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When surfer Jay Banner (Matt Flanagan) goes missing in Santa Marta his roommate Tark (Preston Jones) calls his congressman father to get the CBI on the case. Senior Agent Lisbon (Tunney) and CBI consultant Patrick Jane (Baker) arrive at the scene where Jane quickly discovers Jay’s body buried on the shore. The two go to talk to the victim’s boss and Lisbon is surprised to discover that the marine salvage yard where Jay worked is owned by her old flame Greg Tayback (Kenny Johnson) and his wife Greta Marshall (Claire Rankin).

Concise Verdict

Ashley Gable’s last episode on The Mentalist flaunts many of the reasons why she is so beloved and shall be sorely missed by Mentalist fans: she’s one of the few writers to consistently and expertly bring light to Lisbon’s character. Teresa’s encounter with ex-fiancé Greg makes for a lot of awkwardness; very entertaining. The episode is also perfectly cast, directed, and scored and has a hefty dose of continuity, allusions, and foreshadowing. Best of all, “So Long and Thanks for all the Red Snapper” doesn’t fall into the category of being “just another character episode”. That is, the spotlight isn’t just limited to our favorite Serious Crimes head. The other team members (and actors) get a fair share of attention as well in this wonderfully balanced and perfectly entertaining stand alone: 9.5/10

Detailed AKA Humongous Review (spoilers galore)

Proud Poppa Rigsby

It comes as no surprise that despite the nerves expressed in previous episodes (War of the Roses, Ruddy Cheeks) Rigsby is embracing his role as a father. Wayne takes a day off because his son is sick while his girlfriend has to go to court. And when Rigsby comes in the next day, he has spit-up on his suit jacket (a condition parents of babies have). But instead of being embarrassed at the stain, Rigsby wears it proudly like a badge of honor, happy to tell anyone who asks that it’s vomit.  He doesn’t bother washing it off even after his boss comments on it, telling her “You know what, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

A comment that might be a bit untimely considering the case Lisbon has, but more on that later…

I especially loved Grace’s reaction when Rigsby tells her “It’s just vomit”. You can just see her thinking, “Well, wash it off.”

Speaking of Van Pelt…

Enduring Grace

Van Pelt had two very important scenes. The first was when the police chief Anson (Brett Rice) patted her shoulder, condescendingly turning down her offer to help his cops search for the victim’s boat.

-Righetti’s expression of veiled disdain was awesome here. It reminds me of Lisbon’s reaction when she suffered similar, though much more disgusting insult in episode Red Tide. I love both the allusion to one of my all time favorite episodes, as well as the indication that Grace is back to her strong self assured, in control, self; not unlike Lisbon.

Another indication is in her next scene when she overhears Cho call Summer “babe” on the phone after asking her to check up on a drug dealer the victim was in contact with. Grace asks him what’s up with the two of them. Unlike how Cho willfully told Rigsby of his relationship with Summer (Pink Champagne on Ice) Cho clams up at Grace’s question and tells her Summer is his CI. When she tells him Agents aren’t allowed to date CIs, Cho tells her “You’re giving me relationship advice?”

-Cho of course has a point, but it might have been nicer if he’d pointed out that Grace herself dated a co-worker, instead of making the broader jab at Grace’s dating history (which includes her more painful and tragic experiences too).

Grace bites down on her hurt to tell Cho, as a friend, that perhaps it’s not wise for him to be around someone like Summer. Cho doesn’t respond.

-Grace’s bravery here in the face of Cho’s hard stares is completely in character; prior to Craig, that is. Her readiness to voice her opinions was always one of my all-time favorite aspects of her personality and I’m glad to see it again.

But there is another issue at hand here. Grace considers Cho a friend while he obviously doesn’t. At least, not the way he does Rigsby. We’ve had a few moments of Van Pelt trying to engage the stoic agent in conversation about himself to which he usually shoots her down (Something’s Rotten in Redmund). It might be her advice to him here, “as a friend” is the reason why he didn’t attack her again and simply let the matter drop. I’ll be watching out for more Cho/Grace scenes in the future to see if their dynamic shifts any.

Cho and Summer’s Angst

Like Violet predicted in the previous review, Cho and Summer’s relationship ends in this episode. But not due to her clinginess; rather due to her addiction to danger which Cho called and tried to fire her (At First Blush). At the time I thought he was being unfair and just looking for an excuse to get rid of her (and his attraction to her), especially if, as I thought might have been the case, she had just been trying to impress him. But it turns out Kimball was right.

While following up on a lead for Cho, Summer steals drugs from Tookie (Keram Malicki-Sanches), an old acquaintance of hers. The drug dealer realizes what she did and instead of giving the cocaine back Summer accepts a beating. Worse, she lies about the cause of the bruises on her face to Cho; he only finds out the truth behind the incident after beating it out of Tookie. When Cho later calls Summer out on her lie, she tells him “I’ve been beaten far worse for a lot less,” Adding “I know I’ve been bad but I’ve been so bored and this was such a rush.”

-So much information in two sentences. They explain how damaged Summer is and why, for now at least, she and Cho can’t be together.

Cho is understandably enraged at Summer’s disregard for her own safety and probably also over the fact that he was barely able to contain himself from beat Tookie to a pulp, risking his career. And to make a bad situation worse, it appears Summer is no stranger to drugs (as had been hinted at when she takes Cho’s pain pill in Ruddy Cheeks) and wanted to keep the cocaine. The two have a heated altercation in when Cho grabs the bags and shouts out at her “I’m a cop, what did you expect!”

-One could ask Cho the same question. In fact, it almost seemed like Cho was talking to himself.  What did he expect ? Sadly, while Summer was only too eager to stop being a prostitute, her addiction to danger is still an issue. Both she and Cho recognize this and at the end of the episode part ways. She leaves for her sister’s in Seattle and he bids her a sad goodbye at the train station.

-This was a lovely bittersweet ending, especially when contrasted with Lisbon and Greg’s happy parting. Armstrong and Kang were wonderful in this tear-jerker moment, made even more so by Neely’s phenomenally moving tunes.

Heart-breaker Lisbon

VIS #1 The Reunion

Jane watches Lisbon and Greg’s interaction like a hawk from the moment it becomes apparent that they know each other. Then Greg introduces Lisbon to his wife Greta, and she balks, repeating “This is Teresa Lisbon? The Teresa Lisbon?”

-Jane’s face probably reflects most viewers here: it’s like a child’s at Christmas, knowing some juicy back story will be given regarding our closed-mouth agent.

Jane happily states “The one and only,” barely containing himself as Lisbon explains that she and Greg used to date. Greg qualifies that they were actually engaged to which Jane guesses that she called the relationship off and broke his heart. Lisbon and Greg both awkwardly dodge the issue but his wife reveals that Jane’s assumption is correct “Yeah, you did. Because Greg was still talking about you when we met.” Jane is absolutely tickled at this information, he has a good laugh before calling Lisobn “Heartbreaker” .

-Jane delight here seems to stem partly from how surprised he is at learning something unexpected about Lisbon (i.e. his smile when Lisbon hinted she wasn’t a goody two shoes like he thinks in Something’s Rotten in Redmund).

If Lisbon and Greg were seeing each since they were kids, then Jane was wrong in his guess that Lisbon never got to dance with the boy she worshipped from afar in high school (Rose Colored Glasses). In this scene Lisbon states that she was way too young (to get married). In a later scene Lisbon later tells Greg that ever since she was seventeen she could tell when he was lying to her. So it seems that they were high-school sweethearts.

Unless, it’s also possible that Lisbon and Greg were friends first, before they dated. I can imagine that scenario as well. I don’t think Lisbon would have left Greg if she loved him as much as he loved her. It might have been a friendship turned romance from his side.

VIS #2 Lisbon “seriously!” doesn’t discuss Greg with Jane

Jane tells Lisbon that “Greg seems very nice.” To which Lisbon says “I am not discussing it with you.”

Jane continues, undeterred “Nice, solid, dependable, I can see why you dumped him.”

-For some reason my thoughts went immediately to episode “A Dozen Red Roses” where Jane asked rhetorically “Why do girls like bad boys so much?” I wonder if this is true for Lisbon as well since the subtext here is that Jane thinks she’s not into good guys like Greg is.

Lisbon replies “I mean it, Jane!” she is “seriously” not discussing this. But at his “suit yourself” feels compelled to self consciously explain “I did not dump him we both decided to take a break.”

-Can I just say that Tunney was so adorable in this scene that it hurt. Utterly gorgeous and cute and….yagkkgiej!!!

Ahem. Moving on…

Jane then replies “The old let’s take a break,” showing that he has no question whatsoever in his mind on how the relationship ended. Lisbon then repeats “I did not dump him!”

VIS #3 Lisbon Interrogates Greg

When Lisbon and Jane find Greg on the victim’s boat with cleaning supplies (to wipe off prints), she launches into cop mode and interrogates him.

-Lisbon was quite tough in this scene. It’s quite impressive to see her not letting her past relationship with Greg get in the way of her job. But then (besides in Ring Around the Rosie), does it ever?

Instead of answering Lisbon’s questions, Greg tells her, “It took me a long time to get over you, Teresa. A long time. But I finally did.”

-At first, I thought he was trying to derail Lisbon by getting personal. Lisbon probably thought the same as she ignores his statement. But in hindsight, I think Greg was partly musing to himself on how unaffected he is by Lisbon here. Or perhaps, on a some level, he was hinting to Lisbon about what was really going on. That he was sticking up for the woman he now loves.

Greg finally tells Lisbon that people who look guilty can have an innocent explanation for their actions. However, he refuses to tell Lisbon what his is, saying that she won’t believe him, even after she says that she can help him.

-I think it’s only natural that Lisbon’s good cop routine didn’t work after she’d already played bad cop. But I found Greg’s refusal to confide in Lisbon very telling, especially considering their history. He knew her enough to know that she wouldn’t believe him. And he wasn’t wrong either, as becomes apparent in the next scene.

VIS#4 Lisbon talks to Greta

When Rigsby tells Lisbon that salvage equipment was found on the victim’s boat, she goes to Greta to check if any of it was from their company. Since none of Greg’s equipment was missing, Lisbon concludes that Greg isn’t Jay’s treasure-hunting partner; their possible suspect. But then she figures out that Greg was keeping silent to protect his wife, who was having an affair with the victim. Greta tells her that she and her husband had a rough patch and that “Jay was just fun. He has no responsibilities just fun.”

-Yeah, I don’t think Lisbon can relate to that. Poor woman’s had to be responsible her whole life. First mothering her brothers, and now mothering Jane.

Greta goes on to say: “I wanted to imagine a different life. Just for a while. I mean haven’t you ever wanted to do that?”

-Lisbon can probably sympathize with that line. Especially considering the wistful expression she got on her life after Rigsby left her office, radiating happiness at his newborn. It was nice seeing these two women, who live completely different lives, wanting something they can’t have. But it was so subtle, not in your face cliché grass is always greener. Good writing, good acting.

Lisbon she tells Greta that her affair gives Greg motive to kill Jay. Greta tells her: “You know him. You really think he could kill someone?”

-Greta’s question reminded me of another time Lisbon was quick to believe the worst of people she knows (Walter Mashburn in Red Hot). Given her trust issues one can hardly blame her. On the other hand, it’s perhaps unfair to attribute her behavior to personal reasons. After all, part of her job to examine all suspects. Or could it be that, as a female cop she feels she needs to push harder?


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Lisbon is by far the most mysterious character on this show. Personally, I think she is uncharacteristically driven by passion when a case involves people she knows and/or cares about (see Where in the World is Carmine O’Brien). Perhaps it’s this (damaged) intensity that Jane was talking about when he said that Greg wasn’t right for her; that not everyone can handle that. But more on that later.

VIS #5 Lisbon and Greg Catch Up

Lisbon tells Greg that he won’t be charged with breaking into the boat. He thanks her ironically then admits that he incriminated himself to keep the cops from suspecting his wife in Jay’s death. Lisbon tells him, sincerely: “You’re a good man. She’s lucky to have you.” Jay responds “You’re strong now, you know that, you didn’t used to be so strong.”

-Jay’s statement here makes me think that perhaps he was there for Lisbon when all the agony in her teen years was going down (dad’s alcoholism, his suicide).

He then adds that he bets Lisbon is good at her job. Lisbon replies modestly, “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, I think.”

-Once again, Lisbon is blushing like a schoolgirl at a compliment related to her job. The woman loves what she does. And just to prove it…

Jay adds “You seem happy.” Lisbon tells him she is. Greg tells her he’s glad they met again. Lisbon then tells him: “I’m sorry for running off the way I did.”

-Wow. Lisbon didn’t just dump Greg, she totally took off without telling him! No wonder she wouldn’t tell Jane anything, poor woman was ashamed. Can you imagine what he’d do with that information?

Seriously though, how bad was Lisbon’s situation back then for her to just decide to run away from it all? Greg seems to know as he responds “Hey, no biggie.”

Lisbon gratefully kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

-SWEET! This was such a sweet scene. Kenny Johnson and Tunney had wonderful chemistry. They conveyed a deep regard and affection and I really enjoyed them together.

VIS #6  Jane and Lisbon Catch Up

After Jane returns Arkhan’s coin, he tells Lisbon not t be wistful, that Greg was never the right man for her. Lisbon denies any wistfulness, but agrees with Jane’s latter statement.

 -I’m not sure how seriously we can take Lisbon agreeing with Jane that Greg wasn’t the right man for her. She might have just done so to close the subject; she’s been known to let him draw his own conclusions on topics she’d rather not talk about. Not to mention she’s got all kinds of emotional baggage and trust issues which will make it hard for her to be in any relationship. It’s probably why she’d rather focus on her professional rather than her personal life.

Hmm. What if Jane knows this, and his comment was just his way of trying to make Lisbon feel better?  On the other hand, there’s a whole lot of shipper-teasing going on…

Jane adds that Lisbon is “Far too intense and particular for a man like that.” At Lisbon’s dismay, Jane says they are “good things”. When Lisbon demands proof, Jane asks “Whatever happened with that guy from narcotics.” Lisbon tells him “Jeff” bit his nails, which Jane says is particular of her. Lisbon then defends that “it’s a disgusting habit!” and get a “there’s intense” from Jane.

-First of all *gasp* Lisbon goes on dates! Though obviously not much, since Jane only came up with one example.

As to the teasing I mentioned, is it coincidence that Lisbon’s ex happens to be sun-baked golden and blonde like her consultant? Or that Jane’s statements flaunting how well he knows Lisbon are just begging for a snarky reply of “What, are you saying *you* are my type?”

Sigh. This is like the time the idea popped in my head (Pink Champagne on Ice) that these two have been secretly dating off-camera. Madness, really, but it’s not my fault writers insist on making J/L’s obviously platonic friendship exude such sentimental undertones.  Or are they? I can’t even tell anymore…

Best Scenes

Honestly, this whole episode was so awesome it was impossible for me to decide. Readers, please help me out and share your favorites in the comments.

Honorable Mentions

Kenny Johnson was really wonderfully cast. He and Tunney were fabulous together.

I enjoyed Keram Malicki-Sanchez’s scenes very much. Great acting.

Tim Kang and Samaire Armstrong were once again fantastic together. His quiet restraint was a great foil to her dramatic character; makes the impact when she gets Cho to lose it even greater.

Ashley Gable creates wonderfully individual and memorable characters. She also weaves an exquisite yarn giving consistent clues, like Greta mentioning the storm ( and repeated subtle allusions to it) to the landlord opening the window in the victim’s apartment. Finally, how can anyone go wrong with a treasure hunt?

Blake Neely. No surprise here.

Best Quotes

Note: these set my foreshadowing radar off.

“Why do people quit. They just quit.” Greta.

“Use them and toss em.”-Greg, on how Jay used women.

“I’m a peaceful man. I can’t explain it. I don’t know what came over me.”-perp, on killing Jay.

And these were just awesome…

“Oh, look at the little Crabbie!” Jane +nature= love. But just to be accurate, that’s not “little” Jane!

“Ah, dude, that’s seriously uncool.”-Lance Gladstone Brendan McCarthey’s reading of this line was so awesome.

“Wow. Breeder.” –Jane to Greg on having three kids. I love how spontaneous the comment was and how awkward everyone looked afterwards. Then there’s the awesome subtext. Lisbon, by dumping Greg either deprived herself from motherhood, or dodged a bullet…

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain May, 2012. Not to be used without permission.


Quotes, continued..

“There’s no tyranny like petty tyranny.”-Jane to Chief Anson (Burt Rice).

“Look sometimes stuff looks bad and there’s an innocent explanation.” Greg to Lisbon.

“I’ve been beaten far worse for a lot less.”-Summer to Cho.

I know I’ve been bad. But I’ve been so bored and this was such a rush.” Summer.

“I’m a cop. How’d you think this was gonna go?” Cho, to Summer.

“Oh my God.” Lisbon looking heavenward after Jane derails her questions and insists she get in the tow truck.

“I’m never too busy to solve a murder.” –Lisbon. Tell us something we don’t know…

“You were very busy with Greg.”- Jane on why he didn’t tell Lisbon his plan.

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed a pattern that whenever Lisbon has personal stuff going on now, Jane always takes off?

I wonder why that is…

Pet Peeve

-The treasure! I’m dying to find out, is what will happen to the treasure now? After it’s released from evidence, that is.

-As heartbreaking and lovely as the end scene was, I think the conclusion was a bit too sudden. I mean, we don’t get an explanation as to why Summer is going to her sister’s in Seattle. It felt very awkward. Why not just end the relationship with the powerful scene between Cho and Summer, at an impasse? It would have kept viewers in suspense for the duration of the summer and given writers the opportunity to revisit the relationship should they choose to do so. And if not, I think most viewers would have been able to draw the conclusion that the relationship ended.

On the other hand, we wouldn’t have had the gorgeously bittersweet goodbye scene. Guess that answers that question…


A major theme in this episode was that of what could have been and goodbyes (Pink Champagne on Ice, War of the Roses). I would have assumed that the episode was a reflection of Ashley Gable’s own decision to leave the show if it wasn’t for the fact that dreams, what could have been, goodbye’s and new beginnings have been established subjects of this season, as far back as the Season three finale. But while Jane is the obvious target of these topics, Lisbon is as well. Her friendship with Jane has reached epic levels and she’s continued to stand by him one idiocy after another. Thankfully (for her character’s sake), she was kept in the dark for the duration of most of his schemes and only found out about the rest when it was too late to prevent them. The writers were very clever about this but I wonder how long they can keep it up.

As Jane, it seems like he’s taken Red John’s advice (via Timothy Carter) to forget about revenge and move on with his life. We’ve gotten plenty of clues. He bade a symbolic goodbye to his wife and child by placing a flower in the ocean (Blood and Sand). Even when he lost his identity in Fugue in Red, Jane wanted to start a new life. In War of the Roses Jane talks to Erica about not being able to have whatever he wants, but he is able to kiss her twice, showing that he is not as physically dead as he seemed before.

But the most obvious clue was Jane’s steadfast refusal to let anyone know that RJ was still alive. This, to me, was proof that Jane was willing to let sleeping dogs lie. Why else would he go through so much trouble to pin Panzer’s murder on someone else? And if that’s not enough, there’s also the fact that, apparently, Jane has no idea all the RJ evidence is missing from CBI, and has been since episode “Red is the New Black”. This was ten episodes ago, and in terms of the show’s time, Sarah’s pregnancy was only revealed the prior episode. So we’ve got RJ evidence, not in the CBI for months but not a peep out of Jane. And this was way before Darcy reveals that she suspects him in episode Cheap Burgundy so no, we don’t even have that as a justification either. So Jane, for months now, hasn’t been using RJ files/evidence to investigate RJ. Which, considering that RJ killed Panzer, he would do if he were interested in catching him. It seems that Jane has accepted RJ’s trail running cold.

Speaking of Darcy, until now Jane has been confident that Darcy will be unable to prove anything regarding his involvement with RJ. We’re sure to find out in the next two episodes. Looks like my blood pressure will spike once again.

Whatever. I lived through the season three finale, I can live through this season’s final eps. Bring it on, Heller!

Now, can anyone steer me to a physician who readily prescribes Valium?

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44 responses to “Mentalist So Long, and Thanks For All the Red Snapper Review

  • julienic73gmail

    thanks brainyreviewer, I haven’t actually been able to watch anything but the first four minutes of this episode due to internet problems and will probably wait until it airs here next week now. But in the beach scene Jane was adorable and also loved his glee at finding out something new about Lisbon.Loved the review though and will keep your points in mind while watching.

  • scully1992

    Thanx for the review. Please review the finale episodes quickly – we’ll all be anxious to discuss methinks!

  • rita

    I have been lurking for a while and not commented before.
    Great review as always, I enjoyed the episode, there were some lovely moments there. It made me smile that Rigsby wore vomit like a badge of honour. Oh and I loved the drug dealers dog…I knew it would tell him that Summer had stolen the drugs!!
    We are revving up for the finale now, I can’t wait…but don’t want the season to finish either Hmmmmm!
    Thanks agin for the great review

  • All-I-need

    Welcome back, Reviewbrain!

    And thank you for the fast review. Well done, as usually.

    Was it just me or did Jane act a little jealous all through the episode?

    In fact, LittleMender pointed out to me that Jane mentioned her being “busy with Greg” TWICE and in that scene in his car he was most definitely sulking. And considering the giant gold mine the revelation about her past relationship (engangement!) with Greg was, Jane didn`t pry much at all. Usually, he`s like a dog with a bone in that regard, but this time … almost nothing, safe for the “seriously not going to happen” discussion and then later him pointing out that Greg wasn`t her type anyways. A stickler to the rules isn`t her type? Seriously? So the logical conclusion would in fact be that JANE is? Because if there`s one thing Jane exceeds at, it`s breaking rules. I swear, one of these days he`s going to just take off and start flying because he´s tired of abiding to the rules of physics, like gravity.

    The Chummer-scene at the end of the episode broke my heart. Looks like Cho developed facial expressions just in time to use them in a way that would make me tear up. Damn him! And it was so painfully obvious that neither of them wanted Summer to go … she couldn`t tear herself away, he couldn`t make himself tell her to go … oh god.

    I hope the change in scenery, spending time with her sister and all, will stop her from returning to hooking, and maybe she`ll actually get a handle on her addiction to danger. Maybe she can come back later and then she and Cho could try that relationship-thing again? Because I think they`re perfect for each other. In fact, it`s almost like a reverse version of the Jane/Lisbon relationship. One of them a stickler to the rules, the other a loose cannon. While Summer gets Cho to let his hair down once in a while, he in turn makes her more serious and grown-up. He got her to stop hooking, she got him to smile more often. It`s almost a mirror image of Jane and Lisbon and I wonder if Summer`s heartbreaking departure was another allusion to the season finale, just like the lines that made your radar go off.

    Speaking of Jane and Lisbon, there is something else I wanted to say about them, something I already mentioned to LittleMender, too: If Jane and Lisbon are in a secret relationship, then even THEY don`t know about it. Which, if course, makes complete sense with characters like these two.

    Also, a certain spoiler for the finale and early Season 5 tells me that they are definitely not having a secret relationship that they are actually aware of.

    Oh, and if you find that doctor who freely prescribes valium, could you please tell me where to find him? I`m almost afraid to watch the final two episodes because of all the suspense they are surely going to contain. This IS “the Mentalist” we are talking about, after all… oh dear, I`m not going to survive that, am I?

  • windsparrow

    ‘Lisbon replies “I mean it, Jane!” she is “seriously” not discussing this. But at his “suit yourself” feels compelled to self consciously explain “I did not dump him we both decided to take a break.”’

    When Jane said, “Suit yourself.” I counted 3 2 … 1 in perfect timing for Lisbon to start explaining herself. This scene reminded me of one in “Where in the World is Carmine O’Brien?” – where they get into the elevator, Lisbon starts ranting about her brother, and Jane says, “Here we go.” Meanwhile the woman behind them in the elevator is grinning like she’s seen the Jane & Lisbon Show before, and has been waiting for a new episode the way we wait for new Mentalist eps.

    “Greta’s question reminded me of another time Lisbon was quick to believe the worst of people she knows (Walter Mashburn in Red Hot). Given her trust issues one can hardly blame her.”

    The impression I had was that she was being skeptical of Greg’s story, and digging deeper on Greta’s side of it – partly as due diligence, verifying things, just doing her job. She was also partly reacting against her urge to right off the bat excuse Greg because she does know him and did trust him deeply at one time. I think underlying her tough attitude toward Greg and then Greta was because she *wanted* them to be innocent, so she could not just let them off easily. She had to look a little deeper. No one wants to have a conversation with a boss (or heaven forbid some self-important ADA with an axe to grind – I’m looking at you, Ardilles) that starts, “You know my exboyfriend? He didn’t do it.” “Really, how do you know?” “Cuz… he… was my boyfriend and I was such an exceptional judge of character when I was 17. Not like I am now with my sociopathic gets-away-with-murder fake psychic sidekick.” And oh yeah, with Mashburn, it did feel like she was going overboard – that she had taken the position that he was guilty, and started searching for evidence to prove it – as opposed to merely verifying his explanation.

    “Jay’s statement here makes me think that perhaps he was there for Lisbon when all the agony in her teen years was going down (dad’s alcoholism, his suicide).”

    My guess is, Lisbon had to be so strong in other areas of her life that Greg was the one person she could lean on, and she had to lean hard. But there comes a time in a relationship like that when a person who is actually capable of being strong needs to make a separation to find their own well of strength, their own identity.

    I cannot vote in that poll. It makes my head hurt. There’s no ticky-box for “Secretly dating? Hogwash, they’ve been MARRIED for months.” In the eyes of God and the IRS, maybe not. But they are at least as married as John and Sherlock, and that’s a whole big ball of married. Tell me again, why did I not get an invitation? (Ok, I did make a choice, but I went with a relatively neutral one.)

    ‘“Why do people quit. They just quit.” Greta.’

    I was too busy thinking “OMG she was screwing the surfer,” to think about foreshadowing. I’m so glad that the cable signal waited to blink out after Jane and Greta left the room, leaving Lisbon and Greg alone for the first time in decades – because I hate it when the Man picks up on stuff about an episode that I didn’t see coming until after it is shown for sure. And let’s face it, that cable signal will always cut out at some important moment, never during a commercial.

    “Why not just end the relationship with the powerful scene between Cho and Summer, at an impasse?… On the other hand, we wouldn’t have had the gorgeously bittersweet goodbye scene.”

    I adored Summer going off to her sisters’. This was a much happier ending than I expected for the two of them. And it wins hands-down over the resolution of the Elise storyline. The way things were, it would have been very unhealthy for Summer to be Cho’s long-haul girl. But now if she gets herself straightened out, either she goes on with a healthy but separate life, or she might conceivably come back into Cho’s life, able to have a much healthier relationship with him, and much better able to cope with the stresses of being the Significant Other of a Cop With A Past. It would make her an ideal long-haul girl for him. If I were in charge, that is precisely what would happen.

    “Now, can anyone steer me to a physician who readily prescribes Valium?”

    The Man’s doctor… looks like Brendan Fraser, though. I can’t get anything out of him because the only thought in my brain is “He’s so handsome. Stop enjoying this, he’s telling you how serious the Man’s condition is. So handsome. Dammit, did he just say something important?” Which does not lead to coherent sentences….

  • HG

    About your comment on blonde, golden…(Jane and Greg being physically alike) If Jane earlier said to Lisbon that Greg is not her type, how can you understand later that he could have mean that maybe he (Jane) is her type because they’re alike? Reverse psychology?
    >.< I didn't confuse it too much.. I hope.. lol!

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    This episode highlights how far men would go for the people they care. Rigsby’s relatively known to be self-concious about his image, but he has willingly adorned a “new dad look” for the love of his baby. Greg acriminates himself and forgives his wife for the sake of his little girls and out of love for his wife. Lastly, Cho went rogue for Summer (but later found out she brought it upon herself) and made her leave for the better, despite it obviously hurting him inside. And, chivalry is dead? 🙂

    You wrote ” anyone else noticed a pattern that whenever Lisbon has personal stuff going on now, Jane always takes off? I wonder why that is?”

    I’m not sure about Lisbon’s other personal stuff, but for this episode, he was probably a little jealous, but more along the lines of being envious at Greg that he is able to sacrifice so much for his wife. I have a feeling Jane wasn’t around much because, Jane was envious he couldn’t do the same for his family, as in sacrificing his fake psychic life his wife wanted him to. Now he’s too late, and can only exact revenge.

    Unlike Mashburn’s case, he was around both of them, maybe because he’s a similar type of man as Mashburn is, so he’s not envious.

    I’m missing Chibi’s drawings… also Van Pelt’s fishbone braids matches the ocean themes. Even hair and makeup has subtle efforts!

  • windsparrow

    “Hello Reviewbrain, This episode highlights how far men would go for the people they care. ”

    This is an absolutely brilliant synthesis of this episode. It’s such a perfect comment that I can’t think of anything to add.

  • windsparrow

    “Oh and I loved the drug dealers dog”

    That was an awesome dog. I loved that dog. I want a dog like that – just sitting there being mellow and observing things and having opinions but not really barking a lot.

  • windsparrow

    “I swear, one of these days he`s going to just take off and start flying because he´s tired of abiding to the rules of physics, like gravity.”

    I love this so much I read it out loud to the Man. And now the cats are giving us weird looks.

  • windsparrow

    “…able to have a much healthier relationship with him, and much better able to cope with the stresses of being the Significant Other of a Cop With A Past. It would make her an ideal long-haul girl for him.”

    I don’t think I succeeded in making it plain that I consider a healthy, balanced Summer a better match for a Cop With A Past because I think she might well be able to handle the stress and worry in perspective with her previous stresses, as well as better able to tolerate the ways in which Cho will never, ever be a low-key, dependable guy like Greg. He isn’t *not* dependable – but it’s not so much dependability as … darn it, I can’t think of the right word. Greg’s an oak tree; Cho is an ironwood tree. Cho is probably four times as intense as Lisbon (no idea if he is especially particular, though).

  • reviewbrain

    No problem 🙂 here’s what meant: in the first instance, Jane (and i) meant personality type. In the second, I was talking about type of men in terms of looks (I.e. blondes vs brunettes).
    Hope it’s clear now and welcome to the blog 🙂

  • wallaby uk

    Turns out I’m only 2 episodes behind…I’m sure the UK was 4 behind at one point, hmmm anyhow, it just means I get to see this episode quicker

    Well as I’ve made obvious it’s been all about Cho and Summer for me this season, I guess I gotta keep the hankies by my side. 😦

    I will come back and give my thoughts on this episode, despite, the fact you guys will be raving about the finale…

  • julienic73gmail

    There was a two week break in America in April which allowed us to catch up some more.

  • JadeWEAPON

    Maybe I saw things wrong despite rewatching the scene over and over later, but it looked like Cho slapped Summer to me. Am I the only one who interpreted their fight scene that way? I’m just confused since I haven’t seen anyone comment on this…

  • HG

    Me too. I thought there were some sort of physical “thing” but it wasn’t clear to me, (don’t know if it was the way they shot it, angles.. it was fast) but I think there’s a slap or a strong shove turned worst or something like that…

    I also found it strange that NO ONE, not anyone doing reviews or comments of the episode, talked about it… I figured I saw wrong, but turns out that I wasn’t the only one thinking 😉

  • JadeWEAPON

    Phew, I’m glad it wasn’t just be.When I rewatched the scene on youtube I saw Cho’s arm swing towards Summer, and I saw her hand fly to her cheek as she flew backwards. I found this very worrying for Cho’s character. There’s a lot of things that can be overlooked/forgiven of a character, but domestic violence…?

  • violet

    Great review, Reviewbrain! Good to have our Captain back at the helm! 🙂

    I don’t have much to say, as your analysis was pretty detailed. Just some little things:
    I assumed that Cho had endangered Summer’s position as his CI. I mean, after this mess not only was she known as a thief, but people would also know that a tough guy was protecting her after she went asking for information about a murder victim… If people began piecing everything together, the conclusion would be pretty obvious… Hence the need to send her away or else her past friends might come after her. And yes, as JadeWeapon and HG pointed out, their fight got so out of control that he slapped her. Maybe the fact that non-nonsense and rational Cho has been so angered that he had become physical was another reason for putting some distance between them. And I guess he wouldn’t have been naïve enough to just let her on her own, as with her penchant for drugs and her addiction to danger, things would have ended badly: if she was left alone and depressed, what would she have done to herself? All in all, it was a very sad ending for their blubby and improbable romance…

    Loved your analysis of the scenes involving Lisbon. It’s curious how she doesn’t seem to realize how much some men love her: first Bosco, now that old boyfriend… She really seemed to ignore the extent of his feelings for her and how bad he had taken the breakup. That reminds me of the way they tried to portray her as a no sentimental woman with Mashburn; things were over for her after one night, while he had been interested enough to try and contact her by using the pretext of those death threats in ‘Red Hot’. I also wonder if her “running away” from Greg was indeed to be taken literally (as in she left for good) or if she was simply referring to her letting go of the relationship because he wanted something more serious than she did, something that would have tied her to him and to her past life. Either way, I guess this glimpse in her love life shows how damaged she’s been by her childhood: it looks like she lakes self appreciation and, at the same time, is afraid of committing herself to one man (hence the quite petty reason for dumping that Jeff, for instance…)

    And, as usual in these matters, Jane’s reaction seems pretty hard to decipher. I mean, his comments are more personal than they were with Mashburn: back then, he was merely teasing her and she didn’t bother to answer him. Here, not only did she answer his questions, but his own lines were more heartfelt and personal (about her, her type of men). Not to mention that he did know about “Jeff” but didn’t ask her about him until then… and that’s kind of weird, in a way, since his usual natural behavior would have been to probe until he knew the truth. And you’re right of course, viewers can’t help but thinking of him with this type of man that he describes between lines: a man able to handle her so-called qualities and to make the better of them (after all, he’s intense and particular too…), who knows her well… Huh… In fact, that scene seems written in the same “telling-without-in-fact-telling-anything” way than the one with the matchmaking video in ‘Every Rose Has its Thorns’: Jane fits the type of partner she needs just like Lisbon did fit his, but nothing is explicit or even mentioned. Everything is left to interpretation.

  • windsparrow

    After watching that scene twice, I am about 85% certain that Cho did not intend to slap Summer in the face but that – well I can’t call it an accident, because he WAS intentionally, if impulsively, having a physical tussle with her. At any rate, it was part of the tussle rather than a deliberate slap.

    I am not putting Cho in the category of abusers on the grounds that an abuser would happily excuse himself by saying, “I didn’t mean to slap her, we were just tussling and my hand connected with her face.” A non-abusive person does not make excuses. Instead, he realizes he has no business tussling during a disagreement in the first place and takes steps to make sure it never happens again.

    That is why I was so happy that Summer was leaving to the safe haven of her family – mending those fences, getting emotional support from people whose business it is to love her, who can help guide her toward a healthy life in ordinary society (we hope). It seems plain to me that whatever conversation they had after, Cho was encouraging Summer to get somewhere safe to start over. I picture this conversation as him trying to express deep remorse, and her saying she was used to it, and him telling her that it did not make it right, and he wanted her to do what she needed to do so that she could get unused to it – value herself in a healthy way, expect and demand respectful treatment from the men in her life.

  • violet

    Wow, that’s an awful lot of dialogue for Cho! 😉 I really hope you’re right, I prefer your theory and that fits more his character.

  • windsparrow

    “I assumed that Cho had endangered Summer’s position as his CI. ”

    I had not even thought of that, but you must be right. Good catch.

    And nice catch of the subtle parallel with “Every Rose” – the talk of what each needs in a romantic partner together with the subtle implication that each is the one person in the other’s life who comes the closest to filling those requirements.

    I’m pretty sure this is just the writers messing with us. On purpose. To make us crazy.

  • windsparrow

    Maybe he didn’t say it out loud. Maybe he is just saying it by shooing her out of town. I hope she gets the message.

  • pharmchick

    I’ve been lurking around here for a while and always enjoyed everyone’s various opinions…Just thought I’d add my two cents. This episode made me incredibly sad. I loved the Summer and Cho relationship and found myself reading spoilers as to when Summer would re-appear again. Even brief glimpses in their relationship was wonderful (like the flowers in pink champagne on ice). When I read the description for 4 X 22, I knew their relationship was over, but I didn’t think it was going to be so dramatic. I just thought maybe Summer needed to leave because she was in danger (some criminal found out she was an informant). I didn’t think it would get violent for her and Cho, I mean she’s no Saint, but she seemed to adore him. She was impulsive, but from puppies to a fight like this? I don’t know… it took an unexpected turn for me, and I was disappointed that the writers took the “junkie” route. Then the goodbye scene, OMG that was sad. I’ve read some comments from others that they would like her to return, once she’s recovered, but as much as I’d love seeing them together again, I’m not sure it would be such a great idea, I mean after a fight like that, and trust, could he ever trust her again? It was so lovely to watch them together, and I will greatly miss Summer. I don’t know how this will affect Cho for future episodes, I just hope we get to see him smile again.

  • mon

    Thanks reviewbrain for a great review, and welcome back. I enjoyed this episode; there was quite a few storylines going on and it was well balanced. I feel that Jane/Lisbon fans must have hoped for a few ‘jealous Jane’ scenes throughout this episode, but I didn’t actually see much evidence of that (and may I say that I do believe that Jane loves Lisbon even if he hasn’t realised it yet). In the comments above, somebody did claim that he was sulking in the car, and looking back, yes I think you could read that as sulking. But overall not very much jealousy. I think though that this is simply because he has nothing to be jealous of in this situation. Lisbon is long over Greg and Jane is assured that Greg ain’t her type of man anyway-thereby insinuating that Jane is. Similarly with Bosco, I always felt that Jane particuarly enjoyed watching those Jane/Bosco scenes play out as he knew that Bosco really wasn’t a a threat to the J/L relationship (which at that point was a blossoming friendship). The only time I truly detected jealousy on Jane’s part towards another man was with Masburn that time in Mashburn’s hotel room. Jane seemed loathe to leave Lisbon (who possibly was already there-will we ever know?!) in the hands of Mashburn. He definitely seemed wistful here-perhaps a tad sad that, at that time, at least, physical relationships with Lisbon or anyone else were still somewhat off-limits for him. Even at that stage, he was close to Lisbon in every way but one-one that Mashburn was capable of.
    I’m curious to see how their now extremely close bond is going to fall apart over the finale eps. I have an inkling that Jane will consider making a move on Lisbon but that RJ/his family’s anniversary and his general meltdown will throw a spanner in the works..and *sigh, throw Jane straight into the arms of Lorelei-I just know I’ve spelled her name wrong!
    I’ve babbled too much now-thanks again for the review!

  • reviewbrain

    Love your comment Zee. Agree with everything you said. Also like your thought that Jane might be envious of how great a father/husband Greg is. I miss the drawings too 😦 unfortunately artist has been busy but I’ll add them as soon as she’s finished

  • reviewbrain

    I’m sure she did. Great explanation, Windsparrow.

    Now, I have to re-watch to be sure, but I’m pretty sure Summer is the one who started the tussle when she tried to snatch the drugs back from Cho. I didn’t mention this in the review because I thought it was an accident and honestly didn’t give the matter any more thought.

    “A non-abusive person does not make excuses.”

    Not that I’m saying Cho is abusive, but the above statement isn’t necessarily true. I felt Cho not defending himself, has less to do with whether he’s abusive or not and more to do with his personality. He’s simply not a talker. For example, say the same tussle happened with Rigsby, he’d probably be stammering all sorts of apologies and vehemently (perhaps unnecessarily) saying that he honestly didn’t mean to hurt anyone, it was an accident. His explanation wouldn’t mean he’s making excuses, and is hence abusive, it’s just how he reacts. Of course this is all hypothetical, I’m just making an example to show how different people might react to the same situation. It wouldn’t be fair to say one’s abusive simply based on their reactions in such a heated moment.

  • windsparrow

    “But overall not very much jealousy. I think though that this is simply because he has nothing to be jealous of in this situation. Lisbon is long over Greg and Jane is assured that Greg ain’t her type of man anyway-thereby insinuating that Jane is. Similarly with Bosco, I always felt that Jane particuarly enjoyed watching those Jane/Bosco scenes play out as he knew that Bosco really wasn’t a a threat to the J/L relationship (which at that point was a blossoming friendship).”

    The way I read it, Jane looked a lot more possessive of Lisbon around Bosco than he was in many situations. One of the best examples of this is in “Red Bulls”. During the joint team briefing, Bosco took the head of the conference table while the rest of his team, and most of the SCU clustered around the far end. Only Jane and Lisbon were near him, and Jane positioned himself between the two of them. I found this very interesting because while it did not directly challenge Bosco’s authority as dominant male in that room, Jane *was* acting as gatekeeper for access to the dominant female (Lisbon). In season two and the first parts of season three, there were a number of times when Jane positioned himself between Lisbon and other males excepting their teammates.

  • windsparrow

    “For example, say the same tussle happened with Rigsby, he’d probably be stammering all sorts of apologies and vehemently (perhaps unnecessarily) saying that he honestly didn’t mean to hurt anyone, it was an accident. His explanation wouldn’t mean he’s making excuses, and is hence abusive, it’s just how he reacts.”

    Oh, Rigsby’s effusive and entirely sincere apologies – which I completely agree would go exactly as you describe – are not the same as the kind of excuses I mean. Rigsby would take complete responsibility for what he did, even though it was an accident. The way I see Rigsby – if something like that happened with him, not only would he apologize all over the place but also he would spend some time agonizing internally over whether or not he had started down his father’s path.

    The kinds of excuses I expect from an abuser are the kind that put the responsibility for what happened anywhere but on themselves. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bust your lip, but you just make me so mad…” “It’s your own fault, you started it.”
    “I’m just under so much pressure I can’t help lashing out.” “You should understand… If only you wouldn’t…” I’m not entirely certain I am explaining this as well as I should.

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    Wonderful review for a wonderful episode! 🙂

    I don’t have much to say really, just that I loved it beginning to end.
    Cho/Summer scenes felt so real and intense, Rigsby was just adorable and Lisbon was at her best, as it always happens when Ashley Gable writes her.
    I’m gonna miss her writing a lot, she wrote all my personal faves and I think she always did a brilliant job in balancing all the characters, giving each of them their time to shine.
    It makes me really sad that we won’t have her episodes anymore, especially since S5 is going to be a turning point for the Show, or so it seems.

    I suggest you all to go to her twitter page @Ashley_Gable cause she shared some interesting facts about the episode, and she answered a lot of fans’ question 😉

    So Long And Thanks For All The Red Episodes, Ashley!

  • violet

    Yeah, she will be sorely missed…

  • All-I-need

    Glad I could amuse you 😉

  • All-I-need

    “And you’re right of course, viewers can’t help but thinking of him with this type of man that he describes between lines: a man able to handle her so-called qualities and to make the better of them (after all, he’s intense and particular too…), who knows her well… Huh… In fact, that scene seems written in the same “telling-without-in-fact-telling-anything” way than the one with the matchmaking video in ‘Every Rose Has its Thorns’: Jane fits the type of partner she needs just like Lisbon did fit his, but nothing is explicit or even mentioned. Everything is left to interpretation.”

    ABSOLUTELY TRUE! That`s definitely the case. I swear, this is the slowest romantic build-up in the history of TV (and yes, that includes Booth and Bones). And by the end of the show, they´ll be ready. At least I hope so. Since the writers are doing everything with purpose in this show, I`m pretty sure we can safely assume this subtext will come back to bite them both in the ass sometime in the future. I`m already looking forward to that =)

  • All-I-need

    Could someone please share these additional facts here? Because I for one don´t have twitter and I don`t think everyone else does, too.
    TV Line`s Ausiello does the same thing, always revealing additional tidbits of information on twitter and it`s making me crazy. This is seriously annoying me. Why not share everywhere?

  • Sid

    thanks for the recap. What did you mean “rather due to her addiction to danger which Cho called and tried to fire her (At First Blush).”

    that he called her out? That he recognized?

  • reviewbrain

    You’re welcome. And yes, I meant that he recognized. Cho flat out told Summer she was addicted to danger when she asked why he fired her…

  • Sid

    part of the reason Cho wanted her to leave is because she was making him lose control. As least that’s how I saw it.

  • violet

    Do you say it because of the slap? Or in a general level, because he felt so protective of her that he felt compelled to go and beat the crap out of the guy that made this to her? Because he was already known to become brutal towards those who hurt people he cares for (the little boy in S3 ‘Rhapsody in Red’, his girlfriend Elise in ‘Blood In, Blood Out’). Besides, her making him lose control was probably the very reason why he got together with her in the first place (think about it: they first kissed after shouting at the other in that elevator). In fact, he’s a little like every other control freak in this show (Lisbon, Jane), although his own seems more specifically directed at himself than at situations he’s in: he seems to enjoy testing the limits of this control. Just like Lisbon and Jane had this “trust vs control” struggle Reviewbrain analysed for S3, it looks liked he liked Summer precisely because she challenged him and pushed his self-imposed emotional limits.

  • reviewbrain

    He was pretty cool 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    I think I understand what you mean 🙂 Cho is not emotionally dependent, not in way that allows him to be there for Summer, to help her get over her addiction. There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s just different from Greg who’s willing to work out the troubles with his marriage. Mind you, I’m only characters, not situations here. You are right, he is very intense. If Summer ever cheated on Cho, he’d probably drop her in an instant. which is probably why the writers went the adrenaline/drugs route. It allows their parting to be less angry, more open-ended.

    And if I may clarify, it’s not that I didnt like Summer going off to her sister’s, its a great solution for her. I just felt it too convenient as a plot device, too sudden. Though I like the scenario you detailed below for their conversation 🙂

  • mon

    I don’t remember seeing this-can’t recall Red Bulls now. But I can just imagine Jane doing this. He’s always been a bit possessive of Lisbon-even as a friend. Thanks!

  • Sid

    he was losing control throughout the episode.

    The physical confrontation with Summer, and of course when he was beating that guy up with no logical thought (if you go around beating people up, you’re bound to lose your career).

  • Sid

    hard to say why he was attracted to Summer.

    But his whole image is about how in control he is. I disagree with you. Didn’t you see how upset he got with the medication? He was furious because it was wrecking the image he worked so hard to build. Him oversleeping and being drowsy and not being on the ball was destroying what he is.

    Cho cannot handle something that causes him to break character. He works so hard to stay in character. Think about how rare it is throughout all the episodes for him to truly break character.

  • violet

    I guess we don’t see his character the same way. For my part, he is like Lisbon. Both like to be in control, alright. Control of the situations they’re in (Cho taking matters in his own hands when he doesn’t like something), of the image they send (not telling his trusted boss that he has a problem with pain medication; for Lisbon declining invitations to spend more time with the team, etc). Both also want to control the information others have on them, hence their secretive behaviour and the great difficulty they show in sharing something personal. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, they are both drawn to people who challenge that control: blubby impertinent Summer for Cho; the uncontrollable consultant for Lisbon. There is no hazard in that: remember that Stiles chose to try to rile her up by asking her how she felt about “Jane taking control of her life and her team”. That certainly wasn’t the only thing that attracted Cho in Summer, but I still think that was part of her charm for him. A little risk he did allowed himself to take.
    Besides, the subtly ambiguous way writers have to handle control freaks in this show is also somehow illustrated by Jane. He’s even worst than Lisbon, yet he gets along the best with her. In your outright “in control” logic, wouldn’t he chose someone less challenging? Someone he could manipulate at his will, without ever been questioned by them? On the contrary, what makes their friendship so deep is that she is his moral compass, she freely chooses to follow him or to give him a piece of her mind. Even though she follows his lead more often than not, she still keeps her ground, since she does so because she trusts him, not because he controls her.
    Last example, RJ: he likes to keep Jane around because he can play with him. He controls his minions and it’s obvious their lives don’t matter. Still, Jane is challenging, hence the “form of love” he feels towards him, to quote Stiles a second time.
    Therefore, I will hold my ground: there is more ambiguity in Cho’s controlling nature than meet the eye. 🙂

    Either way, that’s an interesting discussion!

  • reviewbrain

    I think, both in Lisbon an Cho’s case, they like Jane/Summer respectively in spite of their conflicting characters, as oppose to because of. Lisbon certainly wasn’t always happy with Jane challenging her, it’s something she got accustomed to over the years. As to Cho, I think he liked Summer despite her affect on his control, not because of it. Perhaps it was what allowed her to get under his skin, to start a relationhip but it obviously isn’t healthy for their relationship, not with her situation as it is now. Maybe after she gets the help she needs. Im inclined to agree with Sid on this one…

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