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Jane (Baker) and Lisbon (Tunney) watch a video showing RJ’s girlfriend Lorelei Martins (Emmanuelle Chriqui) torturing a woman to death. While she’s worrying about Jane’s involvement with the criminal, Lisbon is told by Director Bertram (Michael Gaston) that Bob Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan) from Homeland Security wants to collaborate on the case.

Concise Verdict

Wow, what a thrilling episode. Action and suspense were present while various characters were explored in a new and interesting perspective. Almost a perfect match if it were not for a slight deception: there was no new revelation from Lorelei.

Detailed AKA Humungous Review (spoilers galore)

Lisbon and Jane: the long awaited confrontation

At long last, Lisbon decided to call Jane on his lies and his erratic behavior when Lorelei is involved. AND she did so by showing a bit of her feelings…

VIS#1: Lisbon asks Jane to tell her if Lorelei makes contact

First, knowing her consultant as she does, Lisbon decides to take the matter in her own hands and confronts him by playing cards on the table. She outright tells him that she knows what part he played in his pretended kidnapping in ‘Red Sails in The Sunset’: “I know that you broke her out of prison and you know I know.” Jane tries to play if down by distracting her with a mild attempt at humor: “And you know I know you know.” He clearly is not comfortable with the topic; he accepts to acknowledge his responsibility and her concern but doesn’t want to discuss it; still, Lisbon is nothing if not determinate to make her point: “This is not funny. If they find out, you could be charged as an accomplice to murder”… and she adds and protecting him makes her an accomplice to murder as well. During that part of the conversation, Lisbon’s position is the same than she usually takes: she tries to abide by the law, but before anything else, she wants to protect Jane, even if that means breaking the rules. Nothing she hasn’t done before.

Still, one may wonder two little things: for one, Jane has told her what RJ’s girl revealed him, so why hasn’t she ever asked Jane about what happened between them when they were on the lam? The most obvious explanation is that she didn’t want to know… And the possible reasons for that are quite intriguing: was she determined not to be more involved, or was she too upset to want to ask about potentially intimate details? Later Bertram tacitly assumed Jane and Lorelei spent few days together as lovers, hence has the same thing occurred to Lisbon? Second point, what happened to the threat she made at the end of ‘Red Sails in The Sunset’? She told him she would arrest him herself if she found out he had something to do with her breaking out of prison. It seems that Lisbon hasn’t been willing to go to such extremes after all…

This talk was basically the same they had when Darcy was sniffling around after Panzer’s death: Jane is a suspect and he needs to be very careful, but Lisbon is eager to cover up for him. Nevertheless, Jane breaks the pattern by unexpectedly defending Lorelei, telling that she must have a reason and that the woman she tortured and killed had probably something to do with her sister’s murder. He’s implying that Lorelei’s acts were justifiable to some extend –never mind the fact that his hardened face when he watched the video indicated that he was shocked… And he then drops a bomb by adding: “she wouldn’t have done it otherwise, I trust her”… Lisbon is speechless, her face shows consternation and incredulity at Jane’s revelation that he trusts a woman who works for his family’s murderer, who asked for her head, kidnapped Wainwright and was about to cut his fingers out in the middle of the desert… She tries to rationalize calmly:
Lisbon: “Jane, I am your partner, not her. You need to be honest with me.”
Jane: “I know.”
Lisbon: “if she contacts you, if you find anything out about her, if you have any insight into the case…”
Jane: “I would tell you.”

Two things here: she felt the need to put forward the bond between them to make him promise, and she compared their partnership with Lorelei’s relationship with Jane. He never used the term “partner” to describe the other woman, yet the fact that Lisbon did shows that she feels threatened by her on a personal level.

VIS#2: Lisbon demands the truth from Jane

Of course, Jane doesn’t keep his promise and he follows a lead that predictably ended up in a private meeting with Lorelei at 1309 Orchid Lane in Davis. The street name is interesting: it enlightens an arc since orchids already made an appearence in Devil’s Cherry. The Blue Orchid was a blue diamond:  the hallucinating victim killed himself he was searching for it in his own guts after his killer told him it was here. Besides a butterfly on an orchid was in Jane’s hallucination too just after he drank the belladonna. Back then, it was implied that the butterfly was a symbol of hope for Jane, thus it seems that orchids are now the element indicating the danger of his obsession. Indeed, in that episode Charlotte was coming from a flowery garden and told him to give up RJ and to get a new life… In the previous episode, ‘Red Lacquer Nail Polish’, there was another more subtle allusion with the Nero Wolfe murder mysteries as Wolfe is well-known for his passion for orchids. The books were in the room where a woman burned alive a friend in order to fake her own death. Therefore, both examples are tied to an almost gratuitous violence, as is the house in Orchid Lane: Lorelei’s victim and her associate used to bring women from the shelter to torture and kill them here. And that’s also a symbol of the danger Jane may get in if he keeps following the path dictated by his obsession.  He may very well end up in a bloodbath like Lorelei did.

Lisbon is aware that Jane has been keeping things from her. She then follows him here after Lorelei is gone and confronts her wayward consultant in a rather loaded scene.

Lisbon has displayed various feelings concerning Jane’s relationship with Lorelei before, such as:
shock upon realizing to what extents he had gone when Lorelei revealed they had been lovers;
hurt that he didn’t told her that tidbit, neither that he had faked his six months long breakdown: it felt as a betrayal for her;
distrust when she listened on him interrogating the woman;
anger, snapping at him after he kissed their prisoner;
concern that he might have feelings for her since she was “almost” the first woman he slept with since Angela’s death.

All those were dictated by friendship. When the question of him possibly loving her was raised, she stubbornly drove them to safer, more professional waters. But here, their talk betrays some of those “Never-To-Be-Mentioned-Again” deeper feelings.

Indeed, those emotions expressed earlier appear again; in the VIS#1, she showed shock and concern. She’s asked him to let her know if he learnt anything, but here she comes after him. That is the same pattern we got in ‘The Crimson Ticket’, where she asked him to keep her informed  before bugging the interrogation room: she feels distrust. Anger and betrayal come along with hurt in the following dialog before getting a step further… After Lisbon catches him red handed lying to her, Jane plays it down as something inconsequent (“I tell you about thirty percent of what I do, that doesn’t mean I’m lying”). Lisbon warns him in pretty the same way she usually does when it comes to RJ pulling one on him: “you’re putting your trust in the mistress of a serial killer. She’s playing you.”

Jane plays dumb: “ Playing me? How ?”

L.: “You’re blind, you’re involved with her, it’s clouding your judgement.”

J.: There is no involvement. I feel nothing for her”

L.: “And now you’re really lying.

We can see how things have progressively been sliding from a dressing down to something more personal. She doesn’t talk anymore as a friend, she has taken on accusing him (he’s gone from passively being blind to actively lying in the course of a few words); that betrays that his actions have stirred up something deeper. Hence the pause after those words, since she can’t meet his eyes and she has almost tears in her owns. She’s embarrassed both because she’s showing weakness and feelings that are not professional since she’s on the verge of crying.  She takes refuges then in a definitive ultimatum: “And I’m gonna make this very simple: I will not be part of this anymore and neither will you if you want to remain in the team”. She tries to regain her professional façade, making their disagreement a work matter, but the mask is crackling, since she’s basically asking him to choose between her and the other woman. There is a subtle subtext in there, almost as if Loreli was the “mistress” while she assumes more explicitly than usual the role of his official partner/ work spouse.

Again, Jane tries to deflect the situation with an attempt at humor mixed with provocation: “you don’t mean that. Someone has been playing a little too much poker.” It’s a battle of wills, but it’s Jane who finally gives in: “I confess. I… I may have some feelings but if I crossed any lines it is not because I like her. I would do anything I can to get to Red John but you already knew that since the start.”

The discussion is centred on the notion of “partners”, with a deeper meaning that just two people working in team: it involves trust, like in the scene where Jane let Lisbon enter his locked attic and explained to her what he was doing with his list. Lisbon has added another layer –sharing- to the notion by labelling Jane her “associate” in the previous episode. Now, Lorelei is threatening their bond by making trust between them impossible: hence Lisbon’s reaction, she is afraid to lose her trust in Jane and as a consequence to lose him too. And her emotional turmoil at realizing there were feelings involved (those that Jane feels for her rival and certainly those she tries to hide too) hints that she cares about him as deeply as he cares about her. It’s a form of jealousy behind the very real concern for his safety.

On the other hand, Jane’s reactions in that scene are no less interesting: his “thirty percent” comment indicates in insight how his mind works: it is not a lie if he didn’t outright tell something that is false. Lying by omission doesn’t count. That explains his behaviour back in ‘The Crimson Hat’ when he was very at ease to meet her by surprise in the church: he just hadn’t told her the whole truth, thus he didn’t lie to her. And he said he was sorry only when he realized the harm his scheme had made both to people and to his bond with Lisbon… In those two important scenes, he admitted first that he trusted Lorelei, then that he had  feelings for her. Both are two aspects of his relation with Lisbon too. He has progressively won her trust after many years of playing tricks on her and he has admitted feelings for her a few episodes ago. Still, he told her “love you” while here he just reluctantly admitted to liking Lorelei, meaning that there is a difference between the two situations.

Last, Jane’s reference to playing poker, a reminder of a friendly moment between them, is meaningful too: it was already in ‘Red in Tooth And Claw’ a metaphor for the game he’s been playing with RJ, but now it also shows that he has dragged her into this very dangerous game of truth, lies and bluff. And it serves as continuity with the meeting with Bertram the morning after, where the theme is further developed. Lisbon is at a crossroad and she too has to choose if she wants to keep working with him or not.

VIS#3: Lisbon tells him to stay behind

After her meeting with Bertram, Lisbon realize her fears that Jane might become a suspect are already a reality as her director implied Jane was still Lorelei’s lover. She decides to keep protecting him. Things are still strained between them but they seem to have achieved a truce. Nevertheless, it is visible that Jane wasn’t very sure of her reaction before the meeting: she told him she didn’t know what she would tell Bertram and his immobility at the end of the scene at Orchid Lane confirmed his insecurity. After the meeting, he takes a moment to study her face before thanking her for protecting his secret.
But Saint Teresa is decided to save her sinner of a friend. She tells him very firmly he needs to stay in the bullpen while the team split in order to catch Lorelei in the act of attacking Julia’s accomplice: “If things go wrong, you need to be far away, you’re in too deep… Jane, I’m asking you, please, stay here.” The idea is to prove that he has to have nothing to do anymore with Lorelei or her crimes: if he isn’t even there, he can’t be accused of complicity. And staying in the bullpen put him under the protection of the law as it would give him a solid alibi. Jane understands and after another moment of studying her, he obeys her. Until he decides to occupy himself by reading the shelter employees’ files and discovers who was Julia’s associate.

Lorelei and Jane: trust and distrust

VIS#4: Jane goes to Lorelei for the second time

His discovery leads to the second very loaded scene in the episode: Jane calls Rigbsy to warn him that the person he’s been watching is Lorelei’s target and hears that his colleague is in trouble. Indeed, she has crashed his car when she arrived in the same way Jane crashed his after he let her go away in ‘Red Sails in The Sunset’, effectively closing the circle. Jane then calls Lisbon to let her know where he is heading to. Here he meets his siren already torturing Jason Lenin and helps her by convincing the man to confess. We can see there the many intentions are tangling themselves in his actions.

1) His priority is to gain her trust by giving her a hand to get to the truth behind her sister’s murder: he needs to prove himself to her as a valuable and trustworthy partner. So he uses the method that worked with Lisbon: he proves to be useful with his insight and his power of persuasion; he shows her that he has more understanding of the situation than her -he knew how the man kidnapped and killed fragile women with his accomplice’s help.

2) There were also more honorable goals, for instance Lorelei’s violence bothered him when he watched the video at the very beginning; he knew what Lorelei was capable of. So, it’s pretty certain that we wanted to keep things safer by interrogating the man himself. He is preventing Lorelei from killing yet another person. In his own way, he is trying to save her from falling even deeper in the downright spiral she is getting herself into…

3) … because, as he admitted, he has feelings for her. When they met in his motel room in ‘The Crimson Hat’, he told her she was right to feel a connection with him; he said that to lure her in and because RJ was a connection between them indeed, but, as Reviewbrain pointed out at the time, there may have been some truth in it as well. Both are quite alike after all: Jane was a conman while Lorelei is a liar and he’s been shown to be attracted to that kind of woman (Erica for instance). He might have seen himself in her. Moreover Lorelei didn’t really embrace a criminal career freely: she was pushed in RJ’s web by a despair born from carefully created circumstances. She was taught to not listen to her conscience, like Jane had been: he didn’t chose to be a conman either, he was taught by his father; as a teen he seems quite reticent to deceive people. And his obsession now is born from the same kind of despair she felt after having her family killed. She was very close to the person he is deep down and that similarity, added to the physical intimacy they shared, may clarify how he could have felt something for her… and how she could also feel something for him, as it seems (she told him “did you miss me” at Orchid Lane before kissing him on the cheek): they are two people sharing the same scars and understanding each other because of it.

4) Yet, Jane also tried to protect the bond he shares with his friends. He did try to stay behind as Lisbon asked him. What tipped him off about the identity of Lorelei’s target was a detail he didn’t mention to Lisbon, but it was because he probably didn’t though about it at the time (the fishing line was quite meaningless when he found it). But, when he realized what it meant, his reflex was to call Rigsby to warn him to be careful: if Lorelei hadn’t attacked Wayne at that moment, he would have probably arrested her on the spot. Then when Rigsby didn’t answer anymore, Jane called Lisbon to tell her everything and he checked on his friend first thing when he arrived, showing therefore that he was genuinely worried.

So it seemed that Jane tried to preserve Lisbon’s trust as well as Lorelei’s and ironically this was probably what has cost him his potential partnership with the latter since she heard him calling Rigsby over the phone when the agent was unconscious. She then understood his help wasn’t disinterested and that he was playing a double game… Thus, after he got the truth out of their man, she kissed Jane goodbye and shot the minion who was lying on the floor: she wanted to keep RJ to herself and she knew that Jane was planning to double cross her to get his own revenge at the end. She didn’t reveal anything and was able to get away from him after having injured the other witness seriously enough to force Jane to stay behind: he had to save the only other lead he had.
In the end, Jane hence made his choice like Lisbon had asked him: he was about to betray Lorelei after telling Lisbon the truth (even if he kept his agenda about RJ all along). His actions in that scene are pretty ambivalent, but, between the two gun-wielding tough women and the two paths that where offered to him, he still chose the lawful and trustful partnership. That gives us some insight in his mindset concerning revenge: despite what he says, he isn’t ready to do anything to achieve his grand plan. Proof is that he could have had a hand in RJ’s demise right away if he had followed Lorelei instead of trying to save his relation with Lisbon and if he hadn’t cared for his coworker. A colder man would have figured out that, once he got the truth from Lorelei, he wouldn’t need Lisbon or her team anymore…

VIS#5: Death and the Maiden – Lorelei’s eulogy

Two weeks later, Jane is still waiting for his witness to regain consciousness and Homeland Security has taken the case over, effectively cutting him off from any leads. Lisbon comes to his attics to inform him that Lorelei met a very expected death by RJ’s hand. The woman tried to kill her former mentor and, as Jane warned her, he saw her coming and decided to strike first.

It’s interesting to consider how in the end and even on the warpath, Lorelei managed to regain some of her morality. When she first met Jane, in the very beginning of ‘The Crimson Hat’, they had a talk about right and wrong and at the end of that episode, she was nodding to RJ’s speech explaining that there weren’t good or bad actions. Yet, she didn’t want to fire when children were in the middle and she showed hesitation before shooting the guard who was trying to stop her when she was planned to kidnap Jason Lenin. Same with what she said in the bathroom when she was on the lam with Jane: since her heart had been shattered by her sister’s death and that RJ has taught her to distance herself, she believed that nothing could hurt her anymore. Yet, she felt anger and betrayal against her former leader and against Jane’s mind games. When she met up with Jane again in this episode, she accused him of not being as tough as he thought, because he was ticked off by her violent behavior, but she had overestimated her own toughness as well: she wasn’t able to kill Red John; nevertheless, by escaping his influence she was able to regain a little part of her humanity.

Besides, Jason Lenin’s name already announced her fate somehow: his Russian namesake has initiated the Communism – associated with the color red-, and is responsible for the “Red Terror” , while this Lenin has provoked another kind of red terror too starting with the many murders he committed, those Lorelei was responsible for and, ultimately, ending with her death. The poor woman was doomed from the start. Also, his MO in murdering those women involved fishing line and he fancies himself a fisherman: no wonder both he and the siren had a encounter with fatal consequences. Last, her body was displayed in a peculiar fashion, sending a message to Jane: she was placed in a warehouse full of fair material (horses from a carousel were visible), reminding of Jane’s carnie past. She was naked under a sheet and a big bloody smiley was painted above her, an allusion to the one night she and Jane shared, symbolically placed under RJ’s sign as a mean to express that he controlled everything from their meeting to her death.

Jane’s reaction to her murder is as ambiguous as their last meeting was. At the crime scene, he approaches Lorelei’s corpse and mutters that he is sorry, then he says “she had it coming” to Lisbon while leaving the place. This apparent coldness and the fact that he was waiting in the attic before take we back to the night Panzer was killed. He was responsible for Panzer’s death and he is also at least partially responsible for Lorelei’s since he used her and made her want to seek revenge. But both situations are at the same time very different: he’s sorry for her demise, it’s a consequence he hadn’t wished for. That makes this moment almost an echo of his reaction when he heard from Lisbon, in his attic too, that the father of Panzer’s first victim committed suicide: he was genuinely sorry for the man, although he immediately though of a way to use his death to his advantage.
That scene seems to end the brief and more bitter than sweet story between Jane and his siren, in a way that the dismembered carousel at the crime scene symbolizes perfectly: they kissed, had sex and fell apart to both ends of the moral spectrum, then three other kisses made them grow closer again, one in the interrogation room in ‘The Crimson Ticket’, another out of gratitude at the end of ‘Red Sails in The Sunset’, and the last as a goodbye kiss meant to distract him when she was about to betray him. They were going back and forth. And there was a pattern in the things they did to the other : 1/ she lied to him when she seduced him, 2/ she asked him to destroy the person he was closest to, 3/ she almost hurt him (cutting his fingers off) while 4/ telling him she was sorry… and 1/ he lied to her (getting her out of jail while faking his kidnapping), 2/ he destroyed the bond with the person she was closest to (revealing that RJ killed her sister), 3/ he hurt her (provoking her death) then 4/ he told her he was sorry… The circle is truly closed, like with a carousel.

Similarly, the colder comment he made that “she had it coming” may be a show Lisbon that he’s still on the game, that he really didn’t care about Lorelei that much and that he resented her a bit. Or, horrible as it sounds, that he may have been a bit relieved since her death means that RJ is still alive for him to hunt… That may explain Lisbon’s shocked expression at his words. But another explanation is possible. Lorelei was a sort of inversed reflection of Lisbon. That was hinted numerous times before and in this episode the vague physical resemblance between them was enlightened again by their clothes: Lisbon was wearing a black jacket with shinny sleeves, reminding a bit of Lorelei’s black leather attire; meanwhile, Lorelei’s white shirt and dark pants when she was waiting for Jane at the Orchid Lane house was a transposition of the strict and businesslike clothes Lisbon usually wears. Both received Jane’s trust and feelings since they represented two choices he could make: on one hand a bloody path involving lies, distrust and betrayal with at the end a probable death, or in the other hand a real partnership, relying on someone who was here to help him and symbolized by Lisbon, the one still alive at the end of the episode. So, the “she had it coming” comment may indicate a slight change in Jane’s perception: at the end of ‘Red Queen’, when Hightower urged him to tell Lisbon what he had discovered about the mole at the CBI, he answered “I’m better off alone”. Since then, he made other decisions and began progressively confiding in her more and more. He chose to open up to her in order to have someone protecting him when he’s in danger: that is a decision Lorelei refused to make. Jane warned her: “you’re foolish to do this on your own, let me help you”, but she wouldn’t listen. At least, Jane had learnt enough of his past mistakes to have listened when Lisbon pleaded to let her help him.

Bertram and Kirkland team up

In two meaningful scenes both Kirkland and Bertram were placed under a new light while talking to Lisbon. First, Lisbon realised Kirkland is no more a potential ally like he was when Lorelei “kidnapped” Jane, she is more aware than never that he’s dissimulating something. Indeed his reasons for being interested in the case are very vague (« her arrest is a priority for Homeland ») and consequently suspicious… and Lisbon isn’t even aware that he had an informant in the CBI long before Lorelei even entered the picture: she doesn’t know that he asked Alexa to keep in touch with Minelli at the end of ‘Red Dawn’, when Jane entered the CBI as a consultant ten years prior. For us viewers, it’s obvious who he’s really interested in is Jane, that’s why he’s mostly avoiding him…

Moreover, in that scene, there is a power play since Kirkland chose to go to her superior whereas before he requested a direct collaboration from her. That detail reminds a bit of the alliance between Darcy and Wainwright: at the time, Jane was a suspect too, yet now that part is more a excuse used by both men to keep a close watch on the events. Indeed, the second meeting is even more intriguing: when asked by her boss what progress they’ve been doing, Lisbon deliberately stays very vague herself. Still, her trouble and uneasiness with the whole situation made her lies pretty obvious: ironically, her previous remark to Bob about his “trick” (« I have to learn that trick… How you speak without saying anything”) is what is sorely missing here. She says a lot about her concern, worry and plain nervousness without actually talking much.

Then, Bertram speaks about Jane under the guise of asking if he has any insight, blurting « when it comes to Lorelei Martins, I don’t think Jane can be trusted.” It’s true, of course, given Jane’s not so hidden agenda and it echoes Lisbon’s own thoughts on the matter. But Bertram goes farther in his insinuations, trying to plant an idea in Lisbon’s mind (or at least to make it surface if it already took place in the shadows of her mind). He tries to gauge her reactions: “But he admitted a sexual relationship with her. Then Martins kidnaps him and they spend days alone together. Don’t you wonder what went on between them?… If… if there’s something going on, you… you can talk to me.” Now, we can wonder what that little theory of Jane still having sexual relationships with Lorelei comes from. Even more since we viewers know he didn’t even though he could have indeed tried something with her, as Lorelei was being a bit promiscuous in bathing naked in the sea and changing while the bathroom door was open although she didn’t come outright on to him. But Bertram doesn’t know any details in what happened after Lorelei broke out from jail: Jane pretended to have been kidnapped and had injuries to “prove” it. Bertram could then infer that he was his accomplice alright, either because he knows how Jane’s mind works or because he had some insight information (from the FBI for instance) about Lorelei being in under custody in a federal prison without many possibilities to get out on her own. Still, either way, why didn’t Bertram interrogate or warn Jane about his guesses if those were a real concern of his? The best explanation is that those hypotheses have no real importance for him: although his goal in doing so stays unclear, he pretty obviously tries to stir up deep negative emotions in Lisbon, such as insecurity and jealousy. Plus, in telling her she can talk to him, he places himself in a role of confident, not that she would pour her heart to her boss, but he casts a positive light on himself and lets her know she can complain to him about Jane if things were to get ugly – a thing he did his best to provoke. What he probably doesn’t know is that Jane and Lisbon already discussed the matter and that Jane tried to get clean on his lies, his plan to use Lorelei and his feelings for her: thus Lisbon has already evacuated part of the anger she feels and she doesn’t take the bait.

His willingness to gauge her reactions is made even more obvious by the fact that Bob Kirkland has been hiding and listening to their conversation all along. After she leaves, he gets out of his hiding spot to analyse what she let on:
Bertram: “What do you think?”
Kirkland: “You work with her, you’d know better.”
B. : “Clearly, she knows more than she’s saying… But good detectives always keep their cards close.”
K.: “Who can we trust?”
B. : (chuckles) “You don’t trust anyone.”

This talk between the two high ups is enlightening: both men seem to have more than a simple collaboration like Darcy and Luther had. They know each other well enough to do something as degrading as hiding to trick one of Bertram’s employee and to talk about it afterwards. They even half-joke about the other’s inability to trust anyone. They may or may not be friends, but they are more than casual acquaintances and the secrecy they’ve been surrounding this fact with casts a pretty dark light on their partnership. Even more since Kirkland forcefully took the case from them at the end of the episode: his men dragged Jane from Jason’s gurney. He made sure Jane was nowhere close to him in case the man regained cousciousness and told something, like Todd did at the hospital before dying. His brutality is even more intriguing that, except from Jane’s interest in the man he just saved, he had no way of knowing yet why exactly Lorelei attacked Jason or that he had been working for RJ.

Given how involved Kirkland is on everything touching not only Lorelei but also the RJ case, one can wonder indeed if Bertram isn’t Bob’s new informant in the CBI: in ‘Red Dawn’, he used Alexa Schultz to make contact with Minelli to keep an eye on the investigation and on Jane. After Minelli retired, there was at least two FBI agents probably working for Alexa in rather close contact with the team: Craig, who mentioned his boss was a woman, and Darcy. It’s not implausible that both were passing information to her too. But there is also a possibility that Bertram, who took his charge when Hightower inherited Minelli’s position, worked with the mysterious Bob too… Either way, the interest both men manifested for Lisbon is interesting, since the spotlight seems to be on her this season: before, only Styles was trying to gauge her relation with Jane and her take on his actions, but now it seems that everyone is bent on testing her, either because they work for RJ, like Lorelei or (/and?) for Visualize like Haffner. That doesn’t bode very well for the two new plotters Gale and Bob’s intentions…

Besides, it’s interesting that the poker metaphor keeps sneaking in here too: Bertram compares Lisbon to a card player and he bluffed and analysed her reactions to the hand himself played. That means that he places himself as her adversary/ enemy. He tried to use the rather harmless persona of a sore loser he showed in ‘Red in Tooth And Claw’ and the complicity he tried to create with her to lure her in a sense of security. It’s a complicated game they’ve been all playing in this episode, with rather curious imbrications of teams: Jane partnered up with Lisbon vs him with Lorelei, both of those partnerships opposed to Bertram and Bob… Indeed, the question about who is to be trusted is a valid one, in more ways than one…

Honorable Mentions: Tunney and Baker were both excellent, expressing so much without words that they almost rendered dialogs superfluous. Also director Anton Cropper managed some nice really scenes which were both fast paced and explicative (when each team member team interrogated simultaneously the shelter employees, or when Lisbon ordered them to split to watch their houses).

Icing on the cake: in this episode packed with action, writers Ken Woodruff and David Appelbaum managed to sneak in a mention of Wayne’s resurfacing feelings for Van Pelt. Nice continuity and an amusing touch.

Pet Peeves

– Why didn’t Bob Kirkland put Jane under surveillance if he though he was a possible accomplice of Lorelei? And why weren’t there any consequences for Jane after they found him at the scene of Lorelei’s last crime? Ok, he has saved the victim until the paramedics got there and called the team for help, but his behavior was suspicious before. And is that even credible that defiant Jane hasn’t ever found strange that Kirkland was always basically avoiding him?

– How come Lorelei knew so little about her sister’s death? She didn’t know about the “Roy” part, assuming the cops were dumb enough to keep that detail a secret instead of asking her relatives about him… but she also hadn’t had her doubts about the shelter? That means that, either she didn’t know the sister she was very close to was abused by her boyfriend, or said sister never mentioned that she was seeking help. And, of course, Lorelei seemed to have never been interrogated during the investigation, since she didn’t mention the abusing boyfriend or the shelter to the cops. Neither did she have the idea to go there to ask questions on her own. I may be picky, but they made pretty clear Lorelei wasn’t your average grieving family member. Miranda’s parents seemed to have nothing against her when she reunited with her, thus they had no reason to withhold information and Lorelei has proved she’s the kind of person who tends to take the matter in her own hands. That part of her past should have been explained better…


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  • mosquitoinuk

    Hello Violet! I’ve been checking obsessively this blog to see if you had posted your review…and here we are at last! Thank you, excellent analysis. I need to re-watch the episode myself, I haven’t had the time and it was just too packed with emotion, bluffs and counter bluffs…

    I do not know how I feel about this episode. The fact that Lisbon has decided for the umpteenth time to cover for Jane is a bit of a blow…I somehow miss badass Lisbon. There is plenty of people who believe she’s basically Jane’s doormat and it is easy to see why. Even after all the analysis and re-analysis and counter analyses of the scenes Lisbon and Jane shared, I still believe Lisbon was shorthanded. I feel sorry for her. For once, she wore her heart on her sleeve and still, *still* Jane tried to con her (a bit). I agree with you that he tried to keep her relatively happy still trying to get what he wanted from Lorelei: this is really *not* what Lisbon was hoping for (even less what she deserves).

    Moreover, Jane’s behaviour was disappointing. I’m so disappointed in him. It is consistent with the character, but still. You’d think that he’d know better this time around…and still he doesn’t. More poignantly, Lisbon was spot on in everything she said: he was too involved, he trusted the mistress of a psychopath, he was still being played…and he failed to see it. Again. Sighs. This Jane is demanding from us viewers a lot of patience and understanding. Just like he demands from Lisbon and her team. I think he needs a serious reality check but I’m not sure what’ll do it if he hasn’t learned so far. Which is a bit worrying in fact not only for him, but for what this could potentially mean for the team (and Lisbon).
    As you very well pointed out, there has been a lot of focus on Lisbon this season, there is a lot of interest in her inside and outside the CBI: Bertram, Kirkland, Haffner and obviously Lorelei and RJ. All this is a bit ominous for her I think. It is clear that RJ hasn’t really tried to kill Lisbon directly for reasons only known to him (or because he likes to play with his food before eating it..) but I wonder what he’ll do now that he had to kill Lorelei (his lover) because of Jane’s interference. I believe he is seriously annoyed. Will he try to exact his revenge on Jane? how? in a previous episode of the Mentalist (can’t remember which one) the victim’s father said something like “if you are trying to destroy a man you don’t do anything to him but to his family”. I think Lisbon is in a *very* dangerous place right now, both professionally (i.e, Bertram, Kirkland) and personally (i.e, RJ). Jane, you are an idiot. Seriously.

    About Bertram and Kirkland: Again, poor Lisbon. She managed to keep it…barely. He reaction shows that he (Bertram) touched a sore spot, he was probing her…and they (CBI, Homeland, RJ?) are definitely after her. I mentioned in a previous post that this might be because they might be trying to get her away from Jane and to leave him more vulnerable but also to lessen her influence. Without Lisbon shielding him, Jane is definitely exposed from a legal point of view but also, she offers the moral support (and moral compass) that he desperately needs (so he doesn’t loose himself entirely and still retains part of his humanity and sanity). This was shown in this episode quite subtly I believe.

    Finally, pet peeve of mine: After her “threat” (I’m not sure how much of a real threat that was and I don’t think Jane took it very seriously…the way I interpret him sitting down in her office is that he was basically checking that she’d do his bidding…). In my opinion, he looked marginally worried for a second but not that much, really. How many times will she save him for being…basically, him??? Lord, give me strength.

    Anyway, a few thoughts and thank you for putting in the time to dissect our favourite show!

  • All-I-need

    I’m laughing myself silly about Chizuru_Chibi’s art here. Hilarious! Wonderfully done, thank you so much!

    I agree with most of the things you pointed out in this review. I’ve only got one additional suggestion:
    Jane’s “She had it coming” may also be an indication that he is completely disillusioned about her character now and really doesn’t care about her one way or the other. After all, she betrayed him by putting Lennin in a coma and refusing to tell him who Red John is. Jane doesn’t deal well with betrayal – simply because it takes him so long to trust someone in the first place.

    I absolutely loved that he stayed at the bullpen simply because Lisbon asked him to. I don’t think Jane was thinking in terms of getting a safe alibi and stuff – Lisbon said “please” and he felt he owed her as much. He trusted her to handle the situation and he stayed behind. He DID remind me a bit of a dog, though. You know, when you put a dog biscuit on the floor and your dog in the other end of the room and tell him to stay where he is and not eat the biscuit and then leave the room? If he’s well trained, he will stay in place and try to hypnotize the biscuit in hopes that it will come to him – or stare at the door, waiting for you to come back.
    Yes, I just made Lorelei into a dog biscuit in this metaphor – and Lisbon into Jane’s owner (yeah, we wish!).

    Also: Lisbon almost crying because Jane broke her trust (again) and admitted to having feelings for Lorelei – totally broke my heart. Jane’s too, I suppose, which might explain why he did try to stay behind until he realized that Rigsby might be in danger. And I so love that he actually checked on Rigsby first before running after Lorelei.

    Favorite lines:
    “What do you think VanPelt is up to right now?”
    “It’s two am, she’s sleeping.”
    – Rigsby and Cho. I LOVE Cho!

    Thanks for posting the review despite it being a rough draft – you do know that you’re not obliged to put your lives on hold to write those things, right? I’m sure I’m not the only one who is patient enough to wait an extra day or two…

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Thanks very much, Canddee, I appreciate the compliment! 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Good point on Jane not dealing well with betrayal! It’s a great interpretation!

    Of course, you’re right, Jane wasn’t thinking in those terms. He just wanted to try and make things ok with Lisbon again: he wanted to prove her that he was listening to her in order to gain her trust back. It was Lisbon who was eager to protect him from the consequences of Lorelei’s acts. Lol at Jane and his dog biscuit! That fits the situation indeed! 🙂

    (Thank you for your comprehension, All-I-Need: I know that I didn’t need to post it as it is but I feel like one day or two after the new episode is simply not the same… 😉 )

  • P

    Or the “she had it coming” could have just been something he said to throw Lisbon off the trail. He knew she was upset about him having feelings for Lorelei. He may have said those works to convince her that he no longer has feelings and is not grieving Lorelei’s loss (even if that is not true). In other words, I think he may be trying to manipulate Lisbon since he knows he is on thin ice right now.

    I disagree with you that Lorelei betrayed Jane. She NEVER promised him that she would reveal RJ. In fact, she repeatedly told him the exact opposite. Jane just didn’t listen (when does he ever listen to anyone?) She never asked him to break her out of prison. Jane did that on his own. The entire time he has been HOPING and trusting that she would tell him. That was very foolish. He was blind not to see that Lorelei did not need him…he needed her. She had all the power in that relationship and always did. Just like he constantly keeps Lisbon in the dark so that he can find RJ on his own and kill him, Lorelei always intended to keep him in the dark as well. Jane wanted to be the one to kill RJ. Why would he think Lorelei would feel any differently? Thinking she would be more willing to share than he is was just stupid and desperate. Jane had it coming as well. He got what he deserved when Lorelei shot Lenin and walked away without telling him anything,

  • JustMe

    I loved the review and you all made me feel better about Jane in your take. Thank you because I was starting to really dislike him but you gave me a new perspective.

    Will have to wait and see what everyone else thinks!

  • mosquitoinuk

    I would also like to add that in the torture scene (Jane+Lorelei+Lenin) another vibe I got (and it isn’t a nice one) is that Jane was also somehow living vicariously through Lorelei in the sense that he seems to almost find satisfaction in Lenin’s torture…and that wasn’t pretty to watch. Many layers in Jane’s behaviour in that scene and very difficult to undertand where Jane stands.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    I get your point and you’re right that she never said explicitly that she would help him, unlike him who offered her his help repeatedly even when didn’t ask for it. Still, Jane and Lorelei had a twisted partnership of sorts. Otherwise she wouldn’t have left him messages (the address on a envelop in the trashcan). She was keeping him updated even though she didn’t need his help. And she *felt betrayed* and angry both when she realized he had been on the phone with Rigsby and when he came inside Lenin’s house: she asked him if the cops were on their way and he answered that they would be here soon. Her exasperated expression –which she hide carefully from him- showed how she felt about him: he implied that they had little time and that he was here to help her, while he was the one who called the police. So, I maintain my point of view: it was a deliberate betrayal. Maybe not to her actual words, but of the relationship she had with him. She was hurt and she tried to hurt him too by robbing him of his revenge. It was an added bonus that it served her own. Of course, it’s only my interpretation…

    And yes, Jane was foolish and got what he deserved. Life can sometimes be fair and cruel that way.

  • P

    Great review, Violet, as always. I appreciate the time and effort you devote to them and love the insights you always find that I miss.

    I think on this one we have very different views on a lot of points. I thought it was a very disappointing end to the Lorelei story line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad she is dead. Death was always the only realistic ending for her, so I’m glad the writers didn’t let her escape with some happy ending to whatever tropical island without extradition Erica Flynn is hanging out on. But I feel this was a lot of wasted effort. The only clue he got out of her was that he shook hands with RJ (and that was by accident), and we learned that in episode 8. All that stuff we heard about the chess match that would be played between the two of them never really materialized. So the specter of Lorelei has been hanging around all this time only to go out with a whimper instead of a bang. Nothing new was learned the rest of the season from her. I just expected something more.

    I also had major problems with how they took this woman who was supposed to be an experienced criminal and turned her into an amateur in this episode. She jumps out of the van holding her gun in a crowded area, and looks surprised when somebody shouts “she has a gun.” How did she think she would ever kill RJ if she couldn’t even pull off a simple kidnapping? She breaks the window and stomps through the hall in Lenin’s house making so much noise there was no way Lenin didn’t hear her. She made no attempt to take him by surprise. Did she learn nothing from Red John? I’m shocked Lenin didn’t have a gun. I would think a hardened killer/ RJ minion would have one in his bedroom. Instead he is scrambling through his kitchen drawer presumably looking for a knife. I found that unrealistic as well.

    Why was Lorelei just sitting and waiting for Jane in the house on Orchid Lane? How did she know he would show up, let alone show up alone? What if Lisbon was with him (as she usually is), or Lisbon arrived without him? Was she just hanging out there the entire day? She had nothing better to do? It just felt very contrived to me.

    I disagree with you that Lorelei regained her humanity. I also disagree that Lorelei didn’t embrace a criminal career freely. She is not some innocent woman kidnapped and sold as a sex slave. She freely took what Red John offered. She had choices, and she chose a life of crime. Fundamentally “good” people make good choices when tragedy happens. “Bad” people make choices that hurt and victimize others.

    Hesitation or not, she DID shoot the security guard. So where is the morality in that? Fine, she didn’t want to hit the children. Do you think that the hit man Tommy Volker hired regained his morality because he refused to kill a child? I say that both are still immoral killers. Maybe not the worst of the worst, but still pretty damn bad. I have no pity for her. She did get what she deserved.

    I do completely agree with your points about Lorelei not knowing more about her sister’s death. Especially considering that they were supposedly so close. That is ANOTHER major plot hole.

  • P

    I don’t believe Lorelei left Jane messages. I just don’t believe she deliberately left that mail in the trash for him to find. First, Lorelei may have never even been in Julia’s office – we have no evidence she was. Second, if she tried to a cleaning person could easily have emptied the trash before anyone even found Julia’s body. It seems like Lorelie was waiting in her home when she got back from work. Third, any police officer could have found it. Cops routinely search things like that. Fourth, the easiest and safest way to leave Jane a message would be to call him from a burner phone. Or just wait for Jane in his motel room. Both are MUCH safer than leaving some clue, hoping somebody actually finds it, and hoping Jane is the one to find it, and hoping she doesn’t bring Lisbon with him.

    And if I’m wrong about all of that and she did view them as partners, then it seems to me once Jane betrayed her (as you say he did) then the partnership was broken and her actions should no longer be considered a betrayal at all.

  • P

    A few last comments! I don’t view Jane and Lisbon as having made any progress at all in trust or partnership. I really hate to say this, but Lisbon has become a doormat…all bark and no bite. Jane broke yet another promise by not telling her about the house. He did lie- he promised to tell her if he “had any insights to the case”. Finding out about that house was clearly an insight. He hid it from her and went alone because he wanted to keep any clues about Red John he might find to himself. He doesn’t want her to know everything he knows. If she does, Red John might be arrested before Jane can kill him. Unless Jane changes his thinking on that, they will NEVER have a real partnership. In their current relationship, the trust only goes one way.

    Jane’s trust in Lorelei and his own ego (he refused to believe he could be played and ignored Lisbon’s repeated warnings that Lorelei was playing him. He believed his charm could manipulate anybody – he was wrong) got an innocent security guard seriously wounded and could have easily gotten Rigsby killed. The reality is that Jane trusted Lorelei more than Lisbon, despite the fact that Lisbon has proven herself time and again. I disagree that he has progressively confided in her more and more. Jane only opens up when he has no other choice (like when he confessed hiring the guy to break into Laroche’s house) or when she forces him to and he fears he will lose her support if he doesn’t confide in her. As soon as he feels he is back in her good graces again, he goes back to his old tricks of lying and deceiving. I will believe Jane has learned his lesson only when I see it. The next time a Red John lead comes up should start to tell us is he has really changed at all.

    Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see, but I don’t find Kirkland’s behavior suspicious. Kirkland and Bertram are clearly suspicious of Jane – and they should be. He did break Lorelei out of prison (they must suspect that even if they don’t know) and admitted being lovers. He is not trustworthy. In real life, he would no longer be allowed to be on this case at all. At the very least, there should be an internal affairs investigation into his actions. Perhaps that is why Laroche is coming back. So they would be seriously delinquent in their duties if they let Jane get in that ambulance with the only witness to Lorelei’s crimes. We as viewers know Jane and Lisbon are not Red John accomplices. I can completely understand how Bertram and Kirkland might not be so sure, just as Darcy wasn’t. You have to put yourself in their shoes. Jane is not somebody they should trust. On the dialogue, Kirkland said “Can we trust her?” Bertram responded with “can we trust anyone?” This leads me to think that maybe Kirkland and Bertram are working to find Red John on their own, and since they know he has so many moles, they are wondering if it is safe to bring Lisbon in on their plan.

    Perhaps an outside agency is involved because the CBI has had the case for a decade with no results. Every time they get close, the only witness ends up dead. The common denominator in every case is Jane. Some of those deaths have occurred inside the CBI. They know there have been moles in the CBI in the past. It seems to me it would be logical to bring some outsiders in to investigate the corruption that seems to be rampant in the organization. Perhaps Kirkland is working for Red John, but I don’t think he is. I think he is one of the good guys (and so is Bertram). If I am wrong, I will freely admit it, but that is my guess at this point.

    I don’t view Kirkland as avoiding Jane. He went out of his way to meet him and shake his hand a few episodes back. Despite Lisbon calling Jane her partner, it is, in fact, HER team, not Jane’s. Jane is just a consultant (and a person worthy of suspicion). He is in no more of an official leadership position than Cho or Rigsby. There is no reason he should seek out Jane.

  • P

    I kind of agree with you. He seemed to enjoy it. He acts very disapproving on the surface, but was very willing to go along and participate. It’s like he has a hard time admitting openly that he enjoys the brutality, but deep down inside he secretly relishes it. There is a great quote that I think applies to Jane here:

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    I think Jane is very close to monster territory. I really can’t find anything likable in him anymore.

  • Auli

    I just recently found your blog and I just have to say how I appreciate your work! It is just lovely to read your thoughts about my favourite tv-show to understand what the hell is going on. 🙂 English is not my first language but bear with me.

    What an episode! I was just jumping up and down on my bed and pretty much screaming to my laptop things like “oh my god”, “Jane you’re an ass” or “wtf?!”. My boyfriend actually told me that I should not watch the newest episodes of the mentalist when he’s at home because he just finished season 3 and apparently I reveal too much what is happening with my behaviour. 🙂

    I would like to say about my “pet peeve” that I have had from the beginning of season 5. Already in season 4 Darcy was accusing Jane for working for Red John (who can blame her) but after the happenings in the finale of s4 the accusations have been pretty much swept under the carpet. I was bit disappointed because those were quite serious accusations and everything that happened with Darcy, Wainwright, Jane’s disappearing for six months and Lorelie, one would have thought that the feds would be all over him. But no, nothing. Just a cover up of the whole incident and no one is talking about it at all or seemed to even ask questions about it, like why Wainwright was killed in the first place and how did they manage to get him in the car. After seeing the Bertram and Kirkland scenes I started to get my hopes up that maybe Darcy’s suspicions never were swept away after Wainwright’s death but Kirkland and his team took over and had had an undercover operation about Jane being working for RJ all the time. Maybe the whole poker thing was a way to get to close to Lisbon so that they could survey Jane through her or possibly even survey her. I do hope that that would be the case. If not, I do hope that Heller would explain the whole Wainwright thing some other way.

    And btw, this is the second time that we are reminded about RJ making mistakes; first Bosco in s2 and now Lorelie.

    Thanks again for an awesome blog!

  • III Frogs

    A really excellent in-depth review of this episode. I can’t imagine how it could be improved by more time to develop it. Your entire analysis of the theme of partnership that has been developing in TM, particularly in this episode, is really just brilliant. Glad you pointed up the continuing development of the poker references, too. Everyone’s poker skills will probably become more and more important as the hunt for Red John heats up and his capture or death is secured (I hope death). Thanks for putting your minds and pens to it. Great job!

    I was really proud of Lisbon for taking charge in her relationship with Jane instead of just reacting to him, as she is often wont to do. In her first scene with him, she asserts her rights as Jane’s partner and negates his other “relationship” as even being a partnership. And he accedes the truth of her statement! He accepts the demand she makes of him as the right of partnership that he tell her if and when Lorelei contacts him. And he says he will! I was astounded. Now, he didn’t do so great at following up on that demand. But he appeared to be very aware that he had fallen short, and certainly that Lisbon would think he had, when we see his reaction as Lisbon walks in the door at Orchid Lane. Jane turns his head from her and we see him grimace almost in pain as he seems to prepare himself to hear her disapproval or perhaps even face some consequences for it. He knows it will be bad. Again, I am astounded.

    Added to the other two instances mentioned where Lisbon really stood on her rights of partnership (Again at Orchid Lane when she demands the truth from Jane about having feelings for Lorelei, and gets it. And when she tells him to stay behind in the CBI, and he does it) and we seem to be looking at a very changed relationship between Jane and Lisbon. I think it bodes well for their growth as individuals as well as the potential for deepening their general relationship. Bravo for Lisbon! And bravo for Jane!

  • JustMe

    forgot to follow earlier…oopsie Poopsie..

  • Valentine0214

    Thank you for your review. I love them and wait eagerly after each episode. Your take on Jane’s behavior helps me also; I really wasn’t liking him too much after this episode. This is mainly because I cannot stand to see Lisbon expose her feelings so rawly and to be treated, in some ways, cruelly by Jane. He had to know that confessing his feelings for Lorelei would hurt her; it’s been a constant theme with her since The Crimson Ticket.

    One thing I wondered was about Lorelei’s motivation for keeping Red John’s name a secret from Jane. Could she have been trying to save him from himself? Yes, I do believe that she, like Jane, wanted to keep Red John for herself, but she did mention several times that Jane had not sunk as deeply into depravity as she had. I think these two (Jane and Lorelei) had genuine feelings for each other. Perhaps she felt that she had nothing to lose and that he did.

  • Dreamy

    Great detailed review (even if I haven’t seen the ep yet) Congrats 🙂 ! I feel really bad for Lisbon and at the same time, she is for me the strongest woman ever. It takes a lot to bear with Jane even when he behaves like an ass. I wish I could hold her hand and comfort her :/ And although not many people might feel this way…well, I’m extremely happy Lorelei finally died. Reading about it and then watching the video was like winning the lottery. I waited so long for this moment that I can’t believe it’s true lol. Actually I feel more relieved than just happy. It doesn’t erase what happened in S4 finale and the other eps, unfortunately but sometimes, there’s a TV show god xD I won’t miss her xD What’s more, she was actually useless because as Violet said, she didn’t make any revelation about RJ :/

  • C Hill

    nice review.only a few edits needed 🙂

    however, this needs to be covered. bertram talking to lisbon.

    “Don’t you wonder what went on between them?… If… if there’s something going on, you… you can talk to me.””

    I think this is directly to Lisbon and her feelings toward Jane. Very key, I think, to the subtext of Libson’s jealously in this episode.

    Another excellent episode to me. More later.

  • anomalycommenter

    I think Violet is absolutely right. Jane offered his help, but he was not completely honest about it. If he just showed his trust in Lorelei’s intentions to her as clearly as he showed it to Lisbon, if he just told Lorelei that he called Rigsby because he wanted to prevent any potential deadly confrontation and to be in control of the situation, and that he called others ‘cause he didn’t know what had happened to him, Lorelei would understand that and very probably would confide in him and would have told him about Red John’s identity right there and then. Jane must learn not to lie when it doesn’t seem to be absolutely and vitally crucial. He must know better not to try to play everybody. Alas, Stiles knew Jane too well and saw this coming way ahead!

  • rita

    Thank you so much Violet and reviewbrain for posting this review so quickly, it is much appreciated. And Chibi…the art work is SO good, perfect for the episode in fact.

    Great review as ever, I enjoyed this episode immensely, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    Who ever chose the outfiet that Lorelei was wearing needs a medal, it was…..stunning!!

    When Lorelei and Jane met at Orchid lane, she looked more like Lisbon than ever…in fact at first glimpse, I thought that it was her.

    The whole episode was great, well written and flowing (yes there were a couple of bits that grated as you pointed out, but on the whole….) Wonderful performances by all the cast, but as you say especially by Baker & Tunney….they really can do the majority of the script without words.

    I was shouting at the screen when Lisbon had asked Jane to stay in the office and he was pacing quite agitated…but he stayed….because she said please….he HAS come on in leaps and bounds in this season, and when he reached Rigsby, he stopped to see if he was OK before he went in to help Lorelei….the Jane in earlier seasons, when THIS close to finding out Red John’s name wouldn’t have done that, he would have walked over anyone…I think that some of Lisbon’s morals are rubbing off…it is just a big job to do!!

    For me the last scene, when he says ‘She had it coming’ the Lisbon, I think in this case the words were not the important bit, you could see by the expression on his face, and his unsteady gait that this was not all he meant…I felt that he meant that as she had not made any secret about her aims….almost shouted it to the world (RJ) and with the torturing and violence, that she was on a road of no return…so she DID…..have it coming.

    Thank you both once again for the great review, looking forward to reading everyone’s comments.

  • Rose UK

    @ All-I-Need re: Cho. Yes, and he even cracked a wry little smile too!

  • Rose UK

    Yes, a fair few people have said that Jerk Jane basically laughed off/mocked Lisbon’s ultimatum, but I’d like to think he was just trying to cover up his very real consternation – a tiny power play of some description.

    I too was disturbed at his reactions to Lorelei’s torture of Lennon: I couldn’t decide if he was participating in it for real (even though he didn’t physically touch him), or as a way to stop Lorelei from going any further. I mean, he tortured the killer in Red Rover, Red Rover and justified his actions then, so what’s the difference here to him when the stakes are even higher? But I also wonder whether seeing the video of Lorelei torturing Julia opened his eyes to the horror of it. Could he really cut a person open, as is his declared intention?

    And finally, he said something like “I’m the law, so I can’t touch you”. I thought that was interesting. Did he say it for effect, so as not to get his hands dirty (literally), or did part of him really mean to say that he has aligned himself with what he has always dismissed?

    And as for dear, honest, constantly-getting-screwed-over Lisbon, well, part of me hoped she’d deliver Jane to Bertram just to follow through for once, but in the end I think she did the right thing – if she’d lost Jane’s trust then, I think there’d be no going back for him. My wish for the next few episodes is that he really tries to change his ways and prove to her that he values and respects her loyalty.

    Violet & ReviewBrain – I particularly liked the orchid analysis (it’s always the little details I like best!) and the idea of Lorelei’s death scene being presented as a reminder of her brief romantic interlude with Jane. Looks like RJ the showman is back.

  • estatica

    After that excellent episode, I was really looking forward to read your review, and as always, you did not disappoint. You analysed in perfect detail all the multi-layered scenes with precision and method. Also the drawings are awesome, as always!

    As the week went by, I saw how the episode was discussed around the internet and was surprised at how many people interpreted Jane’s actions in a really negative way. Many people described him as a cold hearted bastard that doesn’t care for Lisbon and is only using her and taking advantage of her unrequited love for him. So reading this review and the comments comforts me a bit in that aspect.

    I felt the episode was a turning point for Jane and how he will approach Red John in the future. In previous episodes, Jane was always a bit reluctant to confide in Lisbon and let her help him, whether it was to protect her, or to keep her in the dark so he could catch Red John without her interference, or simply because he liked to project confidence in whatever he did and didn’t like to admit his weaknesses. But in this one, I felt the writers really showed us how much Jane trusts Lisbon’s better judgement. He doesn’t dismiss her words and tries as much as he can to come clean, even if it hurts both of them, and even if it’s only 30% of the whole truth.

    Aside the things you guys already said about the ultimatum scene:

    1- I think Jane couldn’t have acted any better towards Lisbon. He could have found other ways to weasel himself out of it, he could have continued to lie, he could have withheld the information about meeting Lorelei at Orchid Lane, but he didn’t. When faced with the real possibility of losing Lisbon, he came clean, even knowing that just being honest didn’t necessarily mean he was off the hook. He was certainly unsure about what she would say to Bertram, but he still chose to tell Lisbon about Lorelei. This is also evident in the next scene, as he appears anxious in her office, looking as if he was a little boy waiting in the principal’s office, waiting for the verdict. He looks truly thankful when he learns she didn’t betray him.

    2- Also, Lisbon is always so reserved that I think Jane was really surprised to see her on the verge of tears. Even if he’s always been aware of how important he is to her, I think it’s the first time he’s confronted with the intensity of her feelings. I liked that he kept himself in check and reacted as little as possible (if those intense stares could be considered little, that is). The way I see it, Jane respects her too much and knows that, until he catches Red John, he can’t fully commit himself to be the man she deserves. If he’s still willing to do illegal things, lie, cheat, sleep with other women, etc. he can’t own up the “Love you” in 4×24.

    I’m anticipating the next episodes to see how they will continue to develop these characters. Since I don’t expect Red John to be caught in the finale, I’m hoping the writers will throw a bone to shippers like me and have Jane and Lisbon kiss or do something ridiculously romantic when facing a life threatening situation! 😀

  • Arco

    This was an interesting & intense episode. Didn’t make me like Jane any better.

    Was not impressed with Lisbon’s ultimatum–which Jane knew from the outset that she wouldn’t enforce, & he was right that she wouldn’t spill to Bertram. It made her look weak–which seems out of character for Lisbon, who typically–although she can exaggerate her threats of bodily harm to Jane–means what she says. Violet, I can sort of handwave that Lisbon didn’t arrest Jane for breaking Lorelei out of prison because I think that there was no proof–Lisbon could probably just tell that Jane was lying, which she has obviously improved at over the years. I find it interesting that Lisbon perhaps has a better ability to read people’s characters than Jane does. She has several times told Jane that he was being played (by Red John & Lorelei)–& she’s been right. So where are Jane’s famed mentalist skills when he most needs them? Possibly, his people reader malfunctions because his emotions are interfering? Then there is his enormous ego–he can’t entertain the concept that his judgments about people are wrong. He just doesn’t learn from his mistakes. As far as I could tell, he had zero reason for trusting Lorelei other than his “feelings” for her, whatever they were, maybe their common bond of tragedy & need for vengeance as well as their shady backgrounds. It is interesting that Lorelei was the one to discern that they were on different paths & seemed to think that he, one presumes, has the potential to follow the road to the light, rather than the dark, self-destructive path. It could be–although I wouldn’t bet on it–that Lorelei deliberately shot Lennon to prevent Jane from following her “path” so she could have been doing him a favor although it certainly served her self-interest as well.

    What I have wondered about Lorelei is why she didn’t see her sister’s murder as some great event, making Miranda’s life & death more important because it brought Lorelei into Red John’s oribt? That seems more typical of the belief system of RJ devotees. Then, instead of seeking revenge against Red John, she, as an RJ minion, should have been honored that RJ “chose” her sister as a sacrifice & that RJ chose her (Lorelei) as worthy of her sister’s sacrifice. Twisted–but that would seem to be consistent with RJ’s world view.

    I have whiplash from the relationship changes between Jane & Lisbon from episode to episode. One episode, Jane is a jerk. The next episode, Jane is Mr. Warm & Fuzzy. (I don’t want to get into last night’s episode except to observe that it continues this pattern).

    Jane helped Lorelei escape so he is complicit in the crimes that she has committed since–including torture & murder. Saying that someone deserves it is not a justification. As I have said before, that’s why we have a legal system involving trial by jury–so that people like Jane don’t get to play god to decide someone else’s fate. I don’t know how Lisbon has overcome her occasional desire to just shoot him. I was surprised that he did stay behind at the CBI when Lisbon told him to–until he understandably left when Rigsby was endangered. I guess that Jane realized that he had finally pushed Lisbon to her limit.

    “All-I-need,” the dog analogy that I was thinking of when Jane remained behind at the CBI was that of a puppy who wasn’t doing too well at being housebroken & was cowering in the corner of the room after he had an accident–but the dog biscuit thing works too.

    I still don’t know what to make of “she had it coming.” Lots of ambiguity there although you did a good job of dissecting that comment, violet.

    Thanks, violet, for going into the Bertram-Kirkland conspiracy. I have no idea what’s going on with them although I don’t think that they’re Red John minions.

    Chiziruchibi’s artwork, as always, captures, in a humorous way, the heart of the episode. Thanks for reviewing, violet.

  • Arco

    That would be “orbit,” not “oribt.”

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “I don’t believe Lorelei left Jane messages. I just don’t believe she deliberately left that mail in the trash for him to find. First, Lorelei may have never even been in Julia’s office – we have no evidence she was. Second, if she tried to a cleaning person could easily have emptied the trash before anyone even found Julia’s body. It seems like Lorelie was waiting in her home when she got back from work.”

    Yes, she was indeed waiting in Julia’s home at the very beginning, you’re right. That was where she attacked her. But have you wondered how she singled her out as one of the two people who took her sister? Even if Miranda had told her about Julia and the shelter, Lorelei had to investigate on her own to be sure Julia had something to do with the murder. She may have visited her office to try and find any record of Miranda’s supposed stay at the shelter, it hasn’t been stated indeed, but it is plausible. Proof that she investigated is that she knew about the second house at Orchid Lane and it was a secret since her coworkers didn’t knew about it. And if it was a well kept secret, why would Julia bring a letter with this address in her office where she received visits and where any coworker or even the cleaning person could spot it? Even more since it was a house where she brought women from the shelter to get them killed? On the contrary, it would have been far more prudent to avoid at all cost linking the shelter to the house.
    Second more important point: Lorelei was *waiting* for him in that house: how do you think she would have reacted if he had just barged in unexpectedly? With a kiss on the cheek and a “did you miss me”, really? I’d rather think this little encounter/ date was a test: if Patrick had brought Lisbon along, she would have known right away on what side he was standing and she certainly would have escaped or hurt them both. Which is probably why she didn’t contact him directly: she was waiting to see what he would do. At least in my humble opinion… 🙂

  • SteveK2013

    I think Jane defeated RJ in this round!!! The Red Smiley Face seemed a little different (???). If that was the case, then RJ was truly angry. Lorelei made a big mistake by thinking RJ was easy to kill (if she truly wanted to). I still think she didn’t want to kill him simply because she probably was in pain. How did RJ get to Lorelei? Was it thru her mother or a close friend? I don’t believe she went directly to confront him. Why was she at that location? Her blood was all over, suggesting, she was killed at the warehouse!

  • SteveK2013

    What if Homeland Security got invloved because Lorelei, Gupta and the unknown assassin Season 3 finale clearly show RJ minions act more like well-trained special forces. If Red John is a religion (founded by RJ himself), and his followers are willing to die blindly in suicide missions, then that could explain DHS worst nightmare of a home-grown terrorist cult/org. RJ is evolving and oneday he might start targeting the government.

  • P

    I hadn’t thought of that, but it does make sense. It is a viable explanation, when currently we have none. The show just usually glosses over these things, and I feared we will never get a real answer. But if it turns out your theory is true, that would be a good explanation.

  • mosquitoinuk

    I agree with you. The writers are really testing us, Lisbon and the team.

  • anomalycommenter

    Yes that seems a real possibility considering the sharp-shooting skills and sleek acrobatic moves Lorelei demonstrated, but at least the SCU team did not found any evidence that she ever was part of a police or military force like O’Laughlin was. So could this mean that Red John secretly provided them with special training?

  • anomalycommenter

    A very good take on possible Lorelei’s motivations! She actually mentioned that she hopes they are on different roads.

  • mosquitoinuk

    Hi Rose, on the point “I’m the law. I can’t touch you” I interpreted that as jerk Jane just being disingenuous and cynical. That scene sent chills down my spine as Jane was saying (at least for me): “I’m the good cop here and I won’t touch you because I can’t in principle…but I’ll let her cut you open without a word if you don’t cooperate”. Isn’t that a cold hearted and insidious statement? He said to Lisbon that he has never lied about being able to do pretty much everything in order to catch Red John… I think this is one of the few things he hasn’t been lying about actually. He isn’t quite a monster yet but he’s not too far off in my opinion if he continues down his path and that would be the ultimate victory for RJ: a corrupted Jane with no vestige of humanity. Isn’t that what RJ’s minions are? perhaps for RJ Jane’s traces of humanity and the attachment he feels over Lisbon and the team are the barriers for him to become the accomplished immoral being he can be. According to some, sociopaths and psychopaths are simply a higher order of evolution. Is this what RJ sees as the most accomplished version of Jane? O’Loughlin already commented that Jane displayed characteristics of a psychopathic personality. I don’t think he is (yet), don’t get me wrong, but he really is a piece of work: he has social influence, he can be egocentric, immoral/unethical, rebellious and convinced he’s always right, able to put himself before others and to manipulate others for his own benefit, total disregard for the rules, coldhearted. But he can also be generous to a fault, considerate and warm. If the RJ’s quest manages to take away from him his humanity, what’s left? the inventory is already there for us to evaluate. I so hope that this isn’t the case and I root for him to hand on in there for as long as possible…Lisbon has got her work cut out.

  • anomalycommenter

    Reviewbrain, Violet, and Chibi, you are totally awesome! I am really thankful for the very enjoyable experience reading your blog provides. So here are some thoughts that I hope to be of interest:

    Violet’s portrayal of the Bertram-Kirkland teamwork was indeed very coherent and comprehensive, but I still “sense” something missing here. I may very well be totally wrong, but It seems strange to me if Lorelei or Jane ever formally confessed to having a sexual relationship, ‘cause what I gathered from the concluding scene of ‘The Crimson Hat’ was that Lorelei said those words just for the purpose of disturbing the partnership between Jane and Lisbon and that was in an informal setting. So Lisbon’s reaction to Bertram referring to such relationship seemed to me to be out of utter disbelief in him knowing about it, which led to her highly suspecting Bertram’s intentions and source of information as was evident by her feeling uneasy to stay there any longer and her meaningful final glance at Bertram.

    I really enjoyed Violet’s introduction to the Orchid arc, these little subtleties add much to the value of the show IMHO. So let me delve into some very wild speculations of my own and try my best in finding things that may just not be there (you can skip this part if you are after solid logical reasoning of a normal mind, so please don’t complain that I didn’t warn you!):

    Just tell me please who entered 1309 Orchid Lane with a key? Well, we know that Jane hacked the lock, but Lorelei certainly must have brought the keys from Julia’s house, yet the only time we hear the sound of opening the door with a key is when Lisbon enters the house and she just have found about its existence and was coming straight from office. I only mention this concern of my paranoid mind because of the disproportionate number of times that we hear the doors opened or closed and the focus on its sound in this episode. Just remember the focus on Lisbon’s keys in ‘Panama Red’ and Jane’s snatching of the key for the house in ‘Black Cherry’, also what did Lisbon say in sleep back then after all? Why am I interested in these? Well, I just want to do my best in cracking the “puzzle box” open!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    P. wrote: “I don’t view Jane and Lisbon as having made any progress at all in trust or partnership.”

    Indeed, we have to disagree on that point! 😉
    I think they have made progress: some seasons ago, Jane wouldn’t even confide in her about the poem J quoted (and he couldn’t make anything of it per se, that wasn’t something useful at least directly). He wouldn’t even tell her that there was a mole dangerous enough to set a man in fire in the building they work in, that there was someone spying on them and ready to strike, even though Bosco was killed in this way in the same building to so much before: there was a real danger, yet he didn’t tell her. Now, what does he choose to do: he tells her right away that Lorelei has revealed that he met RJ, he asks her for the names of the people he met during his stay at the CBI when they are going to a scene crime. He lets her enter this thinking room (actually he’s so eager that he locks the door with a padlock right in front of her at least twice to make her curious) and he probably told her what name remained on the list after a closer examination. He’s proven he trusts her.
    As for progress in partnership: they’ve been calling themselves partners recently and more than once. They’ve been working as partners in the Volker case. That’s eloquent enough for me…
    I get your point in this episode, but our takes seem to be really different on what happened: you see the way Jane didn’t tell her about his “insight” concerning the house, while I see the ambiguity of his attitude even then. He asked Julia’s coworkers if she only lived in this city right, if she didn’t possess another house, *right in front of Lisbon*. Even said coworkers commented on how odd he sounded. He was bound to know that Lisbon would catch on it the second she would hear about the other address. Same with him keeping information on RJ to himself because he wanted to kill him and he knew Lisbon would be getting in the way. He *told* her what he knew so far: she knows about the list and whose names are written on it; that’s pretty big for someone who would be keep every tidbit of information to himself…
    I really think his priorities are changing and he knows it: hence the ambiguity he showed in this episode, his eagerness to please for Lorelei and Lisbon. RJ is what he wants officially, but, as revealed in his talk to Charlotte, even when he confronts his past in his hallucinations and weights down how much and why he wants to get RJ, the name on his lips when he wakes up is still Lisbon’s.

    “I don’t view Kirkland as avoiding Jane. He went out of his way to meet him and shake his hand a few episodes back. Despite Lisbon calling Jane her partner, it is, in fact, HER team, not Jane’s. Jane is just a consultant (and a person worthy of suspicion). He is in no more of an official leadership position than Cho or Rigsby. There is no reason he should seek out Jane.”

    But Bob didn’t introduce himself to Jane, he just showed interest and shook his hand. And he didn’t speak to him again. And I think that everyone is aware that, even though Lisbon is the official team leader and that her employees respect her authority very much, she lets Jane pull the strings. There is something a bit weird in admitting that Kirkland is interested in the RJ case and finding it normal that he doesn’t seek out the admitted expert on said case, I believe. 😉

    “Perhaps an outside agency is involved because the CBI has had the case for a decade with no results. Every time they get close, the only witness ends up dead.”

    Yes, that’s why the FBI was threatening to take over the case, as they did after the CBI failed with Panzer. As Lisbon has pointed out, Homeland Security’s job isn’t to chase down serial killers, but terrorists and major threats (if I’m not mistaken…).

    @ SteveK2013, you said: “What if Homeland Security got invloved because Lorelei, Gupta and the unknown assassin Season 3 finale clearly show RJ minions act more like well-trained special forces. If Red John is a religion (founded by RJ himself), and his followers are willing to die blindly in suicide missions, then that could explain DHS worst nightmare of a home-grown terrorist cult/org. RJ is evolving and oneday he might start targeting the government.”

    It’s a very interesting theory. Still, it would work only if Kirkland had became interested in the case after “Lorelei, Gupta, and the unknown assassin” showed that RJ had a very dangerous network that may indeed pose a threat for national security. But the thing is: Bob kept tabs on the case *after Jane entered the CBI as a consultant* : ten years ago, RJ was just known as a “normal” serial killer. He was dangerous, but not to the point of targeting the government.

    Thanks for the interesting discussion, P. and SteveK! 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    I totally agree with you about the ending of this Lorelei’s arc being disappointing. I’m still hoping that she has left an hidden letter for Jane revealing who her former master is or something. I know it won’t happen but still, how could she be as stupid and unrealistic as to not have prepared something as an insurance that someone (Jane) would take over in case she failed? Argh…
    Also, I didn’t like very much either the “action” parts concerning Lorelei. Why would have she tried to kidnap Jason in the middle of the street if she could get him discreetly in his house in the first place?

    Still, I disagree on one point: “Fundamentally “good” people make good choices when tragedy happens. “Bad” people make choices that hurt and victimize others.” I wish things were always so simple. Unfortunately, there are some people with an aggressive/violent streak who would feel anger when they lose someone they love. They hurt people around them sometimes without even realizing it because they latch out in anyone to find an outlet. They’re not necessarily “bad” people, they’re just grieving. Lorelei seems to be like this. I find it credible that when grief was clouding her judgment and leaving her fragile and with all that anger, somebody with enough charisma could have enrolled her progressively into something really bad. Lorelei was a dark character and I didn’t like her; still, despite all her violence, her coldness, her lies and her manipulation, she is less evil than Jason, Todd or Hardy, who were psychopaths who killed just because they enjoyed it.

    Anyway, thanks very much for your comments, P. You point out some really important questions. 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    I really love that theory as well. I hope you’re right! 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    “What I have wondered about Lorelei is why she didn’t see her sister’s murder as some great event, making Miranda’s life & death more important because it brought Lorelei into Red John’s oribt? That seems more typical of the belief system of RJ devotees. Then, instead of seeking revenge against Red John, she, as an RJ minion, should have been honored that RJ “chose” her sister as a sacrifice & that RJ chose her (Lorelei) as worthy of her sister’s sacrifice. Twisted–but that would seem to be consistent with RJ’s world view.”

    Oh, I love this one! 🙂
    I guess Lorelei loved Miranda too much to perceive her death as anything other than a loss. Even when she was convinced that RJ was right and that he helped her overcome her grief but getting her to detach herself from others, she still felt that it was a loss. She wouldn’t have been able to perceive her rape and her murder when she was seeking help from another abusive man as a worthy sacrifice.
    Plus, we haven’t see what RJ actually used to convince her, but I guess he mentioned repeatedly Miranda.To realize that Miranda was just a tool he used both to get to know her and then to gain her trust by giving her comfort about it must have been a hard blow. Even more since it implied that he viewed her as just a tool too. (And when you think that she was the mistress of the man who raped and killed her sister, ewww… hard to keep putting up with this “no right or wrong” kind of things I guess…).

    Thanks very much for your comment, Arco! 🙂

  • P

    Everybody knows Jane and Lorelei had sex. The FBI brought it up at the hearing to determine who got custody of her. I suspect all interviews with suspects are taped, so it is most likely part of the official record.

  • P

    I think we just have to agree to disagree on this one 🙂

  • P

    I just can’t see Lorelei as a good person. The woman asked for Lisbon’s head. She looked very happy when she saw on the news that Jane had killed Lisbon and Rigsby and taken Lisbon’s body. That is not something a good person, even one with some anger management issues and grief, would ever do. I feel if bad things happen to you and you react by hurting and killing innocent people, you are evil. Sorry, I just cannot agree with you on this.

    I don’t think there is any way at all for us to judge if she was “less evil” than Jason. We hardly know anything about Jason. Everybody thought Lorelei was evil in the crimson hat and crimson ticket. It was only when we found out about her sister that some people (not me!) decided she was fundamentally good. Who knows what horrors lie in Jason’s past? We have no idea how RJ might have manipulated him. Maybe if he stuck around for an entire season and we dug into his background, he would look like a saint compared to Lorelei. I think a lot of viewers have been manipulated by the writers into feeling bad for Lorelei. Fine, feel bad for her if you like, but don’t believe that she is really a good person.

  • anomalycommenter

    Oh, thank you P for rectifying my mistake!

  • P

    I think if he wanted Lisbon to know when he did about the house, he would have told her instead of leaving her in the middle of interviews to go on his own. The only reason to abandon her like that is if he hoped to find some clue before she did. He has cut off interviews in the past abruptly and pulled her away if he suddenly found a lead. Not doing that is very telling. BTW, people have commented before to Lisbon how odd Jane and his questions are, so that is nothing new.

    Telling Lisbon he shook hands with RJ is not a huge sign of trust for me, mainly because there is nothing Lisbon can do with it on her own. She has no idea who Jane has shaken hands with. We also don’t know how much of his list he shared with her. Maybe the whole thing, maybe nothing, or maybe a few names to placate her. Until we see a reference to it, I won’t believe he showed her the entire thing. I’m not saying he doesn’t trust Lisbon at all. Clearly he does. I’m saying he does not trust her as much as he should, or as much as he trusted Lorelei. I have not seen a significant growth in trust in the past season or two. He still keeps the vital information to himself. I hope I’m wrong and we start to see evidence of his evolution. I am just not optimistic.

    I don’t find it odd for Kirkland to not seek out Jane because Jane lies all the time. Kirkland knows this if he has been watching all these years. He knows Jane would never tell him anything useful that isn’t already in the case file. He is much smarter to WATCH Jane…and I believe he is.

  • P

    No problem. It was not in the Crimson Hat. It was in the Crimson Ticket, so if you missed that episode you wouldn’t be aware.

  • ortforshort

    I loved the episode, but it’s time for the cliff hangers to end. How many times are we going to see Jane just miss getting the answer?
    The writers are very good on this show, time to wrap this theme up and come up with another one to rivet us to our seats.
    You guys can do it!
    Anyway, I’d like to see Jane and Lisbon sit down, while we’re watching, and go over Jane’s list and discuss the pro’s and con’s of each.
    We know RJ has to be a very high up in Law Enforcement and Jane, begin briliant, obviously knows that too.
    It’s time for him and Lisbon to get proactive and ‘git ‘er done.

  • windsparrow

    Excellent review, violet, as always. And Chizuruchibi’s art is spot-on hilarious – not that that is a surprise, but it is part of the fun.

    One thought. When Lisbon is calling Jane out on his feelings for Loralei, and she says, “Now you’re really lying.” Jane just stares at her until she looks away. The Man says what Jane was leaving unsaid there was “You are the one I really love.” Hee. So much fun to have a partner in crime.

  • estatica

    I believe you may be right about Kirkland. If RJ is a much greater villain than we already think and that he is somehow connected to a terrorist cell or something similar, it makes sense to keep an eye on everyone involved, including Jane.

    I can’t agree when you say Jane trusted Lorelei more than Lisbon. He admitted to Lisbon is only tells her 30% of what he does. In his mind, that isn’t lying. Granted, he omitted his actions and went behind her back in the beginning, but when she asked him directly about it, he came clean about everything that had happened, including the fact that he talked to Lorelei. He took a risk telling Lisbon the turth because she could have passed on that information to Bertram. I honestly believe she wasn’t sure of what she would do when she left him that night and Jane saw that. That’s why he appeared so anxious in her office the next day. He understood her doubts about him the night before. From that point on, he was loyal to her, by doing whatever she asked of him.

    On the other hand, in their last exchange, he hid from Lorelei the fact that he had already contacted the police. At that point, his actions showed that he did recognize Lisbon as his true partner. He would do whatever he could to get the name of Red John, but Lisbon would know exactly what he was doing.

  • estatica

    Why am I so happy to see others thinking exactly like I did? The way he stared at her, specially by the time she was losing composure, spoke volumes. He loves her, I’m sure of it. It can’t be just wishful thinking on my part, can’t it?

  • windsparrow

    A further thought on Homeland Sec’s interest in RJ’s homegrown terrorist cult is… where does his funding come from? RJ’s activities are one heck of an expensive hobby. I bet Kirkland has a few ideas about following the money that Van Pelt could spin into investigative gold if only there were real information sharing between agencies.

  • III Frogs

    That was a really powerful scene. Lisbon was about to lose control of her emotions and it was obvious to Jane that it was because she loves him. She was so hurt, and feeling the strain that she might be losing her chance with him, that he was choosing Lorelei over her. I think he was shocked to see her that close to coming apart right in front of him, letting the whole thing out and forcing them to deal with their love for each other prematurely. Although plenty of us might say hey, it’s about time. But it sure wasn’t the right time then.. He knew why, I feel sure. But Jane did the exact right thing to help Lisbon hang on and keep from crying in that moment, He just stood there and was as quiet as he could be and kept his attention right on Lisbon and waited on her. In that moment anything at all could have made her lose it. The timing on that would have been horrible. But Lisbon was able to pull it together, make him tell the truth and make him act according to her rights in the partnership. I thought it was awesome! He definitely loves her.

  • SteveK2013

    in Red Dawn, Bob was probably in the FBI or the Secret Service (which is now part of the DHS). Don’t forget DHS was created by the end of 2002 and officially began operations in 2003. I think Bob is someone who wants to get rid of RJ.

  • P

    I say that partially because he promised to tell her if Lorelei contacted him or he had any insights. He didn’t follow through on that promise. He is a 40-something year old man, he knows a lie of omission is still a lie. This has been an issue for them before, I believe they have has similar conversations in the past. He did tell Lorelei the police would be there soon, so I would say he did not lie to her. He told her they were coming. I hope you are right. I feel like he only tells her the truth when he knows she is fed up. If he is 100% honest in future Red John episodes, then I will accept that he has changed. But I need to see proof from him- he has fooled me too many times before. I know, I have a suspicious mind when it comes to Jane 🙂

  • bloomingviolet2013

    I don’t believe that Lorelei is a good person. I didn’t like her since the moment she agreed to cut off Jane’s fingers in the middle of nowhere. She kidnapped Luther and asked for the body of the woman the man she just seduced cared the most about. Obviously she’s not a good person. Still, I stand my point: she is not a psychopath. She refused to risk those children’s life. She may have tortured people very coldly, she did it for a purpose, however twisted it is. I believe (and I’ve stated before) that there are two kinds of people RJ enrolled as followers: on one hand real psychopaths like Todd Johnson, Hardy, Carter and now Jason, who enjoy killing. Those would probably have been serial killers with or without RJ; I say that because they had a kind of personal killing business on the side, like the girl Hardy wanted for himself and that RJ “gave him as a gift”… if RJ wasn’t here to grant his wish, do you think he would have stopped at simply fantasizing about her? Same with Todd, he killed his girlfriend because she was too clingy and interfered with his nightly career… Why didn’t he just break up with her? Because playing the grieving vengeful boyfriend would give him a better cover to become friends with Jane. That’s a psychopathic logic, IMHO. Same with Carter, who sequestered, raped and probably killed girls in a secret basement and was so organized about it that he transformed that basement in a cosy place; meanwhile he played the Good Samaritan by trying to find her. And now Jason: he explicitly told them Julia brought those women “for himself”, while faking helping his potential victims (the shelter). So you’re right, we don’t know a thing about their past or the way RJ recruited them, but there seems to be a pattern: every one of those guys had a public life displaying that they were good helpful people (sheriff, paramedic, shelter employee, helping with a girl’s disappearance and being on friendly terms with the local priest), while they secretly killed people in a very organized fashion and admittedly for their pleasure. Again, that spells psychopaths for me…
    On the other hand, we have a bunch of people who are very cold, determined and who don’t seem to particularly enjoy killing, but who obey blindly RJ’s orders: Rebecca, O’Laughlin and particularly Gupta who tortured Hightower’s uncle to death and killed an innocent man (and who said he didn’t like killing, but it was necessary), and now Lorelei, who we know was recruited after her sister’s death and who told Jane she was sorry before trying to cut his fingers off. Again, you’re right and we don’t know much about them either, but there seem to be a pattern here too: three of those people insisted that they had “faith” in RJ, that’s why they obeyed him. Even if they are indeed cold-blooded murderers, they rationalized that part of their life with the justifications that RJ gave them: they are not psychopaths. So, I am not judging, but there seems to be a difference between them from my perspective… There are nuances even in darkness.

  • S

    I am so glad A) that the review was posted, of all the mentalist sites this is by faar the best, thank you for taking the time despite your heavy schedule!!!
    And B) that i am not the only one who was disappointed in how the Lorelei arc ended, it was actually the first time i was pissed and really disappointed in the writing of the show.

    One little point that i found really intriguing and i didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, is while Lorelei is beating Miranda, there is this brief conversation….

    L:tell me what i want to know

    I didn’t know your sister, i don’t know anything….ok i talk please..stop…i was involved with your sister’s dad

    No one find that strange?

    Wouldn’t be that also be Lorelei’s dad?

    and why is that explanation enough for Lorelei and she kills her after that?

    Any thoughts?

    I have been thinking about it for days, but it doesn’t make any sense to me…

  • Rose UK

    It pains me to agree with you re: Jane’s actions towards Lennon (I think I was grasping at positive straws before!) And I deffo think that RJ would love to break him by turning him into the very person he is seeking to bring down. But even if Lisbon & co. weren’t around to ‘keep him honest’, I can’t believe he’d go full circle like that. Just can’t! 😉

  • Rose UK

    (Shakes head vigorously in total denial).

  • zee

    Hello Violet and Reviewbrain,

    This weeks’ review is ‘Malcom Galdwell’s Blink’ style! 🙂

    There’s so many interestingly diverse comments for this episode that I’m rendered lost. But I particularly enjoyed anomaly’s theories. Sent shivers that one…

    I’m a little afraid to admit that I was rooting for Lorelie through out this episode. Yes, sure she’s branded with all known antagonistic title there is, but I help figuring that she is probably the only Red John closest minion swimming against the current. ‘Biting the proverbial hand that feeds you’ had her taking deathly risks. Upsetting as it was to see her demise, I hope her death can be a catalyst of means to unsettle RJ’s ‘wide network’

    WHAT if Jane intentions was to turn a recruit into a rebel (Lorelai) within the network. By planting one seed of discord, Jane can then just watch them weeding each other out. Somehow it makes Jane’s path to RJ the head honcho clearer. Maybe that was what “She had it coming” meant. Jane had already planned to sacrifice Lorelai from Red Sails in the Sunset <<>>

    If this was already stated elsewhere, ignore it.

    I hope you guys,Violet and Reviewbrain, your labour of love never wanes towards this blog. Thank You.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Thanks for your kind words, Auli! Reviewbrain’s blog is a very special place for me too. 😀

    To be fair, the FBI was all over Jane at first, because they though he was responsible along with the team for Luther’s death and Darcy’s breakdown. What saved him for more serious accusations was the fact that Lorelei was indeed about to hurt him pretty badly when Darcy and her men arrived: even if they didn’t see close up what was happening, Darcy could see that he was in a dangerous situation, just as Lisbon told her. And he couldn’t have been accused of being an accomplice of Wainwright’s kidnapping, since he was with Lisbon the whole time. Besides, I guess Lorelei herself made it clear that Jane had nothing to do with it (the FBI must have interrogated her while they were trying to cut Jane from the case); but even if she didn’t, it was obvious since her arrest that Darcy didn’t see him as a suspect anymore: if he was working with RJ, they wouldn’t have bothered taking Luther, roping him and placing a phone to make Jane communicate with his nemesis. Now, both Bertram and Kirkland might still suspect him of working with RJ and playing a very clever double game; that’s still a possibility.

    About Luther, it was probably Darcy herself (or at least one of her men) who killed him when they were shooting at the limo: otherwise Lorelei and the other minion wouldn’t have needed roping him to keep him from moving. They probably just needed him to play the part of RJ and it was ironic to choose the man who fired Jane: it was a way to get at Luther from taking him from the case as a way to make an impact on Jane and the team if things went wrong (just imagine Jane managing to sneak a gun, shooting “RJ” and ending up killing his young former boss. Ironic to say the least…)

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Thanks III Frogs! I totally agree with you: it was good to see Lisbon taking charge, even if she did end up covering up for him as usual. And he tried to play it down, but it was visible that he knew she had a point even if he was as reluctant as ever to follow her instructions. I hope you’re right and that it indicates their future “growth as individuals as well as the potential for deepening their general relationship.” Great comment! 🙂

  • C Hill

    one throwaway on imagery. in the first scene, after viewing the tape and the shot goes to Jane, the picture in the background is, i’m pretty sure, the new “Hoover Dam” bridge. foreshadowing? a little reinforcement of Jane’s tie to Lorelei? a symbol that this episode is a “bridge crossing” for Jane and Lisbon?

    to touch on the poker angle again, while talking to Bertram during the line mentioned before “is there anything going on…”, Lisbon makes an exaggerated look to the right — supposedly a sign of truth telling. Is Lisbon throwing a “false tell” at Bertram???

    i’d also like to thank whomever pointed out the similarities between Lisbon and Lorelei in this episode — especially at Orchid Lane. Very interesting.

  • sabresue

    Going off of Heller’s own snippets I don’t think these two are in crazyrestraint of holding off their love for each other until RJ is gone. I think they are truly friends that are kind of thinking maybe sort of starting to feel some strange things. I think PJ may be a head of TL in this department but I always felt PJ felt out of TL’s league. In this scene when TL “almost” loses it, PJ looks blown away. The mentalist seems to totally not to have seen this coming or really how to interpret it. I think its the first time it may actually cross his mind that TL has any kind of feelings for him. His attitude after this changes. Their relationship after this has to change. They are headed to a very wierd place now. Up until now she has always been disinterested in any kind of “personal” chit chat. She always brushes aside things when he tries to engage her. TL has thrown him for a loop. When she gives him the ultimatium she is basically saying “Pal, this relationship is over unless you come clean about this woman. I’m not going to risk my life or my team’s if this is all about some sort of strange love affair.” He tries to make light of it but when she gives him that “I’m not bsing cock of the head” he’s floored again! He confesses and mentions she new this might be possible “from the beginning.” I honestly believe he has no clue this time what TL will tell Bertram. This is a strange place and time for them. This revelation about TL having feelings for him has to propel him into a different direction. RJ may not now be the only thing on his mind. Was it just me or did PJ “wince” when kissing LM the last time. Like it was almost painful and that he really didn’t want to do it?
    Also why would Kirkland ask Bertram if they could trust Lisbon if they were RJ minions? Trust her with what? If they had anything to do with RJ of course they wouldn’t trust her, she’s way to close to Jane.

  • III Frogs

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Lisbon’s emotional state, but it’s worth commenting on Jane’s, too. He’s so quiet and subdued through most of the episode, listening to Lisbon and trying to show his acceptance of her judgement as best he can, trying to keep her from losing it at Orchid Lane. But Jane lost it, totally lost it, at the ambulance. We’ve never seen him scramble and fight like he did to go with Lenin in the ambulance to the hospital, to try to get Red John’s identity. It was slipping out of his grasp and he came unwound, shouting no, no, no, no, breaking free a couple times but losing his struggle as two DHS guys held him back. We’ve never see Jane like that, really not even close that I can remember. So both of our intrepid heroes were on the emotional knife’s edge that night.

    Excuse if someone’s already posted about this. I tried to look through but couldn’t spot anything.

  • reviewbrain

    Excellent points. My two cents:

    P, you said:

    “And if I’m wrong about all of that and she did view them as partners, then it seems to me once Jane betrayed her (as you say he did) then the partnership was broken and her actions should no longer be considered a betrayal at all.”

    With regards to Lorelie’s betrayal of Jane, and whether she in fact did. While I don’t think they had been communicating with each other I do believe Jane *felt* betrayed

    You are right, her actions shouldn’t have been a betrayal to Jane. But I think he took them as such. He didn’t know she heard him talking to Rigsby so if that was her incentive (and I’m not sure it was) then he’s clueless as to why. But the fact that she broke his (misguided and baseless) trust and disappointed him (though he really had no reason whatsoever to trust her; as Lisbon pointed out) is what I think spurred the “she had it coming” statement.

    He told Lisbon he trusted Lorelie. And he did. He got played so he got angry. He wanted to use Lorelie, was going to make her “sing like a bird” but he couldn’t. If he cared about her at all then he got hurt. And if he didn’t, his ego got bruised.

    I think it’s safe to say that we have a pattern with Jane being unable to overpower beautiful female criminals. Some people thought Jane had intended for Erica to go free in War of the Roses but I think we can safely say he was played then just like he was played now. And both times with a kiss. Both times despite Lisbon’s warning. A more sexist reviewer would say he’s just being a single man but I think it’s more than that. Jane’s own worst enemy has always been his ego. The idea that he can’t be played, even by beautiful women whom he admits he feels empathy with (for whatever reason) never entered his mind. But his ego is major character flaw. He just never learns.

    What I find interesting is Jane never turns vindictive with Lisbon the very few times when she lies to him (Red Sky in the morning, the crimson ticket). I think it’s because he knows a) she’s doing her job, and b) it’s because she cares about him and is usually doing it to protect him.

  • reviewbrain

    “I kind of agree with you. He seemed to enjoy it. He acts very disapproving on the surface, but was very willing to go along and participate. It’s like he has a hard time admitting openly that he enjoys the brutality, but deep down inside he secretly relishes it. There is a great quote that I think applies to Jane here:

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    Awesome quote. Personally I just think Jane wanted to scare Lenin, don’t think he would have gone through with the torture, but then we have the scene from Red Rover Red Rover to show us that he’s not incapable of doing such a thing.

    But I think the disapproving act is very telling. I think Jane knows that he should feel indignant and disgust with Lorelie and is therefore trying to, whether he really does or not. And that’s a good thing. He’s trying to resist whatever darkness lurks.

  • reviewbrain

    Yes it is! Thanks SteveK2013 and welcome to the blog 🙂

  • reviewbrain

    “I think if he wanted Lisbon to know when he did about the house, he would have told her instead of leaving her in the middle of interviews to go on his own. The only reason to abandon her like that is if he hoped to find some clue before she did.”
    Again, you are absolutely right P. But I think Jane’s motives here have more to do with his wanting to be in control of the situation rather than lacking trust. I realize the two ideas may not necessarily be different but to Jane’s self-justifying mind, they might be XD
    Fantastic discussion!

  • reviewbrain

    Random: I would love to believe that Bertram genuinely cares about Lisbon and he’s not just trying to glean information off of her. I miss Minelli…

  • reviewbrain

    This —>
    In this scene when TL “almost” loses it, PJ looks blown away. The mentalist seems to totally not to have seen this coming or really how to interpret it. I think its the first time it may actually cross his mind that TL has any kind of feelings for him. His attitude after this changes.

    I completely agree! I’ve always seen Jane as being more obviously attached to Lisbon than the other way around. She’d always resisted his efforts at getting close to her. And Lisbon hardly ever gets emotional. Seeing her do so, for his sake, had to have shaken him. She was pretty angry after his disappearing act, but here she seemed mostly hurt. He couldn’t brush that off the way he did her anger.

    I still think the writers want to keep us in suspense as to whether these two will ever be more than friends. But with such a deep connection as they have, it hardly even matters. Although it might be a good idea if only to keep Jane from falling prey to other dangerous women XD

  • reviewbrain

    I’ve been so caught with replying to the fantastic comments that I forgot to do what I came here to do: Give a huge thank you to you all for the wonderful discussion. And thank Violet. She came through and saved this blog out of pure love for the show. I really couldn’t have wished for a better partner. Nor for better readers. You’re all the best. #gratitude

  • reviewbrain

    Chizuruchibi is the best artist a blogger can ever hope for.

  • reviewbrain

    Just a few extra comments: I am very disappointed that the arc ended without revealing anything new on RJ. Lennon’s coma (besides being ironic since the character Christopher Cousin’s played on Breaking Bad was in one for a long time as well) might prove vital later on. Also (and I truly feel bad for saying this) while I loved Emanuelle Chriqui when she played the light heart-ed Lorelie who was first introduced to us in the Crimson Hat, and even the introspective one with Jane on Red Sails in the Sunset, I just didn’t buy her as a badass killer; not in this episode anyway. She was much more convincing in Crimson Ticket when she was about to cut off Jane’s fingers. I don’t know, maybe it’s the dialogue, maybe it’s because physical violence is generally hard to pull off. But I was glad the opening scene was brief.
    As to the plot; I admit I was confused by her meeting with Jane. Still not sure how that happened despite reading the review. But I can’t be definitive regarding why that is cause I just couldn’t think about it clearly; mind too swamped at the moment. There were some pretty convincing arguments here, though…

  • JustMe

    If Bertram cared about her then why would he ask such a personal question while hiding someone to hear her response? That isn’t caring, its creepy.

    I see Bertram as amoral and just after whatever will get him further ahead in his own life.

    He cares when its convenient….

  • Rose UK

    I miss Minnelli too! I thought he treated Lisbon & Jane and indeed the rest of the team a bit like you would wayward offspring – sternly, exasperatedly, but fondly. 😉

  • III Frogs

    I can see your point of view, but I just find it too hard to believe that a mentalist with Patrick’s skills would not be reading Lisbon all along, very easily, especially having known her for 10 years and being with her nearly every day. Why would he be blind about her now? He never has before. He can walk in a room cold and figure that out about strangers. I don’t see how he could have missed it in Lisbon. He’s bound to know even how she holds that back and keeps from acting on it; he probably knew it before she did. So, I continue to think his shock is that she’s about to break and bring it out,

  • III Frogs

    You make the best argument I’ve seen for why Bertram and Kirkland are not RJ minions!

  • mosquitoinuk

    I am also convinced those two are not RJ’s minions. I think they don’t trust Jane (rightly so!) and also it would be far too obvious. Writers on this show tend to be much more… Machiavellian. Red herring.

  • Rose UK

    True, but we’ve also seen that he can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to RJ. He’s “too close” as everyone keeps reminding him; could the same not be true of Lisbon? He’s too close to her even to see things clearly? (Or at the very least, he hasn’t “missed it”, exactly, but has rather put it down to something else? Or indeed just ignored the notion entirely? For example, I’m reminded of an episode – the one with Erica Flynn – where he says something like “I need her”, Lisbon flounces off and he gets this look on his face, like, “What’s her probl… wait, was that jealousy?? Amusing.” It made me think that maybe she’s not a completely open book to him, after all. 😉

  • windsparrow

    “I completely agree! I’ve always seen Jane as being more obviously attached to Lisbon than the other way around. She’d always resisted his efforts at getting close to her. ”

    I must revise my “People who claim their relationship is like brother and sister make me wonder what kind of families they come from” opinion. Looking back, I believe that Lisbon has consciously tried to treat Jane as one of her little brothers. I’m sure it started as a response to his vulnerability when they first started working together. And then continued as a handy cover for any physical attraction she had for him. But I still see no evidence that Jane has treated Lisbon like a sister. That sleepy/sexy just-for-Lisbon voice he answers his cell phone sometimes when she calls? If one of my brothers gave me that, I’d hang up and never call again. Then I would put at least another time zone between me and the rest of my family. Maybe another continent.

    Share an ice cream sundae with one of my brothers? Oh heck no. “Getcher own darn ice cream!”

    “Love you” is the last thing one of them would say just before pulling a gun on me to fake my death to trap a serial killer. That’s just for the end of regular family phone calls. That occasion would call for, “If I miss and accidentally kill you, I’m telling Mom it was your idea.”

    It’s always been a funny little dance between those two, hasn’t it? Yes, Lisbon resists his attempts at getting closer to her, except when she is chiding him for pulling away from the team. I believe the name of that animal is Push-me-Pull-you.

  • mosquitoinuk

    This is absolutely hilarious!

    “If I miss and accidentally kill you, I’m telling Mom it was your idea.” –> This is definitely what I’d say.

    On the ice cream though, I must say that we’ve shared, my brother and I, more at my insistance than his as I like to be under the illusion that if I share it doesn’t count as part of my calories/day.

    “That sleepy/sexy just-for-Lisbon voice he answers his cell phone sometimes when she calls?”–> what is this voice?! I must go back now and check!

  • mosquitoinuk

    Completely agree. It reminds me in “Panama Red” of Lisbon smashing the little puzzle-box with the hammer. “You only think you know everything about me”…Jane’s reaction was priceless. He really, *really* didn’t see that coming. I’m no mentalist (I wish!) but I’m quite good at realising when someone has a “thing” for someone else; even subtle hints are obvious to me. However, when I am involved in one of these funny situations I am the last one to realise, then when somebody points out the bleeding obvious I’m in denial “..noooo…of course not, don’t be silly” and it usually takes me by surprise. ‘Just friends’ is a really easy place to hide if you really want to…

  • anomalycommenter

    Glad you enjoyed it! Well, in fact I’m surprised anybody could find any substance in my outlandish thoughts, thanks!

    Oh, ‘Blink’ must be an interesting read! Well, I don’t claim that there is any replacement for rigorous, fact based, logical deduction, but in the matter in hand there is nothing crucial at stake to keep us from considering more of what would be revealed as false positives (AKA Red Herrings). Plus it’s fun, why not? If I’m not mistaken, that was the express wish of Heller himself in an interview about season five.

    And yes, you’re right. Jane took a step further with turning Lorelei. What would be the next step? Interesting! One question is how much RJ minions are knowledgeable about his entire network? How much are they aware of each other? I can’t recall seeing any two of them together; could we infer that there are similar recruits like Lorelei from close relatives of those other five women in shelter which were supposedly killed by RJ? And what conclusion would they reach at if they ever spoke and shared their stories with each other?

  • thebeatboy

    Hi !!! : ))) I must commend Violet on such a GREAT review!!! Thank you for sharing all of your insights which were very helpful. I also wish to point out the great art work done by Chibi !!! XD

    I had a few comments to make as well. It seems that Bertram may not be trustworthy eventhough he is the head boss. It is a good thing that Lisbon did not say all that she knew.

    It is true that Jane keeps a lot of info from Lisbon, however I think he does it to protect her. In other words sometimes the less she knows the safer she will remain.

    I was disappointed that Jane kept associating with Lorelei even after Lorelei had asked for Lisbon`s head.

    It is strange how Kirkland had advised Lisbon to lay off Volker and yet it was the CBI team that brought him down.

    : DD

  • canddee2012

    You two are great partners and we appreciate you both. You know when I came to the show late and then rushed to see all episodes, I fell in love with it on a certain level. But, when I discovered this blog my understanding rose to a new level. I feel as though I have gone to college and majored in The Mentalist. I hope the classes can continue;)

  • sabresue

    I was thinking about another RJ angle. Hafner and his “creative survelliance techniques” came to mind with the camera in the bottom of the clock. It was a little elaborate for someone wanting to spy on a maid stealing. What if RJ sensed Lorelei was up to something. Knowing Julie was involved he set up the camera and HE actually gave Sac PD the video(through Jason or some other way) to get Lisbon and Jane involved. Wouldn’t be the first time he sucked them into something on purpose.
    The ending with Lorelie lying dead – naked covered in a sheet – very peaceful looking in the carny atmosphere(representing Jane and possibly their night together) with the huge brightly lit smiley almost shouted “I am god, I am the sun, I control everything you are doing in this world! You’ll never win this game we’re playing.” Jane had to realize in that momment “crap, if someone who KNEW RJ very very well couldn’t get him, how the heck am I going to do it.” Had to be an eye opener.
    Another case for Hafner. If you put him and Jane side by side they are both very strikingly handsome. Lorelie would almost have to be physically as well as emotionally drawn to someone for them to have such control. He is charming. His lunch with Lisbon showed as much. I wonder if he-RJ-Hafner(if you go that route) almost did that on purpose…
    A. to test Lisbon’s loyalty to Jane(why IS she still at the CBI)
    B. to plant some type of seed (after her question about him at the farm) to actually get her to think about him as a suspect to…..
    1. see if she would share the info with Jane to see how close they really are
    2. or just to give them more ammo to be drawn in deeper
    (If he lets them “know” he is a suspect he is still in control)
    C. to somehow plan to eventually make Jane sick to his stomache knowing how close he was to Lisbon….and did nothing, like right before he kills him.
    Also the fact that RJ always seems to be a step ahead…survelliance…
    I’m liking him more and more as time goes on. Plus they did shake hands when he showed up at the crime scene right? Any takers?

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Thank you, Reviewbrain, that’s so sweet! I’m really touched…:D And thank you so much for creating this wonderful blog, *you* are really the best! 😉
    And you’re right, the readers here are really great, I’m very often impressed by how insightful the comments are… (that reminds me I’m awfully late in answering to most of them, argh… I’m not fast enough, lol…)

    @Canddee, wow, that’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve had in a long time, thanks a lot! 😀

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Didn’t even take the time to tell how much I love Chizuruchibi’s artwork. Always spot on, awesome and so cute!

  • P

    I agree that Jane wouldn’t torture Lenin. I am not so sure about what he would do if Lorelei continued torturing him if Jane didn’t get him to talk. I suspect he would have stood there and let her do it. He wouldn’t stop her because he knew if Lorelei did not get the truth she would not lead him to RJ. He might not like it (or maybe he secretly would), but he would let it happen.

  • P

    I think he said “death”, not “dad”

  • P

    I think you are right. I guess one of the things that really bothers me is that he justifies too many things with his convoluted psuedo-logic. He does really screwed up things that he is aware are screwed up, but because he is unwilling to stop he rationalizes away all objections. The dishonesty bugs me.

  • P

    I do think Bertram truly likes and respects Lisbon. But he needs to figure out where she stands…is her loyalty to the CBI and the law, or to Jane. He is just doing his job. I don’t fault him for that.

  • P

    My guess is the minions don’t know much about each other. Lorelei clearly did not know Lenin. It is much safer for Red John that way.I’m sure he only lets two meet if it is absolutely necessary. Makes it much harder to bring down the entire network. At least, that is what I would do if I were Red John.

  • windsparrow

    The prime example of Jane’s sexy/sleepy just for Lisbon voice that I can actually find is the one from 2.20 “Red All Over” (the first ep Brett Stiles appeared in) where Lisbon calls Jane to get his help in finding the bomb. Here is a link to the scene on YouTube But I know there is atmleast one other example, I just can think of specifically which ep. it was in.

  • windsparrow

    ” I can’t recall seeing any two of them together; could we infer that there are similar recruits like Lorelei from close relatives of those other five women in shelter which were supposedly killed by RJ?”

    I was under the impression that Lennon himself killed the other women taken from the shelter; RJ simply used Lennon’s mechanism for taking them in order to get hold of Miranda specifically.

    But if Lennon delivered all of those women to RJ, then their bodies were not left where they could be found under the RJ signature. Which makes one wonder how and why they were killed.

  • zee

    My pet theory: RJ’s MO falls into two murder category.

    1) Kill to recruit.
    2) Kill to punish

    Lorelie is an obvious selection of (1), but because she hunted him she became the latter selection. I think those with a smiley are being punished.

    Having said that, this may seem off course, back in the previous seasons’ Van Pelt once said she lost a sister by suicide. The writers never seem to confirm this as yet, as VP was brushing it off lightly as if she made it up to save a potential suicide situation, when questioned by Rigsby later. She might be an intended target, but never got too close to the RJ network up till now…

  • JustMe

    I don’t fault him for doing his job but itdid seem like he was intentionally poking a sore spot with her to get a visceral reaction and he let someone else listen in on what one could call a very private conversation. The guy listening wasn’t CBI, he was DHS which isn’t protecting the CBI nor Lisbon. That is Creepy. And Wrong. And Creepy.

    I don’t think Bertram has anything to do with RJ but I do think Bob has a seriously vested interest and whether that is for good or bad is yet to be seen. Bertram is loyal to the person that will get him furthest in his aspirations and career. Right now he sees that as DHS since LIsbon and Co. do have alot of scandal around them.

    So yes I think Bertram will throw anyone under a bus or to a den of hungry lions to make sure his nose stays clean and his political career isn’t derailed.

    Bertram watches out for number 1 and that is himself.

  • estatica

    There is a more recent Jane sexy/sleepy in season 5. This, I think is really explicit. Why do I store stuff like this in my memory palace, I do not know. But it’s not an animal or a vegetable! 😛

  • P

    I don’t think Bertram called Lisbon in to specifically poke a sore spot. He called her in to try to gauge if he could trust her. The conversation evolved that way. He only touched on her feelings after she showed a very uncomfortable reaction to a perfectly legitimate question. He has responsibilities. An inappropriate sexual relationship with a criminal is not only something he has a right to ask about, he has an OBLIGATION to investigate it.

    Most people watch out for number 1. I can’t blame anybody for trying to get ahead in their career. Bertram doesn’t do anything unethical to do so (as far as we know). And while that team does close a lot of cases, they also break more rules and cause more problems for the agency than any other team. Why should Bertram protect them at the expense of his own career? Would you? I wouldn’t, and I don’t think that makes me a selfish person.

  • ortforshort

    The problem with everyone we have seen (other than maybe Mashburn who is not RJ and Stiles who is too old) is that none of the folks we’ve encountered on this show measure up to Jane. Certainly not Hafner who looks rather tepid. You can say that the real mentalist on this show is not Jane, but RJ. Look at how RJ recruits disciples by the barrelful and has them willingly die for his cause. Does Hafner inspire any of that? Does anyone we’ve met on the show (outside of Stiles?). In addition, RJ is obvioulsly brilliant. He is always two steps ahead of Jane who is quite brilliant himself. Who have we met who fits that criteria? Certainly not Hafner. Also, RJ is extremely powerful politically and within Law Enforcement to be able to hire and get rid of a large variety of Law Enforcement personnel. Hafner is a lackey within the department and, for that matter, within Stiles’ organization Vision. The show’s writers are going to have to be at their best (and they are good) to come up with an RJ that fits what they have built him up to be. Hafner ain’t that dude.

  • ortforshort

    There’s no doubt that they are RJ minions. Kirkland was there in the back of the limo in the epsisode depicting Jane’s first encounter with CBI. It indicated that not only RJ, but the FBI, as well, were on top of Jane’s joining the CBI right from the inception. Kirkland is, without a doubt, RJ’s point man in sitting on Jane. As far as Bertram is concerned, there’s too much smoke not to be a fire under there. Quoting Blake, surreptitiously working with Kirkland, being part of the poker game, being so close to the action in last season’s ending cliff hanger, being moved in charge of the department – RJ needs to have control of the situation and Bertram is in the perfect position for that.

  • mosquitoinuk

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. There is plenty of doubt in my opinion…but that’s part of the fun of this show! 🙂

  • windsparrow

    There is no doubt that we are meant to suspect Kirkland and Bertram. But on this show, creepy and suspicious do not equal guilty nearly as often as they equal red herring.

    Bertram quoting Blake makes me keep him on the suspect list, but the fact that Blake is by no means an obscure poet means that any number of perfectly innocent people who were merely paying attention in Literature classes can quote him.

  • Carla Oliveira

    Mosquitoinuk I do agree when you say “Jane, you are an idiot.” He has to be abandoned by Lisbon for us to have the opportunity to see his reaction to losing her. Also it bothers me not punish him, not be hard on him. In this episode, in my opinion he showed that he really does not like anyone, only manipulates people. He hurt Lisbon, left to die lorelei convincingly nor pitied her death (in the next episode he is if nothing happened [and worst Lisbon also with his relationship with him]). Lisbon has to get rid of it, turning the tables. She should not trust him. You said that Jane is demanding of us viewers a lot of patience and understanding, I’ve lost patience with him, not like him much more as before, I think I’m hating him for what he has done to Lisbon and disappointed with her not take action. He has crossed the line long ago, but this was 5:16 the last straw.

  • Carla Oliveira

    Rose UK
    I am one of has said that Jane laughed off/mocked Lisbon’s ultimatum. I do think so.

  • estatica

    The fact that I interpreted Jane and Lisbon’s exchange in this episode in a completely different way, I must admit that the lack of continuity between some of the episodes leaves me a bit frustrated. I don’t expect Red John to pop up in every episode, but the characters should at least acknowledge that something is changing.

    Since I’d rather not spoil anyone on what’s coming next, I’ll take what happened at 5×14. Not one single mention of the last scene in 5×13, after Lisbon asks Jane about the list of suspects. I get that they may not want to spoil us too much, but as a viewer, I felt they left me hang out to dry in 5×14 (I thought it was a really great episode, by the way).

    I remember Jimmy Gadd mentioning at diferent times on twitter he was working on 5×14 and had no idea what the 5×13 episode was about. I won’t even pretend I know a thing about making TV shows, but I’m somewhat disappointed to find that it’s possible that people working on the show may be oblivious to really important stuff that’s happening to the story and characters. Without continuity (this could be achieved with just a sentence or two), the episodes between the major RJ ones feel emptier, as if the characters forgot everything that’s happened in the past, and I have a harder time enjoying them.

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Yes, very true Ortforshort. RJ is even smarter than Jane and must be pretty charismatic too. Stiles was definitely a perfect candidate, too bad his age doesn’t fit… I’m starting to think RJ must been hiding his intelligence behind a façade: his public identity may not reflect how brilliant he really is. Contrary to what Conan Doyle did with Moriarty who was a genius mathematician, I think it’s becoming more and more probable that RJ took care to appear less brilliant than he really is when he impersonates his “normal” counterpart… Otherwise, you’re right: really, there is no one on the show smarter than Jane so far except Stiles. Or maybe Kirkland, hard to tell since we saw so little of him.
    By the way, the remark works also with Jane’s taste for manipulation: who is even more prone to manipulate people and situations than him, except Stiles? There are very few candidates too… 😉

    Still, I admit I would be a bit disappointed if RJ ended up being Haffner, even if he is revealed to be smarter than he lets on, because Jane really outsmarted him in ‘Little Red Book’. That would be a pretty huge pet peeve for me… I’d rather see Haffner as a potential mole than as the dark and mysterious mastermind hidding in the shadows…

  • bloomingviolet2013

    @ Windsparrow: yes, but how many of those “perfectly innocent people who were merely paying attention in Literature classes” have been quoting Blake on the show so far? 😉

    I agree with Ortforshort who resumed the situation perfectly: even if every point can be explained separately in a more harmless way, there is too much adding up not to make both Kirkland and Bertram plausible suspects. In a way, they remind me a little of what we had with Craig: he was very obvious and every negative aspect of his could be explained away by possessiveness, coldness, cowardice… but adding up, everything had a more sinister meaning.

  • anomalycommenter

    I watched the episode a second time and it seems that you are all correct. Lennon does state that RJ wanted Miranda for a reason that he is not aware of, and remains silent when Jane asks him if he killed the other women, so it’s very probable that Lennon himself killed the other five women. He also states that he works for RJ, not that he simply knows him and did a favor for him, so killing those women may be part of the work he does for RJ. Yet what Jane said about it being a pattern is somehow ambiguous and doesn’t help clearing this issue. Also the two categories zee mentioned are quite compatible with the existing evidence.

  • JustMe

    It’s not the fact that he queried her, its the way he did it with someone else listening without Lisbon’s knowledge…

    No matter how you look at it, that was morally wrong and I don’t believe that I would ever do that to someone. He may be doing his job by questioning her but not be encouraging eavesdropping and spy techniques.

    That I find reprehensible.

  • P

    I don’t think it was wrong. She has been lying and withholding information. That is wrong. If her feelings are getting in the way of her job, that is something he, and homeland security since they are involved in the case, should know

  • JustMe

    I think we are going to have to agree to disagree P… 😉

  • Lou Ann

    As for the “She had it coming,” comment from Jane to Lisbon: What’s he saying to her? I liked Lorelei, but she betrayed me in my quest for RJ, so she deserved to die. Even if I care for someone, their life is less important than my ultimate goal. Now, Lisbon knows that Jane cares for her. If she puts herself into Lorelei’s shoes, this statement is actually a threat, or at least a warning. No?

  • Carla Oliveira

    Do not think you can compare this lady to Lisbon. You are right that Jane is son of a bitch and he was especially 5:16 this but it does not compare the two. The life of Lisbon (as already shown above) is much more precious than catching Red John. He must have been very angry this lady why she was bastard (well done to him) and she no longer wanted him. Nor was a great feeling he had for her. Even with the betrayal of her he would not be as cold with a tragic death of a loved one. I was sorry for myself. But it was a relief to get rid of it. She did not serve for anything.

  • C Hill

    not sure if it was a mistake/error in filming, but before lorelei shoots lennon, there is a flash, a light, something in the window behind her. a bad filming artifact or a flash? so hard to tell with these writers…

  • zee

    I assumed it was Jane’s car driving in, or just the headlights of the cars passing by to make the scenenario of a house on suburban street more believable I suppose.

    Could be nothing, could be a grand scheme of RJ’s shenanigans too.

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