Mentalist Season five premiere review (The Crimson Ticket/Red Glass Bead)


The FBI and CBI battle over which organization will get to interrogate Red John ally Lorelie Martins (Emanuelle Chriqui). The former team’s involvement stems from them discovering, interfering, and then helping arrest the woman in an undercover mission staged by CBI consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney). Lisbon is concerned Jane is unable to maintain objectivity with Lorelie because he had been intimate with her, but  Jane is loathe to give the Feds the case especially after Red John had told him he has a friend there. CBI head Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston) tries negotiating with FBI Head Alexa Shultz (Polly Walker) into giving them Lorelie. Meanwhile, for appearances sake, the CBI team has to partner with the FBI in investigating a double homicide.

Concise Verdict

While season four’s finale The Crimson Hat was a fantastic episode, it left viewers with a lot of questions and loose ends. Season five’s premiere answers most of those so neatly and perfectly (CONTINUITY, PEOPLE!) that I was left with remarkably very little to compla-err, say about it. Other than express my relief and delight in how Bruno Heller remains as profoundly talented and capable of bringing us fantastic episodes season after season.  The writing of the Red Glass Bead felt simultaneously familiar and fresh. The same could be said to the acting, direction and music. Mentalist, you are my happy place. I have missed you so much and am so glad to have you back. 9/10.

VIS #1: Teaser: CBI meets FBI

The scene at the beginning of the episode where viewers meet the FBI was fantastically written. The FBI shows up on the crime scene because they were told to take over all Lisbon’s cases until investigation into the Serious Crime’s Unit’s actions is over. Lisbon tells them that “the brass made a deal” and that they are all back at work as normal. Agent Read Smith (Drew Powell) expresses shock that they are going to walk away after they “destroyed the career of a fine FBI Agent, caused the death of your own boss, and this one” pointing at Jane, “this one’s got assault, narcotics and fraud charges on him.”

– Continuity, how I love thee! I love how Heller acknowledged all viewers’ questions off the bat.  I for one was very annoyed when I didn’t hear that the wonderful Catherine Dent would return as a guest star this season and that we were (again) meeting new FBI agents, but this statement reassured me that the reason would be explained as, obviously, she was the agent Smith was referring to.

FBI’s (Ivan Sergei) then proceeds to ask another question viewers undoubtedly had: “How’d you get such a sweet deal?” Jane tells them “It was the FBI that messed up, not the CBI.” Cho and Rigsby are quick to concur with the latter stating that they were able to capture Lorelie in spite of the FBI’s interference.

-Kang and Yeoman’s simple “That’s right” was very funny.  Something about the way they read the line just made me smile. Or maybe I’m just so glad this show is back.

Jane points out that one of the FBI agents is very angry and riles him up before turning to leave. FBI again iterate their disbelief that the team is not in jail. Cho tells them to walk away and Smith tells him to make him. Here, Lisbon intervenes to push the two away from each other but Smith who tells her to get her hands off him. A brawl ensues between the agents.

-I love how despite the fact that Jane being the one to raise tensions; it was Lisbon who inadvertently started the fight.  I like to think that Cho and Rigsby were coming to her defense when they started the fight. After all, their love for Lisbon boss has long been established. This would add extra depth to a later scene interesting when Lisbon reams them for the fight.

VIS #2 Jane and Lisbon talk to Bertram

Jane and Lisbon go to see Gale Bertram telling him “welcome back”. Bertram tells Jane he could not be less happy to be back.

-Welcome back indeed Michael Gaston! So happy to see him. Looks like Bertram was forced back from a vacation or something to fix up Jane’s latest mess.

Jane and Lisbon sincerely thank Bertram for “fixing things”. Bertram then admonishes them for fighting with the FBI and tells Jane he is down to his last chance, which he was only given because “getting rid of you now would be evidence of a scandal we are trying so hard to conceal.”

-Thank you, Heller for explaining why Jane wasn’t just fired after this latest fiasco. Building on Bertram’s pragmatism (which was established way back in season three) it makes perfect sense that the official would rather cover up the mess as he’s always been wary of a media frenzy.

VIS #3 Jane, Lisbon, and Red John’s FBI Friend

Jane and Lisbon argue over RJ was telling the truth that he has a friend in the FBI. Lisbon thinks he was lying and Jane insists RJ was pulling a double bluff, wanting them to think he’s lying when he’s actually telling the truth. When he asks Lisbon why she’s so insistent that RJ is lying Lisbon replies:

“Because I would like to feel solid ground under my feet. I would like to trust somebody or something. You with your wheels within wheels…..”

Lisbon drifts off when she realizes that sometime during her speech Jane took off, then continues on to say “you’re driving me nuts.”

-It’s no surprise Jane took off here. The scene is continuity on how Jane is impatient with and doesn’t bother to tolerate what he perceives as Lisbon’s inconvenient emotions. It makes a later scene, where he acknowledges Lisbon’s frustration that much sweeter…

VIS #4 Lisbon is Boss

When Lisbon returns to the office, Rigsby asks her where the FBI are. When she tells him they are pursuing other inquiries He says “sweet” and fist-bumps Cho. Lisbon then launches into the following tirade:

“Listen to me, the FBI is a fine organization and they are our partners. We need to work with them. They deserve our respect and our trust. Am I clear!”

Tough Teresa how I love thee. How I missedthee. Now I realize her rant her was possibly indirectly venting due to her frustrations (not the least of which are due to Jane) but I’ll take emotional frustration from her any way I can get it. Also, Lisbon was always a bit terse with her colleagues (see season one) so it’s not like her snap her is out of character. And while she takes a moment to rein herself in afterwards, her anger is totally legitimate as is shown by her later statement “You two go canvas the crime scene like you should’ve instead of fighting with the FBI”. Cho and Rigsby, appropriately chastened, follow orders.

VIS #5 Jane and Lisbon talk about Lorelie

After the FBI grants the CBI permission to talk to Lorelie, Jane asks Lisbon not to listen in on his interrogation, saying that he needs to tell her truthfully that they are alone.

-I think Jane’s request stemmed from the fact that he knew Lorelie would be able to tell that he was lying. Also, I think he knew he’d say things which might concern her, and wanted to spare her that.

-Lisbon agrees.

It’s very interesting to me that Lisbon was able to lie to Jane. Reminds me of the season three premiere (which I adored) and reassures me that she’s not just blindly following his instructions (a la season four). Hopefully this keeps up…

Lisbon warns Jane to be careful and not get pulled into Lorelie’s game. Jane feigns ignorance and makes a joke until Lisbon finally tells him: Go ahead, laugh.  But she’s practically the first person since your wife that you’ve, you know. Jane’s response is an exaggerated “Oh”.

-I think Jane here is as impressed as I am that Lisbon actually brought up his relationship with Lorelie. But her next sentence has a decidedly different affect on him.

Lisbon tells Jane “It wouldn’t be surprising if you had feelings for her.”

-I find it interesting that Lisbon’s assumption of Jane’s character, and how seriously he takes intercourse is not all that different than mine. It’s gratifying to say the least. After all, neither us can be blamed for thinking that considering he’s been celibate since he’s wife died. Jane’s response?

“She’s a stepping stone to red John. I knew that from the beginning I don’t have any feelings for her.”

-Lisbon gives Jane a look, like she doesn’t know what to do with that information. Or it could just be I’m projecting. Seriously, Jane’s words make complete sense. After all, he’s sacrificed (almost) everything else to find RJ, why not his body? On the other hand a part of me still went “sure Jane, if you say so” after he his statement. Regardless of whether Jane knew who Lorelie was when he slept with her, I find it very interesting how firmly he stated that he feels nothing for Lorelie.

VIS #6: Jane interrogates Lorelie

When Jane goes to talk to Lorelie she asks him why he works at the CBI: “Why do you bother. You’re trying to hold back the tide with a broom. I think, you do it to be close to Teresa Lisbon. I think you’re a little bit in love with her.”

-The music just swelled at this point, right and left, like a fly, teasing. Titillating. What’s even better was having Lisbon listening in on the conversation, despite telling Jane that she wouldn’t.

Jane chuckles and tells Lorelie that he does it to pass the time, before offering to do anything for Lorelie if she’ll help him with Red John. Lorelie asks him to kiss her. Jane asks what that would prove and when Lorelie calls him out on not doing her bidding he gives her a lingering kiss before telling her that he wants her out of prison, help her start a new life if she lets him get Red John. Lorelie tells him to see her again in the evening after she gets a chance to think.

-I think on some level Jane recognizes that Lorelie is jealous of Lisbon. What I’m wondering if anyone will ever raise the issue of whether that puts her in danger of RJ or not. It could be why Jane conceded and kissed Lorelie. It seemed to be him reassuring her that he feels more for her than he does his boss. Why else would she have requested the gesture? As to Jane’s response that he works at CBI to “pass the time”, that much is true and he’d said as much in season two’s premiere, but I think we can all agree that his affection for his boss, the whole team for that matter, is another reason. Him being in love with Lisbon? Well, lets just say that if Jane thought Lorelie is clever enough to read him lying to her about their talking alone, enough to ask Lisbon not to listen in on them, then that entails she’s clever enough to figure out how much Jane feels for Lisbon.

VIS #7 Lisbon Confronts Jane

On his way to his perch, Jane is stopped by Lisbon who asks him if he’s crazy. Jane is confused until she tells him: “I told you to be careful, I told you not to go over the edge!” Jane, bemused, is quick to rebut: “And I told you not to listen,” to which Lisbon snaps back “Don’t be childish, I am not your girlfriend, I’m an officer of the law. How can I not listen?”

-I just have to say how much I love Lisbon’s response here. It’s nice to see her remember her position within the CBI framework, not just as Jane’s friend. And I love how surprised he was that she didn’t do his bidding. Lisbon has been degraded to practically being Jane’s lackey so it’s nice to see she still has a mind of her own.

Lisbon goes on to tell Jane: “You kissed her, you offered to help her escape.” Jane explains “And I would ask her to marry me if I thought she’d buy it, I was playing her.” Lisbon vehemently replies “She’s playing you. We should’ve given her to the feds.

-I have to point out I was as confused as Jane seems to be here that he needs to explain himself to Lisbon. But Lisbon’s concern hints that she didn’t believe Jane when he told her he doesn’t feel anything for Lorelie. Also, her reaction is downright legitimate if one takes into consideration the last time Jane tangled with with a beautiful woman. Lets not forget that Jane never answered Lisbon’s question that time on if he’d known (i.e. intentionally let) Erica would escape. That could very well account for her fear here.

VIS #8 Jane asks Lisbon to not stand in his way.

When Jane goes to once again talk to Lorelie, Lisbon tells him that they haven’t resolved their issue. That one call to Bertram would put a stop to Jane’s interaction with the woman. Jane asks her “Please don’t do that” and tells that he’s sure he can turn Lorelie. Lisbon nods and Jane thanks her with a pat on the shoulder.

-It’s nice to see Lisbon asserting her authority, and to have it actually mean something again. I mean, I love them at friends but for the sake of realism we need the fact that Lisbon is Jane’s boss to actually be hinted at; for principle’s sake.

VIS #9  Jane apologizes to Lisbon

This was my favorite scene in the episode. Mr. Heller is a very sneaky person. Without having the characters really say anything, he conveys the fact that Jane acknowledges the many emotional undercurrents in their relationship that were strained due to what he had to do to get to Loralie. Also, that Jane values his and Lisbon’s relationship enough to try smooth things over, despite the risk said emotions have of interfering with his investigation. Then there’s Tunney’s fantastically wry delivery…

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain October, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

Speaking of which, what do you suppose is Lisbon’s top issue?

Icings on the cake

I like the continuity that FBI boss is a woman.

There were a lot of Season one vibes going on, which I loved: Jane being only a moderate jerk (alas, losing Loralie, I’ll expect he’ll be back to full blown Jerk by next episode, Lisbon’s gorgeously natural styling, her season one bite (which, again I hope lasts, but suspect  Jane’s apology will have her back to her mellower self). Anyway, any reminders of that precious first season always make me happy. They were all fantastic but that was the one which started it all.

About Darcy; the exposition that she had a break down after shooting Luther was nicely done. Very realistic considering how she and Wainwright were on good terms. And her character had been so well developed, her passion for her job, that it’s possible she felt guilty that her zeal, desire to be a good agent is what brought him down.  I just have to say I would love if she were brought back to the show at some point. She really grew on me.

I LOVED the story Bertram came up with for the press as to how the operation had gone down between the CBI and the FBI. Also loved how the CBI agents had to go back to work to add credibility to the story; they can’t very well have been suspended for “good work” on a “joint operation” could they? Really very nicely done bringing back the status quo.

J/L car discussions. After Red Moon, Jane and Lisbon’s car scene discussion have become something I always associate with Heller, although it was Jordan Harper who first used the method back in Season two.

Honorable Mentions

Direction by Randy Zisk: Love how the episode started on Jane’s face looking at Lorelie through the two way mirror. Her small smiles as she was being processed show that she knew Jane was watching her. The scene where Jane interrogated Lorelie with Lisbon listening in was also beautifully staged.

Best Lines

“Woman can strangle people.” – Lisbon. Love the subtext here. Doesn’t take much to imagine who Lisbon pictures herself strangling.

“I know I can.” Grace, in response to the above. Rightetti’s timing and reading of this line was beautifully funny.

“Your temples are pulsing like some weird undersea creature. If that’s not anger you should see a doctor.”

“Don’t be childish, I am not your girlfriend, I’m an officer of the law. How can I not listen?”-Lisbon, to Jane.

“For what? There’s a long list of possibilities.” Lisbon, in reply to Jane’s apology. So true.

Pet Peeves

-I wish someone would have brought up FBI Agent Craig O’Laughlin, and how he was secretly one of RJ’s allies as in relation to why the case should be kept at CBI. Conversely, when Jane says that at FBI Lorelie will either escape or be killed I immediately remembered all of RJ’s people (Todd Johnson, Rebecca) who were killed at CBI and I wished the FBI would have used that argument to counter.

-Another RJ lead is lost in the wind. Is anyone else as unsurprised as I am? I really wish this plot line would have ended with  Strawberries and Cream. It would have been a fantastic send off, and Bradley Whitford was perfect. What a waste. All I can hope is that the real face off will be even better (not a tall order, considering how talented Heller is). But I’m honestly bored with RJ plot, have been for a while now.


I’m waiting on who new CBI head would be. I’d love for any of the previous heads to come back, but it would make most sense if it was Hightower. Enough time has passed for her to have resolved whatever legal issues could have been stopping her from returning. Also, now that Red John’s statement that he has a friend in the FBI seems completely true, it raises some questions:

-Was Loralie’s fear when the FBI took her genuine? It certainly seemed so. Was she in fact ready to talk, like Todd Johnson was, and thought she was going to get killed?

-Gale had said at the press conference that as part of the FBI and CBI’s deal, “One of our operatives had criminal charges fabricated against him to go undercover. We apologize to the public for that deception.”  Since RJ has someone at the FBI, he knows about the deal between the CBI to cover up the botched operation. But what will RJ make of Gale’s words that Jane charges were fabricated? Will he realize that Jane’s breakdown had been the start of a ruse on Jane’s part, or will he assume that Jane came up with the plot after RJ contacted him?

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61 responses to “Mentalist Season five premiere review (The Crimson Ticket/Red Glass Bead)

  • P

    Love the review, it was very thorough and thought provoking, I started reading your reviews part way through last season and became hooked! I was, however, somewhat disappointed with the episode, and trying to pin down exactly why. I think part of it is that I agree with you that the Red John plot line should have ended with Strawberries and Cream. I know Heller has promised major developments this season, but I am honestly getting to the point where I almost don’t care who RJ is…I just want it to be over. This just doesn’t really hold my interest anymore, and the thought of several more Lorelei/Red John episodes does not make me enthusiastic. Red John has so many powerful connections and knows so much and is always so many steps ahead of everybody, that I am starting to think he must have some evil super powers. An ordinary man just won’t cut it. It would be much more interesting to me to see how / if Jane adapts to life after Red John. I fear we may only get to see a glimpse of that in the series finale. I hope I’m wrong.

    Another thing that I realized is that for the first time Jane REALLY annoyed me. Of course he has done annoying things in prior seasons, but I felt his deliberate provocation of the FBI and general snarkiness with them and even Lisbon at times was just too childish and over the top. I actually disliked him at times in this episode, and that is a first for me. And while I love the edgier Lisbon and hope she stays, I hate the fact that she appears to be jealous (at least to me). Beginning last season, it seems to be clear that she has some romantic feelings towards Jane, while his feelings in general (with the notable exception of Crimson Hat) are harder to read. I really hope the whole season isn’t Lisbon being jealous of Lorelei while Jane plays it cool. And, like Lisbon, I suspect Jane does have some feelings for Lorelei, which is incredibly disturbing considering that she is an ally of the man who killed his wife.

    While I did very much appreciate them addressing the issue of how they were not all suspended with Jane in jail, I just don’t find the explanation plausible, While I know government cover-ups do happen in real life, it just seems too many people know the truth of what happened in Crimson Hat for this cover-up to be viable, For example, the new FBI agents (Mancini and partner) weren’t even involved and they know the details. Most likely the whole FBI does. I feel like in reality, Bertram would have sacrificed Jane, Lisbon and the team (or at least just Jane)to save his own skin. And if they did cover it up, do you really believe they would let Jane interrogate Lisbon alone considering their sexual history? I just can’t.

    I am not sure about this season. I’ve watched for 4 years, so I’ll give it some time to develop. But I think I’m putting the show on probation.

  • Ann

    I don’t know why but I feel like Lisbon is going to have some breakdown this season. I’m glad that she is angrier, I didn’t like her blindly following Jane. After what he did (run off for 6 months) it’s probably normal that she don’t trust him, I know that he cares on some level but I’m dissapointed that he don’t show it. Like this thing with the FBI when he send them with fake suspect. I think he did it because Lisbon wanted them to wanish but he promised to not do anything like that before, and I think that he had to know that if FBI found out that it was him who played them, Lisbon would have some problems because she is the team leader. Also the scene on the start odf the episode with the fight he is like “oops ok see you later bye”. And this apology, well I was dissapointed come one Lisbon did everything to help him and he comes up with “I’m sorry. End”.

    I’m interested what he will be like in this episodes with Lisbon chasing “her own RJ”. If he will be as supprosting as Lisbon.

    At the end I just wanna say that I’m glad my favourite show is back. Saddly I’ve seen that rantings are going lower, and I can’t do enything to help them because I don’t live in USA. I know that they are supposed to film at last another season but do you think, if the rantings will be lower they will cancel the show?

  • Hallie

    Loved this review. You’re always insightful and eloquent in these. 🙂

    My immediate thoughts post-reading:

    When Cho defended Lisbon, it was made explicit that this is what set him off because, when Lisbon put a hand on the FBI agent’s arm to calm him, he violently shoved it off and when Cho lunges at him you can hear him say,”Get your hands off of her!” Guess that was the straw that broke the Carmel’s back. LOL

    And I agree: I love it when the boys look out for their boss.

    Agree about Bruno’s wonderful writing, he made me laugh, and intrigued, and happy and curious, etc. the entire time. And the continuity, as you pointed out was great too.

    Robin’s delivery of the, “you’re driving me nuts” line was perfect and perfectly hilarious.

    I like Lisbon being strong and the boss, I don’t want her to be spineless either, but I also love how quickly she’ll be there for Jane and help him out, a la “Cheap Burgundy”. I don’t want either extreme to be honest, I don’t want her to be angry and snappy too much because I like her sense of humor and her calm, strong leadership too. I’d like a nice balance between the two.

    I wonder truly what his motivation was for asking her not to listen? I agree he was trying to protect Lisbon (which I liked) but do you really think she’d know if he lied? I mean, he lied about getting her a deal, too (something he had no authority to do) so if she can tell when he lies to her, couldn’t she tell then too?

    I also think it’s interesting you think Lorelei is jealous of Lisbon. I’m not sure if I’m convinced of it yet, but it is a very plausible and intriguing theory. I certainly wonder why she needed a kiss from Jane, and that fits in with your theory. Plus, we know she and RJ definitely have her on their radar. It be implausible if they didn’t, frankly, given how close Jane & Lisbon are. I found it interesting that she brought up why he stayed there and his feelings for her. Which also gives some weight to your theory. I do think Lisbon is jealous of Lorelei and that perhaps this might go to her, discovering feelings, as Bruno said about her this season. I loved, Lisbon’s reaction faces during the interview, on a lighter note. Especially when Lorelei asked him to kiss her. LOL

    Agree with loving the Jane/Lisbon car conversations. Bruno just writes their interactions and dialogue so well. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the car conversations, the hotel banter, and even the argument post-Lorelei interview. What can I say, the guy just has a great knack for writing and writing them in particular-lucky for us. 😉

  • Hallie

    Jane and Lisbon have a sexual history? O.o J/K

    I understand what you mean about Red John’s storyline. I am not to the point of quitting at all, but it seems a LOT of people have grown weary of it. And while I don’t find it tiresome as some, I am very interested in the idea of how Jane would cope, post-Red John and what any of his minions might do because of his death (if it were just him being captured, we know he’d get out so it wouldn’t have the resonance or satisfaction that his death would have for the audience, IMO).

    I disagree somewhat about his feelings. He has been very protective of her throughout the series and he let’s her in and trusts her more than anybody, cares when she’s upset and typically tries to cheer her up, and when she’s in danger (like the bomb incident in ‘Red All Over’ or when she was shot in ‘Strawberries and Cream’ he was visibly shaken). But I do think he’s been less expressive of it than she has recently and he’s due. I mean, yeah, he said he loved her, but denied remembering it later; he made sure she got her job back in last season’s premiere, but she did a lot more things last season to put the words he uttered into action than he seemed to and he did leave her for six months worried sick about him. So I think it would be very satisfying if maybe in the Lisbon arc this season, he showed he cared too and was there for her. It could also be interesting if done right. Lisbon is usually his calming force, and saves him, etc. but who’s going to be Lisbon’s “Lisbon” when she goes off on her own Jane-like quest? If it’s Jane it could be quite amusing and fresh to see the role reversal. Plus, remember that TVG blurb that implied he would be jealous of Mancini catching Lisbon’s eye – so she won’t be the only one jealous.

    I also don’t think he has feelings for Lorelei, because I think he has feelings for Lisbon and because not only would it be lame if he fell for a psychopath who tried to harm him and the only person he really has left in this world, but he was pretty clear about not having feelings for her. This was backed up for me in “Crimson Hat” when, after she revealed she worked for Red John and he kicked her out of his room, after a beat, he grinned broadly. If he had truly fallen for Lorelei, he would’ve been crushed to find she worked for him, and would still be crushed (you don’t just fall out of love that quickly) and he wouldn’t have hesitated in giving her that kiss, thinking no one was listening.

    Of course, this is all MO.

  • hardly_loquacious

    Loved the episode for pretty much the same reasons you did. I adore that strong Lisbon is back. I hope angry Lisbon sticks around, because I totally agree, she at least needs to have some kind of genuine authority. I’m all for friends, but they’re not really friends if Jane just pushes her around and she does whatever he says. I really hope this is a sign of things to come.

    Also, it hadn’t really occurred to me that Lorelei might be jealous of Lisbon. I’m not entirely sure that she is; I think she’s probably just playing Jane, but it’s definitely an intriguing possibility.

    And hee to that litany of possibilities for things that Jane could be apologizing for.

  • All-I-need

    I loved the episode, too!

    The continuity made me think of you immediately, Reviewbrain. And I`d like to say that I really missed those episode discussions, as well.

    Now, my take on some of the issues raised:

    Angry Lisbon: well, she definitely has the right to be angry. Jane left, didn´t answer her calls and then simply expected her to go along with his crazy plan – and after scaring the heck out of her with his drinking and setting the files on fire and burying a man alife, no less! Now add a (maybe only small) dose of jealousy to the mix and you`ve got a very angry Lisbon. Maybe she`s also confused about her own emotions – Jane was gone for six months and we all know she missed him and then he came back and said “love you” only to then pretend he doesn`t remember and then she learns he slept with Lorelei? I can see how Lisbon would be confused and frustrated and channel that through anger.
    Lisbon is said to discover her feelings for Jane this season – being angry certainly is a pretty strong feeling and she`ll have to deal with the reasons for that sooner or later.

    Darcy: More continuity here! The breakdown is absolutely believable, she genuinely appeared to like Wainwright and if she had stopped questioning the Panzer murder, Wainwright would very likely still be alive (or killed by Red John in some other way, just because).

    Lorelei`s disappearance: That was definitely the FBI`s doing. They simply don`t want to give her back, court order or no. Switching her for another inmate called Lorelei was sneaky – obviously the court order wouldn`t specify which one, so basically they held up their end of the deal. The whole disappearance would be a better plot line if we didn`t already know that Lorelei is going to stick around for a few more episodes (and personally, I`m hoping for another death here. I simply don`t like her).

    Lorelei and Jane:
    Though Jane developing feelings for an associate of his wife`s murderer would definitely be gross, let`s not underestimate the effect breaking his celibacy with her must have on him. I agree with both Lisbon and Reviewbrain that he considers sex as something intimate with feelings involved. Even if he was fully aware that she is Red John`s girl when he slept with her, he still would not be a 100% able to ignore the fact that she is the first woman he`s with since Angela. That is bound to have an effect on him. Guilt for “betraying” her, more guilt for it being with a Red John associate of all people, disgust (with himself and probably also her) and most likely uneasiness at the thought of having to keep playing the enamored guy in order to weasle information out of her. I don`t doubt that he hates her and the fact that he had no choice but to sleep with her (at least from his POV) but he also can`t help the emotional connection he now has with her.

    Lorelei, on the other hand, appeared genuinely afraid when the FBI came to take her away – she was in the car when RJ said he had a friend in the FBI and she definitely believed him. Apart from that, I think she can`t help but trust Jane. He told her no one was listening and he was completely honest with her – he simply did not know Lisbon was listening. He kissed her when she asked him to, he promised her a new life in exchange for information … right now, he is establishing himself as her only friend in a place where she is surrounded by enemies (read: cops/agents).
    Seeing as several sources say Jane and the audience will learn a lot about Red John in the upcoming episodes, I am guessing she can`t help but come to trust him.

    On another note: wasn`t the episode actually called “The Crimson Ticket”? Though it does seem strange to have “Crimson” in two episode titles in a row.

    Also, did anyone else get the feeling that the murder case was not really necessary and only there to serve as a boxing ring (literally!) for FBI and CBI? The episode was so packed with action and information that the case fell pretty much on the wayside.

    As a conclusion, all I can say is that I`m really glad the summer break is over and I can`t wait to see the next episode, for obvious reasons.

    Also, I`m still very much interested in the Red John arc – it is the red thread leading through all seasons, after all. That doesn`t mean I don`t love the non-RJ-related episodes, though. In fact, I very much hope we will get to see at least half a season of post-RJ someday, preferably even a whole season.

    Thank you for yet another great episode review, Reviewbrain! And thanks to Chizuru_chibi for the brilliant artwork, I absolutely love everything she draws.

  • windsparrow

    “When Cho defended Lisbon, it was made explicit that this is what set him off because, when Lisbon put a hand on the FBI agent’s arm to calm him, he violently shoved it off and when Cho lunges at him you can hear him say,”Get your hands off of her!” Guess that was the straw that broke the Carmel’s back. LOL”

    I had the strong impression that Cho’s protectiveness of Lisbon was ramped up even more due to all Jane put her through, like since he cannot stop Jane from hurting her, he will for certain sure see to it no one else hurts Lisbon. That could, of course, be me projecting a bit, but the thought just sits so comfortably in my head.

  • Hallie

    I love Cho and think this would be very sweet if that were part of his motivation.

  • violet

    I was dying to read your review, thanks for posting it so quickly! Good work! 🙂
    I really liked your analysis of Lisbon’s reaction, particularly the parallel with Erica. Very accurate. As far as we know indeed, Lisbon still has her doubts concerning Jane and Erica. There may be jealousy/ insecurity in the situation with their new prisoner, mixed with a worry for Jane slipping into dangerous territory, like there was with the former matchmaker.

    There is also some ambiguity between Lorelei and Jane. Lorelei may very well be jealous of Lisbon indeed and her messing with Jane can be read in different ways: does she want to seduce Jane to her cause to take him from Lisbon’s influence (hence the way she rubbed the “lover” in her face last season)? And if so, is she jealous of Lisbon because 1) RJ seems to have a certain respect for her – she did say that she had heard a lot about her during her first interrogation- or 2) because Jane feels affection for her? In another words, is the competition directed towards RJ’s attentions or Jane’s? Moreover, the scene can also be read as her testing Jane: would he lie about his feelings for Lisbon or not? To what extent is he sincere and what is he ready to do? Confronting him head on about those never spoken about feelings is a good way to evaluate his reaction and see what to make of him. Either way, Lisbon was right, she was playing with him, if she weren’t she wouldn’t have asked for a kiss seconds after claiming he was in love with another woman.

    It’s very interesting that Jane is ready to use the same bond of affection/ physical intimacy/ emotional connection than her to get to her. He lets her to believe that he cares for her, that he’s willing to help her. And this is exactly the same offer RJ made in the finale: a new life, a new identity, friendship and the possibility of love, with one condition, to betray the closest person to Jane/ Lorelei, that’s to say respectively Lisbon and RJ… Maybe Lisbon realized there was a definite possibility that Lorelei would recognize the deal and wouldn’t fall for it…

    Also, I also really think Jane has feelings for Lorelei too. Not necessarily love, but attraction and affection to some extent. You’re right, the intimacy is bound to have forged a connection in Jane’s mind, given how lonely he is. And he can relate to her: she’s clever, smart and manipulated by RJ. That could have been him if RJ hadn’t murdered his family, he could have fallen under his influence, like he worked for his manipulative father years ago… Moreover, he’s proven that he was attracted to a certain type of women, who resemble him: Erica, Kristina, both were amoral (even Kristina who had sex with the lover of a woman who trusted her), intelligent, confident and manipulative. And Lorelei may be working for his archenemy, she didn’t kill anyone that we know of, she even showed regrets before trying to cut off his finger. Ok, she did ask for Lisbon’s head, but she didn’t try to kill her herself, it was up to Jane. There *might* be something to save in her: she’s not the evil, she just works for him and that may make a slight difference in Jane’s peculiar criteria and morality… In fact, there has been a tension between two types of women around Jane lately: those that he admires because they are “better than [him]”, for instance Angela and Teresa, and the others, who are like him, who he can understand and relate to. It’s quite revealing in that aspect that he tries actively to make Lisbon more like him, boosting up her intuition to the point that she began using his methods when he’s not around…
    So yeah, Jane in love with Lorelei would be disturbing, but I realize that him feeling something for her in spite of himself because of their past adds a layer of humanity to his character, something like vulnerability, a loneliness that he doesn’t acknowledge and makes him someone better than just a jerk who is willing to use his body or others’ emotions indifferently to get what he wants.

    Some little things to add:

    1) You’re right, there is a strong season one vibe in this ep. But it also reminded me of S2 by some aspects. That new team who doesn’t trust Jane and the team and wants to take the RJ case from him? That’s a variation of the plot used with Bosco. Even Mancini is the same kind of guy, a straight cop without patience with Jane’s antics (and far more petulant and violent. That scene with the red bead was very amusing. 😉 )

    2) I was almost surprised that the team accepted him back so easily after their comments in ‘The Crimson Hat’.

    3) At the same time, Jane seems to have reversed to his old self and indeed seems to try to smooth things down. He tries to joke with the team, to build back trust with Lisbon (talking to her about Lorelei; using that “magic” he told her she loved to make the FBI agents disappear and apologizing to her). He also worked the case efficiently and thanked Bertram. In spite of pissing off the new team, he did his best to get back a semblance of normalcy.

    4) Lorelei also seems to have reversed to the persona she used to seduce him: she claims to enjoy her peace, like she claimed her faith at the bar; she tries to build (false) trust by talking about his feelings/ his life, like she did when they met; she pretends to want his trust and his friendship, like she brought on the link she felt with him at the motel. And the kiss of course, resuming her whole seduction on him.

    5) Like All-I-Need, I found that the case could have been handled better. I understand that separating it from the various tensions between agents was certainly meant to enhance said tensions by contrast in a “normal case/ abnormal situation” logic, but still it was a tiny bit unsatisfying… Nevertheless, I liked that they managed to give two interesting connotations to the case: the fact that a kiss may not mean love (noted by Jane in response to Lisbon’s doubts about his own kiss to Lorelei) and the fact that a cop was the murderer, enhancing Jane’s affirmations that there may be another mole. This old trick of associating some aspects of the murder with the characters’ dilemna felt familiar, that was nice. Moreover, Jane was at the top of his game: he took the victim’s photography and the bracelet beforehand with the goal to implant them to create false suspects. He even probably put the red glass bead in Mancini’s pocket in front of the elevator, when they were taking Lorelei out of the CBI headquarter… Great presence of mind!

    6) This new FBI lady may very well have been O’Laughlin’s boss, don’t you think? That would be interesting… Speaking of which, who do you think could be the mole? I would suspect spontaneously the second FBI agent, because Mancini was too confrontational with Jane (the previous moles never were). Jane also made an interesting point: RJ’s accomplices might need to have a mean to recognize another one, since they seem to be working in solo (Todd/ Craig). But couldn’t they be sometimes working in team? Meaning there might be more than one this time… I’d really like that they deal with RJ a bit more efficiently too: the dragging up is indeed a little grating…

    Chizuru Chibi’s drawing really cracked me up! So funny and cute! Jane running away trough the countryside with a bundle in a red handkerchief was really hilarious!

    (My comment is pretty jumbled up, sorry for that, I’m in a rush…)

  • julie

    Loved the review. I did reply yesterday on my phone but it didn’t publish. I that this was a very good episode. Heller had warned that we would see a darker Jane this season and he certainly delivered in this episode. Jane was very naughty and I love naughty Jane. I don’t think he actually wanted to cause a fight though – unlike in season 2. He has Lorelei and he will do anything to keep her and have access to her – something that Betram recognized.
    In the opening scene where Jane is looking at Lorelei behind the mirror was not the face of a man who has deep feelings for this woman. I believe he mainly sees her as a means to red john, there may be some residue of feeling there after all she does make good eggs but then she did try to cut off his fingers.
    I think Jane bought the bracelet purposefully for how it was used as he didn’t believe that the FBI had folded so easily. In past episodes it can be seen how Jane lays foundations long before we see how the story is going. Some of them I only catch after multiple viewings.
    A friend feels that Jane may have Lorilei and that was the reason for the apology. I don’t know if that is true but it would be a great twist.
    Simon and Robin are approaching perfection in their scenes together, they are a joy to watch. I went to watch a musical once that included the two major stars of the West End and it was well into the show before their big scene together and the difference in standard of performance and ease with each other and the material during that scene stood out markedly and I get the same experience watching Simon and Robin in their scenes together.
    The two instances where Jane played a con on the FBI agents could be a way of cementing him back into the team. Rigsby and Cho were definitely appreciative of his antics.
    It was great to have angry Lisbon back and I know it will be toned down a bit next week – at least against Jane – but hopefully it won’t wipe it out completely.
    I think Jane has shown he cares for Lisbon in the same ways as Lisbon shows she cares for Jane, by being there for her whenever she has been in trouble. He may cause her problems but he sees that as just getting the job done and is part of the package of having him on the payroll. But I think especially up to the finale of season 4 they each have shown care and have pulled away.
    I am looking forward to this season it will be nice to have some movement on Red John and to see what that does to Jane. I am not tired of Red John and feel he is important to Jane’s road to redemption which cannot be rushed. In a radio interview Bruno Heller said that they had to make Red John a larger than life nemesis to compete with Jane’s intelligence,
    Loved all the Jane/Lisbon scenes and agree with your favourite lines but also have another one from Lisbon

    “Another mortal enemy made, congratulations”

    Loved the artwork and it is sooo good to be back.

  • julie

    Had to come back as I forgot about the hug! That was so funny, seeing Jane practically begging for help to be let out. She was hugging the stuffing out of him and who can blame her. It was a 52 million dollar (hopefully remembered the correct amount) hug!

  • Sid

    “I like to think that Cho and Rigsby were coming to her defense when they started the fight. ”

    Rigsby didn’t start the fight. I thought it was pretty clear. Lisbon went to separate them, the fat FBI idiot took offense, and Cho was defending his boss. Rigsby then went after the other agent, but only after Cho/Lisbon had gotten their part underway.

    Jane did his usual bit prodding the maniac, but he was stating the truth. The FBI agent just looked like someone ready to explode at any moment. He could barely suppress his rage.

    As for Loralei escaping, that of course was to be expected. It was either that or kill her off. As everyone knows, anyone they ever captured who might have real information on Red John quickly is killed off/escaped. The best they ever got was Rosalind.

    That was why I didn’t understand how Jane allowed her to brush him off. Didn’t he expect something would happen? Either Bertram would screw it up or the FBI would (or she’d die). He couldn’t expect for them to continue to have her in custody. The same thing happened with the inmate Jane rescued. Jane let him postpone it, with the guy promising “he’d sing like a bird” later. He didn’t want to talk in the prison yard. Naturally he escaped and then died. Jane did chat a little with Rebecca, but he could’ve tried for more before she inevitably died soon after being taken into custody.

    As for Red John and the FBI, I thought it was obvious he had to have someone there. Look at the history of the show.

    “I like the continuity that FBI boss is a woman.”

    I missed this. Why was it continuity?

    Finally, it strains belief for the FBI to blame the CBI. Darcy interfered with an ongoing investigation, and murdered Wainwright. She was clearly shooting to kill. It’s the CBI’s fault that she did that? Her actions in the finale boggle the mind. But of course the FBI won’t take any responsibility for their agent (who evidently had a lot of authority).

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for pointing this out Hallie. I hadn’t managed to catch what Cho said and didn’t want to assume this is what set him off cause it felt too much like (good) fanfic for me to be true XD.

    Thank you for your kind praise and welcome to the blog 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks Sid for essentially pointing out the same thing Hallie did albeitly in a more insulting manner. I shall attempt to not dissapoint you with my dimness in the future. As to Darcy, her actions were perfectly legitimate considering the fact that She knew Jane was lying about RJ being dead, the fact that she suspected him of working for him, and that she figured out that Rigsby’s death was fake. The team’s own boss Wainwright had given her the go ahead to take Jane down so she was more than within her rights.
    As to FBI defending those rights, you can chalk it up to loyalty to a fallen comrade and the fact that the final arrest had been made by the FBI. RJ’s friend is an important catch so it makes sense they’d want credit for it.
    FBI boss: Craig O Laughlin stated in season three that his boss was a woman when he explained why he was following Rigsby and Grace the first time they met; she told him too. This is why Alexa Shulz might be a viable suspect of being RJ’s ally.

  • Cece

    Let me preface this by saying that I managed to get obsessed with The Mentalist over the summer thanks to TNT’s constant marathons, which led me here. I have loved reading all (yep, read ’em all) the marvelous in-depth reviews and am excited to finally get to read and reply in ‘real time’ as it were.

    I found this episode to be so invigorating, especially compared to last year’s premiere. Scarlet Ribbons seemed as though it was the writers’ attempt to sweep the events of the season 3 finale under the rug, whereas The Crimson Ticket was the writers showing us the FBI and CBI’s attempt to sweep the events of the season 4 finale under the rug. The latter is far more satisfying to me. Everything is such a mess for Jane, Lisbon and company and it’s wonderful. It’s a wonderful, delightful mess to watch.

    I second your gladness in hearing what became of poor Agent Darcy (sad though it was) and- another callback to why Crimson Ticket is superior to Scarlet Ribbons- wish we’d gotten the same for Hightower a year ago. It would be great if either made a return appearance in the future, just to see what happens to collateral damage in the Jane/Red John saga even if someone is fortunate enough to get away with their life.

    My favorite bits

    -Have to agree with everyone else and say Angry!Lisbon was fabulous. Little Miss Fierce, long may she reign! Loved how it seemed to effect everyone in their little CBI family- Jane (deservedly), Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt were all having to suffer her wrath. All I could think of was the old adage ‘If mama’s not happy ain’t nobody happy.’

    -Jane (kind of) granting Lisbon’s wish and making the Feds disappear. He knows he’s in the doghouse and is trying in the ways that he’s willing (i.e. Nothing that will mess with his Red John/Lorelei machinations) to make it up to her.

    -Jane claiming that he knew from the get-go that Lorelei was in league with Red John. It’s interesting that he stated it definitively. While that was always my belief, I wonder if just *maybe* there’s a chance that this was Jane trying to save face or placate (comfort?) Lisbon. That whole scene in the car was my favorite.

    -Lorelei is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in prison garb.

    -Loved the judge deciding he would give custody to Lorelei to whichever sided pissed him off the least.

    -Mancini throwing his water bottle at Jane and then chasing after him was glorious. I look forward to seeing Agent Hothead again.

    -Jane just happening to mention, “Well there are other reasons [than passion] for kissing someone.”

    -My favorite line of the night was Mancini’s perfect dead pan, “It’s a grey area.” upon his partner’s snatching the hotel manager’s wallet and the manager’s protests of illegality. Ivan Sergei’s flat, no nonsense delivery just cracked me up.

  • @HabitualWanker

    Hi, well, I’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now(and I don’t just mean it ate up most of my Saturday because he’s long:D) and, well, generally speaking I agree with alot of what has been said by the reviewer – quite often, I only notice things because of what the reviewer has said(I always read the reviews before my second viewing of the episode).

    Anyway, well, with this episode, there was one thing that struck me that wasn’t even suggested by the reviewer which, well, I thought was a pretty obvious possibility(pardon me if someone else mentioned this – some of the comments are as long as the review!!!).

    My theory :-
    Patrick Jane helped Lorelai escape the prison.

    I’ll back this up with my reasoning.
    Patrick Jane needs to gain Lorelai’s trust. What better way to get it, than help her escape? He’s already promised her this, and we know that Patrick will do anything to get Red John.
    I am going to speculate that Patrick actually knew that Lisbon was listening to the conversation.
    I think he wanted Lisbon to believe she got one over Jane to make her feel a bit more comfortable, at the very least to help Jane set certain things in motion that she was unaware of.
    Lisbon is currently beating the “cooperation” drum, meaning that Jane knows that, at some point, she’s either going to have to lie to save him or give him up – if she doesn’t know that Jane helped Lorelai then she has plausible deniability.
    We know that Jane doesn’t trust the FBI because there is a mole, but we also know, something Reviewer pointed out, CBI isn’t a safe place either – Jane needs Lorelai and he needs the information she has. The best thing he could do is take her somewhere that only he knows, away from the CBI, FBI and Red John.
    Jane has form for withholding information from Lisbon.
    He’s also got form for breaking out of prison, so it’s not exactly outside the realms of possibility that he has somehow manipulated the system to get Lorelai out.

    Then there is the switch. That is definitely not Red Johns MO. OK, yes, he could be toying with Patrick or Lorelai could be more important to RJ than we suspected, but still, it doesn’t feel right that he wouldn’t just kill her.

    It just seemed too obvious that RJ was behind it because, as well, Patrick didn’t make more of an issue with the fact that Lorelai was going to spend the night in prison.
    If she’s that important, why wasn’t he pushing Lisbon to have her moved immediately?

    OK, well, if you want to tell me what you think, I’d be interested to read:D

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome to the blog P and Hallie 🙂
    P, I understand your frustration, and I’ve been very angry/annoyed with Jane in the past, but, he was comparatively tame to me here. Guess my expectations of him have lowered so much that mild jerkiness passes as acceptable now 😛 Interestingly, I don’t see Lisbon as being jealous at all here. I’ve said this before, but I think Jane’s established interest in everything regarding Lisbon (her family, love live, past, etc.) would suggest that, if either were in love with the other, it would have to be him and not the other way around. Lisbon is just such a detached personality, and the fact that she knows (or knew) Jane was still mourning his wife to me means she knows he’s not boyfriend material so I think she’s mostly shocked here as opposed to envious. Take her discussion with Jane about it being his first time, she seemed very calm and rational; like a concerned friend rather than a jealous secretly in love friend. I suppose it could be she doesn’t *know* she’s in love with Jane. But both in this episode and in War of the Roses, I honestly think her annoyance stems mostly from the fact that she fears these highly beautiful manipulative criminals would have a negative influence on her consultant/friend. I mean, she has a hard time as it is keeping him on the right side of the law without worrying he’d fall in love with lawless women. Mind you, I know for a fact that my opinion is in the minority so you probably have the right of it 😉

    Hallie: I agree I don’t think Jane slept with Lorelie because he was in love with her, there were several factors that led to that (re: The Crimson Hat Review). But I think he might see her as a kindred spirit the way he did Erica, and that might affect his judgement.

  • kamimimi

    Welcome back Reviewbrain *-* Missed your reviews.
    This one is great special \o Season premiere and every feeling.

    The cover-up story is so well thought for me. I can see how they would patch it like this, but as someone stated above, it’s kinda unbelievable because a lot of people knew about the truth. And the fight in the street. How come not a single journalist at that press conference knew about the fight and asked about it?
    Before I forget. Someonelse spotted the ‘easter eggs’? (They called like this in Fringe). I was in the middle of the episode ant then that truck with the lottery announce appearead and then I said: “I already saw that.”. They are EVERYscene!! Not all the scenes, but like….7 or 8 times it appeared. I like that. Otherwise, would it be so out of the blue. If Van Pelt just appeared and said about the traffic.

    About the kiss. I think everyone can be right and wrong at the same time. It’s like Jane’s expression when Lorelei gets out of the condo at The Crimsom Hat and the whole breakdown. It’s probably all the things together. I particularly think that was too a way of knowing if they were really alone. Lorelei would think that Jane wouldn’t kiss her if they were being watched.
    I expected a little bit more of expression at Lisbon’s face when she was listening to Jane’s interrogation, especially when Lorelei said that he was in love with her. The fact that she didn’t expression anything at the time can explain the development of the her feelings, showing that she doesn’t acknowledge that Jane can be in love with her. (Although he said that he loved her (In a strange way(Stoping))).

    Jane being naughty is always good ;D He can be acting like this because he is proud too. He feels so close to Red John after his plan made him catch Lorelei. And I missed soooo much the little tricks, how he used to manipulate things with his hand tricks! I rewatched the wallet scene and the bead scene to see if we can guess how he did it. The bead that was planted at the elevator scene, too. And the wallet was probably when Norris took the wallet off his pocket and placed right in front of Jane, off the camera-angle.

    I was confused with the title. I watched the whole episode thinking that someone got the name wrong where I downloaded it and when the glass bead scene appeared, I smirked with Lisbon.

    I didnt remember that O’Laughlin said that his boss was a ‘she’. Good memory 😉

    I liked Mancini very much. *-* He is charming. And I bet that when Lisbon get tangled with him, it will piss Jane. Love “””jealous””” Jane.

    I found odd this Lisbon line: “Go ahead, laugh. But she’s practically the first person since your wife that you’ve, you know”. What she meant with the ‘pratically’? Probably its just a word to make the dialogue more…fluid, but caught my attention.

    Lisbon angry is AWESOME! Although I find it a little misplaced. I remember my mom when she is pissed off with something and takes on me for it.

    I think that is it \o Sorry for the messy commentary.
    Thanks for the great review, Review(brain). Read you soon 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Hello Ann!
    Lower ratings are normal the longer shows remain on the air. I’m not worried because CBS, the network The Mentalist is on, is usually very good to their shows and are not quick to cancel them. I’m really sorry to ask, but I need to remind commenters to focus on only the episode that was reviewed. Many people don’t even watch trailers and consider them as spoilers. Thank you very much for your great comment and welcome to the blog. It’s lovely to have you here 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Ditto 🙂 Thanks windsparrow!

  • reviewbrain

    “I really hope this is a sign of things to come”. Exactly! Thanks HL for your comments. Nice to read you again 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for your kind words All-I-Need.
    The case here (and in The Crimson Hat, for that matter too) *were* like you said just there to box in the episode. But I found it very interesting nonetheless. Glad to see someone is still enjoying the RJ arc, even if its not me. Love your comments about Lorelie and Jane. They make me feel less alone in my views, though I probably think he feels less for her than you do 😉

  • Dreamy

    To be honest and as much as I find this theory depressing, I thought exactly the same : Jane helped that woman (sorry I hate her so much that I can’t say her name) escape and he might be hiding her somewhere. I sincerely hope we’re wrong but mah…we’ll see. The fact that it was not in this review (by the way, I’m glad to read Reviewbrain’s Blog again :)) or in the comments reassured me a bit.
    But I know it wouldn’t change anything. I don’t trust the writers anymore though I’ll keep watching the show.
    Anyway, great review, as always 🙂

  • kamimimi

    I thought that too. 🙂 It’s reasonable for Jane. Lorelei would be happy , would explain why Jane didn’t freak out over the delay of bringing her back to CBI.
    And as we saw in this episode, Jane is at his top on foretelling(I don’t think that is the right word, but I can remember the word even in my own language ><). He bought the bracelet right after he got the call from Bertram. Why wouldn't he plan all the way to Lorelei escape under FBI watch?

    Could be that Red John made her escape to make her connection with Jane more strong. If she is out of jail, their relationship could develop a lot better 😦 (If you know what I mean).

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks kamimimj for pointing out the “Easter Eggs”. I had noticed them at some point and thought they must be a plot key. With regards to Mancini, I had a whole paragraph written delving into possible reasons why he called Lisbon by her first name, (like they might know each other from before) when it occurred to me that it’s perfectly normal to call someone you’ve just met by their first name :/ It could be I’m just so used to Lisbon’s being called Lisbon by her team mates name that I found Mancini’s use of “Teresa” off. Or they know each other as colleagues. I don’t know, I haven’t aren’t promos so I wouldn’t know if there was a plot line being set up.
    I think the “practically” was used because while Lisbon suspects Jane hasn’t been with other women, she can’t really know for sure so she didn’t want to be presumptuous.
    I’d love to see jealous Jane too. I’m still feeling robbed of his reaction after he suspected Mashburn of being with Lisbon in Red Hot…

  • reviewbrain

    Dreamy, thanks for the compliment i have to point out that just because I didn’t think of it doesn’t mean it’s not true. It just means I’ve forgotten how manipulative Jane could be. I guess I’ll find out soon enough if HW is right and I’ll need to pull Cynic out of the basement again :/. Seriously, it sounds just like something Jane would doesnt it? Thanks for your comment H. It was an excellent point, I just hope you’re not offended when I say I really, really hope you’re wrong cause I was having fun not being angry at Jane for a change. *sigh*

  • reviewbrain

    Also, welcome to the blog, H! 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Hi Cece,
    Wow, first I’m impressed (and flattered) you read all the reviews. I have to thank you for your comment because you brought up sonmany things I loved/forgot to mention in my rush to get this posted quickly (judge, Mancini’s “grey area line”, Jane’s pointed kissing remark, etc.)I also agree %100 with your elaborations this episode was so much better than last years premiere.
    Also. I love the fact that while you believed Jane had L pegged from the beginning, hi s insistence to Lisbon about could be him “saving face” or placating her. It felt a bit like that to me too but I wondered if it was just bias on my part cause while I think Jane suspected Lorelie at first, he slept with her thinking of her as possible relationship material. But regardless of my own inclination, one thing that supports your theory is Jane not telling Lisbon that Erica duped him in War of the Roses (at the end hen Lisbon asks if he knew shed escape). Jane would rather have Lisbon question his integrity than admit he as wrong/unintentionally allowed Erica to slip away. What’s different this time around is that while Lisbon never found out (as far as we know) about Jane and Erica’s kiss, she knows for a fact that Jane and Lorelie were lovers. Hence, his needing to deny she meant anything to him by saying he had her pegged all along. Whether that’s true or not, only he knows for sure…
    Thanks for the great comment and welcome to the blog 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Ooh, I forgot that line! Thanks for mentioning it. I adored it and Tunney’s delivery was awesome. Thanks for the comment and for sharing Hellers interview statement 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Interesting point Violet on whether Lorelie is jealous of Lisbon for Jane’s sake or RJ’s!
    Also interesting how Jane used RJ’s methods to get to Lorelie. You think he realized that and did it intentionally? Or would he be disturbed at the similarity between himself and his nemesis?

    Love how you compared Lorelie and Lisbon’s character types and how Jane could be seduced by both for completely different reasons. They really represent good and evil don’t they? And I agree that Lorelie’s kindness to Jane at a lonely time in his life (intentional or not) affected him. But I think Janes own ego poses a far more dangerous great to himself than Lorelie could. He’s so sure she won’t affect him, that she probably can (i.e. Erica).

    I’m one of those people who actually liked the case. It was different enough from what we’ve seen before that it was interesting. 

    Don’t know about RJ’s people working in teams. Lorelie did have a man drive the limo for her in last season premiere so it could be true. But then, she’s one of his too people as opposed to a mere henchmen.

    And yes, I do think Alexa Shultz is Craig’s boss; that’s what I meant by continuity. She’d also be my first bet as an RJ mole 😉

  • reviewbrain

    I just remembered I’d forgotten to point out some pretty heavy dating terminology between Jane and Lisbon. First, she tells Jane working with the Feds is like “being on a bad date”. Then she tells Jane she’s not his girlfriend. What do you all think?An unconscious result of Jane telling Lisbon that he loves her?

  • kamimimi

    I feel the need to point out ‘The Kiss’ too. The one that Lango received on the cheek. They discussed it a lot and I think it fits your terminology. 😀

    Don’t know what to think about those subtles things. Because sometimes I think the series uses a lot of plot devices to entwine the RJ/Jane’sJourney plot with the procedural and sometimes I think they are too lazy to do it properly or even try.
    My guess is that the banter is going to be a little more flirtatious than before to put us more on the edge ;/ But its just the first episode, we need more material to understand xD

  • novellastories

    Ah it’s so good to be back with your reviews! 🙂 (Just a note, I used to comment as @RobinTunneyBlog in the previous reviews)

    Great one, as we were used to, and I’m really happy The Mentalist’s back!
    This Season premiere was so much better than Season 4.
    As you already pointed out, continuity! I like to know what happened to the people we used to watch for half a season. I was really disappointed by the lack of info about Hightower, so at least we know what happened to Darcy, why Jane & Co. are already back working at the CBI, the problems with Lorelei’s custody etc.

    The brawl between the CBI and FBI was hilarious, especially if you compare to what Bertram and the FBI lady Alexa said to the press: working in harmony, serious agents and so on. Yes…..

    I have to say I enjoyed how Cho just attacked the FBI agent right after he dared shoving Lisbon away. Oh, Cho. Let me love you. I love protective Cho.
    And I also liked the way Lisbon was scolding Cho and Risgby, but at the same time she wanted the FBI agents to vanish, and she also insulted them. Angry Lisbon is wonderful. I hope she will keep this attitude for most of this season.
    She’s obviously angry, confused, disappointed after all that happened with Jane, and this attitude can’t just be erased after one episode.

    I also noticed how a lot of times, Jane and Lisbon have serious conversations inside Lisbon’s car. And I was really happy Lisbon went straight to the point with Jane. No need to run in circles about the matter.
    But I’m still not sure what to think about Jane’s answer about Lorelei. I re-watched the scene in which he tells Lisbon that he doesen’t have any feelings for Lorelei. Lisbon just looks at him and then he looks at her from the corner of his eye, as if making sure that she believed what he told her.
    I’m still not sure if it’s *just* manipulation on Jane’s part. I’m sure he doesen’t have romantic feelings for Lorelei, but they still shared something that’s very intimate, and I’m not sure Jane can say so easliy that he doesen’t feel anything for her. We’ll see as the season progresses.
    Of course I loved Lisbon listening to the conversation, and later telling him that she had to listen. Way to go Lisbon, I like that she just doesen’t do everything he tells her to.

    I’m not sure what to think about Lorelei’s disappareance. The possibility that there’s Jane behind it it’s interesting. I have a theory, but it contains spoilers that I’ve read so I don’t want to spoil anyone here.

    As for the rest, the case of the week didn’t capture my attention that much, aside for that guy who interviewed Jane in the famous scene in the Pilot, the one that led Jane’s family to be murdered. It was a bit eerie I have to say.
    Cho and Rigsby were simply amazing, the couch scene with the fluffy white dog… priceless.

    Great performances by everyone, Simon and Robin were really fabulous, they work in total synch! The looks, the gestures, the tone of the voice, every little detail was perfect.

    Thanks for the review, and to Chibi for the great drawing! 😀

  • windsparrow

    Wow! Aside from “great review!” and “as usual Chizuruchibi’s artwork is adorable, to the point, and very funny” I can’t think of much to say that has not already been covered in other comments. Great discussion, everybody!

    There is this one thing. I remember from the Crimson Hat review that reviewbrain took the “Jane did not know for sure that Loralei was REd John’s girl before he bedded her” position while I firmly believe that he did know. I was so glad to hear him say he has no feeling for her, and slept with her only because of her connection to RJ. Right up until it occurred to me that he could be lying about that. Sure Lisbon claims to be able to tell when Jane is lying, but he still can get things past her. Then again maybe she was in no mood to challenge him on that because of the whopper she laid on him about not listening in on the interrogation. So the matter is not really settled any more surely than it had been last May.

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    A stellar ‘review opening’ for the show’s season 5 premier! Great to read the commentors diverse thought and theories.

    I’ll just have a quick add/support about @HabitualWanker’s theories:
    Jane helping Lorelai escape is plausible. I too feel that the elevator scene seems staged. The way Jane and Lorelai was protesting looks odd.

    Also, the red glass bead planted by Jane into Mancini at the elevator lobby. Why did Jane have to plant it and bring it up in front of the Judge issuing warrant?

    Firstly, I think it’s a means to bring tension and distrust amongst the FBI when he mentions a mole and the “red bead” connection. When the FBI is having internal turmoil, it poses a great distraction for Jane to sneak Lorelai out.

    Secondly, if CBI (and Jane mostly) is “seen” fighting for Lorelai, it’s natural common sense to not suspect them, esp Jane, in helping Lorelai escape.

    Now, If Jane bought that bead waay before meeting Mancini at the elevator lobby, my guess is, he premeditated her escape right from the time he gave her that kiss.

    I thought the kiss is pivotal, as a symbol of saying goodbye, as quoted by Rigsby (i think…). They did spent quite some time discussing Lango’s kiss, didn’t they?

    Feel free to counter argue 😉 and thanks Reviewbrain!

  • Elaine

    Has anyone thought perhaps that Lorelei is still alive because she is Red John’s daughter?

  • Sid

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insulting.

    RE: Darcy

    She was shooting to kill. Hard to defend that.

    And she wouldn’t give any courtesy to the CBI trying to run a case.

    RE: FBI

    thanks, I don’t remember that

  • violet

    The more I think about HabitualWanker’s theory of Jane helping Lorelei out of jail, the more I find it interesting…
    But there are some practicalities, though: if he had helped her to show his friendship, goodwill, etc…, well that means he had to let her out of his sight, for instance in a warehouse like he did with Lisbon and Rigsby. So how could he be sure that she wouldn’t escape him and run back to RJ at full speed? And, even if he found a way to lock her up, how would that prove that he’s trustworthy and that he didn’t put her in another kind of cell for his own use? That doesn’t mean I don’t believe this theory (it’s actually pretty plausible), I just wonder… And that would mean he apologized to Lisbon right when he was once more launching into another one of his wild schemes without telling her. Ugh.
    Yet, that makes sense if Jane wants indeed to turn her by getting more personal with her: what better proof that he cares about her than seemingly putting her before his supposed crush on Lisbon and before her career? And it would go without saying that he could have intimate and reassuring gestures towards Lorelei without hurting/worrying a listening Lisbon… and there would be nobody to stop him if he manages to get information to find his archenemy… Red John would be all his and his only. For a pragmatic man like Jane, those are a lot of good points at a little cost (just one more betrayal)…

  • reviewbrain

    No counter from me,
    I completely agree with you and HW and anyone else who thinks it was staged now, depressed as the thought leaves me..
    Thanks for your kind words!

  • JustMe

    GREAT REVIEW BRAIN! Excellent points and counter points by all.

    Now I am just going to say that I don’t think Jane had anything to do with Lorelai’s escape. Simply because he looked too shocked and Lisbon can read him now. She would suspect and there was none of that. I also don’t think he would be able to keep her. He may be good but she is still RJ’s girl and her loyalty is with him. I think that Lorelai is closer to RJ’s inner circle and that is why she was sprung and not killed by RJ.

    I still have hope in Jane doing the right thing and he can’t keep watch all the time and he has serious trust issues. Who would he use to watch Lorelai while he was off with the CBI? I don’t think he would take that chance.

    Now I would like to make an observation:

    I have NEVER seen anyone stand that close to someone on an escalator.
    Just Sayin…. 😉

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for the apology.
    All cops shoot to kill. It’s what they are trained to do. And everyone thought RJ notorious serial killer was in that car so they’d have even more reason to shoot to kill. Also, I think she was pretty damn courteous in the way that she let Lisbon and her team go pretty quickly once she understood what was going on. Her professional courtesy had also been extended to Wainwright before by letting him know she was investigating his team. I don’t know where all this disdain for Darcy comes from, but until we get actual proof she’s an evil person (which, unless she’s been faking her breakdown, we know she isn’t) I’ll continue defending her.

  • Fiona

    The final viewing figures for the episode (including DVR) was over 13 million. For 10pm on a Sunday night, and for a show in it’s 5th season, I don’t think that’s too bad!

    (This is according to Owain Yeoman on twitter so must be fairly accurate).

  • Fiona

    Welcome back Reviewbrain! 🙂

    What a brilliant start to the season! An excellent set-up for things to come! The only thing that let the side down was the murder of the week. I think the only interesting aspect of that story was the CBI/FBI fight. Oh and I did find the scene where Rigsby and Cho interviewed one of the neighbours amusing. But apart from that it just felt a bit flat. And obvious! I don’t think there were enough references to the lottery! 😛

    I’m also going to jump on the bandwagon and say I loved Angry Lisbon! It just made sense for her to be a bit tetchy given everything that’s happened. Also Robin delivered the “you’re driving me nuts” line perfectly. That was definitely my most rewound moment. 😉

    I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t expect Lorelei to escape so soon. I guess I just assumed that she’d be in custody for a few episodes before RJ killed her so that was a nice twist for me. I don’t think Jane was involved with her disappearance though. I just don’t believe Jane could be so sincere in apologising to Lisbon for the “long-list of possibilities” only to be going behind her back in taking Lorelei to safety.

    Oh and it looks like Van Pelt will be spending the next few episodes firmly at her desk with big bags and folders to cover the baby bump! 🙂

  • P

    It did not occur to me as I watched it, but now reading all of your comments on the “Jane took Lorelei” theory, you have made a believer out of me. (I really love this blog!) I’m jumping on your bandwagon. It seems exactly like something he would do. He gets to be “closer” to her with nobody watching and it is a perfect way to show her she has his trust. Plus, Jane knows that even at the CBI she is not safe. Finally, the comment Lisbon made that they should have given her to the feds must make him at least wonder if Lisbon would at some point restrict access if he continued with his approach. I now fear that in some future episode Jane will walk through a door and we will hear Lorelei say something like “Hello, lover, I missed you”. The screen will fade to black and you will all hear me screaming wherever you may be (just kidding…kind of.) I really hope I (and you) are wrong.

    Also on the questions of whether he knew Lorelei worked for Red John when he slept with her, I really don’t know but if forced to guess I would say he did not. Him saying he knew doesn’t make me feel any better because we all know Jane lies…often. This is Erica Flynn all over again, just much worse.

  • Sid

    “All cops shoot to kill. It’s what they are trained to do. ”

    Wait a second, cops don’t shoot to kill. They’re supposed to be capturing criminals, not murdering them.

    Regardless of who was in the backseat (or who Darcy thought was in the backseat), her repeatedly firing into the car was seriously wrong.

    Darcy was not being fired on. Her actions could not be considered self-defense.

    She didn’t have a leg to stand on.

  • Lyn

    I’m so glad not to be the only one who immediately thought that Jane had spirited Lorelei away! It just felt right.

    A couple of observations to add the the reasoning behind this theory:
    Jane’s allpurpose apology to Lisbon……. the timing just cried out to me as an ‘I’m feeling guilty for what I’m about to pull again, so I’ll say sorry now’.
    I am absolutely certain that Jane will not allow Lorelei to fall back into RJ or FBI hands.
    I think Jane’s treading very carefully with Lisbon at the moment so felt he couldn’t risk even suggesting another risky plan to her, but equally his determination that neither the FBI nor RJ will keep him from Lorelei overrides his once again breaking Lisbon’s trust. I think we will find out in a couple of episodes time that he has found the right time to confide in Lisbon or she has forced it out of him after another spell of weird behaviour.
    I know Jane looked pretty shocked when presented with the wrong Lorelei but hey he’s a fine actor and it would have blown it if he hadn’t already told Lisbon.
    I don’t think the FBI would have switched Lorelei simply because news would have got back to CBI and we would just have been back to square one and going in circles.

    RJ sprung Lorelei ……… well possibly but then all I will say is SPOILERS!

    Thanks for another interesting review and comments everybody!

  • Raven

    That’s an interesting idea but I don’t think she is RJ’s daughter. At the beginning of this episode they took saliva samples to identify her. I’m sure the CBI/FBI will further check her background story. I don’t think RJ would take the risk to be caught if she were his daughter.

  • hardly_loquacious

    I’m somewhere in the middle of you two as it happens. I see Lisbon as probably being mildly jealous, but not neccessarily romantically so. She is the dominant woman in Jane’s life, the dominant person really. And she’s not used to sharing his attention, particularly not any attention directed at females. Plus, he doesn’t want her in the room when he questions Lorelei. I think there probably is a bit of jealousy/hurt in there, mixed in with the overwhelming concern, because yeah, Jane’s behaviour is really dangerous, and he’s almost certainly not in as much control as he thinks he is.

    She’s calm and professional, because as she says, she’s not his girlfriend. That said, I think she probably is at least a little in love with him, some of her actions would indicate that. (As Jane himself says, she’s meanest to him because he’s her favourite.) But, I’d have said rutheless denial and refusing to even go there in her own mind, not only because he’s a grieving widower, but he’s also obsessed with killing a serial killer and she’s his boss. At this point, he’s not so much bad boyfriend material as emotional suicide (plus it would paint a nice big target on her back, not that there isn’t one there already).

    So yeah, at this point I think they’re both probably at least a little in love with each other, but neither is ready/willing/able to admit it. Even to themselves. ALthough, I agree, Jane would be the more likely to acknowledge it. Given Lisbon’s personality and propensity for denial of her own emotions (among other things), there’s no way.

  • General

    This is an amazing blog! Firstly, I love the Red John episodes as much as the other episodes and Heller has said that Jane will be much closer to finding him in this season which means it could be coming to an end. I simply love RJ episodes because I really want to find out who he is. The list is endless: Max Winter (episode 3×04); Brett Partridge; CBI Ron; Jane’s Dad; Ellis Mars; Minelli.

    The guy who interviewed Jane in the Pilot episode makes a reoccurence in the premiere of season 5 as the person who hands over the cheque to the lottery winner. There is no valid reason for him to reappear

    Thanks for the review, can’t wait to read the rest of them throughout the season.

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome to the blog 🙂
    Guy who oresents the cheque: A few people brought this up and I keep meaning to explain but forget: tv shows will sometimes use guest stars they’ve used before but for different roles. Remember Jane’s “responsible adult” in Fugue in Red? I’m pretty sure she’s the same attractive girl at the end of episode “Crimson Casanova” who, when Jane is sitting alone at the bar, a woman comes up to him and asks him to join her and her “friend” because he looks lonely. The “friend” and “responsible adult” were the same. In CSI, Currie Graham guest started on two seperate occasions as two characters. So did Liz Vassey on 2 1/2 Men.
    So, rest assured people, it probably doesn’t mean anything 😉

  • Sid

    yes I agree with this, although I wouldn’t call him a star. He didn’t do much. The interview with Jane was basically him just leading Jane into insulting Red John, and the role here of him presenting a check was really nothing.

    The pool of competent actors/actresses is smaller than you might think, which is why the same people pop up all over. Usually they stay away from reusing someone in a different role, but it’s been known to happen.

  • Hallie

    I agree with a great deal of this, Hardly Loquacious. Your view of it is more finely tuned. I like it. And thanks for the welcome, RB. 🙂

  • Hallie

    You’re welcome and thanks for the warm welcome. I understand not wanting to assume. I try to be careful that way too.

  • hardly_loquacious

    Thanks! I’m glad you like my theory. I’ve probably considered that question more than is strictly neccessary…

  • windsparrow

    “Wait a second, cops don’t shoot to kill. They’re supposed to be capturing criminals, not murdering them.”

    That is a lovely ideal, and cops do prefer to capture criminals. However, in the U.S. the police have much broader leeway for justified use of deadly force than in some other regions of the world, as well as much broader than the ideal once embodied by such screen heroes as the Lone Ranger. If a suspect does not surrender either to the moral authority possessed by the police, or to the threat force, then the police must choose between non-lethal weapons such as tazers, batons, and pepper spray, or the lethal guns. Non-lethal options make very little impression on a potentially armored limousine. So the guns come out. Whether Darcy’s strategy was correct (I believe you are right in that she had no business aiming anywhere but at the driver) or not, reviewbrain is also correct in that cops are trained to shoot to kill.

    Essentially, once the criteria for justified use of lethal force is reached, yes, cops do shoot to kill. There are two very practical reasons for this. First is that dead people pose no further threat. A wounded suspect may continue to be a threat to the cop, his or her team members, as well as to innocent by-standers. We saw a lovely example of this in Red John’s Footsteps. Hardy was unconscious, handcuffed, and so deemed to no longer be a threat. The second reason cops shoot to kill is that dead people can’t sue for damages. Sure, a family member might sue for wrongful death, but for some reason beyond logic those suits get far fewer results than those for injuries – especially when the suspect can talk back, and claim it was all a misunderstanding, and he did not mean to appear threatening, blah blah blah yakkity schmakkity.

    Someone Whose Psych. Classes at Uni were populated by lots of Criminal Justice Majors

  • Tringo

    I watched “The Guardian” before “the Mentalist”, and I think I’ve recognised at least four actors/acresses that were in both series.

  • Arco

    Loved the review & the very relevant artwork.

    Jane provokes the agents, then leaves te scene for the FBI-CBI to fight it out. Props to Cho for defending his boss though. I hope that the FBI guy has learned his lesson to not get grabby with Lisbon. Anyway, more of Jerk Jane, leaving a mess for Lisbon to clean up. She can punch him in the nose any time now. Really, with friends like Jane, who needs enemies? And he actually seems more determined to go after Red John after Lorelei is nabbed. I hope that Mancini treats Lisbon better than Jane does although I’m not optimistic–obviously a hot-tempered guy.

    And now we have a new FBI group with the possibility that one of them is a Red John associate. I loved the public briefing being so at odds with the real relationship between the CBI-FBI. I don’t think that Gale Bertram is a Red John disciple. He strikes me as being a pragmatic jerk (also cold–I still can’t believe he visited Lisbon, drugged up in the hospital, after she was shot by O’Laughlin to basically tell her that she was going to be fired). Bertram’s frustration at not being able to get rid of Jane was amusing. Who will be Wainwright’s replacement–seems to be a very unlucky job? Guess the post is still vacant, probably why Bertram was called in to fix the problem.

    I wonder if Lorelei is a widow because Jane does seem to have a weakness for murderous widows. I think that he probably feels something for Lorelei–maybe he feels that they have some things in common–& if he doesn’t feel something for her–neither possibility makes me sympathetic to him & not sure which one makes me dislike him more. He’s an interesting, entertaining character but not really what I would consider a good person.

  • violet

    I get your point, but I wonder if you’re not being a bit harsh with Jane. Yes, he mocked the FBI, but those guys did the provoking first. They were pretty aggressive and disrespectful and didn’t hesitate to argue over the case in the middle of the street- at a crime scene at that. So, yes, Jane riled them up even more, but with a big mouth like his (and even bigger ego), it was to be expected. Jane comes across as the kind of person who thinks attack is the best form of defense and he was basically defending his team and their case. Like Cho who defended Lisbon. It would have taken a great amount of patience and respect not to react to the feds’ bad attitude, the kind of patience only Saint Teresa has in this show… 😉

    And no, you’re right, he’s not a “good person” per se, but he isn’t really a bad person either. His brilliance, charm and life style have gotten him used to get away with almost anything. He refuses to acknowledge that his acts have consequences, because of his selfishness, immaturity and maybe a lack of self-confidence: he’s so guilt ridden that his intelligence is the only thing that gives him some value in his own eyes, thus accepting that he’s not always that smart cannot be something easy. Hence the responsible adult in his life mopping up his mess every time. But, in spite of those flaws, he has some principles and tries to stay in the team, even though he’s not a team player. That ought to count for something.

    (By the way, “a weakness for murderous widows”? What if it was a kind of projection/identification? After all, he considers himself as responsible of his wife’s death, it’s not impossible that a part of him somehow feels a hidden connection with them because he feels he’s also a regretful murderous widower. A kind of self-deprecation. Who knows?)

  • Arco

    Jane makes a bad situation worse with the CBI-FBI confrontation & LEAVES the scene? That’s not supporting his team. Then Lisbon has to clean up the mess caused by Jane. He is increasing the stress on Lisbon who has enough on her plate including dealing with her drunken uncle consultant. Actually, maybe druncle crossed with a child (kind of scary thought). Often, in past seasons, when I’ve seen Jane at a crime scene, he acted like my then five-year-old nephew (now seven & probably more mature than Jane). I’d like to see more positive development & progress with his character especially when his actions result in someone else having to fix the problems that he’s caused, which of course, Lisbon, as the child of an abusive alcoholic, is programmed to do. They need to break that cycle.

    The murderous widow remark was a bit tongue in cheek. I think that Jane does go for “bad girls,” probably because he has more in common with them, as you speculate, than with someone like Saint Teresa. He does say in the video that Lisbon saw that he’s looking for someone better than himself–but his behavior pattern in going for the bad girls may indicate that may not be what he really wants. I’m waiting to see how his relationship with Lorelei unfolds because I’m not buying that he lacks feelings for her.

  • Chip

    Love the review and observation/comments from others! I just discovered it online after re-watching ‘Crimson Ticket’. I have not seen the latest episode last night yet (Nov 4), but did go back and watch this ‘Crimson Ticket’ episode to start the season again. Did I miss any previous review or comments about a scene at the end of this episode?…when Alexa calls Virgil to ask that he ‘keep her informed of the latest on the RJ investigation’?
    Specifically, after she tells him that Jane had been in an insane asylum and hangs up. Who is the guy in the limo sitting across from her? When he speaks, his voice is high pitched and immediately reminded me of RJ’s voice in an earlier episode (when he wore a balaclava and whispered the “Tiger, Tiger…” poem/riddle). Again, did I miss something as to who this guy with Alexa is? …or the possibility of him being RJ?

  • leatheryjowls

    I know I’m a bit late to the party but I just watched this episode. Anyway I didn’t notice anyone else talking about the numerous references to the lottery. There were several visible ads for the lottery, one of them a full-page ad on the newspaper the relative of one the victims was reading, but there were also some more subtle references. Several of the characters used the phrase “our luck was going to change” or other phrases with luck. Also, the hotel operator guy asked the agents if this was a “red ball” case, which I take to have a double meaning. Just thought it was interesting because there were so many references that I actually figured out that the victim had won the lottery about 10 minutes before Jane did. I’m not bragging; that’s literally the first case I have ever figured out ahead of time, haha.

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