Mentalist Redacted Review


Episode starts in CBI Head J.J. LaRoche’s (Pruitt Taylor Vince) house where a burglar is breaking into his safe. The masked man finds a few expensive looking watches, a gold coin, and a taped Tupperware container.  Uninterested in these items, he messily searches the rest of the home, including within books stacked in a shelf.  LaRoche shows up, catching the burglar in the act. He points a gun at him and tells him not to move. The intruder runs away, escaping LaRoche’s subsequent gunshots and exits the house. He does npt make it very far. Police officers arrive at the scene and apprehend him. A short distance away, clandestine, a vintage blue Citroen drives away. Most viewers will recognize it as Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker)

He parks near Sterling Electronics where the rest of the CBI’s Serious Crimes Unit is investigating a murder. The store owner was killed in what looks like a robbery gone bad. Inside the store Lisbon (Tunney) notes the strangeness of the fact that the killer took the time ransacking the place even after the alarm went off when the shop was broken into. Jane shows up in time to agree with her that the scene is ‘off’. Based on the thoroughness of the search he adds that the burglar didn’t find what he was looking for. Jane then takes off to the office to talk to the man who broke into LaRoche’s home. His name is Donald Culpepper (David Warshofsky) and he was a suspect in one of the Serious Crime Unit’s past cases (Season 2’s ‘A Price Above Rubies’). Jane hired him to steal something from LaRoche’s home. Not only was Culpepper unable to get the job done, he threatens that if Jane doesn’t get him out of jail, he’ll expose Janeas the person who hired him to break into LaRoche’s him. Culpepper is set to appear before a judge on Monday, and Jane has until them to get him out (it is Friday when the episode starts).

Concise Verdict

I loved this episode. There I said it. I absolutely loved it. Jane getting into serious trouble due to his bone-headedness with no solution in sight is a rare, realistic treat.  It was nice to see him run ragged between working his case with the team and trying to find a solution to his dire, dire situation. I also like how I was able to maintain interest in the case; a remarkable feat considering Jane’s extenuating circumstances. I am also pleasantly surprised to say that I even loved the conclusion. It was however, very rushed and I couldn’t tell whether the lightness of the episode was refreshing or inappropriate considering the circumstances. Then I realized that Mentalist is supposed to be light (I’d almost forgotten) and that was no longer an issue. However there was one not so pet ‘pet peeve’ that wouldn’t let me give it the full grade I’m aching to. But, technically, a 9/10 is still an ‘A’. Bravo.

Detailed AKA Humongous Review (spoilers galore)

One of this episode’s strong points is that it depicts how both Lisbon and Jane have changed throughout the course of the series. This is especially apparent when you compare this episode with the last time Jane committed such a serious offense and was in danger of having to actually pay for it. This was in season 2’s ‘Black Gold and Red Blood’ where he went to jail for eavesdropping on Sam Bosco (Terry Kinney). During that episode Jane’s demeanor was laid back, confident, and completely unapologetic. He also refused to acknowledge the gravity of his situation likely out of sheer stubbornness but also most probably because he was confident that Lisbon would use her influence with Bosco to get him out.

He had no such assurance here. Lisbon has no such sway with LaRoche (that we know of) and neither does Jane. The wayward consultant knew exactly how much trouble and was in and throughout the entire episode was desperately trying to come up with a way to fix his mistake.

This makes the end scene where Lisbon is swiftly able to set Culpepper free (and Jane, by association) all the more impressive.

Very Important Scene #1 : Jane and Lisbon in the attic

After the case is solved Lisbon finds Jane in the attic. She tells him that she waited for him to come along with her to tell the Iraqi family (friends of the victim) that they’ll get their family fortune back (a priceless rug the victim was keeping for them; also the cause of his death).

Jane (who was pacing in a panic drinking tea when Lisbon came in) tells her that he has to arrange his sock drawer. At Lisbon’s bemused look, he admits that he has a huge problem and he doesn’t have a lot of time to solve it in.

Up to this point, Jane had tried hypnotizing officer O’Donnell (Michael Maize)- who is guarding Culpepper- into sleeping so he could break the man out. It didn’t work. Jane then booby trapped the guard’s lunch and when his soft drink exploded, necessitating the man leave to clean up, Jane entered the cell intending to take Culpepper to Mexico. Only the criminal refused saying he wants the charges dropped; that he doesn’t want to live life on the run.  At one point in the episode Jane is even reduced to taking notes on a small pad trying to come up with a way to fix his problem only to come up empty.

So it really is no surprise that when Lisbon says “I knew something is going on with you. What is it?” Jane pauses, actually considering telling her because she’s bound to find out when Culpepper exposes him in court. Lisbon takes the matter further out of his hands when she threatens: “The absolute truth or I beat it out of you.”

Jane admits that he hired Culpepper to get him something he needs from LaRoche’s house and that Culpepper will tell on Jane if he doesn’t get the charges dropped. At Lisbon’s “Oh, my God,” Jane responds, “Yeah, it’s not good,” before hurriedly pouring himself another cup of tea.

– Jane’s drinking of tea in times of stress is both an endearing and established aspect of his character so it was nice touch here.

Lisbon asks Jane what he needed from LaRoche.  Jane reveals that Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis) didn’t kill anybody and that Red John has a friend in the CBI. At his words, Lisbon figures out that Jane wanted LaRoche’s suspect list which contains the names of the possible culprits who could have killed Todd Johnson, the man Hightower was accused of murdering.

-Lisbon’s figuring out of the facts here seemed way too quick; Hightower’s reaction (‘Red Queen’) was more believable when Jane told her. Although, I do like the implication that Lisbon was smart enough to make sense out of the information Jane gave her; especially since she all but stated that didn’t want to believe Hightower was guilty.

Lisbon then asks why Jane didn’t just ask LaRoche for the list. Jane responds that if the other suspects on the list are innocent, then LaRoche is most likely Red John’s man.

-Lisbon’s question here is very important and in character. Despite the hints we have that Lisbon can break the rules from time to time; she still does things by the book for the most part and only veers off being straight edge when she deems it appropriate (‘Red Alert’).

Lisbon finally rightfully demands to know why Jane didn’t share any of this information with her before. Jane replies: “I don’t want to put you in danger.” Lisbon tells him that he’s an idiot and that she’ll fix the problem but that they’ll have a serious talk after.

-It’s nice to have Jane’s idiocy in canon. The fact that he doesn’t defend himself and the way he resignedly accepts Lisbon’s contention shows that he agrees with her statement; at least in this situation. Or, his non-response could be due to disappointment that his chivalry wasn’t better received (this will be discussed in more detail later).

What Jane does argue is Lisbon’s ability to “fix this”. He says he’s been trying to do that all weekend and that he came up with the perfect getaway only to have Culpepper say that he wants the charges dropped.

– The subtext here implies that since Jane couldn’t solve the problem, he doesn’t think it’s possible for Lisbon to be able to either. This is fabulous because…

Lisbon is unconcerned and rather impatiently says, “Yeah, yeah, let’s go.” Jane watches her take off with wide disbelieving and concerned eyes before following her to the holding cell where Culpepper is being held.  Lisbon tells Officer O’Donnell to open the door, and he informs them that Culpepper is in with his lawyer. Lisbon says “perfect” and exchanges a look with Jane. The door is opened, and when Culpepper sees Lisbon, he makes a rude remark but before he even finishes what he is saying she punches him out, knocking him to the floor in his chair. Lisbon lets out a happy sigh and leaves amidst Culpepper’s lawyer’s fiercely indignant declaration that she just got the case dismissed. Jane, amazed, follows her out.

-The earlier subtext that Jane doubts Lisbon will be able to save his sorry behind makes the fact that she did, and so easily, even more impressive both to him and to viewers. Awesome. I really have to hand it to writer Eoghan Mahoney for giving Lisbon such excellent problem solving skills. I did not see that one coming.

Next, a short scene shows Jane coming down from his attic to see Culpepper waving goodbye at him from inside the CBI elevator. When the elevator doors close, Jane exhales in relief before he continues walking, presumably to Lisbon’s office as that is where the next scene takes place.

VIS #2 Jane, LaRoche, and Lisbon in her office/Jane Lisbon End Scene

Jane swivels in one of the chairs at Lisbon’s conference table in her office where she is quietly being reamed by LaRoche.

The CBI head asks Lisbon what she was thinking. She apologizes, citing frustrations with the job as the reason behind her actions. LaRoche is unappeased. His voice gets uncharacteristically louder as he states that Culpepper cannot be brought to trial now and that it’s Lisbon’s fault. Here Jane intervenes to point out that nothing got stolen.

-It’s nice to see Jane speak up here as it is his fault that Lisbon’s in trouble. And yet, once more, Lisbon is unappreciative of his gesture as evidenced by her shaking her head at him when LaRoche isn’t looking. Either she want Jane to shut up because she thinks his words will rile LaRoche up further, or she’s afraid his interference might blow their cover. Again, we have an example of Jane’s continued efforts to help Lisbon and her continued dismissal of those efforts.

At Jane’s indirect statement of ‘no harm no foul’ LaRoche takes a deep breath, then cites that Lisbon has to be given a mandatory one week suspension, then adds that she is also to undergo six months of anger management classes. Jane reacts to by making an “Oh, looks who is in trouble” sound. Lisbon ignores him and accepts her punishment gracefully and LaRoche exits her office.

-I don’t care what anyone says. I am positive that LaRoche likes Lisbon (as a colleague at least). Else why would the writers have bothered clarifying that Lisbon’s one week suspension is mandatory? Why would LaRoche have clarified it? And the 6 months anger management classes, while undoubtedly tedious, could just as easily have been ordered out of concern for Lisbon as much as out of anger with her. I am positive that if not for LaRoche’s respect for Lisbon, her punishment could have been much worse.  Especially considering how much LaRoche was looking forward to making Culpepper “very sorry” for breaking into his home as he stated earlier on in the episode.

Jane seems to agree. When LaRoche leaves, Jane states “Thought that went well”.

-Of course it is Jane, so we have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Still.

Lisbon then confidently tells him “You are going to owe me big time.”  Jane response? “Uh, for what exactly?” to which Lisbon raises one of her bean bag paper weights as if to throw at him. Jane warns: “Ah, two words: anger management” as he leaves her office. Lisbon rather smugly drops the paper weight back on her desk when Jane pops his head back in. He calls out a soft “Hey” to get Lisbon’s attention. When she looks up, Jane gives her a heartfelt “thank you” with a tiny sincere smile. Embarrassed, Lisbon averts her eyes, only to have Jane furrow his brows in what seems like mock displeasure at her inability to accept his gratitude.

– First I’d like to thank director David M. Barrett for the close up on Tunney’s lovely face. Her eyes are not only gorgeous, they are beautifully expressive and in this scene they are speaking loud and clear:

Jane’s gratitude embarrasses Lisbon. But it also pleases her in spite of herself which is why she shies away from it here.


Before I go into their reactions here, I’d like to discuss other issues raised in the first VIS.

Lisbon’s non-reaction at Jane’s contention that he didn’t want to put her in danger.

At first I was disappointed that Jane’s admission didn’t garner a bigger reaction from Lisbon other than “you’re an idiot.” Then I remembered other similar situations between these two:

-In ‘Paint it Red’ (season one) Jane tells Lisbon that he didn’t include her in his plan to give her “deniability” implying he didn’t want to get her in trouble. She ignores him.

-In ‘Aaingavite Baa’ (season two) he apologizes that he went on the Native American reservation behind her back, but states he did so because he knew that he would stir things up. He explains “I was trying to protect you” (from Hightower) to which Lisbon snaps that she doesn’t need his protection from Hightower or anyone else.

-In ‘Blood Money’ when Lisbon calls Jane out on trying to help her after he’d gotten her in trouble, he states “I’m always going to save you Lisbon whether you like it or not” to which she replies that she doesn’t need to be saved; that she knows one day she’ll get fired because of him.

-And, the one that started it all: in Carnelian Inc. Jane states, to Lisbon’s puzzlement: “No matter what happens I will be there for you.” Lisbon’s reaction was to simply nod, probably because she’s was too surprised at the vow.

Now they’re not all worded the same but we have several instances which convey Jane’s almost old fashioned chivalrous desire to protect Lisbon.

Lisbon, for her part, never seemed overly affected by Jane’s efforts to look after her her, probably because she knows she can take care of herself and/or doesn’t realize the depth of Jane’s feelings for her. So I suppose it really isn’t that strange for her reaction in this episode to be any different. In fact, her “You’re an idiot” seems to convey her frustration that Jane would keep something so important from her in a misguided attempt to protect her.

Either that, or she didn’t believe him but didn’t want to push the issue. I don’t think so though.

As to Jane, I remember thinking, in each of the above instances, that he would be better off protecting Lisbon from himself; that his desire to protect Lisbon seems unrealistic considering his desire for revenge. This brings me to the next issue…

The conflict between Jane’s two strong desires:  to protect Lisbon and to kill Red John.

I dare say this is the main theme of season three. In ‘Jolly Red Elf’ Jane told Minelli that the reason he won’t tell Lisbon what’s going on is that it’ll put her at risk. Yet his statement to Hightower that he’s better off on his own (Red Queen) raised the possibility that he may have other more self-serving motives to keep things from Lisbon. I’ve discussed ad infinitum what those motives may be: Jane wanting RJ for himself, his fear Lisbon will get in his way, his fear that Lisbon will no longer like him once she gets to really know him, Jane simply not being used to sharing information, etc, etc.)

But Jane’s statement in the previous episode that he’s looking for someone who knows the worst side of him, yet still loves him, makes the fact that he’s afraid of Lisbon’s reaction once he shares himself with her a pretty likely possibility.

Also, we know that Jane, like Lisbon, is a control freak. But his statements in the previous episode suggest that it’s not just because he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. It’s also because he doesn’t trust anyone else to love him enough to do right by him (an issue I raised in the previous review and am even more certain of now).

And yet, Lisbon has always stood by Jane. And she’s seen plenty of his bad side. She saw how he tried to disconnect Bosco off his morphine drip (‘His Right Red Hand’) to which she called him a “cold bastard”. He’s told her of his intentions to torture Red John (‘Red Flame’, ‘Red Moon’). He’s also manipulated her into needlessly breaking the law (‘Blood for Blood’).

In fact, when you think about it, Lisbon is probably more familiar with Jane’s failings than she is with his virtues. It has been discussed before that Jane specifically hides his good deeds because he does no want to take credit for them; that he does not think he deserves praise (with regards to his character not his brains which he thrives on). Watching this episode, a very strange yet intriguing new possibility presented itself: Perhaps, until now, Jane has been deliberately showing Lisbon his bad side, to (subconsciously) test how far her regard for him goes while simultaneously keeping her at arm’s length. While this possibility has been raised before, I am now confident, for the first time, that his reasons for doing so do not (or no longer) have anything to do with revenge, or with Red John.

Proof? At the end of this episode, Jane honestly, sincerely, thanks Lisbon.

Why is this a big deal? Because…

Jane and Lisbon: another development in their trust vs. control saga

In “Black Gold, Red Blood” (BGRB), after Lisbon gets Bosco to drop his charges against Jane (who was in jail at the time), she first pretends that she didn’t have anything to do with it. Jane catches her in her lie and patronizingly (albeit sincerely) tells her that he’s touched that she risked her career over him. Lisbon responds:

“If you’re right, and I’m not saying you are, it would mean I broke the trust of someone I respect and admire for your sake. If it is true I would hope in the future you’d be a little bit more mature and responsible in your behavior.”

Jane’s response?

“I’m grateful and all, but let’s not go crazy here.”

The above conversation perfectly captures Jane and Lisbon’s push and pull relationship and their whole trust vs. control dilemma. In BGRB Lisbon didn’t want Jane to know she helped him probably because she feared he will start taking her help for granted. Jane on the other hand, while grateful, doesn’t want Lisbon to think that her saving him now means she has any control or sway over him.

It’s interesting that while each wants to be there for the other, neither wants to feel beholden to the other. Again, this is because of control. Neither want to feel like the other has control over his and her respective actions.

In this episode, that no longer seems to be an issue. After Jane is forced to tell Lisbon what is going on, she immediately saves him. She’s saved him before but this is the first time Lisbon flat out tells Jane that he owes her big time. Jane’s reaction is to deny this and he starts to leave (like he did in BGRB). But, he immediately pops back in to thank her sincerely. By doing this, Jane is indirectly admitting and agreeing that he owes Lisbon. This is huge!  By doing this, Jane has relinquished a lot of control. After all, he doesn’t know how or when Lisbon might decide to collect on his debt. This shows that he trusts her enough to express his gratitude, his appreciation for her, without fearing that she will use his gratitude to manipulate him.

Similarly, the way Lisbon confidently states that Jane owes her here (entailing that she’s confident in her relationship with him to make such a statement) is very different than in BGRB when she tentatively asked Jane to modify his behavior, only to have him mock her request.

These two have come a long way.

It is safe to say that Lisbon coming through for Jane here is enough to assure him on his whole “trust” issue. Perhaps now that Jane can trust Lisbon, maybe he’ll start sharing more of his secrets with her.

But more than that, Lisbon’s saving Jane here makes a romance between the two more possible. Why?

Jane needs someone to look out for him.

When Jane admits he hired Culpepper he reminded me of a child who only told because he was going to be found out anyway. And Lisbon’s reaction reminded me of a mom’s. This dynamic of their relationship has been hinted at before, but it is even more promising now in light of the previous episode.

In ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’ Jane stated he’s looking for someone “better” than him.  In that episode review I analyzed this as meaning that Jane probably knows that he needs someone to guide him. He just doesn’t have a lot of common sense. He needs a mother and Lisbon is just the person to raise him so to speak, especially when we consider how tough she was with Hightower’s kids and the fact that she raised her brothers.

Now some may say that by punching Culpepper Lisbon broke the law and that by saving Jane Lisbon is essentially enabling him.

I disagree.

The fact is the reason Jane broke into LaRoches home was because he might be RJ’s accomplice. This does not excuse his actions (or stupidity) but it makes Lisbon’s understanding of them acceptable. This isn’t like when Lisbon needlessly allowed Jane to manipulate her into letting Trina deGorg go in ‘Blood for Blood’ (something which I’m afraid I will never get over).

Her actions here are much more understandable and in character. After all, Lisbon is fiercely protective of her team, Jane is no exception. Still, she doesn’t let him off easily, telling him firmly that they’ll have a serious talk after (I seriously hope they do. Even if viewers don’t get to see it, we still need a hint that it happened).

I cannot express how much I appreciate the direction writers are taking with Lisbon’s character, especially after the last episode. When Lisbon was privy to Jane’s more vulnerable side via his interview, I worried that this information will be used as an excuse to make Lisbon more susceptible to Jane; to make her weak.

I had stated that Lisbon needs to realize being strong means standing up for Jane by standing up to him. That she needs to know when to go along with him (within the law) to eventually make him see that there is an upside to sharing information with her and to following the law.

In Redacted, Lisbon did this perfectly, because, essentially, it is the law that got Jane off after she punched out Culpepper.

Again, I am beyond ecstatic with the direction the writers are apparently taking with her character, keeping her strong enough to keep Jane in check, but lenient enough to make him want to follow the rules rather than resisting them. Maybe now Jane will share more of his ruse’s with her before he actually carries them out giving her a chance to temper them. Speaking of which…

Lisbon’s graceful acceptance of her punishment

Lisbon’s benign acceptance of her punishment here is in keeping with how she always accepts ramifications of either her or Jane’s actions. This is in stark contrast to Jane who is always trying to get off paying the consequences of his actions.

We’ve had hints that Lisbon’s a more of a big picture person, (especially this season) and I’ve raised the question before on whether she’s always been like this or if it was due to Jane’s influence (either intentional or unintentional).

But Lisbon’s motherly “we’re going to have a serious talk after” to Jane reminded me that she raised her brothers while keeping her father’s physical abuse a secret. This isn’t exactly within the bounds of the law. And yet, Lisbon respects the law at least enough to become an officer; that has to mean a lot.

Perhaps Lisbon does have her own code of ethics like Jane. But unlike him she understands that society needs to have rules and as a member she is expected to follow them. She seems to have no problem following rules and in fact almost thrives on them, maybe because they make her life easier and/or perhaps because they keep her own inner vigilante at bay (if she does in fact have one). It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that she accepts her punishment when she breaks rules. She takes calculated risks, and doesn’t whine or complain when those risks don’t pay off (the biggest risk of all: hiring Jane). This doesn’t make her a hypocrite, it makes her responsible, pragmatic and practical; a perfect foil for Jane.

Says Little Mender:

While I’ve been all knotted up over Jane keeping secrets from Lisbon and am ecstatic that for whatever reason and however clumsily he finally spilled to her, I’ve got to tell you the punch thrilled me. If nothing else, finally, FINALLY, Lisbon is taking charge and NOT running around after Jane like a puppy yapping for attention. And I like that even though it all happened very quickly, she thought it through and counted the cost and was willing to pay it, which is definitely very UN-Jane-ish (this episode, case in point).

I agree. I’d also like to point out that, if anything, it is starting look that Lisbon is changing Jane more than he is changing her (a possibility I had raised in the previous review which seemed way too good to be true.)

On the other hand, DonnaMarie1969 over at posited another theory which seems based on the definition of the word Redact:

RE·DACT [ri dákt]

To obscure or remove (text) from a document prior to publication or release

I seem to have a totally different take on an episode than everyone else (according to blogs and message boards I’ve read). Jane already had LaRoche’s list, and on that list there were surely the five that Jane mentions to Lisbon. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that LaRoche had already interviewed five suspects already (Jane, Cho, Rigsby, Van Pelt, and Hightower). And if LaRoche has no knowledge that Johnson was attached to Red John, he would consider the case to be closed, since Hightower had apparently kidnapped Jane and made her escape. Why would he then hide this list? What would be the point if they all knew it was Hightower? For LaRoche, the case is closed. And if LaRoche is with RJ, why would he need a list in the first place? He would know who the mole was, or he would be the mole himself, just as Jane suggested to Lisbon. No, I contend that Jane had sent Culpepper to retrieve something else that we don’t know about yet.

Very interesting theory.

Personally, I think Jane was being honest when he verified Lisbon’s assumption that he sent Culpepper to look for LaRoche’s suspect list. LaRoche’s list which Minelli gave Jane in Jolly Red Elf had to have been created almost immediately after Todd’s death, meaning it was only a preliminary list. On the other hand, the project board LaRoche showed Hightower with the five circles (Red Queen) was only completed after weeks of painstaking research and interviews. This is why I think it is this more accurate updated list that Jane was after when he told Culpepper to break into LaRoche’s home. Hightower probably told Jane that LaRoche had updated his suspect list.

That being said, we have no proof.

There is also that Tupperware container in LaRoche’s safe. In my humble opinion, it is just a red herring to keep both Jane and viewers from eliminating LaRoche as a suspect in Todd Johnson’s murder. But again, there really is no way to be sure.

Personally, I like the idea of Jane and Lisbon as friends. A romance is way too scary because it might ruin their whole dynamic if not done very, very, carefully. I’m not sure the risk is worth it.

Let’s not forget that the writers are evil genius’s  who love to keep us guessing.

Speaking of which, there are other possible reasons for why Jane and Lisbon’s scenes at the end was rushed. One is that both Jane and Lisbon were in denial of the enormity of Jane’s admission that he didn’t want to endanger her. We have it in canon that Lisbon prefers setting aside certain issues, so perhaps this is just one of them. To be fair, Jane seemed much more affected in his admission; his voice low in its sincerity.

Most likely though? The writers want to save all the drama for what everyone knows will be a fantastic season finale. I’ll bet Lisbon ends up in danger and/or gets hurt. Like serious danger and Jane falls to pieces because now that they are finally, finally getting comfortable with each other, getting over the stress of their revenge discussion in Red Moon, he is faced with the possibility that he might lose her.

We still don’t know why Todd Johnson was killing cops. There is also Brett Stiles’s chilling contention that Red John wants to take away everything dear to Jane (The Blood on His Hands). If Rachel (Ball of Fire) wanted to kill Lisbon to hurt Jane, we can bet that Red John knows how much Lisbon means to Jane as well.

Best scenes

The winner: Jane/Lisbon end scene.

-Read the previous 9 pages worth of writing for details.

First runner up: Lisbon, Rigsby, Jane, and LaRoche in the hallway.

Lisbon and Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) are discussing the case when LaRoche asks to speak to her. She waits for him to catch up with them. They then walk together as he lets her know that they had investigated the man who broke into his house last year in a murder and tells her that his name is Donny Culpepper. Jane silently falls in stride behind them and surprises Lisbon and LaRoche when he chimes in “Donny Culpepper, I remember him he tried to kill me.” Lisbon tells Jane he’ll have to narrow it a bit more than that. Rigsby responds it was the jewelry store robbery, and they’d found him in a hot tub when they went to pick him up.

-This was an expository scene to remind regular viewers and clue new ones in on who Culpepper is. Such scenes can be boring but director David M. Barrett shot this one so cleverly that he maintains the viewer’s interest; at one point the group is even seen through the blinds in one of the offices as they are walking down the hallway. The clever script doesn’t hurt either, nor does Jane’s discomfort.

Jane wonders out loud if there’s a connection between Culpepper’s presence in LaRoche’s home and  Lisbon answers that he’s a criminal, they do wrong things. Jane quite readily agrees saying that it’s probably just a coincidence. His remark earns him a ‘look’ from both Rigsby and LaRoche and a raised eyebrow from Lisbon. As soon as LaRoche leaves, Lisbon asks Jane if there is in fact a connection. He says no. Both she and Rigsby tilt their heads incredulously at Jane. This time Jane firmly says, “absolutely not” before ushering them into the elevator, then takes off telling Lisbon he forget something. When she asks him what he mumbles something incoherently as the elevator door closes.

-Lisbon and Rigsby’s suspicion of Jane is not only funny, it’s also nice continuity since Rigsby once said that if Jane taught him something, it is that there’s no such thing as coincidence (Season 1 ‘Red John’s Footsteps’ . So it makes sense that they find Jane’s statement of Culpepper’s presence being a coincidence strange. Also, another reason Barret must be commended on his direction: being able to keep Rigsby and Lisbon in the same frame for most of the scene is impressive considering their remarkable difference in height.

Second Runner Up: Jane trying (and failing) to hypnotize Officer O’Donnel (Michael Maize).

This was simply too much fun. The unsuspecting officer taking the quarter Jane tried to hypnotize him with and telling him the story of how his uncle lost a Buffalo coin in a poker gain was so good. Jane’s disappointed face and the way he left with his tail between his legs was priceless.

Honorable mentions

– Devon Sorvari as Heather Blue, the victim’s girlfriend and killer. She was really good in her role, especially at the end when she goes psycho on Jane.

– David Warshofsky as Donny Culpepper: his reading of his lines was hilarious. Says Little Mender:

I almost ended up liking the guy and thought it was a hoot when he wouldn’t escape (a plan that was a true indicator of Jane’s desperation–another facet that I thought got lost in the rush). “MEXICO!? Who wants to go to Mexico?”

Also, his bruised face at the end and the way he waves goodbye at Jane had me in stitches.

– Pruitt Taylor Vince as J.J. Laroche. Here’s the thing. I was upset when Minelli (I love Gregory Itzin and his character) retired. I was angry when Hightower was framed (Aunjanue Ellis is a fine actress and her character had grown on me tremendously). Now I’m wondering if the fact that I’m crazy about Vince’s  endearingly awkward, eerily observant, and by the book character means I have to get ready to say goodbye to him too. I hope not.  Writers, please feel free to keep him around (as in, not killing him off, and not having him turn out to be RJ’s man).

-Simon Baker: Jane desperate and frantic (for a reason other than Red John) is not something we see every day. I’ve really missed his fun (as apposed to infuriating) antics and the way he ran around all episode trying to keep Lisbon from finding out what’s up with him and resorting to one half baked scheme after another was really funny.

Robin Tunney: Her acting was as superb as always, but I really want to point out is how utterly gorgeous she looked in this episode. Seriously, she’s so pretty it hurts. I think the reason I noticed it more here (other than the styling) is how much director Barrett focused on her face; a pleasure viewers don’t always have. With eyes like hers, she should be given as many close ups as possible.

Icing(s) on the cake:

1. LaRoche holding his dog as he shoots at Culpepper.

–  Adorable!

2. When Culpepper searches LaRoche’s bookshelf, there was a Norton Anthology Literature textbook amongst the texts.

– This could account for LaRoche’s knowledge of Blake. He studied literature.

3. Cho (Tim Kang) bringing Rigsby a drink at the crime scene.

– It’s the little details that make me happy.

4. LaRoche wanting Lisbon to be at court to see him destroy Culpepper.

– For some reason this tickled me. Why would he want Lisbon there? My ‘not so secret now’ pet theory is that he likes her, maybe even wants to befriend her. I know. I’m weird.

5. CBI Officer Ron (John Troy Donovan) is in this episode. For those who don’t know, he’s the handsome plain-clothes officer with a goatee who once got beat up by a suspect in Season’s two’s  ‘the Red Box’. Usually, Ron just serves to occupy space at the Serious Crimes Unit (which he does very well). But in this episode he brings Officer O’Donnell his lunch.

-Again, it’s the small things that make me happy; like having regular CBI staff within the show. It just adds a touch of realism. Plus, I like Ron 🙂

5. Lisbon and Rigsby investigating most of the case together.

– I adore their sibling like chemistry. There wasn’t much in this episode (not like in ‘Red Gold’) but it was enough to keep me looking very closely.

6. Lisbon believing Jane about Todd Johnson’s connection to RJ and the mole instead of going into the auto-setting of arguing (this one’s Little Mender’s).

Best Lines

“Well that’s just snitching, isn’t that against your…code of honor?” Jane to Culpepper.

“No.”-Culpepper to Jane.

“Yeah, you really blew this. I thought you were a professional.”-Jane to Culpepper on failing to steal from LaRoche and getting caught.

“Mexico? Who the hell wants to go to Mexico? You get me out free and legal or I start talking. I’m pretty sure the dirt I got on you will be worth a ‘get out of jail free’ card.”-Culpepper to Jane

“You’ve very annoying.”-Jane, to Culpepper, in response to the above quote.

“Are you pointing a gun at me Heather?”- Baker’s face as he read this line is so priceless, you can almost see Jane bemoaning: “can my day get any worse?”

“I’m sorry, I have to kill you. But I’m doing it from a place of love.”- Heather to Jane.

“The absolute truth or I beat it out of you”- Lisbon to Jane.

Pet Peeves

1-When Jane arrives at the crime scene and tells Lisbon that the killer probably didn’t find what he was looking for, Lisbon asks him how he knows and Jane responds the whole place is torn apart. To which Grace replies that maybe the killer found what he was looking for in the last place he searched and Jane points out how unlikely that would be.

-This dialogue is almost exactly the same as in the crime scene of Season two’s premiere ‘Redemption’; same people, same observation, same question. But what’s really annoying is the fact that while viewers remember what a ransacked room means, CBI Serious Crimes Unit Head Senior Agent Lisbon doesn’t, nor does Grace whom Jane patiently explained the concept to before. Couldn’t one of the CSI techs have asked the question? Tsk.

2-When the team finds an angry message on the victims voice mail, the speaker speaks with a heavy accent. Cho tells Lisbon he’ll get a certain “Pete in Forensics” to identify it and that he’s a “genius” in accents. Later, Cho tells Lisbon that Pete identified the accent as Iraqi, and probably from Baghdad.

– I studied linguistics. I’m also multilingual. As far as I know, while it is possible to identify a person’s native language by their accent, I am pretty sure it is near impossible to narrow it down to a specific geographic location when they are speaking in English. Now, if the caller had spoken in Arabic, and a linguistic expert was brought in, it would have been much more feasible because Arabic dialect and pronunciation  does differs from country to country, and yes even from city to city in some large countries. But those differences are usually specific to the language itself and are lost once that person speaks in another. Meaning, a person from Saudi Arabia speaking in English will sound very much like an Iraqi speaking in English. It’s the same in French. You can quite easily identify a person as a native speaker of French when you hear them speak English based on their pronunciation of certain letters (“h”, and “r” especially). But, listening to a native French speaker, speaking in English, and being able to tell if that person is from Lyon or Paris? I doubt even an expert in French dialects will be able to do it.

But, it has been a while since my bachelor’s degree, so maybe readers can offer their two cents? I know I have at least one fellow linguist and at least one reader from France 😉

Update: I found a person who is in fact able to distinguish geographic location of foreigners based on their English accent. So this is no longer a pet peeve and is instead a “Wow. How much research did Eoghan Mahoney do for this ep?” exaltation.

3. When Jane denies accompanying Lisbon to give the Hassan family the good news of getting their fortune back, Lisbon finds his refusal strange.

-Is it strange? Jane has always shied away from the gratefulness of victim’s families and other people he helps. Lisbon knows this. She even teased him once about playing the “lone ranger” (Season one, ‘Scarlett Letter’). I found it strange that she found his un-enthusiasm strange.  Am I missing something here?


For those who like reading Mentalist fiction, here are a couple of Episode Tags (fiction based on the episode):

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Mentalist Episode Tag: Redacted, 3×20

Note: This may very well be the last review I write this season.  I’m going to be very busy in the upcoming weeks (I’m in my last month in grad school) and have a lot of deadlines. I’m going to try to finish them ASAP so that I’ll be able to at least review the season finale. But to do that, I’ll have to really dedicate all my current free time to finishing my coursework. I will, however, write short posts for the upcoming episodes so that readers can continue to comment and discuss the episodes. I guess what I’m saying is, I’ll be depending on readers in the upcoming weeks to be more detailed in their comments. Thank God so far I have had no shortage of dedicated fans.

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26 responses to “Mentalist Redacted Review

  • Liv

    Another awesome review. That’s why I wait for it so eagerly, it helps me think about and understand the episode better. 😉
    I was actually taking notes as I read because I didn’t want to forget any of the comments I wanted to make. So here it goes:

    1) “Perhaps, until now, Jane has been deliberately showing Lisbon his bad side, to (subconsciously) test how far her regard for him goes while simultaneously keeping her at arm’s length.” – I LOVE this. It makes perfect sense and it helps me be less mad about all the situations in which Jane has, for a reason or another, been an ass to Lisbon – protective of her as I feel. lol But seriously, it’s the perfect explanation and probably the one writers have in mind, imo.

    2) I love your observations about how Jane and Lisbon have control issues around each other; it’s a power play. Jane isn’t used to be bossed around by anybody (even after seven years) and wants to have her never forget that he doesn’t answer to her if he doesn’t want to. Her, on the other hand, struggles to make it clear for everyone else that she can take care of herself and her team; she IS the boss. And she has always been (at home she raised two boys and she was the responsible one). She doesn’t know how to be any different from that, I believe, and that’s why it’s so difficult for her to accept help or protection from other people, especially from Jane, with whom she so often disagrees and whom she always has to be carefully watching so he doesn’t do anything too stupid – like a younger brother, many times. I also like the idea that they’re both starting to slowly be able to let go of that to become closer friends and trust each other.

    3) “This does not excuse his actions (or stupidity) but it makes Lisbon’s understanding of them acceptable.” – When I first saw the ending I was SO irritated that she didn’t react to his wrongdoings, among other things, but soon after that I realized there was something else here; there was the urgency that they had to keep it from LaRoche because he could be the mole himself, and, after all, the idea that Lisbon is now the only one who knows this besides Jane so they have to work together – keep this secret together, investigate further together – is much more interesting.
    See, that’s the thing in The Mentalist which I have to get used to before I get so disappointed at the time and only un-disappoint later, after thinking a lot: the show never gives us something that has only one possible interpretation or speaks in detail about, say, the character’s feelings. This is not a black-and-white show; there’s a lot of interpreting to do.

    4) “This isn’t like when Lisbon needlessly allowed Jane to manipulate her into letting Trina deGorg go in ‘Blood for Blood’ (something which I’m afraid I will never get over).” – Whiney as I am, I accepted this one quite well. So Jane supposedly manipulated Lisbon into breaking the law, but it wasn’t for his sake, it was just because he recognized the girl was being abused and was only trying to defend herself. And Lisbon agreed. What was difficult for her was to break the law, not recognize that Jane was right. However, the fact that it was HIM trying to make her break the law gave her another reason not to, when in her mind she didn’t want to report her (she even says “why did she confess?”) Maybe she wanted not to report her all along, and Jane’s intervention had her not wanting to anymore. So, in my opinion, she didn’t do that because he manipulated her – I think she related to the girl, having been abused herself.
    But of course, that’s just one of the possibilities and we can’t guess what the writers had in mind (again, we’re given a lot of room to speculate and theorize). I only hope this was not done with the intention of showing that, if Jane ever kills Red John, Lisbon is ready to overlook his act because RJ was “a bad guy” after all (a fear I’ve recently shared with LittleMender).

    5) I also loved Jane’s discomfort throughout the whole episode, especially the hallway scene you mentioned; it’s a novelty and a relief to see him off his game once in a while.

    6) The name of that officer is Ron J?? RJ? Really? I gotta tell you, since season 1 I keep noticing his appearances, the fact that he’s always there in a position to know everything about the unit, and I think to myself, what if he ever turns out to be connected to Red John in some way? Like spying or something? But I didn’t know his name, and now you’re telling me his initials are RJ?? Hmmmm I’m suspicious.

    7) I was also VERY annoyed by the “they didn’t find what they were looking for” lecture. I mean, seriously?

    8) Am I the fellow linguist you mentioned? XD
    Well, I agree entirely with your considerations that, if the person is speaking English (as in another language rather than their own), it is practically impossible to determine from which region of their country they’re from, unless there is something very specific about, say, Baghdad’s dialect, for example an “s” or “r” sound that is only spoken in that city and that somehow remains in their pronunciation of English. But then, I don’t know, there is a whole field in forensic phonetics/phonology that I know next to nothing about so, maybe, there is a way to determine that that we don’t know of…

    9) I so do hope you’re right and we’ll have tons of drama in the finale, especially if it involves Lisbon in danger or being hurt. Pleeeease writers!!!

    Again, awesome review. Congratulations! 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    Thanks for your lovely comment (yes you’re the linguist, though there may be others).
    I love how you detailed Lisbon’s being a control freak because she’s used to it (to clarify, she raised 3 brothers). I personally always thought it was something more psychological like not trusting others after her father’s abuse. Your theory is refreshingly simple hence more realistic, although both can be true.

    About Jane’s “they weren’t creative enough” remark; I think he was just being smug to cover up his fear over possibly losing his job. Also, Jane’s somewhat insecure and that manifests itself as jerkiness sometimes.

    About Ron; I don’t know what his last name is,no J. For some reason my Word smileys get turned into J’s when I paste text on the blog. Will fix asap. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Liv

    I agree with you that Lisbon has major trust issues! So it’s probably a bit of both theories. And for some reason when I mentioned her brothers I said two boys but it was actually 3, my bad.
    I wasn’t talking about the remark about them not being creative enough in the search, but about the one you mentioned as being repetitive, the one about the improbability of people finding something in the last place they looked.
    About Ron, okay. Less suspicious, but suspicious still! Like I said, I have my suspicions since season 1! I think I bring that “trust no one” attitude from The X-Files. lol

  • reviewbrain

    Ahh, I get it now. Sorry. I’m very slow these days…

    Good news: I found a generous and very capable fan to write the next review 🙂

  • T

    You should be suspicious of CBI Ron as he’s called on the press releases, he drove away when the guy with the gun was chasing Van Pelt and Jane in the parking lot in Bloodshot and he’s in the bullpen with a great eye view of whatever is going on with Jane. He’s some kind of bad egg, but I don’t know if Heller will reveal him this year. The Tupperware container in LaRoche’s safe – is it the green lighter? This was a fun episode and let’s not forget Jane doesn’t much care if he dies as long as Red John is caught so he takes insane risks. He would never have considered a violent resolution to getting out Culpepper. Jane and Lisbon have different skills that compliment each other and I think this was nicely showcased here. Lovely long review.

  • All-I-need

    Whew, that was a lot to read again! And I`m really glad about that.

    First, I completely agree with you today. About Jane possibly wanting an upgraded suspect list (though I suspect he might have wanted something else, TOO), Lisbon`s reactions and the episode as a whole. No to mention Jane being completely thrown off his game. Haha. I laughed out loud when his hypnotizing didn`t work – that was a first! Thank God that guard didn`t realize what Jane was doing to him. A newbie, isn`t he?

    Some comments on Lisbon`s reactions in different scenes:
    1. – Control issues. You pointed out how Jane gave up a lot of control and told Lisbon what was going on. I would like to point out how much control SHE gave up when she simply believed him. He told her his reasons (aka LaRoche might be RJ`s man and therefore can´t know) and she believed him. Jane is known to have lied to her before about different things – but in that moment, she chose to simply trust his words, resulting in her jeopardizing her own job.

    – Lisbon finding it strange that Jane doesn`t want to tell the family about their carpet: I think you might have made the wrong connection here. Lisbon knows he doesn`t like to be praised – what she is surprised about is the fact that he doesn`t want to come along with her. He tends to follow her everywhere she goes (except when he goes off to investigate with a member of the team to “get lost” along the way and snoop around). In this episode, he was so wrapped up in trying to solve his problem that he didn`t really accompany her at all, which must have been a very odd thing to Lisbon. It`s not like she did anything special to deserve some Jane-free time, did she? I bet she was wondering about that.

    I am on my way to becoming a translator, so I guess I`m a linguist, too. However, so far I can only distinguish whether someone is from the USA, England or Scotland. If someone is speaking English as his or her second language, I can tell if that person is Eastern European, French or German, and that`s it. Therefore, I highly doubt anyone could really narrow it down to a city or certain area.
    However, there are databanks used to differenciate what kind of accent someone has, so if you`ve got access to such data AND got great hearing as well as a talent for that thing, it still might be possible. Cho said that guy was a genius, so I am inclined to believe he might be able to tell.

    On a completely different matter:
    I did a pro-and-con list in school to figure out how possible it is for LaRoche and/or Craig to be an RJ associate and what I came up with was:
    LaRoche: 10 pro, 3 contra (and those three aren´t really valid, either)
    Craig: 8 pro, 3 contra (same here)

    I also came up with the following questions, which will sound pretty strange:
    1. In the first scene of Redacted, we see a picture of LaRoche and his dog in what looks like a park. LaRoche is wearing a seemingly expensive suit.
    Question 1a) LaRoche is not known to have any family (in the area) or love interests, so who took the picture?
    1b) Who the hell walks his dog wearing a suit? There must have been a special occassion for that and if that was the case he probably would have left his dog at home.

    Question 2:
    Culpepper threw one of the Hummel figurines to distract LaRoche and run away, which reminded me of a tiny little fact:
    In Season 2, “His Red Right Hand”, Rebecca states she was collecting china frogs.
    La Roche collects Hummel figurines.
    Is there a connection here? Both are collecting china figures, one is an affirmed associate of RJ, the other might be one, too. Are they collecting those things to overcompensate for something they`re clearly missing (like a relationship) and are therefore easy to manipulate by RJ to use for his schemes?

    That`s it. Have fun figuring those out =) I sure do.

    Oh, and I agree with Liv that Lisbon is simply used to having all the control and being the boss because she raised her three brothers. At her age, that must have left a lasting impression on her character.

    I`m sorry to hear there probably won`t be any reviews until the finale, but I do keep my fingers crossed for you so you`ll meet all your deadlines and finish your coursework. I`m sure you`ll do great!

  • reviewbrain

    I’m glad you liked the review 🙂 About Ron, I’d actually be okay with him being, as you say, a bad egg, because I think I’m enjoying the actor more than I am the character so I’d like it if he got more screen time, even as a villain. I love your point that Jane would never consider a violent solution; he’s just not a violent person. That makes what he plans to do to RJ really ironic and you’ve given me more hope that he won’t. About Jane not caring if he dies: probably true, but I don’t think it is *as* true as it used to be. We’ve gotten a few hints this season that Jane may have started seeing a life after RJ, a couple of big ones one in the last ep. especially.

    Thanks for your comments, they’re always an insightful pleasure 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    I don’t think Lisbon gave up much control in beleiving Jane because I think, like she flat out told him in the premiere, she can tell when he’s lying to her now. Even in Red Queen she suspected him about lying to her over Hightower. In fact, I’m having a hard time remembering the last time he successfully lied to her without her at least sensing he wasn’t being honest.

    So, yeah, she jeapordized her career, but I don’t think be gave up as much control as  Jane did here.

    Lisbon thinking it odd Jane didn’t follow her. Aww! That’s a sweet interpretation. I guess she could have been weirded out more by the fact that he’s been apparently avoiding her. But I still find it strange she thought he’d come with her to recurve thanks when he always avoids it.

    Your questions:

    1 a: he could have asked someone in the park to take his picture, like tourists traveling alone. But we really don’t know much about him to know if he has family in the area or not. There’s no time in the show for such details (even the main characters) unless they are used as part of a specific storyline or to provide Red herrings.

    1 b. Jane wears his suit all the time, maybe LaRoche is the same. And walking a dog is not really strenuous excercise. It’s not exactly jogging.

    2. Many people are collectors. This is a blatant generalization. Why are you being so mean to LaRoche! What did he ever do to you? Yes he’s manipulative, and a little creepy, and his people skills need work and….whatever. It doesn’t make him a killer. I actually find that Jane and LaRoche have a lot in common. But Jane gets forgiven (by viewers) cause he’s charming. And the hero, so he’s not as suspicious. Still! LaRoche likers, help me out here!  


  • All-I-need

    Well, Jane was also told he and Red John had a lot in common, so THAT argument doesn`t count at all.

    To 1b: Check out the suit LaRoche is wearing in the picture and compare it to the ones he wears around the office. Doesn`t the man own any casual clothes at all? And Jane always wears his suit because it`s like his armour – at least that`s my interpretation of why he`s always wearing it.

    1a) probably no family at all. Didn`t see any family pictures in the house and that`s what I was paying special attention to, hoping I`d find out more about him. Which is why the picture really irked me. Something about it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I simply don`t like LaRoche.
    Oh, right, I wanted to comment on that aspect of your review, too: Why did LaRoche want Lisbon to be there when Culpepper`s in court? – Maybe because he really likes her, as you said. But it might be possible he simply wants to tell her he`s being really nice to her so far and that he CAN act otherwise if he feels inclined to do so.
    To go even another step farther: He can even be Red Johns associate and STILL like Lisbon and respect her for what she does. That doesn`t necessarily have to be a contradiction.

  • violet

    As always, your review was as great as I expected! You gave us a lot to ponder! Your analysis of their relationship, their “trust vs control saga”, in particular was very well-thought: they have indeed come a long way. Same goes for them acting like a mother listening to a contrite child: they gave exactly that vibe! And Jane’s plan with the lunch and the disguise was so delightfully childish too!

    By the way, I couldn’t come up with a satisfying explanation for Jane’s little frown after Lisbon had embarrassedly dismissed his thanks. That minor but frustrating point bothered me. You simply and realistically cleared it out! Thanks for that!:)

    But, even though I really loved your point of view, I still found that Jane was very quick to tell her about his doing, as if the words were just waiting to be poured ou his mouth. He wouldn’t have been so direct with someone else, while here, it took him so little to be convinced, just a hesitation, a small threat, and he gives her an “absolute” (if incomplete) truth. In a few sentences, almost every bit of knowledge he’s been holding back since Red Moon. I only see two possibilities: 1) he did want to tell her the truth since a long time (taking to heart what Minelli, Hightower and Steiner told him), and here, the panic was too much, it just burst out at the first real and direct question because he needed emotional support. 2) He didn’t want for her to find out the truth in front of a judge, or because he was being arrested. He was somewhat trying to be considerate and to preserve every little bit of trust from her he could.
    That makes me consider again the comparison you made with his stay in jail because of Bosco. At that time, the situation was subtly different for another aspect, among those you pointed out involving trust and control: Jane wanted to prove something to Bosco (and probably to himself too). From the start, Bosco was adamant to suspect their relationship, or at least Lisbon’s attitude toward Jane, meant something more than just him being one of her team. He kept implying it every occasion he had. What that something could be was never explicit: it could have been lenience from her, a soft spot for him or even attraction, since he was obviously jealous. And I’d like to point out that Bosco was right about almost everything about Jane so far: he is a victim, who hadn’t gotten over his loss and his rage; he is addicted (to RJ without a doubt, to covering up for his insecurity by showing off and being distrustful probably too); he tries to corrupt his coworkers to his views; and so on… almost everything he had stated has been developed in season 3. But enough with Bosco: let’s study more closely Jane’s behaviour in that episode. He wasn’t outright jealous like Bosco, but it was obvious that the other’s feelings towards Lisbon weren’t something he brushed off as unimportant: he’d already took the time to tell Lisbon and his face when doing so in jail was serious, he was weighting her reaction. He knew Bosco was in love with her and he’s been manipulating her to get the charges dropped: he whined in the phone « I need to see you », he asked her to talk to Bosco just in front of the muffin he got her to buy and he was planning to utilize to escape. He could have asked anyone else in the team, but he wanted to use her specifically, because he knew he would put her in the difficult position to need to save him from aggravated charges (escaping from jail). His doing was here so supremely ironic towards her and Bosco… In short, he tricked her so she had to choose between her loyalty to Bosco and her protectiveness of him. His message to Bosco was clear: ‘I messed with you and your case and Lisbon still choose to help me, even when he admit I’m culprit, unrepentant and all, instead of standing by the law and by you… so you may have Red John, but I have Lisbon. I’ve taken her from you and your friendship just like you did with my case’
    Here, there is nothing of that sort involved: he doesn’t expect her help, he thinks he is just beyond helping since himself failed. His confession is therefore even more genuine: he just needs to vent and wants her to know what he’s been doing. He’s not as much trying to protect himself than the bond he shares with her. It makes it all the more significant and moving: just the truth, sincerely and without second thought.
    Still, he doesn’t tell her the whole truth: he doesn’t mention Blacke’s poem (and thus, she couldn’t place the knowledge she has about Bertram). He only told her what she was bound to discover if he was to be found out… Damn man, always keeping a card up his sleeve!

    Moreover, I admit that the green Tupperware intrigues me: why would someone put one, of all things, in a safe? A tapped Tupperware? It could very well be a tool for leading us to a red hearing, but still, isn’t it a little… incongruous?
    I’m not sure yet about Laroche: I don’t hate him and I’d prefer someone else to be the mole (Craig? Bertram? Errrr… Craig? 🙂 ), but I wouldn’t be too sad either if he was… For the picture, I think it was just a mean to let us know since the very beginning that the robber was in his house, to increase the tension, making Laroche entrance the more impressive. I’m not sure it has a real other meaning (if not that his house is “personalized” to an extend: the theory of him being an imposter is then less likely… or that makes it more possible, depends if you count on an even more surprising revelation!)

  • reviewbrain

    This is why you’re writing the next review; you always pick on the stuff I miss. Episode red gold and black blood
    is one of my all time favorites and if I would have analyzed it it would undoubtably be my longest review ever. You managed to sum up all it’s major points in a few paragraphs. I agree with everything you said especially that Jane seems almost relieved to tell Lisbon. We’ve had hints that he wants to tell her but something was holding him back. Here, since she was going to find out anyway, he tells her to spare her the shock, and yes, to vent. It does make it significant but let’s not forget that his hand was forced. You said it yourself, he still held some things back (the poem, the gun). But, even if his confession was forced, it was a great plot device which will hopefully make it easier fornhim to share in the future. If he still doesn’t, I’m
    afraid it’ll make Lisbon really hurt if even after all this he still can’t be honest. I guess old habits die hard…
    About LaRoche: I won’t mind if he is RJ’s man, I just don’t think he’s a likely suspect at this point. And yes, maybe part of that is because I like P.T Vince but because of that, I wouldn’t mind seeing him act all villiany. I just think they are likelier suapects at the moment.

  • reviewbrain

    But Jane *is* like RJ. They are two sides of the same coin. And I think LaRoche wears his suit like an armor as well. About LaRoche asking Lisbon to be in court, I think he wanted her support and/ or wanted to impress her because he likes her. Though like you said, liking her doesn’t mean he’s not RJ’s mole.
    It’s funny you think he wants Lisbon at court to shown her he could act not as nice to her; I thought that’s what Bertram was doing in Red Alert when he came into Lisbon’s office and had her recite how the rules say he should punish her. And yet I know you don’t think Bertram’s guilty even though i think he’s a likelier suspect than LaRoche.

    Guess we’ll find out the truth in the finale. May the best fan win 🙂

  • violet

    Of course, you’re right, his hand was forced: he isn’t (yet?) to the point of spontaneously telling her the truth… still a long way to go for our little consultant on the path to trust! But don’t forget the writers couldn’t afford to make him tell Lisbon all his secrets, for the sake of keeping some suspense for the finale as well of some suspects: if he told her about Blake:

    1) it would have been out of character (Jane willingly giving unnecessary information? Tsss… 😉 )

    2) he would have compromised the little faith in him she would have kept after hearing him out about the whole Todd Johnson related mess, since he knew about the poem way before it. It’s the proof he’s been outright lying to her for months now, to keep her for intruding in his investigation (no way she could believe he protected her by keeping her out of that). Not to mention she would kill him if she finds out about the gun…

    3) it would have given us an answer about Bertram. She’s proved she’s certainly smart enough to link the poem to Bertram’s quote. So Jane would have been investigating this point. Far better for the sake of surprise to let us guess about him and Laroche’s literary tastes (and Tupperware locked in saves…) or Craig’s sneakiness…

    And… ooops ! my cover is blown up! *runs and hides* 😉

  • donnamour1969

    Thanks for the mention of my theory. I’m honored. Interesting poll, too–I’m sure you know which way I voted, lol. I’m sticking to my guns though (despite your great review here) that Jane was lying to Lisbon. It really was out of character to tell her any RJ information, because he doesn’t want her getting in the way of his personal investigation. But what still bugs me is how “okay” Lisbon was with the whole thing. She almost seemed gleeful about this, and totally accepting of her punishment. She should have been much angrier, in my opinion. I guess only time will tell who is right. Part of me hopes he was telling the truth, but I’m sad to say I didn’t believe him, for the simple fact that he lies, and often. Jane would probably tell you himself that people don’t really change.

  • reviewbrain

    But Lisbon usually takes her punishment quietly doesn’t she (as in Blood Money). At least this time she knew it was coming. (hmm, maybe that’s another reason LaRoche said the suspension is mandatory, so viewers know that *she* knew it was coming). She was almost happy wasn’t she? But wouldn’t you be? Regardless of whether he was telling the truth or lying, Jane was in trouble, flat out admitted he couldn’t get himself out of it, but she was able to. That’s gotta give her a power rush. More importantly though, I think after Lisbon saw Jane’s video, she realized he’s not as thick skinned as he pretends to be; that even Jane can be insecure. So she
    probably guessed he was already beating himself up over his miscalculation here (still called him an idiot, which I love). Who knows. Maybe after watching the video she felt bad for him so she cut him se slack here. I’m more inclined to think this last theory is most likely because this season has a lot of continuity, even if it’s only subtext.

    About Jane: it’s nice to have someone keep us grounded. You’re
    right, of course. Jane doesn’t think peoples’ instincts change (Rose Colored Glasses). But he’s been known to be wrong before. But if he’s right, it raises an important question: what are Jane’s instincts? Is he the opportunistic deceitful psychic or the boy who cried when his dad pressured him into lying to a dying girl for money? T also pointed out that Jane is not a violent man by nature, so if that is
    also his instinct, does that mean he won’t be able to go against it even for revenge?
    For Jane’s sake (and the show’s) I know what I *want* the answers to be so I’ll be sending all my positive energy towards them 😉

  • reviewbrain

    If you have anything to be embarassed about is how perfectly you’ve analyzed the writers intentions; at least, those are the theories I came up with. Otherwise I would been royally ticked off over how quickly the ending was; as it is, I’m only slightly miffed 😉
    Hmm. I always thought Jane hiding the ‘tiger tiger’ quote was a reaction to how scared he was after meeting RJ. When we think about it, he’s always shared his RJ theories with Lisbon before then (in season’s one and two). He’s only started all this sneaking around (when it comes to RJ) in season 3. Now that I think about it, while Jane always kept his ruses away from Lisbon in season 1 and 2, he never kept anything relating to RJ from her. I’m season 3, it’s the opposite. He’s more open about the ruses which involve cases but has songar been keeping a firm lid on anything relating to RJ. Could it be post
    traumatic stress? After meeting RJ (and the man didn’t kill him) does Jane realize that the killer only want to play around with him? His “I’m better off alone” to Hightower seems evermore important. Why is he better off alone? Because now he really does intend to kill RJ (it was only wishful thinking before; he couldn’t possibly have kill him when he was involving Lisbon). Or is it because he fears for Lisbon?
    The season finale cannot come quick enough for me….

  • hardly_loquacious

    Oh, I loved the episode too. This episode was GREAT. As always, my opinions of it differ slightly from yours (although perhaps not as much as usual).

    I definitely agree that this ep is a direct contrast with Black Gold and Red Blood. The endings were too similar for it not to be deliberate, up until the ending.

    I didn’t think Lisbon figured out the facts too quickly in the last scene. I rather suspect that she’s been going through things in her head, because she had to know Jane wasn’t telling her the whole truth, even before this episode. So I have no issue with her connecting the dots. Especially since Lisbon is shown to be quiet intelligent in her own right. Add to that the fact that she always thought there was something more going on with Hightower and I have no problem with it at all.

    I totally love her reactions in that whole scene, especially, when she calls him an idiot. I love her reactions too. She just hears the problem, realizes what needs to be done, and GETS IT DONE. None of this ridiculously complex manipulation. Lisbon is much more direct. Love that she basically walks out of the attic, downstairs to the holding rooms, and punches the dude in the face, all the while Jane is trailing behind. It’s such a wonderful display of their different approaches to a situation.

    I may have been grinning like an idiot for basically that entire scene, after he tells her his problem.

    Lisbon is a problem-solver though. You get that impression. That she’s used to spending her time picking up after other people and solving their problems. I’d assume, starting with her brothers when they were growing up.

    Love that Jane is in Lisbon’s office when LaRoche yells at her. After all, there are previous examples of Jane wanting to be in the room when he thinks Lisbon might be in trouble (Red Badge springs to mind, as does the end of 3.13 when he pops in her office, all concerned, right after Bertram leaves). Lisbon might not appreciate it, or recognize it, given that she’s probably thinking about other things (and in this case it’s all his fault), but it is a nice touch. I would also point out, that she doesn’t always completely dismiss his support. In Red Badge she has no problem with Jane coming into her office when she’s meeting with Minelli and Bosco, even when I think it’s Bosco tries to make him leave.

    I’m inclined to believe you that LaRoche does like Lisbon. I’m still on the fence about him as a character. I am getting a bit sick of everything he says being delivered as creepily/awkwardly as possible. Did seriously enjoy him holding his little white dog while confronting the robber. And the random photo of him getting some sort of award in his house.

    I also did kind of like him in the scenes at the CBI where he, Jane and Lisbon were discussing the case. His reactions entertained me. Particularly when he told Jane that his lack of insight was disappointing. But I still really can’t warm to the character. I actually prefer Hightower, who I wasn’t a huge fan of either, but did grow on me a bit.

    But back to the awesome scene. With the genuinely grateful Jane, and the adorably awkward Lisbon. It made me HAPPY.

    I love the trust subplot between these two. That issue is one of the most consistent things, character relationship-wise on this show (other than maybe that Rigsby has a thing for VP and vice versa). But really, this season it’s been developing to add a protection/communication subplot. Of which I am also a fan.

    Because Jane always wants to protect Lisbon, in his Jane-way, which is often slightly incompetent, or could yield results that she doesn’t quite like (at least I imagine that’s what she’s afraid will happen), so she tries to shut him down. Because often Jane’s plans are ridiculous elaborate, and often ignore pesky little things like legality, which Lisbon won’t like. They just need to come to some sort of compromise about how it should all work and it’ll be fine, and they’ll live happily ever after (I’m in a particularly optimistic frame of mind ship-wise at the moment; please let me have my little illusions that they at least *could* live happily ever after).

    Also, you missed one in your list of times they’ve talked about protecting each other. Or maybe no missed one, because you were only talking about the times Jane offered, but, in 2.18 (the first Stiles ep, don’t know what it’s called) when Lisbon is stuck in a room with a bomb, she calls Jane for help. His reaction, an adorable, sleepily pleased, “Lisbon, you need my help?” Until he sits up in a panic because he realizes she’s actually in mortal danger. But I love his sheer pleasure that she’s asking him for help.

    I think that Lisbon brushes off Jane’s attempt to protect her because she’s not used to having someone around who would do it. And she’s been betrayed by almost everyone who should have done it in the past. Her mother dies, her father falls off the deep end and becomes an alcoholic, she joins the SFPD, meets Bosco, is disillusioned by Bosco, her partner and presumably one of the few people she’s trusted. (If we can believe Jane’s assertion that she helped him cover up a murder. One has to assume it was a painful choice.) Minelli retires immediately after Bosco dies. Her new boss, Hightower, starts out by basically saying that her job is on the line if Jane puts a toe out of line, while there are no consequences to him. Then, after Hightower, LaRoche spends a few weeks gunning for various members of her team (deserved or not). My point is, Teresa Lisbon is used to standing on her own. I rather suspect that it doesn’t even occur to her to look for support, since she’s used to doing it all herself. Not only is she used to not being protected, she’s used to protecting everybody, her brothers, Bosco, her team, Jane hundreds of times, and the public with her job. So Jane continuously lying to her would seem silly to her, because she *knows* that she can take care of herself.

    What I love most about the scene is that it shows a remarkable similarity between Jane and Lisbon. Lisbon is fiercely protective . That’s obvious. But apparently, so is Jane, at least where she is concerned.

    I am also a fan of this.

    I also feel like the conflict between Jane’s desire for revenge and his desire to protect Lisbon (and probably, by extension, the entire team), is going to be one of the central conflicts of the show eventually, and is probably going to remain, up until Jane makes his final decision, Red John-wise.

    Obviously, part of the reason Jane doesn’t confide in Lisbon is to keep her out of the loop Red John wise so that she can’t interfere with his plans. But I agree, he secondary reason is a (probably misguided) attempt to protect her.

    I do think Jane has been trying to keep Lisbon at arm’s length, or at least he *thinks* that’s what he’s trying to do. What he actually does is often a different story. I don’t know that he deliberately shows her his bad side to do that though. I think that’s just a consequence of his manipulative personality. I would concede that perhaps he doesn’t show her his good side as much as he could, for that reason. But I don’t think he deliberately acts like a bigger jerk to do that.

    I disagree with you about BGRB a bit too.

    I think that in BGRB, Lisbon didn’t want Jane to know she helped him primarily because she didn’t want to confirm that she had leverage over Bosco to Jane. She had to be afraid that, if he knew, Jane would potentially try to blackmail Bosco himself. After all, Jane and Bosco were far from friends. I don’t think it had as much to do with Jane taking her for granted, for all that she probably was trying to teach him about consequences.

    And Jane was just a jerk. Pure and simple. Because Lisbon basically *did* acknowledge that she got him out of jail. For all intents and purposes. And Jane was an idiot. And completely dismissive. Forget the trust/control saga. I can’t be objective about that scene. The only episodes I hate more than that one are Blood In, Blood Out, and 3.14, when he deliberately manipulates her.

    The whole thing was never about control for me, just Jane acknowledging simple gratitude, or social convention. I read it more as he just doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, now that he’s gotten what he wanted. That whole ep is problematic for me really. I’m not explaining it well, I know.

    Love the contrast with this ep though.

    I love the change in comfort level in their relationship, and that they’re kind of both more willing to admit that they have an actual partnership of sorts.

    I would also point out, on the trust thing, that Jane *has* been including Lisbon more often than not in his plans this season. In pretty much all the eps since about 3.05 (with a few exceptions like the kidnapping ep, where plotwise it’s not really applicable) you have to assume he’s told her his plans, either because the team is involved somehow in catching the guy (if Rigsby or Cho or Lisbon herself is going to be conveniently located to rush in and save him, you have to assume he told them enough to get them there), and then in 3.12, for example, Jane out and out tells Lisbon that he made up the serial killer. I’m not going to go episode by episode, but for the most part it’s true. She’s in the loop more often than not (something I know, only because I’ve been writing post-ep fic for all of these things, and I had to check it for a detail).

    I would love for him to tell her more though.

    I am a bit disappointed that, as yet, we have seen no indication of their serious talk.

    I did love Jane being stupid. I think there needs to be more of Jane making mistakes, and being wrong, and Lisbon being right. Not even about Red John, or morality, or big things, but even just on a case. Just one case writers! Just once, can Jane be wrong and Lisbon and her team right? It’s getting ridiculous. I love what they’re doing with Lisbon’s character too, but I would love this season even more if that would happen (though I know I might have to wait until next season since we’re almost out of eps).

    Personally, I think Lisbon and Jane are changing each other. Because she is looser around him this season, though it’s often not something I can put my finger on. Part of its just body language. My secret hope is that that’s where the show eventually goes, that Jane and Lisbon somehow influence each other and change each other enough so that they can both genuinely be happy. And I don’t even mean that in a romantic sense, necessarily. Lisbon has her issues. She’s tightly wound, she has serious trust issues, she doesn’t strike me as someone who has a lot of friends. Jane, for all his scary revenge stuff, could be the perfect person to help her open up. It could work.

    As to whether Jane was lying about what he wanted in LaRoche’s house, the only thing that might make me suspect that he was is the fact that if LaRoche’s new suspect list is only four names, surely he could have committed that to memory? Would there necessarily be a written copy anywhere? Though, I agree, I don’t think Jane is necessarily lying about what he was looking for in LaRoche’s home.

    Also, for all that I do like the idea of Jane and Lisbon ending up together in the end, I genuinely want it to happen AT THE END. I don’t want it to happen midway through the show, since I agree, it would screw everything up. In the meantime, however, I would love them to become real friends. I love the possibilities in their friendship. They’re both so interesting.

    I really hope we don’t get Lisbon-in-peril in the finale though. For a few reasons, I’m not a fan of character X-in-peril endings. Even if it’s not a cliffhanger, which it wouldn’t necessarily be. But also, while I agree that at some point Red John will have to deal with Lisbon, I don’t know if they want to do that yet, because once they go there, it does bring up the question of why Red John has let her live (because I’m going to assume they don’t kill the character off), and isn’t going after her any more. I don’t know, I don’t want it. But that’s not because it wouldn’t make an interesting ep.

    Loved all the focus on Lisbon in this ep too. Robin Tunney is really so pretty. And I love the Lisbon/Rigsby dynamic, a lot. It’s my favourite on the show, behind the Jane/Lisbon dynamic.

    And I agree about Simon Baker’s face when the girlfriend/wife/whatever she was pointing a gun at him. It was so very, “Oh, you’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

    Okay, on the language thing, I’m Canadian and a native English speaker myself, but I *think* that if you heard a French speaker speaking English, you could probably tell if they were from France or from Quebec. I know that Quebec-French is almost considered a separate dialect from France-French, but my point is that you can kind of tell based on their accents when they speak English. So it is conceivable to me that you could identify a person to a certain area of a given country, if there are dialect changes in that country. I’m not sure that you could extend that to identifying the exact city that they came from though, so that is probably a bit of a stretch. Still, I don’t know that it’s huge. I don’t’ have a background in linguistics or anything to back this up with.

    But yeah, those are my, as always lengthy, thoughts.

  • reviewbrain

    I’ve been waiting for your lengthy thoughts 🙂

    Aww, a fellow Rigsbon fan!

    I totally agree that Lisbon in peril would be too soon (I keep telling the writers to slow down, but they’re not listening to me). It’s just what I think will happen based on the whole frenzied pace this season and all the build up they’ve given us. I could be wrong though 😉

    I love that you brought up how delighted and surprised Jane was that Lisbon was calling him for help; I think it’s just additional proof that her independence annoys him when he tries to help her. You’re right, I didn’t bring it up because I was listing times he offered. But this one time that *she* asked him also serves to make the point.

    As to BGRB: I remember watching that episode that I felt like punching Jane’s smile at the end right off his face 😉 I thought he was being a jerk too. Still do, but I now also think that there’s a reason for it. When he said “I’m grateful and all, but let’s not go crazy here.” it was in reply to Lisbon’s hope that he’ll modify his behavior. In fact, if you re-watch the scene, you can see his facial expression change during her speech. She was telling him what a big deal it was for her to have threatened Bosco; subtext being that he owes her. Jane got that and denied it.

    This is what makes the contrast in this episode so fabulous. She flat tells him that he owes her 🙂 and while his instinct is to refuse at first, he thanks her; subtext meaning he knows he does. Beautiful.

    As to Jane being more open to Lisbon this season:

    Violet (above) made a comment that got me thinking if that was really true, and what his intentions are if it was.

    I’m afraid I came up with a somewhat depressing possibility (but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel so bear with me).

    Either a.) Jane’s being more open so Lisbon won’t suspect how much more he’s holding back (about Red John). or he’s doing it out of b.) guilt, *because* there’s much more that he isn’t telling her.

    Think about it. Yes, Jane in seasons one and two has always hid his ruses from Lisbon, saying he has to *show* her not tell her. But the one thing he *did* talk to her about was Red John. In episode Red John’s Friend’s, he tells her about his talk with Renfrew, discusses it with her, and only *after* Minelli orders him to stop the investigation does he start doing it on his own. But later, when she calls him, he comes back and they continue the investigation together. The same in episode Red John’s Footsteps; he included Lisbon every step of the way. And in His Right Red Hand (the only thing he hid there is wanting to disconnect Bosco’s meds. Understandable, because she wouldn’t and didn’t let him.)

    Even in episode Red Sky in the Morning when they knew Marley Sparrow’s killer was a fake, and after the reporter who interviewed Kristina got killed by RJ, Jane discussed the case with Lisbon.

    Now, contrast that with season three. We have Jane being more open in his ruses (you gave a lot of examples, so I won’t repeat them) *but* squirreling away everything related to Red John in his attic. He’s only started all this sneaking around (when it comes to RJ) in season 3.

    He’s doing the opposite. Why?

    My theory? In season’s one and two Jane doesn’t share information on normal cases because he likes proving his worth to Lisbon and the team (a symptom of both his insecurity *and* vanity). But he didn’t do that on Red John cases because the stakes are too high.

    In season three, after his encounter to Red John, Jane is suffering from PTSD. Then finding Kristina and seeing what RJ did to her, making her think she’s dead, then Todd Johnson’s revelation only made it worse. Jane is more unstable than he ever was (his hiring Culpepper here hints at that too). He’s just hiding it better and being more open in his ruses could be a part of that. He’s also a little paranoid and who can blame him? RJ’s reach is far and he obviously has a friend in CBI.

    So like I mentioned earlier, Jane sharing more things with Lisbon in season three could be done out of a desire to keep her from suspecting what he *isn’t* telling her. BUT (here’s the light I was talking about) that doesn’t necessarily mean his motives aren’t pure. He could just be doing that because he sincerely fears for her safety. This becomes likely especially after the season two finale. RJ didn’t kill Jane, he obviously doesn’t want to. But that does not mean he doesn’t want to hurt him. And RJ’s already hurt him once by taking away his loved ones, it only makes sense Jane would fear that happening again.

    On the other hand, we have the other theory that all Jane’s furtiveness is just because he’s a self-serving creep who wants RJ at all cost. And because Lisbon told him she won’t allow that, he’s keeping information regarding the man from her. I used to believe this theory (around time of Blood for Blood). I don’t anymore.

    I’ll be joining you in your happy little illusions and hope that the more positive conclusion is the most likely. Jane loves Lisbon. He fears for her. If he goes to jail for hiring Culpepper to break into LaRoche’s home, Red John will figure out Jane never bought that Hightower was guilty. That puts Lisbon in even bigger danger than if Jane just told her himself. I believe his sincere face when he said “I don’t want to put you in danger.” I was skeptic when he told Minelli, was frustrated with him when he refused Hightower’s advice to tell Lisbon. But I believe him now. And I really doubt the writers would compromise all the progress they made in this episode by having it be based on a lie.

    You made a *very* good point about LaRoche’s list only having 4 (or 5) people than he can remember it easily. So what was Jane looking for?

    You gave me a great idea. LaRache’s little notebook. The counterpart to Jane’s little journal where he writes everything down. I think it would be very valuable to Jane. Tupperware? Sincerely think it’s a Red Herring. Or maybe LaRoche doesn’t just like Lisbon. Maybe he has a secret crush on her and has pictures of her in that container.

    That was a joke BTW 😀

  • All-I-need

    Woah, had to catch up on a lot of reading here, only to add my two cents (again) *laugh*

    On the issue of Jane telling Lisbon so easily and holding back the poem:
    Jane only told her things he`s been holding back. He never said anything that would contradict what he told her before. For example: Right after his encounter with Red John he must have told her RJ didn´t say a thing. That is confirmed by the scene at the end when she asks if he`s sure and he states AGAIN that he didn`t say a word. If he now told her about the poem he would`ve admitted he outright lied to her. There`s a difference between not saying something and saying something untrue, though it`s a slight one.
    Also: if he had told her about the gun, she`d either have shot him on the spot or definitely not helped him. My guess is that he isn`t telling her about it because of his desire to protect her. In case anything happens he`s got a hidden weapon in the CBI building and only needs an opportunity to get it. I wouldn`t be surprised if he`s got several hidden knives lying around the building, too.
    And then there`s the aspect of time: When Jane told her (part of) the truth, he was running out of time. Not only was it close to Monday, but also the episode was nearing it`s end. If he`d told her about the poem and/or the gun, that would have required a lot of explanation (since the poem is connecting Todd to RJ AND he`d admit to a lie) and that, combined to Lisbon`s probably not-so-pleased reaction would`ve taken a lot of time. A lot more than just stating the facts. There`s a mole, he could be LaRoche or on the list, Jane needed the list, he hired Culpepper to get it for him, he´s run out of options now and LaRoche can´t ever find out either way. Those were the important things right now and that`s what he told her.

    Hardly_loquacious also mentioned the lack of indications that Jane and Lisbon had their serious talk. Actually, I think there were two rather BIG indications in the last episode:
    1. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the crime scene together. Not only at the same time, but also in the same car, which is NOT how it`s been in Season 3 so far. Jane was late an obscene amount of times and all of a sudden there he is, together with Lisbon, right on time. Either they were having their talk somewhere or they did talk in the car. Maybe they had their talk the day(s) before and now everything is alright between them.
    This is evidenced by…
    2. Jane in jail called Lisbon and told her TO TRUST HIM and come to meet him. She hung up on him before he could even finish – and not because she was annoyed (or maybe a little) but because she was right on her way to see him. So first of all, he openly asks for her trust, second, she GIVES that trust no questions asked and third, she came right away, dropping everything to see what was up.
    Since their trust issues are well-established I view this as a big indication of their talk and it`s results.

  • reviewbrain

    SPOILER WARNING for ep “Like a red-headed stepchild”

    Not sure about knives being hidden around at CBI but im pretty on board with everything else you mentioned here 🙂 although for accuracy’s sake I have to point out that their arriving together could just be symptomatic of the trust they built from simply Lisbon saving Jane in the last ep, not that they necessarily had their talk (I’d like to think you’re right though). Also, yes Lisbon hung up and joined Jane immediately BUT if you notice his expression after she hung up on him, he looked pretty forlorn, almost like he’s not sure if that means shell join him or she’s ignoring him. It’s like he’s still insecure, maybe even more so if they really did have their ‘talk’. As in he’s not sure if she’s still upset with him after what he did in the last ep. Hmm. Maybe that’s why they arrived together; she’s keeping tabs on him after the last ep. Mommy Teresa grounded her kid lol. Again, I like to think you’re right though. And I just realized we totally shouldn’t be discussing
    this here! (adds spoiler warning) let’s save the rest till next episode’s post. Violet said she’ll send it to me for editing either Monday or Tuesday, so it should be up Wednesday at the most 😉

  • All-I-need

    Well…would you really call that a spoiler? “Jane in jail” as I wrote could mean so many things…all of them hilarious.

    Thanks to Violet for helping with the episode review! Really appreciate that!

    Oh, and I just mentioned knives because Jane is pretty set on using a knife to kill Red John, so I suppose it would only make sense that he`s taken some precautions just in case. I certainly wouldn`t put it past our favorite creep to just walk into the CBI in broad daylight and attack when no one is expecting it.

  • T

    Yes, I would agree that Jane is considering a life after Red John, but he kind of took two steps back from that in last season’s finale. However, even tho we do know that Jane would do anything pretty much to catch a killer, especially one so in his face as Erica, the fact that he allowed her to film him talking about what he is looking for in a woman, even tho he is talking about his dead wife, that does give a slight indication that he’s still considering, but he could go either way. And I have to confess I loved Black Gold and Red Blood to death – one of my favorite episodes, but I must confess I totally sympathized with Jane in that episode and I do so love how ‘proud’ he is of the fact he went to jail. Simon Baker at the beginning of season 3 mentioned Bloodshot and Black Gold and Red Blood as being his two favorite episodes.

  • reviewbrain

    Actually I think the season two finale made Jane painfully aware ofbgis desire to live. He was terrified of Red John; a reaction totally different from how apathetically told Lisbon in season 1 finale that he didn’t care that he died if it meant they caught Red John. I agree that his words to Erica (despite his being on a case and although they could go either way) pointnto wanting to start afresh; as did his addiction confession to May Walters (Jolly Red Elf). Jane uses
    opportunities which come his way during cases to vent; kinda like therapy; IMHO.
    Black Gold and Red Blood is one of my all time favorite episodes (despite how annoyed Jane made me at the end). I watched it for research when reviewing this episode (to compare changes in his and Lisbon’s behavior) and was blown away with how amazing the writing was. So much subtext (Jane/Bosco) so creative the escape, so amazing the climax. The part where Jane gets Sandrine to confess when she hears the police sirens, only for her to hear them call *his* name to come out, the music when the cops led both of them out in
    handcuffs to the car…it gave me goosebumps how perfectly it was written. And acted! The guest stars were perfect! William Russ, Erin Cahill, Woman who played Sandrine and the guy Jane tricked into coming to jail (LOL). They fit their roles to T.
    Now here’s the irony: I had just rewatched this episode right? I even tweeted about how good it wa. As I was watching it. But last ep when Jane was showing off about how he’d been in th slammer I was thinking “he’s lying, he’d never make it inside” I’d completely forgotten about his 2 nights in BGRB. Lol. I only remebered it in passing yesterday! Guess it’s a good thing I delegated the
    next review. I’m so busy I’m going crazy *_* I don’t find it surprising that these two episodes are amongst Baker’s favorites as they’re both fun and really showcase his acting range in situatons different than usual (in jail, blind). Thanks for your input 🙂

  • T

    In the season 2 finale, at first Jane is terrified of Red John because he hears and witnesses people getting shot and killed and assumes he’s next and is completely helpless to do anything, but when his chair is righted and he looks into Red John’s eyes he begins to seeth with rage so that he is utterly speechless, something that never happens to Jane. Then he comes off that high when RJ leaves him be, then surprises him again by showing up from behind and devastates him with his remarks about Kristina, caressing his shoulder all the while. As Stiles said, “It’s a kind of love” Red John has for him, and apparently he’s a jealous mistress, so I absolutely believe Jane when he says he wants to protect Lisbon, he knows the danger, but also as he says “Red John is mine.” And let’s not forget to credit the cute mouse from BGRB, I could watch the mousetrap scene forever. I wasn’t mad because Jane didn’t go overboard thanking Lisbon for getting him out of jail, he was rather miffed that Lisbon was letting him sit in jail to teach him a lesson. I suspect Jane will be quite different if he’s not trussed up like a roast turkey when he meets Red John and I am thinking that line about Jane owing her big time in Redacted may be the only thing that keeps him from going batnuts crazy when they meet up. But of course like Jane, no jail can hold Red John and I suspect that may play into the fate of RJ. Can’t wait for the finale.

  • Kent J

    I just want to say that as much as I love Pruitt Taylor Vince from PREVIOUS performances, here, i must stray from that opinion. Maybe he is doing the “realistic acting” thing which i despise or maybe he is just calling in the performance, in any case, I feel he sucks the energy out of every scene he is in. Sorry. He sucketh. He boreth me. He is uninteresting in every word. zzzzzzz
    Sorry Mr. Vince. Hope they write you out right quick.

  • reviewbrain

    I realize that some people a problem with how…robotic (for lack of a better word) LaRoche’s character is. That’s okay because that’s how they’re supposedto feel; as uncomfortable as he makes the characters. But I strongly disagree this performance is boring here. It’s very hard to pull off such a character and PTV nails it. Whenever he’s in a scene I’m hanging on to every single gesture, facial expression and word he says and that’s a tall order considering the other gifted people here. His acting IS very subtle and that just makes it more interesting for me. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion but I do hope you read the finale review when I post it. One of his scenes was so brilliantly played I kept rewinding to watch it; and it’s probably not the one most people think 😉

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