(updated)Mentalist Redacted Preview (spoilers)

Oh, the irony….

A few days ago I was re-watching one of my all-time favorite episodes “A Price above Rubies” by Eoghan Mahoney. I was thinking about how Donny Culpepper ( a hardened criminal whom was a suspect at the time)  was such a memorable character and wondering if he’ll ever make good on his threat to Jane (to find and hurt him).

Then I read the next episode’s press release and it turns out that Jane had hired him to break into LaRoche’s home.

Jane can be such an idiot.

What’s worse, the only reason we viewers find out about this is because one of the cases Jane is going to be investigating in Redacted involves Culpepper (played by David Warshofsky).

Say it with me: Jane, you’re such an idiot!

First of all this totally puts a dent in my hope that Jane might actually like LaRoche (‘Red Queen‘ and ‘Bloodstream‘ ).  Now we’re back to the more likely (though not nearly as fun) reality that Jane just wanted to befriend the man because he suspects him of being RJ’s accomplice and/or is using him to further his own investigation.

But really? Getting a criminal to break into his home? LaRoche can roast him for all I care. Pruitt Taylor Vince would play that marvelously. (By the way, by “roast” I’m speaking figuratively, not literally as per Todd Johnson).

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I so hope Lisbon does not find out about what’s going on. I can’t think of a scenario where she does without things turning very ugly (unless she just enables Jane which is even worse cause she’s too good for that).

*sigh*. And I had been so optimistic after the last episode. I thought that now that Lisbon’s been privy to some of Jane’s innermost thoughts, that she’d be more understanding towards him. But I never meant that should be a reason for her to let him get away with breaking the law. In dealing with Jane (professionally), Lisbon just needs to do what she’s always done; give him enough leeway (within the law) so that they work well together. I can’t blame Lisbon for not being more open with Jane. In fact, for now, I’d rather her not be; he’s seems too desperate to trust explicitly at the moment. What I wanted was for her to recognize Jane’s attempts at an intimacy and indulge him just enough so that he’d gradually open up to her;  which he seems to want to.

I honestly think that the reason Jane won’t tell Lisbon his secrets about Red John (other than the obvious danger, fear for her safety, fear she’ll get in his way, etc.) is that he doesn’t trust that she cares about him enough to make a decision on the matter based on his best interests. Even though that’s exactly what she’s doing. I doubt Lisbon really cares if RJ dies, she just doesn’t want Jane to get killed or be arrested; something he thinks he’s immune to somehow. But he probably thinks she’s just being stubborn/ unreasonable and cares about the law more than anything else. I doubt Jane realizes that the most likely reason Lisbon has for wanting to stop his revenge is because she cares about him.  But then, Lisbon doesn’t want him to know that because she’s probably afraid that if he did he’ll use the knowledge to manipulate her into doing his bidding.

What a vicious cycle. I don’t envy the writers, and I’m really rooting for them to make the friendship work. But not at the expense of Lisbon’s character. One of the main reason’s fans love her is because she’s so strong and awesome. I hope that never changes. I do realize that there are different types of strength though, and if her enabling Jane is done as a strategic plan (either on her part, or the writers) for her to eventually save Jane from himself, then that’s great. But if it’s just done as a way of showing how Jane can easily manipulate her without a clear explanation on the why (as in Blood for Blood)…well, that would really suck.

I keep telling myself to not read spoilers. They are an evil marketing technique to get ratings. But it’s like saying you’ll never eat fast food again. You know it’s bad for you, but sometimes you just can’t help it….(@tmredblog, this is all your fault for twittering the link).

Here’s the original source for those interested.

Update (April 22): Here’s the promo.

Update (April 23): Here’s a longer promo. Thank you tmredblog for the link 🙂

Now that I’ve seen it, it has to be said one more time:


Hope whatever he was looking for was worth it. At this point, unless LaRoche is Red John, (or his accomplice), I don’t think anything is.

Speaking of which, new theories have been added to the comments in the “Who is Red John’s Accomplice” for those interested. A couple of suggestions have also been added to the poll so readers can vote again should they wish. Currently, the most likely suspects (as chosen by fans) are : Bertram, O’Laughlin, and a tie between LaRoche and…. Grace!

Also,  Lost at Sea by Little Mender is a Mentalist based story proven to lower frustrated fan’s blood pressure 🙂  Thanks, All-i-Need for the recommendation. 

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21 responses to “(updated)Mentalist Redacted Preview (spoilers)

  • All-I-need

    May I just say: I told you so? Thanks.

    And to humor you: Jane. is. an. IDIOT!

    Really…hiring a criminal to break into LaRoches house?! Okay, I see the reasoning behind that – LaRoche would never ever conclude that Jane is behind that and therefore Jane`s got the advantage…but to really think that said criminal, who wants revenge on Jane and is probably going to get caught sometime during the episode will NOT spill the beans to Lisbon … all he has to do is say: “Oh, but Mr. Jane here hired me” and all hell will break loose.

    You mentioned that things will probably get really ugly once Lisbon learns the truth and I found a great fanfiction by LittleMender, called “Lost at Sea”. You probably already read that but I thought maybe you want to post a link to it here.

    I`m so looking forward to this epsiode and I can only agree with you: hopefully Lisbon won`t find out about what Jane did and please, dear writers, don`t destroy her charakter. She may bend a little, but sometime she`s bound to break and we don`t want that to happen.

  • reviewbrain

    Hey! No need to be mean, I never said ‘I told you so’ about Jane and Lisbon knowing each other for a long time before the pilot now did I? Wait, I just did.
    (And yes, I did conveniently forget that I thought he’d known Lisbon before his family was killed which means I was wrong too :p)

    Seriously though, despite my anxiety, I’m still (cautiously) optimistic. This is going to be an awesome episode. First, I can’t wait to see Jane with his “oh dear” look. Kinda like in Blood Money (another favorite episode) when he was on stand and the suspects lawyer said they found his prints in the suspect’s house; meaning he’d broken in. Hmm. Maybe that’s why Jane hired a professional this time, cause last time he broke in it didn’t go so well for him. Jane, here’s an idea: instead of finding new ways to break the law, maybe you should, I don’t know, just *not*?

  • Liv

    I like your theory that one of the (main) reasons why Jane doesn’t tell Lisbon about his discoveries in his investigation is that he doesn’t think she cares about him enough. I had never considered that, but as it turns out, it makes perfect sense and it would be a much better reason instead of him just wanting to avoid her getting in his way. I hope the writers have a good plan behind all this, for the episode and for the rest of the series.

  • violet

    The good point is that now we have a better idea of what he’s been doing all those times he was late at a crime scene. Idiocies.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • violet

    For the sake of discussion, I can see three reasons for him to want to break into Laroche’s house:

    – All-I-Need’s theory, he realized our Laroche is in fact an impostor and the house belongs to the real (and murdered) Laroche. Now, what was he hoping to find? If he was following one of his infamous hunches, he wouldn’t have known what could be proof of it (it could be anything, because there is very little chance the body itself is displayed on the open for anybody to see). “Laroche” was clever enough to live in the house, and have a harmless dog (or he kept it from his victim) so he certainly got rid of any noticeable thing accusing him (pictures, letters, samples of hair, of handwriting…) In that case, Jane would probably have needed to go in himself, sending somebody would have been too hazardous.

    – He thinks he’s RJ’s operative. There’s proof of it in the house. Ok, that makes sense. But we never before have been told that he thought it could be useful to search the previous accomplices’ houses. They undoubtedly were searched by the team, but Jane never seemed to be particularly interested in it. Why Laroche now? Why does he think there is something more in his home than it could have been in Hardy’s, for instance, who was unexpectedly found out and killed, thus who couldn’t have the time to hide anything of importance?

    – He wants to use Laroche to unmask the traitor (not Laroche then). In Jane’s world, by the way, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the guy… But he hopes there is something in his house that could be interesting for his personal investigation. Files about the investigation concerning Todd Johnson, concerning Hightower, that intriguing board resuming everyone’s disposition during the murder… But would Laroche keep them in his house instead of his office? If Jane had befriended the guy enough to have discussed his doubts about Hightower with him, he could have asked him, couldn’t he?

    Therefore, is that me, or is there something terribly fishy in Jane’s plan?
    It reminds me of his other great idea to bug Bosco’s office… when he was caught and ended up in jail… hum…

    And you’re right, Lisbon will definitely not be pleased! Breaking in the house of her boss, who just asserted his authority on her… Definitely not good!

  • All-I-need

    Actually, my theory and the theory that LaRoche is a RJ operative are one and the same =) Great summary of it, though. LaRoche or whoever the hell he is wouldn`t have to imposte the REAL LaRoche if he didn`t do it for RJ, right? Of course, the writers could just be messing with Jane (and us) by adding a third unknown entity. Perhaps Visualize have their paws in that, too?

    Let´s assume LaRoche really is an imposter, living in the real LaRoche`s house. That would cause a certain problem and you already mentioned it: traces. DNA, pictures, handwriting. He would have to get rid of that, probably already has.
    The only problem is: If none of those are found in the house, it makes him equally suspicious. He`d have to copy all the handwritten documents in his own handwriting and spread a lot of false leads in that house to make it look like he`s been living there all the time. And if he didn´t consider that, Jane`s got him. All he needs is one old document and then he can compare it to LaRoche`s current handwriting.

    If Jane ends up in prison AGAIN I am going to love every minute of it. He was hilarious last time – especially the way he broke out. I was in hysterics when I saw that and I wouldn`t mind a repetition. The look on Lisbon`s face alone would be worth it. “Hey, Agent Lisbon, your damn consultant broke out of prison – AGAIN!” *laugh* Well, at least that would be another reason for Jane to kill Red John. Because if Jane can break out of prison, so can RJ.

    I like your theory about Jane looking for the murder board and information on Hightower`s case. Maybe it`s a combination of all the above? Kill two birds with one stone … that`s exactly Jane`s way of working, right?

  • Lea

    I disagree. I hope Lisbon finally finds out about what Jane is doing. I mean it would be very I mean VERY ridiculous if she just let him get away with whatever excuse he has for his doing. It would be even more ridiculous if she wouldn’t notice that there is something fishy about someone breaking into LaRoche’s house. I mean come on? How gullible do they want to make her look? I’m so fed up about everything that Jane is keeping from her and I don’t buy all this “he just wants to protect her” crap anymore. The writers really need to do something here.

    And no I’ve never been a fan of sacrificing a character’s personality and believabilty just for the sake of shipping (no matter if friendship or romantic ship)as so many other people seem to be. I don’t wnat it “no matter what” so they better not mess around with Lisbon more than they already did.

    I also disagree of Jane not telling Lisbon because he thinks she doesn’t care and only cares about the law. There was enough evidence that Jane doesn’t believe that Lisbon REALLY believes in the law (“You just have to say that because you’re a cop, you don’t really believe it”).
    He does know that Lisbon cares and he uses this knowledge.

  • reviewbrain

    Ah, but that’s assuming it is discovered that someone broke into LaRoche’s house in the first place, which I don’t think is how they’ll play it. Most likely Culpepper is a suspect in another case and blackmails Jane into helping him or he’ll tell on him. That way, Lisbon wouldn’t have to know and still retains her character and integrity. About Jane’s comment on Lisbon’s belief of the law, I think he’s trying to psych her into agreeing with him. Hence his utter shock when she told him she’ll arrest RJ. Now he’s been trying to change that but there he’s obviously still
    having trouble coming clean with her. But you’re absolutely right, a lot needs to be hashed between these two, NOT at Lisbon’s character’s expense or for the
    sake of the relationship. Even I’d rather have her completely against him than have her turn into a spineless sidekick.
    Whatever he says, she’s his BOSS for God’s sake! In that vein, here’s an awesome story that’s good for all our frustrations. Check out the link added to the post.

  • reviewbrain

    You and me both. I really think they do, they just like making us panic 🙂 I hope…

  • reviewbrain

    I hope your third theory is closest to what happens. I like LaRoche, so there All-I-need!


  • reviewbrain

    I almost laughed out loud at this. Bad, cause I was in class when I read it. Thanks for making me smile. Now I’ll probably feel very foolish if it turns out that Jane has a good reason for his actions (is that even possible?) but for now it feels good to vent.

  • Lea

    You could be right about the Culpepper storyline. But still, I’m getting annoyed of all the things Jane is hidng from Lisbon (and the team). I really hope they make up for that in the finale. I don’t think I could stand this secret keeping any longer. At the moment I have amillion theories at how everything will come out and they make me go crazy.

    I guess we see Jane in a different light then. Whatever Jane does usually he manipulates people, even if he cares about them. His main goal is to catch Red John and I think that that knowledge is always in the back of his head just makes him use any source and possbility for his benefit. So yes I still believe he knows how much Lisbon cares about him and he uses this knowledge wether intentionally or unintentionally. She’s let him get away with so much it would be weird if he doesn’t. I do have a very biased view on Jane I admit.

  • Lea

    The third theory was the one I had too 😉 I really believe LaRoche is a good guy. I’d be disappointed if he was related to Red John is any way.

  • violet

    Hum, I really think there are two distinct theories involving Laroche as the traitor: first yours, that “Laroche” isn’t the real Laroche but has killed him to steal his identity (a very interesting theory, I must say, providing enough shock for the characters and for the viewers for a surprising and explosive end of season :)). On the other hand, Laroche could be the real one, but could have been corrupted by RJ and so he would be working for him. Both possibilities would require a different approach from Jane. He wouldn’t be at all looking for the same type of proof…

    And, yeah, you’re right, Jane in jail again would be totally worth it… 😉

  • reviewbrain

    Oh beleive me, I understand your view and see him exactly how you do. We know exactly what Jane’s capable of, and we have Blood for Blood to remind us of how he has no problem manipulating Lisbon for his own purposes, but it gets emotionally draining to think about him that way. Plus I’m just an incurable optimist and have to entertain the possibility of more positive explanations simply because it makes my life easier. I’m not niave, I just know what I’d rather be the truth and concentrate on that. Law of attraction and all that mojo. BTW, I do this in real life too. Make excuses for people even when I know they have none. Sometimes, they actually start living to your expectations 🙂 I’m sure that will be the case here. We just have to be patient.

  • violet

    I think that Jane is in fact at the same time dead set on getting to RJ at almost any cost and really trying to keep Lisbon out of big troubles (RJ related): optimistic and more pessimistic views are probably both true. For instance, I found Jane very manipulative and untrustworthy in S2. But the paradox is that I think he seems more sincere in S3 although he obviously manipulates Lisbon more regarding RJ matters and lies to her continuously, because we can somewhat see more about his emotions. We have been giving (a little) more insight about what goes in his head so we understand him better, he isn’t just a cold manipulative man obsessed with vengeance. There’s more to him. In fact, he isn’t really immoral, he’s simply amoral: he keeps living with a different set of rules. Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any… (For a side example, he was as shocked as Lisbon about that really open-minded couple, both equally having affairs with the consent of the other, in Code Red: he’s faithful, so he has a personal moral code.)

    That’s to say I’m not sure he’s struggling between good things to do and bad ones, caring about/protecting Lisbon and using her. For me both concepts can perfectly be cohabiting in his mind. He doesn’t have to make a choice between RJ and Lisbon’s trust: in his mind, the equation is certainly simple, he can have both, if he kills him and gets away with it without involving Lisbon. And I’m not so sure manipulating her in Blood for Blood was only a tactic to test if she would let him out of jail after killing RJ: it could very well be also a way to see if she would forgive him. He knows that she cares for him and would cover up for him, but he probably doesn’t know to what extend goes her affection. Here lays his reason not to tell her the truth, as you said, Reviewbrain. So, as Jane is a very complex man, I’m sure there is always more than a reason for what he does: protecting Lisbon and getting her out of the way are certainly both his goals at the same time. Complex mind, complex motives. Complex story… (Sorry for my ramblings, I’m exhausted…)

    Now I really wonder if they are not setting everything up for a good and explosive explanation between Jane and Lisbon. Hopefully she will kick him really, really hard for all his lies and, finally, tell him about Bertram’s quote…

  • reviewbrain

    I love your ramblings 🙂 you just get Jane and always explain his behavior better than I can. It’s not fair 😉 now that you u derstand his motivations, you should know that he’s not more manipulative in season 2, it’s just that there was no explanation for his behavior at the time.he’s actually more manipulative here. Now that we know him better we’re more able to justify his actions. Or are we? Let’s not forget Ll this is just our deductions. We need the writers to give us actual proof to set the record straight once and for all.

    I hope Lisbon kicks him hard too. Just because Jane has his reasons for doing what he does doesn’t make him
    right. Or validate his actions. He needs to know that.

  • hardly_loquacious

    Oh, this displeases me. Is it too much to hope (since I haven’t clicked on the original link) that Lisbon doesn’t find out? Or that LaRoche doesn’t? OR really that anyone does?

    Because there’s no way that this scenario will end in any way that won’t make me a bit stabby otherwise.

  • All-I-need

    Um, I just checked out the longer promo and does it look to anyone else like Lisbon is standing up in the attic when she says “Oh my god”? Because now I am pretty much afraid that she`ll find out about what`s been going on.
    Also: Only 4 episodes left? How am I supposed to survive the summer?! Argh!

  • reviewbrain

    I did notice that. Lea also pointed out that when Lisbon punches the suspect she probably did so in front of his lawyer (who else could the suit be?) all of which does not bode well for our heroine.
    The only suspect she ever attacked before was Carmen, and those were special circumstances. As much as I loved the punch in the promo, it seems very unprofessional of her which makes me anxious as that has all sorts of implications on her character. And that’s the last thing I’ll say about the episode. Zipping it and putting it out of my mind till Thursday. I’ll actually be glad when summer comes. This season’s really done a number on me…I’m exhausted…

  • All-I-need

    Honestly? I kinda blocked the whole punch out. Don`t know how that happend. I read your reply and thought: “Punch? What punch?” And then I went to re-watch the promo… Oh dear.
    I can imagine you being exhausted. It`s already stressful to watch the episodes, but to write a review on them? Still, I`d miss Jane – you can only re-watch all the episodes a (large) number of times before it gets dull and you want something new.

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