Mentalist Where in the World is Carmine O’Brian Review

CBI Serious Crimes unit is called in when chief of police Marnie Green is found shot dead in Fairmont. While checking the Chief’s home Senior agent Teresa Lisbon finds her own brother Tommy Lisbon (Henry Thomas) there with his daughter, Annabeth (Madison McLaughlin). Tommy, a bail enforcement agent, tells Lisbon he had asked the Chief to keep an eye out for a white collar fugitive named Carmine O Brian.  that he was tracking. Teresa is aghast that her brother is working as a bounty hunter. As the two siblings compete on who will capture O Brian first, CBI Consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) discovers who the real killer is.

Concise verdict

Considering how phenomenal ‘Blood and Sand’ was I felt sorry for whoever would write the next episode. I felt even sorrier when I learned that the episode would center around Lisbon as this was something fans have been waiting for for so long that expectations were bound to be high. But despite all this, ‘Where in the World Is Carmine O Brian’ was a satisfying episode on most fronts and an enjoyable one too. 8.5.

Detailed AKA Humungous Review

It seems the task of making Lisbon do questionable and out of character actions must always fall on writer Appelbaum. But while the motivation was not clear at the time of Blood for Blood (although I’d  considered many possibilities at the time which since then were proven true) it is a bit more understandable in this episode thanks to a few well placed hints. While I’m still not positive on how a few things went down in the episode (behind the scenes), I understand that this ambiguity was most likely intentional; very sly indeed. I’m mostly referring the plan which ultimately got Chief Green’s killer, Chad, but more on that later.

Once again the episode can be divided again into an A and B plot. The former is Lisbon’s, while Amanda Righetti ones again takes the spotlight in the latter to deal with her character’s running themes this season.

B Plot: Grace’s problem with Wayne’s new relationship/ her post traumatic stress.

In ‘Blood and Sand’ Van Pelt exhibited obvious jealously and bitterness over her ex-boyfriend’s new relationship. In this episode, she gets a chance to ask Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) about Sarah Harrigan after he answers yes to Annabeth’s question on whether he has a girlfriend. Grace wonders if Wayne is in love and when he states that it doesn’t matter Grace tells him it certainly matters to Sarah. Rigsby points out that taking relationships too seriously gets people hurt (implying how he was hurt by Grace). Softening the blow he asks her what love even means to which she responds that she’s not the best person to ask as her last relationship didn’t end well.

-I think after being wooed by a criminal (for the second time) we’re starting to see some regret from Grace over letting Rigsby go. Future episodes will no doubt show whether this is true.

As to Grace’s PTSD, a lot of fans had wondered (and some had hoped) if Jane will be able to help her cope. They were no doubt happy to see Jane make Grace feel better by helping her entrap a lecher the team found while searching for Chief Green’s killer. While this made Grace feel a lot better at the time I don’t know if it will be enough to help her heal completely.

A Plot: Lisbon’s Relationship with Tommy

Lisbon’s brother Tommy was first mentioned in episode ‘Code Red’. Lisbon, thinking she was dying, asks Cho to look up her Tommy’s phone number in her planner, and to call him and tell him that she forgives him for “whatever” and to tell him that “He needs to make peace with his brothers”

-The dialogue suggests that Tommy is the black sheep in the family and makes the strained relationship between the siblings obvious. As does the fact that Lisbon (at the time anyway) didn’t even have Tommy’s number saved on her cell phone.

We get more hints in this episode. Tommy asks Lisbon to not “bust his chops” like she always does, meaning Lisbon has disapproved of his behavior in the past. Later, when Lisbon vents to Jane, viewers get a clearer picture on what the sibling’s dilemma is. Lisbon is like a concerned, slightly overbearing parent who wants the best for her kids. Tommy knew she wouldn’t approve of his new job and so didn’t tell her about it. Lisbon on the other hand feels betrayed, resentful and left out at not having her opinion count in her brothers’ lives after she’d raised them.

Viewers are able to sympathize with both Lisbon and her brother here. She has obviously been burned by Tommy in the past and it becomes clear that her brother is used to manipulating her to get what he wants. First, he gets her to take care of his daughter while he searches for Carmine. Later, he lies to her about going back home, spies on her (via spyware on her phone) to get Carmine, and only reveals that he’s in trouble, asking her help, when he’s desperate.

Tommy’s behavior here is so like Jane’s (viewers need go no further than episode ‘Redacted’) that it goes a long way in explaining why up to this season Lisbon has been so wary of her consultant’s efforts of an intimate friendship in the past. It also explains how until now she’d chosen to deal with Jane and why she’s so suspicious of him (other than the obvious reasons, of course). She’s known someone like him in the past; her brother and doesn’t trust his personality type.

But Tommy is sympathetic as well. He’s broke and is trying to raise his child the best he can. Bounty hunting is the job he found that pays well and that he’s good at. The scene where Lisbon and Tommy have it out in her office is heartbreaking because both Lisbons are full of such righteous anger that reconciliation seems impossible…until Jane steps in.

The Lisbons Catch Chief Green’s killer

Jane gives Carmine O’Brian to Tommy (whom he’d wanted to collect his bounty) then tells him to pick up his daughter at the inn (where the killer Chad works for his father) where Jane had taken her. Jane then quickly grabs Lisbon to follow Tommy and “explains on the way”.
Next, viewers watch Lisbon call Chad and tells him that she needs the hotel’s security grab a bounty hunter who has with him a potential witness in Green’s homicide. Once Tommy enters the hotel, Chad approaches him and offers him money to take Carmine to Mexico. Tommy asks why and calls Chad out on wanting Carmine away so that he can’t oust Chad as Green’s killer.

-Henry Thomas was so good in this scene. I watched the scene several times to decide whether Lisbon had filled him in on the situation beforehand (via phone call before she called Chad) or not. I *still* can’t tell if Tommy was really a clueless participant or if he was just that good of an actor and was tricking Chad. I hope the latter is true. Lisbon working alongside Tommy to catch her killer puts her in a more favorable light than her using her brother to lure in a dangerous criminal. Especially if we are to believe that the reason she hated his new job in the first place is because she was worried about him; as illustrated by her “Be careful Tommy” at the end of the episode.

I guess it could be possible that Lisbon didn’t tell Tommy about the plan to stick it to him, put him in his place and use him like he used her earlier. But I refuse to believe Lisbon is would willingly put her loved ones in danger. It’s completely out of her character to be that careless  or that petty.

On the other hand, it is something Jane would do. I guess the question is how far has Lisbon been affected by Jane?

This is where the “well placed clues” I mentioned earlier come into play:

1- Lisbon’s call to Chad is a tacit indication that she could have just as easily called Tommy to fill him in on the plan.

2-Later when she parks the car, she asks Jane “Where is he?” worried. Jane assures her that Tommy will show up and when he does Lisbon states “If anything happens to him…” This statement and the tone Tunney uses in saying it shows restrained yet resigned concern; like a mother watching her child go to school on the first day. Jane plays the father in this analogy, appeasing Lisbon with, assuring her and asking her to trust that her child will be okay.

3 -Tommy didn’t seem too surprised when Lisbon and Jane showed up (again, it took me several replays to realize this).

4- And finally, Jane’s “well done Lisbon family” seems to cinch the fact that they were all actively, voluntarily cooperating in the bust.

Note: I don’t think Annabeth’s part was planned though, based on Jane’s surprised (yet proud) face when he saw that she had been the one to trip the fire alarm.

mage by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain October, 2011. Not to be used without permission.

I for one am assured that Lisbon filled Tommy in on the plan beforehand. No matter how much she’s been easing up on, she still has her boundaries (just as Jane has slowly been gaining some from her). I’m also positive that her problem with Tommy’s job really does stem out of concern for him (along with whatever past negative experience with him which have her doubting him). His using her had to hurt too. But I think, after their fight, Lisbon felt guilty and recognized the opportunity Jane’s ruse offered her to reconcile things with her brother. Having Tommy participate in Chad’s collar would show him that his older sister trusts his abilities enough to have him help her.

But what really annoys me is that we don’t know! This is like Gable’s episode ‘Red Hot’ where we get a lot of hints on what may be going in the characters’ minds and behind the scenes  but we don’t know for sure. For example, was Lisbon in Mashburn’s hotel room or not?

Similarly, it recalls Heller’s episode ‘Red Moon’ where Jane and Lisbon have it out in Hightower’s office; Had Jane told Lisbon that he suspected Todd at that point? I doubt it or she wouldn’t have been so emphatic with her “Vengeance is not legal people need to know that” obviously referring to Jane. I also doubt she would have been so annoyed when Hightower sided with Jane if her and Jane’s argument had just been an act. But again we don’t know.

If it was Appelbaum’s intention was to follow the show’s main writers in keeping the viewers burning with curiosity I dare say he’s very satisfied.

Now one may argue that I’m making a big deal out of nothing. I beg to differ.

Best Scenes

2nd runner up: Lisbon and Tommy’s fight

I detailed above the importance of this scene but I didn’t mention how amazing Thomas and Tunney’s acting was. Consider it mentioned.

1st runner up: Lisbon vents to Jane

As stated above in the discussion above, this scene revealed a lot about the problems between Teresa and Tommy. But it also offers continuity to Lisbon’s relationship with Jane and was funny to boot. Lisbon starts talking s to Jane about the case when he tells her: “Fascinating but not what you really want to talk about.” And that was all he needed to say to get Lisbon to start venting.

I think viewers have now gotten more than enough proof that the wall of China between our main protagonists has crumbled down to close to nothing. There was a time when Jane wouldn’t even venture to reach out to Lisbon (Red Tide) and another where he’d had to prod her continuously to talk about what’s bothering her (Redline). Here Lisbon has a practically one sided conversation while Jane lends a friendly ear and utters a few benign yet meaningful comments. When he tries to give Lisbon some good advice “Live and let live, you’ll all be happier” she gets him a terse “Mind your own business” for his trouble. Tunney was hilarious here, and Baker’s expression after his character is effectively told to shut up is funny as heck too.

The winner: Lisbon and Tommy’s End Scene

After the case is closed Lisbon asks Tommy if he still wants Carmine. When he says yes she tells him she can pick him up from holding, adding that while she’s not happy with what he’s doing she could be wrong; and that since he’s got such a great kid he’s obviously doing something right. She adds that she’s proud of him, maybe even a little jealous.  They are words Tommy obviously needed to hear. Floored, he thanks and hugs her.

-Here, Lisbon yielded one motherly instinct (protectiveness) for another (tenderness). I suspect it was very difficult for her as she’s obviously used to dishing out the former. I’m not sure if she was being completely honest with Tommy when she said the above statements or if she just wanted to be encouraging.

But her next sentence is crystal clear: “I love you, and you know I’m here for you right?”

Lisbon clearly wants her brother to feel like he can count on her, as opposed to hiding things from her and manipulating here. But she realizes he can’t do that if he can’t communicate with her. The idea that he feel unable to do so seems painful to her, as her question whether he knows he can count on her is what brings her to tears.

As I expect it will the rest of the viewers. Tunney was phenomenal. She gives Lisbon an air which Jordan Harper dubbed (and nailed) via Mashburn: “damaged intensity”. It makes whoever sees her want to hug her.


Last week I attempted to explain Lisbon’s lack of anger towards Jane’s shooting Timothy Carter; a job a couple of the commentors did much better than I (see previous Mentalist post).

I think this episode also serves to explain why Lisbon is being more understanding towards Jane: she wants to be in on his games the better to control them.

But this raises an important question: is she? Controlling them?

Perhaps control is the wrong word here because it implies that someone is in charge when it seems more obvious than ever that these two are partners, working in tandem.

Let’s just say that knowing about Jane’s ruses beforehand gives Lisbon a chance to choose how/if she wants to participate, even if is after the fact. For example, in this episode, he told Lisbon about his plan after he’d already given Tommy Carmine, but she could have still put it to a stop. It was nowhere near as manipulative or as terrible as putting her on the spot the way he did with Trina in ‘Blood for Blood’ (Yes, I will continue bringing it up; I’m like a elephant that way, I never forget)

It will be interesting to see if Jane will only involve Lisbon in schemes he suspects she will follow willingly, he was very happy with her in this episode when she did; which I like to think meant he wasn’t 100% sure that she would. I do hope that her willingness to listen to him will also work vice-versa. That in the future he will be more open to taking her advice even when she *doesn’t* agree with him.; something I’ve been wishing for since last season when I stated that he needs someone to guide him.

In the event that a situation arises where Jane and Lisbon do not see eye to eye, we will know for sure if Jane’s character has developed as much as Lisbon’s. We’ve gotten some signs, but it might be that Jane’s newfound peace could be a double edged sword; it could make him as incorrigible as ever.

If the latter is true, I doubt anyone will fault Lisbon if she reverts to her old way of dealing with Jane, or at least not be as obliging as she has been so far. In fact, I dare say most fans will be disappointed in her if she doesn’t.

Because while it’s  been wonderful to see understanding Lisbon, it’s not fair to the character that her opinion only matter; that she only be included in her loved ones lives provided she always go along with what they want or agree with them.

Icings on the Cake

This is kind of random but I love Canadian actor Carlo Rota J

I though Cho getting hit by a car, forcing him to take it easy and providing a reason for his absence in this episode was quite clever. I wonder if it’s also part of a plot line for him…

Honorable Mentions

Henry Thomas was very good and was able to showcase Tommy’s character traits very well depending on the characters situation: defensive, sheepish, desperate, manipulative, unsure; he was excellent and he and Tunney had great chemistry together.

Robin Tunney: see above.

John-Paul Lavoisier as the perp Chad was very good. Especially in the last scene, his confession and how wired he was while talking; like he was already begging for a coke hit.

Pet peeves: Lisbon’s scene at the mini-arcade with Annabeth.

-At first I thought Annabeth’s part in the conversation with Lisbon (her telling Lisbon that she wanted to be a cop like her) was horribly cliché. Then when Tommy winked at his daughter after he finished downloading the spyware to Lisbon’s phone, I realized that she could have just been buttering her aunt up to keep her busy while her dad does his thing. I don’t know which annoys me more.

– Why oh why couldn’t Tommy have been wearing his “Bail Enforcement Officer” jacket when he went to the hotel in the scene where Chad is captured? It would explain how Chad was able to ID him as the bounty hunter. As it is, it seems that Chad is a mentalist like Jane is, able to identify a man’s profession simply by looking at him; unlikely.

 I’m beat. Care to share your favorite quotes? Also, please rate and comment. 

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12 responses to “Mentalist Where in the World is Carmine O’Brian Review

  • violet

    Loved your review! Didn’t expect it so fast after two other ones! 🙂

    I don’t think Tommy was aware of the plan, simply because as you said it was Jane’s plan. I mean, it was the perfect opportunity, and a mostly safe one at that (since Lisbon was here and armed and Jane probably knew that Chad would try to bribe Tommy rather than kill him) to confirm that Tommy was able to handle his job, its risks and its responsibilities. By letting Tommy genuinely deal with temptation, the money offered by Chad, Lisbon was being proven that he wasn’t ready to use whatever mean to make money: he may have used her to do his job, but he wouldn’t sell himself to a murderer. Without this test, a doubt would always have remained about his morality. Then, after seeing how well he dealt with the situation – recognizing Chad as the killer, refusing to be bribed, staying calm when taken as an hostage, helping her to arrest Chad-, she was able to accept his way of life and, more importantly, to reconcile with him.
    (As for ‘Red Hot’ at least, dear Lisbon WAS indeed in Walter’s room: when Jane was talking to him, the camera caught a bottle and two glasses half full of champagne in the background, behind Walter who discreetly kept preventing Jane from entering further in the room.)
    On a side note, I don’t think that Chad identifying Tommy as the bounty hunter he was expecting was that much of a pet peeve: I mean, the poor guy was so nervous and excited he was probably waiting to jump on every man walking alone in the hotel. He just happened to be lucky the first time.

    I’m also not sure that Annie was truly lying about her wish to become a cop: she resembles Lisbon too much for it not to be at least partially true. She’s as independent, snarky and action-oriented as Lisbon, she obviously enjoys being in the field with her father, loves guns (Lisbon’s own enticement for them has been mocked by Jane). And, more importantly, she’s as protective with her father as Lisbon (having his back in chief Green’s house and in the hotel, helping him devotedly by distracting her aunt). So, yeah, it may very well be true.

    I really liked the subtext and its ramifications in this ep. While the episode was somewhat frustrating, it managed to be very cleverly built: the new characters as well as the case provided some more insight about our protagonists and their interactions by a subtle net of parallels. Lisbon’s resemblance with her niece, for example. I also loved how you commented on Tommy and Jane having the same character type: it would certainly explain both her motherly reaction to Jane and her wariness towards his friendship and general behavior, but it would also provide a plausible explanation for her patience with him. How many bosses would have given up on him since the beginning? She’s the only one who has accepted to deal with his antics in the long run (even Hightower was showing signs of having enough with her golden boy at the end of ‘Red Gold’…). At the same time, Chad’s father is an example of over-protective and controlling parent, enlightening what Tommy seem to have felt about Lisbon’s intrusion (making him feel that he’s “a loser”, undermining him, thinking that he can’t deal with difficulties, that he makes bad choices…). And the result of his dad’s behavior is Chad drowning his weakness in drugs and committing a double homicide. On the contrary,Tommy seems to be quite the permissive father, but he tries to raise his daughter the best way he can, setting some rules (she’s not to come in the field), although she doesn’t always follow them, asking a stranger like Jane how he know his daughter.
    Last, the progression of the conflict between Lisbon and her brother reminded me quite a lot of Rigsby’s meeting with his father, as both relationships are developed in five scenes ending in a kind of understanding: 1) when meeting again, Tommy plays on affection, using her nickname, commenting her haircut, complaining about his ex-wife and trying to minimize the situation while she’s scolding him – in ‘Like a Red-Headed Stepchild’ the first meeting also presented the situation between Wayne and his criminal of a father; 2) the second confrontation shows Tommy’s rancor towards what he feels is a lake of support from his sister, we can see the true depth of the conflict between them (the same went with Rigsby back then, he was insecure about himself because of his father’s influence and Van Pelt had to reassure him); 3) later on, in the two following moments between the siblings, we saw the extent of Tommy’s willingness to use his sister to his own profit, like what happened with Rigsby: even when he invited her for lunch, he was coming from her office, it’s quite probable that he has searched her desk first; 4) the confrontation: she infantilizes him (piggybacking 🙂 ), he affirms his point of view; and 5) the acceptation of the other; both points dealt by fighting in the Rigsbies’ household. Nevertheless, in spite of the parallel, the Lisbons are far less confrontational and more loving, what leads them to a deeper form of tolerance toward the other: both Lisbon and Tommy try to become more mature and to let go of the quite stifling over protectiveness that has characterized their bond, whereas Rigsby’s dad was just more respectful towards his son, who was the only one truly growing up.

  • windsparrow

    I’m not quite sure where my attention was during this episode. You saw all sorts of nuances and details that I did not catch. It’s possible I was just too busy chortling over Jane teaching Lisbon’s niece how to pick pockets. Seriously, people. Jane taught Lisbon’s niece how to pick pockets. And then turned her loose on Rigsby. Yeah, I’m never going to not find that hilarious. Years from now when I can’t remember what I did yesterday, I’ll still be chuckling over this.

    Right, what was the rest of the episode about?

    Oh yeah, there was a murder and stuff.

    “When he tries to give Lisbon some good advice “Live and let live, you’ll all be happier” she gets him a terse “Mind your own business” for his trouble. Tunney was hilarious here, and Baker’s expression after his character is effectively told to shut up is funny as heck too.”

    My first thought was “Oh, yeah, they’re not married at all.” The woman behind them in the elevator was grinning like she had seen the Lisbon and Jane show before.

    “4- And finally, Jane’s “well done Lisbon family” seems to cinch the fact that they were all actively, voluntarily cooperating in the bust.
    “Note: I don’t think Annabeth’s part was planned though, based on Jane’s surprised (yet proud) face when he saw that she had been the one to trip the fire alarm.”

    It’s funny, I had the impression that Annie was the only one truly in on Jane’s scheme, that Lisbon and Tommy were in the dark. But upon mature reflection that would make sense only if Lisbon had never developed either her newfound understand and partnership with Jane, or the long-standing distrust of him borne of getting burned by him more than once. And I do think that if Jane had put Annie in danger (and his own conscience didn’t strangle the rest of his brain) then he would be at the business end of both Auntie Reese and Tommy’s ire.
    So either I need a nap, or to rewatch the episode.
    Did I mention I thought Annie learning from Jane how to pick pockets was the best thing ever?

  • Jenny Ison

    Some of my favorite lines from this episode:

    1) Jane (to VP): The world’s full of scumbags we can’t touch.

    2) Tommy (to Lisbon): Besides, she needs some female time. Her mom’s such a freakin’ wackadoo. And you know I’m a guy.

    3) Annie: Aunt Teresa, you get paid to carry a glock, you beat up people when they get out of line, you’re totally bad*ss.

    4) Tommy to Lisbon re: Annie–She is sorry, she just won’t admit it. Who does that remind you of? (chuckles)

    5) Tommy to Lisbon: It is on sis! May the best man win!

    6) Jane to Annie: Rigsby’s a nice easy mark, if you want to keep practicing.

    7) Rigsby: Doctor say what the problem is?
    Cho: Yeah. Getting hit by a car.

  • Jenny Ison

    Thank you Reviewbrain for taking the time to stay up late and do this review. It was a nice surprise to find after a day of substitute teaching Kindergarten children while losing my voice. So thank you 🙂

    This episode was good since we were able to meet Tommy and Annie. However, the episode was a little weak and just plain lacking to me….maybe because it wasn’t more focused on Jane; I don’t know. There were two main themes in this episode, imo, and here they are:

    1. Jane’s love for the team/need to help. At the beginning of the season, Jane did his usual questionable things to get the team back. Now that he has them back he seems to be on best behavior, working to be helpful, to fix everyone’s problems, probably being thankful to them for their help to him in 324. This is evident in Jane: babysitting Annie as he taught her how to pickpocket (this could also be to help Annie pass the time); showing VanPelt how to “get the scumbag” so she would feel better; and orchestrating the solve of the case so that Lisbon and her family worked together with things ending on a happy note (Jane wanted things to be good between Lisbon and her family since he knows what it is like in the absence of his own).

    2. To show the audience how Lisbon treats her brother. This episode had oodlins and goblins of interaction between Teresa and Tommy. Any decent Mentalist fan has seen this time and again with how Lisbon treated Jane in Seasons 1-3. It is important to show us this sibling interaction so that the audience can contrast this behavior with the much more relaxed Season 4 relationship of Lisbon and Jane, where they work together, think alike and even enjoy some tea and conversation. Like Reviewbrain, I expect the poop to hit the fan in future episodes, but I think we are meant to believe that Lisbon is opening up to the idea of Jane being something more to her. Yes, Jisbon fans, I think we were given the slightest hint of that possibity. We have heard Simon Baker speak on the Jisbon issue previously,and he always brings up that fact that Lisbon and Jane are much of the time like brothers and sisters. This episode showed us their relationship is indeed changing.

    My 406 Pet Peeves:

    Where was VanPelt’s eyeliner in this episode?? She just didn’t look right to me.

    Does anyone else think that Annie wouldn’t be caught dead at an 8th grade prom? She just doesn’t seem to be the girlie-girl type.

  • Julie

    Lovely review as always and I always have trouble deciding on which answer for the poll. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m don’t have too much to say as you always cover it so well and I must admit i don’t think much past Jane’s journey, that is exhausting enough. I did like that they didn’t make Grace too full on this week, it isn’t the Mentalist style they usually like to give little hints. I also liked Jane helping her, I do enjoy Grace and Jane interaction and so I am hopeful that though there wasn’t much shown that it is a start. I also like Rigsby and Van Pelts conversation and showed Rigsby’s growth. Maddison I thought was a gem and was able to hold her own in the scenes she was in. Well done to her.
    I am glad that they played the Lisbon/Tommy relationship where there was right and wrong on both sides,as that is the way most relationships are. My favourite part was the interaction between Jane and lisbon. It showed Jane’s respect for Lisbon as he tried to teach in a non offensive manner, where as with others he is much more forthright (aka Paint it Red). Simon and Robin have become so they play off each other extremely well and are obviously very comfortable with each other.

    My favourite line is the Risby line and second is Jane saying he had made a deal to hear her best Aunty Reece Stories. Though reading that I have realised it is unusual in America to use Aunty, it is just Aunt. My kids are American and they call my sister Aunt, even though we have lived in England now for 30yrs and I am Aunty to her children. My predictive text which is American english doesn’t evne recognize Aunty. Just thought I bet after all this I have remembered it wrong and he actually said Aunt Reece stories.

    Can’t wait until Friday morning.

  • Jenny Ison


    Didn’t you love seeing the master at work when Jane picked CBI Ron’s pocket to get the keys to release O’Brien to Tommy??!!

  • All-I-need

    @Jenny Ison: Those were my favorite lines, too! Especially #7 with Cho and Rigsby. Even when Cho has almost NO screentime at all, he still manages to make me laugh out loud.

    I don`t know whether Tommy was in on the plan or not, though I lean more towards nope, for the same reasons violet already mentioned in her comment.

    What I did find interesting, though, is that it seems like we finally found the reason why Lisbon isn`t angry with Jane for killing Carter.

    When she discovered the spyware on her phone and subsequently had that huge fight with Tommy in her office, she was angry with him because he had lied to her, gone behind her back and spied on her. Actually, she was more angry about the fact that he lied to her than anything else.

    Jane never lied to her when it came to Red John. He always made it a point to tell her exactly what he had planned to do. She can hardly be angry with him for keeping true to his word, right? (never mind the fact that it wasn`t RJ. Jane thought so at the time, so it still counts)

    Also, I just HAVE to point out that Simon Baker looked ridiculously cute peeking around the cabin door with that sandwich in his mouth … but that might just be my inner fangirl speaking…gosh, he`s hot. *sigh* (okay, that was definitely the inner fangirl)

    Jane teaching Annie how to pick pockets was hilarious. Especially the way he kept stealing her phone all the time. Poor girl, never play with the master =) I´m just sad we didn`t get to see Jane`s initial reaction to Tommy and Annie. I bet that would´ve been great.

    Speaking of that, did anyone else feel that this episode was missing a scene or two? Apart from the fact that it was only 40 minutes long (very unusual, it`s normally about 43-45 minutes) I just kept waiting for a longer Jane/Tommy scene. Or, even better, a Jane/Tommy/Lisbon scene. Where was that?!

    Apart from that, I totally loved how Lisbon vented to Jane about her brother and how the people in the elevator shared a look that clearly said “Oh, for god`s sake, get a room already!” and the woman then rolled her eyes to the ceiling, obviously amused by the whole dialogue. I bet Jane and Lisbon are already infamous for their arguments at CBI.

    As for another scene that was clearly missing from this episode: An end-scene with Lisbon and Jane. I`m sure he had a lot to say about her goodbye with Tommy and Annie – and surely he also had some tea to offer…

  • Jenny Ison

    @All-I-need, I think you’re right-on about the reason Lisbon wasn’t mad at Jane re: the Timothy Carter/Red John…she wants to be involved and in the know. She never wants “deniability.” She wants the truth! Very good observation!!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who secretly LOVED when Jane came through the door, hands full, sandwich in mouth!!! It was a priceless cute Jane moment that keeps me watching TM!

    I wasn’t aware that 406 was only 40 minutes long. It must be missing a scene or two. I just wonder if this was a boo boo or intentional.

    Pretty sure I agreed with everything you said 🙂

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    Gosh, this was the episode I was waiting since probably Season 1 episode 1 lol
    And still we are left with more questions than answer, I love you Show. xD (btw, I think Lisbon was already in Mashburn’s room when Jane was there 😉 )
    I admit I was hoping to see some references to Lisbon’s parents, her cross… but Show likes to take little steps.

    Well, first of all I have to say that most of the reason why I loved the episode was due to Robin Tunney and Henry Thomas. Anyone who has seen them together in the movie “Niagara Niagara” can understand the excitement to see them together again, this time playing brother and sister. The chemistry between these two is so so amazing, it’s like it was all so natural, I got the same vibe I get when I see Robin and Simon playing together.

    I agree that we managed to understand why Lisbon is so good with Jane, how she managed to resist for so many years. She had a mini-Jane in the family already… someone who makes her worry, but someone she loves so much she just can’t let him go… but as a result, Tommy doesen’t speak with her about his plans because he knows she would get worried, and wouldn’t approve, but he ends up asking her help and comprehension eventually… sounds really familiar.

    I guess the problem between Lisbon and her bro is that she has never been a sister to him, but almost always a mom, especially since Tommy is the little brother. She said that to Jane: I basically raised him and his brothers. She feels more a mom than a sister. And as a mom, she feels her responsability to give advices and protect her kid.
    I think at the end of the episode she was really trying to be a sister… something like, I’m here for you, whatever you want to do with your life.
    It was such a beautiful scene, and you could see how Tommy was surprised by what she said, and how we wasn’t able to say goodbye at the end… couldn’t hold back tears. You’re (and Mashburn lol) absolutely right about the damaged intensity… I wanted to hug Lisbon so much! The way her face changed in that scene, the way she was trying to hold back tears, and at the same time she was trying to show Tommy she was meaning what she said… so powerful.

    The elevator scene with Jane was my second favourite scene. I have to say at the beginning I was a bit surprised how easily Lisbon let her stream of consciousness go, but she probably couldn’t wait anymore she was going to explode! I loved that Jane just stood there listening to her. It’s not easy to leave Jane speechless 😉 Even more funny were the two people in the elevator, like they were used to listen to that old married couple bantering 😉
    It was nice seeing how natural that scene was, it made me happy.

    Jane teaching Annie picking pockets was superb. Everytime I see Jane with a teenage girl I have bittersweet memories cause they make me think of him and Charlotte. And the whole Annabeth, no Annie, was cute.
    I think Annie was also well written, I can totally see Lisbon as Annie, and even if Annie wanted just to keep Lisbon busy while dad was working on her phone, I think there was truth in her words. Lisbon is a badass, independent woman, something Annie wants surely to be, even if she does have a better relationship with her dad than Lisbon had with her own.

    I still have to figure out if Tommy was in the plan… I think not, and even if he were, there was no way to predict that Chad would have taken him hostage for Lisbon, so it was great to see the way they worked together to arrest Chad. Nicely done indeed, and I love when Lisbon tackles a suspect down!
    Tommy is not a kid anymore, not matter how Lisbon still sees him as one, she can’t protect him from the world, so better be there when he needs and let him take some risks.
    I would have loved to see more interaction between Jane and Tommy though. I hope we’re going to see him again on the show.

    As always, lovely review, and lovely drawing!! 😀

  • violet

    Like Jenny Ison, I agree with everything! Very good points you brought here, All-I-Need! You’re undoubtedly right about Lisbon wanting the truth more than anything: she’s an honest person, as Jane put it, and as one, she certainly thinks highly of the truth. Plus there is that whole trust question around her: she wants to be trusted, although she has difficulties to trust on her own… That’s why the talk in the elevator was so interesting (apart from the funny looks they were getting! 😉 ): both of them found it so easy to talk about personal matters. At the end of ‘Ring Around The Rosie’, Jane asking Lisbon about his antisocial personality might have seem a bit tentative: he was bothered by it and the talk with Wainwright had just taken place, so he needed comfort. Here, Jane tells Lisbon that she wants to talk about her problems, and, indeed, she does. The scene felt completely natural and may as well have been a daily occurrence. Like Reviewbrain put it, the “wall of China” has fallen and they’re now sitting on its remaining stones to enjoy introspecting around a nice cup of tea. Impressive!
    I kept feeling the episode lacked something and you nailed just right what it was: Jane! Where in the world are the scenes with him?

  • windsparrow

    Too true, Jenny Ison!

  • Julie

    loving all your comments. The cabin scene was priceless. Jane wasn’t in it much but Simon made the most of each one.

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