Mentalist The Greybar Hotel Review


To track down a gang of expensive car thieves, FBI Agent Teresa Lisbon goes undercover to the jail where Marie Flanigan (Brit Morgan) the girlfriend of the leader Cole Foster (Val Lauren) is being held.

Concise Verdict

Both writers and actors continue to be very careful where Lisbon and Jane’s relationship is concerned. While the care is appreciated it’s nice to see a bit more flirting and teasing going on in The Greybar Motel (love the title) than in the season’s premiere. What would the show be without it? Baker and Tunney light up the screen and the cuteness radar was off the charts. Also, generous writing gives newbie Agent Michelle Vega more interest: 8.5/10.

Jane and Lisbon: a Couple

More hints are given to support our favorite Agent and Consultant’s new relationship status. In the car (a recurrent setting for many intimate conversations between these two) Jane tells Lisbon to wear flip-flops in the shower to make her look “less attractive”.

-It’s a subtle allusion to the added physical aspect of their bond; he’s seen her in flip flops. The statement has an added bonus of showing Jane being fearful of any unwanted attention her beauty might get her in prison.

Lisbon tells Jane “Hush!” after he grabs her hands telling her he’d wait for her, after he hand cuffs her.

– So damn cute. Seriously, these two are going to kill me. But more than that the fact that Jane is the one cuffing Lisbon screams all sorts of things regarding the level of trust they have reached. The teasing also recalls all the times Jane went to jail in much less cheerful moments. It underlines their history and reminds viewers of all that they went through to come this far.

Both Lisbon and Lisbon have a hard time sleeping. Lisbon is wide awake in the lower bunk in prison while, Jane is in his couch at the FBI.

– And Lisbon, well her lack of sleep could be that she’s uncomfortable in the lower bunk. Earlier, she had asked Marie if she could have the top bunk as she get’s claustrophobic. But that request might have just been her following Jane’s advice, to ask Marie for something to earn her trust. Most likely, Lisbon seems to miss Jane, and vice versa. The scene switches between the two and you get the feeling Jane has gotten used to sleeping with Lisbon by his side, hence vetoing a bed for the sake of his couch. His drawn expression also shows he’s worried about Lisbon despite telling Abbott that of course they’ll get her back.

The case itself was quite straightforward but served to put Lisbon in danger. After she breaks out with Marie, they meet up with her boyfriend. But before the FBI is able to arrest him, he changes the car losing them and leaving Lisbon in the hands of someone who would kill for no reason without back up. Baker acting is beautifully understated; he plays Jane’s demeanor as super calm demeanor and controlled even as he takes charge leading the search for Lisbon.

But you see the façade slowly breaking after the perp kills an innocent man. Reading the clues that Lisbon left him at the crime scene, Jane takes off after her leaving behind him Agent Vega and a trail of water bottles.

-Jane’s reading of the crime scene and innate understanding of Lisbon’s action is another testament of their history and how well they know each other. It also pulls at the heartstrings because viewers can imagine how it feels for Jane to imagine himself without her now.

He finds her and when Lisbon’s cover is blown Jane reveals himself to the perps, throwing himself at the them unarmed and without backup. The rash act belies how panicked he truly is. And Lisbon’s sweet “It’s okay” after he apologizes to her shows how much she appreciated his efforts.

-She’s no longer berating him for watching out for her, rather is touched by his protectiveness and accepting of it.
The cavalry arrives and Jane’s terse acknowledgment of Abbott is another revelation to just how close their call was; how worried he was. But he downplays his relief and gives Lisbon a bottle of water which she drinks.

-Under the circumstances it was very impressive that Jane was able to continue acting like he and Lisbon are simply close co-workers; a real testament to how seriously he is taking their new relationship and his promise to Lisbon to keep it on the down low for now. It’s admirable but to be completely honest a bit frustrating XD

Agent Michelle Vega

Despite her making the mistake that Lisbon would carelessly step in and smear blood for no reason (tsk, tsk, Miss Vega) I’m starting to like her. I like how confused, then flustered she got when urged to having to wash out Jane’s cup and saucer, before finishing her coffee, for no reason other than it being Jane’s cup and saucer. I like how seemingly annoyed she got when Jane ditched her to take off after Lisbon, without being annoying herself. And I like how up front she is about the special treatment Jane is getting and that the way things work at the FBI is different than she expected. But most of all I like that it’s becoming clear why she was brought on the show to replace Kim Fischer: to make Lisbon the current senior female agent on the show. Had Kim been around, then logically the undercover assignment would have probably gone to her rather than Lisbon. Bringing on Josie Loren maintains the gender balance on the show while retaining Lisbon’s position as the main female character (not that that would ever change) by giving her the more difficult assignments. Another possible reason for the change is to have her character serve as a possible love interest for Cho.

Vega approaches Cho for help because he “makes sense” to her.

-Her straightforwardness is another thing in her favor. And her move makes sense to us viewers because she was going to join the army. And Cho was in the army. Even if she didn’t know that it is nice that she recognizes that they might operate on the same wave length.

And her awkwardness when Cho tells her he’ll think about it was charming. I can see them together even if it would seem a bit too convenient for all the original regulars on the show to find love in the workplace. Still, I wouldn’t begrudge Cho’s character the possibility of the same bliss Grace and Wayne, and now Jane and Lisbon enjoy. I’d analyze Kimball’s terse reply except that’s how he always is XD. I suspect he might be worried Vega will develop feelings for him (or the opposite) but we have to wait for more evidence newer episodes might bring before we can be sure. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised given his history of getting close to people he works with no matter how inappropriate (i.e. Summer)

Icings on the Cake

-Lisbon enters her cell to watch the Marie writing a letter- A nice homage to all the letters that Jane wrote Lisbon in his paradise prison.

Image by Chiziruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain Decemeber, 2014. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chiziruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain Decemeber, 2014. Not to be used without permission.

-Lisbon, without makeup, looks ten years younger. She also manages to look great in orange. And to excude a total badass aura with minimal effort.

-Lisbon breaks up a fight with another inmate, telling Marie that she raised three brothers and is used to handling aggression. It was a nice hint on why Lisbon was able to handle Jane so well all these years. Raising boys when she was so young probably gave her infinite amounts of patience which seems to be exactly what Jane needed.

-Jane gives Lisbon advice and simultaneously teases her when he advices her on how to get close to Marie: he tells Lisbon he got her to lower her guard by lowering his first. The ultimate sign of this would be him laying his emotions at her feet when he declared his love for her. After all their passive aggressive power plays and Lisbon refusing every bait Jane sent her way, that was what finally got her attention; his pure honesty. It was the only gamble he was afraid of making but it paid out when he finally did it.

-Abbot really getting into his role screaming at Marie. Damn. Rockman Dunbar can be scary.

Best Lines

“Well I can’t do everything.” – Jane, to the team.

“It felt so good not to live a lie anymore.” –Lisbon, to Marie on her relationship with Jane. An insightful line that explains Lisbon’s previous relationship with both Jane and Pike. Jane’s inaction and pretending to be just friends with her was a lie, which might explain why Lisbon accepted Pike’s advances. She was tired of her and Jane’s limbo status. But at the same time, her and Pike’s relationship was a lie too. She didn’t love him. Hence, her heartfelt statement; she’s finally where she should be. In a serious adult relationship with Jane.

“Abbott, what is going on?” –Jane, when the car Lisbon is in goes missing. Love Jane’s tone here. I don’t know if it’s just me but Baker’s slightly demanding tone seemed like he was saying he’d hold Abbott responsible if anything goes wrong. Especially since his boss assured him earlier that they’d get her back safely.

Pet Peeves

-The episode has some nice revelations, including Lisbon telling Marie that she and “Patrick” knew each other for a long time but “I couldn’t admit that my feelings have changed for him. Not even to myself.” But it still felt like an opportunity was missed to reveal more. Yes, I was ecstatic that my take on them was on the nose, but I would have appreciated a deeper conversation between Lisbon and Marie regarding what motivates them to be so loyal to a man society deems a criminal. I mean, love is the obvious reason but I just wanted a bit more than what we already know.

-Are prison’s really that easy to break out of?


The CIA had asked for the FBI’s cooperation to get Cole because the car’s he steals are sold oversees. They are worried that terrorists are using him to smuggle other things like bombs and drugs. Once they get Cole, he reveals that the smuggler he works for has a girlfriend: Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin) whom we last saw when she gave Jane the slip in War of the Roses. Next episode should be interesting to say the least 🙂 Check out that controversial episode’s review (co-written by my dear talented friend Windsparrow)  to refresh your memory.

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13 responses to “Mentalist The Greybar Hotel Review

  • windsparrow

    I loved this review – good work, Reviewbrain!

    When watching Cho and Vega interact, The Man said, “She’s not blond”. After Summer when the private dectective in “The Red Tatoo” was the first woman we’d seen him at all interested in, we talked about Cho having a type. I was too busy thinking “Sometimes when you go against your type you find The One,” and giving The Man a significant look. I didn’t say it out loud.


    I’d love for Cho to have a love interest, but I’m not sure I especially want him to have one at work. Then again after the grief he gave Rigsby for falling in love with a coworker, it would serve him right to make him do the same.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Thanks ReviewBrain, great review as always.

    I found this episode really enjoyable for both the crime of the week and the further exploration of Jane and Lisbon. Though they were separated for most of the episode they still shared some beautiful moments of intimacy. For me the biggest hint towards a physical aspect of their relationship was undoubtedly Jane’s revelation that Lisbon was ticklish, a decidedly post Blue Bird insight! A close second is Lisbon’s admission that she likes to see Jane in a vest, a clear sign she was not above admiring he consultant even pre the mid season 6 reboot.

    You’ve covered most of the highlights such as Abbot putting the fear of god into Marie, Cho’s trademark response to Vega’s request for mentorship and Lisbon’s quiet reassurance for Jane when his desperate rescue plan came unstuck. The best scene was undoubtedly Lisbon’s when she ruminated on her changing relationship with Jane. It was touching, vulnerable and also ultimately very sad. What does it say that the only person Teresa can talk to about her relationship with Jane is an inmate who she is pretending to befriend? It also highlight’s the she is still uncertain of what the future holds and whether Jane will ‘stick around’.

    Jane and Lisbon are both cut off from any real support network, they really do only have each other which again reinforces why they are so cautious and hesitant. If they lose each other in a very real way they lose everything.

    Given the end of the episode presages the return of Eria Flynn I thought it would be a good point to reflect on just what Jane’s ‘type’ is when it comes to women. It was a question that was posed in Season 6 (White Lines) though not definitively answered. In that episode Jane claimed that Crystal was his type and on reflection I think that is true.

    Throughout the Mentalist Jane has shown a level of attraction and indeed chemistry with women who are beautiful, charismatic and experts on human behaviour/manipulation (in other words the female equivalents of himself). These include psychiatrist Sophie Miller and con woman Brooke Harper from Season 1, ‘psychic’ Kristina Frye (season’s 2 and 3) and of course evil match maker Erica Flynn (I do not include Lorelei because that was a very different dynamic and Jane was very much just playing along, at least initially).

    While the attraction is clearly there in all cases, Jane’s behaviour varies greatly depending on whether he believes he has the upper hand or not. Where he feels in control he is charming, bordering on smug (Brooke Harper, Erica Flynn during Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Crystal), where he can’t get a precise read and feels himself on the back foot he can be abrupt, even rude (Kristina Frye in most of their encounters, Erica Flynn during War of the Roses).

    The chemistry is especially evident when he works with one of these women towards a common goal or when they share their insights into human behaviour (the cooperative séance with Kristina, hunting for the murder victim’s lover with Erica Flynn).

    On some level it speaks to the loneliness of genius and the rarity of Jane finding someone who operates on the same mental/human manipulation level as himself (this is indirectly referred to in Panama Red where Jane connects with the victim through his puzzle box). Naturally, because they are a reflection of himself Jane is quite mistrustful of them (with the partial exception of Sophie Miller) and its unlikely he would have pursued a serious relationship with any of them regardless of his personal circumstances.

    Tellingly, both Angela and Lisbon, the two women with whom he has had a long term relationship are nothing like his ‘type’, indicating that what attracts Jane on the surface and who he commits his heart to are very different things. In a life partner he seeks someone “better than me”, someone who knows my dark side and loves me anyway”. Almost by definition that is not someone like himself.

    Lisbon’s type isn’t as apparent, largely because we don’t see nearly as much of her relationships (brief as they are). Her ‘type’ is generally men who are attractive, confident/assertive, highly competent at what they do and most important are very straight forward in their interest in Lisbon (Mashburn, Mancini and Pyke). Jane is attractive and confident but he’s anything but straight forward and some of his less appealing traits have played a big part in why its taken so long for Teresa to act on/acknowledge her attraction.

    The difference between Jane and Lisbon’s types and preferences speaks largely to the differences in their characters. Though Lisbon is somewhat damaged she is nevertheless a straight forward and honest person whereas Jane is more complex, conflicted and rarely honest even with himself. Lisbon has a tremendous well of dignity and self worth (if also a tendency towards self deprecation) whereas Jane is all about outward arrogance and poise concealing a significant weight of self loathing. It is why they complement each other so well.

    It will be very interesting to see how Jane’s next meeting with Erica Flynn will play out. We can be confident he won’t be hindered by any real physical or emotional attraction to the arch seductress but she is still a very formidable player and he will have to be at the top of his game to best her.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Wow! That’s quite an enjoyable and in-depth review! Thank you for your hard work! 😀
    Firstly, I *love* how well you enlightened Lisbon’s character and her new level of relationship with Jane. I completely agree with everything you said and there’s no doubt the switching between Jane’s and Lisbon’s sleepless nights put emphasis on the fact they’re missing the other. It’s pretty moving and it reminds a bit of the two times they used the same mean to convey that they were thinking of each other even though they couldn’t reach for the other (during Jane’s night with Lorelei, while Lisbon was walking alone in the dark streets; then when he was having a dinner date with Kim in the island while Lisbon was reading his letters). Also, it’s interesting that showers were mentioned three times in the episode: first, as a proof of physical intimacy in the car (along with the ticklish part… he’s *seen* and *touched* her body); then Lisbon uses it to define the shortcomings she sees in Marie’s love affair (“wild is one thing, no shower is another”). Those two kinds of showers hint at the difference of emotional intimacy between both couples. The third time was after Abbott went all scary on Mary: she told her supposed friend Teresa that she won’t even be able to have a real shower in the SuperMax prison, enlightening how bereft her relationship with her dangerous boyfriend will let her.

    Also, it struck me how once again an undercover job hinted at the truth behind the façades they’re putting on: Teresa is as afraid as Jane about their future together, but she’s hopeful. I can’t help than wonder if ‘The Greybar Hotel’ (which is a metaphor for jail) couldn’t be taken as a reminder to the Blue Bird Inn, as both get the characters to reach a new level. Indeed, the separation here is the very first hardship they faced as a couple it proved how strong their bond truly is… Plus, it’s intriguing that the episode insists more on how they’ve been separated than on the breaking out part, that goes pretty quickly… Before, when Jane had been in jail in ‘Black Gold and Red Blood’, he was locked up in his obsession (telling Lisbon that he’s in jail « only in your mind, Lisbon, only in your mind »)… the fact that the similar experience falls on Lisbon to put their love to the front is a further reminder that Jane is no longer turned to his past, but his facing the possibilities and difficulties awaiting him in the future. It’s pretty ironic too that he tells Lisbon about breaking out when he visits her, given that she was the one who gave him the muffin he later used to break out himself (while visiting him too)…

    An other interesting aspect is how similar Marie and Teresa are pictured on the surface. They both have religious names, are from Irish descend and are “tough cookies.” The latter particularity hints that it was how Jane perceived Lisbon as a loner in need of a friend… (As you pointed out, he’s completely lowering his guard involved confessing his feelings, but it also subtly enhances how he studied her personality in order to manipulate her at the beginning…) The girl talk between the women also put their different love lives under an pretty telling light: Marie is fascinated by the fact that Cole is a “real outlaw” and they lead a “wild” life. She’s after the thrill more than after a true bond: she’s more in love with the concept of an untamable dark romance, outside the norms of society (the living quarters, the outlaw, the illegal activities) in an us against the world of « pigs » way, than with the man himself since she never talked about her feelings nor about Cole, unlike Lisbon. This is probably why she found the idea of Lisbon dating a hustler cool… All in all, Marie and Cole represent pretty much a rewriting of the (in)famous Bonnie and Clyde, who used to rob banks, steal cars and kill people in cold blood. Hence the detail of Jane and Lisbon driving away in a 1930 Cadillac in the end of the previous episode, from the era the well-known criminals lived in, a moment echoed in the very beginning of ‘The Greybar Hotel’ when Marie and Cole kissed before stealing a luxury car. Plus, Jane sneaks under the cover of a tree when he’s trying to save Lisbon: that’s how the 1967 movie about the murderous couple ended, as cops shot them while hiding behind trees.
    On the other hand, Lisbon is much more mature when she talks about her relationship: it’s taken time building up and she’s not fascinated by the dazzling darkness in Jane. Unlike what he thought in ‘Blue Bird’, she was not after the fun of his thrilling plans (which what he tried to get her to stay), because of the brilliant mind of a charismatic showman (what Pike hinted at when he confronted Jane), or because working with Jane might help her career (she let go of her blinded passion for work after the downfall of the CBI): she’s in love with him because she’s learnt to know him. It’s an echo of Jane’s wishes in a partner, someone who knows him and still loves him and of what his old life lacked of (cf. Charlotte asking him if there was someone then who still knew the real him).
    The contrast between the respective boyfriends is no less telling Jane acts with Lisbon’s well-being in mind. It’s further emphasized by the references to fairy tales in his actions: he leaves soda bottles behind him in order for back-ups to follow his trail and save her, like Hop-o’-My-Thumb (something he might not have done in the past when he was the only one in danger), plus he’s using a rearview mirror to make Cole believe he’s not alone, making him a kind of knight in shining armor. Therefore, Jane proves himself as a boyfriend. He’s saved her before by shooting Hardy, and in a more similar situation by refusing to leave her alone and strapped to a bomb in ‘Strawberry and Cream’, but here he’s even more protective of her and afraid for her safety. His worried selflessness is in stark contrast with Cole’s recklessness: he’s an edgy bad boy who did nothing to save his girl except for sending someone to pick her up. Even worse, he admits that he’s not eager to make a deal to avoid her getting a long jail sentence.

    Moreover, is that me, or is there a allusion to the show ‘Prison Break’ –given that Robin Tunney and Rockman Dunbar used to star in it? When the team is thinking about an escape plan, they’re talking about going under/through/over a wall while glancing at a virtual blueprint of the jailhouse… If I’m not mistaken, those three possibilities were used in the grand escape featured in the other show, with great emphasis on the blueprint aspect.

    Plus, I don’t know if Vega will develop a romance with Cho. She’s obviously interested by the man, may it be as man or as a person… But she’s also getting along pretty well with Wylie, who’s very willing to give her those pointers Cho stated he would think about. And given that Wylie’s quite taken with Jane’s charisma and methods (quoting him at every opportunity and defending his precious tea cup) and Vega shapes up to be a hardworking military cop, more at ease with non-nonsense Cho, but also reminding of Lisbon’s past by-the book cop persona, we can wonder if once again opposite will attract for the younger hearts…

    @ Windsparrow : I laughed out loud at Cho’s thing for blonds! Indeed, but his first girlfriend in the show was a brunette in ‘Blood In, Blood Out’… kinda like Lisbon seemed to prefer dark-haired men until she chose the golden curls of her consultant, that is… 😉

    @ Kilgore Trout: very interesting comment! Honestly, it seems to me that Jane’s type involves empowered women : strong-willed women who have no problem claiming a man and go after him (Kristina, Erica, Lorelei, even the unfaithful murderous widow whose fragility was just an act… and Lisbon too). Hence comments like the “angry little princess” or Angela being “carnie royalty” (and the part about him and Danny picturing her on a cloud while insulting them both for their stupidity). That’s probably the reason behind Jane’s admitted thing for Lisbon being “authoritative” on him and her tough act giving him shivers…

    Thanks again for the great review!

    (sorry for the mistakes, I’m writting in a hurry! :P)

  • Bopper

    I know someone said on the last episodes review that Jane was wearing his wedding ring to show that he was “taken” but I think that is strange that he is…I def. agree that he is sleeping on the couch again because he couldn’t sleep alone while worrying about Lisbon.

  • JayBee

    Wow, great commentary. I’ve been a fan of the show a long time and just happened upon this analysis and website, will go back and read old ones…so much insight I would have never thought of….anyways thanks! I don’t think I could add anything on top of what you all have written but I did find it ironic that Lisbon said she didn’t know if Jane would stick around and not much later he was throwing himself in the line of fire for her. That should reassure her!

  • KM

    Thank you ReviewBrain for the review. It is wonderful.

    And, thank you everyone for the womderful comments. And, I have always thought Jane’s type fit both Kilgore Trout’s & Violet’s description. He likes beautiful intelligent women that are empowered. He enjoys women who challenge him. I always wondered if Jane’s earlier likes tied in with what he thought he deserved. Not, to rehash a season 6 comment of mine, but there is a truth that what we seek in a long term/lifetime match is someone emotionally healthy that is just a bit better than us. Arbitrary numbers here, but if you saw yourself as a 2 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfection) than 3s or 4s would attract you without destroying your self-worth, but still challenge you enough. So Jane’s attraction to manipulative smart women could reflect his subconscious perception of being deserving of women like this, like him. A 2 can be attracted to a 6 and up, but not feel deserving of them. It could be that when Jane was with Angela that he saw himself subconsciously as more of a 4/5, and Angela was 6-8. Perhaps Jane’s meandering on the island revived his subconscious perception of himself as more than a 2, maybe a 4 on his better days and that is why he can allow himself to commit to Lisbon who was once subconsciously out of his league. She a larger number, but close enough for her goodness to call him to stay a 4. Seriously all numbers are just for example.


  • Kilgore Trout


    Definitely Jane is attracted to confident and empowered women, but IMO not so much on those who are overly forward with their male interests. He is a control freak and a woman who openly tries to seduce him like Erica makes him immediately put his guard up.

    Lisbon is not forward with her attraction to men. She expects a man to be willing to put himself out there and show his interest before she is willing to respond. She has no time for faint hearts and its no surprise that Jane’s subtle hints post 7.08 got him nowhere.

    In terms of self rating scales its interesting. Jane would rate himself a 10 in most areas except for those on goodness and moral character. Agree that part of his necessary healing was to forgive himself for his past and acknowledge his growth in becoming a better man.

  • Christina

    Side note unrelated to the story line: The young woman in jail screeming at her brother is Baker’s daughter

  • mosquitoinuk

    Hello everyone, thank you RB! I’ve missed this blog 🙂

    Just a few bullet points:

    I agree with RB that it is a bit frustrating that Jane and Lisbon are still secretive about their relationship…until they come clean the way they express themselves will feel contrived. Please don’t get me wrong, we are getting character growth and lots of tidbits about their relationship…but it feels contrived to me, which I think is how is supposed to ‘feel’ because they are not free to express themselves…if that makes sense. While ‘nothing but blue skies’ was kind of lovely and they completely nailed the sweetness and awkwardness of new relationships, in they Greybar Hotel, J & L’s interactions are rather limited by the constraints they have set up for their own relationship (Lisbon’s doing actually). So, looking forward to the next episodes actually!

    I find interesting that Teresa would spill the beans about her relationship with Jane to a stranger…and would call Jane ‘Patrick’, which we haven’t really seen her doing when speaking to him directly. Is she still keeping her distance? she’s very much in love with him but I think she is wary (she said as much) and she doesn’t know if he’s going to stay…she referred to Jane as a ‘hustler’ and I found that interesting. Is he still a bit of a ‘hustler’ to her? is she trusting him completely? Trust issues…still..barriers are coming down but there is still some resistance there…which might explain why Jane is still walking on eggshells and he is absolutely intent on telling her the truth. Always. He cannot stray, he knows this, her trust is still fragile…

    All this been said, I found Lisbon’s confession to Marie (or Mary) touching and sincere. She was here at her most vulnerable. Lisbon is desperately in love with her ‘hustler’ of a boyfriend, which isn’t to say that she’s finding it easy…

    Finally, Jane was interesting to watch this week. He was so desperate when Lisbon went missing…she really means the world to him. Is it me or it looks like he’s finding this FBI job taxing and his heart is not into it? He isn’t really enjoying the cases as he (sometimes) used to. He’s giving signals that he’s stressed and much of that stress comes from Lisbon, her wellbeing and the life they can’t really build together until they tell everyone at the FBI and still. What next? Pike asked him about a ‘plan’ and he acknowledged he didn’t have any. According to Jane himself, he hasn’t thought that far. Is it because he can’t see what life they will have working for the FBI the two of them or because he can’t see himself in the FBI for a long time and he knows Lisbon is a cop with great conviction? As I previously mentioned, Lisbon referred to Jane as a ‘Hustler’ and Vega immediately realised he was the odd one out. Does this signal that Jane’s work with the FBI will soon be reconsidered? but what about Lisbon then?

    Perhaps I’m off the mark, who knows!

    Anyway, thank you very much to all commenters and especially to Violet and RB for keeping the blog ticking! 🙂

  • RoseUK

    Great point, Mosquito. Poor guy. His beloved first wife is killed in tragic circumstances, and if that weren’t enough he’s now got to contend with a second much-loved partner who is often in mortal danger! The prospect of (more) loss must be very frightening, with or without the RJ factor. You can see why Rigsby and Van Pelt ultimately gave up the job when they became a family. Your comment also reminds me of Lorelei’s line about why he was working for law enforcement: “You do it to be close to Teresa Lisbon.” If we remove the RJ part of his reasons, now that he has established a relationship and some semblance of a home life with her, perhaps there isn’t such a pressing need to be around her all the time. Unless of course to protect her in his own unique way. 😉

  • bloomingviolet2013

    @ KM : very accurate point… Lisbon is definitely better than Jane in his perspective, but in a way that allows him for a better perception of himself too. You’re very right, she’s challenging because he’s always been trying his best to impress her; even since they first met in ‘Red Dawn, he tried to get her to see how smart he is which might explain his unwillingness to share his schemes, in addition of his penchant for secrecy… in many cases, it’s visible that he used to consider her as his audience (reading her when alluded to her nickname “Saint Teresa”, the talk about him being blindness enhancing his other senses when it was obviously not completely the case… and her being in the audience when he played the Ghost in ‘Hamlet’)… in fact on could sum up their whole story by saying she went from being part of the audience to becoming his assistant, then hopefully his real partner…

    Kilgore Trout wrote : “Definitely Jane is attracted to confident and empowered women, but IMO not so much on those who are overly forward with their male interests. He is a control freak and a woman who openly tries to seduce him like Erica makes him immediately put his guard up.” That’s very true, but I wonder if it’s isn’t a bit more complex. I mean, all the women who got anywhere with him had to take the first step or at least had to force his hand: Kristina asked him out, Lorelei joined him in his motel room and Erica walked to him and kissed him… I agree that Lisbon is not as “forward with her attraction to men,” but she knows what she wants. She had no trouble sleeping with Walter once she decided she wanted him (turtleneck power! XD) and once he had been cleared of murder charges. She had no problem hinting at Jane that she wanted him to talk her into staying, even though she was in a relationship with Marcus. She knows what she wants and imho it’s not so much “Jane’s subtle hints post 7.08” that “got him nowhere” that her underlying fear that he was still playing her and that he might run away. She got herself in a trap of her own making: she refused to believe him and thus she couldn’t get herself to trust the signs of affection he was sending her. But there’s no doubt that, as Reviewbrain remarked a long time ago, she was more prone to withdraw her trust and then also to call the shots in his seduction overtures… The ambiguity of her approach of love affairs is not that much that she’s expecting men to take the initiative than that she’s very private. As such, she refused most times to acknowledge their interest, even if she was aware of it (Bosco, Walter), because it was easier to deal with that way. I think there’s a big difference between the agent-in-charge she used to impersonate at the CBI, who kept coworkers at arm’s length and who wouldn’t let anything about her lovers or her crushes (blushing at Jane’s antics) slip, and the woman she probably was off screen and outside of the workplace… All in whole, I think they’re complex and that their eagerness to be the seducer/seduced is more balanced because Jane likes to flirt, but has trouble making direct overtures when they’re not part of a con, while Lisbon appears more demure, but she was the first of them both to have a fling onscreen and to leave the morning after, squashing her lover’s hopes about getting more than a night of fun…

    @ Bopper : I think you’re referring to Reviewbrain’s point about the wedding ring being a symbol of him being taken first “was by his wife then by his quest for Red John, and now by Lisbon”, to quote her… Well, I agree that the idea could seem a bit odd, but they’ve done it before: in ‘Wedding in Red’ Grace used the same wedding gown to marry Risby that she planned to wear to marry O’Laughlin… Obviously, in this show, symbols are more important as a reminder of the character’s commitment than as an object (cf. the shoes Jane’s wearing, for instance). The dress represented Grace’s eagerness to build a family with a life partner and therefore it made sense at the time she decided to marry Wayne in a rushed ceremony (there was no “bad omen” aspect in that perspective)… The ring might thus mean the same thing: he’s chosen a life partner and he’s “taken” indeed, that’s the message the ring is still sending to women who might be interested. I’m not saying that I’d particularly like that, mind you, but yes, it would fit the show… 😉
    (Plus, there’s the fact that him taking it off now could tip their coworkers off about their still secret affair.)

    @ Mosquitoinuk wrote “I find interesting that Teresa would spill the beans about her relationship with Jane to a stranger…and would call Jane ‘Patrick’, which we haven’t really seen her doing when speaking to him directly”. I thought the same thing when first watching the scene: apparently the characters tend drop more easily their masks when they’re undercover (Kim in the island, the robber spotting Jane’s feelings for Lisbon in ‘Violets’). There less danger when telling one important truth mixed with lies, since they can still take it back afterwards and anyway the person they’re talking to is unlikely to tell. Very interesting point about Lisbon afraid of Jane’s hustler-ish possible untrustworthiness… she’s not completely here yet, and her abandonment issues might be a tiny little bit in play too…
    Also, very good question about the possibility ofJane reconsidering his work for the FBI. He’s tied down for a few years by contract (the deal with Abbott mentioned 5 years I think), but indeed, while work was before what has kept him in contact with Lisbon (as Rose pointed out), it might be what’s keeping her to be more fully with him now. The “hustler” traits are what the FBI is interested in, meaning that there’s a risk of losing her trust again with a failed or dangerous scheme. Plus, the whole secrecy thing might pose a problem in the long term, because it’s not helping his self-confidence about him being good enough for her. And there’s the dangerous part of their job indeed… It definitely raises a few questions… 😉

  • Kilgore Trout


    Really enjoyed reading your subtle analysis on Jane and Lisbon, you’ve raised some excellent points!

    With the forwardness of the women who got somewhere with Jane I think its simply because in most cases he had no intention of pursuing anything so by defaul they had to be forward or nothing would happened, but I don’t think them being forward won him over or was appealing to him per se.

    First up in the case of Lorelei I don’t consider Lorelei to be Jane’s ‘type’. I’m convinced he suspected she was a Red John plant from the start, hence the length’s he went to paint himself in the least flattering way possible, admitting he was a con man and had no moral character (to make sure that ony a plant would want to pursue him).

    Naturally he would have found her very attractive on a superficial level but the reason he let her get close was because he thought he would get a shot at Red John. Of course he underestimated his ability to be unemotional and detached and ended up having feelings for her despite his initial attempt. Still, I maintain he would never have been drawn to her in the first place had he not been playing his game to get Red John.

    Erica Flynn is an interesting case too. She certainly was the initiator and there is no question that Jane was attracted to her. Again, however, I think he grossly underestimated his ability to remain detached and in control when dealing with physical intimacy. He knew Erica was trying to play him and he decided he would let her kiss him to try and con her. Of course he immediately was affected and hence the complex play of emotions when he fled after just one kiss. I again maintain that he would never have conciously pursued Erica and he had every intention of seeing her go back to prison, but he got over confident and ended up being teh one who got played. The encounter also recalls another aspect of Jane’s nature where he deliberately places himself into scenarios to see how he copes with them. He did this with prison (choosing to be locked up when he was caught spying on Bosco) probably because he susepcted that his pursuit of Red John might well result in him doing some serious time. Likewise with Erica he made a decision to test himself in order to be prepared for when he might actually have to seduce a woman to achieve his goals.

    Kristina Frye is far and away the most interesting of his liaisons. In terms of personality and intellect she is the closest match to Jane and while she was forward at times at other moments she came across every bit as shy and uncertain as Jane. It was also a far more innocent attraction. Kristina wasn’t a murderess and wasn’t trying to seduce him for gain, nor was she evil. She genuninely liked him. I think the key driver for Jane asking her on a date, however, was Hightower pushing him. Kristina certainly didn’t throw herself at Jane. Sadly at that point in the story while Jane wasn’t romantically interested in Lisbon he equally wasn’t ready to let go of his dead wife so the relationship was doomed even before Red John intervened. I would love for her to return to The Mentalist in Season 7, if only to give more closure to the character than as the empty shell that Red John reduced her to. The chemistry between Kristina and Jane was subtle, genuine and beautiful. Its a shame that more time wasn’t devoted to it.

    With regard to Lisbon I can’t argue any of your points, you have analysed her beautifully.

  • Greta dear

    Where is the review for 7×03?

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