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CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon (Tunney) and her consultant Patrick Jane (Baker) are called to Agua Blanca, California after a tiger digs up a dead buried body. When it is revealed the victim was already dying of bone cancer, suspicion falls on his estranged son Aden (August Emerson), his attending physician Dr. Scheck (Andy Milder) and spiritual adviser Brother Joseph (Richard Cox).

Concise Verdict

Some pretty important issues were discussed in this episode: addiction, family, responsibility, fraud, ethics of drug trials, and hope. In some cases, these issues where obvious (Cho’s) while in others the references were more subtle. But the delivery always painless in this wonderfully humorous episode. An extra bonus: In Ruddy Cheeks, writer Erica achieves the feat of giving all main character’s quality screen time as well as nice *team* moments. Finally, as  Jane says in this episode, “devil’s in the details”. Yes it is. 9.5/10.

Detailed AKA Humungous Review (spoilers galore)

I don’t know what is about these last few episodes. They have such a strong season one vibe it makes me want to cry with happiness. Jane, hiding behind Lisbon, her telling him to stay back at the possibility of danger, him being shy around grateful family members… While it’s nice to see how much the characters have evolved since the beginning, its even nicer to see that some things, (beloved character traits) never change.

But the feel-good Season one trend the show has been sporting recently can only mean that we’ll probably be  thrilled senseless by the end of the season. We might as well enjoy the calm before the storm.

Onto the character scenes…

Agent Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman)

Rigsby had some great continuity in this episode both regarding his impending parenthood with as his girlfriend Sarah (My Bloody Valentine, War of the Roses) and his troubled relationship with his father.

First we get a scene of him and ex-flame and co-worker Agent Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) arriving at work together, riding the elevator along with a mother carrying a crying baby. At Wayne’s obvious discomfort, Grace asks him if he’s ready to be a father. Wayne replies “I can cry louder than that.”

Then there is the scene where the victim’s son Aden tells Rigsby that he hated his father because he cut him off, because he left him. You can see the effect of his words on Rigsby, remembering his own father who had disowned him as well before they had it out (Like a Red-Headed Stepchild).

But Rigsby is far less sympathetic when Aden’s lies make him suspicious of killing his father. When Aden explains that his father was the reason he needed drugs saying “He had this way of making me feel so small”, Rigsby replies tersely “Not anymore.”

This is really in character as we know that, despite all their problems, Rigsby never stopped loving his dad.

Later, when approaching a possible dangerous suspect, Rigsby almost gets killed because, unbeknownst to him, a sleeping Cho arrived late to provide him back up. Cho takes out the perp but both are left shaken by the experience, albeit for entirely different reason’s.

VIS #1 Cho/Rigsby

Rigsby wants to show Cho a picture of his baby’s sonogram, but Cho abruptly tells him that they need to talk about what happened, that he is sorry he didn’t have Rigsby’s back and almost got him killed. At his friend’s distress Wayne puts the sonogram away and tells Cho that he saved his life, that Rigsby owes him. Cho denies this firmly. A confused (hurt?) Wayne  says okay then leaves, unaware of the turmoil and guilt behind Cho’s brusque manner.

VIS # 2 Rigsby/Van Pelt

Rigsby does get to share his kid’s photo later when Grace sees the sonogram in his hand and he tells her he’s got a couple of weeks before his son (it’s a boy!!) arrives. Rigsby muses that if he had died a year ago, before the baby, it wouldn’t have mattered. Grace points out it would to her, but Wayne points out it would have been much more important to his baby, that “He’s a game changer.” Grace states that the baby is lucky to have Rigsby as a father and kisses him on the cheek.

-This was a very sweet moment. It’s nice to see how supportive a friend Grace is being (dare I hope that’s all it is?). Also nice is seeing Rigsby feel something other than fear towards his new role. Now he has already tried to assume responsibility for the situation by asking his girlfriend to marry him. It’s only natural those emotions would eventually be extended towards his unborn son as well. I do wonder if the look Rigsby gives Grace at the end was him pining for her, or if he’s wondering if she’s pining for him, or nothing…

I like the thought the Rigsby has come to terms with the idea of being a father. More than that, it seems that, perhaps for the first time, he’s actually looking forward to it.

Lisbon’s Character Development

So a couple of weeks ago I wondered if we were being given a hint about a possible fall out between Lisbon and Jane via murderous female perps. In this episode, there’s another possible clue that hints that all may not remain well in Jane/Lisbon land…

VIS # 3 Lisbon/Betsy: the Confession

When Lisbon figures out that nurse Betsy was taking bribes from people to get them cleared for the experimental drug trial, Lisbon accuses her: “You were selling hope.”

Betsy replies: “It’s cheap at the price.”


In Pretty Red Balloon, after Jane’s ex client forgives him for lying to her, Lisbon and Jane have the following conversation.

Lisbon: You heard her. You gave her hope.

Jane: False hope.

Lisbon: I think hope is worth it at any price.

Can we just compare Lisbon’s going out of her way to make Jane feel better about his actions then with the hard stance she took with Betsy in this episode? Good. Now that we have, it gets even better…

Lisbon figures out that Betsy killed Archer and hid his body to hide her accepting him into the drug trial despite his liver making it dangerous for him.

Betsy tells her: “He was gonna die anyway. Of bone cancer. Do you know how agonizing that is? Excruciatingly slow and painful. I made his passing easy. He never felt a thing. I ended his suffering. It was an act of kindness really.”

Lisbon replies: “I think Mrs. Braddock and his children would thinking differently.”


Ahem. As Lisbon was completely unaffected by Betsy’s statements here, I’m guessing she has no idea that Jane was present when Steiner euthanized himself in episode The Red Mile.

Or maybe she was. After all, there’s a difference between Steiner, who had no one, wanting to kill himself and Braddock who obviously wanted to spend every spare moment he had with his children.

But I’m inclined to think that Lisbon, being raised Catholic, might have issues with suicide, especially considering how she stated that when her father killed himself, he “damn near killed us too” (episode Red Tide). I always understood this to mean that the pain his death caused was what nearly killed her and her brothers. Otherwise, she would have said “he almost killed us, before he killed himself”.

But I digress. The point I’m trying to in-eloquently make is that Lisbon’s stance with Betsy here might indicate that perhaps she and Jane still have different stances when it comes to their fundamental beliefs; ones they might not even be aware of given how in-sync they have been this season. And this sets the stage for potential conflict.

Cho’s Addiction

After months of addiction Cho finally decides to quit cold turkey in this episode seeing as how Rigsby almost got killed because Cho over medicated and fell asleep on the job.

VIS # 5 Cho Attempts Talking to Lisbon

After the case is over, Cho enters Lisbon’s office. First she commends him on a job well done taking out the drug dealer with Rigsby. Then when she senses something is up she asks him if everything is okay. Cho tells her no, to which she seriously, kindly, responds:

“This is a safe room. You can talk about whatever you’d like here.”

Cho says okay and steels himself to speak,  but seeing Lisbon’s concern can’t bring himself to admit his drug problem. Instead, he apologizes for being late that morning (his girlfriend had turned off his alarm) and promises to never let it happen again. Lisbon says “okay”, knowing something else is up but before she can ask him about it Cho bids her goodnight and leaves.

-Can I just say how much I love Ms. Swafford’s writing of Cho and Lisbon? She made me shout with glee in season three’s Bloodstream when he called Lisbon out on putting walls between herself and her team. In this episode, Lisbon’s attempt to eradicate that wall between herself and her coworkers, so that he’ll feel like he’s able to confide in her, made me just as happy.

But despite Lisbon reaching out to him, Cho can’t admit his problem. Perhaps he feared losing her respect, or maybe he didn’t want her to be disappointed in him. Whatever the reason, the regard and respect Cho holds for Lisbon is obvious. That is truly wonderful to see as it has not always been the case (Blood In, Blood Out).

Cho ultimately decides to fix his problem on his own, throwing out all his pain pills. I wonder if he’ll be able to pull it off. I also wonder if Summer will be a hindrance to his attempts seeing as how she downed one of his pills at the beginning of the episode. Not sure that bodes well for the happy couple. And Cho *is* obviously smitten; spending the night at his girlfriend’s place (I assume it’s her place) then taking her call at work. He’s not even angry at her when she makes him late for work.

Best Scenes

The winner: VIS # 5 Cho Attempts Talking to Lisbon

Tim Kang and Robin Tunney were amazing here. I wish more writers would give them such great scenes together.

1st Runner up: VIS #1 Cho/Rigsby

Yeoman and Kang were fantastic together as well. Their characters’ friendship will always be an asset to this show.

2nd Runner up: VIS # 3 Lisbon/Betsy: the Confession

This was such a quiet moody confession. The music was lovely too.

Then there were all the delightful little Jane/Lisbon moments spread throughout the episode. One of which inspired this…

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain March, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chizuru-chibi. Copyright Reviewbrain March, 2012. Not to be used without permission.

XD !!!!!!

So which was your favorite moment?

Best Lines

“Hard to believe it’s killer.” -Jane to Lisbon about tiger. Foreshadowing anyone?

“I mean, who wears hemp other than rich men, and medieval peasants.” Jane to Lisbon on victim’s clothes.

“The smell of desperation.”- Jane to Lisbon on what the victim smells of.

“Killing a man that’s already dying, that’s a little redundant don’t you think?” -Jane.

““You’re a cool customer, you think you can outrun a tiger?” Lisbon to Jane when they find out there’s still a tiger on the loose.

“I don’t have to, I just have to run faster than you.” -Jane to Lisbon in response to the above.

“I can cry much louder than that.”- Rigsby to Grace, on baby.

“Lisbon’s going to be soo mad at you, Scary.”- Summer to a tardy Cho.

“I’ll take health any day. Once the game is over the king and the pawn go into the same box.”-Jane to Lisbon, on money. Nice continuity that he’s not interested in materialistic things (other than his suits anyway).

“I’m a consulting consultant.”- Jane on his job.

“Folks are pretty much dead by the time we show up. Best we can hope for is to catch the killer.”

“Thank you, handsome.” -Cancer patient to Jane. The show needs more moments/comments like this considering how attractive Simon Baker. It’s not realistic that Jane isn’t hit on more often.

“He had this air of finality hanging over him like a piano on a wire.” Again, foreshadowing anyone? I’m starting to think I might be wrong about Rosalind Harker…

I’ll be talking to you from now on.” Dr. Scheck, to Lisbon,  after Jane asks him if he killed Braddock.

“Oh and I’m not a hugger.” Lisbon, to brother Joseph.

“The stinky red stuff curls the nose hairs.” Jane, on victim’s tea.

“That part of the act?”-Lisbon murmuring to Jane about brother Joseph’s dramatic reaction to hearing about victim’s death.

“Hard to say, it’s all so theatrical.”-Jane to Lisbon in response to the above.

“Maybe at the funeral.”-Lisbon, to Joseph, on wanting to set Archer’s spirit free.

“I’m not gonna like this am I?” -Lisbon to Jane.

“You’re gonna love it.” – Jane, in response to above.

“Oh it’s a miracle. Sister Helen has been healed.” -Jane after Helen, who was pretending to have cancer, runs out of the house thinking there’s a fire.

“Your face is going to be plastered all over the news. Let’s see how many dates you get then.” Lisbon, to Helen, furious she married the victim to inherit him.

“But at least you’ll have your eyebrows.” Jane, to Helen.

“Fascinating.” -Lisbon, to Jane, when he asks her if she knew “facts” brother Joseph was sharing.

“This is too creepy.” -Lisbon to Jane, on waiting for killer in morgue.

“Killers like creepy.” -Jane to Lisbon.

“Cancer studies are like lotteries and you were selling the winning ticket.”

“I did a cancer walk for that bitch.”- Leisl Braddock on her step-mother when she learns she faked having cancer.

Honorable Mentions

-Styling. Righetti and Tunney were absolutely, naturally gorgeous in this episode.

-Whoever is in charge of product placement has been earning their keep lately. It might be that I just haven’t noticed it before but Mustang written clearly on a car’s side (but subtle enough to not be obvious), a reference to black diamond rings, a Danielle Steel novel; I hope the show is making a lot of money as it would be a waste not to capitalize on it’s popularity.

Stephani Erb did a great job as the Nurse Betsy, telling Lisbon (and believing it) that she did Braddock a favor by killing him so peacefully. Interesting perps are always better than stereotypical ones.

Director Eric Laneuville did an excellent job.

Pet Peeves

Maybe I’m just slow but it took me a while to understand who is was that Betsy taking bribes from. I assume the patients themselves to get them into the program but it could have been stated more clearly.


While Jane and Lisbon have gotten ever more close, Ruddy Cheeks sees Cho unable to confide his problem to her. I wonder if there’s a theme here. We’ve seen no sign that Rigsby had told her that he’s becoming a father. Grace also was unable to share her trauma over shooting Craig with Lisbon.

Now it’s worth mentioning that Jane only got so close to Lisbon after years of effort on his part and even then probably only achieved this due to the distinction she gives him of being a consultant, not an agent.

As to the others, they all obviously care about her. Rigsby is like a surrogate little brother while Cho is her trusted and respected senior agent. And we’ve we’ve gotten some indication that Grace looks up to Lisbon.

Perhaps it is because they hold her in such high regard they cannot seem to confide in her; they want to live up to her expectations. Rigsby might fear  being considered irresponsible if he tells her about Sarah’s pregnancy, since it was unplanned. Grace is similarly always worried about appearing competent. Cho might simply be afraid of losing her respect.

I guess this is what Lisbon might call “price of power”…

On the other hand, it might be that they are not as confident that she’ll be as understanding with them as she is with Jane. I for one, don’t think that is true; Lisbon’s a pure mama bear. But maybe her increasing bias for Jane (as shown towards her conflicting views on “giving hope” up) has her team doubting her loyalty towards them.

Note: Apparently spoilers have been leaked for the season finale. I’ll be adding a spoiler post in a day or two where you can discuss it to your heart’s content. Until then, if you want to relate them to this episode, please include a clear warning followed by a few empty lines in your comment so that those who wish to remain spoiler-free (myself included) can still participate in this episode’s discussion. Thanks!

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27 responses to “Mentalist Ruddy Cheeks Review

  • JustMe

    I loved the episode. I really really did.

    I loved how Jane and Lisbon are so close. Again I saw that closeness as almost to the exclusion of the team and they don’t seem to notice again how insular they are together. It is a given that they investigate with each other anymore. The rest of the team is relegated to fact gathering.

    I still think a reckoning is coming for Jane and Lisbon. What it will do to their obvious closeness remains to be seen. Tear them apart for good or will it just make it stronger in the long run.

    All in all a sort of lighthearted episode but definite alot of foreshadowing.
    “Piano on a wire”
    “Just enjoying the calm before the storm”
    “It doesn’t look like a maneater”

    I’m sure there are more but dear God I don’t want it to rip Lisbon and Jane apart. But it is a definite possibility.

  • Julie

    Great review as always. I liked that we didn’t get a big emotional mess while dealing with Cho’s addiction as that would have been out of character. Almost getting Rigsby shot was a realistic catalyst for Cho to start to admit he has a problem. Also think not being able to admit to Lisbon was also within character as he rarely shares anything of himself. I think he has a great respect for Lisbon and doesn’t want to risk losing her respect for him. I wonder if this is the end of the problem or it will be a struggle for Cho.

    Loved the Jane and Lisbon moments together. Lots of fun moments between them, making up for all the time apart they spent in the last one. Tigers are my favourite animal and so I was a happy bunny. Just realised Tyger Tyger………

    It is good to see Rigsby going through all the different emotions from this surprise fatherhood, but would love to see indications that Jane and Lisbon know. Jane’s reaction especially would have been nice to see. Loved the ‘I can cry louder than that’ line – was an unexpected reaction.

    I did take note of the ‘hope’ statement from Lisbon and I think Jane appreciated the effort of trying to make him feel better at the time but didn’t believe it at the time.

    No spoilers from me Brainyreviewer I know how you avoid them like the plague. While discussing it with friends on twitter I thought “Oh no Brainyreviewer might see this!”

  • Julie

    Forgot to comment about you ‘Handsome’ remark. I remember this only being said one other time and that was in ‘Ladies in Red’ series one, when the woman being interrogated says “Ahhh the handsome one”. I did love in ‘Roses are Red’ where Simon says the line “What attracted you to your husband – not his looks” to his real wife Rebecca. I always wondered if that line was put in after casting. I think that Simon would prefer it that his looks were not commented on in the show and just because an incredibly handsome man was cast doesn’t mean that it was a part of the character Jane. Oh oh oh in the Prison ep they call out “Hello handsome” or something to that effect. Having said that I do agree Brainyreviewer that there are more comments made about his clothes than his face.

  • windsparrow

    ““You’re a cool customer, you think you can outrun a tiger?” Lisbon to Jane when they find out there’s still a tiger on the loose.

    “I don’t have to, I just have to run faster than you.” -Jane to Lisbon in response to the above.”

    While I found this to be an extremely cute moment between these two, I’m still grinding my gears over the inaccuracy of understanding about feline behavior. In point of fact, faced with a big cat on the ground, we humans are much better off not running. The best way to convince a feline of any sort that you are prey is to run like a prey animal does. Cats, big or small, can and do give up on prey that are too much fuss and bother – we are much more likely to successfully fight the cat off than to successfully outrun it. And if you can manage to project the nonverbal cues for “We’re both top predators here, we don’t have to mix it up – you go your way, I’ll go mine, mutual respect, etc.” it is possible to walk away unscathed.

    “But despite Lisbon reaching out to him, Cho can’t admit his problem. Perhaps he feared losing her respect, or maybe he didn’t want her to be disappointed in him. Whatever the reason, the regard and respect Cho holds for Lisbon is obvious.”

    I saw two people who are by nature “actions speak louder than words”, non-talky people, communicate something deep. In making the effort to establish her office as a “safe place”, Lisbon shows how much she cares about Cho (as she cares about her whole team). Although there has been no sign of her being overtly aware of Cho’s problem with pain medication, because of her personal exposure to addiction (her father’s alcoholism), and because she would likely feel some responsibility for Cho’s injury (her brother’s inappropriate/inconvenient presence set the stage for it) I believe Lisbon is likely to be covertly, subconsciously aware that all is not right with Cho. With a signal like his coming to her office in this way, she may well have all the information that she needs to put two and two together. As for Cho, wordless though it was, he has alerted Lisbon to the fact that he has a problem. In this way, he has made himself accountable to do what he needs to in order to fix it; and if he cannot manage on his own, ultimately to seek out the treatment he needs. While he has been shown repeatedly taking the pain meds, this is the first time Cho’s behavior has been shown to be under the influence of the addiction. This seems to me to be good cause to believe that once he has gotten clear of the physical withdrawal/detox symptoms (not an easy thing to do) he won’t necessarily have a lot of “dry-drunk” behavioral issues to sort out. Where he might run into trouble is if the physical addiction is beyond his willpower to overcome, if he chooses not to contact his physician for guidance or assistance. That would start him on a downward spiral of both physical and psychological addiction.

  • kamimimi

    Unfortunely I read that spoiler. For the ones that didin’t read that, don’t read. Takes pratically all the fun from the surprise that we will get. Broke my heart.

    “This was a very sweet moment. It’s nice to see how supportive a friend Grace is being (dare I hope that’s all it is?)” I don’t think that is all friendship. The looks that Grace gave during to the conversation seemed to me as this: Sadness then ‘getusedtoit” and then happiness. The spark is still there, what is sad for Grace.

    The scene between Cho/Lisbon was great but concerned me too about the Lisbon&Jane/Team relationship. The baby is almost here and we don’t see Lisbon or Jane talking about it. >< If that is the case and the show are not just omitting those conversations, I think Lisbon will be very hurt by knowing so late. I would be.

    All the Jane and Lisbon scenes together were great. I rewatched them a lot of times, specially the one that they discover that the body was stolen.
    The episode was very good and as you stated, everybody got their 'screen time' perfectly.

    Thanks for the great review \o

    P.S.: Do that post about the synopsis spoiler. I NEED to talk about it.

  • All-I-need

    Oh, you, too? I`m going crazy here, I need someone to shout at without looking like a maniac….

  • All-I-need

    I loved this epsiode, too!

    I read a lot of comments that apparently people didn`t like this episode (for whatever reasons) and I just can`t relate at all.

    Best quote (apart from the tiger at the beginning, of course):

    Lisbon: “Hands in the air!”
    Jane: “Yours, not his!”
    The killer drops the victim`s hand.

    I laughed so hard at that one! Really, this is truly black, morbid humor and I absolutely LOVE that!

    Jane and Lisbon are growing increasingly close and I can`t see anything wrong with that, per se. The only problem really is the way it changes the team dynamic. I`m getting confused because I just can`t see Jane NOT knowing that Rigsby is going to be a father. I mean, we`ve seen Sarah at the CBI several times and I hardly doubt Jane didn`t pick up on the fact that she`s heavily pregnant, especially with the way Rigsby is behaving. You just have to keep in mind that the episodes we get to see are only fragments of time, so it`s highly likely both Jane and Lisbon are aware of the baby, which raises the question why they`re not talking about it.

    First possibility: the writers didn`t get a chance to work it into a conversation so far or maybe didn`t think it was important or maybe the scene was cut.
    Second possibility:they both know but Lisbon is hesitant to touch the subject with Jane because she`s afraid it might make him sad, considering he used to be a father, too (and it`s easy to forget that. His ring is a constant reminder of his wife, but there`s hardly any mention of his daughter). Likewise, Jane might not want to remind Lisbon that Rigsby is starting a family while she herself is so busy with work she can`t even manage to maintain any relationship at all, let alone think about having children of her own. It IS a pretty sensitive topic for both of them.

    Obviously I read the spoilers (there was no way I couldn`t read them) and now I`m freaking out ever so slightly, but I`m not tooo worried…yet. I think. Maybe…. Oh screw it, the wait is agonizing! Is it May yet?!

  • tessjanes

    Amei esse episódio foi muito bom e gostei principalmente como uma boa JISBON que sou da cenas entre Jane e Lisbon que foram muito boas.

  • reviewbrain

    Welcome 🙂
    My first Portuguese comment! Thank God for google translate 🙂
    Yes it was a great episode wasn’t it? The Jane/Lisbon moments were lovely.

  • zee

    Hello Reviewbrain,

    I saw what Kamimi wrote about the spoiler… it’s time for my steely determination of avoiding spoilers to kick in. Thanks for the heads up.

    I thought this episode was going to have lots of poignant moments, but on the contrary, it was THE most comical episode surrounding imminent death (and corpses). I enjoyed the morbid humour!

    Tigers being used in this episode, I feel its definite foreshadowing. Its expensive to get them into shows and they could have use dogs instead. So, It’s deliberate they’re there.

    Also onto Rigsby, now that he has more drive in his life preservation, I’m very afraid for his character story to unfold by the season finale. In fact, this whole vibe of calmness and bantering is unsettling.

    I hope there’s no hyperventilating tirade when I do catch the finale. :s

  • John Scott

    “Shipper of Fools”

    While Jane’s hatred of RJ threatens to take his loved ones down under on his ill-fated Mission to catch his elusive white whale that took his love away, the moral of the story may be that both love and hate are blind and, like a Tyger, Tyger, can bite you in the “Ruddy Cheeks.”

  • Mary_N (@RobinTunneyBlog)

    I really liked this episode, it was fun and full of great quotes!
    I enjoyed it, and the fact that it balanced well the funny moments with the serious ones.

    I’m not going to comment the funny ones as Brainy already amazingly covered them all! I just have to say that I really laughed at Lisbon’s “I’m not a hugger” and her face of total disgust while Jospeh hugged her LOL
    This reminded me of “Bloodstream” when Lisbon -after having her position as boss back- says to the team who wants to celebrate “If there’s a group hug coming, I’m so out of it” or something along those lines, I don’t recall the exact words right now…

    What I really loved was Cho’s realisation that his addiction can cause damage not only to himself, but to other people as well (Summer included). What happened with Rigs (and the fact that he’s going to have a baby), surely triggered something inside of him. I hope he’s going to be ok now. I want Cho business!!

    Now, the scene with Lisbon. While during the first time I watched it, I was talking to my computer and Cho, telling him: “tell her, just tell her!!”, I think in a way it was better that he didn’t do that. The unspoken dialogue that happened between the two was so great. I wish there were more scenes between Cho and Lisbon. Their facial expressions, the way Cho was sitten on his chair, everything was so perfect.
    “This is a safe room. You can talk about whatever you’d like here.”
    This line is so LIsbon… it reminded me of the scene when Rigs talked to her about her dad, she had that same “mama bear mode on”. It’s sweet to see the way she cares about her team, despite in this season she’s 99% focused on Jane.
    A thing a I wish for S5, more team action! 🙂

    Great review, as always!! 🙂

  • windsparrow

    Very punny, man. Very punny.

  • reviewbrain

    Well, they can’t be ripped apart for good or they’d be no show 😉 But I would love for it to happen temporarily…Tunny and Baker would knock the socks off any heated moments…

  • reviewbrain

    I perfectly agree with your first paragraph.
    As to Jane not believing Lisbon was as sincere about her words as she was about trying to make him feel better during their “hope” talk…
    Hmm. An intriguing possibility. It could be why he asked her at the time if she was running for office. I thought it was due to the tone of the pep talk but it might also be due to her saying things for his benefit without necessarily believing them, like politicians do.

    I’d stated that Jane and Lisbon might not be aware if their remaining, existing differences. But your point hints that Jane might know this. That could be why he still hides things from her (War of the Roses). I hope we get more clues in the future…

  • reviewbrain

    🙂 I’m positive Baker would rather be known for his acting chops than his looks; which he totally deserves. My point was that it’s only natural for women to show attraction towards Jane since he is, in fact, attractive. I love when it happens to Lisbon too. It’s just a realistic touch..

  • reviewbrain

    Love the insight on feline behavior! I’ll remember that if I happen to run into a tiger 😉
    But The first part of yor statement for some reason had me thinking that Jane running faster than Lisbon could also be foreshadowing…as in Cackle-Bladder Blood when they were each racing to get Danny. Might another race be in the future? For RJ?

    I’m not sure Lisbon, even subconsciously is aware of what Cho is going through, until he walked into her office anyway. Her surprised concern seemed genuine and part of the reason why he couldn’t tell her what was going in. I think it would be much easier for him if she had any clue or hint.
    But I think the reasons you stated for why she *could* know, would be wonderful explanations for why Cho couldn’t tell her. he wouldn’t want her to feel guilty for his addiction, seeing as how her brother was present when Cho got hit. Plus he probably knows about her dad’s alcohol addiction and might worry the topic is sensitive for her.

    You just gave me more reasons to love this scene 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    I’m not sure how sensitive the topic of children might be. Jane obviously loves them and Lisbon was great with Hightower’s.
    So either it’s so obvious she and he would know a out the baby that the writers didn’t bother working it in the script, or it was intentionally left out to show how detached they are from the rest of the team, as JustMe pointed out. The latter possibility intrigues me…Jane has always been nosy. Not knowing Rigsby’s girlfriend is pregnant would show how uninterested he’s become in the team (as opposed to unwavering interest in Lisbon). Or, that he’s been distracted/busy with thoughts of Panzer/Darcy/Red John.
    Latter seems more possible…

  • reviewbrain

    Lol! Yes, they’re obviously making us happy now the better to devastate us later aren’t they 😉

  • reviewbrain

    Lol!! That was priceless >_<
    And yes, love being blind does seem to be a running theme this season…
    Rosalind and Lisbon being the obvious victims of the statement…

  • reviewbrain

    Totally agree with you on continuity ala Liabon and hugs. It makes sense since Swafford wrote both Bloodstream and this episode. And yes, having Kang and Tunney’s remarkable acting speak for itself was better than any dialogue could have been. Extremely wise decision by writer. And ditto for more team action! Now that we’ve started getting team scenes, we need more 🙂

  • John Scott

    “Last of the Summer Whine”

    Cho is quite the “Transformer” if he thinks he can change a decepti-con like Summer. Cho has enough problems just getting off the Oxy. He may grow so tired of Summer’s whining that he begs Jane to shoot him in the “Crimson Hat” and put him put of his misery. Jane certainly has the experience in assisted suicide. The last scene in “Red Mile” of Steiner with Jane was my favorite: “It’s there….and then it’s gone.”

  • windsparrow

    “Love the insight on feline behavior! I’ll remember that if I happen to run into a tiger”

    To be honest, I’m pretty sure that the stand and fight approach works better with lions than it does with tigers. But it’s not like we can outrun a tiger anyway. There are, or were, parts of Africa in which Lions and humans coexisted with respect for each other as top predators (at least until the humans quit with the hunter-gatherer economy and went in for keeping yummy cattle) – and over however many thousands of generations had worked out a protocol of body language for safely encountering each other. I believe that this is described in a book called _The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and their Culture_ by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.

    “I’m not sure Lisbon, even subconsciously is aware of what Cho is going through, until he walked into her office anyway. ”

    I think it is possible that even if the thought had never crossed her mind until that moment when Cho came into her office and acted like he needed to talk, that she could have put things together and figured out what the trouble was. In the long run, it is the sort of conclusion that takes a modicum of intuition. In spite of certain efforts on the parts of the writers to show Lisbon as relatively unemotional and unsentimental, I do not think it is entirely beyond her.

    I hope she is not so stuck on Jane that she is completely oblivious to Cho and she ends up being completely shocked if he ends up needing more help to detox.

  • Melissa

    I totally like this episode. This ep proves that It dosen’t need to be Rj ep to be great. I like acting, like everybody said Robin was awsome and Tim was absolutely good there. It remind me to an epsiode from season 2 (I don’t remember the name) when we found out that lisbon had a bottle of tequila in her desk and we thought that se was facing trouble with alcohol. Cho reminds me that. I don’t think his problem with drugs had finished so I think it could be material for the next season. I haven’t seen a scene between this two since the final ep of season 3 so I totally liked it. I’m glad that this ep had bring more J/L (I’m shipper, I know). Well now we must expect to the season finale 🙂 (I”m ripping my nails)

  • windsparrow

    Once again your artwork is funny, adorable and clever. Cheers, Chizuru-Chibi!

  • tessjanes

    Sim eu amei as cenas entre os dois aliás eu amo esses dois e não vejo a hora de ficarem juntos e você?

  • tessjanes

    Muito eu amei.

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