Mentalist Brown Eyed Girls Mini-Review

Greetings fellow fans. I was supposed to write the review this week but due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. 3 1/2 screaming kids) I was unable to make it as detailed as I wanted. Instead I’m going to post a few main topics for discussion. With all the fantastic commenters here I’m sure we can start a great discussion and I can’t wait to read all your opinions.

Case of the Week

Human trafficking is a plot that has been used in every crime show I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s so old that unless it’s handled in a very fresh way it’s doomed to be boring. Now the introduction was interesting enough but the rest…let’s just say I groaned out loud when Daniela said that “Jesse” told her and her sister that she would be a model in “Europe” without even telling her where. I mean, sorry I’m sure there are girls that naive but in this day and age with the help of computers and internet who would willingly travel with a complete stranger without knowing their last name and where they were going? I mean, did Daniela not see the film Taken? And if so, then she is not a Liam Neeson fan and therefore deserves whatever happens to her.

*Note: This a joke. I apologize if it was inappropriate. It’s been a tough week.

Anyway, my skepticism was such that I couldn’t remain interested in the rest of episode; besides watching out for the J/L side plot. Unfortunately, the rest only got worst. The whole scene with the Kasimi brothers telling the FBI that they were “amateurs” and talking about their big bad boss was just…it’s been done. So many times before. Not even the fact that it turns out that the great Titus Welliver (whom The Good Wife fans know as Glenn Childs) is playing the boss saved that scene. But it might save future episodes as he hasn’t been caught yet. He’s a fantastic actor and I’m interested to see the material he’ll be given to work with on this show.

Lisbon and Pike

I refuse to believe that Lisbon is seeing Pike simply to make Jane jealous. It’s not like her to play around with people’s feelings. Also, she seems genuinely interested in him. When Lisbon first started seeing Pike I thought that maybe she finally saw a shrink (or took the advice of someone who cared about her) and decided to live her life without worrying about how Jane feels (or doesn’t) about her.  That said, she does seem quite interested in knowing what he thinks of her new relationship- and assumes he wants to sabotage it: an unfair accusation. Jane is trying so hard not to interfere with her life he even seems surprised when she tells him she was on a date (beginning of the episode).

Even more surprising is the fact that Jane doesn’t know about Pike’s offer to Lisbon: that she move with him to Washington D.C. At first, I (like Lisbon) was skeptical when Abbott told her that Jane didn’t know (especially since Abbott knows). But I think this shows just how estranged the two have become since Pike came into the picture. Or, how much room Jane is giving her to live her life. Or, it might be that Jane isn’t able to read Lisbon as well as he used to; his emotions might be in the way.

When she tells Jane at the end of the episode,  he is obviously gutted at the news. But he doesn’t make a big deal about it and tells Lisbon he’s happy for her if she is happy. He is trying to be supportive, but like Violet previously said, by not telling Lisbon how he feels about her he is still being manipulative and controlling; albeit unselfishly so. So many times before I’ve ached to have Jane not be pushy towards Lisbon, but this is certainly not one of those times. It seems like Lisbon might feel the same way too, at least that is what I understood from her wistful look at the end.

Jane thinks he is being unselfish and wants Lisbon to make her own decision. But it has to be an informed decision and how can she do that if she isn’t aware of his feelings? They might be obvious to us viewers but I think Jane forgets how little Lisbon thinks of herself: she’s always been unaware of her affect on others. She might see his lack of reaction here as him not caring about her romantically. Now that she finally seems to be aware of her own emotions towards him, it’s frustrating that she can’t identify his towards her (which I’m definite have existed far longer than hers have)

Now, I must say I’m extremely annoyed at this plot “twist”. For several reasons. Obviously, Lisbon isn’t going to D.C. There’s not even the semblance of anticipation where that’s concerned. It would have been much more interesting and messy (not to mention realistic) without Pike’s promotion to push things along. Secondly, while Lisbon was quick to reassure Jane that Ardiles isn’t interested in her romantically; (like a girlfriend would a jealous boyfriend) she is now dating with no consideration of Jane’s feelings (like an ex-girlfriend would). I don’t get it. It’s not like she’s being intentionally cruel but I don’t get the sudden personality change. It would have made much more sense if that happened the previous season after the whole Lorelie debacle. Or even this season when Jane first came back to the US. But now? What was the trigger?

The only reason I can come up with is that the season (and possibly the show) is almost over and the writers wanted an impetus to finally address the Jane/Lisbon issue.

Yes, I’m extremely annoyed. Someone please point out something that missed/forgot so I can go back to loving the writers unconditionally.

Best Lines

“Sorry, scanning long-range frequencies is like…..I don’t have a metaphor, it’s hard” -Wily, to Jane.

“That was incredible” -Jane, to Cho on his voice acting.

Best Scene

I think everyone would agree it was the ending. Baker and Tunney’s expressions spoke the angst their respective characters were going through so clearly it’s almost impossible to believe said characters are clueless about how they feel about each other. Another reason for my annoyance. Get it together, would ya!


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12 responses to “Mentalist Brown Eyed Girls Mini-Review

  • KM

    Thank you for the review!

    My quick and dirty thoughts (sounds like I’m back in the laboratory) is that Lisbon has lost hope. We saw her hesitate initially with Pike asking her out in Violets. Maybe the close proximity with Jane became too much? After all those letters she may have thought any reunion between the two of them would look much different, and when it didn’t turn that way she lost hope that things would ever. We’ve been shown that Lisbon will greatly sacrifice for others and will act proactively for others, but she doesn’t do that for herself. Has her childhood and Jane’s quest for RJ cemented this impression that she is a second string player in life, never a first pick always a substitute choice or mean to an end? In accepting Pike’s date she found someone who thinks she is first string, someone who doesn’t see her as a tool to accomplish things (raising her brothers, assisting in the hunt for RJ, …). Maybe, going out on a limb here, finding the way she is being valued by Pike is what is altering her actions towards Jane? She is starting to see herself through Pike’s eyes, and it is awaking feelings of anger/frustration towards Jane, leaving her feeling hopeless that Jane will be the man he was in his letters towards her. She’s feeling angered about her feelings of second place, and towards Jane who she feels treats her that way. So she is pushing back at Jane. She is saying ‘I am more, I mean more to you. See someone says I am worthy of being wanted for who I am’ to Jane with the accusations and comparison. The longer this goes on, the more attached she grows towards Pike and the more hopeless she feels about Jane. And, the more she is loosing the ability to see the ways that Jane is trying to tell her that she matters to him. Just some quick musings.

  • Emily

    Great review! I don’t watch any other crime dramas…or television shows for that matter, so I actually liked the episode, but I can totally see how that’d be annoying if you’ve seen it before. I am annoyed, right along with you, on the whole Pike storyline. I was really hoping for something more original and this isn’t it. This is just stressing me out. I totally agree with you, by the way, that Jane had feelings for Lusbon first. I saw him “feeling” for her, romantically speaking, as far back as season one. I didn’t take nite if any romantic feelings on Lisbon’s part til probably season four. It was nice to have someone else say that. I hate it when people say she was longing for him since the day they met. That’s just silly. Maybe she thought he was cute, but that would’ve been the extint if it in my mind. Anyway, great review! I’m glad I ran into it.

  • Rose

    Thank you very much for the review, RB. Sorry it’s been a tough week for you! Always interesting to read your views, and also KM’s – you have both broadened my understanding of what on earth is going on! The beauty of TM is that there are so many different interpretations of various scenes/character motivations, yet they are all entirely plausible.


    Luckily I possess the ability to ignore plot contrivance (well, mostly – didn’t really like the thing with the Kasimi brothers; they didn’t get that far by being so gullible), so I quite liked this episode. I think that was largely because Lisbon, Jane & Cho were working together again (i.e. the old CBI – and I’m nostalgic like that…). The wordless scene in the Airstream, with Cho reading a book in the back seat – I just love these little bits of continuity. Lisbon was back in jeans; not sure if that had any significance but it felt a bit more season 1-ish. Also the scene when they were pretending to be truckers – I was chuckling away like a schoolgirl. Beautifully choreographed acting/expressions/intonations by all three of them. (Surely that scene alone would cheer you up, RB?! 😉 )

    Then there were a few other interesting little bits and pieces, which I’m not sure what to make of:

    – opening scene, Jane is at what looks like a Hispanic carnival of some kind? He looks quite content, and I thought it could be a nod to his carny past and maybe some good memories from that time.
    – There’s something called “Lobos” (on a building? I forget), which means ‘wolves’ in Spanish. Possibly a reference to the predatory kidnappers??
    – Lisbon & Pike go to see East of Eden, and Lisbon falls asleep. I’ve heard of the book, but can’t pinpoint any relevance to the situation… (Maybe Violet can help with this one!!!)
    – Jane looks pretty awfully traumatised to watch the girl die in front of him, but he is gentle and soothing with her. And then there is no title music… What are we supposed to take from this? That it reminded him of his wife somehow? It’s a different death entirely to RJ?
    – Another reference to Moby Dick. (Have forgotten exact context).
    – “Bow and arrow” – thoughts?!!?! Cupid, hunting, er… I’m out. 😉

    Also, I thought Abbot’s comment to Lisbon was very significant. Although he is referring specifically to Jane knowing about DC, it also works on a deeper level: i.e. that Lisbon automatically expects Jane to know exactly how she’s feeling, to recognise and understand her emotions towards him. But I guess the nub of the problem is that his skills are clouded. Or maybe he *does* instinctively recognise what she feels, but is doubting himself, doubting the future, doubting everything, and it’s making him wobble. I mean, we almost never see Jane caught on the back foot like he was in that hospital scene. He is almost never lost for words; he has always been in control because he has always understood the situation. It was an amazing scene. Sigh.

  • Lugenia

    An insightful review, RB.
    Brief comments: I think time and timing play a huge role in the way the Jane/Lisbon relationship is playing out. TBH, the situation at the hospital was awkward. After all, Pike was only six feet away. Was Lisbon expecting Jane to make a declaration of love in front of her lover? Really? Why would he do that?
    I also appreciated the fact that Jane looked alone in the opening scene, but certainly not lonely. He seemed like a man at peace w/ his life at that moment, so at peace that his Spidey senses were on full alert to pick up on the kidnapper’s intentions. The theme of time resonated to me again in the background music playing in the scene when they discover the dying girl. The music reminded me of a nursery music, which suggests the loss of innocence of the young woman but also Charlotte. It also seemed to suggest the chiming of a clock?
    This may be a stretch, but the human trafficking things may play out as analogous to Pike and Lisbon. After all, he is seducing her away w/ promises of everything she has come to want apparently–adoration, sexual fulfillment, unconditional commitment from a man. But it is all too much, too fast, too unsure for me, and for my take on behavior that could be expected from a 40 something year old hardened homicide cop who took down an infamous serial killer. Why would a reasonable woman turn away from a job that she excels at in a community in which she is establishing roots to uproot so she can be w/ a man she barely knows? It has to be because of some deep unfulfilled dream? The comment about Pike always being there for her, although delivered with a smile, was yet again a slap in Jane’s face. We and, I assume, he gets that his abandonment of her in the past has cost him her love to a certain extent. If this is so, make a clean break Lisbon and just “let it go.” With the constant references to his character flaws–he lies, he keeps secrets, he abandons –it makes me feel that maybe there is too much water under the bridge for these two. Maybe they are both better off w/ people with whom they can start clean.

  • reviewbrain

    KM, loved your comment. I think this might be exactly what is going on. I just feel bad that Jane’s date video from episode “Every Rose has it’s Thorn” along with everything else, didn’t also reveal that he’s so insecure he can’t bring himself to confess his love. They might not be in this situation if Lisbon knew that. So sad..

  • Rose

    @ Lugenia. I always really enjoy your comments, so insightful. 🙂 You’re right – the dying girl was much more likely reminding him of Charlotte. Great catch on the music, too; I need to go back and listen! Someone did also mention the line “time is of the essence” in the episode, so I guess we can safely assume that time is a new theme of the season. 😉 I think it might also answer your question as to why Lisbon would even consider uprooting again – maybe it’s simply because she’s getting older and just wants a bit of stability now. She expressly tells Pike that she’s “independent”, which is consistent with her back story, but sometimes people’s priorities change… Pike is offering her what I assume Greg offered all those years before, but maybe now she feels ready for it. Or thinks she is. Personally, I think that dyed-in-the-wool independent people don’t ever really change, and eventually she might feel rather smothered by Pike. I can see Jane giving her a lot of independence, because they would be two solitary souls, together. “More than words” and all that. On a slightly different note, Pike keeps buying her food! Whereas you just *know* Jane would cook for her instead. 😉

    @ KM. I agree that Lisbon’s feelings of being second place must be huge. That was my first reaction to Jane killing RJ – I just kept thinking, “Please choose Lisbon/Lisbon’s way!!” But I can’t explain her emotions better than you did – you just put it so beautifully. 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Lugenia, I just chalked up the idea of DC being a necessary plot point cause the writers were running out of time. But I love your idea of time being an itentional theme. Maybe Lusbon wants to make up for all the years she lost? I don’t think she was celibate all these years because he was waiting for Jane: she seems to me like a person who has always been married to her job. But after devoting so much to a man, maybe she learned that there is life outside the job and if Jane isn’t going to be the one for her then she has to find someone else. Of course, you are right and it seems unthinkable that she would give everything up to someone she recently met. But she’s given so much more to Jane. Like you said , he represents all wants: an unfulfilled dream. And if he’s legit then how can she give it up. But like you, I have doubts. It seems too good to be true. Not because Lisbon doesn’t deserve a good man but because I don’t trust the writers will let that happen. I hope I’m wrong.
    Rose, all the references, names, etc. just added to the disjointedness of the episode to me. Like you, I wonder if Violet can make sense of it all…

  • mosquitoinuk

    Late to the party as usual. So many insightful comments that it is difficult to add anything!

    I am not really puzzled but annoyed at the turn things have taken between Jane & Lisbon. So, so, so unnecessary. I believe Pike is a good guy and I knew he would be used as Jane’s foil: he represents the qualities that Jane lacks and vice-versa. Lisbon must make a choice but we need *honesty* between Jane and Lisbon so she can actually make a choice (the same point was brought up by you all). Right now, the Pike-Jane dilemma doesn’t really exist for her right now. Whatever the writers decide to do with her character (I am not sure at all that Jane and Lisbon will end up together by the way, I think there is a fair chance but there are so many open possibilities now) she *must* be able to decide, knowing how Jane feels.

    I cannot believe that 6 years down the line we are still, STILL in this predicament. They cannot talk openly and honestly to each other. LORD. GIVE. ME. STRENGTH.

    That been said, I can understand Lisbon’s reluctance to put her feelings out in the open. KM wrote “she’s feeling angered about her feelings of second place, and towards Jane who she feels treats her that way”. I totally agree with this and additionally I have always maintained that Lisbon was very disappointed and felt truly abandoned when Jane went through his plan and killed RJ. I mean, he *did* abandon her. I cannot even begin to imagine all the stuff that came her way and she had to fight those fights on her own whilst *still* protecting Jane. Unbelievable. I was so incredibly angry at the direction TM took because Jane’s choice put Jane and Lisbon in such a difficult spot…and here we are.

    If I were Lisbon, I would have serious trust issues w.r.t Jane. My interpretation of the events in GT, Jane escaping and Lisbon telling him very clearly that she was annoyed and disappointed, reinforce this idea.

    My reading of Lisbon’s attitude is that she is determined to move on. I think Jane’s letters might have kept the feelings (up to a point) alive but after MBH, the reality was quite different from what either Jane or Lisbon could have expected. It was abrupt, stressful, annoying…so different from the ‘blue heaven’ Jane would have wanted to share with Lisbon (if I remember correctly, in his letters, he mentioned his hope she could come and see him in his little paradise…) welcome back to the real world. Moreover, J&L interactions after the RJ debacle have been a case of ‘communication interrupted/miscommunication’. Not so much from Jane towards Lisbon, but the other way around.

    Some examples: Jane was sending letters to Lisbon whilst in Venezuela but she couldn’t write back. She was receiving his messages but was unable to communicate with him. Then, Jane comes back to the US and there is a big misunderstanding/fight with the FBI and then goes in isolation (no communication). Lisbon tries to write to him in isolation but her letters aren’t delivered (again, no communication). There are examples of miscommunication galore in GT and then, Lisbon starts her ‘estrangement’ story arc. At first, she speaks to Jane through Fischer, then, after a while, they are not solving cases together and she is effectively avoiding him. He tries to come closer but she isn’t having it. Finally, the BF’s arc comes in. She is the pretend girlfriend of Jane during ‘Violets’ but she’s resentful of her role and ends up with Pike. Jane is trying to communicate with her through the ‘Violets’ episode but she isn’t open to him. Which brings us to the situation we are in right now.

    All this novel (sorry!) to say that if Jane doesn’t get his act together, I can’t see Lisbon staying. I am about to conclude like Lugenia that perhaps, there is so much history between these two that perhaps the might be better off with other people.

    OK, rant over! I’ll see if I can think of some good points.

    P.S: Just thought of one actually: I quite like the development of Abbott’s character. I find him strong and fair, They’ve tuned down the antagonism between him and Jane and I think they are great together.

  • KM

    Thank you. I agree that both the dating video & Jane’s physical response on the plane reveal that he is very riddled with insecurity. He has doubts about his own worthiness. He too may see himself as being viewed as a tool from his past as Wonder Boy, and his ability to close cases as his sole reason for existing (which Lisbon only enforced when she stated it multiple times, even though the risks she took for him scream that he is more to her,), and his present position with the FBI. I think the risk of ever facing the loss of a spouse/partner also cripples him. Which makes things all the more sad.

    Thank you. I cannot help but look at Jane and Lisbon through the lens of my own life. Both the childhood and now in my own relationship with my spouse, and in my sibling’s with their spouse. Two things always stick out:

    1) a) Jane cared so deeply for Lisbon that he wrote her, putting himself at risk for being discovered, and b) he returned with Abbott with a greater desire to be with her than a pardon for his crimes, and is now willing to let her go for her own happiness. She holds that central place in the universe of his life.

    2) a) Lisbon risked her career and livelihood to see Jane to the end with RJ, and b) she rebuilt her decimated world during those 2 years they were apart and let it all go to come to TX. Jane is the sun she orbits around, even while trying to become released from the gravitational field.

    From that we can realistically say that these two love each other. Where there is love their is hope.

    And, back to me and my sibling, 4 years is a long time to wait for someone and not surprising you start seeing yourself as a fool. Tis a hopeless place to be. I gave up, and my now in-law gave up. I chose to move on and meet someone new who decided to propose, they chose to prepare to move (2 458 miles or 3 955.8 kilometers). There is truth to that quote that SB recited that his wife gave him before they married (at his Walk of Fame ceremony), “Opportunity knocks, and when not answered it keeps walking.”, my now spouse and my sibling needed something dramatic to see that they didn’t want to be left behind. Basically I see the story of Jane and Lisbon has being a tale of broken people who do to their life stories are slow to realize that opportunity has knocked, but I also see them as fit enough to chase after it.


  • bloomingviolet2013

    Violet on deck, captain Reviewbrain!!! 😀 I don’t have much to add to the (insightful) review and great comments but I’ll share my half-backed thoughts now because otherwise I risk being delayed again like I tend to be recently (sorrysorrysorry)…

    About East of Eden, I really think there’s something in there. I don’t really know what exactly, I’m sorry I’m not as well acquainted with the storyline as I ought to (I haven’t crossed paths with either the novel or the movie for quite some time), but here are the possibilities I can think of…

    1) it’s a classic and Jane likes everything classic. It’s again an implicit comparison between both men in Lisbon’s life. Plus, the fact that Lisbon didn’t seem to enjoy herself might be a little worrying for Pike had he known his girlfriend better: she only likes things in him that differ from Jane. Once again, he may be the implicit reference behind her gauging of her lover’s qualities…

    2) there might be an inside joke in the choice of the title: if I’m not mistaken, D.C. is at the East of Austin, so it *might* refer to the fact that deep down Lisbon wants to stay there with Jane and the life he could offer her… Plus, the story takes place in California (Salinas, of course), so it might also refer to that past which the agent and her consultant share: those memories are an Eden both have been pinning for since things came crashing down at the CBI.

    3) the Biblical reference of course: Genesis, 4, 6 (NASB): “Then Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.”… This might be another allusion to Jane’s crime, since he murdered his nemesis like Cain killed Abel. There have been many reminders in the past episodes, after all, and the manipulations he used to get his revenge weight heavily on his present relation with Lisbon. Plus, the scene reminds of the beginning of ‘Red Sails in The Sunset’, when Styles was enjoying ‘North by Northwest’: the similarities in the titles are enough to stress the influence of this past on them (especially Lorelei’s part, since she was the “other woman” like Pike is Jane’s rival). The continued reference to directions may hint that Jane will take a new direction soon.

    4) the storyline itself: Cal’s motive through the movie is jealousy, which establishes a parallel with Jane. Cal is jealous because his father loves his twin Aron more (re-enacting the Cain/Abel dynamic), plus they’re both after the same woman. Jane is caught up in a love triangle too since he wants Lisbon and she seems to prefer Pike. In the movie, Abra was torn between Aron, would couldn’t commit (Pike has actually the opposite problem: he’s clingy), and darker, jealous Cal (whom she gets at the end)… So Pike and Lisbon were basically watching a movie illustrating the situation they find themselves in.

    About Lisbon, I agree with KM and Mosquitoinuk: the main problem is sincerity. He used her and she now is faced with a far darker perception of his actions than she had before. It’s almost as if she thinks she has been dealing all this time only with the soulless and cruel version of himself he explained to Todd Johnson. Hence inferring that he’s acting as her boss (in the fishbowl office) and that he only was cheerful on stake-out to spite her… In spite of having been pinning for him, she probably rethought things up too during his absence and his running again from her in GT tipped the situation to the wrong side. Plus, his eagerness to get not only her, but the comfort of his CBI life too may have felt very confusing, because it shed a new light on his letters: did he really miss her as a person/friend/possible lover, or only as part of a comforting bigger picture? That’s why she was both avoiding him and trying to get his attention (the “date” with Osvaldo), to get a bit of sincerity out of him… Hence the undercover theme, used in every episode: they’re both playing a part for the other, by wearing different masks in order to get some truth from the other. Because there’s no way there is not incertitude in both of their minds: how can Lisbon be sure whether Jane is just looking for comfort (like the friend he acts as) or for more (like the lover he secretly wants to be)? Or how can Jane know if Lisbon still wants him after pushing him away? Really, it’s no wonder Pike was kept outside of the undercover operation in ‘Violets’: his most attractive quality for Lisbon is that he made her the important person in their couple, like KM pointed out. In a sense, she has towards him the role that Jane has had towards her, half-truths included. This might hint that what Lisbon is looking for from Jane, deep down, is reassurance: that he will be “here” for her, like Pike and that she can trust him again (him telling her “you need to trust me” after ruining her date). It’s their last step in the “power vs. control saga”.
    Plus, I completely agree with Rose, that she alluded to him being psychic because she expected him to know her completely. When he doesn’t –either by not knowing about Pike’s offer or by not reacting to life-changing events- she gets angry: she *wants* to trust him, she just doesn’t know how anymore and he’s not helping by keeping his real thoughts from her. To reply to Lugenia’s great analysis of Lisbon’s reasons for committing now, I think she wants something that another failure in her work like the CBI downfall couldn’t take away. And Pike is a kind of substitute of Jane *by contrast*: he seems to embody everything she wanted from Jane but couldn’t get (yet). The duality theme is used in a new way…

    Lastly, for my part, I rather like the case, even with the many plot holes –the Kasimi brothers, the girl conveniently left behind to provide the FBI some much needed information… I liked it for its impact on Jane, especially his very human reaction in front of the dying girl and in the deserted house. His work at the FBI is probably more conducive to healing: saving lives and preventing crimes in the making instead of simply solving murders might help him to reconcile with his past and move on (and hopefully it won’t take him long now…).

    (Sorry if this comment is rushed and full of mistakes! 😛 )

  • Rose

    @ Mosquito. Ha! You make me laugh. Your exasperation is radiating from my screen, lol. 😉 Let’s hope the (mis)communication issue gets sorted out pronto. 😉

    @ KM. Ah, that’s a good happy ending. 🙂 Got to say, I’m pretty sure they would never let Lisbon go to DC, so I’m not unduly worried about the Pike situation. It’s clear that Lisbon is trying very hard not to let opportunity escape her (with both men, actually: by seriously considering Pike’s offer whilst simultaneously doing everything she can to encourage Jane to step up.)

    @ Violet. I knew we could count on you for the literary analysis!!! 😀 Those are all such intriguing angles, really. Thank you for outlining them! I wonder if there is also a link between “Eden” and My Blue “Heaven” in the sense that the first time we see Jane in BEG, he is in quite a Spanish/Lat Am setting, speaking Spanish… (the music has a certain Latin twang too, if I’m not mistaken?) Basically, it reminded me of his time on the island. It has a certain peaceful, content, dreamy quality, as Lugenia also noted. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this idea, sorry! Also, the “land of Nod” is a phrase meaning “sleep/dream”… and of course Lisbon nodded off during the film. Hm. I don’t know where I’m going with that either!!

    Also, I don’t know if this is significant, but Lisbon is wearing a kind of scarf thing. Given that we’ve hardly ever seen her outside work, I’ve no idea whether this is normal for her, but after Jane’s scarf = make-believe in Violets, I wondered if it could be an allusion to Lisbon being in a world of make-believe/dreaming with Pike, in which she truly believes she could be happy/love him. But in reality doesn’t. (I HOPE, lol). I guess that would fit with Jane being back in Venezuela-dreamy-land at the carnival at the same time. (?!)

  • Rose

    Limboooooo! 😉

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