wave of fame or glory due to him. Additionally, we have never seen any proof or even sign that she is a a career driven woman. In fact, she flat out states in Season 2’s Blood Money that she knows she’ll get fired because of Jane one day. Yes she’s stated that she keeps Jane around because he closes case, but she also qualified it by saying she did it to “Catch a lot of bad guys”. I think that is her ultimate motive and the primary reason she works with Jane: the good in him outweighs the bad. I also like to think that she wanted to help him get his life back on track when she accepted him as her consultant.

    Which brings me to the final point. I do question Lisbon’s morals. I question whether she believes in “eye for an eye” or in “turn the other cheek”. I question whether her faith will side with Jane’s morals or against them.
    But despite my being as fascinated by her as I am by Jane, this show is called “the mentalist” and so I doubt Lisbon’s morals will ever be the forefront here. Which is why I find it more useful to spend my energy on questions the show is more likely to answer 😉

    Hope any of that made sense…

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    Hi there!
    My first comment, but I hope I’ll be able to keep on for the future reviews of upcoming season 4! 😀

    I wonder how long they will be suspended, not much I guess, otherwise no cases to solve? And I wonder also how long they will keep Jane in prison!
    Regarding the gun, given the assumption that RJ seems to have ears and eyes everywhere, either the man Jane killed wasn’t RJ himself, or there was someone watching the whole scene… but I always think how RJ couldn’t think that Jane would have been armed. He did risk, probably the desire to see that look in Jane’s eyes while telling him about his wife and child was too much of a temptation.
    In that case, there could have been a man dressed as a police officer who took the gun before anyone could see it. I also remember Heller mentioning that they will find no phone either (I hope I remember well!), so even if Lisbon talked with RJ, there will be no phone.

    Bertram still looks suspicious to me too, since “Red Alert”, where at the end of the episode he says to Lisbon “I hope you stay smart” and gives her a “smile”, well, that was kind of creepy.
    I also wonder if Brett Stiles will still play a role in all this story. It was him who let the team find Kristina, and then disapparead, it can’t be over like that.

    “Jane needs to come to peace with himself, with his addiction, and I don’t mean Red John. I mean his vanity and compulsion to show off, to always appear smarter than anyone else which I suspect stems from his insecuritiy.
    Perhaps the team’s support will finally help him resolve that. It should since they’re all getting suspended because of him but I doubt they’ll blame him. Nor should they. They all knew what they were getting into. Also, Lisbon has stood up for him time and time again, and I suspect will do so here as well. He’s got no reason to feel isolated or to prove himself to anyone anymore.”

    This. I totally agree with you. Lisbon and the team will always be there for him. Lisbon has already crossed the line many times, for Jane. Plus, she made it clear in S2 in “Blood Money” that she knows exactly the game she’s playing.
    They will be there for him no matter what. Once you let a person be involved so much in your life, there’s no way back. I’m looking forward to see how the Jane/team dynamic will evolve. They need eachother, and I hope they will all realize that fully.
    Regarding the Jane/Lisbon ship name, LOL their reaction is hilarious, bless them!
    I didn’t realize at first the “meaning” of the ship name, since I’m not a native English speaker. But when I came to know that, I fully understood their reaction, it must have been embarassing indeed xD
    I never used that ship name, I don’t think we need it actually. I mean, can’t we just call them Jane/Lisbon or J/L or Patrick&Teresa? 🙂
    Regarding they will or nor get together, I think that if the writers will take that direction, it has to be done reeeeally carefully. Their relationship is so complicated, it has so many layers, that they can’t just put them together like that. But I have faith in the wirters, and I think they know what they’re doing, so I’ll just wait and see. I enjoy their friendship, this complicated messed friendship, I enjoy the banters and the more serious moments, when they are worried for eachother (the bomb scene in S3 finale still has me on a cloud) and also the lil flirty moments, they are never too much stressed and they are sweet. The chemistry between those two is simply amazing, and after watching the Paley Fest Interview I really understood how fab the chemistry between Simon and Robin is. Watching them teasing and making fun of eachother was
    like seeing Jane and Lisbon.
    For now, I would rather keep them as they are. And it’s no secret that I simply loved Lisbon&Mashburn, so I would rather see Lisbon with him right now. Please Jane/Lisbon supporters don’t kill me lol but I can’t do anything about it, Lisbon&Mashburn was too wonderful for words for me, especially seeing Lisbon happy and smiling was just great.

    Well, to be my first post, it was pretty long lol. I’m sorry for any mistake I surely did ^_^

  • Robin Tunney News

    Don’t worry. I am with you on Lisbon/Mashburn. Also like what Jane & Lisbon have now. It’s so special and fragile that a romance now would ruin it imho.
    Really adore their friendship and small moments.

  • windsparrow

    I have never been in favor of portmanteau ‘ship names on aesthetic grounds. Spuffy (Spike/Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer – oh, look WS has a thing for bad boys with blond, curly hair and a habit of saying things out loud that most people would not say paired with women who can kick their butts) was bad enough, but this one – no, just no. I don’t say it out loud, and I always type it out.

    As for Bertram – he was on the top of my suspect list from the moment he quoted Blake in “Red Queen”. Of course, I assume that was precisely what was intended by TPTB – which really does not get us anywhere. Just because Bertram was not THE Red John Operative of the moment in “Strawberries and Cream” does not mean he is not part of the Legion of Red John. I’m pretty confident that neither the SCU nor Hightower are part of it. I’d say the chances that Patrick Jane himself IS – are less than 10% – but I’ve seen The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan, not the new one), so I live in a world in which weird shows have weird conclusions.

    Definitely looking forward to the new season, here.

  • Fiona

    I am counting down the days until the premiere, I’ve loved the show since the very first episode.

    I too think the fact that the team are all suspended is a nice bit of reality. After all they ran with Jane’s plan to lure RJ into the mall which ultimately ended in his death. Slightly spoilery

  • Fiona

    I’ll carry on here since I accidentally clicked publish :/

    Owain tweeted a pic a few weeks back of himself and Robin on set of the first episode. Now Robin was wearing a sling on her right arm so I’m assuming we don’t see much of a time jump from the season 3 finale. It’s hard to establish that from the short promo.

    My wishes for season 4 are similar, but one thing I do want is more info on O’Laughlin. Was he operating on his own(framing Hightower took a lot of effort for one man) and just how did he slip in undetected to kill Todd Johnson? LaRoche never seemed to question anyone else except Hightower in ‘Red Queen’ when he was using his map of everyone’s location. I know this is a direct effect of O’Laughlin’s manipulation but was O’Laughlin on the map and if not, how did he appear in the final suspect list?

    Also did anyone else notice that O’Laughlin’s first episode was ‘Blood on his Hands’ which was also the episode Brett Stiles and Visualize re-appeared? Stiles disappeared in that very same episode, and he seemed to have some information on RJ. After all he lead the team to Kristina Frye.

    Shipper names make me laugh 😀 I’m sticking with Jane/Lisbon because it’s self explanatory. No weird connotations 😛

  • reviewbrain

    I always assumed that Laroche conducted his investigation perfectly and managed to catch O’Laughlin and the others (by security footage probably) near Todd Johnson’s cell. My question was always was Hightower chosen as a convenient scapegoat because she happened to be around the cell as well or was the plan set even further back: that officer Rance Howard was killed to set up Hightower. Like you, I really hope we get more information on exactly how
    much of Craig was acting on his own and how much was orchestrated as part of RJ’s master plan (probably all).
    Similarly,Todd Johnson? Was killing cops his own fetish? His words “there’s a reason for everything I do” like Gupta’s, hint that he was ordered to do it. But unlike Gupta we never knew why Todd was told to kill cops. UNLESS killing cops was just part of RJ’s plan to set up Hightower-the real target was Rance Howard; all the other cops were decoys. But then how did RJ know Todd Johnson would be caught and that he’d need to be killed in jail? Was *that* the plan? Is so, why?
    I think I’ve sufficiently confused myself. Like insaid, we need to know why RJ wanted Todd Johnson to kill cops.

    About Visualize, Brett Stiles and Craig. I always assumed Stiles
    Disappeared because he was afraid of what RJ might do to him when he finds out Stiles helped Jane.

    I’d considered the possibility that RJ was an ex-visualize member who went rogue. But CJ Davey pointed out that the opposite might be true; that Stiles was a member of RJ’s group.

    We can only hope we’ll find out.
    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Totally agree 🙂 their friendship is adorable and priceless. It really makes for a more interesting dynamic. Not that I’d mind if
    It happened eventually but I love the status quo. Lisbon is easily the closest thing Jane has to a best friend. I’d say vice versatile except we don’t know Lisbon that well…

  • reviewbrain

    Spike rocks! But Jane RJ or a member? Hmm. That would certainly explain why RJ was so angry with Jane. A lowly underling in his network was talking with the police about him 😉
    Seriously though, that can’t be true…I mean it would negate the whole premise
    Of the show.

  • reviewbrain

    I think you’re right, that someone was there at the mall watching; maybe one of RJ’s henchmen was standing by just in case. As to RJ not suspecting Jane, Jane is a civilian who *always* relies on his colleagues to rescue him. Once they were gone, RJ didn’t see Jane as a threat.
    At least, that’s my theory 😉

  • violet

    Very interesting preview you gave us here! Not enough spoilers in that promo to really reveal anything but enough to tease even more our curiosity! 🙂
    About Jane and Lisbon getting together at the end, I can’t help but remember that Heller also said a few months ago that the RJ arc will be dragged until the end of the show too. And they killed him in this finale (at least it seems so). So what “surprises” does he plan to drop in their friendship until then, just for the sake of keeping the fans’ interest? 😉

    Now Todd probably killed cops to catch the attention of the CBI and meet Jane (Jane’s words were “this case wants me”). Albeit it could have been to cruelly tease him by threatening cops while he already fears for Lisbon and the team, there was maybe a more important objective… Two theories come to mind:

    – first theory: it was indeed to set Hightower… meaning RJ’s original plan included to kill Todd. So : 1) Todd masks Howard’s murder by killing cops, 2) Todd is caught by Jane and the team 3) Todd is killed by Craig (not in urgency because he was going to talk to Jane: it was coldly planed and Todd didn’t know it) 4) Hightower is set up as Todd’s killer, because he killed her supposed lover. Now, I can see three problems: Todd knew that it “was a reason for everything” he did, but didn’t realize that it was to cover for his own murder? Possible, but not very convincing… Second point: why RJ needed to set up Hightower? There was seemingly not other reason than to hide Craig’s culpability… Three: Todd’s death had one principal consequence, it revealed to Jane the existence of a mole, thus it gave him an opportunity to get to RJ… So the whole theory is rather unsatisfactory, unless we admit that RJ’s ultimate goal was to let Jane confront him. That would explain his presence in the mall, but I’m still not convinced. It’s a little too far-stretched.

    – Second theory: his goal was also to get to Jane, this time by making him meet one of his followers, just like he did with Hardy. Meaning that Todd was to earn Jane’s trust by playing the grieving and vengeful fiancé (that he did): in that theory, Jane would have projected his feelings, trusted Todd… and certainly ended up in a trap, like he almost did in Hardy’s cellar. RJ would have tricked him and won. Now I don’t know if he really wanted to kill Jane, since he saved him in the previous finale: we can only guess he wanted to play with him some more before ending the game by his own hands and when he had chosen to do it.

    Either way, that doesn’t mean that Laroche didn’t do his investigation thoroughly: Craig must have been on the map, but he was an outsider coming from the FBI just to visit his sweet girlfriend. Laroche didn’t have any real reason to question it or to link him to an investigation he wasn’t supposed to know about.
    I confess I don’t know if there is really another mole to unmask: there is certainly an accomplice since the gun has disappeared, but it could be everyone and anyone, a second traitor in the CBI (Bertram, Laroche,…), someone waiting in the crow, one of the cops arresting Jane, etc… Only some tech from the CBI (like Partridge) seem a little less realistic as a suspect, because, even if they made it disappear, someone was bound to remember the gun if it was here during the arrest.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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