Mentalist The Crimson Hat Review

Six months after he was fired from his job by CBI Head Luther Wainwright (Michael Rady), Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) has fallen into hard times and has reverted back to living the life of a con-man, performing fake psychic reads on people in Las Vegas. There, he meets cocktail waitress Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) who bails him out when a scuffle with a disgruntled customer lands him in jail. Meanwhile Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and her team work the death of an anonymous male gun-shot victim.

Concise Verdict

A while back on twitter, I mentioned that the massive spoilers leaking had been done strategically to prepare fans for something. I never expected that something to be a sucker punch of awesomeness. With The Crimson Hat, Bruno Heller delivers about 43 minutes of epic excellence, beautifully directed by Chris Long and fantastically scored by Blake Neely (who incidentally has done phenomenal work this season). Then we have the acting, or more appropriately THE ACTING!!!! Sigh. Please, for the love of god, PLEASE let there be director’s commentary on this episode. Mr. Heller has been far too modest to deprive us of his genius so I’m taking this opportunity to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion:

Detailed AKA Humungous Review (spoilers galore)

Mentalist fans have been off-the-charts amazing this season and I really wanted to cater this particular review to their needs. So I asked if they have any particular questions about the episode and got a flood of replies. Thank you to everyone who participated. Those who couldn’t, you were there in spirit. Also helping me along is the one and only Windsparrow giving her two cents with this one.

Now with regards to the organization of the review, I split according to themes, and the relative questions will be answered where appropriate. But first, a message from our guest reviewer:


Dear People in Charge of Releasing End of Season Mentalist Spoilers:

Thank you so much for all the misdirection!

I do not usually indulge in spoilers – half the time I will not even watch Doctor Who trailers with the Man – but somehow I got caught up in them this time. They were all over my Twitter feed, and I did not know how to escape.  Wave after wave of spoilers rolled through and the furor they caused kept crashing over my head. At some point I started thinking some of that stuff had to be taken with a grain – no, make that a space shuttle payload – of salt. Then I started hoping that there was a hefty dose of mentalism in those spoons full of spoilers. And there was, so there were plenty of surprises left for me in “The Crimson Hat”.

I have never been so grateful for being willfully misled before. Thanks again.

Lots of love,

Me (Windsparrow)

Reviewbrain: I suspect many fans feel this way too, especially die hard J/L shippers who went off the rails at the suggestion that Jane might get a new romantic interest.

Speaking of the lovely Lorelei, let’s get on with the our first question for this review…

Raven@Raven__Claw: After first meeting Lorelei in the bar did Jane suspected her to be RJ’s girl and tested her reaction with his comments like “I’m a conman, I steal from people” and later when she didn’t shrink back “I killed a man last year … now when I recall shooting him dead it still feels good”? or the moment she showed up on his door or was it after he found out she was the one who paid the bail or was it really after she talked about RJ which I don’t believe?

Another question, quite related to this one:

Didi @RFewTimeT: Do you think Jane knew that Lorelei works for RJ before he slept with her, Because J. Gadd & A. Gable haven’t the same opinion.

As I understand it, Ashley Gable (writer/executive producer) thinks Jane had Lorelei pegged the whole time while Jimmy Gadd (an editor) doesn’t. I’m not entirely convinced they didn’t agree to have opposing arguments just to keep the answer ambiguous. Evil geniuses.

The popular opinion seems to be that Jane has been pulling a long con since episode Red Rover, Red Rover. Jane himself tells this to Lisbon when he meets her after sixth months of being away. Now we could just take him for his word, but where’s the fun in that? I’d rather examine all possible evidence the episode has to offer starting with their first meeting.

VIS #1: Jane and Lorelei’s first Meeting

Windisparrow: So there was Patrick Jane sitting at that bar, looking kind of rough, chatting up a pretty girl. The way he talked, it reminded me of the Man saying he figured Jane was playing a long game with another pretty girl, earlier in this season.

Reviewbrain: It reminded me of the pilot. For some reason Jane’s no right or wrong contention and the tone he used brought to my mind his “There is no afterlife” speech in the pilot. I liked it and the insinuation that Jane might have regressed. He wasn’t talking about the same subject, but the general negativity was similar. One difference, however, is that his manner here is much more resigned then it was in the pilot.

The scene introduces Jane’s “romantic interest”. If you’re part of team “long-con” you might have already decided Jane had suspected Lorelei of working for RJ from the very beginning. Let’s see the supporting evidence…

To start, Jane knew Lorelei’s name, he said he’d seen her before. And his whole approach with Lorelei from the very beginning of the episode was of someone who was filtering out the people he meets.  He tells her he’s a con man. He tells her he killed a man, and still relishes the memory, even if he knows it was the wrong man. He intentionally appears as someone of questionable morality.

-The simplest explanation is that Jane’s words could have been due to what he tells Lisbon later, he was laying a trap to get RJ to contact him. But another possibility could be that Jane was just being careful about making sure it looked like he really had quit; like he told Luther, as opposed to simply pretending to quit. And if that’s true, then Jane would naturally suspect anyone who contacts him of being one of RJ’s spies, checking on him to make sure he’s really not looking for RJ anymore. A third possibility is that Red John might have nothing to do with it Jane’s conversation with Lorelei. Jane simply decided to spare himself and any woman who approaches him (and I suspect there have been many) time and grief by getting all his bad qualities out there, to get rid of anyone who tries to get close to him, letting them know he’s not relationship material. But then we have the fact that Jane usually gets rid of interested women by showing them his wedding ring. So here, Jane could be multi-tasking by telling people about himself to spread the word to RJ that he’s back to conning people, and that killing Carter satisfied him enough that he no longer cares about killing RJ. Again, either because this information is genuinely true or because he’s pulling a long-con.

Still yet, another possibility is that Jane and Lorelei were just two people having a genuine discussion (as far as Jane knew, anyway). It certainly seemed that way. And Jane’s never had problems talking about personal things with random people (Scarlett Fever, Jolly Red Elf), or sharing his controversial views with others, even when it might work against him (to Darcy in “Always Bet on Red). Jane’s particular question to Lorelei about happiness: “You seem like a happy soul, are you happy?” especially seemed like honest to God curiosity. His follow up question “What’s your secret?” and ironic reply “Oh, yes. Yes, I’ve heard that,” when she replies that faith keeps her happy seem just as real.

Their next meeting, after Jane gets in a fight and subsequently arrested, provides more clues…

But first, a question from a fellow fan:

lyn walker@lyn42: Jane was arrested for NARCOTICS. What was that? To be sure of being jailed?

It could be that the drugs were for medicinal use that Jane didn’t bother getting prescriptions for:

“In current usage, “narcotic” can refer to an opiate, to every addictive substance, and even to every psychoactive substance.”

Or, Jane could have started using drugs the better to show RJ he’d hit rock bottom and needs his help; like Lynn suggested, to ensure his arrest. The same goes for the fact that Jane punched one of the cops (who at that point thought they were helping him).

On the other hand, Jane punching the cop could have been because he was truly trying to run away. His arrest was inevitable once Oscar told his side of the story (hence the fraud charge). If Jane had the drugs on him at the time of the scuffle, then he had more reason to fear an arrest.

There’s also a third possibility, which I’ll come back to later…

VIS#2: Lorelei Visits Jane at his Motel

Jane seems to have forgotten Lorelei’s name, “he calls her Laurie” when he opens the door.

-If Jane was pulling a long-con then this mistake was probably intentional to hide his interest in the suspicious woman. Or, he could have just been drunk as he’d polished off a small bottle of liquor (usually the hard stuff) as soon as he’d arrived at his room, and may have had more, leaving his memory clumsy.

Lorelei says her visiting Jane was a mistake and turns to leave, but Jane calls her back and invites her in when he learns she brought him chicken soup.

-I think at this point the fact that Jane’s previous brutal honesty didn’t scare her off certainly might have had Jane suspicious of the woman. It shows especially when he asks her a whole line of questions: how did she know where he lived (she asked the bail bondsman), then how she knows the bondsman (she’s the one who bailed Jane) then why did that for him (Lorelei thinks he’s a good man who lost his way). Finally, Jane asks why she chose to go for him, for this particular good man. He asks this with an almost cheeky grin, to which Lorelei tells him, “wow, you’re going to make me say it out loud?” incredulously. She then adds that she felt that they had got along great, and that there seemed to be a connection, and thought maybe he did too. When she asks if she was wrong, Jane tells her she wasn’t.

-So Jane was wary of the woman at the beginning. But I personally don’t think he slept with her knowing she was RJ’s girl. Why? Well, besides the fact that I find the situation much more interesting had he not known; there have been some hints to suggest it…

-After she answers all his questions, Jane tells Lorelei that he’s not the catch she might think he is by first appearances. I don’t he would have done that unless he honestly believed her to be real. There’s no reason for a Jane “pretending” to hit rock bottom for RJ’s sake, who wants to appear like he doesn’t believe in right or wrong, to be so courteous. He might have been testing the waters at this point, letting the woman know what she’s getting into by wanting a relationship with him because he was genuinely interested in her, truly felt the connection she talked about.

-At the beginning of the scene, Jane appeared nervous when he saw Lorelei look through the peephole when she knocks his door. When it concerns RJ, Jane’s only ever acted excited, never nervous. Here, I was reminded of his demeanor around Kristina, his first date. Which could mean Jane knew a “first” something else might have been in the cards. This is true even if Jane thought she came from RJ’s end, I just don’t think so.

Which answers the next question…

Raven@Raven__Claw: Could it be that Jane has slept with other women who approached him in the last six months? It doesn’t look like it would be his first time after nine years (judging by his little reaction we saw).

This is a very good question, but I don’t think this was an issue. Other women would have been put off when they saw Jane’s wedding ring. If not, then by his first statement of “I’m a conman, I steal from people.” And if that didn’t do the trick then “I killed a man” certainly would have.

As to how easily Jane and Lorelei got together, we should take into consideration that Jane has been away from his team, his surrogate family and his best friends for the past sixth months. He must have felt very lonely. He’d also been celibate for nine years before that, and was probably a little drunk (the liquor he had earlier, as soon as he entered his room).

But I also don’t want to belittle Jane’s agreement that he felt a connection to Lorelei. If he was telling the truth, then perhaps, after feeling reassured that she was innocent of being RJ’s pawn, Jane was touched by the fact that she thought he was a good man even after he’d told her all his flaws. It doesn’t hurt that Lorelei is a very beautiful woman. And helping Jane out, despite everything she knows about him…he probably thought he’d found his ideal woman, the one who knows the worst side of him and still loves him (a criterion uttered by Jane in Every Rose Has its Thorn).

There’s also another issue that could have indirectly contributed to Jane’s night with Lorelei,- this is where I’ll mention the third possible reason for Jane using drugs, and punching the cop when he got arrested. It concerns the following question…

Fiona Henderson@ginger_ninja24: What did you make of Jane’s sure-fire confidence that it was Lisbon who paid his bail?

Jane was absolutely positive Lisbon was the one who bailed him out. I’m taking a page out of his book here and saying he believed it because it’s what he wanted to believe. Perhaps Jane assumed Lisbon heard about the drugs and his punching a cop and came running to his rescue. Heck, maybe he punched a cop because he wanted to make sure word got to her of his downward spiral. Maybe he thought that despite everything, despite his ignoring her calls, Lisbon was still looking out for him. The fact that Lisbon didn’t bail him out could have made Jane think that he had truly lost her friendship. This might have contributed to feelings of vulnerability which in turn might have made him more receptive to Lorelei; he thought had no one else.

Again, this is provided we go along with the theory that Jane hadn’t known Lorelei was RJ’s disciple. If he had known then his sleeping with her was part of his long con; something he did because he thought he had to- like (trying) seducing Erica (War of the Roses), taking Sam off his morphine drip (His Right Red Hand) , watching a man kill himself (The Red Mile), etc.

Windsparrow: What we saw in “Fugue in Red” – Jane casually inviting Lisbon to join him in his hospital bed and grabbing her butt, the woman he hugged during his performance (sorry, but that was not about her comfort), having Tamarra clinging to him, and now with Lorelei – the Patrick Jane who is comfortable jumping right in to a physical relationship is a Patrick Jane running a scam.

Reviewbrain: I’m just jumping in to remind people that that *wasn’t* Patrick Jane. But the point still stands.

If Jane was running a scam here, then perhaps his punching the cop in the teaser was him wanting to ensure he’d get arrested. He knew Lisbon would hear about it, and hoped she’d pick him up so he could tell her his plan without risking blowing his cover by calling her himself.

But if that were true, if Jane really was waiting for Red John to reach out to him, he wouldn’t have expected Lisbon to bail him out, he would have expected RJ to have done that. I’ll take it even further: why would Jane sabotage “the plan” by asking if Teresa Lisbon was the one who posted his bail? If Jane thought RJ was watching his every move, If Jane had purposely stayed away from Lisbon to trap the man, he wouldn’t have brought up the possibility that, after six months of being away, he thinks Lisbon might still be there for him, would bail him out, as that would have given away the depth of their friendship to RJ.

This hints that Jane’s “plan” to Lisbon might have been one of opportunity, and not as perfectly constructed as he wants her to believe. But more on that later…

I’d said, I didn’t think Jane knew Lorelei was RJ’s girl when he slept with her. That he might have suspected her until after she answered all his questions and told him she felt a connection with him. After that, he actually could have thought she was someone he can have a relationship with. More reasons for this opinion:

-When Jane asks Lorelei how she knew he loved eggs, his tone wasn’t suspicious like it was before when he asked her all the other questions (how’d you know where to find me, why’d you bail me out, etc.). Rather, he seemed genuinely amused, happy that she guessed he liked eggs. Of course, this could have been an act Jane was putting on for her benefit. As could have been how shocked he looked when she told him RJ was the one who sent her. It will probably forever go into the “we’ll never know” category of this show (along with Jane’s meltdown at CBI, his horror after kissing Erica the first time, etc).

But I don’t think so. Jane’s honest reactions, one’s that Lorelei wasn’t privy to give him away.

-The morning after, when Jane looks at his lover cooking for him he smiles a smile that looks quite content. Happy, even.

-Then Lorelei tells him who she is. Horrified, Jane kicks her out. Again, act or real? Jane’s state afterwards, his unsteady breathing, and how serious his face is before a smile gradually started forming on his face, seemed to me like his mind was quickly recovering from his shock and catching up with the opportunity he was just given. If Jane had suspected who Lorelei was all along, I suspect he would have been doing cartwheels the instant she left, happy that his plan finally panned out.

There’s one more piece of evidence but as it occurs in a later scene, I’ll be discussing it there.

For now, which possibility do you think most likely?

VIS #3 Jane and Lisbon at Church

 Earlier in the episode, Lisbon seemed to have taken a hard line with Jane, telling the others that if he needs them, he’ll call them and that if Jane wants to get better he has to hit rock bottom and know it. But later, we see Lisbon looking at Jane’s number on her phone, debating with herself on whether to call him. She doesn’t and at the end of the day takes a long walk home alone, obviously troubled and saddened by Jane’s situation. She also tells Grace that she’s taking some “personal time” off.

Apparently, that time off was so that she could go to church, where Jane meets her.

Windsparrow: By the way, Lisbon’s Catholic, so it is highly unlikely that Jane could crawl under the pews, what with the kneelers and all. Even in a Baptist church to get under the pews he would have had to do a meltable-green-army-man infantry crawl. On his hands and knees, he would have to crawl up the far aisle and over to her between the pews. Of course, in conversation no one is going to explain all that.

Reviewbrain: Of course. Now I absolutely loved this scene. The entire exchange was fantastic. But for some reason I felt it a bit ambiguous. Jane was apparently following Lisbon waiting for an opportunity to talk to her. But somehow it felt like the meeting was arranged before hand, although nothing in the dialogue suggests that.  Note, if the meeting had been pre-arranged, it would have been off screen,  after Jane he finds out Lorelei’s is RJ’s girl. But again, nothing suggests that that was the case.

I do know part of the reason I felt that way was due to how easily Jane and Lisbon fell into their same banter. It seemed a bit too quick considering they haven’t seen each other for six months; almost surreal. On the other hand, character-wise, it makes sense. Neither of them is big on drama. And it’s not like they didn’t talk about the emotional strain of Jane’s ruse. At least, Lisbon did anyway.

When she expresses doubt that RJ will fall into Jane’s trap, he tells her “Fooled you, I can fool him.”

This was a particularly jerky thing to say considering the circumstances. Jane seems to realizes it even before Lisbon’s rueful, “Yeah, you fooled me alright, well done,” because he readily apologizes. Lisbon goes on to say that she tried calling Jane “hundreds of times” and he never replied.

-The statement clarifies her stance at the beginning of the episode (not wanting to reach out to Jane when she heard his arrest). At some point, Lisbon must have decided that enough was enough; if Jane needed her he’d call her himself and that she had to try to move on.

Try, of course being the operative word as she goes on to state that she’s been so worried she hasn’t been able to sleep well. Jane lets Lisbon vent her frustrations before asking her “But you will help me?” to which she replies “What am I supposed to say, no? God you’re despicable.”

-I stated before that Jane has fallen into the category of people Lisbon will stick up for no matter what (her family). Her loyalty here cinches it. I do wish she would have pummeled him a bit before giving in so easily. But it wouldn’t really have made a difference.

Jane gives Lisbon a clean phone to enable their secure communication. When Lisbon goes on to berate him, Jane takes off. Her statement “I can’t believe you couldn’t trust me with something like this, we’re supposed to be partners” and “what you did, frankly, was a betrayal” recall a previous conversation, season three’s premiere when she call him out on pulling away from the team. Here, however, her questioning demand served to provide some insight on why Jane didn’t tell Lisbon his plans. This becomes clearer in the next VIS…

VIS  #4 Wainwright Wants Jane Back

Luther tells Lisbon that he wants to give Jane a call that “it’s the humane thing to do” especially since he was “a big part of the CBI family”. He adds that if they get him into rehab, he might get a lighter sentence; community service perhaps and eventually get his job back “come back and work for us eventually, God knows we need him.”

-Luther’s timing seems awfully coincidental; he reaches out to Jane the same time that RJ does. It’s possible that he’s RJ’s man; wanting to check and see if Jane has no intention of coming back to the CBI, even if he got offered his job back. But I don’t think so. He seemed genuine.

That said, this scene is quite important. First, it lets us know the state of affairs at CBI after Jane left; not as many cases have been closed. Second, it gives us insight on Luther’s character; he’s a pragmatist. Third, it cleverly explains that Jane will be able to get his job back at CBI; this saves on having to explain the process in next season’s premiere. But most importantly, it offers an explanation why Jane didn’t include Lisbon in on his plans…

Lisbon, not wanting Luther to mess with Jane’s plan, tells her boss she doesn’t think she can work with Jane again, that she needs someone she can rely on. When Luther says “I’m surprised, I thought you would want to help him,” Lisbon automatically replies “I do,” before realizing she’s about to give Jane away. She then goes on to say “It’s not how it looks,” and adds that she thinks Jane is better off alone right now.

-Lisbon awkwardness here goes a long way to show why Jane didn’t include her in on his ruse. It’s continuity to the fact that Lisbon is a terrible liar. Bosco once told her she has “honest eyes” and Jane flat out told her that she a bad liar. This was a very important reminder and explains Jane’s lack of contact with her.

Finally, Lisbon’s small give away sets up Luther and Darcy’s conversation later on in the episode.

VIS #5 Lorelei tells Jane to kill Lisbon

Lorelei tells Jane all he needs to do to start a new life, with Red John’s help, is accept his friendship by bringing him a gift “Teresa Lisbon’s dead body.” Jane laughs and tells her “That’s absurd,” followed by an emphatic “There has to be another way.” At his distress, Lorelei holds kindly tells him: “I understand you’re not there yet. But look at it from his point of view. How else will he know you’ve truly had a change of heart?”

I thought it quite interesting that Jane couldn’t even pretend that this request horrified him. It also compels an interesting question:

Raven‏@Raven__Claw: Now that RJ/L wanted Lisbon’s body as a gift do you think Lisbon will be his next target as revenge for trying to fool him?

Hmm. Red John has never before made any outright suggestion that he wanted Lisbon dead. I did have my suspicions in season three that RJ having Todd Johnson kill cops was a message to Jane. But that was pure conjecture. Lisbon-in-peril would make for a great plot line, but I don’t think it’ll be used this soon in the show, so I’m inclined to say no. I think it was just a test to see whether Jane turned or not. Then there’s the added bonus that it gives Jane one more thing to worry about; just something else to screw with Jane’s head.

VIS #5 Jane Shoots Lisbon/ “I Love You” moment

This scene had the most hits, question-wise:

Didi @RFewTimeT  How do you interpret the “Love you”? I have my idea about it but I would like others opinion.

Maggie B. ‏@FragmentedShard: I’d like to hear your thoughts on why he said what he did right before he shot her and why the deflection of her asking him why he said it later?

 Raven@Raven__Claw asked: I would want to know if Jane said the L word because he thought that Lisbon’s office might be bugged and if so why he avoided her question later. It would have make sense to say “I love you” if he knew there was a bug but no camera hidden. No one would have actually “seen” him shoot her… but why the hug? Or did he do this because he thought it could go wrong?

Fiona Henderson@ginger_ninja24 Why do you think Lisbon asked Jane for clarification of what he said just before he ‘shot’ her? And why did Jane say those words?

Niro Rahu@NiroRahu And the most important scene I want to ask you about or discuss, the part where Lisbon questions Jane about ‘the last thing you said before shooting me’. Here I think my theory about Lisbon has fallen for Jane is proven and Jane’s nonchalant shrug just exasperated me. Can’t for once they not beat around the bush and talk about their feelings. I don’t know where Jane’s head was at that moment but the shipper in me wanted him to believe he meant it.

Collective Answer:

Jane definitely meant it. There was absolutely no reason for him to say it otherwise. I don’t think a bug could have caused Jane to say that he loved Lisbon. On the contrary. If he thought RJ bugged her office he wouldn’t have said “Good Luck Teresa” either, as it would give away the fact that they have something planned. If John heard either statements he’d probably get very suspicious.

So I’m with the answer that Jane was fearful things would go wrong, (like they might have gotten hurt trying to leave the CBI) so he wanted to get his feelings off his chest first.  Jane might have also been worried about having to “shoot” Lisbon. The gun could have been filled with blanks, but if not, he might have been worried that he’d hurt her even if she was wearing a Kevlar (or two, I’d like to think for my peace of mind). Then again, Bruno Heller could have just been throwing fans a candy filled bone. To be completely honest, the moment was a bit random.  But these two were due for a profession of some sort and if it had taken place at the church, it would have ruined an otherwise mostly light-hearted scene.

As to the deflection, we have several possibilities. Jane said he was “hyped up” when he said he loved Lisbon, hinting that it had come out unwittingly. But that’s a lie. Just like Lisbon asking Jane what he meant most likely was. I’m pretty sure she knew what Jane meant, but she needed added assurance. So does Jane, probably. After making the first move, he leaves the ball in Lisbon’s court. He wants to see how she’d react if she’s given an out. It’s an interesting decision from him, especially after Lisbon managed to raise the subject.

At this point, it seems that both realize that they’re harboring more than just feelings of friendship towards each other, but are tentative of taking matters further. It could have been an issue of timing. They were in the middle of a plan to catch RJ.

Mind you, Jane loving Lisbon doesn’t necessarily mean he is “in” love with her (don’t shoot the messenger) hence Lisbon’s question “What did you mean?” Might also be that Jane himself isn’t aware of what his feelings are and so dodged the question. Not likely though. I’d even venture to say that Jane’s attraction to Lisbon started at the pilot (that smile after the jumping paper frog). So perhaps Jane simply doesn’t think Lisbon is quite ready for the answer to her question.

Nor is the show. Writer’s have been blessedly very careful with these two (Good Wife people can take tips here; unless they intend to end Will/Alicia) and I think that’s very wise. We still have three years left on The Mentalist; plenty of time for Jane and Lisbon drama. We’ve seen their friendship gradually evolve and once again, like all the finales before it, this one takes the relationship to a new level, and gives us plenty of set-up for next season. Them having had this conversation would be premature. But by having Jane say the words means his feelings are in canon. Gratifying, considering teaser a la Ashley Gable in Strawberries and Cream.

VIS #6: Jane Thanks the Team

The team helps Jane and Lisbon entrap RJ. But their disgruntled reactions when Jane apologizes for deceiving them, and thanks them for helping him now, were very interesting. Grace’s resigned “whatever” seemed like she was sorry for all the energy she spent worrying about Jane (i.e. how upset she got when she heard about his arrest). Then there was Cho’s terse “We’re helping the boss.”

Windsparrow: I wonder about Cho being so hard on Jane. Not that he does not deserve it, but is it all resentment for Jane’s betrayal of the team, going off without explanation, or is it that Cho sees how Jane’s absence has hurt Lisbon, and is cutting Jane for her sake?

Reviewbrain: That’s quite an interesting take that hadn’t crossed my mind. It’s quite plausible. We’ve had plenty of evidence that Cho hearts his boss (Blood Stream, Little Red Book) and might be upset for her sake, knowing how worried she’s been. But it might be that Cho’s is angry because he himself was worried about Jane, especially considering his statement to Lisbon in the previous episode that he thinks Jane is in trouble. Viewers might remember Cho’s body language, arms crossed tightly as he (nervously!) rocked on his feet as Jane and Luther’s fight played out in Red Rover, Red Rover. Either way, his reaction is perfectly in character.

 As to Rigsby, he was quick to concur with Cho’s sentiment that he was going with the plan for Lisbon’s sake:  “Yeah. She’s helping you, we’re helping her.”

Poor Wayne. Rigsby was always devoted to Jane (i.e. “it’s not that we need him, he needs us”). But it seems like his hurt here is proportionate to how much he cared, and how sweet a character he is.

Most importantly thought, his and Cho’s statements reinforce a very important idea: this is Lisbon’s team.

VIS #7 Crimson Hat Revealed

Robin’s Green Shades ‏@RobinTunneyBlog Who is RJ’s mole in the FBI now? Not Darcy? And interesting what Jane was reading.. 😉

Jane was reading “Modern Man in Search of a Soul” from C. G. Jung (via RobinTunneyBlog, via Raven__Claw). I won’t comment cause I haven’t read the book myself, but it’s quite an intriguing title. As to RJ’s mole, when Jane meets up with Lorelei (with a melon substituting for Lisbon’s head), he learns that RJ had already figured out his ruse due to an informant he has in the FBI “I found out when they found out.” FBI found out when the hard- nosed Agent Darcy (Catherine Dent) investigates the death of Rigsby. She had visited Wainwright earlier to offer her condolences on Lisbon and Rigsby. There, upon her bewilderment at the events, Luther shares what Lisbon had told him, “it’s not what it seems”. This sets Susan’s mind to work trying to figure out what was going on until she find the CBI team, apprehends them, before going on to help them.

So who is RJ’s mole? My money’s either on a member of Darcy’s team, or one of her bosses, since RJ was so quick to hear about what is going on. Darcy’s helping the CBI at the end probably means that she’s in the clear. If she was working for Red John, then Lorelei wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to cut off Jane’s fingers and leave before Lisbon explains matters to Darcy. If the FBI agent was working for RJ, then time wouldn’t have been an issue; she could have just pretended that she didn’t believe Lisbon’s story. Also, I doubt she would have allowed Lorelei to fall into CBI’s hands, not without killing her first.

Then there’s her earlier visit to Wainwright at CBI, and the rhetoric between them also seemed like a conversation between two people who seemed to like and respect each other. If she’s innocent, then the fact that her bullets are what probably killed Wainwright when she shot RJ’s limo at the end really sucks for her, as depicted by her horrified reaction.

Speaking of which, Luther Wainwright revealed as being the man in the limousine was a huge shocker. There were plenty of questions regarding that, both from us reviewers and the readers. But first, let’s get one thing out of the way:

x_Vintage_x@x_Vintage_x: Red John’s voice was SB’s. RJ IS NOT Jane. Why use him and not another actor? For the sake of not giving any identity?!

Reviewbrain: Luckily, MInTheSky@bmoon_sky saw Simon Baker when he was filming in London. She shared on twitter:

“During a short photo session w/ fans, I asked: Did you do Red John’s voice? Simon Baker :”No, I didn’t.”

I’m going to go all mentalist on Simon Baker here and say that he used a contracted denial. It was great to have an answer to the question as I know a lot of people were bothered by the similarity. I would like to point out that a couple of years ago fans swore RJ’s voice in the season two finale was identical to Brett Partrige’s (crime scene tech from the pilot), even though at that time, RJ was pretty much whispering. A linguist would tell you that you can’t identify voices from whispers. In this episode, RJ was probably speaking through a voice altering device, so I wouldn’t worry too much about his voice.

Windisparrow The title “The Crimson Hat” is that Wainwright’s head wound, or is a reference to something I don’t get?

Reviewbrain: Great guess. When I first heard the title my mind immediately went to the hat as a magician’s hat. If that’s the case , then Luther here was the proverbial bunny pulled out of Red John’s hat.

Domenic Pugliano@FLICKSTER77  I wonder if RJ was ever actually in the limo (BUT he does say to Loralie “We should get going” was he ever in there? Where did he go?

Reviewbrain: Red John was never there. He just said “we” so Jane wouldn’t suspect he wasn’t. My question is, why the heck was Wainwright in that limo in the first place?

According to Lorelei, RJ had wanted to meet with Jane. RJ said that Jane had strung him along quite a while until his friend with the FBI let him know something was up. This entails that the serial killer only used Luther to fill in for him after he discovered Jane’s ruse; presumably, the  better to horrify Jane and the others and show off his prowess. I assume that if Lorelei and company had managed to get away, they had planned to kill Luther and leave him for CBI to find (i.e. the coroner in episode Red is the New Black).

But then why Luther? It might be that Red John wanted Wainwright dead as punishment if he thought Luther had been in on Jane’s ruse. Then again, if RJ knew that the CBI head had been willing to give Jane his job back, he could have killed him to keep that from happening. It might be far-fetched but RJ had Rebecca kill an entire CBI team so Jane would get the RJ case back (Season two’s His Right Red Hand); so Jane could get RJ back. Here we have the opposite situation: Jane, going back to CBI, stops him from turning into RJ’s accomplice.

That is, of course, all supposing Luther is innocent of being an RJ lackey-something fans probably won’t take on faith. On the other hand…

Domenic Pugliano@FLICKSTER77 If Wainwright was a mole, why was his mouth taped up?

Maybe RJ was worried that he’ll turn on him (like Todd Johnson almost did before he got killed in ‘Red Moon‘). Most likely, Luther was completely innocent and the tape was to keep him quiet. I’m also guessing that he was given some sort of sedative too, he was sitting way too still in his seat for a conscious hostage.

Domenic Pugliano@FLICKSTER77 When Jane is talking to RJ in limo, Jane is not actually looking directly at him.. He is talking to his reflection. Jane is facing the front -whereas RJ is in the back.

I think this decision was made by the director as it would have probably not been as stylistically attractive/suspenseful if Jane turned to look around at RJ. Let’s not forget Lorelei was sitting right beside Jane and probably wouldn’t have allowed him to do that as he would have found out it wasn’t really Red John sitting behind him.

Domenic Pugliano@FLICKSTER77: Why does RJ ask Loralie to cut 2 fingers from Jane’s hand??

It’s Jane’s punishment for trying to deceive RJ. What I found more interesting was the fact that he let Lorelei chose the fingers, and that she went right for the ring finger. Methinks Lorelei has a thing for Jane. And not just because she wants to make it impossible for him to wear his wedding ring…

VIS #8 End Scene: Lorelei, Jane, Lisbon

When Lisbon tells Lorelei she’s very happy to meet her, that it’s rare they get to talk with someone who knows Red John so well, Lorelei responds “Good to meet you two. I heard so much about you.”

-This sentence threw me and is the final possible clue on whether Jane knew who Lorelei was before he slept with her. Where did the woman hear so much about Lisbon? The obvious answer is from Red John. But the camera, shifting to Jane in the shadows at that moment, made the idea pop into my head, that maybe, just maybe, Jane had talked to Lorelei about Lisbon, during their night together. And he wouldn’t have done that if he had suspected her of being RJ’s girl.

Of course, this is all conjecture. Camera on Jane could have just been to show that Lorelei was trying to freak him out that RJ talks a lot about Lisbon.

What is certain is how Lorelei tried to rile both Jane and Lisbon up by telling Lisbon about their tryst, conveniently wording it as if they spent more time together than they actually had: “We were lovers, him and me. Did he tell you that?”

Lorelei was obviously trying to sabotage Jane’s friendship with Lisbon. Chriqui was fantastically evil here.  I absolutely loved her delivery: “No? Why not lover? Are you ashamed of me? Did we do something bad?”

Then there was Jane’s response to her riling. He comes out of the shadows where he had been hiding to tell Lorelei in no uncertain terms that she will talk to him. When she denies it, Patrick reiterates his conviction, kissing the woman on her head.

Victoria-lynn@Totorsg: I was wondering what could mean the kiss Jane gave to Lorelei at the end of the episode. This scene disturbed me (lol).

NiroRahu@NiroRahu: Jane hiding his indiscretion with Lorelei. Obviously, Lisbon and Jane do not share any anecdotes on their sex life but kissing Lorelei’s head in front of Lisbon must mean what? Or did he just do that to show Lorelei he cares about, a way persuading her to tell them about Red John?

Reviewbrain: I absolutely loved that kiss and Jane’s hands (upside down) cupping the sides of Lorelei’s face when he gave it to her. She’s his precious witness, probably the most important person in his life right now (save for Lisbon) and he went through a lot of trouble to get her.

Windisparrow: At the end the way Jane walked behind Lorelei, put his hands on her shoulders, and kissed the top of her head looked to me like a statement of intent: Lorelei has given enough of herself away, and Jane plans to use what she has given him as ruthlessly as he used that baby monitor in the previous episode. He intends to crack her open and scoop out the insides. There was an air of dominance and ownership to it. She had belonged to Red John, who used her to get to Jane; now Jane is going to return the favor.

Reviewbrain: That’s an awesome analysis and totally fitting for that alpha male vibe Jane was exhibiting in that room after Lorelei’s attempt at rattling him by telling Lisbon about their night. It seemed like a challenge: “I’m so cool that I’m going to kiss you intimately on the head right in front of Lisbon. That’s how in control I am.”  The kiss, coupled with his grand exit was Jane flaunting his power.

Interestingly, Lorelei’s taunts worked against her. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Jane’s got nothing to hide, hence both his symbolic and physical walk out of the shadows in that scene. Her revelation actually empowered him. Otherwise, I’m not sure Jane would have told Lisbon what happened between the siren and himself. I mean, why the heck would he? If he hadn’t known who Lorelie was then he risks appearing like a mark in front of Lisbon. If he had known the siren was RJ’s girl and slept with her anyway, he risks Lisbon thinking he’s a cold bastard, getting into bed with his family’s killer’s affiliate. Either way, the knowledge risks sabotaging their friendship and/or possibility of a future romantic relationship.

Now that Lisbon knows, however, I wonder if she will be bothered at all by the revelation. Each season we expect a confrontation between two based on the strain Jane’s quest for RJ puts on their friendship. And every season we’re shown that their bond (and Lisbon’s patience) is stronger than anyone can ever imagine. So viewers’ (and perhaps Jane’s, if it exists) concern might be once again be unfounded . But I’d be disappointed if a plot with so much potential was ignored; that would be such a waste.

Niro Rahu @NiroRahu: One more thing..I know Lorelie will be hanging around next season…but Jane wont continue his liaison with her still, will he? It’s Red John’s girl, he said it himself.

I wouldn’t worry about that, given the fact that Lorelie will most likely be in jail. On the other hand, this is Jane we’re talking about. He’s done stupider things in the past. But a prolonged relationship with RJ’s girl? We’ll have to wait and see now, won’t we.

Best Scenes

The Winner: Lisbon, Jane, and Lorelei

This scene was off the charts fantastic. The music, the acting! And so many undercurrents between Jane and Lorelei that the latter was only too happy to bring Lisbon into. The kiss, and the expression on Lisbon’s face makes that scene even better. The woman obviously has no idea what to think especially given what Lorelei told her that she and Jane were lovers. The whole thing just builds up so much anticipation for season five. Which is exactly what a finale is supposed to do.

1st Runner Up: Jane and Lisbon in Church.

Baker and Tunney were phenomenal here. I adored the tone behind every word out of Lisbon’s perfectly shaped mouth from “You scared the crap out of me” to “You son of bitch,” stated twice, the better to convey how aghast she was at Jane’s behavior. Then there was her delightfully wry “Brilliant, you did that part well, now what?” regarding the part of Jane’s plan in which he sinks into depression. As to Baker, Jane’s “Okay, we are in a church” when Lisbon cusses him was hilarious. The self-proclaimed agnostic  using the sanctity of the church to  hide from the devout woman’s wrath; talk about desperate. Finally, him sneaking out of Lisbon’s rant, banging his head on the pew first, was priceless.

2nd Runner Up: Jane and Lorelei at the bar. The dialogue, the ambiance, it was all so perfect.

Icings on the Cake


Windisparrow: Did you notice parallel in the nature show Jane & L-lie watched with the one J watched in s1 in the motel?

Reviewbrain: Oh, yes, how can I not? The theme of tigers runs rampart within this show. It was done as an homage to one of this show’s main running themes: Blake’s Tiger Poem. The documentary was in Season one pilot, the verses were stated in Season two’s finale, Cho explained them in Season three, and now we have an allusion in season four.

windisparrow: In the pilot episode, while Jane was unable to sleep in his hotel room, he watched a nature documentary, featuring zebras being attacked by a cheetah. This time, they are being chased by lions. So the question is, who is the zebra and who is the big cat?

Honorable Mentions


I’m really running out of things to say to do justice to our regular players; Baker, Tunney, Kang, Yeoman and Righetti’s performances were all flawless, despite the latter three not having as much to do in this episode as the show’s stars. So I’ll bring attention to how completely badass both Catherine Dent and Emanuelle Chriqui were. The latter in particular shows a wide range of ability: feigned innocence, honest concern, psychotic loyalty, and indifferent cruelty. She had me at “When did that happen” in reply to Jane’s “there is no right or wrong”. I actually would have loved her as a romantic interest for Jane, but I love her even better as a foe.

Then there was Sonia Jackson as the homeless witness Bean. She grabbed my attention in a scene which would have otherwise been completely uninteresting given all that was happening with Jane. Very talented woman.


Chris Long: The teaser, the ending, the dust billowing around Jane and Lisbon in the scenic desert. I think this was one of the most romantically shot episodes of the season. Gorgeous.


Like I said, composer Blake Neely’s whole work this season was fantastic; drums at the end were particular dramatic. But there was also the hauntingly melodic Chris Issak’s epic “I Wanna Fall in Love” to start off the episode. Perfect song choice to set up Jane and Lorelei’s relationship. Kudos to whoever chose it.


We had quite a bit to say here:

Windsparrow: I am still impressed that a man wearing a jacket, shirt and pants can look so naked just because he is not wearing a vest. When I said that to the Man, after the episode was over, he said, “Good.” This says a thing or three about how carefully Simon Baker has crafted his portrayal of Patrick Jane. It also tells me I should avoid mentioning to the Man what I think of photos of Simon Baker surfing.

Reviewbrain: It took me so long to figure out why Jane felt so…exposed in this episode. I kept looking at his shirt and wondering “Is it cause more buttons than usual are open?” Until I figured out that it was the fact I was actually able to *see* those buttons. But yes, like you said, it felt like he was more naked sans vest than it did when he was topless in the hotel room. It’s a perfect example of how effective subtle details can be, perhaps even more so than having Lorelie’s gorgeous ra- err, figure on display. And while I appreciate the eye-candy, I hate blatant fan-service. Fit’s the character though, so I can’t complain. Grr.

Best Lines

“I do give up. I quit I burn the Red John files. I freak out at the boss I admit defeat and I sink into a terrible depression.” -Jane explaining his plan to Lisbon.

“Brilliant, you did that part great, now what?” -Lisbon, in response to the above. Tunney’s reading of this line was fantastic.

“I am giving him his heart’s desire, he will see what he wants to see.” -Jane, on Red John.

“Hey Lisbon. Must have been a while since you rode on the handlebars of a man’s bike. It’s kind of romantic. Wind in your hair.” -Jane to Lisbon, on her “head” riding with him on the bike.

“You’re a sick man.” -Lisbon, in response to the above.

“There’s a childish hopefulness about you that’s really quite adorable.”-Lorelie’s apt description of Jane.

” Melon. Honeydew. Organic.”- Jane to Lorelie, in response on what he used for Lisbon’s “head”.

“As you well know Patrick, there is no hell. When I die I won’t be punished. What If you really did have a change of heart. What if you and I were friends. Imagine the life we could lead. It’s a higher path. A nobler existence.” -Red John.

Conclusion: Jane/Lisbon Just Friends?

Windsparrow:  I just knew when Jane got around to telling Lisbon how he feels about her, there would be sparks. I just didn’t expect them to be so loud. There are these sweet moments between Jane and Lisbon – the teasing in the church: while talking with her in the church scene, Jane leaned closer and closer to Lisbon. The more emotional the talk, the nearer the physical proximity. The Man commented, “They could be kissing.” Then him saying “I’m sorry” in his for-Lisbon-only genuine tone coming through, the hug in her office and “Love you”, the expression on his face when she brought it up – daring her to say it outright, him reaching out to hold her hand after the near miss with the pruning shears – sweet, small moments that show the genuine affection he has for her. I keep replaying in my mind’s eye Jane reaching for Lisbon, running his hand down her arm then holding her hand. It’s such a beautiful gesture. It’s meaningfully and unequivocally intimate. And there is not one molecule of sibling-like feeling in it. The moves he makes toward her are such small steps, no hurry, because they matter to him. She matters to him. That’s real.

Reviewbrain: I don’t have much to say to that, so I’ll just move on to the last question for this review:

Jordan Davis ‏@imsonotMelville: Do you think Jane was still having a bit of a breakdown or more appropriate a break through?

Reviewbrain: With regards to the previous episode, I still honestly believe it was both. When Jane burned his RJ files and told Wainwright and Lisbon that he quit, he had his breakthrough that he needed to announce that he’d officially stopped hunting RJ in order to stop the serial killer, to answer RJ’s question of did he gives up yet. As to the end scene in Red Rover, Red Rover, I believe it was %100 percent a reaction to all Jane had going through, the stress of giving up on RJ manifesting itself. But Jane probably, in his subconscious felt that, although he’d already said he quit chasing RJ, quitting/getting fired from the CBI would probably send a stronger message of that happening. I just don’t think it was a conscious preplanned decision. Because then you’d then have to factor in the fact that Jane used the case to get himself fired. And I don’t believe he thought that far ahead. He meant to get Marx justice, and went overboard doing it, overcompensating for being unable to get RJ, as he’s done so many times before ( Season two’s Redemption, Blinking Red Light).

I personally like the thought that Jane really had a breakdown, had suspected, but hadn’t known who Lorelie was, and came up with the plan after he found out who she was, simply because, to me, it all makes Jane more human, and therefore more interesting. But I acknowledge that it’s not what Jane’s said and is therefore probably not true. But keeping in mind that Jane has no problem with spinning the truth to serve his purpose, I’ll be holding onto my theory until I get more proof to refute it. Mind you, the entire thing was left intentionally (conveniently) vague enough so that we can draw just about any conclusion we want, believe what we want to believe. There seems to be a lot of that going on  ^_^

Something to look out for for next year: who’ll be the new CBI head? Whoever it is, I suggest they perform some sort of exorcising ritual in the office in case there’s a dark spirit there that’s cursed the job…

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain June, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

Minelli burned out and retired after Bosco’s team got killed, Hightower was set up by RJ and had to remain fugitive for a while, Laroche was just a temp and poor Luther Wainwright was probably just a plot device. I’d be glad to see any of the previous heads brought back. One thing this season sorely missed was a charismatic leader and boss for Lisbon. Now it must be said that while Rady’s character was unfortunately (and quite disproportionately, IMHO) hated by many, his was a great portrayal of a young boss in over his head. Wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Now, please head on over to Robin’s Green Shade’s Blog and check out which episode was voted the best this season.

Finally, thanks again to all my readers. You’ve been absolutely fantastic this year. Special thanks to blog affiliates tmredblog, Robin’s Green Shades, Simon Baker Forum, Hypnoweb, and guest reviewers Violet, CJDavey, and Windisparrow. Everyone else, you all know you absolutely rock. Of course, gratitude goes to fantastic cast and crew of the Mentalist who bring us this amazing show. May next year’s season be even better than this one.

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129 responses to “Mentalist The Crimson Hat Review

  • Fiona Henderson (@ginger_ninja24)

    Firstly thank you for answering my questions! And secondly well done to you, and Windsparrow, on a fantastic review which is as detailed as ever.

    Did anyone else notice the street sign named ‘Debonair Avenue’ which was briefly visible during the FBI/Red John car chase at the end? I thought that was a nice little detail given Red John’s “debonair at all costs, huh” line when Jane entered the limo. My geeky moment 😀

    I fell hook, line and sinker for the “spoilers” dished out by Heller & Co so I was genuinely shocked and thrilled by the finale. I gasped when Lorelei revealed herself to be Red John’s girl and when Darcy opened the limo door to reveal poor Luther’s body 😦 Was not expecting that at all!!!

    I made a whole heap of notes during my third viewing of the episode so i’m just going to rattle through them in the rest of this post.

    -You mentioned the direction by Chris Long which was superb. I think the shot of Lisbon walking along the riverbank lost in thought, with the camera closing in on her troubled face fading into a shot of Jane lying in bed was fantastic. One tiny little scene told us so much about Lisbon’s feelings. Ditto the church scene; having Lisbon looking forward and facing away from Jane for most of that scene was a nice touch and very telling. The shot of Jane picking the note off the bike, backdropped aganist the dark-blue sky was stunningly beautiful and and hint at the approaching storm. Picking up on your comment about the dust swirling around Jane and Lisbon holding hands, to me that gave the impression that they could have easily been sitting there for a while (what with the change in shot too) which added to the sincerity and meaning of such a little gesture. I can admit I found it utterly adorable!

    The whole way in which the relationship between Jane and Lisbon was written in this episode was so delightful. It was a wonderful undercurrent which wasn’t forced or overplayed, it was just there humming along nicely in the background 🙂 Kudos to Blake Neely for the cute music playing during the scene where Lisbon asks Jane to clarify what he said before he ‘shot her.’

    -How Jane managed to pull off the fake shooting/death staging of Lisbon and Rigsby logistically eludes me, but I can gloss over tiny little details like that 😛 I think Lisbon was in on the plan because she says “I thought at any moment we were going to get found out” in response to Jane’s comment about being hyped up when he said “Love you.” So I can understand her confusion at Jane deviating from said plan and fiercely hugging her and saying what he said before shooting her. After all, it’s well documentated that Jane is not a ‘hugger’ and neither is Lisbon.

    -Despite the tension, there were a few funny moments too. Notably Jane’s roll of the eyes when Lisbon launches off into her rant in the church and then Jane sizing up Lisbon’s head aganist a melon in the back of shot when Lisbon’s relaying the plan to the team! Jane managing to bag himself a comfy chair in that warehouse to act as a replacement for his beloved sofa made me smile too!

    I can’t wait for Season 5 as the finale opened up so many more questions and storyline possibilties. Jane had that crazy look in his eyes again in the last scene and he seems hellbent on breaking Lorelei until she reveals all about Red John. However Lorelei is smart and if that last scene between her, Jane and Lisbon is anything to go by then the mind games will be fantastic. Add in the developments with Jane/Lisbon, the team’s general shift in attitude towards Jane and the death of Luther and it’s looking like a great season!

    Thanks again for all your excellent reviews and I look forward to more 🙂

  • windsparrow

    This was one thorough review – very satisfying to read, and worth the wait!

  • ortforshort

    It’s funny how different men and women are and how differently they perceive things.
    My take on this is that the one thing that’s most important to Jane is getting Red John.
    Altho’ he feels that Lisbon is a very good friend, getting Red John is more important to him than his relationship to Lisbon which he jeopardizes all of the time. Not answering her hundred calls, not letting her in on what he was doing, etc.
    Lisbon, on the other hand, is in love with Jane. She called a hundred times. She would have bailed out Jane in a heartbeat if she thought that was best for him. Jane isn’t reciprocating any of this.
    To Jane, Lisbon’s a good friend and a good person who cares for deeply, but, in no way, romantically.
    With all of that said, there’s a ton of stuff going on here that doesn’t involve the non-existent romance between Jane and Lisbon.
    How does Darcy know where Jane is meeting Red John?.
    Who is the FBI mole that Red John refers to?
    Why does Wainright want to bring Jane back just at the time when Red John thinks he’s finally getting to Jane?
    Why is Wainright put in the car in place of Red John?
    Why is Wainright assassinated by the FBI?
    How does Darcy really fit in to all of this?

  • JustMe

    OK this is the third time I’m trying to leave a comment. Don’t know if it was my work computer or the website but I hope this works!

    Just a point of trivia the CG Jung book that Jane was reading was also known as “The Red Book”.

    OK first and foremost, I kinda want the Red John story wrapped up in the next year or two simply because I would like to have a season where we get to see Jane deal with the after effects of solving the case that has been his driving force. A denouement so to speak. That is a wish of mine. Just sayin that I see the whole show as the path of redemption for Jane and that would include follow through for the other side.

    And just so you all know, I was attracted to the show for the characters that we know and love and not for the RJ storyline. Yes it is the driving force but for me it just serves as a catalyst for the character interactions. That being said, I will give a few opinions:

    Totally agre with Windsparrow that there is no sibling feelings there. Not a sibling vibe at all!

    But I saw the scene of Jane in bed and the fade out between him and Lisbon as telling. He may very well have been dreaming about LIsbon as he has missed her and has feelings for her. It was obvious he has been thinking of her after 6 months since he believed she was the one to have bailed him out. For him it was the only person that would. I think he hoped it was Lisbon that she hadn’t given up on him. But it showed to him that even she has a breaking point where she won’t save him. Good on her. I do think that he had slept for 12 hours straight and possibly a bit of a hangover. I think when he saw a dark haired petite woman cooking him eggs, his mind played tricks on him and he thought it was Lisbon for a bit hence the soft “Good Morning”. We didn’t see his face after she turned around and it wasn’t Lisbon so again we can take what we want from that. I like to think that he was hoping for Lisbon to be there and Lorelai was the surrogate.

    The scene with Jane going into the CBI like the prodigal son was great. He was returning to his “home” or the closest thing he has to one. To Top it all off he also was going to “shoot” his ally and best “Friend” (I use that term loosely as I think they are definitely more than that to each other). The emotion of the moment overwhelmed him and even pointing a gun for a man who doesn’t like guns even if they were blanks would have been a hard thing to do. The emotional upheaval of that moment had to rupture and his feelings were blurted out. When she called him on it, he could have played it down but he pretended not to remember. He knew what he said and what he meant and how he meant it. They aren’t ready yet as she let him off the hook rather easily. The steps are tentative but forward moving.

    Now the hand hold was great. TOtally agree with Windsparrow on the intimacy of the moment. He didn’t care who saw him with Lisbon and that level of intimacy was amazing and public. Loved it so much as a proclamation to what she means to him.

    The end… what to say about that but I got the feeling that Jane looking at LIsbon over the head of Lorelai, was him doing his silent communication of trust him and she isn’t sure what to do or what to think. I don’t blame her if she is hurt by the revelation but I hope they do talk about it. Hate the silence they seem to use and even for two closed up people they NEED TO TALK!

    I think that next year will be a dark Jane trying to crack Lorelai and protect Lisbon and not let his feelings slip again. Quite a tight rope walk I would have to say and I think he will lose his balance at least once. I just hope he chooses the right safety net (Lisbon).

    Well those are my feelings and I am so glad to see this review!

  • windsparrow

    “It’s funny how different men and women are and how differently they perceive things.”

    The last guy who shared an ice cream sundae with me, and reached out, caressed down my arm to take my hand – well, I ended up moving 1200 miles to be with him in an utterly non-platonic way. I dunno that this is an XY-factor division. The Man is the one who says, “Oh for gosh sake, just kiss already” at Jane & Lisbon.

    “How does Darcy know where Jane is meeting Red John?”

    She had the SCU’s cell phones located via GPS. That’s how she could have found out – and I’m pretty sure I remember her saying that.

    “Who is the FBI mole that Red John refers to?”

    Counter-question: How do we know RJ isn’t lying through his grungy, stained teeth about having a mole in the FBI? Could have found out about Jane’s little plot by bugging Wainwright’s office.

    “Why does Wainright want to bring Jane back just at the time when Red John thinks he’s finally getting to Jane?”

    Wainwright has been wanting Jane back ever since he realized how crappy their non-Jane solve rate is. This was just the first time he had a plausible, face-saving reason to extend a hand to Jane.

    “Why is Wainright put in the car in place of Red John?”

    My personal theory is that it will throw some suspicion on Darcy, and make it harder to determine who and where RJ’s informant is.
    Why is Wainright assassinated by the FBI?

  • JustMe

    My hubs says the same thing too. And I moved continents for mine. Maybe we see what is there because we have had that commitment. Again agree it isn’t an X Y divide but having felt that connection and not.

  • Jule

    Great review, worth the wait. Really enjoyed the theorizing especially about the last scene.

    A couple of things I found interesting that haven’t been mentioned. It would seem that Red John and his followers consider themselves a form of religion. Lorilei mentioned faith and in last years finale the bomber said how he was deeply religious but not in a way that Jane would understand.

    I thought it showed progress that Jane went to Lisbon as soon as RJ made contact. He didn’t need to at that point and as was shown later it was a mistake as far as the success of his plan was concerned. Obviously his intention was never to go it alone through the entire plan. As it happened he would have had to bring her in to fake the gift, but he didn’t know that at the time.

    I am not a shipper at all – although I won’t mind if they get together eventually as long as it is done well. And so far they are doing a fantastic job of developing their relationship very slowly. I noticed that in the Church Lisbon called Jane her partner – that is a first. One of the mentalist twitters did mention not to expect to much in the next season about any love thing but when can we believe what comes out of their mouths! I was pleased for the shippers though after all they had been put through. I loved the way Jane took Lisbon’s hand, it had a fragile feel to it.

    Loved Jane in the car, never gave an inch to Red John and I feel that maybe he knew that RJ was not in the car since he did stay by the roadside. He would have realized that it was too risky for him to be there.

    The mentalist team really surprised me with this finale as I had expected it to be Jane having to fight Darcy’s accusations. Loved it and it was great to see Jane off reservation, a whole episode without the vest.

    Two of my favourite acting moments not mentioned was the look on Jane’s face when he said “for me” and the way Simon said “I must have been tired”. Could the 12hrs sleep also be an indication that he didn’t know she was with RJ and that he had found a moment of happiness.

    Favourite scene was in the Church – loved that Lisbon did not let him off the hook even after saying she would help. It was a perfectly played scene

    I thing the Lisbon/ handle bar joke maybe my favourite of the season.

  • Rothelena (@Nixenkind)

    Wonderful review, again! Personally, I think Jane DID know who Loralei was or at least had a strong suspicion. He wouldn’t have done his “no right or wrong”-speech otherwise, it’s making him far too vulnerable.
    I think Jane , after all those years of grieving for his family, would have a much easier time sleeping with a woman he DOESN’T love than with a woman he has serious feelings for. Using sex to reach his goal isn’t beneath Jane, and he always was a class A liar: pretending is second nature to him. The creepy smile after he threw Loralei out pretty much showed this (to me, other people might think differently, I know).
    Between Jane and Lisbon there are feelings that reach deeper than friendship- I always saw this, I’m just surprised Bruno Heller is obviously starting to acknowledge it in earnest now.
    I might have been able to see his “Love you” as nothing but an endearment between friends who trust each other with their life, if the conversation in the warehouse hadn’t followed: in my opinion, there is NO reason for Lisbon to inquire further if she didn’t believe there was more to it than just a harmless declaration of friendship, and I equally don’t believe that Jane would avoid answering by pretending not to remember what he’d said if he hadn’t indeed meant what he said…and yes, in a way both he and Lisbon are possibly not ready for.
    I always thought that a Jane/Lisbon-relationship is somehow post-Red-John stuff… especially Jane can’t possibly take the risk of a new love before he got rid of this very unhealthy obsession, which glues him to the past.
    So I think it’s best to develop this slowly, and save that kiss for the last moments of the show- at least, that’s what I would love.
    By the way: I always thought that Lisbon is the ONLY logical choice in this show for a REAL relationship in Jane’s life. Because after all that happened, would he really fall in love with somebody he barely knows? Somebody who might have an evil streak or permanently tries to manipulate him? Jane might be attracted to bad girls (maybe because he sees something of himself in them), but love? I’m convinced that he could only find that with someone who brings goodness to his life and whom he knows really, REALLY well… that’s only the case with Lisbon, and the way he trusts her, the way he confides in her even when he shows his evil side, even when he is way out of line and knows it, that’s a level of trust he has with no other person in his life- for me, that makes her the only logical choice for a real “love” for him. In the end, LISBON is the woman who’s seen the worst of him and still loves him- not Loralei, who just met him and agreed to have sex with him although she believed he enjoyed killing a man.
    He would never choose a random girl just because she says fascinating things and is easy on the eyes. But I think, he’s just not ready for the “real deal”, a full-fledged relationship, and that’s why he’s shying away from making further declarations to Lisbon.
    Jane/Lisbon clearly has to wait, but I’m infinitely glad that Bruno Heller seems to plan on taking the whole thing in that direction. I’m fine with teeny weeny baby steps here, because I think, making them become a happy couple NOW could only end in a disaster. So- take it slow, that’s super!
    As I already said: that’s only my opinion, I can absolutely accept that other people see it completely different, that’s great! We’re all fans!
    And, excuse my mistakes, please: I’m a German girl who had four hours of sleep last night and has a two-year-old son who woke up at five a.m.- YEAH, I’m tired. Sorry.

  • Sarah

    Great review, as always!
    One of the things I found very interesting in this episode was Loralei’s amazing resemblance to Lisbon, all the way through and especially in the final scene where they are sitting across from each other. Their hair was similar, height was similar, clothes were very similar – Loralei’s was even wearing a thin necklace like Lisbon’s…
    I find it hard to believe it’s a coincidence, so is it Red John screwing with Jane’s head, or thinking that a Lisbon look-alike was the best way to convince him to join him, or something else? Either way it’s another interesting bit of evidence, along with asking for Lisbon’s head etc, that RJ knows how important Lisbon is to Jane.
    I wonder if Jane or Lisbon or anyone else consciously noticed?

  • reviewbrain

    Lol. I think gender has very little to do with the issue here as a lot of women agree with you that Lisbon is in love with Jane.

    I think Jane knows there’s very little he can do which will actually jeopardize his friendship to Lisbon. He takes it for granted that she will always be by his side. Lisbon knows this and has no problem with it either. Like she told Jane in S3, he’s family. Her calling him a hundred times could have just as easily have been out of familial concern.

    But here’s a question to you: if Lisbon really is in love with Jane, then mentalist Jane must know that. And if Jane really just sees Lisbon as a friend, why wouldn’t he tell her that when she asked him what he meant? It would be cruel to lead her on, friends don’t do that. His response “What did I say?” also wasn’t an awkward attempt to change the subject. The look on his face was full of mirth. He was teasing her, like he did when he asked her if she was jealous in episode Red Gold. Now either mentalist Jane recognizes a potential for a romantic relationship and wants to explore that, or he doesn’t mind stringing along his best friend.

    I actually find a friendship between the two as equally fascinating as a romance (i.e. Gil and Catherine in CSI). But at this point, it seems that, for whatever reason, Heller wants us to think that there might be something else there.

    As to your other questions, I addressed most of them in the review, but I’ll elaborate on some in case it wasn’t clear:

    Luther was placed in the car in RJ’s place after the killer realized what Jane was up to. Of course, RJ could have just used a dummy but using the CBI head flaunts his power to Jane. It’s also revenge for Jane trying to trick RJ. That is, provided Luther himself isn’t one of RJ’s men.

    As to Darcy, is it really that hard to believe that someone can truly be dedicated to her job and finding the truth? Laroche was. And if that answer doesn’t satisfy, then there’s always the possibility that she also works for RJ.

  • Jule

    oh oh oh Also forgot to mention in the ‘best acting moments’ was Simon’s expressions when the mark was telling lorilei about what Jane does etc. I thought they were perfect.

  • rhostog

    Thank you for another excellent and detailed review – I’ve been looking forward to it since before the end of the show! So many questions at the end of this episode. I was particularly left wondering about Wainwright: presumably he was alive while Jane was in the car, otherwise why the tape across his mouth, but why was he so still (you suggested he was sedated: OK, but tape and drugs? seems a bit overkill?); why did Darcy shoot into the back of the car: did she know he was there and deliberately kill him, did she think RJ was there and intend to shoot him, or was she recklessly shooting without knowing who might be in there? Still unsure about her. Was Wainwright the mole, a rather incompetent one as he fell for Jane’s breakdown act and only warned RJ at the very last minute, hence the punishment/disposal? (Oh, and I did like Wainwright’s characteristic reaction to the (apparent) shooting in the office, that the CBI couldn’t be held liable!) I confess I’m glad to see the back of him – he reminded me a lot of someone I used to work with. Yes, incompetent slimy people do get promoted to positions of power and it’s cathartic to see a fictional version come to a sticky end!

    I agree that Robin Tunney deserved great credit for her part in this one – Lisbon doesn’t make a great show of her emotions (except perhaps annoyance!) but she still managed to tell us a lot with her eyes, and leave plenty of unanswered questions here too.

    I thought Jane knew what Lorelei was from the start. I don’t like it, but think he’s quite capable of doing just about anything, including sleeping with her and hurting his friends, if it gets him a step closer to RJ. His comments about being a con-man and killing someone were to test her reaction, and confirm that she was what he suspected. And I thought he got himself arrested because it would get back to RJ via his mole(s) in law enforcement, further evidence that he’d hit rockbottom. I’d like to think better of Jane, and I’m counting on his future redemption, but at the moment, he’s still willing to sacrifice almost anything to get to RJ.

    My favourite scene: definitely Jane holding Lisbon’s hand like a drowning man clinging to a rock, and the car going past, and the dust, just… wow. Also loved the team’s attitude to Jane (especially Grace’s ‘whatever’), and their loyalty to Lisbon. And yes, the melon!

    I’m left worried for Lisbon. Whatever Jane’s real feelings, RJ has figured out that she is Jane’s weak spot – he wants her head, he sends Lorelei who looks disturbingly like Lisbon, his whole strategy has been to get Jane to betray Lisbon – so what next?

    Thank you again for the excellent review – it must have been one of the hardest to finish, and well worth waiting for!

  • violet

    Fantastic review! Well though, enlightening and full of interesting ideas! Totally worth the wait! 🙂

    First of all, I must confess I’m in the “long con” team too. I suspected it even more strongly when he shrugged before beginning to drink again in his motel room: Jane has showed in ‘Jolly Red Elf’ that he has a strong tolerance to alcohol; it would be easy for him to stay in control while giving the appearance of being drunk. Then his drinking first thing after coming in his room may have been more to perfect his act, to smell of alcohol since the smell must have had disappeared after some hours/days in jail… As a conclusion, for me he was also suspecting the truth when he slept with Loralei, although he wasn’t sure.

    I also think that Jane didn’t single Loralei out at first as a RJ operative. There were some hints for us viewers (the red uniform, the red bed visible in the motel before she visited him), but I don’t think Jane was convinced of it at first. He was just cautious and probably suspected every person coming his way in the off chance of being contacted. Now, her lack of reaction to his declarations may have tipped him off, but even so she might have still stood her ground if she was just willing to share a night with him (a somewhat dangerous attractive man can do for a one nightstand more easily than for a more long termed relationship). Nevertheless, she became far less plausible as an innocent romantic when she came in his motel room. In fact, I believe Jane was genuinely surprised when he opened that door: he was nervous indeed, but I wonder if it wasn’t because he expected her to be Lisbon. Both women look alike enough to be taken for the other when watched through a peephole… He must have guessed that the news of his arrest must had reached his former team leader, he was sure she was the one who bailed him out of jail, he could guess she wouldn’t have difficulties convincing the cops to give her his address. It would have been logic in fact if she were really the one helping him out of jail. So I think he was more expecting a dressing down from Lisbon than an undressing from Loralei… Hence his surprise when he opened the door and the error he did with his visitor’s name. But *then* he must have become fully alerted that this golden-hearted waiter was suspicious. She was trying too hard: the sexy vibe, the chicken soup, she was playing on every aspect of seduction at the same time, temptation and comfort. That was too much at once too soon for someone he just met and who witnessed first hand that he meant troubles. It would have been far more credible for her to wait and resume hitting on him again at the bar. And how would she have known that he was in jail if not for inside information? She wasn’t here when he was arrested, she could have though he managed to outrun his pursuers or that cops just let him go since he was the one being attacked. That’s why I think Jane kept playing his cards as if he though she was for real: he asked her questions but he still wasn’t sure. But he couldn’t afford to let her go, it would have blown up his cover. Even if she turned out not to be RJ’s girl, how would his archenemy have believed his story if he didn’t spend the night with her? That would have been very credible: “I just got out of jail, I’m desperate. I just crawl out of my bottle to con people out of their money and even then I don’t care enough to even refrain from choosing shady dangerous marks. I’m completely alone. But I’m still not lonely enough to accept a night of comfort from a nice gorgeous girl who tries to help me out just out of kindness. Never mind that she’s almost jumping me since she entered and that her clothes are low cut enough to catch pneumonia. No, thanks lady, I’m good.” Yes, very credible indeed…

    I also wondered like JustMe if the fade out between Lisbon walking anxiously alone and Jane with another woman had a peculiar meaning: she was thinking of him obviously, but since the scene came back to him in bed, the morning after, thoughtfully opening his eyes, it might mean that he was perhaps thinking of her too. Because I’m convinced he was avoiding Lorelei by staying in bed: a chronic insomniac crashing out for 12 hours in a row when someone is shuffling in the same room? I’d rather believe he was avoiding facing his lover and the situation. He took things far too naturally to be sincere; the first lover he gets after his wife and he’s unfazed enough to simply eat his eggs, tell her he enjoyed himself and ask her with a smile when he’ll get to see her again? I don’t buy it… And the horrified look on his face at the door before the triumphant smile was more meant to us viewers than to anything else, it was for the sake of suspense: is he acting or is he sincere? The smile answers the questions that ought to be hanging since the beginning of the ep.

    Moreover, I totally agree with JustMe and Sarah about Loralei: the persona she put on for him was a constant allusion to Lisbon. She was meant to be a surrogate, a familiar figure more suited for the new life RJ was handing him, a Lisbon à la Red John. Lorelei looks like Teresa all right and when she came to the motel to seduce Jane, she wore the same kind of clothes Lisbon usually chooses (leather jacket and tight fitting pants), only sexier. Even worse, she tries to give the same “good soul” vibe: she talks morals with Jane at their very first meeting (right and wrong”), she tells him that faith makes her happy (Jane certainly knows Lisbon goes to the church since he meets her there), she then tells him he’s a good man who has lost his way and that she’s willing to help him. I’m not sure that Jane was attracted to her because she was a surrogate for Lisbon, but it is obvious that “Loralei” was designed to be one for him when she was sent by her master…
    Lisbon was implicitly at the center of the ep: it’s revealing by the unusual fact that her first name was said three times (Jane giving her full name to the cop after being bailed out; Lorelei asking for her dead body; Jane calling her “Teresa” in his office). Besides, that was done in a more discreet way before, but almost every time RJ strikes against the CBI, it seems more or less directed against Lisbon: Hardy trying to shoot her, Craig effectively shooting her along with the bomb in ‘Strawberry and Cream’. Even your interpretation of Todd attacking cops fits, notwithstanding that Bosco was a former love interest. Hard to think he only had his eye on her suddenly.

    I really agree with you about the “stylistically attractive/suspenseful” setting for the confrontation in the limo. Things were carefully set for a be a very symbolical moment, the conclusion of an arc that begun with Panzer, as showed by the tiny blinking red light in front of Jane.
    You’re also right with parallel with ‘Strawberry and Cream’: in both finales, there’s an almost confession (the “need to tell you something” speech and the “Love you”), displays of affection/attraction from Jane (checking her out in the pink dress/ the hug, his giddy behavior at first in the church). There’s also proof of their bond (the breathing over the phone/ holding hands), along in here with a kind of progression from the previous finale, with a tacit acknowledgement from Lisbon (asking him what he meant) and the fact that, although she’s been worried for him, he’s the one systematically reaching out for her after those six months. Things were very carefully settled.
    By the way, am I the only one to have found very sweet the smile on Van Pelt’s face when Jane was flirting with Lisbon about her romantically riding on the handlebars of his bike? That joke coupled with RJ’s demands, Wainwright’s surprise at her refusal to help Jane and the hand holding thing at the end shows indeed that their affection, whatever it may be, is beginning to become public knowledge…

    Last, not least, I think RJ chose Wainwright because he was the one who fired Jane, like Bosco was the one who took the case from him. In both cases it was not the only reason for killing them, but it was a way to settle scores with them as well as to threaten the team in killing someone professionally close to them.

    (That was an awfully long comment! Blame it on that awesome ep and the no less interesting review! 🙂 )

  • windsparrow

    Thanks, Fiona, these are great comments, and you certainly had some good questions that contributed to the review!

  • violet

    Windsparrow’s comment really made me smile! (they rarely fail to do so in fact! 😉 ) And I realize I forgot to tell her how much I enjoyed her parts in the review! Great job!

    About mentalist Jane knowing that Lisbon is in love with him, or at the very least has feelings for him, I think he does indeed. His glee at witnessing her hurt and her jealousy with Erica said it all. Like Lisbon probably knows he has feelings for her too. That’s why he didn’t answer at first when she asked him to elaborate. You said, Reviewbrain, “his response “What did I say?” also wasn’t an awkward attempt to change the subject. The look on his face was full of mirth. He was teasing her, like he did when he asked her if she was jealous in episode Red Gold.”. I rather believe it was a way to test Lisbon, to see is she would chicken out of the situation. They both know what he said, they both can guess what he meant after that hug. That was what the brief intense look between them meant after her question: “you know what I meant and now you’re asking me about it?”. Yet he gave her a way out (and a poor one at that, given his prodigious memory) and she took it. It was a way to ask her in turn what she did mean with her question, if she would have the courage to call him on his words, to say it aloud and acknowledge explicitly that part of their bond. And she did chicken out.

    Yes, friendship and romance can be fascinating between those two. Now can’t they have both? 😉

  • rita

    Great review, as ever. You have made me think a little differently about a few things.

    I HAD thought it was a long con, and that he had got the measure of Lorelei right from the start, but I think you may be right, He HAD thought it was Lisbon who had bailed him out and he was a bit lost and sad to think it wasn’t…..Lorelei was there and seemed to care enough to do that for him. It is nice to think he had a little bit of happy time.

    I hadn’t thought about Wainwright being drugged in the car, I had noticed that he never moved even when RJ was speaking, I thought he had been killed already and taped into place.

    My fav bits…..the Church, I thought Simon & Robin acted their collective socks off in this bit…I LOVED the eye roll when Lisbon started her rant.
    The scene in the warehouse when Lisbon asks about THOSE words….Patrick looked so mischievous when he was ‘not remembering’ what he had said.
    Simon on a bike…..I kept expecting the song ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ from Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid to start playing.
    And of course the hand holding session. Actually, now I think about it…there weren’t ANY bad bits.

    A great episode, and lots of surprises despite (or perhaps because of) the spoilers, one of the best finales I have seen. I really can’t wait for next season… it September yet??

    Thanks again for a great review.

  • rhostog

    Am I the only person who hated that last scene and wanted to give Jane a good slap? Poor Lisbon, she’s been worrying over him for months, losing sleep, then suddenly he comes waltzing back, she gets hugged, told ‘love you’, shot, decapitated (yeah, ok, but still…), arrested, has her hand held, and then there’s Jane snuggling up to this psycho doppelganger in front of her. How much more can the poor woman be expected to deal with?

  • windsparrow

    “I kinda want the Red John story wrapped up in the next year or two simply because I would like to have a season where we get to see Jane deal with the after effects of solving the case that has been his driving force. A denouement so to speak. That is a wish of mine. Just sayin that I see the whole show as the path of redemption for Jane and that would include follow through for the other side.”

    I think Baker (or the show runners) said that the whole show is about Patrick Jane’s journey – so it seems reasonable to me for viewers to hope for some of that. I would love for the RJ storyline to come to a relatively quick resolution. I’ve seen more than one viewer of a more casual attachment to the show complain that it has gone on too long, and if the show focusses too much on it, they will lose interest and stop watching altogether. Me, I do want that resolution, but I’m with you about wanting to see what comes after, as well. And that is much more interesting to me than RJ dying or going to jail or (Heller forbid) killing EVERYONE.

    “We didn’t see his face after she turned around and it wasn’t Lisbon so again we can take what we want from that. I like to think that he was hoping for Lisbon to be there and Lorelai was the surrogate.”

    This situation is so complex. The position I have taken WRT Jane knowing Loralei was Red John’s girl all along – that isn’t something I KNOW. It’s an interpretation of the evidence I see and I like the way it feels in my mind. I am more confident that Jane was not as drunk when Loralei came to his door as he was when he was drinking vodka with the old man in “My Bloody Valentine”, and I am only slightly less sure that he did not drink a heck of a lot while Loralei was there with him. He would have been seriously exhausted from getting the crap kicked out of him, tasered, then spending the night in jail. The flood of endorphins from having sex would have relaxed him enough to have a much better night’s sleep than usual. Would that account for the twelve hours? I think so, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. As for whether he was imagining for a moment that the pretty brunette bouncing around his kitchenette in his shirt was Lisbon – I don’t know. That could have been Jane the actor, consummate in creating a character for a con, and sustaining it as long as necessary. It could have been the natural contentment and ease from the previous night’s flood of endorphins plus quality sleep. Jury’s still out on this.

  • CJDavey

    I can’t seem to sign in with twitter, so for the record this is @CJDavey speaking! 🙂

    Great review as always, my friend!

    Some rambling thoughts:

    1. Although it seems Bruno plans for the show to go 7 seasons, there is not assurance whatsoever that the show will last that long (ratings wise). I think it can, and will, but lets not count our Chickens! Especially when Ashley’s recent (and very odd) claim that it had been renewed for a 6th season also was rejected by CBS themselves.

    2. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it’s Simon Baker’s voice. I don’t even consider it a matter of opinion. Not only was it easily recognised during the episode, by a lowered tone video on youtube just confirms it completely. That’s his voice, 100%. The Brett Partridge example is different, as that just ‘sounded a bit like’ his voice in the S2 finale, in that it was of similarly higher pitch. But in this case, it just is his voice. I don’t know how to put it into words…it’s Simon, I know it is. Heck, if I’m wrong then so be it, but I really don’t think I am on this one. Simon’s denial makes sense either way, he’s not going to come out and say “Yes, that was me alright!” For the record, I don’t think that Jane is Red John at all, the show using Simon’s voice does not make that the case either.

    3. I thought the reason Jane didn’t turn around to get a good look at ‘Red John’ was because he’d basically figured out that it was Wainwright, or at least that it wasn’t likely to be Red John himself. After his initial look in the mirror, he just stares forward, and that doesn’t make sense otherwise. Even with L beside him, he would’ve at least attempted it I’m sure, or carried on looking intently into the mirror. Also note how after being thrown to the side of the road, as the FBI pursue the limo, Jane just lies there before eventually taking Lisbon’s hand. Yes he was beaten and defeated, but if at this point he thought there was even a chance of Red John being in the back of that limo, then he’d be following up on that chase right away – no questions asked. Considering all of this, I seriously think Jane had already worked out that it was not in fact Red John in the limo.

    4. Completely agree on Lorelai. I said in my own review that I really don’t think Jane believed her to be RJ’s girl and that most of his responses seemed genuine. His baiting in the opening scene was a combination of A) A genuine conversation and B) Jane simply being cautious. Being in character as he had been for 6 months, talking to everyone that approached him as though he had given up – just incase word got back to RJ.

    4. I don’t know EXACTLY what Jane meant by “love you”, but right now I think all that matters is that he did mean it! There’s no other explanation considering he didn’t have to say it and his deflection afterwards.

    5. THANK YOU! You have described Jane’s ‘kiss’ on Lorelai’s head exactly how I did. She’s precious to him right now with all that RJ information. Love it. I also loved the alternate reading of it by WS!

    6. I too adored the callback to the pilot with the nature show.

    7. Chriqui was fantastic and I’m so happy she’s here next season. Also, I’m glad you mentioned Dent’s badassery! That shot of her emptying the gun into RJ’s Limo especially. It goes without saying that everyone else was brilliant, Simon and Robin especially. If Simon doesn’t win an Emmy for Patrick Jane, there is no justice in the World (of TV).

    8. Blake’s music was just incredible. I mentioned in my review how he manages to use recognised TM themes and motifs whilst creating new variations on them AND creating great new sounds altogether. I just don’t know how he does it. The music during these moments was particularly great:

    – Jane being chased in Vegas. There’s this sound in the score as Jane punches the policeman that just screams “DARKNESS” that sends shivers down my spine.

    – As Jane smiles after Lorelai exits his room. Appropriately bombastic, much like the above piece during the chase, and it highlighted what I thought was a very cinematic episode in how it was shot (props to Chris Long) and I know this was mentioned on twitter.

    – This was probably my favourite piece of music in the episode, so I hope others noticed it. The piece playing in the background as Jane storms into the CBI and says hello to the team before entering her office. I can’t even describe it…such intensity and anticipation, I can’t do justice to how great it sounds and how well it works.

    – The entire final scene. Amazing.

    – As always, the Red John motif. Those two striking, dissonant chords that we’ve become so accustomed to with RJ, as Jane’s Citroen rounds the corner approaching the meeting place.

    Blake, I applaud you. I really really hope a Seasons 3 and 4 soundtrack release is near.

    9. Agreed 100% on Jane’s breakdown being ‘both’ partly real and a con.

    I’ll post more views as I remember them and I’ll also scroll through these many comments and start up some discussion with you all as soon as I can.

    Amazing review as always BR (and Windsparrow!), and thanks for the shootout at the end. It was a pleasure both writing for your blog and reading your reviews. I’ll be here all next season to read, comment and (if need be) help out once again!

    What a beautiful season/show. Thanks to Bruno, the writers, the cast/crew and EVERYONE involved. Roll on Season 5!

    Until then, I look forward to chatting with you all over on Twitter as always.

    P.S. (not that it makes sense to do so in such a comment) Sunday is a good move for The Mentalist. Believe!

  • windsparrow

    “I thing the Lisbon/ handle bar joke maybe my favourite of the season.”

    So much double entendre – maybe triple, or quadruple entendre. I loved it too.

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    So great to have the review for the finale, congrats for the way you put it, review + questions from viewers, makes it even more interesting!

    I have to say that I belong to those who think that Jane planned everything since the beginning, as he said to Lisbon during their Church convo.
    From the moment he walked away from the CBI after his exchange with Luther, he started planning his ‘new life’ in Vegas, which makes the final scene of 4×23, with Lisbon telling him that they could fix the problem together even more heartbreaking, cause he already knew that he was doing that as a plan to catch RJ.
    Truth is, Jane is ready to do whatever it takes to catch RJ. I’m sure he cares about Lisbon, and he cares about the team too. But RJ is n.1 on his list.
    He’s ready to fake a breakdown, isolate himself, make his best friend believe that he’s hopeless, to catch RJ.

    So, I think that he probably already figured Lorelei was suspicious before they started that conversation at beginning of the Finale. They met before, probably exchanged a few words, and the whole conversation they had was a bit ‘off’ to me, even if of course everything was even more clear after a second view. So, I also think that Jane knew who Lorelei was when she came to his motel room, and before they shared the night together. He knew it, and probably Jane being nervous when he opened the door was more to me like he was thinking: mask back on. I mean, it’s not easy playing along and make everyone think you’re in a hopeless kind of situation. (In which he is anyway, cause you really have to start to ask yourself in which kind of mental state Jane is…)
    His smile when Lorelei leaves was what made me believe he knew since the beginning of the episode. That smile was too much a ‘convinced’ one to be the smile of someone who just realized that his intuition was the right one.

    So, along with the smile’s shot, the Church scene is my favourite one. I loved everything about it. The insight of Lisbon trying to find some solace and peace in a place where she feels safe was just amazing.
    I loved how Jane and Lisbon’s body position conveied almost the idea that Jane was confessing to Lisbon, very very nice. Simon and Robin were just perfect, but really I’m not surprised anymore!
    I think that Lisbon’s answer: ‘What am I supposed to say, no?” to Jane’s : ‘But you will help me?’, summarizes pretty much what their whole attitude is about, especially Lisbon’s. She will never refuse to help Jane, whatever it takes. And Jane knows that. It worries me because I’m sure we have still to see to which extent Lisbon is ready to help Jane.

    About Luther’s death, and the mole in the FBI. I was thinking… Why shooting inside the limo, towards the back seats? If RJ was really there, he would be dead. Wouldn’t it be better to catch him alive? They were already all shooting at the tyres, at the driver, there was really no need to shoot towards the back seats, unless of course someone knew that RJ wasn’t there…

    About the ‘love you’ scene and the holding hands’ one. I saw it more as a physical way to express relief. The hug and the ‘love you’ I’m sure they were an honest expression of affection, as the holding hands.
    Jane probably chose that moment because he knew he would be alone with Lisbon and wanted to express his gratitude with that hug. Because really, go and find a friend who goes along with a plan like that, fakes her death and risks once again her career…. You have to be a special, true friend. Lisbon’s surprised reaction to the hug was all kind of sweet, as it was her questioning Jane after. Heller knows very well how to play with his characters….
    For me, they were ‘special’ scenes because we know how both Jane and Lisbon aren’t very physical in their way of showing affection, so their physical proximity had a deep meaning. Which is not a romantic one, in my opinion, but a way to show gratitude and affection.

    As I said though, I think Jane priority is and will be catch RJ, and he’s ready to do anything, and now we know what this anything means.
    But I’m looking forward to see him back at the CBI with the team nonetheless. As much as I can enjoy the darker Jane, I like the lighter episodes as well.

    I’m glad we finally have a RJ friend alive, I hope they will manage to keep her alive long enough to have some kind of useful information, which makes it interesting for S5. How long will Lorelei will stay alive, which kind of information Jane will manage to gather?
    Really, they have to give us something more specific about RJ, it is time now! xD

    Again, congrats for the review, and everyone who posts and shares ideas and different opinions!
    Can’t wait for September to come with new episodes! 🙂

  • windsparrow

    “I always thought that a Jane/Lisbon-relationship is somehow post-Red-John stuff… especially Jane can’t possibly take the risk of a new love before he got rid of this very unhealthy obsession, which glues him to the past.
    So I think it’s best to develop this slowly, and save that kiss for the last moments of the show- at least, that’s what I would love.”

    Definitely post-RJ not only so Jane can get past his past so to speak but also for the added danger from RJ toward any woman he gets attached to. I love the slow burn of this relationship as they have been putting it on screen. I think I would like to get a little more than one kiss right before that final fade-to-black. I have long said that the conflict between Jane and Lisbon is even more important to the story than the conflict between Jane and Red John – so having plenty of time to see the resolution of that part of the story would be really gratifying. But I would not be disappointed to see them only sailing off in the sunset together.

  • windsparrow

    Somebody has a “type” – whether that’s Jane or the casting director, I don’t know. ::desperately trying to wipe the smirk off my face::

  • windsparrow

    “I’m left worried for Lisbon. Whatever Jane’s real feelings, RJ has figured out that she is Jane’s weak spot – he wants her head, he sends Lorelei who looks disturbingly like Lisbon, his whole strategy has been to get Jane to betray Lisbon – so what next?”

    I feel the same – though I believe there is much more danger to Lisbon directly from RJ. I will be very disappointed if there is no attempt to show Lisbon taking extra precautions for her own safety in the coming season.

  • windsparrow

    Lots of great thoughts. Your comment isn’t too long – it’s just right.

  • All-I-need

    First of all, to quote Reviewbrain:
    “I never expected that something to be a sucker punch of awesomeness.”

    I love this episode. It blew me away. It shocked me all the way to next week. It makes me want to shake Bruno Heller and yell at him in three different languages for his deceipt. It makes me want to hug that brilliant man and build him an altar.
    Erm …. *coughs* anyways, as I was saying, it was a really great episode.

    Now, my thoughts on your analysis (this time I`m writing my comment as I read, just so I won´t forget anything).

    Jane and Loralei:

    faith made her happy: Jane responds: “Yes, I´ve heard that”
    Yes he has, because that´s almost the same thing Rebecca said in Season two, that she believes in RJ and loves him and he showed her the light, yadda yadda. His deciples all treat RJ like their God, so Jane would easily connect “faith” to “RJ”, especially when coupled with a total lack of shocked response to his words. And if he wasn`t on to her from the very beginning, why did he know her name?

    There`s a connection between them: hell yes, also called Red John!

    Jane being nervous when she knocks on his door: Jane had reason to believe RJ would test him, and the very fact that RJ sent him a woman already tells him what kind of test it would be, resulting in Jane being nervous about going so far to catch him, about how much depends on this and not to mention that it`s been nine and a half years!

    Jane might not have suspected her to be Red John`s girl: Seriously? A COCKTAIL WAITRESS just bailed him out of jail for no apparent reason safe for some weird “connection”. That`s flimsy at best, not to mention where she might have gotten the money from.

    Punching the cop to get arrested: maybe he wanted to get arrested so RJ would be forced to show his hand, to help him by getting him out of jail OR because Jane thought after six months that RJ didn´t believe him and therefore Jane was sick of the scam and wanted to go home. Home = CBI. Therefore, he might have also punched the cop, hoping that Lisbon would come and take him home. But then RJ did send Loralei to bail him out and Jane first assumed it was Lisbon. When it became clear it wasn`t her, he easily accepted option two: his scam worked, RJ is behind his unexpected freedom.

    His tone when questioning Loralei about eggs:
    It did not sound suspicious: well, no, because that would be a dead give-away that he WAS still suspicious. Also, he had just woken up, after sleeping with a woman for the first time in nine and a half years, and probably had a hangover to top it off. I don`t think anyone can be expected to have any particular sound of voice despite “sleepy” at that point. And yes, he was amused and happy, because 1. he loves eggs, and, more importantly: 2. RJ definitely knows Jane loves eggs, because Jane always orders eggs. Ergo, this was the last clue Jane needed to be 100% certain that she was RJ`s girl.

    Jane`s smile once Loralei is gone:
    Oh god, his smile when she left!!! It was at exactly THIS point that I knew for sure he had been running a scam and I almost cried (not for the last time during that episode). Sorry, there is no other reason. Even Jane can`t recover that quickly from a shock of such enormity. His shocked reaction and throwing her out was purely for her benefit, so she would think she had actually thrown him.

    Jane and Lisbon in the Church:
    I actually DID cry while watching this scene. It was bloody brilliant. Beautiful. Amazing. Enter positive superlative of your choice here.

    While Lisbon rants on and on about how he didn`t call, didn`t respond to her texts or ANYTHING at all, Jane actually drops his head, hiding his face. I watched the scene a second time, focusing entirely on him and the effect her words had on him, and he was apparently deeply sorry and probably felt just as bad (if not worse) about being unable to reply) than she did about his lack of response. When she mentions she didn`t sleep, he looks quite shocked and deeply worried, too.

    And yes, Lisbon would do anything for him. Loved how she kept ranting, not realizing he was already gone. Especially with the nun! HAHA! But I am absolutely sure he heard most of her speech even as he left. And I am equally sure he only left because of that nun. Jane does not trust anyone (except Lisbon) and they can`t be seen together, after all.

    Wainwright wants Jane back:

    My first thought was: “YOU DAMN HYPOCRITE! Let`s all take a moment and remember who fired him in the first place!” (yes, I know Jane manipulated him into doing that, but really, Wainwright should have known better. He had Jane pegged as a soziopath and still didn`t know how to deal with him. That`s not exactly a great display of leadership-skills, is it?)

    But I also think that Wainwright was genuine about his wish to get Jane back and try to help him. Not a Red John minion.

    Loralei tells Jane to kill Lisbon:
    I have a sneaking suspicion that this was actually Loralei`s idea to get rid of the woman she most definitely heard a lot about. If it was not her idea, then Jane`s reaction to her request (“There has to be another way”) probably was not the best thing to say … it might have made RJ suspicious. Then again, Loralei might not have mentioned that, not thinking it was important enough.

    Jane definitely was shocked at how easily she said it, though I don´t think he was surprised at the idea of RJ wanting him to kill Lisbon. In fact, it would be the next logical step to prove his “friendship”.

    On the other hand, I doubt Red John will activel go after Lisbon. He might suggest it, thinking Jane is done with the CBI and truly did give up, but I highly doubt he would actually kill her if Jane was still clearly close to her. The brutal truth is that Lisbon is the only person on earth keeping Jane sane and at times even happy. I highly doubt he would get over her death and he might even kill himself if something happens to her, thus ending the “game” he and RJ are playing. I doubt RJ wants that to happen, so he will leave Lisbon well alone, knowing how important she is to Jane. I stated this theory before, I think, and it is one of the reasons I suspect that Loralei might have asked for her dead body. Jealousy is such an ugly trait…

    Jane shoots Lisbon / “Love you”:

    First: I agree. Jane definitely meant it.

    The gun was probably filled with real bullets, for ballistic`s sake.

    Second: Jane said he was “hyped-up” but I think he meant he actually did not REALIZE what he said. I don`t think this is true, though.
    In fact, my theory is that Jane deflected because
    a) Lisbon looked incredibly nervous when she asked, which might have caused him to lose his nerve, and
    b) judging by how relieved Lisbon looked at his deflection, I think both of them are not yet ready to face the implications of him actually LOVING her, in the “I love you” sort of way, so they will both pretend he never said anything at all until the time is right.
    In the middle of a Red John operation might not be the perfect moment, I`ll give them that. But this can`t be swept under the rug forever.
    Also, it will be incredibly fascinating to watch their further interactions with those words hanging over them! SO looking forward to that!!!
    Oh, and your mention of Strawberries and Cream reminded me of his ALMOST-confession back then. And then, too, he was about to say it in a moment of high stress and danger, where he could be absolutely sure that Lisbon would have NO CHANCE whatsoever to actually answer or react in any way. Does that mean he is STILL unsure about her feelings for him, after everything she did for him?! Or is he simply that much of a coward?

    Jane thanks the team:
    My best guess is that they are all tense and angry with him because of how much he hurt Lisbon. Maybe the fact that he abandoned them all also played a role, but definitely a minor one. He hurt the boss, and if she really hasn`t been sleeping, then the team noticed. She also looked so incredibly tired in the beginning, and so sad. I doubt she laughed even ONCE during his absence, which probably made them all even angrier with Jane for doing this to her.

    The book Jane was reading:

    “In this book, Jung examines some of the most contested and crucial areas in the field of analytical psychology, including dream analysis, the primitive unconscious, and the relationship between psychology and religion.” – as found on Goodreads.
    It also appears to have the following quote in it:
    “We cannot change anything unless we accept it.”
    Foreshadowing and subtext, anyone?!

    The Crimson Hat Revealed:

    I am still unsure about Darcy, to be honest. On the one hand, we have never before had a situation where the audience was aware that someone is a mole, while the characters on the show are not. That would be pretty interesting (and frustrating) to watch.
    And with the way Darcy was shooting at the car like a maniac, she could have easily tried to shoot not only Wainwright, but also Loralei, so her survival might have been an accident. It is definitely a freaking miracle that she got out there without a scratch.
    On the other hand, Darcy did seem genuinely shocked and she really could have stalled Lisbon`s team a lot longer. So that would be a point in her favor. Then again, even THIS might have been planned, so that Jane would not actually lose two fingers (and wasn`t it interesting how Loralei went STRAIGHT for his wedding band?!)

    So, Darcy being the mole, pro and contra:

    – Darcy went snooping around and screwed up the whole plot to catch RJ
    – Her investigation of Jane for the latter half of the season was a great way of NOT investigating Red John
    – She was in a great position to kidnap Wainwright. He trusted her.
    – She shot at that car like a maniac (if she was the one who put Wainwright in there, she needed him dead so he wouldn`t rat her out)
    – novelty factor of the audience knowing who the mole is before anyone on the show does.

    – her horrified reaction at the sight of Wainwright´s body seemed genuine
    – if she really was a mole, she could have stalled Lisbon and team a whole lot longer (thought maybe some of her colleagues might have put an end to it and insisted they at least check out the lead, just in case. RJ is too important to disregard anything anyone says about him, even if it is a handcuffed Lisbon doing the talking)
    – when have Bruno Heller and Co. EVER been that obvious about anything related to RJ?
    – Darcy shot at the car like a maniac (yeah, that counts on both sides, she might have just been doing her job).

    Personally, I would prefer Darcy to be innocent, simply because I like her.

    And again, on the whole “Jane is Red John” issue, this time caused by the voice-thing:
    On my Season 3 DVD (German edition) there is an extra about Red John, the making of a serial killer, in which Bruno Heller clearly states that JANE IS NOT RED JOHN because Mr Heller (thankfully!) feels that this would be a betrayal of the audience and he will not go there.

    Now, Loralei did mention that RJ wanted to meet with Jane. She never said WHERE he would meet him. The limo was probably only there to pick Jane up and bring him somewhere else and the whole phone conversation with RJ was just because RJ already knew it was a trick. Even if he hadn`t known about it, I am pretty sure he still would have sent a limo to pick Jane up, just to be sure.

    Why Jane didn`t turn around in the car: The poor man was just punched in the gut several times and thrown into the car seat. He is lucky he could breath enough to talk. I highly doubt he was even CAPABLE of turning around, even if he had wanted to or if Loralei had let him.

    End Scene: Loralei, Jane and Lisbon:

    I highly doubt that Jane talked to Loralei about Lisbon. As I stated above, I am team long-con and I believe he already knew she was a minion.
    But even if he didn`t know, there are just some things you do not do. And as a guy sleeping with a woman, you do NOT talk about another woman with her. Of course he might have slipped and simply said Lisbon`s name, which would be a) interesting, considering his “love you” later, and b) definitely explain why Loralei seems to absolutely hate Lisbon (see my theory stated above that having Jane kill Lisbon was actually Loralei`s idea).

    All I know is that if I was in bed with a man and he started talking to me about some woman he hasn`t seen in half a year, I`d kick him in the balls. That doesn´t seem to have happend to Jane, so I think it is safe to assume that Red John mentioned Lisbon to Loralei.

    I agree with your analysis of Jane kissing Loralei`s head, the air of dominance and the clear statement that he WILL crack her open and squeez out every ounce of information.

    However, I don`t think she was saying what she said to rattle HIM. She was saying it to rattle LISBON. “Did he tell you that? No? Why not, lover?”

    First, she heavily implies that Jane DID NOT TELL LISBON himself and then asks the same thing Lisbon must be wondering: why not? And then adds the “lover” to state once again that she actually slept with him – or the other way round. That`s a concept Lisbon is clearly uncomfortable with – Jane sleeping with a woman. Basically unheard of, safe for his wife, of course.

    And don`t forget she learned about this only about a day (if not less) after he said “love you”.


    The nature show: So glad I wasn`t the only one to notice that! I guess Jane also has a thing for African wild life – he grew up with an elephant, for god`s sake!


    When I first saw the promo pictures of Jane without his vest, I went crazy(er). I think my friends viewed it as a sign of the apocalypse.
    I was like: “He has a gun! OMG AND HE`S NOT WEARING HIS VEST! Where the hell is his vest? Why is he not wearing it? Oh, and did I mention the GUN?! But who cares, he`s not wearing a vest!!!”
    Yeah, I got really caught up in that …. *coughs* Also: Simon Baker naked in bed. *droooooooooooooools* I hated Emanuelle Chriqui just for that scene. Not to mention kissing him …
    @Windsparrow: I am totally with you about those surfing pictures!!!

    Best lines:

    Agreed on everything you mentioned, but here are a few more:

    “Screw that bitch and get your money back. Turns out she (my mother) isn`t dead. She ran off to Miami with her aerobics teacher.” (Oscar, one of Jane´s marks)
    “I guess that explains why she was so easy to contact.” (Jane, in response to the above)

    “You son of a bitch. You SON of a bi-iiiitch.” (Lisbon to Jane)
    “Okay. We ARE in a church.” (Jane, in response to the above)


    Oh yes, the hand-holding in the desert! OH MY GOD, I was squealing in hyper-fangirl-mode, in so high a voice it became inaudible to human ears but made the neighbor`s dog bark.

    I actually do believe that Jane used the case to get fired, though. Luther first suspended him, but that wasn´t enough, so Jane provoced him until he got fired, which was what he wanted. He told Lisbon he wouldn`t leave the CBI, he wanted to honor that promise, so he made sure he got thrown out. And quitting … it certainly WAS the only thing he never tried before, so I can see how he would think a long-con might be a great idea. Also, he sounded absolutely honest when he told Lisbon about the plan. I think this time, Jane really did plan it all out. He is meticulous when it comes to his plans to try and catch Red John.

    Quite honestly, if Jane really did have a breakdown, he would NOT leave. He would simply invite himself into Lisbon`s apartment and sleep on her couch. They are that close now. He would never walk away, but rather gravitade closer to her because she always manages to make him feel better. Walking away would only make him worse and I bet he knows that.


    Two questions remain:
    1. Who is going to try an be boss next? Because they are sure running through CBI bosses in the same way they went through teachers for Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter …
    2. Where the hell is Hightower?! She was so prominent in the Season 3 finale and then she never even got MENTIONED again. So what on earth happened to her? Can´t she come back and do her job again? Red John doesn´t have any reason to kill her anymore, after all. Everything she could have revealed about his plans was already discovered in Season 3.

    Also, I realized there is no rating of this episode. You usually put in a 10/10 or something, but I guess this episode scored 20 out of 10 possible points….

    Looking forward to the art work and THANKS FOR THE GREAT REVIEW!

    That goes to both of you, Reviewbrain and Windsparrow! You are doing such a great job, I can´t thank you enough!

  • windsparrow

    “A great episode, and lots of surprises despite (or perhaps because of) the spoilers, one of the best finales I have seen. I really can’t wait for next season… it September yet??”

    I’m counting the days until season 5 starts, too.

  • windsparrow

    “How much more can the poor woman be expected to deal with?”

    What if Jane let Loralei shock Lisbon with her news to let L-lei think she has the upper hand, while trusting Lisbon to be able to handle it and come back around to his side? I lean toward thinking she was more disturbed by having to confront Jane’s willingness AND ability to do ANYthing to get Red John – up to having sexual relations with RJ’s minion and including (what might be even worse) treating that woman like a plaything, using that relation as a wedge to pry information out of her.

  • windsparrow

    “Considering all of this, I seriously think Jane had already worked out that it was not in fact Red John in the limo.”

    That is a very good point that had not occurred to me. But it fits very nicely in with my theory of Jane’s level of scheming intelligence and methods that he almost never does things accidentally. At least 75% of the punches in the nose he’s earned himself were deliberately provoked (maybe not when Lisbon popped him) for specific reasons (and even then he would claim he was providing her catharsis). Leaving the laptop open to his dating interview when Lisbon found it? Not an accident. Stumbling over Loralei’s name when she showed up at his door? Not being him being scatterbrained. If all of those are purposeful, then the intelligence that can plan those events, can certainly discern the difference between the shape of the figure duck taped to the back seat of the limo from the shape of the figure who whispered “Tyger Tyger, burning bright…” to him.

  • windsparrow

    “How long will Lorelei will stay alive, which kind of information Jane will manage to gather?”

    I hope they can at least get an idea of the size and extent of RJ’s network. Are there hundreds of them, quietly infiltrating useful niches in society, or are there just a dozen or so, all with their own specialties to be of use to Red John?

  • rhostog

    “What if Jane let Loralei shock Lisbon with her news to let L-lei think she has the upper hand, while trusting Lisbon to be able to handle it and come back around to his side?”
    Yes, that’s certainly consistent with Jane – again he’s taking it totally for granted she’ll she’ll overlook his behaviour yet again, put aside her own feelings, and stay on his side. Still deserves a good slap.

    “…she was more disturbed by having to confront Jane’s willingness AND ability to do ANYthing to get Red John…” Good point – from other comments, I see I’m not the only one disturbed by the idea that Jane knew what Lorelei was before sleeping with her, and I can’t see Lisbon being comfortable with this.

  • windsparrow

    Thank you!

    “Loralei: faith made her happy: Jane responds: “Yes, I´ve heard that”
Yes he has, because that´s almost the same thing Rebecca said in Season two, that she believes in RJ and loves him and he showed her the light, yadda yadda. His deciples all treat RJ like their God”

    And contrast their faith with Lisbon’s – Lisbon’s faith does not *make* her happy. She has a normal range of emotions – some happiness, some sadness, boatloads of irritation and frustration all in reasonable measure to the situation. Loralei and Rebecca are readily showing what Wainwright would have called “inappropriate affect” if he were alive to see it – cheerful at being arrested when a normal person would be afraid and depressed.

    “RJ definitely knows Jane loves eggs, because Jane always orders eggs. Ergo, this was the last clue Jane needed to be 100% certain that she was RJ`s girl.”

    I am sure that this is right – RJ has watched Jane enough to know eggs are one of his comfort foods. I agree that his oh, so innocent-sounding question does display his suspicion. But if I had been in Loralei’s shoes, I might have come back with, “Dude, I looked in your mini-fridge. You have restaurant leftovers that have been in there long enough to develop thriving ecosystems and you have eggs. I went with the eggs.” Or maybe if I felt like pretending not to be a smart-ass, I might have gone with “After that workout, you’re going to need some protein.”

    “Oh yes, the hand-holding in the desert! OH MY GOD, I was squealing in hyper-fangirl-mode, in so high a voice it became inaudible to human ears but made the neighbor`s dog bark.”

    Aaaand this line wins Best Line in the Comments.

  • All-I-need

    Thank you! I feel truly honored! Where can I get my medal? 😉

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain & Winsparrow,

    Words fail me about the finale for a little over a week since it ended. I have regained my optimum coherence since.

    I applaud the details explored in the review and comments, loved how each interpretation isn’t set in stone. I commented on the Red Rover review that I believed Jane’s pulling a long con. Jane must simply await for Red John “message” playing a realistic rock bottom charade.

    That scene in the bar had the Chris Isaak “Wicked” song playing, was ominous. At first I thought the song choice was cheesy, but the song beats was stuck to head. I got curious and turns out the lyrics was *dead on* to describing Lorelai and Jane’s fling!

    Probably Wainwright was hypnotised or in a trance, rather that sedated, because of his widely vacant displaced eyes. (Very much like Fryes’)

    I notice Lorelai started using the term “lover” in her setences (in regards to jane) right after she slept with him, as if blindly enamoured by Jane. Jane sees this as an advantage to cajole answer out of her, hence that kiss. I think the kiss works like a trigger or something…

    Apart from all this, I’m bothered by the John Doe suicide case of the week. Its too flimsy and suspicious to blow off one’s face on intentionally. Plus there was a red bicycle involved that one of them gangsta guys stole, then ironically got stolen from him. Soon after, a red bicycle shows up at Foxglove for Jane. It seems orchestrated.

    Who was “FBI Bill” that Darcy was calling to warrant an arrest to CBI team?

  • All-I-need

    “Plus there was a red bicycle involved that one of them gangsta guys stole, then ironically got stolen from him. Soon after, a red bicycle shows up at Foxglove for Jane. It seems orchestrated.”

    Now I might be wrong but I believe they only ever said “bike”. Maybe it was a motorbike, not a bicycle? Because I can´t really see some gangsta (if he was one) riding a bicycle, holding his sawed-off shot gun in hand, and then just shooting himself. And of course he simply was a (pretty great!) plot device.

    Jane on the bicycle was so hot, by the way! I forgot to mention that in my earlier comment. Simon Baker was hot in this episode, period. I think my favorite moment was him sitting in that brown leather chair (was that the same model as his couch at the CBI? And how come he got the best chair?!). He looked irresistible.

    Oh, and as for your question about FBI Bill: I guess not even Agent Darcy can do all the work on her own. Probably one of her guys. Maybe the mole. Who knows? We`ll never find out or he will be mentioned in Season 5. Wait and see.

  • All-I-need

    Also forgot to mention:
    Wainwright is dead, which is why his eyes seemed vacant when he was finally shown to be sitting in that car.

  • reviewbrain

    Lol!!! No words for how much I loved this comment. You are, of course correct in that it must suck to be Lisbon at the moment. But I’ve come to accept the fact that she’s apparently superwoman; capable of infinite patience and understanding. Now I would love to see her lose control at some point (i.e. Red Bade, Code Red) but if she doesn’t, writers can get away with it cause they’ve established her as a very sedated character.

    Also, we could be underestimating how in tune she and Jane are. Who knows, maybe she’ll figure the whole thing with Lorelie out. Very interested in seeing her reaction next season.
    Seriously though, love your comment. Will probably quote it on twitter even though I don’t think Lorelie looks like her *that* much 😉

  • ortforshort

    I’m badly outnumbered here. A dozen women on one side, me on the other. I don’t stand a chance. Of course, I disagree with all of you, but being right has helped me about as much in dealing with real life as it has done here.

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    Finally letting me log on with Twitter! 🙂

    Anyway, one more thing. It has come to my attention that Chizuruchibi, whose artwork and passion for the show I admire, has blocked me on twitter. I’m pretty sure I know why too, so I just want to say this:

    Firstly, I realise I have been pretty outspoken and probably a tad (too) harsh towards shippers on twitter, even a bit rude. That’s all in the past, I was stupid and hyped up (no Crimson Hat reference intended) and I apologise if I offended anyone.

    Most importantly, I am NOT anti-shipping. My view is simply that there’s a minority (none of whom are people on here or people I talk to) who watch the show JUST for the possibility of Jane and Lisbon having a relationship, and nothing else, treating it as though it’s about that and nothing else, when in fact even the most avid shipper amongst you all know this isn’t true. The same minority who verbally attacked the writers on twitter after the Jane/Erica kiss. Contrary to what some believe, I am not against shippers, people can ship who they like, it’s just that minority who bug me. That’s all. In fact, I’m open to Jane and Lisbon getting together in the future. I love their relationship and the foundation for one is certainly there, so if that happens then I’m just as happy as I will be if they remain best friends forever. I’m along for the writers ride at the end of the day, no matter what happens.

    Anyway, I just feel I had to get this out there. All in all, I love all The Mentalist fans and some of my best online friends are shippers, and most importantly – I’m not completely against it myself. I hope the aforementioned user reconsiders following me on twitter, cause it’s a shame considering were all here for the same reason – we love The Mentalist.

  • JustMe

    Bruno, are you trolling us again? 🙂

  • Connor Davey (@CJDavey)

    To both respond to you and reference the show, I aint no fine woman!

  • Nopps

    Great review, in fact, thanks for all the great reviews this season.

    Does anyone else keep coming back to the “Red John is ma” clue from season one? Part of me really feels like that was intended to be “Red John is many” but then they changed it to just a single man/woman orchestrating many. If that’s the case then I think they’ll have a problem reconciling this clue come the final reveal – if they even go back to the clue at all (given that none of the characters, or even Boscoe if I remember correctly, have ever spoken about it since).

  • JustMe

    Yes I can see him sustaining the long con but I just get the feeling that in slumber, even he can’t shut off what he truly wants. Yes I believe that it’s Lisbon but again so many barriers of their own creation and some out of their control (RJ) that its not a prudent decision to go for what they want.

    The only thing that keeps Jane human and sympathetic at this point is Lisbon. Without her showing us how human he really is and that he is capable of sensitivity and strong emotions (besides revenge) he is a caricature and no better than the thing he hunts.

    She is his confidante and who he seeks absolution from when he steps over the line but we get a glimpse at the man who still is clinging to some goodness and light. She helps him retain his humanity to the viewers and show us that there is more to him than the manipulative con man. He desires that need to be a better man and she shows him the way and gives him the basis to be that better man.

    Sorry for the ramble and not sure where I was going with it.

  • T

    Greetings all! First, loved the finale, as it was a show of ‘firsts’ the first time we see Jane get beat up (twice), the first time he actually punches someone back, the first time we see him without a vest for the whole show, the first time we see him sleep with someone, the first time he tells Lisbon the l word, the first time he’s out of the CBI etc. etc. Just a couple of comments. I don’t think he knew for sure Lorelai was with RJ until she finally told him after sleeping with him. He was fishing at the bar but in fact she gave him answers that were not what an RJ minion would say, she had a perfectly logical reason for bailing him out and most important, she was kind to him, bringing him chicken soup for his various boo-boos. And still she had to put the moves on him. Note how she recoils at the sight of the lioness catching the zebra foal. Well played – a minion would have stared in rapture. And Jane is himself very vulnerable, he’s just been beat up, tasered, arrested, and spent an uncomfortable night in jail. He’s staggering a bit in the parking lot, steadying himself against his car, and drinking liquor like water to put himself to sleep and kill the pain. She wakes him up while he’s still a bit drunk, so he doesn’t remember her full name. Perfectly understandable, and of course he’s alone so he beckons her in, still fishing, but she has her reasons. Especially her confession that she has her issues as well and may not be a great catch herself. Loved Jane waking up apparently at first confused as to why there’s a half naked woman cooking for him then realization. 12 hours of sleep, probably the first time since his wife died. He’s happy, wants to see her again and concurs they had fun, then she drops the bomb followed by the very important, you can hurt me if you want. Jane has her number right there. And the curl of the smile on his lips after she leaves, RJ made contact, 6 months not wasted. I’m still on the fence about Wainwright, he could be an RJ minion fishing Lisbon for clues, or he could have been a planned gift to Jane for the gift of Lisbon. And should I believe RJ that the rat is in the FBI? I am hoping we get an explanation of the narcotics charge. The way Jane curls his fingers under Lorelai’s chin and kisses her head, Svengali thy name is Patrick Jane. Lorelai is going to cast RJ upon the rocks. But probably not before RJ has some fun with Darcy and Jane owes him two fingers. And what will happen when Jane finds out Lisbon blew it for him. Only minor complaint, didn’t care for how Chris Long shot the scenes of Jane running through the casino and across the street. To me they could have been more exciting. As for Jane punching the cop, I don’t think he realised he was punching the cop, he was still dazed from the beating. I also have to comment on Jane in a heap, in pain and only Lisbon comes to find him and the delicate way she sits apart from him, not wanting to touch him uninvited, when Jane reaches out and allows his hand to gently touch her elbow and lets it fall cracefully into her hand. She is comfort. Very classy, well done and not at all cheesy. Go Heller!

  • JustMe

    Oh I just had some randomness run through my head:

    1. Simon Baker said that he didn’t think that Jane’s first foray into sex should be with Lisbon. Well he got his wish, so now what does he think? Where do our protagonists go from here Mr. Baker?

    2. In the spoilers for the finale we did hear that Jane hits rock bottom. What if that wasn’t wrong? What if this (sleeping with Lorelai) is the lowest that he will go to get RJ? Could we get next year where we see him building some stronger moral fiber after admitting his “Love” to Lisbon? Wanting to be that better man? That in and of itself would be fraught with turmoil and difficulties because he has never really taken that road. He has worked on the side of angels but has never been one himself. That would be interesting.

    3. I want Mashburn to come back. Now that would be an episode strewn with emotional mine fields. Wonder how Jane would react to Mashburn’s attraction to Lisbon now? How would he take Lisbon’s attraction to Mashburn? I’m salivating for an episode like that.

  • 照例要总结馒头list « Spinner's End

    […] 图省事一直蹲等reviewbrain更新——伊人脉更丰富,一季总结通常很全面。这里就补充一些歧见。主要当然是关于Jisbon和RJ这两个plot。 […]

  • kamimimi

    Same idea here!
    I can even dare to say that it’s a ‘Jane thing’. When Lorelei brought him the chicken soup, he called her too on her feelings.
    I think he was playing chicken and when Lisbon hesitated he just gave her a easy way out by saying he was hyped up. Both them chickened I think, because Jane could have just kept silent and pushed Lisbon to ‘say it out loud’ just as he did with Lorelei.

  • reviewbrain

    I actually think Jane is a much more insecure person than he lets on. He may *think* Lisbon is in love with him but he doesn’t *know*. She’s very reticent, not easily impressed and
    snarky. Which is why I think Jane particularly relishes the moments she *is* or at least *seems* affected. They’re so rare…

  • kamimimi

    YES! Totally Mashburn for Season 5.
    The interactions would be awesome I think. 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    You seem unaware of all the women who *do* agree with you on this site, even if not on the possibility of a romance. Not all fans agree on everything , and that’s fine. Its what makes these discussions so interesting 🙂

  • JustMe

    Yeah I think RJ trying to turn Jane, made him try to find a “familiar” face to entice him with, but sexed it up a bit.

    I also believe that Jane had a plan all along. Now that may sound creepy considering he slept with her but he also has buried a man alive. I mean really, should anything shock us? In for a penny, in for a pound as they say in jolly old England.

    I do hope that next year shows him trying to be the better man as now maybe being without the one thing that gave him some peace (Lisbon) will convince him that he doesn’t want to lose it again and he needs to clean up his act to keep her around, whether as a friend or maybe more.

  • SimplyN

    I believe Jane was in a long con since Red Rover when he purposefully got himself fired. He has indicated several times how far he is willing to go to get RJ and that includes having sex if necessary to hold his cover.

    A few small things not yet mentioned – his caress of his car coming back to his hotel room like a lonely man finding some small comfort from a familiar friend – I was surprised at his grabbing a cigarette until I saw what he was using it for (is it wrong to find that sexy?) – the lighting on his upturned face as he looked in the rear view mirror at RJ was almost like a religious experience for him. I noticed as we saw RJ talking in the mirror that his jaw did not move as he talked so PJ must have noticed too and realized it was not RJ. As RJ spoke about not being punished, Lorelei nodded in a way that indicated she has listened to him speak, and agreed with him, many times before like someone listening to a minister giving a sermon. Patrick looked very relaxed the morning after, eating his eggs while L got dressed – no comment here except how great his smile is!

    I only recently discovered your blog and appreciate the in depth discussion of the characters and plot developments. Thanks very much for putting in the time and effort!

  • Rothelena (@Nixenkind)

    Hehe, of course, that kiss was meant as a short way to say “romantical exchange of any kind”- I’m fine with everything, as long as they don’t pull the “brother and sister”-stuff again- nobody’s believing that, especially after the finale!
    And it’s true about the additional danger for Jane’s woman: that will stop him effectively!

  • LingeringSentiment

    I was part of the group that suspected Jane to be pulling a long con since 4×23. The way he riled up Wainwright into firing him just seemed a little too intentional. Plus, I couldn’t really see him giving up on RJ anyway. I also think he knew who Loralei was because of:
    1. The bar scene. Any normal woman would have been freaked out by Jane’s little speech. It seemed suspicious.
    2. No normal woman would have bailed Jane out like that. Bailing someone out takes quite a bit of money, and Jane had a lot of charges. Who does that on a whim because they believe someone they’ve met for 5 minutes to “be a good man?” And as mentioned by reviewbrain, how did she know where he lived? Even if she asked the bondsman, how would he know where Jane lived? Jane was living in a motel, it wasn’t really a permanent residence.
    3. If Jane was pulling a long con, still trying to get Red John, would he have risked getting a innocent woman involved in Red John’s game with him? I realize Jane can be a cold bastard, but that seems like a bit much. A friend pointed out to me that if Jane really thought she was innocent and still pursued something with her, then he might as well have been using her as bait. Very scary thought.
    4. It’s what I want to believe. The alternative would put me back into angry shipper mode 😛

    Thanks to the spoilers, I watched this episode with a blanket and a death grip/hug on two plushies. I also made sure not to eat anything beforehand, worried about throwing it back up while watching. I was pleasantly surprised. The writers were right, my head did explode (but mostly in a good way). And now, about the “love you.” It barely registered at first, for I was much too distracted by the gun being fired in the direction of my favorite character. Once I was sure my precious Lisbon was safe I immediately said to my mom, “That I love you thing will probably never be mentioned again. If it is, it will be in a platonic way. They’re playing with us shippers again.” Immediately after that, Lisbon brings it back up and Jane deflects. That shut me up for the rest of the episode. The Crimson Hat was great. I’m not even really sure of everything I saw, and I’m left with so many questions. Is Lisbon now in serious danger from RJ? Was Wainwright innocent after all or just another RJ follower who became a liability? Who was/is the mole? Is Jane going to be in the dog house with the team next season? Will there still be a romance with Jane and Loralei? How will Lisbon react to any of this? Yep, this summer hiatus will be a long one.

  • windsparrow

    ortforshort, you are wise enough that you surely do not need to hear this, but just in case there are guys who have not yet figured it out, I offer the following public service announcement:

    Dear Male Persons Who Might Like a Bit of Insider Advice on Understanding Female Persons Thereby Avoiding Violence upon Your Tender Bits:

    That thing with the caressing down a woman’s arm to take her hand in yours: That invokes FEELINGS in the woman. The feelings that it invokes are not PLATONIC ones. No matter how factually correct you may or may not be that there is zero romantic denotation in saying “Love you” then within twenty-four hours doing that caress/hand-holding thing – the connotation is, in point of fact, very heavy on the hearts and flowers. So unless you want the woman in question to have the non-platonic, romantic, hearts-and-flowers feelings, do NOT do it. She will HURT you when she finds out you were jerking her around, and a jury of her peers will not convict. And don’t even try the “well, how was I supposed to know” defense. Pretending to be ignorant and incompetent will not get you excused; however, it may get chocolate X-Lax chips baked into the next batch of cookies she makes.

    Wishing you success in your future relationships,
    Aunt Windi

  • windsparrow

    “I want Mashburn to come back. Now that would be an episode strewn with emotional mine fields. Wonder how Jane would react to Mashburn’s attraction to Lisbon now? How would he take Lisbon’s attraction to Mashburn? I’m salivating for an episode like that.”

    As important as Jane’s reactions would be – Mashburn reacting to the vibes going on between Lisbon and Jane would be priceless. Not very many people manage to out-maneuver Jane, yet Mashburn did so quite handily in his hotel room, blocking Jane from indulging his curiosity to find out who was there with the billionaire. The way Jane has sometimes asserted social dominance around other men when Lisbon is present, and oh, so subtly positions himself to control access to her – well, Mashburn and Jane will dance a lovely ballet, won’t they?

  • windsparrow

    “Sorry for the ramble and not sure where I was going with it.”

    Don’t apologize – the ramble was grand. I am still not really sure what was going through Jane’s head when he woke up to Loralei making him breakfast, but I adore the way you describe what there is and what there should be between Lisbon and Jane. ‘Ship Manifesto, indeed.

  • windsparrow

    “And should I believe RJ that the rat is in the FBI?”

    I wonder that too. Red John’s version of truth is more like “what he wants you to believe” than what is factual. If he is telling the truth, it is to display his power ranging far and wide, and confidence that even giving that hint away, Jane and the SCU will not be able to stop him. If he is lying, well, no surprise there – it is perfectly natural to misdirect his opponents.

    “I am hoping we get an explanation of the narcotics charge.”

    I rather wonder if Jane was merely keeping a little something-something on him in case he needed to get himself arrested for something more than drunk and disorderly. We don’t know for sure that he was using, do we?

  • rhostog

    XD Please can we make this a regular feature: Aunt Windi’s relationship advice for the romantically confused? Suggestion for Part 2: how not to get your nose broken by the object of your affection…

  • zee

    ” Now I might be wrong but I believe they only ever said “bike”. Maybe it was a motorbike, not a bicycle? Because I can´t really see some gangsta (if he was one) riding a bicycle, holding his sawed-off shot gun in hand, and then just shooting himself. And of course he simply was a (pretty great!) plot device.”

    Hah! That was amusing to picture!

    But I’m absolutely sure the Latin gangsta-man Bean saw, said there was a bicycle next to the John Doe and sawed-off shot gun. Get this, it was the same model as CBI’s shot guns. Van Pelt said Sac PD found the ejected cartridges to be the same.

    Might be a conspiracy or coincidence…smells like the former to me.

    Also, I noticed Rigsby must have made Cho exhausted from his Baby Ben gushings. Cho had a brusque “Yeah” when Rigsby was sharing a cute story.

  • JustMe

    Yes that would be great. I bet old Mashburn would love to bait Jane a bit too. You know Mashburn didn’t get to be a self made man without being able to read people’s tells and no matter how good Jane is, he can be pushed to tip his hand.

  • JustMe

    *SNORT* That was gre3at Autie! We need more advice for the romantically impaired! Actually T shirt logos would be great!

  • All-I-need

    I second that! A regular feature would be hilariously amazing. Or amazingly hilarious. Or both.

    Your post cracked me up, Aunt Windi! Brilliant, really!

  • windsparrow

    Oh, dear. What have I gotten myself into?

  • windsparrow

    I can’t remember anyone ever suggesting making a T-Shirt logo of my material before. Wow.

  • windsparrow

    “I only recently discovered your blog and appreciate the in depth discussion of the characters and plot developments. Thanks very much for putting in the time and effort!”

    Reviewbrain not only writes these excellent reviews, but she has created a space for the most intelligent, in-depth discussion of The Mentalist that I have found. It really is a special place.

  • windsparrow

    “I immediately said to my mom, “That I love you thing will probably never be mentioned again. If it is, it will be in a platonic way. They’re playing with us shippers again.” Immediately after that, Lisbon brings it back up and Jane deflects. That shut me up for the rest of the episode.”

    Don’t you love having your worst fears proven wrong? This episode was so surprising in so many ways and most of them good ways.

  • ortforshort

    I’m on the wrong blog here. It’s for women who read romance novels. There’s a lot more to this show than Jane finally getting beaten down and succumbing to ending up with Lisbon.
    The romance premise is absurd, anyway. He’s been there for nine years. Even if his dead wife were Salma Hayak, he would have gotten over her and moved on by now.
    If Jane ever wakes up after his funk, Lisbon isn’t the one he would go after. She’s mildly attractive, too masculine and is very pedantic. Jane would want a lot more than that – if he woke up.
    And, what if Lisbon’s persistence finally landed Jane? Would they live happily ever after? Hardly. If Jane remained in his post-wife funk, she would have a shell of what she should have and, if he woke up, she’s not enough for him. Either way, hardly a happy ending.
    Stick to the romance novels, girls. They can’t be as bleak as this for the heroine.

  • violet

    Ouch ! You take mere jokes based on different point of view far too seriously, Ortforshort.
    First, there aren’t only girls who want them to end together… and there are girls who don’t really care.
    Second, Jane isn’t over his wife because he feels guilty: if he hadn’t felt responsible for her death, things would be quite different. If she had died in an accident, for example, he would have gotten over it and would have probably found another companion for him and his daughter. Although Angela was certainly a great person, it isn’t the loss of her love that grieves Jane the most, I think. It’s how it happened.
    Last: do you realize this “bleak” Lisbon is the second favorite character on this show? Her character is especially endearing and she was found pretty enough to make credible that she could catch the attention of a playboy millionaire. Not only that, Jane himself found her attractive enough to check her out more than once. Nevermind, if you don’t like her (and it’s your right), you may just begin a new ship with truly feminine and sexy characters, like Grace or even Erica, that Tamarra in her red dress or Lorelei… The only thing is that you might feel a little lonely doing so…

    Seriously, you’re right, there are far more in this story than the romance or not romance between the two main characters. Don’t you think it’s still worth discussing those other aspects with us girly girls?

  • SimplyN

    Don’t dismiss our opinions by calling other commenters “girls” just a I wouldn’t belittle you by calling you “boy”. Different people watch the show for different reasons and you are free to add to the discussion whatever is your area of interest. While I disagree with your physical description of Lisbon, Jane is man enough to look beyond the shallow characteristics of a person to who she really is – a loyal, trustworthy, moral person.

  • All-I-need

    The real questions is: Do you want to get out of it?

  • All-I-need

    “Reviewbrain not only writes these excellent reviews, but she has created a space for the most intelligent, in-depth discussion of The Mentalist that I have found. It really is a special place.”

    AGREED! And I have never found such a space full of intelligent in-depth discussion for any other show I`m watching, either! This place is truly unique and I`m glad I found it.

  • flickster77

    Hi !!! What an AWESOME review !!! You two (Reviewbrain) and (Windsparrow) wrote a super review. I loved watching the Episode and I really enjoyed reading this review and I am sure I will read it again as it will probably serve as a reference point. I would like to thank you for answering my questions.Hi !!! What an AWESOME review !!! You two (Reviewbrain) and (Windsparrow) wrote a super review. I loved watching the Episode and I really enjoyed reading this review and I am sure I will read it again as it will probably serve as a reference point. I would like to thank you for answering my questions.

    I had a some comments that i would like to make for now.

    I loved the scene in the church and it did seem almost prearranged but we do not know when this preplanning would have occured.

    Regarding the night after Jane had with Lorelei. The smile that Jane has on his face after he throws her out, causes me to slightly suspect that perhaps Jane had a slight idea of who Loralei was.

    I agree that when he kissed Loralei on the head it kind of indicated that he has her under his control or Jane is showing his reassurance that he can get her to talk.

    I liked that paragraph that (Windsparrow) wrote
    (((sweet, small moments that show the genuine affection he has for her. I keep replaying in my mind’s eye Jane reaching for Lisbon, running his hand down her arm then holding her hand. It’s such a beautiful gesture.))
    that was a great scene !!!!

    I had a some comments that i would like to make for now.

    I loved the scene in the church and it did seem almost prearranged but we do not know when this preplanning would have occured.

    Regarding the night after Jane had with Lorelei. The smile that Jane has on his face after he throws her out, causes me to slightly suspect that perhaps Jane had a slight idea of who Loralei was.

    I agree that when he kissed Loralei on the head it kind of indicated that he has her under his control or Jane is showing his reassurance that he can get her to talk.

    I liked that paragraph that (Windsparrow) wrote
    (((sweet, small moments that show the genuine affection he has for her. I keep replaying in my mind’s eye Jane reaching for Lisbon, running his hand down her arm then holding her hand. It’s such a beautiful gesture.))
    that was a great scene !!!!


  • kamimimi

    Hi there guys! Great review Reviewbrain and Windsparrow  I’m mad with myself because I stalked your twitter since the episode aired and when I gave up, you made the review and I missed it. I’m going for a long comment so bare with me. (And I’m not even organized)

    I love the song that was playing in the background at the first scene! It fit perfectly with everything, the fling and the long con. (The name is Wicked Game if someone doesn’t know and wants to find in youtube) When I first watched the scene I found it very ‘natural’ for Jane to talk about murdering someone to a stranger. Jane knowing someone’s name doesn’t mean anything for me, I don’t remember him forgetting anyone’s name before (Correct me if I’m wrong). I’m in the team that believes he suspected but wasn’t one hundred percent sure that Lorelei was a RJ’s minion. The bail and the eggs were veeeeeery suspicious, but I quote Jane and Reviewbrain: “He saw what he wanted to see”. After Lisbon didn’t bail him out he must have been very lonely. (Someone mentioned the car thing, and I agree and add the whole scene of him leaving the bus, it broke my heart). And guys, come on, that ‘chicken soup’ scene was so freaking cute. I’m a hardcore shipper and I just loved Lorelei those tiny seconds. So, the ‘he knew or not’, doesn’t make a difference because he would have slept with her either way. He needed to show for everyone that he gave up and not having sex with a beautiful, charming, caring and sexy as hell, girl that bailed him out were not going to stand.
    I missed someone talking about Lorelei feelings. A friend of mine pointed out that maybe, just maybe, Lorelei likes Jane. “Likes” in a RJ “likes”. Forgetting the final scene where she acted like a psychopath she said a strangled “I’m sorry” before cutting his fingers. And she sounded genuinely concerned with Jane when she presented the RJ proposition. And proposing that Jane murdered Lisbon and cutting his ring finger was an act of jealousy. I think Jane and RJ are much alike. They are charismatic in a fascinating way, they are extremely smart and they know how to manipulate everyone around them. Not even mentioning that everyone that is RJ minion should create or jealousy or admiration for Jane, because THE RJ himself does it. Jane is not a pawn, he is the (pardon me) queen. That said, maybe Jane can use this to bring Lorelei to his side, turn her, not heal her. And for that I think they would probably have a romantic relationship along the way or something almost there. Or after he turns her, don’t thought too much about it.

    As for Jane and Lisbon interaction. The church scene was incredible, made me cry and angry the same time. I think Jane was an ass. A truly ass all this time. He worries her during six months and he shows up because he need her assistance in a plan. Quoting Lisbon: Son of a bitch. And Lisbon passiveness irks me. I’m not a feminine or something but I think that this all forgiving, always waiting figure of a woman is not healthy. I know love conquers all but everyone should have a little of self-respect. Jane has a lot of baggage but I don’t see him trying to change FOR her while she is bending her rules and morals for him. It’s not right anymore, for me it surpass a healthy love concept. That’s why I stated above that I want Mashburn to season 5. Or another love interest for Lisbon, because she is an incredible woman and she shouldn’t be in the bench waiting for Jane all this time. Pet peeves aside, Simon’s act when Lisbon started ranting was priceless I laughed a lot. And congrats for Windisparrow for pointing out the ‘crawl on his knees thing’. When I watched the episode I was like: “Hey, he couldn’t have done it. There are those things that we use to kneel at the churches. You liar!”. I need to say that I thought they arranged the church meeting too when I first saw the episode. Lisbon probably goes to the church, but as Reviewbrain said: they fell into routine and banter so easily that it sounded surreal. It’s kind of cute and adorable if they didn’t arrange that.
    The L word just sank to me when Lisbon asked Jane about it. I’m still not counting that for something ‘meaningful’. It sounded like when you hang up the phone with a BFF or your boyfriend and you just say because its automatic. Saying this I remember Windsparrow’s theory of the married couple! 😀
    Jane saying that he didn’t remember saying the L word was a chicken game for me. He wanted to see if Lisbon had the guts to say it out loud and when she hesitated he freaked out too, giving her the easy way out by changing the tone of the conversation. Could it be too Lisbon really trying to figure it out, because I didn’t understand his intonation either (Maybe because I missed the ‘I’ and it’s not my language). However, they’re not ready for this conversation. If they had this now they would probably not even date for the rest of their lives. Because Jane has RJ and Lisbon has her Rules and they can’t coexist in a relationship.
    The holding hand’s scene was perfect. The ‘never better’ was very telling and lovely done by Baker. Like Jane finally understood that she is a good thing in his life, not a distraction or a weak spot. Someone found a parallel between this scene and the Dust in The Wind/Crimson Hat promo?

    Good lord, I wrote too much. Just some things and I’m done, promise
    • Darcy: She was too badass this episode. When she walked to talk with Lisbon and the team I could imagine her with a cowboy hat, preparing for a duel in Old West :P. And her shooting was meaningless I think. She was pretty shocked when she found out Wainwright.
    • Limoscene: Jane knew it wasn’t RJ. Because he saw that was someone restricted or the voice was too synthetic or because he thought that RJ wouldn’t appear even if his plan wasn’t discovered. I personally think that RJ wouldn’t appear at all. Wainwright was a gift, for the gift exchange. As for Why Wainwright, he was the one who fired Jane or killing him was asserting power. I don’t think he was a mole. FBI is more likely to have the mole. Don’t need to be someone from Darcy’s team. Everyone that worked tracking the team location, or doing the prison warrants could be. Or Darcy’s phone was bugged. Or Wainwright. Too many possibilities.
    • Crimson Hat: I’m curious about the episode’s name. Ashley Gable said something about the name of the casino, but it wasn’t Crimson Hat. I think its for “Pulling one of the hat/ Pulling a rabbit of the hat/Taking my hat for you (It’s a phrase that we use in Brazil for when someone does something extraordinary). Ideas?

    That’s it. Sorry for the long post. 😦 I just needed to talk about it, and here it’s just the best place and the best people 
    Great review *-*

  • windsparrow

    You know, I do wonder about “Red John is mar….” if they are going to leave lying there or pick it back up somehow. Having a wide network of underlings does not exclude the possibility that the elite members could be specially selected to be one of the Red Johns. We could be looking at a “Dread Pirate” scenario where the crew may come and go, but the special one gets trained to take over the name and the role.

  • windsparrow

    Hey there Flickster! Great comments, and thank you!

  • windsparrow

    Excellent comments! The “love you” that comes automatically – the Man and I do that. I am having a hard time imagining Lisbon wants to hear those words from Jane again that she will be repeating the shooting at her part of the riitual. ::snirk::

  • JustMe

    I hope this works. Darn computers!

    I was just going to say Kamimimi that I don’t think that Lisbon is consciously waiting on Jane. It has more to do with the fact that he has taken over so much of her life, that she doesn’t see how he’s become the center of it if that makes sense.

    As far as Lisbon changing for Jane, I think that it is a parallel to what RJ does with his followers. If a woman as strong and moral as Lisbon can be corrupted, then it wouldn’t be such a hard thing to believe that less strong people would fall under the spell of a similar charismatic person. Maybe because we are being pulled under with Lisbon, it doesn’t seem so odd but he has that influence over her to sway her, much like RJ does to his followers.

    I do hope she gets a significant other next year that is a strong and a credible love interest. One that will take her attention from Jane so he can see that he is not the sun in her universe and he should step up his game as a friend or whatever else he wants to be to her and treat her as the treasure she is.

    I hope this makes sense. darn computer deleted my last post…ARGH!

  • rita

    • Crimson Hat: I’m curious about the episode’s name. Ashley Gable said something about the name of the casino, but it wasn’t Crimson Hat. I think its for “Pulling one of the hat/ Pulling a rabbit of the hat/Taking my hat for you (It’s a phrase that we use in Brazil for when someone does something extraordinary). Ideas?

    I think that when Jane lights the cigarette in the opening scene, the matches that he uses are in a book with the name crimson hat on it….don’t ask how I know this…..I am sad!!

  • kamimimi

    I can see how you’re right. It settles with how I assume RJ works.
    And it makes everything worse! She doesn’t even realize it the poor thing 😦 But she must have some ‘suspicious’ because Bret Stiles and the D.A.(Don’t remember the name) called her up on it already. Now that the team probably isn’t in Jane’s sphere of influence anymore (I think they can’t be mad at him totally, but still, Heller could work with their relationship being a little rustled by his long con) they will call her and maybe she will do something about it. I hope so 😀 And I really want a new (or old) guy!

    Everything made sense, btw 🙂

  • kamimimi

    I didn’t find it, Rita. There isn’t a book on the table. o.O

  • Ronna

    I think some are seeing a completely different series. But in the words of Robin Tunney, “I think Jane is the best thing that has happened in the life of Libon.” Therefore, Jane is certainly the sun. And I completely agree with the vision of Tunney or at least that’s what she as an actress on screen passes or attempts to transmit. This does not mean that a possible relationship, as there are many types of relationships, is the center of the series. The center of the series is the resolution of criminal cases in a manner atypical of a Mentalist. And the underlying theme the search for RJ.

  • rita

    I thought the book of matches that is in the ashtray had the name on….and that I had seen a close up picture of it somewhere, but I can’t find it now…..or of course I may be dreaming…..I have looked at the screencaps of the scene, and can’t see it now….I may have to watch the episode again…..siiiggghh, research!!

  • violet

    “Simon Baker said that he didn’t think that Jane’s first foray into sex should be with Lisbon. Well he got his wish, so now what does he think? Where do our protagonists go from here Mr. Baker?”

    I wonder: Lorelei counts indeed as a “first foray into sex”… But should she be counted as a rebound? I mean, Jane may or not have been sincere in beginning a relationship with her, theirs could hardly count as a real, honnest, contructive relationship either way… Wouldn’t he become even more cautious and messed up with women? And he tends to prove really bad taste for all his “first times” until now: first date? a (probably) fake psychic he could hardly spend an hour with without arguing and who had admitted to having had an affair with her trusting client’s gigolo. First kiss? a cold-blooded murderer who didn’t hesitate to shoot her husband and use her lover as an alibi. First lover? Lorelei was about to cut off his fingers (and I just realise the symbolical castration one might see behind that… Ouch…). All those women seem to have a problem with a trusting/ normal relationship and things only get worse… Has the guy reaaaaaaally bad luck or does he chose women he can sense things wouldn’t work out with?

  • violet

    Mhm, I get your point, but I’m not so sure. The main focus is Jane and is path towards redemption/revenge/happiness or whatever. The name of the show is “the Mentalist”, not “CSI” or in our case “CBI”, meaning that our primal interest is the main character The criminal cases, enjoyable as they are, are just a mean to make him go forward and to get to know him better; they moreover help identifying the show as a cop story (or a consultant story…). Now, you’re right, this is in no way a romance centered story. But, then, if our main character’s life is the focal point, there might be in it romance, like pain, frienship and many other things, which may make the romance-lovers a little more justifiable… Just saying. 🙂

  • violet

    And I hope no one wil take bad this last comment of mine. I mean no offense! Just saying (again)! 😉

  • reviewbrain

    I just want to point out that 99.9% of the readers here think, unlike myself, that Jane *was* entirely pulling a long con. I’m still sticking to my opinion just like you everyone has a right to theirs. No need for us all to gang up on one another. But O, please keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s dog can be another man’s dream (not that Lisbon is in any way). I’ve known people who’ve traded what other’s perceive as “down” based on personality alone. That’s not to say that Jane and Lisbon belong together but the possibility is there at least as much as it is for any male and female.

    It’s a matter of opinion really and I don’t see any way the discussion can go further without people getting insulted. As I love everyone here can we agree to disagree and just drop the matter, please?

    Now CJDavey brought up a lot of interesting points regarding Wainright and Darcy. What did you all think of those?

  • reviewbrain

    Gasp! Someone else actually agrees with me about Jane not knowing who Lorelie was..

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you for your kind words and insightful comments. I’d meant to comment on Lorelie’s disciple attitude but forgot and actually hadn’t noticed Jane and his car so thanks for pointing that out. Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    To be fair, not everyone follows up on actor’s interviews and has that inside knowledge. Thanks for sharing. Also, welcome to the blog 🙂

  • kamimimi

    I get your point and Violet too, but for me you can’t separate the romance plot and the criminal investigation. The story needs something to stand out and just RJ doesn’t do the trick. In this case, Jane being a Mentalist is the thing that attracts the crowd, but if I wanted to see just a guy with a incredible brain I could just see Sherlock instead.
    The relationships in the series, not just the romantic ones, (for me) are the plot devices that keeps the show running.
    As for Jane and Lisbon romantic relationship, I tried to say that if Lisbon is really in love with Jane, if that is a fact, she is in big trouble.
    And I think that, in life or any other reality, nobody should be anybody’s sun. Jane indeed bring some joy to Lisbon’s life, but if she expects more of him, that isn’t healthy for her. But if Tunney stated this, and that’s what the series is trying to transmit, than I can’t do much about it, just be grumpy. 🙂

    (Taking Violet’s lead, I don’t mean to offend anyone with my comments. I like to hear other points of view and I like to defend mine’s. Just that. :D)

  • windsparrow

    Zee, I am having trouble getting to reply directly to yor comments, but I wanted to say thank you.

    I had not thought about their MOTW (murder of the week, or if in a sci fi show, monster of the week). but you ae right, it does seem awfully convenient for this body to just turn up when it will be needed. I had similar thoughts way back in Blinking Red Light, when that father killed himself just in time for Jane to frame him for killing Panser. So the question is, are we getting paranoid, seeing Red John conspiracies behind every suicide? Or are we on to something? I do not know.

  • windsparrow

    Huh. Ok it did post as a reply… Good.

  • ortforshort

    I’m going to beat a dead horse a little here. Altho’ one of the big reasons that we all love this show is the relationships between a lot of terrifically written and played characters, my feeling was, and is, that there’s a lot of interesting stuff here that seems to be taking a back seat to the one central relationship of the show. And, it is only opinion. Only the writers know what their intentions are and, I’m sure, those intentions are just sketched out and are subject to lots of changes as time goes on. Yet, the characters are so well done that you feel that you know them and can predict what they’ll do in whatever situation moving forward – so maybe there isn’t as much leeway as you’d think.
    Anyway, just like the X-Files, which I loved, with the alien thing, I find the Red John subplot really interesting. Altho’ it’s obviously only speculation, I would think that there have to be some very high ups in law enforcement involved with Red John in order for RJ’s minions to have made the inroads they’ve made. And, also, the fact that RJ is always at least one step, usually more, ahead of Jane. And Jane is a brilliant guy! The thing that I don’t understand is why they don’t have Jane pursuing that line of thinking. It seems obvious to me. Anyway, I think it’s frustration that I’m not seeing more here on this intriguing subplot than the Jane-Lisbon romance that has me a bit frustrated and going off the rails at times.

  • violet

    Ronna wrote: “But in the words of Robin Tunney, “I think Jane is the best thing that has happened in the life of Libon.” Therefore, Jane is certainly the sun.”

    After thinking more about it, I think it’s true. Because Lisbon is not a happy person: she’s too focused on her job and her job only, she doesn’t form any serious relationship. In other words she doesn’t have any private life. In a way, Jane has brought a new perspective on her life, since now she can focus in something other than her job routine, even though this new focus is directed at Jane’s problems and may very well endanger her career and her life. Same with the fact that she didn’t do personal. Now, she can interact more deeply with people (consider that the team followed almost blindly Jane before, as Stiles pointed out. Now, they tell him outright that they do it for Lisbon. They care about her, it has become personal indeed.)
    Some time ago, he has told her that going out with Mashburn will give her a little of empty glamour and that would do her some good. There may be the same kind of thing with him: he has brought a bit of adventure and often some fun in her everyday life, while at the same time, in letting her trying to help him, he has given her a new battlefield for the savior she tends to be.

    I’m also not sure that she “expects more of him”: she’s proven that she’s no romantic with Walter. Whatever may or not happen with Jane, this friendship, this closeness were certainly not expected by her. It just happened, almost in spite of herself in my humble opinion.
    And for the record, I think that at the church, she asked him how he could expect her not to help him because it was a RJ plan. He just poped out of nowhere with the assurance that RJ may have fallen in his trap and, for the first time in history, has contacted him in a friendly way (without a murder). Come on, it was almost her job to follow this new lead! And she needed to protect him, he was in danger.

    (hope this messy comment makes some sense. I apologie if it doesn’t…)

  • violet

    I second you on that, some high ups are definitely involved. I can’t help but think about Bertram for example; the fact that he seemed to have been cleared out in last finale doesn’t mean that he’s innocent. He could have fooled Jane and let his accomplice take the risks with the field part. I don’t know if that because he’s in fact the only high up we meet regularly, but the guy just screams suspicious!
    Either way, I really hope next season will show more progress in this part of the investigation. I mean, they can’t keep dropping some serious leads without losing crediblity: for instance Stile’s mysterious knowledge and interest on the case, both about RJ and the team; Craig’s private life that could have giving a little more insight after his death, … Time to get them back on track again! 🙂

  • violet

    I agree with you both about Jane understanding that RJ was not physically present in the back of the limo. It makes sense indeed: he would have at the very least gone and see who was in the car after the shooting if he had been fooled, instead of staying with Lisbon. He might have been in shock after the beating and the let’s-cut-his-fingers-out incident, but he would have indeed tried to follow them or, at least, curiosity would have gotten him to move at the end.

    Now about Baker’s voice, I admit the whole thing makes me a little uneasy. It really seemed to be his and at the same time, I can’t imagine him being RJ indeed nor faking a dialogue with himself. That’s out of the question, you’re right. The only explanation I can find then is Heller messing with our minds again…

  • JustMe

    Actually I don’t think it did as well as I would have liked. I’m not saying Lisbon is brainwashed to blindly follow but he has certainly had a huge influence in how she does business. She is more “flexible” in her modus operandi and that has to do with Jane. I think she is aware of it but she just doesn’t mind. At first, it was the closure rate, but we all know its well past that now.

    I also think that he has taken over her life to an extent because that is who he is. She has always had something to take care of (father, brothers, job, team) and now she has this person who she feels the need to take care of because he’s probably more broken than she is but she doesn’t mind. She’s a mother hen.

    Now along the way it has become almost a proxy work marriage for both so I can see how she felt abandoned and upset, not knowing that he thought he was doing what he was doing for the greater good. He was supposed to be her partner and trust her, and he didn’t but it doesn’t mean that what she felt (whatever you want to call it, I prefer romantically leaning friendship) vanished.

    Now she has had an effect on him too. It’s not just Jane affecting her and that is proven by his always opening up to her seeking her forgiveness and understanding and acceptance. He doesn’t try to be persuasive in a bad way with Lisbon but he is naturally charismatic and it works out that way to some degree but he wants her to keep him a bit in line too.

    NOw without LIsbon, he would become the thing that he hunts but she is grounding to him and keeps his humanity to the front. He brings out her fun and impulsive side which she has always needed. I think LIsbon has been more aware of her need for him this past season but after the finale, I think Jane is beginning to realize his need for her and how deep that goes.

  • windsparrow

    What a lovely summary of the give a d take between Lisbon and Jane. It makes a person (ok, me) feel sane again.

  • kamimimi

    I triple that!
    But I can see why Jane wouldn’t pursue this openly for the audience. Because it’s too surreal I think. It’s like you create a big conspiration, as it was for X-Files (I loved that show, btw) and you need to give a great explanation for it. Not that the show can’t create a great explanation, but it’s too risky. Like Lost, Abrams created a huge thing and a lot of people that I know and watched Lost weren’t satisfied with the final.
    That and you can’t imagine a big big thing if you’re not sure you will stand for the next season. Any producer would lost his crediability with a bad season finale because he couldn’t wrap up the background.

    As for RJ, I think there’s a parallel with Visualize, even the Visualize itself have a RJ’s organization inside. Blind followers that lost sense of the ‘self’ pop too much around California.

  • windsparrow

    Keeping discussion focused on the show is an excellent idea.

    I have long wondered just how big Red John’s network is. Does he have a half-dozen disciples at a time, carefully recruiting and training new ones to fill roles as he anticipates his schemes? Or is it more like 20-50 people strategically placed and ready to deploy as the occasion arises? Sometimes I think it is smaller, sometimes I think bigger, and sometimes I think it may be on an order of magnitude we have yet to guess.

  • Sid

    I’ve been waiting for the review because I have some comments. Here are three I remember:

    1)I have no idea why Jane would return to being a con man. It never seemed like he really enjoyed scamming people. He was brought up doing it, but he felt guilty. If he needed money and didn’t want to do honest work, he could’ve just taken casinos for a lot of money until they all kicked him out. That would’ve lasted him for a while.

    2)Why was Darcy shooting up the car? It looked like she was aiming to kill, not merely disable the vehicle.

    3)It was pretty obvious that Red John was never going to be in the car. Even if he bought Jane’s story, which he didn’t, he wasn’t going to endanger himself by actually showing up in the car. When they didn’t show him (just played his voice), I knew he was speaking from some kind of device. The twist was Wainwright.

    4)I wonder if they’re going to kill off Lorelei like they did with all the other RJ accomplices who were caught.

  • Sid

    there’s more I wanted to say but I may have to rewatch the episode to refresh my memory.

    thanks for the recap. I actually bought Lorelei fooling Jane. I felt his reactions were genuine. Maybe some of it was frustration with Lisbon, who has cast him aside several times. We had this once before, when Jane left, and Lisbon isn’t interested in helping him even when the team is.

    One other question I had when watching the episode was what was going on between Darcy and Wainwright?

  • windsparrow

    “1)I have no idea why Jane would return to being a con man. It never seemed like he really enjoyed scamming people. He was brought up doing it, but he felt guilty. If he needed money and didn’t want to do honest work, he could’ve just taken casinos for a lot of money until they all kicked him out. That would’ve lasted him for a while.”

    To show Red John how he had decayed, Jane would have wanted to present the lower power position. Taking the casinos for enough to live for a long time shows a stronger level of ability and personal strength. For Jane to go back to the psychic con represents more degradation. Also, the one client we are aware of apparently a mobster, given that he has a goon to mess people up for him. So maybe Jane was careful to select marks not only for maximum risk to himself but also for minimum risk to ordinary people.

  • rhostog

    “Why does Wainright want to bring Jane back just at the time when Red John thinks he’s finally getting to Jane?” This made me suspicious too, but it could just be that he’d heard about Jane’s arrest? I think the idea of condescending to help out a humiliated Jane would have appealed to Wainwright (but as I’ve admitted before, I took a dislike to him so maybe not being fair…)

    I do hope Darcy doesn’t turn out to be a/the mole – I didn’t like her at first but she has grown on me – even though she interfered here, she was (at least apparently) doing her job very professionally. She’s an interesting character and I hope she’s back in the next season.

  • zee

    No worries, it’s my pleasure 😉

    Sometimes, I think we should have Red John clues and evidence mapped out right from Season’s Pilot.
    (Imagine physically mapping it out in your own room’ walls…psychotherapy will not suffice)

  • zee

    “I think there’s a parallel with Visualize, even the Visualize itself have a RJ’s organization inside….”

    It seems the show is slowly heading to surreal big conspiration, am I right? I do hope the creators tread on this wisely.

    If RJ networks is huge as it seems to be, I think it’s a feat that he could get that many followers to devote their lives revolving around Patrick Jane…

    P/S: As for Lost, it was good for viewers who enjoys the relationship background (I found out *thats* the real theme of the show), upsetting for the Sci-Fi ones (like me). Glad to see a fellow X-files fan 🙂

  • violet

    Kamimimi wrote: “Darcy: She was too badass this episode. When she walked to talk with Lisbon and the team I could imagine her with a cowboy hat, preparing for a duel in Old West . And her shooting was meaningless I think. She was pretty shocked when she found out Wainwright.
    • Limoscene: […] As for Why Wainwright, he was the one who fired Jane or killing him was asserting power. I don’t think he was a mole. FBI is more likely to have the mole. Don’t need to be someone from Darcy’s team. Everyone that worked tracking the team location, or doing the prison warrants could be. Or Darcy’s phone was bugged. Or Wainwright. Too many possibilities.”

    For all it’s worth, I don’t think either that Darcy or Luther were moles working for RJ. Luther, because he’ was kidnapped, tied and killed, obviously, but also because of his personality. The other moles we got to see so far faked being very nice and helpful people. Craig was the –almost- perfect fiancé, Rebecca a sweet coworker, Todd let his girlfriend’s alcoholic and disabled uncle stay with them and got along well with the poor man. Even Hardy seemed rather well-noted as a sheriff. Luther just doesn’t fit: ok, the poor guy was a goody-two-shoes seeking approbation, from Jane, probably from his boss and even from that former football star he was hoping to get an autograph from. But he was hopelessly clumsy in doing so. Honestly, if he was under RJ’s orders, he would have tried to befriend Jane (like Todd) or simply stayed out of his sight to avoid our paranoid consultant’s suspicion (like… errr, every other mole so far it seems). He wouldn’t have lashed out on him after having been used (‘Ring Around the Rosie’) or when Jane provoked him: his “faith” in his guru would have given him more coldness and peace of mind.

    As for Darcy, I found it was normal too that she fired on the car: they had all reasons to suspect that at least one in that limo was armed and those fugitives had just attacked Jane. Even if RJ hadn’t been involved, the FBI was arresting dangerous criminal who were restraining someone to cut his fingers off. The criminals were running away, they shot. And there’s no doubt that the perspective to add the arrest of a famous serial killer to their career can explain that they overdid it… Moreover, if she was in touch with RJ she wouldn’t have needed to inform the FBI and get her team with her: it would have been simpler to make believe Lisbon and Rigsby were dead and let RJ’s minions set a trap and kill them all. The loss of his only friends because of one of his own schemes would have been a far greater punishment for Jane’s insolence than to mutilate him…

  • ortforshort

    Thanks for the RJ conspiracy comments. I needed that! And, they’re all very insightful. Nice. The parallels with Lost and X-Files are not “lost” on me. I just hope the Mentalist writers do a better job with the ending. Lost and X-Files strung me along, enjoyably, for years as I tried to figure out how they would end. Neither ending was very satisfying. Particularly Lost, which was downright criminally awful. And, I agree, that I don’t think we need some huge conspiracy here. Just a slick dude (the real Mentalist of the show) high up, who is close to Stiles would do it for me. And, I agree, Bertram’s the only higher up we’ve really seen so far. And he did recite the poem. His trick would be to be a lot more capable than he looks.

  • Sid

    Darcy did not come off to me as being very professional towards the end of the season.

  • violet

    Actually, she reminded me a little of Hightower: two strong-willed women determined to promote their careers in forcing their views on situations. For both, controlling Jane had become a mean to that end, for Madeline by trying to put a leash on him (threatening Lisbon), for Susan, by unmasking the shady liar she suspected he was. Same with their cow-boy like methods while on the field: badass Darcy arrests the team and nonchalantly tells Lisbon and Rigby “well, well, well, you’re supposed to be dead”; she then shoots on the limo, while Hightower shot in the head the man who had taken Jane hostage before calmly telling her frightened consultant “I was aiming for his leg”. Same witty cold humour, same fast manner to resolve problems with their guns. The similarities go as far as both action scenes ending with Jane half-lying on the dusty floor and shocked by a the danger he was just saved from by our badass cops. Now, Darcy’s and Hightower’s acts were both justified in a way: Jane acted beyond suspiciously around Darcy. Madeline had the excuse of being under great stress as she was getting a divorce and had just spend a whole day with Jane (and that’s most exhausting 😉 ).

    It may be interesting to add that, after this glimpse in her personality, Madeline became more human and a more likeable boss for Lisbon. I wonder if the same will happen to Darcy, if her catastrophic intervention will lead to a closer and more honest collaboration with the team…

  • Ronna

    Neither do I intend to offend anyone. Completely agree that friendship, relationships and love are part of life. You are right, in fact I think this trip will end with Jane and Lisbon together in the end, but it is obvious that this is still not the main issue on which turns the show.
    Moreover, Lorelai also can be important in the development history. Jane joined the CBI to find RJ but never managed to get to him. Jane has lost game after game. That’s why he decides to leave the game, he knows that RJ will not leave the match at half time, so RJ contact with him, because in fact the game is not over. After 6 months is RJ who contacts with him, so Jane know who is Lorelai in the bar. This explains his smile when Lorelai leaves his room. Is now closer than ever to RJ. He has slept with her to be close to RJ, but could end up in love with her …. or she could fall madly in love him. But this would be a bit more travel and would not be the fundamental point.
    I also wanted to talk about Walter Masburn: millionaire playboy womanizer, with shady deals and Dangerous Liaisons, he considers an honor to be suspected of murder and he likes the danger. He has everything to be RJ, power, money, influence, contacts and even has an ace against Jane: Lisbon. Jane was good feeling with Masburn and even pushed for him to Lisbon.
    Masburn always seemed a perfect candidate for RJ, while Brett would be a candidate too easy.

  • violet

    Honestly, I would find disturbing the possibility of Jane falling in love with Lorelei. *Very* disturbing in fact. She not only is under the orders of a serial killer, who brought tragedy into his life, but moreover, she had kidnapped Luther, asked for Jane’s partner’s head and was about to mutilate him… I know Jane is rather amoral, but how could he overlook all this? The other way around, Jane making her develop feelings for him is way more plausible, given that he is prone to use anything to get to her…

    About Mashburn, I don’t know. He’s a no less realistic suspect in theory: he has proven he’s smart, he was rather the same way of thinking than Jane and managed to befriend him. Those three points indeed fit with what we saw of RJ recently. But, well, I rather like him, so I don’t think he may be involved (sorry for not having a better argument, lol!). If you take that route that I’d call “the improbable suspects” one, what about Minelli? Close to the investigation during a long period of time, he was the boss who kept a closer eye on Jane (the only one who didn’t trust him in fact). Ok, his retirement after the murders of Bosco’s team seems to clear him up, but it may have been a clever move to get out of Jane’s sight and suspicions: after all, him getting Laroche’s list easily proves that he’s still very well-connected and seems to keep an eye on them. And, above all, he was probably the boss who hired Jane as a consultant, that is to say who kept Jane in the game after his breakdown (Jane didn’t know that there was a boss above Hightower, meaning that he certainly didn’t have contact with the one before Bertram. Thus, Minelli was the only boss he knew of back then). But seriously, I think Bret Stiles is a more probable suspect. He may be too obvious, but O’Laughlin also was the more obvious choice for a shady mole in S3 AND he was the mole indeed. So I’m not sure this “too obvious” thing really works… 😉

  • zee

    Violet mentioned, “Honestly, I would find disturbing the possibility of Jane falling in love with Lorelei.”

    Hellar mentioned we will see the darker side of Jane in Season 5. (Hmm… just what would be darker than murder by manipulation?) But I think the above will somewhat fit the bill of twisted sick.

  • windsparrow

    “If you take that route that I’d call “the improbable suspects” one, what about Minelli?”

    Funny, just last week I tweeted my fun thought that RJ could be Minelli. The thing is, he has a soft spot for Lisbon and RJ seems to be all for his followers starting families. What if he saw Patrick Jane, thought he would be good for Lisbon, and was keeping an eye out for an opportunity to remove Angela and their daughter so that Lisbon could have him.

    Muahahahahha! Mine is an evil laugh.

  • kamimimi

    I don’t think Jane will fall for her, but maybe the show will make us think that by developing a relationship between them. Just to be revelead that Jane was playing her to catch RJ.
    That is dark for me. Brainwashing someone just like RJ does and them (probably) tossing her aside because he don’t need her anymore.
    As for the guessing game I can’t picture Mashburn as a serial killer, he has the ways but he just doesn’t seems to fit (For me). And Minelli? Have to agree that is very wicked and fits, but no. I like him too much to think this of him 😛
    Bret Stiles is too obvious, but he ought to have a big connection with RJ. Maybe RJ is a ex-visualize?
    Or they were friends and fond each one their on “visualize”. Bret Stiles reminds of Hannibal Lecter, so he could be a serial killer too! 😀

    I think Jane and RJ have a bigger connection than the nine years of game. I can’t get of my head that can be Jane’s father. (If the intelligence is something genectic). The fact that Jane’s wife and daughter murderer were pre-interview (The one that Jane blames for their murderer) it’s almost sure for me, than we need a ‘why’ Jane.
    Maybe RJ can be an ex-client of Jane’s that turned evil because he discovered that Jane was ‘fake’ and everything that he said too and Jane offending him was the stress point! But someone that smart couldn’t be possibly a mark, could be? Again, the line of the year: “He will se what he wants to see”.

    P.S.: I believed that the mole was Bertram before the scheme with the hired gunner and the rope.

  • kamimimi

    For me, he choose the con man because it was the most probably thing that he would do.
    As he stated in early seasons, he doesn’t know anything than being a con man or a consultant.
    Okay, that is how he is thinking while not healed, because I think a healed Jane would go to the circus and work as a real entertainer (Clown would make me happy!) or work as a waiter hahaha.
    Something related with his previous life but very common. Something that the former Jane saw as degrading or ‘not for him’.

    He needed to chose the sick way. To revert to his former self was agree that he still don’t know any other thing to do and that would show that he didn’t healed yet, so making more pausible the rock bottom.

    (Don’t know if I was clear.)

  • violet

    This « darker side » is a little worrisome. Just to resume, for you, Zee, Jane may develop feelings for his prisoner, while Kamimimi said (above) that « I don’t think Jane will fall for her, but maybe the show will make us think that by developing a relationship between them. Just to be revelead that Jane was playing her to catch RJ. That is dark for me. Brainwashing someone just like RJ does and them (probably) tossing her aside because he don’t need her anymore.” Really, I don’t think Jane would or even could fall for her, but, on the other hand, he seemed indeed attracted to bad girls like Erica and those trolling spoilers mentioned back then (if I’m not mistaken) that Lorelei “was no fling” and that she would become a “potential love interest for Jane in season 5” or something along those lines. And, yes, he’ll need to find some leverage to crack her. Even in their hands and in jail, she is made stronger and more confident by her “faith” in RJ. Thus the more logical choice would be to redirect her need to believe and her adulation towards himself… After all, while RJ insufflated faith in his follower, Jane joked with Lisbon about being God in the church; was the parallel more meaningful than it seemed at first?

    So we have as dark “love” possibilities:

    1) Jane falling for his lover (improbable. I hope. 😉 )

    2) Lorelei falling for him (she seems to like him: the poor thing was sorry to have to mutilate him, I guess that ought to count for something in RJ’s world…)

    3) Jane will try to worm his way into her affections. That would give the kiss on her head another meaning, if Jane has planned since the beginning to use her that way: like Windsparrow and Reviewbrain analyzed in the review, it means power, ownership, and now maybe even a kind of seduction… (Ewww…)

    4) Things go even father: Jane will try to dominate her, take over her mind and become her new master… using her without remorse like RJ does. She wouldn’t be just a witness but also become his puppet. He might even involve her in some scheme to get his enemy. (definitely a dark possibility)

    Still, the “darker side” may also refer to his methods for solving crimes, since they get more and more ruthless and brutal with each passing season. Think about it: in the pilot, the team and Lisbon were shocked and angry because, even though it wasn’t necessary, he let them reveal to the victim’s widower that she was having an affair with his brother. Yet, lately, he did not hesitate to bury alive a man in a cemetery with a camera inside the coffin and coldly watched the guy suffer the whole night since he didn’t want to confess. And Lisbon and the team were disturbed but, above all, they wanted to cover up for their consultant, Grace even defending him (“I think he deserved it”). Come on, I think we all know he can (and might want to) go even farther in his self-righteous vigilantism and twisted quest for justice. There is no one to stop him now, the others don’t always agree with it but help him out in anyway. And I don’t like *that* dark possibility any better.

  • JustMe

    I wonder though if the darker Jane will be what lengths he will go to protecting Lisbon?

    He may really start down a path of obsessing over her safety and do anything to keep her safe. No matter the mind games.

    To him, the ends always justify the means. He could turn stalker on Lisbon and just always be there in the shadows around her even if she doesn’t know it. Sitting in his car watching her home, finding out where is is going, who she is going with. Finding out what size of condom she is buying. He would have no problem with doing that if it kept her safe but he knows that he can’t do it with her knowledge because she would kill him.

    Of course him trying to keep her safe he would push her away even harder and can you imagine how ruthless he would be doing that? I could see him being cold to her face and watching over her from a distance.

    We know he loves her, but what would he do with that? I don’t think it will all be healthy and healing but dark and dangerous.

    We know he can kill for her, but how much farther would he be willing to go to protect the one good thing in his life?

  • JustMe

    PS to my above post:

    I hope I’m wrong and that Heller was just messing with us again…..

  • x_Vintage_x (@x_Nyah_x)

    Lovely, thorough review. Good job.
    Thanks for answering my question, on that day I was curious since the first time I watched the episode I was so distracted, “hearing” Simon Baker speak(I know the business, I do think he has to deny it, but I could be totally wrong too) instead of a RJ random voice totally made me miss the actual dialogue. (I’m a bit tired of the entire topic, it doesn’t matter the reason, I’m just gonna wait for the next season and enjoy the ride.) Thanks once again!

  • windsparrow

    You know, I have no idea how I missed your comment when it was fresh, but I agree. He did such a great job throughout, but that was priceless.

  • Sid

    I can’t decide who is more despicable: Wainwright or Darcy. We can thank Darcy for tipping off Red John, directly or indirectly. For all her talk about how Jane was helping Red John, she was the scum assisting him.

    Also, I wonder why Jane walked away at the end of the season. Given how quickly Red John’s disciples die after being taken into custody, you’d think he’d want to to get to work immediately.

    And I wonder how they faked Rigsby’s death so convincingly.

  • Tringo

    Great reviews and comments!
    Just a litlte thought (now I havent read all comment, maybe someone mentioned this)
    Well as the show teaches 😉 -When some one tells the truth they often look to the left, searching thoughts/memories, and when someone tells a lie they often look to the right searching their creative mind to make up a lie. When Jane says that he don’t remember telling Lisbon that he loves her he looks to his…. 😉

  • Arco

    Thanks for the review, & I enjoy the comments as well.

    I don’t know whether Jane knew that Lorelei was a Red John operative beforehand or not. I can say that it pegs out on the ick-meter if he slept with her knowing that she is associated with the man who killed Jane’s family. It was creepy to watch Jane kiss the top of Lorelei’s head. I think that Lorelei has genuine feelings for Jane. If he does not have feelings for a woman that he slept with, that makes me think that Jane’s pretty heartless.

    I didn’t dislike Wainwright or Darcy & don’t think that they were/are RJ operatives. Wainwright must have been very cold-blooded though. After two of his agents are supposedly murdered by a former employee, his point is about liability? Contrast that with Minelli in the wake of Bosco & his team being shot–& that’s before he knew that the perpetrator was a CBI insider–the secretary Rebecca. Who can ever forget Minelli’s line about “horses’ assery” (not quite sure of the spelling), referring to a reporter’s question about the incident. Then it’s so traumatic that Minelli retires.

    I do wonder how Wainwright wound up in Las Vegas. Nobody noticed him being kidnapped & either flown or driven hundreds of miles from Sacramento? The meeting was at 3 p.m.–apparently during a work day–Darcy & company were certainly working.

    Females who are involved in the RJ case have bad things happen to them. Sheriff Hardy (AKA Dumar Tanner) tried to shoot Lisbon. Gupta put a bomb on her. O’Laughlin shot her & tried to shoot Van Pelt & Hightower. Then Kristina Frye’s mind was destroyed by Red John. And now Darcy has had a nervous breakdown?

    I don’t have much faith in Jane’s wacky plans to track down Red John. So far, they have resembled Rube Goldberg devices. Remember when Jane tried so many ways to spring Donny Culpepper from jail, but when he finally confided his problem to Lisbon, she immediately comes up with a simple & elegant solution.

    That reminds me–Lisbon definitely owes Jane a punch in the nose.

  • suzjazz

    What Windsparrow says is exactly what I say, but more eloquently expressed. Great analysis.

    Conclusion: Jane/Lisbon Just Friends?

    Windsparrow: I just knew when Jane got around to telling Lisbon how he feels about her, there would be sparks. I just didn’t expect them to be so loud. There are these sweet moments between Jane and Lisbon – the teasing in the church: while talking with her in the church scene, Jane leaned closer and closer to Lisbon. The more emotional the talk, the nearer the physical proximity. The Man commented, “They could be kissing.” Then him saying “I’m sorry” in his for-Lisbon-only genuine tone coming through, the hug in her office and “Love you”, the expression on his face when she brought it up – daring her to say it outright, him reaching out to hold her hand after the near miss with the pruning shears – sweet, small moments that show the genuine affection he has for her. I keep replaying in my mind’s eye Jane reaching for Lisbon, running his hand down her arm then holding her hand. It’s such a beautiful gesture. It’s meaningfully and unequivocally intimate. And there is not one molecule of sibling-like feeling in it. The moves he makes toward her are such small steps, no hurry, because they matter to him. She matters to him. That’s real.

  • windsparrow

    Thanks, I am glad you like the way I put it.

  • jinnwinn

    I was just reading through what you’ve written and something you said struck me – Jane asking Lorelei if her name was “Laurie.” Well, Jane doesn’t ever forget, does he? He could remember over two thousand people he’s shook hands with – name, face, and all. I think this is a clear indication (at least to me) that he’s deliberately throwing her off scent, just like how he did later on when he “broke her out” of prison. It showed premeditation, calculation, and definitely knowledge of who she was and how she featured in his plans.

  • Artemis

    Hi guys, I’m new to this blog, and I must say, I really enjoy reading these reviews. You guys often pick up details that I’ve not noticed, and you’ve made me realize that there are several layers to a Mentalist episode (& many subtle hints). “Strawberries & Cream” and “The Crimson Hat” are my 2 most favorite episodes in this show.
    The final scene in this episode was so awesome!!! I’d like to add something that you guys haven’t mentioned so far…remember season 1’s “Red Hair & Silver Tape”?? At its ending, Grace seems stunned by the fact that the husband & wife liked to kill people…she says, “I don’t get it. She actually enjoyed helping him kill. One crazy, evil person I understand, but two? Husband and wife? Marriage is supposed to be a sacred, loving thing.” Then, Jane responds by saying, “Yeah, they were soulmates in their own strange way.” Little did he know that the statement would apply to him after about 9 and half years!!!
    Jane & Lorelei have been traumatized by Red John in the past…I can’t help but think that they have a lot in common. Lorelei is like a darker mirror image of Jane…Red John hurt both of them by killing their loved one(s)…one is made into a disciple of Red John…another one goes against him & swears vengeance. Also, it doesn’t help that Jane was about to become RJ’s follower…just like how Lorelei must have, years ago…they are so similar, which makes me think that they are soulmates, in their own twisted way…the only difference is that they have chosen different paths…
    The final scene is so epic, simply because it’s so damn thrilling & evil…love is supposed to be such a beautiful sacred thing, but due to RJ, Lorelei is using sexuality as a weapon against Jane, & is repeatedly taunting him in front of Lisbon, knowing that it will make both of them feel miserable. And Jane is using the sexual relationship to manipulate Lorelei into revealing RJ’s identity…each time I watch it, it gives me the creeps…if that scene could have a title to describe its awesomeness, it should be called “Tainted Love”…, so epic.
    Oh btw, I’m such an idiot…I actually thought that Jane had a breakdown…I should have known that it’s another stupid stunt of his…still, I can’t BELIEVE that he’d stoop so low, just to catch RJ…unbelievable!!
    Also, I can’t believe the intensity of the Jisbon shippers…they seem beyond desperate to get Jane & Lisbon together, as a couple…well, I really appreciate your enthusiasm, although I’m not really a shipper.
    Oh and again we can see what a kind-hearted, good human being lisbon is coz she’ going to the church, to pray for Jane well-being!!!
    I think RJ ordered Lorelei to have sex with Jane because later, Jane would feel terrible that the 1st first person he’s slept with (since his wife), was RJ’s mistress…that would make him feel more guilty than ever…A more creepier interpretation is that RJ has some kinda weird crush on Jane, coz he wants to know Jane “intimately”, through proxy…*shudders* gods, that’s creepy…
    P.S. Sorry for the long post…i couldn’t help it!!

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