Kupikia Tanzania!


Engineers for World Health alumni Angela Czesak has published a cook book on Tanzanian cuisine, with the help of her friends Glory Mswia and Farida Issangu.

The proceeds of this book will go towards funding three charities for women and babies. The following information (and above image)  was taken directly from the website:

Cradle of Love Baby Home: a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing shelter and care to orphaned, abandoned, and endangered babies. They accept all children from the age 0-2, regardless of medical condition.

Wanawake Afrika: a new organization determined to provide young women who have been abused or are at-risk with a chance to continue schooling or even open up a new shop!

Hekima Women’s Group: a micro-loan network for the women of Makumira Village, providing greater opportunities for independent business growth and companionship among working mothers.

Angela hopes to raise $6000. The paperback copy costs $35 and a PDF version is available for $16. To order the book or donate money for this worthy cause, please visit the book’s official website.

“Angela and I, and many others were all part of the sensational Engineering World Health Summer Institute 2011 where we volunteered at Hospitals in Tanzania, repairing medical equipment there. From my experience, Tanzanian cuisine is delicious and very hearty. You have to try it!” -Abdulla.

I know I will 🙂

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