Mentalist Red Alert Preview (spoilers)

Hmm. I’ve seen two promos of the next episode titled Red Alert and as awesome as it looks, I have a few concerns.

1. The scene where Jane is trying to talk his way out of getting a ticket reminded me so much of when House got arrested by Vogler in “House” season three. Hopefully it’s just a comic relief scene; Jane’s argument is quite funny: “Aren’t we all part of the justice league? Do you think Batman would give Aquaman a ticket?” That had me in stitches.

2. Another bereaved husband? Really? I mean I get that it’s a theme this season but why beat a dead horse? It could have been any loved one. I hope the decision is justified.

3. Jane is in another dangerous situation. Seriously how unlucky can this man get in one season?

Other than that, the episode looks fantastic. I expect Jisbon fans will be overjoyed considering all the worry Lisbon will undoubtedly show for Jane in this situation.

But what has my expectations soaring is that IMDB tells me this episode was written by Jordan Harper; writer of season two’s  ‘Redline’, one of my all-time favorite episodes. It had so many memorable characters (including Walter Mashburn), plenty of mentalism, some Jisbon moments, and an interesting case.

Harper also really played up Lisbon’s awesomeness in that episode and if the  promos are any indication, I expect we’ll see that in ‘Red Alert’ too. As a Lisbon fan, I’m ecstatic. I’m sure Robin Tunney will rock the episode.

You can see the promos at the following links:


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2 responses to “Mentalist Red Alert Preview (spoilers)

  • All-I-need

    I completely agree with you. Can`t wait to see the episode.
    However, it was Tritter who arrested House in Season 3. Vogler was the big guy from Season 1 who wanted to turn the hospital into a research institute. But that`s just a minor detail *grin* They`re both equally bad.
    Looking forward to many more analyses.

  • reviewbrain

    You’re right, of course. I had the image of the tall white haired cop, but somehow my mind grabbed the wrong name 🙂

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