Mentalist Pink Champagne on Ice Review

Note: I find myself in circumstances where I may be unable to write reviews for some time. I hope things will get back to normal soon. Thankfully my dear friend and blog commenter Violet has once again agreed to help me. I am beyond grateful and don’t doubt readers will enjoy reading this review as much as I did 🙂


When a dead man is found shot in the middle of a road, CBI agents Lisbon (Tunney) and Cho (Kang) and Patrick Jane (Baker) immediately realize the victim was connected with a nearby second-rate casino, the Golden Fox. Once there, Jane has the surprise to bump into an old friend, Jack Hellion (Andrew Rothenberg), who runs the casino magic show. Jane soon discovers that his former fellow is in big trouble and decides to help him.

Concise Verdict

While the settling promised an intriguing and enlightening glimpse in Jane’s youth, the result was rather disappointing. The reunion between Jane and his long lost friend is just a bit awkward and doesn’t give the viewers anything big to munch on. That Champagne definitely lacked sparkles… That’s even more frustrating since writer Eoghan Mahony had managed to deepen Jane’s history in the past by creating psychiatric Sophie Miller (S1 ‘Red Brick and Ivy’). Fortunately, some amusing moments here and there and make things a bit more lively. Conclusion: another mostly filler episode. 7.5

Detailed AKA Humungous Review (spoilers galore)

Jane’s evolution

I said the episode didn’t give us a lot of thinking about Jane’s youth. But, as a paradox, some moments enlightened a bit his evolution since the beginning of the show.

VIS #1 Jane joins his friend in the dressing room

After the magic show, Jane and Jack meet for a little chat while the magician is taking off his make up. The atmosphere is friendly, albeit a bit awkward, as both men seem to have gotten “sidetracked” from their promising futures from sixteen years ago. Jack explains that he got into drugs. Jane doesn’t mention the tragedy he went through -which his friend obviously ignores- and just tells that now he works with the police without explaining any further.

As much as the discussion is frustrating with the lack of juicy information, we get to witness perhaps the first time when Jane isn’t too ill at ease with a fragment of his past. Even more surprising, is Jane readily assuming his new life: when Jack is shocked by his new choice of career, Jane only goes farther in his role of consultant for law-enforcement by showing him the picture of the victim.

That impression is even confirmed when Jane confronts Hellion about his secret, namely that he is forced into robbery by the kidnappers of his girlfriend. Jane first plans to step in the game… by calling the police. Seriously, where were we looking when the man has acquired such lawful and Lisbon-esque reflexes?

VIS # 2 Jane turns to the team for help

Meanwhile, the team doesn’t stay idle and come up with various leads, a second dead body and a theory that involves Hellion. Then Jane barges in asking for their help. Three things stand out:

1/ the team and Lisbon are at long last a little efficient! They’re able to do an independent investigation without Jane’s help, have linked the victim with Jack’s staff and guessed there was something suspicious with the guy. They would have made something out of it if they had the chance to interrogate the man, no doubt about it.

2/ Jane has come at once after talking with Jack to ask for their participation. He doesn’t mock their theory. He doesn’t want Lisbon’s help only, nor did he invent a role for just one of his colleagues like he usually does. He asks for their help as an ensemble, as a team. That’s a rare enough occurrence to be mentioned. Usually, he does so for something big; even the last time he pulled out such a plan (‘Ring Around the Rosie’), Lisbon wasn’t included in his “long term con”.

3/ they are back to be wary of Jane’s so-called brilliant ideas. That was a very nice touch, as was Jane’s attitude in front of them. He tries to make them feel guilty by feigning hurt and leaving saying “I’ll manage on my own”. When he turns around as if he was leaving, his eyes betray that he’s playing them, but Lisbon runs in and takes charge, like in good old times…

In fact, many elements remind us of the lightness of Season 1. Everyone gets their characteristic part: Jane investigates alone, as a clever con man/ mastermind; Rigsby plays the naïve mark chosen as a “volunteer” during the show; Grace is the pretty girl used to distract the head of security; Cho makes the arrest, while Lisbon saves the day. This is definitely another bit of light-heartiness in the chiaroscuro that is S4.

In the same way, if we compare ‘Pink Champagne on Ice’ with S1 casino episode ‘Red Handed’, we see some interesting differences that make Jane’s evolution obvious: while at the time Jane occupied himself by gambling and tried to earn his colleagues’ friendship with extravagant gifts and by explaining part of his tricks (poker and the memory palace), here he already has their trust. They are reluctant by reflex, but they don’t doubt in playing along. They all work together like a well-oiled machine. He doesn’t hesitate either in asking for their help instead of trying to deal with everything alone… Moreover, Lisbon is more ready than ever to assume full responsibility for what may happen. We’ve been repeatedly showed all of these things during the last episodes, but, there, with the parallel with the first season, they are made even more visible. As if we were meant to see how well things still are before the big fallout that may come in the approaching finale.

The big plan of the week: ‘Jane’s Eight’

This arc is at the same time the better part and the biggest flaw of the episode. It’s flawed because it could have been handled better (see Pet Peeves), yet the casino robbery was an interesting alternative to Jane competing with his friend on the field of prestidigitation.

Scenes won’t be commented individually here but rather as a whole. Jane’s scheme was indeed inspired by many movies picturing casinos robberies and ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ is a good example of them (I couldn’t resist parodying the title here). The main elements have been used indeed.

– Classic characters: we have a friend in distress, kidnappers, ex-cons less than reliable, the traitor and of course the mastermind.

– The technicalities: the use of disguises, the gimmick with the keys, an astute way to hide in the safe room. Not to forget the inevitable scene of surveillance of the main room with the chronometer in hand, the messed up camera as well as the innocuous mean to take the money out. Name it, you have it!

– Distraction is the key… the most classic move: pretty girls are the best way to distract people (Van Pelt, the assistant helping Jack to get an alibi during the show). Here the theme is linked with prestidigitation since there are a magic show as well as mirrors to make the two friends disappear and a substitution of boxes with Lisbon hidden in. To quote last season, the woman really gets the part of Jane’s “lovely assistant” here…

That peculiar aspect makes ‘Pink Champagne on Ice’ another of those themed episodes disseminated in Season four. We already have been presented with an undercover cop episode, one in the fashion world, as well as many in appealing locations (island, vineyard). The writers definitely try to vary and give dynamism to moments that aren’t related to Red John. Those nice efforts also illustrate how willing they are to avoid the monotony of routine investigations, which is always a problem in a recurring police show: many episodes like this one are built quite originally -a new team; Grace lost in the woods; Jane becoming amnesic or off investigating with Darcy; a supposed murder victim alive and hidden in the attic, a killer who hasn’t killed yet, etc…. Viewers are distracted from the angst involving Red John and things don’t get too boring. One especially clever move for that matter is referring to S1 best assets, for example punching Jane in the nose, always a big hit (pun totally intended).


VIS #  3 : Cho’s blossoming love life

During the investigation, Rigsby notes a bunch of red flowers lying on the side of Cho’s desk. Cho just tells that they are for Summer and, to his friend’s surprise, he admits that he’s seeing her. That brief scene hints at various things. First, Cho begins to go public about his affair with the former hooker/ informant. Things go well and seem to be getting serious, since flowers to a lover hint at romantic feelings more than at just a casual fling.

Is that a way to make us understand that all is great with him and that his addiction is history? Or is it a stretch to wonder if he’s trying to smooth down a quarrel by offering flowers to his girlfriend after stopping the use of painkillers? I just hope this cute moment isn’t meant to be all we’ll get as a conclusion for the addiction arc…

Best Scenes

The winner: VIS# 2.  The team’s reaction to the prospect of posing in another of Jane’s plans made me crack a smile. With a pinch of nostalgia at that.

1st Runner up: Lisbon emerging from the box. The idea that Jane choose to stuff in there the most petite woman (with her big gun) is quite amusing. Her voice steady, she literally kicks in to save the day. She isn’t even unfazed to have half of her hair in her face. You’re a super cop or you’re not.

2nd Runner up: the epilogue. At the very last both friends acted a bit more natural around each others. Jane using the other’s admission about drugs to insinuate that it damaged the foundations of his memory palace was pretty funny and in character.

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain April, 2012. Not to be used without permission.


Honorable Mentions

– Even it wasn’t an outstanding episode, thanks to Eoghan Mahony for creating at least one character from Jane’s past who is neither a mark nor a carnie, but who still manages to fit with Jane’s sense of spectacle and magic tricks. It’s a nice change!

– Is that me, or the atmosphere of the casino, a little lame, sad and without glamour, also remind of Mahony’s ‘Blood and Sand’? The island had a bit nostalgic, out of time vibe. Part of its inhabitants was running away from their past, just like this little more than a bump on the road casino illustrates Jack’s failures…

– Finally we have a team episode: the communication between Cho and Rigsby, the team scene, Wayne supporting Lisbon, all those moments make us feel that the team can still be a whole. Every one of them took part in the scheme this time, not just our dynamic duo.

Pet Peeves

– Was that hypnosis scene even necessary? A man who performs every night and day magic tricks that demand smoothness and dexterity, in front of a public, suddenly has trembling hands because he’s nervous… Not the most believable of events, but ok, we can go along. But would hypnotism even work on him since he probably already knows the trick or at least what Jane was doing? “Relax: I’m hypnotizing you” is not the most calming thing ever in my book… And I won’t even mention that just because he’s a magician he knows how to crack a safe.

– Is that credible that the security of a casino is so lousy? They mess with the camera, take the key and sneak into the most ill-secured safe chamber ever, and that’s all it takes to robber a casino. Worst, one single man goes in there alone with all the keys, ready to be knocked out cold if someone was hiding in the hallway – the “Personnel Only” door isn’t locked, no less. And the owner cannot even afford a second camera in the room, a simple glass window in the door must suffice. I guess it’s *really* a second-rate casino. They’d rather call it the Skinned Fox…

– I also guess there is truly nothing suspicious with a guy who has nothing to do with magic carrying a huge magic box out of the safe room. Silly me, why would one the guards need to ask him about it, really?

Best Lines

– “Mentalists, big talkers, no skills” magician Jack Hellion to Patrick Jane. That’s one of the rare mentions of our main character as a “mentalist” rather than a fake psychic. Other than in the title of the show, of course…

– “I am looking for clues… Yes, in the newspaper. That’s why I’m reading every single word” Jane explaining to Lisbon why he spent the team’s brainstorming session sitting on his couch reading the news. The lazy guy doesn’t even bother trying to be convincing anymore…

– “Did he say “crazy idea”?” Lisbon’s circumspection after listening to Jane’s attempt to drag them all into his last scheme is particularly cute.

– “ He said “trust me”.” Cho responds warily to the above.

– “Always a bad sign” Rigsby concludes that rather endearing ensemble.

Note: thanks to JohnScott for pointing out (comments for ‘Season Four Finale Hysteria’) that the ‘Pink Champagne on Ice’ was a quote from the famous song ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles: “”Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice / We are all just prisoners here of our own device”. Although his interpretation of the quote seems a bit daring to me, I must say I completely missed the hint here. It’s probably a wink to the mirrors used in the robbery and maybe a description of the cheap, shiny, and quite sad atmosphere in that half-way casino where Jack ends up after wasting his promising career in drugs. Now I can stop wondering who may be drinking that invisible champagne!

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62 responses to “Mentalist Pink Champagne on Ice Review

  • Julie

    Well done Violet a great job done with a difficult episode to review as there wasn’t a lot of meat in it, although enjoyable. The casino was definitely second or even fifth rate and I guess it was to show how far his friend had fallen.It was obviously a friend he liked from his past and we got to see Jane showing his good side as he helped his friend. I thought it was sweet of Jane to try and drum up enthusiasm for the ‘head in a box’ trick among the audience who weren’t paying much attention.

    I don’t think Jane was hypnotising Jack but just putting him in a relaxed state. I think it was probably the his girlfriend being kidnapped that really added to his stress.

    I do wonder if it was just a filler as Jane is now owed another favour and one he may have to call in.

    Thanks again Violet I think you are so brave to take these reviews on and wonderful artwork once again.

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you Violet for this enlightening review. You made some excellent points and I honestly wouldn’t been able to review this episode. First of all, I found it confusing. It took me ages to figure out what the two dead bodies have to do with the heist. It must be my distracted state. And I found Rothenberg’s performance weak, somehow…lacking. Which is weird because Baker just seems to bring out the best in the actors around him. I don’t know, I just didn’t see any chemistry there. Then there was the hypnosis scene. It threw me in for a loop. If Jack was just stealing the money to save his girlfriend, why did he have such a hard time breaking into the safe? I mean I get coercion doesn’t mke things easy for him but something just felt out of place. I guess it could have been intended to add tension but it just felt distracting.
    Even Jane and Jack’s bantering at the end seemed to lack luster. But how easily Lisbon and Jack’s girlfriend got along made an idea fester in my head which I discussed with merriwyllow on twitter.

    What if Jane and Lisbon are pulling a Sarah/Grissom (from CSI) on us? Those who don’t know, Sarah had held a candle for Grissom since early on in the series until it was revealed in a season finale that they have actually gotten together off-screen.

    Could this be why the writers have been spoiling us for Season 5? To distract us from a season finale revelation?

    I have no idea. Just thought I’d throw the idea out there 🙂

  • cjdavey

    Great review Violet! I’ll post alll my views as soon as I get time (on my phone atm) but I’ll just say that I actually really enjoyed this episode. Jane’s casino heist especially and the way the team came together to execute it…I just loved it. A really strong stand alone IMO.

  • cjdavey

    No, that’s absolutely not the case XD

  • reviewbrain

    Not saying it is. Would certainly be a shocker though 😉

  • wn

    Great review, Violet, and many thanks for doing this. I too was somewhat disappointed by the episode. One reason, as you mention, is that they had the opportunity for an interesting reveal about Jane’s past, and didn’t give us much. I totally agree, and like your statement that it lacked sparkle.

    My pet peeve was the scenes with VanPelt interviewing the guy in the restaurant. There were 2 of them, and they were totally, absolutely bland. One was bad enough, but 2??!! What a waste of air space.

    I’m still a great Mentalist fan, of course, and look forward to the next episodes.

  • windsparrow

    “Jane doesn’t mention the tragedy he went through -which his friend obviously ignores- and just tells that now he works with the police without explaining any further.”

    He does say, “You didn’t hear what happened?” but since Jack had not heard, he did not go into detail. Jack never asked after Angela, which leads me to believe that his marriage took place at some point after Patrick and Jack worked together. Can’t have been too long after, though.

    “But would hypnotism even work on him since he probably already knows the trick or at least what Jane was doing? “Relax: I’m hypnotizing you” is not the most calming thing ever in my book…”

    It is always tough to tell exactly when the writers are using hypnotism in a more realistic, grounded fashion and when they are plugging in to the mystique of the technique’s popular reputation. Getting hypnotized is pretty much an exercise in guided relaxation. I know for myself that it requires an act of will to stay in the moment with the practitioner; it is all too easy to come out even when you want to stay under. Looking at this scene with more realistic expectations, there are some things that make this particular example less silly than some of the others. First thing is, as an illusionist, Jack may well practice various forms of breath control and self-hypnosis for various types of tricks. These skills would be very valuable in the more Houdini-like acts involving getting out of chains, locks, handcuffs, ropes, etc. while in peril. If this sort of thing has been part of his act in the past, it explains why Jack knows his way around safe-cracking (in Hollywood logic, that is) as well.

    Jack is not the usual susceptible, undefended mind. I chalked up Jack’s unusual nervousness to how much he cares about his girlfriend and that her life was at stake – much the way surgeons are not supposed to operate on their own loved ones. It might also make sense that Patrick and Jack might have done a certain amount of sharing techniques if they worked together much.- Even though it has been years since he worked with Jane, it seems reasonable to me that he could cooperate well with Jane’s guided relaxation in this situation.

    “At the very last both friends acted a bit more natural around each others.”

    Note Lisbon whisking Jack’s girlfriend off for some girl talk while their fellas catch up on old times. Nope. Not married. At all. ::snirk::

  • windsparrow

    I meant to say this before, but good work on this review, violet. I’m glad you have reviewbrain’s back.

    Adorable artwork, Chibi!

  • violet

    Thanks for your kind comment! Made me happy! 🙂
    You’re right, Jane was definitely sweet with his friend (even though he did try to mess with the first show 😉 ). Yet, for me the moment with the “head in the box” seemed very sad: it made even more obvious how lame the setting was. In comparison, the fact that there were so few people watching the first show seemed almost normal, since most people spend their daytime gambling when they’re visiting a casino. Or so I guess… That moment, when Hellion did his trick and the public stayed stonily unresponsive showed really that he hit rock bottom professionally wise…

    And I hope you’re wrong and that Jane won’t need to call in a favor, if that means we are to get another pretty insipid episode… 🙂

  • windsparrow

    It would have started some point after “Fugue in Red”. The idea makes it all the more interesting that while Lisbon directly refuted Amnesia!Jane’s query about them sleeping together, when he asked, “But we’re working toward it, right?” she just changed the subject.

    Was it in the discussion on “Red is the New Black” that I started saying they were already married, we just were not invited to the wedding?

    It would certainly shed light on why, precisely, Jane let Erika kiss him in front of Wainwright. I said at the time it was a message of some kind to Luther. It sure would lead the boy away from worries that Patrick and Teresa could be “too close”.

  • wn

    Likewise for me. Great drawing, Chibi!

  • violet

    Thanks Cjdavey! 🙂
    And well, thanks for defending this episode. 😉 I felt a bit bad for not liking it very much, since there are a few amusing scenes; I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the reaction to Jane’s plan in the bullpen made me crack a smile, as well as the sight of one armed Lisbon kicking her way out of the box with her hair all ruffled… Still I think it would have been far greater with more dynamism. But the lame atmosphere of the Not-so-golden Fox may have been a little responsible for that impression too…
    Can’t wait to read more of your views!

  • violet

    Thanks for your comment, Wn! 🙂
    You’re right about the scenes where Grace interviewed this guy at the restaurant. There were almost useless, since they could have found out about the girl by getting background information while staying at the bullpen. I guess they simply wanted an exterior scene to show Jane wasn’t the only one actively investigating… In truth, it made me cringe how much it was obvious that both scenes were shot together. I didn’t check, but I think they didn’t even bother changing the man’s clothes, both times he was wearing that very recognizable sleeveless checked shirt.
    About the lack of interesting revelation, I understand that they didn’t want to become repetitive: until now, every time someone from his past popped up during an investigation, there was a nasty disclosure about what poor Jane went through: the memories of his father screamed of a difficult childhood and emotional abuse; the carnies and Danny were a reminder of the great tragedy of his life and how people from his past still felt that he was responsible for it. Sophie Miller? We learnt that he had a severe breakdown. This time, we have finally someone who isn’t angry with him, who just had a normal friendship with young Patrick, without drama involved. At least that’s a nice change, isn’t it?

  • hardly_loquacious

    Hee. Well, the idea that Lisbon is pining for Jane (though probably in some heavy denial) certainly has merit. I don’t know that I’m convinced it’s true, but it makes sense (and is convenient fic-wise). I don’t think the show will go the route of a secret relationship though… At least, not in the foreseeable future.

  • hardly_loquacious

    I tend to agree with your review about this episode.

    I think it was mostly a filler ep, and there were far too many scenes of just Jane and Jack. Those weren’t interesting enough, I felt. There were moments, but I wasn’t remotely invested in Jack, which made the first half of the ep a little dull.

    I thought the second half was better, particularly when the team got involved. I think one of the dangers of a lot of the more recent eps with major guest stars (Darcy, Erica, Jack, Stiles, etc.) is that the team gets seriously relegated to the background. I want more team. They had a couple great scenes in this ep, I agree, but I thought it needed more, particularly in the first half. (This is the main reason why I think the second half of the ep was much better.)

    I do like your point about Jane’s immediate reaction being to go to the police. I agree. That is definitely interesting. And unlike the old Jane.

  • violet

    You’re more than welcome, Reviewbrain ! And thank you for your trust and for not being too severe with this review! 🙂
    You’re right, Rothenberg’s performance could have been more… charismatic… I guess the lack of chemistry might be explained by the fact they were both playing the part of estranged friends … But still…

    I confess I’ve been surprised when I watched a second time the ep (hunting for best lines 😉 ), since I couldn’t remember at all that there was a second corpse. I was like “ err… where did that body come from?” It’s obvious that they only needed their victim(s) to justify that CBI agents were called and ended up in the casino; they put as little though as possible with that part of the story. Indeed, wouldn’t it have been cleverer to explain the murder with a second plot, involving the casino owner or one of the guards?

    Now, now, now, Jane and Lisbon already having a secret affair? 🙂 Indeed that would be shocking and quite funny. But I don’t think it would play out: that would make Lisbon his “rebound”, the one that is presumably doomed from the start…
    And even though Windsparrow made a point (a very amusing one!) by pointing out that Lisbon hastily changed the subject that time, it would be a little… un-romantic. I find it so much more endearing if they are still friends only but intimacy keeps leaking out from every little moment they spend together… Not to mention Jane would have been kinda indelicate to kiss Erica and to rebuff Lisbon afterwards. I prefer the friends, and possibly a bit more, version! 🙂

  • wn

    It is a nice change, violet. It’s funny how some Mentalist episodes, like this one, seem rather useless at first, but do become more interesting when you think about their implications.

  • windsparrow

    I do not really think that is how this will play out. But the idea is fun to play with.

  • violet

    Thanks for your support, Windsparrow! I really appreciate! 🙂

    First, you’re right: at the very least the ep gave us some indirect information. Now we have a bit of chronology: sixteen years ago, Jane had yet to meet his wife. He probably wasn’t working with his father anymore at the time, given that Jack didn’t mention him either (it would have been natural that he asked “how is your old man?” if he had known him). Guess at the time he was someone like the “Paddy” we met in ‘Fugue’, probably a womanizer and certainly eager to compete for fame and skills (the half-hearted banter with Jack may hint at that). Then, more or less fifteen years ago, he meets Angela and takes her away from the carnie world. Was he still a carnie when he met Jack? Or was he already trying his hand at showbiz and came back from time to time in the carnie circuit?

    And yeah, you made a point: it’s tough to tell if hypnotism was realistic here. Still, I felt they used it for the sake of it, to assert Jane’s superiority in skills over Jack. I would have preferred a manly squeeze of the shoulder with a simple but heartfelt: “dude, keep your cool, you can do it. Concentrate and don’t think about anything else”, but I guess it would have been rather less spectacular (and yeah, possibly not very effective either).

    It’s true that the last scene had a rather “couple” vibe: Lisbon almost seemed to be entertaining guests. The two old fellows catch up with old jokes and she shows the girlfriend around and maybe treats her to coffee… It’s even funnier that she assumed this role so easily since Lisbon never was the type to seek girls’ company! 🙂

  • violet

    Indeed it is! 🙂
    we’re all discussing some amusing hypothesises here! Unfortunately… 😉

  • All-I-need

    Great work, Violet!

    And Reviewbrain: Whatever it is that´s keeping you from writing, I hope it`ll be resolved/get better/whatever you need soon.

    Now, about this episode:

    Did anyone else wonder how Lisbon knew that Jack was a friend of Jane`s?

    He didn`t mention Jack to them at all, yet at the CBI she starts a sentence with “Your friend Jack…” Jack who? As far as I know, Lisbon hadn`t even SEEN Jack before, or heard his name, so how does she know he is a friend of Jane?

    One of my favorite lines in the episode (apart from the team`s reactions to the plan):
    Jane. “We need to do this the other way.”
    Jack: “What other way?”
    Jane: *grinning* “I am robbing the casino for you!”
    HAHAHA, his face – like a child on Christmas morning. Seriously, he looked like robbing casinos is his favorite pasttime!

    Now, windsparrow mentioned that Jack didn`t ask about Angela and thus probably doesn`t know about the marriage at all. I don`t think that`s possible – Jane ran away from the carnival with Angela, so they were definitely already together then – he can hardly have a show in Kansas City when he`s traveling with the carnival, right? I think it`s way more likely that Jack was simply so distracted by his own problems that he didn´t ask about her, but seeing the ring on Jane`s finger he probably assumed they were still married. My guess is he asked later, when they went out for drinks or whatever it is they did at the end of the episode.

    I immensely enjoyed the whole idea of robbing the casino and how they did it – it´s just something I love to watch. Also, the way Jane rolled his eyes as he waited for Lisbon to jump in on his plan was hilarious. I was almost expecting one to just pop right out of the socket with the way he rolled them.

    The episode was definitely amusing, though it definitely could have been a lot better.

    Most telling thing: definitely the roses Cho bought for Summer. Such a small scene, such huge impact!

    The image by Chibi is incredibly cute, as always.

    Thanks again for this lovely review, Violet!

  • violet

    Yeah, the team part was definitely a plus. It made things a little less dull indeed! I agree we need more scenes with them together…
    Thanks for your comment!

  • reviewbrain

    I just remembered something that struck me as important in this episode: the perp said the reason she killed her accomplice is because he shot Jack’s girlfriend’s roommate because she saw them; as collateral damage. When Grace pointed out that she was going to do the same thing, (killing Jane, Jack, girlfriend) so as not to leave witnesses she replied : “but I would have felt bad about it. He didn’t. He laughed.”

    While Grace brushes off this logic with “you’re nuts lady” I do wonder if Eoghan Mahoney was using this perp’s exchange as insight into Jane’s character (something the writers have possibly been doing all season). Like Jane saying he lied to the jury but feels bad about it (Scarlett Ribbons). It could indicate more growth. Or it could be foreshadowing: that Jane will do something he isn’t happy about but feels he must.

    Either way I honestly appreciated the non-regular motive (morals as opposed to plain greed) and found it interesting. I just wish the execution would have been less confusing (again, this could just be me being distracted).

  • reviewbrain

    Yes!!! I did wonder!! Thanks for reminding me 🙂 did he tell her? He must have at one point. Or she might have researched him. But I don’t think so. The way she talked to Jane about him wasn’t like she was mentioning him for the first time.

    And thank you for your kind words all-i-Beed. Much appreciated 🙂

  • violet

    Thanks All-I-Need! 🙂 You made me laugh with the “child on Christmas morning” comment !
    I guess the detail of Lisbon knowing about Jack was more proof that a lot must take place off-screen. The only explanation is that Jane explained her why he had sneaked out of the interview with the head of security. That may also explain how friendly she was at the very end, once the case had been cleared up.

    About Jack knowing or not Angela, I got the same feeling than Windsparrow, that he didn’t know her at all. I he knew Jane has been married, he would have asked something about his family before he asked about work… Except if, at the time, Jane hadn’t told him about the love of his life… It’s possible, since the guy likes to keep things for himself… Still, I really believe Jack is a friend from that part of his youth that ressembled the fugue-like phase. That’s just an impression of course! 🙂

  • ortforshort

    I will channel Bruno Tonioli in my critique of this review by saying “Violet Blooms!”

  • violet

    Wow, thanks ! 🙂

  • violet

    Like every time, forgot to tell how much I love those drawings by Chizuru-chibi! That young extra-curly haired Jane posing as a magician assistant is adorable! 🙂

  • tessjanes

    Olha gostei muito do seu comentário.Sabe gostei de alguma cenas como a que o Jane propõe o seu plano(e a Lisbon fala que confia nele e que ele pode falar),a cena que o Rigsby fica com medo e a Lisbon manda ele ficar quieto e a cena que ela sai da caixa muito boa e cena final que ela diz para namorada do mágico que o papo ia demorar para irem tomar café,mas enfim me pareceu um episódio fraco como vou dizer sei lá parece que foi colocado lá somente que essa temporada vai ter 24 epis então teve que colocar esse.Sei lá pareceu que foi um episódio para falar sobre o passado do Jane mas sei lá não foi como nos epis: 2.10(Throwing Fire)que lembra de seu passado no circo,o 1.10(Red Brick and Ivy) que a sua ex-psiquiatra aparece e temos mais um pouco de seu passado,o 3.2(Cackle-Bladder Blood) que seu cunhado aparece e temos mais ainda de seu passado e o 4.10(Fugue in Red) que ele perde a memória que foram episódios que falaram da vida dele de um jeito intenso mas esse sei lá não foi assim não sei como explicar mais foi diferente(não sou boa com as palavras).

  • JustMe

    I got the feeling that Jane was somewhat relieved that someone didn’t know his past and that he enjoyed catching up with someone without the baggage of sympathy that always comes with it. No I don’t think that Jack knew about Angela and Charlotte but he may have met Angela prior to them getting married. Of course if Patrick didn’t bring it up then Jack wouldn’t either as Jack had a bit on his plate too. And at the end with Lisbon and Jane being and acting so close, he may have made the assumption that they were a couple jand it would have answered the question for Jack how he came to work with the police especially if his significant other was a cop. That very well could have been Jack’s thought process. It would be my process if I had met someone I knew years ago and they had that sort of attachment to someone of the opposite sex.

    Also I think that with the end scene being so “couply”, it will also feel like a bigger shock to the fandom regarding Jane finding a lover. But I still think that Lisbon and Jane are endgame and they have to move him forward so I’m OK with it.

    I also got the feeling that maybe the writers knew that the fans would be thinking that a waitress is beneath Jane so they stuck that line in by the murderess about Jack being with a waitress. Personally I could give a poop less whether she is a waitress or a physicist, as long as she’s not one dimensional and has some substance so we can see Jane react to a relationship. I hope the relationship doesn’t have ulterior motives on her part or being a part of the RJ group. Enough of that already.

    Overall not the best episode of the year but some interesting scenes. Liked that someone caught the “Hotel California” reference.

  • JadeWEAPON

    I thought this episode was just okay, maybe a little boring.

    My favorite parts:
    – Jane getting punched in the face. Again. I have a serious thing for violence against Jane, always have.
    – Jane cracking up at the magic show, and his general mirth when interacting with his old magician friend. He seemed happier than usual this episode.
    – LisbonInABox!
    – That ending scene.

    And that’s about all I have to say about this episode. Next week’s episode looks like it will a lot of fun.

  • windsparrow

    “I don`t think that`s possible – Jane ran away from the carnival with Angela, so they were definitely already together then – he can hardly have a show in Kansas City when he`s traveling with the carnival, right?”

    What, they don’t have carnivals in Kansas City? On the contrary, there are at least four county fairs held in the Kansas City, Missouri Metropolitain area, and who knows how many in striking distance of Kansas City, Kansas. While going to the county fair (or any other carnival-type occasion) is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of looking for a magic act to go see, I do see them in the show listings now and then. Might not pay as wonderfully as a steady casino gig, but the little kids in the audience would sure be more attentive an audience.

    Also, the Midwest Carnival circuit is deader than a thing that is dead in the winter. So, Jane’s craving to get out of the carnival circuit, spending the off season sitting around on his butt isn’t going to get him the contacts and extra cushion for his wallet that he’d want for that.

  • windsparrow

    “Liked that someone caught the “Hotel California” reference.”

    The linchpin of the song is the line, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” I have been trying very hard not to think of all the ominous ways that could apply to various characters.

  • windsparrow

    “Then, more or less fifteen years ago, he meets Angela and takes her away from the carnie world. Was he still a carnie when he met Jack? Or was he already trying his hand at showbiz and came back from time to time in the carnie circuit?”

    The picture in my head is – Jane has met Angela at this point. But they are not yet serious about each other (or they have gotten serious but have not told anyone else yet because it is still new). Ambitious, energetic young Jane could have been working non-carnival gigs during the winter – testing the waters, making contacts, refining his non-carnie act, building up a cash reserve – in preparation for fulfilling his dream of getting out. As the two of them get more serious about each other, they also get more serious about making the transition away from the carnival circuit. But like I said, this is just the mental image I have.

  • JustMe

    Yeah its a bit depressing as songs go. But the imagery rather fits with the whole show or it could be foreshadowing to the future season. Or I’m reading entirely too much into it!:D 😉


    On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
    Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
    Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I had to stop for the night
    There she stood in the doorway;
    I heard the mission bell
    And I was thinking to myself,
    “This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”
    Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
    There were voices down the corridor,
    I thought I heard them say…

    Welcome to the Hotel California
    Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely face
    Plenty of room at the Hotel California
    Any time of year (Any time of year)
    You can find it here

    Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends
    She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends
    How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
    Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

    So I called up the Captain,
    “Please bring me my wine”
    He said, “We haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine”
    And still those voices are calling from far away,
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say…

    Welcome to the Hotel California
    Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely face
    They livin’ it up at the Hotel California
    What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
    Bring your alibis

    Mirrors on the ceiling,
    The pink champagne on ice
    And she said “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”
    And in the master’s chambers,
    They gathered for the feast
    They stab it with their steely knives,
    But they just can’t kill the beast

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before
    “Relax, ” said the night man,
    “We are programmed to receive.
    You can check-out any time you like,
    But you can never leave.

  • hardly_loquacious

    Hee. Jane getting punched in the face is one of my favourite things too. Seriously, Jane/punch in the nose is my secondary ship. Or possibly tertiary, because Jane/couch/tea might be second. Hard to say.

    And yeah, Lisbon in a box was awesome too. My reaction was, “This is why it’s convenient that Lisbon is petite.”

  • violet

    Moito obrigada! 🙂 Gostei tamen do seu commentario! E concordo con voce que fui mas un “filler” que outra cousa…

    (Thanks! I liked yours too! I agree with you, it was more a “filler” than anything else… 😉 ) Brrr, my Portuguese is quite rusty!

  • violet

    Ouch! I didn’t realize before that things were this bad with this song and the show. We can read almost anything we want in those lyrics: how RJ seduces his minions into following his orders (“She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends”, “bring your alibis”), choosing indistinctively weak souls and psychopaths ( “Some dance to remember, some dance to forget”) ; Jane who is entangled unwillingly in the same cobweb as them ( “And she said “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”, “They stab it with their steely knives,/ But they just can’t kill the beast”), the way he has tried to free himself of his obsession with grief and revenge in the last episodes (“I was/ Running for the door/I had to find the passage back/To the place I was before” ) and his increasing horror at realizing that he’s trapped in that bloody game (“You can check-out any time you like,/But you can never leave”). Depressing!

  • violet

    Your idea that Jack may have mistaken them for a real couple is pretty amusing! Hard to say since their interaction was quite undeveloped, even at the end, but it would be funny!

  • Raven

    “Then, more or less fifteen years ago, he meets Angela and takes her away from the carnie world.”

    Isn’t that (15) years ago Angela was already pregnant? Jane is working with the CBI for (9) years and in episode 1×05 “Redwood” his daughter looked around 6 years. Might be 15 years, including 9 month pregnancy almost 16 years. (my crazy mind)

    Just playing with numbers. It’s sad that we don’t know more about when Jane met his wife for the first time.

    Maybe Jack didn’t know Angela so well or his mind was too occupied with his kidnapped girlfriend to ask more questions.

  • JadeWEAPON

    There should be some kind of club for Jane/punch in the nose shippers. It brings such a smile to my face, I might consider making it my primary ship and putting Jane/Lisbon on the backburner XD

    Oh, and realized that I did not congratulate Violet and thank her for the awesome review, so I’m doing it now. The review mentioned lots of interesting positive observations that I never would have myself. So thanks and good job 🙂

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain and Violet,

    Enjoyed every bit o the review! Nicely done 🙂

    First off, I like the euphemism of the title, being sad and depressed, an apt descrption of the series. As an episode, it indicates a fall from riches. In this case, Jack and Jane having broken dreams. Hence, the awkward demeanour.

    Reviewbrain pointed this out already in the comment above, Trish, the murderess, preeching on moral compass of killing. It could apply to Jane for obvious reasons. Somehow, having Van Pelt there listening to her confession, was vital to find out what she feels bad about shooting O’laughlin. She might have reached the final stage of the grief cycle, by proclaiming her “nuts”. Or it could just be for show since she is in the double mirrors room.

    Did Jane feel bad after shooting Carter? I think he did. He even cried before shooting him (part of it might have to do with taking a life, the other for grieving his loss) and had a quiet moment in the morgue, despite Carter being a psycopath.

    Second, pleeeease Writers, don’t go down the off-screen relationship path! It happened in the X-files too. Both that and the CSI had weak resolution and sets the realtionship in stone, No fun.

    Love your thoughts and review for this episode, Violet.
    Chizuruchibi, you have an endearing illustrations, posessing the same delight as finding forgotten cash in your pockets! haha. Thanks!

  • Wallaby UK

    At last I’ve found somewhere that discusses The Mentalist in detail.
    I’ve had a great time reading through the many reviews and comments 
    Background on me…I’m from the UK, so 4 episodes behind you guys. I only started watching from Season 3 (I’ve just ordered Season 1 to start catching up) I’ve really enjoyed though what I have watched. Yes, I’m all for Jane and Lisbon, and it’s how the two interact with each other that has sucked me in. I like all the team, but I have to say Cho has just grown on me, the lines he gets are great, Kang plays the stoic guy to perfection, and I think it was from ‘Pink Tops’, that I realised how much I liked his character. Summer brought the best of him out, I wanted a life for Cho.
    So when ‘First Blush’ was aired, I’ve been looking for discussions that give some breadth and depth to them. The forums I’ve visited just don’t cut it, so thankful I’ve found this review blog.
    A few of my humble thoughts, that you guys have already discussed to death.
    I have my ideas on Red John, the writers seem keen to throw red herrings in along the way, I understand the need for that, likewise in the episodes, there must be something that will tie Red John together, eventually. I’m hoping when we look back after the Series finally has it’s final end ( the ultimate 6th or 7th series) then we’ll go…ahhh we get it, the clues were there.
    There is a UK family series (Dr.Who) that uses a story arc through it’s episodes, lots of red herrings, lots of clues, some slow buring, that get answered after a long time, but when you look back after knowing the answer, it all makes sense. I’m hoping with RJ it will be the same. I’m hoping the writers don’t cop out, and what I’ve seen so far, I don’t thionk they will, they are enjoying the ride they are giving us. I mean how many Red John Theories are out there?
    The Jane/Lisbon ship, well, as I said I’m all for it, but I know it would kill the series flat, and I gather Baker has said as much himself. Not having seen Seasons 1 and 2, doesn’t give me much scope to comment, but from the little I have seen, there is love between them, just not ‘in love’, that romantic love, but I’m patient to see that happen one day and I feel it will, they are so close to one another, the looks that are given, the gentle flirting that in no way would I tease my brother with…eurgh…. Proves to me it’s hidden deep in them, ready to appear when Red John no longer exists. So the writers play with the audience, I would like more flirting from them, but not overdone in the ‘Castle/Beckett’ way. I do admit though I growled a lot in the ‘War of Roses’ which for me is the latest episode I’ve seen. Regarding Erica and her escaping, I think it’s a longer game that Jane is playing. She is to me the equivalent of the Red John persona in female form (No I don’t think she’s Red John) She get’s ‘disciples’ (love lorn men) willing to do things for her, it’s the charisma thing. She has money and influence, again RJ must have the same, to get and be able to do the things he does. Why the kiss in the bedroom? Why not? It irked me so much, but somehow it fitted, the panic in Jane’s eyes, her hidden surprise, that perhaps it meant more to her, I think she could be a RJ cronie, or just a red herring, one to stir up the shippers…lol. But at least Jane is ready to kiss, and as spoilers have pointed out there is a love interest for Jane…bah! But again it’s a sign of him moving on, how could Lisbon ever compete with a dead man’s wife, especially by his indirectly causing her death, by his bragging. That’s a lot of baggage to let go of, to me Jane is slowly beginning to let go of said baggage, he just doesn’t know it.
    Lastly back to Cho, I’ve not seen episode 18, but I understand Summer and Cho are in the bedroom! I love how Samaire Armstrong has brought Summer to life, and for me brought Cho to life. He needs that type of woman (not knowing his previous girlfriend has probably made me bias) they bounce of each other real good.
    I like that despite her past and initially being a hooker when she met him, she wants to give it up, as shown in ‘First Blush’ in the elevator scene , telling him directly she’s “given everything else up” If she was all about the money, she would carry on being a hooker despite receiving the money from being a CI.
    That girl needs a second chance, she to me has a heart of gold (despite robbing dead woman in first episode :-0 ) she is damaged emotionally and needs to be loved, Cho can give it her. Sadly my gut feeling is, she’s going to come to a sticky end, I really really hope not, ( coz I’ll well up and cry) and it seems many fans do like the 2 together. Summer adds humour and warmth, shucks I’d like to see them married….I’m just a romantic at heart.
    Briefly on Grace and Rigsby, I’m used to them apart than together, I love the girlfriend Rigsby has now Sara, she cares than she doesn’t want to entrap him in a marriage, she loves him so much that she’s willing to not push him. I think more sorrow is on the books, either Sara dying at some point and Rigsby left with the baby, or he’s not the father. Or he loses the baby too, but that really would be too much to bear to be honest…or they could just be happy, oh no this is a TV show, that seems unlikely *sighs*
    As for Grace, I just love her, she has a lot of adjusting to do and she too is still damaged, I’d like to see her buddy up more with Lisbon, Lisbon could do with it too.
    Again I say thank you for all the brilliant reviews and comments. Hope you don’t mind my waffle, it’s just so good to get those thoughts out my head.
    Oh and one of my favourite scenes is Summer, in the bar testing the mike/wire and calling Cho a Wallaby, classic! 😉

  • John Scott

    “What’s all this Violets on TV?”

    Vi, great review.

    Reading some of the comments about “Pink,” I beg to differ that it was “filler” and repetitious. We can all agree that the “Mentalist” writers are at the top of their game. If their writing appears filler and repetitious it is to dull us into a sedate state, therefore we should pay Eagle eye attention not to miss the trick.

    As you noted, I believe the episode is an homage to the Eagles classic song “Hotel California” and the casino heist film “Oceans 11.”

    The episode opens like the song — “On a desert highway, cool wind blowing her(Lisbon’s) hair. ”

    Jane notes the highway sits in a prehistoric ocean seabed, perhaps foreshadowing a PARALLEL reference to the casino robbery in “Oceans 11.”

    The deep message: Jane relates to Lisbon “in the great scheme of things, just how insignificant, how small, how tiny we are.” But Lisbon has a bigger opinion of herself. – “Maybe for you, Tiny.”

    “Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice
    ‘We are all just prisoners here of our own device” – “Hotel California”

    As the “rob-the-casino” plot has been done to death, Heller and the writers would only deal this joker-in-the-deck story to make a point: Jane’s current situation mirrors Jack’s. (note the use of the symbolic mirrors reflecting Jane and Jack in Jack’s dressing room) While both are masters of deception, they are ” prisoners of their own device” as they are oblivious to the deception by their close female associates.

    While Jane and Jack are reflected in the mirrors, their assistants, Trish and Lisbon, hide behind their mirrors. The kidnapper is revealed to be Hellion’s associate, who hides behind mirrors of the Blammo Box and is a psychopath with a conscience.

    The show, in reflection, is the trick: in the beginning Hellion attempts to transfer his psycho assistant into the Blammo Box but is interrupted by Jane, who gets punched in the nose. In the Climax, Hellion’s psycho assistant is caught Red Handed by Jane’s clever mirror ploy and Lisbon’s Blammo Jack-in-the-Box (Aussie) ripper.

    Lisbon…Jack – Ripper? A little too-on-the-nose?

    As Jane was telling the audience to pay attention, the trick was under all our noses: “Liesbon” is hiding her true self, one that mirrors Hellion’s psychopathic assistant. Perhaps she’s not so insignificant after all.

    As Jane so acutely observed, “BLAMMO, it’s all about the assistant.”

    “You can’t hide your Hell-lyin’ eyes
    And your smile is a thin disguise
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your Liesbon eyes.”

  • violet

    Thanks! I appreciate! 🙂

    I must say this time I agree with you on some points. Well, I still don’t think Lisbon is double crossing Jane, nor even that she has any violent intention towards him (besides punching him in the nose sometimes of course, but then, who doesn’t? 🙂 ).
    Nevertheless, I agree with you, “Jane’s current situation mirrors Jack’s”. Or rather, Jack’s situation mirrors Jane’s… Both men are facing a tough period: the dreams of their youth are far behind, both have made tragic mistakes that have cost them their career, their social status and, for Jane, his family. Regarding their failures, it’s interesting that Jack explains that he hit rock bottom because of drugs, since Jane’s obsession has already been characterized as an addiction (by Bosco and during the AA reunion). Now both friends try to step away from that addiction: Jack stopped using drugs, he tries to keep his shows going, even in a lame casino, and he has a girlfriend he cares about. He has a job and love and he tries to head for the top again. If we are to believe this mirror metaphor, then we can infer that Jane too is actively trying to regain control of his life, to escape RJ’s influence. At long least, somehow, he tries to build a life for himself again.

    About the parallel between the two “assistants”, the psychopath and Lisbon, well I interpret that more as a contrast. Lisbon’s character has been used that way already many times, for instance when Erica made her first appearance: in many shots, Lisbon took Erica’s place after the other woman left. Yes, I know, you’re probably going to say that’s because both are evil, but I really think it was made to show how much both characters are opposed. Moreover, it’s true that Lisbon plays the part of the assistant here, and she’s armed like the killer was. But, it was to save them, not to hurt Jane.

    And, more importantly, she wasn’t the only assistant that Jane had. Jack could only rely on this murderous girl who kidnapped his girlfriend, the two other men were ex-cons who were just here for the money; while Jane asked for the whole team’s help, not just Lisbon’s. They are all his assistants, Lisbon is just the most efficient since she wanted to take responsibility and assumed the most dangerous role beside Jane’s.

  • violet

    Glad you’re enjoying our little discussions and decided to join in! 🙂

    I’m beginning to rather like Summer myself. I can be mistaken, but I confess that my gut feeling is that her relationship has more future than Sarah’s. I guess that because she has indeed given up a lot to be with him. Your comment reminded me that both are very alike: she was a hooker while Cho’s a former gang member and both choose to give up their lifestyle and to serve the law (CBI agent and informant for the police). Cho may definitely find a deeper level of comprehension in her. On the contrary, Rigsby’s love story seems somewhat doomed, and I wonder if this impression doesn’t come from the fact that Sarah didn’t change her life to be with him. They get along, care for each other, they are expecting a baby and that’s all. I don’t know if I make myself clear: I get the feeling love stories in this show are connected to a form of deeper commitment. Jane and Angela cemented their marriage by running away together, both giving up something (their old lives) in doing so. Then, Jane lost his wife because he couldn’t give up his flashy career.
    Same with Wayne and Grace: they couldn’t accept to lose their position in the team so it cost them their relationship… Same with Grace/ O’Laughlin: his “ghost” said her that he had loved her, but not enough to leave RJ. Or, to a lesser extent, with Bosco, who wouldn’t leave his family and then never had any chance to win Lisbon’s heart; or even between Mashburn and Lisbon, who only had a one night stand since neither was willing to give up their lifestyle. And so on.
    In that logic, it’s easy to understand why Lisbon and Jane have gotten closer, even in a non romantic way: both of them have come to accept the other’s influence, they indeed give up some things to stay friends, namely they have both gotten their guard down around the other.
    And I know I may very well be reading far too much into it, sorry! 😉

  • ortforshort

    There is no parallel between Lisbon and Jack’s assistant.

  • windsparrow

    “You can’t hide your Hell-lyin’ eyes And your smile is a thin disguise I thought by now you’d realize There ain’t no way to hide your Liesbon eyes.”

    Dude, seriously? Puns are one thing, but this – you are abusing the language, man.

  • Wallaby UK

    Thanks for the welcome and reply Violet 🙂

    Since I have become a tad obsessed with Cho and Summer, I’m hoping your gut feeling is more reliable than mine…lol
    I think because I like the ship so much, I’m preparing myself to be let down already.

    I don’t really know of Cho’s background since I’ve not seen the earlier seasons (soon to be readdressed) but being a former gang member would then give him more empathy with Summer, that people can change for the better.

    Ultimately though, for Cho and Summer to work, she needs a job that’s not as a CI, as surely that will cause conflict for Cho within his work…though he doesn’t seem to be worrying about breaking the rules at the moment. She is good as a CI though, she has the courage and doesn’t seem frightened. I think she ought to go and set up as a Private Investigator! Or is Cho keeping her as a kept woman 🙂

    It’s an interesting take you have, on what someone is prepared to give up to be with somebody, that they need a deeper commitment to each other.

    Rigsby and Grace didn’t, look where that’s got them! Their situation does highlight that there can be no ‘office romance ‘ for Jane and Lisbon, well at the moment anyway, Jane and Lisbon seem more like a married couple in their reactions to one another, just not intimate.

    I’m going to try very hard not to look what you guys will write for the remaining episodes, so I guess I’ll always be behind. But I shall look forward when I catch up, to join in the comments with regards to the seasons final.

    Just to add the drawings are awesome, when I read my first review on here, there was such detailed discussion I didn’t realise any drawings existed, then boom a really funny cartoon. I think I read the ‘pink tops’ episode first, so it was with great delight to see the cartoon, I just giggled at what Cho had doodled in his notebook.
    Hats off to the artist.

  • tessjanes

    Sim tomara que o próximo capítulo venha ser melhor.

  • windsparrow

    “Their situation does highlight that there can be no ‘office romance ‘ for Jane and Lisbon, well at the moment anyway…”

    I have what amounts to a crack-fic in my head about the end of the series. After getting Red John one way or the other, Jane leaves the CBI – maybe he got fired or maybe he was just done with them. Lisbon gets fired either because she went along with too many shenanigans or because without Jane to babysit, they don’t need her anymore. Jane tells her, “Sorry I got you fired. The thing is, I knew I wasn’t long for this job, so a few weeks ago I got my private investigator’s license. I’m going to need someone who knows her way around law enforcement – a consultant, if you will….” and Remington Steele-like hijynks ensue.

  • Mon

    Great review; I didn’t actually see the episode, just a few snippets on youtube. (Irish television is about ten episodes behind in series four so catching up means having to find eps online). Sounds like a filler episdoe alright, but I guess meeting new characters from Jane’s past is always interesting.
    Reviewbrain; I love your theory about Jane and Lisbon. Don’t see it happening but a nice theory! Strangely it would fit with jane and Lisbon’s interactions recently. Twould be quite the surprise finale!

  • Beatriz Tunney

    wait.wait,wait… someone there said something about an affair between Jane and Lisbon?
    first let me introduce myself … My name is Ana Beatriz, I’m from Brazil and I have 14 years …
    back to the subject, I have had dreams centered around 4.5 months ago every day, the same dreams …
    In my dream I was watching an episode of TM by the computer, and suddenly announce that Jane and Lisbon are together for some time, and … we did not know … my reaction when I woke up? … OOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD
    I remembered the episode 17 – “Cheap Burgundy”, they seemed a couple so cute *-*
    there since then I wonder! are they together?


    and Loralei? is that Jane will shoot in Lisbon or in a team, and make Lisbon be angry with him until that time when the alleged lover of Jane will be on stage for about five episodes! well … we’ll see in upcoming episodes (or next season)

  • Beatriz Tunney

    sorry my bad grammar!

  • PJaneLoke

    Thank you Violet for the review! Hope whatever situation Brainreview is in will be resolved to her satisfactions.

    Im usually the silent reader and has been following this blog for quite some time now. I have to break silence this time because I have questions about this episode.

    The first question is about the title and has been answered by Violet and some of the reviewers. Thank you very much for the full lyrics. It is very depressing and gave a me the chill…thinking of how it apply to Jane and his circumstances.

    The second question is about the number. I would like to pick your brain and help me out here. Jane mentioned twice in the show that Jack opened for him in Kansas City. The first time he mentioned it he said, 16 years ago and that second time he mentioned it is 1993! 1993 +16 =2009!! Is that mean the show is still at 2009?

    Is Jane just making a mistake? But he is so good with date and number (321 Like A Red Headed Stepchild), I doubt it. Or you think just the writer making the mistake?

    If the show is still in 2009, is there any significant? I dont know and it is driving me crazy. I wanted to zoom in on the newspaper Jane was reading so that I can read the date! I also want to rewatch every episode from S1 to S4 to take notice on all the date mentioned! May be I can make this into my summer project when we have to go through three months without new Mentalist episode.

  • reviewbrain

    @pensive on twitter asked the writers about that. They said “More likely Jane is messing with his head. The Mentalist is not stuck in 2009.”


  • PJaneLoke

    Thank you for replying!! I was going crazy with this! ^^

  • violet

    Your grammar is fine, don’t worry!
    Don’t get your hopes up too much, that hidden relationship between them was just a funny theory we were playing with… Nothing consistent here!

  • John Scott

    “Puns are one thing, but this – you are abusing the language, man.”

    Then you better not read this —

  • reviewbrain

    Love you detailing how the episode title is actually referring to Jane and Jack. I hadn’t thought of that…

  • kamimimi

    Great review Violet ^^ For me, you did a lot with so little material.
    I’m with the guys that thought this episode was a filler. Then I read John Scott and, besides his stuckidea of Lisbon, he had so many points about the episode that changed my view about Pink Champagne on Ice.
    If the parallels are ok and the writers meant it, it was a above the medium episode. I love the ”between the lines” things. That’s why I started watching the show.

    Cho was great this episode. The flowers were so loveydovey and made me wish that he and Summer stick together until marriage besides the drug problem, that I think Summer will aggravated but then they will use it to make Cho help Summer with her problems, by empathy.

    The scene when Lisbon took Helion’s girlfriend for a “girl-chat” made me smile too.

    I don’t think that Jane was gaining a favor in this episode. Not like the one he got from Styles. I think they’re just making a pleasant episode, not hinting that Jane was making a big plan.

    Thanks for the review Violet and be good Reviewbrain 🙂

  • kamimimi

    Nice portuguese Violet. xD

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