The Emir of Kuwait gives new meaning to the phrase “no expenses spared”.

Kuwait annually celebrates both its independence day (25th of February) and it’s liberation day from the Iraqi invasion (26th of February) in an annual festival called “Hala Febrayer” (a transliteration) which means “Hello February”.

This year, Kuwait’s 50th national day and 20th liberation day also coincided with His Highness Sheik Sabah’s fifth anniversary as Emir (ruler) of Kuwait.

To commiserate the celebration, His Highness gave a royal gift of 1000 Kuwaiti Dinars  ( 1KD= approximately 3.5 US dollars)  to every Kuwaiti citizen (a little over one million people).

The money transfer represented the largest amount ever transferred in history making it a world record.

This wasn’t the only record broken by the small nation in its month of celebration. Under the sponsorship of Al Sayer Group, 5000 doves were released as a symbol of peace from Kuwait’s Marina Mall Crescent (located on the waterfront area of the popular shopping center) as a symbol of peace.

The American University of the Middle East had its own celebration organized by its student government. The highlight of the evening was a musical performances by members of the music club. But the award of cutest acts goes to a few very talented children who danced to traditional Kuwaiti songs which prayed for God’s continued blessings over the county.

That sentiment is perhaps what marks this years festival and sets it apart from the one’s prior to it. Citizens have much more to celebrate than the Emir’s incredibly generous gift

Considering the unrest of their fellow Arab nations, Kuwait can pride it’s government (by the grace of God) for finding that delicate balance between the stability of a monarchy and the freedom of a democracy. May similar prosperity and stability be spread throughout the entire world.

More information on the festival’s events can be found here.


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