Pre- Red Queen Ramblings… (spoilers)

I just had a crazy idea and had to get it out there before tomorrow’s episode:

If Hightower really is Red John’s accomplice, then the reason for her actions ever since she got to CBI have a whole lot of implications:

-Hightower threatening both Jane and Lisbon with Lisbon getting fired (“Red Box”) could have been an attempt to break their friendship, ordered by Red John. Stiles mentioned once that Red John’s behavior towards Jane is “a form of love”. Red John may have been jealous of the bond Jane has with Lisbon which is no doubt not conductive to Jane’s desire for revenge.

Hence, Hightower telling Jane to behave himself “or Lisbon is out of here” could have been an indirect way of reminding him of what is really important to him, Red John. Simultaneously, Hightower telling Lisbon if she can’t control Jane “we’ll find someone who can” could have been done intentionally to cause resentment between them.

This might explain how irked Hightower looked at the end of that episode to see Jane lounging on Lisbon’s couch. Her attempt to put distance between them failed.

-So Red John then orchestrates Jane’s romance with Kristina. He has Hightower suggest Jane ask Kristina out, to later use her to destroy Jane; wanting Jane to refocus his attentions on him. Whether Kristina is an RJ operative herself or not is not clear; regardless, she was just a tool RJ used to rile up Jane.

-Finally, Red John himself might have contacted the college kids Dean and Ruth (Red Sky in the Morning) and asked them to use Jane for their snuff film. Because really, why use Jane unless they thought it would please Red John? And why would they assume it would (and risk his wrath) unless he told them too? Red John could have set up all the events of the Marley Sparrow case to lure Jane out, like he did in the season one finale.

I’m starting to think that there might really be a method to the madness that is the RJ storyline.

Thursday can’t come soon enough; it’ll prove I’m either a genius or a psycho.

By the way, you can blame this post on All-I-Need.


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11 responses to “Pre- Red Queen Ramblings… (spoilers)

  • All-I-need

    I am more than willing to take the blame for this!
    You are brilliant, obviously. I am the psycho, because while you are only trying to figure out who the operative is, I am trying to figure out who RJ is. Therefore: me = psycho. I`d rather be psychic, thank you very much.
    You forgot something, by the way:
    If Hightower tried to orchestrate Jane`s romance with Kristina on RJ`s order, that also has the side effect of further enstranging him from Lisbon. That`s shooting two birds with one bullet.
    I think it is entirely possible that RJ set the events of the season 2 finale up himself. There are too many chance happenings in there for it to be really all by chance. On the other hand, that could be a reason for RJ NOT having been involved. What were the odds that Jane would be the first one to find them, and ALONE too? What were the odds that they`d manage to surprise him and knock him out and tie him to a chair before anyone else even knew he`d gone missing?
    I guess we`ll find out eventually. Until then, I will just keep searching for clues that support my personal “Who is Red John?”-theory.

  • violet

    Clever! 🙂
    I also realized that Hightower entered the CBI just after Minelli’s departure… that’s to say after Bosco’s murder ordered by RJ, when his minion (at least one of them) was discovered…

    I did find it a little strange at the time that she pushed Jane in Kristina’s arms: I mean, she was his boss, she was not really close to Jane… wasn’t it a little uncalled for? Lisbon or anyone in the team could have told him he needed to move on, but Hightower? I used to think she was indeed trying to separate Jane and Lisbon, after all she had to take measures for Van Pelt and Rigsby, so she could have been thinking the bond between the Senior Agent and her consultant could become problematic. You give a whole new and very interesting perspective to the incident!

    Nevertheless, every “official” of Red John’s accomplice seemed to be rather a loner: Hardy, Todd Johnson, Bosco’s secretary… Todd was in a relationship, but he was insincere with his fiancée, he just used her as a cover, while Hightower seems to love her kids. Her tenderness seemed sincere when she spoke to them in the phone. But it’s true that she could have been faking with her husband, since we’ve seen her marriage is falling apart.
    Moreover, the three of them were apparently rather sweet people: the blind girlfriend really liked Hardy, Todd seemed to be a good guy too, Rebecca (was it her name?) was gently teasing/threatening Bosco with his wife, and she used the pretext of offering them food for carrying her gun inside the building. Hightower on the other hand did not play nice when she arrived, I’m pretty sure everyone hated her at first. I don’t know if that’s relevant, but there are dissimilarities between her and the profile of the usual minion. The inconvenient of that argument is that, in that particular logic, the best suspects would be Rigsby or Grace… and I definitely prefer Hightower as the traitor!;)

    About Red John setting up the Marley Sparrow case, you have a point… He did it in season one finale but also may be in the Todd Johnson case… Ok, Todd murdered his girlfriend for a reason (she was beginning to bother him, if I recall correctly, asking too many questions about the time he used for his second life), but he used to kill cops before. You assumed in the review for Red Moon (if I recall correctly), that it could be a warning to Jane, so it was indirectly another set up, hence the case “wanting him” as he said to Lisbon..
    And about Red John’s “love” for Jane, he seems to enjoy playing with Jane, torturing him, but without hitting people too close to him: I think he likes to keep him on his toes, but without risking another breakdown… Always keeping him on edge is indeed a way of having his attention, of possessing him. And Lisbon was/is definitely on the way.
    Either way, you’re totally right, there must be “a method to the madness” of the storyline concerning our recurrent villain. The question is, have we sufficient clues now for deciphering it?

    I really loved your theory! 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Oh I didn’t forget, that’s what I meant. That because she didn’t succeed breaking them apart by creating tension i’mthe work environment, red John had her trying to do so using more personal means, setting Jane up with another woman.
    Hmm, finding out who red John. You definitely are crazier than I am 🙂 No way I’m going near that because I doubt Bruno heller even introduced him to us yet. But if he is a character we already know, I’d love to hear who your pick would be.Oh, and I won’t be having myself committed anytime soon. Now that I got someone to state that my theory isn’t completely crazy, I’m going to assume I’m still
    sane 🙂 though it’s kind of weird how I still want hightower to be innocent, but not if she ends up dying tragically. I’d rather her be evil than innocent and end up dead cause that would be too sad.

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you so much. I thought her giving him advice was totally weird too, but thought maybe she was mothering him out of pity.

    You ask a very good question. The thing is, I don’t think we’re meant to figure anything out, and that would just be too bad. Much as I love the RJ storyline, I really think it would be bad for the show to drag it on for too long, because, personally, I’m bored with it. I loved the earlier episodes where we got to see the team solve cases and have fun with them. Plus, I’m afraid it’ll end up like so many other tv shows where the audience is kept waiting for something to happen for so long, that by the time it does, no one cares anymore (example, house and cuddy getting together in house). In this case, I’m talking about finding red John and, yeah, maybe the possibility of Lisbon and Jane getting together. It does seem the the two events are inseparable.

  • All-I-need

    I like the comment about RJ keeping Jane on his toes without risking another breakdown. Actually, that makes me want to share another theory of mine:
    RJ killed Jane`s family to destroy him, thinking Jane would end up committing suicide, the ultimate punishment. But he didn`t. He showed that he was stronger than that and this intrigued RJ so much that he now puts all his focus on Jane and is now actively trying to tease him, to lure him in, and he is overall using him as some weird study object.
    @Reviewbrain: Ahem *coughs* I DO care about House and Cuddy
    getting together on House. I am freakin MAD! Not that this is the point but @&$?! That`s like the least likely pairing ever! *groan*

  • reviewbrain

    No need to get upset dear, I meant that even huddy fans aren’t interested anymore ( which I assure you I’m not), after the years of will they/ won’t they. Personally, I was all for cuddy and Wilson 😉

  • reviewbrain

    I forgot to mention that I too agree with violet about rj keeping Jane ob his toes insted of wanting to destroy him, but I think that all depends on how much of a threat (if at all) rj perceives Lisbon. In other words, whether he makes a move to take her out or not depends
    on how big (if at all) of a distraction she becomes for Jane from red John.
    Your theory on how Jane became rj’s favorite toy is intriguingly creepy, and very viable. I like it.

  • All-I-need

    Yay for Wuddy! And Hameron ♥!
    Okay, back to the topic: Thank you, I am trying to come up with creepy plots. I`ll write you a PM tomorrow and explain who I think is RJ – and why. It`ll probably sound like a crazy conspiracy theory…^^ Talking about being psycho and all.
    RJ has given enough of an indication that Jane is his favorite toy. For example having Rebecca pass on the message that he “misses” Jane working his case, not to mention the whole poem-thing and the calling-and-laughing-in-his-ear-thing and the chatting-with-Jane-thing. Can`t get any more obvious, can he?

  • All-I-need

    Okay, I just need to say it:
    The only thing that episode proved without a doubt is:

  • reviewbrain

    There there, *pats shoulder*. It wasn’t all bad. Hightower could have been innocent and killed tragically (I know that’s still an option but i have enough faith to trust them not to go there; I hope). Think of those two cute kids who still have their mommy. I’ll try to post the review asap then we can discuss it there 😉

  • All-I-need

    SO looking forward to that. Good god, this is going to be crazy. Like analyzing insanity (that of the writers).
    And yes, Hightower being innocent and NOT dead is definitely a plus. And now she can help Jane in the background if the need arises. I`m sure she`s got some connections. If nothing else, she could provide a hiding place, in case he needs to hide Lisbon from RJ … and we know he would do that in a heartbeat.

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