Mentalist Strawberries and Cream Review (continued)

So I’m sure many readers are wondering: What the heck? RB’s still got more to say after that review?

Yes, well, I was going over my notes before I deleted them and came across two very important things I forgot to mention. The first is a major loose end I hope gets tied up: Viewers still don’t know why Todd Johnson was killing cops.

As an RJ operative, we can only assume he was doing it on RJ’s orders. If RJ is to be believed that he wanted to quit killing, he could have been killing off cops who were part of his network to ensure his identity remains hidden after he retires. Meaning, the cops who were killed were not chosen randomly.

If, on the other hand RJ was lying to Jane and he had no intention of retiring, then killing cops could have been meant to provoke Jane; a threat that the cops he works with are being targeted as well.

If that’s the case then RJ telling Jane that he’s quitting, his advising Jane to move on, to find a woman to love could be simply be a set up to once more cause Jane pain. Of course  Jane doesn’t have a reason to believe anything RJ tells him. But if he thought that RJ was just setting him up, he has even less reason too. The “find a woman to love” seemed especially leading.

The other major point I’d forgotten to mention is we never found out if Jane told Lisbon about the gun he has.  I think this will be another key element in his trial in season four; if he’d told her or not. I’m inclined to think he never did because I don’t think Lisbon would have left him alone at the mall if she knew about it. Even if he told her it was for self protection, I think she’d be just as worried about him if he had one.

Also, deniability.  This has always been a convenient excuse for Jane to keep Lisbon in the dark about a lot of things. No doubt Lisbon will be held more accountable for his actions if she’d known that he had an unregistered gun in his possession. Which is why I’m hoping either he never told her about it, or he did and she’d made him get it registered.

Because no matter what happens, it would really suck (to say the least) if Lisbon ended up perjuring herself for Jane.

Great. Now I’m all worried for Lisbon’s character again. But then most of my worries from last season were baseless, so there is that to hope for.

Here’s an interview with Heller that may or may not make fans feel better about the upcoming season. Thanks to T for bringing my attention to it.


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