Cheap Burgundy


When the FBI requests to borrow CBI consultant Patrick Jane (Baker) to help out on a homicide in Santa Carla, CBI head Luther Wainwright( Michael Rady) is only too happy to oblige.  Agent Teresa Lisbon (Tunney) warns Jane that FBI Agent Susan Darcy (Catherine Dent) is probably using the case to investigate him. Namely, that Darcy will try to get Jane into revealing that serial killer Red John is still alive. Unconcerned, Jane goes off to help the FBI solve the murder of a young married mother. Meanwhile, Lisbon and her team are left to close their own case by trying to get a rich suspect to admit killing one of his female employees.

Concise Verdict

Jane getting punched, Lisbon getting ticked off, I was sold on this episode less than ten minutes in.

Cheap Burgundy was fantastic from start to finish. I especially loved how organic all the character moments were. I don’t know what it is, but Jane was just more Jane in this episode. And Lisbon was just more Lisbon. Baker and Tunney were simply sparking with good humor and familiarity even as they were arguing. The episode also had plenty of serious moments. In that sense, it was very reminiscent of some of the best episodes season one Mentalist had to offer. This has always been what sets Heller (and his show) apart from others; the perfect balance of comedy and darkness. I love this balance. I’ve missed this balance.

The episode was thankfully very straightforward. It had to be as it finally deals with issues that have remained obscure for the better part of the season. The direction was also very creative and I can’t wait to get the DVD’s so I can better study all the nuances this one had to offer (speaking of which, who do I have to suck up to to get a director’s commentary on this one?).

Written and directed by Heller, Cheap Burgundy shines in what is becoming a stellar season. 10/10.

Detailed AKA Humongous Review (spoilers galore)

We’ve been waiting for the reveal, and I think it totally paid off. I love surprises. Nice surprises mind you. I never suspected the twist at the end. I mean, I suspected part of it, but I never believed it would happen. And as it completely makes sense, it was a great surprise.

Best Scenes

2nd Runner up: Rigsby trying to Hypnotize the Suspect

The scene with Wayne trying to hypnotize the perp, ending with his embarrassed denial when he calls him out on it, and Lisbon letting her head fall on the two way glass was so funny.

Note: This is one of the scenes where the directing stood out.

1st runner up: Jane and Darcy Have it Out

Jane tries to get Darcy to make an arrest to lull the real killer into a trap. She declines before he has a chance to explain his plan telling him she’s tired of his antics. Jane replies:

“Don’t talk to me about to me about games and you don’t care a damn about Katie Bauer nor is your job in jeopardy.”

Here, Jane is calling out Darcy on lying to him earlier, trying to manipulate him into helping her by playing the damsel in distress routine, telling him that she needs him to help her win her case or her job would be over. He adds:

“Quit your play acting you’re not very good at it.”

Darcy gives it to Jane straight up: “Red John is alive and you know it. And the only question is why you would deny it. Why try to throw me off the trail. I realize something you’re not hunting red John you’re protecting him. That’s why you claim he’s dead.”

-This is where I was shocked. I thought Darcy would accuse Jane of killing Panzer. I never thought she’d suspect him of working with RJ. Jane seemed genuinely disturbed by Darcy’s statement. I expect his being in cahoots with RJ over killing Panzer makes Darcy’s statement hit too close for comfort even if she is wrong about him protecting RJ.

Jane tells her as much: “That’s absurd.” Darcy replies: “What other conclusion could I come to. If you’re enemies why hasn’t he killed you? Why hasn’t he killed the people you work with?”

Jane (honestly?) answers that he doesn’t know.


Ahem. I don’t know if Jane honestly has no theories here (I do believe him though) but I’m going to state my theory. I’ve said this before but I think RJ really does want Jane to move on; he said as much through Timothy Carter. RJ likes Jane and it’s highly possible that it’s true that he doesn’t want to cause him any more pain.

Darcy then reasonably asks Jane “If Red John is dead, why are the people who cross him still dying?”

Jane tries to brush off that RJ has disciples, but that he’s not one of them. Darcy refuses to believe him, understandably, since he won’t even admit RJ is alive. Jane finally does and when she asks him why he would deny it Jane says “It was a mistake. But I’m not his friend nor am I one of his disciples.”

-I wonder if Jane’s protests here stem from fear that he is becoming like RJ (as hinted in the last episode by Stile’s “You’re coming along”). I do wish we could see more evidence on whether Jane at least recognizes the grim potential there.

Darcy states that she hopes Jane can prove it to which Jane replies “I don’t have to prove anything. You do.”

-Perfectly written, perfectly acted scene.

The winner: Jane and Lisbon Catch Up

I’m not even ashamed of this choice. Notwithstanding how adorable our leading man and woman are, the scene was very important.

Jane is sleeping on a bench waiting for Lisbon to come pick him up. She wakes him up by honking the horn. He gets in the car and she asks him what happened with Darcy. Jane deflects first by asking Lisbon if she’s not interested in the case, then by telling her that he missed her. Lisbon *gasp* actually *GASP* replies that she missed him too!


I’m so proud of these two kids!

Even Jane looks a bit in awe at Lisbon’s uninhibited heartfelt statement.

I’m also very proud of Lisbon here. She doesn’t let the let the warm and fuzzies distract her from her goal in finding out about Susan (which I suspect was part of the reason Jane said he missed her). Lisbon quickly turns the subject back onto Darcy. Jane asks her to drive, appeasing her with a: “You think I won’t tell you?” Lisbon sighs and relents.

-What’s interesting is that Jane’s question sounded rhetorical. As if Lisbon should now trust him enough to be reassured that he’d always keep her in on the loop.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?


But, wait, if it’s true that they are that open with each other now, then how do we explain Jane brushing Lisbon off at the end of episode War of the Roses? Was it the exception to the new rule? It must be so because in this episode, although it took Jane  time (hours it seems) to steel himself, and Lisbon pushing him further, he does eventually tell Lisbon that Darcy suspects him of being in cahoots with RJ.

I love how he says it:

“I admitted that Red John is still alive just like you wanted me too and she accused me of working for him.”

-Typical Jane leaves out the fact that he only admitted RJ was alive to Darcy because she already had him cornered with her accusation that he was protecting the serial killer. I wonder if he did this intentionally, or unconsciously. If it was intentional, I don’t think he did it to throw any blame on Lisbon. More likely, he didn’t want to reveal how very little control he had in the situation that led to the admission. Another reason could be to appease Lisbon into thinking he finally took her advice.

Lisbon understandably starts panicking over Darcy’s ominous suspicions. I love how when Jane tries to shift the subject, telling her he can’t believe they still didn’t solve their case, Lisbon snaps “Don’t try to distract me with insults.”

-What I find astonishing is how flabbergasted both Jane and Lisbon seem at this development. I guess it’s only natural, they’ve got all the lies and cover up of Panzer and RJ’s involvement that it never crossed their minds that Jane would be considered guilty of working with RJ. Kind of ironic, since, on some level, that’s exactly what he did.

Karma’s a b&*$h.

Icings on the cake

-I very much appreciated Lisbon not being at CBI when the Serious Crimes unit had to let Filo walk. Her being busy helping Jane out on his case excuses her not being able to crack her own- she wasn’t there to do it- and keeps her from seeming inadequate. I’m so grateful for how Heller took care of her character like that.

-Jane being nice to Lila (Melissa Marsala) after she fainted was wonderful. I love nice Jane. I miss nice Jane.

-Speaking of Lila, her family’s situation was very touching and relevant. Her older brother Manny (Marcos A. Ferraez) is steadfast in defending his brother James (Gino Anthony Pesi) from killing Kati Baur. Lila on the other hand says that she loves her brother James so much but fears he is in fact capable of murder. The torture the siblings face, wanting to believe in James while doubting him might be an indirect method to convey what Lisbon must face every time she feels doubt towards Jane. She wants to believe the best of him but at the same time knows him enough to question him. Until now, loyalty has always trumped doubt.

–  Jane’s cold read of Darcy really humanized her and allowed viewers to see her for more than just the hard-nosed detective that she is.  I’m very impressed with how the recurring characters have been developed this season; first Sarah, and now Darcy.

-Little Miss Fierce is back! In a leather jacket! I loved everything about Lisbon in this episode. I’m even glad she seems to be growing out her bangs and going back to her season one hair. If the bangs aren’t going to be as perfect as they were in season two, then I’d rather her be without them so we can see more of her gorgeous face.

-James Barca glomping Jane, and Jane awkwardly patting him on the back repeating “yup” every time the man thanked him for proving his innocence was awesome. As was Lisbon hiding her smile in the background. It’s nice to see Jane as shy as he ever is at accepting gratitude.

-Continuity that Jane is very well read. He mentioned in Fugue in Red knowing all of Shakespeare’s work. I felt it clever that this tidbit was used to solve the case.

Speaking of which…

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain March, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain March, 2012. Not to be used without permission.


Honorable Mentions

Yeoman for his hilarious portrayal of Rigsby trying his hands at hypnosis.

Tunney for making Lisbon as badass as we love her to be and as adorable as we know her to be. The contrast between her hard tone with the perp and her high pitched pleas to Jane to tell her what’s going on is adorable, and in character for Lisbon’s.

Baker’s character always gives him a wide range of emotions to play but he was somehow even more irresistible here. I think it was this episode’s mixture of some of Jane’s more likable facets: nice, playful, somber, and vulnerable.

Catherine Dent makes Susan Darcy a very worthy adversary for Jane. I don’t think I’ve said this before but I really like her honest acting. She makes Darcy sympathetic.

Blake Neely for his eerie foreboding tunes as well as for his playful ones.

Best for last, Mr. Bruno Heller. I hope we get more of his writing this season as he has been missed greatly. And if he could include director commentary on this season’s DVD’s so we can learn from his genius I’d be forever grateful.

Best Lines

“Uh, that’s assault, Lisbon, arrest him.” Another thing I’ve sorely missed was the amusement of watching Jane talk through a  bruised nose 🙂

“She’s trying to investigate me on the sly, bless her heart.” Jane, on Darcy. It’s interesting that Jane doesn’t see Darcy as a threat. The War of the Roses review  garnered heavy discussion on how Jane seems to have a weakness for women. His underestimating a woman might once again get him in trouble.

“So you get to go off and have fun while we deal with the Filo mess you left us?” Lisbon to Jane.

“That you didn’t kill Red John, that you lied about it, that you did a lot of stupid things to cover up the lies and that now he’s back and you’re very sorry, that truth.” Lisbon, in response to Jane asking her what truth she wants him to tell Darcy. A lot of recap in one line. Plus we get continuity on Jane’s idiocy; always nice. (I love the guy, but a reminder that he’s only human is healthy, I think.)

“Can’t you see that your stubborn arrogance is gonna come back and bite you in the-Agent Darcy!” Lisbon, breaking off her tirade at Jane when Darcy enters her office.

“My pleasure, glad to see the back of him.”-Lisbon to Darcy, after she thanked him for letting her borrow Jane.

“I’m gonna have a great time, there’s my back.” Jane’s hurt response to the above.

“I want this little bitch toasted like a marshmallow.” –Gary Filo. Awesome read of the line. Also love Lisbon’s stunned look here and the hard line she took with Filo afterwards.

“I’m not gonna pay you to hold my hand while this idiotic girl acts out her hatred of powerful father figures, just go.” –Gary Filo to his lawyer, on Lisbon. How hateful can a man be? Good writing people. And acting.

“That creep is a psychopath and he’s guilty and we’re going to make him say so.” -Awesome Lisbon.

“I’m sorry, that’s just me. I like to fiddle.” Jane to victim’s family.

“Yes, Franklin will you smooth things over here? Darcy and I have to go.” -Jane to officer after he insults victim’s family.

“Now, when I have eggs coming?” Love the continuity of Jane and his beloved eggs. He even eats them at night.

“Deep down inside you’re a cruel man aren’t you?” Darcy getting to know Jane, calling him out on using her pain to distract her from asking him about RJ.

“Newsflash, I don’t work for Red John.” Jane to Lisbon, with a little laugh of disbelief.

“I have to go. Jane needs me. You guys are gonna have to handle this yourselves.” -I love Lisbon’s little smile and pleased (smug?) tone when she tells the team that Jane needs her. On the other hand, her being so pleased also has me worried about how much Jane’s opinion of her is starting to matter. Sigh.


Luther Wainwright agreeing to work with Darcy hints that the reason he cooperated with her before (Red is the new Black) is in fact him being a bureaucrat. The fact that she outwardly threatened to take him down with Jane further suggests he was just covering his butt because he was afraid of the big bad FBI lady. Darcy telling him that Jane is sociopath probably also worked towards his decision to help her out, it wasn’t too far from his own conclusion of Jane (Ring Around the Rosie).

On the other hand, is it me or did he seem pleased at the prospect of getting rid of Jane via Darcy? Perhaps that’s why he supplied her the evidence to begin with?

Then there’s always the theory that he himself is an RJ mole. It could be why we still don’t know much about him.

What do you all think?

As to Darcy, I can’t for one second blame her for gunning for Jane more than ever now. Jane’s actions have been suspicious and questionable. But I suspect what cinched the matter in her head was his cold read of her. She had agreed to it, had listened to Jane, even allowed him to reach as far as her painful loss of her sister. But then he stopped and she tried to move onto the subject of RJ, like he promised they would. It was then that Jane upped the ante with the following:

That’s why you’re relentless in your work. Because you are relentlessly hard on yourself. You know you should cut yourself some slack, you’d be a lot happier. You’re sad because you shut down your emotions which accounts for your stilted seduction technique. You’re capable of great passion if you just let yourself go. But you won’t. Not until you redeem yourself. Make the wrong things right. But how can you hope to do that. You can’t bring your sister back. You’re on your own.

Let’s be honest here. Jane might have felt sympathy for Darcy, he might even have felt her a kindred spirit suffering from misplaced guilt, but his major goal was to distract her from discussing RJ. I don’t blame Darcy one bit for telling him that he’s a cruel person, we all know he has a mean self serving streak;  hence her thinking he’s a sociopath.

Now if Jane had just told Darcy everything from the beginning (like Lisbon told him to) instead of waiting until she forced his hand, I think she would have believed him. The fact that he only admitted RJ was alive after she accused him of being his ally just makes Jane look guiltier.

To Patrick’s credit, he did seem a bit sorry, maybe even ashamed of himself after Susan called him cruel. Perhaps he would even do things differently given a second chance.

I suspect he will wish he had once it becomes clear that he’s wrong in his claim that Darcy couldn’t possibly have anything on him. Please see the Always Bet on Red review for more details.

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133 responses to “Cheap Burgundy

  • Everrinn

    As always, a perfect review for a perfect episode 😀 Bruno Heller did an excellent job on last night’s episode.

    I’m loving the fact that Darcy suspects him. I’ve been waiting for this, and am thrilled that someone has finally come up to the plate about how suspicious Jane is in this whole thing. I will shamelessly admit I’m one of those crazies who thinks Jane could be Red John. But that aside, his actions thus far are just brimming with serious suspicion as far as anyone who is not Jane or Lisbon is concerned. With the way Lisbon has Jane’s back these days, I’m curious too see if suspicion will eventually be cast on her as well. And how might she react to that.

    I want to mention too… I think Darcy is actually correct in her statement that Jane is protecting Red John. Not necessarily in the way she meant it, but deep down… Jane is and has always been protecting Red John from everyone but himself. As Lisbon inquired in an earlier episode, he wants Red John for himself.

    This show has a way of making me suspect everyone of secretly being a minion of Red John. So I’m a little undecided on what to think of Luther. I am so in love with the reaction Luther when Darcy tells him she thinks Jane is a “cunning manipulative sociopath.” I was almost expecting an excited “Hah, I know, right!?” from him. I feel Luther is fascinated by Jane and his psychopathic behavior. He doesn’t seem concerned so much as amused and a little proud when Darcy voices her opinion of him, up until the point where she mentions Jane working with Red John. Then his concern shows. But I wonder… Is Wainwright concerned because Jane might BE working with Red John, or because Darcy THINKS Jane is but he knows better because he himself is associated with Red John? I guess time will tell if the childish boss is a little something more.

    Also, Lisbon totally killed it with awesome this episode. Little miss fierce, alright! And her and Jane’s scenes (particularly the one you mentioned as Winner) were fantastic. My favorite line… “You’re under arrest…. but I don’t know why…” Gotta love her ;P

  • John Scott


    Stumbled upon your blog recently and, I must say, it is GREAT. While I have only watched a few episodes, “the Mentalist” is now for me must-see TV, if only to appreciate Simon Baker, a great actor who also appeared in one of my favorite movies, “LA Confidential.” The show reminds me of “LA Confidential” and another favorite, “Parallax View,” as it appears “Red John” is on a mind-contol Mission and has powerful friends in law enforcement. As “the Mentalist” is filmed in Sacramento and LA, perhaps the show should be titled “Sacramento (LA) Confidential.”

    One of those brainwashed minions was ex-football player and FBI agent Craig O’Laughlin. O’Laughlin was killed in episode “Strawberries and Cream” in the failed act of killing Jane’s superior, Madeline Hightower, who was framed for the murder of another RJ minion. Curiously, O’Laughlin, a crack shot for the FBI, had plenty of time to shoot Lisbon in the head, just as he killed the two policemen guarding the front gate. Why not? Maybe Lisbon’s an important RJ minion.

    O’Laughlin was close enough to see the red in Lisbon’s eyes but only wounds her. I suspect Red John’s plan was to have Lisbon kill O’Laughlin after he shot Hightower and Van Pelt. Why kill Hightower? Hightower threatened to take the Red John case away from Lisbon. Why kill Van Pelt? As Jane astutely observed, Lis-bon was the “angry little princess,” who was quite upset that she had to wear the bridesmaid dress for Van Pelt’s wedding and stated “Van Pelt must die.” One must never antagonize Red John. When Jane called Lisbon in the nick of time, Lisbon had to act as if she tried to kill O’Laughlin to cover her true identity.

    The big mystery is how Red John brainwashes his minions?

    “Roses are RED, Cho’s feeling Blue”

    The next episodes may provide a clue. Now that Cho has decided to kick his Oxy addiction, I would not be too surprised if he gets involved with the same therapist or support group, maybe a quasi-Parallax Corporation, who mind-controlled O’Laughlin, Rebecca and the rest of the RJ minions. I suspect O’Laughlin, the ex-football player, may have had a football injury related pain med addiction and sought private help to control it. Most of the RJ minions appeared to have emotional issues. So be on RED ALERT for the therapist or support group Cho attends to control his drug addiction because that’s likely the RED JOHN connection. Lisbon probably attended the same therapy group for her alcohol addiction.

    Is there is method to Red John’s madness or is this just a mind game between the “Mentalist” and a very good liar. Lisbon may be heartless religious like “LA Confidential” Captain Dudley Smith, a product of her abusive drunk father. She had Rebecca kill her “best friend” boss Bosco when he got close to discovering her dark secrets. Perhaps that’s what Bosco whispered — “she’s a liar” — in his last words to Jane, which Lisbon was very interested in knowing. Heck, it’s better than “Rollo Tomasi.”

    Some have suggested that it is too coincidental that Jane ended up working with Red John. Coincidence is the term we use when we can’t see the levers and the pulleys.

    The premise of “The Mentalist” is we let our emotions deceive us. You have to appreciate the IRONY that the Mentalist is deceived by his closest friend, Lisbon. Jane, the master manipulator, lets his emotions cloud his observations that Lisbon cannot feel for another. Lisbon was oblivious that Bosco loved her, and showed disgust at Jane, suffering amnesia, when he mistakenly thought they were lovers. Yeeech.

    Teresa Lisbon = Tears Li(e)sbon.
    Red John Li(e)s-bon is a good liar.

    And the crying smiley face has eye-liner smearing.

    Tiger, Tiger burning bright,
    You can’t hide her Lion eyes.

  • Julie

    I really loved this episode and it surprised me. I suspected that Jane was going to be in trouble this season but I thought it was going to be as a suspect in the murder of Panzer. So this one was a surprise. I feel he has only being protecting Red John because of him not wanting to admit to the world that he shot the wrong man. I haven’t really felt that he had been protecting him in other seasons. It is going to be interesting to see how it plays out and we should be in for a great finale – just hopefully not a cliff hanger, the TM team have been very good to us in the past and hope this trend continues.

    I was a little put off by how hopeless the rest of the team was portrayed but I do realise that they had nothing to go on, Poor Risby. Hopefully the writers will redeem them in later eps as this is the second time that Jane has just swooped in and caught the killer.

    Loved Jane and lisbon there relationship sure has changes a great deal over the seasons and it was good to see Lisbon still encouraging him to tell the truth.

    My favourite scene was Jane’s confession. It was wonderfully played by the actors and very believable. It has to be hard when you create a person who is always right and knows what to do in every situation, to write them into a believable corner.

    I am the only one wondering about the coincidence that the FBI had an agent gunned down by a CBI operative claiming he was working for Red John and now a FBI agent is going after a member of the CBI as a Red John disciple.

    Love the hug and the leg as Jane was looking through the trash.

    Great review Brainyreviewer – doubley so as you got it up in record time.

  • All-I-need

    This episode really knocked my socks off.

    Lisbon and Jane were amazingly awesome together (and my inner fangirl swooned at how they kept smiling during their phone conversations and even after hanging up).

    Agent Darcy was … well, I will admit that I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Of course Jane is working for Red John. Because that`s what everyone would do – work for the guy who killed his family. And they let people like that work for the FBI? Seriousl?! And how come that Darcy did not for one second take the fact into consideration that Jane actually SHOT the man he thought was Red John? Does that sound like he is helping him? Because in my eyes, he might have helped him leave this world, but that´s it.

    I especially loved Wainwright`s absolute delight when Darcy called Jane a sociopath, giving exactly the same profile of him as Wainwright himself did. The guy is such a schoolboy! Completely green. Oh dear. No wonder he agreed to help her – finally there`s someone who agrees with him and doesn`t treat him like the boy he is. I have to wonder how he got his job…

    Lisbon was awesome, by the way: “Can’t you see that your stubborn arrogance is gonna come back and bite you in the a-Agent Darcy!” was great in so many ways. First, I loved how she made “ass” into “Agent” so smoothly, and second: Lisbon did exactly what you wanted her to do! She finally confronted Jane and told him in very clear terms that his actions have consequences. I really wish Darcy hadn`t interrupted her, because I bet Lisbon had a lot more to say on the matter. I am kind of surprised you didn`t mention that in your review, by the way, except for quoting her 😉 I figured you´d be all over this sentence.

    Rigsby was hilarious. I just sat there and thought: “No … he is NOT trying to hypnotize him… no no no, this can`t be real…. OH MY GOD he IS trying to hypnotize him! Thank god Jane isn`t there, Rigsby would never live this down…..” and so on and so forth. And Lisbon managed to express all of this with the simple gesture of slamming her head against the glass. Hahaha!

    And of course Jane had to come and help them get their killer to confess – just as the poor guy was already in the elevator and slowly letting down his defenses because he thought he won. I just LOVED how Jane tricked him and his reaction of “No. No no no.” complete with burying his face in his hands. I guess that`s what you call an epic fail.

    On a side note, this episode made me realize that Jane hasn`t had any scenes with children in a long time. When the nanny walked by with the victim`s daughter in her arms, his gaze followed them until they were out of sight and I was really hoping for him to go after them or something. I just love seeing him with kids, especially the little ones, and I miss those scenes a lot. Hopefully we`ll get some of those once Rigsby`s kid is born. That would be awesome!

    Your review is great, as usually and the 10/10 are definitely a 100% justified. This whole episode was brilliant – and I must admit I was slightly scared of it, considering Bruno Heller wrote it. Instead, it made me laugh a lot, which was totally unexpected considering his episodes are usually more on the dark and angsty side. That was a nice surprise, really.

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    Great review, and aww the drawing! Totally in character, I have to say! 😉
    I always said that Jane is the damsel in distress! 😉

    I really liked this episode. I liked the confrontations between Jane and Darcy. I can see Darcy’s point there, and I guess that looking from an outside perspective, she has the right to think so.
    For once that Jane admitted something, there you go…
    About Luther, at this point I don’t think he his (another) RJ’s friend. I think he doesen’t want to go against the big FBI, I think he cares about his position and he never did show any kind of interest in knowing Lisbon’s team better, he doesen’t care. With Minelli and Hightower, even LaRoche, there was another kind of vibe between team and boss. In this case with Luther, there’s simply no vibe to me.
    Plus, Darcy somewhat supported what was his initial opinion about Jane, so it looked “natural” for him to shake hands with Darcy. Yes, I don’t like Luther. xD

    I also wonder if Darcy chose the case to work on with Jane intentionally.
    A woman dead, a mother, leaving a kid, a little girl (interesting that Jane almost didn’t pay attention to the little girl)… was it a coincidence, or was Darcy trying to make Jane feel “unconfortable”?

    It would have been great if team was able to solve their case without Jane, for once. Tho Rigs’ scene was hilarious, and I agree with the fact of Jane solving the case because of Shakespeare.

    “With the way Lisbon has Jane’s back these days, I’m curious too see if suspicion will eventually be cast on her as well. And how might she react to that.”

    That would be quite the situation I agree! I think Darcy did not miss that the two are close.

    I loved Lisbon at the beginning, because I love when she faces Jane with what is the truth, the stupid things he has done, especially when he called his “stubborn arrogance”… so, so true. And Jane needs to hear that more often, like, on a daily basis.
    I liked the “I missed you” “Missed you too” scene especially because it felt that those words came out very easily and naturally from the both of them. A season ago, they would have never said something like that to each other, even if that was what they felt.

    Jane’s leg when he checked the trash was hilarious indeed, I agree with Julie! It made me really laugh. As I laughed seeing Lisbon’s reaction at Filo’s insults, I love Lisbon’s death glares xD
    I think the humor and the deep scenes were very balanced, and well, Bruno Heller knows his characters better than anyone else, doesen’t he? 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Hello! I’m glad you enjoy the reviews, they certainly give our minds a place to unleash all our frustrations and conspiracy theories.

    I think this is the first time the idea that Lisbon being an RJ follower was ever written here. It certainly is a horrifying thought, even worse, in my mind, than the recent theory of Jane being RJ (having some sort of multiple personality disorder). I would be devastated by both, but since the Jane theory is an illness I would be able to stand it. But if Lisbon turned out evil…yeah, I don’t think the writers are that cruel. At least I hope not.

    Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • John Scott

    A Parallax (Double) View

    No doubt the writers have left a slew of clues about doubles, twins, “tea for two” etc in the scripts. If these clues reference a possible Patrick Jane evil twin, it is poor craft for the writers not to provide the viewers sufficient background about his mother and possible siblings to develop this angle. I give them more credit than that. With these writers, everything in the script is important. But it’s just the angle you look at it.

    Parallax error can be seen when taking photos with twin-lens reflex cameras and those including viewfinders. In such cameras, the eye sees the subject through different optics (the viewfinder, or a second lens) than the one through which the photo is taken. Moral of the story: our mind sees what it wants to see. To see reality we need a double take: a parallax view.

    Consider this parallax view in “Red John’s Footsteps” :

    Hardy points the gun at Lisbon’s head. BLAAAM! Hardy drops, shot in the back.
    Lisbon’s unharmed.
    MOS — BACH’S PRELUDE in C major from the well tempered
    clavier plays over….
    Jane stands by the evidence table, shotgun smoking in his
    hands. He puts down the gun and goes to Hardy, as does
    They kneel on either side of the dying man.
    Hardy smiles at Jane, makes a lip-zipping gesture and dies. Jane
    and Lisbon look at each other…

    It is unusual for a writer to be so specific in noting stage directions as to where Jane and Lisbon are positioned if only to make the point about the parallax view of Dumar. Was he looking at Lisbon or Jane when he zipped his lips and uttered his last words “Red John..shhheee….(dies laughing) ?

  • Everrinn

    I have to say, I’d be extremely disappointed to find out that the depth the writers have given to Lisbon’s character has all been an absolute lie. If every gesture Lisbon made and word she spoke turned out to be complete nonsense, that would render 90% of the show pointless to me. I could understand Lisbon not suspecting Jane, but Jane appears to think Lisbon is 100% innocent, not even stopping to wonder for the slightest moment if she could have ulterior motives.

    Either she is really, REALLY good at her act, to the point where she can fake lying badly at times so that Jane thinks she is transparent, and can appear to Jane as being a completely different person than she is, showing no signs of deceit or mystery whatsoever… or Jane is completely clueless. Jane can tell when she is lying and when she is genuinely upset. If Jane couldn’t tell that, then I would imagine he’d stop and think, well hey if I can’t tell when she is lying, how do I know when she is telling the truth? He is untrusting and paranoid. He’d have to be stupid too if he’d divulge so much information to Lisbon without being confident as can be that she is genuine.

    As much as I love the idea of the partner being the antagonist’s minion, in this case I think the execution would render a lot of the show ridiculous.

  • John Scott

    What do we really know about Lisbon’s social life, other than a meaningless romp in the sack with some rich guy? As for Jane, he is a flawed character. Perhaps the viewers are also letting their emotions cloud their judgment as many want a “Jisbon” happily ever ending.

  • Everrinn

    Of course Jane is a flawed character. But something about him being so close to Lisbon and seemingly knowing a lot about her himself (even if we don’t) and not having any suspicion at all rubs me the wrong way. I feel like we are not supposed to know anything about Lisbon’s social life because she doesn’t really HAVE a social life. She’s a private person, not because she’s secretly evil, and she’s so driven to succeed that she’s a bit of a workaholic. Just my perspective of her, anyway.

    The show has a couple of times gone out of its way to show Lisbon being kind of taken aback by questions about her personal and social life, or what she does for fun. That would be a disappointingly obvious hint if what they mean by that is “she can’t tell about her social life because her social life involves a massive amount of Red John and conspiracy.”

    I do not ship “Jisbon” or any other couple, but I do enjoy the professional-to-friend relationship they have going on and would hate to see that ruined because out of the blue, Lisbon’s character is this cunning sociopath.

    I hope I am not coming off as arguing! Just trying to voice my opinion in friendly discussion.

  • All-I-need

    Your comment has some interesting points. Love the anagram at the end =)

    I recently watched an interview with Bruno Heller where he said that Jane is definitely NOT Red John because he felt like this would be cheating on the audience, so we can at least put that theory to rest. Thank god. Also, I guess Dumar Hardy might not have told Jane he was a friend of RJ`s if Jane WAS RJ. Especially since no one else was there to hear them at the time (or so he thought) so he probably wouldn`t have bothered with lying.

    Now, about Lisbon: I do so hope you are wrong! I just can`t imagine her being RJ or a helper… it just doesn`t fit her and I think after all these years we would have seen her slip up if she was. Instead, her behaviour is consistent whether or not Jane is around.

  • John Scott

    Evil is such an emotional term. Lisbon’s possible psychopathy is not something someone would wish on their worst enemy. She is emotionally troubled. As to how Jane could not know Lisbon is a Red Jane serial killer or one of RJ minions, that is usually the case in real life. Perhaps that is what motivated Bruno to write the story.

  • All-I-need

    I have to agree with you. Also, let`s not forget that Jane did not trust the team when he started working with them, and he didn`t even really trust them in the beginning of the show, after they had apparently been working together for at least one or two years. I bet Jane made it a point to keep an eye on each of them, especially Lisbon, and his deep suspicion of everyone would not have allowed for him to rule her out as a potential suspect. When it comes to Red John, Jane is as paranoid as can be. I`m absolutely sure he is a 100% certain that she has nothing to do with RJ except for hunting him just like Jane does.

    If she really WAS RJ or one of his minions, it would pretty much destroy the show and I just can`t see that happening. The writers can do so much better than that.

  • T

    From my perspective IMHO, Lisbon isn’t a Red John minion just like Jane isn’t Red John – would kill the show for syndication purposes, however had the show not made it past the first year, Bruno threw in enough things in the Pilot that he could have turned it around to Jane being Red John (i.e his filleting a lobster so precisely at the restaurant)to close out the show. However, the show has made it a point to show there are similarities between RJ and Jane and that they are really two sides of the same coin, the dark and the light which plays into Blake so well. I thought this was quite the entertaining episode, a really great script and Bruno did a serviceable job as a director (what is it with the shots that use the big screen of late – the drive by scene had a big crease in it and of course the very fake background tropical scene in War of the Roses). This episode was particularly rich in guest stars, the obnoxious internet killer, Perry King (!) Catherine Dent et al. I began to dislike Agent Darcy in this episode. Just as manipulative as Jane and allowing her personal anger at Jane’s correct cold read to not really probe or care what he had to say in his defense. Sheesh, she should have asked about his ring for goodness sakes! Not only had she already made up her mind about him, she was willing to let an innocent man get convicted because she used the case only as a ruse to corner Jane. It is Jane who seems to be the one who cares about justice here. I thought the scene between Jane and Darcy at the the Ranger’s office nicely touched on Jane’s inability to open up, to discuss the case, that he is in fact as locked down as Darcy and his cold read of her pretty much mirrors him. When she accused him of being RJ’s friend it is so much deeper than that – along with that comes the implication he offed his family and Baker really did a nice job conveying how deeply her words stuck him. All the scenes with Lisbon and Jane were great, Bruno always writes them best and this was no exception. Of course loved the punch to the nose and was wondering during this rather uneven season, when one of my favorite things about Jane, his willingness to get punched for justice would be bought into play. And the scene between Luther and Darcy – perfection. I think Luther might be the actual sociopath. And yes, I laughed at Jane and the leg too.

  • John Scott

    Giving “The Mentalist-Red John” the Green-light

    Imagine Bruno pitching “The Mentalist-Red John” storyline to the suits: “It’s about the world’s greatest intuitive crimesolver against the world’s most dangerous serial killer, but the plot twist at the end it turns out the killer was his closest friend.

    Suits: Okay, just make sure it doesn’t piss off all the fans like that crappy LOST ending or that Jane’s traveling father banged some woman in Chicago and turns out they are really brother and sister….yeeech.

  • T

    John, Heller wanted to do Sherlock Holmes, but The Mentalist was as close as he could get. The studio chose TM of the six show ideas he pitched (‘if Sherlock Holmes and Angelina Jolie had a baby it would be Patrick Jane.’) Hence, Bruno’s cokment that RJ is master mind, a Moriarty, not the Green River Killer, some serial killer hiding in a basement. Lisbon has a very strong fan following and it would definitely mess with the Benjamins if she was evil and suits never mess with the Benjamins. She exists to help guide Jane on his journey to redemption. Since we have not been introduced at all to the maternal side of Jane’s family, there could be a blood connection between Jane and RJ. As reviewbrain pointed out, there is a sick kind of ‘affection’ between the two. As Stiles pointed out it’s a kind of love and he’s jealous of Patrick’s attentions. Heck, RJ came close to mentally r*ping Jane with that shoulder caress in the finale in season 2, hence Jane’s now very pronounced dislike of people touching him without permission. It’s all so very creepy especially when cast against the light bubbly show/music that memerizes us from time to time…

  • violet

    Woah!!!! You’re amazingly fast Reviewbrain!!!! Didn’t even have time to comment on the previous review, lol!

    First of all: All-I-Need, I agree with Reviewbrain, it makes perfect sense that Darcy came to suspect Jane. That cold read may have rubbed her the wrong way, but for her it was the proof that Jane was a) very perceptive, b) willing to use his charm to trick his way into her mind, c) very cold and cruel. For her, he was trying to manipulate her. So, yeah, you’re right RB, it was indeed a turning point.
    Now, if we recount what she had come to know about him, what do we have?

    – First contact: Jane dismissed her capacities in investigating the San Joaquin killer, because he had decided beforehand that he knew better than her…
    – … so he made RJ kill him (that much is obvious if you know his methods when you watch the interview)
    Conclusion 1: Jane has a self-centered and corrupted sense of “justice” (like RJ)
    Conclusion 2: RJ, his archenemy, his nemesis, helped him out.

    – Afterwards, Jane lied about RJ, denying that he was alive.
    Conclusion 3: that means this time that *he* was helping RJ out. And that he knew that the man he pretended to have killed was alive… and remember, we only have his word about him identifying Carter as RJ. He may very well have killed Cater to protect RJ, to give him a golden opportunity to disappear and have a new live.

    – Jane was the one who showed Darcy the video made by a stalker. It was directed to him (via Van Pelt’s computer) and was a mean to threaten Darcy.
    Conclusion 4: One might conclude that Jane was the one effectively trying to get Darcy to leave the case… He seems more eager to frighten her (barging in her room, telling her she’d been stalked) than to protect her (since his explication was sloppy at best).

    – Jane manipulated and falsified evidence to cover up said lies and to hide that RJ was alive and, therefore, that RJ killed for him.
    – He tried to put the crime on a poor man, who had lost his daughter to a killer and who was desperate enough to kill himself.
    Conclusion 5: Meaning? Jane’s a cold, manipulative sociopath, he feels no compassion nor pity…
    Conclusion 6: not only Jane and Red John help the other out occasionally, but they seem to work hand in hand.

    – He admitted that killing a man “changed” him. At a second thought, who was the man Darcy was referring to? Carter? Panzer? What “changes” mean for her? That Jane became an accomplice to the man he was previously chasing?
    – Last, not least, the guy from the morgue killed in Rosalind’s house was the only witness who could affirm that the corpse she didn’t identify as Red John was indeed Carter’s. We can suppose Carter’s body has finally been disposed off, thus Darcy has no means to prove that Carter is not RJ: her one and only reliable witness (not blind) is dead…

    What would you conclude in her shoes, All-I-Need? 😉
    About his family, as horrible as it sound, if Jane was indeed a sociopath/ border psychopath following his guru, he wouldn’t give a damn about his family. Daughter and wife would have been at best a cover (like a fiancée was for Todd). Killing them would have given Jane the opportunity to join the team in investigating RJ. After all, what best cover than posing as the grieving widower seeking justice?
    Or, second possibility, Jane has been “changed” after killing a man, he’s seen the right in RJ’s wrongs and has been brainwashed…

    I liked very much the scene with Rigsby trying his hand at hypnotism! Hilarious! By the way, I found very interesting that Jane’s influence on the team is so strong that they couldn’t imagine another way to make their suspect crack… They have come to the point that, if the normal way doesn’t work immediately, they tend to turn themselves to a solution à la Jane: Rigsby and hypnotism, Lisbon trusting her guts, Van Pelt insulting people she doesn’t like, all of them easily putting someone in a half-cooked undercover (Summer)…

    Last, about John Scott’s theory about Lisbon being an operative for Big Bad Red John. That’s very interesting on paper, but quite unlikely in fact. First, because that would be suicidal for the show: T is right, after Jane, Lisbon is the most loved character of the show. In making her “evil”, they would be alienating the majority of their viewers. That could be done without consequences in a book, for example, or in a movie because it’s shorter and because the end is presumably definitive. Here, they have been building a character during four years, people indentify to her. They simply cannot sacrifice her without letting the viewers feel betrayed.
    Second point, did you notice that Lisbon was the only one that no one suspected to be the mole in S3? Each member of the team acted somewhat questionably (Grace almost spying on her team, Rigsby lying, Cho being cold towards him for including him in his lies, etc…). Likewise, doubts more or less arose about those who did end up as real suspects: Laroche-Robocop hiding a dark secret in his safe, Bertram quoting Blake, Oswaldo threatening Cho, Brenda suddenly being very present, Craig being himself. Everyone was suspect, at least in theory, everyone except Lisbon. Why? Because Jane trusted her completely even though he lied to her. And simply because nobody would have bought that she was the mole. So they didn’t waste any time in weakening the endearing side of her character, like they did with the others…

    (And yeah, there is a kind of sick “love” from RJ towards Jane. And what creeps me out even more, he seems to be indeed trying to protect Jane now, to allow him to move on with his life… That’s creepy, even more than it would be if he had continued to kill those close to Jane. As paradoxal as it may seem, I would prefer if good old RJ was beginning to target Lisbon rather than Darcy. And fail, of course… It would be more reassuring, less disturbing… 🙂 )

    Sorry, this comment is quite sloppy! I need to process all of those interesting points that have been made! 😉

  • everrinn

    I’m so glad you mentioned that. One of The Mentalist’s best qualities is the way the music contrasts the show’s themes.

  • reviewbrain

    I think it’s a bit unfair to say that Darcy was willing to let an innocent man go to jail. She believed that James was the killer and refused to continue working the case when Jane wanted her to arrest the other brother, Manny, on no evidence whatsoever. For all she knew, Jane was going to arrest an innocent man while she had a man with the murder weapon covered with blood.
    Jane didn’t even bother explaining the ruse to her, his usual MO but while he can do that with Lisbon, because she trusts him,  Darcy doesn’t know him. And  everything she has seen him do and all his lies have only put him in further suspicion with her. 

    As to her the implication that Jane cooperated to have killed his family, that doesn’t have to be the only conclusion does it?  There are other possibilities including RJ threatening Jane into helping him after the fact, after Jane mistakenly killed Carter.

    Susan might be guilty of letting her personal resentment help her bias but I think she’s intelligent enough to not go on that alone.she had plenty of other reasons anyway.

    Just to be clear, I don’t have a particular love for Darcy, I just don’t like how the same characteristics in Jane (manipulativeness, multitasking) that fans love are always cause for negative emotions in other characters. Poor Laroche suffered the same way…

    Wainwright being a sociopath? I love it! It totally makes sense too.

    Thank you for all your comments on what makes Heller the best writer. I found myself tongue ties on that point (and presses for time) but you more made up for my lack in that respect.

    And the wide shots have been annoying me too..

  • JustMe

    Loved your review Brain. I do read all the time but have never posted before.

    I loved the episode. Period.

    It’s nice to see Jane being held accountable. Glad that Lisbon is still trying to be a moral compass.

    I do think that it will bite both Jane and Lisbon in the *ss that they have insulated themselves so fully from the team. I mean Lisbon dropped them and their case for Jane. Did Cho and Van Pelt notice, you betcha they did. The casual observer would see that Jane and Lisbon are in their own little world anymore and they revolve around each other. Because the first scene was telling. Why was Jane there? There was no case per se. Just a press conference and obviously LIsbon could handle that but there is Jane. He is possessive of her and they are very co-dependent to the exclusion of the three other people that they should trust. Really bad problems going to arise I foresee.

    Glad someone is holding up the questions we’ve all had all season. Will we ever find out why RJ hasn’t targeted Lisbon? I mean if you want to hurt someone, the best way to do that would be to take away what means the most. She fits the bill even if they are not romantically involved. But that presents another idea. Maybe that is what RJ is doing, playing twisted matchmaker by removing all the women that Jane has shown interest in save the one that he deems “worthy” of Jane. Now that is creepy.

    They (Jane and Lisbon) have been making huge steps towards each other this year and they obviously have alot of not so important conversations off screen. If they keep going and do end up romantically involved, what would that do to them if they found out that RJ had helped set it up?

    Craig Sheffer was brilliant as the psychopathic CEO. I remember Perry King from Riptide! Great guest stars and you all did hit on the best bits.


  • John Scott

    If the “suits” care about things like syndication, then there should never be a definite resolution to the Red John mystery–like the “X Files.” Wait for the movie!! LOST would have been better off.

    Simon has been signed for seven years, and the audience is content with the weekly who-don-it more than the Red John conspiracy. Everybody is getting rich. Why change? You can be sure Bruno and the suits are having the same discussion.

    Keep dropping RJ hints like the contrived tigers-on-the-loose and Jane only having to outrun Lisbon. wink! And you think Erica was the only tease on the show.

  • Everrinn

    Awww, LaRoche, I miss him so. I thought all of his qualities were perfect for him. He was great in that he wasn’t a particularly lovable character, but he still managed to be a good guy, good at his job, and left the show as such. Aw man, I loved him xD

  • violet

    Mmmm, two other interpretations for your ominous tiger-on-the loose metaphor: Jane escapes alone letting Lisbon deal with danger (as he does in a daily basis); or, Jane tricks Lisbon into following his lead once more (and enjoying it a bit more every time). 😉
    But I guess it’s a discussion for another review! 🙂

    I really believe there will be a resolution for RJ mystery, simply because the show is thought out as a whole, it’s obvious in various things. That’s not the case in every show: much tend to go with the flow and react accordingly to the reactions the new additions met. Here, I think the end (at least concerning RJ) is already planned out, in a general way. There seems to be a balance between what they (Heller) want to keep unchanged and the things that can have a bit more leeway (for instance a potential love between the two lead characters since almost everybody wants it)
    The big question is indeed about Jane, what will become of him, if he’ll get to stop being the “worm” RJ accused him of being to become a butterfly. He seeks redemption more than revenge, especially now. How would he achieve it if the last revelation is that his dear Lisbon has been double crossing him the whole time? That would shatter him more than anything else…

  • reviewbrain

    Me too 😦 I can’t remember who called him creepy but fluffy, I think it was Mary. I thought it the perfect description for a wonderfully misunderstood man.

  • reviewbrain

    Yes to everything! Doubly so for Lisbon fans blowing a gasket if writers make her an RJ pawn/ disciple. Even if it’s at the very end they can kiss their DVD sales goodbye. Also completely agree with that RJ hideous caress and the music.

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you so much Violet for explaining in detail why Darcy has every reason to suspect Jane, and everything else really 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Just a quick comment before I forget. It occurred to me that one of the reasons Jane might have let risked letting Erica out of jail and possibly escaping a few episodes ago is to test a theory. Erica and he (hence, and RJ) are similarly manipulative. If Erica succeeded in conning Jane by getting close to him emotionally, does this entail that Jane can get catch RJ by doing the same? He already sacrificed his “virtue” (let Erica kiss him) to beat her at the seduction game, what if, by protecting RJ, he’s trying to do the same? Seduce RJ into thinking he cares about him to reveal himself?

    Ew. I need a shower now :-/

    For the record, I don’t really believe that. I actually think Jane hid RJ’s existence cause he fears having RJ come out of retirement if it’s known he’s alive. I just thought I’d throw a new idea out here since we’re not confused enough as it is :p

    BTW, I totally love your comment, RJ “choosing” Lisbon for Jane and Jane being held accountable in particular. I did notice that look between Cho and Grace and I am intrigued by possibility that the team will resent the obvious closeness Jand and Lisbon share now. But I can’t blame Lisbon.
    She mentioned once that “its not good” that Jane kept the truth from the team. But she’d never betray anything Jane, or the others for that matter, told her in confidence.

    As to Jane, I think it’s good he’s giving the team deniability. It keeps them from being complicit. He used go extend the same “courtesy” to Lisbon but that was before they became best friends; emotionally, he needed to tell her, just as much as she needs him to share things with her now..

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    For the love of God, yes please do save Ruddy cheeks discussions for later. We already have our hands full with this one here 🙂

    Love the butterfly metaphor…

  • Mary

    Susan Brandt, is that you?

  • All-I-need

    You`re right about that, Violet =) Great explanation, by the way.
    It just seemed pretty ridiculous to me, or maybe I was simply hysterical at the mere thought of suspecting Jane to work with RJ.

    Anyways, Darcy has the complete files on Red John, so everything the team learned about him in the past years is in the files she must have read – and I do hope she read them, though it was quite a lot. And if she read them, I just can`t see how she could suspect Jane, of all people.

    I don`t buy into someone like Jane being brainwashed by anyone and since she used this case as an excuse to not only observe his methods of working a case, but also to ask him about Red John, she must have realized that Jane can`t and won`t be manipulated into anything. Especially not by the man who murdered his family – I think his love and loyalty for them quite successfully prevents that, though it does cause him to make questionable desicions.

    I think it is correct to say that Jane is really protecting Red John from anyone but himself. Jane has always made it clear that RJ is his and RJ feels the same way about Jane, which probably also explains why he hasn´t killed him yet – or the team, for that matter, because that would surely destroy Jane once and for all and RJ doesn`t want that to happen.

    So, if Darcy read the case files, she should know about everything that happened with Hardy and Bosco and Kristina and just about everything else that the viewers also know (safe the things Jane didn`t tell anyone but Lisbon about). There simply is no way to misinterpret this as Jane being Red John`s accomplice. I`m pretty sure an accomplice would not try to actually KILL Red John, which is what Jane did, after all. Now, it could be argued that Jane killed Carter, knowing he was only a minion, but then again we have survailance videos of the shooting and Jane looked so shaken during this conversation with Carter, he could not have play-acted that.

    He also told Darcy he was trying to protect her, which is perfectly plausible considering what happened to the last team that investigated the Red John case without Jane. They were all killed, as we very well know. The video of her was a warning, and she should take it seriously and stay awake. I stated in an earlier comment that I hoped this was because she knew what happened to Bosco and his team and was trying to stay below the radar so no one knew she was investigating Red John, but I guess that is pretty futile now. I certainly would not be surprised if she turned up dead next (and soon), though that would make Jane appear even more suspicious, especially since she told Wainwright about her theory who would then certainly keep an even closer eye on Jane.

    Anyway, I can`t wait for Darcy to confront Lisbon with her theory – I bet our dear pocket rocket has a lot to say about that and it won`t be pretty.

    Oh, and to John Scott: One more argument as to why Lisbon is not Red John is that so far everyone has referred to him as a “he” and he did have an affair with Rosalind who also said it was a man and we actually got to see Red John several times and he definitely has the statue of a man. Also, Lisbon is too young if you consider that Red John and Dumar Hardy`s father shared a cell in prison once (by the way: isn`t it strange that no one ever bothered to check the name of that inmate?).

  • All-I-need

    And let´s not forget that Red John is apprently more interested in the game he and Jane are playing than in killing or hurting Jane.

    If he wanted to kill or hurt Jane, he simply had to kill Lisbon (and maybe the team, too). That would certainly drive Jane over the edge and probably break him entirely. In fact, it might even drive him to suicide.

    I think Red John knows that and doesn`t want it to happen, so he keeps playing the game but steers clear of Lisbon and the team so Jane won`t quit playing with him. Since Red John and Jane are both pretty arrogant, I think RJ doesn´t really believe that Jane is a real threat to him, while Jane is dead set on hunting him down. He`s like a shark who smelled blood in the water in that regard and he will not give up unless something breaks him completely.

    In fact, I think Red John actually wanted to destroy Jane when he killed his family and was (perhaps pleasantly) surprised to find that Jane was not that easily broken, that he got back on his feet and started hunting him instead of despairing. That probably made him step up the career ladder in Red John´s mind from “simple nuisance” to “interesting game changer” and finally to “worthy opponent” when he didn´t relent.

    At least that is my explanation of why Red John hasn`t gone after the team so far. Jane has become some kind of pet project of his and he is just as interested to see how Jane will continue to act and what relationships he might develop as the viewers are. It´s almost like it is one giant experiment and Jane is the reluctant test subject.

  • John Scott

    As “The Mentalist” is one of three shows, including “Justified” and “30 Rock,” that I love watching, I can accept the long con job. Now if Red John would kill all those “reality TV shows” he-she and me would BFF.

  • everrinn

    That was a great explanation. Also… If we got an episode where Jane thought Red John killed Lisbon and we got to see his reaction… Yes. Be still my heart. I’m not even a shipper.

  • Everrinn

    “Also, Lisbon is too young if you consider that Red John and Dumar Hardy`s father shared a cell in prison once (by the way: isn`t it strange that no one ever bothered to check the name of that inmate?).”

    Wasn’t that Orville Tanner? Pretty sure they know all about him.

  • ortforshort

    I’m rejecting, out of hand, the LIsbon is a Red John disciple theory. There’s too much day to day evidence against it. For example, in the previous episode, Bret Stiles, who would know, was talking trying to put a wedge between Jane and Lisbon. Why would he do that if she was an RJ disciple? Stiles obviously still has a mole in the CBI and is obviously in touch with RJ. And, just as obviously, Lisbon has nothing to do with any of that. Justone of a zillion moments in the show that make that theory not ring true.

    Anyway, the Darcy thing is sort of forced in my mind. The writing doesn’t add up to much of a crisi in my mind. True that Jane did not kill RJ and subsequently covered that up and true that Jane falsified evidence to get RJ off the hook in the Panzer case (as if one less victim out of at least thirty would make some sort of a difference in prosecuting RJ). The thing is that there is so much evidence that Jane acted in the only way he could. He killed a man who knew intimate details about his family’s murder that only RJ could know and, only later, after RJ destroyed evidence and killed a stooge in the frameup of Jane, did Jane realize it wasn’t RJ. Then Jane manipulated evidence in the Panzer murder so that RJ wouldn’t try to kill Darcy – he’s got Van Pelt to vouch for that. And when RJ threatened Rosalind Harker, Jane leaped into action. None of this supports Darcy’s theory and explains Jane’s behavior. So what’s the big deal? Not only that, but presumably Darcy is now still in mortal danger and Jane is obligated to continue to protect her. Probably the only thing that can save her is if Jane loses interest in protecting her.

    As far as RJ not killing Jane or any of the CBI staff, agreed absolutely here, that they are better assets as live pawns in his chess game with Jane than dead ex-assets. RJ can pressure Jane any time he wants with just a hint at threatening one of his friends. Look how Jane reacted protecting someone he doesn’t care about at all like Darcy.

    One more thing. Wainwright is acting very strangely whenever RJ is mentioned. I smell a mole – altho’ it almost seems too obvious.

  • Everrinn

    While I agree completely with everyone’s reasoning about why Red John hasn’t targeted the team, we can’t forget that Red John’s accomplices/moles/disciples don’t seem to have any problem with it, considering Hardy, Gupta, and O’Loughlin were all ready to kill Lisbon. Apparently, Red John wouldn’t have total control over that, so while he may prefer the team to be alive in his game, he certainly can’t make sure that they remain that way.

  • kamimimi

    I can’t agree more about the 10/10 grade. That was an awesome episode. Jane and his antics, Lisbon acting more fiercely and the cuuuuuuuute little smiles that she made the whole episode *___* My shipper side is jumping out joy right now. But that means we got big problems ahead i think
    Like you said, Heller likes it angsty and sad, and if he is making some pretty happy episodes I think we will deal with a pretty bad season finale.

    SPOILER: I read that the 4×22 name is going to be So Long, and thank you for the Red Slappers (Someone else remembered Douglas Adams and So Long, and thanks for all the fish?) and keeps nagging at me that someone is going to die hahaha

    I agree with someone above me that the distance between Lisbon/Jane from the rest of the time is growing bigger. We can see that by the fact that neither of them seems to know about Rigsby’s son or Summer and Cho. At least Jane should have a smart commentary to do.

    As for the great discussion about Lisbon is RJ I dont think so. Because series like these needs a closure for their characters, a happy ending, And if Lisbon are going to be revealed as RJ, Jane would break hard. Not even she dies will have that effect. He lost his trust in the world, and she is making him trust again. If she betrail him, Patrick Jane will never have a ‘ending’. He will be a broken character with nothing else the writers could do. (That reminds me once again about House, sad sad)

    Someone said that Heller wanted a Sherlock Holmes style and that is it. The Memory Palace is from Sherlock ;D I hope that he dont do as Sherlock about RJ/Moriarty. I always thought that when you have a plot that is based on observation like the Mentalist, the big bad guy would be someone that you never noticed, not someone that appears out of the blue and is just evil. No motive behind. In that case, I have to agree with John about the theory Lisbon. It would be a big twist. But again, the fan hate and the closure.

    No one thought about Jane or Lisbon’s fathers? (I have a feeling that was mentioned about Lisbon father being dead, but I’m not sure, someone correct me if I’m wrong) They’re someway connected with the plot, arent good persons and would explain the sick feeling that RJ have towards Jane, in either case.

    The idea just hit me. The evil without a motivation is always the trickest one o.o Maybe that’s why Conan Doyle needed to invent a guy who is pure evil, otherwise would be too ‘easy’, simple, for Holmes. But that is for another forum

    Great review \o Read you soon

  • JustMe

    I also was bored at work today and started thinking about RJ choosing Lisbon for him and that may not be so out there. Remember what Rebecca said about how RJ loves Jane and only wants what is best for him? She only said that it was to give Jane back the RJ case (the reason for wiping out Bosco and Co.) but it served a dual purpose.

    It also got rid of a credible rival for Lisbon’s affections.

    I think that could be a possibility, that both Jane and Lisbon are his pet project and RJ does like to be the puppetmaster. They just don’t know that their strings are getting pulled.

  • Julie

    If I had been receiving notifications I would have been kept busy! Interesting the Lisbon/RJ debate, I’m not a shipper but I doubt if they would make Lisbon RJ,that would be too evil. I think Minnelli would be a great twist, then that would mean that Jane never had the upperhand last season. The only fly is if it is Minnelli then why would he take the case off Jane just to kill Boscoe and team to get him back on it again – I guess it could have been a bit of fun for him. Plus it would mean the actor coming back quite a few years after he had left the show. But then unless it is one of the regulars then that would be the case with anyone that we have already met.

    The thing with Jane this season is that although he isn’t a disciple he has done things that were way over the line and illegal which Darcy’s investigation should bring to light so how he is going to avoid being kicked out of the CBI will hopefully be interesting to see, I’m not sure doing it to protect Darcy will be enough. One guess is that Jane has to rescue Darcy and so she will bury the evidence in gratitude.

  • reviewbrain

    Hmm. You’re right.
    Hardy was actually aiming for Lisbon. O Laughlin was going to take her out as she posed most threat to him. But Gupta had sai he would have let her go after she got him the CD’s and I believe that.

    What if RJ hadn’t cared before if Lisbon lived or died, but he does now?

    I always felt that all the cops Todd had killed were RJ operatives being silenced after RJ decided to retire. Must have been easier to do than explain to them that his “religion” was just a power trip he was high and now that he’s bored from it he doesn’t want/need them anymore..

  • violet

    Loved your comment, Kamimimi !

    I totally agree about the future reference to ‘So long and thanks for the fish’. My bet would be on the baby: there hasn’t been any emotional or endearing moment about the child yet (the scene with a surprisingly heavily pregnant Sarah was just funny, and Rigsby watching the scan seemed more troubled than really happy). We didn’t even get to seen the whole team’s reaction… I guess it doesn’t bode better for poor baby Rigsby than it did for Grace’s wedding…

    About worrying events happening in the future, I’ve been having a nagging suspicion these past episodes. What if Darcy was being set up as Jane’s rebound? (Please, don’t kill me shippers!!!! that’s just an hypothesis! 🙂 ) I mean, there are some hints here:
    – she’s the only female secondary character who keeps coming back, as were Kristina and Erica.
    – Like them, she’s an adversary to Jane
    – He finds her attractive (“great legs”) and since she tried seduction as a mean to get him to come clean, we can suppose she finds him ok as well
    – Lisbon “doesn’t like” her. She was rather impatient with Kristina after the TV fiasco and she deeply disliked Erica.
    – Jane already had a first date and a first kiss, is that really far-stretched to think that they are planting the seeds for the next step? (After Jane has cleaned up this whole mess of course!)
    – Last, viewers don’t like her very much, it seems. Her character would be easily removed in the long run…

    (I don’t recall the memory palace in Sherlock Holmes. If I’m not mistaken he only compares memory to an attic that can’t extend, in A Study in Scarlet: if you stuff it with a bunch of irrelevant information (for instance about the solar system, huh!), you won’t have anymore space for useful memories. So Holmes chooses his bit of information carefully, it’s a selection of memories. Quite the contrary with Jane, who has in fact an eidetic memory: the “palace” just helps him to categorize his memories and to find them faster when he needs them…)

  • reviewbrain

    No, but thanks for mentioning her. I got curious and looked her up. Cool artist 🙂

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    Firstly, a confession: I was pumping my fist in the air, each time you announced “READERS REJOICE”.
    It’s the kind of episode that still stirs you, the first thing you wake up the next morning, doesn’t it? 🙂

    While there are commenters swimming in the deeper end of the pool, debating the heavier details of the show, pretty much everything is covered. Just a ponder;

    1) Jane couldn’t tell that Lisbon doesn’t like Darcy very much. I find that quite a surprise, seemingly if he was able to read Lisbon or anybody else real easy.

    Maybe it was just Darcy trying to get that “close-up” of Jane. Her way of lulling Jane in false sense of security by gaining sympathy from him, so Jane could spill his beans.

    I don’t know… or, it might just be plain shippy.

    Speaking of which, this episode is pretty much shippy! The phonecalls, smiles, and spontaneous and comfortable SYNERGY. Lisbon dropped everything at whim despite having a big case on their hand. I, too, am afraid that this might cloud Lisbon’s judgement a little bit.

    However, this reminds me of a particular line that James (or was it Katie?) said ” Maybe, we were married in another life”. This might as well apply to these work spouses.

    P/S: On an entirely unrelated note, I had a difficult time reading the comment boxes text. The text appeared in caps, wedge very close in between leadings. Anyone has that problem too? Probably it’s just my screen.

  • reviewbrain

    Actually, Jane is more selective than that. In S3 premiere, he told Lisbon “my memory is a mighty fortress from which nothing escapes once committed. Now when you tell me boring thing, I set them free immediately. Saves overcrowding.”

  • reviewbrain

    Hello Zee.

    I know, right? This and the previous episode were just so phenomenal, so vindicating of all our wonderings and musings that you can’t help but cheer 😛

    As to Jane, I think he knows Lisbon is wary of Darcy (hence his teasing her, asking her if she wants to talk to her) but I think he was pretending that it wasn’t true for Darcy ( and Lisbon’s) benefit to keep things from getting awkward between them.

    I loved the “synergy” too and plan to enjoy it as you just know its the calm before the storm.

    Love the idea that “married in another life” might allude to Jane and Lisbon. Although I doubt that was true as it took them years to get this close…

    Text Boxes look fine to me, sorry your having a hard time seeing them.

  • windsparrow

    “SPOILER: I read that the 4×22 name is going to be So Long, and thank you for the Red Slappers (Someone else remembered Douglas Adams and So Long, and thanks for all the fish?) and keeps nagging at me that someone is going to die hahaha”

    If I recall correctly, the point of the message “So Long and Thanks for all the Fish” refers to an alien species – dolphins – come to Earth to run behavioral experiments on the inferior species, humans. And there we were, thinking we were so clever that we could run behavioral experiments on dolphins because we thought they were the inferior species, but the experiments we did on them were actually part of their experiments. Aside from the entire planet having been destroyed by an intragalactic highway commission (which happened in Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy) I don’t remember anyone in particular dying in that book. Then again it has been a while. I assume that the title refers to someone who is running a long game has the unpleasant experience of finding out s/he was manipulated into running the long game by someone else’s long game. Who has the longer game, we can speculate until the cows come home. Or, you know, until the season finale.

    “The Memory Palace is from Sherlock ;D I hope that he dont do as Sherlock about RJ/Moriarty.”

    Cumberbatch’s Sherlock did indeed use the Memory Palace mnemonic technique, but the technique itself is centuries older than Conan Doyle (I don’t recall the original Holmes mentioning it specifically) but Jane did teach Rigsby how to create one for that high school reunion he faked his way into eight months before the first episodes of Sherlock appeared.

    So Jane is Holmes, Erika Flynn is Irene Addler, Red John is Moriarty, Lisbon is Watson. What I want to know is, when is Jane’s smarter older brother going to show up?

  • everrinn

    I believe she is referring to a different Susan Brandt, one who has some, er, interesting things to say about The Mentalist. She’s into all this conspiracy stuff and has some particularly unpleasant things to say about Bruno Heller and the show. I don’t think Mary was asking you if YOU were her. You are nothing like her at all. Please, take that as a compliment. She drove a lot of people away from a message board I used to be on about The Mentalist.

  • ortforshort

    Interesting comment above about there having been several attempts on Lisbon’s life by RJ’s disciples. All you can conclude from that is that RJ doesn’t consider Lisbon to be that valuable of a pawn in his game with Jane, but that would be wrong.
    Anyway, Robin Tunney is one of the stars of the show and no one is going to ice her. She represents Good, an essential ingredient and the show wouldn’t be anywhere near as entertaining without her.
    Hard to say where this Darcy thing is going. Jane had valid reasons for doing what he did and the team can back him up on it. I suppose RJ could continue to threaten her life, but, at this point, how would Jane react to that? The premise is that Jane brought RJ back from retirement and feels responsible for RJ’s threats against Darcy, but do serial killers who killed over thirty people actually retire? And, do you take their word for it if they say they are now moving on in their lives?
    It seems like a stretch to me for Jane to take on the burden of the world by taking on responsibility for every RJ murder from here on in. Stiles laying the responsibility for RJ getting back into Rosalind Harker’s life was pretty unfair. It was Darcy who was nosing around that got RJ involved back with her and got the mortuary dude killed – no one seems to be blaming her.
    Jane did a lot illegal stuff that Darcy is investigating, but it wouldn’t be much of a show if she succeeded in incarcerating him. Either Jane will manage to wiggle out of it, which will be entertaining, or RJ will put the hammer down on Darcy, thus ending the investigation.
    Wainwright’s involvement in the investigation may be pretty interesting. Assuming he’s a RJ disciple of some sore, he’ll need to walk a tightrope here. So far, he’s been behaving strangely in the RJ matter

  • reviewbrain

    Thank you for your comment and welcome 🙂
    As to their fathers, both Lisbon’s parents are dead. Her mom, a car crash, her dad suicide (you *have* to see S2’s Red Badge).
    As to Jane, we met his dad in S2 throwing fire via memory, but it was never mentioned if he was alive. Jane did one say he’d have no one to call if we’re dying so I always assumed both parents were dead.

  • reviewbrain

    While I’m not sure that Jane’s reason’s where valid, I do think that all Darcy has is circumstantial evidence; I doubt it’ll hold up in court. There are plenty of ways where jane can be (beleivably) let off the hook on this one what with Stiles now oweing him and the evidence being stored at FBI (where for all we know there could be an RJ operative waiting to destroy incriminating evidence against Jane).

    But what is great about this how is enjoyable it is, even when we guess what’s going to happen; not that that happens often 😉

  • John Scott

    Red John is a Red Herring

    Given the lucrative syndication rights of “The Mentalist,” and that the mystery of the show only lasts as long as the mystery of Red John does, like the revelation of the identity of the one-armed man in “The Fugitive,” we’ll have to wait for the movie. The chances of the show ever revealing the true identity of Red John are as probable as Jane and Lisbon getting down to business. Enjoy the tease because there is never going to be a climax.

  • ortforshort

    I agree. It’s a business and the syndication angle makes a lot of sense. I was a big X-Files fan and I never could figure out what the ending actually was, even after seeing the movie. Now, the only re-run episodes I watch are the ones without aliens because the ones with aliens are going nowhere ==> I think ultimately that you have to have a well written resolution if you want people to go back and watch the old episodes in syndication.
    The biggest disaster was Lost. That was such an interesting show to watch only to have the writers completely drop the ball with what had to be the worst of all possible resolutions. If the writers of Lost were rambunctious enough to read the blogs on the show, they would have seen tons of better ideas than the drivel they ended up with.
    So far, I’m extremely impressed with the writing on Mentalist and am optimistic that they’ll tie up the RJ thing. They’ve woven a lot of nice stuff in already

  • kamimimi

    I read lot of books o Sherlock years ago and I can’t remember. My certainty is because the Memory Palace is used in the new serie of Sherlock, and I don’t think Heller would appreciate if “his” concept was being used about others so close (Tv Shows I mean). So I guess it was mentioned in the books some sort. (Violet mentioned the ”attic”, maybe was just that and I mislead)

    The “So Long, and thanks for all the fish” always reminds that the Earth was destroyed on this book, just that. The dolphins and when that sentence is placed are correct, but I always remember the phrase with the fact that they were saying goodbyes because the Earth was going to be exploded. Maybe I’m being too dramatic about someone going to die, but something big is bound to happen because this episode is too close to the end of the season to be just coincidence.

    Nice characterization you did, and indeed we are missing an older brother. Hightower/Minelli could be placed as his housekeerper. xD

  • kamimimi

    Reviewbrain, don’t be mad at us. We need something to talk about these twenty days that we don’t have The Mentalist ;~~

  • kamimimi

    I mentioned it because I’m seeing the new serie Sherlcok and he used the concept with all the words. The passage of the attic is very accurated, maybe that was just it that triggered me off.

    About Darcy I don’t think so (And I don’t like it too ;P [Shiiiippeeerrr alert]) She openly started a hunt for Jane’s head, and would be strange if they started dating, I think. Maybe after.

  • kamimimi

    I already saw all the seasons but my memory is not the best x_X I think I will use these 20 days to review all the serie and write down those details.
    I think he abandoned his father and don’t know if he is dead or not, and the call would be tricky ’cause he is a carnie. ;/
    Gosh, Bruno Heller needs to write some background episodes.

  • T

    Hmmm, I’m thinking this might be a nice time to list what evidence circumstantial or otherwise, could lead Darcy to presume Jane’s guilt as an accomplice or possibly RJ himself. Season 1 – Jane is drawing RJ smiley faces in his own blood in the mental hospital, he gets the guy who tells Jane he will reveal who RJ is out of prison thus setting him up for killing (mind you I could swear it was Minelli laughing on the cellphone at the end of that episode), he kills Dumar before anyone gets a chance to question him in the finale. Season 2, RJ kills 4 agents just so Jane can have the case back and when they meet again he kills everyone but Jane in the finale. Season 3, well it is Jane who comes upon the burning man in the basement and is first suspect on LaRoche’s list. And of course he shoots the wrong man as Darcy now knows, and he kinda committed purjury (he was very careful how he worded his summmation however). Season 4, I remember commenting on another forum just how many places Jane could be caught when he manufactured evidence to frame the suicide victim for the death of SJK. For all we know Darcy has him on tape. She certainly knows he handled the evidence in the SF police department, did the hardware store have him on tape buying that knife, did the coroner’s office report to her that Jane asked to be alone with the body of the suicide victim? Was there a security tape of him entering the apartment of the suicide victim? Did he leave chemical residue when he diluted the blood to place on the suicide victim’s clothes? They can pull a lot out of the script writing air on that one. Add to that his erratic behavior, enemies on the police force and in the court not to mention the CBI is about to come down on him with the FBI, it could get ugly for him in a heartbeat – and what would an interrogation re the death of his family do to him? And as we all know, his job is what keeps him alive and sane and what happens when they take that from him? Next episode is March 29th Pink Champagne on Ice and we may get some coveted background on Jane in that episode since he runs into a magician he used to tour with. Can’t wait!

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for clearing that up. Everyone is welcome here; different opinions don’t matter as long as respect is maintained and we don’t veer *too much* off topic 😉

  • reviewbrain

    Aw, I can never get mad at fellow fans. But please be patient cause readers of this episode might not necessarily have seen the next one. How about going back and commenting on what Stiles has on RJ in previous review? I feel guilty for posting them only two days apart and not giving that that episode benefit of discussion..

  • violet

    “Season 1 – Jane is drawing RJ smiley faces in his own blood in the mental hospital, he gets the guy who tells Jane he will reveal who RJ is out of prison thus setting him up for killing (mind you I could swear it was Minelli laughing on the cellphone at the end of that episode), he kills Dumar before anyone gets a chance to question him in the finale.”

    In fact, she probably won’t have to go this far 😉 Only examining recent evidence that Jane has a hidden agenda will be enough. Beside, remember that Lisbon hadn’t known about the mental hospital before Jane told her; since she was aware of Rigsby’s upbringing, we can guess Jane made the episode disappear from his file… Without being warned, Darcy wouldn’t have the idea to check it. Moreover, even thought the incident appeared only fleetingly in a flashback and hasn’t been addressed directly, I suppose that it would more scream of suicidal tendencies and despair than criminal intentions. That would mean that Jane’s grief was indeed sincere and that he wasn’t working with RJ, at least at the time. One point in his favor then. 🙂

    “ Season 2, RJ kills 4 agents just so Jane can have the case back and when they meet again he kills everyone but Jane in the finale. Season 3, well it is Jane who comes upon the burning man in the basement and is first suspect on LaRoche’s list.”

    Yes, but the end of Bosco’s team can objectively be read both ways. First, the man cut a dying Bosco off his morphine just because he wanted to interrogate him… Yeah, that doesn’t bode very well for our suspected sociopath… But, on the other hand, Rebecca didn’t recognize him as her beloved Red John and Bosco wanted to talk to him alone just before dying, meaning that he didn’t have any doubts about his honesty on the matter.
    Same with Laroche: Jane was cleared up after interrogation and the fact that O’Laughlin shoot Lisbon and tried to silence Hightower was enough evidence that he was innocent.

    “And of course he shoots the wrong man as Darcy now knows, and he kinda committed purjury (he was very careful how he worded his summmation however).”

    Well, she can’t prove the perjury: how would she demonstrate that Jane knew at the time that Carter wasn’t RJ? There is simply no evidence that he had the information before asking Rosalind to check his identity. A lawyer would only have to say that Jane had a sudden doubt and wanted to make sure he got the right man… Knowing that RJ is alive now doesn’t implicate that he lied deliberately to the jury (albeit he did).
    Moreover I don’t think Darcy has any actual evidence on Jane. She would have used it a long time ago if she had something like a videotape. She wouldn’t have to convince Wainwright to help her, he only would have to go and arrest Jane. She probably just sense that something is amiss, that his explications are too complicated and quite illogical if one thinks about them, so she came to the conclusion the truth was simpler: instead of coming up with various killers gravitating around RJ’s memory, it is so much simpler to guess that RJ himself is responsible. Hence getting the RJ files a few episodes ago, to corroborate that it was him. And that leads to the question “if Red John is indeed alive, why does that omnipresent consultant lie about it?” Only three reasons seem legitimate: 1) Jane wants to remain the hero who killed the monster, 2) he is afraid his trial would be annulated and fears for his freedom and his life; 3) he helps RJ. And the sociopathic tendencies coupled with the less and less credible lies sold the case…
    Now she need material evidence. She can’t go and arrest him based on her guts feeling. Thus, keeping a *very* close eye on him (Luther).

    And yes, you’re right, I can’t wait either to have a bit more background on his golden old days! 😉

  • kamimimi

    “and the evidence being stored at FBI (where for all we know there could be an RJ operative waiting to destroy incriminating evidence against Jane).”
    Don’t be so optimist, he can reverse this too. 😛
    And IF Red John tries to make Jane the bad guy? Cliche, I know, but can happen. As stated in other reviews and comments, RJ helping Jane can be seen as Jane helping himself.

  • T

    Violet, we have to remember, she is reading the files, she doesn’t know the inside stuff like we do. For instance she would have assumed Rebecca would play at not knowing him et al. The episode where he did all the stuff to implicate the suicide victim, hard to imagine he didn’t mess up somewhere. However, I think Darcy is more likely to set Jane up than anything else. What I do think about is whether RJ will consider framing Jane a fun game and set him up if Darcy sets a trap or whether he will take the ‘he never kills people on your team’ as an excuse to prove Darcy wrong. I don’t think Darcy is long for this world. As for the mental hospital, they did change that from the original script which showed Jane having removed himself from the world, not wanting to get better, when the pyschiatrist tells him she’s going to make him better he says ‘Good luck with that,’ and later the psychiatrist riles him up and goads him ‘Don’t you want to catch the man who killed your family?’ Windsparrow, maybe Jane’s smarter older brother could be RJ for all we know…we know nothing of his mother’s side of the family, save for that his father was wearing a wedding ring. Of course considering Jane thought that was a magnet for women in Fugue, maybe his father thought the same too.

  • Mon

    Thanks for another great review! (Well reviews plural, but I’m only managing to comment on this one!). So much to think about after reading both your review and everybody’s comments. Plenty food for thought here :).
    First off, I loved lots about this ep. Am also really enjoying the Jane/Lisbon sync, although I foresee trouble ahead too. You can just sense it coming you know?!
    I was curious to see what you thought of Darcy thinking that Lisbon doesn’t like her…but you did say in a reply to a comment that Jane was simply preventing any future awkwardness between the two. Could Darcy’s notion, perhaps, also be another confirmation that Lisbon is somewhat enamoured with Jane (because I do believe that Lisbon has fallen for him, whether or not she realises it yet herself). Lisbon may unwillingly find herself disliking this woman who is causing for trouble for her favourite guy. And Jane realising this, may be surprised. He also seemed a tad taken aback by Lisbon’s “I missed you too”. But in both cases he was also quite pleased. And may I add I too swooned at the “I miss you/I missed you too” scene…a rehearsal for an “I love you/I love you too” situation *Sigh…
    As for the Lisbon is RJ argument, some of the theories within John Scott’s argument hold water..I too wondered at O’ Laughlin’s poor shot, he was an agent for goodness sake. And you could read Lisbon’s reaction to Bosco’s dying whispers as an “Oh God, what’s he telling Jane?”, not to mention the fact that she rushed in to interrupt them, and then inquired later as to what was said. But no, I simply can’t and won’t believe it. If Lisbon turns out to be RJ, I’ll go out and buy a hat and eat it. Marketing-wise it certainly would do future DVD sales no favours, as someone else here said. And although the Bosco’s dying words theory is a good one, there’s the fact that he was genuinely in love with her, and Jane, being an excellent reader of people, saw this in Bosco early on.
    But reviewbrain, I’m wondering, what is your theory on Bosco’s last words? Maybe you have discussed this before, if so, I apologize, But I’m curious to know what you and others think? I do hope the writers clear that one up for us. The fact that Jane looked toward Lisbon as Bosco spoke does suggest that it may be Lisbon related.
    And, oh gee, this comment is growing longer by the minute. But just to touch on one of the above comments which suggested that RJ is setting up Jane with Lisbon…well Timothy Carter did say that Jane should find a woman to fall in love with, start a family….would support that theory. Although Jane claimed he only would once RJ was dead…thereby throwing a stopper in the works. It did cross my mind once that this series could come full circle with Jane remarrying or at least finding love, and having a child, and then RJ threatening it all again, like a twisted round two, except of course this time Jane would win out and RJ would be killed.
    Phew, I’d best finish up here, thanks again, love the blog 🙂

  • ortforshort

    Jane kept lying about RJ being alive so that Darcy would stop pursuing RJ so that RJ wouldn’t kill her as the stalking video clearly indicated he would do. Jane has, minimally, Van Pelt as a witness to this. So far, Darcy has misinterpreted why Jane had been concealing that RJ is alive. The solution is for Jane to explain it to Darcy. Maybe Darcy would not accept this explanation, but at least it would be out there. It seems, at this point, implausible to me that Jane wouldn’t tell her the real reason rather than digging his heels in and stubbornly not telling her. To what end wouldn’t he tell her?. Of course, if he did tell her, the tension of the situation would significantly dissipate and the plot line would weaken. But, to me, it’s a bit weak already because it doesn’t ring true.

  • windsparrow

    “Curiously, O’Laughlin, a crack shot for the FBI, had plenty of time to shoot Lisbon in the head, just as he killed the two policemen guarding the front gate. Why not? Maybe Lisbon’s an important RJ minion.”

    I think you may be reaching too hard for evidence to support your theory, here. It seemed plain to me that O’Laughlin’s battle plan for the cabin was not to waltz in guns blazing, but to take the three women by enough surprise that he could take all three of them out at once – or to divide and conquer – you know, the old “One steps out for a breath of air and never comes back, Two goes to look for One and never comes back, Three steps out to figure out where everyone went and never comes back” strategy. Given the way the police officers were seated in the patrol car, O’Laughlin could hardly stand in front of them and aim for their chests – so of course they got shot in the head. Now, of course the meta reason his aim at Lisbon’s heart was so off, is that she was not being killed off the show. So O’Laughlin’s aim was off because there was not enough time to line up the sights for a proper kill shot. Sure, as close as his target was, he might as well have been shooting at the broad side of a barn, but this is TV marksmanship, not a real life situation.

    “O’Laughlin was killed in episode “Strawberries and Cream” in the failed act of killing Jane’s superior, Madeline Hightower, who was framed for the murder of another RJ minion…. When Jane called Lisbon in the nick of time, Lisbon had to act as if she tried to kill O’Laughlin to cover her true identity.”

    No, she did not. No one else in that cabin knew O’Laughlin was Red John’s man. If she were in league with Red John, she could have pretended to let him get the drop on her then distracted Hightower and Van Pelt so he could kill them. Then they could stage the scene and come up with whatever story they needed to, to account for the deaths while keeping suspicions off themselves. And even if her getting shot was part of their plan for whatever insane reason, once she was lying on the ground bleeding, she certainly had no need to muster up her strength to throw something to distract *him* so that Hightower and Van Pelt had a sporting chance of shooting him. Whatever kind of plan this is for Lisbon as a Red John minion to ensure that another Red John minion’s mission succeeded, distracting the other minion so he could get shot by the people he was there to shoot INSTEAD of distracting the targets so the other minion could get the job done – makes the kind of sense that’s not.

    As Jane astutely observed, Lis-bon was the “angry little princess,” who was quite upset that she had to wear the bridesmaid dress for Van Pelt’s wedding and stated “Van Pelt must die.”

    Lisbon’s reaction was well within the norm of the annoyance any bridesmaid might feel at fashion choices foisted on her by the bride, matched in tone and intensity by other similar scenes in many shows. I can’t say how actually realistic these portrayals for actual wedding parties are – the times I have been a bridesmaid, I was quite pleased with the dresses chosen for us – but the ones on TV have a certain consistency. Lisbon’s exasperated statement regarding the bride in this instance neither confirms nor denies your theory.

    “Jane, the master manipulator, lets his emotions cloud his observations that Lisbon cannot feel for another. Lisbon was oblivious that Bosco loved her, and showed disgust at Jane, suffering amnesia, when he mistakenly thought they were lovers.”

    On the contrary, Lisbon was well-aware of Bosco’s feelings – she said as much to him on his deathbed and she also confessed to loving him. I believe she denied it to Jane because it was none of his business and she wanted to shut down the conversation before he had the chance to suss out her feelings in return. I also believe that Jane knew quite well what she was doing, and let her get away with it in the same way that he did not challenge her about saying she was going to spend a holiday with her brothers but instead stayed home watching movies and eating ice cream, until she provoked him by saying she was able to hide things from him. It’s a rare instance of Jane being tactful. The two of them were alone, and he was dying; she had no need to put on a show for anyone else. I read Lisbon’s reaction to Jane’s mistaken assumption that they were sleeping together as embarrassment, not disgust. It was very much appropriate in tone and intensity for the embarrassment that a woman of reserved demeanor would feel when having to deny that a male friend was a lover; increased awkwardness is easily accounted for by the fact that it was the male friend in question who was asking. One of the gold-standard tests for Antisocial Personality Disorder is whether or not the subject shows emotions when s/he believes s/he is alone. I am quite certain I could come up with a score of examples of Lisbon showing emotions when there was no one to show off for if I put the effort into it. For now, off the top of my head, remember “Where in the World is Carmine O’Brien”? At the end after Tommy and Annie leave, she is alone in her office. She is talking to herself, by way of saying farewell to her brother and her niece, and tears come to her eyes. So that is evidence that she does feel for others, feels quite deeply, in fact.

  • windsparrow

    “Maybe I’m being too dramatic about someone going to die, but something big is bound to happen because this episode is too close to the end of the season to be just coincidence.”

    Could be worse. They could be planning to read Vogon poetry….

  • reviewbrain

    If he does, it’ll make things more interesting 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Just to clarify, Jane was lying by ommission ver since he concluded from Rosalind that RJ was still alive. As a law enforcer, the appropriate thing to do would have been to document this suspiscion for future reference. Of course Jane had multiple reasons not to do that; I suspect mostly he thought if RJ wanted the world to think he died, it means he had decided I end his career. Bringing to light the fact that he is still alive risks setting him on again. Ironically, Jane did that himself via Panzer. But even so Jane didn’t lie to Darcy about RJ to protect her, it was to protect himself from whatever consequences (if any) may arise for him in the event that people know he killed the wrong man; he said as might to Lisbon in Always bet on Red. So he had already started lying to Darcy before RJ threatened her.

  • reviewbrain

    Several people mentioned O’Laughlin being a poor shot: can I just remind everyone of Madeline Hightower shooting a perp in the leg when she was actually aiming for his head (Red Gold)? The reason cops shoot to kill (aim for the head or chest) is because shooting it accurately is hard. You aim for the head or chest cause it gives you a chance of actually hitting the target somewhere. So Craig hitting Lisbon in shoulder doesn’t actually mean He wasn’t aiming for a more fatal hit.

    About Bosco, I suspect what he told Jane was some version of what Jane told Lisbon Bosco had said; to look after her. Probably with a threat mixed in 😉

    Thanks for reminding us of Carter’s advice, he probably *was* talking about Lisbon.

    Thanks for your comment, always a pleasure 🙂

  • zee

    Figured it was my screen. It’s fine now. Thanks for your time!

  • zee

    Totally am with you ortforshort. I was into X-Files, but I was left with ” the truth is still out there” feeling.

    Initially I felt Lost was a disaster. But I read somewhere it’s a show about lost soulmates in purgatory finding solace in each other. We’ll never know why they would want to tease us viewers with the science fiction/time-traveling element (redundant, but I LOVED it!) As a sappy love story, it was great I suppose, but wasn’t the right show for me to watch and enjoy.

    As for this show, the writers did phenomenal in some episodes. There were some questionable ones…
    That being said, Bruno Heller should write for the episodes often. But same as you, I’ll put my fears to rest that the creator of the show will end it beautifully.

  • violet

    You’re certainly right about Bosco’s last words, Reviewbrain. I was convinced at the time that he was revealing a hunch or a clue about Red John, since his team had discovered that he made a mistake and was investigating it. But, as the question has never been addressed again, I guess it is out of the question.
    Now I suspect his very last thoughts were indeed about Lisbon: he must have asked Jane to “take care of her”, but I wonder if his request was really laced with a threat. Bosco was jealous of Jane, of the bond the guy shared with Lisbon; he accused Lisbon of having a secret reason to accept his antics. I think Bosco suspected there was something more, a romantic undertone in their work relationship (true or not). So my guess is after he asked Jane to kill RJ on his behalf too, he also recommended him to ensure that Lisbon won’t get hurt, either physically or emotionally, in the process. Something among the lines of “you won, my rival. She cares about you. Do what you have to and protect her.”

  • Mon

    Thanks for the replies, yes I imagine Bosco’s last words, as you both said, were warning Jane to protect Lisbon from danger, and letting Jane know that he had won her over Bosco. Perhaps Lisbon being unable to sincerely say” I love you” too to Bosco was final confirmation for him that she could never has been his anyway.
    Also I agree that O’ Laughlin aiming for the head and getting her in the shoulder is a reasonable explanation. Plus he had only a moment in which to realise he needed to shoot her right then. His plan had probably involved waiting for a more convenient moment later on.
    About Blake Neely’s music; I like the way it can help sell the show as a light drama despite the fact that it has the dark RJ storyline running through it. Quite a few people I know watch the Mentalist and are no so prosccupied with the RJ story. They actually do see it as light entertainment, and find plenty to amuse them..everything from Cho’s expressionless reactions to Jane causing havoc everywhere he goes. It’s a bit like in the West Wing where the closing credits music is quite light and bubbly for a show that obviously dealt with serious and sad issues at times. But it did have plenty humour in the mix also. I think both shows (The WW and The Mentalist) do a great job at pulling in all kinds of viewers, those who want to take it seriously and analyse it aswell as those who just want an hour’s entertainment. (Although I admit that you do need your wits about you watching the WW..all that fast walking and talking meant that you could miss some important detail in the blink of an eye!).
    One last thing: I loved Jane’s leg at the rubbish bins too, made me laugh. I guess he would be Juliet alright!

  • ortforshort

    At the time when Van Pelt and Jane were watching the stalking video of Darcy, Jane clearly had an option. Either keep hiding that RJ was still alive by treating it somewhat routinely or get over to Darcy’s ASAP because he knew it was RJ. He had to realize at that point that once he raced over to Darcy’s aid, his RJ ruse was blown. Probably why RJ made the video in the first place. If Jane was just looking out for himself and his alibi, I don’t think he goes and exposes it all to Darcy at that point. And, just to add a little more urgency, RJ then killed the mortuary guard and left him at Rosalind Harker’s just after Darcy visited both. Game on. If I were Jane, I wouldn’t feel too bad about getting RJ out of retirement. He was “retired” for all of about fifteen minutes before he started killing again – first Panzer, then the mortuary attendant. It looks like RJ was looking for any excuse to continue doing what he enjoys most – if he ever did intend to retire

  • Julie

    I don’t think that Red John had any intention of retiring. It was just another way to mess with Jane. He was always going to kill again whenever it would mess with Jane. Jane managed to get out of the murder trap Red John was not going to leave him alone in peace.

  • reviewbrain

    Ortforshort, I’m not saying Jane wasn’t concerned with Darcy’s safety, I’m just saying he had already made up his mind even before she was threatened. And even when he headed over to show her the video, why not admit that RJ was the one who sent it so she can understand the gravity of the threat? I suppose in typical Jane (non) logic he might have thought she was safer off not knowing. But I have to disagree that RJ always intended to keep on killing. If that were true, then Jane wouldn’t have hid the fact that he was still alive; why would he bother if he thought RJ would continue to make his presence known? He would just be risking discrediting himself, and he did. I doubt Jane’s ego would risk that unless it was for a worthy cause. And the only one I can think of is he wanted to keep the bear in his cave.

  • reviewbrain

    You’re probably right about Darcy. And yes! Jane’s dad *was* wearing a wedding band. I wonder if he too kept wearing it after he lost his wife. But I think it more likely that she left him, and, as you said he was using it like you mentioned.
    As to Jane’s time in the mental hospital, Darcy can’t use that against Jane because the time he spent there is not in his records. Lisbon only found out about it because Jane told her.

  • ortforshort

    Reviewbrain – I hit my own reply button here. I see your point. Jane must have taken RJ’s (RJ thru Carter actually) retirement statement seriously because what’s the point in covering up if he isn’t retiring. Good point. The thing is, I didn’t believe RJ was retiring so I was projecting that on to Jane. After all, he’s the Mentalist, how could I see RJ was full of baloney and Jane didn’t. Considering that we’re talking about ficticious characters here, I’m starting to worry myself with all this.

  • John Scott

    Coincidentally, I’m thinking Bosco’s last words to Jane were the same as Dumar’s last words to Jane, “Red John, she’s Lis….”

    Speaking of “coincidence,” anybody want to explain the timing of the arrival of the CBI unit to the crime scene of Emma and the overhead skywriter’s RJ signature? The order for the skywriter came over the internet, time unknown but probably many hours or days before the requested time and palce. So RJ had to be in control of the CBI’s arrival time. Anybody? Lisbon, Lisbon, Bueller…?

  • violet

    Now now now, you’re just arguing for the sake of discussion with that one! 😉
    I guess you’re kidding, since Hardy did not tell this before dying.
    But, for the sake of discussion too, let’s see how that would have happened.
    Bosco: “Lisbon, I love you (although I know that you are Red John and that you ordered Rebecca to kill my team and me. I’m not angry, you did your thing, I understand. Nice woman, that Rebecca, by the way. Be kind and say hi before you kill her too, pretty please.)”
    Lisbon: “I love you too”.
    But the good man had a sudden change of heart using his last breath. He warned Jane. The genius consultant then investigated what this “Lis-” that dying people kept repeating was… Red John is listening? RJ is a lily lover? RJ is Lisa Simpson? No, RJ is Lisbon, of course! Hence Jane keeping a close eye on her, observing her tea drinking habits, making sure she doesn’t do crazy eyes when sharing ice cream, ogling her in her hotel room in the case she has a smiley tattoo in an hidden part of her anatomy… Yes, that makes sense! 🙂
    The problem in your theory is that Jane must be terribly naïve (that he is not) or completely stupid (that he is even less). I really don’t want to offend you, but you’re twisting the show to make it suit your preconceptions. The idea that Lisbon might be a traitor is legitimate: every viewer keeps suspecting someone in this story, may it be Luther, Bertram, Ron, Darcy,… But you should at the very least try to accord your interpretations with what takes place on screen, or the discussion will be endless and fruitless…

    About the timing of their arrival in that particular crime scene, don’t forget that Hardy was the one who called them here…

  • violet

    Got carried away, sorry. I hope my bad humour didn’t offend anyone. Bad Violet apologises… 😦

  • rhostog

    Thank you again for another excellent review. And I LOVE the cartoon – made me laugh out loud – I think it’s my favourite so far.
    Violet – your last comments made me laugh (especially the tattoo!), so I’m sure other readers will take them in the same humorous tone 🙂

  • Lothiriel

    I fell in love with the cartoon… it’s absolutely fantastic!!!

  • windsparrow

    I agree – Chizuru-chibi was even more brilliant than usual.

  • John Scott

    That is some coincidental timing. Dumar finds the body, reports it up the chain and CBI rushes 100 miles or more to the crime scene just as the skywriter is painting the sky RED. If CBI left the office 10 minutes later the smiley face would just be smoke in the wind.

  • reviewbrain

    Now I’m thinking of including a “who will die before the season ends” poll in the next review :p
    (please not Rigsby baby or Sarah!)

  • reviewbrain

    That coincidence is a plot device used by the writers. They are used for the sake of drama and for helping move the story foreward. It’s nice when they are realistic, but aren’t always (like Van Pelt unnecessarily crashing her car in “My Bloody Valentine”). It doesn’t means Lisbon called had anything to do with RJ any more than Cho or Rigsby. But I see you’re holding strong onto your opinion despite all evidence contradicting it, as is your right. There is after all plenty of evidence to suggest RJ (or a lackey) has infiltrated CBI. That being the case why don’t we move on to other possibilities since we seem to have exhausted Lisbon? It’s only fair: There’s CBI Ron (man with the goatee) then Brett Partridge (ghoulish forensic tech), Jeff (possibly “hot” mail room guy) and the fingerprint tech (from Red Queen).

  • windsparrow

    I’m calling: Wainwright, flat out on the freeway, drying in the sun.

  • reviewbrain

    LOL!!!!. I’m gonna have Chizuruchibi draw that XD

  • windsparrow

    “If CBI left the office 10 minutes later the smiley face would just be smoke in the wind.”

    How many dozens of people already at the crime scene would have a camera phone to record it? Sure the emotional punch packed by the team huddled around looking at a camera phone is phenomenally less than than what the audience would get from seeing the plane do the skywriting – but the evidence is still there to send the message. And that is where the scripting of the coincidence comes in – it happens like that not for the benefit of the investigators but for the meta reason of visual impact.


    heyy heyy !! This was a GREAT review of Cheap Burgundy!! I give you my compliments!! I like the way you analyzed the episode. At first ,I wasn`t too happy to see Darcy AT ALL!! Jane didn`t even try to avoid her. I like the way he handled her. The way that he got to her. He handled Darcy better than Erica. Sure, he hit a nerve when he did the reading on her, but Im glad he saw right her when she claimed her job was in jeopardy.

    She kept asking why he lied to her. Didnt he explain to Lisbon the reason he lied to Darcy. If im not mistaken, he mentioned that he already lied to the jury, and thats how he was able to stay out of jail. Everybody, except Lisbon, thinks that Jane killed RJ.

    Why did he wait so long to tell Darcy? I dont think that Darcy would stick up for Jane the way that Lisbon would. She often saves his neck when he makes his errors. I think Lisbon has even said that she knows one day Jane`s actions may get her to lose her job and she is ready for that.

    I doubt that Darcy would make the same declaration.

    I absolutely loved how Jane called Lisbon twice and asked for help. I also loved the words he told her in the car when she picked him up. What can I say (( Im for JISBON all the way )).

    Jane is masterful with his reading skills. He is AMAZING. He is not perfect.

    Darcy asked him why RJ hasnt killed him or the people he works with. I understand that he is not sure. Maybe you are right, that RJ does want Jane to move on. I dont agree with Darcy that Jane might be working with RJ. Jane is a GOOD person and NOT evil. Sure she works for the FBI, but I think she is looking in the wrong place. She also happens to be upset that JANE lied to her, However, to reiterate, I suppose at the time Jane probably didnt know how to break it to her ,,,that he killed the wrong person ..mind you Carter was still EVIL !!!

    oh my goodness, was my comment too long? I LOVE THIS SHOW!!


    oops !! Btw – I love the drawings !! VERY nice WORK !!!

  • kamimimi

    Can’t agree more about Wainwright, I would like Wainwright with some fries for RJ’s breakfast.

    And sorry, but Sarah’s baby must be on the poll D: Chizuru even made a drawing for that

  • ortforshort

    Hopefully, I like watching re-runs involving RJ looking for little clues and nuances. Lost was a goldmine that way until the writers “lost” their way. Now re-runs of that are unwatchable because it all ended up being a pile of nothing – altho’ I agree that the characters were terrific, just like Mentalist

  • reviewbrain

    Oh, definitely,unfortunately. Sarah too. That’s why I asked her to draw the sad scene…

  • reviewbrain

    Well, he is only human 😉 Or maybe it was wishful thinking on his part.

  • reviewbrain

    Not to worry, I don’t think anyone thinks Jane is evil per se, but we do worry about him, same way Lisbon does. You are absolutely right, he isn’t perfect. So he needs to stop acting like he is and take Lisbon’s advice from time to time.

    And I’m glad you like the drawings. While i specify what a few times, this one was all Chizuruchibi. I burst out laughing when I saw it 🙂

  • kamimimi

    Seems that I made a fuzz for nothing xD So Long, And Thanks for All The Red Snapper is going to be a ‘fisherman’ episode u_u

  • JustMe

    I do think that Patrick and Lisbon are having more than friendly feelings to each other. He doesn’t light up when he sees Van Pelt, she doesn’t light up and gush to Cho and Rigsby either.

    I do worry that it will be a long road of heart break for both of them though, and it won’t be easy or straightforward or even if in the end they’ll get their everafter.

    But so far its been one hell of a ride.

  • SF

    I enjoy all of the discussions & feedback and the reviews are wonderful. What I loved about this episode was the timeline. We know it occurred in exactly 48 hours. Jane leaves Lisbon with Darcy mid morning. By the end of the day he checks in with Lisbon. By mid afternoon the next day Darcy’s gone and he’s calling her again. The sun is going down when Lisbon picks him up.They haven’t seen each other in like a day and a half but they talked to each other twice and….they miss each other? Whoa. Folks that’s shorter than a normal weekend. What can we deduce from that?
    I think Darcy coming upon Jane during his first call to Lisbon(he did go outside for some privacy), hearing him discuss the details of “HER” case
    and then finding out it was Lisbon may be a hint that Darcy came to the conclusion that she is Jane’s confidante(?) & that Lisbon probably knows all about Jane’s situation too. Somehow she’s going to get drug into the mess. Maybe that’s how they will “fall out”!

  • Sassano

    I voted for Luther to be an RJ mole but I believe he might just be confident that Jane is not an accomplice of RJ, and so he would rather have a good rapport with the FBI than a bad one, knowing that either way, Jane is safe. just my opinion. awesome review as usual! 🙂

  • kamimimi

    o.O Pretty nice you observation *-* My shipper side are happy as hell with that.
    I think Darcy will speak with Lisbon someday and then I don’t know. Darcy can convince Lisbon that Jane is guilty or she can’t.If she does, we will see Lisbon cracking while noticing that she was mishandling Jane. If doesn’t convince Lisbon I think Jane will screw something up and Lisbon will die with guilty,

    Yes, I think Lisbon is being too soft with Jane and yes I hope she will have a shake up xD

  • violet

    Very good point! I hadn’t realized they missed each other after one day and a half! Now I guess your take on it depends on if you consider that they meant they missed each other professionally, the complicity with their partner as well as their well-oiled case-solving routine (Jane stuck with a distrustful Darcy/ Lisbon struggling with her case), or if their declaration had a deeper and more personal meaning… 😉
    (Same ambiguity with the “you’re jealous because I was “going out” with another woman” that Jane pulled on her about Hightower: was he just teasing her or was he genuinely pleased that she may be a little possessive of him? The big difference is that Lisbon was less embarrassed and more receptive in ‘Cheap Burgundy’.)

    About Darcy understanding that Lisbon is his confident, I don’t know. Of course, we know he confides in her and thus that the call was revealing, but she may have understood it as Jane keeping his boss in the loop. Any professional employee would have called Lisbon to allow her to estimate roughly when he’ll be back at work. Did Susan realize that the man is by no means professional enough to do so without another motivation? Guess we’ll know soon… 🙂

  • SF

    Well I agree about informing your boss about things, but do you think disclosing evidence in an ongoing FBI case would be something Darcy would approve of. She seemed very perplexed( and slightly annoyed) as to who Jane would be discussing the case with. As to their feelings, its a pure guess on my part. It did SEEM like they were away from each other a long time but they weren’t. I could except “I miss you between friends, partners etc. after like a week, but a day and a half. It was shippy. I’ve read that BH wants to get them together at the end even though SB & RT tend to disagree. You know what else BH eps have PJ asking for hugs and TL keeps blowing him off. One of these days…….

  • violet

    Of course, you’re right it was a very « shippy » (and cute) moment. I just wanted to point out they are still playing a bit with the ambiguity card. They give shippers a little something, without giving too much, that way they still have a way out and everybody’s happy!
    For Lisbon, I don’t know: in Darcy’s shoes I would have suspected something, but I found interesting that she didn’t mention Lisbon to Wainwright. So I wonder how they’ll play this one out. There are many scenarios: Lisbon isn’t involved and plays the knight in shining armour; she isn’t involved and concocts something with Jane; she’s in with him and he tries to save her; they’re both in too deep a water and suffer severe consequences…

    (About hugging Jane, I doubt Lisbon would give in soon, particularly after seeing him as Paddy trying to feel up a woman in ‘Fugue’ while hugging her… I guess poor celibate Jane seems a lot less innocent after that incident. She’d be watching out for funny business! 😉 )

  • John Scott

    Luther? The more moles that appear tears holes in the plot of the story.

    Speaking of moles and plot holes, has there been discussion about the red-headed blind woman Rosalind? Just watched “Footsteps” and there were big ones: She finds Roy’s business card in the back of the sofa and then types him a letter?? How does a blind woman read? Did someone read it to her? She says she lives a solitary life. And there appeared to be shadows on the wall indicating pictures, photos were once there. Why would a blind woman have pictures or photos? Coincidentally, she did tell Jane that she was not blind.

  • All-I-need

    Was he? Then I got that mixed up, but I`m pretty sure there was something about Hardy`s father being friends with Red John. I think a prison was mentioned. I`m going to re-watch this and get back to you on the topic.

  • All-I-need

    I agree with you – Hardy tried to kill Lisbon because back then Red John didn`t know just how important she was to Jane and subsequently his own plans. Now he knows and I bet he made it clear to all of his minions that Lisbon is just as off-limits as Jane is. And who would want to cross Red John? Especially since they all seem totally devoted to him – they`ll do whatever he says.

  • All-I-need

    My personal theory has always been that Jane believes his father is a drunk gambler in some city and Jane doesn`t care about him at all. Their relationship was obviously pretty strained and we never found out about Jane`s mother. Maybe we will sometime soon?

    Anyways, Alex Jane being Red John has been my favorite theory for quite some time – it would definitely be a shocker for Jane.

  • windsparrow

    “She finds Roy’s business card in the back of the sofa and then types him a letter?? How does a blind woman read?”

    How does a blind woman read? With her fingers. A business card with embossed, i.e. raised, letters would be perfectly legible to her. Anyone who has ever combed greeting card stores for braille sympathy cards, quickly becomes enormously grateful for the ones with embossed lettering. Or she could have adaptive equipment such as an electronic reading device. There are a number of options available but this is an example: Shucks, I wouldn’t be surprised but what iPad or iPhone has an app for that.

    “And there appeared to be shadows on the wall indicating pictures, photos were once there. Why would a blind woman have pictures or photos?”

    That did not look like a freshly built house. With those high ceilings I would guess it is actually closer to 100 years old than 10 years old. Whether she bought it or inherited it, it is hardly irrational to assume that Rosalind was not the first and only inhabitant of that house. This ain’t Buffy or Angel where a mysterious, creepily innocent character might turn out to be a supernatural creature of immortal lifespan. So, previous occupant(s) have pictures on the walls. Pictures get taken down when he/she/they move/die/get dusted. Blind woman is eager to adapt the place to suit her needs, so …. ignores the heck out of old wallpaper in favor of attending to issues she actually cares about, such as placing the piano in the room with the best acoustics.

    “Coincidentally, she did tell Jane that she was not blind.”

    You know how blind people are people who use language to communicate? They frequently use idioms, even the ones based on visual analogies. I admit, the first time an acquaintance with impaired eyesight said he would “see you later” it did cause me a split-second’s pause, but I did not exactly have to pick my jaw up off the floor. In my opinion it makes more sense for Rosalind to be a character with actual visual impairment who uses everyday idioms in verbal communication than to believe she is a character who acts as though she is blind, has no visual impairment, and is so good at deception that she can fool Patrick Jane.

  • All-I-need

    Have you ever heard of braille? If you were to give your business card to a blind woman, I`d expect you to be bright enough to print it in braille so she can read it with her fingers. D`uh. She can write letters to him the same way, there are machines that allow blind people to write letters, using a keyboard much like that of a PC, and the letters themselves are perfectly normal. I know someone who is blind and she uses such a machine for taking notes while interpreting.
    As for why she would have pictures or photos: She`s a woman. Women want their homes to look nice, even though they themselves might not be able to see it. Especially because they are bound to have visitors sometime, no matter how solitary they live.
    Most blinds don`t consider themselves “blind” – they can still “see” in away, only with their other senses. They feel and smell and hear their environment and then produce pictures of that environment in their heads, which can be interpreted as “seeing”.
    Just a few thoughts on that. Twist them as you please.

  • violet

    Now I’m not so sure about Rosalind. I don’t like her, she’s too sugary. I mean, she’s been told that the love of her life may very well be someone who likes to butcher people as a pass time. Her reaction? She doesn’t believe it simply because the guy was sweet with her. How could she never have any doubt about her Roy? I can’t understand. Even she admitted that she didn’t really know a thing about his life, that he came and went as he pleased.
    As Reviewbrain said somewhere, she’s fragile and depends on the only man who seemed to accept her. Still, it seems to me that any normal person would have been a little afraid or nervous, at the very least, when, out of the blue, the man showed up at her door after what she’s been told, even if did come up with a good explanation. But, no, she was only happy. As far as I recall, she never wavered in her confidence about him. Worst, she isn’t horrified by the fact he may have killed in a gruesome manner. Even if she genuinely believed in his innocence, she would have had to show horror about the murders, wouldn’t she?

    I’m not saying that she’s RJ’s disciple, just that she is far more credible in that role that Lisbon.

  • windsparrow

    “Now I’m not so sure about Rosalind. I don’t like her, she’s too sugary. I mean, she’s been told that the love of her life may very well be someone who likes to butcher people as a pass time. Her reaction? She doesn’t believe it simply because the guy was sweet with her.”

    Oh, yeah, she is definitely on my short list of people who could be RJ acolytes. It’s her innocence I doubt, though, not her eyesight. We mainly have Jane’s opinion as any proof of her innocence – and if she has Faith in RJ and believes he is next best thing to God and has been subjected to his brand of mind control (as she most certainly has been by the time they find the corpse in her closet) then she would certainly not leak any guilt or shame vibes for Jane to pick up on. If she truly believes that what she is doing in following RJ is Right and Good then she would not come across as a conscienceless psychopath, either. Just as Jane did not catch that there was something wrong with Gupta until after the sudden appearance of the clue on the wall of the men’s room in that gas station, Jane might not see anything wrong with Rosalind (yet).

  • violet

    yes, if she hadn’t been blind, she would have tried to hide that big red smiley dear Roy painted on her wall, if I recall correctly… That wasn’t great to prove his innocence. 😉

  • reviewbrain

    Rosalind *did* exhibit horror. And disbelief too when Jane first told her he suspects Roy of being Red John. Remember the season one finale? She was do disturbed she wouldn’t even listen to Jane until he told her he’s looking for his wife and daughter’s killer. Compassion made her listen to his suspicions, but she still held steadfast to her belief that they were mistaken. I for one don’t suspect her of anything other than holding to a sweet memory of a man who came through her lonely life. At least, that’s how it was until Jane shot Carter. And afterwards, Jane brought her to ID the man he thinks is RJ. He tells her he’s sure Roy and RJ are the same person. But then the man he shot isn’t Roy. Wouldn’t she naturally hold on to the hope that Jane shot the *real* killer, and that that her lover was innocent? I think that’s what she did because when Darcy visits her and asks her if she knows Roy is RJ, she replies “that’s what they tell me”, meaning she still isn’t sure.

    Of course? The coroner in her house changes everything and I think having her steadfast nostalgic belief was finally shattered; hence the horrified look on her face and her almost compulsive piano playing (I think she was making herself feel better. Like Jane’s tea, perhaps).

    Now one might ask why it would take a body in her closet to finally convince her tht Roy isn’t the man she thought.

    I think her denial is a natural response, especially when coupled with her “I’m blind but I’m not blind”. She had talked about how she wa a good judge of people, of how she had to be (I assume to live her life fully with her disability, she means she has to be able to discern who she can trust).
    Now imagine what a huge blow her mistaking Roy for a good man would be to her. This was someone she loved. After that, i can only imagine how badly ahe might feel about herself knowing that she made such a huge error in judgement. All this makes me feel pity for her, not suspicion.

  • violet

    I don’t know. I mean, I completely agree with your arguments here (and you’re certainly right since I haven’t watched that episode in a long time). Nevertheless, she’s too sugary to be true… I’m not fully convinced either that she’s his accomplice, I just find that there’s something off with her. Like some viewers get an odd vibe from Luther: there is nothing concrete to support a theory, but there’s still a nagging suspicion… And that ending with her playing the piano was just plain creepy. I really think “Roy” somehow brainwashed her that night (light hypnotism maybe) to prevent her to letting slip any clue about him and to send a wink to Jane, but to hear her complaining that Roy couldn’t wait and stay with her while they were staring at all that blood didn’t ease that doubt.

    Rosalind is a kind of character that’s becoming typical of the show: there is nothing truly suspicious, still doubts about them come to mind and vanish, because of a detail, an expression, a glance or an half smile. The same category where we find Luther, Bertram and, once, Laroche… Conclusion: that show makes people paranoid. 😉

  • kamimimi

    It would be predictable also. It’s my theory too, but I know that they can be more creative than that, and I hope they do. Jane’s brother theory it’s the same. ;/

    Maybe next episode we will found out about Jane’s father, he is meeting someone he used to travel with. Maybe he will say: “Your father is in town. I know where he is if you want to meet him.” Probably wishful thinking, but would be awesome ;D

    And I agree with you about Jane’s opinion about his father, but its kinda silly, after all, he grow up to be a con man just like his father.

  • All-I-need

    And even LaRoche isn`t a “once”, yet. After all, characters on this show DO tend to reappear after quite some time, just like Rosalind and even Minelli did. So there is a pretty good chance we haven`t seen the last of LaRoche yet. I`m still suspicious of him, though I do think he really likes Lisbon (and who can blame him?) and maybe even Jane (again, who can blame him?).

    It is one of the things that fascinate me about this show: all those details and the people and you have to keep an eye on everything and not forget someone just because they haven`t shown up in a while because they just might come back and figuratively bite you in the ass. I can just bet we haven`t seen the last of Bret Stiles, and we might even get another episode with Mashburn just to shake things up again.

    Speaking of Mashburn, I bet it would be interesting to see how Jane might react if he came back after everything that went down between Mash and Lisbon. Especially considering that Jane and Lisbon are so much closer now. Oh, now I`m really hoping he`ll return! His episodes really showed an evolution, if you compare his first and second appearance and look at Jane`s and Lisbon`s reactions to him and his (short-term) presence in Lisbon`s life in both of those episodes.

  • JustMe

    I can’t find the comment but someone up thread said that Jane became a con man like his father. I think that Jane is better than that to a point. I don’t think that he would have ever had his daughter in on the con. I believe he only was a con man after he left his father because that is all he knew and he could support his family very well as one. Remember he doesn’t have any formal education, just his own natural curiosity and nimble mind so he fell back on what he knew to provide for his family. I give him credit for that.

    OH and I would love to see Jane’s reaction to Mashburn now. He may not see it, but he is very possessive of Lisbon, and she is of him as well. What would old Walter do now? I wonder if he would call them out on it as I think he would. He would probably be even amused by their new status quo. I don’t think Jane is aware how dependent he is on Lisbon and that he basically treats her as his partner in more than just work, they just haven’t had the side benefits yet.

  • T

    So now I am thinking, what if the reason Wainwright was so secretive about sending the RJ files over to Darcy, if he planted something in there for her to find?

  • windsparrow

    I am fairly sure that under the circumstances in which the request was made, Wainwright was following either established procedure or at least what was prudent in attempting to keep it quiet that he was handing files over to Darcy. It involved the possible wrong-doing of his employees/independent contractor, and would therefore be kept confidential. If he were more experienced, he would have done so with more forethought, and would not have been on the defensive with Lisbon when she came into his office.

    I’m not saying that if Wainwright is, indeed, a Red John acolyte that he would not plant something in those files. However, it would be perilously difficult to tell where the official, standard procedure secretiveness ends and where RJ minion secretiveness starts.

  • JustMe

    I hope they don’t go the route of even more moles in the law enforcement agencies. They’ve done that quite a bit already with Hardy, O’Laughlin, Rebecca, etc. Let’s face it, Lisbon and Jane haven’t exactly played by the rules at all this year. RJ wouldn’t need a mole to hang them out to dry as they have done a pretty good job of it themselves.

    I think it would be a nice change of pace to have them actually come across stuff that is damaging to Jane and by extension LIsbon. What if the end of the year is Lisbon in jail due to her complicity in all his schemes and lies? She is in pretty deep from framing a dead man for Panzer’s murder to knowing that RJ was never dead. What would that do their relationship and how would they dig out of that one?


  • zee

    I like your theory of framing Jane, by extension Lisbon and she ends up in jail. To add on, it will be even more intriguing IF Wainwright (I have yet felt that he is Red John’s acolyte) is colaterally murdered, and his death would be pinned on Lisbon as the mole in CBI and Jane as Red John’s partner. Then we can have all the ex-Head of Serious Crimes Unit (Minelli…etc) sort the crap out next opening season. hah 😉

  • T

    Re Wainwright – he is very suspicious. He’s clearly made to look like an incompetent kid yet his degree is in forensic psychology which has to make you wonder why he would be ignorant enough to put that foot forward and he is in the right place – he has the authority to fire Jane. Lisbon is safe from prosecution, the old deniability is your best friend Lisbon. She hasn’t done anything illegal herself and I am not sure she knows just how far Jane went. She could easily find herself in a position where she might end up ‘betraying’ Jane particularly if he cracks up, or is compelled to testify or to protect the team/CBI as a whole. Heller made sure that while Luther is addressing Darcy in his office re her request for his cooperation in her investigation of Jane, there’s that blinking red light in the background. I also make note that Heller shot a couple of scenes in front of citrus trees, lemon I think. Yellow, citrus and lemons are a long running theme in the show and probably have something to do with Red John.

  • violet

    Well, the slight incoherence in Luther’s lack of competence is explained believably by his young age: there are unfortunally lots of young people who have diplomas but still lack enough in experience to appear rather clumsy in their first high qualified job. Luther may be one of them; I guess his handle on Jane would have been pretty different if he were older and had more practice, not to mention if he was more self-confident in front of his charismatic consultant instead of lapping up everything the man says. I would have been very surprised if he had ever mentioned firing him. Even though he has indeed the authority to do it, the balance of power between them is obviously in favour of Jane: the consultant has far too much influence on his young boss. That’s why I’d say Lisbon might not be so safe: your analysis is logic and very plausible, but Luther (just like Bertram) has already proven that he was more prone to allow privileges to the “sociopath” than he was to protect Lisbon. Who can say he won’t try to sacrifice the agent to save the genius he unwillingly admires so much? He wouldn’t be the first…. I can very well imagine him trying to protect Jane from Darcy by putting the blame on Lisbon, or, at least, by charging her as his accomplice. After all, shared responsibility makes less bad publicity than to have the same wayward employee accused twice.
    Still, you’re right and the guy *is* quite suspicious. Every boss except Minelli has been suspicious in some way… 😉

    I always thought the citrus trees were used to give a picturesque Californian vibe, as well as others fruit allusion (strawberries, apples) or mentions of wine. Same goes with various crime scenes involving beaches, marinas, sharks,…

  • windsparrow

    “Re Wainwright – he is very suspicious. He’s clearly made to look like an incompetent kid yet his degree is in forensic psychology which has to make you wonder why he would be ignorant enough to put that foot forward…”

    The problem I have with Wainwright’s qualifications is that I do not know the writers – most of them having significantly less formal education in that field than I have – have the knowledge of psychology and psychometrics required to actually write those bits accurately. So maybe they mean for Wainwright to be a skilled and knowledgeable forensic psychologist, and don’t know how best to show him being skilled and knowledgeable. Or maybe they do have a thorough understanding of certain key concepts and they have deliberately chosen to write him as what we clinical psychology students (back when I was one) thought of as “those criminal justice majors who have taken a few classes and now they think they know all about psychology”.

    The clinical psychologist who developed one inventory for antisocial personality disorder which is popular for use in law enforcement in the U.S. (sentencing and parole issues sometimes are decided based on these results) is not particularly keen on it being used that way.

    One of the biggest problems with psychometry (psychological measurement) is that it is all about measuring intangible, abstract qualities. How can you measure something you can’t hold up to a ruler, or put in a scale, etc. There are NO direct measures. The closest we can come is to measure behaviors associated with those intangibles. When psychological measurement tools are employed by people with inadequate training in other fields, the results can be inadequately interpreted. Wainwright’s attempt to inventory Jane was exactly that – a result of inadequate training, inadequate observation time, inadequate personal interaction, and inadequate objectivity on the part of the evaluator.

    One of the most in-depth, widely-researched, and widely used psychometric tests is the Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory. It consists of 500+ questions, generally takes at least three hours to take. In the hands of an appropriately trained psychologist or psychiatrist, it can be very useful diagnostic tool. In many ways it is the gold standard for psychometry. However it is not meant to replace the personal interview. It cannot. It is entirely possible for a person score high on the schizophrenia continuum, when in fact that person simply answers certain items very frankly that most healthy people lie about. A skilled diagnostician will be able do discern the frank person from the schizophrenic with a couple of questions.

    A properly trained evaluator using a checklist or an inventory may see red flags pop up, but will be able to discern a false positive with a focused interview or observation. One trait of persons with Antisocial Personality Disorder is exhibiting no emotions when there is one else to see. The audience has seen Jane express very deep emotions when no other character is around. But Wainwright did not bother to make a thorough observation. And he was certainly piqued by the way Jane used him to set the shooter off. His objectivity was certainly tainted.

    Erm. Sorry. I do get riled up….

  • Bonnie Caledonia

    Salutations Reviewbrain,
    I found your blog in January of this year and I quite enjoy reading both yours and your blogs commenter discussions about The Mentalist. I can’t say that I agree with all your opinions about the show, but many of your observations are very intriguing and I find myself agreeing with you frequently.
    There is only one “pet peeve”, as you call it, that I want to convey to you, and I hope it will not cause offense. I do sometimes personally feel that you read a little too much into some of the details of the episodes. It makes me think on occasion that you put more thought into the characters expressions and casual conversations than the writers themselves do. Which is not a bad thing really.
    This being practically my only criticism, for lack of better word, I would like to address how pleased I was when first reading your blog that you do not let your own opinions on the possibility of a Jane and Lisbon romance effect your reviews. If I’m remembering correctly, I believe you said you’re in favor of the pairing?
    To be perfectly honest I am hoping that the two characters become a couple. Of course I can’t presume to know what the signs of being in love are since I am only seventeen and have never experienced romance personally, but from what little knowledge I have on the subject, I would venture to say that Jane and Lisbon would be very good for each other and make a charming couple.
    To conclude this, I’m afraid, rather lengthy comment I would like to say that I greatly appreciate the civil and mature language with which you and your commenters conduct your conversations. It’s such a refreshing difference from many youtube commenters who have the most appalling and impolite language. Thank you very much.
    Many Good Wishes To You,
    Bonnie Caledonia
    P.S. I thought your rating for this episode was definitely deserved. Bruno Heller did an exceptional job. It is positively my top favorite episode of the season. I hope Heller’s next episode at the end of this season will be just as good, if not better.

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome, Bonnie!

    You’re definitely not the first to say that I read too much into acting/writing. I’m glad you don’t think this indulgence of mine is necessarily a bad thing as one of the reason’s I was drawn to this show is the subtle writing/acting. As to me putting more thought than the writers, I really don’t think that’s true. I write myself, so I know that there’s usually a reason why we choose to write a scene a specific way or not. Whether the decision is conscious or not, we have a certain perspective when it comes to the characters that we try to convey.

    One of the Mentalist writers Jordan Harper said as much when I asked him about it on twitter…

    RB: We’re wondering if we’re reading too much into everything or do writers/actors intentionally leave clues to be deciphered?

    JH: It’s complicated. Some little things are intentional and some aren’t. Sometimes we do things that we don’t notice.

    RB: Do writers work with actors on how to play a scene if there’s subtext in it?

    JH: The director talks with the actors about things like that. There’s a “tone meeting” before shooting where the writers talk with the director about subtext and arc stories and the like. Also, you can put subtext into a script….My question back would be, if we do something unintentionally, does that make it matter less?

    I don’t think so. I find the ability to affect viewers without meaning to even more impressive than if they had been trying 🙂

    But as you see, they *do* discuss these nuances…though perhaps maybe not all. I fully acknowledge my mind’s ability to make things up. After all, Ashley Gable stated that Lisbon’s bridesmaid dress had *nothing* to do with S3’s finale title (I may still be in denial over that lol).

    As to my preferences; I’m a not-so-closeted shipper (I want them to get together eventually, in the end) but I do try to be unbiased. I find the connection they make as friends even more stirring than any romance can be. A few posts have been dedicated to this theme “No love triangles“.

    Then there was this year’s and last year’s Erica Flynn episodes which caused quite a stir…

    I just try to raise possibilities that make sense using what we know about the characters and the likely path that writers might take.

    And yes, I am truly blessed to have such courteous readers. So glad you are one of them. Thank you for all your kind words 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    I think they are orange trees. Jane picked one in the Season 1 finale. I’d noticed that too 🙂 I did *not* notice a blinking red light. Must rewatch…Could be important.
    I honestly have no idea what to make of Luther. He’s been kept carefully ambiguous; can be read so many ways. Can’t wait to see what will happen with him…I do think Lisbon will have a new boss by S5. The job’s cursed…oh what I would give to get Minnelli back. Or Hightower…or Laroche!

  • Sunth (@Sunth)

    Here’s the red light between Darcy and Wainwright.!/Sunth/status/182409896086614016

    The blinking effect is when the camera pans so the light passes behind one of the blinds in Wainwright’s window.

    Intentionally included by Bruno?

  • violet

    wow! good eye for detail! 🙂 I’ll say it’s intentional!
    I wonder if it’s a way of linking their conversation with Jane’s decision about Panzer (cause/ consequence) or if it implies that RJ is involved more directly (Luther)…
    Either way, definitely interesting!

  • Sid

    Wainwright is…

    …a complete scumbag and easily the worst of the CBI heads. I hated him from the start and his behavior got even worse. Acting like an immature child from the get go, insulting Jane, refusing to listen to Lisbon, repeatedly back-stabbing Lisbon, Jane, and the team at every turn…

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