Masters in Library and Information Science at KU

I enrolled in this program after I was told that the translation program (the one I actually wanted) at Kuwait University (KU) would not be accepting applicants any time soon; that was in 2008, for those interested it is up and running now. Anyway, back to Library and Information Science (LIS). Part time, it takes 3 years to complete, full time, two years. I’m a part timer. I just started my third year and I can honestly say that studying LIS is one of the best things that ever happened to me. The field itself is very educational and highly relevant. You don’t learn how to shelve books here, you learn about various applications for information and knowledge in various organizations and businesses and how to do professional research. The program is well established with instructors that are veterans in their fields like Dr. Abdus sattar Chaudhry and Dr. Sajjad ur Rehman. I also had the privilege of studying with Dr. Mumtaz Jallaludin (beloved retired
professor). This semester I’m taking a class with a relatively new addition to the department the able Dr. Sultan Al-Daihani who teaches Digital Libraries. It is a fascinating course. Other interesting elective courses are Knowledge Management and Information Resources and Services in Business. I recommend LIS For those looking to pursue a challenging masters degree that can also be useful to their daily life. I do not recommend it to those thinking of monetary gain. As far as I know, having an LIS masters in Kuwait doesn’t greatly increase your paycheck, unless perhaps if you’re looking for a career as a librarian.

For more information on KU access the University’s Website from the Links section. Feel free to ask if you have any questions; I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.


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