Red Queen Preview (spoilers)


If you haven’t seen the preview, catch it here.

First of all, Jane is in trouble once more?! That’s gotta be a record. Give the guy a break!

Now for some reason, I’m not buying Hightower as Red John’s operative. Surely they wouldn’t have included her in the promos unless it was a red herring, right? I’m betting RJ’s got her kids hostage unless she hands over Jane; something like that.

That doesn’t mean I’m not worried. I’m very, very, worried. I’m worried Hightower will end up dying tragically, because, of course, why else would they have an episode featuring her last week where we all got to see her humane side, and she got to bond with both Lisbon and Jane, unless it’s to get her killed and create angst for our heros?

Of course, if she is RJ’s operative, there’s just as much angst for Team Lisbon so I guess it’s a win-win situation for the writers and a lose-lose situation for viewers and Jane.

On the upside, the episode’s writer is Daniel Cerone, who brought us two of the season’s best episodes (“Red Carpet Treatment” and “Jolly Red Elf”. So…I am excited. I am also afraid. Very afraid.

I guess I should have known better than to hope for two consecutive happy episodes. Sigh.


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4 responses to “Red Queen Preview (spoilers)

  • violet

    I totally agree, that’s too obvious, even more after an episode where Hightower shows she has no problem in endangering Jane (I can’t believe she took the risk to shoot Jane, she’s so bent on giving a good impression of the CBI and that was so… unprofessional, to say the least!)
    Her children taken by Red John? That’s a good idea… It can’t logically be one of Jane’s schemes, since we’re told he doesn’t expect that…
    Well, I don’t particularly dislike Hightower, but if she’s a traitor, the rest of the team must be innocent… but what I’m afraid is that she’s been played for taking responsibility for Todd Johnson’s murder, while the true culprit would remain in the shadows…

  • All-I-need

    I completely agree with that.

    And now, to confuse everyone, another theory:
    Maybe they included her in the trailer to make us THINK it can`t be her (too obvious) so in the end we will be shocked to see that she IS in fact the traitor. Oh, I love thinking around several corners!

  • reviewbrain

    That made me laugh out loud. It certainly is a possibility. I’ve never been so ambivalent to a tv series in my life. Mentalist is very good at getting me equally excited and dreading an upcoming episode. I can’t wait for Thursday to come and put me out of my misery.

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