Mentalist Days of Wine and Roses Review


CBI consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) works on solving the murder of Charlotte “Charlie” Coates (Michelle LaRue), a model who had been staying at a celebrity rehab facility. Meanwhile, Agent Teresa Lisbon (Tunney) convinces judge Patricia Davis (Amy Aquino) to reopen the case of Amanda Shaw’s (Rhea Bailey ) death which was previously ruled as suicide. Convinced that Amanda’s boss Tommy Volker (Henry Ian Cusick) had her killed to keep her from testifying against him in another case, Lisbon subpoena’s the powerful billionaire’s financial records to find out who he hired as his hit man; incurring the man’s wrath.

Concise Verdict

Rebecca Perry Cutter’s second submission to the show is just as enjoyable as her first and even more solid. Lots of good dialogue and delicate handling of Lisbon’s story arc (which could have easily become melodramatic in less capable hands). But another chapter in the saga of the show’s newest all-powerful and ruthless antagonist Tommy Volker is not all this episode has to offer. The case of the week is just as interesting and the writer deftly balances both the A and B plot as well as showing how differently our heroes work their respective cases: Jane’s unique abilities versus Lisbon’s old fashioned police work. The presence of several talented and familiar guest stars help keep the perpetrator a mystery and the interest high. Finally, Baker and Tunney were never better at portraying their character’s camaraderie; inarguably one of this shows greatest assets. Another is its humor which we got plenty of here via fun interactions and the actors’ perfect comedic timing. Flawless direction, continuity, and foreshadowing also serve to make this one a winner. 9/10

Detailed AKA Humongous Review (spoilers galore)

I think what I liked most about this episode is how we got to see efficient Lisbon in action. It’s been a while.  We also got to see Jane at his best with a classic Jane trick so old I’d almost forgotten (and hence didn’t mind) he’d used it before; using the victim’s scent, seeing how a group of people responded to it, to discover which of her fellow addicts was her lover.

Finally, I may be suffering some humor withdrawal from this show and am hence desperate for the slightest bit of amusement but I literally laughed out loud several times during this episode. Seriously, was practically rolling on the floor with laughter so you’ll see a lot of “ROFL’s” and “XD” in this review.

VIS #1: Lisbon gets permission to look into Volker

Lisbon visits judge Davies asking for a warrant for Volker’s personal and financial records. The judge tells her that she has already ruled on that.

-This tells us that Lisbon has already been working on the case but that her previous attempts to open it failed.

Lisbon then recaps for the judge that she has new evidence; that a second autopsy report on Volker’s secretary ruled out the death as suicide. Lisbon contends that Vokler had Amanda, his secretary, killed because she was going to testify that he had a reporter killed to keep her from writing a story about his company’s involvement in a massacre of a South American village (If It Bleeds, It Leads). When the judge expresses surprise that Bertram agreed to a second autopsy Lisbon admits that she paid for it herself.

-Love the mention of Bertram (as I’m sure others will) as well as the continuity of him being a pragmatist who likes to avoid headaches (which the Volker case undoubtedly is).

The Judge asks Lisbon why she’s so hell bend on catching Volker. Lisbon tells her that she failed Amanda since she’d promised to protect her and instead got her killed.

-Also love how the judge’s question helped set up Lisbon’s stirring (and helpfully expository) speech; she feels responsible for Amanda’s death.

Teresa then reiterates the legitimacy of the evidence. The judge reminds her of the man’s status as the governor’s supporter and good friend to which Lisbon replies “that’s why I came to you because I know that you won’t be threatened by a man’s status or connections.”

-I wonder if Lisbon was serious here or if she’s using a trick from Jane and being subtly manipulative of the judge. I’m inclined to think she was just being direct and straightforward, as she employs the same method later.

VIS #2: Jane, Lisbon, and Dr. Ruben

Jane and Lisbon’s interview with Dr. Ruben, director of Oasis Ranch Rehab Facility made for both a humorous and informative scene.

1. When Ruben (Dennis Boutsikaris)  tells Jane he has a degree in psychiatry, Jane replies “Excellent” since it’s nearly always the psychiatrist that’s guilty.

-Great reference to the pilot and one of my favorite perps Dr. Linus Wagner. But the best is yet to come…

2. Ruben replies to Jane “Had a bad experience with therapy, huh.”

First of all, the (supremely talented) Boutsikaris’s reading of this line was perfect; a matter-of-fact tone and a quick rise of his eyebrows. Then there was Baker’s reaction to it. I laughed so hard at his stunned face and how he slowly turned to look at Lisbon. It was the funniest moment of the episode.

3. The doctor also says: “In fact we have so many high profile patients we are far more worried about keeping paparazzi and reporters out.” Truly excellent writing; the line seamlessly sets up a later scene when the undercover reporter is revealed.

4. When Jane assumes that the victim was in a relationship, Ruben replies: “We liken early sobriety to a whack-a-mole game. You push down one addiction and another one pops up.” Again, this paves the way for another plot thread. In this case, it helps to later explain the perp’s motive. But it also subtly alludes to one of this show’s themes…(to be discussed in further detail later).

5. Ruben continues to say: “Newly sober people tend to act out…sexually.”

We finally have it in canon, people. Jane needs to get rid of his RJ obsession to get back into dating game :p

VIS #3: Lisbon versus Volker

After Lisbon subpoenas Volker’s financials Grace finds out he’s paid a Charles Milk $25,000 on an irregular basis. Realizing they found his hit man Lisbon tells Grace to file a warrant to search Milk’s house. Before she gets it though, Volker visits her office. He tells her that if she wanted his financials all she had to do was ask; as he runs his business on transparency before asking her if she found anything. Lisbon replies:

“Why? Is there something you’re worried about?”

-Teresa rocks. Her melodic almost sing song voice in the face of Volker’s thinly veiled intimidation and his increasingly closing in on her personal space was beautiful.

Volker then tells her that she looks good.

-Lisbon’s face is carefully expressionless but the change of topic (and Vokler’s sudden appraisal) must have confused her.

The man quickly reveals the point behind his statement when he adds: “You’ve been working out.” Lisbon then orders him to get out of her office. When he leaves, Lisbon lowers her guard and appears very agitated.

-Translation: the sicko’s either been watching her or has one of his henchmen spying on her. His telling her that she looks good and that she’s been working out is him threatening her that he’s got his eyes on her.

VIS #4 Jane is Worried about Lisbon

Jane tells Lisbon he has an idea and asks her if she wants to go with him to the rehab facility. Lisbon tells him she’s waiting for a warrant on Charles Milk, Volker’s accomplice. The two then have the following conversation:

Jane: Bravo.

Lisbon: There is no way this guy is as smart and careful and Volker. I can turn him.

Jane: Excellent police work, Lisbon. I admire your pluck.

Lisbon: I hear a but.

Jane: No ‘but’ I’m just a little worried that he’s inside your head and believe me that’s not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood.

Lisbon: I think you can understand I don’t really have a choice.

Jane: Well yeah, I can certainly understand that I just…I want you to be careful.

-Pretty straightforward. Also, divine. Simply divine display of deference. I love their obvious respect and regard here.

Lisbon assures Jane that Volker is not in her head, to which he replies that he hopes not. Jane also tells her to let him know if she needs his help. Lisbon replies: “No thanks, this one is mine”. Jane seems a bit out of sorts when he responds “Yeah, you got this”.

-Jane is obviously worried about Lisbon (aw!) here. But he also seems flummoxed at being sidelined in her quest to bring Volker down. It’s ironic, especially considering how she’s been practically forcing him to work on cases with her and how he’s been telling her she needs to learn how to work without him. But it’s not long before she confides in him…

Jane is present when Grace tells Lisbon that judge Davies denied their request for a warrant. Later, Lisbon again declines joining Jane at the rehab center, apologizing and telling him she’ll catch up later, avoiding his gaze. Jane surmises that since it’s a Thursday night that Lisbon is going to her regular poker game to try to get one of the judges who attend to sign the warrant for Milk’s place. Lisbon replies “It’s worth a shot,” before admitting she doesn’t know what she’ll do if the plan doesn’t work.

-I love how Lisbon didn’t want to reveal her plan, almost like she was ashamed of her last resort. Then there’s how pouty she seemed; petulant Lisbon how I love thee. But I think the best part was Jane telling her that they’ll think of something. I know a few fans felt that he was less than supportive the last time she had a run –in with Volker (to be fair, he was just absent). Seeing them working in tandem here must therefore be reassuring. It certainly is beautiful.

VIS #5: Lisbon and Judge Manchester

Once again we get to see Lisbon in action. She straight out asks a judge for a warrant. Manchester’s already heard about her dilemma from Davies who cited her nerve. When Lisbon says that she was upset Manchester tells her that she doesn’t need to apologize to him. Lisbon retorts that she’s not and that judge Davies was wrong; that somebody has to bring in Volker, even if it’s not her. Manchester tells her: “Sometimes you are childishly naïve, Teresa.” Lisbon retorts that it’s better than defeated cynicism. His “ouch” reveals that she’d hit him where it hurts and follows up by imploring him to sign the warrant; that the only reason not to is fear.

-So we’ve finally gotten some continuity on Lisbon’s poker nights with the high-profiled officials Mancini introduced her to. I wonder if this new edge Lisbon has was the only point to that plot thread. Does that mean we won’t see Mancini again?

VIS #6: Johanna’s Confession

The victim’s therapist, Johanna (Amy Pietz) explains how her alcohol addiction (which she’d previously mentioned to Jane) was replaced with Blackjack.  She tells Rigsby that she paid her massive debts by borrowing money from “bad people” who were going to hurt her if she didn’t pay them back. Her patient Charlie confided that she’d stolen the necklace from her parents and wanted to give it back to them. But Johanna then stole it from Charlie and killed her in a neighborhood where drugs were scored, knowing people would think she’d gotten killed for her addiction. At Rigsby’s outrage of the bad legacy Johanna left for her patient, she says: “I’m powerless. It’s a disease.”

-Once again, we come across a perp who denies the accountability of their actions (Blood and Sand is the first my memory recalls). But unlike in Blood and Sand where the perp went so far as to live in a an island, on an all male ranch in an attempt to quell his predatory sexual urges, Johanna here is nowhere near as sympathetic. I wonder if there’s a reason for showing us the perpetrators in what seems to be an attempt at humanizing them (i.e. Lorelei). I had a few theories (mentalizing us for something godawful Jane would do) but am now at a loss on if all the instances are intentional or not. Where does one draw the line? Johanna here was a therapist. She could have gotten help from someone else. She could have told the police that her life was in danger instead of killing Charlie for the money her parent’s necklace would have provided. All I can say is I’m ever-more interested in hearing what RJ’s story would be…

Best Lines

“Saying it does not make it so.” Judge Davies to Lisbon. Glad someone’s finally stated that on this show. Although I don’t think anyone will try explaining that to Jane; lost cause.

“Lisbon you’re distracted and you have an eager gleam in our eye. Either you have a breakthrough in the Volker case, or you’re in love. Which is it?” Jane, I love you. Also, shut up. You’re torturing the shippers XD.

“I was hoping it was love. You deserve happiness but I’m glad for you anyway.” –Jane, to Lisbon after she tells him Davis signed the warrant. Yes she does, Jane. Also, all the shippers are now wondering if you’re making a tacit offer.

“She was shy. And sensitive. Like the volume was turned up too high in her head.” Victim’s mother, to Jane and Lisbon. Great description.

“Stella! Sweetheart, you look like an angry stick insect. Think of Brazil. Or whatever country you’re from.” Clarkson the photographer to a model.

“Uruguay!” – the indignant Stella in response to the above.

“Uruguay! Work it! Yeah you’re a dirty little Cossack!” ROFL!!! XD This dialogue was completely stereotypical, but hilariously so.

“Had a bad experience with therapy, huh.” Again, Jane’s expression at the doctor’s line here was so priceless.

“We liken early sobriety to a whack a mole game. You push down one addiction and another one pops up.” Solid gold writing right here.

 “I know I can’t make someone stop before they are ready.” – Johanna to Jane, on addiction. Don’t we (and Lisbon) know it. This almost felt like the writer’s were talking to us about our favorite Mentalist.

“I don’t need a chaperone.” Jane, to Lisbon. Her subsequent scoff followed by his escape was great.

“Hey Cho, you’re freaking out the guests. Just relax with the cop-ness.” Jane, to robo-cop Cho.

“I’m relaxed.” – Cho rocks.

“I was just kidding, he wasn’t actually sleeping with her- CHO! Cho!” Jane, trying (and failing) to break up a fight he started before calling Cho to the rescue.

“Jane as in Austen or Mansfield?” undercover journalist, to Jane on how his name is spelled.

“Austen.” Jane’s expression, almost insulted when he replies is interesting and amusing. The prim reaction certainly fits more with Austen.

“Mansfield. Please!” Jane’s indignation is expressed even more clearly when reveals Suzie’s real identity; scoffing at how she could doubt the spelling of his name to be that of Jayne Mansfield’s. Again, probably because he has more in common with Austen :p

“What self-respecting speed freak drinks herbal tea?” Jane, to Margaret, in response to how he found out she wasn’t a the addict she claims she is.

“So mysterious. Let me see, Thursday night you’re going to play poker. Ah get one of those mucks to sign to sign your warrant.” –Jane, reading Lisbon.

“You and your fancy diagnosis. People want stuff, they take it. It’s as simple as that.” Jane, to Dr. Ruben. Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship? God knows Jane could use a therapist.

“It’s not your fault. There is nothing to be ashamed of.” Johanna, to Jane on his (fake) kleptomania.

Best Scenes

This was so, so difficult to choose. The entire episode was fabulous but here are my favorites:

Second Runner up: Cho and Rigsby arrest the photographer Clarkson.

I loved the wonderfully stereotypical discussion between the photographer Clarkson (Hal Ozsan) and his model Stella (see above quotes). Then there’s how he later immediately tells Cho and Rigsby “It’s hers!” about the drugs he was carrying even before they were found; which Rigsby points out to him before he finds them. Cho’s subsequent “You’re under arrest” was awesome.

First Runner Up: Jane admits to being a kleptomaniac

This scene was hilarious. Jane getting caught in the act of stealing leads to Johanna and Dr. Ruben sitting down with him and trying to get into his head. Ruben asks how it started and Jane tells him his father taught him how to pick pockets. Ruben then tells him that “subconsciously” he’s still trying to please his father. Jane feigns an epiphany, agrees, then asks Ruben “how do you do that, that is uncanny”. A sympathetic Lisbon then goes “Jane…” before she is interrupted by a phone call. She hangs up and tells Jane that they just found a ruby necklace in his car and asks if he wants to explain that. A shamefaced Jane replies “Not really.” Ruben then tells Jane that he should definitely continue therapy and gives him two thumbs up. Jane thanks him and says “I feel better already,” closing his hands into fists.

-ROFL! Now we’ve seen Jane fake epiphanies before but this time is nevertheless priceless.  Simply brilliant! Flawless acting by all involved. I don’t know how they kept a straight face through it all; I would have died laughing XD.

The Winner: Jane tells Lisbon to be careful.Cause sweet, caring Jane is a balm to my soul. Also, see VIS #4 above.

Image by Chizurubi-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain January, 2013. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chizurubi-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain January, 2013. Not to be used without permission.

Icings on the Cake

 Detective Jane: Really loved seeing how Jane’s mind worked to solve the case this time. His miss’s were just as revealing as his hits. First noticing the expensive single malt whisky; which made him realize the victim’s wallet was stolen. Wrongly assuming Joanna smoked, which led him to conclude she spent time in a smoky room (casino). Wrongly assuming the herbal tea belonged to Charlie the model, when her roommate corrected him that it was hers, helping his conclusion that she’s an undercover reporter. Then there was him discussing the case with Lisbon, telling her that the real motive for the crime was the ruby necklace. I’m going to have to re-watch a few episodes to be sure (readers feel free to correct me) but it seems like it’s been so long (like since season one and two) that we’ve actually seen Jane discuss the case on-screen with Lisbon. It is always nice to be privy to these break-downs rather than imagine what they looked like.

Bashful Jane avoids the grateful parents. Love this continuity.

Honorable Mentions

Kudos to Rebecca Perry Cutter on a very well written episode.

Eric Laneuville’s direction is as wonderful as always. Especially the scene with Lisbon and Volker in her office. Just the right notes of creepy.

The acting was truly was superior from all involved:

Hal Ozsan’s was comedy gold. Dennis Boutsikaris was as well but in a more restrained understated manner, as required by his character.

Amy Pietz (whom I’ve been a fan of ever since she told Brass in CSI “I don’t like you”) was honestly the least person I suspected of being the perp. Her performance was so cleverly unobtrusive.

Mary Lynn Rajskub was as effective as her fans know her to be.

Henry Ian Cusick is very convincing as the intimidating Tommy Volker A good thing too or viewers may not have been able to take the character seriously as an antagonist.

Kang and Yeoman’s scenes keep getting better and better. “Chigsby” will always be a fan-favorite pairing.

Finally, Baker and Tunney were both pure joy to watch. You can just tell that they had fun acting in this episode.


Lisbon tells Jane she finally got the warrant to search Milk’s home. He congratulates her once more on having police work prevail. Her joy is short-lived, however. On route to the man’s home she gets a call from a smug Volker, telling her that she won’t find anything. Lisbon then gets a call from Grace who states that they’re too late. Lisbon arrives at a crime scene to find Milk shot along with a married couple. An officer tells her that it seems like a random gang hit. But Lisbon knows better. Jane joins her with a concerned “Lisbon?” the agent then tells him that she needs his help.

-I wonder what type of “help” Lisbon is looking for from Jane. Hopefully it’s just (legal?) mentalism to catch the billionaire. But I wouldn’t count on it. More than anything else, the purpose of this episode seemed to be tacitly setting up Volker as a super evil genius too smart to be caught. Sigh. At least the writers did their homework by having Lisbon (seemingly) exhaust all legal options. I hope this continues to be the case. Just because Milk is dead doesn’t mean CBI can’t use the warrant they got to search his house. They might find something useful there. Although, the title of this episode isn’t very encouraging. It’s a reference to Lemmon’s film with an identical name. I haven’t seen this particular movie but here’s its synopsis from IMDB:

An alcoholic falls in love with and gets married to a young woman, whom he systematically addicts to booze so they can share his “passion” together.

There goes my ulcer ;_;

I’ve been saying it since season three. Jane wants Lisbon to come around to his views the better to be able to relate/get along with him. But how far is he willing to have her go? My one glimmer of hope is his concern about Lisbon in this episode when he told her: I’m just a little worried that he’s inside your head and believe me that’s not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood.

Could Jane, who all this time seemed to be wanting Lisbon to be more like him, actually save her from that very fate?

My Cynic is laughing at me. I’ll be banging my head against my laptop hoping for the best and intermittently praying that Lisbon’s character doesn’t get ruined for me. That is, when I’m not hanging over the toilet.

Note: In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m prone to hyperbole. Next episode’s Little Red Corvette trailer looks pretty awesome. Can’t wait for next Sunday to (hopefully) put me out of my misery. Also, congratulations to Amanda Righetti on her new baby boy!!

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39 responses to “Mentalist Days of Wine and Roses Review

  • windsparrow

    I liked the episode, and loved the review.

    “His telling her that she looks good and that she’s been working out was a not so subtle threat that he’s got his eyes on her.”

    I believe it is also shorthand for “Volker’s a sick SOB who gets a sexual thrill from threatening and destroying people”.

    “-ROFL! Now we’ve seen Jane fake epiphanies before but this time is nevertheless priceless. Simply brilliant! Flawless acting by all involved. I don’t know how they kept a straight face through it all; I would have died laughing.”

    After the “bad experience with therapy” line I was expecting this doctor to cry BS on Jane’s BS. But I should have suspected Joanna at that point, because to not have a doctorate, working as a therapist at an exclusive facility like that, means being exceptionally good – that she did not call Jane on his crap meant that she did not have her head in the game, too worried about getting caught.

    “Just because Milk is dead doesn’t mean CBI still can’t use the warrant they got to search his house. They might find something useful there.”

    Well, they have to look. But I seriously doubt they will find anything there. IF I were an evil genius with the resources that Volker has, the Clean-Up Crew I hired to Clean Up my Clean-Up Guy would Clean House, too. Then again, his first Clean-up Guy wasn’t bright enough to know he was about to get disposed of, so maybe Volker prefers to buy dim bulbs.

    Unless… Milk left some kind of insurance package to be sent to the authorities if something happened to him…

  • huisclothes

    love your writing. your reviews are always fun to read. but i didn’t love the episode. rebecca perry cutler also wrote “something’s rotten in redmund.”
    this left me with the same feeling – flat-footed, a little twee and a lot contrived. things i liked: jane’s smooth manner at the chess table. jane being “helped” with his kleptomania by the shrink. things i didn’t like: jane’s “i hope you’re in love” lines. creepy and patronizing. lisbon not responding to the lines in any way. creepy and inconsistent with what they’ve established this season. volker being a cartoon villain with no dimension at all. jane complimenting lisbon over and over about her solid police work. and the perfume trick. painful. much better drama if jane had gotten the sex addict guy to confess he was trying to seduce her thus launching the heretofore unknown boyfriend across the room. then “here comes the real boyfriend” would be funny. instead everyone already knew. a real missed opportunity. thud. the best thing about watching this episode was seeing the promo for little red corvette. jane versus volker. looks like a dark threatening jane. nothing’s more fun than that.

  • julienic73gmail

    Lovely review. I enjoyed this episode and agree about Simon’s reaction to“Had a bad experience with therapy, huh”. You always have to have your eye on Jane for these priceless reactions which are quite often done off center stage.

    I don’t believe that Jane is trying to bring Lisbon down to his level. He cares too much about her. He does think that a lot of energy is wasted in police work that more should be trusted to instinct and has tried to teach her in the past some of his tricks to help her. On the couple of occasions he has tried and successfully persuaded her not to charge someone it has been because he feels that more harm than good will come of it.

    He showed at the end of season 3 that he is more than willing to take his punishment when the time comes. Obviously he would prefer to remain free but I don’t believe he would take freedom at the cost of Lisbon.

    Jane showed great respect to Lisbon this week being encouraging, and concerned and offered his help but didn’t push.

    Jane is selfish and unruly character and seem thoughtless but his loyalty to Lisbon has always been on show from season 1. He sacrificed Sheriff Hardy to protect her and he will sacrifice himself. He will always save her.

  • julienic73gmail

    Once last thing how come I have receive no alerts about the birth of Amanda’s baby, I was inundated with baby Armstrong’s arrival. Congratulations to her and Daddy.

  • P

    Great review, as always! I really enjoyed this episode. After Devil’s Cherry, this is my favorite of the season. I liked seeing Lisbon investigate on her own without being in Jane’s shadow for once. Reviewbrain, I laughed out loud several times as well. It really was that funny. And I LOVED every scene with Lisbon and Volker. The two play so well off of each other. They have such great chemistry, in every sense of the word (too bad he is a killer. Maybe they should send Desmond back to the island.)

    Have to strongly disagree with Huisclothes on Volker being a cartoon villain. I think he is amazing…a very complex character. He appeared at first in It Bleeds It Leads as a charming, charismatic, brilliant businessman. As time went on we’ve seen more of his cold, threatening psychopathy. But he expresses it in such a smooth understated way. He is careful in what he says, and implies much more than he states.

    I actually think it’s a shame this is just a three episode arc. This Volker story could easily keep me interested for the rest of the season. I really wish the show would go in the direction of getting rid of Red John soon (this season) and then if they still feel the need for a major story arc other than Jane’s post-RJ adjustment (though I strongly believe that alone could easily fill a season or two) then bring in a new “big bad” every season, like they did on shows like Buffy and 24. I think that keeps things much fresher than 5 or 6 years of Red John. But, sadly, I know they won’t do that.

    I agree with WIndsparrow- I’m sure Milk’s house has already been cleaned. Lisbon got pretty far using detective work. She figured out who the bad guy is and how he did it. But now that she’s hit a brick wall, she will be more willing to resort to Jane tactics. I fear she will be open to illegal means as well. After all, she covered for Bosco when he had to resort to illegal tactics to get a bad guy they couldn’t get any other way (or at least it is implied.) And Lisbon feels personally responsible in this case. I think she’ll do whatever is necessary.

    Reviewbrain, I too was happy to FINALLY see a reference to the poker games. And I also wondered where Mancini is. The statements Bruno Heller made before the season started really made it sound like Mancini would have a much more significant role. I wonder if they’ve replaced him with Kirkland, or if that was just a red herring??? I really liked Mancini.

    Speaking of the poker game, when the judge said to Lisbon “Sometimes you are childishly naïve, Teresa” did it remind any of you of when Lorelei told Jane he had a “childish hopefulness that was adorable”?

    Reviewbrain wrote: “I wonder if there’s a point in showing us the point of views of the perp’s in what seems to be an attempt at humanizing them (i.e. Lorelei). I had a few theories but am now at a loss on if this is intentional or not.”

    I think it is intentional, at least with Lorelei. Didn’t work with me though. I have no sympathy for Lorelei or this therapist. I have to say, if Lorelei does not end up dead or in prison, I will be angry. I just don’t believe somebody working for a serial killer for many years can be reformed or is a good person underneath. Maybe I am too cynical, but I wouldn’t sleep well if Lorelei lived next door to me.

    Sorry so long and all over the place!

  • estatica

    Awesome review and great comments, as always! I was looking forward to read about this episode in particular. Although I’ve been lurking for a while, I never left a comment before as English is not my native language and I’m not very good with this sort of thing. This time, however, I’m tempted to say a couple of things.

    1- Jane’s first lines to Lisbon at the begin of the episode. When I heard it, I didn’t like his emotionless tone, but I now I find it was perfectly in character. I believe he takes interest in her love life more than he wants to admit and he does want to see her happy, even if it means seeing her with another guy (when they mentioned poker nights, I was really hoping to see Mancini!). My theory is that he doesn’t think of himself as a good prospect for her right now, but he is still compelled to gauge her reactions, understand where she stands regarding him and other men. And how that may influence their partnership and her loyalty in the long run. He did look a bit relieved when she simply confided the updates on the Volker case. Or maybe that’s the shipper in me 😀

    2- The team seems to be more in tune with each other now. I loved how Cho and Lisbon went along with Jane’s ruse to catch the killer. It all happened so seamlessly, without second doubts. It really shows how much they evolved and are beginning to trust each other again.

    3- Jane seemed to be more focused than ever on a case, and it contrasts with Lisbon’s behaviour. I interpret this as his way to make up for the times he’s let her down and also a way to show that he can be dependable, if she needs him to be. I also liked how he tried to show his support and faith in her abilities, although deep down, even Lisbon senses there is a “but” he must sense Volker is above the law and won’t be caught if Lisbon just plays fair. This episode left me with the feeling Jane was restraining himself a lot, because he is obviously worried about Lisbon and still manages to say: “you got this!”.

    I’m looking forward to see the next episode! I really like when Jane gets protective. Did you guys see in the preview when he grabbed Volker’s arm? He avoids touching everyone (well, aside Lisbon) so I’m expecting this episode to be a huge thing, and maybe a definite shift in Jane / Lisbon current relationship. 😀

  • estatica

    Oops, I forgot to mention the 4th point: The poker night. Was it intentional that they included that blonde state senator Eileen Dawkins in that scene again? I’m not sure, but I think she was the only one who appeared every time in poker nights (both in episode 3 and now). Perhaps she is one of the bad guys?

  • windsparrow

    “I don’t believe that Jane is trying to bring Lisbon down to his level. He cares too much about her. He does think that a lot of energy is wasted in police work that more should be trusted to instinct and has tried to teach her in the past some of his tricks to help her.”

    I like your interpretation. Whenever reviewbrain mentions the idea of Jane bringing Lisbon down to his level, conditioning her to approve of working on the wrong side of the Law for his own brand of justice, I have been uncomfortable. The problem is that I can see it as a possibility, but my shipper’s heart that wants their relationship to be Twue Wuv Forevah and Evah says that would be a bad business to get started in. So I cannot objectively say one way or the other. I can only say which I hope for. Then again… what if Jane does kinda want to manipulated Lisbon this way, yet that she resists more than most people can resist him is what is tempering his affection for her, and will be the making of a lifelong love.

  • phoenixx

    Amazing review (well they´re always great 😉 and the comments as well.
    English isn’t my native language so sorry for any mistakes i should make.

    My fave scene was definitely Jane admitting to being a kleptomaniac,
    i laughed so hard through the whole scene (It reminded me a bit about “Something’s Rotten in Redmund” when Jane defaced the wall and mirrors in the toilet and Lisbon and him sat in the headmasters office) XD
    But worried Jane is always great and poor Lisbon has to worry so often it’s about time it’s on him now.

    Actually i just wanted to comment on the scene with Jane telling Lisbon “I was hoping it was love. You deserve happiness…” cause i thought it did make sense, after all he still doesn’t admit his feelings for her (if there are any, as a shipper i hope so and am pretty sure especially since the S4 finale, “Devil’s cherry” and of course Lorelei’s little remark.)

    But in the devil’s cherry epi he always shushed his “daughter” aka his subconscious the moment she said something about Lisbon, so he clearly avoids thinking about it – let alone admitting it.
    So it does make sense he would want Lisbon to find happiness (love),
    1. because he’s trying to push her away and therefore also making her unavailable for him which at the same time would protect her from RJ,
    (yes Lisbon is already under his radar but being in a relationship with Jane would make her a real target cause Jane would have absolutely no reason to become one of RJ “friends” if he finds happiness with someone else (not provided by RJ)
    2. how do they say? “If you truly love someone you let them go” i think that would fit quite well…again he’s trying to protect her, and after what Lorelei told him in the premiere, he’s probably even more worried about RJ going after Lisbon, so he’d rather have her with someone else. Which kind of tells RJ “see I’m not a little bit in love with her – leave her alone”.

    At the end it’s all about protection (wow could have written all of that in one line XD ) and with the whole Volker SL it even makes sense it that way.

    Then again, if she would be with someone that wouldn’t stop him from not liking it and becoming a bit jealous (and to be honest, i’d love to see jealous Jane, i’m sure his comments would be excellent)

    The thing that bugged me about that line was, what if she were in love and be dating an FBI agent, i can’t possibly think Jane would like that for her as he still doesn’t know who the RJ informant is. They had that whole story before with Grace and Craig, so how would he be happy for her if that’d be the case, i assume he didn’t think about that possibility the moment he told Lisbon.

    Oops, wrote mor than i wanted but just had to get that of my chest…
    again thanks for the brilliant review and keep the good work up. 🙂

  • rita

    Great review, I really enjoyed this episode, it was full of a fun Jane, and he worked well with the team (recently he has been ‘absent’)

    For me Volker is becoming more and more creepy and sinister, in his first episode, he was a cool good looking guy, but slowly his eyes are becoming more dead and evil……he would have made a great RJ.

    They have had a few perpetrators who have claimed that the act of killing wasn’t their fault (the one that springs to mind readily was the woman in the premier of S4 who ran the gym……she claimed it was because of a low sugar diet!!)

    I was glad that Lisbon had exhausted all legal methods of catching Volker first, it felt sort of ‘cleaner’ if you know what I mean…Jane often just goes straight for the less honest way (he sort of ignores all the ‘trivia’ and goes straight for what he wants!)

    It reminded me a bit of ‘blinking red light’….Then Jane felt he had to use Red John to get Panzer….Lisbon seemed to have used all avenues except Jane to get Volker….I am really looking forward to seeing how he does this, I guess it won’t be the playful Jane of this week. Jane doesn’t like people to be mean to Lisbon, and Volker does fall into that category.

    Great stuff, I will go and watch again to see all the things I missed!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Awesome and very well-thought review! I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂 As I don’t have much to add, really, I’ll just comment on some minor points you analyzed:

    1) about Jane and Ruben had their little chat about guilty psychiatrists and bad experiences, I immediately thought about Dr Carmen in ‘Red Badge’. Thus, the look on Jane’s face when he slowly looked at Lisbon had a different meaning for me, as Lisbon indeed had a very bad experience with her therapist. But now, I’m not so sure…

    2) ““Newly sober people tend to act out…sexually.” We finally have it in canon, people. Jane needs to get rid of his RJ obsession to get back into dating game :p” That line and the reference to trading an addiction for another made me thought about Vegas: Jane had seemed to trade his obsession for other addictions (alcohol and it was implied drugs too). And he “acted out” with Lorelei. Ewww… On the good side, that proves that Jane has an excellent instinctual knowledge of the human nature: he made his fake breakdown as credible as he could.

    3) I found very revealing the parallel that has been made between Jane/RJ/Lisbon and Lisbon/Volker/Jane. It was present in the episode where Lisbon’s nemesis was introduced, but some other aspects are hinted at, here. First, the more obvious: the inversion between Jane and Lisbon. Lisbon is getting more determined every minute and her motivation is guilt (that she explains by wanting to make things right). On the other hand, Jane is worried, he’s respectfully hovering over her (and not interfering with her decisions for what he thinks is best for her, like he did with Rigsby in ‘Blood Feud’). He even tries to convince her that she deserves happiness, the very same thing Lisbon has tried to do with him since they know each other… And there are some lines, like the “bad neightborood” that you pointed out, or like Lisbon’s “There is no way this guy is as smart and careful as Volker. I can turn him” that ring a bell, as it was basically what Jane thought and almost said about Lorelei, RJ’s weak point… Also I might be overreaching but I wonder if Volker’s “you look good” and his comment about her working out, beside being a veiled threat, weren’t a way to express a more personal and disturbing interest in Lisbon as well. After all, he found her attractive when they met, and I can’t help but thinking of RJ’s “kind of love” towards Jane as Brett put it… (Ewww again)

    I really liked this episode: the scene with Jane’s kleptomania and the way he put into his lie a bit of truth about his father was great and Lisbon’s final line made a sober but thrilling conclusion… Keep up the good work, it’s always a joy to read your in-depths analysis! 🙂

    (Sorry for using this account and not my usual one: WordPress is acting up again… 😉 )

  • bloomingviolet2013

    P wrote “I really wish the show would go in the direction of getting rid of Red John soon (this season) and then if they still feel the need for a major story arc other than Jane’s post-RJ adjustment (though I strongly believe that alone could easily fill a season or two) then bring in a new “big bad” every season, like they did on shows like Buffy and 24. I think that keeps things much fresher than 5 or 6 years of Red John. But, sadly, I know they won’t do that.”

    Actually, I, for one, hope they won’t do that, lol! 🙂 I agree that the arc about RJ is becoming annoying, at least sometimes, because Jane doesn’t seem to make any concrete progress. Still, when shows evacuate their main villain and replace him with another, I think there is often a difference in quality: it’s rather hard to find a credible and frightening “big bad”. Moreover, even if they would manage to create a new Volker or Panzer for Jane, they would be endangering Jane’s character and credibility too, as it may give the impression either that he only crosses paths with serial killers who have a fixation on him, or that Jane tends to be so obsessive that he can make it his quest to chase anyone…
    The best manner they could have chosen to evacuate RJ, at least in my humble opinion, would have been to kill him off for real when Jane shoot Carter and make the team chase what remained of his network in the following seasons. But I agree with you, it would be nice to watch “Jane’s post-RJ adjustment”: I really hope they won’t just end the show when they get to RJ.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “My theory is that he doesn’t think of himself as a good prospect for her right now, but he is still compelled to gauge her reactions, understand where she stands regarding him and other men. And how that may influence their partnership and her loyalty in the long run. He did look a bit relieved when she simply confided the updates on the Volker case.”

    My thoughts exactly. He was testing the waters. Remember what he said after being “rescued” from Lorelei: he asked “who is that guy?” about Kirkland. Now that Lisbon has taken care of showing him that she has secrets, like the hammer in her drawer, I think he was trying to get an update about if she was seeing someone or not. (And whatever that further means, it was rather sweet to see him act as a genuine friend interested in her life).

  • Raven

    “Jane’s first lines to Lisbon at the begin of the episode. When I heard it, I didn’t like his emotionless tone, but I now I find it was perfectly in character. I believe he takes interest in her love life more than he wants to admit and he does want to see her happy, even if it means seeing her with another guy (when they mentioned poker nights, I was really hoping to see Mancini!).”

    First I thought that this line was to remind us of his “love confession” at the end of season 4 and it’s implications (my shipper heart xD).
    After re-watching I was more under the impression Jane wanted to know how far Lisbon’s obsession with Volker already consumed her. My suspicions were assured by Jane telling her about his worries later. He knows too well how much it costs to hunt a dangerous seriel killer. That’s why I think he wanted to point out with “I hope it was love, you deserve happiness” that there are still pleasant things in life worthy her attention than obsession. As much as I would have wanted it I’m sure Jane’s “feelings” towards Lisbon (whether friendly or romantic) were not the priority theme here maybe a subtle secondary plot.

    I believe when it comes down Jane doesn’t need to ask Lisbon about her love life. He would already know like he did in “So Long, And Thanks For All the Red Snapper” (Jeff the nacotic guy).

    Congratulations to reviewbrain. As always a wonderful review.

  • JustMe

    I really loved the episode. So far this season, it is up there with Devil’s Cherry as far as I’m concerned with insight and humour and what I see as the best of the show.

    I think Jane is guaging Lisbon and her love life when he asks her if it’s love or Volker information. He isn’t blind to the fact that she is an attractive single woman whom many men find intriguing and these men are easily credible suitors. I don’t think Jane consciously is expecting her to wait for him to be ready but he is hoping and does a periodic check so to speak but he is also willing to let her go if it makes her happy. Probably the most mature action he can take. He still doesn’t believe he is worthy in my opinion and that is also dragging his feet to some degree.

    The case was interesting and not extremely obvious. Loved the way Cho was with Jane and it was a great role reversal of Jane and LIsbon. She was ignoring the case to some degree to chase Volker as Jane often does to chase RJ.

    I would like to point out that JANE WAS SO MATURE in his dealings with Lisbon and supportive of her without being smothering. Offering his assistance without forcing it on her. Giving her the room she needed at this time but leaving the door open for her to ask. Although not in any way overtly romantic, it was the best glimpse we’ve seen of how Jane could be in a relationship and how good he can be at it. Now I understand why Angela put up with him if this is the Jane she got in private. I hope I’m making sense.

    The dynamics of the team are great and I definitely see Cho as more understanding of Jane than the others (save Lisbon) as he seems to “get” what he is trying to do. He gives him the room he needs to do his “thing” so to speak.

    I found the Volker comment to Lisbon as very “ICKY”. As has been stated, he seems to find the fear he can instill as sexually thrilling. Sort of like the ultimate power play if he can make a woman as strong as Lisbon fear him. Eww.

    Now I’m so ready for the coming episode as I think that Jane is going to step up and the fact that in the promo, he actually physically restrains Volker, as telling. He doesn’t touch people, unless its Lisbon and those touches are affectionate, and the threat was there with Volker in the promo, albeit sublty. I don’t think this will be an episode where we get delarations of love from either but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some knowing looks between Jane and Lisbon. She may start to understand the depth of the hold she has on him and what lengths he is willing to go to for her. She may even begin to understand that what he does to get RJ is as much for her protection (as we know she is on RJ’s radar as a person VERY important to Jane) as for his revenge. What an epiphany for her to see that she is as important to him. Now if Jane got a lead on RJ during the Volker case and ignored it in favour to taking down Volker, Lisbon couldn’t sweep under the rug or dismiss how important she’s become and that is a scenario I wholeheartedly support but I doubt we will get.

  • C Hill

    pet peeve — “mate in 7”? that was mate in 4! i need to start a consultant gig to make sure people get sports/games/gaming references correct! 🙂

    the name of the scotch — ehrich. a reference of some kind? ehrich weiss was the real name of houdini??

    i thought this was a well-crafted episode. you could go back afterwards and clearly see where the clues were left.

    the “bad experience with therapy” line — jane actually had a good experience with therapy, but the later interaction was a little more challenging 🙂

    i also found the “inside your head” comment interesting both in the delivery and in the way it was taken. is jane admitting that RJ has been/is in his head or hinting at something darker with lisbon?

    interesting to see mary jane rajskub play such an “anti chloe”(from 24) character. i though she, along with all of the supporting cast, did a fine job.

    i found the directing/cinematography interesting, especially in the use of mirrors in the episode.

    finally, perhaps i’m just getting slow, but:

    1) was it implied that johanna was having an affair with charlie?
    2) how was it that jane showed up so quickly at the milk murder scene (see below)?

    other quickies:

    o jane clearly was keeping an active interest with the volker case and lisbon’s progress.
    o another well written episode — very tight and thought through.
    o agree that volker would have milk’s house “cleaned” as well
    o i wouldn’t be so sure that volker is part of a three epi arc only — and i feel pretty sure that volker/RJ will cross or become connected in some way — gut feeling.
    o the poker game. just hmmm….

    really well done review, reviewbrain. bravo!

  • reviewbrain

    Your concerns are valid, but I just want to point out that Jane being patronizing isn’t anything new; Lisbon actually tells Jane not to patronize her in one of the earlier seasons. But I think he was being honest here; which is why Lisbon didnt say anything about it. I felt it a nice development from some of the earlier episodes where Lisbon thinks he’s making fun of her when in fact he’s being serious (if you have S2 DVDs, watch episode The Thin Red Line). She knows him enough now tI know he was trying to be supportive. As to the “or your in love”; Jane’s always been nosy when it comes to Lisbon. Ignoring hus sssumptions is her usual MO, alfhough she did reply when she told him she got a warrant.

    I did feel Something Rotten in Redmund was a bit, as you say, twee; but honestly felt none of that here. Volker *is* a bit too out there in terms of evilness, but hey people like that do exist in this world; sad ( and hard to believe) as it may be.

    I can’t wait for the next episode too! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you Julie for continuing to champion Jane’s character with reasonable comments. It’s very reassuring for me whenever I have doubts about the character. Just to be clear my only concern is his tendency to make decisions based on what *he* thinks is best; which isn’t necessarily true no matter how good his intentions are. I am looking forward to see how Jane plans on “saving” Lisbon in this one. Protective Jane is a rare treat..

  • reviewbrain

    I’m an eternal optimist so I do think people can change; if they want to and are strong enough to. Lorelei was vulnerable and weak; under the influence of a better man; a different man than RJ, she might have become a saint rather than an accomplice. And Jane did make fond headway with her. But I agree people need to be accountable for their actions. Insanity or disease is far too convenient an excuse that not all people are entitled to; like Johanna in this episode.

  • C Hill

    actually, volker refers to milk’s house being “clean” in his last convo with lisbon.

    and i agree the “you’ve been working out” comment was way creepy.

  • reviewbrain

    Great comments Estatica! I agree completely here about how he likes to keep tabs on Lisbon and on how supportive he was being here. And Violet, your theory about how that may tie in with her “you only think you know everything about me” is compelling. Welcome to the blog, Estatica 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Very interesting point of you Raven. Actually, it is very believable, too, even from a friendship angle, not just as a shipper 😉

    You know, I just remembered something. If Jane here truly is advocating Lisbon to not be obsessed with revenge/guilt does that make him a hypocrite? Only a few episodes ago he helped along Rigsby take down his fathers killer (even if Rigsby Sr. Had only been collateral). So why the restraint here? Could it be Julie is right; he *does* hold her in higher regard; My fears be unfounded; he *does* think about the people he cares about when he makes their decisions for them…
    i.e. he knew Rigsby despite his sweetness needed to avenge his dad; but knows Lisbon is way too ..good? (for lack of a better word) to healthily go down that road? Is this why he alternatively advocates revenge (“works splendidly” -Red Moon) and dismisses it (“for fools and madmen”-Red Flame)?

    Yay! A silver lining!

    Cynic says no. Jane is just worried because he realizes how powerful Volker is wary about Lisbon facing him without his help.

    Cynic sucks.

  • All-I-need

    One day late but here we go:

    That episode was brilliant!

    Volker is such a creep, I can’t wait to see Lisbon slap handcuffs on him. I’m sure Lisbon can’t wait, either.

    “We finally have it in canon, people. Jane needs to get rid of his RJ obsession to get back into dating game :p”
    BWAHAHA, I laughed out loud at this one! Thank you, Reviewbrain! That was exactly what I needed to read!

    I agree with everything you said in your review, of course.

    There is one thing I’d like to point out, though:

    Jane and Lisbon working together to bring down Volker is actually the best thing that could happen to them.
    Lisbon – having exhausted the law – slowly comes around to Jane’s point of view: sometimes, you have to skirt the law to get justice.
    At the same time, the cooperation (if it turns out successful, which it hopefull will) might just make Jane realize that his chances of catching Red John are far better with Lisbon helping him, and though he is more willing to share information with her, they are not yet at the point of full disclosure. Maybe this will make him come around and they can tag-team both their perps.

    I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for that.

    I just watched the trailer and got exactly three comments:

    1. Jane and CHILDREN! YAY!
    2. Jane and Volker in the same room. FINALLY!
    3. What the hell happened to Jane’s HAIR?! Seriously, where did his glorious curls go?!

    Oh, and Lisbon absolutely rocks. The poor woman looked like she wanted nothing more than take a shower after Volker talked to her. Can’t blame her for that.

    Thank you for yet another great review! I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode already.

  • windsparrow

    Remember when Jane objected to Bertram’s assistant touching him? Putting hands on another in the way Jane did in the promo, that is such a dominance gesture…

  • reviewbrain

    I just want to remind that Jane touches people all the time; he’s actually very touchy feely; it’s part of his mentalist persona (i.e. checking peoples pulse to see if their lying, gaining their trust by patting their hands, etc.)
    And Windsparrow is right; it is a dominating gesture; although in the case with Bertram’s assistance I think Jane’s problem was PTSD after he had to suffer RJ’s hands on him in the S2 finale…

  • C Hill

    reviewbrain, i look at it more as jane trying to bring lisbon up to his level 🙂

    i don’t look at the jane/lisbon world as others do i guess. jane works the way he can — playing against those who break the law closer to their terms.

    and those who think the crew is depicted as inept without jane– well, part of that is jane. he is supposed to be holmes-like — he just makes the best crew staggeringly better. that’s the basis of one of my favorite eps,cheap burgundy, as the team spends the entire time away trying to emulate jane with less-than-successful (and humorous) results.

    and that’s what, i think, drives especially this season’s jane/lisbon relationship. he is building her up to trust herself and her “gut” more to make her a more effective investigator. (started as many have noted in “blinking red light”.

    and, yes, seeing a protective jane back should be entertaining at the very least — the results of this type of behavior in the past have been quite memorable.

  • reviewbrain

    “i look at it more as jane trying to bring lisbon up to his level”

    Oh, I have no doubt whatsoever that’s what he thinks he’s doing too 😉 I don’t mind him teaching her; and I know that stems from his respect or he wouldn’t bother. My only concern is, the same way Erica seemed to want to corrupt Jane, at times, it feels like that’s what Jane wants for Lisbon. Here, I’m referring strictly to instances where he tried to get her to break the law without ample reason and with disregard for the fact that she is an officer of the law. Though, to be fair, he seams to be getting better at this. Part of the reason why I loved this episode so much ^_^

  • windsparrow

    “On the other hand, Jane is worried, he’s respectfully hovering over her (and not interfering with her decisions for what he thinks is best for her, like he did with Rigsby in ‘Blood Feud’).”

    The thing is, Jane sees avenging family as natural but putting oneself in danger to avenge a stranger would be unnatural.

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks C for your kind words and comment.

    I don’t think the victim was having an affair; she confided in Johanna because she was her therapist. Plus she already had a boyfriend; so no 😉
    And thanks for reminding me that Jane showed up so quickly in the crime scene. I agree that he’s keeping an active interest in the case. Maybe he was listening in on the police scanner? Or maybe he decided to join Lisbon at the scene even before he found out what had happened.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Not so sure about that: he certainly found natural Rigsby’s need to avenge his father, and analysed this need in the same way he feels about revenge himself. That’s why he did give his co-worker and friend an opportunity to draw blood for blood, because it was family and family means you need closure or it would eat at you. Still, in Lisbon’s case, even though it was a stranger’s death, he could also be able to relate pretty deeply: Lisbon feels responsible for the death of someone she had endangered. If it weren’t for her meddling, Amanda would still be alive. Now, it’s a question of interpretation, but it depends on what weights Jane down the most: the grief of losing his family and needing to make some sense of their death (like Rigsby), or the guilt to have them killed because of a very badly calculated move (like Lisbon)? I’ve always bet on guilt. He may tell himself that he does what he does for his family, he really does it for himself, as “Charlotte” hinted at. Thus, he can understand Lisbon wanting to “make things right” even if that means “putting oneself in danger”. It’s not a matter of identity of the victim but of responsibility. But it’s a personal reading of course: I know I have no real argument. 😉
    I confess I also liked the idea of him respecting her ability to make decisions; I’ve been quite uneasy with what he did for (or rather to) Rigsby…

  • reviewbrain

    True, and just goes to show how amazing Lisbon is.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Or maybe it was Lisbon who was late: she had to see the judge before coming to the crime scene. Hence Jane questioning her: was she late because she was working on another pending case (Volker), or because she spent the night with a lover?

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Oops, sorry, it was not THAT crime scene, lol! Well, I guess the possibilty still counts for the beginning of the ep… Lol!!!

  • Domenic Pugliano (@FLICKSTER77)

    Hi there =DD This was a great episode! This is an excellent review.It is very well written. I think Jane is indeed torturing the shippers XD. I was not too fond of Jane`s lines in the opening scene. Although it is true that we all want to see Lisbon being happy. I am still looking forward to JISBON.XD

    I thought it was great how Jane figured out who had taken the wallet from the body.

  • Maskelyne

    Hello, everybody!!! *Grover-from-Sesame-Street-voice*
    I’ve been lurking around here since season 3, and I’ve finally mustered the courage to leave a comment. I’d like to thank everybody who contributes to this blog, because it has simultaneously answered and provoked many questions about TM, questions that would have otherwise gone unanswered or questions that otherwise I wouldn’t have ever had. Seriously, this is my first port of call the instant I finish watching an episode. So, thanks.
    What’s drawn me out of the shadows is this incessant nagging idea (call it *my* cynic, if you will) that they’re going to wrap up the Mentalist at the end of this season.
    Here is the scanty evidence I have for this theory – please, I beg you, cut it to shreds so that I may be nagged at no more by my negative subconscious.
    – American timeslot – late night Sundays. I hear CSI Miami was cancelled from that slot previously.
    – Nail-biting, pants-wetting, edge-of-the-seat-if-not-sanity season. Everyone working on the Mentalist is seriously on the ball, so much action, not really any episodes that you can call relaxing, or not adding to the overall storyline (although, of course, TM’s episodes are not guilty of this as often as other shows’ episodes). They’re packing so much into one season, the pacing is frantic in comparison to previous seasons. Why are they rushing so much? Are they trying to impress someone? Say, someone with their finger hovering over the big red button?
    – This one I’m not sure about, but does this season have a fewer number of episodes than the 23-24 episodes the Mentalist seasons usually have?
    Yeah, so, I’d like to hear what you all think. (please prove me wrong *fingers crossed*)
    P.S. About the 7-move-checkmate thing (@C Hill), I reckon that Jane was factoring in the other guy’s moves as well. Because Jane is that awesome.

  • windsparrow

    Didn’t CSI: Miami go for ten seasons, including two in the dreaded Sunday timeslot? The series finale had lower ratings than the lowest ratings The Mentalist has received after football delays. That smacks of lack of viewer interest to me. CBS is not planning on doing to The Mentalist what Fox did to Firefly.

    If bunches of Fans talk up how the show is getting cancelled, people who kinda like the show will stop watching on the grounds that they do not want to get more attached to the show. And the Network may decide to take your advice. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  • estatica

    Although one can never be 100% positive that there won’t be a new season, I am expecting at least a 6th season for the Mentalist. I don’t live in the US, but from what I’ve been reading online, it seems that even though the Mentalist is on a death slot, it’s certainly holding itself pretty well, better than other shows with better slots and despite the constant shifting in the schedule because of the sport matches. When the sports thingy ends, I expect the ratings will go even higher.

    And perhaps I’m being overly optimistic, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that if they are given the ultimatum to shut down and actually need to wrap things up quickly, Bruno and the rest of the Mentalist production will have things prepared properly so they don’t disappoint fans.

    If everything else fails, I think there won’t be petitions asking to save the show, there will be war! 😀

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “Everyone working on the Mentalist is seriously on the ball, so much action, not really any episodes that you can call relaxing, or not adding to the overall storyline (although, of course, TM’s episodes are not guilty of this as often as other shows’ episodes). They’re packing so much into one season, the pacing is frantic in comparison to previous seasons. Why are they rushing so much? Are they trying to impress someone? Say, someone with their finger hovering over the big red button?”

    Truth be told, not so much happened concretely so far this season. What do we have?
    1) In terms of suspicious characters: Alexa and the FBI team are introduced, but so far, not much progress with them, expect that Mancini is suspicious and introduced Lisbon to his poker nights, and that Alexa is suspicious too and kept an eye on Jane since he came to the Serious Crime Unit); LaRoche makes an appearance; mysterious yet charming Kirkland (no real progress); evil Volker
    2) two glimpses in the past (somewhat): Charlotte and how Jane met the team;
    3) the team: Rigsby loses his father and Cho crosses paths with Summer; Lisbon gets her own arc
    4) RJ investigation: Jane loses and tracks down Lorelei before trying to convince her

    During season 3, in the first half of the season (roughly the same numbers of episodes we are at now) we had:
    1) new suspicious character: LaRoche; O’Laughlin
    2) one glimpse in Jane’s past life: brother-in-law Danny makes his appearance (very first time we get to see who Jane really was)
    3) the team: Lisbon has a fling with Mashburn; Rigsby starts going out with other girls; Van Pelt meets O’Lauglin and they go out.
    4) RJ investigation: the case Kristina Frye comes to an end, because Styles gave Jane some information (first time); Jane is offered a gun; the mess with Todd Johnson, the mole and LaRoche;
    5) other stressful events: Jane is too troubled and starts losing his touch (‘Pink Chanel Suit); Jane is kidnapped; Jane admits his addiction.

    And in the first half of season 4:
    1) new suspicious characters: Luther Wainright; agent Darcy
    2) glimpses in Jane’s past lifes: as a psychic (‘Pretty Red Balloon’); the fugue state;
    3) the team: Rigsby gets a new girlfriend while Van Pelt suffers from PTS; Tommy and Annie are introduced; Van Pelt deals at last with her fiancé’s death; Rigsby and Sarah are expecting a baby.
    4) RJ investigation: Jane’s trial, then the mess with the new team; Jane gets Panzer killed, leading to RJ resurfacing; trouble with Agent Darcy in two episodes.

    As you can see, they are not making much *concrete* progress this season, at least not more than the previous ones. What gives you that fast-paced impression is that 1) they are always bringing up the same themes (Lorelei; Kirkland; Volker’s arc), even with some allusions, particularly with Lorelei… and 2) they are focussing on RJ. Which is understandable, since many fans are complaining that they need to deal a bit more with this topic… But i’m sure there will be more filler episodes soon to slow things down!

    Don’t worry too much, Maskelyne and just enjoy the show! 🙂

  • Maskelyne

    Thanks guys, feeling better 😀
    I promise not to post such doom and gloom in the future!

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