Mentalist Red Hot Preview (spoilers)

I usually don’t do previews (or read spoilers) but when I heard actor Currie Graham will return as a guest star on the mentalist i couldn’t help watching the episode promo. It looks too good to be true. Graham is reprising his role as the wealthy thrill-seeking Walter Mashburn who practically befriended Patrick Jane and was instantly attracted to Lisbon. Oh, the possibilities are endless with this character. I am eternally grateful for Bruno Heller’s wisdom in bringing him back. Mashburn’s interaction with both Jane and Lisbon made season two’s Redline one of my favorite episodes. And the casting of Currie Graham was genius. He is charismatic and the lines roll off his tongue with a suaveness I thought only Baker’s character could achieve on this show. Lisbon was delightfully wary of Mashburn’s overtures in their last meeting and it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll warm over to him much. There is chemistry though. In fact chemistry exists between all three characters. Yes, even Jane and Mashburn. Each recognizes the other for exactly who he is. After all, they’re very similar people and that’s what makes their interaction so intriguing.
Ok, I’ll stop now. ‘Red Hot’ will air Thursday, November 4rth. For those interested in watching the promo, here’s a link: red hot promo


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