4rth International Conference on Social Sciences

I had the oppurtunity to attend  an international conference held by the Social Sciences College of Kuwait University with the title of “Practical Solutions for Societal Issues”.

This was my first conference and I must say I was impressed. It was well organized and highly educational. There was a nice variety of topics; some of which were interrelated. The  papers presented dealt with a variety of issues include, but not limited to: political science and societal issues, human rights, political participation of women, food, water and energy security, the impact of climate change on development, physical and psychological issues, E-government and community service, information literacy, and information security.

Some of the interesting papers presented included:

“Cross-Cultural Research on Suicidality: an example and critique” by Prof. David Lester-United States.

“Effect of Personality Traits and Emotional Intelligence” by Prof. Ajay Singh- India.

“Information Crimes: types and profiles of those who perpetrate them” by Dr. Mansoor Al-Juhainy- Saudia Arabia.

“The Consequences of Political and Security Measures Towards Hijab” by Dr. Mohammad Didar-Iran.

“Parent’s and Professionals Perceptions of Services of Families of
Children with Intellectual Development Disabilities” by Dr. Hayfaa Al-Kandiri- Kuwait.

“Relationship Between Socio-Demographic Attributes and Personal Level of Risk Perception for Climate Change in Korea” by Dr. Chul
Sohn- South Korea.

“Towards an Islamic Theoretical Model for Social Work Practice” by
Dr. Hussein Al-Harthy-Oman.

“Integrating Social Tagging in Bibliographic Practices for Enhanced Information Organization” by Dr. Abdulsattar Chaudhry, Prof. Sajjad ur Rehman, and Fadhel Hussein-Kuwait.

“Role of Libraries in the Instructional Process in Kuwaiti Schools” by Prof. Sajjad ur Rehman and Asmaa Al-Awadi- Kuwait.

“Iraqi Women and Politics: Oppurtunities and Capabilities” by Dr. Azhaar Al-Gharbawy- Iraq.

“Information Seeking Behavior of the Social Sciences Faculty at Kuwait University” by Dr. Laila Marouf- Kuwait.

The conference lasted 3 days from November 20th to December 1st, 2010.

For more information, visit the conference link below.



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