Mentalist The Red Tattoo Mini-Review


The CBI takes on the case of a gymnast trainer who, before he died, claimed he was stabbed in his empty, locked hotel room. The case is complicated even further when it turns out the victim had strong ties with the Visualize. The cult sends ex-CBI Agent (and Red Jane suspect) and current Visualize employee Ray Haffner (Reed Diamond) to work with CBI Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and her team on the case, much to consultant Patrick Jane’s dismay.

Concise Verdict

This was another entertaining episode in this strong season with plenty of twists and more continuity on the Red John plot. Unfortunately, some major time consuming crap hit my fan in real life so I was only able to watch it once; and even then not as closely as I wanted to. I am not even going to pretend I can write the review I wanted so I’ll resort to naming some topics for discussion. Sorry to disappoint readers but I know I can count on fellow fans to this episode justice.

Jane/ Lisbon / Haffner

I found it interesting how Jane avoided Haffner for most of the episode. I only assume he was so annoyed by the man’s obvious (and disturbing) interest in Lisbon and had no patience for him or his ego. Lisbon’s conduct was nonetheless intriguing. She puts on a pretty sleeveless blouse to charm Jason Cooper (Robert Picardo) into revealing information about the victim’s ties to Visualize, but sends Grace to touch base with Haffner, who has admitted he is interested in her, telling Grace “he likes you”. I can only imagine she finds him creepier than she did Haibach.

Rigsby the Matchmaker

More allusions to the happiness of Rigsby’s marriage are made, this time by his talking about his bliss to an extremely uncomfortable Cho. I hope all these warm and fuzzies aren’t just being thrown around the better to break our hearts should something devastating happen to the newlyweds. It could be, like what we saw on screen, just a way for Rigsby to offer to find someone for Cho. What with Cho being the only unmarried member of the unit (we all know who the other couple is) it certainly is nice of Rigsby.

Red John/ Visualize

I’ve always thought that Red John might have been a Visualize member gone rogue as it seemed like a reasonable explanation for how Brett Stiles knows so much about him. All-i-Need had also mentioned ( at least a year ago) that one of the reason’s Stiles’ wont’ give up Red John is because RJ might have copies of the confession tapes (in which Visualize members talk about every bad thing they ever did) as leverage on Visualize.

Now in this episode, Haffner disappears from the scene around the same time Kira (Beth Riesgraf) a freelance investigator RJ used, is being silenced. Her attacker is interrupted and she reveals he has a tattoo of three red dots on his left shoulder. Jane thinks this attacker is Red John. One could be led to believe that Haffner was the attacker and is therefore Red John. But I have a few qualms with the latter idea.

1-      I am not entirely convinced this perp was RJ. RJ (or his minion) was able to take down Lisbon, a trained CBI agent in a second but has trouble dealing with Kira?

2-      Why would RJ use a private investigator? Doesn’t he have a whole cult of followers willing to do his dirty work for him? Or did he, in “cleaning house” (as Hightower called it) kill them all?

3-      Speaking of cleaning house, will we ever find out why Todd (Red Moon) killed so many cops? Were they also part of the house cleaning RJ was doing (paving the way for his retirement, as was later revealed by Timothy Carter in Strawberries and Cream)?

4-      I wish Jane would have talked more about how he came to the conclusion that Kira was hired by RJ. Isn’t there a chance Visualize would have hired her, considering the fact that the case of the week involved Visualize? Perhaps Haffner didn’t feel Lisbon and her team were being forthright with all the information they had.

Icings on the Cake

Absolutely love all the screen time CBI Ron and CBI Karl are getting. One can’t help but wonder if one of them (Ron, especially) might be revealed to be Red John. Either way, really enjoying their on screen presence.

Pet Peeves

Really, Rigsby? You talk about Haffner being an RJ suspect in the middle of the bullpen as if it is daily conversation completely unaware of the risks. REALLY?!

The resolution of the case was fantastic and made total sense, but I wish we got more insight into how Jane figured it out- the mechanism used, I mean, not the relationship of between the victim and the gymnast which was nicely explained via flashback.

Kira was such a dead ringer for Summer Edgecombe that I could hardly concentrate on the words coming from her mouth. I kept wondering if she had a long-lost sister or something.

Haffner’s threats to Lisbon disguised as warnings are getting really tiresome. Actually, his entire presence is. So glad Grace called him on his sucky job of protecting the victim.


I do believe that the writers want us to believe RJ has a tattoo on his shoulder. I’m just a little iffy at this point because it seems like you can’t be a Mentalist fan without doubting everything you see on screen. But one thing is for sure, we won’t have long to wait. Every episode this season is revealing a new piece of the puzzle. I can’t wait till we see it all put together.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain, November, 2013. Not to be used without permission.

Image by Chizuruchibi. Copyright Reviewbrain, November, 2013. Not to be used without permission.

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45 responses to “Mentalist The Red Tattoo Mini-Review

  • Carla Oliveira

    I will read latter! I’m working like a slave now! hahahaha!

  • mosquitoinuk

    Thank you Reviewbrain for your comments and for keeping your community discussing!

    A few thoughts:

    1.- Haffner is afraid of spiders. Red herring? I somewhat do not believe he is RJ, either he is too much of an excellent actor (as Lisbon said: “…he must be”) or…I don’t know. He’s never impressed me by his cleverness or incredible intelligence. He is a bit of a douchebag in my opnion. However, the writers keep throwing things at us to confuse/mess around with this description that Sophie supposedly gave of RJ.

    Still, one must assume that the real RJ went to visit Sophie Miller. At this point in time, I’m just so incredibly confused that I believe RJ is PJ (kidding). Anyway, I thought I mentioned Haffner’s phobia for what is worth.

    2.- Pet Peeve (1): I really don’t understand how PJ found out that the PI was hired by RJ. Why should it be RJ? as Reviewbrain very well say, it could have been Haffner (as RJ or not) and to be quite frank, the “Tyger, Tyger” cabal. For all we know, they’re different entities.

    I found particularly dissatisfying the way they handled the whole situation and as Reviewbrain very well pointed out: shouldn’t RJ have lots of minions to do his bidding? what is going on here? why the sloppiness?

    One of the discussion topics at the end of last season was that many of us believed that RJ would start making mistakes because he feels pressurised by Jane and the whole “I’ll start to kill again…often”. Could this be one of those mistakes? to be honest, if it is, this a rookie mistake. So much so that an apprentice evil loverloard like myself wouldn’t have made after watching many a season of CSI.

    3.- Peet Peeve (2): Haffner. I found the whole Haffner-centred activity rather…underwhelming. After doing a cracking job with all the others (McAllister, Reede & Kirkland). There was no sense of…’danger’ but it is perhaps exactly what they wanted us to see, only to show Haffner in full RJ mode at some point soon. But I doubt it. In my mind, Haffner isn’t RJ and although not dead, they’ve made a good job of eliminating him as a key suspect. Too much of a follower, not much of a leader in my opinion. However, I find his interest in Teresa very creepy…RJ asked for Lisbon’s head in a box at the end of season 5; I don’t think Haffner is RJ.

    I have not had the chance to see this episode more than once and I am really looking forward to all the clever people that contribute to this blog to start elaborating on hidden clues and symbolism.

  • mosquitoinuk

    sorry, lots of typos…typing on tablet!

  • canddee2012

    Hi Reviewbrain. Well, as you know, crap happens! Please know you are so appreciated, no matter whether your reviews are detailed to the max or slightly summarized. Personally, I don’t know how you can grind them out weekly anyway. Mother raised me to not be envious of others talents, but I sure wish I had your writer’s ability,

    Meanwhile, I hope to read other postings here while waiting for Sunday night.

    BTW…..keep it in one sock!

  • C Hill

    a few quickies.
    1) odd that Lisbon said Haffner liked VP. He was very dismissive of her in 5×02 after LaRoche brought her back.
    2) on Twitter, Reed Diamond jokes about the kind of characters he usually plays — the d-bag and a-hole words pop up a lot 🙂
    3) The PI, I agree here with RB, very likely wasn’t hired by RJ — perhaps someone related to RJ. The key is how much she looked like Summer — clearly someone who has familiarity with Cho. And why bug the CBI? Doesn’t RJ and the LawCabal(tm) have full access. Weird. Perhaps a big red herring? A post-RJ storyline? Not sure. The writing is usually so tight that I wonder.
    4) Love the reveal scene – “et voila!”
    5) PJ and Haffner are really not liking each other. Shocking I know.
    6) Anyone have a thought on the Room 29 poster in the elevator that was used as a backdrop for Haffner quite a bit?
    7) Really liked the way Lisbon dumped the case on Jane. Cute scene. Played into Jane wanting to be the smart guy coupled with the need to show up Haffner.

    And the golden elephant in the room? We wait for Sunday 🙂 Oh my…

  • zee

    No worries Reviewbrain…this blog always have insightful comments that keeps flooding in despite new episodes airings. Never have I found myself not looking forward to these intellectual postings!

    Very true for us fans to second guess the Show in general. If what mosquitoinuk say about ‘Red John making mistakes’ is true, then it will be disappointing to writers would think we’d buy that. But if it isn’t, I like to think Red John wants to make Jane *thinks* he’s got tattoo leverage.

    Thank you Reviewbrain 🙂 (Despite being robbed of review time!)

  • KM

    Thank you very much, Reviewbrain. I appreciate your talents and efforts. You hit upon my key points of confusion.

  • anomalycommenter

    Love your blog no matter the length of the reviews! 🙂 They surly take a lot of time and effort to compile.

    @mosquitoinuk: Well, it’s thin, but some say that Jane was testing Bertram, Smith and McAllister to see if any of them had a fear of bugs in their meeting when he said that he thought that room was bogged! But from the reaction of them more probably it was actually his way of telling them that he knows that he’s under their radar and that he suspects them! And yes the killer of the PI in this episode is most probably either not RJ, or as you said RJ is getting desperate. Why there was no smiley, did he really think that no one suspected that he was behind it? And about making mistakes, it was actually brought up at least three times in conversations involving Jane & Smith, first instance was in season 5 premiere resulting in a fight between FBI agents Smith and Mancini and the SCU team over who made a mistake in Lorelei’s case.

    @ C Hill: Exactly, that PI not only naturally and a little in the way she dressed looked like summer, but also very much in her mannerism. Also I don’t know if that it’s a coincidence or not, but I remember someone somewhere mentioned that in a shot Haffner’s head in front of that poster blocked the words behind him in a way that you can read “R[His Head]E D” and it is true! Also despite his shady character and all his creepiness and clear ulterior motives, I feel that there was a little bit of truth and honesty in what he was trying to warn Lisbon and/or Van Pelt from. Like he knew something but he was not at liberty to say it, looking over his shoulder, like the way the victim’s actions were interpreted and the father of that boy when Lisbon got out of the elevator. And I feel that he got genuinely upset of them not buying his words and there was some truth in his words that “I just hope you remember this; that I tried to help!”. Of course all this can be an act, if he is really “a good actor”! 🙂

    There is another possible parallel between this case and the RJ story We know that from the appearances, Haffner assumed that there was a forth *insider* person involved in the murder case, and Van Pelt angrily dismissed his idea. Later PJ found that not only there was not a fourth player but actually there was one player less than what was assumed up until that moment. So I wonder if there is an insider in the SCU team? But if so what was the goal of the whole bugging fiasco? Or that there are unknowns about the team that would turn out to be unexpected in their nature, if you know what I mean.

    And about the whole Rigsby/Van Pelt thing, is it foreshadowing a tragedy or was it some sort of forbidden love? Let’s wait and see!

  • Rose UK

    Sounds like everyone is short of time this week!! Thanks, RB – appreciate whatever you can give us!

    Very brief points, before I come back more in depth later:

    – The Summer lookalike… Was it me, or did she also say things that Summer herself used to say? “Tough guy, huh?” I’d need to go back and check, but it sounded ever so familiar. Not sure about that, though. 😉

    – Apples…

    – There was an “Agent Cordero” who spoke to Rigsby – guess what it means?! That’s right – “lamb”!

    – Talk of an “inside man” when discussing the case. Could this also apply to the RJ situation? (I sincerely hope not or I’ll be devastated)

    – I loved CBI Ron & CBI Carl!

    – The reveal was very Agatha Christie-esque, I thought. Everyone gathered together, etc. Plus Jane let Lisbon do some of the talking!

    – Loved the teamwork and the fact that all characters had more to do this week. 😀

  • Cece

    Sorry things are so nuts for you in real life at the moment, @Reviewbrain. Thank you for finding the time for a mini-review. Excellent job.

    @mosquitoinuk and @zee, ITA about this being too rookie of a mistake for Red John. The man is so ridiculously competent 98% of the time that he’s had two plants in the CBI who Jane never detected but now he has to resort to hiring (Himself!) an inept PI who Jane makes in 30 seconds? It’s just way too sloppy even for a Red John that’s off his game. Either, it isn’t Red John or it’s terrible writing. Still, poor Cho. Cho so deserves a juicy storyline of his own, be it a love interest or something else. I’m sick of him being relegated to being a sounding board for interminable Rigsby/Van Pelt nonsense.

    Since Red John’s Rules Haffner has been my pick for Red John. Not anymore. The reason I liked him for it was because, except for the Visualize thing, he came across as the most normal guy of the candidates. I’m sure the writers want to make everyone look suspicious, but the way they’ve got Haffner with the creeper affect turned up to 11, rids him of the quality that made him the most supicious. Now I’m going with the opinion of someone on another board- it’s Michael “I’m presumed dead but no one’s found the body” Kirkland.

    Case of the Week- I thought it was obvious from the second the guy walked into the elevator that he was already injured, so having that as part of the big reveal was a letdown. That said, it was so nice to see a big Jane who-dunnit-reveal with all the flourishes. It reminded me of how much I miss the more fun, lighthearted aspects of the show. I know many here are loving all the Red John lead-up stuff, but I cannot wait for it to be over, so the show can move on without the Red John albatross around its neck.

    “Really, Rigsby? You talk about Haffner being an RJ suspect in the middle of the bullpen as if it is daily conversation completely unaware of the risks. REALLY?!”

    Yup. But then, this is Rigsby. He doesn’t understand the meaning of discretion.

    “So glad Grace called him on his sucky job of protecting the victim.”

    They needed to have anybody but Grace say that line. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, what popped into my head was, “Aren’t you the cop who took her boyfriend to a safehouse where he murdered two sheriff’s deputies and shot Lisbon? Bang up job.”

    While the cut of Lisbon’s blouse was lovely, the pattern was so hideous that I hope the wardrobe department burns the thing. Also, they’ve had her in that black blazer and black pants combo every episode so far this season. Can they please put her in something else? Maybe with less black and more color? I miss her feisty leather jackets and blue jeans.

  • rita

    Reviewbrain, thank you for taking the time out of your obviously very busy schedule to write this excellent review, and thanks to Chizuruchibi for the great art work.

    I enjoyed this episode despite all of the peeves mentioned above and with which I totally agree.

    Haffner was creepy, and I liked the fact that Jane could hardly bear to be in the same room let alone speak to the man…..I have wondered, in view of the fact that so many of RJ’s minions are given ‘rewards’…Hardy given the Caskett (sp) girl etc…..that Lisbon MAY be Hafner’s reward from him (I too don’t think he is RJ)…in which case if he was told….’go and find a woman who looks like Summer’ he found the PI….RJ obviously didn’t have one to hand. This way he would be able to actually hear the conversations in the bullpen…the emphasis on words and the intonation rather than just the bare words or his minion’s version….but why he couldn’t have used one of these minions for the job of actually placing the bug, I don’t know, unless he wanted to mess with the team…show them that they are all under surveillance.

    Loved the reveal, and Jane’s obvious delight at working it out before Hafner. Can’t wait to find out how exactly he proposes to persuade all the suspects to take off their shirts to see the presence (or lack) of a tattoo….and what if more than one of them have it??

  • anomalycommenter

    Thank you Reviewbrain! 🙂 I have another post under moderation, just wanted to add some little points. First of all I want to congratulate the sharp commenter, ‘Victor’ who under the last episode’s review quite correctly pointed out that “And am I the only one wondering if it’s believable that a prison driver would shoot a convict multiple times in the back to prevent their escape especially when they’re weighed down by heavy chains? “ Good catch!

    Have you noticed that it is claimed that that driver was traumatized (experienced PTSD) because he had to shoot Kirkland? Very similar to what Agent Darcy has supposedly experienced after shooting Agent Wainright! So was she also a member of the ‘Tyger Tyger’ organization? Though it’s a little unlikely if Bertram is all in with Smith. Also this was yet another sports related episode featuring Haffner. This makes me wonder if there could be a parallel of some sorts implied here with the RJ story; after all RJ is supposedly somehow linked to football!

    A fan on another website by the name of ‘Poet’ posted “The Tyger” poem and pointed out that there could be a reference there to the tattoo on the shoulder and the handshake, also if I’m not mistaken you can also find references to head in furnace, hammer, chain, and anvil, clearly relating to the elements we saw in the last episodes:

    “And what shoulder, & what art.
    Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What dread hand? & what dread feet?
    What the hammer? what the chain?
    In what furnace was thy brain?
    What the anvil? what dread grasp
    Dare its deadly terrors clasp?”

  • Rose UK

    @ C Hill: I too found myself staring at the 29 poster like a lunatic. On the last review I wanted to say to Violet, KM and Anomaly that I wished the number/Bible verse discussed had been 1 *2* 9, because it’s one that specifically mentions the “lamb of God”. But that’s all I came up with.

    @ Anomaly: Clever references there, although I couldn’t figure out the anvil or furnace?

    Aside from the pet peeves, which I mostly agree with, I really liked this episode – mainly because it fulfilled a number of my wish-list wishes:

    – More teamwork, everyone having something to do, non-traditional pairings (e.g. Jane & Cho, Grace & Lisbon) as well as some of the usual ones. I thought that the garrulous Rigsby/dry Cho banter was pretty funny and that the actors bounced well off each other. @ Cece: I guess in order to have “classic Cho”, you also have to have “classic Rigsby” – can’t have the light without the dark, eh!? 😉 Plus I liked hearing Lisbon call Rigsby “Rigs” and that she now often refers to VP as “Grace”. More of the family theme stuff visible there.

    And other random thoughts:

    – They really shifted gear in the last few scenes, didn’t they? From the light-heartedness to the darkness in a few short jumps.

    – A nod to the running thread of magic tricks with Jane’s sleight-of-hand trickery and the case itself.

    – Speculation that VP would get sucked into Visualise now appears unfounded (unless she was hiding something).

    Rest of my comments in moderation!


  • Rose UK

    Lordy, I’m so firmly wedged in moderation! 😉 Patience, grasshopper… (me).

  • Taissa

    Thanks for taking your time, even if you didn’t have much, to write this @reviewbrain. Even being smaller than the usual review, is still great as always. 😀

    So, once again Haffner talked about inteligence and how Jane thinks he’s smarter than everyone else when Jane said he was hiding a lot of anger. When Haffner first appears in the show he asks Cho if he thinks Jane is smarter than him. Also, he pretended to predict Jane’s future and he has a phobia (the same one I have…). Not sure if too many red herrings or if he is the real deal (I really want him to be RJ, because he’s kinda creepy and I don’t like him! hahah). But if he is RJ then why would he hire a PI if he is specialized in surveilance? And how can Jane know that RJ was the attacker? It could be one of RJ’s lackeys. If it was really RJ, then he was really dumb, maybe the writers will say he was so angry and bla bla bla that he didn’t think straight and bla bla bla. I think the writers are better than that, but we never know. I’ll have to wait and see…and I hate waiting.

    Ah, about the PI’s appearance, I thoght that she would turn out to be Summer’s sister or something. I wonder how the casting description for that role was, “looking for actress that look like Samaire Armstrong”?

    Nice observation about the PTSD, @anomalycommenter. I would be surprised if Darcy turned out to be part of the bad kids. And thanks for posting the poem, I bet some nice discussion/observations will come out of it.

    I hope my post doesn’t get stuck in moderation….

  • Carla Oliveira

    Some of my thoughts:
    I think RJ didn’t wanted hurt Lisbon. Make her unconscious. Only make that threat mark. With that PI he wanted to be cruel as usual, maybe or is possible it wasn’t RJ himself hiring and killing her.
    It seems RJ is really off of his own game with this PI mess, visiting Dr. Miller himself. I think is going to make more mistakes. If RJ is Haffner, he showed his emotions to Jane: anger. The two guys can’t stand each other’s presence. Maybe a possessive cave man instinct? Two guys disputing the girl’s attention? And the girl in question amazingly beautiful in this episode. When she was with that sleeveless blouse I remembered the twice she was with this kind of blouse in Jane’s presence and he made her put the jacket before go out, hahahaha! I thought: if Jane is there, she wouldn’t be without the jacket!
    Thanks! I can’t believe you watched once. I was amazing! Sorry for some English mistakes. I’m very tired, working like a slave and sleeping too little.

  • Susannah

    I am really enjoying viewing this amazing blog and reading the insightful comments in addition. Devastatingly, I am half way through season five, thanks to the late air-dates here. 😦 this site means I can stay in the loop and keep up with the episodes I haven’t even watched yet!
    I suppose saying this I have nothing much else to comment… I just very much enjoy going through these and reading others’ opinions and takes on particular storylines. I’m impressed by the writers’ and cast’s work on the show; it makes for a very promising season and series.

  • mosquitoinuk

    @anomaly wrote “And yes the killer of the PI in this episode is most probably either not RJ, or as you said RJ is getting desperate. Why there was no smiley, did he really think that no one suspected that he was behind it? ”

    Again this smiley business and I agree with you entirely. I know someone in this blog tried to kindly explain to me why the crying smiley/not crying smiley in some of the crimes, but this just adds to my endless confusion…remember Rosalind Harker? there *was* a crying smiley in her house although RJ hadn’t killed anyone there (yet) (after he killed the morgue guy…but that came after if I remember correctly). For me it was rather clear, RJ made his ‘mark’ when he wanted to send a message. This ties in with your explanation anomaly, that he wanted to do this ‘incognito’ but still…

    Perhaps he ran out of time…just like with Lisbon? (PJ put this idea forward as a possible hypothesis as to why RJ did not harm Lisbon) but this is a far too convenient excuse for the writers I think.

    I just hope that all this will sort of make sense at some point in time.

  • Rose UK

    You know what, on further reflection I’m now wondering whether Grace actually IS Visualise after all. Having re-read people’s comments about Haffner and RB’s review, this is what’s niggling at me:

    1) Lisbon tells Grace that Haffner likes her, indicating a degree of familiarity, but Haffner nonetheless refers to her rather pointedly/off-handedly as “Van Pelt”. In marked contrast to “Teresa”, whom he clearly likes. (Non-rhetorical side question: how does he refer to VP on previous occasions? I’d be interested to know).

    2) Grace is very snarky with him.

    3) When Haffner is in the bull pen, getting an update on the case, he casts a look over to VP sitting at her desk (although she doesn’t return it). This is actually the niggle that started me off on points 1 and 2… Why that shot? Why show us that? Oh, I can feel the paranoia creeping in…

    Possible explanations are that the formality (and in Grace’s case, undisguised dislike) between them is an attempt to hide some sort of Visualise connection. Or, far more simply, that Haffner is just being typically condescending to the junior agent, as is his style. And that the camera angle is me simply seeing things that aren’t there.

    @ Carla: Everyone was looking particularly beautiful, I thought! (Wish-list fulfilment # hair.)

  • windsparrow

    Reviewbrain, I am glad for even a short review. It gives us a good place to start for the discussion. As usual, Chizuruchibi’s artwork is adorable.

    The idea that is being bandied about, that if Haffner is a Red John minion, then perhaps he has been promised Lisbon as a reward… it is just so creepy, icky… and yet I can believe it. It makes me want to see Jane seriously mess the guy up just for making us think he wants Lisbon.

    @Rose “- The Summer lookalike… Was it me, or did she also say things that Summer herself used to say? “Tough guy, huh?” I’d need to go back and check, but it sounded ever so familiar. Not sure about that, though.”

    I saw her, saw how Cho was responding, and thought, “Someone has a type.”

  • III Frogs

    I can’t think of anything to say right now, but I want to follow the conversation, so I’m just going to say thanks for the review, Reviewbrain!

  • Cece

    @windsparrow said

    “The idea that is being bandied about, that if Haffner is a Red John minion, then perhaps he has been promised Lisbon as a reward… it is just so creepy, icky… and yet I can believe it. It makes me want to see Jane seriously mess the guy up just for making us think he wants Lisbon.”

    I’d rather see Lisbon mess him up and have Jane treat her like a queen afterwards:)

  • windsparrow

    @Cece “I’d rather see Lisbon mess him up and have Jane treat her like a queen afterwards:)”

    Punch in the nose from Lisbon, and professional reputation permanently in the dirt from Jane so from now on no more high-class Visualize cases, it’s all following cheating spouses for the rest of his life. That, or going to jail as a RJ accomplice. Whichever.

  • Cece

    @windsparrow “Punch in the nose from Lisbon, and professional reputation permanently in the dirt from Jane so from now on no more high-class Visualize cases, it’s all following cheating spouses for the rest of his life. That, or going to jail as a RJ accomplice. Whichever.”


  • anomalycommenter

    @Rose UK: Great insight about number 29! I too remember Summer calling Cho “Though guy” or something similar! And now we have three members, each part of a symmetric duo, which we’ve seen to have drunk Bloody Mary cocktails (Patrick, Bob, and Summer)! 🙂 And sorry that I was too vague about the poem! Yes, those two items you pointed out actually were not present in the show as far as I know, but by furnace I was referring to Sophie Miller’s kitchen oven and …, and you’re absolutely right, it most probably does not reflect the meaning Blake intended by “In what furnace was thy brain?”, which from what I gather refers to creation and not destruction. But nonetheless the imagery is still similar. And if we go further away from the literal meaning of the words, there is also a slight similarity with what Bob Kirkland did to the faces of Marx & Haibach with that hand torch! And about anvil, I took that as the symbol for blacksmith [Is blacksmithery a word that I can use?], and hence a symbol for the whole metal workshop of Michael Kirkland’s. (Oh now that I think of it, what is the meaning of Reede Smith?)

    @Taissa: Thank you for your great points about Haffner & Summer ! 🙂

    @ mosquitoinuk: Oh, you’re quite right. I too can remember that discussion about smiley face or no smiley face. OK, we’ll wait and see what will turn out to be the meaning of that all! 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    Sorry, I meant “Tough guy”!

  • windsparrow

    @Cece, wouldn’t it be fun if Haffner ended up not going to jail… I want to see him driving around, doing his surveillance in some cruddy old car, like a Yugo or a Pacer.

  • Rose UK

    Oh, great catch @ Anomaly! “Smith” is such a common, ordinary surname that I never even thought about its meaning. There is certainly a lot of fire imagery appearing throughout the seasons, and I suppose that even the colour red could refer to the hellish furnace in which the Tyger was forged. I mean, even the Bloody Marys have a fiery link, as Queen Mary I had an awful lot of people burned at the stake for their religious convictions.

    It’s still not fully clear to me whether the program makers want us to view RJ as the Tyger or the Creator (and if so, who DID create RJ?), and Jane as the Lamb. I’ve read that the “symmetry” in the poem also suggests the “experience” of the Tyger versus the “innocence” of the Lamb, but I don’t really view Jane as an innocent as such, although he has childlike aspects about him (and with his curly blond hair could even pass for some kind of cherubim!) Perhaps that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, though – perhaps it’s enough that he’s a good person on the whole.

    But I think Violet has talked before about the idea of fire representing firstly creation (of the Tyger), then destruction and finally purification – which would actually tie in quite well with what we were saying about the Dragon in Chinese philosophy standing in for the Bible’s red 7-headed beast of Hell, and its yin/yang counterpart the Phoenix, a bird that rises from the ashes and thus represents rebirth. So I wonder whether we will see some of these metaphors playing out on screen too. 😀

    @ Windsparrow & Cece: Hehe.

  • Rose UK

    Oh wait, do I mean cherubim? I’m not sure now. My mental picture was of golden-haired angels. That’s what I meant!

  • Cece

    @windsparrow Heh. Or maybe a Chevette. Whatever it is, it should have a broken tail light and no AC. Still, it makes me a bit sad, because I did love it when he headhunted Lisbon for his firm. It was nice to see someone recognize her skills as a detective apart from Jane, not to mention as a beautiful, fascinating woman. I wish they’d have more eligible men hit on Lisbon. Jane needs a reminder that she has other options and he would do well to get his sh*t together and be the man she deserves.

    Funnily enough, Reed Diamond’s character on Homicide did end up a disgraced (though interesting and complex) former detective turned PI having to take photos of cheating spouses from his car. However, he did it from a perfectly respectable vehicle, like a Ford Explorer or something. Great show, I highly recommend it.

  • Auli

    @ Reviewbrain. I salute you that even though you’re busy, you still manage to pull off a mini review for us. But seriously, I’d like to stop life for a minute so I could fangirl as much as I’d prefer…

    Here’s my two cents:
    – Rigsby is so going to die. (Btw, do you remember the movie Hot Shots and the character Dead Meat? Every time when we get a cute, lovey dovey scene between Rigspelt of Chigsby, I remember Dead Meat.)
    – Lisbon is looking absolutely gorgeous!
    – Haffner is still my RJ even though this episode tried to mess up things.
    – I love that Lisbon knows perfectly well how to be all authoritarian on him without him even protesting against it
    – Didn’t quite get the whole PI thing. If RJ was behind it then he must have realized that he underestimated PJ a lot and be quite panicky to make such newbie mistakes!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Amazing mini-review: as usual, you managed to get straight to the point and to the many questions underneath… Honestly, I’m always impressed with your reviews, Reviewbrain, may they be short or normal-length. 🙂
    Also the drawning made me chuckle. And the one for the previous review had me grinning like a fool. Great job, Chizuruchibi! 🙂

    First, I found Haffner’s arachnophobia to be a little too obvious: if he turns out to be RJ and even if he isn’t aware that Jane and Lisbon found a way to get to Sophie’s files, wouldn’t it be a bit dangerous and unwise to disclose a weakness that openly? Now about Ray’s antagonism with Jane: underneath his successful and confident demeanor, Haffner is angry as Jane pointed out and I wonder if that rage couldn’t be directed at him, at least in part. He seems to be pretty envious of him if you connect the dots: questioning Jane’s status as a civilian consultant (and wanting to compare/ compete with him), he poses himself as a rival in investigating the case, even thought he has his own Visualize-related motives for wanting to be in. He’s jealous because Jane’s smarter than him – the elevator scene, as well as his question to Cho in ‘Little Red Book’ as Taissa mentioned. Moreover, it would be no wonder if Haffner had been feeling frustrated with his life: he left what could have been an ambitious career mostly because of Jane’s interference. If they hadn’t crossed paths or if Jane hadn’t jeopardized his job, he would have been the proud leader of the Serious Crime Units right now. Better yet, had he enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with the man, he would be at the head of the team with the highest closed cases rate. He taunts Jane about the RJ case, but it would have been his case had things worked out with the consultant. This had to sting and pretty badly, even more since he has apparently a rather subaltern position as a Visualize lackey right now: he might have more money, but that doesn’t mean he has gained more power…
    And he keeps trying to warn Lisbon against him, which may be related to the fact that Jane has a relation with her Haffner couldn’t get: she likes Jane, she trusts him and she works with him, all things Ray asked from her but couldn’t have. It’s intriguing also that Lisbon always seems to be in the equation when Jane and Haffner start annoying each other, even during Ray’s first appearance back in S4 as it was her job in the line… Lisbon obviously feels more threatened by Ray and his attempts at flattering her than she expressed from the other suspects, after all in her dream it was Haffner who slashed her throat; hence her attempts at not staying alone with him and the team’s discreet protectiveness when he’s around -Grace mocking him and the whole team exposing their progresses in the bullpen instead of letting their leader do the talking. In return Haffner is almost as hurtful and maybe resentful with them than he was with Jane, whom they chose over him back then (“you’re looking for a non suspect who is a magician or quite possibly a wizard of some kind. Great work, guys” and seconds later adding “ciao kids”). His warning as “a friend” to Lisbon and Grace felt even more awkward afterwards…
    All those reasons are why I’d feel also inclined to rule him out as a plausible RJ: although he has charisma and assurance, deep down he doesn’t ooze enough confidence in his own success. Would he feel angry enough for Jane to notice if he had total control over many followers’ lives? Last remark about creepy Haffner: Jane’s mocking words telling him “you’re as bad a psychic as you were a cop” are doubly interesting. First, of course, it’s a way to allude to RJ’s claim in the finale and maybe to gauge Ray’s reaction to the word. Second point: in a sense, that line enlightens how Haffner followed the opposite path that Jane chose. He’s a cop who left his career to work for a spiritual group and making assumptions about the future (“psychic”), while Jane worked as a psychic/ spiritual advisor before helping law enforcement.

    @Anomaly: very, very interesting point about the poem. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    To develop Rose’s remark about the reveal being “very Agatha Christie-esque”, I found it amusing that they took the idea of a subterfuge used to conceal the weapon from one of Holmes’ adventures (‘The Problem of Thor Bridge’… and I won’t mention the hammer associated with the bridge name, no, no, no…). Not to mention that the plotline behind the case was loosely inspired by J.-D. Carr’s ‘The Three Coffins’ (aka ‘The Hollow Man’), to the extent that they took the detail of exertion causing the killer to bleed to death. This novel deals with the suggestion that the murderer (the “wizard” Haffner referred to), might be a vampire, hence the English title of the ‘Hollow Man’, an invisible man they can’t find, which may or may not be an allusion to RJ…

    Windsparrow wrote about the Summer look-alike: “I saw her, saw how Cho was responding, and thought, “Someone has a type.””

    Oh yes. Remember Tamsin Wade? Our little Mister Stoic likes take-charge women… 😀

    (Sorry for the mistakes! :P)

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Two more things really quickly:

    – I wonder if they would make Rigsby in charge of the unofficial investigation on six-times-shot-but-still-PTSD-causing Kirkland. Interestingly, the name of the cop who gave him the files was Cordero – “lamb” in Spanish. If so, Auli might be right and things might become a bit sticky for poor loving Wayne…

    – That “tattoo on his left shoulder” thing is a little too obvious in my opinion. It may very well be a not-so-clever plot devise to move things faster in Jane’s investigation and, if so, it might be getting dangerously close to sloppy writing… Also, I didn’t rewatch the scene, but didn’t Kira have three bloody dots too? Are we to understand she was showing Jane what the tattoo was? And is that me, or did Jane pause slightly before telling Lisbon?

  • Rose UK

    @ Auli: “Rigsby is so going to die.” ~ Oh no, no, no. No. No? *sticks fingers in ears and hums loudly*

    @ Auli: “Lisbon is looking absolutely gorgeous” ~ Yes. Yes, she is. Ok. Phew. This is more emotionally stable territory for me. *removes fingers from ears*. 😉

    @ Violet: I agree largely with your thoughts on Haffner here. He was marking his territory verbally, either by being over-familiar (to Lisbon), plain condescending (to the team) or superior (to Jane). Sounds like insecurity to me. Still, I also associate RJ with a kind of rampant insecurity and sense of competition, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility. 😉

    @ Cece: “I wish they’d have more eligible men hit on Lisbon. Jane needs a reminder that she has other options and he would do well to get his sh*t together…” ~ Lol! Very true. Bring on Bachelor no. 1!

  • bloomingviolet2013

    Oooops, Rose, I’m sorry: I wasn’t paying enough attention and I missed that you already mentioned Cordero in your comment… I wasn’t meaning to step on your toes, sorry…:P (Well, on the upside, you got an allusion to Thor, that has to count for something, right? 😉 )

    On a totally random side note: what is it with muffins that don’t get to be eaten by the right person? In the premiere, Jane commented that Lisbon wasn’t eating hers; he was feeding his to the ducks in ‘Wedding in Red’; if I’m not mistaken, he also told Lisbon he was hungry and wanted a muffin recently… and now, he’s taking Kira’s muffin too. And in the half-eaten food category, we have also the apple he’s biting into, before sending it crashing into a wall to prove how the weapon was thrown away. Is there a cryptic symbolism in there?

  • anomalycommenter

    @Rose UK: Great remarks! Both on the symbols and about Haffner. All these mysterious symbols have quite frankly caused a lot of confusion, in a good sense, in my head. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning them, I have to go back and read those posts again! Also if it counts as a real furnace, there was a [medical] incinerator shown in 4×18,’Ruddy Cheeks’, the same episode that we saw two real tigers captured (and another one on the loose! Wait! A third one?!) But no real anvils yet! 🙂

    @Violet: I’m in awe of your literary mastery! And what an excellent treatise on Haffner! 🙂 Interesting that the case of the week was also about love gone wrong, and jealousy and feel of neglect. You quite correctly pointed out Haffner’s sense of envy and rivalry with Jane. Just like you mentioned both professionally and also from a personal perspective. Apparently as a result of a shared interest toward Lisbon. Now I want to know exactly in what senses is he Jane’s rival? Because from a professional sense, as you quite comprehensively explained above, this rivalry was there from the beginning and only intensified after he lost his position thanks to Jane, but before ‘Red Barn’ we have not seen him showing any interest toward Lisbon! [And please just neglect this, it’s way out there, but anyway: Thanks to Stiles, we know that what RJ did to Jane is supposedly a form of love! So is Haffner feeling neglected because RJ is so focused on Jane?] About your questions, if I got your point correctly, I think Kira marked her shoulder using her bloody fingertips with three dots to show Jane what those tattoos would be like, in case he wasn’t able to comprehend what she was saying. And yes, Jane paused a little, but as to if it can have any special meaning or not, well, it’s Jane, I don’t know! 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    Funny that some comments above I was wondering how the hell I thought of the word “Blacksmithery”, unaware that Rose UK had just used it a little while before in her last comment under the last review. What a feat of memory! Do you that the Nordic god is somehow able to fix that? 🙂

  • Rose UK

    Bloody hell, I’ve just seen the new episode. I think this calls for a new screensaver. (Which, contrary to possible expectation, is currently a frog holding a small leaf umbrella.)

    (Not saying another word.)

  • Rose UK

    @ Violet: I don’t know about half-eaten food as a metaphor (at a stretch: a half-lived life, not making the most of something?!!), but I only mentioned apples in my first post because in Red Listed, Jane says to Kirkland: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh?” with regard to Kirkland’s father and brother. It struck me as a loaded remark, that was all. Plus the apple is generally quite a symbolic item: Eve/forbidden fruit/tree of knowledge, etc. (Even though people now think there was a mix-up in the translation, and it was more likely a pomegranate – which has its own symbolism of fertility and features in Greek mythology.) And yes, I did appreciate the Thor reference!! 😉

    @ Everyone: Ignore my comment about Grace and Haffner, I’ve changed my mind! 😉

  • Carla Oliveira

    I have already changed mine! Slide show of that! Amazing!

  • anomalycommenter

    Great eye Violet! 🙂 So now half eaten muffins and apples, too! What can I say? I’ve read it somewhere, can’t remember where exactly or if anybody has mentioned it here or not, people talking about theories involving the change in the number of ducks Jane was feeding and also the number of pigeons being fed by that mysterious person, and its correspondence with the number of suspects eliminated! I’m just afraid that much of the “cryptic symbolism” we see would never be explained, in the show, or outside by the writers, directors or Heller himself! This [great] show ultimately is all about total confusion, maybe they’re *feeding*us maximum irrelevant information (noise, entropy, whatever!) to cover the reality! I even remember reading that they talked about planting false clues in the show! I’m not at all eligible to comment about what good writing is or is not, but personally would be disappointed if it’s there and it’s not explained or is not explainable eventually, and feel that throwing random meaningless pointers is akin to cheating! Don’t you prefer a fair game, too? But then again with tens of millions of viewers worldwide it may be hard to conceal the secret without some cheating! And I understand the great challenge of writing a coherent story without knowing when you may be forced to wrap it up! So I keep my faith in Heller and keep looking for that “celestial teapot”! 🙂

  • anomalycommenter

    @Reviewbrain: Hi! I contacted the company ( that WordPress claims to be responsible for their comment filtering (in their support page on comments) and informed them about the problem with comments. They replied that the problem is not caused by their system and is caused by the filtering system of WordPress itself and that they’ll send you an email detailing the problem. Also asked me to inform you about their mail. I hope that it can be of help in resolving the issue. Have a good time! 🙂

  • Rose UK

    Sorry – something’s just occurred to me and I felt compelled to share! Just wanted to point out to Violet that we can see another example of the “bloody hands/Lady Macbeth” motif she mentioned in an earlier review or post: when Jane wipes the three dots off Kira’s shoulder and is cleaning his hands outside the house.

  • ortforshort

    It seems to me, at this point, that Red John isn’t an individual, but the name of the conspiracy group.

    All of the members of the group probably have the tatoo.

    A guess would be that all of the group members are in law enforcement or closely tied to law enforcement or were formerly law enforcement.

    It’s beginning to look like all five remaining suspects are all the highest ranking Red John group members with Stiles the leader of the group.

    There are obviously other, lower level, members of the group around such as the prison van driver.

    A conspiratorial group as opposed to one super-human is a lot more plausible to me. That would explain how Red John can be all seeing and all knowing and always able to act at a moment’s notice. It’s always been implausible to me that there was a super-human who could do all of this. Certainly, none of the remaining five suspects appears to have that kind of wherewithal.

    The big question remaining would be what is their motive for the serial killings and whatever other crimes they have been perpetrating that Kirkland was alluding to. Also unclear is why the group seemed to be eliminating some of its members. And unclear is why they don’t just kill Jane and, possibly Lisbon. Other than keeping the show going, what possible motive can this group have for keeping Jane, their biggest potential threat now that Kirkland is gone, alive?

  • Sid

    I also thought Kira was a dead ringer for summer. First thing I thought of, especially matching her and cho

    Jane knew red john hired Kira because if visualize did, it couldn’t have been done without cooper’s knowledge and Jane could see cooper had no idea. Ergo, red John

    Red John took down Lisbon because he had the drop on her. She had her back turned. Not so with kira

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