OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. That’s pretty much all I can say now. Feel free to express your own feelings in the comments. Review will be posted as soon as I can breathe properly again and my heart stops racing; at least enough that I can think coherently again.


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  • All-I-need

    I agree with you.

    OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT THE HELL?! How the….and then he … and they… and Lisbon… and Jane… and ohmygodohmygodohmygod!

    THAT is how my thoughts right after watching it looked like (meaing about half an hour ago).

    OH. MY. GOD.

    HOW THE HELL are we going to survive this summer?!

    My suggestion: Drive to LA, find Bruno Heller and torture the answer out of him. Who wants to come with?

  • violet

    Yes, and the rest of the staff/actors too! to say they have been babbling in spoilers about Grace’s wedding gown! 😉

    And you were right about Laroche, Reviewbrain!!! Although he has a terrible secret and doesn’t seem now to be such a nice guy…

    I really liked it !(I was so glad the two parts were in a row! Otherwise the suspense would have been unbearable) Never expected the change in the dynamics to come from Jane missing in the team, that was clever! And every single lie was revealed! As well as the subtext, Jane calmly (coldly?) finishing his tea, just like he did after Steiner’s death… is he going to claim temporary madness (after Bertram’s advice that he was at the end of the rope…)? Will they keep him in the team, like they did last time he was in jail? How will Lisbon react?… And what about Hightower now?

    And, it seems that now Jane ought to be ready to move on (well, when he’ll manage to get out of this mess…): he somehow agreed with RJ about it, not denying that he would do so after killing him.

    Now, the main investigation will probably be about destroying what remains of his net… and it probably includes Visualize (Craig’s case when they met him)…

    Definitely a great finale! 🙂

  • All-I-need

    Okay, back to thinking again.
    Violet: you are right, there are a lot of unsolved questions. How about I try to answer yours, then aks mine and vice versa?

    Hightower: Well, I guess she can come back now. LaRoche was only appointed new boss because she was gone, so now that she`s cleared of all accusations she can come back. Like when Lisbon was suspended and Cho took over. As soon as she was back, she was the boss again (also, that would mean less LaRoche. PLEASE let that happen).

    Oh, and while on the subject: LaRoche. Congrats, Reviewbrain, you were right. Looks like he didn`t have anything to do with all that. However, there are some questions to be asked, for example: WHY didn`t he investigate all the other suspects even though he had Madeleine`s fingerprints? Ever since Lisbon was framed for murder it should be common knowledge that fingerprints aren`t very reliable. He´s supposed to be more intelligent than that, he should`ve known.
    Also, so far we haven`t identified RJ`s whole network, there might still be a lot of moles walking around (I never believed the one-mole-theory anyways. Remember Rebecca? She was easily disposed of, although a mole at CBI was important to him – so he probably had another one and then also added Craig for good measure).

    Lisbon`s reaction: I honestly don`t know. Defeated, I guess. He DID tell her he`d kill Red John. Twice. She always knew that. She`ll be angry, too, because she really believed he`d change his mind, which means she`ll be angry and disappointed and hurt because they could`ve worked something out.

    If Jane clames temporary madness, he`ll end up in a padded cell all over again – or still in jail, if they don`t believe him. I`ve got a completely different theory: RJ was armed. He had a hidden weapon with him, we know that. No one was really watching him and Jane when they talked or stood up. Everyone only looked when the shots rang, so I guess Jane could claim self-defense, stating that RJ had a weapon and was going to shoot him. Him carrying a concealed gun of his own can be explained by the fact that he was setting a trap for a killer, meaning he had to take some safety precautions.

    And if all else fails, he can simply break out of jail and go into hiding. It´s not like he hasn`t done that before – the breaking-out-part at least.

    Loved the whole “moving on” thing, which actually leads me to one of my questions:
    Am I the only one who seriously doubts that Jane said what he said to Lisbon only to distract that gas station owner while picking the lock? Because he never does anything without a hidden meaning. He could`ve chosen to talk about anything else, right? Especially considering that look he gave her when he saw her in that dress. Woah.

    Also: I have the strangest of feelings that Jane knew exactly that RJ would come to the mall. I don`t know how the hell he orchestrated that one, because I`m sure RJ already knew that Hightower wouldn`t turn up. So why did Jane still wait for him to show up? And it sounded a lot like Bertram was actually counting off reasons why Jane could claim temporary madness for killing Red John. Almost like he knew what was going to happen and then left before it happened so no one could ever tie him to it and question where he stands and if he is still suited for his position in law enforcement.

    And while we`re at it: The NERVE of that guy! “I`d like to apologize for the pain I MIGHT have caused you”. Really? I wanted to punch him in the nose for that one, as well as for the whole “give up on revenge, find someone to love and start a family.” Great advise, comming from the man who murdered Janes family in cold blood. He really thought he`d get away with that one? Well, I guess Jane proved him wrong, no kidding.

    Loved the last scene, by the way. The way Jane calmly pulled the gun out of his pocket… he almost looked like he was trying to say “Oh, look! How did THAT get in here?!” and then put it on the table to finish his tea and ask for the cheque. I would`ve laughed if I hadn`t been so shocked.

    To conclude, I`d NEVER have guessed that this would happen, not in a million years. Brilliant move by the writers, absolutely BRILLIANT!
    Oh, and Mr Ausiello, well-known spoiler king extraordinaire, should learn how to count. Teasing three dead bodies? Let`s see: RJ, Craig, bomb victim, roommate of bomb victim, two officers, Hightower´s cousin, the assassin, gas station owner. That`s nine.

    God, I can´t believe this happend. I also can`t believe that really was Red John. I keep thinking it was just another fake, someone Red John sent to pretend he was RJ after briefing him on some details.

  • violet

    About having Hightower back in charge, I don’t know if it would be so easily done: Lisbon was suspended, it was temporary, while Laroche was promoted to a position Hightower left vacant by running away. She should have stayed to prove her innocence and fight the accusation legally. And, after all, we still need Laroche around, because the whole dark-Tupperware-secret is still unresolved and they insisted on it (it must be something “horrible”) and, since there is no more Internal Affairs case to resolve…

    About Jane knowing that RJ was around, I guess he was probably counting on his enemy wanting to see and savor his reaction when he would be told that Hightower, her children, Grace and Lisbon had been killed while he was sitting with innocent Bertram… don’t forget Grace just told everything to her sweetheart and the last number dialed in Craig’s phone was RJ’s…

    Lisbon’s reaction. Yeah, she might feel defeated. But, on the other hand, he just shot the man who had sent someone to kill a family she liked, Hightower and her children, as well as one of her team and herself of course (and who orchestrated Bosco’s murder)… Things have gotten way more personal: they acted as a real team, they got the bad guys. For once, Jane didn’t really betray them: sure, he didn’t tell about the gun, but he was alone and that was their last chance to get Red John (it was their plan). And after their intense and so beautiful moment together on the phone, without a word, only panting, I wonder if she wouldn’t just be relieved that he made it alive out of the most sinister of the encounters he had with death, even though it was also the quieter.

    And Jane simply breaking out of jail? Yes, he could go to Mexico, I guess, like he suggested to Culpepper… But I’d rather think that he will have a trial. That resentful DA assistant couldn’t have been introduced just for becoming a red hearing, could he? I think he would be an obstacle between Jane and legal freedom. And yes, definitely self defense could be a way to go!

    There were indeed three dead bodies… in the second part: that woman who died at the hotel, Craig and RJ. And only bad guys!

    There was definitely more than one teasing moments for shippers: the dress, you’re right (he is always flustered only when he get to see her by surprise and in a quite revealing attire, isn’t he?); the distracting almost confession when picking the lock (right again, All-I-Need!:) ), the moment on the phone,… And, surprise! at the end, he is imprisoned and they are separated! Tssss, you teasers!

    I also liked how the medal the first victim was looking in his car at the beginning and the prayer Lisbon recited while clutching her cross were an echo to the Saint Sebastian medal Jane had been given. They really tried to leave minimum loose ends (even if some are left on purpose)…. We even were given an answer to where Jane spent his nights outside of the CBI building.

  • All-I-need

    I noticed that medaillon, too! And the hotel room… it was almost creepy how clinically clean it was. *shudders* How can anyone live there?! Oh, right. He doesn`t. He exists. My mistake.

    It`s almost funny. Now, that Jane finally admitted he`d move one once Red John is dead, and then actually succeeds in killing him, he is arrested and thus prevented from moving on. That´s just amazing. I`m only a little sad we didn`t get to see Lisbon`s immediate reaction to the news, so I`m hoping we`ll get that in the first episode of Season 4. They better not make a time jump larger than a few hours!

    I showed that finale scene to a friend of mine (who refused to watch Mentalist or even let me talk about it for too long because she simply doesn´t like it – yeah I know, I don`t understand that, either) and now she said she wants to see the entire show, from the start. If I`d known that`s what it takes, I`d have asked the writers to just kill RJ off a lot sooner!

  • justoanotherguy

    i just thought for a while jane would let RJ go, but the gun thing was holy crap! Then Jane sit down and ask the cafe check as nothing had happened. And the waitress face was awesome, she must thought ‘are u crazy bro?’

  • All-I-need

    I bet the poor woman thought he was a madman. That`s what I thought after I stopped screaming at my laptop. Thankfully, no one was around to hear that…

  • julieuk

    This was the best and bravest finale ever. I don’t know about anyone else but I always imagined the killing of Red John would be very different with Jane or cbi member taken captive, an intense rescue mission with Jane or one of the others having to kill him. Or a lone Jane investigation that was very dark and intense.
    What we got was a almost run of the mill investigation, if we didn’t know that something ‘wow’ was going to happen we would have just been going along for the ride as usual (instead of being on tenderhooks for the entire time). My family know nothing about any spoilers whatsoever so it will be interesting to see what it is like for them when they get to see it in 3 weeks. Bruno Heller could almost be accused of throwing it away. I say almost because having Red John killed in this way made it even more shocking and intense and thrilling. It was just pure genius.

    And it opens up so many questions and avenues for next season. This is the way finales should be, no manipulative cliff hanger, just ‘what on earth is going to happen next!’ I’m not sure what defense Jane and his lawyer (hate to be that guy, Jane is going to give him/her such a headache)are going to go with, but my feeling is that there just won’t be a jury in the land that will convict him. I would think that Jane will go on the stand and if there is any man who can manipulate a jury while giving testimony it is going to be him. But I don’t think manipulation would really need to be involved as the Jury would only need to hear his story and the list of all the people red john has killed. This could be what Jane is betting on.

    I don’t think that they can really start the opener just hours after the ending because it takes a while to come to trial, so I am hoping that we will get them in flash back or they start there and then flash forward to the trial.

    some points about the actual finale. Jane expected Red John to be there because that was the point of the meeting in the mall was to lure out red john. Red John said he was there to witness Jane’s finallesson in humiliation, when Jane’s mistake would lead to the killing of his friends and the children. Does this mean that Red John was going to leave him alone after that, a truly broken man. or was going to kill him. I think it was the first because he didn’t kill him after Jane had got the upperhand (for once). Red John’s parting shot proved that crushing Jane is what he wanted.That’s enough for now. Could go on forever, with alsorts of theories.

  • innerchihiro

    This season finale was super balsy, and I was happy to see OLaughlin get found out (been waiting for that since that time he didn’t have Grace’s back), however I not only feel overwhelmed by RJ’s death (as in I am so seriously confused as to what direction the show is going to take now and I’m a bit concerned that this happened so quickly), but I’m disappointed in the actual events themselves. The idea of Jane killing Red John has always seemed like a huge slap in the face to Lisbon and the others in my opinion, so I was sad to see quite a few great team/Jisbon moments that were shattered in the wake of Jane killing RJ. I mean, Jesus, I loved the Jisbon in this ep! The scene where they were just breathing in relief on the phone… the dress, oh my god… the keys at the door… the bomb… I really think that he has a major soft spot where she’s concerned, and even if it’s not romantic, they’re close. I’m disappointed Jane chose revenge because everyone else is going to get hurt, especially Lisbon. 😦

  • Nuawayday

    I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

  • Karl Ortmertl

    As soon as O’Laughlin showed up out of nowhere and gave Van Pelt the locket, you felt the mole was O’Laughlin because it seemed obvious that it must have had a bug in it.
    Altho’ it turned out that Red John in the flesh was a reasonably impressive villian, I expected an incredibly impressive villain. After all, as good a mentalist as Jane is, Red John was tons better. He had people dying and murdering at his bidding all over the place and he turned the psychic into a basket case. It didn’t ring true to me that he would actually think that the lame speech he gave Jane at the end would actually change Patrick’s mind about killing him.
    I presume that the writers feel that they have another plot line in place that will be at least good as the Red John plot line or they wouldn’t have killed him off. I’m curious to see what motivation they give Jane for carrying on with CBI presuming they figure out a plausible way to keep him out of prison.

  • Fiona

    I’ve just discovered your blog! Just read the previous recap and it’s so detailed! I’m going to look at some of your other reviews and bookmark this page in preparation for season 4 🙂

    I hope you’re going to post a recap of the finale because there is SO much to discuss!! Don’t think I’ve ever felt so tense watching a tv show in my life.

  • Feral

    Read some of your reviews and they’re quite excellent, it’s been a while since the finale aired but I still hope you’ll write a recap for (especially) the latter half of the episode.

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